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Hello Goldfish of America | Guest: Nick Di Paolo | 9/25/19

2019-09-25 | 🔗
Democrats are going all out for impeachment in a game that makes the Clinton impeachment seem RATIONAL! The American people have become goldfish! We’ve forgotten that just LAST WEEK the media was discredited for their Brett Kavanaugh hit job. Glenn and comedian Nick Di Paolo go over the newly released “transcript” of the Ukrainian call. Shockingly, the Ukrainian president actually ASKED FOR Trump’s help with the Biden scandal! Glenn watched cable news for the first time in a year and could hardly believe how far it has fallen. Viewers call in to discuss how the media and Congress have become a clown show that condemn Trump no matter what he does.

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I watched cable news for the first time in about a year. And please excuse me if I have like Vietnam Flash I don't think I've ever done anything so, intellectually scarring. As watching. Watching an hour of sea and at last night I don't know vile ever quite recover from that. Still is back here is an interesting angle. He he left he left last week when we were talking about impeachment good news is we're still talking about impeachment, but there's been some changes and I get a fill me in thought that, and you in sixty seconds bag programme,
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need jail. Now, there's a slide wrinkle in this story way You laughed yes, the press. The New York Times had come out with a whistle blower that said, Cavanaugh had done all these things that turned out to not be true, and so last week. Yes, we were talking about impeachment, but they were all gung ho on impeaching Brat Cavanaugh right right I've only been out for a week. You left you left on your left on Wednesday night. Well, something happened on Wednesday. We had another whistle blower on Cavenaugh known on Ukraine and in an trump now we during
in Trump yeah. We don't need training Biden that was more than whistleblowers that I had heard of her now know that was that's old news k. No, that's quite honestly! Today, that's now what about ism I'll explain in a minute, so we have a new whistle blower who we don't know who said that the president threatened to hold back funding if they didn't give him dirt on Joe Biden and his son guy, but that we will need more dirt on the Joe Biden and his son with Ukraine. Vanity was apparently we do that, because the press, as there's nothing to that story and saw him from the press. It was reported by the New York Times. I know, but there was nothing to that story. Ok, so that's a conspiracy theory now,
while I really have ask you, Mr La so now, that's a conspiracy theory and Donald Trump is only bringing this up because he is trying to get out of his threatening verbiage on this phone. Call that a whistle blower well I say heard cassettes away was first presented, but it turns the whistle blower did hear about this, but it may have been at a bar. It wasn't even at work. Ok, it had nothing to do with his work related duties. So he heard someone talk about how the president was withholding funds, and so he blew the whistle to Congress and they're moving forward with impeachment papers,
Now the president says he didn't do this. You ready resident said he didn't do this and he's going to release the transcript of that conversation. And he's also going to release the I e G report, which apparently shows that the whistle blower was dismissed by the attorney general, because the whistle blower has it out for Donald Trump is political operative. Oh my god he's new cycles ways have been forty of them.
Past five days, yeah! So for your with the rest of America, this has happened so fast still, but though the whole all of America is going like like last night, was anybody else going wait you're going to file articles of Peter not now sarks our that's an upstart they're, not even filing articles of Peter they're, not actually doing impeachment, they have to vote on impeachment. The whole house has to vote, can they move forward with an impeachment proceedings. So nothing really is changing their just saying you know it's. It's like Michael Scott and
I declare bankruptcy. I declare bankruptcy right, not how you declared bank of its rocky, exactly right, so Nancy policies, and I declare rage at doesn't really by any thoroughly do any that doesn't duty the actually vote on. Yes, yes, you do. This is a family, but will it places an interesting part of this right because she has been the one supposedly holding this up the whole time? Yes thirty, two years of investigation, yeah Russia didn't pull the trigger, but now in time when I'm on vacation in the last week. She's changed your mind. This story, whether they sell an investigation as if these changes your mind, there's no investigation on it is even have the transcript of the call it has already for impeachment on the areas. I was just saying what she was doubtingly yesterday at five o clock eastern time. I thought to myself. You know in eighteen hours, you're either gonna have evidence or not, and we ve found. I thought pretty clearly that if Wait for the evidence and report back there, I probably wouldn't of Yemen.
Picked up their time now, they're not going to do that now. Is so we ve gone. We we have now gone into impeachment without going into impeachment it's just not on Cavanaugh it's on Trump and it's not on the whistle blower that was discredited for Cavenaugh. It's a new whistle blower that we have no idea of what even said, and neither did neither does neither does Congress, but there already. Or the impeach there already for the impetuous does not sound like the action of a party that is competent. It's going to win the next election is here this does not do as it does not sound, like maybe they're in favour of chaos, It's almost like their their hope is hey. Maybe everybody will be so tired of this and they'll just go. I can we just can't have you know, president trompe too stupid things from time to time in the press and everybody so against
I am so sick of everything what he is saying: spinner, we'll K Andrew Yang as President in out. I mean, I think, that's their Hale Mary Pass here is, is just it's an anybody, but Trump Amy. Body, but Trump, but I don't know I mean what do you have anybody, but from his easy you have an election coming up in a year this their jumping on this bandwagon in this short of appeal, The time. May I e that there was a don't think. They're gonna win that there is a chance. There is a chance that in the next five weeks, the President resigns in shame and we have president my pants, don't think it's a good chance, but there's a chance. We also have a chance that the
president has, as it were, is going to nail boards across the windows of all media outlets, because they ve all gone out of business because they ve so discredited themselves that this is the last straw. I mean, let's remind people, it was a week ago the press was all in a tether because they were going to impeach brat but I remember it was a week ago and they discredited and we thought Orwell oppress, though his illness in the press? Now they ve been discredited? Oh, oh ah same organizations now saying this, which is leading to an impeachment frenzy for the president. Now at some point, you're gonna board up the winds
you don't mean at some point already. Will I mean you wanna talk about the boy cried wolf. This is by the way you are you, you missed all the global warming or wonderful lost. The speeches from the children were beautiful. It is absolute child abuse. What is happening right now, but again you're gonna board up the windows, because even the IPCC report, the people who wrote that damn reporters guys we're not dead in ten years. I just want you to know it's: it's not extinction level, There's that we're we're not saying that whose saying this ten year thing besides Ale see now the press and everybody let these kids go on tv Joe Stoa bites Ogilvy Daddy ten years, and everybody said: oh, my gosh look at them. How dare you criticise
one of the one of those children. I that's one of those things where the the Lord works in mysterious ways and and its very mysterious right now, and he he you know it comes to how does he had he provide for your family? I did see clip of of of the climate protesters. I thought maybe on vacation, while a sixteen year old lecturing me about how Eve I am.
The climate is probably a good week for me to be the issue of probable rapidly, silently is poor Wells Fargo in their their mortgage payments so that they should be made for a little bit longer. So today, today, we're gonna get the transcript and its by the way. It's not a transcript. We dont tape. The phone calls of the president, so don't be surprised. How many to alcohol tell you how this is all going to play on the press, but first a transcript comes out, but it's not a transcript. It's a memo. It's a memo of what happened on the phone call and the recollection of like four people that were witness. To the phone call they do this. They put it in a file. So the first thing is heat and even to release a transcript. There is no transcript. There is no transcript. We don't tape. The president's phone calls. Hello. Nick
then they kind of got away from the recording every thing. So the first thing there's a this is and even a transcript. We want the audio. Why won't he released the audio there? no audio, then they're going to say well done I D report and this transcript. We can't tell anything from this. We can tell a darn thing so now, they're gonna get the evidence that there wasn't anything. My guess is there is something in there something little, but it's gonna be. Let me read either way and they're gonna say see. That shows it is rooted in the press will assume the worst and they will continue to go forward last night
If you ve been following this at home? You know that what this started with impeachment, because he would not release the I e g report. He wooden release the Idee report. If you will release the transcript and you all release the Idee report. Well, that is you your your violating the constitution, and you have to work or to impeach him, because he will not release the Idee report and he will not release the transcript. So then he says: ok, I'm going to release the transcript and I'm going to release the Idee report vague go ahead with impeachment and after she says impeachment, this is a quote from CBS News. This president doesn't care about
presidency only cares about himself. He is going to release the transcript. What foreign leader now will trust any of our president's going forward that their conversation, we'll be kept confidential unreal on I mean you do we do, Are we goldfish? Are we goldfish because I really feel like I'm living in a world of goldfish, because everybody says turning round and five seconds. They forgotten what just happened. Forgot that last week they were doing this with Cavanaugh and the same people who told Cavenaugh was guilty, have been discredited and you're listening to begin hello, goldfish of Amerika what is wrong with you. It's really incredible and there's so much more to tell and we'll get into that in a minute.
