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Has Biden Gone Full Marxist Already? | 4/8/21

2021-04-08 | 🔗

Pat and Stu discuss President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan” speech, its asinine price tag, and how the Left is now calling everything it wants “infrastructure.” AOC tried hopelessly to explain how we can pay for stuff we can’t afford. The Biden administration plans to build 500,000 electric car charging stations. The Masters handled the Georgia voting law controversy perfectly. One of the women accusing NFL star Deshaun Watson of sexual assault has started speaking out. Biden plans to implement gun control, and Pat and Stu discuss the constitutionality of it all. Comedian Samantha Bee admits she’s taking it easy on Biden. The crisis at the border keeps getting worse, but is it actually a crisis for the administration?

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Dotcom, slash, save it is pat do in four Glens day underlined by programmes where we started here. Just a few seconds Would you not entertainment the plunder,
today measuring patents, do love to get into she's. There are such an agonising speech from Joe Biden, who was awful on so many different things. Yes, I will tell you about that. Share some of it with you coming up in sixty seconds programme, So, if you re fiscally responsible homeowner You of course need to know that. There's no reason that you can't be paying a better rate on your mortgage. All the time we talk about this mortgage rates or an all time low. As we talk about it in the news we talk about it all the time because it spin historic it we're at a period where you can't possibly believe how long these rates have been low, and then you see that were spending trillions and trillions of dollars. How long you think they're gonna stay that way. These rates are now. Going to last forever, but if you don't
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Joe Biden didn't used to infuriate me quite Much as he does now. Committees always irritated me, but it wasn't like need a Morocco Burma, for instance. It is now I mean think he's body in completely tomb, this theory now need these just a visa naked Marxist, like the rest of them. Now that's just everybody in leadership in the Democratic Party, maybe they vote just caved in, but it's agonizing to listen to this infrastructure stuff. As well as the poor being fleeced. here he is trying to do. much of this speech yesterday, not much of it. Now I try to avoid and keep my sanity, but it was all, as the clips I've seen her our as agonizing as you expect he's trying to justify spending two and a half trillion dollars right now and fire percent of that is going to infrastructure, actual infrastructure, so now everything
just infrastructure, yes ever used in written, reveal a brand s, can auction yesterday she got bludgeoned for that at your. It just basis at well. Health. Let me know elder childcare is infrastructure wreck. Ok also is it These asking all things, I'm just saying their infrastructure, which now the left has as decided to say. Anything they believe is important, is in infrastructure, anything they want equals infrastructure, which means that infrastructure has. No definition is just right. It's just As far as policy goes it just everything, but that's what they do right. They just put they want when they're up against. They just change the definition of words, everything that opposes them as racist in, for example, so she got hammered without a little bit yesterday. Somebody tweet it out yeah your mom and my ass, our infrastructure I love that
Angelo read the autonomy of Gore she's. You could tell when, in the campaign when she was pressed, do were actually paying attention to her, which was not. That does not happen at any other point or career I realize she really doesn't have much going on, This is not a. This is not a democratic, rising star. This is someone who was able to look into a sea based on circumstances in a very blue staid and doesn't brigman. to the table. Anyone who think that's a good idea to tweet Obviously, is not not exactly a thinking person, the ledge IRAN, but nobody zone then the lines are always on the industry. That is usually point out the lights there, those problems valises a short heads that There are always on, but there's ever anyone, others rolling blackouts. It's in a banner had happened in the woods, yes and occasionally the lights kind of come on. Maybe it's a really bad badly placed solar planet Pennell, keep lights on its under a lot of shade. May
occasionally a streak of like the hits that solar panel, keep the lights go on for for five minutes that night, but that's about it, but because there trying to sell this tax increase to pay for this two and a half trillion dollar bill, which meta trillion just a week ago yet had he would have already. Well, this is what happened so by the time they done within I'll bet. You do we three it'll be three trillion, so here is a bite trying to convince us that the poor are being fleeced, we're going to raise the corporate tax rate it will thirty five percent for the longest time. Those and good It was too high the moroccan authorities to hide Denard ministries. We're all agreed five years ago should come down somewhat. But there are obvious administration reduced and all the way down to twenty one percent alma I am proposing, is that we meet in the middle. when eight percent right.
Twenty percent was still have lower corporate rates than any time between two or two and twenty seventeen. positive, versatile generate again we're not competing with ourselves from the past. What we're now meaning with is the rest of the world while thou there. Some companies that we're like we were thinking about. Taking the nineteen sixty five tax rate from the United States in executing that their lot or not know there, they could Do that. I guess you know if a belgian company wanted to increase their corporate rate to what hours was, nineteen sixty five and it could just wouldn't be intelligent. What competing with our our companies, who are paying fifteen percent corporate tax rates I meet. Ours has, traditionally been one of the highest, if not the highest corporate tax rate in the world and we're supposed to be capitalists worse, was to be free market people in and so
This argument is just completely unrelated to the problem at hand, illicit its Dickie Alice in this really does put its not as high as thirty five as he points out twenty eight, would still put it right back up at one of the highest in the world again yet had the same problem and you probably lose corporations again because of it. Now I really Unfortunately, the twenty one percent income tax rate showed real signs of of making these company he and and- and it did seem too in do see a raging economy before the corona virus hit. Not it didn't happen. time before quote covered for us to know the full impact of it. I don't know I mean I don't even know what we knew, that remedies are long term plans, and this is the biggest sin of this overall in that companies can plan for the stuff, because read every two years than the new administration comes in sort screwing. With these rates, companies
plan. They dont want to deal with it more the big one of the big upsides of having your company in America supposedly stability right right, They give you a lot of companies are willing to pay a little bit higher rate because they realize located stable country. They understand the capitalism is important for the people who come. Ought to us that America is not going anywhere, but that's not the case anymore. I really can't look at this country fairly and honestly, their shareholders. All there's no big deal, then, that this is fine. you have people who are who have the entire geiss of the left? People YO see who are basically begging for capitalism to go away completely. So you no longer have that sort of stability. These are not. These are not fringe members. These are the people leading the media coverage on a daily basis and Obviously you see with spending that's going on right now. They ve had real impact. We ve talked about this before, but
Brok. Obama was terrified, of getting to one trillion dollars on his big plans, including over, Look here, did everything they could to lie and say it was under a trillion dollars because lower tariffs what the american people would think that fears long gone slogan two three four web browser when the just we just two trillion to two and a half trillion? That's almost the entire stimulus bill from Barack Obama. Just that just the change we didn't notice at the last week gauze trillion dollar package now to two point: five trillion dollar package, the ever that's two thirds of what Barack Obama wanted to spend for the big bail out and infrastructure spend back in two thousand nine. The there's, no shame any more in this stuff. It's just print print current spend spend, spend you no good new restrictions, new, seemingly unconstitutional laws and rules. No one seems to care right now, and he.
more to say about it, will generate over a trillion dollars in taxes or fifteen years Why would you independent study put out last week found at least the five of our largest corporations. Lose the very you use the various loopholes ten zero federal tax income tax in twenty twenty, so dishonest. It's just not fair. It's not fair to the rest in taxpayers we ve got. Try and put an end to this, but at least twenty percent your mom and dad caught fire fighter police officer shudder you're, paying closer that in your income tax, and also pose a global minimum tax which is being proposed around the world. For you, as corporate The twenty percent I told you that I use your person. Monty python means pet
upon whose that is the wrong percentage they get is do I think it is twenty five percent. Yeah. I don't even know what to say about twenty per person. Guy early, I feel you know speechless commentary on twenty one percent. I dont know exactly how it feels wrong, but other than that, I can't describe why it's wrong. So here's what he's proposing that your weight? Okay, so your raising the corporate tax rate to twenty eight percent. Oh you're gonna also add a twenty one percent global tax zoning Saint walk a minimum tat, a minimum of twenty one percent. Twenty one, the ice, all of you that everyone else only remains the ring that right who admit, stir in a global tax write to every corporation in the world. There is no such there's no there's no entity that couldn't do that right, I mean it and the concept is basically a a confirmation of what
we were just talking about. They know then we're gonna lose corporation in these companies. Keep a lower these countries keep lowering their rates to get the companies to go there. So we did what if we stop, the competition is basically say like Mcdonald's, wants a charge, five dollars for the big MAC there like what, if we proposing global, fast food Berger price UK go under four eighty five will then they really competitive, I guess writer, because they would be fifteen cents more we'd. Fringy law are forced to charge for eighty five for their vote. Yes, now you're not that many customer right burger get right, they're, not gonna than the cost isn't going to be an issue in that's what he's proposing here. Its simplicity is embarrassing, ended in its unconstitutional, I'm sure it's all set. While I dont off its unconstitutional cause, it seems like it's just a bigs they're, just hoping everyone does it type a thing. It's like that
we could. We certainly can implemented on these other countries through the G20, though there they're gonna try to fortune to try to force it, throw it now we'll see how that will see how the structure that comes down, but we also notice these sleight of hand at the beginning of that clip and when Do one of these bills that we would have we not been around for a while here when you do one of these bills. You talk about how much it costs and how much taxes are gonna be raised in ten years right. Yes, why is he talking about how it is going to raise in fifteen years or the rest? for that is he knows he even those with his crappy projections. They can't get this to work by sea in ten years of taxes will pay for it. So what they have done is Eric talking about fifteen years of taxes to pay for eight years of spending, fifty Nurse or taxes do Beaver eight years of spending. Therefore its quota unquote paid for all disingenuous that is at random and you'll, hear that's. Why he's talking about fifteen years, because that is legitimately in the bill. They know they can
a for it so they're, just going to screw with a year they're and to keep the the cost on the ball. for fifteen years and spending on the board for eight years now, as we all know, as for complete idiots at the. and a very years. All of these things are going to be extra extended, so you're going to get. fifteen years of spending and you're gonna our. Fifty years of taxes won't cover it. Fifteen you! Taxes only covers eight years are spending so then we have to raise taxes again telling you noted in fifteen years, but before that it oh yeah after eight they'll dull ass other taxes. Second, they can is the real answer. The second degree of raise, though, do it again and will just look. We have this great thing and it did so much good, but in a way that of the Republicans one, let us go to thirty five percent. They said it was too I we made of it.
