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How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 2/2/22

2022-02-02 | 🔗

Glenn starts off the show by discussing ESG scores and how to prepare for the upcoming economic trials. Glenn discusses the rising inflation, rising rent, the timing of this inevitable collapse, and more on how to prepare. Freedom of speech is under attack, as the Left continues to go after podcasts. Whoopi Goldberg is in trouble for statements she made about the Holocaust, but according to the ADL’s definition of racism, is she wrong? Author Peter Schweizer joins Glenn to discuss his book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” President Biden’s dealings with China, and the media.

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we are looking at a long time before the next event and the next event, will be a meltdown and I think, you're already seeing people start to pull their money out of the market, and these are big people are pulling their money out of the market. and they're going to Treasury bonds and treasury bonds are. The yield is really really low right now, which means you're not gonna, make a lot of money if you're in treasuries. So Would you lock your money up into treasuries if you're only going to make? You know one percent, well, because you don't believe that you can make more than one percent here just getting to the point where you're like I just want money in the end, I don't care about growing it. I just once something laughed and oh bonds, since the nineteen eighties have been in the full faith in credit of the United States government, while
are you a couple of things? They tell you this our some things to do and I mean, if I don't care, if you don't have any real savings I'll give you some things to do with your money to prepare. then, if you do have some money, some other things now I am not a financial adviser, so you ve got. think this through you ve got to do your own homework. It's not like I'm always telling you do your own homework. This is true. This is my opinion and I am not a financial adviser, so please please do your own homework. listen to what is coming because I have done my homework on this the reason why. Bonds are so cheap and the stock market is going down and Bitcoin is getting down is because people who know
People who have a lot of money are starting to sell because they are expecting- or at least fearing a major crash, not just a minor correction and there are starting to cycle out of these things- This is not normal they're trying to find someplace safe for their money. Now, if you remember that- for the great recession, which happened in two thousand eight. There is a lie: out of changes that happened to the financial markets into the banks, and one of them that you may not be aware of is Uncle SAM changed their rules. Four federally insured pensions requiring them to keep a minimum percentage of overall holdings in? U S, Treasury bonds. So Uncle SAM said was fine. You want you want us to have your back you have to have our back. You have to
I bonds. The reason why they did. That is because they knew the rest of the world was going to start, buying our bonds, and that has happened in the last few years. In fact, the FED has the number one buyer of? U S: bonds. Since June of twenty twenty in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty, the FED Bert is a hundred and twenty five percent the bonds that were put up for auction, Julie, China, by some Japan by some etc, etc. They're, not only not buying them, their selling them and are getting out of the american business, the fur Ed not only by all of the bonds for our debt that went up for auction, but they buy to the bonds that others were putting up for sale, saying I don't really want nothing to do with America think this is a safe investment anymore. Now I covered this,
two years ago. because not only did the FED by all the bonds offered by the Treasury but it also virtually all bonds that were offered by sale. Four major institution, the big banks etc, the the balance sheet, ballooned from three point: seven trillion that they told us to eight trillion from the second half of twenty twenty two September of two twenty one. that is much more than a hundred percent more on their books are right where are they getting all of this money?. The really important thing that you need to Know- and I I urge you please, I know people wanted in hard cover or paper back, and think it so important that you get the great reset in in hard cover, because it you
going to be able to highlight and everything else that I just don't think, as is effective, in digital, but get the key dull version audio we're just waiting for Amazon to approve to be able to post it. It's all done. everything's in They told us yesterday or two days ago that it it might take as long as two months to post, where, like really cause, that's new, but we're hoping that it will be any day that they pose the audio version. But please do your homework on this time is of the essence: Great reset for this to work they have to have money to continue to flow into. Our financial institutions are banks, Wall Street and the government, it is essential that that happens. Cheap cash is the fuel for the reset machine without it the great room set stops working
this is why I have said: take your MA me into a local credit union or a local bank. The union is probably better than a bank if you know that they keep all of their loans, local and their investing in your community. I think that's a real Good thing, but get money out of these big banks. Everything the FED does from this point in my opinion will, be designed to make it look like their fighting inflation, but What they're really doing is keeping money pouring into the financial system, most likely threw back door channels that nobody understands or is talking about, and one of those backdoor channels that nobody seems to understand or pay attention to is the heads lending now this is something I've talked to you since two thousand nineteen, something is really wrong, Really wrong:
we found out last week from a freedom of Information ACT, at the feds lending. Two thousand and eight to two thousand ten, what they bought from the banks. We were told it was five trillion dollars, but the fire ed has a two year moratorium. You can ask any questions for two years but seems fair right. They, after two thousand and twelve, they fought it always Supreme Court to keep what they did secret until many twenty two- and they said it- was a matter of national Security Supreme Court bought. It well twenty twenty two now we can know came out last week Why? Have you not heard this from any one else. In the news, media the FED lied to us and said that it was five trillion dollars at the gave to the american banks, but the number
was nearly thirty trillion dollars in two years. Then The lending since April of twenty Twenty has average about a trillion a week? It's now at one point, six trillion dollars a week, I'll explain in a second. If you have to be watching the blaze. Stew cut the monitor. I want to show you a chart. This is the chart of the FED lending. If you look to the left. You will see a flat line and then around two thousand eight you'll see a little blip right. That's thirty trillion dollars that little blip. you barely see. Ok, I then around twenty fourteen you'll see that they start that this is On a date of easing, ok, look: what happens at twenty nineteen
the lot you wanna talk about Al Gore hockey. Stick, you know the almost run chart right There is till two thousand eight, they never did this before and they they tried to keep it as low as possible. That is one point. Six trillion dollars every week. I said last week on the special that it was one trillion. It's not it's now one point six trillion now: here's the thing that you have to understand this: The FED Giving money to the banks Do you know J P, Morgan Chase not only chase but J P Morgan. This the FED, giving it to these big institutions. Now What they're saying is well it's this according to the New York Times, why
its massive and unprecedented. It does DR general plight price inflation, because Now, listen to this because the bank, borrow this money from the FED. need to re deposited at the FED. Now, first of all, the banks, the five big banks or the the banks that are left. Those are that is the FED, okay, so the. thanks are made up in twelve strangely districts, and those twelve districts, those banks they they form the FED so the Add owns the banks or does the bank Odin the FED, but it's the same thing: ok, Why would they ask for one point: six trillion dollars. every day- and they can keep that.
funny four thirty. Sorry! Ninety days now is the official number and they take it is that we need one point. trillion dollars tonight! Ok, here it is ok! Thank you Listen I'd like to put this in my bank account at the FED. Ok, it is one point six trillion. What the hell is that The New York Times doesn't even talk about it. They don't explain it. Because nobody, it's never been done before it's never been done before now remember they said five trillion and the number was thirty. Exe We are saying they don't think that money was ever paid back and it was just to Amerika three trillion dollars went to the Bank of Japan, two trillion went to the banks in Germany, this our money gang this is our money
so what is it. The central planners and fed- have to keep currency flowing into the financial system, this is why it's gonna take a hundred trillion dollars to fight glue. both climate. they need that money there, doing it and there? to do it with a with a fed coin at that's. What will replace our currency and I know that's hard for people to believe, but either is coming because they must have control the goal. to the only way to slow in face of inflation at this point think grocery doors, gas stations and everything else. Why continuing to fund the financial institutions and the big government brought projects. Inflation is inevitable, but they
Think they can control where it happens. They want it to be limited to wall, street housing and other things linked to the financial institutions. They don't want it everywhere, because. You'll notice and you'll be like what the hell are. You people doing. so they are making changes to the entire world the entire western world, with the great reset it is really impossible to do this, but they think can do it and doing it through modern monetary theory. You can and as much money as you want, but you have to control inflation by fondling money through the. What they believe is the right part of the economy and impose taxes and price were concerned calls on the wrong part of economy.