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to release it. This is damned if you do damned. If you doubt- and this I want to remind you- goldfish you're! Not even sheep anymore Americans aren't even sheep, their gold fish, we're swimming in a sea of three hundred and fifty million goldfish. This damned, if you do damned, if you doubt, is coming from the Party of Fairness, the Party of Fairness Week, we know at fair, is really guarantee the transcript matter today. I guarantee you no matter what the idea report says. It won't matter today if they both could said they could have the ukrainian President on saying please. Mr President, please threaten me, no, I'm not gonna. Do it it's wrong! Please Mr President, please I've got information on Joe Biden. I mean
Gonna hear it. Mr Prime Minister, you could have that on the tape and they would find away. Did you see what did you see? What yeah, that's what the word say, but we can't tell without hearing the inflection weak tell without hearing the pause has what he really meant. Anybody who thinks I got nothing to hide, really listen up. This transcript will not matter today. It will go to inflection. His intent was in his heart. But they know because they have a party of fairness there. Now, accusing the right of what about ism This is just the right playing. What about ism? No, you have to be the first in with a story to claim that and the Joe Biden,
under Biden story. We ve been on for months for months. This isn't what about ism? This is wait, a minute you're just wait. You saying that the president's shouldn't say: hey like to know about our vice president. Was he in dirty dealings because we lost one point: eight billion dollars because job I didn't said yeah just we're gonna give you this scope to go to a breeze MA. I and some other things whatever you decide, but put it into this bank we're gonna transferred into this bank, which was owned by the corrupt oligarch of very small and it just disappeared. Does anybody want to know what happened to one point? Eight billion dollars of your tax money. I would
I would of Labelling Trust the Congress to get to the bottom of that not a chance trust. The justice Department not a chance. The intel not achieved hence this administration. No, the media absent, Lee not so who is going to ask for it? You know longer have anything you can trust everything. You thought was solid. Is now liquid. Look the reason why there saying this is what about ISM now is because they control something called what we used to call in radio cube and as a programmer ease to play the cuban thing all the time. Whoever has the most listeners hey, you might have. People were very, very loyal to your station. It doesn't matter.
Whoever has the most listeners, even if they are listening only for five minutes a day in their lesson in their favorite station all day long, the one who has the most listeners, you can steal anything number one hit music station Europe as long as they don't have a lot of list There's the very next day. If you get on and say you're the number one hit music station, everyone, We believe they stole it from you gave their Game of who has the loudest voice right now media has the loudest voice. It is why our trying to shut people up at our ban. It's why they. Are trying to silence the right on line because our voices becoming effective and they can't have that This is why they're playing what about isn't, but I don't think it's gonna work. They are not about
fairness, they're, not about diversity, they are about total control. More on the impeachment coming up here. Listening being respond. Responsible, armed citizen is a serious commitment. By the way did anybody else here: they're not gonna, be able to make a deal now in any kind of gun control, because this president this present? It's not going to deal with you. You damn right, he's not going to deal with you, but he's not like Bill Clinton who will come back in a police. This is why the? U S concealed, carry association exists because people need protection and they need detection in your home need a gun, but then you need protection from the other bad guys. The guys come in suits with briefcases called lawyers in person. Into your home and your forced to shoot them in self defense, you're still going to jail that night, you're gonna need legal counsel
Can it be a lot better off if you already have the kind of education? The? U S ccs provides and the legal protection they provide bright Now they like to introduce themselves, do you give you a chance to win your share of twenty thousand dollars? You would win, thousand dollars right now, just by texting. The word back to the number eight seven You do too, that's the word back to the number eight seven two to two: it yourself acquainted with a: U S, concealed, carry association now Welcome to the programme. Pat Padre was here from Pat Gray. Unleash t filled in whilst do was gone. Stews back welcome back to stew, your thoughts on impeachment Pat get it. Let's get him out of there seriously. He made a phone call.
We don't know anything about what happened during the phone call yeah, but we know that one was made. Not enough for me. Is that enough for me, or I sites are admitting that part of it yes said of those rules, so that much at least we know is fat transcripts, not gonna, meet him out of anything anything and as you point as it mattered, not actually a transcript. So this will be their fall back. Position right when it's not a transfer, though so I thought we were given a transcript guys. Three one is expecting and they all know the media knows the politicians know everyone knows not a transcript, not a transcript. So is a recollection of four people that they do after they call is made. They write notes, they put it in a mammal, they put it in a file, so it's not an actual transcript. So why is everyone calling it a transcript? Because when you see it and it's
not a transcript than there is a wide and they really strengthen its also, whether why they're asking for the whistle blower report as opposed to the transcript and they got the whistle blower parties releasing that too, and the whistle blower report will be essentially not even a recollection of someone who heard the call. But someone who heard a rumour of what happened on the call yes and they are going to say, obviously they are don't like Trump or they would be. We know. Are they not like what he's doing here so that I e g apparently said we're not pursuing this, because this guy has it out for Donald Trump. He is just a political hack, and so we're not pursuing this, and apparently that's all in the Idee report, which is also supposed to come out, and there has to be more than just what is set on this call to well that's the Democrats are saying that there is there is. There is
will there be guns, whistle blower? It is rumoured that this whistle blower has much more than just this. Do we know what they're alleging or what their? Supposing I know we don't know? We don't know this whistle blower just has more more then this so wait a minute. The whistle blow. It has more than hearsay, hitch, which really do he didn't tell us anything. So then he heard that the president had done something wrong on the phone, that's very exciting, so I can't wait to hear the next shoe to drop. Well. Wait till. I share this with you. You guys were on the year, so maybe see the CNN breaking news about twenty minutes ago now, known on CNN, break it little legitimate. Cnn banner. Breaking news according to us Dna source trumped does not want to be impeached well yeah yeah yeah. Well, I don't know the dead spine, shilling information, wow
but whose their source everyone it. Once you ve been given a source like tat, ride a man more break. It is, though I am on the site right now. This is from an insider close to the source. Now is apparently close to trompe, as mentioned on more than one occasion that he does not want to tracked, bubonic plague real yeah I'll homes only doesn't shake hands with people. Yes, one of the reasons reserve requirement, but that's one of em right who gave my gosh there's this just in a whistle blower overheard Donald Trump declaring he would not enjoy soaking in vat of battery acid wow. While this president has got to go, think about all the bad, the jobs associated with bed battery ass. If anything, sure, but we rode by the sooner you ever think we would get to appoint to where we would look back fondly on the Clinton impeachment and say that was it
rash here now there you're right, we're there for anybody who didn't live through that it was a rational here crazy at the time, but those with a good old As you remember, the world seemed me: we thought at the time the world was nuts under Clinton. Can you imagine I mean that was like that was like a Shangri ah compared to what were what were involved had? I was sadly day you said to be a nineteen ninety to wait until you see, but let the world's gonna be like between two thousand ten two thousand twenty I don't think we make. Unlike Pat, do you oh, how much would have to happen for that too what's happening with blinding speed, ball, lightning, speed every day, something more comprehend. I watch the news last night and I really had to go into the other room and just hugged my wife, and she said it was there
bad. They said honey. You and seeing CNN and a year it in the same in India, prehensile. That's what it's like aids in saying there were two I mean almost everything they were saying. I'm like that's right! That's not right! No wait a minute. How could you please, How do you say that what you're saying it anyway and they just are just their certitude- is so crazy- anything that they ever said about me on Fox. I am Edward R Murrow compared to those people Literally all brown literally, that's I I was edward- are Moreau in compared to this clown show that is going on and they have such certitude and and they're going to protect us and they're gonna protect the cons,
to show its insanity insanity. Your invitation. Did you hear what bill weld said here? He suggested that the President be execute it over this execution. We have no fax or random, dancing and singing like multiple times you get. This is such treason and tree. The only the only penalty called for in the constitution is death for treason, and so he suggesting that Donald Trump be executed. Oh my god, I'm I mean that's a nice again. We don't even know what happened. I call, and even at the worst accusations about what's happened on the call don't seem like anything close, not two trees at us that is,
a wild and well is running against drug trump. I mean so he's gonna say about things about him, but still like that. That's footprints fatted over the line their bill. Can I just ask a question. I just saw as you two were talking about something far more important. I got distracted like a goldfish, and I saw on Fox NEWS. The banner only two president's have been impeached and one was Nixon and one was Johnson. No, but that's what they said. That's what they said only two president's have been in. Next knows not impeached. It know they were going to or going today will be going to that they never did. He resigned before they could vote for it Clinton. Whistler Lyndon Johnson yeah. I mean it, Maybe I may mess there's no picture of Clinton anywhere there. I factors are shot. The summit
important to us right now ripe rise. I write. What is our obsession? Double we talking about. I mean CNN is a perfect example of this. It just doesn't matter any story like when it comes down to its a weather, related store. There's a big tornado. They will find a way to bring that two Donald Trump it it doesn't matter what the story is. We went through this. I think one day I think you were here that day this is but a few months ago, but we went through the app the CNN app literally. Every single story on the app is about Donald Trump, and it was about seventeen or eighteen dear, when they finally after eighteen stories got to one that did not bring it to drop and they were all from whatever scandal of the day they had without from from there, but also stuff, it's completely unrelated to Donald Trump like. If it's you know it's a story about a company like going out of business or you know a change in leadership at accompany they'll say how its remit
Donald Trump they bring everything back sort stories backed down. So here is everything back to here's. The thing people are sick of it. Mr President, learn one thing from Bill Clinton. One thing You need the release, these transcripts and gonna say all kinds of things about the transcripts and the IG report. Need to say I'm done talking about impeachment last week. We're talking about impeaching, bread, Cavanaugh and the same people who brought you that flood story brought you this flood story they told me that they wanted to impeach me, because I wouldn't release the Idee report and the transcript now. You're saying- goes watch they will that's not enough. Now they want to tape, would they know a tape doesn't exist? You don't even have to get in. All of this just say that last week they were.
