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If It Triggers You, CENSOR IT! | Guest: Dennis Prager | 9/10/19

2019-09-10 | 🔗
Trigger warnings are now MAJOR offenses! Strangely enough, using cannibalism to fight global warming is not. And speaking of triggers, Beto wants gun owners to know that he trusts them – to give up their guns. Glenn looks back at his radio show on September 10, 2001, and how far we’ve come with surveillance and trust in the WRONG direction. Dennis Prager joins the show to give an update on PragerU’s lawsuit against Google, his book, “The Rational Bible,” and his upcoming movie, “No Safe Spaces.” Tribalism has gotten out of control on the Left, and comedian Jim Gaffigan says the unthinkable: It’s OK to be friends with conservatives!

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All. Let me take a cruiser history. Pats going that's cool yeah, that's really cool and I've a sign tat. He doesn't even others. Yet I was Pat because we have what is it like? Three dozen We have three dozen compartments left. I think this is by the way for time I was told this is ever happen. Usually when people do cruises, they'll do like six hundred. We did. The entire huge crucial it's three thousand people really young it's the entire ship is are, is no idea has never been done before I was told so anyway, we're gonna go in this cruiser history. Pat is there and usually the last person? You know the last person and you get nothing either. No special discounts robbing a spy Your party with Pat it's the pat up ass the neighbors party you'll, get a signed copy of my new book that is coming out. I think around the weak. That's it we're going on this cruise, unfortunately called
arguing with socialists, so you the first to get it. But you have to book your seats right now for amazing crews in the Mediterranean area, to be there. I want to be their bill. Riley everybody he's gonna, be on this ship. We're going to Israel in every place else. Make sure you check it out now come sail away. Dot com come sail away, dot, com, we'll be in a very exclusive club, the procrastinators club. Do it now. The payment delays a job. I dont know I don't know if I can go on today, because I was triggered
right before right before I'm I'm listening, the news and Stuart are talking and all of a sudden, chick filet is just brought up. There was no trigger warning. There was no sign age than said, we'd be talking about chick fillet and am very very upset about it. We Until you hear the latest, do, and I have a new position. We actually are starting to feel sorry for the people on the left, because Can you go through your entire life beings, oh offended by fillet sandwich, but you just and go on there's a couple new trigger warnings that are possible boldly evil ball will To that also, we have the transcript of that shit. A shaggy murder witches unbelievable it is, the day before the eighteenth. The eighteenth anniversary of September, eleventh
The day before we're gonna look back on what happened on September, ten two thousand one, and how much we have truly changed as a nation, also the politics. The politics of the day tall see gathered and one of the best one of the best speeches, I think I've or parts of a speech. I've ever heard. Donald Trump give If he is this guy with this message, he wins. No questions asked that coming- in one minute as the Glen Back Programme for years now, home security was a real happily and a bunch of weird looking equipment all over the place. You were trapped and inexpensive contract. You had people at work. Into your house and trying to sell the in you just getting. Madam. Your kitchen was like ok, I'll sign outside his leave.
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actually who it was that was trying to break in and with video verification, simply they ve is the only company that can get police there from forty five, its average response time to seven minutes average response time. Only from simply safe, go to simply safe back dotcom, simply safe, back dot com. We must really weird. Have you seen the have you seen the researcher? We talked about him on Monday, have you seen the researcher in Sweden that is said because of global warming? We may have to start becoming cannibals now I'm not sure what canoe he rode over on buffet. I don't think we now to become cannibals but you'll, know Nobody was triggered by that.
