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Here Comes the Impact | Guests: Gov. Kristi Noem & Dr. Kelli Ward | 4/15/20

2020-04-15 | 🔗

Glenn needs YOUR nominations for the coveted Mao Trophy, awarded to the most dictator-like local leader during this pandemic! Glenn runs through the latest in “drunk news.” South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem joins to discuss her state’s clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine and a recent outbreak at a giant meatpacking plant. Livestock market analyst Corbitt Wall breaks down what to expect from a coming meat shortage and why we shouldn’t panic. In today’s COVID-19 update, New York adds “presumed” virus deaths to its tally, Trump halts all WHO funding, and a memo from Taiwan suggests yet again that the WHO failed. Arizona GOP chair Dr. Kelli Ward argues why we must fight for free market over socialized health care.

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Come tonight at nine p M Eastern on Glens, Evie Americans are vulnerable and sales went in. The form of Democrats are knocking at our door is claiming that they have a cure for corona by socialist healthcare. But how is now worked for countries in Europe with Sky high unemployment? Many are saying that France has long running. Experiment with socialism is failing with the help of America's futuristic. Glenn reveals the real cure watch, arguing with healthcare socialist tonight at nine p M Eastern ablaze, timid, icon, Slash Glenn. I well. I was looking over the news today and all the stuff I thought you should know about, and I I found a lot of stories that really only makes sense. Your hammered
so I bought. Why not do a little drunk news for you today and and and in an unknown news. The last Angeles County sheriff Alex Villain villain villain, villainy waiver is worrying because he was quote force with a choice
He has released four thousand two hundred and seventy six nonviolent inmates me said we have over ox only twelve on our borders suspects currently in jail greater than the ins, tire population, some Jan systems. So we had a release, almost five thousand enemies and the general public, because my sake they might yet the corona virus Well now he is an ounce, after close of closing all of the gun stores and they making it illegal for you to buy any ammunition, He is now as that is concerned. There might be a increase in crime
The good news is all be healthy.
How they criminals and other related news are. Those of us in the media would like you to believe their unrelated and made, whose released from jail due to fears from coronal virus spread and Hale House has been rear. Acid murder charge share, says: there's no question that Joseph Williams to heed ravage of their health emergency committed crimes. While he was away the resolution of a low level non violent events by the Good NEWS again is, while use murdering that guy, he was completely healthy, Jill AY as about interesting away to make everybody field
the cases of worker or in the chalet climbed, pass servitude, Seventy five hundred s, people and eighty two debts by there's been twenty three hundred have recovered bad subverted a number of people over recovers, Joy, however, has announced that we now have twenty three people who have recovered and they are no longer candy ages. Because ninety eight of them are dead.
And but they have not been able this rather disease anybody else and they have been in the box now for at least fourteen days remember. This is all real news. Believe it or not. Church members scare. Five honoured are tickets for saying in their vehicles. With the windows closed during radio service, an azure sparring alive, this one? I really am. I don't understand
because I guess I just went to the liquor store and they the liver, the liquor to me in my car and then get a line in fact like the heavy tax, the state for they have liquor honouring those are tied together at all. But what do I Know- and Joe Biden says, the corona virus has has held my presidential campaign. Yes, sir, certainly has finally day on Chris Cool Cuomo. Creates great valley, have the greatest global. Hey, hey Giver! Thank you very much.
So Chris, as you know, has been very, very sick and his own personal battle with the corona virus, and I he has now come out and say that while he is doing- and I remember he said- my cool feel better, but I'm scared by this has I'm scared by the poor. The full potential of this press release may because I cannot amazement, he says I still had as low rate finger, but I can't shake it am. I know everybody tells me is gradually takes time by its mandate to have a suitable pieces mob really is gaining a better and stronger live. He says: there's some real emotional psychological effects that he has suffered. He simply people are afraid to talk about it, but I am not said guerrilla war was virus creates an emotional illness and Greece cycle its head had illnesses,
he's at I'm telling you it's in my hand, knowledge, bigger heavily in terms of messing with it, because you been saying for a long time and the air green, some sort of brain flog Genus and people and the Mesozoic dear, has ended the psychological and automobile. Problem and Chris Agis on one point This may be something new for you and the new acres you ve been messed up had for a while now and that's all it is now at stake alone is for sports hoof,
there is. There is another story that I think is important too to hit. Stew was telling me about a right before we went on the ear and It is kind of fits into the drunk news, but but not exactly. Yes and you ok, anymore, pay any more specific or you had taken his dear learn. Thinking aloud Can you give me handle all Israel's error? I remember you're about that guy is lose. Do read ever run news. But I didn't write it down. So, let's well boy Perhaps you know, since you're talking, you talked about how Joe Biden was helped by corona virus. In his campaign there was Joe Biden Clause But this, if you listen to this story, is absolute,
Lee sounds like a bunch of drunks got together and said hat I just ask him what I ass us over Let's just say that I have been drinking I haven't been. Let's just say: I have them, when this fraction that sounds exactly like this story. Yeah, listen to this five. Thirty eight do run down of gorgeous asking questions it. This is the one I'm a specifically in mind here does not have any choice. This is just a question. Ass, ever question. Everyone has questions in this. One just happens to be, let's just say in a legally unforeseen. Is nobody in mind here? Nobody Hoddan influence events in Indonesia, s beak
Why wasn't candidates maybe wasn't really fit to run for office and had to drop out, is no. I will now lose, it could be just say: is there a way again Joe Biden off I know that our general jump, actually imaginative. Obviously, everyone's thinking, like I cash Joe Biden, does it look like you can get through conversations without stumbling over hard after were know what happens, they go through this up this. Litany of of of approaches to that situation and thorough.
That looked Donald Trump. Also. Seventy one point that I feel that our singling out bite- and here I mean it in both of these guys, their old nominees- and maybe one of the reasons are decides- didn't want to run anymore. Air baby Nancy Policy puts it. I mean no easy as she's not around his diet. Coke ever say it's. A social distancing is helping his campaign apparently her eye, but they talk about this and they say basically, if it were to happen right now, like Joe Biden decided, you know what I'm all set I'm not gonna run. I don't think this is the right thing for me and my family, whatever the reason he drops out of the race as right now. All of these candidates would likely just suspend their campaigns and I'm back in what you have to figure out how to vote. If it would have and after the primary and before The convention Then there would be the sort of Democrats
party convention brokered convention thing, you might picture right where there is an argument, at the convention to see who would win does that after the convention. If it were to happen, then the party is just picking the party, actually going through helping. Ah, yes, you another question: does it say while others you can this could around right? an reason nor the other candidate countries they have no chance of winning. What would have happened, pushes sample and therefore a governess, nay, like a state of New York and Debbie Hum of residential, it's just say and that it has taken a state I am fascinated by this Cuomo thing, though, what does he done? He he's like hey all of maybe you're gonna make Harry's tells her. That's big mood idle hears. What he's done? Here's what he's duds do.
He's not Joe Biden right. I got it, but please, but like again, I am not arguing that. I think he would be a good precedent by any means, but Newsome is clearly a better option here. The guy is actually done a halfway decent job through this process as compared to Cuomo Armenia in my area to quell most terrible job, I saw the only reason is all these journalists live in New York and they liberalism arrest conferences, so they all in this area the recess and hang on every single word. He says well in most of the news media out and in not in California. Ratsey Newsome is closely during exactly right, you're, exactly right in all goes down to the press. Yet again right, american, financially and in some areas, one eighty four, but what you gonna do not need a directive. That was our inspiration for drug news right there qualifying for alone. Right now can be pretty tricky business lenders, our human life.
