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Hyperinflation May Be Only the Beginning | Guest: Yukong Zhao | 5/4/21

2021-05-04 | 🔗

The word of the day is “transitory,” as Bank of America warns that “transitory hyperinflation” is coming. But Glenn warns that this may be only the beginning — who’s going to bail out the federal government? Glenn shares ways you can prepare for a massive economic downturn. Farmers are suing the government for racial discrimination, claiming that white farmers are barred from getting “disadvantaged” farmer loans. Dairy farmer Adam Faust and his legal counsel Dan Lennington break down their case. President of the Asian American Coalition for Education Yukong Zhao joins to share how Asians are overlooked by the Left’s narrative of systemic racism and where the real discrimination against them is coming from.

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it's an eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty, what's the word of the day, transitory ends adoring! Oh, it's gonna take on all kinds of new meaning for you here in just a minute. Stand by the show begins would you back
America. Welcome to the programme. First things: first, Governors, Santos Santas. Governor to Santas what you're thinking eyes governor death. Santas writing. Well because of what we are doing. Killing old people centred is the God, Almighty sets out we're start. Stop the music stopped the music. Can you go back to the beginning? Let's just go back can you do that in relation to the real? in back we're just stations edit. This part out. You pick this is ridiculous. I mean I am a famed broadcaster go head start all over again Radio Hall of Fame by the way? What's your point out what you say your in the radio, I know and well that's why we're editing Ok, yeah signals are now that one can also turning over.
when you were not exact same, determines the Goin back. come on? It's like we just did this welcome to the programme first things. First, governor dissent is Yes, Thank you not only returning everything to normal, but he also stopped these date of emergency. Florida is no longer in a state of emergency, every state must and their state of emergency understand. Why here coming in a few minutes, I am going to teach you a new word today.
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eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor not tomorrow night on Glinda, Pv Americans are constantly told conservatives want voter suppression, police or systemically racist equity. Trumps equality was the truth. Is America a racist nation when investigating the big lies from the left, shares the real data on police violence and debunks the race bakers that continue to divide our country to get the facts to fight back tomorrow night nine pm Eastern only applies to be dotcom slashed when it's gonna be a great show tomorrow on Blaze TV, please, we need your support. Now more than ever, join us had placed you dot com, slashed land, use a promo code Glenn and save on your subscription. Ok too, It is a day I hoped would never come. Today is a day
that I need to tell you something really seriously. I ask that you give me ninety minutes today. I know it's a lot to ask I not gonna to I'm not going to lead with a sexy headline? In fact, I'm gonna spend the first couple of minutes, bring you perspective of what other people are saying, but I think When you see the credibility of the people that are saying what I've been telling you is coming, you will understand. I need to spend the time if you don't have the time now I ask that you listen to our podcast today and make sure you get the full story on the economy, that's what we're going to talk about and the word of the day: transitory, transitory. do what's transitory mean short lived,
comes and goes com isn't. It goes comes and goes now. You're gonna hear that everywhere everywhere, when people are too About the economy, because they're gonna start to tell you that our inflation is transitory, not a big deal. It comes and goes Sk GonNA, be here for a while mentally gone transitory. Let me give you now quickly the headlines that show you what the main stream, what you friends and neighbours, will be told This is from the New York Times widespread commodity shortages. Raise inflation, fears this, story about how lumber is going up and in copper and everything else, the FED, the fair the president of the New York Federal Reserve deliver a message yesterday, his name is John Williams, he's one of the top affair, goals at the? U S, central bank. He says that inflation,
is going to run above the two percent target for the rest of the year yeah, but he expects inflation- to subside to two percent by twenty twenty two, as things really kind of reopen in everything comes back to normal, so it will be transitory influx and he also says- and I want you to take this seriously- because I am not claiming to be smarter than the people who have actual degrees in these these topics. I do believe that I come at this from a different angle because I haven't been per rationally and carefully taught about how these things work. I use common sense and common mathematics. He said it's important to overreact to this volatility in prices resulting from the unique circumstances of the pandemic, and instead
stay focused on the underlying trends of inflation so we have had good inflation numbers for quite some time and that's been the Tran This one is transitory its because we shut down the economy, and now everybody is coming back into place. Transitory, predatory. Kay, transitory inflation. That is a good possibility of what he saying. Look the world has been shut down, so we have a shortage of stuff, and so it's gonna get real expensive, but then, when the world starts making things and goes back to normal remember the world has to go back to normal when the old goes back to normal. the prices will subside- know though, come back to where they they should be. That's the theory. What causes inflation stew? too many dollars chasing too few goods. Ok, all right! So we,
people what's gonna happen is his theory is we have? We have people that have been pent up inside and there go outside they're, gonna start spending their money, but because they ve been inside, nobody's been making these products right and so oh because they're making these products Making these products are going to feel goods for too much cash What are you normally due to curb inflation Usually I got interest rates. Why would you do that? It's getting caught people to want to save money more and not spend it action de the reason why interest rates CUP go up is because the bank charges let safe five percent interest, but the FED may charge ten percent interest. Okay, so then the bank has to charge twelve, set, so they get their two percent, but that
so that money goes back to the FED to be burned. Ok, so you You pull all of this extra money back in you have too much money. So you pull back in that's important because We ve just printed nine teen. Trillion dollars. Ok, our thoughts, transitory, here's an their federal reserve president. This is Thomas Barkin telling CNBC yesterday. I think you're gonna see Ice pressure this year is a strong demand situation and you ve got strange in supply when those things happen, you're going to see price pressure, price pressure as fancy way of saying inflation when you don't on to say inflation. Inflation is a recurring phenomena. He said prices go up this year, prices go up next year, either it's fair to argue the question, whether the combination of supply chain constraints and
stimulus driven price increases actually river next year. So he's he's not sure it's a fair argument to say, may not be transitory, ok gimme, some just the stats Ah, If you have a used car, the vow oh you of your used car in the ass twenty four months has and more value than the. didn T five hundred There is a shortage of you. Used cars now their spinning this, as this is great, because, A car is gonna, be worth more solo, traded in and though by a new car, but why People buying used cars. Why The value of a used car going up. Instead of a new car.
