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How to Prepare for Biden’s ‘New Normal’ | Guest: Todd Bensman | 9/23/21

2021-09-23 | 🔗

Rep. Maxine Waters is unhappy with the Border Patrol and might not understand how bad slavery actually was. Meanwhile, the FBI is still obsessing over white supremacy, and John Kerry would rather tackle climate change than genocide in China. Glenn asks how America declined so severely in the past eight months of Biden and Harris. New evidence shows how Biden’s handlers were in fact hiding him during the election. Author Todd Bensman joins to explain what the media’s hiding about the Haitian migrant crisis. Glenn breaks down how you can prepare for the “new normal” as Biden ushers it in. Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson, hosts of BlazeTV’s “You Are Here,” join after YouTube nearly banned them for asking a crucial question.

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