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'History On The Move'? - 5/14/18

2018-05-14 | 🔗
Hour 1 History on the move?...Gaza clashes...dozens killed ahead of US embassy opening in Jerusalem ...New age of deception...'you won't be able to believe your eyes' ...Arrest made in bizarre mistaken identity case...Josh McCay joins to discuss the nightmare he went thorough with law enforcement?...warrants, jail time, cracks in the system? ...Lead actor takes credit for leading the way for gender equality?... 'there are differences that have nothing to do with gender'   Home 2 Gender-reveal parties are all the rage...'specific' gender wars?...democracy in the darkness, and common sense in progressivism ...Texas-sized death panels...The Blaze's Sara Gonzales, host of 'The News and Why It Matters,' explains why we need to fear hospitals killing patients...it's happened here in Texas...disregard for human life     Hour 3 Live from Israel...TheBlaze’s Jason Buttrill and Faithwire’s Dan Andros are live from there on the ground as US prepares to open embassy in Jerusalem...media bias from on high...focus Palestinian resistance ...Teen Vogue is in love with Karl Marx? ...Amazon vs. Seattle...Why does the city of Seattle hate small businesses? ...Glenn and Pat Gray found out they both had the same exact nightmare?...Ballet = Sucks ...Thank God for advanced technology...and Velcro…here’s what Stu expects from his shoes in 2018

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The blaze radio network on demand back. Well, as we get ready open the embassy in Israel. Today we need to speak of the hate that dare not speak its name Not the love, they dared not speak name, but they hate that, dare not speak its name. The hate, increasingly spread throughout the world right budging civilizations, spreading, adopt of hate and violence, but as if we're in some sort of abusive relationship and are afraid of speaking out, we can't say exactly what it is for fear of our lives. Yesterday, the hate that dare not speak, its name attack. Three churches in Indonesia. Three christian churches: on a Sunday, the day of worship the hated. Dare not speak? Its name was disguised it
disguised as a family, a couple and therefore children they all had been, strapped to themselves they walked in churches and blue themselves up at least Our church goers died, two police died, more than forty were injured. You see what happened in Paris, thee, Eight that we dare not speak its name killed people this time with a knife, made own, have access to guns and In France, there not a lightened enough did away the knives because, after all, it's the knife, it's not. The hate. We know this and have known this for a long time, but it bears repeating the hate that dare not speak. Its name is spreading its multiplying and as it does, it strangle the rest of the world just a little bit tighter the Gaza Strip.
We're seeing that hate, but let's not talk about it,. Let's just live in fear, shuffle our feet then, here the rumble approaching the rumble of the hate and we turn speak its name. Its Monday may fourteenth year listening to the Glen Back Programme, so We are in the midst of opening the embassy right now Oh in Jerusalem, is it? Is it happening in probably the safest place in the world today, at his Jerusalem. They have the city you locked down
tight, and one of the reasons why they have it locked down so tight is because of what is on the Gaza Strip, what's happening on the guy The strip is remarkable. Apparently it just Israelis are just killing innocent Palestinians. I don't you saw that stew yeah, that's that's bigger. That's what I've heard on the loose all day as with dozens of innocent Palestinian in this. I just happen to be strolling by offence that they didn't put up. They didn't want and also, of course, not and so they were just walking by Fence Edwards gun down by israeli troops. This is what friends over and over and over and over just innocently gun down its anyway. It's something we knew was gonna happen when Trump took these steps. Yale Trump moved this. You know this embassy to Jerusalem now, of course, every other president has promised this for decades.
An trope actually decided to do it to his. I would say to his credit in an alternative universe, but here Make sure we focus on this just cause death there is legitimately how its being covered. It's like this there's this on, Avoidable consequence, when you move a building from one city to another city, oh my gosh, of course, is gonna cause death. Yeah, I mean you saw what happened with the wicked witch of the west in the building Lynne on her I assume that's what's happening here because of Palestinian, yet the Bosnians about, because the bill they must have put picked it up in it. Plain: no aid when dropped it on a bunch of protest and regulated, because it add they act as if it's an unavoidable. Consequently, when then, what moves are building from one state to another that you must rush armed soldiers at events that something that must occur. They cannot be avoided under any circumstance actual
this was planned before that the who The you know the march of return, oh yeah, so that was play Well for you to understand this is a border, between the Gaza Strip. That's part of Palestine. And of course, Israel, another separate country that has No! Actually, who actually No, it's all hollered part of the same bow wow. That's that's totally different. It's almost as if they shouldn't be announcing it as the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, because I really there isn't one is there now No it isn't? I mean just watching this unfold, there's enough Palestinians are saying fifteen hundred injured, thirty, seven dead and I just got here about their own people- absolutely not, and this is a point that that it needs to be made in that
is. Have you heard any arab push back leave Jerusalem Embassy have you noticed, I'm your word one from IRAN. Your word from Saudi Arabia, and we heard a word one from anybody in this region other than our cities, Saudi Arabia I have now, Saudi Arabia, said to the Palestinians. You take it EAST deal or shut that was the actual court or shut up Jordan, Egypt, you haven't heard much of anything for all of the the effect that you're supposed to be feeling from the evil. None of the jewish state, the yeah the is the region is not pushing back against this, because I mean look but you say what you want about this move because that you can say well, it's gonna cause violence. When going to cause violence who responsible for that when you rush offence
then, there are people with guns behind it, there's a fence there, because they believe are going to be attacked when fifteen hundred people rush defence, what the hell do you think that they believe is happening, and it is happening your rushing the feds, it's an attack and yes there to be at that point, you're going to have to to fire and push back the attackers, What's going to happen higher you such a minute? dickie. Why you such a Haider? I'm not hater yeah. I really you just hate Palestinians, I don't hate palace, said yeah, you do you know what I would help us to me. Is he just love the Jews to love the Jews? I'll say that I do and that you know they ve they favour and that love yeah. You know that this is the problem. Can you name? Can you name any other country that has been attacked? and then told
to give the land back that they took in that war cannot think, that's! Think of any. No, I can't think of any they attacked it's like imagine magic if we were attacked by Canada and we push them back two Montreal and we Took the land in between the United States border and Montreal and we we look it because it was strategic. We could not have them living right on top of us. So we push him back and can you imagine will yes you could you could? Amerika would be. They would demand that America do the same thing. So, let's reverse it. Imagine that Canada
pushes into the United States and takes shook I'll go and Detroit. Because we attacked them, you think the world would say anything other than good pro. Not every look what they did to Germany. Germany attacked? In World WAR one visit the land that was theirs- the Rhineland. They just took it to her and said but for reparations. Paden wait a minute. What and later Hitler did demands a backward yes and Angie look what everybody did get say. That's the only thing example I was trying to come up with that's about the only one can think of, and usually don't use Hitler, for example of your side, hey you don't normally when you're gay. While I do at that Hitler example is not yet nobody, he didn't take the land now he asked
dna form at the point of a gun, certainly Still nor I mean in world war, one ok in World war, one they took. The land the Germany lost the I didn't even occupied, they just said, and you are giving us this land right. Which is where his motivation later on his first, his first real require act and a single goncourt request right as anybody think that that you know that was a good example. Now items of money is Hitler as an example for your side. No, that's, usually a bad example. It just you know, look we this shouldn't. We all know. This is true, and this is it until is there is violence going on over there and people are going to focus on that because it's a of life and it's real but it's it's unnecessary, this is this is true. We all know what the facts are, and this is because, from a trump perspective, qualified good day, because the he's it-
being something that everybody knows is true and is denied an ape. Talk about something central to trumps victory and what people like about him. It's that right. People like the fact that, when You go, you watch every news channel today, and none of them are mentioning the fact that Everyone on earth knows Jerry. So what is the capital of Israel there's a fundamental fact at the center? of all of this. Everybody knows is true and ever One is denying and has been denying for multiple decades. So what do you know what the next big movement is? The big The next big move- and I am convinced, is the movement of no the courage of now While the capital is TEL Aviv now now it's really not. I know it, you know it the maps now
it's the eternal capital of Israel is Jerusalem. It was the historic capital, of Israel their seat of government, is in Jerusalem? That's where they have all of the buildings. How can you possibly say that's like saying the capital building is in Washington, but our real? at all is to peek a Kansas knows not now and I'm not going to play along. You know just because you think you're, a woman. Even though you are a man. I'm not gonna, know I gotta tell you that your of eurobonds because you're, not you, just decided today that you're a woman and now I have to call you a woman no no, because her something called science now. That's the real movement. That's the movement that is coming next and it will
I'm from very brave people. I'm not going to deny everything I know to be true now knew what I It would like you to say just now, What I'm saying is I'm a new idea. What if I say science a hundred times we then nobody really built, but I feel that way, my field. No, no. That is going to become the cry of the revolution, Now the June FED meeting easily early them to look for a flag and really doesn't it nobody. I would you stop now. So do you know any reality yet, but it I mean think about that think of the power of that now right now.