That is why they want a FED coin. That is why they want to know exactly what you're doing with your bank account, because you're gonna have to stop you, for doing the things you want to do this. All in the book. The great reset go to Glenn back dot com right now, you'll find places that will take your order. telling you now. I said this before there is a paper shortage and everything else this is going to sell out. I never thought it would sell out this fast gone in the first two days. There was nothing left in the first two days. We, I have ordered many more books and they're coming at the end of this month. They will be delivered to you by the end of this month. You ve got to. order it now or you're. Gonna miss this one too, and it is comparative. Please tie It is of the essence
I'll. Give you more on this and more things that you need to do. The same be aware there our steps that you need to take and things that you can do to protect yourself and I'll. Give those to you in just a minute. literally a minute patriot supply. Here in Texas, usual suspects been running to the grocery stores past couple of days panicking becoming snow storm. Oh my gosh, we're gonna freak out. Tanya went last side to the store. There was no milk and there was no bread and do you know the usual stuff, If you been listening to this programme. You know that you don't have to panic, windstorms com, etc, etc. If your prepared, if you have extra food on hand, but the so the kinds of things that- and I will Play somebody who is a really big expert
who has studied this over the last couple of years, like I have who does not agree with me politically, who said we are in for real trouble coming. It's in regards to food, please, please be prepared, dough tell anybody about it, you can only forward a little bit just go by an extra can or two of everything that you buy And save it really important that you have things on hand and no one knows about it? That's why my patriot. Supply delivers things in unmarked boxes, so nobody knows right now you can save fifty dollars on their popular for weak emergency food kith. That's one person, breakfast lunch dinner drinks, even snacks, two thousand calories a day.
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investors Wall Street? They? Go through life, assuming that the government in the fad- and you know all the banks and everything else that are run by people with incredible experience and incredible intelligence and incredible education and their practically the wizard. But they're, not They are not the pandemic. What is it teach us about the wizard winning comes to national health care. Did you see that its point two per cent of a difference. If you locked down we're still Down in some states point two percent difference. It means nothing Why did we lock down? Because the experts told us too This is what is coming in the financial world. There wrong they, are wrong. So,
Do you do I'll help? You max Goin back programme. Our let me tell you a lifeline for a minute. Just look at the phone, that's probably in your hand or someplace, gloat close glance over your laptop or tools right and their of the best kind of tools are great, but there potential windows into your private information. You probably on several devices that make you vulnerable to cyber attack. If you don't take The proper precautions do that now your information is at risk every single day. That's what light
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This is the Glen Back Programme were glad you're here, so we been talking about. What's coming, and it's not good. It's not good! So are you predicted the r? U believing that, we are around the corner of a real like col, Civilization problem is problem is timing. With me. So when you say right around the corner, I will tell you that a collapse is coming. That will change ever thing. I believe that it will come before this. here come shortly before. Or or shortly after the election and I think that imminent like when you say the election, you mean the mid term. Elections could happen tomorrow. It could have Ben to Morrow the more
control. They lose the faster. This gets out of what's going on, and I I to James Linsey, about it on this week's podcast. It comes up Thursday. It is a must, listen to James at item. Afterwards, and we both said. If we weren't talk, about c r t and the great reset that have millions of views, millions of views within a week. It is, to be shot down, you'll be able to get this. podcast Thursday, if you're a blaze, subscriber and honour our path. asked on Saturday wherever you get your podcast, but it is so important and we were taught king about why this is happening and they know Everyone involved in this. This is criminal. What's happened I believe, is truly criminal. He said the girl and criminal theirs, it least
I've five of the biggest crimes ever committed in the history of mankind. Going on right now. I think he's right, but They know once Amerika and the western world see what's going on it not going to. I mean you think that what's happening, but what's happening, we just recovered the trucks. Up in Canada, people standing up, people really understand things gonna change, so it's a race we wake up before they put us in a cage, a digital cage. That's really what's happening so don't know when, but they need us in a digital cage and the best way to do it And the last way to do it is a total melt down of the financial system of the west because when you change everything. So please
Concentrate on what you have and what you need to do what you do well, if you don't have very much money, I by canned foods can foods every time you go to cost, go by me more than you need and don't touch. It leaves canned food will be not only a blessing for your family and others, but it- also something that will have great value things really go to hell and a hand basket, you ain't seen nothing yet with the supply chain. So please prepare your family for impact, get food that is not just to feed your family, but it can be used to trade and will be worth money. All the way from cans of food too. oh nails in. I mean look at what is happening with lumber. What our people
going to need sick, rats. alcohol whatever it is that you know society just takes for granted. Those things will be worth a lot youth Bullets are expensive now, just wait you go from that all the way, to land, do now but over leverage yourself. You have to understand. What's coming your way, so don't overleveraged yourself, but land if you have the money has- intrinsic value, I would say, be careful of arrest, so property. Why Did you see the news that came out today on rentals? The price of rent is the Is increasing at the fastest pace in decades p
pull it's. Ten percent rent is going up ten percent this year and they think it's they don't think it's done yet. Why? happens if you are. The guy who owns the rental property. What happened You're the monopoly man Even if you don't believe you're, not the monopoly man you're not drive you are the one who is the evil landlord. And you saw what happened during Cove id, so just be careful and please I am not a financial adviser. So please Please do your own homework on on all of this stuff aright. So what else do you do? Well, The thing that you be really need to consider just on inflation by the way food land, art An old mustang that has been redone
ever you know will not ever lose its value food. Is never going to lose its value, classic whatever that is rare, it should have scarcity or it should be facing scarcity in the future, The next thing you need to do is get your money out of these big banks and tell them why you're doing it. I refuse to do business with any financial institution it is using e s. G. When you stop using yes G as a marker, there fine, but until then put it in a credit. in a local credit union key everything local speak. Of that. if you haven't thought, your zoning committee. Yet it is as important as your school board. I guess
in t you almost every town in Amerika has Twenty thirty plan, the thirty by thirty, which is part of the great reset I can, Aren t you it's in your town already run and win seats on the zoning committee. You ve got to keep this out of your local town and your state. I have to several state legislatures in the last week, this starting a pick up steam, but fortunately I think a lot of these states are missing it. Every red state should have. I mean I think every state should have this, but every red state need- to have an Anti s g bill. That is true. Directly to the finance markets. If the financial sector
ere the enforcer of this if the financial sector starts enforcing e s g when it comes to making loans, etc, etc, it will change Everything the the energy community knows this: that's why they ve already step to the plate. And there are already changing the law in West Virginia because of coal in Texas. because of oil Oklahoma because of oil, but it's that may the ie. the social justice and governance are just is bad. Call your state and, Call your legislature legislators and make sure that they are going to pass an Anti s g bill we If the S and the g, not just protecting the oil companies protect, to tell them that
I am not an oil company, but I'm gonna get hit with social justice, also call your congressmen, the build back, at her bill. They are working so hard to get that past, they have to have those final pieces. Now thing in that bill can pass nothing and it's not about the price tag. It's about the pieces of the machine for the great reset. hey. I hate saying this because this is so urgent and I hate I hate the fact that this is charging you money, but I have to the great reset order. The book now, please, Barnes and noble, is taking orders. Amazon won't take orders.
EC orders! Now there's a paper shortage. We ve ordered a brazilian books, but I think this is gonna sell out fast. You need this book quickly. If you are someone who is in Congress, If you are someone who is in a state house red dont kindled now now read on Kindle. Let me let me James Lindsey, explain why this is happening and is truly terrifying that you know progressives have always believed in this utopia that they can. Have the experts run everything and when they say that near like oh well, you know- maybe that's maybe that's good. have you seen what the experts have done just with cove id. and you're not going to be able to speak out against it, they will silence you.
so there is no going back once this starts and it's close to starting Why would these companies and everybody do this. Listen to what John! Mrs Lindh says in this upcoming podcast on Thursday. Listen to this, and I have a theory on this noble ass. Are not this y know the the second one would James talking about tat tech. Is They can do the utopian dream. Do they? actually believe or do or or do they know their only positioning themselves for power. You know look at people like building, sin. Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, and I think that they're, probably true believers, in very significant ways, especially Klaus, they believe. That's what's hindered if you read the Marxism to the sixties.