Talking about impeachment. The same discredited source has got them in a frenzy this week. I'm done talking about impeachment. The american people want things done in their country. And this Congress is only about- they know I'm guilty of something they just haven't found it yet This is the party of fairness I'm done talking about. It I'm not going to address it. It's time I go back to work for the american people, and I suggest those in Congress do the same. He wins he will He wouldn't wins. If he does that. Still got day out of this now, because it's just ridiculous and if he gets entangled He will be covered in the same mud of the media and the and the and the Democratic Congress. I it doesn't seem like
What he likes to handle the noise legs Levite may have done. He likes the battle, but Amerika is tired of this fight. They ve already made their mind. You're either he's absolutely guilt. Or he's absolutely and innocent and you're not going to change mine unless you have actual evidence and they're not gonna, come up with evidence on anything. What part will whose mind is going to be changed by this nobody's nobody's nobody's? What is this? I really think this is where them out make Donald Trump look like the reason we have so much chaos in the world and can't get any done, they're going to say this president is a. We were not able to get anything done with this president. We can do anything. Now and you should say, yeah, you're, right, you're right, because you ve been on a constant impeachment from the day he was elected, not even sworn into office. The d
he was elected. You went on this march, then you actually add legitimate marches when he was putting his hand up sworn into office. You have on this forever. If What are you so stupid that you don't understand? If you just praise this president he's your buddy. You have me every wrong call- and you have celebre Did they were again last night, they actually said Chris Cuomo. These words came out. What was the date yesterday? The eighteenth NOS twenty four, Twenty four! If ok, he actually said September, twenty fourth, a date which will live in it. Well, we don't know Yet, while a balance in the media only how that's unbelievable, every time. You got on this time- boys, it's almost like the
busters movie the original where she pushes the by we got one it's every time. They I'm swinging down that pole running to their cars going. We got him this time. We got in our trap. Now you know you know what she is feel just depressed at this point, if you're CNN, if tried this, how many times over how with over two years or three years list- and they got him- and that is there are there's seemingly actually believe this, because it's the definition of insanity, they really have a mean. You could make a case. You could make a strong case that they have gone in sight.
Yeah. It's it's laughed illusion anymore. It's insanity, yeah, it's like it's! Like a conspiracy theories, whose, like locked in a convincing people, that nine eleven was an inside job and no one will believe me and if I keep saying it and eventually I'll get there and the people will believe me, it's like well, it's not true, and at some point that becomes, you know a little obstacle in your journey or or or you change tactics, change tactics, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, Vega. He I'm doing. Exactly the same thing is working guys, zau working will mean that you will have your windows boarded up at some point, because no- what is going to believe you on any level, it's incredible how blind they have become.
Let us not through any other Dixie and in bringing new reports that come out from doesn't want, Oh wow, this guy's Guiana girl how this can we gotta get gotta we have we ever do we have a New York Times whistle blower on that allow wow coming. First, they were the people that brought you the bread Cabinet Story course worked out to nor impeachment, but this week this week literally the next week there doing it again, gold fish all right, no one of the things that you could be doing in your life, but you would really enjoy for me it's painting, maybe writing, for you. Writing is another one big for me. Sculpting writing a horse whatever it is. Can you do that when you are in constant pain, because I couldn't
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baby, easier pain and get your life back. Go to relieve factor, dotcom, that's relief factor, dot com is the Glinda programme. Ah my gosh- I just there just doesn't exist as are getting better than the insanity. That's going on today by the way will be live at five tonight on blaze, tv we're gonna go through the transcript. I think I don't know that's for sure, but I think we're gonna have Alan Dershowitz on going over the going over the transcript in the idea. This should be a epic epic show today, five o clock. You don't want to miss that if a transfer bachelor
I was out, if not we're we're gonna. Have we get like Tipp son you're, looking at its a puppet Sierra Puppets interviewing Alan Dershowitz, wrapped about Oj Simpson, alas, that so whatever happened a gate? Ok, when there is a night five p m, the transcript should come out. The White House is preparing to release the transcript with the ukrainian president. The president of the United States is currently in the United Nations, giving yet another speech. I thought he gave a great speech yesterday. It did to the venezuelan per person, wishes reading a book in the middle of speech, because you know he's been critical of Venezuela, and so she chooses of breeding a book good for her yeah that so few. It would be interesting to see what the book was. Why I have to tell you: don't you want to come back in a hundred years? I mean not to stay just to come back in a hundred years and to see how this all work-
and how people are alike. I didn't do it. I wasn't what for Venezuela Network for all of crazy socialist I've known, I wasn't me and while there I would get a sports almanac we're still way. Oh, the transcript has been released. The new phone book is here: let's get a copy right away, just been released caraway. Now despite and other fake accusation, with no cooperation against Spread Cavanaugh, the left still wants him impeached better flat out said he would come, skate. Your guns democrats want to push red flag laws, but you know exempt the known guy members and finally, they want to find out what happened with Donald Trump on this phone call and they're going to impeach. Why
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find him and his comedy show for free, and I warn you marry politically incorrect and he uses potty language a lot. You can find him at Nick DIP, dot com, Nick DIP, dot, com, hello, Nicht APOLLO. How dare you dare you Glenn powder it? What did I say now neck potty language come on we're like not like a pirate yeah, you do padding. Pirates would blush Listen Nick! Did you see Nancy Pelosi yesterday and hurrying nerd announcement of impeachment? Well, what eleven are nominated impeachment? It was an inquiry into
Each man, wool, that's like being warmer with the sand, you're on a double secret dahlberg at all. It is it. Is these holler skin back any tighter her belly buttons on our Adams? Apple trotted keeper dentures in violence. Teeth fell out last week. Not yet I looked all they need. Is it a tube of Polly Dent to bring this party together, but India about here's? What I love for she comes out says: nobody's above the law, hello, Hillary Clinton, hello, thick ankle dong, face and watching the Democrats trying to pull down tromp, it's like watching Antigua, trying to pull down the statue of liberty. Silly strangle it is, you know, it's really strange is, I think, the american people or goldfish, because he was last week
The New York Times was trying to tell everybody that they had a source that would lead to the impeachment of of Cavanaugh. And everybody was talking about impeachment with Cavanaugh. Then we found out. Oh that's discredited and we moved on the very next day the New York Times had a whistle blower. That said, they have something that could impeach done. Trump and we all went there and the guide herded second hand. What did he get? The guy drunk, who does the carpets and the West Wing, waited here. It's a bathroom attendant heard something but Trump comes out in and he's so funny, because it was the perfect phone call who qualifies phone calls like it,
This is the this. Is the perfect phone call honey, I'm not going to be home tonight, I'm going to Strip club with my friends I'll see you tomorrow morning and your wife goes: okay, honey, just wear a rubber, that's the perfect for me or Megan Fox calls. Your apartment says: I'm fine! minutes away gallon and I have a gala baby oil in fifty blue Jews. That's it that's the proper form I, you know what we owe you money I got it. So. What do you think is? What do you think is? the who's gonna work out for because I can't find good ending for Congress. I can't find a good ending for Biden. I can't find a good ending really for I mean unless Trump comes out and does the Bill Clinton thing, and let me be specific about that with you That is a plant. Yet where
he came out gave out, and he said I did not have sex with that woman. Monica Louis and I got to go back to work for the american people. If he would come out and say this, is it clown show I didn't do it. They no better than this, and I'm going to work for them How can people? I don't care about any of this? I think he would be
the adult in the room, and it would make them look like the clown that they are. That's what he's saying and that's what he's gonna say that he's gonna benefit from this and unless our country is that stupid now, but I mean this saying this: isn't a peach ball offence? How? But our bomber sank to the President of Russia in twenty twelve on alive, might Medvedev I'll be more flexible after the campaign over they talking about Height Yoga class and what are they may find? And why do you have to dig Bert Europe to dig dirt up on Biden he'll? Give it up himself eventually he's the opposite of a self cleaning. Evan you just gotta get get a couple of people are at an NGO uncle Joe tell us how you and Hunter Scam the Chinese out of a billion and half dollars. Can you tell us that when again you don't have to dig up