If we're flush with cash. Over the past year, we have more money into the financial system than ever before. Bloomberg is a little more honest using the term when they talk about rising prices instead of inflation. They're talking about skyrocketing commodity prices, what does sky getting mean lumber up? two hundred and sixty five percent crude oil up two hundred and ten gasoline one hundred and eighty two heating oil up a hundred and seven corn up. Eighty four percent: do you know how much corn is used in almost every thing, from corn syrup to cornflakes. Almost everything has corn in it. Copper, eighty three percent, that's just the beginning, soybeans. Seventy two percent silver, sixty five sugar, fifty nine cotton, fifty
four percent natural gas up forty three wheat up, nineteen and coffee up, thirteen percent These numbers are called supply chain disruptions and transitory Increases transitory, transitory. Ok, that is the Good NEWS. That's the defence that is the hey. It's transitory, Yes, we'll have, maybe even so, rocketing prices, but these things Come and go from Bank of America last week. Sorry Two weeks ago they had their latest earnings, call commentary. Now: Bank of America you
want to understand list who's to earning calls for the stock market and what, earning calls. Arts corporations the CEO Cfo. They give the report they say: hey here's. What we're experiencing this is. It helps people look to the future reviewer buying into the stock market. Part of the entire in Zeke value. Now is not how much a company is making not based on anything real actual. I can count it right now know we're looking at future earnings. so now, two weeks ago, Bank of America said that and I'm quoting but go up. Inflation is here, end quote
showed a chart of the number of mentions that seals or see if those made on their earnings call- and it was the biggest jump in history. Since Bank of America started keeping record of these it exploded more than tripling the year over year per company. and then they said two weeks ago, mentions of inflation on calls more than tripled. So far, point to higher inflation. End quote: ok! Well, we all know that, but they're not talking about what's right now they are talking about, the future. So if you know what I know, inflation is here. What is What are they sang for future earnings now that way, oh, so late,
last week. They needed a bigger chart. This time Bank of America right it's after the third week of earnings mentions of inflation have now quadrupled year over a year, and after last week mentions have jumped nearly eight hundred percent, so let me have them Explain what this means. I'm reading from the Bank of America Report. inflation trends running hot as margins hit record highs. We now the during week to that mentions of inflation quadrupled euro per year. After last week mentions have jumped nearly eight hundred percent year over year exhibit ten on an app
Salute basis mentions skyrocketed too near record highs point two at the very least transitory hyper inflation- I head again This is from a Bank of America's earnings report. The report on all of the earnings from companies point, king to quoting at the very least trend. the Tory huh. Per? I had not worry, they go on inflation risk is most prevalent in materials. Consumer sectors and in Austria ills. So you're buying ring net doves, you're gonna be fine don't worry high per inflation. According
to Bank of America. Hyper Inflation which is The very least we'll be transitory wiping generally speaking, genocide is also trans stories. not comes girls, go and comes, it goes a start doing genocide, and then they stop you, don't we happens for awhile. Why say, genocide when we should say Hitler engaged in transitory genocide, ok. So what does all of this mean? And what do you do. In forty minutes. Thirty, eight minutes from now. I will give you a list. of things. To do by There is more that you need to understand. Please don't go anywhere. If you have to please get this epoch,
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ten tens station stationary When I talk to you a little bit about taxes here quickly, the wealthy may face now under a wealth tax. Sixty one percent tax rate, sixty one percent on inherited wealth, There is also a marriage penalty under buttons new tax play that is coming if you are a single person, you make four hundred fifty two thousand dollar, seven hundred your fine you, you will not be paying more tax at what you yeah. You see. He said not a penny more ah, but if your mom
Worried and your wife or your husband make some change. That number is five hundred and nine. So If you're married to a successful person, remarried somebody's making seventy grand It actually behooves you not to be married so now we're having a marriage penalty. Tax it is really interesting because isn't the latest stimulus the the family act It is supposed to be strengthening our families, but this does exactly the opposite. It does not strength our families, it's almost like the government, is drying dismantle our families prisons, Do not miss the next twenty minutes Let me tell about life lock the door
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things that I am doing personally and I highly recommend I just gave planters. Pat, he just walked in a little white And- and I gave him a plan for him and reasonable- We ask for an area, so we have that coming up here in just a minute. First, I won to talk to you about another pressure, our gut. meant is not just printing the money Somebody is on the hook for that money and right now, the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve is not part of the american government the five largest banks in America. That's HU, the Federal Reserve is, and if you think the five largest banks are just going to take it and
left, holding the bag you're mistaken most. People are aware, I hope that the Federal Reserve and the government have pumped trillions of dollars into this economy. Just because cove id they ve done it, through a combination of things for cash provided by the government to individuals free, remember that for global loans to businesses, hundred Of billions in loan forbearance on mortgages, meaning you would defaulted, but they said no hold off. Stew In car loans forbearance as well, and a myriad of other spending that adds up northward of twelve. Point four trillion dollars in direct covert Nineteen stimulus and nineteen trillion in total economic stimulus, including money,
That is not directly tied, Cove in a good deal of the deficit. has been taken on by Uncle SAM and it was done. Correctly financed by the Federal Reserve. So what does that mean that means the Federal Reserve purchased themselves. U S true, three bonds, but they purchase. them with bogus money. They printed the money bought the bonds. Then put that on their records. As you know, So we have these bonds as investments, but they don't want the investments. Listen to this The FED his usually held a small amount of Treasury bonds around two hundred and twenty billion in two thousand seven before the crash, however asked? the crash of await the feds. Holdings of U S. Treasuries went up to four trillion dollars as the FED
Printed currency to bail the big banks themselves out now fast forward. The emergency of covered nineteen they have now purchased. other three point: six trillion: in: U S: debt, given uncle SAM three and a half trillion dollars to spend. However, he wants the net salt is the FED now carries over seven point: five trillion dollars in: U S, bonds! Let me the five biggest banks YO under the banks are too big to fail low. How come make it came, bail out, they're getting bailed out because they get a dirty little deal going on with a government, their financing, our power petitions debt. That's twenty five percent of all of our debt held by those banks and they bought it with ever coming to you, so bailed out the married. The major corporations we build.
mortgage companies. We bail out the banks. We bailed out the airlines, the crews industries college. U S! Consumers, small businesses VIII, a PPP farms in ranches. Who's gonna bail out the bear. The FED. Believe it or not, there is a plan for this, but first have to get yourself into the mindset of a central, planner fear. Conservative, you views. You look at the world differently. You look at. It is indeed jewels and individual ownership, but if your sent planner you, don't you see pools of capital, according to Alan Greenspan in his remarks in two thousand five pools, of capital, that's all that money is or pools of capital that add up to a whole and
whole can be allocated as needed during times of crisis. What does that mean? I mean I hey, there's pools of capital? There's money in? U S! Banks bank accounts, there's money in the stock market. There's another pool of retirement accounts inventions, but their privately. owned and, yes, they do add up to the whole economy, but the girl It doesn't have access to that. Oh don't they. Statists see these pools of money as untapped assets. The fact that it sits in your pension fund or your bank account doesn't matter, that's an that's a an asset that can be tapped for growth You think you own your money. Think again, the bail out of the FED
Currently there are nine trillion dollars worth of pensions in the: U S, both public and private. That's the teachers pension, the police. the fireman, the railway workers, the plumbers, the carpenters, the Blue Collar Union pensions. The pensions allocate funds for investments to continue to grow, to meet retirement benefits of the pensioners so pension, managers invest in stocks in bonds and mutual funds and real estate guy. They remember those pensions to be able to say solvent need a return on their investment of at least seven percent. Any below seven percent can cause the pension to collapse. As of the end of twenty twenty. U S. Pensions held fifteen percent of pension funds in domestic government bonds. Now that includes local state and federal bonds, that's down they used to
put thirty one percent invested in government bonds and two thousand eight, but now only about ten percent of? U S. Pay pensions are really invested in government bonds. U S government bonds, its around nine hundred billion or so the reason: why is because our government bonds only pay about one percent interest, so Europe? Yours six percent away from making enough money. So here's how the bail out starts beginning in twenty twenty two, the you US government is requiring U S pensions, to reallocate investments required, a minimum of thirty three percent or one third of all. Pension funds invested in government treasuries to me, The requirement pensions are gonna, be forced to liquidate stocks, real estate and other investments, and shift over to United States
government bonds, here's the kicker as part of the emergency powers activated by the executive order because of covert nineteen, the fad unbeknown to almost every one was author is to sell bonds on the open market for the first time. They could only do that to banks before so they have all these treasury sitting room hooligans, Onto the bag stolen by and they are the banks now because of the emergency they're allowed to sell those bonds tat. Anybody will yes who FED can now seldom to LE pen. In funds. This is a dirty dirty dirty deal So how does the government at the pensions to play along lose money right. They know they're, going to collapse if they can't get a seven percent return.