The sense of what hindered the Soviet Union was it. It lacked the technology necessary to meet the production levels necessary to have a thriving society. capitalist society found production, but they have all this exploitation. That was the big question that there are wrestling with, and so now, with the advent of a high and with you know all of these new machines and robots and self driving vehicles they want to unleash. I think they actually think we can pull it off. Now that you know the a. I can predict distribution to get around the information problem than VON Mrs pointed out and said this is why communism socialism don't work planned economies dont work because there's information being exchanged between people engaging in a market and without information. You dont know what goods and services are needed to have huge excesses of say steel or huge deficiencies of, say, bread and it doesn't get worked out, but with super advanced day I welcome they can produce
what you want and give you an advertisement for it before you even know you wanted it today. I think that there are people these kind of highly technologists types who genuinely believe that they're gonna pull it off this time that we now have the necessary technology to make it work, not understanding that human beings are still human beings at the bottom, unless the full Marxist programme is brought to bear, which is to remake humans to need different things. They are doing that. That's the guy! hard doing that. Trans Humanism, France, humanism, is the end of that, but frightening this is what Stephen Hawking was worn warning about. This is what many people are warning about: Trans Humanism, where you become one with the technology, you're an inn the great resets own words at the wheel holy Kanamit form in their own words They will know what you do.
Where you go what you do you say what you think, even what you dream That's trans, humanism, real, quick update Elon musk just hit a milestone for his sir, his brow, implants. and he is does at developing a brain in plant that we'll be able to connect you to the internet at good right. Let me tell you about tunnel twins are you're picking Kids up from school later today, how about that much cars you have to get behind ingenue way towards the pick up spot you gonna ask him how their day was or about the loaded question. What did you learn today that That is where the answers are. If you can get them to answer what they Didn't learn is probably more important as what they did now because of sea
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Glenn Beck join back joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be eaten. So obviously this we ve talked. several times. I've had a supply chain hiccup of my own have now been waiting over five months for a new car that I ordered you are not paid for the car yeah sure I just and so this order now, if you need a car We need a car we might our runs. It gets me here.
For a long time we inherently cars? What are ten years old now, at least ten years old? I think it would be smart to get a car that you know is going to be running well I mean. I know I know ok, it's ten years old. Ten years old, if you can afford a new car, you want everything authority are now but the economy collapses. Tomorrow. I can't afford a car well
you do I hate and what does it have restated ass? You know: I'd appreciating ass airs here. Now is the time to gamble on sports. Take your money who obtain, if you lose the governments just gonna, have year by back anyway, and give you all these new digital dollars. So don't worry about it gamble the day, parlay away my way she become a child care worker in D C, they just gotta check from the government of fourteen thousand dollars each programme
when you are about to here. Is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened ikebana back program.
The White House, the White House, according to the press secretary General Saki, talked about the Joe Rogan experience the White House, and I am quoting once more done by big tech companies too. Suppress the misinformation on their platform. This is a clear example of a violation of the first amendment. The government has no right or any power to. press people to suggest people too. Push them into violating speech
but that's not all I'm going to explain not only that, but whose really behind this Joe Rogan this Joe Rogan boycott. How did this happen, whose really behind it and would be Goldberg, also in sixty seconds? Let me about Patriot Mobile, the best thing that we can do is launching parallel economy. That means we are not dependent on people who paid our gots. Take our money to build a new world order and hate us get of big mobile. Please Patriot mobile is there, and America have to understand. These companies are working against you and your children and your rights, and they do it
We can prove it. They put their money where their heart is and their hard believe it or not. At least with Verizon is plan paranoid. You, fight all day for right to life and rights and then every time make a phone call your helping pay for why and parenthood to kill babies that doesn't make sense patriot, Mobile is putting their money where their heart is, and that's the first amendment. Second amendment thirty met all the amendments. They are Actually, down on the ground in the trenches with us, it's patriot mobile dot com, slash back, get free activation with the offer code back. Veterans first responders will save even more. You could save up to half of what you're paying big mobile patients.
mobile dot com, slash back or call nine, seven to Patriot, Patriot, mobile dot com, slash back so I keep coming back to this idea, you're still at our last hour, yell at this hour to cover, I know, there's more to this, the last our we talked about Potentially economic collapse and in everything, and whether we Why is it you know what your well known for promoting economic collapse at all times but it's your persona, but this is a day for that. You are making, and obviously a very specific case here and what reasons why. I think this one connects to Munich fee, was at least more eminent is because he doesn't feel like we really paid the price for what happened The covert era right now, if you
our local businessmen person you own, a bar when at a business you certainly feel like you paid the price. A lot of people individually paid the price, but I'm talking about like the nation wide economy. We were Let's put let's let me just short, What you're saying here, sir? We thought eleven trillion dollars was really bad debt. We We thought twenty, trillion. Dollars is a really bad debt. Today or yesterday we crossed the thirty trillion dollar threshold. as our national debt. That's bad and you know I never thought would accelerate the way it has also. You thought this economy, I mean we can't spending this way, but now we're not spending that way. We're spending. Crazy amounts of money. Is that what you're talking about yeah, so we women in a show for twenty years now and throughout that time, both had. I think a thesis generally speaking of what a lie:
large government and a large amount of debt meant, which was over time, we are to hit a point that we cross that we can't pay it off. We can't turn it around and it feels like we kind of Heaven cross. The line of we're never gonna be able to pay it off, but that we hadn't hit that point where it was so catastrophic there We couldn't still more way through things, and grow and with innovation, and that you know there are still some theoretical hope out there I don't know my mind and you may have had a different time line on this, but before covered, I had this picture like at some point in my lifetime. We're gonna hit this driver My kids are really gonna. Have we will said, like your kids, are, going have to pay for this you're grandkids at some point. Coming soon to a theatre near, you were gonna hit a point of debt that is in sir, two and causes real world cataclysmic,
problem, and despite what we ve done for the rest of the world, they will not forgive. Our debt knew no. and so that was coming in nine or no ten twenty three, the forty before twenty fifty, maybe I don't know some point in the meat term future. This is not a thousand year problem, but it's not tomorrow either. That's how I've been living, however, With that thought was an expert asian of Normalcy right We are increasing the debt here and they are, we add a programme here and there about. You know We have a crisis here or there that increases the debt, but it's not covered, covered. Is it hits and has its real world impacts on people, and so but then also has a spending. Nine, ten trillion dollars the FED dumping, seven eight trillion dollars into the economy, the holy whilst you're too. That's what
telling you that's what just what are telling. Yes, it is one point, six trillion dollars. Currently one point: six trillion dollars every single week. Every week, that they are now pumping into the financial markets on aid pay back of thirty days or a sorry ninety days if they pay it back Where is that money going one points? Ex Trillion every week on top of the giant bills that we discuss correct routinely, is out it's it's on top of just what the FED is doing on a day to day basis it's on top of Of all of happened before binding became president correct on top of what we now know because of a freedom of Information ACT, what they did, twelve years ago, when the FED said we gave the bank's five trillion dollars to bail them out. No, they didn't
and the money went around the world as well. They gave thirty trillion dollars. Thirty. Thirty, truly till that, remember that our entire national debt were the fad also in by two thousand ten had all ready added to their balance sheet. They keep saying it seven. No, they gave because of a freedom of information ACT that we had to twelve years four or ten years for they actually gave the world third. trillion so We know that it was worse before but then we knew yes, we know that cover is worse than they're telling us and we also know that, while there was particularly short term economic shock at the very beginning of this, we did have that. But jet please speaking we're back to
normal unemployment levels in theory we're back to, the stock market number were to all of this is theory if I believe their numbers and you look the stock market, and you don't think whom, ah how many trillions or going to? U know, J P Morgan right, how much how much to how many trillions are being dumped into the stock market? Is that number even real right, but Picking apart YO setting this up with our eyes are none. I think you're making good points here and they are important, but my point is it: has it felt like The catastrophe would have expected. If I told you in January, twenty twenty we are going to completely turned the economy off for a year or most of it for a good chunk of a year and then trick back into life where people are being paid by the government, to not work right now
normal unemployment incentivize in them to stay home, the to the point where people are offering thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of bonuses to fast food workers to combat. Please come back raw, the craziness that we're seeing there we have not felt the pain of this. The scale of what Cove was to this country. That's by design you, right, feel it right, they know they can for you. We can feel it That's why I've been saying says: twenty nineteen theirs something wrong in the financial sector. That started, which you know, started with a hundred and fifty billion dollars a week, loans to these banks- and it went up to a trick April, twenty twenty they were giving loans for ninety days to these financial institutions of one trillion dollars a week. It's been ninety six weeks since then
that's ninety six trillion dollars that has been pumped into these banks for some reason or another, and now we find out that it Actually not one trillion dollars. It's one point six trillion dollars. So the way- as a household had these moments let's say your short of money comes the December. You take your credit cards out you by Christmas presents writing. You can do that. For a while and in and maintain the lack of pain, who Christmas, because you have credit cries. Gotta, pay Eventually, we all know that what always seen here is My aim, I think the Jew Rural conservatives idea of massive spending out of control over the next several decades. That gets us in trouble all jammed into a two year period, her act so You know it seems to me- and I keep coming back to this way of thinking- is
we somehow or able to navigate this without any pain, and I don't want any pain, but without the amount of paying you to live the Weimar Republic, where something crazy and real economic destruction either our analysis of debt as a whole. long or what did not take into account enough variables VON Mrs Schreyer. Maybe blogger or freedom is all wrong. Maybe an empty is completely right. We never seen it happen before never happen ever worked. Okay, so let me just break this down on bare minimum and this is in coming from me- this is coming from larry- sent a summers you you know who he is always a very smart economists in, alas, more on the left, but a very, very smart person arrived. I don't.
