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Help or Step Aside, Biden | Guests: Rudy Atallah & Saber Nasseri | 8/23/21

2021-08-23 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss President Biden’s recent Afghanistan statements. Pat Gray joins to further discuss what the Taliban have been doing since their Afghanistan takeover and how a major terrorist is helping shape Afghanistan’s future. Nazarene Fund COO Rudy Atallah gives an update on the rescue mission, but the two things holding the organization back from fulfilling its mission are the Taliban and America’s own State Department. Glenn discusses a disturbing order that was issued over the weekend. Afghan interpreter Saber Nasseri calls to discuss his experiences in Afghanistan and how his family is being targeted. Glenn and Stu compare Americas' response to Saigon and America’s response to Afghanistan. What has happened to America?

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there's a new jeopardy host may become of you have emphasised that we are talking about yeah, that's going racy what it is. All the White House had and other briefing with with President Biden, and he it really well He is doing very well. This is a good performance are generally, is it really could you possibly have hoped for anything more guesses? My now your question to think about just just the overall profile of the United States right now. It's going well really really well really what he's doing a great job? Well, some people are questioning its credibility. It cut eleven, please areas, because some Americans doubt that t may be all there and here's a reporter asking about that, as such, First,
in response to one they disapprove of the way you can also found in basement in the last week to Georgieva, Americans, no longer is how see nipple, none of you say, look. Eventually decision to make I hear withdraw. from a twenty year war, ok, but dependent, whose analyses accept cost us a hundred and fifty million dollars a day for twenty years or three hundred million dollar twenty. Who I you know, I carry this card to be every day and who in fact where we lost too
thousand four hundred and forty eight Americans dead many thousand seven hundred and twenty two, either increase the number of forces we keep. We keep their keep that going. in the war. And I decided to end the war. said the other day you know, Hungary's war in Afghanistan, as this is the place from which Bin Laden attacked the United States of America. At this point in case and other he goes on to say he goes on to say, and I stand by my decision- the question is: why were we in Afghanistan or even if we should lose a leave Afghanistan questioning whether we should have left it. The way we did, sir. You ran over forty seven kindergartners and I only I only had two options park: in the playground.
possibly hid kids or parking, playground and hid kids boost only option previously, you made the case that you didn't need to eat breakfast. So that's why you were out and you keep defending your need for breakfast, what work questioning why you pulled through to the Mcdonald's I drew the kindergartner per. I only had one option and that kill kids. Would I'm proud of me? a choice on mad, but I only had one option You know you Don T really didn't know you had other we're, not question whether you needed in Egmont love and no one will know. I shouldn't why you play was powerfully hungry, no powerfully hungry and this and I could either starve to death or kill those children, and I didn't like either option I killed a jewelry questioning your route, question: why are you I was lying around starve to death?
kill children, I'm proud of my let's move on, so he also said, could we play cut cuts cut to please What is your message to them about partners around the world with criticised not the restore all but the conduct of that withdrawal, and maybe What a maiden question America's credibility on the world stage. I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. Well, I was just make a stop just decided. I have have you I have in fact no no, no, no monument, Eminem watch this one. This is a minister of Parliament just last week calling in The question President Biden: listen, this isn't just about us. The mission in Afghanistan wasn't a british mission. It was a NATO mission,
It was a recognition that globalization is change, this all the called that I am still receiving the text message. Is that I've been answering as I do waiting. Putting people in touch with our people in Afghanistan reminds us that we are connected. We are connected still today, and I've got a stone is not a far country about which we know little. It is possible, that connection links this also to our Europe. and partners to our european neighbours and towards national friends And so it is with great sadness that I now criticise one of them. Because I was never proud of and when I was decorated by the the second airborne after the capture of yours collar huge privilege, a huge problem
to be recognised by such extraordinary unit in combat to see their commander in chief call it Western, the courage of men, I fought with two They ran shameful those who have never fought for the colors they fly should become about presiding those who have oh by the way that is right before they held by in contempt. So. I don't know, I think, when Parliament says we are old, Jew in contempt of parliament. I think that's criticism. The thing with Biden is as long as he says. I was unaware of x Y and see it Sir of believable
because you believe he's unaware of everything. I was unaware that wasn't wearing pants when it kill all those kids to get an egg make and probably didn't, know, Really I willingly we go hard on the guy, but he probably didn't know, isn't hot pants. I speaking of that here is here's a secretary blinkin answering that question. Does he have any idea of what really going on this? A secretary? Does the pro not know what's going on, It is an incredibly emotional time. For for many of us cloning, allies and partners who been shoulder to shoulder with us in Afghanistan for twenty years at high costs themselves, as well as thoughts they stood with us after nine eleven MILAN and those who legislate. Take you back right now, I'm taking to be heard this clip before now. Have you heard this clip before ok, so I got two people in here
do either of you vote that he actually answers the question: how of course yeah does ok aren't go ahead of NATO for the first time. attack on one is an attack on all and we ve been there to get but I gotta tell you this Chris from the get go spent more time with our NATO partners in Brussels virtually from before the president made its decision to one. He made his decision to every time said, We ve been working very very closely together. We ve gotten the geese, seven together, NATO together the EU and security together. We have two hundred and thirteen countries. Thanks to our diplomacy, are put out a clue understanding the Talibans requirements to lead but certainly the most respectful requirements, the Taliban requirements and makes me at least he spent a lot of virtual time and brought Brussels, though there is nothing like a virtual time. You spend our ally gosh of those virtual strolls along the San, when I was virtually in
Paris with my virtual wife. It was. I was a memory to hold dear and really was a memory to hold dear. He didn't really answer that. She didn't answer the question now at all. He what he was saying was we on other people We have other people, don't I mean we don't need the president. We have other people. their answer and obviously that's a better answer than say really involved. Here. Look. Look Lee the President Eads Pudding almost twenty four hours a day and once in a while Kemal comes into goes and know how who joy again and then she leaves and that's all the president is doing so. America can relax
we he was out of nil away first for a short time, but now he's got oddly enough, gotta! That's when this lab, but now we knew we were numerous loom. Burnham merit Momo, ok, so we my arm, and strangely we also pulled out of Afghanistan without doing anything logically, but. That's just us, and we are fully aware we are fully competent. I mean it's we bad when they say look. We did all the well they're lying there longing. Worked closely with the allies, Come the british Prime Minister try to get a hold of our president for forty hours, forty, Forty minutes it's forty hours, you know nuclear missiles they fly in twelve minutes were all dead.
