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Hour 1 Leftist pervert gatekeeper goes down...NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who sued Harvey Weinstein, faces his own #MeToo reckoning and resigns...horror stories of sexual abuse... ‘too valuable to lose’ ... ‘China people,’ ‘Cocaine Mitch’ has gotten rich, revisited? ...Political pollster Frank Luntz joins Glenn to discuss today’s primary elections...finally some great news to deliver about President Trump?...approval rating is up…who can the people trust anymore?...West Virginia turning blue? ...can we ever trust polling again?...Texas couple charged with keeping an African slave   Hour 2  A four-star hotel = true experiment in socialism?...student rate for socialism conference is $50…Making Karl Marx so proud?... ...Amazingly powerful story of hope and survival...'Into Eternity' with Frank Grunwald...Frank's mother wrote a letter to his dad before her death in 1944 in the Auschwitz concentration camp...Frank’s mother didn't survive the Holocaust, but her brave words did… ‘a remarkable woman’ ...Cardboard cutouts of President Trump at campaign rallies?   Hour 3  Parkland Promise Program = Failed ...criminal behavior swept under the rug...Superintendent Robert Runcie and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel need to be held accountable for their lack of candor ...CNN's April Ryan says Melania Trump is not 'culturally American'...very racist comments from a black reporter...from the depths of the intellectual dark web? ...'After Auschwitz' director Jon Kean discusses his documentary that follows six extraordinary women after their liberation from Nazi concentration camps...remarkable women who survived the Holocaust and went on to build lives in the United States, but never truly found a place to call home...A happy movie about life...laugh, think, and cry ...Climate-change believers pollute more than skeptics, study says 

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The blaze radio network on demand courage, Sri Lanka back, but I think I just goodwill hunted the math equation on the MIT Chalkboard other guy havoc. Act here, goes like this h, C, p, plus, and why agee equal all either tp or em ass, I'm not sure So you know a c p stands for core, progressive plus and why agee New York attorney general. I was thinking Because the crappy left his policies may be toilet paper total pervert
but because he such a left is progressive and I kind of equate that to a disease I thought am ass would be good not for the disease, but for a massage monistic sadist. I'm not sure if there is some sort of New York attorney General Secret oath, that they have to take. You know that we're not aware of do they publicly swear in front of the cameras and then slip back in head down to a basement. Taking some sort of a secret candlelit blood pack to treat women is sex objects first. It was Elliot Spitzer and now, Eric Schneider Urban. He's the latest member of the New York attorney, we'll curve pack didn't we Mcgreevy also, that was New Jersey, though so, is just across the river Snyder was accused of sexual assault yesterday by four women, and it took three hours for him to offer his resignation
three hours. This makes sense. I mean Spiderman. Is the noted and celebrated me to activist and champion of modern day feminism? even said this, and I quote a year before row versus Wade. I graduated from high school, I went to Washington D C and I got a job working in an abortion clinic. I learned an important lesson at a young age. If a woman doesn't have the right to control our own body, she has not truly equal. She is not truly free use he's implying that being pro life is, equivalent into making women slaves. So I mean that guy's woke Well, I mean it doesn't exactly jive with the language he's allegedly using in private one.
For really credible accusers said Schneider. Men would beat her until she would call him master oh. She also urged he also dated a woman from Sri Lanka and he would or her his little brown slave. So he's, so woke. He saw progressive this Just the tip of the iceberg and a list of accusations that include serious assault charges at us sound through progressive is bigotry and massage any now part of the left mid term strategy, I'm not really sure. For years Eric Schneider men has been the gatekeeper for the progressive left, he's been one of the main actors pushing progressive policy action, trying to move the party away From traditional Democrats, to really hard core leftism an
You know he's Eatby doesn't like the centre. He doesn't like the centre he likes to play dangerously on the edge. I have a feeling this isn't the last progressive scumbag to be exposed to their in their hypocrisy. Here's a guy who just one awards, He was utterly name women of the year there last year, the year before. I mean there are so many people on both sides that really, fight hard. But they don't believe I dont believe all their identity, politics. There sanctimonious in holier than Thou Nate narratives they'd out they just. Weapon eyes a narrative. It's me, it means to an end Thankfully, his end came: today,
it's Tuesday. May eighth Euro listening to the Glen Back Programme. Did you read the story from the new Yorker, a good chunk of it it sir? It's a long detailed is Dorie. It is worth the entire red and what was longer does it the amount of time you need to actually read the story or the amount of time from when it came out. Twenty resigned, their pretty clever, already close, pretty pretty darn clothes. This is on, all evil ball. Last month. This guy Congratulated time magazine for their joint, pure surprise for covering sexual harassment, the brave men and women who spoke up about the sexual harassment they ve been dirt in the hands of powerful men. Without these women there would be not the critical national reckoning. That's underway travel
you know the problem was here is e T said things like that and that made old friends go. I can't can't take it anymore. I can't sit back. I can't take it anymore. I can't sit back and and take it anymore. So for women came out, All of them went on record other one came out She didn't want to go on the record cause. She didn't want her name involved. All of them said they repeat that he repeatedly hit them. Often ask drinking and doing drugs. Mainly in bed, never will their consent, they said it was a salt and boy it. It seems like it, but they have doctors verifying that had to go to the hospital afterwards are going to the doctor, one woman, it was laughed so hard across the ear and her face
Her ear was bleeding had to go to a doctor for it her ear wasn't the same for months. She was also choked. But she was fully clothed, just standing in the bedroom. That's so exciting she was we closed. Standing in the bedroom and he said you're my little whore and then he slapped her across the face. And then, when she tried to push back, he took his arm and put it over her neck and forced himself on her and almost choked her death, which was you know, which was nice and then and then he also said that he was in a killer. If she told anybody or first she left him He said in a statement yesterday in the privacy of intimate relationships. I think gin, role, playing and other consensual sexual activity, not not. According to all the people that you were engaging sexual activity with its one, almost vital part of consent.
Is the other party consenting yet not and blow? He explains that later found to one of the girlfriends He said. In fact it wasn't. A girlfriend was the only one that Actually stood up ass, she went on ad. She, she met him at a party and then hit security guard. He said you go to another party, she said sure, and security guard drove to his house. And there was no party. There was just him and they They started making out, as she said, started making and then he slapped her and then he knew no said you know you're you're, a little whore, etc, etc, etc. And you're a dirty little slots, you wanna be my my whore. She said suddenly at least in my mind's eye, he drew back and they were,
A moment when I was like what is happening here then he slap me across the face hard twice open, handed I was stunned. She said that the blow was so hard that it left a red handprint. She screamed, did you just do she started to cry? I couldn't leave it. She recalled for a split set, I was scared. She knows it online or years of dating. She has never been in a situation like the one we Schneider men. He just hit me when she told him TAT she wanted to leave. She recalls. He started to freak out, saying I judged you I, I you'd be really surprised a lot of women really like this. They do always think they like it, but they do and then they'll ask for more. Stir. Wonderful little love story seems like you know. It's amazing is.
These. Women were all there were all very prominent they're, all very progressive. They all are Harvard Educated, Princeton Gale, that these are not dummies, they're, all very, very successful, and yet the except for this one They stayed with him never sometimes multiple year yeah stayed with. It is sir, so strange it but in Ireland pretty typical for abuse envious. Any one of them was down to one hundred and eight pounds. She lost thirty pounds because he kept calling her fatty and so is that he would, he would humiliate them. He would mark them too, them down all the time I mean it was that you have to read this. This is what this is absolutely incredible: Schneider men was violent. He also made often made sexual demands. He was obsessed with having a threesome. He said
I have nothing to look forward to. If you don't arrange this any would hit me until I agree sometimes eater. Made a call him master. Any slap me until I did she is. He was born in Sri Lanka has dark skin and she said he started calling me his brown slave demand that I tell him that I was his property he was then cutting off my ability to breathe. We rarely had sex without him. Beating me he's us. Tool, sadist and yet for some reason: well, its abuse, its horrible. He told her to get plastic surgery to remove scars on her torso that resulted from an operation he criticised her hair said she should get breast implants by different clothes. He mocked friends is debts is when the women attended a birthday celebration for her. He demanded that she leave just as a cake was arriving. She said I began to feel like I,
In hell His emotional state seemed a worse and after the twenty sixteen presidential election, he had counted on forging an ambitious partnership with White House led by Hillary Clinton. Instead, presidency had gone to Donald Trump Snyder means, office had sued Trump for Trump University for civil fraud and trumpets countered, suits Schneider me personally. On the morning of January nineteenth the day before trumps Inauguration Schneider, called from a hospital emergency room to his girlfriend and said he had been bringing the night before and fell down. He didn't realize he had cut himself, got up and went to bed, but when he woke up, he was in a pool of blood and it hadn't stopped bleeding. Yet she said I I understand I ween may be that that I, stating that abusive relationship for more than a year, but I now see how independent women get stuck in one the fish.
