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How WE Can Fix America | Guests: Jason Whitlock & James Dodds | 11/24/20

2020-11-24 | 🔗

Outkick writer Jason Whitlock fills in for Glenn, with the help of James “Uncle Jimmy” Dodds. Jason holds nothing back on how, despite Washington, D.C., WE can bring America back together, lean into racial harmony, and restore the values of our founding. He discusses the replacement of Christianity with “black pride” in modern black culture. And further, he makes the case that modern liberals are the “ideological descendants of enslavers from 400 years ago," who impose “mental slavery” and insist black people are a “special classification” in America, defined by skin color. Jason also reviews his article on the “Unapologetically Black Olympics," asks, “what does America actually promise?" and argues that racism has become an opinion.

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Good boy, even thank you for joining us, I am Jason Whitlock. I'm when via Stew Burg Year, an ace I shall give Uncle Jimmy we're gonna. Very, special version of the Glen Back show that we have play every day. I dont somebody watching right now, like declined, Beckett, better looking with no. This is not a sport. Show this will be a show that was your conversation for Thanksgiving. If you're wondering what you're going to talk about it, thanksgiving and you don't want to sit around and talk about just now election results seconds. I got it. our station for you today that will It'll be hard to socially distant, this have you here. This discussion you'll be passion it after you hear this discussion, you may want to get into some family members cases after this discussion, but it is a discussion you do not want to miss.
I'm gonna tell you exactly how we fix America exactly how we fix America, he don't want to lose I'm back soon I'm Jason gridlocked villain. what you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in light of this man programme, armed Jason, Whitlock really mean Proclaimed Burke,
I'm be better looking funny you're goin back. I think but I'll. Let you decide after you Listen to this three hours show do it don't go anywhere? Don't don't move, don't touch your dow. This I was gonna, be amazing. I'm Jason we'd like feeling and proclaimed back I'll, be back in one minute. This is the Glen back program holiday season may feature more merriment with our devices than ever before, as we stay connected with family friends, and a blizzard of online shopping, but all of that online activity means there are many more chances of exposing your personal information. In fact, sixty four percent of adults admit to risking online privacy for convenience. I've done it, but whether you're buying gifts are getting something special for yourself. You may not even know that your identity has been compromised or your info has been sold on the dark web. Don't speak
the holidays, without identity theft, protection from life lock it monitors for uses of your personal information, and if you have a problem with identity theft, a U s based identity, restoration specialists will worked. fix it. Nobody can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike can help you feel safer. The best sale of the year is going on right now, save up to thirty percent off your first year at life, locked outcome using the promo code back lifelong outcome, promo code, back, save thirty percent sale in November, thirtieth good morning and welcome to a special edition of the glint back show. I am your whole today, Jason Whitlock, I mean time: sports colonists and television holes. I made my name in Kansas City in the nineteen nine these and throughout the two thousand I've hosted tv cells at ESPN and Fox sports for the past, six months I have written
comes about the intersection of sports and race at out. Kick for the purpose of this audience. have you have seen me. During my semi irregular apparent zombie, talker Carlson's Fox NEWS, show? Why am I here? Why am I sitting in for Glenn back today and tomorrow last week is it a Dallas and made an appearance on this show here with Glyn back. I cannot speak for Glenn, but I can tell what I felt Glenn and I share a kindred spirits, a kindred passion. We have two things. that we love and our passion about God and country I am not a minister. Flawed sinner, just like Glenn, and just like you I am a believer believers share and energy that connects them, they cut through our physical differences
and makes those differences irrelevant. That's what I felt when I met glare. an energy in a spirit that connects us, we are broadcasters, media personalities, parading in separate spaces. Try to talk to Americans who share our passions, God and country. There are forces operating outside of America an inside America that have set We did this country from got everything. Witnessed in twenty twenty, the re, should a vision stirred by the mainstream media. In this the Con Valley, social media, apps, the anti foot black lives matter right getting luring anarchy. The re making of the sports world into a shrine that seller rates resisting criminal suspects. did a great this gate. Great country at every turn.
The re, writing and the destruction of american history, and yes, the twenty twenty, presidential election that swung in the We hours of the morning. There also terms and signs of the consequences of a America's enemies so parading God and country, We are one nation under God, We are nothing without him. We are chairs the soul is anti for Thomas Zone erected in Seattle. The flawed sellers who founded this nation, beg God in This country, with dead a declaration of independence, we hope these troops to be self evident. all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with unamiable right that among those are life? Look Ready and the pursuit of happiness, the fall-
foreign and domestic enemies of this nation are big a new american cake. God is in an sit, isn't an essential ingredient in this new cake. He that an ingredient at all the rooms- evil of faith, is sowing the disharmony that tear arising in destroying the United states of America. Why am I here today? I am here today to tell you how we take our country back, how we restore the freedoms and the but are enemies, see to remove in their re making of a godless America. If not us who Let me ask the question again: if not us who if we vote of us who claim faith in a higher power, though, Those who claim we love God and country willing to put our fist
called differences aside and read lies the energy and spear that connects us compels us to How do freedom If we are not man and woman enough to stay together as believers, we deserve what is coming to us: we're unworthy of the freedoms that Thomas J George Washington, crispest added Abraham, Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King and so many more sacrificed and made available to us we're not worthy. We built this country. We made this country great, we are its foundational pieces. Believers black. Why Brown, whoever we are the heart and soul of Amerika We are one nation. Under God, we Be self evident truth about the United
states of America here, what I need you to do right now. This audience is just half of the solution. I dont mean despite gently, but this is primarily the white half of the solution. I need you right now to call text and email. The other half of the solution contact. Your friend and recall workers or the parents, kids on your kids football, and so fourteen tell them The tune into this show right now tell them the Glen begs for em Jason Whitlock is hosting a special edition of the Glen Back show and that I'm going to spend the next three hours flaming. How we bring this country back together, how we lean em to racial harmony, how we restore the values that are found. Fathers put in
the country is gonna sound crazy. How does a sportswriter know how to fix it? America and America's racial dilemma tell him. God works and mysterious way. He chooses certain people to do certain missions, he spent fifty three years Harry me to play this role to serve this purpose. He connected me with glint back at this time: For this moment in american history, you to step out on faith right now, you have to feel that energy and spirit that inside all believers. This is a Bessel Edition of the Glen back, show I'm Jason Whitlock your host. You know right now is the perfect time to get your home decked out. If you haven't tried, blinds thought, come right now is
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I guess I want to start by. I feel a little bit like Sidney POW and Rudy Giuliani? I just now in a press conference and said you know what I'm going to Expose and I'm going to lay blueprint on how America moves forward and I want your reaction to before I get into the evidence in the meat of the argument I won. Did you all reaction to what I laid out still. You were here last week when I met their land for the first time and so by your reaction to what I've just laid up last the white half of the solution. Now I mean that's a you- know its powerful stuff. It's interesting to look at all of that and and and asked the question that possible twenty twenty You lay out a great vision for America, but you look at the way
that people treat each other doesn't seem like this even possible. Stu. I say this in all spheres. My confidence really comes from one. This is path. I've been on my whole life were too telling you last week, when I came here and I fell in, energy between glance denied that was inspiring to me and Glenn Stop it, you know he always round as a lot of work, but he stuck around also did take me over to all his doc Manson museum, very them the history and we talk but he showed me a rough draft of the declaration of independence, hand written by Thomas Jefferson with on the side, and there were. There were good Could you give? People, though, is that the declaration of independence, all thirteen colonies, had to be unanimous about what was the declaration of Independence and He showed me things that Thomas.