So what are they? Gonna do easy thing I did states government has the best fit guarantee corporation, which is now the FDA, see except for pensions, so the United. States governed member, I told you they would do this. Do remember this. Two thousand eight. I said the government is going to bail the pensions ass, the gun now is on the line for all of the pensions. So if they don't their return. Don't worry. The government will pay for the pensions can't pay for social security and their taking on the union pensions? Tonight? Shell game. Nine trillion dollars in; U S guaranteed pensions, also pools of government. You know that take a look We know in their Balan strategy, you have an eye re or for one k, these are not part of the plan. Yet habitable
mortgage with home equity is part of a pool that maybe they could access saving. Are checking account. Is that a pool of money that we could almost make and derivatives. When I can actually take the money but we're gonna borrow against that money. Do you see what's going on. these types of required government bond purchases exist. This is not a new thing is just new to us. Never happened before where you have a pension and you have to buy? U S? Government bonds never happened. Or in the United States. It has happened elsewhere. China. Venezuela, they have this programme
I D States now has this programme. What are you gonna do with your money? We have plenty of money, but nothing. Our money can buy transitory inflation, fleeting transitory, hyper inflation according to Bank of America. What are you gonna? Do we go there next, at the top of next hour, do not miss today's show. I think its critical, that you listen to today show and if you have to go someplace you have to turn out now then listen to the podcast make sure you listened to the podcast and share this with any fresh
and that you know actually cares about these things. This has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do Ronald Reagan too. about this too, as he was running up huge tat. He said: there's gonna come a time when work going to have to make choices and we're not gonna. Like any other choices. Will I got news for you We're pass that now we're pass that what's coming and how to prepare, in just a minute are living about my pillow. My pillow is making something great for all of mankind. It is my slippers, my slippers are so comfortable there, the fusion of comparability and style
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they give you another story. They came out yesterday completely unrelated the: U S on profit. Digital dollar project said yesterday. It will launch five pilot programmes over the next twelve months to test the potential uses of a. U S central bank digital currency, the first effort. of its kind in the United States. So this will be a digital currency back by the United States government. What could pie simply be wrong with that in the ditch. Dollar foundation. Annex censure, are putting the digital dollar project together. It is. research into a: U S: Central Bank, digital currency. These
and real banks around the world, including in China and Europe, are revving up its central bank, digital currency projects, to fend off threats from crypto currencies and to improve payment systems as guardian of the world's most widely used currency. The Us Federal Reserve has been moving more cautiously, but it is now working at a fever pace to be able to catch up. Apparently, isn't that wonderful? I mean, I think, I miss the point of a digital currency. One of the reasons you have a digital currency is because you don't trust the government and the government, the bases its currency. That's why you would have been one day? I don't think they missed that. I think the heavier. Very aware that people might figure it out and they better come up with some other way to stop. It is the biggest risk of curved Oprah. probably probably so you got that go in for
by the way this would give central Bank total control. Another there saying what great is they can just put money stimulus, money right into crypto currency right into your account, because have all the numbers. I have everything they need so you're not gonna have to wait for years. Ex refund you're, not gonna, have to wait for stimulus money either. Just put it right directly into your account Some lucky Americans are gonna, be the first to be able to try this out this year. So maybe that'll be you. Oh. I can't oh, please call me. But I just want to remind you if they can put it into your account and of course we know they would never do this. What is the old saying he that Giveth can take it the way if they can put it into your account and again they would never do this.
Just as easily take it out of your account, let's say if you were doing something horrible, just horrible, like I don't know using horrible language, that is so dangerous saga about hate speech? Are you well that's illegal for Thou voting for Donald Trump I'll, just be valid horrible horrible I think that this is why the currency decentralized. Exactly right is that you cannot have a central authority is pulling out of accounts that they, while the people of the world are pushing to go smaller and more individualistic, the governments of the world are pushing to go bigger. We are where at the point now, where we're going to decide one way or another glance programme, let me tell you a little bit about rough greens ever since we put rough greens down in the bowl, for you know, he has changed and the first thing a changed he wanted to eat
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Five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dot com tomorrow night on Glinda Tv Americans are constantly told conservatives want voter suppression, police or systemically racist equity. Trumps equality was the truth. Is America a racist nation when investigates the big lies from the left, shares the real data on police violence and evokes the race barriers that continue to divide our country to get the facts to fight back tomorrow night nine pm Eastern only applies to be dotcom. Slashed Glenn so TAT day is a good day to listen to the podcast. If you're just joining us, you really now I do want to use. The word want want to listen to it. I think this is a you really need to listen to the podcast today
it's a weird day for student. I because we ve been talking about this for ever for ever and it's finally beginning at least in transit, anyway, transitory transit terms, and it goes I'm I am interested to see gives you you promised at some point a solution furthest. I do. I am fascinated to hear that, but the problem from To summarize here. Let me see if I had this correct Prices are up pretty much everywhere. people are noticing that right, they're going to the gas pumps they're gonna go to the grocery store. You notice it it's a lieutenant words noticeable to average people, but that's also, very noticeable to the economy as a whole. Big business people say, business people, everybody's filling them at all at the same time. So that's going up
We have spending going up, not going up by which a hyper spending will Piper sped hyper spending. We have spent the last year last twelve months night, too Jeanne trillion dollars. It is the size of the economy per year. Eleven trillions offers yet and size of the global economy. Further years, fifty three trillion by the EU s economy is, I think, eleven or in the budget is four trillion roughly. How now it's not for train any more but right it was four trillion before we decided to spend all these other trillions right. That does not. by the way more coming We have multiple trillions of dollars on the table to be spent. Ok, but Then you have Bank of America. You went through a bunch of examples of this in warm buffets another one. By the way we didn't even mention more for the same that inflation is here and coming and he's noticing it right. But
almost everybody. The federal saying you were expecting a little higher than two percent inflation we're already higher than two percent inflation. If you can you're late, the numbers, the way they were calculated back in the nineteen abies the last time we had really bad inflation in the seventies and eighties. We would be at all most eleven percent, now inflation, They're saying we're just about two percent inflation, nor not nor not the average. And will feel it at about eleven percent than that hyperinflation. However, Bank of America too, that the date rack how many times people talk about inflation on earnings call. So this is not just like random people, but we have augurs meet people on social media reading about inflation is our actual ceos who by the way legally required to be telling the truth on these calls. They they can't. You see, people like Enron. It's up, that's how they got in trouble because they were saying things that were misleading on earnings calls its view:
a very important to get those things is accurate as possible. Talking about inflation more more. They track that its up eight hundred percent Inflation mentions in these are skulls and their summary out of the question for me to have the quotas for any my element getting caught the rank of America Bank of America, the earnings call from Bank of America, inflation trends, running hot as margins hit record highs, is the headline. This is again from Bank of America. We during week to that mentions of inflation quadrupled year over year after year, last week mentions have jumped nearly eight hundred percent year after year on an app Whew basis mentions skyrocketed too near record highs. Point to add The very least trend the Tory hyper inflation ahead. End quote:
transitory hyperinflation. I mean We have our inflation used to be like some conspiracy theory that you'd get in trouble for saying and was possible o believe me they'll find a way to find us. We'll get in Trouble Bank of America saying it now here in addition to this pensions. Who are already in massive message, trouble and half makes seven percent in earnings what pension Once you put you sending your money for union that goes The pension fund, the pension fund, then invests in things like the best thing. Can invest in now, don't call obviously get those going. They need seven percent return year every year, otherwise they can meet the obligations so there on the edge they I've gotten out of? U S boy, HANS because it's only returning one percent, but here's the Good NEWS,