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nine zero six. Twenty four forty buying a new house. Do it now and finance with american financing Dog that american finance incorporation in the mail one. Eight do three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org so imagine, Imagine a warrant For your rest, and you did nothing and and and what you were arrested for was killing a car and then leading police in a high speed chase. This exactly what happened in Colorado, some People were pulled over, they were finally finally captured and they Are in jail and the police said so.
Whose plan was this list the I was a homeless sky, a home, the sky and he he kind of worst us into this. He forced to reach yeah, whose name was the core, your Mackay, or Kay by I'm, not sure exactly. What was his first name was John knows is Jason was Josh yeah Josh, who is John Jason or Josh. Ok, Mccoy or something. Like that. So the police take that and they find a guy named Joshua Mackay, while he what he had to be the guy. They swear out a search warrant for him. I'm sorry and arrest warrant.
They found him it just in the DE envy, but Database and they, took his photo to two of the witnesses said. Can you deny this man they're like year? How there that's him. John Mccoy there, like no, it's Joshua Mackay dad was the name. That was the name. Well. He was eighty miles away and he was living with his wife and his infant son. His he and his I've had a hard time getting pregnant. She had finally got pregnant. Had this infant, Nobody tried contacting him. And, unfortunately for I ve read. Tis licence, so
he thought okay. Well, this is a big mix up and he ended up in jail, arrested and forced to fight his for his freedom in court. He was just cleared of this and he be joining us here and a SEC Can you imagine the case? Mistaken identity, when guises are making something up yeah they use name was a great Glenn Burke back. Yeah, that was it this is all the outstanding anymore on me- are also false identity cases on and make that clear. Wait, there's a worrying Oh yeah, I didn't have some video that Lisbon look look like. I was there, but what can I say something that when you say that now that doesn't make any sense You say that in three years there
they have video on all of us. It's amazing because we ve talked about that so many times of how they can alter these things already. Right and already pudding famous faces in porn movies- I mean imagine, what's it like a government could be capable of You know if they really wanted to end there's there's that effective period too between where no one can big video convincingly, where we ve been in the past and everyone can do it. So there is not necessarily as much impact theirs There's a window and between those two areas that were two here. We're about to hit is going to be very scary where it will work every time it's tried and- and you know that- that way there already creating apps to allow people to do these things at basic levels. A few years, so it's bad it bad if you are accused and you're innocent, it's really really bad, but what it said. Also going to do for those who are guilty will end
over time. Will anyone believe? Well, though I saw it, I saw it. You won't be able to believe your eyes. Directory Alfred Hitchcock made some of my favorite movies because being in every movie, it's there by the grace of God, go on in almost every single one of his movies. It's an end, didn't guy just getting trapped in to something that you're like wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute, I'm not that guy. One of my biggest fears. I don't know why. As a kid, I think it's because I grew up. I don't think dear Emma scared straight scenario forgotten and that first came out in the seventies, and I was coming of age in the seventies, and I remember seeing you know my folks. Down you know like we're, watch This prison show on ABC Visa
I was always afraid that I was gonna, be wrongly accused and end up in prison somehow or another, while the Good NEWS is we'll hope be wrongly excuse. I learn that George Soros anyway It's your worst nightmare! Well, that that kind of happened and could have been a lot worse than it was forgotten. Joshua Mackay he's with us now welcome Josh our you, I'm pretty going about yourself when good So you're living in Colorado. How old are you I'm twenty six years old twenty six years old, tell me what happened to you so back in September, why are we get a letter in the mail that my license? My driver's license is about to be revoked? I thought that odd, maybe there's some sort of mix up at the envy. Maybe you know, and so on All the number on the letter and the lady at the courthouse.
You know your name, Joshua Mackay Social Security number. That did not do that and I said yes Mammon and she says So you need to hire a lawyer. You have a felony warrant for your arrest and- and I you know, I thought since it was through the dim, be that I had some sort of parking ticket or something that's why they were taken by referring like the first thing I said with: oh my gosh: how old are those parking tickets I dont think you get a felony for old parking. Take go ahead and you know it oh and we call around and ensure not. That was an actual war it, and so we couldn't get any information from the the court systems or the sheriff Department on what was going on. So until the warrant got quashed. So we figure that the best thing we needed to do? I had to turn myself in the jail to at least get the warrant quashed. I spent a nightingale still not knowing why I was being charged,
tony warrants a felony warrant and then over the next Nine months on us, it was nine months the the prosecutor, in our case, just basically Kick the can down the road and didn't You know I didn't bother to look at the evidence we provided on my lawyer, James. I earnestly I mean just Sanum piled in pilot on evidence showing that I was at an alibi and the prosecutor just kick the can down the road away. What did where were you accused of Oak Cliff area? I am upon Catholic Besides, I wasn't sure how much you are talking about it before the before the break, the Uno. We touched on a briefly go ahead. Ok, so what ended up happening was three kids were out driver drunk and Vietnam. Round. They were twenty nineteen twenty year old, kids,
They ended up getting in high speed pursued with the police, and they they out run the cops they they get away, but that the operators are able to get a driver's license. The the deputies run the driver's license. They show up at the house where that license plate is registered to and they confront these kids who were driving and officer say you know we want to talk about what happened last night and they all said oh yeah, it wasn't me driving with our friend, you know, and so the officer single. What's your friend's name? Oh we don't. We don't know that. Well, I think his name was like Josh you're. Sometimes people call them Eric and it was like Mccoy, Irma, Coon or Mackay, and the deputy scope in the computer- and they pull up my photo- and they say this- the guy- and they say yet yet at him- and here I am
so so you're you're attorney the just kind of dismisses your evidence. Why. No? No? No! No! My attorney did fantastic job that the district attorney the press Peter is the one who who just dismissed. All of that. The evidence. Why he's the emails that that we got back in my lawyer, got back basically just said. I'm too busy I will look. To this later? Ok, I'm looking into this I'll get I'll get around to it in even my lawyers, he even you know he took the opportunity on my first court date to say look, you know it is.