The key is the one that is going to slow down spending in. I don't hire him as a hawk right, but he also is reasonable and he is the one that went to the bite administration as a left wing adviser was being Obama, adviser and cabinet member and west side, and it said guys stop this you're gonna have to control inflation. Ok, so Larry Summers sat down with the congressmen that I talk to and it was a open conversations or not revealing any secrets, but he said with this congressmen and they had a conversation, and he said to Larry. So tell me the truth. What me and he said, bear Minimum baked in no way out bare. Minimum is ten percent inflation for the next ten years? That
means, if you have a dollar today in ten years, that just from inflation, whatever you have in your bank, account will be worth. Third, four cents every dollar thirty four cents. So they are to be taking seventy six ends out of every dollar. Sixty sixty six cents out of every single dollar that. Will impoverish this nation- and that is the guaranteed best scenario from Larry Summers. Ok, that's pretty bad now, how about, if it's worse, this is why we remember they don't have. You know how it feels like they can't be this wrong. Everything I do does not help us right. It's
there, never wrong. In the other day, we never have, would surprise from the people in Washington Dewey, always seems to be like we. What are you doing. and so many people have been led to think. Maybe they're against, why wherefore! No- they just see. The path out of this room it differently and they will not tell you because they think you're stupid and you will slow them down. They don't want domain ocracy they do. want a republic they have their plan and they're moving forward with. It they know that if we made it ten years and people have thirty four cents for every dollar that kind of inflation, nobody is gonna, be they're. Gonna all be voted out quickly. Ok, that's the
best case scenario. that they're all voted out. The People do not intend to keep capitalism, they are working on something called the great Reset Joe Biden talks about it. This is out in. Open and we refuse to listen to it there. Now trying to fix us they're trying to transform us and only way you can do. That is, if p, bull are in so much pain, they'll take any one, that will bail them out. so they have to collapse the dollar to make this work. I really truly believe the acceleration is because we're Waken up you guys. Collapse the dollar remember: Reed, Jim, yellin Reed. what the Treasury has on their own website about
moving from a paper dollar two, a digital dollar. Why do you think all of a sudden they're coming after Bitcoin? why is the I M F coming after Bitcoin? Do you really we believe it's because people use it for bad things. How many of our dollars I have traces of cocaine on. they may make it makes it zero as cents Last worse, right, unless you are, delete trying to collapse it. So you can start something new. Remember. they always have a solution to the problems. There are creating this. Is the great reset is their solution and one you start seeing that you will then start to say: ok all right I'm gonna be part of a force that fixes that I'm gonna fix that, at least in my own household. So my back, isn't up against the wall. Do not take a die
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the thing that they have to have for the great reset to work is they have? have cash running through the financial system. ass to be run through the financial system to the government, so they can direct where the dollar's go. That's one reason why you should be in a savings and loan. The the other thing is they have to be able to silence the voices that are telling you things I believe. I truly believe that in a financial collapse. It's gonna, be very difficult to find me. It is not happy. it happenstance, and it is not because of any other view that I hold that you can searches You can barely find me now on Youtube. You can
I find the stuff I have over a hundred videos on the great reset. They will never come up in your playlist. Never you have to search for them. That's why yesterday we put on Youtube on underplay lists everything you need to know about the great reset, your I have to search the stuff out. It is shocking shock the way this is being held back from people and stifled. So I don't Think those people are going to have a voice to be able to warn you or tell you what's going on when it begins so that brings me to Spotify The White House Whoopi Goldberg Joe Rogan, whose actually behind this stuff, what actually happening with Joe Rogan. You can say, while these doctors, you know they said today- did they
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This is the Glen Back programme. So let me give you a couple of stories here and tell you what's really going on, if you look and Luckily, we are in place and time now, where people, know it and their sick of it. There just sick of it sick of being hauled racist and everything else things are not working any more jobs again is now a conspiracy theorist vat. It's gonna, be broken soon and I think he's gonna beat this now there was a journalist that one to prove what we all knew This is in real. This is ass. RO turf, yes, Jordan, actually he's got a sub stack yup. You can check out and subscribe to and he looked into the background of all the sky. So what he found remember. This was a group of
legal professionals. This group of doctors that have just had it: ok, no thereafter, demagogues and left wing activists there, pose as medical professionals Kay they're, the ones that got together now who are they? Well, the vast majority of doctors are Ought medical doctors, their phds, like Doktor Joe Biden it exactly right exactly right, so air purveyors of misinformation themselves, so we you, look at the people that were associated with this and who really running this group: they're coming from two places, the Rockefeller Foundation? and which, by the way,
This person was with the cove nineteen tracking project from the Atlantic, which was funded by Mark Zuckerberg and the rocker Foundation and other left wing institutions. That was largely a data, gave gather, operation and other there's necessarily all that much nefarious there, but there was the usual suspects. I am sure the same group same circles so the other person, doktor cat which is a Phd she's, an eye by way you're going to a doctor cat Katy Cause, I'm not going to why you don't think a zone where they ignore cat is essential. none of our first name, no, its not catch, be sure for coffee Well, isn't my name is just train waller, sitter, ok, surfer Katrine, you gonna, Katrine,
causes sounds too much like latrine. My cat, like here in eighty ok bow anyway. That's that's a major said. That's gonna makes of news. You get protest for that. So kind of a violation of all journalistic standards and referring to her as Doktor Catherine Wallace. Because you know I mean that's like that's like you know, looking at a tick Och, video and saying it's, the Bible now really not sure, a Phd she's, an egg junk assistant professor in Illinois. She has no background in vaccines or relevant fields related to cover nineteen. He also has done a lot of work, which is interesting without with another group, There's one other person of the fellow campaigner, Abbe Richards.
