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Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! | Guest: Bill O'Reilly | 7/26/19

2019-07-26 | 🔗
Hour 1 Glenn set the trendsetting racist ways. It's been 10 Years Since Glenn called President Obama a 'Racist'. The Media 2009 and the Media 2019. Glenn's Best friend Pat Gray recalls the horrors of the event ...Sewn together like Frankenstein Hour 2  Bill O'Reilly remembers thinking the Forces of Evil were just given a cannon. Sensi O'Reilly was there to help Glenn trend set entire way. Befuddled Mueller's unfair investigation blew up in his face. Dissing on Ricky Martin Hour 3  Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! Good times in remembering Why Glenn call President Obama a Racist ...Glenn is heading to Australia, to help free slaves while fearing the most dangerous spiders on earth   

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Our team, and so we have these straight pride Pereira parade that is now everybody in California, guesses up in arms, about it, We also have the transgender people I am an busy and come to rag- why not cause? I don't I'm trying to remember what exactly is and then also the, but is it good It can I got a letter to all gone don't say that now not questioning you're, not allow other cue, the other two. I dont think you get They are in the frame of a Bravo show anything. You can say it queer, Harry beautiful and that dress none.
I know you're so to say it was not linger on abruptly idle, introduce a queer eye for the straight guy. Yet I was not that you either so another q our key, I think, drag racing and Great Britain a queen the bad, I did not say you're talking about the one bohemian rhapsody I shoulda. We have that we have people laying on top of them, kids, laying on top of them in the libraries. And the Trans activists Jessica. Yet currently there are some victims in past, but were you to start with something villages totally normal. The body part chop shop that they just broke up in Arizona on Friday in America,
on planet earth? I just want to remind you you're still here in Amerika, and this is planet earth. Strangely, all in one minute. This is the global programme. So, if you're anything like me, have you ever pondered- and When you wonder just pause to wonder just how much time you spend every day just sitting you're driving It's too school driving to work sitting in your desk watching Youtube videos, while you're supposed to be working losing circulation in your legs in the restroom. As you engage in a forty minute debate on Facebook driving back from work to pick up kids from school driving home and then finally, sitting her favour. An arm chair in front of the tv wondering exactly am I so tired sounds like you. Benefit from the luxurious comfort of next year? Yes,
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all in those supermarket scooters and onward, just in chairs with fat just dripping over the arm rails of the chairs lad. That is quite a future. We're lookin at anyway Exchequer back dot com exchequer Beck dot com, again oh god, before we get, and all this should point out that this is a pretty big day. This is a pretty Big Day too, pretty big day huge day, huge historic day, his right? That's right, we'll have a little song here, we'd like to give you and to commemorate this wonderful day, do we have that ready? What day it
Do we have that ready this? the first saw: what day is it? Do we haven't? We don't know Do we have this seller
be racist. Averse to read to you. Money went on Fox President be ten year racist. You are very bad guys. Thank you have if you knew it, I guess the yards, there's cake and say again, we didn't want to get Whitehead's, gives it would look like they take it. We do
that was a good idea are pointy hats and I dont know of the silver. Is another loom lightly letters, a task. It is your ten year racist, virtually technically Sunday ten years ago, and you went on Fox NEWS and called present. Obama a congratulation, and I was a first. I was a train that are you, sir, were glad at ten years who banning all was calling anyone President Oval Office, erases predicated away from the candles. Please thank you, ok so glad. You know ten years who can who can believe it's been that long, but it's true Sunday will be exactly ten years said she went on Fox NEWS and called then president Obama arrays that happy Reasons Mercer. Yet
land. It says that I'm a k it with a shockingly. We had to do that when customer picture would not do scouting really, could I see them and make money all my got us right. You have to make every case referred. Is that's right? Ok! Well, let's take a moment here, as you blow the candles Glenn and look back at any moment, for what am I wishing for what are my wishing for kids Get out louder, it won't come true. That's right! well it's all of your face. It was death was an let's look back now and what happened in two thousand. I hears Glenn back, I'm a Fox news, general humanity, ready, because to do this because on Thursday, nine six o clock the, why does it a beer fast is unbelief? why that is under? Why? Why, for it
eating lesson some sort of some sort of a who needs to learn. What here this president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again, who has a deep seated hatred for why people or the white culture? I don't know what it is, but you can't sit and with Jeremiah right for twenty years and not here some of that stuff and not have it wash over. What kind of president of the United States immediately jumps on the police? Just like what the president whatever say: well, he I will black. Of course he was breaking into the house. You never knew that You'd! Never do that. He wanted to address this now now, they're gonna have em What is more, I think seventy percent of the people that we see every day away Robert gives is one that I am not saying that he doesn't like white people. I'm saying he has a problem. He has a this guy is, I believe,
He has a problem. He has a this guy is, I believe, erases the way. Look, look at the things that he has been surrounded by, leaving aside from this. Let's give it let's give is new. His new green jobs are the guy. Is Again, black liberation theology of black nationalists, who is also an avowed communist, come he comes in and he puts that guy and will wait a minute how many people, with this kind of philosophy, do you need to have in your life before we start to say, show me your friends and I'll show you PETE Beer, Europe, your future very pleased. So, thank you very much and we will not be a good. I feel so special I didn't notice was coming. I I really like to thank the academy for this. For this moment.
I'm glad you know it's been an entire decade and we can. We can stop the music now stop playing stupid orchestra, it's been an entire decade now plan or the sounds wait a minute. This sounds like this sounds like a heartfelt momentum. Have any heartfelt music? Can the orchestra play using a slower loses her bed and there's a slogan. Now? I'm sorry, I feel a little bit emotional about this anniversary. She cared enough to bring this debate, and I didn't even know that anniversary sure that I celebrate every year, but I didn't know anybody else when speaking that what this is I am glad it has been an entire decades since you break, They broke new ground and ushered in an era where it's come. We leave ok to call the president raises. Don't clap now, breaking up those very people excited, in fact, even people who were then critical of
very important historic act at the time have today recognise as your brilliance and let's look at some of their work, some of it from back then in some of it from today.
