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Helen Keller Only Succeeded Because of Her 'Privilege', Apparently | 12/21/20

2020-12-21 | 🔗

Jeff Katz guest-hosts the program today for Glenn. Elites are pushing the Great Reset by way of lockdowns that devastate small business. America had a good run, but is it the end of the line for the US? Jimmy Gagliano joins to discuss the enormous stress that police are under in the current political climate. However, defunding the police isn't the answer - the last thing anyone needs are unarmed 'social workers' going into dangerous situations. The left's rhetoric is so disconnected from logic that they're even accusing Helen Keller of having 'privilege' these days.

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What you are about to here is the fusion and entertainment and Enlightenment Glenn programme money for not bring the end of the american dream, but great reset and we're all gonna be sole limit. What could pass We go wrong. It is the Glen there this is the Glen Back Programme, it is the back programme Jeff can't so very happy to have been asked to fill in for a couple of days for Glenn. I want to give you just a little bit of background. You know we're talking about what happens next and we are so far from next. I, like you, I'm a frantic
ends. I listen on a daily basis and man. I've been terrified of alibis. I've heard Glenn talk about this discreet we set now what could possibly be? Why was it build back better about the step that was already Bildt's? How but all the wonderful stuff that we are in the process of turning down and tearing down and eliminating in eradicating looking it history and go and not so much we're gonna start today, not we're gonna start tomorrow. You know what give us a call back if you think about it and will start at some points now want to give you a little bit of background. I ve been doing this talk, radio thing for an awfully long time, but that is not the only thing you know. I look in the mirror each and every morning at first I am horrified of course, but once I get past, then I think to myself: ok alive.
Check one off the list. Thank you, God. I take a look and see if the bride is still breathing check. Another one off the list. Three kids were there all indifferent rooms, I'm just going to assume that there are gonna, be ok and then I started thinking about health. which, in its idea about how lucky I am, I correct, no, but I'm telling you it is each and every morning right, the initial Thomas Mann, I am lucky I'm lookin out windows. You have to stand up and a windows on all of the sides of my house about a call if you will, but when you grow up in the inner city of Philadelphia, as I did, you were lucky because your head windows on two sites you grow up in a row house right. There are fifty how
please look exactly the same all in a row. Hence the name row house having you look across the street and it's exactly the same, and then you look up and down the street. I'm telling you it's mile after mile after mile now, if you were really fortunate growing up City of Philadelphia. I mean you, some your folks had just hit the lottery. You had windows on three sides. Could you had one of the end townhouse strike, you can look up front. You know what you saw out there. While you saw nothing, basically use all other town houses, but you could still look out and you look out the back window and you are overlooking the hourly right, the alley with the trash cans, more trash cans, trash, more trash cans, exactly you view that you would kill for, but nonetheless you we're lookin out there and then
if you worse so birds, Soper fortunate. You had that third side of the house, you could look No, you didn't see anything that was worth. You just saw more townhouses, but my point is the numbers added up right. You had windows on three sides and you could try to run, but we got windows it all three side. So here I am in a house with a beautiful yard, flowers, trees and I'm thinking, I'm lucky. I'm fortunate. And I realize now pinhead your blessed for some reason inexplicable to me. God said: listen, I'm gonna help me out here. I'm gonna help you get through all this and in fact he had so why would anyone want to tear down? Why Anybody want to look at what it is that has been accomplished in this nation and say
yeah we're gonna we're going to roll back a little bit, I'm in Central Virginia. Now I am in What I consider to be gods, country right, I'm in this beautiful bucolic- I want to say valley- was not really about it. Wasn't a lotta grass got farms get stuff like that. It's got small businesses. Local businesses got restaurants, got more farms. Skype me don't know any about a form of city guy. I just I just assume that meet naturally comes in styrofoam and shrink. Rapporteur Y know what people have cowls. They do things with cows and that at some point or other delicious. So I take a look at this in just a couple of miles ways: the City of Richmond, you may or may not have passed through Richmond right. That's how I first discovered Richmond. I was passing through headed from from sir.
Florida where my parents leave, because you don't you get to be sixty five, seventy years old and your jewish living in the northeast. It's the law, you gotta go to South Florida, so they did their not lawbreakers, and then I would be traveling up to New England, which is where I lived I would pass through Richmond Virginia right, it's on either side and ninety five. Is there anything to see here while this huge things to see, but I never stopped never bothered to stop. Why will at places to go people who say right and then, almost eight years ago, amassed hey you wanna work in Central Virginia, maybe maybe maybe ass. I know how we got this great radios heritage, radio station we'd love to have you all right.
So I'm here now in the city of Richmond. There used to be this thing called mine Human Avenue, and let me explain to you how this ties in with the great reset. Let me explain: to you how this ties in with with, desire on the part of progressive to simply simply rewrite things. monument avenue was so named because ready for this, they were monuments there. Now they were Confederates war heroes. Well right there Oh there's gonna be a problem except there wasn't a problem for the longest time. People would come to visit me in Central Virginia and the first stop always- and I mean always- was Monument Avenue and we would drive up and down. now. Most of my friends were we're from the north. The same as I was, so it was a pretty simple
I went to school here is how here's, how the between one thousand eight hundred and sixty one and one thousand eight hundred and sixty five was addressed. Health was bad. We were good, we beat them turn the page, we're onto something else. Oh ok, and then you get here Is it the civil war? Is the war between Aids is the war of northern aggression. Is it simply say: well I that item eighteen sixty one eighteen, sixty violence, stuff happening to know exactly what it was, but I would take everybody up and down monument habit. It wait. Invariably, the first thing everybody's it well really cool. We can all these second, he's trophies. That is really neat. Oil cohabit heard that one before, but then you would start talking
you get out of the car. I would park the car we get out of the car. We'd walk up to these giant monuments and you'd read some of the blacks, and you see this name or that name and in most cases we'd look at each other go without was what are they to Lucy and then you would talk about it. You google it on your following a whole. Now I can't tell you how many times I did this tore gazettes, really what it once was a tour. I would take people when they came to visit up and down monument avenue over and over and over and over, and invariably you know what happened. Conversations discussion
substantive, intelligent conversations and you would debate and discuss what happened during the period of eighteen. Sixty one day, a teen sixty five who was right worthy right, wasn't a hundred per cent on this side, ninety percent on that site and man. Oh man, you would talk about all of this and you know what the conclusion was for everyone. We can't ever let human beings be considered property ever again. Never talk about an accomplished right. I don't we go one. We do something else
So what happens in the city of Richmond this past summer, where we saw violence all over America right, everybody's, all Portland, Oregon in Seattle, Washington and New York City, but Little Richmond Virginia Was- was part of that. Most people didn't see it, but I got to see it up close and personal, and I thought well, I wasn't born here, wasn't raised here. It's it's it's my town now and I care about it by watch gangs gangs in the middle of the night, tearing down monuments, toppling them spray, painting the most vile foul profile, in things I thought to myself. Had anybody there who was part of this ever had one of these discussions? Did anybody say? Ah, I wonder who this guy was. Why does
This guy have a statute that echo is going on, and how do we make sure? How do we make sure this ownership of human beings looking at a human being its ain't gap? chattel, just just like the the credenza in your office gifts exactly the same property. I we make sure that it never happens again. We tear down the monuments, you d base them, and then you say well, there's never gonna be a conversation about the monument that used to be there. How do you handle that? That is exactly what we're see you ve heard Glenn talk about this rate, reset tear down history, tear down anything that represents history, and it doesn't stop with the confederate figures. It expands the revolutionary war figures.
It expands to Christopher Columbus, it just keeps coming and going it going going. The conversations and right because there's a generation of thing, there's gonna, be a generation of folks who never seen the monument, so they don't know that they were torn down for really no reason why that is part of this great reset. That's part of what you and I are going to have to spend some time on, but we also have to think about what the changes are on a very personal basis. I want to remind you it's eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back Purple, eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back. I want to make sure that you liked, I am always checking at Glennbeck DOT, com, theblaze, dot, com, tremendous resources there, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back triple eight seven, two I'm Jeff cats in today or Glenn on the Glen Back Programme.