They are now going to force pension funds too. By one third or Sonia. eighty per cent of their pension fund now have to be in: U S, treasuries right, southern Just forcing people might lose confidence, let's say, and who has treasuries in this circumstance that were discussing will now pensions have to buy them to stay afloat and here's the great thing. it's just a giant ponzi. Skids ponzi scheme is a great thing, their buying the bonds from federal reserve. So the Federal Reserve was one go into the politicians gecko head right as much as you want, we'll just we'll by it, but then the guy and gave the Federal Reserve and out and granted them call vade privileges under the executive order to be to sell those bonds to anyone who wants to buy them? They used to only be able to sell em to address other central banks but central banks. Buying them So now, though, just
both of them to you. But they know, there's not gonna, be a big demand for those. So the government is forcing the pensions As of twenty twenty. Two two bye bye from the Federal Reserve, so the bank's get their money you. Screwed Mamma Mamma, dad grandma Grandpa your pensions you're not going to get it. I'm sorry, I don't know I'm sorry. The federal government is guaranteeing those pensions, so you will be paid that money in you, US dollars now isn't that great, because if you're me, no making two thousand dollars in your pension today. Just imagine how far Those two thousand dollars will go under transitory hyperinflation Ah gonna be so rich and you're saying you have a solution to this
No, I have a highway skeptical of of of the possibility of such things. I have a way to prepare an to give you some things to think about So there is a catalogue of inflation, hedges things that you can buy, that are a hedge against unfair the number one is always had in. A rating was gold. Until tips came the picture in the nineteen eighties nineteen eighties. They realized. The government realise that gold was people were dropping the federal bonds. and they were buying gold and it was freaking people. I remember the price of gold and nineteen. Seventy three was thirty. Four. Thirty. Fourth, maybe sixty dollars an hour. I think I was thirty four, but it might have been sixty dollars. Amounts in seventy two, then we off the gold standard by
nineteen. Eighty, it was about a thousand dollars and it was freaking everybody out. So the federal remit decided, you know what we're gonna come up with new bonds and were called they're called tips, treasury inflation protected. So it and tease the rate of inflation. How ever. If inflation is low, you lose if the gun meant, you know hyper inflates the money you lose speak What are you gonna buy with all that money? Nothing because it's not worth anything. But it's always been rated a. hedging power tips this? this. According to S MP, core logic and morningstar, the hedge, they hedging power of taxes and a long term. Hedging prospects f. Now why Diversified commodities,
edging powers and a long term see now that makes sense to me because you would say it's transitory. So if you're going to buy a whole bunch of commodities universe, we beans in coin corn and everything else. It's eventually gonna get better. So it's a great way to hedge right now to buy a bunch of that stuff, but eventually it's gonna come down k, indebtedness. I've heard people say more Moussa, timed, roar of being dad, because I'm just gonna pay it off with hyperinflated money. Believe me, The house always wins: indebtedness, hedging, Bower, a long term prospects F, Lumber products be for hedging power long term prospects. A. Let me give you an example
I had put floors in my house and who know that, when you put in floors, you also have to have plywood underneath it I mean it's crazy. You probably a lot of people do that, but I should know you didn't know it. I didn't know: I'd like the floors magically came in the how fast down analogous yarning would there it's a wood floor? Why do you need one more word on right with double ones? And then you need like two by force and things that why in wood anyway- who knew that so we bought it. We bought Fortunately for me kind of we bought More than we needed, we thought we needed so we we had, like I don't know. Third, extra sheets of plywood? What would we, them, they were like thirteen dollars in some places in America today, their eighty dollars a sheet. Ok, they thirteen dollars. I could have really gone in front of home depot and said play
forty five box and made a killing on it? Ok, This is really important if you are looking for ways to hedge do not look to get rich. Do not look for schemes to say: I can profit, I'm sure they're gonna be people who are going to profit off of this. I am sure there are they're gonna, be schemes, etc, etc. But a lot of people will lose their short at this time as well. Do not go into debt, don't buy lumber if you're, just like I'm gonna corner the lumber market. That's stupid idea. However, if going to use lumber, so you will always have a place for it. and you're, not borrowing money, lumber I'd, be a good deal
I just sold my plywood for thirteen dollars. A sheet to my friend Who is not? to redo their floors as well, because of this, this cold that have in the water and everything else So I seldom to him for thirteen back. He saved a ton of money. I could have a profit on that any probably would have had a problem, but I didn't I didn't to do that. But it's you look for things that people are going to need. The world is always going to need number here is an interesting one. Bitcoin hedging power be law, long term prospects, the only one with a question mark commercial, real estate, hedging power, or be long term. aspect, a a house having the deed have
the deed to your house, be longer prospects d a b. I will. there's a caviar too, that I don't think we have time to day, but could you write this down? I gotta talk to you about what I is coming with houses that I think there is any way go. old is a sea hedging power long term prospects see I completely disagree with that material producers is a sea now long term, a cash see long term prospects D. I think it's an F oil d long term prospects be ok, that's if you're gonna it in asked in things or you're you're. Looking to do that. I want to break this down. I'm gonna take a one minute break our this down to the person that is the average person that doesn't have money. that doesn't have a lot of money that is is is living day to day
and is wondering what does this mean to me? It's I mean a lot to you and me show you how you can protect yourself and your family I'll. Do that in sixty seconds, hey here's one thing you could do get out of your time share: get out of your time share, tie sure termination team is waiting for you right now. You'll get twenty percent off when you terminate your timeshare, but you have to tell me I sent you so make sure you do that call eight hundred and eighty eight get you out. Eight hundred and eighty eight get you out. That's eight hundred and eighty eight four thousand three hundred and eighty eight ex eighty eight or visit am online at timeshare termination team not only if used by name, will you get twenty percent off. They have a one hundred percent money back guarantee that if they can get You out of the timeshare you
get your money back, one hundred percent of it. How can they be simply do that. This is not accompany those like I used to be a time share. Business saw, I know, scumbags workers who I was. come back and know not. Now, though, these are attorneys that knew that there was a problem in this area and they could help people. So these are all attorneys better. Looking at it, the legal way, the most effective way, the permanent way to get you out of your timeshare, timeshare termination, team, dot, com, eight hundred and eighty eight get you out. Ten seconds station, I d,
ok, let me go through a couple of things: if you're just joining Us- Bank of America came out and said: there's transitory hyperinflation, quoting at the very least transitory hyperinflation coming our way stew did you ever get, definition of hyperinflation? What is the actual definition? monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate K. So leaves a little butter wriggle room. Yes, however, traditionally we understand that, as in Bob Way, Germany Venezuela, when power, since just skyrocket. Now the reason why there saying transitory is because they believe this is going to come and then it will go away when the old goes back to normal bud, I think, we're going back to normal were spent
in nineteen really in dollars, and we ve just proposed another four. We're not really going back to normal kids, so what do you do? The first thing I want to talk to you about is this. I want you to get this book right, I'll crisis preparedness handbook, it's the Third edition. Patrick Patricia and Jack bigger rally. forty thousand copy soul. I just want to show it on screen if you happen to be watching the blaze get this book. This book is the best preparedness book. I've ever read: because it doesn't overwhelm you every book I've ever seen on preparedness, you open up and like tat, I could breathe, you don't mean end and you
Yeah, I mean you skip stock cause. You can't do all of it, though, This book is so good because it breaks it down and it whole book takes the attitude of you can't do that. No big deal do this, or do that. You can't do that ok! Well, maybe you don't need to, but try to of these things. Really is the best book, and I'm going to explain why here in just a second and give you some things. If you are the average person I urge you to do to prepare for what is coming. The one thing I checked! There's a checklist in here on what kind of disasters are you preparing for seeing as everything, and I mean You know earthquakes, tornado Hurricane I mean all the way down to impede the one thing it doesn't say is it's a tory hyperinflation, but thing in this book. You'll be
able to find the answer on what you do, including barter tips, which really important I'll go into here in a second, its Christ this preparedness handbook by Patricia and Jack's bigger, rarely get this today the sins blunder programme while lasted kind? appropriate. Let me talk to you about gold line. It's time to stop saying, inflation is on the way, You know- and I know it's already here what's on the way according to Bank of America is transitory hyper inflation rate, Have you knows how your groceries are going up? That's not the point so things going up. That is, the value of your dollar. too many dollars chasing too few goods were not making the goods and we ve just power.