You say it was. Do I Joe, though just forget about that? It will remember that there are many isn't remembered now, let alone at eight years he had much more to say will get to it covered up in sixty seconds. I spring is here It means a grass started to grow again and you're out they're mowing again, you may or may not like that. I was a kid I did not like it. I was miserable knowing the lawn. You can host gotta get from your neighborhood to do it and then who hate you and I'll start egging your house on mischief night bother that going on? But if you want actually enjoy. Knowing your long, I never had a hustler turf, but were present. nothing like it. I had like the eight dollars an hour that, was found on the side of the road and it was not a good. It was not a good experience. Hustler invented the zero turn langmore and now they started doing it. Beastly frog, big corporations and indeed talkin. You may be mowing the the media and of a highway right
these legal, big industrial jobs, were now huh. Bring in that same technology to you in your home. If you would enjoy knowing your law again, you need hustler turf to be part of the picture. When you av compare slow to the competition you'll find out there that there is no competition to begin with. for you by some other. More do me a favor find a hustler dealer and just go test ripe, one hustler, turf, dotcom, hustler, turf, dotcom, goat, Kate. Take it s, DR now, hustler turf, dotcom tat. Second, stationary spat in Glenn this week, you know the marxist theory, that's being employed here is just too much for me to take his. I can't take it them they're. Just there naked marxist now, and they don't care who knows it anymore and they're. Just pitting America
against each other class warfare and they they wage it, so often, and so well here, it's more of what Biden had to say about, while the poor boy, fleeced and course Corporation. not paying their fair share whatever that meets. it means that companies aren't going to be able to hide their income in places. Like the Cayman Islands in the mood in tax havens, run, also eliminate deduction used by corporations for offshoring jobs, Fifty lashes overseas that, after the job Shifty its overseas and then don't have to pay taxes and all they make their good time, will automatically ramp up. Obviously, irish investment against preparations in the super wealthy who either fail to report their income are under reporting estimated aberration tens of billions of dollars up to more than one eye for
posting just fifteen year in just fifteen year. In its honest, spheres usefully responsible, none of those things that pays for what we need. We reduce the debt over the long haul by the way, by the way I didn't to review. Our friends were criticised in this plan, say that protects cub which added two trillion dollars in the dead. I hate the Trump tax cut, I note your trillion one point: nine trillion dollars pilot again for zone get when you give somebody attacks, cut that doesn't add to debt What that usually does is bring in more revenue for the government, because p we'll do better when they pay or taxes and so You have more money which is taxed at a rate, You are paying before, but now you're, making more money, so you're, actually paying more money into the federal tax system and
here on line open that with that claim has been debunked, it hasn't been dunno what s happened every single time. I am right, I'm the issue. What they're doing is their comparing it to a theoretical number, how much money will They get if these tax cuts warrant past they're, saying like ok. Well, if we got it like, you're making me, but if you bring a trillion dollars in any lower taxes in the next year, we bring in one point two trillion dollars was making these numbers they would say. Well, you could have had one point three trillion dollars, if you just kept? The rates where they were now, of course, is a theorist. call counterfactual that we don't know women and no one can say that for sure. But if it's true you're getting more money than you got in real terms. Great more dollars have come in here and you should be able to run your beer budget number instead there we could have even had more to spend even more but the vote, theory is based on the fact that the government thinks it's their money to begin with as it there.
giving you their money No, it's the preparations money and you're just taking less of it. You didn't have to begin with. How could a dad to the debt will it doesn't? Aren't there is more agonizing nonsense from it? Wasn't for the vast majority which went to the top one percent, the wage earners, they're right arm everybody in this recovery, the so called before weak. I became president this case, recovery What Julian areas may turn a billion more dollars during this period Where's the outrage there Would it be outraged that why would I care I won? T do poorly? I am outrage. I want people to have bad news in their life right. I don't even understand this by the way did she doesn't seventeen? We had that text up three points:
two trillion dollars were our income from taxes in in two thousand. Seventeen. Ok, doesn't nineteen three point: four, six trillion soya from three point, three, two to three point: four: six now they would say who are Yokota had three point: five sex, but like we, we went up three point three, two trillion to three point: four: six trillion in that time, since attacks cut pop again embryos Hamblin down? We will I stole a bunch of money now, without you know my up, I mean we had more revenue after the tax got. did not cost us one point: nine for eight hours is able Right Gillis narrative. It's not true. There just compare it to this theoretical world. We're different rates existed and I'm sorry like Europe, you're saying from three point through two trillion too. trillion.
Ok what we really cut the revenue coming into the government. We have more revenue coming into the government, at least until the pandemic, and we don't know that looks like that's gonna, go again by way of an amateur estimating, it's gotta be offered birth around three point: seven trillion for the pandemic here with estimates, and MRS Maes is a really really strange world. We live in. What about a minute? This is all built on lies to justify these policies that they want. They want more of your life more of your money, more of your control, more control over you, That's the end. Game here listens to plunder, now, if you wanna timeshare chances are pretty good here in twenty twenty one that you're ready to get out of it. You probably weren't you you get the whole time in the first place and with co with all that probably drove that number of uses down to zero. Here's a thing There are quite a few businesses out there that will claim they can get you out of a time share, but most of em, don't because most of em don't have a team of attorneys in parallel eagles, whose own
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Patents do for Glenn Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy cake, no came out last week or that we wait before. Madame this two and a half trillion dollar the infrastructure bill, five percent of it is actually owing to infrastructure. So Not zero percent zero, no but be zero percent. They could have made so they could have made it negative percentage points they could have. We don't know, I don't know how they would have done that, but suppose they were had. They would have had to take money from bridges, so they were. I guess that means like. If there's a toll bridge, they would get all the money from it They probably do anyway, and here I think they do so because it came out that five percent interest is going to infrastructure they now How are claiming that infrastructure is everything gets its day care. It's health care? Is the
I'm a change all of its infrastructure. Now and that's the point, did Joe is kind of trying to make here where he tells us that infrastructures more than just roads, it's more than that on your promise of bipartisanship. If you don't get Republicans on board with this plan, your first plan Pastelon look. What I said was I would try to work with my friends on the other side. Whispering through our things, work together some of which we passed some we will pass, but the last plan I laid out- this available when I was suggested and how I deal with it, and a bipartisan group came to see me and then the republic who came to see me started off at six hundred billion dollars, and I was it If they come forward with a plan,
did the bulk of journalism billion three or four two or three, but allow me to have peace and all was in there. I would have put forward were prepared to compromise, but they didn't. They didn't move an inch knowledge. But, for example, hoarding is set at all you isn't. A bipartisan group came to see me now is about three four weeks ago, and I came about computer chips in about this shows that we need to have our own supply. We have to work together. We were working on that structure, and I think Macao are about to introduce a bill alongside I'm prepared to work. I really am really is but to automatically say the only thing is infrastructures, a highway abridge whenever it It's just not ration we're not even rationally, good to say that in four Berkshires just infrastructure.
is not rational may I by putting now this is a z here I have some putting to sea putting is the only thing that's putting It's also is restructure its our socialism put their structure and soup pudding, infrastructure. Putting his soup, Poland is. Is Brussels saw it's all boarding we're, just a boarding bland. We all agree on so when you're argument making any sense you just change the meaning of your argument. That's what they're doing and by the way the infrastructure thing was that, if any one to find it, it was the bite in Burma, administrators. It kept saying crumbling roads and bridges, grumbling roads and bridges. Where we look, that was the mantra Gary years for years and now that they have the all this money they could get up to one point: two, billion dollars. I guess it's only wanted, which is
because if they offered six hundred billion- and then you wanted one point two, why wouldn't you take hard to understand almost as if every Chinese is, he makes a terrible mistake which I dont know what that signifies Pat. I can't think of why What occur with an older gentlemen that lady every time he spoke. He said the number compete neatly wrong, you know it is what its crumbling, for structured. If that's what it is, dementias infrastructure to here, that's one of the things we need to understand of all the his telling of the story is tons of reporting that I agree with him in a year point is they came. He was six hundred billion, but you would have taken one point, two trillion. Why didn't you? I dont know offer one point two trillion and see if they take it and maybe they won, but you could say we came all the way down from one point. Ninety one point: two: they didn't do that There are one point, nine the whole time They said what we didn't, like your initial offers that we're not gonna counter those
century how that went down, and why should they there and control? So they don't think they have to that. Then I think they have the compromise in any way they ve got two bills to do whatever they want with yeah and not whatever they want, but about whatever they want when it comes to spending and taxation do those they can get away with those things here with two of these bills because of the reconciliation rules and they can get through it, get it through with fifty votes and as long as you don't really piss off Joe Mansion, or Christian sent him our one of these others. Quota quote moderate but have would have been most communist. In any other point or history, a senators. then you are we, then you sit back, you say: okay! Well, they can get that through. It's one of those things Because of these rules, it's just it's. What trump used for? two thousand seventeen tax cut can get these things through as president, if you have control of everything and you have fifty votes in the Senate and so he's gonna be able to, these things through, it will be shocking if they below this and can't get another.