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I want to talk to you a little bit about chart. We're gonna show you tonight on tv we are going to be arguing with healthcare socialists tonight as part of a series on the book and what's happening in corona virus. My new book Arguing with socialist is out. It is getting really great rave reviews. I mean Shapiro was drooling over it. You ve got Charlie Kirk, who was like this is fantastic, really reviews from those who are reading it as well just on line with Amazon. It's one of the best, we have for our written in a long time, especially if you are trying to have those arguments, easy at hand and my son in law just ask a copy of it he's never asked for a copy of any of my books anyway, kiss him my butt. He's riddled with eighty be and if have
him sit down, unreadable cover to cover is impossible. This one has like pictures in graphs and all kinds of stuff in it. So if you are riddled with eighty be, it is a great great book for you as well, but tonight we're gonna be talking about this push towards socialized medicine and start with just the facts of. What's going on on Glenn TV to night at nine p m, and I They show now it will just kind of talk through this, but I want to talk through this. This chart there is the cumulative per ten percent of each country's population dying from the corona virus death rate up through April thirteenth, And when you see this chart is dawning where America is, and there is a lot to go through it, but in different ways to look at it. But I just want to take this on face value. This
Our shows that Belgium is almost a straight line up space. Is next. The Netherlands and Sweden, and Norway and ITALY are also straight line up. France Germany and is doing pretty well the Did kingdom started late, but it's it's growing quickly The one who has for all, population that has the lowest death rate, is the United States we Where did level last, we have the flattest curve. I know there are many ways to read this. You know we maybe we should read this says that we should. Take our states as countries, etc, etc. But that's changing the rules to find ways to you know to find answer that the media would like in many ways This is a charge
that you will not see on mainstream media because it makes what we did. Look right really good. It shows the? U S is doing extremely well relative to other western european countries regarding how we are handling the corona virus. You'll see that charge tonight and we'll tweeted out. So you have to share with your friends tonight at nine p M Eastern Blaze, tv we are, by the way, were also on PLUTO Tv. So, if you don't have blaze, you can watch this particular show tonight at nine o clock. Visibility and control suddenly had become very prized commodities. They can be very easy to lose, focus and lead important things slide. If you are a business owner, that's the kiss of death net. Sweet. My Oracle Oracle is around. It is the world's number one cloud business business system eel.
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welcome to the Glenn programme. Mr Pat Gray is joining us now from Pat Gray, unleash the podcast that you can hear on most of this network. And also you should get him at at any time with his podcast hello, Pat hello, good, I'm so glad to do so. To talk to you ah ceiling still new, still around you're, still kick in its good news. So far, for so many years in the area, I thought Maybe I'd like to show you the new mouth trophy that were giving away and is a statue of Chairman MAO, it's beautiful and You know it's an honor just to be nominated to win the mouth we're going we're gonna Award Ward. This may be maybe Friday, maybe next week will see but tat
in this. This mouth trophy has got to go to the right recipient and I would like people to start nominating who the is tyrant. I'm sorry who the biggest Maoist is in Amerika right now, and I mean I think, there's lots of people to choose from there is then the governor of Michigan. There is the governor of year at hockey of Kentucky is the shares of the in, in LOS Angeles is really quite good. Even the governor of Virginia might be a good. Might be something you have a nomination. You would like time for me, it's gotta, be it's gotta, be Andy Bashir of Kentucky. He's done such a great job and clamping down on people in his hate. Yeah jeez, mostly majority republican state and so I've. It makes it even or profound what he has done there that the good work he has done: keeping people out of church keeping
people in their homes and not allowing anybody to do anything in the state of Kentucky Eights, I'm so glad. Well, I got a map raven. I the ankle bracelets on people who refuse to stay at home. I think that was a nice touch that I really only only now really would have tried to pull off in Kentucky. In Kenya. Great imagine in a like Kentucky, that's the kind of stuff that's going on right now. That is its stunning! Really it's you know in it. Fortunately, people are starting to push back a little bit. People are getting a little bit nervous, but this or get a little pissed off about this in their starting to stick up for their rights. Love the people who are getting into their car and putting together protests. We too, in other all they're all going to the you know the mayor's office or the and there
staying in their car through just doing team party rallies in their car, which I think is tremendous tremendous way of your organizing one of those for the state for your state or community. I'd love to hear from you I'd also like to hear your nominations for the biggest Maoist in the country today. I think we its we have to stand up against this stuff. We have to start pointing these people out cause. This is this insanity did you Rosanna demurely figured Michigan where Gretchen Whittemore said if you have, if you have vacation home, you know in a lot of michiganders do because it gets a great lakes to have cabins on at all. They can't even go their own home, they have to homes they can go to the other one. What why Well, because you're you're spreading year, virus around a different community then, but you're in your home.
Right, but you ve gone from one place to another and Eve brought new germs with you, I get in your car in the car and in the air, the car- I don't fully. I mean I don't understand this. I leave my home I get into my car. I pull up into my driveway of my cabin on some lake in Michigan and might be even make lake misery and I I get out of my car right and we go right into my other home. How am I spreading anything is possible Glenn that you could go to one of the local businesses and purchase something maybe some food and take it out and bring it back home and then spread your germs around the community and We can have that. I would be doing that. I'd be doing that in my other community you think you live in America or somethin. What are you going to do? I know you like listen to this guy right row, Why did you hear what she did with the divorce family? No,
it occurs. Michigan is one of these. It is their having these. They they wanna start gathering in their cars in protest. Her. And Then she said it's the divorce family that is doing as their funding. All of this blah blah blah blah blah. Well, the divorce family is the. The the owner in both the originator of amity and so I checked, you know, did did the divorce family? Are they starting this and they did write a pretty big check. Help fund this thing. It was all over two hundred and fifty dollars, two hundred less how why she said it's their money in that there spreading around. That is this causing all this trouble and it was too. Fifty dollars those jammed of us at the earliest, there are of Lord they so the next day she
to come out and make a statement. She did not apologise to the divorce family. She in her. In her briefing she said, and I just want to think I'm way they have really been helping with the PPP ease and they ve been help with disinfectants and everything else, and they really played a real role, important role in our state. May I really am she's out of control I got an email from a police officers easy glamour. Thirty four year old police officer in Iowa been listening to you, since I was sixteen thank you for being such a clear, strong, clear, voice of reason in principle. For so many years. Several years ago I had conversation with my sergeants assistant chief and about constitutionality of some of the orders were given by governors throughout the country but to say that some are very concerned about governmental overreach. However, some are more concerned about the spread of the virus ivory
Did these conversations several times with them as time has gone on in more and more stories of people being arrested in fine for exercising their constitutional rights have come out. It known that I will not violate the constitution, that I swore an oath to uphold and protect. Regardless of what our governor says. I'm not really any backlash yet, but I am in the position yet where I had to defy orders. Even while our mayor is asking the public to call police if they suspect anyone of violating the governor's orders. I just want you to know that, while they're many people who seem to be paving the road to hell with good intentions, there are many of us would take our old stew the constitution with grave seriousness. I hope God willing that this passage soon and cooler heads will prevail thanks and for the service you ve done for the country, blah blah blah. Thank you very much I like find great hope in this. You know. Yesterday I watched Mr Smith, goes to Washington with the kids- and here they were like
no, I don't have collar why cards black and why your home and is Cheyenne said afterwards. This is one of my favorite movies. Really great story, and if that is the story of our times, I mean think of the gods that it took in Eighteen, thirty, nine to me. That movie where the movie is about. Graft in in the Senate, passing these big, these huge bills, justice, save the farmers and the workers, but what's inside of the bills is toxic. And Jimmy Store descend to Washington, and he doesn't know anything about it and, and he figured that out along the way and stops it. One that nine nineteen, thirty nine, but think about that today, that's exactly what's going on today and Thomas Massey is Mr Smith. I think that's a good now
He he really is, and He's getting the same kind of like two from both sides of the ILO and its it's really a shame because he's such a good guy, a patriot, Truchen serve active and he's he's getting hammered. He's I mean. Is there anybody whose other than us in this room that are deciding with Thomas Massey right now. I don't think so. I think I think the euro, is any more. I think there are maybe maybe I bet it's there. And far between. I think I think, Mark Levinus as well. Yeah, and I'm not sure, but I will say that I know well, fast forward a year or two, and there will be a lot of people who very much embraced the idea that the spending of two point two trillion dollars was probably worth of vote king.
No go on the re, while the area that a couple trillion dollars the biggest package we ve ever put together in you in the U S history. Maybe we should have had the representatives on the record everywhere. They felt that I don't know, that's pretty wild worry picky. If that's what you're saying it's true, I am to tell you. I think I think that there is, I think, there's something bad brewing: Simply, you know the stock market everybody's talk about the stock markets come on back up. Look to stop me. Of course, the stock market is doing well, did you got who trillion dollars from the FED. More to the stock market is doing well is this idea about the stock market being our benchmark, and nobody is talking about the small business man in America is sickening.