Did dollars out so gold, I highly, recommend gold and silver, because in the end the world always comes back. Everything that, glitters, is not gold according to Rudyard Kipling Miss Palm, There is, the real reason to have physical gold all them right now talk to them about this six percent free just metals, promotion for self directed, Irae acquisitions at eight six, six gold lying eight six, six gold line, and had over to blaze, tv dot, com, slash gonna, get this show and all the others complete look in your subscription to say ten bucks off with the promo code Glenn.
This is the Glen by programme welcome to Tuesday today's broadcast. We have primarily dedicated to who preparedness for economic, tough times now, the Bank of America has issued a report that said at the very at the Very least, trade. the Tory Hyper inflation is coming? Okay, so let's just take them at their word? Not me, not anybody else, not any crazy. Yahoo. Like me saying this, this is Bank of America. Let's take, them at their word. How do you prepare there's lots of different ways, but you have to start thinking like Germans did in the nineteen thirties there's a great book.
Remember the name of it I'll, try to find it here before the end of the hour, but there's a great book out. It was a diary of a guy from Germany and he he just wrote that the daily goings on in it is phenomenal. He said one week. None of us have any idea what hyperinflation meant the next week. Everyone knew what it meant: and Lee Smart people. I should say smart people? Smart people, when and they bought as much as they possibly could early on, so their family was tabled, the reason I say they were half smart people is because they told people And then, of course, when there's reels scarcity and you appear to have more than others, they come for you, so everything I am telling you today, I would keep it to yourself. I would keep it to yourself,
Just so you know, I'm not doing any of these things. Some wildly unprepared, So the first thing, if you have zero money. I mean you have nothing. what job are you doing and how valuable will it be in a bad chaotic situation. Me I only have my body to offer and no one's paying me to have sex I'm assist day, a very marble steak and I know that it will be in my job will be so short lived. I will be, everybody will be working and doing everything and I'll be. I could tell you guys a story which guys, like me, a story, no value in that ok in madmen, Did you see the story? Teller? No, they ate him early on our right, so What skill do you have if you
skill is not good in a in a you know a bad situation. You might want to look at your Hobbes. What you're Hobbes again The hobby that I'm starting to really be good at now is painting nothing Nothing no one's gonna, say: hey. You, wanna paint a picture for me why we all starve to death or workin out here ploughing just worse, taken care. It now nobody's gonna, wanna painting so again, I'm Jake, I realized that don't be stake. Why hobby. What can you do? Can you fix cars. can you learn to fix cars? Do you have any kind of building experience farming experience. Do you know how the land even works? Can you so and repair things?
That's the first thing that you have to do as you have to find the value that you can offer because If you have re, I'm talking about catastrophic breakdown, you need to be offering people something skill, because we're I'm gonna need to work together which bring me to my next topic: if you don't have a bug out bag. If you dont have a plan to go. Someplace you pay. Probably, should have one now, and may I highly recommend that you are in a town where it's like minded people. They are good. indecent, have farming skills. They are used to be an old living off the land. They our spiritual in nature, And and
I believe in the constitution, I'd find that community and I their move their or I'd have plans moving there Other thing you can do is build a really good. France, library, free students Did you know if, if the drugstore breaks down, do you know anything, about medicine. Do you know any? thing about the plants around you that you can eat or can't eat I'll, be dead in three days. I'll be like where's the cup, we're sprinkles wears a cup store. I haven't seen a cupcake store, whereas the cupcake store, there's no Cakes doors here so Gulf. marriage for something hey this build a good reference library, and that includes all the things that you should,
have every American should have all of the founding documents, all of Americans. Think of something that is good and worthy. If you only had seven books, what would they be then look for things, but can you In two communications, how we communicate with each other. What are your communication skills? do you have you know any medical skills? Can you get any medical skills? Can you right now go get skills and don't ever tell somebody or doktor, although I am a doctor, I will that big ironic tell us arrive a doktor. He was very sick before I cut him open, very sick. I I didn't think you'd have faith you. He had a heart problem. You took out his stomach, oh well, his stomach had to be removed. I'm telling you that ran
dont. Tell you please don't tell anybody or a police officer a doctor, a jubilee you'll be dragged into service, now hear something else. You are looking for things and I'm too king about people who are the each person that doesn't have well I'm talking to my broker this afternoon at four o clock: a play around nine or twelve. and work work, Don't talk about stocks and stuff. I'm talking about the Reach person Kay out of debt as much as you can I something that is of value a car. Even if it's not a fancy car just car that works in a car you could prepare. You could repair when you have now thing remember: others will have nothing as well. Toilet paper comes to mind
no glint Bacchus. He starting a rush on toilet paper, toilet paper. Scooby. Eight there's a sheet soon, probably well Bay, but not because I said something Well, that paper, Your blades pain killers, you know over the counter medicines lip mom, diapers baby, why condoms bar soap, deodorant shampoo, all that stuff. If things get really bad and really expensive wait a minute you're a farmer you you have- some corn haven't, had an thing but soap for dinner. For a while I'll, I just some scope for some corn. Your king for things that you can trade people for also, I think, a very good investment is ammunition, let me say that again ammunition would be a very good investment.
we have a couple of stories on that coming up Also, a coffee, alcohol people don't think this way, but if people can't afford something And let's say I can relate to this you're, an alcoholic. I need alcohol. Even if you're, not an alcoholic right now Today's world, I need alcohol lots of it. Kids, don't waste your alcoholism on years, where the problems are, that being heard, not need that alcohol some day ass, Homer Simpson says how the hall, the cause of and solution to all of the world's prob, exactly writings exactly run coffee t, sugars, each chocolate. like your grandparents or your great grandparents in the great depression. I told stew arena Pat he's like all good year to start a cookie,
Company and I said actually cookies and Choice- lights and sugar will be one of the last things that people will stop buying because when the whole world socks you, something normal and you want to treat, and it could be just a bar of chocolate with great I've heard cookies and I believe Texan cookie will be they last company standing in America. Yes, even as something he's like there come in, come in at a glance is likely to come for you, man, I'm the cooking, well, you're too Driving home to interrupt I'll bet you're describing here a real apocalypse. Type of situation this I know this is not hey. Your prices are going. Ok, I don't think this is a world where alike civilization is crumbling. Your prices are going up again. Do not people you're doing this. Your prices are going up. Your prices are expensive. Today. if you're in transition airy or Noah, I'm sorry transit swords, a transitory hyperinflation. Your
price of your food. Your coroner, whatever is gonna, go up I am doing stuff on my house. I bought the Duff that I knew I was gonna use. I wasn't using it to barter anything else. I bought it right now. That's the key! by things that you know you're going to need and use, and you know that it might come down before use at all, but it's better to have it then having to go, buy it when it's a bottle of shampoo that used to cost you three dollars is now five five dollars and you think might be, seventeen dollars buy it now. The things you can do is caught your spending, where you can, and by the things that you know you're going to need? If it's, it's transitory hyperinflation. Great, that means things. I say this with a survey. It means thing
go back to normal great. So try to do everything you can to cut out your expenditures for the next eight months by things that are going up. Detergents bleachers bleed It's gonna go through the roof and, if you're looking for anything, of building a house. It's gonna go through the roof, think about what the government is. Spending their doing things for the green new deal, So everything in a house everything with a grid, everything electricity, any copper is gonna, go through the roof. Because the government is gonna spend billions buying a batch of it at all. He's very little for you also one last thing: don't dismiss this:
My grandfather taught me, you know he lived for the great depression and he said you know people laughed people laugh people laughed. He said we didn't have the money to invest in the stock. Orkut, he said, but I really was trying to get rich. Everybody was borrowing again. Things they didn't really own. Don't ever do that. Don't ever do that. People who were rich, really rich. They were the It had money because they didn't play the game of let's get wealthy quickly. They just kept and they bought things were and things began to fall apart. You buy things up, intrinsic value, think as anonymous think as as unlike the average American, as you possibly can think of tomorrow thing but what you need tomorrow by
things when you can and store them and don't work on that. Don't pull from that storehouse. until you really need to pull from just keep adding to the store house you bite you girl, girl. She shopping. Just add to that. are back in just a minute. Real estate agents. I trust, hey, hey buying and selling a house ha sounds like a great time to do it. Doesn't it right now. The average house is good. If your building a house, it's gonna, cost you thirty four percent best today, thirty four percent more than It would have cost you a year ago buying a house is gonna, be pretty dicey specially if it's a brand new house. People are moving and if they're moving from your state, you're gonna have a hard time selling your house, you
need somebody who is an expert. In the Maria of whether you're buying or where you're selling an expert in the? locations that have the the chops that are one of the best sellers in the area. They have the record they ve been in it, for long time they have the system to get your home sold fast and for top dollar and to get you who not into a into a bidding war, but winning that war in winning the house that you want. the state agents. I trust, will put you into the the hands of those kinds of real estate agents. I urge you as a free, service to you, you just gotta real estate agents. I trust dot com. This is my company, we'll put you touch with a real estate agent? Please don't take my word for it. Please do your own homework interview these people? If you don't good about it, move on somebody else, but I think you will feel good about these people. There really good people, many of them, if not most of them are
fans of the show they think like you, and they just want where deal for everybody involved. Real estate agents, I trust, dotcom, real estate agents, I trust dot com, This is the Glenda programme. Again I want to give you one more. reminder the book. I urge you to get to day, get it right now. It's called Christ This preparedness handbook tone revised and updated. This is the third edition, the one I have its, Patricia Speaker Rally, Aston and Jack. Spigot, really just just think, spaghetti just think the crisis preparedness guy and if spaghetti looks like it could, their last names. He got the right book, good advice. Like you, I mean just how to make people. This is great great book.