we'll trillion dollars spent its impossible, stop them it's! most impossible. Now this is gonna. Happen is just going to it's just an argument. Pat forehead afford this. Is there an argument for it? I'm just devils applicable Could I ask as someone who's on talk, radio? I know how I feel about it right like I want them to just do nothing, because I can't stand this entire thing. That might not be the most rational things. So stepping back is a an argument to make that Mitt Romney an Lindsey gram. and Susan Collins And whoever else go in there and say hey, I know you want to spend two point. Five, what We come along on one point: six and we got out a lot of us and we don't make it as damaging They go along with it to get their corn quote by partisan bill past
and try to minimize the damage. Is there some value that I don't know? I've been too feels my My emotions tell me screw off, don't go near these people, because their terrible but is there is an argument to go to I would say, are right: look not six hundred billion. Could we know they won't? We will go anywhere near that, but you go to them and say: look we! and we infrastructure yes- would do all the infrastructure stuff you want, it will do for the other crap you want what just now Do all of this is obviously too far. Is there any argument in your mind, Wilshire Lennox? much if you could get him to back off the tax increase a little bit near if he gets they can return like it set a Saint twenty eight. What about twenty? Six? Twenty five! You know what this is essentially how the Senate supposed to operate in some ways right, where the supposed to be some copper, some compromise some deliberation. It's a post, work like this That being said, I I my instinct
suggest you can't you can't trust trust these guys any further than you can throw them. There's no theirs. absolutely no reason to believe they will be honoured but in this negotiation, but the question is: do just suck it up and see how much of this now to point five, trillion, and probably tomorrow three trillion dollars. You can save you. I think you could do that just won't happen, though nobody, we'll do that now. I dont think, though Believin make an effort and doing it. so just get in there. Just gonna go along and two and a half trillion dollars. They just did one nine trillion, which is essentially two trillion and other do another two and a half its I've? Never we ve never seen the like of it in world history this spending this fast, what kind of pace they put us on this, we talk about being bankrupt. And we were bankrupt it a long time ago in reality, but There's is no way when you raising the the deficit at this
kind of rate is there's. You can't even pretend like or ever gonna be able to pay this off like our eye, he always here, our children and our grandchildren are gonna, be saddled with his debt. Know, they're, not there's no way to pay this off ever there's no way. Unless you just inflate money so much to where you you print up thirty five trillion dollars, you save China, hears yours? I M F, here's yours, and worked out really well for the Weimar Republic. In ITALY, I d somewhere they good things that wasn't. Has anybody often do devalued among the dollar that badly and then just pay off, but it's the only way you could really do it whenever gonna pay off this debt, and it's part of basically minor monetary theory, which is something were basically doing again? It's not with didn't have a big conversation to bill and say you know what, from now onwards, gonna print and spend. However, we want, and when the
that comes, do will just print more like lays potato chips, you tell you want, will make more right spend all you want, will print more or no. It is the least potato gyp till Obviously it is and it's what the Eu Lotto Mars and the de facto sees want to occur have been argue in four and now now here, we are doing it? What if we didn't, have a debate about it and we just tried it. It's a lot. Will you? when the reporter- or I think it was real or ass day, I'll see they were sitting on a stoop to New York City. Maybe it was Brooklyn I and he asked her about whether or not a? U can you
pay the stuff off, and I find the question. So how are you are you? Are you pay for You just pay for it. You just do: how do you pay for you just pay for it, as she is our shooting brilliant, almost too smart, he is all Moliere Two smartly feel like you're talking to lay some physicist and you're, just like our Ionia standing on your talk is Stephen hawking House mister. It's just me, oh smart, to say how he had hay for you just pay for us pay for its almost to brilliant. I can't, cost some intellectual, plain she's right right. That's problem. That's the problem may hear you talking to Stephen Hawking,
you know, and he just going on and on about black holes or whatever in your site. I saw me then announced drove physics and you don't even know there was coming out of his mouth. Are you speaking English? My writing. I don't even know what's going on brain she's that smart. There is a poor, then that when that is cheap, it's about much thought has got into monetary matters, Andre theory that yet is basically she's is dumb as she is she's accurate accurately describing it. Basically you go out. Are you purchase much spend as much as you want when the money comes? Do you put that money and you don't worry about, and then he redo it do it again? yes, the money inflates eventually, I guess but didn't you're you're, no one concerned with the two things are not concerned with with modern monetary theory, our debt, and an inflation they just if you eat It just pretend those things didn't exist like what, if you, if you are in a world right now, we had a printing press and you knew be no ramifications from the actual debt and a new
There are no ramifications from inflation. Why you also print money for Yes, there's no reason not to the YAP, that's why you don't do it, but they say, what, if we don't think about those things at all, our maybe it'll work out its work so far, Rizzo Lester Does he doesn't do on it and then that the conservative answer to and even the liberal answer to that up until the last couple years was always look. There's some limit here right. Some point that completely gone with democratic and they just don't. Then I'm designer fell back and that we have control the money supply woody me there's someone, I know not weep ski printing. That is really what they believe terms. Seventy seven be easy. Gay more patents do for Glenn on a glimpse programme, a programme,
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the one year warranty sixty day money back, guarantee its my pillow dotcom, promo code back call one eight hundred nine hundred six thirty one, seventeen promo code back my pillow dot com. it's pat Stu for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy four phone number they were being warned by our top scientist not to try to come, tact intelligent life out there. You know we're getting ready this to send out a telescope that it's like the Hubble telescope, except I leave it a hundred times more powerful than Hubble is, and we ve seen. Way out into space with Hubble, so there this one deep, much deeper in despair. I think about a million miles from earth and then it's it's dead. a hundred times more powerful than Hubble, so they
back to see some amazing things and maybe be able, contact other intelligent life, but this scientists, is warning against it say Yeah you might just be inviting our overlords the planet. so. Maybe don't do that Why would the telescope pay the price of if we're firing lasers randomly into space sinner clear missiles, just kind of thought and brought him out there. I could understand that may be. Telescope us go far they have either give it comes equipped with some sort of you know signal as well
sure that it can send out a signal that hey we're here, we're looking around for friend, if we'd like to have some friends in the galaxy it there are over lords, though they probably would know we're already here. So he is. He saying that we're gonna learn that whenever they all, we need over lords of those people. Yes, that hey there's somebody else out there that we haven't taken over. Yet so, let's just go: do that now take care of it. I personally Don't think that would be an issue I mean if you know without always sightings of ufos over the years we remember destroyed yet, and you would think if they can get from their place. Two hours then got technology that we can't even fathom, and they could have destroyed ass a good long time ago. I dont know what they're waiting for, if that's, what they're intent was
for begging force us to have you seen the way we work? Do you have to do more than we have to do to be destroyed yeah so anyway, this would be in place by may have twenty twenty two so be afraid be very afraid pointless if it works out, one that we will know for sure is its infrastructure gps, as we know that very anymore, you aren't around to restructure realists, ages. I trust tat. God is the place to go. If you want to find a real estate agent, you can actually trusts, and that means more. just someone, who's gonna feel the paperwork accurately or get yours I don T know realtor dot com. You need to go a lot deeper than that real citizens. trust. Our com has sort of all I'm partner in a big financial transaction with you, someone Who can look at your you're here? the way your house's staged, the repairs you might need know who the right people to bring into do. Those repairs are
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Half of Tesla GM? Is that what you're doing what we have to pay for, that the charging stations are infrastructure, and I must tell you could argue, I guess that it is right. I you know you can't our gas stations infrastructure then cause how many of those have we built we die. thinks you're not the way the ranks right, yes, having something that you could identify as infrastructure, one of the biggest weak points right of the whole idea of electric. Ours is there's not charging stations. Yes, so they ate the. If we build this infrastructure than people can by electric cars. That's the theory behind this. Of course. The other theory behind this is we're going to pay people to buy electric cars. We found thousands of dollars every time someone buys one who still seven grand, don't know if it's still seven granite moved around a few times. If we know was expiring at one point, they re reinstituted, I don't know off the top of my head, I don't I don't plan on buying and that's what he needs help in their in their company with their goods, and
its tests law and a lot more Elon musk has no money. Do you know he's fall under the second richest man in the world? That sad he's only number two is worth a hundred, and fifty one billion is all now pathetic. We just we just instead. today go fund page for him, and I will do so. People to that site to help out in this time of need for him. Finally, finally finally to be done that error. You know, I really did it's. It's I can't remember the start now to have my head, but it's definitely in the six figures. The average person who buys and electric car or hybrid is up among around a hundred thousand dollars a year. Please sort of have to because are expensive cars, sense of cars and their essentially not theirs century a signal of your virtue. The number one thing pulled of previous owner, why did you buy a priest is to is too because it says something about me, although That was the number one answer the new Humvee
think wouldn't be an altruistic choice. For me, I'd like hey, let's go position in the last year, wonderful Lillehammer, yeah, look we ve met on the record. I have no problem with Patrick cars. In fact, when we drove that tests on favourable sold on its serious, I mean it was. It was absolutely the fastest car of ever driven at my life by far yeah Ninos, zero, sixty and seventy two point. Nine seconds minute is remarkable How fast it is. It feels like you're in a jet able to taking off its in Does it really is an impressive piece of technology and a great thing for someone who wants to buy a hundred fifty thousand dollar car and they have. Perversions of it. You can go down and get a real aid. I still expensive, but not out of a range of it ninety nine percent maybe out of the range of seventy percent of Americans or sixty percent of Americans, expensive issue. Sedan. That's
A pretty well performing vehicle there's nothing wrong. I like the fact that Tesla is doing the things that they're doing. I like the fact that, or do you know I like your generally like Elon Musk, even though he's totally on the other side of the global warming thing probably were from where I am. I like thinks he's doing he's, putting up eighteen trillion satellites into space? to give us all internet gettings? You can. High speed internet in Antarctica. I think that's cool project starling is an aim that you got the space ex stuff go out. Obviously you have you know the ease building flame throwers he's did he's, got all sorts of crazy stuff going out, and I like that, but there's no way for government to be supporting that nonsense, like let him do it here, They are doing it become much easier to fight a charging stations already ease built a lot of new. There isn't one of them all over the place. It just want to skip the steps. I just want to skip the step they want to be able to what instead of IRAN
doing it and it takes him a long time and it takes a while to design it worth. The government comes in steals a bunch of money from other people. Prince a budget money from other people and then just a does it themselves. Surely the government's going to do it the most efficient way possible, Surely there won't be like you know, rural area unused charging stations all over the country. If they get away with this, when you do and a half million there's gonna be lonely charging stations earlier and have tough. This is why this is a difficult thing to attempt. with electric cars, That's where you need em right. You don't know that meant a big city. You can find them in a big city there. Already. If Europe big city. You have a tassel. You can find a charging station most likely there's one. I go about. Take me Stu Pancake time every week we do. We do a bit elegant breakfast out and we go to a place called original.