Chip Catch in today we're goin back on, be Goin back programme. We are also have gonna think about the free money. That's coming our way, idol of free stuff, then, if it is free, it is for me the problem, as we take a look at what the Congress, the Senate, who ever these people aren t see, did what was at last night clock in the morning three o clock in the morning Saint hate, we gotta solution, we're gonna redress everything. Now we're not really go to address any thing, but seriously we're in a fix everything and here's what we're going to do. We figured it all out we're going to give people money now that, always Why doesn't it if you're gonna pay me off well, then I can go on in mine and I want to put a bill, but but you can pay me off right, six hundred dollars per person in each family. That's not bad right at Christmas time, fantastic who's! The happiest about this
Amazon, maybe retail gosh. I hope so, but there's another part of this that were missing. there really is there's another part of this. Every new story that I have seen covering this has this little side bar p, Sorra or us, secondary story that says, where or Americans going to spend the six hundred dollars. Never once
do you see the thing it says? Maybe people should put it away. Maybe you take the six hundred dollars and small unmarked bills. You stop at a satchel, you're rent yourself, one of those lockers at the downtown bus station. If, in fact, you can find a downtown, let alone a bus station and stick it there for a while, maybe its valuable and when you think about it, it's possible, but it's all about getting it back into the economy, are a fair enough. We're gonna talk about that, but when I keep hearing free, I always get concern, look free as a basis for little word and it ain't free and there's nothing. That's free, and you know that nine o that were big people are, we figured it out a long time ago. Did we not free But the problem is its like one giant game of kick: the can retain its free. For me, I get six hundred bucks and then my boys, when they go out to work in Campi suit enough for one of them, but
whenever they get a job and their their purchase? painting in this dreaded free market. They got to pay it back, or do we just start printing? The money I mean? Maybe that is the way to go. You just figure out how much we we gave out that we print Sbarro. We give it away. How does that work out for us, eight hundred and eighty eight, seven hundred and twenty seven back, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred- and seventy four remind you, please would you visit as I do, each and every day, theblaze dot com, glennbeck dot com you wanted love hook up with me, can easily send me an email Jeff at the Jeff Katz show DOT com Jeff at the Jeff can't show.
dot com I mentioned be nice of one of my boys got a job, but that's like real work right, if you're, sixteen years old and nineteen years old, you're not really equipped to do very much at this point, my nineteen year old is a sophomore at Stanford University is based just ask and when he marched off to Stanford last year, was already the smartest guy in the room. Just ask and here I am sitting alone The smartest guy in the room is nobody else here, but he was this I urge the new everything the problem, I think, is that the big they're together when they got their college and they looked around. It went and wait a minute. Now everybody is now the smartest in the room and like most young people
They had it all figured out same way. You did the same way. I did we figured out if only buddy else would spend their money on us. We be great it I'll, be fine, didn't work out, did it so what happens? We move a little bit further down the line. Take a look at where we are right? Now we are ten months into the two weeks needed to quote: flattened the curve Niger, naturally I am allowed it, I'm not the brightest guy in the room, but when I heard two weeks look. It was the governor through the big Several governments today we're gonna, be too weak, still flattened the curve. Ok, too, Cyprus could well again it's kind of government work. I'm budgeting three weeks
or weeks hack, I'm gonna give him six weeks for the two weeks. They said it would take the flattened the curve I have no idea of the curve is flat and because we stop talking about what nine months ago. Ninety there half months ago and now apparently the only solution to any of this is to destroy the economy, drive business owners. Local small business owners just drive about a business. They don't need to work anymore, they don't Anything anymore, we're just gonna, destroy them and we're going to wait for the free money. It's going to come in and as soon as we get more free money, gosh we're all going to be ok and it will get some more. Ray money at some point and will be ok now at some point, because you may very well be the smartest one in your room. You figured the sounds: we're gonna run out of that money, remit to run out of all the free market. Some point
better what I don't know I don't know I mean I I am truly debating. Ok, if this is the few man, I don't want this to be the future. I really doubt because again I I call me nuts, I just I just kind of figured what I became a father that that my goal, my duty. My by sacred obligation was to somehow give to my kids You know world that was kind of put together, give to them: a United States of America that was actually as good. If not better, some levels than the United States of America that my folks gave to me. am going to be able to do it. Well, that is the question eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight. spilling in for Glenn today on the Glen Back programme It is the Goin back
Graham Jeff cats in today for land and so appreciated for the opportunity, ordinarily, broadcasting on Use radio You are Ba in Richmond, Virginia shared a little bit of the the store, we hear in central, Yeah I've gotta I've got a separate and a little bit. I absolutely have to talk with you about because this is such a big picture item, but it hits each of us, individually. You know I look at it and here are my broadcast hut, write it It's a studio. It's a home studio. I never thought I'd have our assent, at home. Studio that I always work from home would not be great. and now my wife and I, for each go. When's. The last time we took a shower, which today Thursday, no it's one o one Well now come where my semi clean, sweat, pants. Everything will be fine, I mean there's a bigger part. This is its. Not just saying
what would be great your work from home, where we were going to work from home. How do you go out and do stuff? How do you get your car repaired from home? You can't do it. How do you go and have a meal from all moon? You really can't do it. So there is that big picture that we're gonna change everything, we're gonna, demolish history, Nobody's ever going to feel feel bagging animal. I can't feel, but I kept bad. If I feel bad, I should be able to change everything now take a lab work at off. That's what we're dealing with on so many levels, not what mind you quickly. You ve gotta check out Glenn backed out common, the bleak dot com. I use it every single day. Man I'm over there all the time, great great resources le to hear from you as well, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven, eight thousand me an email, Syn Jimmy Jeff at the Jeff
catch show, dot. Com Jeff at the Jeff TAT show dot com. let me hit abroad, who was in Michigan wrong welcome to the Glen programme. Thank you. Thank you. This is the direction Mississippi, Mississippi Look. I don't want you, I wasn't a smart guy in the room. So what you go to the city of London Are you sure away, but I gotta check my sweat pants Monday or the loose stains on this weapons? Are I want to hear that you don't you know with all the council culture that you can kill me. You know everything the Washington not read in the claim a Indians now how does that you blow to keep her job how should not get any flag over, have many areas in a quiver Well, I will never here now
IRAN. I would just assume that when she parks broomstick want everybody bows down and says: look she's here get me ice cream, cheese, air, water or those of water, but first a billion dollars for you at a billion dollars. For you, it's like watching Oprah at the end, what a her shows given stuff away right. I do you have a good day, you're out. I appreciate the call I'm mad thing, just like the ice cream. Twenty, I was for a point that guy's gonna look. I lobbies group, I do not really do I love ice cream, twenty dollars? What fifty thousand dollar refrigerator a freezer. I looked at her freezer. Bought the myself, you know, that's not good Jeffrey Dahmer kind of freezer, there's enough room and therefore our law, a bad ideas and a lot of ice cream. Hon
is in Pennsylvania, HANS welcome to the Glen Back Programme, Taking my call I'll, keep it real, quick. I think it more sinister this lock down you're talking about a two week while the curve- I think at this point it is absolutely about making the people that may be economy, so strong under trop supper and put them out of business and put them on a government doll. then their depend at once again on their elected officials. Who do we go of it? Not HANS. You are brilliance and I'm not just saying that, because your brilliant I'm Santa Claus, you're right, that's exists exactly what the bigger picture you know, I'm joke about Hey Monday or the blue swear pants, but think about it. Any more. Who had the initiative to get up and go to work is now saying, maybe I'll shower tomorrow. Right, I mean worse knowing that from people and man, radio,
it is, as you pointed out. Rightly, it is a prescription for dependency. Yes, it is and ended. Shame on our elected officials, the ones that are supposed to be honoured by these mindless weapon, begins, and I don't even at this point is tat even rhinos, you can't even you can even separate the jewel, because if you really take a step back, there are all working together. Have you taken, even if that you taking even further back and let the argument that these Republicans that didn't help trap the very beginning because they are worried about russian collusion. I art, but they were in bed with, they were all in bed. They all assume Trump would fail. In the first year, and they would have gotten rid of him and now now they're, all just saying you know what what the hell do you, people, beyond on employment, they'll, be it'll, be dependent on US We don't need no really do anything for them anymore, right, Europe's HANS you're, absolutely right. We ve got folks.