I'm not saying that he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem. He has a this guy is, I believe, an eye racist be Glenn back in and it is. How is it possible that this guy can set on national television and call the president of the United States? Are racist, as president sees everything through a racial prism now and may even have its own racist beliefs? I wish we would just this stop this Glenn back and people like that me to stop this notion. The nettle trumpet reinforces his Aramis racially driven animus as racism, but he demonstrated over organ from the oval office. Throwing out the hour were then racist word in some other words, our conversation stoppers we're never going to get past. The point where the Glen backs in the world will just hurl that out at people. Why now we need to say oh here, but this raised this matter. Not only is he races
It is an embarrassment. These are the tea party years. These are the borough first, this is the narrative and they want the man to fail and now their labour, but it doesn't make what he said and any loud ignorant or any less racist, not racial, not racially charge. Racist. So as long as Glenn back is out there calling the president a racist or anyone else raises were never going to get past this point of constantly reacting to racial flare up. Do you think present drivers are racist I think he is a race, as I see it with by then back and where rush Limbaugh. These guys would really suspect racial feelings and perceptions are projecting their own hate and their own divisiveness, and it's the same seven hours and it's something that virtually everyone wrecked. Guys right away. It is racism, such a native of races when you, when you say races emitted, it's a big arch,
it's a as I find it all. I think you to be very careful with the end then. Secondly, there is the national language. I don't think there's any getting away from the color of people from noise opposed to people. From Haiti, Africa. I think a lot of that then simple grandstanding, making outrageous statements provocative war I'm going back refused to show any moral courage when it comes standing up to the racist comments made by the President of the United States. I can't believe it first of all that going back over the president on policy. He owes the american people apology and now, if we take this additional, very clear racist, think he's an evil
This is set to mark receive. We have like the President of the United States is racist disdain for Glenn Back Obama's a racist it gets worse every day in the worst part is that people are getting paid to say this kind of stuff. Not since our Woodrow Wilson show birds of a nation in the White House has an american president, so flagrant in his racial message as this one, but I also think it would allow that you weren't just talking about or bureaucracy bomb and calling him a racist. She will call the president of the United States being oblivious dismissive of the position that he holds the integrity. That comes along with it. You wouldn't say that about anybody here, she'd be highly reluctant to do so. Of course, this is about ways when it comes to questioning the intelligence noakes. He raised the proposal that might already community now. Why would he do that What race has something to do with it. I hate giving something like that any more attention and outrageous is one way of putting it. I would say irresponsible. If you put,
eighteen in Norway status. It is a black and white issue, though the president laid out yesterday. If someone on the left then had called George Bush a racist on tv, would we be through our hands up would be so outraged. Reason, man, apology, we really. I would they all agree. They would, while online it's been amazing. Ten years I wanna thank Jesus, I want to thank my family, and I want to thank by health. I was bowed to say my clan, but I dont know that way I mean my family members may extend family members. Kin might be it, in my view, very thin, ok and already knew it started with care Congratulations and I think one more minute break. It will come back with more from users motors, even if this is so special. I feel so honoured on my TED
happy, races, verse or is re mortar gosh thank yous. Do this means the world something that has been coming up in the news. Quite a bit lately hand something which need to be concerned about apparently whether or not your ancestors were slaveholders? I mean you know. I realize this wasn't a thing before, but it's a thing now I mean How in the world are you supposed to be ashamed? you know of yourself if you I don't know if your ancestors own slaves, or not Good news is the answers pretty simple: if you're a human being the chances the hovers somewhere around, but a hundred percent can you be sure? How can you? How can you know how much Andrew sectional guilt, you bear through the generations fell,
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seconds station? I d, you might ask yourself: what more could we do? Full? I certainly don't know well, go and to be clear, well go back to the tenth annual Glenn Back races, diversionary spectacular. Why doesn't anyone clap what I like you too late? A very big auditory is their only verse thousand rose or nobody wanted to get do closer to this day worthy smashing. Watermelons later on refers here, we go with you, no good as we celebrate your team. I noticed you picked watermelons, you re, so that's right, I don't even think about will see its new ushered in a spectacular age of accusing people of racism its bit, something that I think is even a look back
linear career be very proud of all I you know I already beer groundbreaking achievements have not just made it. Ok to president, racists, but today, just ten years later, it's courage. In fact, if you or a journalist back in the day used and not insert your opinions into such matters, but now it's required of you as a journalist to call the president racism that my breath, it is your true legacy- is that's out reverie. I promise. Let's look back at a small sampling of the era. User are completely response well for ushering, wait a minute. I tonight they grow national debate about is done. Tromp a racist appears to be over this is a guy who is worse than a racist. You think ratings. I do. That is pure races. Half of Americans find it president of the United States, to be raised.
This is full on racist. He has said many racist things, though racism so offensive straight up raises Donald Trump talks like an races, thinks like a racist guide is an outright overt flagrant racist yeah he's a racist, isn't races through and through racist and xenophobic playbook. From these stunningly racist attack on a group of minority members of Congress. President is a racist and he is a damn call him the races to his history. Racism today resident round is not backing away from these stunningly racist attack on a group of minority members of Congress. President is a racist and he is a democratic system. You have said a lot of races. Thing is tat. Kind of racism is coming from the president's twitter feed, an overt ray
exactly like his father, Donald Trump. Why, then, something is a racist till you get rid of these rates. I do slightly re fifth attack contracts. Racism will be very clear to historians, Donald Trump as racist, racists, the racist, his racism, racist, racist races, its rays stresses and don't call me racist, racist, racist outbursts, races of racist, racist attacks raises a racist present, racist, there's, no bigger story in the country right now, these six areas. I would just like to point out. Russia is still trying to interfere with our elections. Ran is doing the same thing: volleys, just not Ebola. Various lights brook good through all kinds of new borders being dead,
the Obama bleed firmly no new missile launches from North Korea. Have they just large so now they just once a new metal that doesn't sound that doesn't zone ITALY's, there's no earthquakes on the way he wouldn't be through calm in California, but hey there no bigger story than is Donald Trump erase lots barely drew, and it's all because of you. Thank you so much neglected bag racism. It's always ok and here's the thing you're the only one half of all those people, call the president a racist who is that accused of racism himself because of it the whole new. That's you know that sort of ay a moment of crossing a border that no one else was able to NATO you're still a groundbreaking guy, and thank you I well. I did from the Tri Beckett Film Festival. I did get the award for disruptor of the year
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I am, I know I'm flattered and honoured that you all remembered by we did it's been ten years since you called the president, a racist Fox news. It's the tenth annual delight back racist verse, very spectacular god. I don't like this man's is my city right, and this is how much things have changed. Years ago, I wouldn't have relished this. Wouldn't I wouldn't thought I would look at. You know what Why are we doing now? Yes, ten years ago, I said that
Yes- and you know what five years ago, I apologized because An you played a big role and tearing this country apart, because you the presidency races, ok, well, I said at the time it is indeed the right word. So yes, if you need the apology, I apologise for that. I did everything I could do that people who are now making millions of dollars every day, calling president erases, so you know what I've got a couple of
Birds come in your legs release birds. There they go well glad. I want to do this alone. Of course, we have a special guess here to honor you here on your tent races. Verse raises continue, ease well, go Pat grab my gosh, it hasn't been ten year ten years beautiful. It's amazing happy raises verse Sri Glenn boy up on my Remember when your middle name was Edward Lee
for that, the days when it was Glenn, Edward Lee back now, it's gland who once called President Obama Racist Latvia that I love you. Thank you. I love you. I was a trendsetter you just ahead of my time. You you know. Ronald Reagan said you know: men, don't necessarily change for the times. Sometimes me are just so far ahead of their time and the times catch up with them, and I think but I can be said about there sure, can yeah, but you you were a trailblazer, make you showing America
by accusing someone of racism. You yourself are the racist, now you're, the only one who's ever walked down that trail. You think we should say that you're gonna believe that no one else lays followed, and now I'm back will soon. All Americans will be able to experience this row. That's including I just want you to know. I may have walked down at first and homely and only so far, but it's coming to every household being screen flat screen tv show but they were torn thousand dollars when they first came out, but now every household can have one. You know tat, you are there. I was undoubtedly dairy at Fox NEWS Channel behind the scenes behind the curtain. Watching this develop. Can you describe your
at that moment. Where were you I remember a warm feeling that there was a warm feeling that was running down my leg? Is I peed my parents that weary and for a fire started on their ever yet the look on your face when you ve turned aside before the meeting morning meeting and and said: did you hear what happened now? What happened in his Glenn called the President properties certain sunlight television and at the time I thought well wait a minute called a racist. If you call someone also raises no one in history has accused someone else of racism has trailing very well so weird how many people would be racist today. Thousand in the media very well. I brought you know why person I have to tell you, I remember, I remember the God Pats face
I dont know why. Where were we, when you said to me, was where were you when you were watching it? Just after the side of this of the set where they had the Kirby couch? Ok, are so you're standing there man, I dont, think you set it to me. And we got outright building yeah. We walk back to our studio right and so are walking back, and I said what which so I was at what they like. I always do. You think I was I believe I believe he stopped any said. You called the
resident a racist and I'm like now but know about it, you know I meant that I didn't mean that we see new value may met. My little mother was a wonderful part of that and media matters, eurobond, dot Org have needed a blood transfusion. Well, you know it wasn't just pad gray who do have the horrors of this event. Going on another person who happened to be there, with us. That day is also here. Today welcome to Jeff Fisher areas, pointy little hands we're supposed to wear. Had my eyes, Jeff eager sure, there's kick ten ten years been sent here ten years. So wonderful, you haven't changed a bit beckett.