And kick house here doubts and they have charging stations now, I have never seen anyone charging their car in the charging stations, but it is at a pancake station pancake House in the middle of Texas, there's a rican, placed the charger Tesla down this There's another be noted, the long series of them were you, charger, Tesla guest, other electric cars, on a hope. I don't know how I can since that is yes, it s, not audible with every single easy. I don't whom it would be, but I dont know the answer to it. I don't plan buying one anytime soon, but I would be opposed to wait a minute. You know it's an would neither. I would like to give two hundred miles on a charge. I think I'm in and is claimed to be their near or close. Numerous supposedly three. Fifty now No, if you have to turn everything off the radio and dont use the you, don't
Scream in there- and you have to drive really slowly and cautiously in order to make it last three hundred fifty miles but problem as pretty good threat fifty miles, you're getting pretty close to being a legitimately doable and therefore the average American. The other issue of just not having a charging station is how long it takes to charge you're too young about a survey of four minute fill up at a gas station, you're Talkin forty minutes or forty five minutes, and it still not fully charged very inconvenient. It is it's not look. It's not perfect. It's come a long way and you know what that's great in a way. Forget that I decided opposed the money coming from the government to someone like Elon Musk and I'm not. I don't know why he doesn't oppose it more frankly, as a guy who is taken a tough stance here you see them with this unit obeyed over the past year has taken a lie. tough stance- I don't know
he he likes that money frolic as ever so beneficial. To me I mean I guess it's gotta be, but it still he seems like the type of person who would be like annul care in I'm not taking it, but to get he's a big global warming advocated and obviously is not asks, conservative, as is sometimes he made out to be. They don't think you two could possibly Skype him that way. But that being said, like here's a guy who's, the richest man in the world or a second just man in the world who basically star, this company, with the idea that it could very well fail, and might lose a billion dollars on it, but that's, ok and allowing people thought he was going to any other points where they almost did frankly, but like he does took the risk and then, at the other side said well, I believe in this whole project. If it fails, it fails, I'm going for it that much much more. Eric and way of dealing with an issue sees me. Then Heyward build me now five. hundred thousand charging stations around the country through the government through people,
tax dollars. I mean I don't have an election, car. Pat, you don't have an electric car. No not that I can't think of any one that I know I see. the teslas around town, sometimes I don't know anyone who has an electric car now know anyone who has one that I can think of all of us, everyone in my entire life, is going to be paying. For charging stations for cars they don't own. That is why its immoral, forget only now, whether its inefficient and a bad idea, it's immoral, because you're just taking money from regular people to give to people whose average income when they purchase these cars is over a hundred thousand dollars a year. I that's not it. that's not even a conservative position within left should be the one outraged by this, as were discussing this, I looked up at the monitors that are in the studio and there's there's an expert on link. Cnbc right now
talking about how the five hundred and charging stations. That's only twenty seven percent of what's going to be needed by twenty thirty one August I don't care is one percent. Why is the government doing any percent of those should be needed for these private companies? They should be doing it themselves. They should be we went shouldn't have to pay, for it would happen, that you draw people in who just work the system right, like you're, taking advantage of average people who are having to put their tax dollars into these situations? Who will utilise them for a very long time and who does that benefited if its people, like you, lot mosque right. doesn't need the benefit at this point, but it also benefits. You know all sorts of smaller people who either bought these cars, are already wealthy linkage People even really aren't even attempting to buy a Tesla unless your release relic. Very well off and in benefits all bunch
of rent sinking companies that will be created to take advantage of this money in open. This happens ray single times. These giveaways go on these companies, will jump, unjust, basically say well and we ve seen it like these subsidies, where people Let's just what will do that don't even benefit their company because they know if they produce an amount of grain for this veto met Nicole fuel that is in some energy bill. They know that. And collect the government money, even though they know none of its helping anyone. They don't care if it's working or not leave decided they looked at the bill they ve analyze the bill. They realise that can do ex wines to get cash out of the government, because bill as usual, is dumb, so they are able to break in cash for absolutely no benefit whatsoever. This happens every single time, One of these bills has passed and Joe Biden. to think that innovative gig to Scotland, and spend a couple trillion dollars a month and see what happens until people stop him. I don't know
Hopefully, there's only one more of these, because he has to get sixty votes after this, unless they get rid of the filibustered right it's a big. Unless they are less, I am going to try. I think they're gonna try, they're gonna need a big fat and Joe Mansion again came out yesterday and said I am not that there's no circumstance in which I will I will get rid of this filibuster or adjusted, but he's trying to set down, and even tougher line will see if it holds up. My guess, is you get the right out? right, tragedy, the right You know extenuating circumstance and he'll full and awful wholesalers. We just did not see this coming. For me, I never imagined a scenario in which the Republicans would do ex wires e thing. They probably didn't, do and then you you walk through with fifty voted is tough, though fifty votes is different than fifty two or before you know, you really can happen with a little with room at least should have room for these guys to occasion
we bail, we all have to be completely in unison. To get these things through and that's hard that is difficult amid is difficult, but military able to get another couple trillion dollars out of this without, without a doubt, its patent Super Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k. We all feel the same, sometimes like them. Much we put into our savings are Carstone care. What that money is, for, you know, are carstone care about our Girls are dream: destination vacation either the kids education. Strangely enough, when something breaks, it's always coming out of that fund, and it's always a setback. That's why you should have car shield. I have she'll, without paying thousands for a covered repair. You don't have to do it, they do it with my c goes out. My gps stops working. I'd have pick my favorite Mc Ag to do the work it could be
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could have been taken prisoner and in cheek, she might be had being held somewhere for saying these kinds of things on ABC Television station, but she was talking about the Georgia law had a couple of great point. Here? Sarah is girl on what's going on with the Georgia law right now, which is delta coke, etc. These corporations coming out in condemning the Georgia bill, which, as you said, is ridiculous compared to other states, Delaware, Joe Biden, Homestead, didn't even have early voting and twenty twenty. They won't have it until twenty twenty two. We were there conjecturing that their condemning those Georgia, but without really understanding it. Joe Biden has been able to receive a liar for what he has said about the bill by the fact checking organizations and what about chunk China we have actual concentration camps going on in China, and these corporations won't say word one about it and the hypocrisy of that I think, is very clear to a republican base that this isn't about whether they
feel strongly about Georgia bill that doesn't, Were the Democrats are afraid it will do how group? How is she simple, the Delaware. The Joe Biden has gotten away with this. The whole time doll this discussion that their job Curl on steroids is what stop the he's, calling it a deal. Where does it even have early voting? Is remarkable New York? a lot of us has a lot more restrictive voting if, as far as early voting goes in Georgia in Georgia as well in a church, humours out, there were rail and about this. Is well through serious goes very smart she's at the dispatch and then that she does a lot of great stuff there, and it is important to note these things because the the narrative has overwhelmed the facts here, yeah veto measure. It is a it's it's embarrassing. As for a country that should be able to do better, it is embarrassing that this stuff takes hold, and you
I want you to see what the M with a masters did know that they are taking. boy kind. The masters now, which is, of course in Georgia, and happening the sweet granted this week. I think it starts today. Yes, are today and first of all the masters famously was like gas. We don't care of you, we wait. We want us to put women in our club now I don't feel like it. So we're not gonna run commercials for the next few years, like whatever you like blog, I had boycott only one that eventually ends right these company, would learn something from the man just as you say, if you Jim, Ignore these people, eventually it usually just goes away, I'm in ninety nine percent of the time it just goes away, stop panicking over tweets. You it is the main message that people should take, but they asked they asked for really is the chairman of August up about this potential mcmasters boycott and he says I believe, as Everyone does an organisation that the right to vote is fundamental in our democratic society. No,
could be disadvantages exercising that right, its critical that all citizens have confidence in the electoral process. I think that my opinion legislation should shape shaped discussion. I just don't they that's gonna helpful and ultimately, reaching a resolution Yes, we do need to know what the Gulf Guy thinks this legislation as a result of people or the baseball players. None of that matters at all none of them have read the bill, none! we understand what we are talking about and we keep acting as if these things may difference. That's the way you respond to this site. Up and say in our thoughts of what? What what I now to relevant what I think of it, what is the matter irrelevant like work? Overdoing today is gonna wanna hit some balls with sticks. We're gonna do right, get out stop asking me about this nonsense. Look how our grasses That's the right response. Can they to be the only one capable of giving it
dont know why more companies that I think it was there was one. company- I can't remember what it was. I have to go back and let you have a coin base. The crypto company think amendment coy base and they were talk some, so they gotta some political thing and but we're trying to protest. This protest that they do said look. Here's are here's our response. We we take political positions on crypto currency issues because working criminal currency company. If you when I go and talk about other things do the one your own time, it's not part of a company time. Company time is crypto currency. Time this work, crypto currency company, and you know what made We should be dealing with crypto currency issues, it there's a crypto currency issue, that's affected it. Politics will be sure to talk about that, but if it's about something else other than crypto currency, that's not what we do here Unbelievably refreshing is that now and it makes sense not difficult but that is not hard you do now.