I want to tell you a flat out when Donald Trump came down bad escalator in New York and announced he was running for president. You know what I did. I I was not support: What do we have on our tee? My guess is still my team right, the republic as what we have hundred and ten one hundred and twenty people running for, republican nomination, and if you would have asked me back, then I pray you would have said yeah. take any of em, what about you I don't know it may and it took me the longest time, to come around and say well all right now I mean look he's running against Hillary Clinton. What choice do I have so I looked at him and you know what I realized. I realise what everybody else it realized before. I, because again, that the brightest sky, necessarily I had friends of mine, saint Jap, you gotta get on board this. from training now come on. I'm not gonna work. It's crazy and I watched the sky.
This guy goes to Washington DC any roll up his sleeves, and he goes to work for me and he goes to work you we goes to work for our kids. He goes to work for the american people and then you start thinking. Is this kind nuts he's come? billion or two billion or three billion, and then the left is like he's here: aren't really have five billion he's got four billion now shut up scooter and go back down your mommy's basement cause. You don't have anything, dont don't have well. What am I, how closer might to a billion dollars? I'm like a billion dollars away so right there. He keeps all that he puts it all sides that here I've been a role for the american people. God bless him, and I became one of the biggest most passionate supporters and defenders of this president. Why,
he's. My president, Anna, easier Rhode, island ETA, welcome to the Glen Back Programme yes go morning, I I I want to Well, I'm English is normal. first languishing. You can hear that. Forgive me something four million job I wore very hard, and I knew that I haven't been bring watch by, The media of deadlock. Democrats ever came to this country. Thirty years ago. I started looking at the different, When I came. I thought that there were many factories. Many businesses things were going good, then business since that includes endowing, maybe not off, they stayed out of their countries, so I started digging
what is going on, because I was listening things here there he story, my country, I learned what despairing saw. I couldn't understand why people? where I live in a state. In the same way. We look at a. Let me stay. For one second to describe Rhode Island as a liberal state is, embarrassing to liberal states. Rhode Island is officially back crap. real easy right. Me you have its every body is left is an even your gun. what's your name Gina remind she's there, tell telling everybody gotta watch yourselves in the house under the bed by the way I'll be over here. This big wine dinner in case anybody needs me right, and that is my point are you having not too bad? I don't let anybody like the figure for me or less, if God and you fire water,
business owner. I think I will be up there. We re signed because I got two different places. Some is still working. Big businesses have to handle more than five? Then people at a time and they had a gaping opened and then is more MRS don't hand or fifty one hundred people- fine, but they are clothed. That's right! that's right and it makes no sense and gone to you, I'm sorry, No I'm going to say ETA. You made a great point and I appreciate that call. It makes no sense. Look. I want our economy up and running. Do I want people getting sick so loudly marts do we need to deal with
issues. Yes, we ve gotta, be honest. We gotta be forthright, but could Lord? As President Trump said, the cure cannot be worse than the disease and we are just cure and they get out of everybody. What are remind you you're, always welcome eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven back, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight shore that you check out the blaze dot com, glennbeck dot com. If you want to shoot me an e mail man, I would love to hear from you. Jeff at DV, Jeff Katz show DOT com Jeff at the Jeff Katz show dot com. It is Jeff CAT sitting in today for Glen and this is the Glen back Programme- Jack cats in today- for land back on the Glens Back Programme is at the end.
the line. Gosh you think about it. Everything about that! I'm thinkin! We had a pretty good run a couple a hundred years ago, three did pretty well. Alright. Maybe it's time to start eating sticks of butter, I would smoke. The sticks of butterby can't really get a good drowsiness at a bite of often whatever is going to happen, is gonna happen. The problem with all of that, at least for me, is I got these three kids and The most part are pretty fond of every once in a while. You really seriously. You like you, got your head in the fridge like it's a television you're watching the fridge. There's no that grew in there in the last thirty seconds, but otherwise I'm thinkin all right, so you gotta do something. So what do you do? Is the question? actually answer. I don't have what I just get since that there are a lot of us around the country right about now who are thinking. I don't like the way. This is going
grab a Jeff who was out in Colorado, Jeff welcome to the Glen Back programme. Asia. Thanks take my comments, Christmas at economic. Thank you, sir, seem to you. I've got an opinion about the small business makes basically restaurant owners after having problems going out of business without the shut down. That may be real popular right. My thing is up until these policies were and placed by marriage or governors and never shut down and to start the loser. Businesses, which is horrible, had they feel about the policies. Those limits. governors and mayors were making did they will form question. Nobody ever ass. Some is korean about for next election. Now and then of course nobody ever asks is what are you act? we're doing if it did in it, or will it you're losing your business? You losing lose your life's savings. Your family's well being is putting it in jeopardy,
Do you actively doing kicked those? oh here that office, please doing this to you. Are you put in a petition Three calls in your business. So every time everybody comes in, you say, sign this or putting us out of business. We need to get rid of these people every restaurant in California still open every restaurant New York Michigan all these places, a happy draconian lockdown should have have a petition on the counter or when their people to deliver food should have with them and ass their their patrons decided, because, obviously there's a renewed restaurant would sign it. Then it would get there. Sure, but it's just like somebody who has rose to deliver his drank all their life. In course, that's horrible! you're gonna die you're having problems you're, seeing the light, but are you gonna do What do you understand? What got you did that outlawing? Are you gonna stop drinking if we give
another lever. If we value out if we save your business, if we try to go on me page I'll, tell you Jeff it they're they're great questions. Now those are all great. students, and you know I can only talk about it on a personal level, it I've got a favorite restaurant, that's a mile and a half from my house, and I know the winners of that restaurant, Wendy and John, and I always I tell people look you you ve got to look at these local businesses and realize it may have a name, but there are real, honest people there. These are your neighbors now I know that for four windy and John from my favorite restaurant Jake's place, they work like nobody's business. They treated themselves over Thanksgiving. They took two days off now. Look at sea In for a second they own and operate the business, they have put their life savings savings into what they put their heart and soul into it. Every single day.
there there dishwasher called out a couple of weeks ago. So what happens? Well guess what HANS back there and he's ease washing dishes, because that's what has to happen because you're a business owner does that's a multi NASH. the corporation, the couple appeal, well that literally lived down the street for me and have a restaurant down the road from me and I got a support them and have plays out thousands of times each and every day in this three John, that's exactly. What's going on and you and I have an obligation to support them, and yet you ask some of those tough questions along the way Jeff at the Jap catch, oh dot com! If you want to drop me a note, so please Jeff TAT sitting today for Glenn. This is legal in that programme.