he's a gap, machine yeah, it's it's! What's what's remarkable here, I'm just looking over the the transcript we have the transcript. Shall we go over it? Let's go over to solve some of it and see what she was in its them up the transcript. I have the tree script. I didn't get my morning paper that difference, and I just I just I just got it regulations on a great victory. We all watch from the United States. You did a terrific job. You can tell those speaking right now, just by the use of the word terrific, the way you from behind somebody who wasn't given much of a chance and ended up winning easily it's fantastic. Congratulations, the new presidency, absolutely right! Mr President, we did when big. We worked hard for this worked a lot, and I would like to convey to you that I had opportunity to learn from you. We use quite a few of your skills and knowledge and were able to
example, for our elections and yes, it is through. These were unique elections. We were in you, exaggeration, able to achieve unique success, uses unique like trump uses or, if I may the tell you following for first time. You called me to congratulate me when I won presidential election second time. You are now calling me when my party one parliamentary election. I think I should run more often can call me you're often we can talk on the phone more often laughter Trump says. That's a very good idea. I think your country is very happy about that. Well, yes, to tell the truth, we trying to work because we wanted to drain swamp here in our own country. We in many new people, not old politicians, not typical politicians, because we want to have great format and new type of government, your great teacher for us, and that the present This is really this is will apart, where the president gets the idea. This is the perfect phone call This guy is really really sharp the these things, but a been very good to the Ukraine. It of president. Well, that's very nice of you to say that I'll, say
We do a lot for Ukraine. We spent a lot of effort in a lot of time, much more than European countries are doing and they should be helping you more than they are Germany almost done nothing for you love this. All they do is talk, and I think it's something that you should really ask them about. When I was speaking, Angela Merkel. She talks about Ukraine and she doesn't do anything a lot of the european countries of the same way. So I think it's something you want to look at, but the United States has been very good to Ukraine. I wouldn't say its receipt. Call necessarily because things are happening and are not good for the United States, but have been very good to the Ukraine. It of any problems, neither so far yet nothing's happened. The president of Ukraine says: yes, you're, absolutely right, not only one hundred percent, but actually one thousand percent, since the per apricot get tell you following, I did talk to Angela,
Michael. I did me with her, also met and talked with macaroni and told them they are not doing quite as much. They need to be doing on the issues with the sanctions. They are not enforcing the sanctions, they are not working as much as they should for Ukraine turns out there. Even logically, the European Union should be our biggest partner, but technically the United States is much bigger partner than the European Union, and I am grateful for you, because the United States is doing quite a lot for Ukraine much more than European Union, especially when we're talking about sanctions against Russian Federation. I'd also like to thank you for your great support in the area of defense. We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps, specifically where almost ready by some more javelins from the United States for defence purposes The president said I'd like you to do us. I'd like you to do us a favour, though, because our country is and through a lot. Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happen. With this whole situation with Ukraine, they say crowd strike. I guess
you have one of your wealthy people, the server they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things. It went on the whole situation. I think your surrounding yourself, with some of the same people, I'd like to have the attorney general call. You or your people and I'd like you to get to the bottom of it as saw yesterday. The whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by name man named Robert Moore and incompetent performance, but you say a lot of it started with Ukraine, whatever you can. Do it's important that you do it if possible. President Linsky says, yes very important for me and everything you just mentioned earlier for me as president. It's important that we are open for any future cooperation. We are ready to open a new page in cooperation relations between the United States in Ukraine for that purpose. I just recalled our ambassador from the United States and he will be replaced by a very competent inexperienced ambassador, who I was card on making sure that our two nations are getting closer. I'd also like to hope
see him having your trust and confidence and have personal relations with you. That's you want to go on that one Nick, what I have personal relations with you. So we can cooperate even more so I will personally tell you that one of my assistant spoke to Mr Giuliani just recently and we're ok very much the Mr Giuliani will be able to travel to the Ukraine and we will meet once he comes to the Ukraine. I just want to show you. Once again that you have a nobody but friends around us. I will make sure that I surround myself for the best and most experienced people I also want to tell you that we are friends, we're great friends you and, Mr President, we have friends in our country. We can continue our strategic partnership. I also plan to surround myself a great people. In addition to that investigation, I guarantee the President of Ukraine that all the investigations will be done openly and candidly that I can assure you good, because I heard you had a prosecutor was very good, but he was shut down
that's really unfair. A lot of people are talking about that. The way you shut your own, very good prosecutor down, yet some very bad people in Mr Giuliani is highly respected. Man he's the mayor of New York City, a great mayor. I like him to call you. I will ask to call you, along with the attorney General Rudy, very much nels. Happening in these very capable guy. If he could speak to him, that would be great. The former ambassador from the United States, the woman. She was bad news. The woman the woman. She was bad news the people on it. She was deal within the Ukraine were bad news. I just one. Let you know that the other thing there's a lot of about buying son, that Biden stop the prosecution and a lot of people? find out about whatever you can with the attorney general. That would be great Biden, went around. Bragging that he stopped the prosecution. So if you can just look into it, it sounds horrible to me the prey, The response. I want to tell you something about the prosecutor. First of all, I understand I want you to understand. I am knowledgeable about the situation
since we want the absolute majority in our parliament, the next prosecutor general be one hundred percent, my person, my candidate, who will be approved by the parliament and will start a new prosecutor in September. He or she will look into the situation specifically to the company that you mention that would be bereavement. The issue of the investigation of this case is actually the issue of making sure they restore honesty. So we can take care of that. We will work the investigation of the case. On top of that, I would kindly ask if he had any additional information that you could provide us. It would be very helpful for the investigation to make sure we administer justice in our country with regard to the ambassador to the United States from Ukraine As far as I recall, her name was I've under which it was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad faster, because I agree with you. One hundred percent. Her attitude attitude towards me was far from the best.
As she admired the previous president and she was on his side? She would not accept me as a new president. Well enough, then, their presidency- Ok I'll, Mr Giuliani call you and I have a journey, bar call you and we'll get to the bottom of it. I'm sure you'll figure it out a year from the product prosecutor was treated very badly and he was a very fair prosecutor. So good luck with everything, your economy is gonna, get better and better. I predict and You have a lot of assets, it's a great country. I have many ukrainian friends there, incredible people and more done the rest is they go back and forth about energy and and and nonsense, put you through the one part what you thought on that the craziest thing about that whole rating was how good you are russian accidents. I'm starting to think you had suddenly to hang out with part of Europe. That was something that was the best example of Quaid.
Oh Paul, I've ever heard rallies in such trouble right. You know why one thing did catch Meyer, javelins, what we selling me we sending aid for the impact is that that cause? It's only was the job online producer that that they're not javelins for the ellipse, but I don't know I don't know what they are. We would be sending a skates bony being under the Zagreb, we'll be back, would make the following justice. You will find him addictive dotcom, I'd love to hear from you always well. What do you have any problem with the what the President said, another was a problem at all. Do you still seem very basic and the fact that they have committed to impeachment before even hearing this information? responsible are, every time you get an unsecured wifi source, let's say, being your favorite coffee shop, you run the risk.