Need to take a stand on these. That does mean you have to stand up to people that are tweeting you, the ten people in their underwear and their parents basement cord tweeting you that there are never going to use your company ever again. Death- and God That is a tough thing. What I have declined, since it is that I think you could do it. I don't think you can handle it. It's amazing that the lack of spying that these companies have just stand up for yourself, if you're, making, probably fizzy drinks, just talk about that persons programme spring is in full swing and there is no better time to freshen up your home than right now, with blinds dot com there, giving you up to thirty five percent off everything site wide,
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spend stupor Glenn other Glinda Programme by the way. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on behalf of Glenn in his family. Very much appreciated, hopefully, plan is for him to return on Monday. problem for to show Watson who just signed just two months ago? Maybe Citizens from Somalia is vanilla, boy time flies, but he just signed a forty million dollars a year deal with a used in Texas. and now would be surprised if he ever plays another down in the elevator, and you know why I dont know if he's guilty or not, but he should have his day in court before he loses every bit of his livelihood. Nike just dropped him, which probably
Let me for most athletes that of high profile like to shun wants and what is at ten million dollar deal a year. Twenty million a year could be anywhere that range. And so that a massive loss in income and and they suspended him technically ended. They didn't actually fully drop him at this point. Yes, I think it's because their such little known still about these cases. All we know is this number with a bunch of blank faces, with the exception of a couple yesterday and the big number is twenty two women have filed have accused him of sexual salt or harassment in these lawsuits, and I guess, are all All of the lawsuit been him held by the same law. If that's the case, then you know there could be a lot, a piggy, king there could be a lot of bandwagon. Jumpers here I don't know, we'll see Ashley. So lease was is the to really gotta come out and do a press conference on this, and she talked to
surviving this assault on the harassment from to wants it I must have labour of us all and harassment. The Watson is my ass, my harasser, Machine Watson, assaulted and harassed me on March thirty, twenty twenty in my own doing when governments is thus there, okay, so cheerful. She seems sincere kind of surprise that to shun, wants and went to her house for the massage. Are you I would think he would ask them to come to his lawyer in the middle of it. We have read the end. It s a fifty days to stop the spread before another thirty days to stop the spread when this happens. So it's me, I stress right also quite
clearly a violation of what the NFL here's were supposed to be doing at that point when it comes to covert. I'm sure, although maybe the arrangement wasn't fully put together at that point. So there is a grey area right now, but but it's a lotta, massage, Jacques Delors, It's massage demand loves a massage, yes and early and mean who doesn't even by their telling theirs teen, massage therapists, who come out and said: hey now, he's actually really nice guy. I didn't do anything unprofessional right, that's so out of massage therapy key messages considerable about a lot of different people. While people are athletes are to get more massages its enemies, important part of their treatment, which is true. though it does seem like the word from inside the NFL. That's pretty rare that you want to rotate them like us, like you're, not gonna, have tons and tons of different massage therapists. The attic basically have the one from the team. Maybe one other you know it seems like a more you're. Much
Now we smart by the way, especially if you're too short Watson lasting you wanna, do is beginning naked with a bunch of people and getting touched closed room over and over again, for this type of thing could happen at any point, just the threat of that happening, should preclude these guys from doing that right you you would want somebody you absolutely no entrust yet and that she probably usually somebody with a team and you always want to witness in there with you at the time, because it just too easy something weird to ban, are being be accused of something happening: Ashley, said, she's so upset. Now she can't any longer practice. Massage no longer practice the profession and the love the most without shaking journey. My handshake whenever I please and happy session shore
he only knew how heartbreaking that it's guidance from the start is thereby Ethiopia. to hear their minds and bodies to bring peace to their souls. The shocking wasn't has robbed me of that We think that away from me, change in a profession and which I take enormous pride lashes and wash in space rush to me in a moment I think of his genius touching me: entry into itself. Then far from panic, attacks, anxiety and pressure. I'm in company as a result of this Sean Watson's actions I hope he knows how much pain inflicted on the emotionally and physically
and I hope he knows how much pain. He isn't me on these other survivors Is obviously tough to hear it and she got through something very traumatic It seems it, sir, and I know this has nothing to do with whether she's telling the truth or not- I don't I don't know I wasn't in the real. Obviously I do, I dont understand this tactic, though from attorneys right like you have a lawsuit filed, then I think it's been now about a month in that much obviously she's, and this is not a this is not. I am not saying anything wrong bad about her or anything, but let's obviously been coach through this she's reading. The entire statement word for word: you can tell them the freezing of what she saying. It's all specific, really designed to it Is it the maximum possible find actual reward right like in her life
We who has been taken away, write her her joy and life has been taken away. She is very true and she's going through all this at all of this sense to me, the stand on the way This stand this exactly what you would expect to see from a witness in a case like this. Why is this happening now other than you're just trying to training, de Sean walks and to give you a bunch of money in a settlement right like I don't know. This is a practical see. All the time from attorneys is not exclusive to hers. No commentary on whether her story is true or not its is, it seems to be a quite a burly, transparent tactic. To try to elicit a settlement and maybe maybe that's all it is, but I you know I don't know, what's that that I feel story. I would also think that you know she talked about in contact with his unit. Yes, I wouldn't think
that we are on this site, thereupon, workin on an athlete, and they have a lot of growing area. Injuries like poles and tears in whatever would not happen accidentally on a fairly regular basis. So now that's a good question. I don't know- maybe maybe there's a massage there could. Let us know about that. If you worked on it have later people whom do you do growing work for them is there growing work going, I the average massaged Airbus at there. I don't think with the average one. I don't. I don't think so. I guess she's saying she was assaulted rights. Not just contact is maybe the wrong way of phrasing, Matt What you said I came in contact with it with it, but you if being assaulted, it may have been in a much more traumatic overall environment than russian armed all did she was raped or anything right is it? Am I missed Amanda, in key just colored? I look.