Well, you ten years in one heart attack and he's still on heart attack and want a tornado hitting out trying to kill you Jeffrey. It just doesn't work. What women celebration be, though Glenn without a reading a special was much retrospectively I am occasion. Yes, Let's hear intro for the rhetoric. That programme resides retrospectively today, a race. Born in nineteen sixty four, the loving parents who, by all accounts, and have a racist bone in their bodies, which is why it's the figure out where he got all the racism from proof is races mess he Glenn back pondered ten.
There's a go today. If President Barack Obama was in fact racist somehow makes him back goes denied, he is raised, but that's exactly what a racist what's taking you think, while this is real measures, bank brings its here to my eye. They aim to remember how meaningful meaningful gathering, though I think the remit, such an important event where we ve blatant. As pat set. We train laser! Yes, thank you. So much for leading us into this now turn on the television on any channel, see exactly what you said and we're beat up born for it with all its members are aware and use.
Don't use it in stories today they suffer It's amazing that they use in stories today about Glenn, but then at the same time, and they know what they say about any nobody else. No, why this rough, going back it's called the president racist, like I do, everything. That is what I want. I would lawnmowers. Someone goes, I mean look, you can sit back and you can ignore. You can say well, I think President Trump as racists and I didn't think Barack Obama's a racist, but that's not what the criticism was at the time Christendom most. Time right, you just don't do that. You now right was retroactively different from the time where everyone was calling George, bush or racist. If you members and that they need. Khan yea West back in the day and George Bush doesn't like black people. I mean that was a very it wasn't ask when it was at that time, and I can understand why witnesses
It may seem that notable, but now, at the point where we actually getting pop culture creations of this event. To your ten years later, what yes? First of all, we have the loudest voice. We put a little bit of this union daily existence from Showtime Glens moment ten years ago. Welcome back to Foxen friends, where we have a very special gas come on we're really looking forward to having a very, very, very special gas. Our good friend, gland back is joining so happy to see you tell us of what's going on how your biceps Glenn good the swarms pudding in that one's job, because you're gonna need them either helplessly your first on Thursday night at the White House. That is unbelievable. Why? Why, for teaching lesson for the working class and sort of a learned. What here this president, I think, has exposed themselves guy over and over again, who has deep, seated hatred for White P,
Lord Inglewood you're scared say, doesn't like white people a manual receivers appears why seventy percent of the people who sees every day are wife, I'm not saying doesn't like white people saying he has a problem. He has. This is a guy I believe is racist, done, we say backs are either I go there, it is you, and that is the latest at the latest that was on Showtime just last week just last week you know we're just
behind the scenes of the races versus spectacular. We did invite brine, kill, meet on to relive this. Malta with you declining he's, always very smart. Rarely brain in one talk about the apparently not available early on the very, very busy twisted. We should have told him about the cake, everyday rights. If we told about the cake of theory, will come by way just another one. This is not exactly a recreation but kind of get in there. This is from the Simpsons, should go just another. Allowed mouth am allowed mouth who says things you're afraid to day, but God right just doing and why do we need to do a whole show just on the pop culture stuff that dead?
Jody Fine, oh my gosh, because there are so many of them. We ve been going back to the archives in pretty much every cartoon had a character. That was glad back. I'm not one was actually homer Simpson, but in a way olive uri. I was Homer Simpson, apparently in family guy in and South Park, and also remember family guy family Guy did one. There is also a Austin legal. Remember that show Oh yeah sure I bought ugly, I think, did something pretty much kind of on the on the racist thing is well, there's a bunch of sometimes we have to do is show on that matter. If I watched the Simpsons with my kids and all does the episode about me my kids. They were like really and I'm like yeah yeah. I want you together, watch together. It is I'm watching it and they're not laughing and they're. Looking the screen there looking at me in there looking at the screen, unlike no really it's fun,
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advise on your home twenty four seven and video evidence. If somebody is trying to get in get your free age security, camera now at simply save Beck dot com. I'm not on the air and Monday. You'll know why it was this show. This shall await. You can be a vacation ex with some ok while the week after the alpha. That's fine, it yeah! You know better than will nice show here. It is here it is. The FBI has found bodies so together like Frankenstein in a human chop shop in Arizona. That's the headline buckets about parts a cooler filled with male genitalia A woman's head sown onto a male torso like Frankenstein were found.
FBI agents. During a raid on an Arizona Bobby Donation Centre, A new law suit, reveals these dammit churning scene was discovered by FBI agents at the buyer. Logical resource centre, the details. Grim final revealed a lawsuit filed against the centre this week by thirty three defendants, whose of one's bodies were donated to the facility under the guys that they would use me used for scientific purposes, they described the scenes. Various unsettling seemed so that awaited the cops buckets of heads arms and legs and a cooler filled with male genitalia. They also found infected adds a small woman's head. So soon to the male torso. Now here's the thing, if you read through all of this and then the very last paragraph is this,
in twenty seventeen Arizona passed a law that said body. Donation companies are not allowed to operate without a license, but it has not yet been implemented, so let me just say that I have this right cut someone's hair, you need a licence to open a restaurant. You need a licence but if I want to come and pick up your dead bodies, from your relatives now Nothing to see here now the framework, it worked at a very late yeah, let's not slow the free market down on the dead body collection, that's insane that is raised, spend less time and then the hair and beauty section, Arizona and maybe con Munich concentrate a little bit more on the dead body, jobs jobs
last week. We're gonna talk about that. Also record number of American say: immigration is the biggest problem facing the nation. And enlightened, where we have a few things to talk to bill o about the colossal. Impact of the iceberg called Miller. And the sinking of the Democratic House it was the titanic. Nor are we watched it snap in half and sink this weekend. Or this last week we're gonna talk about that. Also your number of American saying immigration is the biggest problem facing the nation. Porter Regan governor has resigned. Unbelievable a number of Americans eat. While staring at the screen and the term fat cat.