Cool abuse happens quickly, he's drunk your naked you're at your most vulnerable, its disoriented, you lose a little bit of who you are she kept telling ourselves. But she could help him change, He tried to get him to see a therapist and at times she blamed herself for his behavior. I scared what he might do. If I left him, he said, kill me if we broke up now. Here's the you eat, have to read the whole thing as it is really truly amazing, but He was he's accused of prescription drugs within other would go, fill their prescription, for you know Xanax or whatever, and he would say half of it he's denied all of this by the way, but it see it's pretty buttoned up Miss Ronan Pharaoh by the way who did all you know so much of the other recent yet wording on this topic She said
They started to these women started to contact each other. I wish somebody had warned me. I wondered who's next, I was not planning come forward until I found there was another woman. The silence of the women before me meant that I suffered too. I felt I not be able to live with myself if I heard him doing this to another woman years or months from now, so they sat and together they decided there, we're gonna go out, but listen to this, a number of them. Were advised by their girlfriends to keep the story to themselves, arguing that Schneider men was too valuable of a politician for the Democrats to lose them. Scribe the responses. Heartbreaking When Schneider men heard that she had turned against him. She said he warned her that politics was a tough and personal business and she better be careful. She took That is a threat so.
What really has changed. Yeah, I mean one of them up to me, one of the most powerful and disgusting moments in Chappaquiddick. The movie, yes, is when anal after obviously marriage or capacity is lost. Either they come back and they kind of tell the rest of the house, the Party house, these are her friends a look something happened: here's what happened and one Her friends says how we protect the senator. That's her reaction your friend dying. How do we protect the senator senator your friend at least very highly responsible for her death any in a particular case. They didn't necessarily know that they didn't, on that day. At that time,. This one, their friends, have evidence they I'll, have pictures of the abuse they all have evidence of it. They go to
your friends and say you know: I've been talking to his other girlfriends he's beating women. He's being women, and your friend says p. It takes more important. You you're to abusive relationships you're an abusive relationship with him and, quite honestly and abusive relationship with your friends. I believe those keeping track at home, too, of the last three New York governors have had to resign or abandoned re election to the scandal. In New York, state controllers, immediate predecessor, went to jail, and now shiner meant that meets three of them of New York's last five, independently elected state constitutional offers of officers have resigned in disgrace. But other than that it's going well, our progressive ISM worms works, parade Lenny.
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Virginia Indiana, there's a third one in there still is about as a bunch of you the big ones that really count the prey for instance, in West Virginia I mean I don't know you The establishment of irony want too crazy. Guy and there's three but there are others. Those there's three choices. Blankenship here is the guy you're talking about with the China people at the face India, China, regional approach to electoral politics, us surrogate there already here, for though you play that a second, you advocate It's not like. You can do for you, a Senate, and I approve this message: swamp kept, emits MECCA, I'll have created millions of jobs for China. People, while doing so much has gotten rich. In fact, is China. They have given him tens of millions about Miss Swann, play. For now running false negative ads against me, they are also childishly called him, a despicable and mentally ill. The war to drain the swamp and create jobs for West Virginia people has begun. I will be
match its cocaine? You know like as it gets, I love this first of all, he would not beat Joe Mansion emulate, you're, looking at another Alabama, if you go with this guy blast, both Donald Trump and Donald Trump Junior, both believe near her death. Sky. Is this guy's frightening China, people and in other spreading lies about me in their campaign and also all simple. They all be insane. Ok well of The is a separation, that's not part of a false charge at home ads and in addition to that, there, things like, I mentally unstable no other ways for some reason he wouldn't come on the show today. Did he say now: I dont we ass here, yeah yeah, pretty sure you said no stew,
this unfortunate you're, nice doctor I mean- is that these races are impossible to dissect whenever Franklin's coming up here and couple minister, how to tell us what the state of this. What were the poles look like going into these races today, but we, like you, look at the the Indiana, for example, three three people going back and forth. I looked at them- The profiles are these guys. I would have absolutely no idea to choose in any fear in Indiana today, but good luck out. There Near I'll do our homework, but we don't know how I feel no use can a minute with Paul numbers and what it means. Glenn back mercury
This is the Glen Back Programme and I'm not sure if levels labels mean anything or actually they may be, they have more power than ever, If you are a you know, your somebody who is Part of the establishment of that guy. Well you're you're right, you were a tea party guy by a kind of rock the boat and run, don't know. What does that mean? Does that mean you better get worse? What does that mean? Have em there's three is he people now running on on all sides, New York is footing. Away. Yet another progressive politician today, so we just the best of humanity running and we're looking for signs of of hope, lookin for things that we can.
Out on what does it mean if blanket Yep wins in West Virginia and what are the odds of that. We have Frank Lance, founder and chairman of the lunch global about the primary elections today, Frank which, which are the ones that you think are the most important to watch today. Well, they eyes and I don't know today is the most important, but I'm watching what happens in Ohio. The same reason that you ve got people from, would you tell the establishment, former elected officials who are coming back in particularly the other, the senator from the states who wants to be the governor in West Virginia. I am going to watch to see if report, hence nominate a convicted salad, I put before you know break it must As you know, they were placed at the other one
my normal inclination would be the teller West Virginia joke. This is how much I've changed. I'm gonna, let that one pass lessons from that's amazing. So what do we do? You know how much I chair. But you know that that voters on the republic inside I still show FED up with the establishment with that label and the idea of people, have been around for so long that they have brought about the change they promised that they will vote for the most. Change, oriented the most extreme candidate or people who will vote for someone because they were convicted of a crime because it's their way of saying the hack. All of you, I'm not gonna, do what you want me to do and the problem with that is that you, you're really good when you vote, but in the end, what do you actually get done. I'm watching now and I got good numbers for your listeners.
