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Have You Received Your Monkeypox Vaccine? | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Michael Malice | 5/20/22

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Glenn starts with good news on how the Right is winning the culture war, including Netflix canceling woke shows and Biden's approval rating continuing to drop. Glenn and Pat discuss Elon Musk and Tesla being removed from the S&P 500's ESG Index and possible reasons. Bill O'Reilly joins to discuss the week's news, including the worsening border crisis and President Biden's possibility of impeachment. Author Michael Malice discusses the Left's radical abortion views and Elon Musk. Glenn and Pat discuss the WHO's upcoming meeting, which will discuss giving the WHO complete control over the next pandemic. Glenn and Pat discuss what monkeypox is and its symptoms. Rich people are now going to auctions to invest their money.

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the reviews on lucifer, the prince of darkness, your zip of all the father of all wise europe. You could just call me radio friend today as a fill in for Glenn Beck, and I got some good news though it's not the monkey parts will have more of the monkey parts of the meeting or who never saw that weren't going anywhere we're making great progress. Especially the trial, would sacrifice the big score, go and look the colleges pro choice, but I just I want to hear whether by billiards you're right, I just needed a year. How,
progress. We have made from you about. First, where we say we want to see real purpose now. How much where we have three boosts. Why you lose do you believe in abortion after birth. What would you say I believe in whatever the one they want to choose to do. That's hard choice, at any point in the child's life, appointed a lady's light. Does horn drawing to kill another person's body is not always be a choice either to the babies born is always so, if their two years old is always hutch I can kill my two year old. It's a woman's right to kill their child at any point. One is right,
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I dont know if that what was good news I have some good news here for that. I want to go over We are making an impact and we are winning first law Let me give you the latest approval rating for press in Biden with hispanics twenty twenty percent. Disapproval rating is now sixty percent. I think they might be in trouble monkey box, oh yeah, that's right! I get the monkey bucks So let me give you some good news net. flakes is seeing a sharp rise in long term customers cancelling their subscriptions This is a new threat to the left wing, streamers, financial stability. According to a new study,
consumers who have been et flicks of sorts subscribers for more than three years accounted for five percent of total cancellations, starting of twenty twenty two, but that figure has jump to thirteen percent in the first quarter. also in the first quarter, totalled cancellation spike to three point: six million people come haired, with two point: five million in the previous five quarters. Ok, that's You know that might be a might be a problem. This is causing them all kinds of problems with their stock prices, etc, etc. They are saying that this is because they have become you know so lefty. I think this also because of the economy. I think people have subscriptions. I know I do. I have subscription. The things that are like you know
alexander, graham bell telephone company. Why am I paying them ten dollars a month? I e there's. There are subscriptions that we all have that. I think the economy, is now making us go backing, looking go wit about what the heck is, that five dollars and its standing up, then I think the are starting to because of the economy, cut back on the things that they don't. They dont need, however, the is there find to translate this as a left wing thing, because I do think that plays a role in it netflix ex has now just pull the plug on ebro. Max candy show anti racist baby along with their proposed offerings, they were presented a nod or total body immersion experience to the walk culture according to a report in variety?
The anti racist baby, which is aimed at preschoolers, is one of three animated chose to get the acts. The others were wings of fire and the film titled, with kind regards from kindergarten netflix. What am I going to do it? garden show about my aunt. I raises baby kids high its mickey mouse. Do you know that I am white on black, because why no matter of its a mouse or a man is evil it s. Yes, That's right, you're, evil, security. Ok, so we have that one Now, here's another one nedda that is facebook, the parent company a face What has now just implemented the abortion speech approach. Ambitions that that day,
put now company why'd you you are now they told employees that they are banned, from posting about the subject on internal version of facebook, so Do you know who doesn't want to just talk about abortion all day? You know to mean because I could just go on and on and on about baby parts and how much those baby Bart should go for cetera, cetera and hey. I'm with a plan- parenthood, theirs nothing like a good abortion version you know in the workplace I don't think that would have happened. Year ago. Do you think that would have happened? No, why because things are getting out of control and you know what honestly you're a moron. If you don't see what's going on, for, let me give you a moron tip tip here. nicolet solomon moron
January. Her mother was talking about a new bill. Adjust proposed bill in the florida legislature, that would severely limit how teachers could discuss gender identity and sexual orientation with their children, critics were already calling it. The don't say gay bill, her mother of vocals, porter avail, gb, t q. Why? Why not that two plus I e what white? What happens to those people Anyway, the algae, bt, Q rights sounded upset. Solomon stood listening inside of her fourth grade classroom kay through eight centre in Miami dade county public schools. The kids were at lunch, She glanced around the neatly label. Black buckets of supplies, picture a former students small sign reading. If you can't be kind, be quiet down at the diamond wedding ring. She had worn since marrying her wife.
it's been for years now, the parent The right to education bill was passed in march. This strong opposition from the algae bt q again know what happens to the two plus people. and the political left, including by and who's made a statement that said the bill was hateful. run dissent is just signed it into law vowing. He did so that children in his state would get an education, not indoctrination. Well, but we don't know here is this deeply affected. Ms solomon, she founded upsetting, not because she planned talk or, as ever talked about gender identity or sexual orientation or energy bt q, Issues in the classroom solomon street classes have often made
casual references to there spends in the course of their teaching, and she never dare mention her wife to students. Now she feels that she won't be able to ever mention her wife to her students, so she has quit Good at an early, not not, for you know any the gay reasons, but gladly she's a moron it has nothing to do with don't say gay and nothing zero. not gonna, stop anybody from saying gay. It's not anywhere in the bill, so our gas Other teacher, who was a moron, has, has left us cash darn it and she was just getting started. by the way. Do you know forget about the grooming thing, because that's a conspiracy theory, We ve got a new number out now, and I think this is fantastic
a new number of one hundred and thirty five teachers and teachers aids. That's the number of people that have been arrested so far this year on child sex related crimes ranging from child pornography to raping students again that number is one hundred and thirty five teachers and teachers aids that have been arrested for child pornography or raping student. That's I mean we got. I it I may really seriously. Can we get that number a little higher, but don't worry about your kids? totally safe. They love your child, by way of something else. Maybe we might make a difference or our just bring some enlightenment to a few people I this is surprising coming for me. You know
a guy who's usually voted republican, and everybody knows that, just because I love money and big business men. I love Annie big fat man that runs a corporation and smokes a cigar. I don't care if it's me, some sort of cartel vienna or Well, I really love the prescription drug company. Of course, if you're fat rich and marking cigars, I'm with you, I'm with you So it's a little shocking to most people because I hold the points of view that would point out that the NBA might might be little biased when they, you know, shot everybody up about china. You know it I mean they're speaking out about human rights here in amerika, and we are so bad when it comes to human rights.