Prosecution which filled not answer my emails, then we'll just talk to him in court and talked him in person. Does he? You know he at least there, and we showed for my first court date. The prosecutor didn't even show up while he finished he sent his assistant. What the judge say. Well. He, the judge, sort of. Had no. In a week we made motion for dismissal and we made emotion too. You know remove the identification and all the things that lawyers do that are smarter than I am and judged as well. You know I can't really proceed without the prosecutor present, so you know our grand your motion to you, no good. We had emotion, move to my new job and new time in I had rendered all those motion but said the prosecutor, not here. I can't really proceed with the case so soon extreme a couple months. How unbelievably irresponsible so
what happened to the kids for making this house claim so at first, nothing it wasn't until the local CBS affiliate, who first covered my story, you know I put my story on the news and I got picked up by CNN and they got picked up by the blaze that they made it. Where's, the actual people driving. And are they charged with making of false claim. On the other. There are now in custody, I'm not I'm not privy to their specific area. There is an answer, you could look it up somewhere but time. I do know that their in custody, ok, so jobs- you have your life back out- finally resolve well- it's sort of ongoing. We, we did have the Douglas County Sheriff Spurlock reached out to us
and you know, gotten a sincere apology, and they made steps to make this right for us and and the other the day was gonna sheriff department. At least has been absolutely one hundred percent fantastic as realising that they made this mistake and and They make it right. Everybody makes mistakes and its great that they would come clean. The you know and apologize. The question is: what about the court system I mean. Obviously the prosecutor has a real issue. You can't just issue a warrant for somebody's arrest and then at person be denied a speedy trial. And then the days you is is constitutionally. We're all my rights were violated I will offered by the,
systems definition. I was offered a speedy trial within six months of going to trial. While but that doesn't mean that I didn't mean that the cost didn't add up. You know constitute I was allowed an attorney. I was out the right not to forgive myself on the witness stand. You mean, you know your gun Susan, better than anyone else here I was now denied any constitutional rights, and so you know, as far as the the district attorney's office goes in and all that, like, I don't know, It certainly is weird purgatory of. I wouldn't denied any rights, but I would definitely you know, we definitely have to pay for it and where you know. You're young out. You don't have a lot of money. I would imagine Josh how's, your wife do in your baby, my wife is
fantastic and virtually certain right next to me, listening in and my son is actually over. That is at local house, because I don't think I could do this interview without the aim in the back unfair, scream, an entire and step up our well. There are making their blessing. That's great, that's great, and I'm I understand that there were some there. There was heat the blaze article, some people started, giving the sheriffs Department heat and of sorry about That I mean you know, you never know who's, gonna, red and how people are gonna react. I hope the article didn't didn't feel that way to you. Or to the sheriffs department, because we know that they have apologized and they they took care of business right away. So I apologise for you, know, trolls Well, I don't! I don't want you to a public, listen, I I have no problem with demanding accountability in year, state and local governments, no problem with being disappointed with you know our
officials, that's what our country is supposed to be about. I, but I don't I don't believe in hate. You know If I could get any message out there, it would be that you know people make mistakes, and these are elected officials, make mistakes but I didn't give us the right to live our lives and hate you no good for you and fulfill all God. Can I got him in that's That'S- how I try to live my life and that I don't want anybody to be helpful on my behalf, Joshua Good for you, my, my green, as to your wife and two, your new born and- and hopefully This is the last brush you have with the police. I mean at least with you know mistaken identity. If they do
something wrong. I hope this isn't the only brush with with fully gutless thanks so much. Thank you. So much tat was about Bobby they. Never do you think. That's a speedy trial The court system, backed up, probably, is a legal definition of it may yet a delay his job and his move. Measure that hang it s like this, like a I know that doctors have to do this because test take time, but it's got like hey, we think of cancer. We We need you to come in to Morrow and take a test. You take the test. Maybe about ten days before you at ten days is hell yeah, You know the eggs months would be began about six months of of you know,
possibly Europe Phelan would be really would be excused. Getting busily there's an example there to how to handle of as to how to handle something like this now. Obviously terrible mistake made at one point, but then you have you know. Guy, saying: let's go through the process right. It goes through the process. The sheriff's office steps into Good job King it right in doing whatever they can heat, there's no huge lawsuits story. At the end of this day, I think they had go fuck me page to pay for legal expenses? What's it wants the issue that taken care if they took it down, rather trying to make more money off of the publicity it was then generating. I mean, there's Let us causative silica! These guys are good. Good people are turning in Alabama earthquake volcano eruption in Hawaii three earth x in four days off the coast of Oregon As I mean, if I may, I just say, this is not part of the commercial is just too, and this I may broach the bench your honor, I just point out
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pay equality, a central tenet of feminism and proud to be one of those To be the only one of two men at is production company. Wait, wait you're per year, proud that Production company has all women, except for two men. When that I mean wait, what I'm up such a feminist gone? Yet I want all been executed. That's it that's! A stance on taking on Gonna, show you how pro woman I am. I am by wiping every man off the face of the earth that would be you yeah not show. Then people would really not get mad at me. Oh, if I ever talk to a woman in a way that it was inappropriate of past feel like I was like. I swear, I'm broke woman, don't mean to me, I on this I love women. Look at me. You will pay equal everything, so everyone's trying to make this big statement here.
If she's not pay the same as men, I'm not doing the picture. Ok hang out just as our first of all, you know whatever that's cool, but are you? Is she bringing the same things to the table that you Bennydeck Cumber batch are bringing issue bringing a name star our power and everything else that you're bringing to the table, and you know what, if I mean, who no scars, your Hansen is, is across from you should make more than you if rocky. Do you believe and do you believe in equal pay, have she's making more than you and she should make more than because he's a bigger start than you ready. I mean I just I don't understand this. There our differences, and they have nothing to do with gender
back. You know it's all the rage general. We all parties Have you not familiar with these patriarchy just continues to roll over people. You might be it's a celebration where a person announces, you know their true, gender de family and friends, where everybody Eads cake and toes the person whose pending sex change surgery to become he or she your it, you know They really been the whole time, and it is the enlightened way to go, but no that's not what's happening. A gender reveal party is one where parents discover this. Acts of their own unborn, baby and then pay. How it not Asking for permission now, most these parties dour, including an element of surprise for the parents, family and friends in attendance, as they find out the first time, whether they're having a boy or a girl as if they know.
Gender reveal parties are a booming industry fuelled by social media. Expecting parents now must one up each other in attention grabbing ways to announce their babies, gender. Oh my gosh. I can keep saying this then planners in Washington DC herbs are seeing. Gender reveal parties that cost up to twenty five thousand dollars. Last week, Apple in Maryland, arranged for Ferris Wheel to light up. The color of their baby sex is gonna, be pink for a girl. Oh my gosh, pink fur girl. What's next blue for a boy, how D are you, as the Washington Post reported yesterday, some experts- like. I put myself in this category, After all, I am a doctor experts. Are appalled by this gender reveal party trend, and I The experts are onto something:
who can modern parents be so narrow, minded to think that they can actually I'd dental fi a child's gender, because they do or do not have a penis. It is despicable, it's the modern parents. Job to be is gender neutral is possible, so you don't unfairly Tipp the gender balance one way or another for your child at least have the decency to wait until her for five years old when their cape of making up their own minds of who they are all have to decide for itself whether it's a boy or a girl give that choice Build a chance, a name, give the child a number until there at least six, and make sure it, a gender neutral number, but are we cave people
to think that we can know if someone's a boy or girl because we have oh, I guess we are- that fancy medical technology, crazy. These gender reveal parties are grotesque if playing Mozart for me a baby while it's in the womb can make it smarter. Can you engine, what the brainwashing it undergoes when it hears mom and dad talking about which gender it is I'm about to weep for the child. In highlighting this gender reveal party controversy. The Washington post also referred to unborn babies throughout the peace. Babies Why do I subject a little more from our regrets of media outlets like this building. Member that hard and fast rule that humans in the womb are not babies. Certainly,
babies with specific gender feed is is which is a clump of cells, where's consistency here, as the most likes to remind us on it. Never ending bases. Democracy may die in the darkness, but not as fast as common sense dies in aggressive ism its Monday May fourteen year, listening to the Glen Back Programme, there is a new story out. Residents in Maryland, then Virginia are going. Face a slight increase in premiums, for indeed Obama care plans in twenty nineteen world.