I mean I really think. Every time I see tat, you can see the story of thee the Cairo and MSNBC from Jim Kramer. He was doing a deal where he said the stock market had its best day since nineteen thirty nine Well, of course, it was chimney, this- Didn'T- have anything to do with anything. There are no metrics involved on anything, any more say what you want. The reason why the stock market is doing well is because they ve already got their money and we all paid for it? Every taxpayers paid sixteen thousand five hundred dollars. That's that's the chain around our neck. We each paid that and most taxpayers are not going to get the twelve hundred dollars. You know as a free gift from the United States government, so enemy.
I paid sixteen five and you're giving me twelve hundred back. I don't think that sounds like a good deal, because I'm not helping saving the businesses in my neighborhood there, standing in line and everybody saying. Well, now you don't have the right the right parameters yet been in business. Long enough, you know You don't have this, you don't have this or were already out of money, o o hey well, that sounds like they're, really bailing out main street. I think there's trouble coming I reiterate it's hard for me to believe too, that they look they they approved three hundred and fifty billion dollars for the Small Business Loan plan, the ppp and, clear its already gonna be empty, the owners and it's not empty yet is because they had so many delays, but it's like they all know, what's going over there they already asked for another turn, fifty billion dollars, which we know
they have not approved, and now they're not gonna, be in session until at least like make. Eighth is the earliest I have a chance to vote on this issue, the current schedule, all of these small businesses, all of the on going out of business that they're all going out of business and the only business it will be laughter, the big businesses in America and that's not who we are. We are not just Procter and gambling and Amazon we the Amazon, and that was beginning where the Microsoft with Bill gates in his garage that's who we are, we are the ones where a guy has an idea. Any starts to build it If you get rid of all of the entrepreneurs, if you get rid of all of these people, who you get rid of all the people who are struggling but making it. What do you have left? I don't want to I'm not interested in saving G and pay? after and gamble and an amazon dot com,
They got enough. Oh, and by the way, did you also see that the airlines got the bail out, but Donald Trump in This did that, would they not only pay it back, pay it back, which I'm fine with I'm great with that but he also insisted that we get a piece of it that the United States government becomes a co owner in these airlines. Excuse me. No, Thank you. I don't think the United States government should have anything to do with any business whatsoever period. So have you been molin your yard so far this year, with anything other than a hustler turf, zero turn MILAN more. You have been depriving yourself of the ultimate in mowing experiences hustler
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Go there now and check it out. It is. Hustler turf dotcom used the promo code back in the right hand corner for the details about their special warranty, offer its house, or turf dotcom This is the global programme, welcome to the Glinda programme. It is Wednesday and we are looking for the worst examples of dictators from your city or state we're going to expose them on Fridays. Exclusive tv show and and the winner
the coveted Chairman MAO Award on Mondays Radio programme. It is a beautiful statue. It could be gracing the office of your governor and we hope that they actually attend the ceremony on Monday. We don't know, but this go to your share for your mayor or your governor. They coveted how award for the countries worst dictator, we'd like to hear your nominations. Tweet us the stories in the names at Glenn back. The hashtag corona. Dictators, that's hashtag, corona dictators and just tweet Glenn back and will look for those stories, we wanna hear what p we're doing in your area that you're like I don't think so. I don't think so. It could go a lot of different ways. There is a lot of really qualified candidates
the corona dictator, make sure you make sure you send that now, Hashtag Corona dictators at Glenn Back tweet those stories to ascend the coveted award will be announced on Mondays broadcast You're listening, TAT, Glenn back you know, what all the uncertainty in the world feeling safe at home has never been more important, and that's why I want to talk to you about simply safe home security. Simply save his made. It easy to finally get protection for your home. You just order online. You set it up yourself in under and our and your home protected twenty four, seven, with emergency dispatch for break ins and more all
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entertainment and enlightenment? This week we have been asking you for nominations for the biggest dictator in the country. Those wanna be dictators that are just doing all kinds of crazy things, because on Monday we are going to announce the biggest dictator in America and give them the coveted Chairman MAO Award, which is a beautiful statue in highly coveted. But there is somebody who's going the opposite direction. There are few governors and a few share of sudden and other people all around the country that are actually standing up and saying now. I believe in the people one of the biggest examples it is the governor of South Dakota. She joins us in one minute on that programme, Gimme a difficult or embarrassing. Talking to your doktor about eighty and look, it could be something, though that indicates a more serious health problem. They want to make sure you get taken care of my b d,
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Our next guess grew up on a farm in a ranch in handling County South Dakota from the time she could walk. She worked beside her dad on the ranch worked with horses in cattle and maybe that's what gave her a little bit of extra common sense, she's now serving as South Dakota thirty third governor, and joins us now, hello governor. How are you. Tagline, I'm doing good. It's great to have you on. I want to go over what you announced on Monday, and what you're doing and why this sets you guys, apart from from everybody else, however article or yeah we did. We announced the first estate wide state backed clinical trial of Hydroxyl want when we really desire to go on offence against this virus. So we partnered with our help, cares done is leading the clinical trial will be Sandford Hell, but we also have to others,
donors within the state of South Dakota that are participating as well. To make sure that we're getting a wide swap of individuals participating in this trial. So it will be the first ever Statewide one and one The state is helping to find and facilitate that warrant. Compass, virtually eighty to ninety percent of our doctors in the state and up to a hundred thousand people throughout the process, though we're focused on making sure that we are not just dealing with taking care of our people, but also putting the rest. Our agenda make sure we have a long term solution to help fight. That's virus, What made you decide to do this, I mean if you look at the press, everyone is, is dead, I'm playing. I, dropsy Chloric, one well. We have our health care system, Sandford, that's world renowned for their research abilities and, and they ve been working in several different areas. To have that kind of capacity in our state is a real gift to us
and I was watching what was happening across the country. And everybody reacting to the virus and not being proactive to really make sure we are getting in front of it that we could give a therapeutic to folks so that they didn't necessary, We have to hide from the virus. They could get out there and fight it off and make sure that they could get back to their daily Ives as well so for me it was its part of the solution we're doing some recommendations to folks to follow CDC guidance and were also making sure that work using technique I to do contact tracing but then having the ability to have this drug trial and our state for such a wide percentage of our population, allow really go on off and single after this and make sure we have an option for those individuals who do get sick. When I heard about this that you're gonna do this last weekend, I knew you were gonna, be dragged
through the mud by the press. Washing imposed, didn't you know, pull any punches on. That is digging the gave. The expect, response. They said that you were the one who said: there's not gonna, be a statewide order to stay home. It's the individuals, not the government should decide, and now I've got a me processing plant with four hundred people that are sick. Do you want spawned that at all? well. You know that articles completely inaccurate and it doesn't surprise me I've, seen a lot, not just in national press, but even here it locally with details being left out of articles, but you know that the port processing plants, We do have today that the hot spot that we an outbreak going on. There is a critical infrastructure, Business, regardless on. If I had chosen to put his shelter and place order across this data, South Dakota bad plant would have been up. Operating because it such an important part of our food supply and, frankly,
having it running as a national security issue, so that Not impact that issue, but the other post decided to not use this. Action and run with an agenda that that I, It is unfortunate for the public. I think it's a great disservice to our public when they don't tell all the facts, because they're misleading them in creating the sphere culture. A very important time to discredit people that our scientists are doctors are researchers are elected. Official during a period of time when we need to rely on the fact that they have information and have access to information. To do that at an important time like this. When literally, is the difference between life and death, I think it is a shame. No, you have because there are those cases for the meat products processing plant, but outside of that, how many many people are sick and your state
less than a thousand positive covered. Nineteen cases in the state of South Dakota about three hundred of them are recovered, but then, but the majority of the cases area are tied to this meat processing plants. And in that in the county that's affected, so we have over five hundred cases. Tied directly to that incident there. So we are also coming up with more positive cases because we're aggressively testing in that area and we All of our resources there to be proactively testing. People isolating them doing the contact everything to the down and so with the rest of our state is doing very very well. I will get this under control and make sure that were slowing down the spread. But I think what I've constantly had to remind the public is the science of this virus tells us we can't stop it I'm. So we have to use the fact that we have in front of us just a slow it down, so that weaken
hey care of people in our health care system. So that's been my constant message to the people of South Dakota and that all the control in the world is in there. Her hands that that they have a personal responsibility to make good decisions to take care of themselves our families, and I will do all that I can do partner with them, but ultimately, that responsible Those lie with them so before we, before we change subjects. I want to stay on the meat processing plant one more time, so I want to get ahead of something that I think could be damaging from the other side, the conspiracy theory. This is Bremiker reprocessing plant that had been sold to China and I know that there have been stories than just going to hold. People are been saying all its chinese me. It's not chinese made. It's all american made it's just owned by China, Have you found patient zero yet, as there was any one in the factory that had travelled to China or, but from China that travelled to the factory or or not? Do you know what
We do know who patient zero is cause. We obviously have identified every single person and have been working with them in the state of South Dakota that did tat positive. We do not have any ties to China, from this outbreak at this plan- and I think that you know this is a this- is a plant that originally there was a couple of positive cases, but a lot of the spread that were seen is happening outside the plant. The plant is, on pause right now are we seeing a girlfriend he says, but a lot of the folks who work here. To deliver our nations food supplies they living close quarters, they ve got a family members and neighbours in housing, development centre there, sometimes too, Three generations are very closely living together, so a lot of that spread is happening. At home, in this plant in particular, has up to. I think. Seventy different languages spoken out of their thirty seven undergoing a bare. So you know there's
It is a unique situation that that I think people written blaming, blaming the planted I went to a lot of the spread is happening outside of the walls of the plant and that's why we have it. Going on to put up mitigation measures inside the plant and then also to an education process with a lot of the folks at work there. I have a guest on who is a guy who watches the cattle auctions- and you know he's he's really big in the cattle for industry and people with no end of the average media person would not but he's he just issued. A report recently said that we are. We have plenty of cattle. There's lie of cattle coming up already for auction, but there's, no slaughterhouses there. There were no processing plants to do get this meat from farm to table, how concerned? Are you about the the food supply comes to meet with a small disrupt.