Terrible violence, industry, police officers being told they are the enemies resident german vice presidential candidates supporting those who enable violence. Can we survive as edition of laws that next week, when the programme is the Glen Back programme? it is. You have cared sitting in today for Glenn back on the Glen Back Programme thrilled to be here really really flattered flatter to have been asked. You know before this whole talk radio experience. I did a lot of stuff worked in the world of professional wrestling, but my real job. My I think my only real real job as a police officer, I'm in a thousand years ago, when a galaxy far far away, I put on the uniform pinned on the badge
strapped on my side. Arm drove my patrol car never bought. Did any body of any great importance didn't bring down the organised crime figures, but I thought I was making a difference and and talking with other men and women who were doing their job so long ago, everybody thought they. They they made a difference not every day We want you weren't necessarily thanked him and I gotta be honest with you. Nobody calls the local concerns Larry when there have been a great day, hey gonna Rees at work. I've lost ten pounds, one the lottery. You know what? Let's call the local district call the local precinct at them send over. If you with a guy's, that's bay, cookies doesnt work that day that way, the worst of all past What times when you interact with the police, I got it. But there was a lesson that most of us taught our kids right. The law enforcement folks were the good guys and now that message,
being blurred. Now I look all over America. I see terrible violence in streets being enabled bye, bye, bye, pinhead, mayor. Like I like, build the blog YO, I take a look out in Portland in Seattle, well what the hell is going on out there now there's one man that I know who could offer perspective on this. Unlike any other and let it let me just one down quickly. Part of his resume Jim Galiano graduated from West Point served with this in June the United States Army was a united, States Army Ranger served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He retired from the FBI as a supervisory special agent. He sits on the board of directors that law enforcement, legal defence bond and in his spare time since it is such a slacker, these completing
is Phd man Jimmy. I appreciate your being here but there are some more open ever my mother's beanie down at you, you did a great job there, but I don't know what you're talking about. Who is this guy is medical figure. Is well, I don't know. I know that the galley Otto's observed this country for generations in your blessing you're just the latest, and I do appreciate so much that you ve taken some time for us can I ask you to take a look at what's going on in America today? Take a look at what's going on with law enforcement Sir ALL over America and answer a simple question, what the heck is happening? You jerk, I beg you I think you should think we nailed it in your in your intra. What we ask these folks to do these, these brave men and women in blue. It's really just in incomprehensible that
we are now looking at a situation where the approximately eight hundred thousand people that that a uniform everyday, strap on a gun bell, paint a badge on and go out there to do. Good things are under such a sale, and if you look at the past, senator then them compared to the population in the entire country. Eight hundred thousand out of three hundred seven billion people. That means, like you, no less than two and a half percent of us. Are there like our military for such a tiny percentage, better stay the front lines and Jeff Also in your little, you mention what we ask them to do. We asked him to run to the sound of the guns when the rest of us are high, talented out there. We ask them to be social work mental health professionals in June, It's you are destined to de escalate in situations where there dealing with things jacket,
real time and we had the benefit of hey. Let's look at this videotaping, slow it down and examined it framed by frame we're this officer. Should on that. So Jack you're not getting any help from from from one of them, is that you mentioned, but its across a ladder, the democratic city. You look at lorry Lightfoot in Chicago, you mention Seattle, Jenny, Dirt and tat. We were in important Muriel Bouser in DC their cutting budgets any in the New York City Council, then you'll see, council just signed legislation slashing one billion would be out of a seven billion dollar budgets for the Nypd right, the largest police force we have in this country and by far one of the one of the most recent, when you look at the numbers and, as you know, that's what I'm doing jack they're doing it across the country any is going to make it more dangerous for the rest of the citizens
go on out. So am I supposed to believe then that Swat is now going to stand for social workers and therapists? I mean the insanity that you going to send someone labelled as they violence. Interrupter. Go to a place, Gang members. Shooting at each other, that's bad enough right, but then we have to worry about the collateral damage of innocent people getting hurt and we got to send people that are in our trade and are prepared to deal with it, and just because of the infinitesimal America Times where there are bad cops. They do exist in Iraq. Cops that may make mistakes they they do exist worth fallible. and being, but let me a couple numbers. Every year in this country, police kill approximately one thousand citizens, not sound like staggering number. The vast majority of them
or armed in an adversarial position against a police officer? They are right to students every year, approximately thirty or forty People are considered on our now, just because your unarmed Jeff does it mean that they didn't pick up a stick. They didn't try to rest away and officers, hand, gun or teaser. They didn't fight and struggle violently, but you have to date Right now in this country rights, thirty nine, unarmed people, cortical in the United States have been shot and killed by police, and let me give you the number and a breakdown to dispel the black lives matter. Croup and false merited, here those people were white, twelve, African Americans six were spanish. One was other and three were unknown, so this notion that racist cops are out there indiscriminately hunting down young men of color in shooting them for sports Jeff, it's a coke. It's it's a calumnies, it's O Connor, it's just
do totally untrue. When you look at the numbers and and someone they push back a statistician to say, yeah Jimmy but you're, not factoring in population percentage, is African Americans only make up twelve to thirty percent of our population and that way, if you look at those numbers killed quarter quote unarmed at a higher rate Jeff, we all don't offend Same and when you look at patterns of a family which is an uncomfortable target, people dont want they don't want to deal with because, just like touching the third rail of the subway If you look at patterns of a standing. Unfortunately, we we don't affair same. The numbers just fifty two percent of all violent crime in these countries committed by about six percent of population african american men now just like we should be sensitive to this-
that an end in a knot paint with a broad brush? That's what's happening on the police and eight hundred thousand good cops out there. We do have a handful caught. We do have bad apple, they do need to be. rooted out, they knew to be indicted and prosecuted, and they do need to face justice. There's no doubt about it, but we need to be equally Am I to be less? Did you get in when we look at a profession and we smear it the way it works during the other way round. We Galiano is joining us on the Glen Back programme. Jeff cats filling in four Glenn Jimmy is a red hired supervisory special agent from the FBI and is without question one of the nation's premier experts. As we talk about police shootings in and violence, but but Jimmy there's this by, once that is being unable to violet which is being directed at law enforcement officers. I think, is an excuse,
Bull, and in addition to that, I have to ask the question: can we we as a society actually survive if that is, if we are not respecting law enforcement, if we ve got this, Bert Attorneys and Commonwealth the and states attorneys all over American yeah. We're not gonna prosecute these crimes anymore. Now go do what you want here in the house. In Virginia. We ve got a governor who just die welt I'll, get into it at some point, but he decided to know what we're not going These no not warrants anymore, and you don't have to have your headlights on why you're driving down the road and you think, you're crazy You are just insane the country the society dies. If we allow that, doesn't it in ITALY. We are reacting any reflexive society by it's your job and what I mean by that is my first year and the FBI
in eighteen. Ninety one I was stubborn grew up in Georgia was station in New York City and at the end of ninety. Ninety right after I arrive that city suffered distant just in just the same amount of homicides, the highest did he district two thousand two hundred and sixty two of them now, here? We are now almost three decades later right and we all know we ve heard about you- know William, Ratan and and and re Kelly and then Rudy Giuliani is man what was done by employing through policing methodology that I'm sure your listeners or where, like broken windows, police, which says, if you don't allow small crimes to proliferating, sends a message. That means the bigger crimes will be allowed to occur either and show there were crackdowns. When camps that was used where police resources were moved around where they were needed and we just didn't put one
Stop in this neighborhood one in this neighborhood we looked at where the crime was, it wasn't recently driven. It was driven by what the crime statistics were. We also use stop question and frisk and stop question and frisk was upheld years ago by the Supreme Court. In case he says, there's an officer as a reason suspicion that someone has committed a crime is in the process. they are club or is about to commit a crime. They can be reasonably stopped and detained in question and if an officer pleaser armed, they can be tat it down. well, we have thrown the baby out with the bath water, wind applause, you rode into office as a reform of the police in New York, city, in two thousand and twelve. What did he do he basically toward the system down what happened? Well key. Ninety two thousand two hundred and sixty two sides over the last few years. This been down to three hundred a ninety five percent reduction homicide, the fashion
only those victims are black and brown people on their lives matter, but now there's been an uptake and violent crime in New York City. Criminals can walk around wearing a pistol knowing they cannot be stopped in question because cops are too afraid of the intense hyper Ober scrutiny. That's gonna have it, move that they make, and so what is this done? It's made that didn't neighborhoods that are desperately in need of police, and just recent studies have shown eighty one person people of color in their neighborhood want the same amount or additional police presence. They don't want to abolish the police. They don't want to fund the plea, Now they don't wanna be brutalized, they don't want to be disrespected. They dont want to feel like a living in an in a motor up, Then there's an occupying army there in that something that we law enforcement have to stick and reached the gap, but Jeff we need more policing. We need better policing. Police reform is not about a concept. It is a good concept
that's not all to your point. The pendulum swung in the other direction and until the crime stats go off, the charts and we lose a lot more innocent people. It's going to take a while before we course correct. Unbelief the wheel Jimmy. I can't thank you enough for being here. I want to remind everybody to to stay in touch with Jimmy a wonderful website, James, a Galiano, Dotcom, Jane a galiano dot com. I am Jeff cats, so fortunate today to be filling in four Glenn. This is the Glen Back Programme, this is to be a global programme. Jeff tat still again for Glenn today, thanks again to Jimmy Galiano James, a galiano dot com is his website. You don't you listen Jimmy has to say about how law enforcement officers are being treated,
They there's gonna be a segment of us who say what won't wait, a minute cats. Look, I'm not a cop, don't really care just want them to show up when there's trouble. Aren't I got it, but why happens if you. U continually see this, this back crap crazy legislation passed in the law? That says we don't really care of. Somebody beats up again, we don't really care or somebody attacks, one of those deputy sheriffs state trooper, that's their problem, not ours. I news for you. They stop coming at some point in the only way The only way that we are going to be able to combat bad. That is to be brutally honest. Give you another example of a degree of brutally honest member. Helen Keller right, you know who Helen Keller was Helen Keller was blind, she was deaf and somehow some,
nay, even though she lost her sight and she lost her hearing when she was nineteen months old. She had These tremendous disabilities. There were no resources. Helen Keller would become an american hero, Helen Keller would go on to show every one you can do it. Now are the same levels of success. No, of course not it's part of the beauty. America we don't have the same outcome guaranteed. We ve got the opera two to be Well Helen Keller, was thrown just a bucket of Rob lobes, here's another one hears another. What here's another one and she said. Ok, all right. she she raised million
in billions of dollars to help people were disabled, should publish twelve books. She roads and publish twelve books, and I think to myself here, mom hope I can read this this post, that's like two hundred characters long. She did all of this. She went on to graduate from Radcliffe Sky high now and she's attacked she's, pretty it had in their right. Mind, attacks Helen Keller well, in this day and age. Nobody, nobody is safe. Helen Keller, is now being described as simply another privileged white person. now. Helen Keller may have been a lot of things but privileged. How
Earth does any one in their right mind it. Maybe that's the key point you can't be People like minded Geller, my boy did she hit the life lottery a sheet was so lucky she had all of these advantages- man, she just For all this was worth look. I'm the father to a severely disabled little girl and and Julia is never going to write a book, never going to read a book. Julia is never going to get a car Joe, you gonna live at home with us for ever and ever and we're gone somebody else's gonna have to take care of her, so I
I do wonder, though, with the same sort of lunacy describe my Julia as a privileged whites person. I dont see any privileges for her. I see problems and obstacles and challenge. is in difficulties. Now Juliet is fortunate Paraca little bit here, Julius got the best mom on the planet, and you know I do my part of my can- maybe maybe that's where she won. But how can anybody about a Helen Keller but Julia cats and say oh yeah, yeah privilege. That's the example of privilege. That's where we're headed by the way and I want us to do- to examine this a little bit more because I dont know how we the american culture.