Jefferson had written in the declaration That eleven of the thirteen colonies agreed to an its clear as day these guys Jefferson. Why should have Franklin are found they were more. By God and operating from it christian mindset and they were going out to the end of slavery. At the foundation of our country now because everything had to be unanimous. These paragraphs were removed in they were convinced to the part that I reference self Truth creator, All men are created equal, but I was a more expanded version of the declaration of independence did made crystal clear? These were christian. Men do New slavery was a sad and wanted to get rid of it, and and that there were
other parts of my connection with gland, but just have engaging with him. In that conversation, him show me those documents, it just mate possible man is as darkest things have seen in twenty twenty, various light at the end of the stone, and I thank them. Starts with votes. those who are believers and we to move The past these very superficial differences we have about skin, color and and we have to reconnect again as believers as people as we know the end of the story right- and we know this turns out- ok at some point, but we after I had to fight hard to get the Irving. You talk about the the deck. of independence. Not only was in there. It was a central part of their argument to form the country that slavery needed to end. It was that clear and ill
The history has a lot of awful twists and turns, and they know we know the horror of of slavery and what it turned into. But the founders warrant, those people are not the people that the left tells us that they are it is important for people to speak out about that stuff in and at a really that I well I You guys know too, and if you know Uncle Jimmy You, Sir, you know him from a role he played on a television show. I hosted on Fox Sports Calls for yourself, an all That show go Jimmy Lean, began to Carmody, humor and That's a role he's play with me, going all the way back to my days in Kansas City as a columnist and as a radio host but the real connection between Jimmy and I is is more than just humor its deeper than that Jimmy,
for lack of a better description. Reminds me the guys in the people that I rub with it. My dad's bar my dad's bar was in the inner city in any Nablus, cater to factory workers. If catered working, class people and that's deep inside of me those working class routes, and his I've moved up the financial ladder and the career ladder I've never law. or abandon my connection too. Working class people. I got a working class mindset in mentality and, if you ever met any of my friend black. Why whatever that's kind of our foundation, the working class mentality? I'm I am naturally it's not a gimmick, I'm naturally not attracted.
Relates to be so Jimmy and eyes. Friendship is Jimmy's, not Emily. Jimmy is school again. Ah, anyway, outsiders want to give you that, for those of you that has seen Jimmy on my television. So he's not here today to do comedy, he's here to be Jimmy dad. My friend for twenty five years, and so what, without further do any work. Your way, action to what I laid out in the model, will Let me say, by being the elder statesmen of the panel you don't get old, be an awful ok, meaning that, through my life, I know that those trials and tribulations and all the way I've ever made it through his would faith But I also realise that, while we're sitting here, we talk about muff our faith. We talk about my faith,
there's a whole generation of people out there and I'm gonna say: there's black people and their throughout The barber and everywhere else there right now, looking at you go and do go Poland dead religion cord data ago? Talking about, I got every time they wanna controllers. They want to talk about. Got women like S. Mind How did it become? They got? so. What do you say to those people this either and trust me. I hear that a lot. It has become very popular over the last twenty years and certainly in the last five years, a very sick. their point of view on life and then Christianity was used to enslave people here in Amerika, and so therefore Christianity is evil. I hear that a lot I hear that some people, they don't really understand history and don't really understand, got and that
Listen. Have there been people that have misused the Bible, the Koran, whatever religion they want to its white people, absolutely That is one those people, that's not on the Bible. That's not the Koran? That's not on God. That's one! Those p! Miss using it, and If you really understand a man, as history, but even just in particular black. People's history of american faith in primarily christian faith,. has carried us through four hundred years in this country and and and our role and will give deeper this is, I present my argument in case here today, but I go to the Patrick Monaghan Report in nineteen. Sixty five called the Monti reporters, daddy, a paper about the
They grow families when they call their at time, and he talked about time in nineteen sixty five by wow any other group of people that would have been put do the oppression. The black people have is being brought here? Slaves, a lesser people will have died out. he basically called it- a miracle that we were still here and FF What's your and a part of the american fabric, and when read that I was like that because of our faith in God, carried us in Amy Body, making some argument that Christianity has been used to destroy us. Does understand, Christianity, doesn't understand. American history doesn't stay in how we got here, it's our faith in and, if you look it where America has gone and it's always been. I'm sorry
it's always been on a path towards freedom, enlightenment? It's always. indeed toward truth and fairness, and so what's happened. We ve been making racial progress in this country for hundred fifty two hundred years. And so why has it stopped? because it has stopped working? making racial progress right now, what has been removed from the equation guy and there's been a pattern to this, has been going on for fifty the years ago, hate. The sound is all school, but they start removing prayer from school year. go, and now we become this very secular society. And the racial progress has stopped. We have more racial disharmony right now that we ve had the nineteenth since these maybe going back to the eighteen sixty before the civil war, the rain
this army and the self hate among black people. Is at its highest level right now. It's gotta be good. What do they go away me we're we're going to go. In depth black pride, has become the new religion. Skin There is not a replacement for God, I'm Jason, Whitlocke, billions, Four gleamed back don't move This is the Glen Back Programme, no Maginnis, you make a list of the gifts you plan on buying for the holidays and someone randomly gives you the money to help you buy them. That's what he is doing that's right there, helping pay for one million dollars worth of gifts this season, that's thousands of prizes. Every
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why am I to the Glen back shelve? I am Jason Whitlocke filling in four billion back joined by, of course, Stew, who you guys know, and my main man uncle Jimmy is here with us. I promised you a terrific show in a terrific thus in a day and I need to get a little deeper into, in all three hours talking about how we fix America, identifying what the critical mistakes we made that have gotten us this point where Our country seems to be teetering and I contend its secular station of our society and its staff. It's with disconnecting black people from relate and replacing christian faith. Whatever religious faith and replacing that with a relief
in based around skin color as black people with all and into this trap that has been laid out for us, someone set the trap and they don't talk about it in the mainstream media and that's why, with glee and the blaze have done, is so important the move, I made it I'll kick so important that it takes independent media voices to talk about what is actually happily- and I did fine. The real culprits and look there's only one real culprit here, liberals and an people get, Tired of hearing me say it. About it identify them. Logic the bar conservatives and I'm like well everybody else is talking about conservatives in their alleged crimes,
there's. No one talking about liberals and their cry. And one of the biggest crimes or the biggest crime that has committed on America has been the Jerry was founded on cod. gin, values and liberals are trying to remove those values, and the Tipp of that sphere is disconnecting black people from God and replacing skin color as their religion, that What driving off The racial disharmony, the key to bringing down America in Starling MA the socialist communist values driving racial disharmony through black people's worship of skin color, em all the basic decision
people's see liberals pretend to be disciples of this black skin color worship? They dave pretence, did to join that shirt. Trust me trust me. In all hail breaks loose, and the countries at the brink racial war, civil war, those fake decide Was a black skin color or going to walk out at church. Put on different. Our physical uncolored, their purple hair they're gonna, take off their anti for black blocked uniforms and you're gonna go blind riding over with white people. why the establishment, as we get slaughtered, This country continues yet get torn apart and as we continue to move towards Marxism, Social M M communism and the loss of the freedoms that our founding
others made essential and put in to America and so what do I say that black people have to skin color into our religion go it's everywhere it predicting for those of us in the sports world. There were Ba players there had love us on the back of their jersey and people were here. That's maybe this was to be in love. the end to me as a Christian and give this. Why say of believers have to come to a look at the world our believing eyes. A man that would put love us on the back of his. Why is he so special. love Jesus. I get there. Love God I get there, but love us Because of our skin color, I dont get that I could trust me if, if wiping