The first time you have me, I'm actually of good news. Mushrooms, Sabre ability is up that his job approval is now at forty four percent, which The best it's been at any time in the last twelve months that he is actually approaching a majority who, like he's doing, even though his their only forty percent and his a message there that sometimes how you do things is as important is what you do and at peace still look at what he says and what he does with concern while they like what he's doing so. Is it possible a cup thanks. First of all, do you see the pull the came out yesterday about that? The right wrong track this. He trump is now ix rinsing numbers that beaten at no time did Obama experience on right track wrong track fears I
feel it. I feel in my focus groups. I feel it in the research them doing and that there is a shift. That's coming attitude, Does the economy that people really you feel better off. They really do think next, you'll be better than this year to beginning to feel the tax cuts, and they see that a lot of promises are being kept, but- and I always do this- so I tat? Make everyone fully happy. He would be closed to sixty percent job approval if he wasn't constantly insulting the people. He doesn't like an very entertaining and it is very funny every time he uses the word Pocahontas I laugh is a painting in the capital of poker hottest. Nice go up to it. I say everybody that Senator Elizabeth WAR the people laugh and after people want to throw me out of the cap. That said, that's not really but we should be about so? Yes and
It is a real possibility. Are you feeling this at all that we're still to kind of get used to him a little bit more. For instance, some things are paying off would be much more concerned about what he was going to do this week. We ran. If I hear seen him do it but these things before that sea crazy and dangerous, but he's, thus pulling them off, he brought Korea to the table. Righty got China to back He is getting western Europe to come to his point of view, rather than the other way around right. Things are happening. There are considering reforming food stamps on Capitol Hill and written The work requirement to that and to welfare, which is what Americans they ve, been waiting for right. We added an umbrella. Obama removed it. That's gonna be
boat later this week is a rescission package which makes it they're gonna cut more ways for Washington spending, These are the things that he ran on. These are the promises that he gave to people who live pay check to paycheck struggling to get by right. So fresh sea frankly, we go back to West Virginia Blankenship. Is there you feel in any of the polling that you have done are our people. His eye torn. If I didn't care about the country I would vote for Blankenship, because I would think you know what it's all worthless. Anyway, I think funny put that guy in big, It's show is or anything to say about that or our people, really, they embracing the China people or are he just embracing somebody who will go in and break the system, though people who voting for him believe the systems
broken and so breaking it is just the next step. Mace, they see themselves as participating, In essence, it almost in a revolution- and there was a time in your career. When you may have argued for that. I think you know that I give you credit for creating the tea party. I really do You spoke to people's anger, their frustration, their fear for the country and where was headed and you gave voice that did not exist, but there is a concern. I'll come to that a change in the house, eventually a chain of the Senate and the change in the presence of this no him a little bit and I don't care what he says. I know what she did and I have a problem with it. Blankenship Yes, you, I think, with the public really understood that they have a problem with the two.
So now this is. This is a deeper point. Do we trust our justice system? Do we trust the FBI? Do trust the CIA? We now have lost faith in those institute. Since in the legal institutions that are meant to keep the country running. So we don't trust Congress. We don't trust the media. We don't trust our legal system. Where do we go from here? I don't know frank. I am looking at the pulling for the West Virginia race, really the only piece of evidence that we have that Blankenship has a chance at this race is an internal pole, but was leaked from one of his rivals and normally elite poles showing you're doing really well, but perhaps was this leaked because they want they wanted Donald Trump to jump into this end and say that Blankenship was a bad guy. Do you have any thoughts on its possible at this point, I dont believe private, he paused because they turn out to sow- and this is one that
This is why trumps numbers were always underestimated: the primaries, an underestimated on election day that there may be people who are voting for him. That won't acknowledge it because of his background, really dangerous. Let us at least say this. He has begun a credible candidate and it is past. What did he will win? I don't think he does, but it still possible agents of him Any chance of him beating Joe Mansion, he will not be your mansion, Joe you in the West Virginia hates Barack Obama West Virginia hates Hillary Clinton, but you're willing to give to imagine pass. They know Miss Governor, they ve known senator. It will take a great republic in upset to beat mansion. I think Actually? North Dakota is much more likely to flip. India is more likely to flip. He didn't have it and it's. An insane situation in the Missouri governors race? That seat is more likely to flip. We're not, and I someone who believes in general
that's good when the Senate, but also make a case now, six weeks after me, prediction that Republicans could pick up two seats in the Senate. I don't think that region is one of our ideas, is there anything that we shall be watching for as the results come in that you say it's a warning sign or a positive sign for the future, and I dont think that today's significant enough- I don't I just it and looking at states that are up this week and next week, these are not the weeks for I'm waiting up to two in the morning to get exit polls to see why people voted the way they did to me, the biggest the biggest significant pulling data is a fact that trumps job approval is starting to approach. Fifty percent frank one. Last question: you do this all over the world. Are we different the rest of the world when you're talking to people, as is the general feeling that you're getting from people all over the world or better Wurlitzer about same we used to be the most optimistic,
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an old ten percent off now at one eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, Gran Mercury good. Back There is an amazing story. That I read about a week ago. And wanted to see if we could get the guy on and he's gonna be joining us in a few minutes. It's incredible. He was little in Germany growing up and he and his mother and his father were taken too
Auschwitz, his mother was separated and she was sent to the gas chambers and his father was approached by a guard afterwards and said your wife wanted me to give this to you. He opened it up and it was the last letter of his wife before she was gasped. I mean who was the guard that delivered this? She went to the garden said. Please find my husband, here's where he is. Give this to him, and when you read it, it is the most Dunning letter you ve ever heard. The little boy never wanted to see the letter. He was afraid of the letter at first when he was little his Other had told him that your mom had written a letter. He didn't wanna hear it level
years old he's not interested all throughout his life. It's brought up again, his father says you know you can read the letter and he says no Nano his father dies he's going through is his father stuff and in a book I think, tucked Inside is this this piece of paper and it's all yellow and he knew exactly what it was. Set aside had the courage to read it and hit powerful its unbelievably optimistic full beautiful special when you know where it was written, but even if it was written on a beach somewhere, it is beautiful. So we're gonna have him come on, tell us the story of his mother and this letter I'll share the letter with your coming up in just little while stand by for that You see this story here out of south, like Texas, which is just the suburb read here by our studios
A self like softly couple was charged with a rain for a five year old west african girl to work her home for more than sixteen years without pay or education. What, yes. Mohammed Tour and his wife Denise. Both fifty seven appeared in federal, cos, Then we in Fort worth yesterday and were charged with forced labour if convicted they'll they'll face a maximum of twenty years in federal prison, apparently The girl is eight the home with the help of some neighbours. She was raised in the house. She went from five but She was a slave. So here is a a trap. Slave still, from Africa.
Coming to the United States. By the way, the couple I think there I think, they're African Americans. Hello I'm just like in they talk about how the stuff was Schneider, mean, for example, that came out today with the sexual assault, not necessarily about sex right up power. If they were slavery. Slavery is not about race. Necessarily. I mean we ve seen in oh, you seen stories, but this talked about one last week, one of the first was Firstly, in the narrow slave in Amerika, I was actually owned by an african American, and here we go again that's. That is the story that I thought of what really is last night, and I thought it's it's it's it's It's just a flaw in human nature: it's not the guns that are killing people. It's not! You know some. You know that this raises racist, and this raises not it's a human,
condition these are human conditions and we are missing the heart that what has to change for the world to Jane Glenn, back mercury courage Sri now, don't let socialists tell you that real socialism has never been tried, because it's just not true over the weekend in July, over the course of for whole days, the Marxist doctrine will finally be tried at the full. Star, Hyatt Regency Mccormick Park in Chicago for these socialism. Twenty eighteen national conference get your tickets right now fits He dollars for a student rate. You have to bring yours, do ninety:
five dollars for the early bird rate and the solidarity rate will run you a hundred and fifty dollars a by the way for two hundred and fifty can have the finest most luxurious proletariat treatment imaginable. With this. Steamer plan. You know sustained like how the sovereign sustained crops during periods of collectivization, which was really sustaining? a conference kicks off Thursday July Fifth Nino the day after independence day with a speech from third way, feminist de meat to meet Tee Demeter Frazier. I love her All that she does this speed is titled de colonizing socialism getting radically organized so we can be free,
Here's a taste of what the guest of the audience can expect through the lens of black radical feminist perspective and using historic, cultural and material examples. The present or offer cautionary tales of brilliant failures. Questionable successes of progressive and radical organisations dedicated to a vision of Europe. I economic equality will look at her the failure to address the full impact of white supremacy? everybody has had in its and continues to have an effect on the efforts it radical and progressive coalition relationship building. That is necessary for fundamental, substantial, substandard two subjects: for big change. His answer: rate, Amy Goodman's gonna, be there she's a host of democracy now end and a so called journalist Pulitzer Prize winning historian and professor, that he's gonna be
rate or she who might judge and boots, Riley the the wrapper and director you have all of boots work, I do. I am missing one of his works. But all the rest of the works I have, whichever one you were to ask me about, would probably be the one that you didn't have. Unfortunately, so, hotel rooms are gonna, cost you about three hundred fifty five dollars amusing. Why would I use dollars the Socialist CUP, twenty four million, eight hundred and fourteen. Five hundred in two venezuelan boulevards. So, ah, that's that's that yeah and seeing that you only in in vain. Will now make two million dollars a year? naw. Man went to its annoying five per month. Is it my yes at least of the numbers? Oh yeah, that's right! That's right! Yesterday, two point: five million a month, because bread is three and a half million It's only a little more than a month. Salary is something a little bit more now right. Well, the communist comrades kinda can just just right
lax in luxury of one of the three restaurants, a hotel bar and to go cafe course, com I can have their food, delivered, visa instant card and there's a trader jobs right around the corner for vegetarians and visions and those were lactose, intolerant, intolerant because a socialist or people too. But don't stray too far. You know the neighbourhood around the luxurious hotel is a bit dodgy, but no problems because you know comrades stay in your room, enjoy the complimentary wifi the functional, please the air conditioning, the flat screen television, the proper bedding gorgeous views of the sunset over the city. You know all the things that, though two are trapped in countries like Venezuela or Cuba. Can't enjoy, but you can and car marks would be so proud. It's Tuesday may a year listening to the Glen Back programme? Why?