American society. The american people move forward and we're labeling Helen Keller Privileged Juliet tat privilege. eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck AAA seven hundred and twenty seven This is Jeff cats sitting in today for glance on that programme. is the Glen Back programme. Jeff can't sit again today for Glenn, so happy to be here number reaching out of place beside Jeff wait a minute did I just hear you say that somebody described Helen Keller is another privileged white person. Yes, yes, you did and that is one of the stories you're gonna find posted. If you go to Glenn Beck DOT, com,
the blaze dot com, it's all up there, it's where I stop each and every morning you ve gotta, take a look at the stuff. It's outrageous. I talked about my daughter. Julia cats is hardly privileged Right, Julia only learned how to walk in the last couple of years. Last few years, Julius Seventeen Julia functions at the level of an eighteen month old and that's it Alright, there's not going to be one morning we're all of a sudden she wakes up and says: hey dad. You know, what I was just slow mandate for a little bit, but I'm I'm here, I'm team now, when everything is just fine. Ok,. Julius gonna, be with us for ever and ever so. Privilege is hardly the word that I associate with a pdf. There stands up and this is the Muse speak right. These
folks were telling you on a regular basis, don't believe your lionize listen to me. I want to tell you what you say: think how you should think when you should think it We give you one quick example: here you ever Brian Williams, Brian Williams was all the rage for awhile. Righty was one of these, like the chief Muse reader on MSNBC and now he's been bump down to one of the ones with with a whole bunch. Letters, we ve got a little snippets of Brian Williams,. It was one year ago today, a group of Anti Trump Republicans wrote. This are bad and the New York Times announcing something new called the Lincoln Project Remember, Brian Williams, under enemy fire was right there to help them launch that projects we gotta believe me or your lionize, I'm ordinary
you heard in Central Virginia not too far outside a Washington Dc Use Radio W our Ba in Richmond Virginia. I mentioned that weeks, seen our monuments, Monument Avenue destroyed this past summer, as there was violently raising this all over the country. Guess what happened? moderate sized community didn't get the same sort of attention, but I got news for you this is the less. This is the when you gonna look at go. Oh, that's! What they're up to tearing down monuments, eliminates discussion of the people who were featured on the monuments key- from examining the actual history and then you're told- or do you just believe this just believe this just believe this eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, late. Seventy seven back! Let me grab Steve, who is a North Carolina, hasty, welcome to the Glen Back Programme. would you have a nice talking to you, sir? my pleasure.
I just wanna dimension that I grew up in Richmond too for about ten years when there was a pastor, I'm sure you ve heard of going out of court. of course, I'm up it in actual in my four. It ok well I have heard this discussion with quite a few people in our minds. interim about her. I just me the word routes. and I say it: can you tell me about your roots that Egypt people that are different from me that I asked the question: do ok, a very happy to hear about routes, and it's not just the pilgrim but I want to know about their roots, then I want to ask- Oh Mamma asked them this question not done this for years and especially the time that all these places are binding. Social said look Do you want to know about my routes?
I may say to me- then they say to meet one sure enough. say my great great grandfather, Daddy Gettysburg, They will ask me what is Gettysburg ah STAR, no, no, I'm not kidding and then hinder us. They were you talking about similarly be caught in the fifty Seventh Virginia. He got shot in the head during pickets charge. It do you have you ever heard pickets charge, you know say, and what's that So so what happens? Is that become very interested in what I'm talking about? Ok, These are the same people that should be upset. Yes, yes, when we talk about when we talk about the words in that way, very interested in knowing body recalled me racist when I asked the man
what are they streams, bodies in the warm come and for what reason Steve. I saw appreciate you call on the Glen Back programming and steep hits on it. It is, This conversation, I'm telling you in Central Virginia now for eight years and everybody who has come to visit my firsts agenda item for them was to drive them up and down monument Abbe. Don't I'm Tellin ya or the same juggling. They collection a second place, trophies yea I gotta gotta got it but you're. So, let's get out of the car. Let's go. He who these guys were who's this person who's that person. But what are they do IRA? Well, we ve all got the followed its Google. This Google that legal, while their great conversations at an end, frankly their debates, but you know what everybody agrees on at the end of it, or at least you
do. There's nothing to see. Now it's it's just. It's embarrassing and its appalling and its shameful, but the conversation used to end invariably with an agreement that never again should decent people, let people own other human beings, and then you could talk about other parts of this. this civil war war between the states, war of northern aggression doesn't mean different titles, where right whatever was, but there were. There are all sorts of issues that need to be addressed there. There was an economic issue that needed to be addressed, but fundamentally decent people that saw those monuments on that street. We all came to the same conclusion. At the end, we all said: never again must will. Can we allow human beings to own other human beings?
You don't fix problems in the past by pretending they didn't happen. More reed is down in Florida. Maureen welcome to the Glen Back Programme here, Frazier connected with you. Thank you very much appreciate. History- and you guessed it s, listen to since I've been on hold the incredible and they all deserve honours and John mentioned about political people running for political office, people to step up now you who need to save our country and say this is what I'm running for I'm running to save my country, but that's not what did my call, descended from William the conqueror who goes down. Mary, Queen of Scots, of course, the mother of King James, the king James Bible, down to John Smith on the Mayflower.
and here I am today- we cannot erase history rights. Are children need to know where they come from, of course, of worse Maureen. That is that that is so true, and I appreciate the call we have to let people know where we ve been talk about where we are and at some point don't we think? Ok. So where are we going? You listen the Glen on a regular basis as I do, and what is Glenn talked about recently this great reset, why we're just gonna we're gonna change everything. We're gonna, make your life better, but before your life can be better, we gonna take everything away, you're not gonna, have anything and then you're gonna be dependent the government, but not to worry the law, because it it'll be fine, because what's gonna happen here, when the bills come, do the government has got to go out and get a second job. You know you're gonna walk into your local supermarket in you. Might
very well, see Nancy Palacio, the overnight ship she'll be stock in the ice cream and of in the freezer section or or schmuck humor, going around put up signs near the the spills on the floor. Lest anybody slip and fall, you we're gonna go out and get second job, so that we can all what's just luxury AIDS is. Is that what we are supposed to do is that I mean really: is that what we were built for? I had marked all the time or jack what he read the Bible. I am well I why you're reading that moves like it, donors manual, you know when you think about it: here's God go and hey. I made all you folks here, take a look at this page. Seven, that's you in NATO. But what are we supposed to do what they are supposed to be productive? I thought we could and should at least did.