What do you know this early, because if you have it, you might want to save up. Just a little bit Virginia is getting a sixty four percent increase. I am in Maryland- it's all little bit better or worse, depending on which way you want to look at it, who am I to judge? If who have Obama Karen Maryland you're getting a ninety one percent increase in your premiums. So that's good right still right. China is like better always good right. Ninety, one percent cent people must loved ninety one percent increase. Has you can't just rich people more than ninety once, but you know ninety one percent more for something. But they dont, absolutely love. Of course, not unless you some items of EU legally required them to buy yeah. You know you are on your way to a single pair health system, but
Only the single pair health system is coming and with that comes, dare I say it: death panels, our story today about somebody who I think media. They live transplant and leave the insurance company said no hands, So what did the family do? Well, they wrote a very open. Up, Ed Andy, open letter to the insurance company, saying please, please, please looks like that may be turned around for them now. Why because private companies Don't like negative publicity governments, don't care. Sarah Gonzalez's, with this now the host of the news and why it matters to tell us a story about something that happened here in Texas, that is apt,
Lately incredible, I sir, I Glenn So there was a gentleman by the name of Kristen. He lived outside of Houston, small town, Pasadena, Hudson abdominal pain, so it got so bad. He finally went to the hospital and they ransom tests, they found a mass on his pancreas I sent him home with you know some pain mad. He was uninsured, so he didn't wanna. You know do anything else at that time he said. Let me just woke figure out how to take care of it. He applied for a Harris County gold card, which was what the people who didn't have a lot of money. They could apply for that within their county and they can try to get. You know some type of insurance so he's waiting for that he began to Ill he's vomiting blood. He goes back to the hospital where they put him on a ventilator. No one was really or why they were so quick to put him on a ventilator, but they put him on a ventilator transfer, to Houston Methodist bigger but all no more capable of handling something like this one. More tests lab work. So
He goes into Houston Methodist and According to his mom who I spoke with at the time, this was in twenty. Fifty His mom said that a doctor, a world renowned doktor, she will never forget his name, she says, came into the room and she he said we're going operate. Chris tomorrow I'm gonna get. You I'm gonna get it out. If I have to take a little bit of a small intestine as well. That's ok, but we're going to see what it is and if It's taken out, we're gonna, take it out, and He said. I didn't know that you can live without a pancreas and said you can live without a pancreas you'll just and you'll need insulin, you'll be a diet. For the rest, your life, but you can live without a pancreas, has when she talks. Not. I didn't even realize I looked it up to verify, so you can live without a concrete results. Be that, as part of my the Glen Back weight loss,
does have remembered or distort reality start to look a little thinner, but go ahead so apparently that doctor never showed up and things changed drastically for them solely in the doctrine never showed. Well, I mean she said, and I she said, SARA I saw him again he came into the room, he told me with you know they were going to operate and I dont know why. But I never saw megatons. So something changed from the time that you know he was admitted. Oh, of course she thinks that it's because that doctor, out that he was uninsured? But you know we don't know so you know so chris- is There- then they never bothered to confirm anyone, cancer diagnosis. Anything like that. They just assumed that since it was a mass, it was cancer, and after you know, I think I was eight weeks that he was on this ventilator with no one really bothering to do any further testing any further die. No says the hospital board. Why? than to Chris S, room and hands Evelyn a letter Chris, his mom Evelyn,
They say we are turning off his machines in ten days and she says I dont you can't do that It gives you the right to do that and I'm the gentleman in charge said George W Bush does so. There is a law and it is called the Texas Advance Directives ACT and it gives the doctors, the ability to give ten days written notice, and they can turn off your machine for any reason they determine if they say that its futile care. Legally, they don't have a responsibility to inform the the family or the patient weather The reason has anything to do with finances, any financial type of reason Nothing have no legal responsibility to tell them what reason it is. They just have to get together. As a board and determine that its futile care, and they can view ten days in turn, your machines off in Texas, okay, so
No was he was he, still aware at this time He there is video of him out there. He was so conscious. He was still coherent. He was literally begging for his life. They were asking him, they have him on video Saint Chris, do you want to live and he puts his hands together and he's begging them to keep him alive. He knew exactly what was going on. So what happened? What the next, so the family got in contact with Texas right to life and cuz right to life worked with them. They filed Ino an injunction. They asked for a two week. Extension took it to court. The court allow then the two week extension, so their busy trying to you know fight to keep Chris alive to keep him on the machines to try to figure out. You know at this point Their he's been on the machine eight weeks, his lungs can't breathe on their own anymore,
they actually the family had pulmonary technician come in and tell them. Quite frankly, I have no idea why they had him on this machine. For this lot and under two to three weeks, you you're not supposed to keep him on your way. Once you train your body. It's like taking painkillers right, your but he stops making its natural painkiller right and if he, if you're on a breathing machine after so long you don't you no longer breathe on your own right. So do you had you. Why did they put him on the machine in the first place? They never told them why they never gave them an explanation of why they put him on the machine in the first place. So was he having problems breathing? No long long for and was never never his problem, the ventilator that it would they put it in an lungful, and was never his problem. And they I mean she'd. The family specifically told me in twenty fifteen at the time that it was happening They were never given a reason by the passage.
How do you like this is their way of killing him? Yes, I do. Does a family, yes, while yet so oh, no, he didn't he didn't. Actually they never got it Parents to turn off his machines, because this got stuck in court and he actually ended up. No, no one's, treating whatever this masses, no one's trying to treat or find out what it is and he did going into organ failure, but he was alive for eight weeks. They told him when he came in to Methodist, but he only had two to three weeks to live and he was just going to die and he did and they didn't want to do anything about it- try to figure out why he was still alive. Anything like that so called died. While they were, while they were In battle in court, but this law is on the books and if this family had not found Texas right to life, Gotten them involved heap. He would have been gone and it s amazing the stories the stories talked about talked about
the guard, and these stories were these? You know in other countries, and we think this imagine. If we don't act. This is gonna come here. It already brought this up and unused in white matters. When we are talking about the last one of these stories, were it actually is here? This is not a baby which you know it's just as we all know a foetus? A couple weeks later, it's just a foetus in a couple weeks. After that it turns into something else. Has very limited value to half of the country. Seemingly this is a but an adult. That's conscious! That's that that's communicating and still happen in Texas. Yes, that is, a far these the culture has moved, and you remember when we were fighting the Terry Chivo things doom when We were fighting Terry Shiloh IRA, member, having the arguments on the air with people who said? Shut it down? You know you don't know what she wanted that was the excuse of the time
because she was they say: brain dead and you communicate wool. Ok, vis Sky could communicate this is a death panel. You don't have the money you don't have insurance and if you think that well, that's because there is a universal health insurance, oh but we can then do what they're doing over in Europe and in the UK, which just saying: your life isn't worth living you're, going to cost too much money. You know I remember making this argument at the time there. Aren't any, but there there weren't people dying on the streets, you go to a hospital? The hospital is required to treat you k, it was called, in all kinds of problems, but that's a better problem to have them just saying well, you know what, if you don't have the money you don't get treated
even that is is more fair if you can fly I find the money for now. In other words, if I can go, you know, online and end start a sums sort of a movement where people are sending me money. So I can get my loved one to have that. So better than having a government just say, nope could you have no recourse? None. And that's the one we're rushing towards the feathers under multiple different kinds of systems shows is not an actuarial problem right. This is not a proper. This is a problem of how we were back to life as human beings? This is bigger, like all. Well. You know this charge on this insurance plan and we could solve it with this piece of legislation. We should show change the law that you're talking about here for sure but just as obvious negative consequences, but I mean look at we just don't.
This whole pursuit of life with the life liberty, in the pursuit of happiness. A lot of that seems to be out the window at this point. Yes, and that is punch deeper societal problem. Yes, then some health care policy- I will tell you- and in about ten minutes, I'm gonna tell you so we just now, you dont have a right to life liberty, we still kind have had that, but property pursuit of happiness is the other one that's about to go to the wayside. Wait until I tell you what the FED just suggested for the pensions in Chicago Property, nope, unbelievable, we'll do that in just the same. Sarah thanks so much talk to you, the news and why it matters today, at five. Thirty immediately following my programme, which we have a chop series begins today, yet talking about the the eyes of progressive ISM in the form of presidential overreach of how Progressive have for the last century, or so she
the way, the founders, really intended that whole branch to be and you're going to be amazed at where we begin, because we begin with founders tonight only five o clock on the blaze come slash tv aright watch out for links being sent via Facebook. Cinder. According to a leading cyber security firms they may contain was called face. Ex worm malware. If you click on the malware link. You're gonna be taken to a fake you to bathe in which will try to get you to install a browser. Extension from their incomes deal passwords, crypto currency funds such as Bitcoin or purse computers for crypto currency, minor mining there so neat threats in today's connected world. It takes one weak link for criminals to get in that. The new life lock identity, tat protection. Will
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actually signed mortgage papers. Do you rent your house, or do you do you own the house was that a mortgage was really just a rent to own. Let's say you paid off thirty years down the road you ve paid off. Ok, do you own your sir. Do you write your then you own it right. Do you? you just have to pay the taxes. Oh, why the taxes, but property like this. Why? What is that? That's that rent? So I can live on the property that I only an interesting question does it's yours. By air, but it's not really yours, because if I don't pay the tax, what happens This is an important question and one that many many Americans are gonna start asking themselves. Especially if you live in Illinois, something
That is in the newspaper that is giving an awful lot of attention, but should next This is the Glen Back Programme, son, did not shine. It was too to play peoples in their houses all cold, cold, wet day too To go out to wet play ball, so people sat in their houses, doing nothing at all and then something went bump and that bump made us joy. Someone was indeed out somewhere out in the muck. Yes, out braving that cold, wind and grey of the city write it. Thirty Le South Street? On the third floor? of the building a group of men, either there sitting round a big table with suits and voices gray, as they were able
a sign on the door red gravely pension reform with a question ass. After what lies ahead once I know some good games we can play. I know some new tricks. He said to the group a lot Good tricks, I will show them to you and your mother and father will not mind. If I do. Yes, it was April procession and a man did stand in a room and something went bump, but not many people heard two thirty Lasalle Street is the Federal Reserve Building in Chicago, and he spoke to a again. Above luminaries, there were federal board members, there was the stay. Governor they county, commissioner, the mayor of Chicago just to name a few. All of them were there to discuss one topic: how do we handle the crumbling insolvent pension system of this eat of Illinois and the city of Chicago within Cook, county at all.