In comparison, china, my gosh we will live in the country right now, I was gonna go surprising. Wheels a country right now where it is still alive. Go for a mom to chill or two year old child. That's how backward. We are china the state will do it for you just come in and take your kid and drown em in the rice, paddy it is its utopia anyway it looks as though, the nba and its owners of the teams have more than ten billion dollars invested in china, which. Now I know this isn't true cause. They care deeply about the human rights here in amerika, but you might say if they were like me who just smoke a cigar, I love you, oh man
ten billion dollars invested that might be put. being money over people. But of course we know, that's not true, because you know they love the left and the left is the happy friendly. I'm free you team and that's that's just fantastic, ok, good! We ve got that We ve got that going in. For us it is friday we have bill. Riley is gonna. Talk to us about the election that happened this week we are also going to talk about you know. It's weird another putting that whole hey we're going to control speech panel. You know They put that on that that on ice and said way. We, we sure, learned our lesson or we're all gonna. Do that, but now
you ve just introduced it with a guy who help right the patriot act I guess he's just gonna, do it, and First job is to verify The reason why The misinformation board went away. It is because of misinformation and he gonna, do a thorough investigation of that, and I Wonder what is I wonder, do you think he's gonna find that it was people misinforming people about the misinformation They were gonna, stop it. You think maybe they're gonna find that I don't know I don't know, but I know it's gonna, be a fair and honest. Look back. just a second right now in school, your children are just as likely to be taught how to properly identified promo pronouns of multiple genders. As they are of being taught me? In fact I do. I dont think its as like,
I think it's more likely they'll be taught that then I don't know mass anyway. It's right in front of our eyes and your kids need a good education and its hard as apparent because don't have the tools you I mean you wanna teacher kids. You know that there are any numbers of genders and hey they can. We can go to the hospital this afternoon without any kind of appointment for anything and they'll catch. Your wee wee off right now. Don't worry, hurt you're too, and no you're, not superman, you can't fly, but you say: you're, a girl, hoagie, you are, let's go cut your penis off anyway, it's really great? You can find that lead to germany anywhere. Very few places you can actually find that will teach your kids. I don't know what we used to call truth: the tunnel twins books. These are apps, mutely must tabs and any home that have children. If your gun, and kids
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If you want america to survive, they need to understand that It comes with risk and risk is a good thing. Tuttle twins back dot com, Tuttle, twins, back dot, com, just pay for the show the shipping and you'll get. One free, while supplies last Tuttle twins back dotcom. Go there now, tens station. I You know when a play. Corey Bush She just said something that I think is amazing and shockingly. I relate to judge are the way she thinks. Listen to this. This
is now no great replacement theory and I've been, I remember, hearing it when I was a child. I was in school and it was something bad. It was like. All you have to be prepared for this day is going to happen. You know, and so you know it's like tuesday, vienna, we, u every day, there's something! There is not a day that I wake up in these here, united states, a black woman there. There is not something then band. not only me, but so many others have to face and deal with as it relates to Where is our race or if the culture right so right we have to call a thing. They have been very clear when you see why supremacy you calling my supremacy, amen. I am worried in luck, step with you. Placement theory is racist with you
interesting that you learn that in school with teachers, union that's weird, and they were teaching that blacks have tube prepare for this because it's gonna happen. There. that's weird, that's weird! I never learned about replacement theory and I go to all of the secret star chamber republican meetings. You know I thought it was fascinating that she said you know ray day I wake up, and it's something I mean it's just a tuesday yeah he here I can relate to corey bush. Ah, except You know the extremist thing I wake up and those people who are talking about hey, let's just returned to freedom and respect and love for everybody, though people are called extremist, and this apart, I have on that average tuesday and the people are like
It's a woman's choice. I don't care if it's a sixty five year old kid if ma wants to say I shouldn't have sixty five years ago, had that kid me you can tell em it's done. It's a woman's right to kill or child, which the grand remus. I wonder every day every day that bell of liberty continues to ring across amerika than it does so because men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us free and safe are military are poor, he's officers and fire people These guys have taken a beating justin beating in the last few years well since nine eleven the tunnel to towers foundation has been supporting america's heroes and their families, and when a first responder or military service member doesn't come home and young children are left behind tunnel to towers, pays off their mortgage to live
the financial burden and bring their family to stability. This is a and task charity I have one to them and worked with them for twenty years and I've. Just find them credible. dedicated and, something I feel comfortable. Putting my money towards you want to be a part of the solution, help these guys help our he arose and their families joint tunnel the towers on their mission to do good in their honour, donate eleven dollars a month to tee the number to tee dot, org tunnel, the towers tee to tee dot org
hello at glenn, heavier filling in forms. Filling in four stew who is is having I'm gonna come clean with. You is having major surgery, you notes plastic surgery. That is because- and I a he's- never gonna talk about this because he's too humble, but the truth is he was in a knife fight with a pimp because he was starting to say nasty things about hooker madonna, ask me for any more the details, because I'm not it's not my place to say why stew was with that hooker in that motel, but He was like I'm defending her He was in a nasty knife fight and hopefully, when he returns, you will not be able to see the scars so and we won't talk about it case. Let's just thought it was
for you to not have deference to stew, you won't to yeah, I mean I really respect not for the hooker part but further for the night. The volume of dangerous business, yeah and inventories, because she's, a woman, yeah she's. hungary, but that's she she's ace is sex worker, that's all she is and, and who are you to judge exactly so we're working. That's what Stu told the pimp! Yeah yeah sure the sex worker. You know and she's been working hard here for her money I'm guessing that's what was I dont know I don't I don't. I've said too much anyway, he'll be back on Monday. He loves going on vacation anyway. And not that's not what this is by the way. This this time we must be over the target. Here's a story from the eight p, socially
the press republicans are coming out swinging against wall streets, growing efforts to consider factors like long term environmental risk in investment decisions. The latest indication that the g o p is willing to damage its relationship with big business does school or cultural war points. I you know this, but Why would republicans still be in bed with big business? All of the big businesses. Hey republicans Why were they do that many now targeting a concept known as e S, g it stands for environmental, social and governance. It's us Dana investment trend, sweeping the financial world reds officials derided as politically correct and woke and are trying to stop investors who count act with states from adopting it any love, all the is far right wing activists to previously bra,
criticisms of critical race theory, diversity, equity and exclusion d I d I and social, emotional learning, se l elder the forefront, The latest acronym base source of outrage to find a home at rallies. In conservative media and now in legislatures man, holy cow. and they even have been larry- think tell him the truth. We, focus on sustainability, not because we're environmentalist, but because we're capitalists and fiduciary to our clients. These are taken at fiduciary responsibility. You know he's just well, I mean he does go on to say you know, the short term. It may not be the best investment, but we know in the long term it will be
so that's the kind of fiduciary responsibility you can get. That's That's great in more than a dozen red states officials dispute the idea that energy transition, which is under way good fossil fuel related investments, investments riskier in the law the term right, Is it seeing that the government has mandated that weird? owing to all drive in magic electric cars. Ah, who dares to do in the world denying the fossil fuel related investments would be risky in the long term in raising beds nuts, that is not in texas, west virginia in Kentucky lawmakers of past bills requiring state funds dilemma transactions with company. That shun fossil fuels, wyoming considered banning social credit scores than a valley. businesses using the criteria that different differ from I dont know tradition. no accounting and other financial metrics
for conservative talk shows glenn back, visited state house and roof. De as g is critical race theory on steroids that legislate your passed, a law in march, prohibiting investment state funds in companies that prioritize commitments to eat gee over. returns of vat is that's crazy. So we are over the the target now and so is elon musk, and it's weird that he is both. The target and over the target You know what I'm saying This this one is from the financial times you yesterday the is as g version of the s p five hundred index as a notable absentee who took exclusion with his customary grace, exxon is rated at top ten best in the world for the environment, social. And governance environs.