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today. I am always tat for me. After their some runaway my Are you? Are you do have anything up in your house the tree or anything to celebrate the tenth? anniversary, should say it's the tenth race adversary of me on Fox NEWS, saying I think, Obama, maybe a racist well I remember the day we idle. I was trying to tutor you back as you remember me, I'm years ago, hops, and so are you in IRAN in the afternoon and of course I was the prime time star of everything, and I think you were long, and I shall give you a little points urge and things like that. You actually has the weighing on just a second. So people know This is true. With bill bill was people. Sometimes
I used to kill me when we, when we were working together on tv, they would go below it was really not your friend and I'm, like you, don't know bill bill. Actually was proper we the most friendly to my career and the most helpful at of Anyone in television also much bigger star where I was trying to help back, and it ended by doing that. Sometimes I criticise it That's why you had these little people who love that saying all you your friend, but we always do in a very funny way and any appeared on the factor, and we had very good discussion so that in annoying morning goes on fox and friends always trouble, always but would go on Fox in France and then it is because of the gates, you didn't Cambridge Massachusetts that he believed that President Obama have some animal toward white people. Now
it shouldn't? I it I went back now. I see that your words may have been something like you could have had a long career. You know I had you on. I don't know what I remember this, but I had you on the factor shortly after that, and I scolded you in the sense that, but my my take on it was different then the actual statement I mean When I made the statement, but I knew that forces of evil that wanted to destroy back would just given a cannon huge can and that's what I was concerned about now. I mean tell your audience, would I dont believe Bravo Burma is a racist than I know him what then, can we have spoken to him on a number of occasions and I'm observed him settings I dont believe that he's a racist, but I know that
and his wife, resentment toward the white diamond, It had culture in America there, so I I agree with you and I and I eye corrected this pretty quickly. It's not that he was a racist. What I was trying to understand- I didn't understand it at the time, is his most modernist view and his anti colonialist view, He is an anti colonialist and that makes you very well. You know how stole to. Much of the western world history. While he despises Winston Churchill. I know Bob Mamma dont, you never say that, but when you put the I should have Winston Churchill in the men's room I mean, not right now, no, not even on display in style, ok, right
so anyway, but that complicated back and on what are we trying to tell you that ten years ago you need to try to tell you now that we live in an age where anyone take the time to reach investigate what is said and put it into context We live in an age where its actions on the internet will cut your throat in a second. For anything, before your analysis has to be quote. On quote protective: you have to say what you mean or you're, not gonna have an audience, and I certainly have and- and I done that my own career, but I learned a lesson- the hard way that I I have to say it in a way that its sole factual, that there's not gonna be any opportunity for the wires to make any bigger, still do it, but the gain any track. That's why the United States a Trump the upcoming book.
Drop the history, but with no hard right, hey, I got it. I'm gonna read it over the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to read it cause and I'm just gonna read it awhile be reading a challenge. We are you going to read it right: yeah, yeah, so Bill let's go. Let's look at what happened this weekend, or this week has mowers, testimony just if you're a Democrat, cringe worthy. Ok, let me cut through this, because I have a massive headache when I said I was exhausted. This is what has exhausted me. The smaller thing now by the for the audience to know this is bill at is happiest aren't going to ride I'm bikers, I'm supine talking to you were the day for Stew soup. I think so, or gets out there. Okay- and I oh my audience that I've
leave moors a patriot and I base that on his career, not on his investigation, that is a public servant buddy. It, made a lot more money in private sector, but he didn't and he served his country so I didn't know what was going to happen. Nobody knows gonna happen, so smaller gets out there, immediately looks be fuddled excellent work be fuddled, he doesn't look confident he doesn't look like even knows, which is four hundred and eighty eight page report. But that's not the story here is the story. If you look at the original charge, Robert Mauler, when he was appointed special counsel on the federal pay, all his charge was due on cover, about a far nation. Russia try
to influence the american election of two thousand sixty that's what it was right, oh yeah! Maybe I'm nothing else, just that. So then, in his past, Mommy Mahler tells the United States of America. It was not in my view, another great word purview to look at What the Russians bid when it came to the Democrats, even though It has been proven beyond any doubt that the Russians hacked into John Podesta. He was Hillary Clinton Street. They have computer hacked into the dance the computer, and that the DMZ and Hillary Clinton Road age? Need your checks and sent
to a man in England who then ass, the money on two Russians in return for a dossier that said, falls defamatory and filthy things about Donald Trump, and Molly was sitting there telling the country I didn't really look at that. Really was interested in any of that. So how could he say? His first statement on Wednesday were as you know, that we do know this. The Russians tried and the Russians are trying again in his anybody looking into it. Can you say that when he didn't even look at, the same group. He was looking at with Donald Trump. He did then say: by the way they were Hacking into the Democrats and and they were. They were also the Democrats. We're paying this guy. Who was deep in bed with the Russians?
Could he possibly say that, with a straight face when he left half of the trail completely unexamined one of the Republicans asked him that quota in his answer was pretty much. I don't know either People are handling that either the poor handling, the german government, the just one so We basically saying all the while the iter, Colonel BAR and Inspector journal, just Barman Horwitz they're, all looking at that I didn't but he never explained. Why didn't do it, because that was views charge? He was ordered to do that, so and you me, and everybody else are left to speculate. Why he didn't do it and, of course, It's all a conservative Republican say he didn't do it because he and staff wanted to get drunk and they didn't care about. Fine,
out what Hillary Clinton did in the dossier or the DMZ. That's what the argument is now is that true, I don't know it seems to be there's, no logical explanation from Robert Mahler about why he didn't investigate fifty percent of the story. Right is there any lodge? the explanation why you didn't investigate fifty percent of the an intrusion. No, no, there isn't so once that was established, all that Robert Butler had done vanishes blows up. He has zero credibility. And the american people know it. The whole report is bogus everyone. It doesn't matter anymore, no matter what Trump did and I can explain what Trump data, if you want after the break, but no matter what he did it doesn't matter because it was an unfair investigation. It's a judge
rolling out the entire case. That's what would have had to happen had Mahler been in a court of law all right, we're going to take a break and then come back with more of Bill O'Reilly, just a second somewhere in America, within the sound of my voice, there is a man, idly plucking, ETA, guitar these been from one end of this country. To the other he's broken a few hearts. He said I'm done to him. Sometimes miss one. Drags into another in the creaking wood of the stage seems like it might be. The only sound that still matters in his life. He wonders He wonders what it would mean for someone like him to ever go home, but at night All the people show up here. Him play his guitar and sing his songs. He takes comfort in no that there is at least one measure of consistency in his life walks out under that stage. The people
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he'll graded a great price, find your pair today to cope with. Dot com, slash back, that's t e c, o D, a s, odd, slash back, walk the walk. You were meant to walk in the boots that had been waiting for. You We break for ten seconds station. I d aright Mr Bill O by high yeah, my greening for this morning, that's great. It's did you work along time on that almost all night that by the way where almost sold out on our crews idea, we ve only got, I think we have just over a hundred cabins left. There may be about three thousand people coming with us.
Can I ask a favor? Will you please get me out of spirits? Put me up. I you know. I insisted when when I because I personally arranged your cabin- and I said you're. Remember that seen in titanic ride, I wanna be the guy on the right side of the cage. The hills. On the other side, I'm like I'm, sorry, can open it for you bill for I, for I cabinet feeling I was five a little more room yeah. Well, it will give you lots of time to rest and it won't make you anymore grumpy. I promise. Ok, let's go which gears here and trumps economy you know very slow to two point: one percent and second quarter but beats the expectations. Thanks does, Strong consumer spending does the present, Are you worried and should the president be? looking at these trade tariffs strangling the economy.