Levels of government pensions were dramatically under funded collectively facing shortfalls of a hundred and fifty billion dollars as of today. The state pension by itself is under funded by a hundred and twelve billion dollars and growing at a rate of twenty million dollars of unfunded promises ever a single day. Where are they gonna? Get this money. Every day in Illinois, one fourteen hundred baby boomers boomers reach retirement age every day, according to the Illinois Policy Institute with more workers leaving the work force than entering it. The pension grit gap is gonna grow to over a hundred and thirty billion dollars by twenty twenty four, but there is hope. It's the Federal Reserve. You see on April seventeenth,
idea was floated by the Federal Reserve that went bump. Since Illinois already has one of the nation's highest state income taxes. You can't. You, can not tax people more right else could revenues be raised to cover the promises made by the government to millions of State County and municipal employees to provide them full pay during their retirement. Where that's when somebody stood up from the Federal Reserve, its simple we can't incomes. Any more. We need to raise the property, tax as well this The proposal is to add an additional one percent annual tax on the value of all homes and real is now Ellen I already has the highest property tax rate in the United States. It averages two point: five percent across the state, but
adding another one percent. That's no big deal! I mean people won't even notice it right. Imagine your retired factory worker you living on effect. Income in a home with a value Three hundred and fifteen thousand you currently to paper pretty taxes every year of seven thousand four hundred and sixty five dollars, but cover the current one hundred and fifty billion pension shortfall. The federal reserve is recommending that you now a property tax of ten thousand seven hundred and ten dollars a year that, else to a forty one percent tax increase on every homeowner, every farmer every every rental property owner in the entire state, two hundred and ninety two dollars per month Are you gonna do that on a fixed income that was probably what Europe
aid for that mortgage on your house the Feds New programme to cover over bloated pensions, the residence of Illinois are basically being asked to buy their homes all over again, except now, really by them. Because buying implies that you own it and you have possession of it, but This is more of renting every for the rest of your life with no additional equity, no real ownership, because, under this programme you dont only Property because the government does your surf You're being asked to pay the government for the privilege of living on land that you paid for and then living inside the home that you paid for that's two hours passed, not right, you think it's not true, miss a few payments. What happens?
to get the taxes the rent you now owe them for your own land, the government. Just take your home, sell it. To pay the taxes their share and view whatever remains after yield? Tax collector has filled the government's coffers. Wait a minute, it's my Lando style Mostar. You know we had Bill O'Reilly on the show last Friday, and you remember what he said he said the government has got itself so foreign debt, taxing, come no longer works, even if tax tax incomes of seventy eighty, ninety percent. It will not raise enough money to cover the de promises that they have made. So they have to start four skating resources from wherever they can get them most? those wealth wealth, is in their homes.
The family home represents the largest single investment, an asset for over eighty five Americans bill around He said it plainly. Last Friday, most America, Don't realize and haven't yet accepted that the government will come for you they will. You're home to pay for them. Our promises. It's crazy is that sounded on Friday. Here it is. We have it actually proposed by the Federal Reserve of Chicago to go beyond taxing income and start com facilitating the american dream: the family home the farms, the corner store. Yonah, knows funny about this or sad, I'm not sure anymore. According to the Federal Reserve's proposal. The forty one percent property tax increase on property owners in Illinois will only cover the
First, five to seven years of the pensions shortfall for the states, largest for pensions. That's it. So Facilitating the wealth and property of Illinois Property owners only kicks the can down the road about five years, but don't worry, we'll have a fixed for that In five to seven years, they'll add just another one or two percent to the property tax rate, and if you can't afford it, then well they'll, just take your home o d Sir said the man you did not lie, the game. Oh dear, what a shame, what a shame, what a shame and with Half an hour bump, The man was indeed gone that good. He is gone He has gone gone away, a chairman. It will come home and you will find this big mess.
This message is so big and so deep and so tall. We cannot pick it up. There is no way at all by the way, so you know, when the Chicago Reserve unveiled its solution, apparently in the room, what there was an audible gas but they'll get used to it. They'll get used to it. I know what share some feedback from the from our partner. At palm Beach. The palm each letter and ticket worries crypto course, ninety seven percent of the listeners that he has given his crypto course have raided. It
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each other as human beings, then we'll talk about. We know policies and what's going on, but there's one The one guy at the at the dinner means probably twenty five twenty eight years old, his soup, Libertarian, really good. Guy he's a musician well in the Dallas observer today. There's a story And love is Glenn, It is really a nice guy No, I had dinner with him. Listen into what he says and anybody who says or you we shouldn t we were never convince anybody. This listen to this. What makes a really nice guy, like you, remember, sitting up on school nights with my conservative parents watching Fox NEWS each night, this chair of face baritone voice middle aged man, was silvery blonde hair would work My family and millions of others like mine around the country into near frenzies of paranoia scribbled, gibberish Djibouti. Diligently on his chalkboard, with a team of experts to uncover what
considered the hidden truths of american history did you. We have to your, was pen pals with Mussolini S, I did. Did you The progressive left of the nineteen thirties were friendly with the Nazis. Did you the founding fathers, word all races to love slavery. These, but the kind of real hum dinners that Middle America? a thrived on the age of Obama. When conservatives like my parents desperately wanted to believe that his reign was a secret plot from Satan to destroy the universe, my pet, This would sit wide eyed and receptive, like diligent students, excited for the chance to know something that may be their neighbors? Didn't I There are often modeled my social media presence after after these sensationalism, like backs Long ants on Facebook about history, the dangers of socialism, problems with the military industrial complex, and even yes,
species about the Federal Reserve in nine eleven embarrassingly, a large part of my school media opposed to my twenties could have helped you on that one, but I made a lot of Facebook fan boys and girls who followed my poise post and a lot of people thought I was an idiot. It was a real shock when I received a phone call from two time: Emmy nominee RE as Potala producer asking, if I to have dinner with back and some different minded people to chat about the world's problems. Apparently one of the shows producers had read my facebook page. The is in his own words the poster boy for modern, liberal Americans, a mess gay man with two small children who, after trumps election spent the last year and a half trying to learn as much as he could about the political landscape to the right now Surprisingly, that journey lend him it backs doorstep and the tomb they become great friends as well as scope producers on many, the blaze newest offerings Patel, its most recent idea was to partner with a group called make american dinner again, which
small dinners or filmed as people from all walks of life discuss their differences over a meal. I was invited to Excluding studios in Irving, along with a transgendered man, a liberal college, Professor, a conservative christian of Venice Way an immigration activist and a radio dj from K, one o four. I to fill the role of the young white, libertarian musician, who likes to talk a little bit about everything when I arrived the studios, Patel in back staff, met me with open arms serving me as much coffee and snacks as I wanted. While I waited for the other guests to arrive now had ever met after make out make up in getting out fitted with MIKE's back finally walked out to the dinner table, to greet all of us he's too than I had the edge of his shoulders towering slightly above the top of my head. He my hand and said he was glad to meet me and is excited to hear what I had to say. Don't worry but being too intellectually said, be his intellectual as you want the bitter them
and are began with a prayer from Trenton, the transgendered man and we started passing around food prepared by Beck's chef. But tell and back, began asking the group a series of general questions about the current events in the feelings we had about political minefield. That is America today backs. In conscious of adding follow up questions design for each individual is table many sub. Ex wandered in blended into others. Questions about personal feelings became discussions about technical economics, questions about accuracy became discussions about religion, worries about gun, violence became discussions about the threats of terrorism, the soul, who is college professor across the table for me quickly became the most outspoken and impassioned about assuredness of the vote. Did he of his proposed solutions? He seemed imply often that anyone on the right who disagreed with it was foolish and just buying into propaganda. He remarked to across look from back Fox NEWS was really just an arm of propaganda for the state back.
