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Hillary Clinton Goes Full Conspiracy! | Guest: Zach Vorhies | 10/21/19

2019-10-21 | 🔗
Hillary Clinton has lost touch with reality. First she claimed that she won in 2016, and now she called Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset.” But the Russians just want chaos, and that’s exactly what Clinton is causing. A new study named the two quickest paths to civil war: impeaching Trump and taking our guns. Just like they did before the World Wars, the progressive elite are steering us toward a global reset. Hong Kong erupted into chaos again, and the British people don’t trust their government to respect Brexit. And to top it all off, Google has given China access to its DeepMind AI. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies describes how he saw Google abandoning “don’t be evil” for China and silencing its definition of “fake news.”

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