where our preaching love white people What is this about we would be, then did by that, and so they give unless this religion and Lebron James and all the Black celebrities they're all into the love Oscar love me, I'm a celebrity, I'm worth millions of dollars. I dug a basketball love me. If they don't love me, they hate you and that the there's a commercial ride out now by beats by dray. You love me You love me not. You love me and you know Basically saying you, don't really love me, you light, you are black culture, but you don't love me and the ends. All if you love me what a wonderful world this would be just leave it. It brought low. Braun ordered some day
fixes the world. That's our salvation. Have a believer. What do we the I've got the love of Jesus. is our salvation. That was what The country was founded on an No slavery was part of our foundation. That was a global problem, global condition that America, if our, if the truth, be told about America, we were at the forefront of eliminating slavery you understand the declaration of independence? The the final version in any of the rough draft. That was, christian men objecting to slavery. They, but the sea than the declaration of independence. So Slavery could be imbued with World leaders they still we re going on right now will and people
Talk about it, don't address it, but we are convicted for since from a hundred fifty years ago that we body civil war and sacrifice hundred thousands of lives to ended. We get no. read it for that. As believers, we have to stand up, we have to come together in committee, and I know it's hard right now. The media has made it very hard they are per person sowing the seeds of racial disharmony. They let us at each other's throats there. the problem is not black people where they want plan there. Problem, those white people, telling you to day the problem, is those of us that our believers we're being cowards. We are ignoring what has and talked to us, we have to together, I have to commit, would still on
lives is paid remove our skin color. It may, that irrelevant. We share a common purpose in vision and a way we see the world there an energy and a belief that has been placed inside of us by our embrace Of God and a higher power. that's the mess it when you encounter a race and they can be. Black or white one of these people that thinks the blacks. again and worship of black skin is the key to our country. You have to tell them about the higher power that you, sir, and that this whole skin color thing is IRAN event to you,
why? You don't have time for white races. You don't have time for black races if we come together under that, if we get back to one nation under our leave system that makes in color, irrelevant. Then we have a chance to fix America, but it's us legit. I blame them for what they are doing and to give the liberals create with this black skin color religion, their pay. for that commercialized, they forced it in sport I was watching the Baltimore Ravens the ball game in the Indian and again the whole affair? Black lives matter and on what are you kidding me? The people too this art trade marks is out of their own miles the principles it there
talking about this, in the nuclear family had passed, That is called word for destroying guy did they the talk about coal words and dog whistles they never addressed. They're all they had the key the key words in dog whistles there, I find the tear us apart along racial lies em in the have to remove God, because if you remove that's our canoe the tissue best Spirit and Energy God is, and so they were moving it and have you. Historic skin color is rig gay and I'm so thankful. four Glenn for giving me this opportunity, I'm so glad I Came here last week and met glare and felt that
Energy and spirit and passion for guy. In country, What to share with you, because We can fix this I don't want to denigrate present a trump in the campaign to redo the election or fix the election. But what we can do together. Here is more powerful than anybody sitting in that white ass. If we come to other, as believe will make me election irrelevant the house in the Senate, in our neighbourhood policy. We can make them irrelevant if we come together They will be to our wheel God is on our side. We cannot fail a preacher. I may sinner. But I know what I know. I know what was put inside me and no with twenty fishery. Baptist Church taught me. I know
the power of God and Jesus and submitting to his will. You know it too, don't let them I'm Jason Whitlock here listening to leaned back radio show TAT Glenn back. It's never too early to start give shopping for the holidays, and today you can save big on a gift they'll use every day. May I, recommend you get rake on. These are the ear buds that I use and they are their fantastic, fantastic. They got lots of base, they have real good, sound quality. They have enough volume to them. So if you're looking for some thing for you get rake on yet the wireless ear buds it may. I suggest you buy to Paris,
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wrote a collar about this about how it's the new Religion is taking place. People in America straight to Hell, and I suggest you go Reba column, but I want to hear from Stew Jimmy about my father since in the last segment about how liberals, in my view Promoting racial disharmony through. Probably the promotion of Rachel Animas in this. skin color, being the new religion I mean I think you nailed it and one of the things I really love about that and and and the message that your brain today is it's a mess of empowerment right, I think, on the conservative side, were constantly were get. to that site, where we are seeing ourselves as victims all the time there's this world where, in even with the election and all the other things going on? These things are always happening to us. People are doing things to us and we are always fighting back from the
offences side right. This is it. This is an office of message right. This is a message of of saying we can change these things whither without Washington, whither without celebrities, whether without Hollywood whither without any of those people. We can do this because you know this is we're supposed to be doing as people of faith right taking control and doing the things that we foundational. We believe it's It's not this passive sort of thing where the world happens to us we are able to define what the future is. If we actually believe these things and and act on them because acting on them is the hard part right seas. To say these things acting on them is the hard part, especially with the pressures that come from getting beat up on social media in and and people lighting. up all over the place, but that that is their lot path. Is there- and I think, the Atlanta really well I Jimmy flip.
Come forth, but if I could lay aside other relevant behold me in his income by unanimous is over. We also from a distance You know I was in love, wasn't seventeen use? It wanted the one of the things that I thought my offices in law enforcement was you can never mistake, you scan of color as a badge of honor. When I said that the brothers, always not that I was always talk into the white boy and I'm like now, I'm talking to everybody, riders, nay, no indeed, no intimate we gonna be fair, firm, consistent across the line you know and that's just what sticks in my mind the most about this. You know we just have to be fair farm consistent across the lot and their sister.
I like what both of you have had to say it. I've never heard that saying Jimmy you been holding out on me, but, but still I really like your point about playing off it in. Again, if you are a believer, there's no reason to play defence Jesus did for us on the cross. Let's go play off it. Let's go out and promote our world view, stand on our beliefs, that's how we fix America and we he have been back peddling for too long and letting them play all the office, I'm here to help I'm not in I'm not a minute. I'm not into politics. I've never voted that really here take a lot of people, but I'm gonna, explain the conservative how we can play often and I'm talking about those that I believe in conserving Adam Jason does the going back programme,
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in four Glenn back people call me the good looking Glenn back. You can just call me Jason or big sexy of Monday name for Lahti is big sexy big mouth sexy thing I hope you are enjoying what we're doing today, I'm gone I'm trying to open your eyes to how we fix America. I hope that you took my advice at the top of the show and called a friend, someone who doesn't look like you but needs to hear and be involved in this conversation, call text, email them right now tell the the Glenn friend Jason Whitlock is building in today doing Very special edition of the Glen Bet: program. Where we are addressing this right. so this harmony, this Terry in our country, apart giving you the solution. Is the keys to fix this? stopping this to stop the worn enemies and that domestic enemies right here,
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what about typically bed programme. I am Jason Whitlocke sitting in four Glenn Bet Pure enjoying the show we have more to get into I'm joined by Stew and awful Jimmy. I wanna take us deep into our conversation we're having today. How do we fix America? Where do we go from here. How do we? bat. The people trying to tear this country down, and I've been explaining that They are using. Liberals are widely. those black liberals. We, levels in their food, these are people they converge two there side of the fence and I've been trying to explain in columns over Thou kid. About how. What the liberals are doing these modern day. Liberals today are the eye biological descendants.