Support those friends and neighbors who have got businesses owing to talk more about it, because I'm telling you behind every single local business, every name of a business. There are real honest to goodness people, that's what we have to be concerned with and now. we ve got the new corona virus that see right. We ve got another one coming up. Ok, I want you in just a moment to listen to some one who attacks the circle. General of the United States, this In general of the United States is explaining, who should who shouldn't when they should when they shouldn't and somebody who's means scale. So far as I can tell you is reading words Somebody else wrote on a teleprompter she's got to attack him. How all that and current continuing attacks on law enforcement, keep to funding the police and who even called dominoes
there's a problem, I'm telling you I mean I mention this earlier with my body, Jimmy Galiano, retired supervisory special agent from the FBI. We are getting to the point that Swat is going to stand for social workers and there were pissed. Remember you can always shoot me. Any mail man, I'd love to get some from you go to my website. Deject catch show, dot, com, be Jeff, TAT, showed icon, there's a contact born there or you to show email straight Jeff at the Jeff Catch show dot com, it is Jeff cats into deeper Glenn. This is the Glen Back Programme, your lesson tat grand back. You use the Glenville Programme can sitting in four Glinda Day base, in Central Virginia, but I gotta tell ya somethin connected with their friends and family around America love and this opportunity to visit with so many of glens, wonderful listeners.
I mentioned to you that that there's a war I guess it is its CBS. I want to get the attribution right here Sundays will face the nation or meat that the press whatever it is. I mean all of these show sort o blend together after while for me, but but she was talking to the surgeon general of the United States. Doktor Jerome Adams just want take a listen to due to a piece of this exchange. But in that same study from the Kaiser Foundation shows that this vaccine hesitancy cuts across?
racial lines of also cuts across political ones. But I want to drill in here because the highest amount of hesitancy about taking the shot is from Republicans forty, two percent. Of course, according to Keyser rural residents, thirty five percent wouldn't help to persuade those Republicans if the republic in President himself came out to try to persuade them to take the vaccine, he says he's so proud. He fast tracked. Do what plans TAT President Trump get a shot in the arm on camera. For me, I interpret point of view I will run people that the president has had open within the last ninety days he proceeded colonel antibodies, in that it actually one scenario where we tell people The EU should hold off on getting the vaccine talk to your health, provided find out the right time that doesn't make you? I you there? They medical reason that doesn't make you and mom it's
it does not, but we know that monoclonal antibodies, if you ve been administered them actually, our April, Actual reason why medically we would tell you to hold off on the vaccination Monica but nobody is talking to my ear, tell me exactly what these these Model- croat girl, but whatever they are, he's our republic in and and and dropped them. It's all tramp tramp tramp, I dont know what these poor people are going to if, in fact, they really are successful it having Joe Biden in August waited on January twenty. By the way, I still think we gotta go through January. The six I don't know, there's still some details to be worked out. I'm I'm just saying that there are a few things that probably will be discussed But you hear that right. Do you hear the condescension? It is just dripping from her well
all better than you are wrong. I view may be a medical doctor in the surge in general, but but raw marina teleprompter, I'm sorry, look you ye may very well be a wonderful human being. I really hope you are. I don't know who you are and- and that's ok and you don't know who I am and when we know no harm. No foul we're square on map, but if I'm gonna get advice, echo issue. I think I'm want to listen to the surgeon general of the United States. Before I listen to you- and you can tell me that it would inspire people like me. You know the great unwashed, those stupid people and fly over country. Why those people who was it? That was it it was for a prisoner Obama, right guns and God, or God and guns. You know we were the clinkers the or part of the basket deplorable, send the great on why shouldn't
got it. You know they are doing to people today what they ve done to good people in the past. Take a look at the Supreme Court of the United States. Take a look at Supreme Court, Justice, Clarence, Thomas, a brilliant, brilliant man who achieved such amazing things and he's been attacked and means in pilloried since day. One think about that by way. Clarence Thomas pops. To my because I just watched couple of weeks ago, the movie created equal created, equal Clarence, Thomas it his own words. It is all over the place. I think it was like a buck. Turandot Amazon or Netflix. All you ve got to read it. It is an amazing amazing, Phil cats filling in today for Glenn. This is the Glen Back Programme
pushing that Greek reset button. We are watching small local businesses get killed on three hundred dollar borders for the autumn, Lloyd, oh by the way we use this year answers next public. When the programme is a green back programme, just get it today, four Glenn back on the Glen Back Programme. It is an interesting week. Is it not folks getting ready? For Smith or we still allowed to say that we are right. We can still say that we're getting ready for Christmas. I am one of those folks who is not Ben did when you wish me a merry Christmas. I hate the weasel popular What do you have any one of the things you I mean? I know you do we should really. You know how you found me when you say Jeff, I'd like to kick in your shins repeatedly that bothers me
merry Christmas is completely and utterly motivated by the right things. Let me ask you to think for a moment About our small business said, you know, I am, has it to use the word small now I know we use the word small because we're comparing them to the multinationals rights, the guy that that has the store at the end of the street and it's not same EZ, Exxon, mobile or some other multi national corporation. So that's what we call them small, but I think the real word is local. That's the word Weed to start using somehow some way you when I have got to figure out how we can ART substituting local for small and here's. What I mean we are now ten months into the two week programme to quote latin the curve. This stopped being about flattening the curb along
I'm a goat. Did it. I understand we all want to be healthy. I understand what he wants to get sick. I understand we dont want our friends and neighbors getting any sorted debilitating ailment, I'm with you on that. There's no debate on that. I stop laughter. Shorter Tall Jus were gentile edge. Is but my question to you: Why are we seeing an all out assault on our local businesses? Let me give you two samples- and I use these examples time and time again, as I I talk to my friends and Louis nurse here and Central Virginia on news, radio W are Ba from Richmond. I talk about to businesses all the time, and I talk about
because the folks who owned and operate those businesses had become friends, and I ve been able to see up close and personal what it takes to actually own and operate a real business. I gotta take my car and get repaired, and so on Not this repair shop, certified auto repair is the name of it. You get it see our car so define, auto repair, and I look it up and people I'm looking at the reviews and I go all right: certified oughta repair and his rifle. That's what I'm gonna go because they ve got these great reviews and I had become. I sparring partners too strong, a word with the man who owns and operates the shop, and now I refer to him. Standing and risky is my brother from another mother. Why
I and understood the appeal of Donald Trump candidate long before I did and we got into these facebook battles. And I was on the wrong side by the way. Let me be very clear that I could not possibly a bit more wrong if I tried and I've tried. As I come on, stand easy TB guy and stems like no, you don't get it he's a business. Man he's a piece this man he understands is a business owner as a business operator. gotta be successful while
what it's all about stand, I asked my Zat eat. Is it just about the money now and we went back and forth and had these great discussions, my got my car fixed at the time, and now I can't tell you where the best of friends could cause we're, not friends. I promoted stand to family a long time ago. That's when I say my brother from their mother. So I tell you the name of the business de Gaulle yea or whether there are business out of their all millionaires. You know like now that business that Spain and make their own and operate that business so that they can give their dream their american dream, some air, some light. They want to achieve their american dream, which is owning an operating a world class car repair facility could stand like the car whisper. He wants to give
guys you know how to turn wrenches the opportunity to turn those wrenches. And can you see when he gives those mechanics those auto takes the opportunity to her those ranches, you know what they have to do. They get a by more wrenches the guy who was the wrench? Sir else? Guy in the area- and you know who that helps, it helps the company that manufacturers, the wrenches and you know who they employ. Men and women who were working on the line making those wrenches. This is a big picture item. Why are we trying everything it seems to destroy a local business makes no sense to me. I mentioned the the rest. Europe, my favorite restaurant, is right up. The road immunity is a mile and a half from where I live. all of your at Ashland Virginia go and visit Jake's place theirs.
In which named for me. I'll call is that, but that's the name of the business, the real name, windy, enjoy when the John OWN operate, that business Windy and John break their rear ends to two key people working to keep people eating to keep the light song, you know who gets paid the lasting any quote: small business, it's that business owner. It's the stands in the mail, it's the Wendy's in the Johns, it's the people, you what I live next to eat them. people you and I run into at added Highschool football Games or or a church now, of course, we're not We allowed to go to church
have high school football games. But you know back in the olden days when the when the world was open before the zombie apocalypse hit. We did those things, didn't we now? What are we doing. You know, I look at things around the country and I know everybody sees the Big NEWS stories right. You ve got you ve got the governor of care foreign. You says every body back to their houses wide under your badge, you're not allowed to your house, oh by the way, gotta be over here at the french laundry case. Anybody needs me, be paying seven hundred dollars for dinner and hang out with all my good friends, all ok, that makes sense. You ve got the but our Rhode Island. So everybody back to their houses hide under your bed. But if everybody needs me, I'm gonna, be it there's big time wine dinner, hob nobbing with other behalf novels. Does it make any sense to you? we're gonna say to our me First, we got more rules for you.