Did turn something I bully I've round that there's been theirs. Twenty two accusers Zella sort from all right now that one of the therapies- and I believe it was her mentioned that he put his feet- he put her hand on it, like ok much is again again absolutely correct, yeah, like yes to the problem it says I criminal. We keep focusing on this because of the danger that has been created by this bizarre precedent of acts. Nation equals guilt and that's been the focus. Of of our analysis of it in some ways, because it's impossible for us to know whether it was true or not all we know is we have a system set up to decipher whether its true and we keep not following it would be just hang LAO yeah but like receive, seems really guenaud of a sincere and she does. She seems really sincere so Therefore you must get through right, that's just not what our legal system is supposed to be, then that's what where I think at it from a centre
place from a systemic focus that Where are our attention has been, though I mean these can be, and obviously there are terrible people who do terrible things like this I'll have to shun Watson is one of em are not right? We don't know that We have a legal basis Her word against his right. Now, that's that's all we have Finally, she she mentioned her father and she says I believe this is the the the worst thing about this. Who was once a diehard Texans ban, can no longer mention his name without turning embedded seething with disappointment. I think that's the most heartbreaking aspect of it all will start, but we were all deceived into thinking. To shun watching was a good guy, and unfortunately we know that good guys can do terrible things,
part of this actually happened. The most heartbreaking thing to me wouldn't be whether or not your dad is still a Texans fan. Every dabble is quite quiet, wider ways down the Lydia, might be one of the heartbreaking aspects, but it's not the most heartbreaking aspect would describe it that way, either yeah for sure nod and not if he believes his daughter that she was assaulted by Dijon, Watson you'd want to kill the guy. Yes So it's now, hopefully Dijon Watson will get his day in court. The problem is, I think this is just civil action. I don't think he's being charged criminally at all. Now. I think the Houston Police Department is looking into it and No charges may be pending some time, but where there are none right now so he just tries to civilly which the Uno goes by a whole different routes set of rules. It just seems to me that the proper approach we talk about with a master submitted ago- it's not your job
to get in there and decipher Leto election law. That's not the job of the Gulf parliament guys it's not the job of the soda company. It's not the job of the baseball team. The same thing at some level. I think that would be a smarter approach for a lot of these leagues. To just say, look we have a legal system. I e, I think the left should be really really hesitant to get back into this world. Where accusation, equal guilt. That was a real problem if people remember when we talk about this being Jim Crow to point out, will Jim Crow one point zero? had a lot of this type of stuff in it that era was filled with African Americans B. falsely accused of sexual assault and people. just believe them, because there was a convincing accuser and a lot of people went to prison. Even though they didn't do anything wrong
and here we are now in two thousand to twenty one with the old trouble we know open minded left and in Africa Turkey has been accused of a crime, many crimes, We don't know how many of them are true, but the media seems to want to convict him over this. We are the only defence I've, seen of of and look it's hard to defend when its twenty two percent feels outdated. As we have more more of these accusations of piled up. We ve only heard two of them should point that out. The only reason we know twenty two names is weaker, twenty two accusers The lawyer keeps telling us this twenty two accusers. to show one's own legal team does it know who these people are so Are there are twenty two accusers? Maybe there are employed The way they have somebody right, but we don't with the level of the accusations we ought no did he make a did you make it that was inappropriate. Did he ask
Some sexual contact and the person refuse, and then it ended. We don't What some of these are you couldn't really couldn't? You can guarantee a pack of twenty to that? of them are. Ours are things like that, some of them, very minor, some of them. be completely false, but if any, if we're something, even if If there is just one of them is true. That is a reason for this. go to court and be to go through the legal system. So we have an actual answer. It is not the football leagues joy, Nor should it be by the way. No, what should want this? if you're on the left, you want the NFL two due to two be judge, jury, an executioner on a leash that is seventy five percent african American and many of them very wealthy Beckett accused stuff all the time that may or may not be true in lots of shakedowns, we'll evidence has come out that it's not true. This does happen.
This is why we have a legal system. Why not use it by the way rust? harden De Sean's lawyer claims this was a shakedown. He claims that meant that her lawyer Busby Ask him for a hundred thousand dollars in hush money. So who knows it again? due process has to happen for people we It be rushing judgment on every single one of these triple eight seven seven be easy? Came more patents do for Glenn coming up, I have your fan of sleek. If you're a fan of durability state of the art, is the way to your heart. Then you're gonna love rectify this, your dad's guerrilla was wanted to be when it grew up with amazing, smart girl, technology and its heavy stainless steel form? Rhetoric is truly a force to be reckoned with and whether you are cooking up. Smorgasbord. For that, socially distance
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four Glenn on a programme. We want get about Sophia Bush, terrific actress that has said that banning puberty blockers for people in until they get to an age dull could perhaps if they can make important decisions like that in their leisure to kinda murder, kinda Britain to murder, to deny them puberty blocker. Nothing that word means what she thinks it may doesn't. I it do, think it does either again left, changing completely reorganising discussions and changing the meetings of words and things. It's amazing. How often happens is the program
with patents. Do today, the President of the United States is proposing some common sense gun control reforms. Here, commonsense loves Joe Biden loves. The second amendment is all about it. These are common sense. Reforms is all these are. Joe Biden is dedicated to future. The second amendment is shot gun. He owns one to get shot, gun, get a shack. That's all so we'll tell you about some of these common sense reforms that he's just get a ages. Gonna legislate through well executive order coming up in this programme at the moment wants you to think about what it would look like to be completely out of debt.
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in financing dot net its american financing dot net american financing? Animal us? One eight do through reform that will you W w dot animal us consumer access that org? so Biden, has come under intense pressure, supposedly from gun safety, advocacy groups and Democrats fulfil his pledge to tackle gun control I said it was gonna. Do it on his first day on the first two office on the first. stay any didn't do it on the first day. So now he is he's gonna take apparently six. executive actions on on ones and gun control. The first to propose a rule in thirty days to stop the proliferation of ghost guns
are you familiar with ghost guns, I'm not dead, But that is you don't you know. Have I don't know we are not here I own. I don't so ghost guns business going. You can't see yet you ever sees its only there in spirit the adversaries goes Ex. Yugoslavia goes ghosts, guns, ok, now that there are there not just guns that only work on ghosts. Either people thought the Ghostbusters pack yet not that bad either go schedule, basically like to to summarize. I guess you people building their own guns. so the Europe to buy components? of a gun together, because they do not go there, the traditional don't have actually arise that they will have a serial number. Then there's no reason you need one game, particular circumstance and it goes the most. I mean to act as if this is a problem not only in our Don Loris is ridiculous. It's like it's a very small small small. What do you want to build? A firearm like I get people who are there,
hobbyists who really enjoy doing this right? It's not just like crimson, there's a lot of hobbyists who really enjoy during this there's a lot of people who just enjoy where guns that really like doing things. This wait. It's like building your own. Joe Kitchen table right like there are people who are that doesn't make any sense to me There are machines that are building those for me. Why would I go through that process, but some people really get enjoyment out of it, so they With that way, that's the overwhelming majority of people with with this type of situation, You know it also goes to obviously could be criminals who can't get guns. Other ways could theoretically make. It will happen this way. There's a couple of shootings where it appears was guns, are involved. Mechanic Adding a gun in this country is not really a price Well, if you're, even if you're a criminal and we have a border that open basically business. So people are good,
from blowing over the border, all the time and go into criminals. All the time allowed. These murders happen because drug dealers are able to buy illegal guns from others dealers and gone dealers, so it's not as if these laws will affect that type of thing, it's it's just one of those things that I think a lot of people will look on his face and say wait a minute, there's no way to trace this there's. No there's no serial number should just not happen. This should be a thing and I look. It's is one of the things that I think connects with the average person whose Juno never used a gun right like it seems, while That's crazy! We live in a country. as a second amendment to the constitution, which literally states you weren't to infringe on these rights, so easy I said the same thing by the way. just as strongly about Donald jobs ban on bump stocks, which was blatantly unconstitutional, blatantly
by the way has now been already overturning the court's you can, just say you want these things to stop and then stop That is not our cards. the two system of government, you can't You know what I dont want our go. Those guns. Therefore we will not have them. I dont want stocks. Therefore we should not have them. Not that's not a thing in this country. It is ok to ban like the weapons of war that are made only for death now that are made to specifically for one her bizarre one purpose. Only in that's to kill people, not with their vehicle assault weapon man. That's ok, right now Firstly, not I mean he's not even get a try that by exec, no, it is not, it seems idle had our cause, I mean there's the ghost gun thing has been as had a lot of attention, which has got a sad included. Oh, what was a process in a worried copy
the gun, it's how three printing other three printing does. It include three deepened printing of guns and took a question. I dont know the answer. That is our gun. Guy, I think, would be really upset about the unknown, whose inception onto a paradigm right member that resisting one are resisting the collectivization manufacture is insufficiently silently. I'm not sure sure I can tell you one thing here is a symbol: reverse ability that can never eradicate the gun from the earth. Yeah. What about that? What about that too? I hadn't thought about that. In a while. I know what was the human psyche thing that happened there. Institutionalization introduces an institutionalized, Do we want our psyche to be institutionalized? I don't think he's listing that he thinks he's sure, but he thinks he is classic leaped from the Glen Back programme. Muddle yes, but with a guy who did the first three printed gun, it's been a while since we play that was bent awhile, but it's a classic either. I I don't have it cut, covers
are not that's a good question may mean yeah, I'm certainly, no God. I would think it does qualify as you. Obviously they wouldn't have a serial number right, so wonder that qualify the ESA. they were going after are these similar to a our fifteen's, you can get these guns that have certain attachments on them that basically that are called that are technically pistols, so they are on. Are regulated under those rules. By feel a lot look. A lot like a are fifteen now, one point long ago. I had one of these It was lost in a terrible boating accident. and my god what a coincidence. Yes, it was a terrible. Massage same thing happened to me. I can't remember what lake I was on or I'd have either, but it was a big body of water. I remember that, and it was super super deep its if the Desire Lake he added, I think I've ever heard of or ocean and
It was so deep so immense that I didn't even try to go, get it just let em sink to the bottom and been gone ever since the terrible, terrible tragedy terrible of gun lobby and left me without my our fifteen, and these are We call them in a really nice again and they are fifteen. Is it one of the good things about. It is as a legal got owner. If you need to hit something you're able to hit it, right like that is that that is the benefit we like our. Why would you need fifteen? I dont know because unless you're firing guns, all the time- you're probably not gonna, be incredibly accurate with a handgun unless you're, really the type of person is going to the range constantly. It's a lot easier and especially for a woman who may be defending. up against a larger man, maybe Power is something you want to think about. You know it's like this. These p
who are so pro woman just do not want women to be able to defend themselves some for some reason. I shall never understand that part of it, but they're trying to get rid of those their basically trying to say what they are just starting: the rules that are not skirting the rules, but that's what they're, trying to accuse them of Also, he wants to get rid of the stabilizing braces for pistols so that's what he's out? That's what that s yeah! That's that's what you're targeting alighting vases repressed pistols as their code for ok, the the our fifteen look alike, because it ill it's it's time equally a pistol, but it looks like since feels like an hour fifteen and therefore that's evil Their actions include directing five federal agencies to make changes to the twenty six different programmes to direct vital support to community violence intervention programmes as quickly as possible. So he is gonna. Do that too
Of course you know he had is gonna is apparently going to involve Beto, his guns are, and betos promises course tell yes, we're gonna take your are fifteen or a forty. Let me what they want right. They want to stop all sales of air fifteen's and eighty four, so. I don't know any Americans who have eighteen, forty seven, but you know if they do I'll bet they ve lost him. A boating accident like we do ask ADA, I really got around a lot. I know it's, that's it brought dangerous. They keep talking about banning guns, they should ban bones. I keep getting a boating accents of deep lakes all over the state, and I can remember, What like I was in, it's weird it is. It is really ridiculous at an end and it they're so little. He couldn't do that. The reason why he did do the Sunday want any waited for a month for three is because
He can't actually do these things legally. And what is happening is behind the scenes. People who understand how these things work are telling him over and over again. You can't do these things legally, so I can hold up he's now, come to a point where I'm at half of the things he's doing are we're gonna- do- is renewed executive order on guns that will tell the aids to pass laws on guns, rightly that's a lot of what this is. It's a lot of recommendations to the states which again, I would argue there are also going to be unconstitutional, bought. It's down the road a little bit and they don't they. He can look like he's pleasing his base and who knows, maybe they get a couple good judges and things through the right way for them. Here. There, pissed off at him, because he did promised during the campaign that huh who's going to reinstall reinstate the assault weapon span he'd. He did pledge that he said we ve done it before, and we can do it again and we're going too well
now. There is also unconstitutional. Then let us all but beyond that was overturned anyway well, but would the wood the if these things do wind up with the Supreme Court. Do you have any confidence I can I frankly, I don't even know if it holds up the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court does rule that these things are unconstitutional. I don't have much confidence in it. have very little confidence in the speedo in the springport, though more confidence. I guess that I would have him in other eras in the past. You know people look back at the Heller decision, which was the first major gun case that people. Talk about that really codified. The idea that people can individually own guns. and there's a lot of good in their obviously did a lot of good things, but real there's a lot of. Questionable reasoning in that ruling, which in some ways basically allows Eddie aim to ban guns.