Of the and slavers from four hundred years ago,. Modern liberal today the ideological descendants The in slavery from four hundred years ago, and so what I want you to look when you see a liberal one of these, very passionate political level than ever get I don't wanna demonize em all because they are not all this way. Some of them. Throw on their liberal hood to cover up their bigotry. Some of em take that labour law, so they don't even have to deal. Nobody call me a races, several and so that they do not a convenience, it simplifies their life thanks Go on take care of their families worked a job does look up a liberal. You can accuse me any day and so on we're just going along to simplify their life, but there are others at the core of liberalism that are the
ideological descendants. of the enslave us four hundred years ago, so when you see them, I want you to think of them as being on a bow. That's bringing slaves into America, and then they have some helpers that are black, that help them kit slaves we watch router, you know anything about this. Lay there were black people. it helped widens labors cats lay there were there and that's all, that's what you have going on right now would liberals and I want to tell you why? How could you say you do? I worked as a lot better luck, but I want you to think about this. Let's go back. a hundred years ago, and what would it in its labour tell you out your black skin monsieur special classification of human beings. Your black skin limits, your freedom, you're, a special classification of human human being whose unworthy of freedom and so
your black. This is yours Finding characteristic yours in color tells me Everything I need to know about you and I can classify you in use you an answer, View your skin. So they say forgery. Would you agree? That was the mentality four hundred years ago, where, if I let you do that to me the nets they did it at gunpoint inventor but stay now. They do it a laptop point or social media at point that has a very powerfully put it put it. They put a social media, Marble Europe, they remove the gun, and to say look, we can special classification. This is Associated Press, which is basically the media platform for America. The The tire reads: a man the Associated Press, that's how they yet their initial impression of Amerika and the Associated Press in June shortly
after George Floyd's tragic death in many, it was decided. You know what this is. Special classification of Americans that you can I in the five by their skin color black and classification the people we are now going to capitalize. The bee in Black No other ethnic group gives this distinction theirs Is this one group of people who. Their most prized possession. There Firing characteristic is their skin color and going to classify them and let everybody no better spent Your group of people work analyze the be in there, description of themselves and their black and their different, everybody else and there their freedom is basically lemon because you all the way
things operate with the gun that they have social media control of some VERDI's or whatever. If you don't step too liberal point of view on all issues. Your kicked out of the black race you're kicked out of the black race. Oh my god, You think that Barack Obama isn't the gray, president in the world and oh my god you're, not black. Will you mean you don't think broccoli grace. What do you mean black? Isn't your defining characteristic? What do you mean you want to stick to the values that Grandmama, and your minister Tortue at church to understand them liberalism and blacklist me. You abandon every
thing that you were taught in the church to serve liberalism. You don't have the free every other group in this country. the right, the freedom be conservative. I wanna be liberal, I wanna be libertarian. I wanna be a bunch of stuff. other than my skin color everybody else, gives to do that, but us labour was primarily white in control of Hollywood, the movie industry, the music industry be MIA said, there's a special classification of people in Amerika there defining characteristic is their skin color, weak, to decide what is blackguard Matt and they have to live up to those standards on a day to day basis. Are we them out
their skin color. You must serve blackness blacknesses, your religion, black trumps God Jesus and everything your skin color is. The most important thing about you started Burma's path because of David chapels appearance on Saturday. Night live a couple of weeks ago three weeks ago after the election and Supernal got up and gave this very unapologetically black performance on Saturday night last day, Chapin, whose Mary to an asian woman who lived in a predominantly white rural community got on stage, say my lad: let look how black guy I'll drop em I am a liberal and I believe that I'm right here, started his squeeze talking about his great grandfather, who was born in the slavery and who use three pay day said
With three things about my great grandfather, he law dedication. He pursued freedom for black people. any love, Jesus Christ, what he said crowded Dave chapels mouth and I was like well dedication, love freedom and love, is that sounds like America, That sounds like stereo tip, american values So his great grandfather comes out of flame meets. What Woodrow Wilson takes a delegation of black people to meet. Would Woodrow Wilson in the White House. Woodrow Wilson at the time was considered a friend of the confederacy. But Dave Chapels, grandfather, baby, typical american love and education level, freedom and love and Jesus Christ went to meet with the Prince
it now. Anybody black that meets what the President gets kicked out of. black race wheedle get to just pursue, education, freedom, and Jesus Christ anymore. That's been taken away from us by the ideological descendants, of in slavery, vapor. Pose a It'll slavery in play some of the physical slavery and it is more destructive. Then the physical slavery take over your man. They ve taken over your body, your spirit. You saw the discontent sure from God and couldn't due to liberalism, it's the capital B, This special distinction they have given us. Again, you started to show ask me
she do. You know a lot of people say that was given. To us to ensue was no the finally move us as black and that being the essential characteristic vat was given to us and limited our freedom that Was given to us and put us, mentally enslave so that they can fish? Lee and us worshipping your skin color thinking of it as the default I'm in character of you, that is the enemy of black people and the enemy of America. They're using that to tear about America, I'm sorry, I've got liberal friends. I know it bothers them when I point this out, but I'm goin to point it out because it needs to be pointed out. Is the Only way we save America, they convinced you
conservativism cars were there, serve is the call four Satan. Conservative. If you really understand I'm taking a politics out of conservative, mean, I believe in God, and I'm all stand on these principles, the God tee in the Holy Bible that what conservative it it's a track and gained its may play than you. I've never voted for anybody not involved in politics, are not ashamed of being a concern because it really means in this day and age is, I believe, in the words of Jean. This crisis in Gaza and some of you say you: will stand on those principles and choose, I thought you won't even choose social media, scorn. Uk handle that so I know you're denying it
was on the live near you handle celebrity Lebron James one. These other idiot celebrities calling you out over social media on tv because stand on the principle that was taught to you in charge, as that, how. you would deny Jesus at every turn. Invest. All it takes is some tweet summary tweets and not Given some likes. This is all connected? It's all method to how there using racial disharmony to promote race division in Aramis to tee. down this country and to take away. values that made this country great. Was it all ways great for us, no
I am not in denial, but did American. The values did the things implanted in the declaration of independence in the constitution? Did they put us on a path towards freedom for everybody, Absolutely and I'm just Amerika was as evil as they Ten in the mainstream media, For social media, these airports would be with black, we're trying to get a body here and you could get em up body here with a stick of dynamite so quickly. I am Everybody knows me knows that I will complain about everything that I think is unfair. I am not some yes, sir. No sir may grow everybody knows that about me. You hate it
And so when I M eighty people as are allowed scared or armed, no, standing on the things Mama Lovey Kennedy, my grandmother and twenty fifth street Baptist church. Put inside me. because they were the right thing: They were the ingredients that allow me in team. Eighty, four Jim, you know this- I was living in a four hundred square foot apartment. Would father in law. In any Annapolis muffin the maid like Torrent, twenty five hours a week. That is businesses have been shut down. I gotta run a father areas. We were poor, very poor. I was sleeping on a couch, every bay, my senior high school, football scholarship.
change my wife. What my grandmother put enemy is a town changed my life in here in Amerika, because America promises freedom. I was able to change my wife and my family's life. And what happened envy thirty years are always been thirty. Six years since nineteen. Eighty four, I can count amazing things, only happen in America. I don't care who the president work. I don't care what you think of this president. I was sitting in the rose garden right, side, is office in interviewed him and talked about my mommy and daddy and factory workers, and why America first was important to me that happen. in America, when you go from for honey,
Square foot apartment in the who broke poor? in a viewing the president to acquiring a level of financial. Well, did you can not only change your life but chains, the lives of the family members and the people that you care about a red that happens, America so we have to take the time to explain to black people. the liberals are wearing a hood, they are Ideological descendants, of the in slavers. They have been put all the mentality deadened slavers imposed four hundred years ago, your black skin, define you make you unworthy of freedom. A mare you're. Afraid of you can't be like the rest of America. There doing it all over again right now and trying to tear down this country? We
and put a stop to it neighbours come together and stand on the values and the principle that believe it. I'm Jason Whitlocke. Listening to the glint that programme is the Glen Back Programme. Here we are in twenty twenty in the thick of a heated uncontested election during the biggest pandemic. The world has ever seen at least in a century, and while nobody was looking a massive trade deal, was spearheaded by China, the regional, comprehensive economic partnership that includes fifteen.