I think, to Morrow I'd like to open up the phones somewhat, maybe for an hour and take your questions on this next hour preparing for tomorrow night tv show the The racist be damned the people who are saying or racist nation. We're gonna set the record straight and give you the tools to be able to argue it next hour, talking to the farmers and the attorney that is their suing the government for the right to life. involved in government projects. Would you not love entertainment, the gun back
in one of the most shameful things I have seen our country do and I've seen our country do a lot of shameful things. Over the years We are now becoming a nation that is putting in systematic racism, I think we ve been a country. This been trying to get rid of all the systematic racism. You know we made some great steps in the nineteen sixties and have been moving towards that ever since lower now. He taught that you have to see everything through the lens of race, and that's why, when Joe Biden decided to give loan forgiveness to the farmers of Amerika. I thought okay! Well, that's that's nice! That's nice accepted only those two minorities, if your wife and a farmer we're not gonna, forgive you alone. We can't I'll be out on that. Excuse me
That seems like it might be unconstitutional well some farmers who are wide so therefore not disadvantaged their suing we're have to talk to one of the farmers and the attorney involved in sixty seconds Glenn programme. I love these people who are pushing back on the system. now. Imagine your car just broken down the side of the road. Your face in the grim reality that you're about to be on the hook, for maybe a couple thousand bucks. You know and that is if you can get the chips, I'd, have to be replaced. York. is broken down on the side of the road and you don't know what to do now? Imagine here broken down on the side of the road and you really can appear cause. You got things to do, but you can call all and you know trucks going gonna come and take the car away and the not going to pay for it and you going get roadside assistance and you're gonna get a rental car. So when yours is in the shop,
you don't have to worry about it, you're still doing the things that you know help keep coming into the household. Oh, by the way you don't have to worry about what the mechanic is charging because its covered under car shield. I think I pick number two car shield car she'll dotcom used a promo code, beckoned safe ten percent right now car shield, dot com, promo code back safe, ten percent deductible may apply. What is truly amazing to me: is the american Rescue plan active twenty twenty one, President Joe Biden, signature covert. Nineteen relief legislation provides bill. means of dollars of debt relief, to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, but the law
Definition of socially disadvantaged includes explicit racial classifications. Farmers in ranchers must be black or Africa. American. american indian, alaskan native hispanic, latino or asian American or Pacific Island or other Farmers white farmers are not eligible. I've been waiting for this day for farm first, to stand up and legally fight this. Adam Faust, he is a farmer suing the government for alone forgiveness. He and I think, for other farmers join him he's the representative today on the programme, along with the deputy counsel for the Wisconsin Institute for LAW and Liberty, Dan Lending, Dan, how are you Glenn thanks for having me are you bet and Adam how're, you, sir doing well
here you are a dairy farmer, that's correct can you tell me about your your farm yeah. I know about seventy Holstein cows. Farmer two hundred acres of land to provide food for those cause we're just a small traditional stall barn there farm and you ve had a rough go and I know I know dairy farms have had a rough go it for a long time now, you been having a rough go Thirdly, on the last couple of years, prices when depressed and then I'm Covid head cooker real Paul jack, and your white, so you're not disadvantaged right. Exactly!
So so Dan tell me about the case. So glad we find this in federal court. Last Thursday we found against the: U S: Department of Agriculture. The the american rescue plan contains four million dollars of loan forgiveness. Does he said what that means? Is that if you're, a farmer who has taken out alone, You're gonna get a hundred per cent of that loan, forgiven plus twenty four. That is gonna be deposited directly and your bank account. So it's not. Uncommon for a farmer to take out a million dollar loan for property for commodities, birth, land or operating expenses. So if you are a farmer took out a million dollar alone stay in December. Are you would get one point, two million dollars in return and then you could also still but crop that you were when I grow and make a profit of? Let us agree. program, but guess what you don't get it. If your white That's the only requirement is that you're, not white and you get the money so
but it says disadvantaged and Adam, I doubt that would call himself disadvantaged, but you know me a double amputee. Might not be an advantage of getting up every morning and milking the cows and the stalls here not enquire north, regretfully Dan who or the other farmers, and what does it mean if you win or lose other farmers are from Wisconsin Minnesota Sound, the colonel Heil. I've been on the phone with don't dozens of other farmers around the country, the same way They laid out really want any special treatment. What they want is to be treated equally right now This is really sad chapter in our american discharge. Our country was founded on equality right. We teach our kids that we hold these truths
be self evident that all men are created equal rights in the Abraham, Lincoln again rededicate country to equality, Martin Luther King, dedicated or country to the color blind society all those ideas of quality are now being what away way this is the opening kick off in the wars of of racism, anti racism and critical race theory. This was the opening However, this is, there is more to come from the binding administration. And you're gonna be hearing this this song. PETE it over and over that to do something about flows, white people, and we need to reverse the tables on them. just what exactly is happening here so Dan. If you win, it could have far reaching consequences. And the same. If you, if you lose right, The! U S Supreme Court has said in past cases that
government cannot use racism to cure racism if they're gonna use some discrimination against people. They have to have it for a very limited time. Ass to be narrowly tailored has to be targeted to remedy pass wrongs in very specific circumstances, You should think like school, desegregation or the time we're race was considered a fact and the government- rightly desegregated schools. When the government now uses the excuse of systemic racism as the reason for doing this, the question where is it stop? What is the logical stopping point if the government is allowed to use racism unused race discrimination to cure societal discrimination? What How can they do and the Supreme Court has rejected that, and they said you can new- that there's no logical stopping points, and so, if, if the Supreme Court back down from that principle, I it's gonna be
very long and winding road down this, this tunnel of critical race theory and systemic risks. Sudan Urien Wisconsin, which amazes me. Quits content is a very progressive state aids. Port, to make sure that this goes to the right court. Do what what are you looking out? Who you bringing this to? bring it to the federal judges, Wisconsin and the Green Bay Division of Eastern District Wisconsin we're gonna litigated there. We might ask the judge to put the law on hold what gets evaluated. We think that's reasonable. There are There is another law should in Texas it's going on. I've heard rumours that there are other law firm story. gonna, be it in the mix west, so ice. Save as far as the litigation strategy, the more the merrier
We need to put the burden on the government to explain why race discrimination is import, and we need to have them- put them to the test and have them explain themselves its word, the city, without our burden to prove it this law. Is it bad? They have to prove this lies right after Prove that we should retreat from the principles of equality and we should retreat from what is the foundational principle that all people are created equal. and maybe we should be treated as individuals, Adam S was lost, Adam I assume you are not a suing guy you're, not one that sues everybody. The drop of a hat. No, I'm pretty happy stop you're not my college tell me what what made you sign up for this. What drove you to this
well from the time that I saw this all play in open the proposal on this act- Roy bother me that there will be there. The government would turn its back on sons and do something that racist watches against the fabric of our current? and a long time went on and didn't see anything? happening. I have failed to assume thirdly, organization that would jump on this immediately and I do not see anything happening, I thought well, somebody has to get involved and has to represent every culture, a mean apricot jurors, not is not built on a bunch of racist people.
