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Happy Super Wednesday! Bernie Lost Big! | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 3/4/20

2020-03-04 | 🔗

While there’s little more satisfying than watching a socialist lose big in America, it’s much less satisfying to the socialists. The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur declared war on the Democratic establishment for what he saw as a rigged election. And Ilhan Omar hated that her state went to Biden as well. But Biden’s night wasn’t without its mishaps: Protesters rushed the stage, and he mistook his wife for his sister. Once again, the real winner was Donald Trump. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace discusses Biden’s extremely fast comeback that looks like a DNC plot. And Bill O’Reilly believes there’s no way Bernie could get the nomination. The WHO has announced a rise in the coronavirus fatality rate, but Glenn believes it could soon go back down.

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