Specifically hours scary, when you think of it like that is as bad as a president is Joe Biden is the fact that we don't act. we seem to have a president It is in some ways more scare it doesn't seem to be engaged in this situation at all. He keeps coming up in front of people and saying things that there's video from not like us. It's not like the police is breaking the stories the New York Times. B s news ABC News of forty. of people being beaten in the streets, footage of all these things happening, and they ask me that now we have no reasonably. The Taliban is not letting people through, wouldn't now wait a minute wait a minute. That's just that's! Not the president's saying that alone they cut one hears the state Department. The defence sector, dreadful congressional leaders, the Americans were beaten there. So I knew from that for us off, and this is the first indication of what he had to come by the
again. Every single report, whether It is an american citizen and we take. We are in direct contact with american citizens. We take those extraordinary the seriously or their appeal. Ports were seeing about at risk, Afghans who may be impeded. We take those extraordinarily seriously, it's difficult for us speak to reports that are that media on on social media, the reports we can speak two are those that data for Russia leaders into politics. The v. The reports we can speak too are those reports that we have heard first hand because we are in regular, constant communicate. with american citizens on the ground and providing them guides, providing them instructions. So often We do know the most about what american citizens are faring such The experts is what they're saying we know better, because
talking to people, and we can't these rumours on line view. Just trust us, by the way after the press conference, where Biden said almost exactly the same thing: a b c news You know that right wing NEWS organization, it breaks the core- respondents described bindings lies on this and others. As quote breath, taking and completely out of touch with reality facing the? U S, citizens and afghan allies still trapped in the country quote. President said he has no intelligence that Americans have been unable to get there. The question obviously does not square. With the reporting on the ground, I mean it's. Just totally not, I mean the rear. She was pretty much. One of I mean is just breathtaking quote:
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that come in at any time? Let me just say this: it is very busy. there are some, I mean Massive massive miracles that happened over the weekend. That just the odds of these things happening. I mean it's clearly. This is a God event. and Willa will get into that Here and not just a few minutes as soon as I get information on what I can say in what I can't and the reason why I can't say some things is because we're in the middle of operations, and I dont want to Tipp are high and I also don't want to tell stores all of them will be told, but we're gonna hafta wait until We get everybody out, but Summum amazing, good things and on believable bad things?
some people involved and that will come out we'll come out I'll, be the first to say out loud saga. How much are we can still I was one of those people. I would not be not be positive, looking ahead, but it was a very good. I mean I I you, Half do remember two separate yourself occasionally from how terrible things are going on, and you try to do that with your family, your kids on the weekend, but right now it's overwhelming itself. Welcoming this. This Afghanistan story is again the largest most most most incredible collapse of leadership that I've ever seen from a president in my lifetime? I've never seen anything like this. This is catastrophic every day I keep thinking about what is actually going on. Why are they acting like this? There has to be. something we don't know here has to be something we,
A Biden has like, like a forty, nine and fifty percent approval raining deal. First ones are going underwater now that a minute's draw that workers what you, but I'm just wondering, who are those people right who I mean seriously. I guess you could say why Global warming is very important to me in bad. Really you approve of the way he's handling the presidency. You don't have any credibility at all to critique. Anyone else. If you can't say this is completely out of control, ever seen. Anything like this in my lifetime, this is legally out of control, and I wonder
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and you even had a much easier than the average Afghan Rachel. So President Biden is basically said now hey it was Chaotic seem for five days ago he took control. He said to make it more orderly from what you ve been seeing. Does that hold water is just not true. I mean what what what happen. What is fair to say is that they took control of the military side at the airport. They secured the perimeter. They managed to move all those people we saw on the runway. Those tragic scenes of people cling onto see seventy, but they didn't just go home. Of course they didn't either. There are thousands and thousands of people down that it is a very scary, wild, dangerous place, but other than that, just like Biden said I think that was Friday. So every report says
deteriorated since then, so that was high water mark area, four corners. Of course we have people on the ground now in Kabul, and it is not good. me just give you. Olaf couple of things here are just reading around what I can do better in twenty thousand and forty thousand refugees are outside of the guy it's trying to get in d o d on Saturday was not allowing any one in six thousand people were stranded inside the inside the gates at the term. And on the tarmac waiting for flights They are the Taliban is checking. If this
The Taliban is using biometrics along the northern border to idea Afghan Afghans who worked for the coalition forces and killing them. How are they getting the biometric. information on those people at Sir ha. That's weird! Isn't it It's weird, I wonder if we owe we did leave all of that information anyway, us again you yeah, that's the chemist sucks, not being mentioned at all is that the vice president of Ghana stand, did not flee the country and was saying hey. I'm over here. I'd wait a minute, I'm the government trend it, I'm the organizers, president and now you're trying to organise a government and a resistance and were completely ignoring it in detail. Man says: who cares what the bans. You see that the Taliban issued a red line to the United
its government today I do not cross this red line or else or else. Why area? What? What are we talking about here and we believe that the club emitted a go in there like a well that we will try to deal with the afghan of the Taliban requirements, the Taliban requirements, who will where the United States of America they dont require things of us. What is happening? It's it's madness and you know it like a few people put together an armed resistance in northern neighbour, the furthermore, not not do with risks, not with any of the military equipment. There I left by now the Taliban has it all right. They put together small little resistance and drove amount of their villages. Why are we doing that throughout the whole country? Why are we doing that at the gates of these air? I port light ass It is it's sick it really sick. What's what's? What's up?
by the way CBS News. They have. Finally, finally, given Something crystal clear that money who to blame for the Taliban. Have you ve lost? crop in your land or the. Can government hasn't paid enough attention to you? Then, of course the Taliban can come and exploit it. The M there. Claim that clear it change. partially to blame for the rise of the Taliban. Now, when I read that, firstly, that Babylon be right, No CBS News, CBS News thousand serious point is what you're saying was a sub areas, point If that's what you know well, the only and you can do when the temperature rises point. Nine degrees, no matter what the cause is, that it is all about turn to Islamist yeah.