max on is I'll tesla didn't even make the list elon musk said e g is a scam. It's been weapon eyes by phony social justice warriors. Face value. It might seem mad not to have test slow. The world's dominant maker of electric cars in the environmental, social and governance? Focused version of the world's most influence in full influential equity index, I mean it is for many. The first e g friendly stock they'd been able to name we'll see what they. Don't know is it's not just E. It's also es in g and you know, they are not fairing well in the and the g apparently the essen p, when they looking at the the the five hundred they they are
and if I'd two separate events centred around claims of racial discrimination, they ve had two of em. In account. In a company that only has to of thousands of employees they found to claims revolved around racial discrimination and poor working conditions. tests, loose factory. As well as they have rejected the unions, and That's not gonna go well for you. You know you have to have a union, good union jobs also. They didn't like the handling, the investigation from the government after me, to deaths and injuries were linked to its auto pilot vehicles while and its thing that gm handled the vault catching on fire so well, yeah. So well, so we have that now I
What's really maybe I'm. What's what it when we really wrong about here, the the rape spree that I think ilan musk israeli on did you Where did you hear that? Did I hear it? How could you not? It is so I mean after the his behavior that he exhibited. How could you not hear, yeah yeah, you know so eli ma, I hate to tell you this, but there is a flight attendant who accused him of sexual misconduct. Now who you to believe, Eli must said, that's a lie can you provide any evidence to substantiate that that I exposed myself to you. no, they don't have to provide in no, we believe are already unconvicted yeah. He says. Listen to this excuse the attacks,
it's me should be viewed through political lands? I mean this is the standard, despicable playbook, but nothing but tell me from fighting for a good future in your right to free speech. That's what he tweeted top of that just to resolve business insider has a report claiming the flight attendant received a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars settlement from space ex over. Allegations that on a flight and twenty sixteen, he expire was his erect yeah and rubbed her leg without permission and then attempted to bribe the flight attendant in performing a sexual massage in in in exchange. For a horse she's, apparently into horses and horse right. So he really offered to buy her a horse by that if she'd finish your ma, yeah. Well, you know and here's the thing get this week: She walked into the room now she's
about to give him a massage anybody who had a massage see if this sounds remote. Familiar, he was naked, except for a towel all over here. Oh my gosh, riman aero have got to be kidding, you know, I'm not only. My name is did for honest size, but for a towel. Oh my for a massage in right, Well, it's weird huh my view that this is I mean this. You know happened or didn't happen, and he saying you know can who identify anything. Can you talk about scars or in it, and I don't want to think about this too deeply, but you know apparent: can you describe anything easily because you can't and just go ahead just described me anything that you might have noticed anything I don't know
That means bud, and I don't want to think about it. Bodies, like you know as we can. We can prove you liar right now, just anything Anything at all that you might have seen that's different. Oh ok, so in its way, and that this was this, from twenty six team and its spring Now I mean what could that be mean get words a day after he said he was a good of all for democrats, anymore, cather, I'm sure it's all your pure coincidence, weir's staggering going. So we Isn't that weird yeah yeah? It is here's a here's, another article you want to talk about being over the target. Some analysts are predicting that the average price of gas in the- u s will hit six dollars this summer because of low inventory and incur demand, as russia's military action in ukraine continues, but radio
talk, show host, Glenn back, think. Something else is responsible e s g, an acronym for environmental, social and governance standards that companies increasingly embrace represent the expansion of accompanies goals from king money and increase its value to shareholders to accomplishing social justice goals that benefits stakeholders is being climate friendly and having sustainable practices summit esters make decisions based on companies e s g rankings, which is why teslas recent removal from the standard and pours s g index matters blah blah blah they going to why he did that, as must its indicate e g, has become a political dividing line and Beck devoted much of his latest book. The great reset much of my latest book, the great reset it's all about. Yes, she to addressing how he believes in over emphasis on the green agenda, is contributing to
a new world order by the way- that's not spooky dude. That's the new spooky dude plough schwab, who also has that release spooky is We will do everything world order. Woke again on thursday of the over emphasis on wind and solar energy and correspond devaluation of fossil fuels that his country due to the record high gas prices, which is something he was saying in february when it was the price- Backed of gas at five dollars, a gallon that was speaking, the nation s dream Standards are also hurting states that have the potential to damage the credit ratings of even booming healthy states that might not have the correct political views five dollar gallon gasoline is coming all across amerika, but this is about The white house is created by embracing Yes g standards, not just an effect of the russian invasion of ukraine. That scene
like a positive article from a mainstream newspaper that doesn't happen ever They must have slipped through another wormhole, our I you're, paying hundreds of dollars a month dev. You know your cell phone plan right. And he got a one of the big boys because there's a difference because their commercials is like. Can you hear me now, and that is that so I mean- is that true or is that true, that's true right? Can you hear me now that's why I remember which big mobile service. It is that does that cause, I wanna make sure they're all the same and they're all our genuine arm and a leg and they're all working there are special special magic with e s. G and social justice and white people are crap, their work and all of that and you're paying them to do it. what do you say? You'll go to patriot. Mobile, because you're gonna get obey geraldo you're. Well, can you hear me now? Yes in that weird about what's
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years. We are coming up to the two year anniversary of the death of george floyd. And just a couple of months away from the two year anniversary of fires. that just spontaneously broke out and all these peace rallies it was weird but pay now that we get away from it, we can see it clearer and how peaceful it really was: r r blacks better off two years later, the black commute these better off! Now that we we finally have these progressives in office who just love them blacks. How you doing as green you better off. Are you safer? I do it. how's the job hunt going. Gee it's it's interesting. Oh, by the way in a completely
on related story, have you seen what they did with all that money for that people donated to be a lamb wow. it seems like they weren't, really in it to help anybody except themselves. This weekend, starting tomorrow, it's on right now for blaze, tv subscribers, delano squires. This is a an african american that sees things clearly. Clearly, the letter delaying squires is on with us, and our podcast it is available today for- his tv subscribers and everywhere you get your podcast tomorrow. You don't want to miss it. This is the Glenn back programme. Let me tell you about. Of greens. Rough greens is something that we know is eating and uno.
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The allow america welcome to the Glenn Beck program, the guy? Who really is the grand wizard? You know in every co on his club meets tuesday at denny's, where the replacement theory is very well known as a republican plot that grand poobah, who really is the designer of modern replacement theory, is joining us justice in just a second. His name is bill. O'reilly yeah, you know it. You know it because you'd go to the meetings at denny's, where we have the pen tavern meetings, but bill O'Reilly, the author of killing the killers another book in his fifteen national best selling rob.
More than seventeen million books in the killing series in print, most of whom are in a warehouse, but five or six of them sold bill. Riley is with us that tunnel, the towers, a great organization, a great charity that actually does what they say. They are going to do and I think even more so They were started right after the the twin towers came down, and there were so many. He's been firemen that died left families behind the days opt in to fill a gap. They wanted to pay for all of the mortgages of these guys. It lost their lives. So you could take the pressure off of the family. Then we went to war and all of those people fled left families behind and they had nothing.
Our nations heroes are taken care of by tunnel to towers its tee, the number to tee dot org, and I urge you to go there and they need your help there They are really doing great work. They have I dunno. What is it four out of four stars or five out of five stars with the ratings for them from the charity? Watches it's eleven dollars a month. If you would like to help you make a one time donation, but really do eleven dollars a month and that really really helps that's tee to t t. the number to tee dot. Org. Mister biggielow, riley alone. yeah I know a bill, its. Let's start with the rays. I got a lot of things to talk about with you, so I'd like to hear first of all, the senate race in pennsylvania? and what we learned tuesday
ring is free and america you have to pay. You can don't worry, lined again your item, I say raises or mage that will involve with it until the two candidates define them- and I can see- but who is going to open them up to the point? I'll pay. You got. What you tat you do. I got very serious things on. Do you do you know the party stop, I'm a registered in depends I don't want a male and many things at all. No I'm not yeah, really like you that might carry hot yoga them with what you I'll always open with what was the motion important story. The weak. Remember back. You know that I got you know. I got notes arm from your office, I thought you said you want to start there, but you
If you want to know what the most suitable yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, okay- and this is this- is going to make you inch. Do a puts your chins up. Okay true, but its name is out stews out having surgery and so power is carried out- I'm fine. He was in a knife fight with a pimp, but it's all right. You got it further before yeah. I know. No, several times were usually don't talk about it, but anyway I gotta go at biggest story. I the bill. So waters asks, the governor of texas abbot As the president of the united states, Joe Biden, hauled you about the crisis on the border since he took office. What do you think the answer was? No,
Now, why is this important number one We may in foreign. I should also are estimated to cost just into this year this fiscal year. A president, doesn't all the governor of the state that has to deal with that. One time. so everybody who loves me will always just think carpet or nah da da da Da Da. But it's not that and I keep growing everybody. This in future, Believe me, I think you do bad, but I'm not sure Is it the united states does not know what he is doing. He is incapable.