How is it you know? I've heard from a lot of people and supporting Orson Thinking, Alfred's bird stepping up and in trying to do here Adam I'm, a small farmer, small rancher myself, and I thank you for it. I don't what the law, nor would I would I apply for the loan, but I have and deeply offended, and so have all of the farmers around my farm We all feel the same way that the farming community is a tight knit community. We all help each other, we don't care about Europe, politics or anything else? We helped each other cuz. We know it some point. We are going to need the help and we're going to need everybody else to help us and it's a gray eight community. That does help each other and the division that creates. I mean you wanna talk about dividing people. How hard to divide farmers?
I mean, let's let its squabble over water. Damn hard! Adam. Thank you. Thank you! So much and Dan. When does this go to court, while they States has a few weeks in which to respond to listen and, as I said in the meantime, we may have to the judge, put this law and hold on before the money starts going out Do you have the money to fight the United States government on this? We are a nonprofit law firm in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Institute, prolong liberty. We exist purely on the kindness of others and donations and. But he who, once more information, can go to a website. It will dash law, dot org. W, I l l down, law dot. Org, ok will dash law, dot, org Thank you so much Dan best of luck to you and your team Adam.
God bless you. Man keep milk in those cows, priests You bet Bobby last thing I want to be very firm. I don't even want to live around the dairy farm. seems like hard work, yeah really hard. Every day, more more people are discovering. The wonders of rough greens for their dogs have seen what it has done to my own dog Unos, always been a very picky eater tests. I mean that's at best. Picky eater is at best. He just wouldn't eat at time. Yet stand there and watch and don't move. If you move, he stops eating and he looks at you like. Are you leaving cuz I'm ready to go? I don't like this. Would that much no matter what he was eating, their
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a few months, and you won't believe the difference. It's rough greens are you F, F greens, dot com, slash back or even call eight three three Glenn thirty, three, that ain't three three Glenn thirty three! again station. I d yeah there is a one hour: live stream broadcast permitting. May fourth, that's today it America salutes twenty twenty one join me tonight as we celebrate the national. Military appreciation month by one in the Premiere of America, salutes twenty twenty one. It's a star, studded virtual tribute to our class of twenty one. Twenty twenty one high school enlist these. These are the people who are in high school and they have decided that they're gonna go into the military.
It is preparing to night at seven p m Eastern. I highly recommend there's a thank you from of of a video. Thank you, and I, card. If you will that everybody can sign, and it really truly makes a big deal if, if people beside it It said it shows the Americans. Are you know behind you we're behind you is into the into the service goat, America salutes dot. You ass! America salutes dot you ass again there to night a one hour live stream broadcast tonight at seven p m the encore is at nine p M Eastern and make sure that you go to America, salutes dot? U S and just sign a thank you. We appreciate your service, for all, of these are young kids,.
are you doing still you look a little war weary. Today, yes, is kind of a scary shell, the thing and entertaining me on the other side, as you are talking about, are our economy collapsing under swashing dose coin? arise, and I mean we're all gonna be billionaires on dose coin. So that's the as everyone now dollars. I gotta be worth anything. That's a horn tonight, but at least have tons of dose court. Now, when I said Doin Dodge COIN wasn't worth anything last time it was worth less than assent. How much is it worth now? Oh, well, don't coin is now at fifty. One sense wholly fifty five cents, a whole ass. The carriage here, So if you would have put it in it, what was its point six? They like a year ago, six point two cents point to say so currently that fifty one, so you be your Bab children fifty times your money from a year ago.
thousand hours invested, a shoot turner. Fifty thousand fifty thousand yes lotta millionaires made on Doha coin and I do think we hit act. Think fifty eight fifty nine cents earlier today and This may be leading into Elon Musk governance hundred it and I live, which everyone seems to think he's going to mention dose going, which will make go even higher itself ridiculous, but it's fun it's fun to play along at home especially at fifty cents. You because you can a pop in their yet few mere maybe have a couple of hundred extra bucks lane around alien around here is gamble all the time it is. I believe it is well when the government sending you fourteen hundred our tax, maybe you're taking come on that and milder reserves are doing really well. Casinos are doing well, there's a great story in the Washington Post. I mean this sincerely. They actually did some really good journalism about about an Brent, who came over here, built the american dream by renting out homes too.
people around a depressed community? Now was coming back. Earnings Schenectady. I think it was a little kid she became back well, apparently had believed it out at the low point, a kind of came back area anyway. Long story short: they have to sent a bunch of money to the people who were renting his homes and they have told them they will have to pay any rent. So now he's paying all of the taxes and all the costs of the home, but he can't remove any people, because as a moratorium on evictions and none of them actually have to pay rent because the laws they haven't said because I guess he's an evil rich person, this immigrant came over here and build the american dream from scratch. He has do now sit here and go bankrupt because he can't pay. Any of his own tax bills because None of his renters are actually paying rent and they're all text, so they just say in their protected from forbearance. Do you know
Parents is what you know: they don't have to pay their mortgage or they don't have to pay their rent it's his mortgage. I wonder if he gets forbearance. good question or no fees paid for these houses and invest in England. That much detail on his particular point other than to say that there are, In costs of of his places, he had to keep Now. Look he had built, a business up who, as we know that so he wasn't wealthy wealthy, but he is doing relatively well now. He is on the verge of bankruptcy. these run up. All this credit card bills pay these things and he can't do anything. People, just ignoring them, and he's looking through the windows and seeing big screen tvs inside thousands. Oh, my gosh giddy I mean. Can you imagine how is the government tried his little fix it plans and a lot You will get left out of them and I think I think this case we can make a good good case that its intentional their intentional
leaving people out of the seas. program. Groucho Marx once said, I refuse to join any club. That would have me as a member that's good in the world of comedy, but these days you need to join groups That will not only have you as a member but which stand for the same things that you do I don't have you ve heard of a MAC, yet the association of mature american citizens. But it is you know it's a group. They will give you all the discounts for seniors and everything else, but also its inadequacy group, now has over two million members and their growing. They represent courage, faith reason all the thing solvency all the things that we were taught growing up all the things we know to be true: national security sovereignty over unchecked borders? your money is your money, a MAC. They ve been
pushing for about twelve years now pushing back on the machine and the radical left's Socialists agenda, and they do make a difference. But there's Our in numbers joined them today go to a sea dot. U S, slash back, that's aim at dot? U S slash back day am a sea dot. You slash back We always hyperinflation coming up police tv subscription could be a million dollars by to Morrow wow. Don't miss your chance. Now plays tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn provocateurs, Glenn, say ten bucks this is the lead by programme. We're glad you're here just five minutes ago, is talking about a program that I'm evolve with tonight. America salutes dot com. it is a celebrity. You know I want to say celebrities people you like
that are involved in saluting those high school students that have chosen to go into the military is and a cool little tribute programme. It happens to night and Only on american salutes dot com and you can sign a a thank you card there. Is you go and get ready for it as well, but that is to night a man, echo salutes dot com. Tomorrow night on the blaze, tv, dotcom, blaze, tv, dotcom, I'm gonna debunked. The three big lies about sister: attic racism when the left. About systematic racism. They conveniently Leave out a few things in one of those few things is the willingness to include age Americans, from that asian Americans are so overlooked and and they they are