Almost immediately upon their release any new model. Anything it's not commonly owned. They could go after than they have done. all that much of this cause, I don't think they want that to go to back to the Supreme Court's, because I think that would work out well for them. Meaning the left, but it's not exactly the most gun ruling you ve ever seen in your life, and it did get the the basic right for an individual to bear arms, but, like really should have been a question at all on the left hates it, anyone left hates it anyway yeah. So I think, like we see a lot of cases that have threatened to go the Supreme Court in recent months and that the autumn don't get up there and you got hope at some point. They take some of these and get these laws and rules confirmed so that we don't have to keep going back and asking the same questions are over and over again. This is what the left does. We
This happened over and over again where they will pass rules that are blatantly unconstitutional. They will get challenged in court when they get up near the court. At the very last second happen. They say, are actually we're. Gonna get rid of that law, so the whole thing is moved and so the court backs off. And they wait three months and they pass it again or very similar type of rule goes all the way up. The courts PETE Enron and rental, rinse, wash and repeat, and that's other legal system supposed to work binds going how to do a lot of stuff on his own. I dont think he's able to do it constitutionally money, The thinks he's just assigning to others who will then be overruled, because their unkind additional, it's a freak in clear sentence. Shall I be infringed? Isn't that there's a lot of questions? There doesn't leave a lotta wriggle room definitely doesn't, and, of course, we can go back to all the malicious stuff and all that nonsense. That was decided in inhaler, but regardless it is. It is clear: you're not allowed to be doing these things you want. You want to be able to do them, modify the constant,
you sure! That's how you do it you either. peel. The second amendment you gonna, do and modify the second amendment in some way that pleases you. You can not just do it While this amendment stands overrules you every time it just us. you can say there are things you can do that are illegal with guns like shoe people right now, that's ok! just like you can say there are intent on the law for a while. Yet there has been a while yet a little while here, but just like you can say, like you can do things with your voice right. Like your speech, there are things You can do to others libel that illegal, but you can't just like you know what you can't say this word. You can't do that trial, Jack Jack. I don't do you guess yeah turbulent. Seventy seven be easy. Gay yeah
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call one eight hundred nine six, thirty one, seventeen promo code back my pillow dot com it's been stupid, Glenn, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k it's kind of interesting lots of times. A lot of time. You ll say well that it's interesting, but that the left, the leftist comedians on late night television, never seem to get around joking about the demo to earn offers, but why did they spend some time on Donald Trump? George W Bush Ronald Reagan. I mean every during Ford, every single republican president gets bludgeoned, while there in office
and so far at least Joe Joe Biden spent pretty much left alone. Well, Samantha bees, just admitted yeah. She doesn't China like the joke about him. She can't leave him alone admitted she pulls her punches when, when it comes to Joe Biden, which is entered because she certainly didn't do that with the Donald Trump or its family famously said that vodka was a feckless, get seaward then I think she apologized for using the word feckless It was made clear the total. Yes, because I mean she has a lot effect. I dont think that she's ever in fact less. But that's that's what cheap apologized for but when it comes to bite- and she says why would I purposefully undermine something that seems to be a great idea pretty across the board like
we need to make jokes just to make jokes like I like to make targeted jokes so everything he does and stands for us. I gases is great in a great idea. There's nothing funny about Joe Biden I tend to disagree with that. I think that there's a lot of cannon fodder there to be had, but they did the same thing with Obama in fact: set I'd live, I think buddy from Saturday Light Saturday night live during the Obama years actually said there wasn't anything funny about Barack Obama ride. Remember that! Yes, now that let shit if you really want to give them the benefit of the doubt like Obama was very rehearsed. Very rarely made comments that were, unexpected you don't we
You gotta know who he was. He made speeches in front of teleprompter, and that was a criticism is older enough teleprompter now you can certainly make jokes about somebody. Reading offer teleprompter they just chose not to with bite it. Now I mean the the guy constantly growing up details of how the stately, forgetting where he is in a story and in a sentence he's a thousand years old. He went through a large scandal in which he was sniffing. Children's hair, or do we not Remember who this guy is yeah then you ve got his son, yet something I mean there is a ton of cannon fodder. There would Joe Biden and she can't find any of it sure she's I don't know that she cant find it. She thinks she doesn't want to find it. She doesn't want to find it and now look you can do that you know, I don't think that's that
She needs that she should in some way she's gonna do her audience, wants that I've ever say. Sometimes you know, will joke about trumpet people get pissed off about that, but ended in the eighties. A human being is a politician. He's. You know that that he deserves and when he saw something silly it's fun to make fun of it right, like that's just what we're supposed to be doing for not doing that to people on our side if we're not making fun of Mitch. idle for being a turtle. What we found that about him, he looks like eternal, Second, internal without a shell bright, our legislators acumen turtle Piper it. In order to note that the presidency's programme- you Vienna timeshare chances are pretty good here in twenty twenty one that you're ready to get out of it. You probably using the whole time in the first place and with co with all that probably drove. That number of uses down to zero. Here's a thing There are quite a few businesses out there that will claim they can get you out of a time share, but
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tat is to lead this week. Our border patrol doesn't get nearly enough credit manly do a lot of great things, seriously great things, saving people's lives over and over and over and over, and they get no credit for that. Maybe they find people in in bad ways at the border all the time, because I don't of you know this, but when you call the border you're, not necessarily in the nicest most civilised part of the of the country where the law, times it's hot and there's very the water to go around. You might have a long walk ahead of you. Even when you get here yeah debating cross. It could be somewhat dangerous.
And the border patrol finds people brings them to pass. Petals gives them medical care on site. A lot of times gives them water and food and sustenance and then a place to stay, and they just found I mean this is heartbreaking. They the agents on the border, just found an abandoned ten year old boy. Last week, Texas, desert near the? U S, Mexico border. He was with the big group of people. across the border with coyotes, barely his face He wasn't with them and they just abandon him, maybe left him. There then took off So the child seem sobbing and asking for help and he tells the end. The border region was off duty when he found him. You know he said he was. He was too to find his way home said good and they can
rob me kidnap me. I'm scared, well, yeah, you ten older than ten. I be scared being abandoned on the border like that, so the aged asks womb. What happened the boy says that I was walking with a group and they left me behind it. I don't know where the rat then the aged ass him, you don't know where your add they left. You beat behind alone and the boy replies. Of course they left me. They left you hind by yourself, you're, not travelling with your mom and dad or anybody. and he says nobody. I was with a group to turn myself. In to you and they love me behind it. I came Look for help. I think this is part The border situation, that's never discussed, then it. to us to take care of port It's like this have been abandoned,
or turned over by their family. To some group of people that setting north border a car Jody, perhaps who probably made seven thousand dollars per person in the group. really care about aid, but they got their money. They don't care. Anybody in that group know insult. securing the border is good for everybody. It stops. Out of these problems are to stop all of them but it would discourage if you have a secure border. border wall and good enforcement and bore patrols that monitor whose job over the wall and who isn't you're gonna cut down on these kinds of incidents, they dig job. Will it less and less of these kinds of things will happen? you're not gonna, have eighteen thousand unaccompanied children that you're gonna after how's somewhere.