all the same awaiting worded the day information you can tell him something Look at you and maybe you'll understand what you're saying two minutes later. He will forget it so bite has not been through the border? Another unbelief about current goes with, you add up human toll of this was the narcotics traffic it this killing hundreds about the americans every year you added up. This is a catastrophe. So bill. What are we? What do we want? What are we we supposed to opener? What are we supposed to do because I dont believe the constitution is a death pack. You know it's not a suicide pack and this is an invasion, and the government is doing nothing and that the government has
the constitutional responsibility for the border, not the states. So that's what the states out of it. But again Who are we in a constitutional suicide? Pat? What should the state due back, but you will like the president, he comes into office. Americans have this idea with big view of that. Many times. You are what someone who's destructive to the country right. I mean many times that a few many So what happens now? Well, everybody wine and complain and and and talk about it. But what happens is this november? There is, of course, correction possible Whereby the american people would say
I recognize what a disaster Joe Biden is, and I'm sorry he's the president and if I voted for him, I made a mistake. So now I'm going to correct that mistake and I'm going to give congress the authority to deal with by that source system. That's how the founders set it up. So I fully expect that the Republicans will take both houses of congress. I'll be shocked. If that doesn't happen because of inflation primarily and the economy right, that's the fibre of the bull. What sacking is the border now, once the Republicans take over, I can assure you articles
when peace will be drawn up in january and february, two thousand and twenty three against by on this issue, dereliction of duty, The range of the magic of the day on bill o reilly, dot com to ride back. I know you do every day it's free anybody can read it. This is he's the commander in chief. This is dereliction of duty, just like a corporal or a sergeant if they were in the field with the military unit, and they didn't follow. Orders that's dereliction of duty. This is dereliction of duty. Does everybody get this vice president bodies also the commander in chief of the armed forces,
Are you kidding page on those grounds now? Will you be convicted in the senate? Probably not, but it'll be such hammer blow to the country, but the big problem, peach mince words. that everybody knew what that was set up by policy on me grounds at all, would bowers drop. This is much more serious because the numbers are there. The death or their verifiable got a phone call. Does the landscape in ukraine Business people die every day because the government will back. He bought the importation of deadly narcotics from mexico with this issue, and that is why this is this
story of the week? Okay, let me let me take you here. You know, you say sad, be surprised. If the democrats you held control, I would be to its just what is it gonna look like as we get there the the the pounding of right wing, Extremists in the media and and how this is the most extreme police. Call party the right political party ever they are, they are not only just stirring it up like they have been, but they are now also inactive, through feared the through the agencies, all kinds of things to to to set up in Walter with it, stream ist and be able to isolate and
of and label people I mean it's. I've never seen anything like this. Now it's does right. That is an evil by the media, a love story, but start an elite anywhere, but the next time whereby Biden out there and say white supremacy is the biggest danger to this country number one. Please read killing the killers, because the eyes no way more dangerous than the whites of promises, but here's the question you asked. If that's true, MR president, Why has a b b I made any cases against white supremacist organisations. There are none. Why is it that big a threat? It is everywhere pervasive, You would think me up here. I would be perfect in every day, would you not yeah I'll meet. You at least feel like it did. You know after september, eleventh
where the fuck, a propaganda ploy- and you know I'm going to submit to you most americans know it. They know it's bs, they know it and then, when the producer price That comes out and again not reported. Nobody knows what it is. We're almost over ten percent. That's passed on to consumers that three more months of rising inflation the two november we have. We haven't seen anything with inflation, yet people don't understand it it's still ahead of us- were you're feeling right now is, is in the past. What's coming don't as much more to do what you know what he's gonna the dope price control yeah. That's what he's into drafted at the moment! Yeah! He brought you point smarter than you look. I know I know I know I'm deceiving that way:
right back in just a second more with billow really do want to talk about gas and oil. war, saucepan- that trial there was the man, I've never seen anything quite like the judge and the jury in the suspend trial will get to that here. In just a secular reilly, This point things are going to get worse. Your money is going to lose value because they are just? Did you know? You know we sent the what was it forty billion dollars over ukraine. They just approved another hundred and one hundred million. Why? On top of that, why, I think it's a late fee? We do If we have, we didn't get a forty eight hour. I saw you gonna we're dismantling of all of this money over to what everyone will agree is the most corrupt country on planet
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giving away right now the maple flex silver bars, the from the canadian meant with qualifying orders of the Ben franklin silver rounds this week get them- Bilbil sell out, don't wait. It's eight six gold line, eight six, six gold, mine or gold line dot com; ten second station. I d so bill. Have you been following the submarine the trial of course hook? Headquarters but bread comment on the nose. The news this week use a very astute us attorney former us attorney. So tell me what you think and the and, with the latest of juror number five: what happened yesterday? Okay, so again! not my growing this. I know that the dc jury is far less.
I am looking at this this this just broke. This happened yesterday afternoon, jura number five and to the the judge and You know what I just found out that my daughter. Pete swiss, with assessments daughter on the high school crew team, and I didn't feel that out in my jury questionnaire, but the the meal. the two girls they're not close, but you know that I do of connections and the judge said Well, I mean, since you brought it up, we know you, we know you're Gonna be fair, so Don't worry bar. Again. I think that the evidence will be overwhelming against such written in the more important thing here then guilty by which I think will get is that america is not now if you pay attention that daily,
Twenty campaign engineer this and the bill It is a worthy member, Robbie monk. Why don't we were over at yeah? Why do I refresh my memory on him? He was you're a the hillary campaign out of it against donald drop lobby, Obviously, the guy now here's the railways have been part of this deal. he would have put out. Yes, you, yes, but he didn't write. What is that That tells you that they're they're arrogant enough and he's loyal and what go ahead. Money money, big money big money drives a lotta. This stock so certainly knows. If it gets better, do a lot of time flies European business,
You're right you're not always work, but it doesn't make any sense in any way for this guy not do a blip saved himself and pleaded there. Somebody's behind them, with a lotta coin he does his three or four months or whatever he's gonna. nl the rainbow at the end of it. He talk to you about the price of gasoline. Over the summer, was J, p morgan that came out and said we are looking at six dollar a gallon gasoline this summer. At what in right, I know, but you don't have that, as the national average for fifty five is the national average. Now that is its a first time we have ever had that as a national average. Anything close to that
There are. There are forecasting six dollar a gallon gasoline and that would prove we put diesel up to eight, is. How does america survive that I don't know because not even the worst of it. There do your house is the worst of it. What are you through your air conditioning bill here, You can get a little scooter and cut down the drive it, but you were backwards, who brought. I have air twenty ports dammit. Will you see that bill? So what this does is DR working americans into debt and day see bankruptcies all over the place. You will not give up its evil, is the eight? What do you think the hotdog price is going to be? The burger price is going to be. I know the trucks deliver it and
Do you think people will be clear on that? The back stairs buddy. I know- and I know thousands of people- no one. I know in my life, the prince Joe Biden, is doing a good job, any only public person, I've seen is lucky girl, she's. The only person that I'd see you ve got liquidity oh yeah right. So everyone he gets it even the zealots get, it would do so. In fact it with this oh I progressive ideology, they had admit it, but they know it. Do. You think that's what's happening with netflix their cancelling ebro, max candy, etc, etc. Do you think it's finally turning work, and- and you know it
for example, it is rare, yeah, yeah how'd, you think me right. I have only new martin evolve had earned again here. That's amazing, never thought, I would say that it was the most trusted brand. We're out for generations billow rightly thank you so much make sure you get. Is new book killing the killers it's available everywhere. It is great book about power military and how we went and got the bad guys after nine eleven, the Glen back programme, you, young, kids, nowadays you're idealistic who are romanticizing this jaded housing market? I was like you, one giant hopes and dreams, and your buying and selling a house would be a piece of cake maintaining or real estate agent, good handling his euros, leeward artwork
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stupor gear, stephen crowded city days in me, tat great, listen to all your favorite conservative voices that place tv dot com use the problem. Glenn hello. America, it's friday, taking a look at the big stories of the weak michael malice is with us. Is the author of the anarchist handbook Most of your welcome a great podcast michael welcome, program thanks so much Glenn We have a piece of audio that I started. The show it today that I want to play for you get your thoughts, could weep these play, the the kill, my child, any time, Here's the evil, even abortion after birth. What would you say I believe in however, the one that was to choose to do that's hard choice, I mean pointed the child's life, appointed a lady's life. That's hard choice to kill