yeah, that's usually what you do it's pretty much. What you do my crop is died. What do I do great alibi? Let's go murder some girls, yeah right away and the normal response, law The only alternative to climate change- hey here's another one. I dont know if we covered this in our agreement with the Taliban, but this should have been a big, don't do this to the Taliban, one of our little red lines, one of em. His most wanted terrorist with a five million dollar bounty on his head is in Kabul has reappeared, and he is now one of the Taliban leaders. Mapping out future of the country. His name is Colleen hard Copy, and he has pledged a new era for Afghanistan. He was leading prayers for the Taliban fighters at a mosque there in Kabul,
the hard Connie's? That's. I guess a bunch of brothers have been blamed for some of the deadliest terror attacks across the world in recent years. Have been designated as a foreign terrorist group by the United States and United Nations decide. Their reputation? They are expected to be a powerful player in the new regime following the Talibans take over in Afghanistan, Another key leader of the heart Conny Network is anus hearkening. That is a good time now some might say, renounced ass, but I think it's anus is our He was also anus was a Kapital Friday age. He he runs. A anus runs a shadowy group. What is now a surprise to me, one of the most powerful networks behind
Taliban and and mutilated. They they ve, they ve been on the jihad it. Since this We were in another we ll see, I use them as an asset. Wasn't ass ass, any anus, and his answer was an asset on CIA yeah me right. We're involved amount to her tat allows us to see the picture of the Taliban before and after the CIA training. Now you didn't see that forum now on the top was the the Taliban all gathered. there with their eighteen, forty seven with their fingers on the triggers. Post CIA, they all had the fingers off the trigger and
in the serious leadership. Yes, that's got only sell the c. I a train them not put their fingers on the turner unless you're gonna shoot somebody. I think that's what Bildt's, what they do, not try to train them to not shoot the nine year old Jew, as they probably should have. How can we ensure that was in the next lesson lit out or their needed to get out of there? Did you see the the mark of a wood Jima disease? Still, Now that it has a military. This is worms down in our military uniforms and our all of our assets. This is them mocking he would Jima raising the the flag. I so that real about the Taliban flag over it yeah yeah. It is I mean seller, moderator, racing Eiger, marking us I believe that that too, There is still allowing them Facebook still allowing them. I mean that
nobody has a Meme department bow and their mocking us. I saw it gold. That's? How can you help You cancel forever? former president of the United States, Donald Trump, but you have the Taliban leadership up there, whether their phone rules or twitter. Her very twitter ha ha. I just don't. Even though not there ass, whatever by way a flashback back twenty ten letter back and two thousand and twenty ten reveal at Al Qaeda targeted President Barack Obama, but not Joe Biden, because Osama Bin Laden, considered Biden to be an incompetent fool. That would
led the? U S into crisis white, one already kid tat. He had forbidden Al Qaeda from trying to assassinate Joe Biden because he considered the den vice president be incompetent likely leave the. U S into a crisis if he were to assume the presidency, era, Joe five thousand carbon. What is this era in continent as well? I do mid verses Goliar. Let's talk about Goliath for a moment here, but you and I both No Hollywood. Isn't your friend nor your family's pretty obvious? No matter how good the story is. New Watch. These shows with your kids it since to violence, to course, to adult. Whenever it is, let me Tell you about a service called VIT Angel it angel is the little rock in the slingshot. It is
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called and as of right now, Newsome seems to be a very slight favorite to remain in office livable, but barely and again you have taken to context for soulless California. Second of all, was way ahead. Not to long ago so the fact that its close now is pretty remarkable and is only a few points if the way it works. If you have the floor, question: do you want governess and stay or not, if no wins, then it goes to this secondary ballot, witches and forty two candidates. Something like that. dozens of candidates but Larry Elder seems to be the favourite out of that group, there's guy, who is to be the mare of set San Diego, whose another Republican who's trying to make a run it Because he's a little bit more moderate and maybe more
in the in them, maybe the the shorts and eager winning mode and another. He would necessarily say that he shorts and Agar, but he's you know trying to save elder, should resign because of all these things trying to bring up from elders past now shut up now. This is typical. I gave a nuisance. Defence here's basely to say it's either me or Larry Elder, because Larry's, obviously, actually conservative him he's been a conservative for a really long time erect. So, We know Newsome is bedding. I can we this just by scaring people away from Larry Elder cell calling him the the a dangerous black face. I didn't call them black face. In, for California, was gonna, just destroy the black, nay
hoods and black family submits, did look like yeah, that's different, then most left wing states who love their governor, who s black, face. That's usually a white person. Those acquiesce at has black face. That's different right. This is actually an african american person in their training. for he has a m an extra and say that has come out and spoken out. Against him, saying that they had some domestic disputes in the past. He denies. It is really hard to drill down to know anything about these last minute accusations in a political campaign like this. As we know, there's Also, we at the other thing about Larry Elder, which is why a lot of talk show host to run for public office is because, even if the there really smart- and they know a lot about the issues they ve said, basically everything there on the air for multiple hours a day, so everyone go through your old shows and try to dig out comments that don't sound so good, now ask him when you said them, then that are there
Do the elders, while they're trying to come out and say he's been insensitive to women in the past and all the things you expect from Gavin Newsome and the people who surrounded Trinity a maritime accident and they don't care, don't worry, I care, don't carry of their new, do not care, but you can tell the difference in stance from Evan Newsome how seriously he's taking this for months. We had the guys on who are putting this together, who was launched, Recall an invite sickly were laughed at by the media by I gave a Newsome who ignored them completely for months and months and months and months, assuming the blue state of California. Would rescue him and they didn't come back. They joined and allow the recall the look. You can't win a seat wide election in California as a Republican with republican votes. You you need Democrats, you need independence to come on board and people,
looked at this and said: look he's done a terrible job, new sums than a bad job this thing and then he's breaking? his own rules. He subjecting us too, and I I believe that he is actually not gonna. Do debate I mean now. It would be in his best interests to stay way away from Larry elder oh yeah area would be temporary him the one of the interesting part about this. Is the Democrats decided to protect Newsome not putting a legitimate Democrat on the ballot. If you remember crews boost Avanti, who is again halfway legitimately known Democrat, who was an actual option for Democrats devote to poor in the recall when Schwarzenegger was running, they have no one what a Youtube her A real estate investor is the number one democratic. So the Democrats I don't really have any one to line up like with, because they're trying to protect knew somebody better vote, produce them or you're. Not gonna get a Democrat a huge risk by the Democrats.
In California by not running someone who could legitimately win the election brain for Larry Elder, always decline. ram and update from the Middle EAST the Nazareth fun. Next, let me Let me hold off on our commercial because it is, we are with them. And who is waiting, is extraordinarily busy in the middle of trying to save Christians, Rudy eyes are ceo of Thee Nazareth Fund, broody welcome. How are you exclaimed good to hear your voice, good to hear you is? Can you give us an update your on the air by the way, give us an update on everything you can? Yes, so we're getting or getting our first, the three hundred and forty passengers I'll as we speak. The plane is getting ready to take off now
the gradual it's on the ground and being loaded the exodus back. So that's that's that good news. A lot of people that are boarding are extremely dehydrated. We had two. We have to move a prince because of that on earth is covered in fee, seized her over sixty thousand people and by the airfield it's an absolute mastered. The outside the was just closed because of idea threats from ice this policy on are blocking people on the outside parameter of the airport. In not allowing them through president resin rightly says that there is no harm being to U S, citizens or people they're trying to get in that they are not being beaten by the Taliban or anything else. Can you think of completely false that it's completely and unequivocal false everything, that's come out of this. This, administration has been nothing but lies right now our biggest obstruction has not been.
has not been. You know our ability to extract people, but it's been the: U S State department. Next, that's been obstructing we. We cannot a single person in the State Department to support us on the planet. front. However, however, right now we you know different countries that want to take people are agreed to take. People are requesting. Diplomatic notes from us apartment that when they arrive you no one to three will happen, and the State Department keeps As we will not write any notes, we will not give you any support whatsoever, so so we're in the middle of diplomatic, wranglings, trying to figure out when we go to rotate people in rotate planes entered take them out where we're gonna take them to next destination soul. what we are talking to you. We have countries that will take them. Why is our state department not willing to say? Yes, you can move them, they had been the big.
