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Healed from the Coronavirus | Guest: Phil Robertson | 3/24/20

2020-03-24 | 🔗

It’s not the economy that’s dying from COVID-19; it’s the country! Glenn runs through the ridiculous add-ons in Nancy Pelosi’s alternative stimulus bill. President Trump suggested a return to normal in “weeks,” not months. Dallas resident Hunter Howard, who overcame the coronavirus, describes what it was like. Glenn hears from Rio Giardinieri, who went from near death to cured overnight after being administered the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. In a coronavirus update, ALL countries now have cases, Joe Biden’s holding his own press briefings, and police in a California town have brought out the drones! BlazeTV’s Phil Robertson previews his new series, “In the Quarantine with Phil,” packed with self-quarantining tips from a pro. 

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