Another person's body is not always be her choice. To the babies born is always hot choice, so if their two years old is all it's choice? I can kill my two year old It's a woman's right to kill their child at any point. One is right to choose: they go we're. Finally, there finally brave enough to say, can kill my child at any time. I mean you're. The one who believes in democracy- I don't I don't know point of view- is just as valid as yours under yours under that constitution, no, no Now I wrong we're in a report
like not a cool, not who had that work out for the last fifty shot up check. You know what the hell you know, what the average length of a constitution is. How long does the average constitution last in the world? Five minutes its seventeen years. Ok, ours is performed by far for than anyone else, and I would rather have the stability of you know the two what is it forty years now then we had a civil war but stability. We killed half the country Talking about you. I love you like last year, as well as a strong patriot as I am, and I support the bizarre if your criterion for something being great is that it's better than the europeans you're not making. This sail up. Is, as churchill said it, the worst system, except it's
then everything else churchill beat hitler. and then they voted out of office. I know I'm putting the labour party, I know, that's that's thou stupid they were, but to the clip in all seriousness. I know it's making the rounds and I am obviously what this woman is saying is flat out murder and beyond unconscionable, but I just do think it speaks to how our politics have always been where she just repeating her catch raises. Without any reference to what the questions are, you could be asking her about the federal reserve or you could we ask her about ukraine and she still just can repeating these stupid platitudes verbatim. Over and over, and I don't think that's that uncommon when it comes to pretty much any issue, while I really really die. Don't you really listening I I'm not sure I mean the the interviewer this rum live. Action was really clear so at too I didn't kill my child to the average
person do you really think that they are not they're, not hearing that. I think that, on things, An average person, or else there click wouldn't be making the rounds in, but I think we under estimate, how much in politics, people the signs are settled. The signs are settled there repeat certain slogans and- and it's just like in one you're- not the other- it's kind of dust having to see when you get to these conversations, sometimes online, where people just repeat certain things and you're like all the crap is no mental process there. Go to and again no mental process, the ministry of truth they quotes. shut it down picky because of misinformation about it and minute, they shouted down to happen. While I was in the air- and I said, may not sure that down there, just gonna relabel it and move it to another minotaur. Another agency or whatever. Well, they they have come out
and they they hired. professional monsters too to oversee it home. glenn, take the win. You I mean a lot of things at times can serve to say nothing ever changes watch this terrible, and I agree wash these terrible this girl only thirty three nina whatever her name was, who was higher to work appointed rather had this organization, she got bolt, she resign. They they successfully bullied her out of the position. The blow back has been huge yeah. They put a pause and they're not gonna give up. I mean this has been going on, at least since twenty sixteen, when Hillary Clinton was pretty much anointed to be pro And she was talking about are right. We're gonna use the federal government to take on a fake news. That was the term that they kind of came up with the kind of shudder it because when you have a free flow of exchange of information, they can't keep up with their lies in depravity, because all it takes is one person with its work. Account to say hey. This is insure who and you're you're talking out here, but so this is why they have that iccat, the hopeful just you few days ago, the governor of new york
saying how I will support the first of many andy, the weak, but an just about yelling fire in a crowded leader, which is not the law which has just completed neuron. Does she knows its complete nonsense? They will say it whatever they want to control them microphone and they have to because when you have so many mike phones out. There were one as a twitter account or a cell phone. They really will lose the image because they're lying isn't an amazing how fast elon musk has become enemy number one? Well, according to sources, Christine Blasi ford is refusing to go into space. Because of how you see all ever got into, I mean there is dramatic pig wealth. Yeah I get imagine I can imagine here's the thing they tried the racist thing with him. Then that new york times: peace, where it says well, he group in south africa. What else do you You know you can't really go
their environmental ism with him when he's the guy used, as pointed out, then more for the environment than any business men and history, so they have to go with this other third thing and the fact that he called it ours afford happened. I think on twitter. He said I'm about to get the recipient of political attacks like you haven't seen before some to that effect, and that it happened, I think, is just the demonstrates how More people are wise to the tactics of these. As you said, monster I will tell you- I think he is- I think he could be guy who Does it all mean is, he is he's our opposition with e s g. What happened with the G gnp, the an be global and and in three five hundred is, astonishing, but predictable, but Don't I mean he is, he is hacking off every huge governed,
and business person media in the world. Does he have to end the here's I dont know if he per se stands, but I think this is an example. What trump ism would look like without trump I tweeted out a couple weeks with donald trump has nothing left to teach anyone, but this shows instead of having arguments which they're not engaging with in good faith. You have to storm their forts twitter you know the media. You know how much campuses where their speaking and fight them therein and sees those those areas, and he understood this than anyone. So yeah they're gonna try to go after him, but again you took out trump. You could take on elon. Every day there normal people realizing wait a minute. These people are depraved and there not engaging good faith and wasting your time. You know with them by gun rights which they believe in is gonna get nowhere, whereas the end where is having gun proliferation? That's you know so that just one example of ok don't argue with them because they don't believe what they say, even as they say it, and he understands very well.
What they are. They think they are in grave grave danger of of pushing the country so far that it swings back towards liberty like we haven't seen in in our lifetimes, maybe and in several lifetimes this this move in congress, to who have a federal licence for a gun? What part of second amendment: don't you understand, or they understand perfectly just don't care, I mean you can't you honestly think that they'd understand the second amendment. No, I I do but It's not gonna get by the court system that that there's no way that stands. That's blatantly unkind. statistical there's, no way that gets by the court, while there is way, because lots of things that are blaming constitutional get by the courts rose. One example of this, but actually heartened that I'm sure you are too there's that gun law that's currently
review with a gun case. Excuse me us up for the supreme court and given how far they were willing to with row. That's gonna be much your win. Oh yeah conservatives. I mean that's a much easier case to make them overturning fifty years of quoting quote settled. Law last question for you, Michael this week, do you have, the vaccination yet for the monkey box, for my part of august idea, you can't make this stuff up. You can and china. Oh, my gosh we just how much. How much did we just spend on marks He pox vaccine axion, apparently not an
if right now, apparently apparently not we just bought a whole bunch of it, though so we we've we're ready for the monkey. Pogba is here's the thing glenn other than like, maybe the godfather. When is the sequel anywhere near as good as the original? If it's going to be a really hard sell to people outside of like new york in l, a yeah yeah, I think so too. Thank you. So much Michael have a great weekend, always a pleasure for the public. day about lifelong lifelike. If you add a magic wand, you did, you know, get all the criminals, while my gosh, if we could make all the criminals disappear with a magic wand. What happened the restaurants in Washington I mean they would be empty anyway, cybercriminals are a part of all of our lives. It just happened in my wife. She you know was doing you're different things, and is she gets this email from pay pal? It wasn't for
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if five percent of your first year, right now with promo code back call eight hundred lifelock one eight hundred Lifelock or lifelock dot com use the promo code back, save twenty five percent, lifelock dot com, Glenn Beck the conversation, eight, eight, seventy seven be easy I don't know if you ve seen the washington post yet, but this is this is I think this is very good. The crowd again was huge this is by the way, george wallace. pave the way for trump. Before assassination attempt the crowd again was here
huge, an audience of a thousand that filled the southwest expanse of the laurel shopping centres, parking lot old woman squinted through thick rimmed glasses and the bright mace I teenage boys and tight polyester shirts brush their hair from their eyes thick set men with crook, it shifted on their feet and they all faces. stage erected in front of the equitable trust company in suburban marilyn. Many of them were angry Few pollsters were furious at the politician who now climbed onto that stage, confounded by the genius with which he exposed unexploited american fears. Many more in the crowd. Adored him angered not by his words that he spoke, but by the things he spoke against. Court ordered bussing to integrate public schools, anti war protesters, government bureau, that's welfare, gryphus news. Reporters, the alleged lawlessness of the political left. Sporting, though,
lacquered, hair and broad stripe tie regional bank manager. He swept his arms outward is if the forces of americans disintegration were encroaching, On his mostly white audience from somewhere, just beyond cherry lane and baltimore avenue, laws rose over the years of protesters. It was the spring of nineteen. Seventy two! george wallace, the infamous, infamously segregationist governor from Alabama now in upstart contender for the Democrats Presidential nomination had never been more popular, well just as important history historian say, were wallace's presidential campaigns which unleash the forces that shape the country long after his white house aspirations and where did by what happened that day in laurel, but is enduring rub, though eleven.
