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#Hire10000Veterans 2/3/17

2017-02-03 | 🔗
-Doc Thompson from The Morning Blaze is in for Glenn -Protesting is suddenly ok with the left again -A Dem senator who doesn't want to sit down with the president's Supreme Court pick -Re-calibrating our compass-Comedian urges military coup against President Trump -Meet our resident historical revisionist -Time to pull federal funding from UC-Berkeley?Is President Trump handling protests properly?-Who is funding these protests? -What percent of women marching against Trump were umm, lovely to look at?-#HowSexIsLikePizza-Scientists set to march on Washington?-How to handle the rioters properly-DNCTrophy.com-The left wants to hire refugees-how about we #Hire10000Veterans -Waiting for the Starbucks CEO to call in!! -Time to hold Starbucks accountable! -Fix the VA now! -Job openings for veterans -The madness of how the VA operates-Carry your own floppies!!

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