Golden redirected. The conversation back to its original point. But the most moving moment was when Trenton opened up about his struggles. He and I had spent some time before the dinner talking about our shared experience of growing up in South Dallas and swaps. Locations of our favorite barbecue locations, the revelation that he had spent the first half of his life. As a woman came later in the dinner, when Beck asked him to share his story, I was I used to see, looks of genuine sympathy on everyone's faces. Trenton the optimistic about the face faith, the fate of transgendered people in America, but breast serious concern about the levels of depression and suicide among his community, but the man, most surprising person of all at the table. Oh no. Oh, I have to leave it. There shoot wait until you hear the most surprising person of the table. It wasn't me
surprising person at the table when we come back. Back well, it's like we made it through the day I mean ass. You were one of the Palestinians in that Didn't understand what was coming. If you push your way through offence and throwing things it. Soldiers, thee, the embassy is now open in Jerusalem. Forty three, people were killed in protests, but not Bad is I expected we have to go. Is out on the streets now in Israel. Dan Andreassen Jason Betrayal, who are are in Israel for a few days been looking at the situation on the on the guy. The border if you will and trying to figure, Exactly what's going on what the media is missing Dan and Jason. Welcome Glenn
what is the feeling first of all, let's start with, a embassy. What is the feeling, in Israel. Today about the embassy. I think that pretty much we seen over the past couple of days- is that we need to talk to you. We are taught to some people the old city a couple days leading up when it opened a couple days ago, and we talk about Europe if any of the need to reform lay pretty might show that they are all about talking to the camera and tell us what the problems are and what made the mad, and they pretty much said that you know opening up the embassy was here, didn't have anything to do with Israel. I had no right to do that and there obviously here angry, but they offered for the situation over with the utmost rigour like this feeling or in the old city. Now we often talk to some Christians. Now the Christian had interesting perspective without one question we gotta Philip, were always the one played on the other. We always like that. The new ones
and the Muslims or another, not aim and work or the ball or basic, the ones that are causing kicker, so we debate only have an opinion I just wanted to be overwhelmed by which I yet it seems like the other media has descended upon Jerusalem Dan and I have spent the time trying to go where they're, not because it seems like their doll. Faced the same story is basically that the story is that they got him. It is a bad thing that you know that the trouble doing something out there doing something better. It's going to start a fight. Basically, Another way they don't have any you ve been doing it for the media thing you can try to go away to identify what is interesting when you work escapades interesting when
look at the way the media's Tom is towards birth. They always take the side of your Jason. I heard all different perspectives, but they always take the one perspective. When you actually go around the city I mean we saw all over. The city were signed the trunk, make Israel or great and you know the american flag connected the israeli flagged- is everywhere all over the place. Lemonade petunias set up obviously took time to but on a tweet it out that picture there. My twitter account when allowed, but obviously they care about this relationship, and yet the media doesn't bother to try to figure out. Why. So where are you guys now? Are you down at the border? some were written, our like Then I right now we're standing looking at the God ordered Golden claimed their smoke everywhere. There sporadic gunfire There is the media row up here, which is all kind awaiting three were basically get the bad news. The problem as a whole context-
couldn't hear, looking at everyone reporting on the same thing, and also not only your time and all other places where they're saying that operators now authority, plus people have been killed but they're, not providing any context and we all understand that because I was in Bethlehem at another why it early in the day, and we wanted to see what it Why could be on the other side to be on the palestinian side we waited on internet for to that riot and that would not be forgotten that is now coming We were all Iraq, they were tearing up the street anything they could the fashion a weapon. And hurled down at the idea? I mean it was created at the idea of responding, but purely to disperse the crowd if they cannot do that, you're seeing what's happening, Gaza right now, which is either in Libya? Maybe I'm missing something, but in every other part of the country when a border is stormed and invaded, there's no other way to respond, but you're, not here that familiar figures like hearing that. What would it be when you got a fire?
In light of the New York Times real quick, which says breaking news, Israel responded with rifle fire to amass attempt by Palestinians to cross the border to answer technically correct with a flaming about it so interesting, and you know like Jason said: most countries would react. Same way, but yet somehow these guys are vilified. Well. Do you think it would be any different if they were coming our border. I me when we had the when we had they March for freedom. No come up from Guatemala: Andorra, southern border- if they were I've been more militant than they were if they would have tried to actually crash our gates. We, The done the same thing, and I the media would treat us as the monsters in the same way I think it's the media manipulation. I really do that. If you want to know what is going to look like, some of these groups are funded coming up
Guatemala in South America coming up to our border state tuned America, because that you know why, seeing right now in Gaza. Could very well happen coming in the very near future, where we have no choice but to respond, but I think that exactly what they want exactly. What then, are looking at right at this moment, which they see the euro with care turned on waiting to see and report, not wipe whether what caused us to respond but- the casualties in the other at not what they did is in order to make this happen, only the way we responded, adding that's. What coming, who are these people that are are storming the guy, its do you have any idea we are, we have to talk to a really her former idea. Intelligence. Sir Jeffrey. And she went through all this in a special, but she went through all the different forces that are combining two. Night. These additives here and in a lot of it is I you got, has,
Are you got Hamas? And so that's what infuriating you here all this going on down there? Who is going about here, a few minutes then, and we ve all heard volume gunfire. Now we can overcome our back, but you know I'm are they knew it would be nice if the video try to find out whether or not there be, as anyone asked the idea, if they're being shot at it, sounded like a Bali bud it would be nice if someone at least ask the questions, but that's the thing that you're, being wiped out of these reports is if we know that Hamas has little and all the care organization there there. Why is that? being included in the report. Would it were about to have an interview with the idea that spokesperson we're gonna find that those answers out to this afternoon at five o clock on the on the tv show and hope to see your face? Is there may be some of the footage that you are gathering as well thanks, so much guys stay safe? You ain't, even lignite
So before we took the break, reading this story from the Dallas observer I don't think the Dallas observer is, you know necessarily friendly to the to the Glen back cause of the world. You still I'm not read the observer now of yeah. Ok, I would I would doubt it was I who does okay, so it's it's written by one of the guys who was invited to our make America dinner again dinner, and we invited people from all walks of life to sit down. Now, the guy who wrote this is a libertarian and he wrote finish. In the article for me, the most surprising person at the table was re as potential Now. This is the reason why I wanted to share this article with you. People say to me all the time, your I'm gonna change people's minds. You're not going to change people's fight. That's not true! It's just not true!
now it is true unless they come with an open mind and you come with an open mind, Are you really little willing to listen to them and when we they have something right say now to give you that one be right. And are they willing to do that? Not everybody is some are and those of the for that. We need to spend our time on. He said. Over the left is college. Professor made it dismissive quick, about the right or fired off the popular troops of the left about gun. Violence petition Oh, was often the first to criticise the narrow mindedness of his reasoning. Those stats Actually completely correct, he might say after some two statistic about gun deaths and gun ownership. Back of course, was also quick to counter such statistics would data of his own, but the shocking thing, is watching Patel before
linked to remove his political bias and admit errors of left his reasoning. He talked at length out his experience, working for liberal media outlets and the pressure to conform language in programming to fit politically correct standards to the point of interfering with decent journalism, he discussed his fears about attacks on free speech from the left and how obsession with identity, politics was dividing people rather than bringing them together this midst of intellectual tempest. I did my best to get a word in without dominating the conversation, but my shining moment for the evening came and the Socialists, professor solution to the world's problems, was a new utopian market socialism, which blends the boy parts of capitalism with socialism here was by chance. I rattled off history of socialism in America in the world and the many forms it had taken, including market socialism and the many ways it had failed.