The obstruction mean Guisando Deed and I'm working with our or leaning forward in the saddle to help us, but the state department noticing the soul and there is, is being helpful whatsoever, stand a lot of congressman's and senators are angry, the writing letters and they're trying to get things moving. But but it's been extra we slow with I'd. Never ever in my entire life, seen anything so mixed up in this combined belated it's just its to spend a nightmare for us but were determined to get paid I mean we're figuring out different angles, different ways: the threat keeps increasing every single day people, and not only from you know, from the different political groups on the ground, but we're talking about hide racial people who are sick with medical conditions and in others no food and water. No bathrooms, like I said so
You know I'm every second, I hear different stories out air force wanting to send planes are focusing on american citizens getting married citizens out, but we also have the aside these and people who helped us in into we cleared the airfield from the end side we can bring people from the outside in so that that the biggest dilemma right now, so so that the part that the part that we're trying to help How fast is the military transport planes? going in and out there are some It's coming, and I heard there's gonna, be a fairly big rotation of military planes coming in today, but focused on american city. And I have not confirmed yet I'm trying to confirm it, oh I'll, be jumping on simple calls afterwards, but it's it's I mean the problem is normally when you do not combine evacuation, you put the Department of Defense
large and then basically, the State Department back benches and support, in this case its foot, the round The state department is try to run the show and the Department of Defense is in the bag. His back quenching. That's why it's gotten so must stop and the problem is providing easier or support your help. Are our other operations outside continuing. Outside of the airport, working the swimming were working or working on that diligently? It's just you know. The threats are so high right now and getting worse. So No without disclosing much were working on one piece of it. We're coming up with lots of different options, as as we as we focus our attention on the airport at the same time, ok, so do we have we have the
plane ready to take off here in just a few minutes. What time should that be taking off? Do you know, I think, we'll? a half hour on the ground. Doing No, no, we have a little bit longer than that on. The ground may be closer to an hour and a half two hours, but yeah largely. Is that going to be followed by another one? Do we Are we in a system yet being able to rotate them? we we have? We had. We have currently multiple aircraft on top, but we are in the middle of trying to sort out the diplomatic issue on the other end, but we have to. Clear any more people coming in, and that is all that's all because of the state department. The state department could take care of this right now. Oh absolutely, but nobody Stepping forward mean when we spoke to him. I haven't slept country days it
We ve been delays, calling people in and tried to get the get this who sorted out at my my objective has been? You know, let's get him out of it. I understand wherever we take them and then deal with. aftermath, thereby it's you know you it's hard when you fire plain and then it gets diverted mid air to you, know to another place and then it sit on it. Emma Bonino, with a bunch of passengers who are dying of hydrogen in the bag, and then you make matters worse. So she has worked trying to sort that out all and came high aright it. What can we do here? That would help. Should we call our senators? Should we what What can we do? Call senator Call congressman's get people get people to shake the state, the pot, from the inside out and get them to return to provide us at least some diplomatic support, or we can just go. We had the assets,
the plans we have the people on the ground to move people, but we just need at least trees that will take them in and help us without the portion of the end. We also we are asking for the state to parliament to give these planes what dip max you walk, go head. Yes, we want. Want them to work through our embassies in the various countries that to say you know what they will give a diplomatic now and say: please, if you take, refugees for ten days or whatever you ve got them, and then you rotate him out the next destination. At least it gives us a little bit too tired to work with the bigger countries. You know the western cards We have agreed to take in refugees permanently no time cycle in other aircraft, the common and taken the final destination. Ok, good! Thank you very much. Broody. God bless you we are praying for. Even millions are praying for all of the people involved on your team. Thank you. Thank you for all your support. You bet a bye.
Truly attali. He is the ceo of of the Nazareth fund. He was on the National Security Council for residents past and and the air force, for I don't even know thirty years and is a remarkable, remarkable man. So here's what I'd like to do and if we can get one of our producers on the farmers get Ricky and Sarah start to man the phone. Let's get some of these. These senators and Congo meant that we know on the phone and on the air we need you to call your senders and congressmen. There's something things that are going on that you will find out about later we're trying not to ruffle feathers until we can get people out
there's no reason to finger point till we get things out, but the state Department is a is a problem is a big problem. and we need those members of Congress to to move it is. This is one of the hardest, most heart breaking things I have ever been involved in. I I get good news and then the rug is ripped out from underneath me thee the way this is being handled is insanity Absolute insanity, I've seen in government operations and govern operations Donna go your way but at least will makes hands. If it's a military operation, it will at least make sense to some degree. This
makes no sense on what is going on and where a week into it and still doing this, we have what is it nine days at nine days to thirty first on anyone the date? Two dates? Twenty third, today, ok, so we are running out of time and, as he saying it's getting worse on the ground, they are becoming more and more emboldened. We have to get these people out. and we have the planes on stand by. We have everything ready when I asked if we were doing some of the other things outside you, I don't know how People are risking their lives to help people right. Now we have people that are in grave grave danger right now, trying to get people to the airport
you will be amazed when you hear this whole story ha, but we need you to call Europe's senators and congressmen right now, flood them right now. and tell them. We need the state Department to give dip matic passes to the airplanes that are loaded up with these refugees to to and allow the U I e to take these people, and hold them for ten days until they can go someplace else this that we ve ready, coordinated all of these other countries. We have everything we need. We have absolutely everything we need, except the Taliban is holding the gates and stopping us from bringing in some people. We are working on
around for that, and then the other obstacle, and these are the two, the Taliban and our state department. We already have everything else we need. We have the countries where They are going to be accepted where they'll be gone. Sadly taken we have play it is for them to hold until They go to their final destination. We haven't all we don't, have all of the people, because the Taliban, as Rudy just said the president, is lying to you, he is lying to you. are beating people at the gates, the other, the other. Obstacle is our state department. I believe It's one and the same.
Please call your senator in your congressmen right now and ask them to please These clear the problem, comes with the state department. Dig these refugees out. Ok Let me take a couple of our sponsors erratic skip the first commercial, so give me to its or back into the show? First be Yvonne lives in California, and she and her husband are in their seventies and, like many people, their age they are fighting, you no more and more they'd weak been sunny, California in pain, and then they go to bed still feeling it desperately. They tried potential solution after potential solution in everything let them down. At the end of it, they were still both in pain Finally, you ve heard about relief factor while listening to some clown on the radio. and I decided to give it a try. What did she have to lose? Well, Yvonne wrote to me she said law
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he's watching the girls robotic team. Bees scan girls, robotic team. And she knew she They do something so she flew to Qatar. Just a cup weeks ago, she made a hail Mary phone call to a former roommate the: U S embassy there. And said we have to help get these girls to safety, because Taliban is advancing and if they get there, they're not gonna they're gonna be killed. well. She had been in contact with the team. The girls are sixteen to eighteen years old and she you know I worked on the board of directors for explore Mars and met the girls when they attended the human. he's on Mars conference amused
I mean that was there would be like a bad sign. Five convention in the past, now it serious and so she she talked to the girls at that time about the future their country and how they were a shining example of how things had improved. They were grateful to the United States, Cetera Cetera. She said she couldn't the feeling the girls were in danger, while watching news of the advancing insurgent army in early August, the first step she took to call Jim in half from Oklahoma and she said the lead when cold than the senator became overwhelmed with the need to help our american citizens so she decided to try herself, I remain. in my former rumanian DC a couple years ago transferred to Qatar in the embassy she wrote.