Folks who have never owned the business. They ve never operated a business. They they don't know anything about your business, but they're gonna, rules and regulations that govern it and united. We gotta get to follow him anyway, because we're just keep it everything closed. What about this makes sense. I look at my kids. Right by all the sky is a sophomore at Stanford. smarts he's home. Why? Because a closed, because their closed nobody's on campus, and those people who are on campus are actually doing classes from their dorm room. Well. What, should you do? That is the mindset for a lot of bulk, so they're back home. And my Julia my job you is severely, say but all she's, a wonderful young, lady believe me and you know
I don't have favorites amongst my children, although Julius my favorite, I love the most but Julia. Seventeen old punch, shooting at the level of an eighteen month old. She needs to be in school He needs the special ed teachers. She needs the therapists to help her so that she doesn't regress. She gets half hour a day with my wife's being there and they look at the computer and that's that's class does not make sense to anyone. am I little guy look my little guy is a great guy, but but he's academics are not his first interest. You don't my oldest, I Harry would get insulted. I mean belligerents. If we Sexual hey, did you do your homework? You say I've got straight AIDS, except for that time in fourth grade
I gotta be was like. Did he really? I don't even remember that. Did he go to fourth grade, So that's Harry was like. I can't believe it don't even asked me such a stupid question. Ok, never might and then by little guy look. I love Joe, but Joe is the sort of kid who looks at you says: oh, was that due to day so, only stupid, Keaton school jobs, caught a b with other kids, but he's gotta be with teachers instead he's in front of his computer in his bedroom in his sweat pants. You know it all comes back to sweat, pants and I keep having to buy sweat pants cause. I figured out with nineteen, that nineteen is the number of issues that by waste has grown since we ve been under this quarantine. or whatever? It is because it's like well
the end of the world. Might well have another bag of chips. We can any dip over their Jeff. You gotta have to think of deep when your pants ha that's. Why I'm wearing these bats gimme the chips, but I'm telling you he's gonna be in school. He needs teachers. He can't be sitting in his room in his sweat pants doing work online. It's not the same, but you know what this all ties into it all ties into what Glenn his hold us about four for a while now this great resets everybody's gonna be grey or baiser or whatever that you know the, though that the, Paint on the walls is when you going to look at a new home, it's like nothing there It looks like every other wall. That's the point. You're not gonna be able to strive for greatness you're, not gonna, be
able to live out. Your american dream, you're, going to believe everything, your food spoon FED and don't question anything and don't worry about it. We're here to help wow we'll talk more about it. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy two remind you about two of the best websites anywhere glennbeck dot com and the blaze come make sure you are checking those out a couple of times each and every day. If you want to send me an email Jeff at the Jeff Catch Oh dot, com, Jeff, at B, Jeff cats show dot com. It is Jeff cats in four Glenn. This is the Glen Back programme.
Jeff cats in today for going back one back programme, the great reset that land has been talk. about I've got news for you well under way and its staff It seems to me by eliminating those things that most of us at least in the past, that looked at said. Yes, that's what America is all about. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and twenty seven Beth William, is in Texas, William Welcome to the Glen Back programme. Jeff, a great pleasure to talk to you are actually have a couple of comments, but I wanted to start off with the great reset. I think that people are not looking at this.
correctly were we're using the word great because it's global. This is not an american thing, that global movement and how you get people to accept Also a room corporate level. You gonna take away the prosperity and security. You got a break the middle class and you ve gotta, disrupt the police system, ok and So as far as the more monuments we have a class of people, there are basic, When making your shaped down on the government, they are victim. not look at those warm memorials, three hundred and fifty thousand people, made the ultimate sacrifice for me too, down their lives and paid my reparation in blood
Those are such great points that I saw appreciate. You call on the Glen Back programme at your rights. The word great me confused people. Maybe we shouldn't use anymore, global as the global recent. How did all of these leaders? I am making those annoying airports, as I said, there are lobbies, leaders all over the world come up with exactly the same freeze. At the same time, you get all of the same material. Poster right builds back better with me only when I seriously I'll, even though that means how about just roulette American Four procures be Bruno Entrepreneurial Americans, how about allowing each of us to live our lives? Doing the right thing see for me that Part of this gotta tell you. not all about you know. I've made enough money now, I'm gonna get six pairs of fur, lined boxer shorts and
gotta be the happiest guy on the streets? Ok! Well I mean, if you got the money, I can do that, but it is about doing the right thing in its about taking care of people, and you know what I don't mean the government to come. It and say: hey hey You know that that five dollars you stuck over that we're take. Those fears are rare, taking back as we know better than you do. What to do with you. but not to worry, were helping help at all my own, but I do appreciate the interest. Bruce's is in Ohio, hey Bruce welcome to the club. Hey Jack. You do a good job on improved when thank you, sir. I was just thinking I thought of warm earlier this year, but it's kind of book how Hollywood has been making movies for years, like Mr Smith goes to Washington, the matron the shooter. a born permanently about corruption, and then I want to ask
happening. They deny it, It's all areas, anything even even while Walt Disney our kid wool ways and bugs life did king and we see how this thing after all, right in front of us here know you're absolutely right Bruce I mean here we had. If memory serves, we had four for years for Four years of people telling us Donald trumps told the election? The Russians stolid Donald Trump stall at your neighbour. You don't like yeah. He was part of the two and you go but but but but for years you remember these were the people who said hey even before trumpet, no you're right. We ve got when peach of any kind of raise your hand on the back. No, I don't think you can actually impeach him until
he's been sworn it. We don't care we're gonna, get ahead of the curve on this. Ok impeach him today, impeach him tomorrow, keep impeaching, I'm Antilles, Bully impeach. Does he impeached yet no well impeach him again was non stop it was this drum beat over, over and over again every day every hour. Every minute- and you know it's funny- is that Those very same folks are now telling us the election happened six weeks ago in union really see anything. So can we move along with the trumps gettin, there's stuff out of the White House, we like to play out. Can't we take a look into Look, I don't know exactly what happened, but I would like an honest appraisal. You know it occurred to me the right thing too.
it is for a a special council to be investigated to be appointed to investigate possible election fraud, and you know who should be the number one supporter of that each job by it? Joe Biden should be leading the charge so that he could some day stand up and say see. I told you why one c I really am the winner of this, but I dont here and saying that Now I understand their certain parts of the day you dont want to disturb him right. I mean he's gonna watch Matlock when Matlock is over. murder. Again with that look or oh, my She is something and then is the golden girls and then it's you know nap time again, but at some point somebody should say: hey Joe tell about make it This thing was on the up and Jeff at B cat show, dot, com, Jeff CATS, Billy
if going today. This is because of that programme is Glenn. Going back probe Jeff cats in today for Glenn what an absolute pleasure and honour it is to be filling in four Glenn for a couple of days and what an absolute pleasure it is chatting with. So many wonderful people we're we're looking at things right now. We lead up to Christmas day. I said, a good, be upset, so we lead up to Christmas day, we're there a lot of people that reflect on what they have done. A lot of what we have is being taken away. The question is: are we able to get it back? I don't know, I don't know I don't I don't want it Reed, and I do believe that that we're seeing their play out in all, I am part of bee line up
Use, radio w are Ba and Central Virginia Richmond Virginia the capital of the Commonwealth. And we oughta occasional basis we get to hear from our raw governor governor gelding now. He announced the other day that every body the common wealth media to see. in their homes, between midnight and five, and when he was ass at a press conference. Why was his response was, and I quote my group: Mother said nothing good happens after midnight. ok so you tell us, is dull cannon the watchful house and don't do wait a minute. Did you say your grandmother now this wasn't you're your public safety secretary, this was in some. Some of us
Stute world renowned criminal- and this was your grandmother- told you. Nothing good happened after midnight, so you are determined to take away my rights to travel freely here? That's that's just not working out well for my aunt, but that's what he said and we're seeing this around the country, the hypocrisy, the abject hypocrisy Ober Leftist or say now you need to stay in your house now. You need to shut your business now you need all the while the ral. there at parties there, it fancy dinners but we're not supposed to live our lives. What's wrong. With this picture, can I give you one other little thing here, Genova Jean she here. Is she's one of the senators from New Hampshire and Jean she hearing
well she's an example of of this leftist mindset. You know what I I lived and worked in Massachusetts. Free here. and there were times were. I would I be driving out of me. to choose its headed north into New Hampshire, and I think to myself- or I would say to my wife or whoever else was in the car boy. If only I had moved a few more miles. North anchors, Hampshire? Was the live, free or die state law taxes, a mine that said? Hey you might make it you might not. Hats on you, you ve got the same. during these as everybody else here, and what an amazing mindset and attitude laws and then you know what happened. Whole slower
people from ass. It use its would go to New Hampshire. Go man. The taxi, you're, really low, appear wow, look at all, but look at the property you can get for for this price and that price. So all that seems above that the Massachusetts bogs moved into New Hampshire and then just turned it into Massachusetts again, and so now new Hampshire is kind of like the like master use its attic, yet like a whole. Bunch of stuff is up there and every once in a while, you go up there, look around and go well, that's kind of cool, or maybe I made you come back down, but injury, he knew is part of this new New Hampshire which says we scribe to the two that Goober left wing agenda completely so anyway Let me give you just a little step. It here of gene shrieking, please. Each of us who are serving cover bill has been, but he has not been sworn in, but each of us who are serving a senators took an oath to up.