she's, a misinformation researcher, and she help to organise things. Look she's! Actually, when it's a misinformation, researcher she's again Sultan with media matters. And and so they're doing, research on people like me, ensure sure that baby. You know that dumb full of misinformation, highly credible Sarkozy like that she's, the one that media matters launch the campaign with to cancel Tucker Karlsson because he's a white supremacist so you know you have you ever and she does have her masters. I mean you know, she's not a medical doctor, but she has her masters degree in climate studies, so she's doing she's doing well. So this is not a surprise. Because they are, as we told you what two months ago, the You're coming after pod casts the is there angle. They ve
to shut down: podcast nets, the new thing gone after Tucker Karlsson, a lot lately in they did. This is these organisations exist just to silence. Voices. As we know, through this a million times we played for you the ads that they started launching on the web, where there are like wall. I did you know that pod costs are blah blah blah blah Bob and knew TAT. They saying all these bad things about covert nineteen, that you're not supposed to here and in Libya. they ve launched a campaign, and so much of this comes from organizations, it's not the other way around its. Not people are upset about podcast and therefore these organisation start efforts. Is these organizations starts efforts and they launch multi million dollar campaigns and go to their friends who are journalists and say hey we're about larger ten million dollar campaign about gets podcast. You should write about it because then it will look like your story, and so they write about it and they act as if it. So
in the world of journalism when it does it, it doesn't. Ninety nine percent of this stuff is now like the movies. It's not like. You know Watergate it's it's these people, who are who are with civic agendas and space civically, tie to these events that go to their friend reporters and Tipp them off, so that they can get credit for these stories later on, and it looks like they ve uncovered this big truth when in reality it's been leaked to them by their friends as supported by multi million dollar donors. This is how this works all the time. All the time Almost all the nose real works. That way- and the reason you know this to be true- is how Nobody is up in arms about gas prices erect. George Bush Gas wasn't even like this, and it certainly wasn't going up at this
but pace nobody is talking about it. No one is talking about gas prices and what is the president doing it was doing this under Donald Trump. You bet they would have the porter, but the border is, is as bad it's much worse than it was when it was making news ten months ago. Much worse much, it's much! It's more! It's worse than anything. We ve seen before. And they're doing nothing about it. Why? Because it doesn't fit the agenda of the journalist and all of the journalist friends who work it. it places like media matters That's really what's happening now, when it comes to what be Goldberg. can't tell you what's happening- the chief negative of the Anti Defamation League Ah, was really upset that be Goldberg for saying the Holocaust was not about race, ok
she's here's what she said and absolutely was about race less. We truth full about what the Holocaust: it's not about race. She said it's, not it's. Ok go play the Columbia, the Holocaust is about race now It's not about re affiliating, no serious human rights, but it's it's not about raise its. about reticence about because you it's about me, and inhumanity to man. That's what it's about better! a white supremacy. Is it not about time you re seeing here, but it is a droll, my groups of people without a red and white. We are missing the point. You missing the point, and I mean it. You turn it into raise. It goes down this alley. Let's talk about it for what it is, it's how people treat each other. The no we'll be it's it's me I mean could be part of the conversation, but this was about a peep.
but people who thought they were superior to other, be and they divided them by race, I mean you know: one drop of jewish blood is to jewish I mean did you, for it at about this and the final solution? their vermin because their Jews, I mean, I think that pretty much sounds like race, but I don't understand how we master race in the urban audit of little over, deploys right eye, Try I'm trying to understand how the Anti defamation League is upset about this, because, Doesn't that violate their their own definition there new definition of race. I mean the the used to have one. That said, look it's when one group of people think their superior over another
and think they're more intelligent than the other yadda yadda yadda, and now they you take it out on different races. Their new definition makes what peace analysis accurate. It does because its it can, or racism can only happen by white people to people of color. According to the eighty Elles own brand, new definition. What Whoopi is saying, right with the new thinking about race, she's, Some old tie me big. It she's a new kind of big it. Now, here it is. This is their new definition, as chief from the old school Martin Luther King definition, definition, races the marginalization and or oppression of people of color based and socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people, so only white people can do it. Only white people can be racist, but they can't be right.
this against other white people, so I I don't I don't know of him now. Maybe it's because she said it's: it's about man's inhumanity to man and so she wasn't specifically saying it was white peoples inhumanity right, but if, if Her analysis is it's not racism, because it is, does not target people of color It is consistent with the ideals own definition of racism, if she, if, if go by what the ideal says is racist. Then of course the Holocaust had no racist vi to it at all. If we was not a pressing people of key, or he was were facing another race now he of course said he said he so did also do it to people of minorities. That's all other part of yes, it's not it's not their very existence. Founded is this: is it from mine com,
not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, they are a religious community. whereas in reality they are a race, menaces so I think anybody who knows the stuff knows this. It's an aerial, very obvious, but this is a new I'll bet you. This is a new point of view for Whoopi, I think would be, is in to this new kind of thinking and the eighty l might be parroting that thinking on their website. Maybe, but I I highly doubt that what's his name, gold bladder, whatever it who is, come in, come humming seen at first hand completely inconsistent on everything seems I he's actually up on the knee. Kind of racism that his organization is now I don't know, he's heading the organization and they change the definition. Isn't it more possible that will be just an idiot? I think
that goes without saying, of course, make sure. I understand that because I mean she to me, it's like We that she's applying her up, standing of race, which is formed around whatever she just read. On Twitter come round it, any too, which is based. like all well white people or mean to black people, George Floyd Oh, that's what she woke woke this What she that much I mean she, and so she sees why I'd that person looks white. That person looks white, it can't be race. That's why she said it's not about race, she said these. These are two white groups of people, the minute you turn it into race. It goes down this alley. What alley I was two. I people know it's one that saw for instance, is an claimed that these jewish people- it is a race which it is a race that that
rates and that race is subhuman. That's what it is it didn't have to be white, people could be black, people could be anybody. Can it was of overacts within the areas where the master race in everything else was inferior, and I was the harangue waiting I must raise. It was out the target. Obviously he targeted Jews beyond the level of anyone's comprehension, but it was not the only groupie targeted, correct and now let me also, let me just and it with this anybody who is crying for her to be, taken off the air. Stop it as a right to say these things she stupid. We know it look at their ratings. They ve got the demo they ve got like forty people, that are watching that are under eighty eight years old? You know or her because of the ratings, but you'd have to fire all of them. Because of that, then,
what she says I stand with would be Goldberg being able to keep her job and not be fired because of an opinion. That's not what we support We at least acknowledge the fact that I was watching closure yesterday that show us been on the air for twenty five years ago. This is a twenty five year show. That is nothing but a collection of the dummy people you ve ever met talking about things. They ve never thought of before. Yes, that it having sink just the magic that has to occur, to put your he's dead people on the air to talk that stupidly about the news every day, amazing and she's a despicable human being, and I know cause. I know her anyway american financing them can financing. Consider what high inflation is doing to the remaining mount that you have after you cash your check, your paycheck after they take out all the taxes and everything else, and then you cat inflation, you go to the supermarket
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it can financing dot net american financing animal ass. One eight do three before W W W dot, animal, less consumer access, dot, Org the Glen Back Programme, this is the Glen Back Programme. I don't shake your world here, glad right. Before the end of the hour yeah we have now Development and Spotify Joe Rogan situation, and this is going to shatter the media industry. Airy Trump his airline, her podcast from Spotify. Now Mary Trump bear the merry Trump the treaty, only from less known, then Tiffany
electronic much less nobody. Nobody says bad things about Trump, which makes a notable to the media hair. She had a podcast apparently was on Spotify patently she's pulling the podcast from spot of what I mean: they're quaking in their yanking at least eight, the math podcast of of Mary Mary, Mary L Trump. What are we gonna do what we can do America, this crisis back programme,
when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Ikebana back program,
hello America. I want to talk to you a little bit about the Olympics, the people that are working in Silicon Valley, Wall Street. How about the Republicans, so many people seem to be willing to defend China. You know they'll talk. A good game like were got up. J, o our boy got those olympic. I mean we're all still going by word. Boy got those Olympics really what happened to America, especially when China is clearly now an enemy? Where are the people that are american patriots? Standing up will splain and sixty seconds
so you worked hard. Your whole life. You made the right decision is not all the time, but when you think about it, you know there are few places here and there that your mind of freeing up made a different decision, but you made it and you worked hard and you saved money. I told you last hour what Larry Summers told congressmen last week that we are looking at ten percent inflation for the next ten years and he says locked in guarantee. That's like the best case scenario. That means in the end of ten years, your dollar is worth zero dollars and thirty four cents, and it happened a lot faster than that. It's not going to take us ten years to change over to a new currency. May I highly recommend that you look at physical assets You look at things that are scarce and go in times of trouble, go