You know what I'm not macro economies, but I'll tell you this day. If you think about it number one this number will be revised up, That's gonna happen because, as you pointed out, Americans have money in your pocket now summertime. They taken time: they're out their spending. This will be revised up to about two three: that's not a bad performance in Gaza. You know I mean economies been expanding now for a long time, and now next week, they're gonna cut interest rates, make money a little bit all available for people who want to expand and borrow so I'll, see any disaster coming. If there is one means Trump will not be re elected. So of course, Democrats and liberals. None of them are rooting for that, but I think it'll prime stay where it is, maybe grow a little bit as for the tariffs,
chinese plan along game transplant along the reasons you know break these trees. So they'll make a fairer deal to America, And I don't know I mean I don't know whether he is gonna be successful or not. It's not the greatest. Then you'd rather have leave a free flow of trade, body, you want better deals, and this is the only leverage has to get em so Let's talk a little bit about a ran and the tensions in IRAN. Now we have Boris Johnson how? What are your thoughts on Boris Johnson? Well, I heard there's gonna be a reality. Show about hair, Boris, Johnson and Donald here is a crazy that they have the same color and kind of the same crazy here and it's But you know I mean I don't know which direction inherits blowing rides very fascinating. It's gonna,
the cover of a beach boys album whether all blonde and they're all nobody's different color blocked. I mean it's. It's a unique color he was born in New York is our chance that their brothers Boris was yeah. I thought they elected Boris Karlov and that I was so you know my dear. You know much about Boris Johnson. I know little bit about him, he's great, Have you ever read his Churchill book? Now I don't know anything like that. I'll get you you should really layer of London and any. This is what did there and even the authoritative guy. I he's not the strong point about Boris Johnson nobody really cares America, but he cuts through the B. As he's not a standard, Paul tissues openly drop brings to the people. Populaires. What we're getting out European Union is no good for us. Clear whether they want to do a deal. I'm getting out of wives elect, and rightly so. He's gonna do a lot more as far as moving
Britain in a direction that he wants, but I don't know what the direction he wants. Other then get not of rags. Eu yeah are So we have the british now sending. Battleships to ask or to the the oil tankers out A very dicey area now were right across from ran. They keep hijacking, oil tankers. So now he has sent battle It is down to the area. Tell what your thoughts are on a ran and what you think they might do before this election. Well, disruptors. Obviously the mullahs want to work created much passes they can in the world IRAN is unlike Saddam Hussein, and this is an important point. Ceramics it was self destructive? He did things that he had to know we're going to lead to his own personal demise. The mullahs don't do that
walk up to align. They created care to Canada than they receive from the line they retreat bigger back. So I don't expect them to do anything. That's gonna leave bombing of IRAN. I don't you think with bill. Really, I'm not sure we have to ask him, I'm not sure if he knows, but Elizabeth Warren has a plan Everything everything we'll get into politics today coming up now? Imagine you're sitting here: did you catch up a news, your pretending to do those reports that need to be finished but you're not doing it all of a sudden you catch the latest update on the Miller congressional testimony. And lo and behold, the media has decided to spend this whole thing as if it were success. Now
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particularly in a moment subscribe to his is a wonderful website. Builder Riley, Dotcom, also blaze, tv dot com he's a promo code, Glenn twenty. So no more, MR nice Guy, I've decided because it just it's not working, is not working bill O Reilly. Has the United States have tromp how the president really sees America it's out September? Twenty fourth I have a galley of it. The bill was kind enough to send to me I'll, be making copies and sending out through my email newsletter. But you can order it now on Amazon or whatever I'm excited to read it, and just so you know bill arguing with idiots was one of our biggest stir. The best selling books, and That's why we are doing arguing with socialists is my next book and it comes out super Tuesday. And its everything you need to know about socialism
The arguments that yet nobody is really making because nobody wants to hear them. It, sir, It's made in a way for all the socialists in your life are a bill can you explain to me what happen with Porter Rico's governor and does it matter doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. The interesting thing about it is that parent is. The sky was so an incompetent boom. And federal government sent billions of dollars? I don't have the exact figure of it, my head too rebuild the island after Hurricane Maria any squandered. The money guesses I'm sorry did and remember boys accused of being a racist now hanging that really how it turns out that it's absolutely true
in debating a component dunderheads end administrating for the island of put a the commonwealth. The guy I didn't like Ricky Martin, now, listen, it's gonna make upon a Ricky Martin south of the border rang out, not a good play thing, not again. No, no! No! No right! So What does this mean about our billions that we see this? down there and busy in Hanover jailed Eimer Darwin and wasted years, like the billions we ve said Haiti and ability we sent a sermon in America, but wait. A minute. Hang on central American Haiti are are not protectorate. Summing correctly right, who is always embroidery, go if you ordered them, erases, so You can order, you can't account, you can't scrutinise and you can't criticized because of you do you're racist. You know that back come on. I forgot. I'm sorry, I forgot What planet I was on novel, I mean look.
Poor woman American lost her crown is a beauty contest and apparently all he did was a tweet out pay. It might be good if the apple, american community look tat black on black cry. Because it's a serious problem k, that's a fact ride. Losing her crown She loses her and status because tweets something like that. We are living in a country that has now been overrun by political correctness, I on Bill O Reilly dotcom. The most astute website in the western Hemisphere had predicted an uprising. There is going to be an uprising in America, If what does that mean? It means that regular people not politically inclined people, regular people
Are tuned gonna be impacted by the gestapo which has now taken the form of the thought police, so in Berkeley, California, passed, an ordinance where you cannot say the words he her brother sister sorority or fraternity and do business with that city. You cannot say those words that is fascism. Out of state University, puts out an inclusive guide that says that the students- you cannot say the word America, we advise do not to say now the universities backtracked all no, no, no we're not going to enforce that will. Why did you put in print? So all of this is starting to seep. In now
while journeys Sheep in the landscape of Amerika, and I predict there's going to be an uprising against me to a bench lack of due process against politically correct speech about punishment for people like the poor woman in Michigan. It's going, and I dont know what form it's gonna take You ve already seen that CNN is going out of business. Are they ve collapse, and most of that is because of their insane ideology that they're putting on the screen, which includes political correctness, bill What you're describing is something I've been calling, and actually special forces have been watching for this for a while, I twelve fifteen years, something called the boy, what effect when Bobo's, just like I've had enough I've asked lately had enough, and it takes a lot it. Does
Now, when you have on television a democratic debate where the major candidates of all raised there and say to the american poverty. We want hey all the health care costs for people who come to this country illegally. That's what we want to do that goes beyond anything. We ve ever seen here and you Talkin about socialism, bear is a movement within the Democratic Party to federal government, the see people's private. Well, what you have in the bank. What you have in your garage, what you have as far as land is concerned. They want to seize it reset. One percent is called the wealth. That's it I'm just a SEC, so you so people realise this
It's never been done in America, anything like what are they realise that yet back I know they don't. I know they don't, but I'm big, humming yeah it. What it will require. What it will require is for every American, every American over a certain income level to report everything that they have so your house it's your car? It's expensive paintings, it's yours, anything boots you buy from back its everything and then the government will put a percentage on it and you to hand over your private property to them. Now this This is why this is why great Britain collapsed the system that they had. This is why you don't have like doubt navvy anymore, and I know this is over the top kind of look at it, but because regeneration hast, pay. The wealth tax and they can.
To Ford it. The family dies here right. You never know what these Supreme Court you know now the way it is man, that's thanks to tromp big. There wouldn't get this through and it be challenged. But you said something about Elizabeth, worn, Elizabeth Warren. And Bernie Sanders and Commalena how's, and all of these people would sign wealth tax. If they were president in two seconds and Americans still don't understand, even if you're not wealthy, even if you're living at a tenement- and you don't have any money, if you really believe in this country and in freedom. You can't possibly support that. Unfortunately, there are forty percent of Americans. You don't believe in freedom, they don't want freedom, they want the governor to tell them what to do and give em. So that's the biggest that's the scariest thing is we were
we'll go to fascism or communism at sea. Point depending on which one is gonna, grab the the lever, because people will demand it as long as We remain insane as a country When you get when you can't count it blew up, I believe, and I could be wrong- that the bubble effect, as you put it alright you're, going to overwhelm the old Cassio Cortez effect. Oh yeah right. I think that the folks, the basic working people of Amerika do not want fascism or pc or being told what they can and cannot say what pronouns they can't use.