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Dot com, slash, VP and protection starts at three thirty three, a month for the first year with annual enrollment, that's Norton dot. Tom, Slash, RP in terms and conditions, do apply. We now pause for tens. And back we're with mixed APOLLO usanga tonight, shall late night, David Lettering, Jimmy Camel Conan, o he's been nominated for for Did you ever win anything cuz? You wrote the HBO Chris Rock's special. They had won two years in a row. Then, when I came on the staff we got nominated the first year. They lost something how to make, that connect the dots and that with right I got nominated twice the runaway. It was my favorite job in show business and he is a comedian that to say
he uses, dicey language is a very big understatement have you spent too much time like city, I know I have a way we have a lot of listeners who are you know right now there are faced, good peel off if they watched some. So you should stop, but it is very, very funny and who give their illegal work collage. Our Joe Biden he's just bleeding from the eyes, but no aright. So it is anybody ever problem. I don't have a problem with anything that was in that it does anything other than fact of the guys, really kissing his ass and indeed but they revalue same. They do those aren't exactly this thing I mean I, but now that the new media narratives gonna, be, I can't believe Donald Trump is bashing. Angela Merkel another foreign leader. This is irresponsible. He needs to be impeached. They should be
something new they take out of this, because I mean this is it's gotta, be a letter rises and nothing burger Nick yeah, I heard no. I heard no quid pro quo. I heard no mention of money. I dont know what they're doing the damsel com suicide here, it's it's funny to me and then, like a media, is doing it too. Don't you think, of course, what went trumped goes away, whether it's you know at the end of this term or in another four years. There's gotta be no knows else you gonna put on cable is gonna just be do say at an Amazon BC, they're gonna fold up like a cheap hammer, there's nothin I mean he's keeping their ratings alive. So well, unless they have video of some sixteen year olds that that want to tell us all the things that were doing wrong. Did you see how God Did you see the sixteen year old girl? Can we play this audio please this a sixteen year old girl telling the
telling the adults of the world. Shame on us was is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here I got that right school on the other side of the ocean, yet you all come to us young people for hope? How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I'm Good luck once people are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing, we are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is the money. A fairy tales of internal economic growth how dare you yeah a yeah, a lot of people who know her? Parents took it e cheese for eight birthday and five minutes after they left
a cloud committed suicide. What actually makes Hilary look likeable this thing you gotta be kidding me. You know most most sixteen year old girls lows their innocence to look at porn is something she lost to watching satellite maps but whether channel she is thy blame her parents, I think your parents, I mean you wanna talk about so you stole your childhood your parents and are telling you have ten years to live back with me. Or in just a second, you define Nicht APOLLO at Nick DIP, dot com. American finance incorporation in them unless one eight, two, three, four W w w dot nonetheless consumer access, dot, org american financing, if you
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enhancing dot net, go there now american financing dot net, this incredible. This unclassified document. Now that was marked A secret has been on classified It was released to the press bowed half an hour ago, Congo got it at the same time. The press didn't Congress was told, don't leave this to anybody with theirs is not going to be released until ten. Yeah. They somebody released it immediately to the media. There is absolutely nothing in this nothing. The president does mention hey. You had a dirty prosecutor, you at a good prosecutor,
Ernie was dirty. You had a good prosecutor who was on this. He was looking into it. Then he was replaced at binds request what happened? It didn't seem right to me. The president, Ukraine says no, we know we know and that's what the reasons why I one we're trying to clean up all the corruption here and we are going to get down to the bottom of it, because I've just replace you know I knew a new prosecutor, I'm gonna reply. The attorney general and a new prosecutors gonna be appointed and that's one of the things are gonna. Look look into. Ok, What what is the problem without seeing any reporting think he said it twice he out are, they said he repeatedly came back and and asked about it. No, he said twice that of Red P, o my God repeatedly and the President of Ukraine said we'd, like your help. That's that's the tough thing here, a minute.
Ukraine is it's not like. This is like the ukrainian President was not like, while I dont know. Mr President, I mean that's not this knots hey. That's on our agenda, I'm not sure the ukrainian President, the first time he brings it up. He's like we know he's it. We know the about the issue, then he goes on top of that. I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide to us. It would be very helpful for the investigation to make sure that we administrate Minister justice in our country with regard to the ambassador to the United States from Ukraine. They were is pretty clear that we wanted the hell of the president of the United States. President was saying I mean it's not sell you missiles because of you know me you won't help the the prison
Ukraine was like, I know, and we got it we're on top of. In fact, we could use your help. So that's what alone! Next all right, they're gonna, say well that them the money wasn't mentioned at all, then they're going to say. Well now we have evidence that he did withhold the money, because this guy didn't follow through on this promise. Right, like that's gonna, be there next step in this in this continual moving goalpost of impeachment, where every single day there's a new thing, that's supposed to make it, clad. That thing falls apart and then the next day they move to something else. So with an ex thing is going to be well, we didn't care about the transcript the transcript who cares about what they set on the call, of course, I gotta say anything on the com in years, this next bit of information. So what they're gonna say next nexus, I didn't expect to transfer as this was taken by note takers. It must have been taken, I say, there's a disclaimer and they're gonna. He saw it as your. I know. You're reading it live on the Erika says a memorandum
of of telephone conversation is not over bade him transcript of a discussion into the text in this document records the notes in recollections of situation, room duty officers and energy policy staff assigned to listen and memorialize the conversation in written form. As the conversation takes place, a number of factors can affect the accuracy of the record, including poor telecommunications connections and variations and accent or interpretation. The word inaudible is used to De Kate portions of the conversation that the Notetaker was in unable to hear, but it so its basic alive transcript year, but is there not guaranteeing one huh percent ass, I think they're gonna say we need ear the tape, narrow the gap and you're. Probably right airline, but those down that ringers, you don't hear the president's inflections. You need to hear his pauses and his inflections way he was saying you know we do a lot for Ukraine. I will say to it does not appear that Donald Trump is particularly familiar with the story
as you read the transcript, he does not know the details. He hasn't generally speaking this the players and then it keeps saying you gotta talk to Rudy. You gotta talk to bar about this because they know all about it. He one points as crowd strike almost like it's a question. I guess I gotta they call it crowd, strike right lucky. He doesn't seem to be completely in tune with this actual information which I think works to his advantage politically him, and he does, looks like he's this he's obsessed abundance, our industry. It will set Heller, Multiedit, Hernia General,
Julius reads: it reads as if someone says hey while you're on the phone with this guy ask him. If he's got any information about this year, the here some notes on it- and it looks like it's at honestly- comes off as if he's reading they could. He says they call it crowd strike like it's. Not his information he's like this is what people have handed witness delicate and what they have said. I've been either that works to the advantage in this particular situation really does not seem to be four hyper focused on bite, and he seems to be making a request to make sure that this goes down the road of investigation. We lost one point: eight billion dollars. It was stolen from the United States, stolen by the oligarch that happens to own borri smile, which he doesn't even those name brother, because the very we have a very well the impasse and via the oligarchy that owns Borri spa. That that Hunter Biden was working for and Hunter bindings partner was all
a working for they were the ones that we're going to help them administer all of the american money and they get paid heavy fees for that, so they were put on the board because they have zero experience, zero experience in natural gas or anything like this, so they were put on the board for what reason that money was transferred into a bank account and that bank happened to be owned by the same no oligarch that owned the gas company and it just disappeared and it went off to a whole bunch of offshore accounts, and nobody knows what happened to it. Don't want to know. Don't you think the president should be asking hey what happened or one point: eight million dollars are billion dollars. What happened to that. You know. Can we make sure that our guys were not involved in that because
it seems, like you, add a guy investigating that he was about to investigate Joe Biden and then it stopped because Joe Biden said he's gonna threaten the money and hold up the money unless you fire him what that about. Doesn't that seem like something like logical to ask as president of the IT states and will also get to talk to the guy about it's kind of embarrassing So when you you listen to these me and reading this transcript is embarrassing for the President of Ukraine just because he's just they just keep the kiss ass on Donald Trump, and I it is like- isn't easy. There was this, the guy supposed to be the John Stewart guy. Wasn't he the guy who's, Ike basely John Stewart, when the presidency in Ukraine sky, so I would assume he's nuts. He did not run as a guy who I'm super aligned with Donald Trump, and now this comes out
as a as transcript or he's just completely kissing ass. I mean the again where they were the United States of America, these other countries. I think that one was kissing Barack Obama's out totally its ideas, so So, like you, gotta european When you say I'm going to stand up to these these other countries and where we are, and then it s like not only to one hundred percent agree, I one thousand percent agreed with you but generally quoth mist and script I'll sell, while of damaging is this to the internal security of Ukraine, because if his supporters would hear him talk like that, and it might have all just been political build all your total sell out. I would say that, as I do expect there to be a new narrative from the media to say, first of all, their releasing this end, their hurting Ukraine, yeah you're, using the hurting,
resident there. He showing you know, he's tipping his hand on a bunch of stuff that he should be released and also the Angela Merkel thing, whereas I look miracles do enough, for you. You don't know what we're doing a lot for you, but she's doing nothing. She doesn't care about you. Would I guarantee genuine, supposedly an ally right so they'll say that's a problem? Yes, per day yesterday, right after Pelosi speech where it was brought up. Why not just wait for eighteen hours when I just way until this comes out. I am perplexed by this in Europe. You seem to have a better handle on this part of it than I do maybe, but policy was the fire. Wall against impeachment, for this entire time at least has been reported. In a million different players is so many different ways to look at it. One one could be that she was. She wants the fight to be between Joe Biden and Donald.