hold and defend the constitution of the United States? One of the most fundamental principles of the constitution is the peaceful transition of power. These Senators and members of Congress who have refused to acknowledge that we had a free and fair election in which Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by over seven million boats are bordering on sedition and treason ha what weight of it so so so so that I am clear if people are not bowing down to some, Luke Joe Biden, their guilty obsolete dish. In any reason, just skips wait for once
for four years for years you told us that Hillary Clinton was the real winner. Hillary Clinton was, was elected. Oh and by the way, let me just say this: Hillary Clinton, not the president today, doesn't that feel could seriously say with Hillary Clinton. Not the press are really just good thing. but for four years it was non stop, and now you have people. would save decent. Honourable people say: well, wait a minute now we're all sorts of changes like to these mail and ballot rules. Don't you think we ought to take a into this and see if it was all on the up and up but she's telling us were guilty of treason. Hand.
That's it says it's a pretty big leap. Don't you think? Eight eight, eight, seventy seven back triple eight. Seventy seven back Joey is up in Maine Joey. Welcome to the Glen Back Programme. What's happened unsure how area? I am fine. Thank you, sir. I have fled the state America, too, and you get a meal in and you still got crazy people. Probably she got moose here. You can monitor They shutdown of everything it ass, then Vienna, Comic that was shut down, which which dunk We also had a b and be with her fourteen days. our team all starting place. Ninety years of running a successful business go on in the flash ah said just made it I'd like to try to stick this out until our governor says people can stay at our hope. Only make him
then things worth looking bright. So now it's it's an early wife cage, but it's a good one. All rights. It so tell me a little bit now: you flee Massachusetts. You you can't work as a as a comedian. You can't work opening your home to people that want to come in for the bees So what does mean letting you do? right now. They have you know they It shows going on many different places, say practically option has limited shares with an evil. Ok, whereas masses, you start, while nothing they're, not gonna, get mad. Goodbye De Clercq restaurant protocols work from till they don't. stop working at the little one,
Are you always this is you can understand? This is the smartest virus of all types it. It knows if you're having alcohol or not, it knows if you had a sandwich at nineteen at its coming for you baby, you know it, on to meet it. A governor in New York, where they ve got death rate doesnt work, for about how wonderful he handled this as the cases like a right in the middle of his book for records, yeah tolerably on how well that works for you is covered with cold. Doing a lot of those books. Signings in those assisted care living facilities, do think now harmonise out the apparatus it is political in nature: are they on bicycles would be my question out there on long island is there? Oh, my gosh will Joey
You so much, I am so sorry to hear that did it that the business clothes but happy to hear that maybe get a new peace, a life up in Maine Sarah is in Georgia. He Sarah welcome to the Glen Back Programme, yet they were taken. My car will thank you for making it yeah it. They're they're they're, held different and destroy everything. I think ah to children who have graduated from college, both of them with Phds. While of course you know they were raised in the conservative house, but they went college, and so now, I'm not really sure, hearings or guy. You know we're having the Senate run off. Yes and I went out to see the vice president.
at the airport in an open hang out with him for an ogre. Now my children are not seeking to make for Christmas. Like about that, I went that I was irresponsible and that they really just you know we're not gonna talk to me and I was blown away by it. But then, of course I got mad is the mother than I am, and I told him I said you know. Probably the worst thing I ever did was to send. You last comment: Sarah Fisher? Let me ask you this: is it too late tell them it you're, going to disown them It's your you're out of a well you're, not getting any. Oh, my cool stuff. So very ago now I mean real. It's it's unbelievable! Why haven't you got
children- I know I know not even one about my college. We made a good life where he works, but he still work and I worked in the assisted living industry for twenty one years started at the bottom of my way to the top went my rifle the Burma, while at Nicole score. You didn't do anything you want today and you don't have to go to college. How can I agree you, sir, and I appreciate that call, and I appreciate that mindset. Look. Isn't it MIKE World talk. All the time about honest work, right eye but you I had an occasion. A couple years ago we had to call a plumber, four hundred and fifty dollars to come in for a modern, eleven minutes worth the work to snake drain. We didn't get his hands dirty. I worked as a as a kid when I was a teenager if they help my uncle Paul as he was a plumber man, that's nasty hard work in its aid can be really really well ugly. Let you say that, but its honest,
work? I'm sitting here and my beautiful little broadcast huh right outside my door? I got a whole bunch of mud. We got rain and its multi is like a swamp. I'm waitin there's a guy who's. Oh he's, quite literally, going to dig a ditch and make my life better, and I'm grateful for that, and I'm grateful to him and everyone of us off to be eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy three never have got to check out the website. Glennbeck dot com at the blaze com it is it just mandatory reading. It ought to be for you, everyone, a semi, Gmail Jeff at the Jeff TAT, show Dotcom Jeff at the Jeff Catch Yoda come Jeff cats in four Glenn. It is the Glen programme. This is the Glenn Beck Programme, Jeff cats filling in for Glenn today, just a piece of bread-
news just a couple of moments ago, attorney general, William BAR announced that he is not, I repeat, is not going to be appointing special counsel for either the election matter or the Hunter Biden Matter. Well, you shouldn't somebody look into these things really are we leaving? These were Joe Biden leaving the investigation of Hunter Biden to Joe Biden. Now I know I was never a United States attorney. I was never a prosecutor but It just seems to me when you're trusting the guy with the name Biden to be responsible for somehow taking a look at the potential problem, it was with somebody else named. Why didn't we got a problem
Firstly, I would not trust the big guy. Is it too soon to start referring to them as La Josiah Nostra it might be. I'm gonna get involved with somebody actually knows about that any other by the election fraud. Is there no body who can say to Joe Biden: listen Let's say you are inaugurating on January: the twentieth: don't you want this thing to be as clean and his honest as possible so that you can stand in front of the american people and say I really am your president's people. talking about January, the six. That's what all of these electoral votes are gonna be presented to Congress. now I dont know what vice president might Pence is going to do. I don't know what congressmen bow x or Senator RON Johnson, we're gonna do Can tell you this because
pensive I a thousand years ago were baby talk, show hosts together. I kid you not only by one claim to fame that my pensive, I used to be show hosts together now, MIKE obviously did far better than I did, but that's not the point. That's not the point. I know that MIKE Pence is a decent, honest. Honorable man and I know he's going to do the right thing and I'm looking at President Trump today and I'm looking at the people around President Trump people, like you and people like me, and I'm saying
we got to stand with this president's. Not everybody was there when he first announced his candidacy. I know I wasn't, but I've watched for four years has this: guy has busted his rear end tirelessly on behalf of us. We owe him we got to stand with them. Keep them in your prayers for sure. Happening credible day, God willing you and I get the chance to do. This again- is Jeff cats in four Glenn. This is the Glen Back programme. This is the Glen Back Programme.
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