carter says this is don t carter lies in the discovery of the underground stream of modern american politics. Wallace tap the current of grievance and by early muffled racism that would later purpose the rise of donald trump. This is like an thousand word essay is in gas. Sanity insanity, their treated there trying to tee. nineteen. Seventy two demo, rats, democrats, democrat donald trump yeah in twenty one, because while they dont specifically say you know they they do refer to. You. The clan they do referred to, replace meant theory. He Worried about you know: blacks, taking over, etc. Ceteris again those
Democrats Democrats not republicans Democrats It's weird how they think they can get away with taking democrats and saying Look how bad these people were, That's all these people are today He me on You guys reject any of this. when seriously when Did you seriously region? When did you kick these kinds of people out of the party? What how it happened in nineteen sixty eight that that's when the southern strategy. Now, no, not one, not one, not one. Remember the robert bird funeral, No right about him, they loved him. They were raised him. They talked about how great he was and if they mentioned it, if they mention, is K. K K ties Dare you? It was like that, like that knows lydia elegance in his youth and yet jesse helms, who actually had a conversion
the first southern republican. He was a democrat to repent, literally and then he went on and he was the first southerner to stay f with with black. in his office in prominent roles there's a guy who had a change of heart but yet he was a racist and bird was fine. He was there, and dragon of the clan he's fine have never ever stopped. They have just cloaked it with kindness and it's all about the children. It's still the same theories bind it the Glenn, beck program. Why
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. him
and yeah who's excited Davos is next week. Yeah and what's weird, is the world health organization is meeting at the same time right there? He he heh and the w e of the world economic forum they're doing it too in Davos. So hey it is so great. Did you get your invitation yet you're, gonna, wanna, go because I just I just got the list of all of the people that are gonna, be speaking, and I think you're going to want to be there because there's a lot of republicans on that list, so I want to share who's going to be speaking on these panels will do that in sixty seconds.
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These were minted on my design of Ben franklin. Enough Glenn was in know, does designing coin and on the back is then inclined suggested seal for america, which is moses the faro being swamped by the red sea right now if you have a qualifying order of the Ben franklin silver rounds this week, only they're giving away free, maple, flex silver bars with those qualifying orders called right now. It ends this week, its eight six six golden. Eight six, six gold line or gold line dotcom so I have the world economic forum, the glow full agenda. I love that the world can form annual meeting preliminary programme. Now you know you trust them right away, because programme is spelled with two aims and an e
the world economic forum, annual meeting it's gonna, be so great on. sunday. The first thing you can do at third teen. Twenty five o clock is thirteen. Twenty five o clock, yes experience, the future of cooperation, the glow, bull collaboration, village, it, That's eileen, it's gonna be good. Ok then call schwab, has the reception, the another welcome reception, it's gonna be great, he's gonna warmly in embracing what I think, Klaus, I always think warmly right. Don't you oh, gosh you warm guy, he freely, is or would like some people to me warm. You know really warm. experience the future of cooperation. Then you have staying on course for nature action.
With over fifty percent of the world's total gdp, highly or moderately dependent on nature, Its services, economies face increasing risks from inaction in the face of looming tipping point. What glow action should government in business prioritize to accelerate nature positive progress and I'll, give you some of the people and on these meetings here in a minute, then there's the augmented manufacturing experience than real, building societal thrust is what we ve got to do We want the new global order too. Build societal trust is We have these meetings and we not let anybody lead. is normal come in to switzerland and attend these end. I would like to thank everyone for
giving the guy with the spooky is accent. The face of this global movement to real, rebuild societal trust. All that's good that's good, that's good! Ok! So we have that there the future. Improving health systems. The global context of the pandemic and the mounting migration crisis is, resting, already stressed health systems with disruption to essential services in care reported in ninety percent of the count company countries. How can policies practices in partnerships be adapted, and- scaled in health systems globally there have, according accelerating the re skilling revolution which is really the green new deal you know, it's accelerating it so areas, eleazer job they're, going need to be re skilled. Resilient futures economic
weaponry, uses and effectiveness of sanctions so that really that's gonna be wow and the net. In net zero. So- are just some of them, but I want to get too but to get to the list of the incredible people that are everybody's going right, as this is a must, not miss conference from my for my money must not miss. That is you Love me this year will be there. So here it is, you know, remember the world economic forum. We leave the architects. Of the great reset. You know the yolo, nothing and you'll be happy. I'm sorry The way I mean to rebuild societal trust you nothing and you will be happy- We better much better way, but much better so these are some of the things that day they have
and some of the people, the list of attendees who are showing up Many of them are, americans, for instance, we have the secretary of commerce there she's she she's gonna, be attending, which I think is great joy carry is special presidential on voice for the climate, always easy their bill keating com. Christmas from Massachusetts he's a Democrat. Then you have Daniel miser. Visa congressmen from pennsylvania. He's a republican, oh yeah. Ted Lou congressmen from California, democrat madl, indeed, congresswoman, pennsylvania, democrat and wagner congresswoman from Missouri she's, a republican, Christopher, senator from Delaware he's a Democrat. Daryl Isometric is gonna, be there he's from California he's he's a republican dean. of congress from Minnesota he's a Democrat, Deborah fish,
she's a senator from Nebraska she's, a republican Eric Whole com he's the governor of Indiana he's a republican john hiccup loop, her who love job heard a guy who took his mom to a poor movie, what he was eighteen or twenty or whatever was member that and you didn't eliminate or for you I was yet. It was twenty two alcohol right. Well, I got knows them. you're such an extremist he's the senator from colorado, who is a Democrat, Larry hogan, the governor of maryland, whose a republican Michael they call the congressmen from Texas he's a Republican sure is done mygale, while pat to me an avalanche of illegal anymore, YAP from Pennsylvania, then you have Patrick lay he Robert Menendez. You
roger whittaker, the senator from mississippi, whose a republican not the singer roger whittaker, now he's now he was grey more albums and southern ethiopia than Elvis or the benign guys over him, his red. Yes, it really awesome seth Malden these congressmen from ass. It uses democrats, sheldon, whitehouse, centre, firm, rhode, island, democrat ted douche, maybe maybe it's deutsch congressmen from Florida he's a democrat France's swore as mayor of miami who is a republican, and you know what People in miami love, fascism, yeah. They do ashes, I'm social and communism, then just love well. come to florida in large part to spread it from cuba,
I that's what they bear light as you do ass it yeah in other, like fidel, is so great. You should try right here yeah. I love that yeah. It's just the republicans who have twisted that message. Asteroids so that's kind of interesting. How many wonderful report is its? Oh, yes, yes, yes and No, it's weird is, I am told, by people in washington, yet nobody really knows about yes g or the great reset ha, that's weird cause you're all their yeah, weird and they have to know about the world economic forum? Don't they? I mean well be that naive to think yeah. This is just going to be about great economics. I'm going to go over. There come on yeah you have to do well, they're busy on things you know they just up. They just passed a bill for five hundred million dollars per year or disease research with darpa
mac great cause who doesn't want darpa? You know the secret involved in disease research, yeah, yeah yeah how to spread at yet wound up a nice. It maybe horse. No, no, not sat there just looking at diseases, let's take something that we'd never eat. Probably never even heard of wooden would never come here. Monkey pot okay and we're just trying to take monkey pox to see if it could ever jump from macaque monkeys into people. We already know it can. Oh, we do really well, but somehow it got to the human population from monkey, swell least zone africa, yeah well, and here and here, and he and hear what an earlier in australia always that. Why is that? Why we have bought all vaccines vaccine yesterday and on sea pox vaccine. Yes, yes, I thought that was from no from the union or university?
there will be no not to be now can be, as that's an answer right wing extremists, lads army. There tell him that there are not joking that you know. So we got that going on for us and next week at the same meeting with all of those people, and they of course, will come back and go. This is a conspiracy, and what are you talking about the w h o is is meeting next week to change our her. Amendments to our relationship take king, the power away from are senate house and president and giving it directly to the eight d, w h, o in case there is like an outbreak of something you know, but let's you something that in it will never happen. Monk like among he box monkey pollyanna it'll never accepted its already here, but yeah, but it will never. I mean you want spread out. It is actually hardened spread
I you know you want to create a better could give it. You know what I know you don't want to create a panic, except it seems like the hers. A lot of It calls on monkey thorough, doesn't say how hard it s cause you re have to like. You know, make out with the. Foxhole. Yes, you know me as yet to come and talk contact with the ass, the stuff in the park. Your and so you just oily fluids, yeah. Well, I you know I always bathe mice. Often somebody else's diseased urine. So we really are generally not the best idea right. Yeah now rang I went out for then that was already pox I'll. Do it I'll do it? yeah now, so it is, it's a you know. It's really interesting. Normally that wouldn't be a problem. You know what I mean, but with the monkey parkes circulating you might want us yeah. So I wonder if I you know, he now? Normally this wouldn't spread there are so many people cause it's in florida.