Countries and notably excludes the? U S. This is a direct attack on the. U S: dollar, as the world's reserve currency. The only good news here is for precious metals which historically perform well when the? U S, dollar loses stability. Both Goldman Sachs and Citibank see the dollar plunging in twenty twenty one, with the latter are calling for a twenty percent drop in value. They have been helping me personally over ten years and other investors for over sixty years column too? find out how to protect your long term, portfolio with precious metals, ask about their retirement account, specials holiday, specials and their accumulation programme. Don't wait, call them right now, eight six, six gold mine I want an identical in bank programme. I am Jason Whitlocke uncle Jimmy. I gotta be honest. We gotta know they didn't like that that Intro Bob Music, having come up with
What what? What was the name of the spot you used to? Do they added a far light, a fire me telephone line. We will break into fire like a list and I hope you are enjoying Special edition of the Glenn Programme, I am Jason Whitlock sitting in four Glenn back I want to add, is went twenties, Maude men straight there and I got no emotional on fire. I want to hear from months to an uncle Jimmy about my explanation of capital, be in the ideological descendants of slavery. Did I did I make my point Did you know what you think I've always down, I was completed and where he stood, I have no idea. What are you trying to say? You know impressive appointed, a mummy a very best, stupid white guy question here for E. Bravo, a point that I really connected with me, which is the idea of
talking about someone and in using the color of their skin, as if their defining characteristic is to me Only wrong but demeaning like it is. A brazen brace straight and racism at its core is collectivism I mean it is it see, can't separate the two it's talking about someone as a member of a group rather than an individual with with personal merit and- and the things that we strive for, and I am I an you, you connect with me completely on that, and I think you can have with everybody in the audience. When you talk about that, because I don't what I want to see that was that when I was brought up, I was too that racism was look if someone in judging them by their skin color and that's the opposite of what I want, I dont want to judge somewhat by the content of their character. So what you said. I think completely connects why does it connect with you, and Uncle Jimmy and me, but not
The majority of the African american community. Can I answer the go ahead. The first one I got. I'm answer that because a couple of times in your last segment. You made the analogy of when we were bought up in church. What our grandmothers taught us. You know you got a group of kids now than when they die. You gotta pay the preacher to do. They servers please, you don't even know who these keys are when they die, because they ve never been to church. They ve. Never the basis of love of They don't know the work you know so Do you for you to set up here and for us to think that they had it in two began? They never had and work on the big o everybody which are needed givers somebody, people try to break them pray. My grandma taught me to break. what prayer due for people, right now, when they go into hard times, pap raven? nice going good let's just say it.
Jim. You made an excellent point and I dont think my addition can top what you d say, because you got right to the heart of it, but but we're just at this in the space that operate in the media, I look it. We have been trained and miss educated by the emu and the media and when you look it, what I want follow up on gems point in an people won't fully stand, but when cause I may Products of desegregation in bus in school systems and things like that. They started bussing kids in my school system. When I was in seventh grade, so I know some of the benefits of forest desegregation. but there was also some downside and so
When you start taking kids away from their base of support, turning them over to a perfect surely that is Domini It is quite obviously by white liberals controlled by their guilt, and then they start teaching things that move. You away from Europe family neighbourhood base of support in the values there, and so there is a lot of young kids. Not only were they not brought up the church. But their educational process has been they ve been told by professors and teachers, your skin, color makes you a victim. Your skin color tells you everything You need to know about America and they ve been taught sway and then the entire media, and social media teaches you that Your skin color explains everything and
they just kind of follow along when you disconnect people again. This has been. I wrote about this in another piece about how, There had been a long tradition, all the way up to Morrow the kings there that a mere because moral compass had been, but religious man go Frederick, Douglass, Mamma, the king, a Bishop Richard Alan who started the Amy Church in this. one hundreds. We had been holding America morally accountable, and I believe that Russia, China commune Cuba Communist One countries under that and that why there has been such an attack on the black church and dust connecting black people from the church and
and I hear you do when you basically you the content care that this that is, Martin Luther King and and there are People sitting out there so cynical, they think. Ah stew, anxiety, lies manner the king now. But if he was in a night easily with eight monolith, and the reality is. That when you are a profit like me, but the king was when you're a visionary like more under the king, was you message is ahead, With time, and so people did receive. Will the kings message in the nineteen sixties and fifty's negatively? He was head of the culture and so the people in the culture at that time objective. But the people they came after they weren't ahead of his message. You came after doktor, king and you
heard that message, and it made sense to you because That's where America had evolved to. I would Bobby born in seventy five excise and so look a little older than I am apparently and so You heard that message at it connects with you and there are a lot of people like here. That is what America's about you know. Judging people by the content of their character There's this whole cynical d, ass, easy to say, and then he hated monkey you wouldn't even around you was born in nineteen. Seventy five, you you heard, the history and the story, and then in a viable Kay, em responded positively to it, and you really fast America you want to live it yeah. You know I understood that vision and Martin Luther king was always taught to me as a hero landed. There was never a time where he was ever mentioned in a negative light,
in ITALY, so that I have ever remember growing up, and my understanding of this world and this, this thing that we were all doing together was we are agreed on that end goal. We all agreed that, at the end of the day, what we want is a society where we judge each other on the content of a character, not the colors can on the merit of the person on the hard on the sole on the brain and another, on the value of the individual, My understanding of this whole process was sometimes we blew it somehow times. We screw that up, sometimes p and others that budget really bad. people who do that too often some people who are good people in and screw it up. Sometimes everybody has problems. We ve there sit in this world as you mentioned today, but I feel like lately over the past few years and with the with the the prominence of Hebron candy with you rising providence of of white fragility, of these sort of messages. That goal has changed
No longer are we shooting for a world in which We're all treated equally have equal opportunity and are judged by the hour merits were now. IRAN. Candy says it explicitly he's as the only solution for past discrimination is present discrimination. The only solution for present discrimination is future discrimination. This is a guy who has a children's book on sale at target like he is he is at the for discrimination. Anyhow, a children's book on sale at freaking target- and I don't know- Jason. Has that goal changed it as for non believers. Certainly am I'm very suspicious of any man that any person who who wins start talking about solutions. They don't First and foremost it again here in Amerika, it starts with fate numbers
every solution starts with faith and if we have faith in again. I don't think a person that has faith and say you know what discrimination is the solution? It is just not an, I understand that the generational star in points for us in America are different. I get that. I get that as a descendant of a slave per Generally, surely, Madame perhaps your started very different place, then people that inherited wealth, but but it gets. You have take a very sophisticated look at American understand that there are some people that are first generation immigrants that that again or Parents were first generation immigrants, they don't feel and they justify. We don't feel I didn't start ahead of you and I
and I got three isabel- I can tell you some whore stories about growin up and where I came from and I just as poor one, four hundred score for food, Harm if you live in a lap, a luxury, Jason and You haven't been a lot of places like I used to live in South Carolina and I was like I thought I was poor and then I saw some poverty in the south outside all. I found dirt floors, the main thing main bees whip a hole in the floor that, Sir It is an oven, I saw that in the nineteen nineteen athletes that I was covered living in those conditions as I, while I had a couch to sleep well I was lit. I might as well have been at the merrier
How about? God is good too, who couch official happened? Listen, we're gonna, take a break. We're gonna come back with more of this discussion, I got more to say believe it or not. Now I believe, if you listen to the Gothenburg program, I'm Jason Whitlock fill it in for good, Your listening to Glenn back. Right out, your buddies ran on last curve in hand to the next year and hopefully making plans to be spent in time with family and friends. Gathering and breaking bread. this holiday season, seasons, change and, I always think This time of the year is the best because it brings out the best in all of us. Well, no matter what
