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HOLD THE LINE! This Is America’s Last Call | Guests: Peter Schweizer & Andrew Doyle | 10/5/22

2022-10-05 | 🔗

The U.N. wants all the major banks to implement price controls to help curb inflation, and Glenn and Stu explain why that's a terrible idea. China is limiting how much money citizens can remove from their bank accounts. Author of "Red-Handed" Peter Schweizer discusses President Biden's involvement with Hunter Biden's foreign affairs and how the Uranium One deal made America dependent on Russian energy. Glenn and Stu look at the current status of some critical Senate races. Author Andrew Doyle joins to discuss his new book, "The New Puritans," and how to take on the religion of social justice. Glenn speaks with registered nurse Laura Morgan, who blames the loss of her job on the "implicit bias" training she refused to go through.

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