Then, in the system has huge effects across our food supply, chain in that one of the reasons that this plant is so important that this is a port processing plant, but it's the same in the cattle industry, free and when we had some it's the largest it's the largest pork plant in the country. Is it not that's a very large and in it feeds other plants that refine the products even more that end up on your grocery store shalt. So we have five hundred fifty per day, As you know, a lot of them South Dakota producers that take their hogs there and then that food ends up in a right here in american shelves to feed feed focus. In every day and the virus is not travel through food products, so that is one thing that I think we have to really be aggressive and telling folks, as they get concerned about the food that would becoming through this plant and that just absolutely is not even a factor. Food is wonderful and it will be safe for people to eat
I think, in the capital market too. We see a lot of manipulation, others them investigation need to happen with our packing industry and control and alliances. Streamlined and ass? It becomes more and more efficient. It also allows for a few players to manipulate the market and this and that's why I've said for years. Glenn, and I haven't known you for years, but I have said for years that it's important, we keep them. Family farms, because it's important, we grow our own food it as country you never one another. We never one another country to control our food supply because then they control ass and if we have one or two people controlling the whole supply chain where, in the exact same situation, even though this this diversity having five hundred and fifty different producers that feed into this one plant the important because its diversity and it it's seemed in making sure that we do have a national security. You are taking care of, because we don't have one person controlling.
Entire food supply. I think Key America first or, as the hippies would say, think globally. Act locally is beginning to ring true to more and more Americans right now it I think, there's a lot of things that are ringing true to Americans today. It's it's about the importance of this country. What makes us special the importance of the constitution, what powers it gives to the people and to the states and to the federal government and I've just I did that every opportunity I have I'm gonna use it to educate folks really on why the United States, America's the basque country in the world and why it deserves to be preserved and, in times of crisis, is when you see people Oh I'm overstep and grab power and we're seeing that in so many places of the country, and I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. When I served in Congress than I took an oath to
All the constitution here in the State South Dakota and I am constantly guided, and using that is my foundation in and every decision that I make and then talking about it to people about why important? I think a lot of people think at a time of crisis is when you can wave sighed Anne and take any action, you think is necessarily, I think, that's when our constitution and found it it has become even more important said it here wise decisions based on facts and based on I am not be. Belated emotionally into making poor decisions that are for the benefit of the people, it's! It's amazing to me. You are a your exactly right on the wind constitution matters is when its popular to do the other thing It was also amazing to me that people. Have flocked to
the government taking more and more power and that you have been such an outlier and been hammer by the National Press, because you gave, I think, some of the beautiful given some of the best statements of anyone in this crisis talking The rights of the people and it's up to the people to take care of themselves had been shocking to you too. Be on the receiving end of such backlash. Just for standing up for the american principle, Oh, I would say it hasn't ban. I mean, I think guys I came from this morning to be. I want the farmer and rancher my whole life in my whole life kind of got criteria laid down. When my dad killed in an accident, but you know I served in the state legislature. There. I was in leadership here I went to Congress for eight years. I got a good education on did divisiveness of politics and the national,
media. I would say that that arm, that I have to keep my focus on. I do my job and I take my job very seriously and I also know that, when a campaign for a role, I tell you well, who I am, and what my? What kind, person. I am my values and my beliefs and show them and talk to them about how I will use those to make decisions that are best for them, and I also we'll be accountable to explaining that to them. So, while we ve done a great job here- and out the coda, taken care of Send any doing all that we can to get ahead of this virus and be proactive. I think it's also working to remind people about the rights that they have individually as well. To so many times. I see people wanting somebody else, make decisions for them when in reality they need to recognise the value and the special
thing we have in this country is we get to make these decisions for ourselves, I have the power stations, I know I'm running really late. Let me just ass. One were quick question of the governor, and that is when are we going to see any results from the testing that you're doing now with Hydroxyl Chloric? When will we, patients on hydroxide today we were asked to the White House in the administration if they would help us by supplying one point. Two million doses of hydroxide to participate in this trial will be to differ branches of the trial, one that will be for corporate nineteen positive patients. The other branch will be for those that have been, paused and also for health care workers and individuals at our I rest again. These trial. We have enough doses to treat up to one hundred thousand people in the state of South Dakota and having all three of our systems on board makes it extremely comprehensive. So they are on it is it is starting. It is all
voluntary and people are excited about having an option that they can go to with their doktor right. That not only will help them feel better in case there, possibly the Saviour Families live, but also lead to a long term solution, to fight off this virus and potentially more in the future without it. Have always stepped up and then willing to contribute in in ways. Above and beyond what I think, other folks, The country have I'd, be, I would say, we punch above our weight and I think that we we are. Evidently doing that and people are excited to be a part of the solution really glad to see a governor. Thank you so much we ve been wanted to talk to you for a long time. You have a bunch of fans, the blaze and none the Glen Back Programme, and all of this shows here keep up there. Work, and I will keep you in our prayers. Thank you. So much but our Christine NOME from the South Dakota
as promising and fine. Somebody is just gonna. Do something about instead of argue. If it works are not let's find out if it works Legend person standing on the side of the street wearing a sign that said, will perform abortions for spare change. Are you going to slow your car down and throw him some change every time you make a phone call if you're gonna with one of the big carriers, a you, are throwing that spare change into that persons into their cup? This is what major cell phones are doing. They are. They are helping support abortions, their fighting for the right for abortions, their fighting against second amendment right. So just give every time you make a phone call and you pay your bill? Some of that money is going to those organizations stop it right. Now you do, a choice, great service. If you switch now, they ve they ve, actually lowered the fees, and there is no activation fee for four of for switching over right now
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he was the man who had to make that agonizing decision on whether to kill Osama Bin Laden with tough it took him. X ray months to make that decision, but he did it, he did it here. All the dice and said sincerity. I think this might be the right thing to do my gosh. What I hear only was, but he hasn't stop there yesterday for, Mr President, all it feels good safer for President Barack Obama has come out. And he thrown the dice down on the table- and he said yeah Joe Biden for President, I don't care who else is running but oh buying for president, I don't even care that Joe Biden said and asked me not to endorse him but to do it anyway, because that's the kind of guy he is Obama, another
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This is a little and by programme welcome to it. It is Wednesday I wanted to get somebody gonna talk about meat shortages NPR just It is amazing story. I mean I was worried about how to and this because I don't want you to panic- and I don't want you to panic by- because there's no reason for that- this is a short term problem and its cause, a blip But listen to this. U s me supply is perilously close to a shortage. Ceo warns and it goes on to say it's impossible to keep our grocery store. Stock of plants are not running. Blah blah blah blah. Nowhere in there does, it say: hey keep com. This is a temporary, but it is a problem but a temporary problem, and I want to lead with that there's no reason to panic by any meat, but we do have a blip coming our way, and I wanted to get somebody who in origin
Does a common person who knows this stuff, but isn't some sort of highfalutin New York expert its Corbett wall? He is a live stock market and now analysed commercial cattle manager you can find him at his website, DV auction, dot com and national beef wire dotcom. He is he's I, who grown up with this and watches this and gives a and a cat? report on his website and he's been watching what's happening. We have plenty of cattle, not a lot of processing plants and we welcome into the programme now Corbett Wall high Corbett. Pat Glenn, how you are very good, welcome back to the great state of Texas by the way. Thanks a lot worse. I wanted to talk to you about the the something that you had in your last report. I watched it in
and without panicking. You are pointing that there is plenty of cattle, Plenty of auctions, but not up LE, not a lot of places for the cattle to go. Exactly ask me so with the has, as really sky at an end and shut down these these back and plants, the frontline workers, that work in those plants they work very close proximity to each other, not so much sternness slaughter problem yes, but very Leah, the fabrication. Typically, they the shoulder to shoulder, got mixed up and working like that and their Here am I E. The outbreak of the co bid and those plants has this brought him to their knees and Not only is the sickness and their hopes,