they are, there said to over, perform they don't represent any real, any real minority that's why they're exclude from many Ivy League schools now because it too many of them and they do to well. Oh and now all, of course, the the hatred of Asians, which honestly I don't even understand I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and you know Asians, were our neighbours and friends, and I dont even understand it, but I guess that that's going on view. Con zau is with us now he is the co founder and president of Asia. American coalition for education and we to talk a little bit about the discrimination against Asians? You actually sent a letter to the attorney general criticising the binding administration and there
proton fighting against anti asian violence and hate crimes. Did you not Yes, a glance, thank you for having major yeah I on April six on behalf of german correlation for education, I sent a letter to the: U S attorney General Garland, because the three level three reasons first date and affects uncalled over mad he was a violent attack. Our Asia were report, states that either reduce a fun painful please or released many violent agreement or irresponsible do the cuban lighting pathetic, such as New York, California, but in the car industry who are holding the full punch swamp like her taxes and afforded there was very little reporting, so Julie
The primary reason is already is released nonviolent, allowing those on this episode bye, bye. Then administration they put a Guam blame to back upon the swamp to the wider Paramus. That number. I would love to just blindly go with you, because you're saying what I like to hear. But do you have any to back up the fact that the These crimes are not being reported in in full and in Texas, but in California and New York, and the connection too, They release of island prayers. Prisoners actually in Washington in New York, a poster on April returns than on the change the american cover Why won't sheen she polish article she thought from under the February to under the March about sex life incidentally, Lucius
Asia American all of them were like the people of color while a violent Europe earth Son of a radio release early release criminals example a sixty five years old city, Pillow middle, was an attack on April of fakes right and there. The person It was a criminal, be early release. He was putting like a merrily out at some time. Tell you not to tear them planting a mayor treated him. They were but this guy attack at your mother mother many years ago, but he wasn't early released. So it s not a lot of data listen to one mother like the upon him. Just he's a seminar lacking starts florid in over the last few years. You know that
was only once the crime against Asian never happened before punish swamp you're, not. There was no other like her crime in fast forward, like the Eu S attorney's office himself. It places a huge contrast. Me about you. you asked for the politicians and the media to stop labeling Asian Americans, as over representative overrepresented or privileged, tell me about that That is another source of like hate crime, yellow against Asia. American, because you're, not Asia, Americans, we never being lagging a pollution, making the national policy right. What never being a pre region You know the reason we have a good performance in the education. We the that
creation were hard working right so, but your nose rex leaves pollen patient, formed the left that let us as over represented an income one of my address New York City, some politicians, even labors as privileged? These absolutely would lead to the hatred. Towards Asia. Map is a totally hastily isn't that right is responsible. I welcome This is a this is a really hasty. Generalization are over generalization, but when I think of asian kids in school. I think they are smart, not because there born smarter, the that call, sure the family culture emphasizes hard work, emphasizes, study and soda. Perform well and instead of you know, people saying that their privileged. We should be saying what are you guys doing and how are you doing it because,
working for you exactly. You know I used to work here till I get bigger cooperation. We promote best practice and fodder. mankind right now that labour, don't wanta, really have the other minority like black and his ethnic to relate the leaf at least of them, you have them looking through parent key. promoted this kind of pro education. Catch leaky also wonder bring asian American. That is lose one. So How are we doing on the progress in universities because it seems to be getting worse s, Yellow Gooden Nielsen, abandoning the bed. The earth is a radical left. They initiate a nationwide come come to cancel the standard at past. That is,
south american meritocracy, while the reason the game is, there are too many patients in the courage. You write letters, the bad and the Good NEWS is student, a full of further me Jim, that loss already petition to the? U S Supreme Court. Hopefully, if that, U S appeal court case. In this case, we may be able to show that strike burn the systematic racism against Asian MAC, which he released based firmly actions say that meritocracy, your belief in meritocracy, is just you hang in to the White supremacist view of work, hard and you'll get somewhere and you're only playing the White supremacy game to get ahead, which I think, is a pretty racist thing to say on multiple levels, but why
of which would be they are saying, then that meritocracy He doesn't exist in in asian culture at all. That doesn't seem correct, no is totally wrong. Actually meritocracy stem from China about a thousand years. the girl. China already include among the imperial, like casting system, all the her face. You need a path past because I'm like a gun to your face, you all the applicants right that happened at all the southern almost following. You the girl appeal worldwide. All the nation learn from that. In China, ahead of the national quality entrance of them U, I tell you one story. Doing shines cultural evolution, Malta, the dictator he wore the brewing so called equity,
he took the workers to soldiers to present his top of the college and bigger than you guess. What China's economy, technology, innovation, everything class, South America, pick, a less should not repeated. That a condom mistake. China had about her like half a century ago. So tell me this you know that story. I know that story. Oh you can't. How does this? How do they do the people in Washington? No because they must know that what they're doing it is going to dance, Age, America and our position to a great extent for they just dumb. I I want to say you know some
you'll put you in people in Washington and some local. You know no co garment. Many of them are plain turkey, identity, politics. Why? Because many mayors in our inner city laborer Mayors left failed the black and abused they could shoot a meal body under the watch like New York, asleep you I spoke of the disbanding and a black, their english proficiency, and them, Ass proficiency is less than half of the white and other asian right, but it is late Miller worry your guess. What he wants continue gather the boat. So these he try to change that. Like entrance legal them for this New York, especially the high school for the same than by politicians who want to change. It imposes a wreath effect in call here the mission, so they use
the asian children also many times why two children as a scapegoat for that policy. Failure to solve the issue in the black too many black and his panic I thank you for standing up and being a voice in reason, especially in a time when nobody seems willing to you can't zau is our guest and you can follow him and find more information at Asian American for education, dot, Org, that's age! American Fort for education, dot org! Thank you. How much you can appreciate? Thank you for having me you bet, bye, bye tomorrow we're gonna be debunking. All of these lies that the left is telling us I mean AL sharpened was amazing. Was yesterday worries like you're telling me come on. You can't tell me America's, not racist nation
really. Now we have to defend that. We're not isn't that itself against the american system, your ear, you're innocent until proven guilty. Now they slipped it proved to me. Show me you're. Not our rates is my gosh were to take it apart tomorrow on blaze, tv, and we really could use your subscription. We, we need you as a partner and a family member of Blaze join us he's tv, dot, com, slash gland user, Bremiker Clan and saved in Bosnia. People always say, like you know where I was doing all. Is that what we need to actually do something about it? We need to do something I thought about that. People. Are you say that all the time now I thought? That's a bleak tv is that's that was you do something many years ago like hey, we need to do something and then he did something.
And in our ears and now he's telling them really is a joy gap, and that this is so too do not. Lay us are ready, join us. We were, you know we were the first in and we are now the largest group, of conservatives the largest conservative subscription programme in the world And your joining a big big family and we appreciate it, join us America. You could do that now at blaze, tv dot, com, slashed, Glenn, save ten percent, now use promo code Glenn can financing is today I've been talking to you a lot in the first two hours. If you missed this show make sure you get it on podcast the first two hours of this programme really really important about. What's coming? and I said at the beginning- of the show you're gonna need. The telephone number
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