old or silver is one of those things historically and right now. Gold line is offering their six percent in free metals before All qualifying Irae so take some of your eye array, put it into actual physical gold or silver- ask em out of qualifying why it might be right, for you call gold line. Eight six EC school by made six six goldmine or gold line dot com, ride so low. it's just. Let's just A little bit about China and what's happening in China. China is not our friend it. in been for a long time now sure it ever has been, but it's the new model for the whole world. it's also the biggest market, and you know everybody has sold out to America. Will now it's our turn. Anybody selling out
including an olympic athlete. When I read a headline of a story. I thought this San Francisco born athlete was saying: I'm back in the system, I'm not going with the team to the Olympics. because she's, not she's switch teams, she's an American who's gonna, now ski for the Chinese. What the hell is happened now I can't about her. But I and talk to an expert who has spent a year and a half looking into this year and a half of fur time research with several people- author, the new book Red handed its Peters wiser he's president of Government Accountability Institute. His new book is red handed, however, Can it leads, get rich help? China to win Peter you,
who have written a lot of books, and a lot of it has been about you. Ve actually had laws changed because of what you have uncovered in in corruption in Washington. You told me this is the most frightening book that you have done research for now. yeah, it is because of the breadth and depth of it. You know I looked at it site or trading on the stock market. I've looked at the Clinton's and those are really troubling cases that, to a certain extent, you could argue word somewhat isolated. This is not isolated. When you're talking about China forging commercial ties with the IMF european political class to co op them the you're talking about the present the United States, are also talk about leaders in the house in the Senate. When you go to Silicon Valley, it's all the big names in Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, the guy. it found Google you
to Wall Street, it's all the Big Wall Street financial firms. I quote them in the book. I explained the deals in the book so comprehensive. It's it's almost an entire class of people Glenn, that our currying favour with Beijing and, I would argue, doing their bidding and very important and significant ways. Tonight, Peter and I are going to the chalkboard and we're gonna lay it all out for you, especially the Biden connection Joe Biden has literally sold while not his soul, but our souls he has sold Amerika for cash. the Chinese and its clear, its clearly illegal and its provable, yes, but doing about it: that's the shocking England, you and I are, but we were just talking earlier. We grew up in the same same area around the same area. We both remember the Cold war right. Could you imagine if the Carter family, nor the Reagan family here
John deals with russian business. Men who had links to the cagey big, no doubt be a let there be alarm bells going off alarmed at the peach meant. Yes in me, a sack impeach maple become even our Hale. Yes, people would be calling for their heads, that's precisely what you have with the violence and I'm I'm looking forward to night the mapping this out, but we ve Thirty one million dollars is all comes from chinese corporate records and documents in from Hong Kong and from legal documents in the United States was not just a number drawn up. Thirty one million dollars to bind families received. Four business men every sing one of those business man. You can trace to the highest levels of chinese intelligence, so we don't we was born hours at, like you know,
the money from Bob and Bob has a neighbour whose cousin want us was at a garage sale of a guy who's up in the Chinese. Until now, it's it's not bad at all. So I ll give you a couple of examples where the deal's hundred got you in I've talked about it before was be HR. This private equity deal you're binds taken there's twenty million dollars. You got ownership of this fund. Central management firm. He had no background of financed and bring anything the table. They gave twenty million dollars of this is something that no Goldman Sachs didn't even have now, that's exactly right. A unique deal for little humble Hunter Biden Who made that happened or is my kids would say who made it rain for Hunter in China? The two people made that deal happen. One is a guy named chafing kind of a mysterious businessman. Hunter in the emails calls him the Super chairman and
in point. He says I don't believe in the lottery any more, but I believe in the super chairman. So he knew this was a big pay off, so is is che fang as CHE Fang it arranging this deal for Hunter Biden, who Chafing business partner is the vice minister of State Security for China. A guy named Margie on their business. or so it's not you. It's not just that the russian business men you have russian businesses if we go back to their Reagan, fear that the the co chair or the partner right is the head of the cage. Iran, the head of the cage, re its direct, its not interact, and so this guy. Morgiana who's, the Vice Minister State Security. His job is foreign recruitment. It's to recruit foreigners to spy for China. This is the guy who's business partners with the man who sets up hunter binding. The private equity deal
other man the plays a central role in that deal and who said Early transfers, five million dollars to another hunter business, called Burnham, A guy named Mr Zhao, so Mr Yow again makes it makes it rain for Hunter, who is Youse Business partner, his business, partner is the family the former Minister of State Security, the guy who runs the entire spy apparatus in China so when I say the highest levels of chinese intelligence. I'm not talking about some middle level analysed I'm talking about people at the very top and the problem is Glenn every sing. deal that we know of that regarding China has a link to individuals who were Joost in at the highest levels of chinese intelligence. So this is not a story. What are you thinking there getting in return? Well, that
the question right. What I know is chinese intelligence does not run a philanthropy they're, not business. Men are not looking for to be a drug rehab programme. Four hundred by no, though that I feel sorry for, like you, know, he's really screwed up his life. Let's give him a shot right. That is gonna. Twenty me, you know a twenty. Brazilian or million Amelia million die or business here has not happened yet now it's it's so its clear what they want. They want to compromise this, the conformity family as they do with with other families, but the Biden one is particularly troubling because concentration of all these intelligent sources and the fact that Hunter does something really weird nine hundred as a lot of weird things- and this is my seen- pictures laptop yes, this one in the context of who he is doing business with in China really shocking in the summer of twenty fourteen hunter. By goes to the secret service, and the secret service has confirmed this to the USA.
He goes to the secret service says I don't know, you guys travelling with me when I go overseas now you know the secret service, it's gonna, resist that and say we need to do. This is about your protection but whereby insisted and they stopped travelling with him usual because you go overseas. If someone kidnaps the vice president's son yeah, we going to have to rescue him exactly exactly and the biggest threats you're going to face are gonna, be overseas and to mention honey pots and all the other you know so clearly. Hunter did not want to want the secret service or federal law enforcement to know what he was doing. Maybe that's why the drugs- I think it's so tied to the fact that he knew he. Doing deals with people that were used in this way. now the reason why this isn't gonna happen is because everybody's doing it
lot of people are yeah there's. No. There is no question about it and is a bipartisan problem right. There are republicans that debt that bring up the Biden thing is they should to me. That is the biggest issue because he's the commander in chief present the United States, but you ve got people The republican side of the homage Mcconnell and his family could surprise who who are Let's just say leverage to Beijing That means we also Mitch. Mcconnell is married to a lane. Chow, the transportation secretary, the Tropic Administration, her family has a shipping company called foremost when got married back in the early ninety nineties, Mitch Mcconnell as a U S, senator travelled with his father in law, James Chow, to Beijing to meet with Hop government officials now this was right after Tiananmen Square. There was no political figures going to China at all. They sit down and basically, what comes out of that deal is an agreement that China is going to help the chair. family shipping business and so
it goes from being a small company with a couple of ships to today. a massively successful multi billion dollar enterprise and So. What is China do for Miss Mc Connell's family? They bill old, all the ships. The massive super. workers that entirely they build all the ships, financing of the construction of these ships. One ship can be a hundred million dollars or financed by chinese state banks, the Courage is communist part exactly caught absolute, although this is yours. Is there any way to do business in China now without communist now, yadda fallible, maybe four by a bag of potato chips, Beijing by but you're right? This is not bank of America. This bank of China, which is the chinese government, the crews that man they're pulling out. I think Bank of America is directly connected to the? U S government at this point like I digress so but
got the ships being built. You ve got them being financed by state controlled banks. The crews are all a Chinese provided by the chinese government and most their contracts are chipping state owned enterprise, good around Asia. So What I mean leverage the chinese gum meant if Mitch Mcconnell were to do something they did not like, could literally destroy the family business overnight. That's leverage and that's what Beijing wants. They call the strategy elite capture if we can capture foreign elites may comes Ben to our will, then we are effectively decapitated. Our enemy tonight we're gonna outline all of this from the White House to Wall Street. The capital. We are put a chalkboard together and Peter is gonna, be there. He will show you the facts. So you know this is This is why we are this
were not serious about China. Miss I mean Donald Trump? You know areas he's got a deal and maybe he's gonna build out. Tell in maybe he's going to build a hotel. Look it what Mcconnell is doing. There's no, maybe it's happening. Look this president is doing, there's no, maybe thirty million dollars, has already arrived to. Their bank accounts so there's! No, maybe possibly we don't know, let's investigate all of them facts are very clear. The question is how we already been sold out to China so far that nobody's gonna do anything. That's my guess: We continue our conversation with Peter Schweizer coming up in literally one minute. First, let me too, Bob lines dot com when it comes to improving the look of your home. What's the strategy we have
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restrictions apply at blinds dotcom ten. Second, station. I d, so in the book you talk that their you say that there are twenty former: U S, senators or members of Congress that went to work the chinese intelligence, military yeah. They they lobby on behalf of chinese intelligence or military related companies. So these are the companies that are developing software to spy on the weders. These are companies that are involved in developing military related technologies. These are companies like Waterway, which both the Obama in Trump Administration said, is a part see for the military and their technology is used.