scared that they're gonna get it. There stood the Campbell work, their colonies, sick. Kids are school. There's nobody there to take care of them know. Those folks are making a lot of money. Then we come in with their sir. What this help from the guy They get to work, stay home drawn employment, get the bonus the council Unemployment may get their stimulus check. That's not far from what I will make an working so it it doesn't behoove them that I really come the work, then, on top of that, you got that. Minions common in with most all union workers, the unions the advantage of the situation to trying to leverage for more money from the package So we have what sixty five hundred part processing plants in the? U S, that's gland somewhere in there, but but a lot of those are very, very small.
I'm talking about the big planet. You know that their harvest over a thousand animals a day and how many, how many of those are there and how many are closed? Well, You are primarily look at the cattle, so the beef plants am. I got word that there's another three goin down today were probably working towards a dozen major plants that are shut down from sadder Pennsylvania, Vainer, all waiter, Pascoe, Washington and in all places in between and how many, how many really significant plants do we have? What kind of dent is that putting into this that That's that's going to be a huge dent that that's that's probably close to a third of the major beef plants in the United Keto, I would therefore not have protein shortage.
So so what does that mean? I have talked to the person who is going to the grocery store. What does that mean and when we expecting this to head? Ok, typically most- consumers that go to the grocery store donor where the weather food comes from and we just evolved to the point where Folkestone, however Uncle John Grandpa Bill that lived on a farm and spent some eleven and now that we don't have that anymore. With this last generation, they don't know where the food comes from and it's been a proven fact that that most of your school children in major population areas, can't draw a line from, a cow to a hamburger and from a pig to appease the bacon, You don't have any concept of that so in the latter. Consumers come in. They think that your meat is made in the back room.
The butchers shops that you really don't know. Counselor think about when they're out there in the country in the past, by pass your full cows would be no that's where that comes from butter. We're going we as far as beef. We usually consume about eighty percent of the beef report we produce here in this country and then about twenty percent of its wrecked. What. But we're gonna be down over twenty percent now and so were we're not gonna have enough to feed ourselves as far as beef and the poor. In the chicken are right there to an end, so When should this hit. When will we start you? The shortage of equal starts? in it in our retail markets problem. By the end of the month for sure but by the first of May,.
And how long have you learned alike, This depends on how long this is called. It scare happened if we start open things up a little bit and people get back to work employed workers look round and everybody else is going to work programmes, are going to work. If you get the schools open things like that says, we get back to work It's amazing how fast they can catch up and so we shouldn't asked any longer them the longer the down last from here on, but thing only going gonna be shorter product in the cabin and on how we approach it. It it's gonna like a bank scare, you don't really have a problem, tell everybody thinks it is a problem So
What should the average person do? I would not want to cause a run the bank if you will, but we do know all you would buy out by larger cuts, if any man, you, typically by Fatima and then portion them out, then the blood bags, your freezer you may last for a long time in the freezer and do that the pig dishes, uses me as a compliment rather than the main course an amateur I perhaps there was less or and like that to be able to use it better like the awareness from the general public of of worryingly comes from, and how important our farmers managers are. There's probably hi.
I will tell you why. Well I'm I'm a rancher myself and I can never predict what's gonna happen with with cattle prices are rising. What is this What do the farmers, the ranchers, the people who have the cows? there are in dire straits now as bad as they were seen it the pack and plant health Please be told a monopoly over the large about business. And in producers are always left holding the bag whenever we have a crisis, no matter what it is. Rather it's I'll break or or anything like that. You just lately the gods, the Packers gap that the consumers are one end and then in manipulate the market on the other. In and during this big run up which, during this covered nineteen, we ve seen a huge run up and boxes, values and then they ve volatile since then up and down, but
During the run up, we saw that you're you're packers were making an addition four hundred dollars per carcass or per head. At the same time, you're you're cattle breeders world taken less money for their cattle as crazy. It is crazy. This system, on that it will never pays the rancher. It never pays. The farmer it is. It is I mean I've never seen anything like it is knots its criminal one answer produce has asked for an investigation for you after you got for packers process. Eighty five percent, you be and it's just there is so much easier to get foreheads together. And for how long one thousand and forty thousand bright and there the collusion. And a strong army is just
So why should we could be cutting our meat closer to our homes, I think we're had waited here. All night now, Boatman Brochure, yeah. Ok. Thank you so much. I really appreciated Corbett. Thank you, and hopefully you bet hopefully nobody panics Ngos out in and you know, don't do a toilet paper thing, just make sure that you take care of your family and an war and others it's going to pass. It just gonna, be a shortage for a few weeks until these things begin to open up- So, on top of Polly having a job, you ve also become a full time, chef, a full time, schoolteacher full time fight, referee. Oh my! that's been fun imagine that your
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when it comes to health care and it is not socialized medicine. It is that it is different in stark as night and day. An arm yourself with the facts because they're all saying it now all laundresses prove we need socialize medicine. Really it is can, you help me out with any facts on that tonight, arguing with socialists on my tv programme, the Winston special on. And tv you can find it at blaze, tv dot com, if you risks I believe also you can find it at PLUTO tee. And I think we're doing it on our Youtube Channel, so don't miss it tonight at night, I continue to be amazed by the you mentioned this with the governor of South Dakota. Earlier there doing this test on hydrogen chloric. When and it's this, that like is used as a media tactic to go for the President as if their rooting
were to fail? It seems as if they wanted to avail, so they can prove him wrong, which again I dont think Trump has ever said. It's definitely come to work. He settings not a doktor revenant. Jim ass. It was again going. I know him. I just heard in the other day again saying due to talk to your doktor about it. Talk to your doctor, I'm as is very possible that the answer to this might be that helps some people and not others, but that be a great failure. It s. A cure is Jim Acosta, going after him again and earlier today, we should point out the president was continuing to tout hydroxides. Work when, even though the malaria drugs has still not a proven treatment for the corona virus, that's not! proven I mean they're in the Miller studies, but that they ve done done. These studies there there advancing a much quicker than a normal study, how I do believe it can be weeks and weeks and weeks likely well past the peak of this list current wave of this virus before we act get results so
going to let all these people suffer without this possible treatment. Has the interest that it's a keeps touting. It's not like. It's a nude, it's not like it's a new drug, you know it's nothing. New on the market has been out forever. People have take Yet we know what the risks are. If you take in very high doses? You could blind, but that's over years of taking very high doses. This is a very small risk to take. The doses they're talking about and now they're starting to say, yeah. Well, people have heart problems with this. This is causing our politicians in our problems and its really dangerous. No its not know if you ve talked to Doctor, you know that that is in combination with a z pack when you those two drugs together. There you might have a hard problem and every day, I will tell you, I I would feel comfortable just with high dropsy chloric win, but I
not feel comfortable unless you are being monitored- and you were in hospital adding any other drug with that, because it does cause hard problems bull. Was getting it the people who are in the hospital bed, the only people that are getting that combination of drugs. What are we doing? What is wrong with the press? They just are so raised and hid their driven by their hatred instead of their love of countries Yesterday I was out because I mean some people might say that it was Easter. Candy I did, but I don't think it. I don't think it was just that I just been eating like a glutton lately,
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How about a two lane, Remo America, it's Wednesday and we have our corona virus, update more than just the numbers we ve got to the the latest on the W h Joe, and that amazing memo from Taiwan and so much more. Are we at the peak? It looks like it and will tell you about it in one minute. Is that Grandma programme all right. So, if you're one of those people like I used to be who suffers from frequent unrelenting pain, it is time for you to get proactive. Do you know what since most of our pain, I didn't know is very many believe it for a long time inflammation, our joint and everything swells in our body and that lights, the pain reactors up like a Christmas tree in our body.