a request. I got all of the passports together. She went back to the embassy at midnight, worked all night to prepare the documents and packets for the girls. She said it was cool Are they trying to get the girls out we're in a sea of chaos with eight million people and a city halfway around the world she said was a very narrow window of opportunity She said I knew if we didn't get out that door now and go through the door of the embassy it wouldn't happen. It's now, our ever and now or never- and she said sometimes in life- you only get one chance. Well, she look the one chance. After one flight was cancelled. Ten girls boarded the next flight from the american side of the Kabul Airport, and they were taken to a secure. We're location here in the: U S, and they are going to be going to college here- in the. U S
According to NBC News, there still she still trying to get twenty five more girls from the team to safety. I don't know, saw the that women's soccer team last week. Did you see what they had to do they said, delete all pictures of you, who in a uniform playing soccer and get rid of anything that you have Burnett burn. Your uniform do not have anything that can shoot to the to the year two General soccer team because Women are not even allowed into stadiums. on the heels of thick boy who seventeen year old, fell out of the plane was one of the soccer players as well. It's really. really incredible? We have our borders open here and our state Department is, is not being helpful with bringing
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all that we can do because our government is not us I don't know when they changed entirely. We don't leave people behind we don't surrender to the Taliban. We don T Red lines from the Taliban that that's that You should a red line order. You have your people out by October, thirty, first or else or August. Thirty first or else excuse me or else what exactly. I mean I I you want. To clear the gates, use eighth them with a couple of fighter jets. That's it you don't you know shoot at them. You just fly really fast, very low it Will free come out, but We don't do those, we don't do things
was a disturbing order. A disturbed in order that was issued this weekend. That I you need to know as Biden is saying we're not sure if we can get everybody out by the thirty first, he would to the Pentagon and say at said fix it, hey, well, The Pentagon has been flying transport planes. Up transport planes are not meant to fly, you know four hundred people across the ocean, they don't have. Food service bathrooms and things like that so they needed airplanes. Ok, now What should the american president do? We needed airplanes and the military didn't have the right kind of military.
I kind of aeroplanes, for what should we issued? Should the President, the United States, do you get get it done? With that, without any restrictions to get it done near, the President, United States figure it out new ones. I would think that the present in the United States would call up the airlines and say: hey: can you guys fly? Some planes over there will protect in Vienna will cover the insurance and everything else. Can. You just fly not into Kabul, But in two, where we're gonna be dropping these people, and then you pick him up airport and will tell you where to fly them, then that was that there are some reports that they trying to do some of those things workhouse. Well, what of Friday, the Pentagon said that you know probably gonna order you to do this. and then on Sunday,
The Pentagon and the White House decided to use a really old law. had been used for about Seventy years just to just to take the airplane they're telling them now you to provide x, number of airlines United I united Airlines. We need x number of planes from you southwest. We need planes from you and they're just bet their under orders now to do it so private companies under the Civil Reserve AIR Fleet, which was created for the Berlin airlift now or under orders from the United States government. You have to surrender this many jets and personnel get over there. I think asking them Would have been really good
I think asking them and if they didn't do it, say, ok! Well, I just want you to know. I'm gonna be making a big deal out of those airlines that help I'm getting it on better than they would say now they couldn't say no, they wouldn't have said. No, so The government has come in and for first, these airlines, a private company, that this is what part of tallow terrorism? do we not understand what part two of authoritarian fascistic kind of moves. When does that actually apply? rate article in the federalists this weekend about the definition of fascism when Is it? When does it actually begin to apply Mussolini said fascism is everything in the state, nothing outside of the state and nothing again, the state? Ok,
everything in the state. nothing outside the state. Have you tried to talk about sports without becoming political? Have you try to talk about school Bout, it becoming political. Have you tried to talk bout science without it becoming political medicine, without it being political television, without it being political, new without a becoming political everything in our life is now thing in the state and nothing outside of the state, and to say things against the state: nothing against the state we we are here We are here you're at the very edge of it. We are all doing it right now. Because we were- ouch and monitor our conversations
we realise that, so I can't really say that that'll get me cancelled. Jen Jen Saki admitted at the White House and the government is working closely with Facebook and other social media companies to identify posts that it deems objectionable Back channeling with media organisations on how to handle covert and everything else. Even And get it done their using private companies to get it done. this is this is how it this is how it be. Things this is what it is. The great thing is We are all individuals. see that the problem is: is there
our system is different. all other systems in the world, all other systems believe that the experts and the the political elite v no better and they'll. Take care of everything. Well, they don't When you have that system, there is nowhere to run because they are everything everything in the state: nothing outside of the state. There are police, to run too because there, the national police, an event. Go bad. What happens the UK go to another doktor, because there, the national doctor there, the national hospitals are the national Health, the administration and Oh, if they say something you can't go someplace else, because they have at all.
That's the way. Fascism works. they take away your ability to decide. The way America works is each us, decide what we're going to do and then their becomes a market. For those things that are? High demand So we all need healthcare. Great, a market comes up and if becomes really abusive if the government isn't involved, if it becomes beauty. If, then, you can go find another market. Somebody will start another market to beat that one. But the key is that we all learn this last week. It's what we as individuals decide to do. And if there is enough of us
decide we want to do something we in the world. And we come together quickly. That's what Happened last week, the Nazareth Fund by the way- is now up to twenty six, almost twenty seven million dollars and people, still giving at the Nazareth Fund, DOT, org and mercury, one dot org. We all came together in everyone felt helpless, because the problem was too big. but when you saw these individuals that are Offering the The visual became real to each of us. And each of us said, I gotta do something. And all you needed was somebody that said, I got an idea. How about we do this? enough people thought it was a good idea that people
ledge there, five dollars and en mass We choose to come together on an idea. The collection of collective money. from all of the individuals move, mountains. When we all make a choice as individuals are in visual choices are be being taken away, and I don't see any one else trying to a bond to an airplane to be taken. another country whose loose- Who's trying to get into the will we'll well to get to China. whose climbing onto an airplane in holding on in hopes that they'll make it to Russia. Cuba.