The chinese intelligence and military to spy on Americans? These are former senior Republicans and Democrats from the Senate and the house who are you? pay large sums of money. In some cases, a million dollars a year to lie beyond on behalf of these reprehensible companies. In these companies you although the thing on the five g- yes, ok, I ve ready to roll out. We ve done all kinds of testing the companies had time to to talk to the FCC. Tell us what you need the FCC listen to them gave them I think, double what they were asking for in bandwidth here if to protect our and then suddenly, as its getting ready to roll out, they say were well and I to the FCC commissioner- and I said I think this is. I think this the binding administration and others saying no stole that, because it only helps waterway and hurts us right if we can't roll it out across Europe with their.
Going to go with China right and all of our information everything it's all. Data collection with China. Yes direct, we got no, that's exactly right. You know the future intact Ology is artificial intelligence and what experts will tell you is what matters and artificial intelligence is a data and shit it is the OPEC of Data part it is because they have so many people, part of it is they have this intrusive states, so they can collect data on whatever they want part of it. Is they collect on Americans through Tik Tok and through these other. You know you, please explain. This cuz play this to my kids, because my kids roll their eyes when I'm like it's, chinese right jolt, do Tik Tok, don't look at it, don't open the ep, get rid of Tiktok, and they think I'm crazy, not mean Tik Tok is a Chinese owned, controlled company, and I too
ox sensors, I mean there are people that have put up sort of anti c c p statements about human rights abuses. Tik Tok takes him down, they shot him down and they allow other political content. So you know that people have to understand is that if you are a major player in China, meaning a major company, you are fused to the state company, we fully and entirely because that is the way she has changed. This country used to be that way, but it was softer over the last ten years with ye. He is moving in the direction where they are fuse together and what he is Glenn, repeatedly humming, it's not you, don't have to try to figure it out by defining the tea leaves. What he said repeatedly and bluntly is that the text logical race with the United States is a war, and China intends to win the war and they are right and they are and the
to achieve the commanding heights. In his words in this war, he wants to win the battle of artificial intelligence. So, what's so what's happening, Glenn was happening. Is Google and micro? oft? I talk about this detail in the book are financially supporting and providing technical support to research labs in China, or known to be entirely fused with the chinese military. So you have, two of America's most powerful technological companies aiding and abetting Beijing in there petition with us, Microsoft, Microsoft, you think need to think about this here, Glenn Microsoft accepts interns from the people's Liberation Army I mean it's insane
The notion that they would wander around its is just unbelievable, and this is the mindset of Silicon Valley. They don't care, they don't feel that they are particularly american for them. It's all about the technology and we are allowing them to do this. We are allowing them to underlines tonight nine o clock, blaze, TV and my Wednesday night special. We lay it all out on the chart. Board, gets rod, jawdropping back with more with Peter and Justice second decline, program, american financing, animal ass. One eight do three: three, four W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot, org metabolism can financing I've known these people for a very long time. They do not work for the banks, they don't take money from the banks. Try to talk you into alone, because they're all salary, they don't, they really don't care
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It comes. Glenn promo code is Glenn for ten bucks after subscription to please tv today, This is the Glen Back Programme, we we have an amazing update from CNN that we have to pass on breaking news. This is from the behead of CNN Jeff soccer. He said part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo tenure at CNN. I was asked about it: central relationship with my closest colleagues, someone I've worked with for more than twenty years. I ignore the relationship evolved in recent years. I was required. Disclose it when it began, but I didn't I was wrong as a result, I am resigning today,
while no no, this is so. He gets a body cow Tarja. I wonder how this information came out to can't you see one of Clump Como Intentional was so with knowledge of this impressed off. He got fired, I don't know. That speculation on my part, but now, what is that speculation is the quorum have now brought down Andrew Cuomo Chris, Cuomo the, president, ceo of CNN, the head, the human rights campaign and time's up and by the way, the person he had an affair with who is the happily. The chief marketing officer of CNN is a former Andrew Cuomo aid turned to see at an executive.
That is its SAS pool. It is as follows: it s bill. How did we not have, or at least be offered sex where we were right out? We got nothing made it an hour on aid, and when I hear that like us, we go right over here and there is an advantage to being ugly. Serbia has thus kinds offers at gas. Peters. Wiser is with us a bitter enemy stay on the media. For second, do you have you seen the latest from the New York Times? What speed like that, you know it's. It's translated into Chinese all the stories. Oh yeah yeah, as it's amazing, and it doesn't surprise me because all these major news outlets
screaming to get into China. Some of our own course, like Disney, owns ABC News very eager to open up more theme parks in and their films. You cannot count on the media, major media outlets, I think, to do coverage on China because are so desperate to get in there and do best. So why is that part of the reason why no one will expose the corruption in Washington and in Silicon Valley yeah I mean it's it's what they used to call in the cold war days, a mutual non aggression pact. So you ve got a major Republicans major Democrats, so coarse you're not gonna happen. we'll call call out Joe Biden family ties to China because pompously people asked questions about his certainly The buying ones are much more troubling, then Mcdonald's, arm of the commander in chief Ryan. It puts it, puts Afghanistan, to question right I mean that we gave the airport to China our
what billion dollar airport we handed to China? That was convenient yeah. You know the the idea of just even the Olympics. It's just that the question of the origins of the covert virus. Yes, you know that that he says that oh I've, I've ass, present g about this. Of course, won't release the transcripts, and now some of his aids have come out from the White House saying no, we don't recall that ever coming up in the conversation to me, The origins of the covert virus are like a basic, fundamental question. We all all in the United States want answered? A million p. of diet is shut down the economy, the people the jointly that question answered. Are these elites that are tied in with Beijing in the. U S, house of Representatives, Nancy Policy who I lay her family ties as well. January of twenty twenty one covert started Glenn. She isn't refuse to allow a single congressional hearing to even
Scots, the origins of covert. Was it a lab league? Was it man made? Was it just? You know something naturally occurred. She won't even allow congressional hearing on that very basic questions. Well, they said that would Donald Trump was a racist when he was saying like China right. It is so clearly at least very very there possible. I mean, I think, to the point two, where e I mean you're a moron if you don't think that we should just at least really look into it right and They mean they immediately. All dog piled on Donald Trump Right, the just thee, the trade barrier. That
put up. I mean I am not for tariffs right and I talked to the president at the time. The first time we had spoken in like three years- and he called me- and I said you know I am not a fan of trade barriers But China is a different story. They are an enemy and he said there are biggest enemy right, our biggest enemy and he's really the first national leader in the United States. That has said that we ve had this consensus. Among Republicans in Democratic Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama, you name it the idea If we just give them open access to our markets, we give them access to our capital. We had MAC this toward technology, they're gonna, become more like us. Glenn got that was a consensus. Was it ever true ever know? No way it if it has been cattle graphically incorrect and wrong now nobody's held in account for it, but but every he knows that now the problem is people seeks, keep cool
new to this idea. They call it engagement. What we need have engagement with China with Amy engagement is give them access to capital and our technology, and that's what China wants. The the with her look. four from these elites is not a robotic following of everything they want. If, if you come if policy comes out and condemns them for the Weders or Joe Biden says: oh, that human rights are terrible, they don't care their structure. Jake Principle loosely translated English? Is they want big help with bad mouth and the law bad mouth. They understand to maintain viability and credibility. You have who criticise China from time to time? The time the question is Are you going to do anything about the things they really met? Who care about? Which is action? to finance and access to technology, and as long as you don't do anything there, there very happy- and that is exactly the posture of the Biden administration we have of people who