They don't want it yet, but we are so distracted. There is no. It is no accident that the rise of this radical left movement coincides with the rise of the addiction smartphones. It's no accident that people are so diverted there so living a fantasy life on their machines that millions. Perhaps the majority of Americans, are not paying attention to what is happening. And that's when you lose your freedom, when you don't pay a pinch, let me give you one one more thing in this regard: the mayor of Sparks Nevada, told the ring oh Gazette Journal. He opposes the drag queen story. Our movement in which performers aid stories, often about algae, BT, Q issues to young children and tried he tried
shot one down that took place Saturday at the sparks library, the dragon story, hours for kids ages, three to eight and features of a pair of local drag queens was a first for Northern Nevada. The get Gazette Journal said these. Getting all kinds of heat for this Houston did they didn't even do a background check. One of them was a child predator. That was doing this. We have photos of these things happening all around the country where work It's our laying on top of these drag queens. Now I don't care if, if you had it be from. You know, from Mayberry and she was reading you, wouldn't you you would question any one who said: hey, kids come late. On top of me one at a time it matter, male or female. We wouldn't do it, we lost. Our minds
and we're allowing this fringe go into our libraries and do these things with our children and for some reason. I guess it's because you are afraid of being called but you know, homophobic drag queen foam or whatever. It is nobody's willing to say anything, but I'm telling you bill is right. If it continues down this road very much longer and the worse, it gets them. Is gonna, say enough that happens by the parents, have to take their urgency to the library to see this display number one. A number two the library is funded by the town where the village, ok, the village father, is the order selectmen, whatever it is, can cut off the money to the library so there are ways to do it without saying
banning or anything like that, but again people. Let it happen if they're gonna take their kids to this display. You're gonna get pray because that's words heading thanks, so much bill appreciate it. I bet gotta bill o dot com. This weekend we have the best Mahler analysis there of anything. I know the blaze was good, but so good no open everybody, it's free for everybody, Billowy got, comes weaken thanks. Eleven preceding bill orally dot com, which is zero, it's ok, I've heard is the best analysis of the monitoring mission is at her. You gonna, buy you two page. I think today and you're gonna see the best Ilan, Omar, special and coverage of all. Time, so you know you want to do the more thing gay, notably orally, that come
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I'm call eight hundred nine six six thirty one, seventeen use the promo code back so You see, they lose with. Warren was talking about how she worries at the economy just might be headed for that's now she has a plan for everything she does and I'm wondering if you have a plan to causing economic disaster, alligators yeah, she does. You know she's position in positioning herself, right way in case there is any trouble with the economy. And I find that interesting. I find her a eight April that that there is a real possibility that she could become candidate and not Joe Biden, interesting, mornin
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Well, I'd say you last hours a week for the global programme. This one is gonna, be quite quite special. We have heard the story of the ban on another browser. Oh it's, a big data. Glad I hope everyone not is a ten year raises Arthur now be racist averse to read to you on Fox to President be ten year, racist man. I didn't think, as you will remember, that we have already had the retrospective of Lee Racist adversary, but wait
there's more get going up in just a second first, let me tell you about tat. Obvious somewhere in America, within the sound of my voice, there is an aging b, bomb with a greying main of hair, he parent, headed is way all the way along the coastlines for years treating his life if it was just one long party. That would never end These days he's a bit more mature You know he works a job here and there which he may or may not need, but nevertheless affords him alive, somewhat freer of the heart ebbs and flows of them. I've tied, he said the beach every evening insult faded genes? open, hawaiian shirt, listen into the waves crash against the shore line staring down at his feet. Letter comfortably positioned in sandals amending describes in where boots did you I mean this guy's been sponging off the system, he's been
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It's the dirty war doin. There graces adversaries spectacular, I dont- think you glad banking raises very. Thank you. Thank you very much by the Waigel. You know we ve talk a little ten years ago was technically Sunday, but this is the last year before your tenure, racist first there's cake on Sunday to, of course, mothers cake everyday. Ten years ago you were on Fox news. Call the president a racist and what we discovered today is you ushered in a new era of political disc. On trailblazer, that's you! By the way you can verify this. I called chucked, I called Anderson Cooper. I called it everyone I know in the liberal media after the elect and I said
I know you and your people are going to want to do things and speak out. Please gee cage yourself on who trump voters are do not, come to me with a Brok Obama. Don't do it You keep me of tearing the country apart telling you now you will become worse than me. Don't do it one of them took my advice. None of so I don't really have measures in your life streak for everyone. You ever given advice to. Thank you grant innovations. Yes, that's what wonderful, the fear of people arriving here, so I think a couple of interesting things, because now we see that The president. A racist is not only here. It's encourage anaemic. I'd like now, if you are a journalist and will not call the president a racist,
It's a sign that you're not serious right back then up in the pit. In guy saying one president was races, was so controversial. It blew up the entire world and one of the things it always happened afterwards in the ten years afterwards. Maybe he'll, remember this just a little bit from every angle maidens is. They will always ask you to this day. Are you do called the precedent of races, I mean you, ve been working on it. I mean I mean I called the present in a racist and it's interesting that you ve had to explain it to every reporter that has to ask you a question TAT day to this day and what's interest about that. Is you host and national radio show, and just after this and he went on your national radio show to explain exactly what you meant to lay out your case, and I have not, since this time have ever heard. Anyone asked to hear that, but we found it, we went back and found it. Why did go they call the president or racist from
thousand nine on the Glinda programme Muslim, The media is asking me to explain why I think the point, didn't is a racist. Ok, let me start with it since, when They need evidence before blindly embracing accusations of racism. They certainly never bothered looking or you know when it was a conservative who was the target. I guess it's a refreshing reversal of decades of policy, but also there is also another reversal here. You ever the one making the charge of racism. Is the one on trial until it is a conservative that is the one making the charge before we get into specific. Let me say this and this I want to make sure those who count
understand very clearly. I am not willing to bow before the king. I will never bow before the king America, we do not have kings The president of the United States is not above the law or above criticism. I will never ever say the emperor is wearing clothes. If he's not, let's talk about why dead. What I said start with a low hanging fruit here: let's define racism, definition, discrimination or prejudice based on race. What's discrimination, treatment based on category rather than individual merit. While I was uncovered exclusive information about Barack Obama, he favours policies that will give.
Preference to groups based on race rather than individual merit. She they call that affirmative action. I call it a racist policy, he supports it. I do not period but my flock focus on the tired old arguments of the past. Let's talk about the present. This talk about the gate story here his answer when he was asked about it, I don't know all the facts, but that became police acted stupidly. There's a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.
That's just a president Obama needed to be quick on his feet, so he fell back on his principles. He fell back on how he sees the world. He may do two points there. One, the police acted stupidly. Why, Well, there's a history of raise problems with cops needlessly arresting black men, not an exactly subtle tie in number two. He didn't know all the facts So he's making a racial accusation without all of the facts based on price conceived notions. Some would call that racial prejudice, just because the accusation was made by a black man, about white cops instead of an african American. It changes absolutely nothing. This is the prince
that our presidencies the world through other than being an accomplished professor. What do you know about professor gates? these bodies, with Obama right there's some audio professor gate describing How he viewed the arrest? The first piece is just a quote: quote: I'm a black professor with white man looking for a way to level the playing field, that's how he described the officer, a white man looking to level the playing field. Will what about America's political history. I now, while we were asleep, Are you languidly and all you black people got into the middle, We know that. But the first thing we do, is we only three in any old job back.