Why I mean you know it's one thing: if you're like hey Venezuela's this great experiment for socialism, is the socialism of the twenty first century? Ok, our eye. Well, now you see the results, Where are you? Why are you go and hey wait. A minute. Wait, wait, wait a minute. What went wrong there? How did you go wrong. Why did we miss they just move on its people are starving to death. Anyway, we talk about something happy well This is a hard turn, but it is actually happy I read a story about a woman who died in the Holocaust housewives. I know I know it trusts me. He gets really happy and positive, and it's a story of a mother, Sun and a father that are taken to Auschwitz, or the ghettos and mom. She's on her way to shower room and she
it's a letter to her husband and son and gives it to guard and the guard actually for some unknown reason delivers it to the father. It goes unread for decades by the sun. Now It is, it is out, and you can see it in a museum in the the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. And it is a must read. It is one of the most inspiring things I've I've ever read. Would have been inspiring fit. You know, would have written it. You know sunset on honeymoon, not on your way to the gas chamber. It is beauty The sun is is frank, frank or brunwalde, and he's on with us now high Frank, how are you gonna do any good report is what an
an absolutely amazing store. You live in any in in Indianapolis. Now right. If that's correct, and how old were you when you who, in your for your mother and father, were taken to Auschwitz, I was about eleven, so I have a pretty good memories of it. Yet so. Can you tell me For we get into the verbiage of the letter, tell me who your mom was? Who your dad was and and- and what this experience was like. Well, she was, you know, I knew her. Of course really well because she and I had a good, really good, close relationship. Oh, she and my brother and I had a very tight relationship- and she was just
a very elegant emotionally in intellectual, just a very elegant person that was full of positive attitudes. Positive, respect for everyone, and Thirdly, refuse to be considered a victim in any way. So I no matter what happened to her or to us We were always talk to keep our genes up and to be proud of who we are and never feel like. We are being victimized by anyone, so you remember getting off of the train. The inner remember. Clearly, all that's! That's as clear is as clear as it happened, as it would have happened here Today we got off the train after at two too, right without any food we got off the train in the middle of the night in Auschwitz
we were immediately taken on trucks The camp into the main camp. We were put into a one was called a Czech family camp Loop because we From TAT originally and add jack family camp, was a total hoax. It was put together by the SS or by the Nazis, as to show the International Red Cross in case they were going come through to inspect. Auschwitz it was totally put together as an artificial ploy to show the Red Cross, that Jews are doing well about five the life and are being kept together, families as grandparents, parents and children, and it was ten thousand no less than two thousand and five thousand love me that came in September,
of nineteen. Forty three and another five thousand tat came in December of nineteen. Forty three and I was ass, that's dead I know that this chamber transport middle- December how're. How are you simply? How are you selected for four that I mean? That's. The internet. This was total. What grand this was. Absolutely you talking. Life being sometimes full of like well. My my life was filled with three or four such lucky incidents, We at the International Red Cross, apparently the Germans that they're gonna come through in its back some of these scams and as soon as they did that, the idea. The ss had this idea that don't put together an artificial camp and show them at least ten thousand people alive and doing well, so we were lucky
because we were the only two transports, the September forty three transport from Dorothy and start, which was the ghetto and the December nineteen forty three transport also from terrorism and stop at total of roughly ten thousand people grandparents, baron children that were put in this is artificial- a joke over camp. And I mean job in a way that not an end negative way- I mean it was just a pretence and because we were put their eye because I part of it. I somehow survived the first five thousand or all of them were gas. In the following March or April of nineteen forty four, where the US found out that the International Red Cross was not come
into our should so. The first transport of almost four five thousand that came in September there were gas in the March April period of nineteen, forty four and then our came up in July of ninety forty four and we at the ball through what was called the selection and selection. Typically was a selection elsewhere, whether you will end up on death row and end up and the gas chamber. If you were going to survive, and at that point it was now the spring of nineteen as some are of nineteen. Forty four at this point, The US has became more selective in terms who survives and who doesn't in in regard to using people for labour purposes Germany was bombed severely by this time and Amy
it workers both in factories and in rebuilding Germany and- they were trying to save some of the healthy people for basically for the purposes of slavery So when I went through the selection, and my brother went through the selection, We were both put on death row. We were both left side of the big table were about your Mengele, a couple of the other s. People were. Choosing the children that were going to live and ever born or die, and we were- and at this point I do not know that I was in death row, but I was put on the left side of the table, and so was my brother who was limping at that point. He had a slight deformity, I believe it was his left leg. There was the hare shorter than is right one and he was limping and as soon as men, I saw him that he was limping. He put him on the website.
On the table and ass soon ass. He saw me who was at this point less than twelve years old, He put me also on the left side of the table, so standing there with about fifty or sixty other children I notice in order group of children boys, mostly on the right side. The table about fifty yards for the right of the table These were a little bit older boys fourteen and fifteen year olds, and suddenly from out of nowhere, comes a- prisoner at fairly high level german prison or not a jewish prison, about a german prisoner, whom I for as a as they as a runner as an assistant. I was running messages for him and I knew him well and he knew me very well, and so he came out from this crowd of prisoners and grab and quickly move me into the order group of boys and
an eminently disappear, then that this whole situation took about fifteen seconds, at this point, I realise that I suddenly ended up on the proper side Table that I came from death row it will be brought model. Was the prisoner just moved me into the group of older boy we're going to survive. How did you deal with that with looking your brother on the other side of the table? I was I was in shock and I you immediately that my brother was in deep trouble. I mean I knew that right away, that that when this whole scenario came a came a plan? I realise what was happening. I knew that he was in very serious trouble. Did you at that point about fifteen minutes later? I said goodbye to my mother. She said goodbye to me and we said we- we spoke about two or three minutes
and there she was convinced that I was gonna survive, and she reminded me of my Uncle board that I was living in New York City and she said make sure that you see frank who lives in New York City and she decided at this point. I also said goodbye to my brother and she decided at this point which I didn't know that she decided this. She didn't tell me she remained with my brother. She did not want to let him go into the guest chamber by himself, so sheep sickly volunteer to stay with amendment states. She stayed with immense. She was gas four days later on. July, 11Th, one thousand nine hundred and forty four. I need to take a break frank and then we come back here with your mother. When she left you and before the gas chamber, she wrote a letter and handed it to a guard for some reason. That letter to your father. You spend a lifetime not reading it.
When you did, I can imagine what your reaction was cause. My reaction was unbelievable, it is, such a powerfully positive letter, Everyone needs to hear it better in response to this half hour- a kind of takes on a whole new feeling here with one eight hundred flower. The message of Mothers Day, what we, your mom do. For you, I mean. Your mom probably would have done the same thing for you, and I know my wife would do the same thing with the kids. I just know our that's. How much our moms loved us and law Thus, let's take care of all the moms and our life is Sunday. Do something special for you make sure that she knows you're thinking of her.