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relief, factor, dotcom, that's relief, factor, dot com or even call them eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four Alright, let's do our a girl virus update the cases worldwide now over two million really only a forty thousand fifty thousand from yesterday, which is great, total, confirm deaths worldwide. Only seven thousand total confirmed, recovered or five hundred thousand the? U S now has six hundred and fourteen thousand confirmed cases and twenty six thousand deaths at is up from yesterday, quite a bit five hundred and eighty seven yesterday
and twenty three thousand six hundred and forty four deaths yesterday, the? U S now leads the world in both total cases and deaths from covered nineteen, but it is fifteenth in deaths per one million people nineteenth in cases per one million people. Officially, all fifty states now have at least one death attributed to covet nineteen, just the on the on the scale side, if he will traffic related fatalities in the? U S were down by twenty three percent. As opposed to the same month. Twenty nineteen we save some lives by not going out doing anything. Are we at the peak. We think it was the peak yesterday the death toll in the: U S: U S increased after New York, included at home, covered nineteen fits the fatalities for the very first time they
two hundred and seventy deaths yesterday that were attributed to the virus from people who died at home. In New York City new. Cities. Health departments, as the total death toll toll now, is ten thousand, including, the thirty seven hundred total deaths that were added on Tuesday, that included backlog of several thousand people who died at home and were not counted as covert. Nineteen deaths have of health. Tools of caution. The deaths are lagging indicator. They dont mean that the sweeping stay at home restrictions are a failure. The p in deaths across the. U S is expected this week, according to the CDC, so The w h, oh, do of the audio of Donald Trump. Yesterday, in an announcement in the rose garden, he said this struck in my administration to halt
funding of the World Health Organization. While a review is conducted to assess the world Health organisations role and severely mismanaging and covering up spread of the corona virus everybody knows what's goin on their american taxpayers provide between four hundred million and five hundred million dollars per year to the W H show. In contrast, China contributes roughly forty million dollars a year and even less as the organizations leading sponsor the United States, has a duty to insist on full stability. One of the most dangerous coarsely decisions from the W h Joe, was disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China. And other nations. They were very much opposed to what we did. Julia was not convinced and suspended travel from China
all right. So here's the real bell that rang yesterday. It is a it's a memo from December twenty nineteen from epidemic. Allah just in Taiwan, they issued an urgent memo to the W H, oh about numerous cases of atypical footnote pneumonia in war on China did. The memo suggests that there is human to human transmission and urge the w h, oh to prevent to prevent further testing defined the pathogen the W H o ignore. Did the warnings from Taiwan and continued. To reiterate, all of China's false talking points that there was no evidence of human human transmission that it was no big deal and that is that went on until January, Fourteenth Room where this is in December this before anybody really even knows about it
Two days earlier by January, twelve, more than seven hundred people had been hospitalized hundred in two had died in whew Hon, they failed to mandate that chinese officials share the strains that would have allowed all kinds of diagnostic test Taiwan was way ahead of this. Here's. The problem why didn't the double a GEO, listen to the epidemiologists from Taiwan. I am not making this up because Taiwan does? Exist. Taiwan is just an arm of China, and so we don't accept any information from Taiwan, we get of our information about China from Jihad. Here. The problem with the withholding of the funding Congress cold. The purse strings were Congress hold back. That money and stuff
paying the W h. Oh my guess now so is social distancing, actually happening. Study of mobile phone data shows only thirty. Five percent of Americans are following stay at home orders across the. U S, Fine, this story absolutely infuriating a stir, including thousands of mobile phones, tracked from all fifty states. On average, they say, Americans were still taking to non work related trips out by car per day. You Colorado. New Mexico were the worst defending states with over two point: five non working drips out of the house by car each day, stew. You're a number sky. Yes, any key questions on this study. At this point,
that doesn't seem right? Does it thirty? Five percent of Americans are staying home. Everybody else is violating this right. I totally question there the assumptions of a study right like it just because you're going out of your house a couple of times does not mean you're not doing. Justice is all right If you're going to arrest of rights, we all have been go to get groceries, we can go for a drive and not end up anywhere. You can go out to get gas good. God do lots of things we non essential, rips, that's a bizarre way of looking at her, so These trips include fast food restaurants, which you can go to a fast food restaurant and you can be completely safe, that's part of it. It includes hardware stores in home improvements stores and that one Now it's a little dicey, because I think it is essential for our sanity to be able to go to the home depot and do some things around the house. Otherwise, there
nothing else. We can do so hardware, storms, which, which is they are essential there on the essential list and the other one is grocery stores. We'll all of those are on the essential list? The two of them food. And what are you talking about the stupid stay that's imaginary pages started obey me. I get it. We all know our data is out there, but the fact that these people are so easily able to put together these two. Packing study everywhere. We ve gone you that's what you dealing that's what it should be. I wanted, and I want to study on how fast these guys have found ways to track all of us. Nobody seems to have a problem about it by them. Texas was among the most compliant states, with just below two trips out per person per day so far in April. I think this is garbage I'd like to know with the two
point, five non worked trips, I'd like to know if they went to hardware store, is grocery stores or restaurants. I count that is in compliance. So what's the real number. Now: here's the latest study on covert and now it spread air conditioning systems may help spread the virus My comment- I don't care. If you think I'm going to turn off my air conditioning unit. I'm not going to take me to prison burn me at the stake. I'm shutting off my air conditioning unit period, but a five new viruses been found to live in bats. My comment Can we stop experience panting with bats I'm just saying my
good idea and finally, the CDC plan to reopen America. And this one's better than the California list, These state reopening must meet for conditions the, incident of infection is genuinely low know. What does that mean? What is genuinely loves. Do your genuinely low noble. Why would say definitely New York is not Jeff, genuinely low The problem here, of course, is testing is not is not ok. I presented very we're doing far less tests than up some other states here in Texas. Even though we have large population, also non randomized. So we're not just take people for the street and finding out if they have covered nineteen, that way, you'd be able to tell how many people are actually says
Can asymptomatic and contagious were instead just testing people with symptoms Still I mean it, you can get something out of that. I dont know what they're had they have to have an actual metric, though they can't you say kind of low genuinely large anyway. Earlier I was an anomaly that now we get a couple of some sort of now. That's right, the Swan is a well functioning monitoring system capable of promptly detecting any increase in incidence of infection, what the hell is that? What does that mean? a well functioning monitoring system? Excuse me heart of that is quick reporting right on these cases? We ve noticed One thing that is really frustrating is Sundays: in Monday's tend to have a really bad reporting, because the report, in the dust from the previous day in those days are weeks days. Soapy, like these deaths are their happening. Burgling reported for two and three days, which is why yesterday's number was the highest. It was, but the
before that. Wasn't really encouraging number. So, be there, I you know I keep going back this thing with a thermometers where they have these internet connected thermometers. Kinsman. Where the brands and they have a sort of a heat map that was able to detect, allow these break out early, because a lot of people were in their temperature and they were seeing fevers like if we're gonna spend an two trillion dollars. Let's say on another package: it would make sense to optionally and that's it Optionally provide these types of thermometers, two people, so they can take their temperature and we can have again data data not specific to you but Agri, the data we can see when there's a flare up in a particular area and we should write Reese testing their right like that Tavistock make since it doesn't seem like anybody's talking about that, This is what we talking about the way you do. This, of course, is South Korea or Hong Kong or
in a those types of situations which there's way too much monitoring there to fit into our constitution. So know how you do this exactly while maintaining the rights that we are supposed to have in this country. You get your right back as soon as you do these four things, and I'm only on thing. Number three of the public health system is reacting robustly to all cases of covert nineteen and has surge capacity to react to an increase in cases of Oak Michel and healthcare system. For them in America. Her the system that has enough impatient beds and staffing too rapidly scale up and deal with a surge in cases. Well, new out of the out. The four seem not real, vague and seem like. We should be able to do it.