Fascism in its original form, was supposed to be that balance between market and the Socialists and the professor claim. The solution was, though, What was the solution for the world's ills back looked at me with a knowing smile of pride, like he were my desk uncle watching his nephew score. It touched it goes on, but that he's really smart. He came to me before he said I didn't realize how small everybody, was going to be sent out why I was invited. I'm just a band member and I sit onward, don't worry about it, you know, don't worry about the intellectuals. Dubious intellectual is, as you wanna be, and it was so he sat down and I didn't know what to expect from him. He was really super. Smart and real the well read. We really knew who he was and knew what the facts were appreciated it necessary.
The people who don't think they're smart and those scenarios that, when a beings being smart, because then the ones who think they're really super smart end up being the ones like no it is interesting. I, like the professor, He was it was interesting to hear him say: well, those are just verifiable fat and it was re as I cause I said, Henriette is no actually that's wrong. That's not a verifiable fact. And if we're not, I mean honestly we're gonna give up talking to people who are not convinced of our world view. What what's the point of us tonight at the point of it is to try to tell Tredick inform people on and hopefully, maybe they senior year Europe. We now see the light as far as you see it, but that is this of the entire the right of a human interaction either, but I mean it you're talking about talking politics we're talking about, these issues
seeing people who already believe them is not exactly a task no and end we don't. What are we gonna? Do we gonna win the next election than eliminate everybody? Does resources, or is that with the law, It is going to do. We have Two, we have to find some common ground and at that time every time you see it like you had it makes you squeamish. I gotta be a noble cause, it's a! U now I don't mean it that way. I know I know you don't owe me finding common ground makes it seem, like you know, I don't know John Mccain or Lindsey Graham, who write like we're just gonna like, while all disagree with the Democrats about fifty percent of the nine would allow we're talking about. I mean about policy at all, fine, our common humanity, fine thing that bring us together, and the things that bring us together should be the bill of rights once we agree on the bill of rights and that all men are created equal and endowed by their creative or certain inalienable rights among these life liberty, pursuit of happiness we have it, but that the thing that always brought us together was
He believed those things theirs. People who don't believe those things anymore, there's there's people who believe in in marxist principles while those go against the bill of rights. So I can't can't agree with you I have to. I have to agree to disagree with you, because the Those philosophies are not found in our constitution and they don't work right. They just don't we in demonstrating not only their their prey, Attic ability to solve the world's problems is part of it. The arguing it from a moral perspective is another, but the bottom line is. If you can't make these points- and you don't make them with the idea of converting someone who doesn't believe them. Amy tinville Grannis a thing the week of hot Karl Marx, like the ninth, how great Karl Marx are article that we see in the past couple
week, Karl Marx, ethnic remember when you said the president was a was a marxist and it was, you were accused of being a Haider Race hand a racist. A teen vote is in love with car Omar Al Qaeda magazine is Teen vulgarized wherever it understand you're you're a thirteen year old girl looking for make up tips, and you get Karl Marx praise. I dont understand by the way Revlon is then a marxist company. You know, there's none of them. Things that you advertise in your magazine. You know your capitalist magazine has anything to do with Marxism I believe you have to be able to talk to people who believe that you read that envy actually be won over by well. So let's use this example. Seattle, sir the Apple and Amazon. What's happening there, you we have to be able to find the answer to that fortunately, I dont think I dont think
capitalist win that one in Seattle, but let me frame the argument and tell you what's going on when we come back. We want to thank our sponsor this half hour. It's mercury real estate. You want to sell your home truly tough If you don't know the right real estate agent and when I say you know the right real estate, they're, not all created the same, they really or not love this thing where people are, as you know, system. I gotta Geike, as he's he's, cutting his he's, cutting his his percentage and I'm getting a discount from him. You getting a discount from him if he doesn't know the value of his own work, housing in another value of your home. You need a great real estate agent. That has a track. Heard of knowing the price? helping you set the price and then selling for the highest price available. Now that takes an agent who is low
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on his now looming in Seattle, where the City Council planned on taking a vote on big businesses and eleven a new tax on these businesses attacks of about five hundred and twenty six dollars. Per employee, so Amazon be hit with a twenty five million dollar tax and the live cities like wolves its Amazon, they can afford it. Well. Amazon said no! No, and they halted construction on development site in northern Seattle. An answer we're not gonna lease space or can a build any more space if you approve the tax, so they ve postponed the the vote on how now. If I'm Amazon, I want you to answer the question.
I was going to impose the tax once you start building again once your job mobility, oh by the way that tax is back on the table a so here's here's what Seattle in King County declared a state of emergency over homelessness because as the the average hole the median price for a house now in Seattle is seven hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars, you're, not alone. I mean they're city after city after city that is like this, so the the businesses are saying. Yes, we ve got to do something on homelessness, but listen. The city council. This is a message to the working people of Amerika from Amazon, saying that if you dare fight us will threaten you with taking away jobs, are not taking away jobs, their business. They owe it to their shareholders
make the most amount of money for the shareholders and, if You do business in Seattle and their tongues charging you all kinds of taxes. Is there fiduciary responsibility too look at another space threatened, Jobs, you are especially in this environment, where dozens dozens of cities are producing videos to try to lure the next Amazon headquarters to their city? The cynical The people need to know what Jes Jeff basis is a bully and people need to fight back against his Ex attempted extortion way. That's what you're doing here the one at putting a new anew. Term of imports of of business their having to add a whole new line on there. This model to figure out how to pay for your stupid tax. That's: u changing the rules, not them a hundred companies, Alaska, airlines, expedient proposing this and
three hundred small business leaders from coffee, shops, mom and pop places, cross, the sea all across Seattle, said this only going to hurt small business in our community, stopping council back mercury. Welcome to the programme pattern. I had a shared miserable experience on Saturday night. Call it a nightmare who would you call it an eye Maria? I went to a we went to our region, our my daughter's ballet recital a recital and might granddaughters. Is there in the same area embellish unbeknown to us initially wound up the securities Russians that are really good therein, tents, man, there really intense, and I then Mr Uli, who is the the husband, of the mother. Who was a
russian ballet person who taught her daughter and whose now in the Russian and the daughter is the teacher of the class right. I don't Oh that convoluted. I don't think so. I bikes yes, ok! So all right, so the father at these ballet recitals comes out, and these peace is very original. Have you couldn't understand a word? He said yeah and he honestly is the best part of it look at how we never sidewalk inert party, not least of all you have a dimension that every catastrophe on earth, whether its war, famine lover. Earthquakes has happened. On the freeways and streets of Fort Worth Texas. They are so torn up. It is so hard anywhere in the town. I hate like poison, I'd rather chew off my arm. Then I have to Fort worth Texas love. A couple of
instead, which is worsening, is an end, so you get there and then ballet please don't do this to me. Please I Begging you with all the to me, my all that is holy alien right. You make me, do this it your granddaughter. I knock I built for my granddaughter backwards. Did it from your daughter? No, but I ve been telling her she sets for a while. She doesn't she's very really good, she's really good, but so you don't have to go to resolve our hand, discourage it grew at your hours. Do terrible! I do the city, it's like its valet. It's like it's got like three songs. Have you noticed that, yes, there, like three songs you have to sit there for some time. Three hours yeah, they play the same three minutes suck on like every third song you like out here. I ve already seen this dance. I've seen it
four year old I've, seen it with an eight year old I've seen over the twelve year. All they do the same thing and soon mister, you least daughters, gonna come out and do it for forty minutes. Oh my guys, please can hey you more, not to watch your daughter dance. I honest we sat there and I thought you now. To do this, as we should all have appointments backfire, Only at six fifteen does six. You know twenty one lodger to watch your daughter leave. You watch your daughter in their lives in watching what your granddaughter leave. Yes, yeah. I can barely tolerate watching my own family dinner can tolerate other gaze older, so shy and shadows, dancing giant was dancing, and I see this as I gave up I laughed by. Let me mister shy, and now I saw like four of them, and they were all great and I hear is good. She was nine jeered and everything else, but then the second half. The second half is the the
way teacher dancing. I dont want to see the ballet teacher dancing. I don't care, only the joy enjoy ballet itself. Do you stay for that which is which would narrow? That's? U for people in the world right right and they are all on stage. But I am was at one point: she's doing this in a cheese dancing behind with the with the whole troop anyhow. They just there stand and there are sitting there with their hands over their head some form of this boy she is so bored herself. She just puts her hands down or hedges. This is kind of like zoning you're a I, oh, my gosh got she knew she was poor. I mean if the ballerinas in the back or board you I believe in only ideologies wants to hang themselves. Yes, its painful pains It was a painful- and I like Mr Uli, because he knew you don't understand him at no idea what he was saying yet here he could have been. He could have been announcing exit,
oceans of russian dissidents. I had no idea. What exactly is this first urea Europa guy is about to be home by the neck delegate. I don't even know what you say and could have been that, so he usually comes out and he's this time. He did it by the curtain, which I was very upset eyes I I want my money back as I go for so Rafe and I go for mister Billy and and cause he comes out and he's always like and does so the girls or going thence now they're, not quite ready, so wife told me come out and talk a bit about a ballet, and I don't know much about what they're ok, already now: ok, you're there and doesn't I swear to you just like TAT, and I love it and Rafe we're DR any psych dead this time. I want you to watch Mr Uli, but.