Venezuela, Mexico, Canada,. We need to as individuals recognise it's the lies that we are allowing to happen, and the biggest lie is that you're not powerful that you can't get it done that You have to wait for permission. got news for you, I'm about to snap on the state Department, because we're waiting for permission for M to say yes, these rights, few jeez can be taken in by a third country. We are not waiting for the principle of the permission. State department has to give permission out of deference to another country That has already said will take them, but we do want to get into cross purposes with your state department. So we're way
for them to give us permission. That's insanity, that's insanity, that's how you get people killed back just a minute. First, let me I tell you, I know what you're thinking you think Glenn you're a doctor will damage Jim. I am, I am in your thinking, a doctor above anyone else is key qualified to talk to me. About what I should be eating and admitted that you're thinking right now, you're right, you're, right, you're right, I'm a doctor not only key And I tell you what you should eat. I should tell you what he and how to cook and that's on erect tech with smart guy technology the wrecked tech ensures that your food gets even inconsistent heating from the time you started and tell the time you eat it too, made from solid, stainless steel. So like your cooking on a tank best of all
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Men are not men anymore, and there are them like this Roger Wicker of Mississippi, I think he's probably a good guide. Their weak There's something in the next week and they decided not. You know the other side is ascended. The left is winning I'm not gonna push any buttons. Did you know my infuriate them just not there not lion hearted. And this is the moment when you need people who aren't you know this slashing out crazy that I hate that, but you are legitimately strong when I hear my principles, that will clearly articulate them for you and by the way I'll die for them, because that's what principles are real principles not be spread out. This is a tax that they want, but like people should be to see if they really believe that's all. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the first amend the bill of rights that, Non negotiable point period, What do you do that, and there are like nothing? the only ones who will do women
It has a lot of consequences for one thing: it drives the women crazy though I really angry women, rape noticing, and I think a lot of them are angry because their men are weak. I do think that mean. I don't think that I know that and I ve been married to the same woman for thirty years in no way, if you weren't maker mad in This is true for a lot of my three daughters. I see this. I see this all the time week. Men make the mat, because it's it's wrong and it is this is like basic and human. you all the true basic human things at one of the things were not allowed to talk about. My life are dumb theories, but the western people really are nature. Nature itself is so offensive to our leaders. Has it challenges there totally unnatural programme, there's nothing less natural, the neo liberalism, fulminations denial of nature, but at its core Nature is about sex differences, men and women are different. Doze,
stags our different their difference. Is the central fact of the natural world, and if something falls out of balance in that relationship between male and female. Everything else is affected by it, everything and so at the. Poor of the volatility in the craziness in an open to rapid, too, just change, that's going on is this. We're black is balance between men and women, and I think it's physiological I dont think is it asked a cold we'll phenomenon, the massive increase in transit identifying kids, it's not just a result. A proper Ganda from the school- that's part of it, but it's it's bickered not. This is now happened in human history and all human history. This has never happened. So that's a red flag right there. What the hell business now you can be totally for it or you
be totally opposed. It doesn't matter how you feel about it as a phenomenon, it's worth studying what is going on and the one thing that nobody mentions- and I just haven't is decided just like empirically just around me and I'm hardly a genius and I'm not a scientist, but this is so obvious. You'd have to a wire to ignore it, and we should not This is the Glen program, America and welcome to Monday locked to report on we go to what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan in sixty seconds programme I want you to know that not all real estate agents are exactly the same. You know imagine
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monitored. We have looked for the best track records in the area and we recommend them to you: gotta real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com, the Sabre necessary is known by a lot of people are safer rock. He is an afghan interpreter, and now his family is being hunted by the Taliban because he was such a hero and helping the? U S Sabre, welcome, program, morning, everybody and beg you saw my sir. How are you I'm happy person? Okay, I began. I never gave up. Even I love my fingers in the war, even I was on a pro line, but I know my pants
there have been right now in Afghanistan and day have not been saved yet the the Taliban there looking my family around the airport cobble airport, but I never lose hope that I just tell you ask everyone to pray for me and we can. We can see them so it for, if you don't know what happened Sabre, he was one of the lead guys early on in the war in the Helmand Province, which was one of the most violent regions in the area, and they had to drive a wedge between the Afghanis villagers and the Taliban and all all of the communication than would be driven right I threw rock. If you will save Iraq and
It ended up really really really well. They were doing a documentary film of it at the time and because that he had a three hundred thousand dollars multi down on his head. and and your family now. Are has some of the family has gotten out in r and d by and if we don't want to identify the family at all, but you have other the other members of your family, that you try. to get out- and you say there at the gates of the base. I am not sure that location right now, but Around the airport, You know I'm a little bit sad become two weeks. I couldn't sleep good, twenty four hours? I plead one hour because I dont think
you know happy, I'm very upset. I come out eat because my my heart and this pain from my heart: You know why, because I fought for this country time. An american citizen- and I thought you guys for this country- A big even made their documentary movie about me that one email, you are only with a war, now. Listen oh by done that I respect and like him, I know one day you will change. Afghanistan. I know one day you will listen to the people of Afghanistan, but unfortunately He broke my heart. Mr Joe Biden broke my heart because he left my family behind me like that. other allied behind its all yellow?
some of the military force military retire like Colonel more de Vigo, Mr Brad Part, Hollywood bone pursue all night. report, especially look ass, your brothers, that they made the movie about me and also this man crisis map. Better, a jury Torres be all retire army and military forces be, are helping me, but Joe Biden, Joe Biden didn't amethyst. Nobody simply to support and save my family. He says: He says that the Taliban is not beating people, it's it's not their abiding by. You know that The way they should behave in international law, any went on
trusting the Taliban and what's really happening on the ground. Whatever you say that the maybe mention to the social media, but I was sure I will give you proof that the Taliban they're looking for those people who served for you, a government who serve for like a journal colonel, had been searching, everything houses they did a lot of people day. The big data a family members baby, my brother's both brothers. the bureau in Dubai right now, In writing. I am already more or less every minute so building Everyone that I have proof As you know, the people of Afghanistan. want peace and democracy without interference, our partners, but people of Afghanistan we want majority people about them. Does that we want America. We want
United States forces to stay in Afghanistan for good, not at least big mistake for fifty years because the United States military there and other countries for seventeen years. Why they're, letting us behind What's our omitted and do anything so the boy S let the boys are from people of Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan now look a lot of people leaving Afghanistan. What does it mean at me? you don't like an alibi Majority of people about gender majority means ninety nine percent of people of Afghanistan. They don't like Taliban, then their kindly requesting
Mr Joe Biden, Mr Joe Biden, can change everything can save all people of Afghanistan eaten so dear kindly requesting please listen. Joe Biden save us from beast favor from animals, Taliban are animals. So let me ask you this safer there, the the the Taliban Army did not to start the Taliban. The of Ganny Army did not stand up to the Taliban. but we are seeing now all throughout the country, These citizens in towns all over the country standing up and kicking them out of the area, what what happened to the army, what happened to you, your president good. Thank you. So much did you you brought that I graduated from political size in Afghanistan and I may expert about Afghanistan. I thought
well all over Afghanistan. So it means that I'm telling you the truth, so majority, were right now, a majority of a? U s: Afghan Army, any Afghan National Army beer trying to join MR as much Mr Almah witches and he is the son of the leader of our And then ass much almost suit cowed by Taliban here, the heat or in champion now they start because I didn't eighty five percent of Afghanistan covered by Taliban five percent, which is binding province, and nor do I and some of the bill, others ignored there are under control. My jaw he'd under control, all the people who beat the Russia who beat that China would be the England
beat the Pakistan and India wherever. But what happened was there? the manager, the so called President a Mister Ashton gunning NET, he elected by: U S, government, he did by President of United States. Whatever was that he was the trod bribery and fascist president we ever had. He was the heated president or Afghanistan, so then the Taliban they became a strong. Why? Because mister, Asher Daddy was supporting Taliban and the people and be missed I shall give you use a lot of Taliban Mister Asher gunning abroad, the representative of Taliban on the table
you thought about what was lost. The war A merger won the war, but I'm a curve die. I shall gunny they support Taliban. you know the Taliban. They didn't expect that they get. There are problems of Afghanistan like a water. Why? Because at Mister Asher Gun you called every core. We call a we have eleven corps in Afghanistan. They call him did leave all you core, all you a battalion for Taliban, but the people there. Our army, Afghanistan, Army, booted, written by we have tank, we have holocaust.