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for twitter. I was this region through my twitter mention sounds like some of you are enjoying the shell at Whitlocke Jason. I'm going to give out the phone number, I'm not sure we're going to take calls, but eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven, two thousand three hundred and twenty five we don't take. today, which we might well, certainly too and caused more be back tomorrow, wholesome issue, and maybe bring you guys in conversation, but right now, I'm still talking Stu and an uncle Jimmy, and I wanted Did you Jim? Do you have anything? I should like to add from I'll see you were vigorously taking notes? Did we did? I leave out anything from the last sandwiches? maybe a little bit tied in this thing, which I don't want to go into. Another rant and Next thing I know, they're scream admitted take a break I will just totally alleviate the fact of you cannot act like when I walk into a building. The first thing that you don't see as my magnetic nag black scheme:
look. You can't act like you. Don't see that now you have to get past that man it. If that's all you see, that's ok, but also a black man. I have this much time to convince you that if you look that does your miss. Ok, I know the best. A job to know. So, let's not act like that. Doesn't exist but we just cite is required. I want you to stay there and get what what? What do you mean when you walk into a room? What do you think happens? We're not, Considerably it I am what I think you think I am I know that when I walk into this room, you see me as a black man. Ok, but what I have to show you is a mama, I'm not, but but why do you? he doesn't see you as a man, you this list misinterpret what I said. I said I think that see. That's that internal, that you were speaking of earlier, that that that's that thing and I carry. I feel like when you see me you're, not, he already looks to me. Like you see
as you know, was what would you do, and I have a strong sense of pride about me that I don't know That worry me, but to many people adopt that you know that They are tired of you. No no! He Eagle Gimme a job in the first place. That's why really try, not that's why you buddy got no job where they are using. What I was going to say was we as people we have Tennessee to require more out of others than what we will into require out of myself. You know We will do what we want. We act we like to act like. We think that the inward we have them I did it you call me too, but we can call each other that out due to honour black live. I would choose a white person honoured, but it's ok. If I kill everybody up in my neighborhood kill everybody up in a house. Genocide of the tail expect you to understand what the hell I'm saying. What I don't know what I'm saying to you
I do not want to translate. What I'm I'm not translate something you do said: Jim Brown, football grade, a mentor and a friend of mine wanna hear Pet saves is, as black people we buy What we want him back what we need, You hear me by what we want for what we mean, because it's for us buys a boots. I stick around. I'm gonna go on another rat, copy, the endeavours the final hours, the show, I'm Jason we'd, feeling ever goin back the Glen Back programme. hey everybody knows pay pal
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and it's a rigged Olympics, one by white, liberals and dinner. More apologize up front for Paul amount, but at the say I have to people running Hollywood movie industry, the music industry, design geiss, basically have Participated in putting black people in a Lange and go you'll, see Among liberal websites or platforms were ones being unapologetically black and that's great and I just sit there go never seen somewhat someone's been unapologetically asian, unapologetically, yellow or brown or white asian people, consider being called yellow and in so they D.
Wanna, be defined by their skin color. but we have this rigged lipids taking place every day over social media about? How can you be? apologetically black. in every? By sees it as a good thing, and, I don't, because it's not because our skin color all of us is just some packaging guy. Provided us it not our most important characteristic and so on. People while you're running around trying to be unapologetically black author people are running around. I wanna be honoured, Ah, logistically christian, I want to be unapologetically intelligent. I want to be unapologetically honest unapologetic patriotic all these,
things are open to them? we try to live up to a skin color locked shoe in two mentality and trying to be something that other people acts control what that is. Because all it is is pop culture in design, guys telling you what being black is and look at how they have defined wrappers. wrap about dealing drugs and killing other black people. There apologetically black, you won't hear anybody question blackness, unless me, would present a Trump Tanya got tossed out ice cube, got tossed out for working with a butt bottom line, wrappers unapologetically black and what do they
drug dealing, they promote massage me. Violence other black people saying the inward there's, nothing more unapologetically black then person saying the inward publicly look how black he is. He said the inward day, Shapiro what our salary la la for all of American NBC and said, the inward repeatedly! That's how you become unapologetically black. or maybe it's the gold chain and the type suit. You wear unapologetically black get in this competition in America. Is a competition Do you see Asian Americans sending their kids onto the world Goby apologetically asian goby, How do we yellow no
They send their kids out. You don't show the world how smart you or you can show the world how hard you work in a gay in this country that the left has defined. Is apologetically, races, Asians, actually achieving at a higher level than everybody else. Everyone in almost every category adult literally they're trying to this problem there redefine Asians is why I'm not joking this is already, they ve already started this class recur. Visions and now why and this is liberals doing this- this is in white conservatives. Glenn Burke's not boom is shot Vanity of in doing this all people that are so
terrible for the world and so rush. Limber he's not doing this. We liberals, are Asians, the new white paper a tv show owing to the new black. A just think about that show is the the new black direct at the moment. I shall write. Yeah. The word is orange means not only anyway that, yes, it is the new black. I just want you to think about that. And how we will eat up Jim. You worked in love, where's went inside a jail in oil. What prisoners, where is the new black and they ve got just went about there's a tv show oil prison uniform is the new black there's a lot more truth. And what you my right, I guess I get it, but I just this
Olympics, and I the ellipses made up, but it's like there's a contest everyday over social media that black twitter and whenever algorithm Jack Dorsey has set up for twitter that justice at whose the blackest today an instant, help me out here and do you it's a stupid question, but do you ever wake up wife? Let me show the world how wide absence Certainly not it is I I I fascinated by this, because why why skin color. Why not some other immutable characteristic. What why is this? The focus I mean I do see, here's what they would say. No, no! You made at the focus white people do and back in slavery,
whoever whoever did it. That was wrought right. I mean it. I just to me it's something! It's something that you do you like. You might mention this less lost our Jimmy. Look! It's something you notice about people right course. You notice, I might notice a gender. I might notice the skin color. I might notice hair color, anything else. There's no reason for this to be the constant focus of our lives. I know look, it means literally nothing to me that I'm right now at people say that that's why you're privilege. That's what they say is my white privilege. I don't have to think about my my skin color. I don't any pride in being white. I think of mice. I know a lot of awful white people a lot of them suck right. Has it doesn't? Do anything for or against them. In my eyes at least, that's of course, the goal, so they say, It's perfect that these standards, but like something like that, is now important to me I think it should be important to anyone. I met you, that's the goal. I think it is the end of the day. If we're not
making generalizations based on immutable characteristics? This is good if we don't there's never another policy in our gut or anywhere else that is made based skin color. That is a big win. We should never judge someone by their skin color. That is the opposite, of what we should be doing, and I thank you. this out so well in these columns for out kick that we should move mixer, we post on all the social media, because it is this constant focus that and it does seem to be, as you point out, only african Americans who have to hit the standard they aren't they have to live up to some defined black. Generalization they, have to hit these standards to prove themselves part of this group just an empty, it's an impossibly unfair standard for anyone to it
and for whatever reason- and I think I think- even held- because when it comes to white liberals, I'd love to hear more about the recent Think what why it's happening because it is it's it's a major problem and something we all fight with its the control political issue, but that the the entire again? Don't Well, I haven't voted, I'm the facts are making me appear to be a political, partisan cause. I just have this against the stupidity that I see and solve those facts are forcing me here, but the entire democratic platform, see To be based on full of race, entire play their home Political strategy is vote for us to prove your not races. That their platform, theirs policy behind it. There's no hey! Here's! What we need to do to keep pace
with India or China or make sure that we Maintain these freedoms are here's. What we need to do too, jobs and economic role to America, the peace form is be a Democrat, be accused of being a races and people don't or if your blood, be accused of being a sell out. So there Entire platform is just that say dog whistle it say, It's a beard, if it say it's, Do you know how to make life easier? No one ever call you races. If you just pull this democratic lever and call yourself a liberal, and so it is just a it's, life simplify and that is their political platform and strategy in it. does not improve America again. just go. Look at the arc of America.