at times the number that they had at the peak of of, Donald Trump, what everybody was crying and screaming about what a horrible humanity crisis that was, it will never cease to amaze me that the humanitarian side of this argument is we should just let people flow over the border into the deserts and see what happens. it's crazy, and devising this behaviour, of course promising. We went from a president who at least publicly signal he didn't want people to come across the border and did do a lot of things to try to help that process along very difficult to get that stuff done, of course, but- to a president who says you know: hey yeah, yeah sure, don't come, don't come. Of course. If you do come We should give. We want to tell you right now that if, or a child. anybody under eighteen automatically, not going back. That's what he's at your in your automatic, monotonous and drew back, and
we're going, give you food and shelter and redefine a place for you to live now. It's our responsibility here to do all that AIDS is just crazy. It's just crazy and the problem is so bad now Not only do they have these overcrowded facilities at the border. It clear up too long beach? California? Now the long Beach Convention centre has now been taken over by the Bush, Admit, Bobby Biden, administration to house migrants. It's the twelve, of flow facility that they're they're using now now now the number is more than twenty thousand unaccompanied migrant children into cestius. Twenty thousand. That's that's unbelievable. Just unbelievable bodies, the crisis to the buttons. And the Biden administration, It's all trumps fault If you were to listen to what they're saying, there's dill blaming Donald Trump for this, of course,
what is it with you and us forever? They're, not system, leaving George W Bush for stuff, let alone Donald Trump. What I find it really interesting about this whole debate. There's been this back and forth about whether its crisis, Jan Saki kind of famously did and said it was a crisis by mistake, but they been pretty good at trying to deny this is a crisis suggested just a humanitarian challenge and all these things and While I understand the the thee helped when our side to say now. This is a crisis, and you should admit it's a crisis in a look. It's true in many many ways. However, is it true to them?. like I we keep saying it's, not a crisis, they should be emitting it. Is it really a crisis to the idea of integration? The probably no one I know when I dedicated their entire policy to say. Basically, we want you here now. Now, though, say occasionally well, look we just just wait, don't come right now, but
below they ran with the idea of this past president who try. To stop you from crossing the border was Hitler they wanted to do the opposite of what Hitler would do here. We're going to make sure that your true it fairly that you have a path to citizenship? even said we're gonna, do this in the first hundred days. So if you Someone in Honduras, who, like maybe wants to take advantage of this when she you get here. in other words how dirt days? he's telling you in advance. This is what he wants to do, and so I With this way of like remember, when Popeye's released the chicken sandwich there there chicken sandwich last was last year the year for news as enemies. Big deal big deal right and they look. Popeye's came out there, they didn't spend our time making the stricken sandwich they, with raw, though the shafts and aid they d taste tests at all this and came up with that. We believe was the perfect chicken sandwich and then they
advertising chickens. They were Jan, they had people tweeting about the chickens, agent Native ADA, big deal about the chickens and then they release the chicken sandwich, and you know what people live. so much that they like I up in bed. Popeye's all across the country and the lion went down the street and they so many friggin chicken sandwiches that they were and out of chickens which is a chicken place ran out of chicken sandwiches was that crisis for Bob lies now? They might say In theory, we love to have enough chicken sandwiches to be able to serve to all these people are Popeye's sure, I'm sure they would but what they did but as a crisis. Now what what exactly, how they plant only better, and that is how the bite administration is looking at this. It's a nuisance right, but I dont think that they want to be deal With these pr things, are going on with kids. You know it border and all this that that they re?
There be spreading their trillions of dollars and banning guns right now and they re had to be smooth around the border. I bet that they don't want to necessarily have to do these things in these ways. However, they do want all of these. people in the country, eventually the family, shut up a few weeks early, is not a crisis to them. Turn to our country, shirked them, no, nothing example of that would be Clorox. Is it? Is it a crime is for clorox if they can't keep them there there Today's installs wipes yeah right, I mean people by them by the millions every day date. They were saying they were shipping. it was it a million a day. I think it was a million a day and they couldn't keep it. In stores, that's not occur this crisis now look what they like to have more than we could sell even more you're sure. That would be great, but it's crisis. It's a channel.
right, and that's how the bite into looks at the borders of marketing tool I mean a lot of people. Think apple. Does that purpose that they that they on purpose. Don't don't mind factor enough iphones when they first released one so that their create the incredible demand, and it looks really good that there completely sold out of iphones and everybody lines up four miles to get an Iphone, giving us the same thing any they ve got. These people lining up now they think to vote for them in a few years after they make em citizens. Is that a crisis to the administration and no goal eating you gotta sitting, Gent Saki shouldn't be calling at a crisis, because for that it is not its part of a long term plan is a really good points and its visit me off, but it's over is pissing me off. Do it it's bad for the country? It is a crisis for this nation, but for Joe Biden Administration, it's not they look at. This is as
maybe a little bit of an earlier rival to exactly what they wanted and, It doesn't seem like any one's going to stop them. You know They may be able to slow this down at some point, but that the long term goal of being well to keep illegal immigrants in the country, without were really any any ability to change that other and eventually the tide turns it up, they can pass a reform that gives them all citizenship or of illegals, legal right to be here with a path to citizenship or whatever. It is some form of amnesty. For these cry that they won't say or crimes there. Nepal in Mexico that I've never forgotten from maybe a day gate or and and the Paul was asking Mexicans if they would if they would migrate to the United States. If they had a chance, we do want to migrate to the I did states thirty per sent of them wanted to.
Already percent thirty percent of a country of a hundred and twenty million so that's thirty five million forty million people is so if you send a signal that sure we'd love to have you all come on Ali Ali all come free or they're going to and to be ongoing to Mexico's just part of that problem. Right now in Guatemala, Honduras, Antoninuses, vaguer, yeah issues and you see South America is in a terrible. With their recovery much worse than we ve had it over the past year. They ve had it much worse with cove it than we ve had it They are fleeing their governments which are in collapse and Brazil is in doubt lapse right now. It's is worse in Brazil as far as Kova goes than any point, it was then it add that it was here and there
shows no real sign of them being able to get this under control. I'm not a huge. I mean, I don't think any of us are purveyors of panic when it comes to this pandemic, but you're bull scenario has taken and to preserve. Laugh at the said died when he was here. This was last year. I think in the summer, when they early on, when only five thousand people have died and they they said to him. What some reporter said: hey Mr President, five thousand people have died so far in his response was so He got a guy who, you probably know one of your country are interpolate. Seventy seven be easy what is a good thing to spend a little time, considering how vulnerable your personal information can be there on the internet. I mean it's out there. It is there for hackers to go after it isn't just your own computer and devices that you have to worry about, maybe get hacked, maybe they don't, but frequently you hear about
breaches and online services, where you might have entered personal information through a transaction. What in the world do about that. it's important understand how cybercrime and identity theft our affecting our lives. Every day we put our information at risk on the internet. We know that, but cyber criminal keep finding new ways to steal our identities. You could miss. Certain identity threats, if you all you're doing, is monitoring your credit, fortunately, lifelong is there to help protect. You check him out, you'll, see what I mean. No one, at all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can't keep what's yours with lifeline. Identity, theft, protection, joy now and Safer twenty five percent of your first year at lifelike, dotcom with promo code back call hundred lifelong or had to life locked out com use a promo code back for twenty percent off at lifelong dot com program.
we were just goin over some of the covered numbers which are pretty promising. I think for the? U s. I think so too, and we ve come down a long way yet we're getting about three million vaccinations a day, which is a lot suit like a lot and they expect vaccination of well you It's gotta be available to everybody by what was it the nineteenth of this month. So eleven days from now, and are numbers are all trending down. Hospitalizations infections, the average d per day is down to seven hundred ninety seven, which is too many. You don't want anybody dying from it, but that's why? down from what it was and in some of the sum. the countries around the world they ve had really big success, then they ve been, when they rolled out the vaccination really well like Israel, Israel in the UK are the two that you probably point too, as the one I mean are the two most vaccinated countries they have.
Had massive. Ninety plus percent drop in cases of deaths, While I mean it's gone incredibly well in their over fifteen percent vaccinated right at the Real Israel is observed with the share. People have had at least one dose Israel's up now at sixty one percent there by far the leaders ukase at forty six, and then we are we're at thirty two percent. Already too okay, that's right around chili, which is one of the countries that people are like what what's going on with you lately It is one that lockdown again yeah to know, I would say in the other thing I would say that Chile is, they really haven't done much testing at all so hard to compare their numbers. They ve they ve tested like one fifth rate of of developed nation. So, like we ve noticed one of the things that happens with the testing with with tests. They would also The way to summon the scientist would point variants. We know me in that area, of the world is is having is in a really big.
Battle right now we just in Brazil was a disaster area, I mean is as bad as it's been anywhere in the world. So there thinking that they're going to come us in actual numbers of dead like for five hundred and fifty thousand envelope with a population What a third lesson we have here are people criticise Trump for being too whimsical about about corona virus. Both in horror was ichorous grass only easy life out there like make it out with people in the middle of the street. He has also issued the vaccine completely. Almost I mean they bade. They basis. he basically I got just take some vitamins, so it's not. We got it all and well, maybe they're just recently put in orders for the vaccine, because they he had cancel their orders and he got sick right. Yet we added he did have an ethical programme,
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