We have all nation and we have everything but cars. I, and also I shall give you say: no, we will leave it to them. That's why we love Afghanistan, the problem majority of people of Afghanistan. Today? We see Aisha, Gunny anywhere, We will not leave them alone. There very, very, very upset from so went up. when he left, because he apparently laugh with his family and his gold and everything else. It was kind of it looked as though he was leaving because of the Taliban. He was According to you he's he's, in, because the people were angry with him a correct and he left again and for TAT reason number one. He stole fifty million thousand dollar
even he didn't talk to me. in dollar would then be given to the people, s the then why you love, because the people was hungry on em number, two, he loved because of the money he stole the money he got it he. You know there was a tree guy, three person control. All yet the number one I shall gunny number to a doctor, a more have which, as you all know, the doktor. He was a nurse There was another guy, possibly less surprising, three german cover. All Afghanistan, That's why the parliament became upset. The people of Afghanistan became upset, dated as better the people of Afghanistan as whether that we can leave up. Amazon, because these three journeyman sold every single mine to the neighbours, but he had they have three there to face it number one. In the first place
just polishers, I'm sorry to say that he, polish everybody he you know he showed her sympathy to the people, but the other face was just selling our country, our people, our army, our tank to there, do the enemies of the human being right. Including including China, right. That's where the That's where the mines went aboard the copper mine from east of Afghanistan. Cause. I sold it before then I shot gun, he told them, but these told it and they act and the table not of the table and and- and I am sorry to say that I am requesting from Mr Joe Biden. Please follow an endless, Mr Asher Gunny here
You know, we want the war. I may you a citizen. You. United States won the war, but now Taliban they got celebration, they got party, they said we beat Russia, we beat America, oh it's not true. It's not true United States want to win the war or jumped back. Then we have one length. We have a big unit right now they are located in north of Afghanistan. We called pasture problem, read the Azure leader, MR I'd much sun up as much on my suit champion of Afghanistan. You can just google it. He said we have two hundredth unit, two hundred the special forces unit and the Taliban they scare from them. Yesterday, Taliban lost three villages and
I see the rifle region. It started at the people, the northern people not aligned people say we don't need support up. United States. Now I just want to support us. We are highly the cool thing and welcoming american forces. We don't need military person, we need our nation, we need air support them reprogramming and one year we will give all up together We promised that Serbia has a unit now Sabre. I appreciate the insight on this and I do hope that we change our tactics here, because we are just abandoning our friends in so many women, and so many
girls and children from having a safe future and a future of freedom seem unnecessary. Thank you very much. Our best to you, we will pray for your family. and we will do all we can to make sure that your your family is with you here, as in America citizen God, bless you, let me take up our sponsor this hour. It's called line talent did something this week that went mostly unnoticed. Now, this company, because they're hedging against what they say is a black swan event they. Just bought fifty million dollars in physical gold. Now wait a minute. Why. Well. You have to understand that Poland, terror is one of the foremost expert companies on data analytics and forecasting there used by hedge funds, bang
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station I d one of the more amazing things about watching this Afghanistan situation, Just collapse and crumble is how many people there are thousands like him who out there, helping us over multiple decades. Think of the risk you're taking when you have a group of people who are so active by the way, but this is the promise is that you know people have always known America. As one thing You can say that we meddle in other people's business, as you say, a lot of things, but the military never leaves anyone behind
tat, not american citizens right and I, and also those that are been helping, and we promise. I mean the problem as these people didn't necessarily know if they could trust us, but our soldiers made bonds with these people. Yet are it's our military that are vouch for these guys, that's what's important IDA and is our soldiers that are they're the ones that are with them and their like yeah trust, trust us easy eyes, or else yes, yes, yes, but a clear answer. This criticism. I guess or some from some on the right which are saying here. We go, we get this. This situation is deteriorating well now you want to raise money to pull a bunch of unfettered people out and bring him to America, theirs, screw? Why not I'm not for bringing on vetted anyone to em
that's not what that has reinforced its doing our into no! No that these we know who these people are and by the way they are not coming to America right. So not only they not invented they're not coming to America. Nobody that we're bringing our come. We will will be responsible for no one coming to Amerika Gay they're coming other countries, but none of them will be coming to America the way to vet. People is not enough. hurry like that. We'll government is doing now at the gate, with thousands pushing behind you, you're going if the wrong people and you're going to get the heater going to leave some of the right people behind even there they're, not bringing them like directly to the United States, know people that are not that different from him someplace safe, where they can sort it out correct, correct at the thought and and those people who really did serve the United States. Should
be taking care of them and their families they they were investing in us and we invested in them. They should get the benefit of coming here, this is the one programme american Financing NL, as one eight do through three four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, not or just wonder why these at the wrong, What we know why why these people have to be vetted and everybody at the border doesn't have to be why american citizens have to pay for their airfare, but people were coming across the border. they're, fine, they live government will pay for all of that. Erika is starting to change and is changing from the inside out and it's not a good change. But there is. There is another part of America that is standing true to what we once knew
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I think we come up with a new standard, this programme things. Do you can't prove Aryan correct, that's our standard of every well! I think. That's though I mean that's the media standard of evidence, you don't mean yeah. Well, you can prove that that's incorrect UKIP, Ruth Donald Trump didn't get peed on by process in Russia. So, let's report it right can prove anything through a guy and I suppose you weren't going to every second of every day because there great story about the word testament. And an testament is I look at testing Testimony as the first part of the test. Everybody wants the ammonia par. But you don't want the test
and the only way you can testify to something true, as if you really been thrown up against the wall. If you been tested- and you test it yourself, but there's a there's, a great stories. Looking up the word testament and seeing the origins, there's a story that- you can't prove it isn't true. There The Romans used to put their hand on there, an parts, two, instead of the Bible, obviously to tell the truth, hold true enough, but the truth- and that was their testimony because a man's fertility was so important too. the men in ancient Rome. That's where that's your honor! That's what made you a man and that's why women couldn't share their testimony cause they didn't have to test tete, a tete, a tete to test testicles, so
but at what a crazy era that was any. I imagine going back to a time where gender had something to do with your private parts. Now, that's crazy time and again just a little fact. You can prove is in a good start, a good story. It's I don't know that it's accurate well we're we their names around brutally, no knock it off. I wasn't, even you can't prove it or disparate There is a lot of we there's. No evidence that this is true. Then why are you reporting? I don't know about you, repass every mainstream media there's! No! and these things you now here's something else that you can't prove isn't true: People were comparing Afghanistan to Saigon in nineteen. Seventy five
and they're saying. Ah, it's light does just like this. Just like Saigon, while it's gone by the way, did you see the picture of of Camelot in the sea later salute on the on the plane on the tarmac as she's going to Vietnam. this weekend? She left for Vietnam, credible by the way link I am not as good on my the history of Vietnam as some other wars that I very much about right but like didn't, we have everyone out of Saigon here in parliament on its so much worse. You know, you know the helicopter the photo of the helicopter on the roof of the. U S, embassy in Saigon line of people on the stairs trying to get on board. Will that not the embassy Kay. picture is not the embassy everything you think that you thought You knew about that photo. Is wrong, back to it here in a minute last week
Lloyd, Austin Arbe. U S secretary defend said we don't have the capability to go out, collect large numbers of people and I responses what since the way and that something you guys should have told us about. A long time ago you ve been able to go around the country and collect people that kept their businesses map he really bad. This is it seen from the head of the Pentagon, but it's in boosting that they don't think they have the capability to go out and rescue large numbers of people, because back nineteen seventy five inside gone, we did as the city of denying fell to the communist and ninety seventy five. The writing was on the wall for the? U S in Vietnam. So on April. Second, nineteen. Seventy five during a state, Parliament meeting the Secretary of State angry
injury said it was America's duty quote: to get the peace, bull, who believed in us out that's crazy statement. That doesn't make any sense sense, as a civilised time would be sounds down there is, you know he claimed there was differences between men and women from outer those days. I guess they don't come back. So when you the. U S made a list of vietnamese officials, the translators and others who would be evacuated and resettled here in the? U S by the end of broad. Nineteen, seventy five, the nor Vietnamese troops were surrounding Saigon. They attacked the Saigon Airport. They ruined all the runways which made any large scale, airplane evacuation impossible. So what do we do? Well, we they didn't say: hey are you people try it again? The airport
hey you're years. You gotta one central location where all these people are ready to kill. You know they didn't They chose thirteen helicopter landing sites across Saigon, thirteen. They. Odd, eighty one Marine AIR Force and AIR America helicopters to fly people of the city on the ships right off the coast, so somehow or another. They found eighty one giant helicopters and they said here are these thirteen different landing sites get here. So on the morning of April, twenty ninth american forces radio. It's almost They plan this out. Almost they play in Crosbie White Christmas is April. Phony knife so american forces radio played white Christmas and said
crazy. The temperature is a hundred and five degrees and rising which Everyone knew who was in the no that's the signal, work, going now get to you location all the Americans and the Vietnamese that we're on the official list. They were two, they helicopter landing sites. Many of them were on top of of buildings. One of the AIR America helicopters was man by a c. I a CIA operative named oh, be hard edge. He will her an patch cause. He was in world war to any loss of me I and II, had to make room for twenty people on each flight and he road standing on the helicopter skid, while holding on to his machine gun. He was Goes to load the vips first, but he board people on a first come first served basis.
