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Hunter Biden's iCloud Hack Is A Serious National Security Risk | Guest: Newt Gingrich | 7/12/22

2022-07-12 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu dig through Hunter Biden's allegedly hacked iCloud account, which is worse than you could imagine. When will the government start treating this as a national security risk? Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss President Biden's possible response to the latest controversy surrounding his son. Former U.S. House Speaker and author Newt Gingrich joins to discuss his newest book, "Defeating Big Government Socialism." Glenn announces his new morning newsletter, which will have all the vital news you need to be aware of. New York aired a PSA on how to respond to a nuclear attack, so Glenn and Stu discuss the possibility of a nuclear war. The tour of Monticello, the former home of President Thomas Jefferson, has gone full woke.

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