former defence secretaries. We have people in the Pentagon that have deep ties to China. Yes, yet again, can you imagine during the Cold war yeah you ve got You ve got a bill Cohen, who is the former secretary of Defence and the Clinton administration he's now go, a slew of retired generals in including people who served in the in the Trump Administration then go to what was the guy's name. Who called was a China that it in. Trump Administration, the mattress yarrow Majesty S general maddest, now works for the Kohen group and that's why he, when he called the Chinese and said, look they're not going to that's because he's on their payroll. Well, yeah. I saw what we're probably talking about to dare additional things. We were time are two different things, but matters. Yes, when he served in the trumpet
restoration was seen as more pro China than others were and when he laughed, he joined the Kohen group and the Kohen group has all kinds of agreements in China business. They do in fact, one of the things that the fence a date: they they primarily helping chinese state owned companies apps, your foreign markets. They work with and for chinese state owned, called Hannity, helping them gain markets overseas, and I quote from a meeting that was. washed in the chinese media of call, a meeting with the chinese official on this and saying yes were eager to help. You expand your market reach around the world chinese state owned companies. A big mega corporations think you're thinking of merely by the way. Yet merely generally thing on Milly. Do you know now nothing that I've seen a Milly, but but it's a problem with a lot of retired Generals- former CIA, they These consultancies Glenn a lot of former
secretaries of state. How have them candy rice has one Madeleine Albright has one and they all do deals in China. Madeline, all right. Forty percent of her business is doing business in China. is it I be M during Holocaust. It is an illusion. especially Google and Facebook. They know that every bit, technology. They help them with is how bring China round people up to kill them or sterilize them or to re, educate them order, them literally into a state slave. They know it, they know it is there? No one that has occurred conscience. There's a few. there's a few people better, probably a little less. Well known Peter TEAL, for example: ah he was one of the co founders of pay pal and others.
He's been outspoken, has called out these big tech companies for doing this. I don't know makes him less popular among those titans? It probably does dive forgetting his name right now that the founder of Doc, you sign, which course a lot of people have been using been critical of cooperation with China few others, but all the big ones Bill gates of Microsoft. Next, in China, he's trying to China build nuclear reactors that have military application, he is invested in a company called be why D, along with Warren Buffett by the way, be I d develops text policies that are applied to chinese missiles, their launch technology, which, of course the missiles are targeted at the United States, This is the sort of thing this going on, there's no accountability and nobody is challenging them on it and we need to change that. by the way unrove? I know you know this, but you didn't buy. and just pardon
some university professors that were caught up in China in right there charging dropped. Yes, yes, the out there were some that that had lied. If you're a researcher receiving federal money for research at a university in the technology field, you are required disclose if you have any foreign contracts in August, their concern most about Russia and China and these individuals. These professors did not, they lied on these forms and that's a big deal is now like getting your birthday raw, I'm Isabel, I mean unless it with China, apparently causing you can have the charges draw correct, correct. The charges have been dropped, so this creates, in my mind, open season for these researchers and unfortunately, a lot of em don't feel more to the United States to wear No, I want to help my country succeed in this tech race, so on Can I help China a lot of them act like hired guns and there they are willing to do it and the
diversities themselves are increasingly taking foreign donations from law. Yes, lots of money from Chinese. These are chinese oligarchs linked to the sea c p. They founded minister back companies like Ali Baba, they're, sending hundreds of millions of dollars to college campuses and the universe is required by federal law to say we got foreign donation from China, but they either disclose it or the the Chinese, you know Titans Minos, an entity in California and make the donation pretending that it's not actually coming from China. So you have diversities are hiding the fact that there are getting money with strings attached hanging from Beijing and we need to call them out. I saw a huge chalkboard tonight with Peters wiser. He has a new book out. It is called red handed its I mean there are so many things to worry about, but
China is the new model for us and If we don't get our people out of business with China, Weary they're gonna be under our own kind of totalitarian regime or we'll be under a Chinese. Totalitarian regime in this state have never been higher tuna. We're gonna, show you what happened and give you some of the highlights of his new book and also what can we do about it. It's important there our think. Remember. Peter has Peter is Head Congo change laws about them. All it requires. Is people to know about it and stand up, and this is, I think, Would you agree? This is treason, in some cases. Yes, absolutely absolutely that's a pretty big charge and he'll prove it tonight at nine
only on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code, Glenn and save your subscription. Thank you. Peter appreciated. Judith wrote in about her experience with relief factor. She said I started taken relief after two months ago. Stuff is and it has helped me so much addition to buy arthritis. I have a lot of other aches and pain throughout my body and his it's been a miracle worker. For me, it's given back my vitality. It took weeks to working but boy it was worth it once it did for q, so much relief factor and always remember. Jesus loves you Judith. Thank you any does I'm And its surprising, isn't it he's like really like loves that person to barely so three. We quick, start develop for you. Ninety ninety five, a dollar a day like a trial pack, hundreds of thousands of people have ordered it. They ve taken it.
and they see a difference. That's why seventy percent go on to order more month after month, relief actor dotcom. Go there now or call eight hundred for the number for relief aid The number for relief nineteen Ninety five three week, quick start develop just for you relief factor, dot com feel the difference. The Glen Back programme. Mrs day Miss Alot visit delays, tv. Come today and never for a moment of truth This is the Glen Back Programme with everything that is going on. You can see that the centre will not hold if we d have a centre.
Center doesn't mean political center knowns being centred and in reality we are good things indecency in empathy and all of those things that That's what we need to work on, as indeed All the basic things are being turned around us ring a the other day, Glenn, where there talking about dating, and now as you, and I that work will quite a ways away from dating at this point in our lot. Even if we were single, neither have no one would be dating us, but apparently, as you may know, a lot of people use the internets now for their dating and that they use these apps superhighway yet, and there, except this is too fast leanings. Take on this, because Everyone is on the agenda that's the only way you do it part of that is because its there's an a Rick Rick wording of consent right. The purse is consenting to you through a digital device and giving away digital consent that guess who's gonna talk, and then described the other side of this. The old school way, the way everybody,
of ten years ago, met whoever married and that's thou. Seen as like, the creepy thing right, you you're, going to someone your flirting with them, you have you have some other, speculation, while you're talking to them about war. Or whatever crazy. That's now presented as it. The whole thing has been reversed. Everything is going to be reversed. Everything is gonna, be reversed. For instance, I've always thought that it was the right thing and be successful in business. If you keep your nose clean, we are finding out now from CNN Zack has just step down because he was having an affair with somebody in Cuomo Office yeah, and that's why they were protecting the other Cuomo
on CNN resolve how many times that we ask the question: why are they projecting Quabo Wired Nikobob Bucky knew about this? We need the dirt on people S. Unfortunately, we all know anybody. They all Haider, give anybody have any dirt on anybody. Our pull it to you in the back programme.
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