What is reacting robustly to all cases of Gauvain nineteen? I have no idea this. Is this: is the city seas standard on being able to open the country back up and let you out of your house. This is insane that we're even talking about this. This is this is true old splay compared to what California is. It asking for and how they're gonna open up California again We are headed for an interesting few weeks to say the least, When it comes to identity theft, we all too often hear the you know the light cases someone gets his or her card stolen in the bank shut it off have to wait or two a day or two for the the card to come back in the mail. Things like that
someone stole your identity. Long to ruin your entire financial life. That would be something. Will vat happens all the time by the way, did you that five hundred thousand identities we're just sold on the dark web? They were robbed from zoom so You been making zoom calls Europe identity. All your information may have has been sold on the dark web, that the kind of stuff that nobody is watching. Why should say, except we're lifelong lifelong is looking for these kinds of things. Now nobody can prevent all you know I after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but they are looking to wear staff really happens and if they see your name or your information, go buy it lights up and they call you and they don't you say: hey bought away boy out was weird on your identity was stolen. They have a team that works to fix it with you,
call one eight hundred, lifelike or head over to life dot com and use the promo code back for twenty five percent off one eight hundred life lock dot com or lifeline, dot com use the promo code back one eight hundred lifelong. We pause for ten seconds station idea they still it's not just me that has noticed that the rentals on movies on Netflix an Amazon has gone way up. Is it just me Well, are you talking about the movies that would normally be in theatres? That's so well. I noticed it. First on that, first on trolls, and that was twenty bucks to rent. It
and then I just thought on another one and it may have been a newish movie, but but the trolls one that without the trolls movies a good example of this, so trolls was schedule to come out in theatres like now and infrared they released it to homes, so that is, and in theatre movie ticket price right. So you got to have twenty two. As we, of course, our kids wanted to watch this, their seven and eight so they were granted it twenty dollars. They got three viewing out of it by the way in three days. Is its gazelle, solid parenting The longer. I doubt it not enough jobs but yet I any laws I like this model. I hope this model continues. After all of this crap goes away because I am a movie theater fan. I love the dining theatres, pretty much stick any needle that bill gates comes up with. In my arms I can go back to dialogue to to dive dining movie theatres, but
I I do appreciate the ability, especially with these kids movies, to just be able to read the men home instead of having to drive the Malerba theatre. We don't have time to big deal for it's a new movie. That's out twenty bucks, it's not a bad! It's not a bad! I kind of hope. It continues at all that the movie feeders will look exist if it does continue. I know about you seen the Netflix. Have you seen the Netflix on an o share, whatever it is where you can watch it with friends now Netflix, guardy or something yes and the like that I've seen, I have actually done it, nor that's. The thing with the zoom calls lets me but I don't wanna see most of the people. I talk to you like? I don't have that there is a lot of problems. I'm handling will resume cause because- that could happen via email or call are now happening via Zoom, largely because we want to see other human beings generally
doesn't mean I'm gonna, have a meeting and have to look at a person awkwardly fertile. They minutes. It's not really what I wanna life, but I dont think people are anything here. The one thing about this. Is then the zoom call there comes a point to where you're done, you're done but you don't want to be the first person in the family to say I'm done with the losers. And right I so, and so you it goes probably ten minutes longer than it should until no one says anything because somebody has to have the guts to go. Okay, well, yeah, that's it yeah yeah! We did it. Nobody wants to be the first one to say no! No, I don't I don't wanna guy I mean I don't want to talk to you guys anymore. You're gonna be a person who doesn't care about family in such we did a call on Easter accurately, with big group of family members.
Far too many clearly, because we couldn't- I couldn't tell who was talking- I couldn't see who would you know what was going on? I could understand when I was supposed to talk or when I wasn't supposed to turn the there's like year, people that could fit on this than they could put on the screen? So I couldn't see half the people who are in the middle of discussions and enable became calm. Legally impossible, because multiple people would talk at the same time. He couldn't you couldn't hear any of them. Are we really it's? It's It is amazing that role is jumping into this life. We know not by choice, because it is not a it's not fought gun, and yet and you know it is crazy- is I'd never even heard of zoom before the crisis had you, I promise I'll Skype. Ever there was on Skype and an or phasing in its own
our I never heard of it you get on and you your immediately made to feel like an old man like Joe Biden, because I've never even seen this system before and so there's always somebody and I've got to say it. Wasn't me this time, but there's always somebody unlike like IDA. What button do I put weird alai? How I I lament programme. All right Our sponsor this half hour is gold line, except by the free market. I don't even know what the but the stock market is anymore. I mean the stock market is just buy, whatever the FED is buying I'll have what they're having I just tell you. I got something from a stockbroker detainees like you, gotta get back into the market and legal. Why yet oh go up but it's gonna come down, causes a bogus, are you like something? That means something I like things that have an actual value, and that is gold. I
I really want you to call and find out. If this is right, for you, please, please things are changing and, like thief in the night. It will come to Goldline DOT, com, Goldline, dot com or call eight hundred and sixty six gold line. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line protect the money that you do have as as they print more and more money. They are stealing more and more money. From you. If you ve saved your money there, stealing it from you, it's worth less and less call gold line right now. Eight six six gold line tonight arguing with health care, socialist slid back new special blame tv, dot, com user, a promo Glenn, save thirty bucks
welcome to the Glinda programme. It is Wednesday tonight, on our Wednesday night special we're going to be arguing with health care. Socialists we're gonna, show you the facts of. Socialized. Medicine. Now is the time to just point out looks like it's working pretty well compared to July's systems and even though socialize systems in the United States, we wanted Doktor, Kelly Ward on she's, a former Arizona state senator if she is the one that ran against John Mccain and and lost by just a couple of points. I think it was fifty one percent it was. It was the smallest margin he ever won by primary- I'm sorry, couldn't get that one done, but it was John Mccain. She is I'm not having around, because she knows. Republican or the chairperson of the earth on a republican party I'm having around because she's a doctor and
She sees the world of socialized medicine caught in the same way. I do, and I wanted to talk to her about her observations on the healthcare system. Now hey. How are you Hey Glenn escalate, it's great to be with you any more. What? U yours, somewhat responsible for me, I going making the leap from total matters an end to the political realm, because back and twenty tat I was lost you, and you said everyone has something that they can offer and it made me realize I had killed talents and abilities that God had given me, and I should put him to work for as many people as possible, and so I thank you for that Well, thank you, but don't blame me for anything to do with politics. I I also say: don't: do it don't do it? but anyway, so doktor. Let me let me talk to you a little bit about What you're seeing now and the difference between a mess
it can health care and socialized health care, even if it happens to be in America. The sad part is that with the affordable care act, the unaffordable CARE Act, Obamacare American Healthcare became. More socialized, and I think we are seeing some of the fall out from that during this pandemic. Always been a fan of free market medicine. I believe that we deserve the healthcare that we want. We need we deserve and we should not be waiting around for any government entity to be telling us what we got and right now in Europe, certainly in all of these social life, medicine countries and in places like New York that are extremely social. Than their medical care. Basically work. Old as consumers as patients that we get what we get and we dump her off it I'll, be glad you have something, because you could just have nothing well,
that is showing extreme failure across Europe and an across America, in those hotspot that have allowed the government to take over so much of the business of medicine. You think of that. Doctors in the world, the best hospitals in the world you automatically think of New York, etc, etc. But here Texas. They have a way of a shortage of of hospitals and hospital rooms and everything else in New York. We have found tat. Doctors here and how spills literally literally, I live right down the street from OZ people. That is all always empty in any brand new hospitals here. What's the deal and between New York and Texas, as we do in Arizona Arizona has wonderful healthcare and Yet we, what we ve learned is that