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Hey man. Quite it's quite needing to be able to reach out and touch people who actually witnessed history. Which is one of my new goals is to find people that have have had seen things first hand and can tell us about them first hand, and we have Frank Brunwalde on with us. He is a holocaust survivor, he was eleven at the time he was in Auschwitz. Wanted it Talk to him today, also because its its mother's day week his mother was a remarkable woman, and and while she didn't survive, outwits her words, Sir They did and we're gonna get to those here in injustice. Second, Frank
I've only got a couple of minutes here, so I dont want to get into the letter yet. But let me ask you: this did when you were there at the camp, did. Did everyone knows that the guy S, chambers existed did. Did you know what was happening? Yes, we are, it was it this general knowledge that this was an extra they should Gump. Did you know that it will go ahead even the eleven year old Son twelve year old, knew it and did did you when you were on the train Did you know where you were going and did you know that when we had no? No, we had absolutely no clue. A day or two after we arrived, we were told by the tourism Instead, we are already them that this was our shreds, and it was a terrible, terrible threat, terribly threatening place. It was full of smoke
for human ash in the air force. Smell grey I'm very threatening in every possible way. Now you not only had to you, you escaped the death chamber you were freed by the Americans win when we come back. I I want to read the letter from your mother and tell us how you came, to read it yourself much later in life and death your escape from the car interest in Czechoslovakia and how you got here blessed life? Indeed, and a remarkable mother and her letter to her son and husband. When we come back, Glenn back
mercury. This is the Glen Back programme. At eleven years old, he was known as me, Sir he's now known as Frank, Frank gun Brunwalde, and His mom was Velma Dad was a doktor Kurt brunwalde and they found themselves in of all places outwits as these eleven years old, along with it. Brother who is handicapped. End was separated from the family. His mother was then she chose to go To the death chamber, with francs brother, her son
in and help him through that but Frank before she goes into the the death chamber. He writes a note. Can you tell me about this here? this very short letter in pencil to my dad and she gave it just hours or minutes before going into the gas chambers. She gave it to a guard not doing it says man, but to a military guard, and she was a good judge or firm of of character and she probably figures person has got some compassion and and he's going to deliver the lever, and he did he do. Read the letter now to my father, who was in medical camp. He was transferred because
opposition to this medical camp out. How do you give it to him? How do you have you? Have you really thought Bout, who that man was and how he lived with, Armine obviously had compassion, but he was there knowing what was happening there are knowing what was happening? He was there. He was ass, I passed observer obviously trouble the elderly, I'm judge, I'm just guessing globally. It's fifty saw even early sixties too old to be sent as a military, a fighter on the Eastern from draw the western France, so they made him into web concentration camp Guard and I think my mother could quickly could tell that this guy was brainwashed he was too old, when Hitler came to power, or to be, I was at a twelve year old
though, a nine year old kid that good, in so she gave it to him in and she was right her judgment absolutely perfect said he gave it already, now to my, but to my father. So did you were you told by your dad when he got the letter or did did he expose you to this knowledge after you got out of Auschwitz. The war when I was reunited with my dad after the war after the american Army liberated me in May of nineteen. Forty five, I met with my man. Dad about four weeks later in Austria, you pick me up by car- he found out where I was and pick me up in about a week or two shortly after that, he told me that he is a note from my mother, I know Saw the note to my Father:
died in eighteen. Sixty seven, you chose, you chose not to read it right. I choose to read it. I was. I was too afraid that I was gonna be to thread and I was still wonder about this point. And I really did not want to see it and after he died and sixty seven I wanted in the discoveries, draw one of his drawers in his bedroom. And that's when I read it and then you took at home and you who didn't exposure? Read it to anybody for a few years, after that which that's right. I think I, I think, several years later, maybe ten or fifteen years later I share. With my wife, I never showed it to my son's deal, much later, maybe thirty or forty years after the war.
And even then I didn't intimately share it in detail with them. Mind. If I read it, of course, not you My only one dearest, in isolation. We are waiting for darkness we considered the possibility of hiding but decided not to do it since we felt it would be hopeless. The Miss truck sir already here and we are waiting for it to begin. I'm perfectly calm you My only and dearest one do, blame yourself for what happened? It was our. Destiny. We do what we could stay healthy and remember my words. The time will heal, if not completely, then it EAST partially take. Air of the little golden boy and don't spoil him too much with your love. Both of you stay healthy, my dear ones, I'll be Bethink
of you and me, Sir, have a fabulous life. We must board the trucks into eternity Velma why what a remarkable woman powerful and very positive There was never any anger or any hatred that she expressed against anyone, which was amazing to me. So you reunited with your father, you go back to Czechoslovakia, and now you're living under the communists, which was an absolute nightmare? We were living, after being in a concentration camp law. For three years, we were living in another concentration camp, which was the socialist communist country of Czechoslovakia,
It was an absolute nightmare. We did not get. We couldn't get the literature that we want it. We could not get it. Western was for newspapers, we were isolated? Politically, we were totally handicapped economically and my father remarried after the war and his and my stepmom, His new wife lived in London and we decided that. He did not want to live under the communist. We did not want to live under the communist, so we decided to escape. You do that It was, I was fantastic. It was again a huge stroke of luck We my dad went through the met by I met a man who worked on them, three of Interior in Prague and Yugoslavia and
man was also running away escaping this man had access to two passports and he made a false passport for us and put me on the passport, which was illegal because you have to be under under the age of thirteen to be on somebody's passport. Now was already seventeen years open out beyond the passport, and we escape basically using. A fourth transport came to the United States and how was the outgoing went first now? What was interesting about it was that You got on a train in Prague and there were only about ten other people on their own. It Poorman car train and We found out after we got through the border we found My was a doctor, of course, and it was a is, is his the fact that he wants a physician was on the passport,
after we go through the border. We found out that the other, eight or nine people on the train were also They're all medical people going to recover in its meeting in MILAN Roma in Rome, ITALY and Wendy instead, for came in. When the guard came in to inspect everybody's passport. He assumed that my day, It was with the other nine communists doctors going to occur. In its meeting in Rome at the law is a portal solely coincidental. Well, have you had a good life? Yes, yes, thank you. I have spent a happy life I think so. I've read a lot of unfortunate memories and daily flashbacks of thee. Oh, the war and all the concentration camp in those flashbacks, just you know very intrusive and they come they come every fifty
man. It's all every hour,. But other than that I have had a very good life, Frank thanks so much for sharing this thanks for sharing your mom with the world. And and her outlook on life. Its inspiring guy, she shared He actually gave me a lot of strength. I think, as a result of her, you know education and her hair influence. I've had a good life because I have gained a lot of strength from her. Frank, thank you. So much God bless you and your your family. Thank you so much. I hereby by much thank you, but I was a boy Europe lightens. He's in his upper eighties now and doesn't sound it at all, and I M has I think for children and several grandchildren and seems happy.
That letter happy that's in credit the beautiful yeah. The air There was one Andy start right as the article Red initially called into eternity. Should not survive the holocaust. Bitter words did and it's worth Reed in passing around it's beautiful, and see the actual letter it's now heaps. He did show to anybody for the longest time and then I wonder if somebody told him or if he just started to think you know. Maybe everybody else should see this share this too, so he donated to the Holocaust Museum and it is in Washington, D C but I wanted to share that with you. For it love reasons: one we're try. To talk to people who actually experience whatever was moon shot whatever. I want to talk to people who lived history before they pass. And I thought this was a very unique look at that time. Period and its mother's day
and the idea that his mother could have lived. His mother just had to leave her other son. Oh, you know was quick On the other side of the table with Mengele, but she chose to go to the other side, to comfort him and to not leave him in that time fine experience, what an amazing amount sing woman. Remember your mom. Stay Sunday all right. We ve all seen volatility in the stock market and one of the reasons investors are becoming a little panic is because of rising inflation at one of the few investments that can thrive with inflation. Gold- and it's probably the major reason why I own it.