There's so many people in that extremist florida yeah that you know didn't want to wear their masks that are probably rubbing blankets all over that guy with the monkey ass yeah monkey, pox, blankets, yeah, yep and the gotta give them too in american, the oranges or georgians. Yeah georgians of ghetto they'll they'll go to give him to native new yorkers man and they'll than you know? It's all right. I guess that's. Just dissent is drying out by manhattan virtue. Lee is a two way it is. These are trying to do that for at all. How long I mean you know, history repeats Well, I'm telling you the monkey pox blanket! That's and it's happening, I thought you said, history does a repeat it, but it rhymes is not what we see what you believe now: thou yeah yeah yeah. So
so what reforms with monkey perhaps said today about the tunnel twins the tunnel to ends as their spectacular showbiz book. This is a great and I know this sounds boring- I every time I talk about it. I'm like I, don't know how describe this because it just sounds so boring. But it's not it's it's this book that your kids can read. You can read to them in it. it's like it's there, start their own business and these two kids there on the plane to start their own business, and so there into their folks and end there like we want to start. Our own stayed show business. You know we're gonna, do a theater and ass, they fight is broken up, theater and dad and mom or like ok. Well, are you can do this, and how does that work? And what are you have four collateral one? What's your bid? this plan. What what? What do you offer?
who do you need to help with this? You know that That may be, we know beyond what are your resources? What's we What's the sale strategy done, it sounds boring. it's? It's not I swear to you. It's not! I just don't know how to explain except greed it it's great. It's free, your kids need to know how business works need to know about you know monopolies, probably more than monkey pox right now you get this book, for. free tuttle twins in their spectacular show business you'll, get it free, just pay for the shipping that The twins books are, must halves in every home. It's tuttle twins back dotcom com, twins back dotcom, ten second station id a
Welcome to friday she's interesting on this monkey box. The investigators in europe say most of the cases there have been in gay or bisexual men. And officials are looking into the possibility that summons infections were spread through contact during sex. I don't they haven't previous. We consider this a sexually transmitted disease. Well, maybe because as for centuries, and no one was dumb no matter your sexuality to
in EU. You have open sores, all over your body. Let's have fun together, then yeah cause. I find you even more sexy than usual yeah. That's probably yeah! It's a good point. I it's really bad in these open source. Could you grind your body again notice that as source or rent it out so yeah, you know a lot of people would just say: no, I'm not not a no! No thank you, but I dunno. If we have that common sense or clean the idaho were like ooh, you know for This is this: is a white society construct that open, weepy sores are anything, and I am- I am supremacy, that's when not going along about fight the man, I'm an invite the man, let's your clothes off in you rob your weepy open source. It's all over me, it's great. Why am I
craving bananas should stop. Is it really makes it really really asked yeah no bill gates has talked about the possibility of Myra bioterrorist sub me in releasing smallpox, yeah his thing lately has been. I think, he's almost hoping for he's talking about smallpox now, the time now, but all the time you know I I did they but the fact checkers got in smallpox system keep box, and now it's not it's not monkey pox is harder to get yes, it is, you know, because what we just do it when we were just talking about and so smallpox is different, but don't are we all accelerated for smallpox. When were little or did we just wipe it out our aim in our age group and then yeah, I'm not sure,
it was when monsieur smallpox, eradicated been awhile yeah, it's been awhile, damn monkeys, yeah there source of everything bad they are, I mean they they keep introducing stuff to us. and I dont don't know how we're getting I don't. I don't either yeah it's a very strange situation So so we are that god, forest by the way is so you know the monk. box vaccine there's a mean. Can you get it at every drug store? Now? Not yet not not quite yet DA there's a quote smattering of fur monkey pox cases in britain, and healthcare workers have been exposed and they're gonna get the vaccine. Now? How many are in a smattering? Do we know nets like a flock, ok
it's, a lock of monkey pox cases, but in people right, yeah, yeah, yeah, nodded monkeys. Monkeys are surprisingly doing just that I fear that there are doing well they're doing well because monkeys while they eat bugs off of the other monkey fur they'd they dont gender, they go through open we be sores. Let's rob not of the gay do yeah so it's usually a mild viral illness characterized by symptoms of a fever as well as a distinctive bumpy rash and others to strains the congo string? which is more severe. and then the west african strain, which is fatality rate of about one percent, the congo strain united, ten percent you get it. Do you got ten percent chance here.
spring. I know that I really how virus really, but You know corona virus even after, rubbish stores on other people that secret So that's it. You've got that going for you, alright back in just a minute the Glenn Beck program yeah it was. It definitely again, let me tell you about my pillow, my pay, oh right now millions of americans have changed their quality of their sleep for the better, with my pillow and I'm one of em. Right now you can get a by one, get one free on the pillows on the sheets, pretty much anything really the by one get one free pricing on the bed. She
skeezer elegance, my pillows, the six peace towel sets the rolling go anywhere, my pillows my promo code back the way you're going to get this limited time deal when you go to my pillow dot com. You just look great radio, specials and then type in promo code back and take your right to all of these specials by one get one free now remember. My pillow has a sixty day, money back guarantee, so you can sleep on the sheets in your like nope they're, not what glenn said they were shipped back. no questions asked he get your money back six d day money back guarantee. My pillow course. If you have monkey, poxy should probably keep those sheets and they'll just send you the anyway my pillow dotcom, my pillow dot com,
to use the protocol glenn for ten dollars off your subscription at blaze, tv dot com, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. If you, if you pay attention at all and you you look at happening at auction houses. There's four stories today about historic auctions, and are breaking all kinds of records the rest I bring. This up is because you know my and father said in the great depression, if we all would have just known what the rich were doing. Maybe we we would have unable to weather the great depression well. What are the rich doing right now? They are buying art. They buying things of value from from
since historic items, etc, etc, it may give you let me give you hu. Let me give you the stories this first one is about to auctions that just happened to auctions at Sotheby's that happened last night. It said Eleven auction records. It's too all was two point: five billion dollars in sales while two point: five billion then you have made an auction. I called rock island auction company. They Last night, brought in a record for two revolvers, the really cool they were carried by ulysses s grant and during the civil war in seville, where how much do you think they went for two and a half million five point, one: seven million woof. While yet,
those would be cool to have those would really museum yeah. We Glenn engraved in gold, inlay colt single action army revolver. They thought it would go for about a hundred and seventy two. Maybe two hundred fifty went four hundred and eleven thousand dollars. Thee are all setting records, because rich p, all are san everything's falling apart don't know what to do. I take my money out of the stock market. Where do I put my money? I don't wanna put in dollars, because I don't The dollars are gonna, be worth much right. the bank's right, they trust art. Yet in germany, It was some southern bees, arms other Sotheby's that just here old, an auction in germany. It is now the world's most valuable car. It was a mercedes benz. Three hundred sl are coop from nineteen. Fifty five.
I one hundred and forty two million dollars. What here one hundred and forty two million million dollars wow, well yeah. What are that sell for in was? Did you say it was fifty five and ninety? eighty. Five, I have Y know I value thousand dollars or something I don't know. I'm not jeez amazing forty, two billion for a kiss This had to beat this had to be one that We did not go foresail, there's two that I know they are they did make. two of the ultra original three honey: sl hours, the other one, is gonna stay in the museum, while hundred forty two million dollars well that Andy warhol painting of maryland Oh just sold, for it was as part of the sun, Sotheby's auction or part of the quarter, because it there was a story here that the quarter for all of the auctions for art.