I want you to watch him with some empathy, and I said what do you mean, and he said I have a theory that he's basically just coming out in saying, Please someone killed me here. I married woman. She was dancer. She was beautiful. Now, I'm doing this. I don't know why please someone dark since he was pretty dwarf years? Oh my god! Oh my god. I thought. Oh gate Z, walk down that we get he's like I'm not going to do this in front of crap, like those behind stage this time and Rafe just looked me wet I do not. I almost muscle almost dead, but what I do like a bottom. Is there no nonsense, and
backed a lotta. Your kids are russian, say, don't ya these Russians. Are they dont here baby american children? They treat him like there the old Soviet Union? Oh, and if you don't do well, they dont say nice job. They say you did not do well, that's bad! Do yeah, you know and it takes our kids had to be able to handle a russian artist. Who is yes aim exactly the same. Our kids both had russian ballet from these Russians who were like you do
like Claude you erase passenger admitted that in my country we would have had legs were removed from the cats salmon are quite right in our class. It than you think it's pretty good, no bad do again and have an impact. Fortunately, it never seem to work in the Soviet Union, and now they made crap all the time in just seem to work in gymnastics, said Balin ally, but please don't allow your kids to go in the belly. Don't it's a racket, terrible idea, absolute racket, little girls, look at the end product of that and think I would love to be that. But that's Moments when you're on stage in you're you're doing your little,
what they do and in getting the applause and that's it. No one wants to actually stand other tiptoes. For that long. I will tell you what so watch it. I was really impressed. I went to circus away you know years ago and I'm like look at these kids and how they get there so flexible. Now go to go to go to go ballet, the kids are, unbelievable there, like Cheyenne KEN, Cheyenne what you know. People say no talking about your, but she can do that he can bend in ways that I don't Think the human body is supposed to do there. Some thing. There is something about staying that limber in air and nimble, often think about. If I were to spend every moment that I had a while awake for the rest of my life, I do not believe I could touch my toes woods No, I care I like I even when I was at least spend multiple minutes per day.
Trying to figure out how to do things that are on the floor. Without going to the floor like trying to scoop up my mind my foot and liking or shoe and like it getting get down it. Sometimes the lip of the back of a shoe yank it ass. He can get up. Yes, it's I climbed time. I've always looking for new shoes. It's the show, Can I write well what I've been thinking, but I've been thinking like? Ok, I you know maybe I'm just getting to the point where you know all people get to where you like. I just want velcro. You know, but I dont want velcro. You know like those are deliberately it's too much work I want velcro. I went I just I think I can handle. I can just put on my socks and then I have felt in the souls of my shoe, but I dont have to have anything on the outside of it. So the velcro just sticks to my sock. Because I could put socks on Monday where more week, my amid, if I cut out the showers,
the digital. That's why they should have socks made out of water resistant materials. You could take a shower but the socks on, and then you aren't change them well, if you buy cash, you made it out of that scuba stuff. You know that in IRAN Greece dire right, and then you just you're a genius his then we saw the velcro the sticky part on the bottom of that You got scuba socks, their and regular shoes that don't look like old men shoes you like I just I do I just I was scuba diving, I just I just got out of it. I am, I think, to a lot of people would look at this and it sounds like black were olden lazy and perhaps at a shape flexible, but isn't this real? At this point? Is this the shoemakers fault? I mean
We are we gonna put ties we put laces are velcro on the shoes to make them fit properly, how about making them fit properly? How does that an option? How about you make the shoe that fits my foot, so I have to tighten its going to fall off, because I don't know it's the right size and then I don't need to bend how about that? Why cut country doing within and which were supposed to bend down entire shoes. I'm an adult. I stand to feed its weight supposed to work to you our dismissing technology and the truth of shoes and the truth of chooses we're not gonna need them much longer, because everything will be delivered into our house where we have carpet eying and comfy floor, and so everything will be delivered to us through to stay inside stay inside. I we need It did delivery to actually open up the door for us. I mean need them to go the extra mile I dont want to go to the door now I that's ridiculous.
There are three: there should be some sort of moving walk away at the very least right. Take it. If I have to get up I'd rather just have them bring it to the count when they say the address, What's your address and say: well, I'm gonna give you the address, but also just come on in go down. The main hall turn right, I'm in front of the tv just drop it there on the table, I may not even say anything to you I pay well because I'm paying for it now and I'm adding the Tipp. Yes, sir good that I'm not talking to the person just bring it in drop it on the table in full, they don't block the tv I'll grunt for wonderful, right. You know I'm still alive and it would you pick up there pizza boxes that you delivered through the last we leave, hey, you need a security system for your home
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And it has a lens, and I don't know what kind of creeped us out that you know are somebody watching all the time, and so we put a lens cover on it and something that you here it had to be met. Also you can hear it something that would work over and over and over and over and over again for years to come, but you can hear goes so opened you'd know. Ok, it's on. I felt that way, I mean that's the kind of thinking that they do. They also but a little light on it. So not only can you hear it but a light goes on. They want you do know yet this system is now armed and its watching this room. If you dont want to watch that rooms, you punch It closes down this punch, the phone anytime. That's the functioning punch your phone, your her name was phone right would upon shoe, so are simply safe. Start Tom Security itself. Security done right, go to simply safe back dot com. For ten per
sent off your home security system, its employees safe back dotcom. Do it now. Simply safe back dot com. Did you did you read the latest on? Jordan Petersen, enabling Jus hatred Ionizing I shouldn't have done that enabling it so as not to doing it he's not doing it he's enabling it think he's enabling it by you know, appearing with Ben Shapiro the guy who's the target of the most anti semitic attacks on the entire internet yeah? You can't see how that working now I can also Dave Reuben another jewish guy who he's on the road with currently he's enabling the Jew hatred how's he doing so on. Hearing with Jews enables jus hatred, I'm very confused as well. I'm not gonna sit here and drive
break it down for you to do how many I didn't think you would not go. I honestly don't understand it quite honestly, You know he some he's answer does from the court a call from both his answered questions were closed. Global jewish influence several times in person and online and in April blog posts repeated that alleged influence to jewish intelligence an old anti semitic dog whistle way, but that in other words, using because our smart, the reason why the reason why some juice or cause he was answering questions about how you know how anti Semite say while they control the world needs like don't they dont control the world there? Maybe maybe just maybe people are successful because their intelligent
George, what our, what an anti semite and this guy is its despicable, despicable What they're trying to do now to Jordan Peterson Glenn Back Mercury,
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