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Hole in the Sky Where the Tree Once Was | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 2/13/20

2020-02-13 | 🔗

Breaking news! Chuck Schumer wants Trump investigated for saying Roger Stone’s nine-year sentence was outrageous. Will the Democrats get him THIS time? And the Seattle City Council’s “Tree Murder Song” is the coronavirus of catchy music, guaranteed to spread like crazy. Similarly, coronavirus cases spiked after China "changed" how it records infections. Just one hospital right outside Wuhan needs 100 body bags a day! Author Peter Schweizer recaps how Hunter Biden invested in a Chinese app that helps round up Uighurs and how Mitch McConnell is wrapped up in China too. Conservative commentator Bill Whittle discusses his new series, “The Cold War: What We Saw,” and how Bernie Sanders has never met a communist regime he doesn’t like.

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