Racial narrative, it always been in constant improvement until they turn race into a religion and remove God as our religion as our faith in our country is falling apart. Our cities are being looted, rioted people or be, in her Ras black and white people. You have anti for folks harassing damage business is harming human beings that the anti for is the new KKK my body been looks at it factually they are the K K, K give alongside black lives matters to intimidate people to support, the Democratic Party em. If you go back and look at the history of the k, K, K. its job in the
Eighteen, hundreds of eighteen, fifty Six these, when it was invented, was the town a people into supporting the democratic pull. Local party, nothing has changed. I'm glad back on those really does care about gettin allergy having broken off
we are in twenty twenty in the thick of a heated and contested election during the biggest pandemic. The world has ever seen at least in a century, and while nobody was looking, a massive trade deal was spearheaded by China, the regional, comprehensive economic partnership that includes fifteen countries and notably excludes the? U S. This is a direct attack on the: U S: dollar, as the world's reserve currency. The only good news here is for precious metals which historically perform well when the? U S, dollar loses stability. Both Goldman Sachs and Citibank, see the dollar plunging in twenty twenty one. With the latter are calling for a twenty percent drop in value, they have been helping me personally for over ten years and other investors for over sixty years, columns
find out how to protect your long term portfolio with precious metals, ask about their retirement account, specials holiday, specials and their accumulation programme. Don't wait, call them right now, eight, six, six gold mine. what makes it a Goin back programme. I am Jason Whitlocke. Seventy four Glenn back when we left our fathers. get an interesting point. The Duff Jimmy you had something. I think I would make an interesting point yet something you wanted to add here. I the question is are was listening is like: when did this and when did this occur in our culture. And just listen to dwindle word. If win, what happened when when we started being defined it was like give it right. Seven was popular there there is money to be made and races
I guess what about what I meant was when I listen to you top August go back to the Jordan shoes. Those began our shoes, those were, the shows that the inner city kids wanted to have that they adapt and those were shoes that kid started losing their lives over. You know You price these shoes so high, but we had to have. and now you know we were still there who, I am simply saying, there's big money enrages on both sides of the market. Less not act like you know that the debt black there's money there. I agree with you that there has been a business built around racism and, if I out opt in sea eel black lives matter. See eel, or she. Finally, to officer there there's some cfo that
the Sharm King boot over twitter? Oh, my black guy, the racism is. This is all about my guy, but I want another hour of your talking about it. I thought it was a razor industry is so profitable. They shot king of man I wide on black. I want to help other than cannot be a salesman for rain language, about blackness get out of it literally that's what I want to be a black veil reality irate sales, I oughta be number look worse, my berries, why my mom is why members that are preserved and why I got a black beard. I went to Howard. I checked out Ruth Paine for me to go to the railways virginity. That's a good one hears! What has happened to racism too, and I say this without any humor.
racism is an opinion. Now it's an opinion it is not a law, my dad's Mamma the king in a civilised generation, they were fighting discriminatory laws. Slavery was a law we had a civil war What kind of control will be? What what were laws goin to allow? Were we going to live up to the declaration of independence at all created equal, am then so git fighting laws, and this is where I've been trying to explain to people in- and this is a view I want to do this programme and have discussion and invite people into the discussion and into the solution, is because we made the dislike explain to people. Not just black
people but all of America. What does America actually promise what what because what we ve turned it into the people running the unapologetically black Olympics, the liberals. We ve did into America problem his love until we're love universally America? is inherently races and America does not promise love. America promises freedom The declaration of independence. Our constitution, is about freedom, what you do with that freedom is on. You love can tell you who promises, love and I wish Glenn the Bible in here because I would hold it up right now, God Jesus promises, love and saw the people
running around breaking tv commercials. You lie: me: you love me not yield my culture. Do you love me you need to talk to God and yourself about that America not promise love. It can deliver on that if you are Stan the whirl sin entered into the world. It was not what God intended, but it entered into the world It's not going anywhere so Can you do to protect yourself from sin. Immerse yourself. and the love of God it'll mercy yourself in the fullest, these the teaches the wisdom, the principles, the values given to you right there in have good book, the Holy Bible that will pay.
Had to from soon and will start. You from me golfing yourself insane and destroying yourself. Don't look to America for what God can only provide a man because going to provide your freedom, its most valuable resource. That's, why Chris Rocks, not Chris rocks Dave. appeals great grandfather, Safety- with education, freedom in Jesus Christ freedom and Jesus Christ. You can't separated, and we were allowed to be separate, and we have to put a stop to that. If we want to save this country. We have two believers of Emmy Cobbler Group we To come together, as believers and they enemies, don't stand a chance, don't fall. for the trap door
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there is still time for you all to end by your friends, people that look like you, but who are friends of yours or people the value that I disagree with. You too, send to this programme and to start. getting an understanding of what we need. To do to start steering America back to where it belongs, and Back into the values that have this country. Great to me, start with those of us that have faith in our believers in moving well beyond our physical appearance differences. The entire world right now is rigged, for to leave him those the co appearance, differences social media beg you to do it black last may I beg you to do it. The mainstream media beg you to do what they want.