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Virginia Mister, and can ship who spent a year in prison, for you know, is the responsibility of some many of its workers and as the co mind that he owned died due to negligence. His negligence he's running now for the Senate for the Republicans and he's just released a new ad which I hope is as good as the last ass. Here it is,
This is not like Japan. For you, a synonym establishment. Politicians are getting desperate and more hostile, they're, calling me a bigger and more on a despicable character and mentally ill. But even if all this is true, I was a better job than they have done. They resorted to discharge name calling because they don't want us to focus on the issues. The issues are that we need more West, Virginia jobs, we need and the drug process, and we need an honest scam. We do not need more jobs. Behaviour, like you may have witnessed at the thought of the fake, loses also pretending to be offended by my use of the worst China. People seem not to realise that China is a country cannot erase establishment has given me is about jobs to China. People left many, which was really people to fend for themselves. Since it has said, and I will represent the best Virginia people, not China, I am and America person and I will put America first aid or by Sweden
The he essentially seems suggests put people after all, the places they reside like people from West Virginia unsteady, steady, calcium, West, Virginia people, people from China very footing, people from China. First, there pudding putting China people first NEWS it's it's the economy of words, a sure is an easing person. But she wants you to know right. I like the fact that he's they're calling me mentally ill, even All this is true, but you know why I'm a big, that's! Actually my favorite part of its gotta, because your ear alike, strew, probably drew essentially even a big it, an insane big, it could do a better job than the outgoing were twice and which is probably at least consideration of the initial man gates. It's it's a little crazy. He read through these
The election raises I've gone through the last few days and an you the there is no obvious choice. In any of these things, I have no idea which one of these guys would it be good or they're all thereof, and of doing the same thing, which is there's one Canada whose bringing cupboard cardboard cut out of Donald Trump the rallies within which I guess the Trump campaign had to say: hey, we didn't it pursuant to bring this about. If I didn't say you did at now, he just I travel around with a mannequin and a cardboard cut out of whoever is president. It was harder for me to get people's attention on the right when I was travelling round with broad GO bombers cardboard got out, but that's just the way I roll back. Mercury.
Courage, true, Glenn. Ok, anybody remember the promise programme This was the initiative adopted by the Department of Education under Barack Obama, basically keeps teenage criminals out of jail and back in classrooms. The rationale is, if we count full teenagers instead of arresting them for committing small crimes, those tee Could avoid developing a criminal record at such an early age? I person We think that makes sense as law is your coupling it with common sense? this way they have more of a fighting chance to escape the life of crime that society you know, and if Europe left, especially Republicans want a pigeon minority students into womb. We, oh, that's what we're doing isn't working, but One of the things were also adding to this bonfire is the fact,
we're losing common sense. You must couple this with common sense now, but Orange County School district, says the programme quote, focuses on the situation as being the problem right, then the individual, being the problem. Ok that now No sometimes most times the individual, almost every time. It's the individual, It is your fault if you make a bad choice now. What are you gonna do about? It will give you other chance, because you ve Reno had a difficult upbringing, your whatever we're going to work with you, not the time that Common sense comes in now I'm talking about this is after the high school shooting in parkland. There were many questions about the shooter and the dozens of warning signs that apparently the authorities just missed war. How is it that need
really that police were called? He went Who did the shooters house as many as forty five times and yet still as access to firearms? What is that? How is it possible well even Senator Marco Rubio dared to ask whether the shooter had been part of the promise programme. Well, in the days after tragedy, Browed County School District superintendent, Robert Run, see repeatedly insisted no, no connection, there's! No! He was never got problems programme, absolutely not well. Over the weekend, the school district meekly admitted Well, no one was listening that dumb fact eendracht. He, a part of the Promise Programme II was part of that, since twenty thirteen he was Van, could you speak up just a little bit and I really can it was his was his middle school and twenty three,
ok: did he ever attend the programme? Well, it s widow with awe. Ok, all right, ok! So you took his behaviour and his criminal activity and use swept them under the rug. You prevented him from showing up on any criminal background check. Forty I've Times police are called the vows now Super gender Rubber Rumsey are, who incompetent or were you lying about the schools connection to the promise programme, see you know what the problem here is this is beginning to seem like this was Almost a group of people. Together right after the shooting and going, how do we spend this cause boy or we in deep crap does We ve already found out that the sheriff's office, that's dirty,
We know now that the these school superintendent envy the the school district. That's clearly dirty work, I'll. See you guys covering up. Did you tell the entire country apart, so save your butt. While he was likely least covering his backside, because the this programme is his baby. He developed to the programme and twenty thirteen. So this is one of his first students. He's the guy who actually developed it and it caught the eye of the Obama administration. So if the Obama, education department liked it you can't take it down there and that county. You can't take down the guy who's, started it because that might make people question it around the rest of the world. Superintendent Robert Run sea routes. Lord County Sheriff Scott Israel. They can be accountable for their lack of candor about there
now lies about the past. Must programme when it comes to the parkland, shooter and Other lies. Because I warn you, if they're not held accountable, it will reach. Force. The key flaw in the progress programme absolving individuals from any responsibility for their own actions. It's Tuesday may here listening to the Glen back, tell them so love. He heard the White House correspondent Braun Ryan, King on CNN, about Maloney it In fact, Sarah, if we have that audio, can you play that please? This is? from yesterday? There are a lot of realities that she's dealing with this is. This is a first lady who was not culturally
american, but far, levels are not Opel way what we could do, about again. This first lady is not what out of realities. And she's. Dealing with this. Is this First, lady, who was not culturally Hurricane but YA local, just the second now here is here. Is it April Ryan. Watching her on tv, she's she's a black reporter, and she has just said that the first lady is not all truly american holy cow actress. Trying to be consistent, April, why are you so racist oh dear, you say that somebody in the in the White House is not culturally american? What do you mean by that Please do you mean that is that cold language that, because she's white,
are you racist April? First, it first that we know you are I'm, give you a chance to respond or you just a racist or are: You do you also hate all foreigners. Those two things: we know that you cannot yeah that someone in the White House number one? You can't say that they're, not culturally american! You can't say so. In other words, let me just see if I have this right is dupes in her on the right track. Here. Say you have somebody in the White House that was but grew up in a distant land, not Canada, Europe, a Asia, let's say Indonesia, maybe maybe and grew up, it's been all of their time, so they didn't have the you know the fourth of July parades and they they didn't grow up in America, so they didn't have that same experience, so they weren't. Fully COS truly american narrative
they're a bad person because they are not ok? No, I'm just I'm just pointing out that they don't have the same experiences, which then My gosh creates a sense of otherness soon which is: why is this so again I go back to April. The black woman looking at a white woman, why are you creating this sense of otherness Why is it you are holding her out like this and an folk seeing on her otherness she's? Absolutely american! All of us are american, no matter what your background was no matter. How long you ve been here, we're all Americans April boy, I love playing the progressive game. Has its
easy. There is really fun, it's fun and easy, as you just constantly accusing people of things that your guilty of the aid. That is the progressive way You know you sit there and say that it's ok to say those things now, because its end by never at an opportune, but the other two number two thing you can ever do is call a president, racist, ever ever ever, do something like that: no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No one else! No Holcomb! Legally off limits. Didn't you hear it's been a revision of this act. Entertainment and technology summit in New York City for variety? Are you the magazine? Ok, isn't This is not some by ignored Hayek show. This is planned or full right variety, entertainment and technology summit in New York City. So.