we need to have extra capacity at many times. Especially when we are facing a global pandemic and social, I met a thin leads to the opposite of extra. They don't want any extra supply, it led to rationing and it can become deadly. We are seeing it you, probably thought the article by one of our old friends a veal, a man. You all want the architect of of Obamacare, basically advocating before taking people off then later that are sustaining their life because their lives not really with that much anyway, and there's probably somebody else whose work more that to me as a physician that to me the human is sickening and not always, in thirty like medicine, it is not only did he right, tat Paper and he's been saying those things for a long time, He is now Joe Biden main guy when it comes to health care,
he's. A guy helping Joe Biden, develop policy and He is a truly terrifying guy, but It seems as though we were talking Doktor, Kelly Ward. It seems as though the People of the United States are archive if ok, with going down this road in many ways, for instance, I dont know stand any one who is coming up against Hydro, Hydroxyl Chloric when it it's, proven, but it is a proven drug. It's not gonna, kill you if you're using it with your doctor, we have a there's a story on the blaze. The just came out medical director of the resort Nursing Home in Texas City use the drug fifty six of the patients were testing positive for corona virus, put em all on corona virus they're all better in five days, and
yet you have governments saying we are, for instance, in the governor of Michigan, saying good lose your licence. As a doctor, if you use this what's happening to us well, I think that a lot of people are waking up. Thank goodness glad, because, big day, I think the vast majority of Americans would immediately object to the idea of a government official having the power to take an elderly person off then later to make room for somebody else, but that is life under a government run healthcare system. Government bureaucrat and people who were elected to office over overall, the physicians evident as well as experience in terms of treating our patience is appalling and we have to say no and gear. So many due on the left are worried. About Donald Trump being right that they are Owing to let people die, you feared and mission
and by the way, I loved your interview with the governor now from from South Dakota, exactly withdrawing. He is maintaining a constitution, but national constitution, individual liberty and freedom, while protecting the people better in state and allowing them to intervene we govern. We should see that a cross pollination and we're not is I'm I've been watching a lot of news from overseas on the BBC Bbc England, a BBC America and its. It's interesting to me how There are almost in this. This dream world of these heroic doctors and nurses at the young age and the reason why there a row. It is because there's not enough beds, there's not enough anything. Were there there's not enough money and people are doing fund razors for the end I age and I just want to stop and look at them and say you realize you're paying for that already in your taxes and
have done such a bad job that your overall, your hospitals are overrun when there isn't a pandemic they have made this into some sort of a hero, worship of the age, and it makes zero sense Are you actually right you're exactly right and that's why I've been a few? spider, you ve been a fierce fighter again specialised that has been in the United States. It will destroy the excellence in healthcare that we have. It will destroy access to care and we ve seen that than twenty can. Then the tempo bomber care came onto the theme. We have been access to care, go down, though the left would love you to think that, just because someone has a piece of paper thing that they have some kind of health care insurance, but they are actually getting care. They are not We are seeing our emergency departments overrun not now during covert, because now the people do don't really
Have emergencies? Aren't finding it is convenient to go to the emerging Roy ART meant because their worry, the catch, a deadly, potentially Dudley Illness, barbaric, seeking care in the right way. We ve got a lot of work to do, but especially having Emmanuel teaming up with Biden. We need especially Americans over the age of fifty better wake up, because you could be right and right out of health care and people under fifty you're gonna pay for it both tariffs. We need to fight. The free market, healthcare system that we did we need to have physician, making decisions about clinical care of patients across the board and we to have every option open to us to be able to stay blood Donna, Doktor, Kelly, Ward, former Arizona state Senator also head of the GNP in Arizona. Let me ask you to take your doctors had often put your pulse Michael had on here for a second, there was just a story in the hill Biden: oh
a nine point, lead over Trump in Arizona good god almighty. Is that true? I certainly do not see it on the ground. I I'd have to look at the all, but they love the count. Those poles there as though president you're at present tromp is at risk from any of those Democrats, but especially from Joe Biden Joe Biden, who we ve seen again and again and again on the campaign trail, making gas it be his inability to put a sentence together, his inability to lead an that's all the democratic badly and we we really should be keeping our eyes open to whom ever at the democratic decide to put on that ticket with Joe Biden, because my thought politically and just my own personal opinion, is that whoever that vice president candidate will be the president and the Snapple, your things
yeah. One last question: I am concerned about the the bail out of the small businesses. Again Wall Street got their money. The bank's got their money. You know J, P Morgan chases, making it harder, for you know, individuals to get loans, etc, etc. We are hearing from the small business is all over the country. They say the loans are already gone or war, whatever I inquiry. I think Donald Trump is in real trouble if we don't react and make sure that it's not going to the wall, street Clouds and the Bay thanks is going to the people? What are you hearing in Arizona? I see a lot of things being delivered to include a little guy to the individual, tell you that in twenty June two thousand and nine I owned my own business, the medical practice? I also had a medical spa:
We had no assistance whatsoever from the Obama administration to the little guy that all websites you, the banks that were too big to fail. Private companies illustration have put things in place to actually help individual families and small businesses. I have been paying report that people, the economic impact payments, have been done to go into their bank accounts and those should be even more delivered up today, one of our community Banks arrive in community bank in like out a few thirty in Arizona. They are due I on but be a paycheck protection plan to those small businesses in, normal functioning, they they process Twenty alone per per month, and they ve done almost four hundred in a fan of a week. That, though,
they are working as as diligently as they can. I think people are having more results with those community. Banks do are also small businesses in a sense themselves than better are from the other side, like J Morgan, awoke Spargo, I will tell you, I couldn't agree with you more and if you can do business with a local bank get away from those big banks, do it with a local bank, the you'll get a much better service. The money is all local and they are in business. Just like you are Thank you very much appreciated Doktor Kelly Ward. You can find her at Kelly, Katy, L, L, I ward dot com. And don't forget our special tonight on arguing with healthcare socialists. Happens at nine p m. You can find it on PLUTO Tv. You can find it online you tube or of yours. Scribe, you can find
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rough greens, dot com, slash back, arguing the Socialists, the new book from going back, get it now and Amazon or wherever books are sold. Listening to Glenn back I have some very, very disturbing news. A cake ball company has gone out of business it was actually a local company that still has been frequenting for forever. You can hear Texas, I gotta take ball companies. Often if you read me, but you and I just realized this message came in. It was a stake in small shop started by one woman in seven years ago. I got to go to him three or four locations, and they had to close all their locations as of yesterday and you just I see that my terminally permanently done any realised that, like we're gonna, be seen this negative.
If your. If you follow a lot of local companies that you frequent on instagram- and you know whatever social media- you just going to start getting these messages depressing, and Look at the way this is structured right now. The running out of money for the Small Business loan claim that they put together. That was supposed to bridge this gap. That was the whole point of that bill was to bridge the gap, while the stuff is going on, and there are already running out of money- Nancy plus welcome back to work so now there talking the earliest, they could vote on updating this package to get more money to these small business owners is may eighth, We get it may eighth, the earlier that it can. Available. Let's say, may fifteenth the early
possibly get to a small business owner would be may twenty second, at five weeks away, there's no way these companies are gonna, be even less another five weeks with no help when you ve been looking after their business. This is going to be the problem because look how fast they reacted to these big banks and they didn't wait. They got it immediately. It was been fused into them immediately, not for the average person. It's going to be a real problem.
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