Including vietnamese children, with notes pinned to their clothes. That said, my son wants to be a doctor. he's the guy carnage, is the guy on the top, the stairs in that famous photo on top of the building. Reaching out his hand to help people get on board. It were In the? U S embassy, it was an apartment building. And it wasn't the very last flight out. the eighty one. U S, helicopters continued their flights throughout the night. It an operation called frequent wind, goon, remembering who in new do they skewed thirteen hundred seventy three Americans and see thousand Vietnamese in less than twenty four hours.
we're flow, we're flying giant transport planes. Some of them half full. That was then. In twenty four hours we about seven or eight thousand people out those that we planted in advance. We will we make it up on the fly right right now the Biden administration it doesn't even know doesn't even know the number of Americans that are stranded in Afghanistan, anywhere five to ten thousand, and ensure their safe passage to the airport Forty six years ago, eighty one helicopters managed to rescue seven thousand people from Saigon in a day while that That's weird, isn't it I just briefing with the Pentagon. Correct me: if I'm wrong stew, the quote was
We think we gotten about six thousand people out we think I mean Is there nobody to count how many people you're putting onto the plane? I mean it's like a two hour flight: theirs when you go on our eye and everybody. Car off your number one start there's nobody. They can take a picture and say that you think. And we think we're not gonna need more time. You know there they keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means I dont think anyone involved in the Kabul Airport, is using. That word properly, I don't think their thinking
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dot com, slash back, not a dog food. It's a supplement you put on the food is just call them now at eight three, three Glenn thirty, three, that's eight three, three Glenn thirty three call them now rough greens dotcom slash back seventy seven b c. I know some days I just I mean I can't work was too I just can't work with him. First of all, Questions off the air, I'm just telling you a little story that you can't prove isn't true. Rome and the ancient Romans how they used to put their hands like Michael Jackson on their crotch end, then that that's them swearing their testimony and look it up. You can't. You can't prove that it's not true can't prove its true, but can't prove it's not true, He's question me, then: I get in the commercial break, a finished, my commercial unease like what data,
Saigon story and I sent her April nineteen. Seventy five. Why and he said well because we did a lot more than here. I want and telling the whole story of the Vietnam WAR and exit. I was telling us that story of one operation on one days do yeah. I was just interested because what I had read recently we through all this, was that we did a lot of work before that last effort, yeah that last effort. Yes on that question, whether you should have told the story, but I was questioning whether I understood the actual truth of this in one answer is no of its truth of this seems to be that, unlike this operation and be in in Afghanistan, we had done the all of the work illegally proceeding the Saigon, yes over a hundred thousand people evacuated and then the last few people on
were involved in the store that you just talked about this. The last several thousand yet said it wasn't even supposed to be several thought. It ended up being about seven thousand people in town four hours that we evacuated with eighty one helicopters, but thou that wasn't one it was supposed to be. I think the list was about three hundred and we ended up taking seven thousand with us right never think of sound and b, I thought was no nine hundred nine hundred rang a hundred people, but that's the I guess that's the thing here is that I only had nine hundred. At the end, I keep thinking back to think of your Joe Biden. You run for president, you, when the presidency, you go through the election period, which is obviously somewhat strenuous put azure preparing to get into office on J? or a twentieth. You know you are only a few months away from a deadline set in a negotiation of May first to be out of the country, and what does he with this time
seemingly nothing? He just sit back and acts as if this is not going to happen and maybe he thought they were going to hold out longer but like. Why would if, if your, you are definitely setting out your ideologically committed to it as he is throughout all of as you just keep saying? I made the right decision. We know he was so committed to it. Why wouldn't you get the people out of their so that when may first comes if Taliban is right around the corner. You can pull out the last few hundred people and why? Wouldn't you pull Tupolev everybody else out before your troops right because having the troops there, her that protects everyone else, and why would you not hold the air base like these are basic quality? You know a two dollar from had a great speech. I did you see his speech this a little bit of it. I just love it when he said you know what you do. Is you get all the people out? First then,
You get the military out, after you ve burned everything and you there take off and we bomb the airport, the Euro, the AIR Force Base and we destroy everything that we left by that what you do it's really not that hard. It's really not that hard All we know is that every decision Joe Biden, has made it was wrong. and when I say every decision, I mean every decision he's made for the past fifty years. What it comes I think our policy is wrong every single time. So throughout history there was a letter that we got when we went and killed Osama Bin Laden and it we got it in two thousand ten and it wasn't released. no is written in two thousand and we killed him and got the letter in two thousand eleven and it wasn't released or made public or at least a year after that,
surprised, it actually saw the light of day, but the daily mail is reminding us of this letter. Today. This is Osama Bin Laden when he was then the leader of Al Qaeda and wrote this forty eight page letter of here. We here's what we have to do on pay Thirty six. He says we have to have two yet squads have to kill president Obama and data betray us, because if we kill David betray US the it'll change the war and it kill Barack Obama and I'm quoting oh Biden, will take over the presidency for the remainder of the term as is normal over. There he's wildly unprepared and it will lead the. U S into chaos.
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