Don Lemon said it's tough when you have more respect for the office than the person who is sitting in the office tough? Isn't it all you To do, is look at the evidence he on the list, what he called evidence, such as trumps, insistence that former President Barack Obama was not born in the? U S comments about immigrants from Mexico who are rapists lamb. Also mention trumps comments on the Charlottesville protestors, who described is fine people critical thinking is. Important as a journalist and You cannot surmise that this precedent, if not a racist He certainly is racist, edging adjunct. If you, if you have the evidence that shows you that indicates that what You did nothing else, but this present it being erases, then feel it's my obligation as a journalist who say it so,
I didn't call President racist. I said I think this guy. Add a deep seated hatred, sometime, something's wrong, and maybe I was thinking out loud, I'm not really sure. I should have said- maybe it's his second. But he's not fully culturally american. Surely they would have been completely. I met him in fine with that, because I said he's, not a racist. He has a deep seated problem with. The white culture. Meaning the american culture. The merit culture has to dish ban that White washed be kind of culture and everybody says so oppressive. Now they didn't know what white culture was. You know when I said that
You know they were all. What do you mean by white culture? You know the one that you say is oppressive and the one who narrower in his book correct but when he used the words white culture in that order, yet any also said: that's the way white people will do you. You know I can the same things that Don Lemon did he just chose not to see what he saw he just chose. Because he liked his policies and trusted him. He just said, It is not our problem. Is I like that? Ok, but can you take the second and see how others, say I think he might be racist. I think you might have a problem with white culture. I think he is not. Culturally american and this is it's interesting, tied to a big story in the New York Times today about the intellectual dark web. It say yes,
if a profile of a lot of people. You ve heard on the show Ryan to people who we ve had on his guests, who are too about a lot of you issues that are divisive and it can be controversial, but they are other minutes civilized in and smart way and you in the spectrum. Interesting because there it's not all conservatives, people think, oh of course, Ben Shapiro, part of it or glad vex part of it or whoever is part of it. It's all kinds, It is in all these PETE, what's not enshrined in Jordan Petersen. I dont know that you'd necessarily look at him and say he's a hard core. Serve active he's coming and saying hey here's what I think about these issues? Peers? Why? I think this is obvious. We certainly his back against the left, but there are people who are in that group as well that are the left, but but they're all racist adjacent, though aren't they may probably are definitely racism, solid Jason to racism. But that's the point here is that, like you could say, I think fairly right. You can look at yegg at Glenn, backs comments on Fox NEWS all those years ago
about the president being races and say you know what I don't think he is races, here's why that's never what happened now there mere race, it just said you were an. I think, by the way. Still to this day, probably the only person in history who was called a racist fork, someone else or racist, because I've been out opted, is called people racist for a hundred million years, with no evidence on any of them, and no one ever no way by him and said: hey that are easier or racist, because you use that word bell. But Boeing is, though, that is that could have been in an interesting intellectual conversation should have been right. I mean you know it such an interesting intellectual conversation that Barack Obama spent a very large part of his book. Talking about his straw, goals, is struggles about trying to fight and his identity, as it related to the people around him. The communist professors, the people who were a race activists, and to say, here's a guy with a white mom. I didn't connect with all that stuff and I, but I still
found myself agreeing with a lot of it and he struggled through his life, which is one of the reasons we wrote the book in the first place, it could have been a really interesting conversation. If people approach it civilly and didn't just try to boycott. You dont want to use it when you say when you say things like he did in his book that his grey mother had a fear of black people, bread, the into her. That's a racist statement that was tat. I was in an interview, but yeah I mean he was talking about. His history is right. There was an invite, was an interview but having those are the kinds of things now. If if I could quote Don lemon if you might not agree, but I can list the evidence that makes one think that way, and isn't it isn't critical thinking important as a journalist.
Not on lemon. I liked on the fine guy he's these nice had good conversation. I don't agree with him very often, but he's a nice guy? I tell you this, though, wait a minute don, you rate to me over the calls for the same thing, nigh I do over the goals because I can see how somebody might think that I don't think that's, who we is, but I cannot Stand that you'd like to have a conversation, that's great. But let's have the full conversation, can you understand how other people might have thought that way? In the same thing, with April Ryan April, you never night. Most people didn't, thank God immediately I guarantee it would have, anybody who said well Barack Obama's and culturally american. You would have gone crazy and surely did I mean I I I
don't remember April from that, I dont even know who she is. She such she's not actually a CNN, she just a contributor to see and enjoy the White House a corresponding for the american urban radio networks, but still I guess it's a each ay, understandable thing too. React the way that so many people do. You jumped shoe defender to defending lag to defend whatever your side is an attack, the other side, because that's the way people do things. But again, I think what what the story today in your times is talking about with the intellectual dark web is of is a way for people to approach these issues and actually do it in a scene, com the whole small Why so, let's talk about that? Let's talk about the intellectual dark web and for instance, did you see that Catholic Themed met gala last night. Most people didn't thank God, but you do need to look at it for a second and let's have it,
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Put on your Sunday best because its catholic theme, programme. Now, how many, how many people do you think that a tend the gala and run the gala are deep practice? Catholics! No more than a point. Zero, zero, the zero zero percent tat, no more gay than that, so so the they all came out yesterday. One was one celebrity, was in a leather bondage mask that was draped in rosary beads. I don't love. You know this, but the rosary to Catholics is a really sacred thing: Exxon, a party, entire. It's not you know it's an accessory that you go out on a new town. Ok, it's actually! That would be I would be taking somebody's culture and mocking it would have you
popery? Well, I don't know if I'd go that far. Ok, ok, now, maybe Riad addressed as the Pope, in a very short skirt that might be appropriation of culture. Ok right because I'm see I'm having our time with this, I'm trying to figure out How is that their ok with this and we're ok with this and let them get away with it. While they yell at us amounts Sink Oda, Mayo Mercury, you're listening to the Glen that program, I'm sending two of our best writers,
over to Israel this week, and I would ask you: would cover them in prayer as it is. It could be very dicey. Next next week is the seventy fifth anniversary we owe in the? U S embassy in Jerusalem next week. Palestinians are not happy with this, also we are on the verge of I think, pulling out of the iranian deal, which will not make the Iranians and and those in the Middle EAST happy and we're just at a very precarious situation here in the next week. And we want to remember you know Israel. Is there in the first place, seventy five years? That is the first, seventy five years that the jewish people have had a place to call home where no one could take their guns. No one could say non, oh you you, to live over here on? No, no, no, that they, the for the very First time in two thousand years they have control over their own life and every
has a right to defend themselves. You carry, I dont think you and understand the importance to the jewish people of their own home land. Unless you go through outwits or one of the concentration camps- and you realize that that wasn't the first time that was, I think, the twenty fourth time that there had been an extermination attempt of the Jews. There is a m a filmmaker. His name is John keen. He has done a couple of films and he seems to be a really thoughtful guy. That is searching for more than just the regular story. And he's got a new film out. It's called after Auschwitz and and what it is is it's it's a story of the women who came here to America: they survived.