Because this is my belief on the way this affects the race, in that this is the big loser here it to me is Elizabeth, worn, and I don't think that. We talked about this a little bit beforehand, there's varying opinions on this everything from the with that point, and the exact opposite that it helps Elizabeth worn. But let me give the case on it. A hurting with one sure she is she's rising in the race she's, a number one. Can and are now it's. It seems to be down to a two person race, for all intents and purposes, at this point Biden and more morons rising now the Democrats are all going to jump on board with a peach, with no evidence with no evidence. Yet we didn't have the transcript and they all jump in issue. That's related directly to Joe Biden, which is going to pay. And a Marquis match up to everyone in America who does not follow these things very closely of sea?
like Tromp, was so afraid of Joe Biden that he was calling foreign leaders to try to get dirt on him. This is Trump versus Biden and in every piece of reporting, as its tied to this impeachment is going to be Trump verses, Biden, Trump versus Biden, Trump Verses, Biden, Biden, support people who are currently are considering Biden are going to see this as who's. The guy, who can be Donald Trump, will trumpets, told us he will he called Ukraine and entreated to ruin this guy's political career before it even starting wasn't calling about Elizabeth Warren. He was com because he's afraid of Joe Biden and they want You pointed out earlier CNN and all all these media sources are all focused on whatever is going to stop Trump, so they're going to be hyper focused on this on this each man talk and that presents. Essentially, you know rocky
a boa verses Ivan drag right. You have a Marquis match up of two people, and worker is second to help Elizabeth worn who's. The person left out of this conversation was saying. Yes, we should impeach em over that is she's Trump is going after Biden directly in their minds. And so they are going to see this as ok will. This has been decided. These are the two people and I wonder if policies breaking here on this issue, because she doesn't want Elizabeth Warrant, she doesn't want Bernie Sanders, she'd rather have bite and, and Is this as a way of focusing this race on these two people? That could be- and I think my guess is that old- think, because I think- What my got tells me- and I want to hear from your phones- are aided- eight. Seventy seven visa gay were to take where a lot a phone call and one of your European might take is that this,
Ain't Biden so badly now attempt, I think, they're attempt is weak. Yet in front of this, and we'll call this what about ism when they start to drag this out will be on the record saying this conspiracy, theory. This is only a response because of what the Democrats tried to impeach Trump over. This is nothing Berger and and and everybody knows that I think this is a way to clear Biden just because I think it's going to be what trumps gonna do is now die deeper into this dark. Promoting all of these things that blood our camp. I don't know about bite and it doesn't clear him of China and any of that little thing I have included. No, I think it's gonna hurt him deeply, but gonna be, set up, as do you agree with Biden, or do you agree with Trump and for democratic voter, That is a decision that involves, nor doesn't like the constructive tied Biden to the press. You ve tie.
By now to impeachment? If this turns out to nothing again, the press is hurt, Biden is hurt by it, you're making a big deal out of this in your strategy didn't work, and I think what what most people, MRS and I could be wrong. I think most people in the country are so sick and tired of this that they would be kit they'd, consider going a third way now. That means that Elizabeth WAR and would have to become a moderate which I dont think could happen. I think they ve just miss, read the american people entirely. It should to me it shows how clueless the Democratic Party and, quite honestly, the politicians and the media really are their living in a different country, and it is a country of their own making
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factor- dot com, relieffactor dot com- we can call them at eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com. Your phone call is coming up next So what an hour ago, the the classic I'd secret phone call between the President of the United States and the President of Ukraine came out, and it is nothing but Zero burger thing in it. Nothing yeah, but the president talked about of Euro corruption in Ukraine and the possibility of Joe Biden you're. You talk to him. Turn up twice: yeah yeah and president of the Ukraine said we know, and can you help us with that? Any information you have because aware, finding a new special. He was already on it. There is none,
to this? So now your comments, what the hell is going on, What is the strategy behind this other than just flat out craziness? I think the dynamic literally have gone in saying I think the media has literally gone insane. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting results. This is but they did last week with Cavanaugh. They had a sea rid base and then he did something, and there were no Mp Jim and they were all talking about impeachment. That was much through Wednesday that it was over. Then on Wednesday morning. A new accusation came out about the president. Oh my gosh, We can impeach him on this and they ve been can about impeachment. Yesterday they said we gonna, launch, impede when proceedings which they are not actually there's nothing,
from all? That has been that their nothing's changed except she gave a speech. What is our strategy. Because today the classified document came out, and there is nothing in it. Eighty eight, seventy seven bees UK we gotta phones in one minute, program history wheelchairs in your office. I dont know by the looks of them. Maybe they were part of the heroic paratroopers in world war. Two they were pushed out of planes in hail of enemy aircraft fire. I I'm not sure they landed on the on the, though the key shores below where they would eventually be collected in and brought to your office. If you of employees. I mean other historic chairs sure don't get me wrong. The most response
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You gonna receive a free set of the new acts wheels with your chair, its Ex chair back dot com. I'd like to know what do you think about the insanity going on? I watched this. I want to see an end for the first time in a year last night and they were I'd. I'm telling IDA. Into the kitchen and just tug, my wife, and she just when it was that bad said it was Vietnam, honey. It was Vietnam having to watch those buffoons for an hour. It was Vietnam, redeem, kill us. Nothing in the world makes sense to me anymore. So what should the president do what is the exit strategy for the Democrats? What do you think it's gonna happen with this mark in Georgia, hello Mark the Glinda programme. Thank you so much.
I'm calling from Savannah W G, GPS and amazing bill. Edward said to warm up for you. I saw the headlines. Then our paper and had said no one is above the law. Went immediately over the home people and got enough shiny, duct tape. To make me look like a sultan, because my head was going on these people are so out of it. They have was that they pass that they exempt themselves from the are above the law and when they commit crimes like sexual harassment. To attack should some short like Slabman somebody in the butter wherever they use our money to pay off the victims?
Here too one ought to know who is paying off in all some poor bit. We don't need to know the victim, but we have a right to know all these perpetrators are people are that are not it's not gonna rated so mark. I I have to tell you. I agree. I think that we are living in the times right now. Were you obviously, or a time listener, thank you for the duct tape reference. You ve heard me talk about the Bubba effect. That's what's happening right now. The Bubba effect is going in two hyperdrive another year of this and no one's going to listen or believe they started. Mocking people in Congo this last week during these hearings. They were openly mocking them. Those people should have respect. You know nobody has respect for these people. None of them know
has respect for them. These guys should be very concerned and that's why I think they are working with Google and everyone else. They get their power base. Somehow they should be very concerned that they are becoming a national joke. Now it's always been a joke, always been a joke, but good kind, hearted joke not anymore more to the point where, like I'm not gonna, listen to you be real. Oh really, you're, you're, you're gonna protect the constitution. Now yet Where were you on the IRS targeting conservatives under Obama? Oh, that's right! That's right that that was nothing Oh you're gonna go after Donald Trump now on and on this phone call were here's a document. There is absolutely nothing in it that is of concern, or at least impeach able for sure,
but you you don't want to hear about the Joe Biden thing with his son. That's a conspiracy theory know that to happen. We have all the facts. We have all the facts. You know where we get some of the facts, the New York Times how possibly a conspiracy when the new four times itself reported. It can ask another question on the of your ear you're helping me clarify this a little bit K. Let's just say the worst is true. The accusations against the president with this Ukraine thing are fully true and they will play out.