The five ever issue and problem along Rachel lives. Racism has become an opinion. It's not. A law is not dead mandatory policies is just some one's opinion, and what I mean by that. I will give you but traversing example, but it's just factual. There is not one shred of evidence that has been produced so far Derek Chauvelin be met Apple, a cop. put his knee on the net of George Floyd, because the racism does not work shred of evidence. he very likely was driven by incompetence. Frustration: stupidity all of the above power,
Oh bead, on power don't think there has not been one shred of evidence is: oh here's, a black man put money on his neck and killing is an opinion, but the man stream, median social media has given us. And as long as it is just an opinion. Is no end to give a fight. Vienna fail. Nba. Airbus put nazi slogans, let's in racism, commercials Doktor Harry was just move the goalposts and in racism they will move the goalposts or to change mood sticks, I'm not laugh in raising it's an opinion Jimmy. I got an opinion, but on the looking due to Nashville Tennessee. You believe the end that a pink, but you can. You can end that opinion and so
I get you each the money to be made in just keeping the racism thing going and alive. That's all their due. Because it's just opinions right now and again there things that happen in America. There are unquestionably races, no question about it, but that's it, stay form of unfairness, because that flow both ways. There are black people doing, things to brown, yellow and white people out of racism. The same as they are white people they ve done, something people that all of them. Racism, but too much shove. It is being blamed on racism when the reality is. human beings. Do really foolish unfair, sinful things. Jealousy out of four straighten out of on
the motions out of incompetence, stupidity. Or they overdose on their power. They do inappropriate things, but social media and the mainstream media. Are did to racism as a way to gin up clicks relevant traction ratings is supervision, they're playing a game with the american Public Television reigns, those of us who bow to a higher power in an embrace. Those teaching tone The game that they have set up for us don't give in to buy or bigotry like they want you to that's there. Trying to trap you. those of you listening, though,
of you who have. A religious faith, those of you that love this country and oh god, they're trying to trick you into the kind of racism, they believe in that they are guilty of, don't fall for it, stay and far more on what you believe and start. engaging with people. They don't look like you Slowly, on those faith based principles, dont get distracted, let them turn it into a political discussion, beg my fair This gives why don't you politics is a distraction from something Bob and much higher and more powerful. and again I am that Elections are important and they have consequences, but it can't be the
focus of your life, if you play that game and because the dim, credits I'm decide this just factual, because You ve turned democratic politics into entire discussion of race and that their selling point is be a demo dont be races. That's why I reject all of its decision action away from higher principles in a higher calling I'm out on a little bit of shaky ground with my next day, because I'm going to have to do some more research. But I just don't believe the Thomas Jefferson. When he's right in the declaration of independence. I don't think he's what he's doing we exert bees? Republicans are these two and I'll know what political parties were around there. I do some more research, but I just I think he was.
Writing the declaration of independence. I think they wrote the constitution with a high your purpose than just serving political partisanship. They they were trying to please the creator. We spend all of our time right now. Try the please some police. Go party, some police local identity some racial identity. If we I've written columns about this in terms of what we do you want to be known for how do you want people perceive you: what is your identity? What The priorities on your ideally, I want to be no, I won't peoples, it states in its Christian I really do, and I know
flawed, and I know that I may sinner. I know it, but I see you want to be just what he's he's christian. And then judge me based Do I live up and I am going to deal with that because. None of us a pervert. I dont want you to look at me all he's black, oh he's, republic, you, oh he's a Democrat. Oh he's a liberal conservative. I really want to be Jason's actions. His action Are they consistent issues? presented himself in public in a way the glory. I've got and then The second honest this is where I want to be just as an American I bring honour to my country. Also the most important things, and I want Do I bring order to my family and the people?
associated in line with me. Voles are important: skin color, That's a gain. That's it's not my defining characteristic, I'm not remotely ashamed, I'm proud of being black. I think black is beautiful. I, like my packaging. was not a real high priority. For me,. if you dig into those concepts that kind of identity. We can fix. America weaken beat the rigging of the algorithms coming out of Silicon Valley intended to destroy An remake America in a Into a secular country. into a socialist communist MA, axis country. That is the end game. The goal that Going or weaken it.
If we just double down or are found the principles and when I say that I'm talking about our country, but I'm talking to do a view whose founding principles you had a mother or father, a teacher and Gold grandmother did found a Jew in religious faith and beliefs, christian faith and beliefs, some sort of high- your power beliefs if Europe Foundation started their lean into those principles. That's how we this country you do that have to be some holy roller did where's it on his sleeve. I don't I'm giving you this conversation in this talk, because it is necessary for you to understand where I come from and how we fix this country, but Even those of you that don't believe you can help as well? If you just love this country and wicked, even if disagree with red Mars, the values
principles that founded this country and why you loved this country, because none of you are leaving, you can complain wide and all you want there's no place better. Our programming the start was right. We need it. Double down. On that. some whitlocke, you listen to the Glen Back Programme, joy, lessening Glenn, back
Here we are in twenty twenty in the thick of a heated uncontested election during the biggest pandemic. The world has ever seen at least in a century, and while nobody was looking, a massive trade deal was spearheaded by China, the regional, comprehensive economic partnership that includes fifteen countries and notably excludes the? U S. This is a direct attack on the: U S: dollar, as the world's reserve currency. The only good news here is for precious metals which historically perform well when the? U S, dollar loses stability. Both Goldman Sachs and Citibank, see the dollar plunging in twenty twenty one with the latter are calling for a twenty percent drop in value. They have been helping me personally for over ten years and other investors for over sixty years column today,
find out how to protect your long term portfolio with precious metals, ask about their retirement account, specials holiday, specials and their accumulation programme. Don't wait, call them right. Now. Eight, six, six gold, mine, What am to the Glenville programme? I am Jason Whitlock. This is the final segment of the show today I'll be. Tomorrow, would Stephen and of Jimmy just say this because I know were a bit short on time and I want to run out of time and not be up to say it. But I'm old thankful to Glenn for inviting me to sit in form and Glenn and I met last week when I was here in Dallas. I came on to show an started today. Show talking about the kids. spirit and energy that I felt from Glenn and ate it.
It was an organic thing. It wasn't something I expected. You know respectful of glass and the work he done. But by my everybody else, I've read what the extreme media has tried to do the glens reputation, and so I didn't know what to expect. I didn't Spectre feel what I felt between glinted I and just the it, This message that I've been trying to deliver today started last week when I met Glenn, because I think there is your power in chains in the energy that I felt better Glenn and myself. I feel Glenn has a past, and I have not discuss this with Glenn, but I think Glyn has a passion for racial harmony and America. Just like I do
and we didn't have some big discussion about it. It was just something I could feel he took me overdose, museum and look at all these artifacts and things that he had an Merit is at a critical time if we don't come together, people, will look different but share a spirit energy. We dont come together and work together and model for the rest of America, life I mean, I know these men exodus. people on a far less that they see America. This way, they see racial harmony through The promotion of racial scorn and discrimination. If we don't come together, those they know better M, believe better and start working together and strong modestly for the rest,
the none here's! What America is in? Here's, how we do here's, how we keep that arc of fairness and growth and freedom going, and so I'm so glad and get Glenn. I didn t above next thing. I know I get home and if I hey, can you come back and fill in four Glenn Bet Glyn really enjoyed? Haven't you on blubber, as I am so thank you clearly the same energy that I felt glance fell and I'm so thankful of that. MA. Am just want those of you that have been sitting out there, filling life hope has gone away any it hasn't. It's in you The things that we believe in they dont go away. Elections don't take away, hope. Slogans on NFL stadiums,
NBA arenas, celebrities, black, I mounted they don't take away hope they do. Not a bigger, so ply air of hope, they're, not kryptonite too they are just not We have the power change this country and put it back Of course we can do that by coming together and working together and modeling the behaviour Ex Amerika, great We back tomorrow, and I'm going to invite you into the discussion Amal for sure Stew, uncle Jimmy. Thank you, I'll see you tomorrow. This is the Glen Back programme
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