We gotta get up barriers so that no more you are getting you, then that is so the legally offensive. But let's not forget what the Obama's themselves have said. She is a typical wipers who, if she sees body on the street, but she doesn't know the others, a reaction that been bred into our experiences. We talk a lot about him. Trashing is old grandmother here, but more portly, he sees the world as a place where the typical white person is afraid of those who are different. Also, this was read into his white grandmother, let me say that again, this was quoting him: bread, to her. She wasn't Jimmy the Greek fire. Or something like that. How about this super classic?
jam and- and I emphasise the word responsibility- I think- that Whether you are a weighted, I could have willing out in the suburbs there's a lot of it. Access to innocent children. Go to school. I worked as a clean. Organizer in Chicago was very active and low income and anger. Once again, so the price Is the typical white executive cheaper? I didn't know typical white, exactly I don't care about inner city children this is what he believes is typical. And what about his life? Let me tell you something for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country, The only thing that makes your problem now is. It were finally overcoming the traditions and the his Ray of racism and embracing her husband? Well, let's look into those traditions and history
and those that we're gonna have to make sacrifices. The change that representation we're gonna have to change. Our traditions. Are his theory. We're gonna have to remove it her face. It got America. I hope you are listening so how they define the american experience. Are you. Yeah. A table near the door there to each other, He has no time you're serious eel justify your ear America that America Really shouldn't be a surprise: how could you
possibly have a different opinion of this country. When you spent twenty years marinating in this what it means to be a black livin in upon trade, and that is why we have a plan and of course, is this, jam lied about involving the HIV virus. Is anyone really truly believe the president and his wife, but services with this man for twenty years And didn't know never heard.
These opinions they. Are there opinions? My comments are not about the traditional definition of racism, Barack Obama isn't. It's going to be in some point, he hardly if we're using the media's definition of racism that they themselves have developed over the past few years. There is no question this man qualifies, but this is about President of the United States, who see the world through the prism of writing racial wrongs. His default position is to see white people as typically unfair Typically afraid of those who are different whenever you see people as a group- and you see that group in a negative light and then you see yourself as the one who must use your power, your platform, your policy to reverse this.
Social injustice, then, yes, I think grace supplies to you, but you still may disagree with me, and God bless the United States of America that we can still have the freedom to ask the tough questions of each other. But if you still don't agree with me, We reverse the comments. If I were on the radio today- and I said that the typical black person had a negative trade bread into them. Would I be racist if I said that the typical black person care about the poor children would I be racist if I said that blacks routinely target whites unfairly and it showed their stupidity?
Maybe racist if I supported a policy or started building new policies that directive money am preference to white people instead of black solely on the color of their skin would, I'd be a racist. The answer to all of these. Yes, yes, ten years ago, happy racist adversary that's it. That's an edited version of that that that goes on about double it has more or more clear, more Morgan, LE everything I mean it's it's quite a case I just got up from our cruiser history partner. This week they have good news and bad The good news is were adding even more entertainment learning opportunities. While we're save sailing
bad news is, for you You're. Thinking about this, the crews is getting very close to being sold out the country. That we are going to go, see ITALY, we'll see MILAN we're gonna, see, Greece were going, to both sides of the island, Athens, we're going Croatian to see Dubrovnik, we're going, to the Middle EAST in Israel, it's going to be amazing. David right, David Martin will be their rabbi lap and TIM Ballard Bill O Reilly will be doing several shows with me. It's going to be a lot of fun were also hosting daily shows why words, ailing If the museum that's full of historic items, to help too the story of the covenant and the founding of our republic. All inclusive trip, includes all air fairing. Gratuities time is running out. You gotta. Do it now come sail away. Dotcom learn more now at come, sail away, dot com,
ten seconds station. I d, you know it's it's it's it's hard to tell the truth. Now it's not to tell the truth. It's hard to stand alone when feel like you're alone and telling the truth. I would like to ask for Your prayers of protection every one that works at the blaze and on the blaze itself. We
have grown exponentially. We are now, I think, only behind Fox news dot com for conservative websites. It has been an amazing year and we are about to embark on telling some truth that we started just this week, On alone Omar and I'm gone on vacation and then I'm going to work for the Nazareth Fund I'm going to do a story in Australia and I'll bring home to you. This just absolutely incredible. But when I come home, we're gonna, telling a story, Nobody is telling on. Not just Olano Marr but what's really happening with
alot, Omar and others like her and I believe the whole world is gonna. Come down on our heads. There are people right now, these journalists, that, if they ve done all the leg, work on a lot of MAR several of them, not come on the special this week because they don't want their faces seem because they know the people involved and I do too and soda everybody in this building Our faces are out there, so I'd ask your prayers? And if you have it, please The porter s becoming a b by becoming a member you'll, save twenty dollars now at bay He's tv dotcom, promo Code, Glenn, twenty The old saying is time: is money takes on a whole new meaning when a home burglary is happening? The average response time for the Police-
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dollar value at simply safe back dotcom, simply safe back dot com we need your help to have more investigations like the Alana. My arm are special. You can get that ablaze, TB, dot com used, promo code, Glenn, twenty and save twenty bucks. I am taking a quick for day break over the next few days with my family. And then I'm going to Australia with just my son and the Nazareth fund. They are going first to the at least, and I'm gonna meet them in Australia. We have. Rescue another slave. This is a girl, who was thought to be dead She has been a slave now if, for, I think, I think for six years, her mother
was also a slave. Ices and we rescued her a few years ago- she thought her Where was dead, the herve pause. In her sons, everybody else in the family was killed by ices. She knew that her daughter was a sex slave, but I not sure I think thinking away. She can, I hoped after a while that her daughter was dead and we had information that she was dead. And so we helped her move to safe in Australia? Well, we just found her daughter, she's, not dead. It was still a slave, we rescued a group of slaves. And she was among them. It's an amazing story and I am lucky enough to be your eyes and ears there. I want to buy this story home to you because
you're doing miraculous work, just truly miraculous. You: are you or accomplishing things that her Schindler could have only dreamt about. You, have rest you'd. So many people and God only knows what they're going to do with their lives. We also want to thank the country, Australia they have been remarkable and they get. Lotta, crap fur. Serbian, xenophobic. They just won't. Let p come in on their shores, you know just dre take take a Johnny Quest, Bolton show up on their shores. He won't do occur so racist are they? Are they has this country is open, their doors to Christians from the Middle EAST like No one else has NEA course its Christians, oh, did I mentioned the using these and, I believe,
there's a few zoah, no strings that are thrown into their too well. You're a racist, ok, thank you! So I'll, be in Australia and looking going to Australia, I you know not my kind of place I just I've. Seen too many speaks with pictures of these giant spiders and you know it could be it could be. That you don't ever see a spider when you're living in Australia, but I bet you you do and these giant as you. If you look and you'd like me, most dangerous animals of, it put in Australia the have not only the most dangerous animals on that continent. They have the most deadly in the world. It's like most dead. Spider, second mode. Deadly spider. Third, most
deadly spider first most deadly snake. Most deadly say it's all of these animal. I hate snakes and I hate spiders. I hate them and thereby again there harry- and I mean like their big. Like their size and like the queen's dogs. I dont ere. You look at a map arches, my gas. These are just I mean it's, not images them, there's all sorts of weird creature, right country they have the most deadly jellyfish. They have jellyfish snakes water snake they could be in the water could be in the on the beach. This crying gathered this place was made to be a prison. It really nowhere. I didn't mean that they really want to go. There now, of course, is beautiful, now but they still have all those spiders and snakes and jellyfish and sharks and till then ok, wait a minute wait, a minute, I'm just getting a little, I'm just getting