I have just said another record. I can't remember what the number was medicine. It's like two billion yeah billion done that one painting went for a hundred ninety five million. It was the most valuable Andy warhol ever the Most valuable american painting of all time shut up no no no american had ever gotten that kind of money for their painting, somethin, aha, it is it is that that's the most yeah yeah valuable american painting of all time, while I could think of some sir paintings than that that I mean it? good pay, it ended it, but it's I'm telling you It is money laundering use just have to get the right people to say all mine
gosh. That is, he knows that I'm telling her the alarms or I'm telling you that will be something that will be worth a fortune soon. And then you get those people to say it. Then the museums go. I've got to have one of those in this very important museum and it's After the races yeah, where you can, I mean I've seen stuff. That is really. Really good? And I dont me- I mean it could be modern art either eddie warhol was actually good, but you can be it and it's much better. No! No! It's like thirty dollars. The white ended. All who you know if you're that's, why that why conservative artists have a really hard time: because they just they're not in with the in people, not that any of them would want to be yeah but LISA,
speak for myself? I dont want to be I'm sure, there's many conservatism like yeah I go right up to them and say you are fabulous if they would make my art worth a lot of money and I'm I'm not much of a our critic. I don't really know what to look for what you look for what you like. Yeah, to me. I, like things that make sense, and a lot of these paintings the go for millions of dollars. Don't make sense to me because that ways are just lines on a cat where they just flip it around and you get out you different colours, and anybody could do that its anyone he. It is crazy that is part of this this movement to degrade end to make things meaningless, which was the communist goals and I in warhol. That is not a mean that is important as an important pop figure in american history. The painting
became very, very important and and culturally important. Yet cause she died, I think just three months after that was pale pink, really something that yeah probably help the price you change at least sheriff, I'm in call it a shot, painting yeah, because some woman walkie, he had a bunch of maryland paintings in different colors, leaning up against the wall of somebody he knew came in and ass If she could shoot those paintings anything photography, yeah any thought chirk ahead, because, yes, he was thinking she was gonna photograph him. Instead, she pulled out a gun of a purse and shot the paintings. The bullet went through multiple paintings and he was like well. Why not? I thought your written photograph, though I call bs story had some phone, I trow. No, I mean more valuable right. That's why I call bs on it includes
as that title, and you know them It's weird J is limited this, because I have an art show coming up yet city, I park city, and what is happening? june tenth and eleventh, you can find it yeah june tenth, an eleventh. Park, city, fine art, yet we all have to make a near to be there as visa nobby. Therefore, couple days but tom What's what's fascinating? Is I just shipped all this art not they're? Just recently and. Native american guy, who I know in vienna he said? and I We use my arrow I was like why what
he's must be taught because I didn't want to stereotype. He must be talking about his new arrow shirt or saw you know a shirt made by a reasonable have some reasonable right and the next thing I know he can era. We know all of the actual arrow, yellow and arrow and yeah shot all of them there. I think they're gonna be worth a lot more now What's wish here, it is whether they are when they went to repair m, or did you just Leon like a hole in there? I couldn't what's really sad? Is they ve all of them more crappy than they were. Oh, I really seem our grimly is your second debts are to believe tat. It is currently doing now ready or yeah yeah.
trust you- and I haven't seen him since they been shot. You ask what the arrow yeah, you know what you thought they were. Crappy could begin worthwhile, correct, good men get wet, then their crappy you're, all right, city, you know it's weird is I I have a very very dear friend. Who was working with me and filling in my executive producer and right at the last minute. I think it was friday level at the last minute. As he's getting up a friend of mine came in, who had security for me for a long time and shot him really yeah that Where is wired wow so you could get a relate to the air carrier. Yeah and a history repeats itself. You know it. Rhymes doesn't actually repeated selfish rhymes right. My my and name was fat.
I can't think of anything that rhymes with that now, but pat you've been great this week and thank you and thank you so much and by the way he's been filling in for stew, we're getting the surgery yeah. It's I seek surgery and when we been telling you be in all kinds of things, as we said, nay, nay,. think because he won't bring it up and I just think you went in for surgery, plastic surgery, because was defending a woman women's on they women's honour knew she was the two dinner there was giving arrived our time therein them hotel room and Stu at his wallet out and he was lying. I'm not even gonna get involved in this. You know I've done my. business, and then he just went too far. We got into a knife fight me. We shift in the face awhile and he
we'll talk about this. So let's keep it to ourselves when he returns monday, good idea- and hopefully you won't see the terrible terrible scars for defending a woman's honor, which I think is a great thing, was great yeah. Hero, oh yeah, euro- I mean I hear any will sorted here no one that was with a prostitute but Let's keep it ourselves, so LISA doesn't find up anyway, pat gray, job this. We thank you so much Here's our sponsor this half hour. It's really factor. I sent some of this too to stew. Because he believes alone, all main gosh yeah. Now, from the shipping It was it was I Oh, how we got it, but monkey pox loud he's been shift in the face and he contracted my people. I don't know- and I am not saying that it had anything to do quantities alone. I don't you don't, let's not get into our, but excursion
adding pain. So I sent him some relief factor and He comes in Monday, I'll, say: how's, your pain and he'll say guarantee, listen, cause, I will ask him this on monday Your pain, Ben and he'll say what pain He will have completely forgot about the shipping and the monkey box anyway. My relief factor dot com is where you go and you'll find relief from relief factor it is. And das take, it is a natural. You know. results. Very I dont know if it would help you with monkey box or being shift in the face, but it helps a lot of people. Try it for three years why? If we had a inflammation if your brother from that, I think it was from the monkey boxer the either want either one year neither the shipping or the monkey box. I think it would cost factor dot com or call eight hundred the number for relief, eight hundred for relief relief.
Actor dot com feel the difference. The Glen back programme, So I guess couple of movies are out this weekend. We ve gotta catch Yet she hulk welsh she hulk shield yeah. I have not heard about she hulk. There is a a movie with a female hulk. Why do you
that's so it is that sectors that are it is sorry it's and that it will make fun of the green color to your collar l, also a little concerned about the shirt being torn off over. You know a little bit different now, but he does- and I dont know if she's oliver closer spandex stretch with rageous stretch, our though she doesn't turnip naked in our that's for sure, yeah for the rating of the movie yeah that's fan and send quite shocking for disney yeah. He is yeah so yeah that starts it looks ridiculous, as its out looks I bet a yet that I'm not seen anything about that, but doubt navvy has another movie coming out today that starts today. you're you're, a van right wondering why you're bringing down and are now I've, never
You know I've really never seen an episode of downton. Is that surprising is shocking to me. It is it's just shocking I it does seem right up my alley. It does, but no, I have not seen a single episode. Did you see it does europe, big fan when pbs was running upstairs yeah yeah I couldn't get enough. I cried. I couldn't get you strangers. I might I'm used to watch like upstairs downstairs and I'd come down stairs at night and she'd have upstairs downstairs. Arab I'd, be like I, I I I mean I'd rather go to sleep, I'm seven and I'd rather go to sleep so bad and now and BBC stuff was only seal. Messy was a joke and its good now really good a lot of super
I mean like really good, at least as good as american chose yeah. I think I in a part of it is hear me out on this. Don't mind watching, like the murder shows in the mystery shows and stuff from the BBC. I think they're really good, but also its not. country, so it does. You know so, I'm like. I don't care yeah, it's it's a different justice system. It's so it's not pissing me off. People got killed danced on my country, I know, but I mean you know. Everything now is like yeah. The only reason why that's happening is because of x Y Z, social justice, even talk about social justice they can be like, so when, when did the windy find this man dead, how every human gender, as you know, if it's over there, I'm like whatever that it out but what is happening when everything is here? It is causes stress. Yes, that's true. You know that's IRA their society falling apart
well, whatever I'm totally cool next week is the one I'm really waiting for cause. Top gun can comes up let's get in great review that simple pleasingly great reviews looks fantastic. Does it does in an ever? everybody. I've read, I've read three or four different reviews and every one of a loved it more than the original. He is Is there anything that guy can't do? I don't think so? Emily flying his. He flew that jet yeah and and he looks the same as he did. The first time around you made a pact with the devil ass. He might feel the airline works, they might easily monies toddy rise, found him yeah. Who I mean because what you expect a you know the anticorrosive gonna be clever. You'll never see it coming right. I was beginning to think maybe on mass, but no, I think it's Tom cruise decline back programme,
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