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He's So Relatable? | Guests: Bill Jones & Elizabeth Johnston | 2/20/19

2019-02-20 | 🔗
Hour 1 Because He's So Relatable?...Bernard Sanders skeletons in the closet?...The reason why there is a 'rape culture' today?...He should have to explain what he thought in 1972? ...Wow! Ariana Grande is the first artist since the Beatles to have songs in the top three spots of the Billboard Hot 100 charts? ...Pat Gray's about to become a Cardi B Fan? ...Glenn explains why Donald Trump is so relatable? ...The farting guy on the bar stool, and 'that's refreshing'    Hour 2  Suddenly offended by Cigars Store Indians? ...Florida school hires combat veterans for security?...Bill Jones, Principal at the Manatee School for the Arts joins to explain? ...Push back not just from the anti gunners, but the gun snobs too? ...Go Fund Me with Faith?...Glenn reaches out to the wife of a shooting victim? ...Glenn and the Shlub-Club?    Hour 3 'Not on My Watch' author, Elizabeth Johnston joins...'Day of Mourning', happens this Saturday, February 23rd at DayofMourning.org ...Hip vs. Hip Replacement Democrats 2020? ...New or Used by the Democrats? ...Feeling Bad for AOC?...She's only being used for misdirection?...What's really happening behind the scenes of the Democrat Party?...A step closer to Ending the Free Market System and fundamentally transform our economy?..."Medicare for all is not Socialism"?

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