go to a website, you look up and its them bet you, they say the same thing about Amerika, go, look up the what You just look at both deadly most dangerous animals analysed in may look up most dangerous animals in North America in North America, number one, the polar bear. Well, unless I'm climbing into a cage at the zoo, I ain't see in one and that's why we're trying to kill them with our global warming by tracking number to the Kodak Ripe Bear. Because you better that's a lie. Scott. If you go to Alaska, you know exactly what you're kidding into your like: don't they are big, bears up there with huge teeth, yeah, yeah,
once in a while, but come down for the trash and they'll mall some children. Ok, that's why I don't live in Alaska. Now it's like when when cerebellum was me another talking about her shooting, what was it coyotes are worn out of hell. A copyright people unalaska, like yeah that's exactly right here, that's all them away from us right. So then the third is, I think the brown bear. Writing brown bear even says in there. The brown bears really Fraid of people. Let me less you're, really aggressive they'll, usually pound the ground. Trying to scare you awake as I really don't want to attack people Arthur. One their third most dangerous is, is the most dangerous spider on earth hours a bare who says: please don't mess with me. Hey I'm over here, don't come close to me right. It's called Illustration Ryan, is what is called. What, if it's so I'm just look at the animals that these are not
Problems brown bears not problems. Then it's like the mountain lion. Humming as you see, him outline really real Isley I've seen em outline. You know where I saw them in the mountains. That's where I saw them in them out. It's not like. Oh, my gosh. Is that a mountain lion under my sink send. It happened in that the terrify American you to be like a snake plain how our hour, then I'd say somewhere on that list is the bison. Yet the video this week of her this way, the nine year old, getting hit by the bank, we're ok, so here's a vanishing breed not living you know in your wood pile its hiding in the bushes on the beach it's up bison. You can see it from a very long distance here. The clue don't feel
the bison most people are I don't know how dangerous, by sooner I yet, as you said that in and acted like it was the most obvious piece of information, but like a basin, they like fat, lumps though they do look like a house dancing in the matter of fat cow nano they can. And thirty miles an hour. They can jump. Eight feet straight up in the air is incredible. They can go through almost any fence. You have to have deep in the Steel posts and steel fence to keep a bison from up there. Why right through the normal fence, though I mean that, get the barbed wire right, Merye inner, like yeah blown bother ray? I mean These things are. Raising strong, I bison should be our national animal. I think we should all be like bison dislike Look I'm just sitting around I've just eaten all day. All I'm doing. Is he not day and mine and my own business, you
the screw with me, gonna, run faster jump pyre kill. You the american profile real. You look world who stand around eaten all day, wheelchair working. Do you want to do only sailor there I'll stay over here, but I am after me, you're in trouble. I'm big! You can see me from a long distance. I'm just saying I don't like people MRS stay away from me. You know Do you wish me harm you better? be a good shot on your first try cause I'm coming for you. I think that's a great animal okay, so In this spirit, I started making a list like I cons, knock. Live in Sri Lanka because The con list is strong, the pro and I mean con in every way. You can simply using. I said
They make a protein countless because I was reading about the earthquakes and I'm thinking. Why do people live there in cattle? in California. Why do people live there? And so I, making a pro list whether Abed Everybody says whether each voice, said California, girls, when I'm not sure California, girls are when I growing up the California girl was his fresh face. Girl no make up no plastic surgery. She was she was like son drenched. Unilateral yeah. I was given what is it Michel, Phillips ass from my Mama's, the yes who that was how for new girl looking California girls. Now they all are breast augmented, and there are also by an early lawyer girl you're, like ok, so I don't even know if you can count in if you count California girls as a pro yet gotta put it on the con list as well, yet: the Ocean
You know as a centre of entertainment, Disney Outs, Scots M, O K, cities rate parks I'm really rehired wars, ivory, Genji parts right you get to work, outside in a place with grass. Well something you have to drive to it running, and that goes to my car list. The adheres Goodwin Mountains, ocean desert green, yet it all yeah, that's all within driving distance. If you're an outdoors person, it's pretty good, not it is Colorado not as good as you talk, but it still pretty good. Traffic- will that's a now ok, so here we have cons. You'll immigrants, cost of living crime taxes societal break down on every front. The schools try putting your kids in school there,
The laws are insane police trying to work there. Imagine what the stress level would be if you believe something different than, although woke around you, you want to talk about the the walking dead. I do running a business there, Everything is p c: the traffic, the traffic, the traffic, openness second amendment. There is no second amendment there, earthquakes, there's no water, but that's not because of the drought that because they're not smart enough to build a reservoir. Then you get to the drought, but if it's not a dry, its mudslides, then when there's no drought, no mudslides, no earthquakes you're sitting around with a bunch of people eating of cod on toast Hippy
this lack of straws and I would rather live in a den of spiders in Australia. Then in California, buying every plastic bag. If you can get your hands on a dog at a grocery store, you have to pay like zero dollars and fifteen cents per bag. How do you do? with such a moral challenge treads. I do I give them the fifteen cents. Then they're getting money were lit. We have so many listeners in California. I love you and then a hidell. I don't know I just did just so brave you're. Just You know what You are like the pioneers that the pioneer they get over. You know they get to the top. Of one mountain and see ya. The other mountain peaks that they have to cross and none of them say I'm going to kill this. A bit. You said we should climb this mountain now in
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Green bitter is because I was talking about California, They also provide twenty four seven roadside Assistance- Anna Rental Car, while yours is being fixed for free car shield, they paid out also two billion dollars in claims. Let em right the Czech. Let them right. The Czech become a member car, shield. One eight hundred car. Six thousand mentioned the promo code back or visit car she'll dot com and use that promo code, beckoned you'll save ten percent off your first year car shield Dotcom, Promo code back Paul aid, red car. Six thousand mentioned the promo code. Back a dead deductible may apply. Car shield, dotcom promo code back he's? So all we ask is that you are racist versus hundredth anniversary of glancing. President Obama's a racist on fox and friends. Message comes in.
Your head right or at the time Dan Andrews who says he wants to make one thing clear and is incredibly important that America's here this vital truth- and I can say this once more one hundred percent certitude. I did not That's a lie! That was all Glenn right in the immortal words of shaggy. It wasn't me several people, really uniting around you're. Never thank you. Thank you. Very much area is a great way to send you off to a vacation. Yes, where you'll be spending a little at a time, often you can really marinate and all you ve accomplished interview with I'm so very proud, and I was a trendsetter in calling the president a racist. What I really liked earlier today. We went over this and it was very clear that it wasn't that I just called Barack Obama racist. It was that I would say that about an israeli and resident earlier, and that's
The underlying theme of today, because I know you didn't catch the eye that arouses deeper appointed- let's just underline low, the for any the media avenue listening, you're all doing the same exact thing times, one billion that you criticised Glyn Ford, motor, how despicable and how you said I tore, country apart, that you look times peeled and I think a bit you heard the montage of everyone calling Trump racist earlier today. A billion might be an understatement it's crazy, isn't it it's crazy. They will never see their hypocrisy. They will never see how they are tearing the country apart. They. Say everything that they mocked me for they destroy me for said, I tearing country apart there saying that, and then following with a segment of Why is Middle America, so angry
oh. I don't know bill by dear soccer might be because your in cool rather bleed blind and stupid. Here, listening to land back.
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