Became here and their life here in Amerika and how they first perceived it. They wept when they saw the statue of liberty and then what their experience was like and how it was kind of left in the closet for a very Long time. John welcome to the programme of action I appreciate that sure. You're for a guy who has taken on a me. You ve taken a controversial stance with you know: swimming at Auschwitz, of two was a controversial film. I should say when it came out, and now you're you're of embracing this message- which I have never heard this angle before and I think it's really important for these four Americans What is it you're? Looking for? What is it? You were, what is it you're, looking for what was at an end has just addressed
Reporting swimming in ass was the only thing that was controversial about. It was the fact that I was studying laughter as is revival tool, and people thought I was may be being not not recognising the horrors which, further from the truth right for this film you don't we we tend to study history. It is ending holocaust. Thirty, nine to forty five, your free go home. That chapters over move on and we never stop. Think about what happens next. I think it's a What we do in our natural by our about culture, this a country we tend to study something studies, something that we just fly waited the next thing and eighty history, I think, that we, as you know this, has been a fascinate of mine. I think it's why we haven't really healed as a nation, all the wounds that we have to heal, you know after Lincoln was killed. We just moved on after Martin. The king was killed. We just kind of moved on and I don't know
the conversations about what happened about what you're facing you don't move on. That's it that's a major theme of the film, so I remember the World WAR, two generation, I'm old enough to have grown up with grandparents, lived through it and they I want to talk about it. But Think people your film, follows these women who came here, and you know lead their own life, but they had kind of a different text variance it wasn't that necessarily they didn't want to nobody. Did you talk to them. They wanted to talk, they came here assuming they would talk about what happened, and they were either told that what they. It was wrong after liberation or you we don't you don't talk about a year in America, put it behind you as if everything could be ok by that it. It's it's a great sense of denial that they had to face were thirty I, plus years until we as a country started asking what happened. I was is to see in the in the film that it,
really one of the things they talked about as as a changing pointing in them. Talking about their experiences was a tv many series yeah. Can you walk through the law, there are many citizens. Seventy eight came on NBC called the Holocaust family of the story wise, and it was NBC response to routes route. So successful NBC wanted there many series, so they the commission does one because it was close to being ready on a different project and that project We changed. America was the second highest program at that time. It changed Holocaust education in Germany, and the German started addressing their history as well, because of that film, it's not a great film. It's very rudimentary and ended, but but it had started a conversation. So in Germany. Do you think people didn't talk about it, because I mean you- didn't know. What you were gonna find in your own family? If you weren't, jewish
you didn't know if you had a relative that was being I don't want to ass mom and dad what they were, what they were exactly and you I mean your grandpa, Germany's. If at all, if you travel to Berlin Return, some time in Germany is a fascinating place because they have so many things. Memory, the Holocaust, so many monuments, so many buildings, but none of them have I need you on them, it's back. They paved if they ve gone. Ninety percent of the way, but just can't do that. Last little bit even the Hitler Bunker no real signage to its assigned facing away to a parking lot, because they don't want to advertise it. They don't want to make. It hush point for something else, so it barely recognized. You have to know what you're looking for is a fast place so. What did you find with these women? I found they made me a better person, They really had. They made me look at life differently. I the New York a few months ago- lifted the stature of lobbies, the first time, an immense something to me. I've been
Mr Julie recent I was born and I've never had this will reaction to it. I did for the first time two months ago. Why? Because it then something different to me now met, but it was intended to mean it meant we are welcoming the tired and the poor, and I cant remember the whole power now and I should, but before it was just a place, I went to fiscal field. Trips are the places looked at across the across the water. When you were doing something else in New York, they give me a perspective. I'm seeing I see the world through different eyes, That's what we need to do. We need to try to see what other people are seeing, sometimes Asian and tell me tell me a baton me about their their view of America before they got here and then after that here in, and it started debt to age, some here right. Where America was it was. It was the golden lion. The streets were paved with gold. We live and Castles America was. This was his fantasy to them and then they got here
and you know you're living in Hoboken you're living now in town you're living in Detroit and its one foot, and for the other it is no fantasy survival data day. How do I pay my red you lost almost the whole cast during this summit is taken you how long, six years. Seventy the idea was fifteen years and making a film itself was probably got four five and so on and so tell me tell me about how you selected them and then how you lost all of them, one by one I started for the first term swimming in Auschwitz. It I told you to laughter as as its arrival tool didn't work. Is everybody had eighteen thrive on camera, the women stood out to me. I'd never heard stories of war from female point of view and women I'll generalise here have much more emotional dep than men. Do they tap into released? ships communication under much more fun. To interview. I find,
you intervene more people that I have made you a different differently? I would agree with you. Yeah generally of the women just just jumped off the screen to me there beautiful their stories are incredible, their powerful. I just want with it, and I d, take it away from it. When you find somebody you that title you just can't get away, and yet we ve lost three. We have we have three Ladys with still and yet we were getting to this time, were not gonna have first hand witnesses it's terrifying time, so we're doing all the work we can do now, something close to you for I didn't get in this story out there. We all we ve all got it EL, the story, while we have the witnesses yeah, you know I've unit Tokyo rose I own her microphone and and well. You know when you know the story of Tokyo arose. Who was horribly wronged by the press here in the United States. There were, six or seven Tokyo euros, as the one we know was actually a patriot and she serve to prison sentences. One in
in Japan and one here and finally was pardoned in the seventies, but it too, you know when I really kind of found. Her story is she only died about three years before and I thought man my whole life. I could have interviewed her. I could have talked then it's a new kind of feeling for me, and I want to talk to people who who lived it whatever it was. I wanted they saw it with our own eyes. Tell me about. It are you so right? You cannot ask questions of a grave. You can so when you're with people, the other things too is. I want to ask survivor that question might bring up the path. Tat might bring a bad memories, the path and bad, there, you don't have to bring it up, they they have it in their blood. That's their dna. But when you ask them a question, they are connected to connect either part of our world. They what I've had questions with survivors about being next to again
chamber? Seeing your family walk into a gas chamber about sex about what what you saw in camps, physicality, abuse, in the film we mentioned this- the rapid sexual abuse minute liberation. These are conversations to have, but they frame, going forward when you see what people can become in their lives after what they ve been through. We all move on from trauma, we all choose how we're gonna move on from trauma. Resiliency is their only learn that by asked questions here, there's nothing wrong asking a question of somebody they can always said. Rather not say What are you uncomfortable topic that you kind of talk to cover is the women to the United States in their not sure whether they want to build families here right. What what? What did you find but why would you want to put a child into the world to do that to you? How can you protect that child ever I'd? I'd done I don't know if you have children go, and I know what I my kids were born it's. This
feeling of I must Papa bear. I must protect these little living beings, and I know add the Nazis knock on my door. I obeyed for children and never gets easier of still think another of the animal. My eldest is thirty and I'm still thinking. I still think that we all have. The pages habit in spades, yeah we're talking to we're talking to junkies director of after offshoots John, the movie hobbies starts with such tragedy right when the worst thing that ever happened on the planet, but you can see to be in some ways: happy movie, you know synergy movie about life, and I choose to believe that life is happy, I don't have you ever said Jim Delgado, there's a speech that he makes before he passes. I says every day you should think You should have your emotions, move you to tears and you have laughed so that a heck of a day last think cry and that's life to meet
So I do it all day is a long journey, but that's this film to me. I'm not scared that John a thank you If you for making the film thanks for talking to US prescience, end up really prepared to go talk to you, you're talking to you after outwits dot com is where you can find out. More about it, key or your mom. You know you. I want you to spend some time just thinking about your mom. What what? What are the things that you have gained from your mother have I gained so much from my mother. She is still such a part of me. She died when I was in a fifteen years old. She still a part of me almost everything that I do. I got my creativity. I've got of the way I I was fast when I'm walking down the street, I walk super super fast. I got that from my mother.
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one eight hundred flowers, dotcom promo code back to get this offer and this off where does and Thursday and back mercury Glenn back a recent study conducted by Coronel in the University of Michigan, has researchers baffled after finding, that climate change sceptics? are more likely to engage in sustainability efforts in their everyday lives than global warming alarmist and in time, believing in climate change, but not behaving evidence from a one year, longitudinal study published by the jury. Of environmental psychology. Invite until psychology, the study
Six hundred people divided participants into three groups according to their beliefs and climate change, either really concerned cautiously worried or skeptical reach researchers concluded that the responded to identify themselves is highly concerned were most supportive of government climate policies, but lease. Equally to report individual level actions, whereas the sceptical oppose policy solutions, but we're them most likely to report engaging in individual level, pro environmental behaviors so everyone can do their little part. So you're welcome alarmist for US sceptics carrying you. Yes, exam Equally right he's aim allow it. We in that goes back to the George Bush's house, member that whole controversy back against John Kerry back in two thousand and four was at an end. Al Gore's house? Al Gore uses more than
twelve twenty one times twenty one times more energy than the average home and every year that comes out again the same story. It's not the same story. They just keep finding the new numbers on it- and I am I am sceptical of climate change- may not believe the numbers, I'm skeptical more of of the scientists. And their science. Then actual science and more than that, the solutions lied to whatever that science fight correct So I know that, if we're going to do something, we have to do it ourselves. I live in a very, but I don't believe in it. My my my ranch is very green. I'm not going to put solar panels down here. It's not going to do it, it's not going to do it Texas gains the law in Texas yeah. I want, and I will. I want an oil ringing in my front yard here in Texas Leonardo, Dicaprio by the way has sent out for pizza,
New York and had it flown in California. I, like him, now Glenn back, Mercury.
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