Evidence must say a recording down trumped gang Donald Hurling, the cat in his big oversized, chair Pettengill, including yes, yes, now my plan right, so the accusation is Donald Trump uses the power of his office to influence Ukraine and an investigation in Ukraine to get the result he wants and if he doesn't get that result he's going to with hold money that Ukraine is Ex expecting that's it you say against Donald Trump, and we don't have all the evidence that that's true they deny that it's true, but let us he came out and he there was a statement of him admitted this in public. How is that different? The The actual initial conversation about Joe bite it ll since the initial clip it started this whole Joe Biden thing him talking front of an audience, talk,
about how he went to Ukraine and threatened them. If they did not use this in our ports sue this investigation and fire in, and fire roused earlier. He would withhold money, he's a minute this on camera, listen to the cliff, desperately concerned about the backsliding on the part of key enter of corruption, they made me, give you one concrete example. I was not. I bet it just happened to be. There was the assignment I got. I got all the good ones and I got you cry and I remember, going over convincing. Our team are matters to convince you that we should be providing for loan guarantees now over guessed, it twelve thirteen time, two key
and I always go supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from porch Anko and from yachts in Europe that they would take action against the state prosecutor. They did so, they said they had their walk out, Prescott, solar marketing or we're we're not going to give it a billion dollars. I said you have no authority you're, not the president. The president said I should call em. I said I'd tell you not get dollars. I saw you not get the Billingham, we believe- and here I think it was, what six hours elegance and leaving the six hours at the prosecutors not fired. You're, not getting the money or son of a bitch. Fire they put in place, someone who was solid at the time so again, like I forget. The frigate Hunter biden- part of this at all- forget if he was motivated by Hunter Biden, forget that for second, this is the exact
thing, they are accusing Donald Trump of doing of withholding money to get a party. It result in an investigation with this particular case, fire the prosecutor from all investigations, and he's withholding money and is using the power of his office to accomplish that goal. It is precisely the thing they accusing Donald Trump of, and it's a thing that started. Conservatives on this whole tall chase in the first place, and so that made me think of this as your day we are talking about what is the motivation here? is the motivation essentially to get out in front of how bad this is forbidden, because now. I know what you're doing they both done the same thing yet exactly right and you are missing the Hunter Biden storing right now. He did with the prosecutor. That may be that they I heard the right prosecutor or fired the wrong prosecutor. Listen to the president. This is from the transcript I heard,
that you had a prosecutor was very good. Knee, was shut down and that's really unfair. Lotta good people are talking about that. The way there shut your very good prosecutor down and yet some very that bad people in involved. So now he's meaning to the President of Ukraine, saying the exact opposite. The exact opposite Barack Obama and Joe Biden said: that's a bad prosecutor. Some people think he as a bad prosecutor. Some people, like the current president of Ukraine, dont, think he was a bad brought. Dont think he was a bad prosecutor thought it was a good. Prosecutor there was gonna, be that it was wrong. I don't know If you have them saying exactly the same thing, just on opposite sides on whose Anko expressing concern at the closing of four things they said were critical to the Mueller probe in the letter. They imply that the support for the? U S, assistance, to call you,
He's a didn't. He did. It was set by this inside source that that's what he did. That There is no talk of that whatsoever. None in the transcripts none! It was a friend the phone call, but the british press the exact reign was like. I know we how to get all over that we are we cannot now we'd love your help. On that day, they were in plead agreement. So is that is the effort here by policy to launch this investigation into the inquiry into impeachment, to essentially give the impression both of these guys are guilty of the same thing, so you can't really counted against bite him, and that means less, You have to go through a million and you have to forget about the Hunter Biden, part of the story, but I give you something that really didn't get much attention. It was reported that Robert Menendez, Dick Durban, Patrick He wrote a letter to Ukraine's prosecutor. General Yuri Loose Sancho expire,
in concern at the closing of for investigations, they said were critical to the Mueller probe In the letter they imply that the support for the? U S, assistance to crew Ukraine was at stake. Describing themselves is strong advocates for robust in close relationships with Ukraine. The democratic senators declare we have supported the capacity building process and our disappoint it that some in keys appear to have cast aside those democratic principles to avoid the ire of President Trump for demanding Lukashenko? Reverse cool, I'm quoting reverse, coarse and halt any efforts to impede cooperation in this important and instigation so wait so you now have you now have unruly senators, three democratic senators going too, crane, saying exactly the same thing that they just accused president Trump of doing this does
go anywhere. They all did it and everything in today's world is political. Every when bathrooms are political, of course, political people talking to other political people is going to be political because there is no integrity any more on any front. It's all about politics. Now so This is this: is misdirection, this is saying see what Joe Biden did in Ukraine wasn't bad. I don't have a problem with what Joe Biden did in the UK, in unless it is connected to that prosecutor going in and starting an opening an investigation on Borri smile and the includes the board of directors which Joe Biden son was on? We ll us that member ISA we're not gonna give another billion. We're not gonna give another billion dollars what we did
another billion dollars, but what that price? Peter was looking for was weird. One point: eight billion there was supposed to be in this bank and then go ruby charisma. Where did that they go it was just gone. It went to offshore entities and the guy. The bank, OWN Borri spa guy who's on the board of directors, Joe Biden son. Why was he on the board of directors? Is he speak? Russian? Does he does he know About the oil and gas industry, the answer is no. This is this direction to me. It seem like what Joe Biden did was just say fire that prosecutor. That's not why The problem is, and, NEWS for Joe Biden is its even worse in China, in China, it was
literally our national security wasn't just money. It was our national security at stake. So thanks being is coming up soon. Be thankful for today that Thanksgiving is coming up soon, that's good the family road trip. Everybody's, Nuno, everybody's flying everybody to grandma's house. You know cause the equivalent of buying a plain now yours, yelling and screaming, and hitting and the real politics that are going to disgusting. You be like you know what I'm grateful for. I'm gonna go back to work all of a sudden as you crest, that mountain pass and your mom travelling at the beautiful and deadly thousand foot drop on your right? You check your engine light and it says check engine light near like what no the czech engine light shouldn't come on at this point, something's about to go. Probably wrong. Now comes the sweating and the praying turns out you're a lot more religious than you thought you should used car shield. If you had car shield they
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She hears what it hears. What is going to go away in all of this, because people are going to be like I'm tired of talking about Ukraine? Well good. Let's talk about China. Instead, what's going way on. This is something that is not illegal it is not illegal, believe it or not. For a politician to, led his family make all kinds of money off the side wild going deals I mean insanity that we allow, was to happen, but who's gonna. The law, the people who are benefiting from it. This law should be changed, so what Joe Biden did we dont think was illegal, but it is grotesque. And so anybody who says you know Joe Biden should go to jail Joe Biden, not this too He is an impenetrable offence if he was the vice president, because you get
make up whatever it is. That is a high crime or misdemeanor its whatever. The public thinks is discrediting dis, honouring or hurting the office that you hold and hurting the public. Well, I think this really hurts the United States. When you have a vice president getting money. Inlets changed to China of ICE Press. Meeting on certain things, while his son is meeting with IE the Bank of China, which is the Communist Party, so Adds in one room talking to the Communist Party leaders about politics and the sons in the other room with a communist party talking about the bank, giving all kinds of money to invest, and then that son. Taking that money and buying U S, companies that help transfer weapon technology to China
do you? Are you ok with that cause is perfectly legal, but are you Ok with that, because I'm not. I don't like this at all. And that's what Joe Biden is hoping he's gonna get off the hook with, because the press will do the press. We have. We have the senators doing. Exactly the same thing there, accusing Donald Trump of and so far We don't have Donald Trump. We have the text he's not he's not threatening them he's not through. Any quid pro quo, the senators did Joe Biden did. But the media will focus it on that's Joe Biden Sin and we just the President get off with that. That's nice,
onto the sin. Is it an effort essentially to make it into this? He said she said: read verses, blue thing: they both are guilty and you can't sordid all our battles did bad things with Ukraine or might say by us just not even think about that. We said this forever that, if bite, runs and winds. This is going to be come a massive issue for further for him. Is this their essentially pre emptive effort to fuse that I think it is, but you after then rope in China it doesn't. Work are saying that this is the right attitude like because the accusation is uneven. The same No one saying the job that Donald Trump wanted bite in the result with vitamins as you wanted to help his son make money. That's even accusation. What do you think? the way, the entire Hunter Biden storyline, which is the main storyline, but he's admitted on camera the worst accusation about Trump in Ukraine,
Biden has admitted on camera yeah. I know you don't we. I know how is this happening? That's it I felt a last night, so last night really factor things you enjoy doing most in life. For me, it is painting me Be its writing a horse. Maybe it's I don't know. Maybe it's cross ditch whatever it is, maybe just workin out every day to go for a walk. People deal with pain that is so debilitating that it changes their life and if your lucky like I am you have a wife or a husband who will say, took you're taking this. I have already ordered it you're taking it, it's not going to work just take it. It's called relief factor, I said my it would take it for three weeks trial because that's all they say would work and I'm still take
Yet today, like what, eighteen months later, I'm still taking it relief factor relief factor dot com. It works. Get your life back call aid five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four relief factor dot com. So we have got over the unclassified it unclassified document here of the president's conversation with the M with the president of the of Ukraine and I don't see anything there. He does bring up hey. You know this. This prosecutor was fired and knee was looking into some stuff that revolved or our vice president and the president, Ukraine says yeah. I know it's one of the reasons why I was voted in because or corrupt.
I am pointing a new attorney general and they're gonna work for me and they, they're, not corrupt and we're gonna look into one of those things. In fact, if you have any you know advisor, do. You have any information, I'd love to talk to your people, he says. Well, I want you to put it in time: with Rudy Giuliani, and I want to put you in TAT? with our attorney general, so he's it's not he's hiding this. What should the attorney general, be, should should bill Barbie impeach too, because he apparently knew about this they're gonna impeach him over the fact that he delayed the Yes, I'm really are three days cheese. If you want to Talk about. You know somebody saying one thing to the public and then saying something else to the other. I don't know you can keep The doktor and you're gonna save twenty five hundred dollars per family. That's probably, Peaceable thing here is that the president has made a has made. A call
his interest is political, but our Our interest is cleaning up. Corruption They both align right. That's why I think, because I you can look at this and say well, I mean look he's about to go against Biden meeting. We were raising questions right around this time. I got this story and and made a big deal about it, and I think it is a huge liability for Joe Biden as he enters a general election campaign that can do more in a democratic primer, but ended in a general election campaign. Story. When you have it all laid out, is really brings a lot of questions up guy when it comes to the way he handled this and he's admitted to large portions of it. As you heard in the tape we just played, so we You take a step back from this and it's like I dont understand where they think they can go with this other just to muddy the waters,
it is a it's an effort. Seemingly chaos is the key word exactly. You know cause atomic frustrating all these persons dispersed. Thing this about about. Ukraine is first in saying that I and even a what it means look. I either trust you know the did the left or the It really does set it up as AID Biden Verses, tat Contest who do you believe and that something is really good for the Democrats, if you understand the full story behind what actually happened with you got. The one thing that we are not talking about today is the fact that Elizabeth Warren in many poles now is starting to pull ahead of job. I saw you not talking about Joe Biden Collapse, so it does. Work in favour of Joe Joe Biden, although I don't think this is going to help him at all. I don't think there's any winners. This can in Arizona welcome to the club programme. I think do you
However, the parties matched Missy such an opportunity, either so much audio visual tape out there. I was chosen charger running their political ass. I wouldn't say undersea like Joe Biden and then run exactly what he said that that's right and the left Go you're lying well, give it time and they could let people decide for themselves, but we have not treated with the left and reach independence, and I got Democrat yesterday, it was in what's going on with good bye, because you, like you, said so, people watch interests. But let me make up their own minds. Does anyone that's what gets you anyway? You I agree with you. Can people end and I think that people have lost interest? They don't know what's going on and they think it's a circus. So why are we treating this so seriously, I mean we have to our job is to get the truth out, as we understand it to get the truth out, but. Are we playing into this.
You are in because I listen to conservative new sources. Usually they talk to a democratic. Yesterday they were getting their news from its all. It's been talk again ice. I do so. I said with audio visual clips. If something happens- and I got all my fruitless here is energy terrorist, murdering babies, destruction that occur the pipe and corruption good confiscation the border. The irish problems, and just you and me in time called for its clips that we have and the people either do the research or not this up to them and then make up their own minds. Can thank you
but for your uncle, let me go to Stuart, Kansas, hello, Stuart, yes, good morning, gland mornings do the thing it's most upsetting to me, the most frustrating thing and I think the average voters sees this is that there's no accountability. We go from one story to the next, whether its Hilary, thirty thousand emails ordered the more investigation with the russian collusion. The instruction in other doesn't have to be anything there. We read the transcript between Trump and ukrainian President, but it doesn't matter it just matters that they can. Morning continue this. This investigation so call investigation for a couple more years to damage trial Vinos. Third, that's that's. Why said earlier today that were goldfish last week based on an anonymous source at the time were they we're going after and going to impeach Cavanaugh and that
The big story, Monday Tuesday Wednesday he's gonna, be impede. She's gotta be off the Supreme Court. Then it was revealed all wait. That source was wrong. The neck day. The New York Times had another source on now unknown with unknown information about this time. Human. There was released today and there, Going on about impeachment we're goldfish at once, what point are you gonna? Remember, wait the sea. People said the same thing about somebody else last week and it was discredited How many times I mean subjects over this just goes to a much greater problem, which is the meat in and they will lie through omission: they're not going to cover this story. There just gonna cover the transcript and what trumps said they're not going to cover all the details at your out in front of us was clear back in March, you had the off secret empires on and we know all the information we appreciate you getting out because there are fewer and fewer. Sources to get at the truth, but the problem is there
we're so polarized in this country? Is you can't have a conversation with the other side because they don't get that information you have to do is find out their new sources and what they listen to and you can have a car. Reset your liver and alternative universe. When you go to talk to your mention a fact, you mentioned something about buying going to China. Go what what are you talking about, So this is a tremendous problem even goes to our schools, where you had these these liberal individuals are riding our history for history books. We don't get the correct information anymore You know I store yesterday in a monologue antonov. You heard it about the greatest heist in all of human history and it was not just our money are jobs, our joy, but our identity, our history, everything has been taken from us everything and, of course, we're not gonna know how to handle things. If we I know who we are. We dont
HU. We are anymore, we don't know where we came from we don't know why we came here. Everything has distorted and everything has been anything that is good has been erased. Of course we have chaos. Of course we don't know what to believe. People are being told. You been lied to about this country and about who we Our who you are entire life, of course, who would you trust there's that there's no one in a position of power that is actually seemingly exercising with restraint? My son yesterday came home and he said dad? I almost have my first fight today this was concerning, because he's about to get his black belt in type window and he's been sparring lately and, and he he's like- I buy one I ever. I wanted a really spar and I'm like. Why do you
I get hit. Why do you wanna get hit the face? I dont understand that, whereas the joy, if you're good at it, that's the point, you hide. Oh yeah get it that's what he's that's it. He says and he's like go head. Twenty hit me in the face. I like no, I'm not playing the game with you anyway. He came home yesterday and he said I will have my first fighting. I said please tell me you didn't, and he said no, I didn't say what happened he without getting into all the details. One kid asked my son he's like hey. Can I borrow your book for English were supposed to be reading it? Well, the book is supposed to be all highlighted at this point and I ve been all over my son reading the frickin all quiet on their western front of blow your head off it so boring, and anyway, I've been
the new with him, and I mean you know, making sure, there's all highlighted and everything with him and though he had his job done. Well, this kid was true for these new in the school. He thinks he's fine, just haze, like I forgot my book, can I borrow your book for it and I'll give it back to yeah. Well, the teacher happen to know that it was rapes book because he sets right in front of the teacher. So when she saw that book that he had Rafe didn't know, he was using it to two calm the teacher. He just thirty needed the book. He said I left it at home and blah blah fine, so he doesn't. He goes back to the classroom afterwards and he's open about it. He's like eight worse. Worse, book? I need my book and the kid you know went back and forth and started joking and the teacher walks in and she said. Oh you think this is funny. Go ahead. Tell much it did with a book. Anyway long story short, he was
using Rafe to cheat without Rafe knowing and then he marked up raves book, gay and Rafe was really upset and kids like you know the teachers, it tell me what you did and he D looks down and Rafe takes it from there. He said what did you do to my book and the kid said: something under his breath. While looking down and rape said, no look me in the eye. Tell me what you did this the vessel is. The nerdy is to fight topic at night after it. Oh, I know he's like look me in the eye and tell me what you did and the kid looked him in the eye, and he said why would you do that? He said cause those being a jerk and he said fine go big just went in and left and he looked at the teacher.
And he said, I'm sorry and she's like no. I think you handled that really well, so he came home and told me and we had a long conversation about When you have power. And you know you can take em and you don't that's really important, who. In our lives- are offering examples of having power and then not using it, because it's not the right thing. I'm calling people names, not crushing them when they can not. You know, I saw Donald Trump the other day and I have to admit, I enjoyed it for a second cause. Mitt Romney was like this: guy's got to be impeached and, unlike an edge Myth Romney is as bad as or an hatch, but at least or in a hatch had twenty good year. Of being conservative before he went nuts Romney's pay
right up until Trump Did you know a little clip of of him loose the election, and I thought? Ok, that's that's childish. Don't you don't need I enjoyed it then I said Psmith. I thought who in the media is low up to their responsibility of guys. I don't like him as much as anybody else This is in right. Nobody! Nobody! You're! Gonna, have to be that example. In your own life. You don't remember when I first started preparing, for you know any kind of disaster we ve that we bought what were memories, and I remain looking at them, and I thought I'm not know. I'm I'm not, gonna eat out of that metal box at this
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order one day and receive guaranteed to day delivery? Free shipping give yourself Pisa, And save yourself a hundred dollars at prepare, we Glenn Dotcom, that's prepare, we Glenn, not com. Your listening to Glenn back I gotta go to Clare in Delaware. Hello Clare welcomes the Glenda Programme. I would like to make three points that I can quickly watched within its light and heat was saying about all this where it up as well. There properly is the odious botanist lay low because of a few years ago. There is something that Brussels would charged with insider trading. They can deal with its perfectly people, so I guess they are, even because you don't want to hear
slots, man you're breaking up so badly Clare. I think I have the jest here that the G o p is just as dirty. I think this true, there's a mountain of evidence on gas. This problem and that scandal and also bereaved MA. There are a lot of people involved and I think they are on on both sides, and I think that the the Democrats are they don't want radical, They don't want radicals, they want someone who can beat who they think is a radical Donald Trump. But they're? Looking for the same thing, we are we're still in line. No one has given us what Paraca I'm a promised, and that was hope and change. Hope for it. Its parent ethical government and.
It's getting worse and worse. Every election and the media is missing this their missing it all over the world, their missing it with breaks it. That's what the people, That's what the people in France One that's what the people in breaks it wants that's what the people in Hong Kong want. That's what the p! when Germany and Sweden and America want. We want a way government that is responsible that they are how double their train parent and they answer to the will of the people and nobody in the world is giving it to him, and the media ignores that programme.
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