The guy who sang global warming is gonna, get so bad. We have to start eating people, and no one was triggered No real strange wouldn't give me up, but not Debbie like one of those things are they gonna come and eat me? I can't trust my neighbour he's all into global warming. He may be making some sort of stew that I'm to be. You know that the main ingredient in situ and you ve bats scared. You imagine if your name was like you're, like they just add water. They come for us. The question here, I know you'd think that's the triggering thing, however, Nobody seems to be bothered by that now. There's two stories era want to give you, Google. Has banned a family cafe in England for promoting? inappropriate and offensive hateful content. Now. This is just this is just her husband and I'm sorry are a woman and her friend she's
sixty three he's like sixty five: they have this this cafe. They decided to use this new fangled thing too. We're ties, and so they decided to buy some Google ads and they saw that their business was really take. Off and then They got a notice that they were responsible for hate speech and they were gonna be banned by Google and there like hate speech, whose right you write something into the last add what would we have again? at sea rally here, apparently It is because they they were offering a special. Unlike Tuesday night of faggots in peace Now you might think that that's really bad here in Amerika to have packets and peace, but that's not what that's now there
Word means right. I just don't write being that whatever the american connotation. What I am talking about, I understand the context we can come up with many examples of real ways does not work on the air. Well, anyway, non didn't comes with an eye when other onion gravy hand, it's a very, very traditional english meal. Google has said they can't and like people. I don't even know what is probably like eyeballs in Bremen, the English eat really offer of. What's What do you think from Kazakhstan worse horrific horse? Do I don't Really I just want to eat the horse before the human rights do you seven million people look delicious right, I don't know who does I've? Never look. Somebody went. I bet I never thought that yeah well, you know,
it's it's a niche market, but now I think some I mean I have looked at one of my cows but it was more out of anger. Somebody you, one of the cows is just like moving and waking me up in the morning, and I just love out the window, and I, like you, were gonna, make a great staggered. Taunt then yes Dake, oh I do I do. I don't think they now, but they don't know the weird they dont know, but when they must behave, I do talk to them about what a delicious burger they will make your level. Then we mean Farmer and Charlotte website. I am accepting it. Oh I dont massage them, but I take very good care of them. I want them to be happy, but I also come to be hamburger, some happy underplayed right. Ok, so here's the so here's the thing people it ok can we Can we stop now telling other cultures what they can and cannot eat, while our culture in the west is telling people who, by the way, we might be cannibals of heating?
I mean you know you wouldn't want to say that, but I mean you know, you could say, conservatives in peace and a lot of people would be. Ok, that's fine! I beg of you, said, were serving a dish, conservatives in peas in brown gravy, and it wasn't traditional English and did it would still be. Ok. Goal will be like that's fine useless. Bring other than that you didn't have to don't free, ranging conservatives. You have him in a cage, furs, dragons, you're, torturing them just a little bit right. That's the reverse of animal girl. Do I want you to be my pencil, ruddy, everyday practice, this meat weave tortured this meet. This conservative meet its whole like it was born a conservative. We been torturing it now. Eighty seven I will skip over the bugs, though What what for a long time they they would you'd get these researchers. We like look global warming coming to keep everybody alive. We need,
elation control or and how to starting bugs. That's the only way to get the protein. This is not. This is not normal. There is not any one within the sound of my voice. That is a normal human being. That is saying to themselves. He, I think, that's where we're gonna think that's where we're headed we're happy bugs we might have even humans. There's it there's. No one, there's, no one, why Are these stories huge? Why are these stories about bugs? Why do we see them Cnn and everything else theirs. Nobody that actually believes that I think it's the media chooses them first of all there so what salacious right up to the idea that we may be eating bugs one days is a clear ladies story. I can get a part of it, though, is it's another way to enforce how dangerous climate change is, and it's like it's, this bad guy, you're not gonna be Sonic is gonna have cockroaches. Instead, of Tater tots Louse, what you're gonna do I'm having later today, I'm having children and MAC and cheese.
Unlike beings, children, pieces of children in beans. Also visas of children in like spaghetti, owes you nothing of pork, pieces of children in beans. Also visas of children in like spaghetti, owes you nothing of pork IP poor for Coca im, not sure if I am well refining a trial in California that apparently their suppliers all over the place? If you go to plan parenthood or on America, She wanted maybe but he's dishes that that that one didn't even on even registration, didn't even register didn't even register. We have a story today of somebody who is so triggered by you guys, Malleson, you guys, you can. Say that that is so offensive that is triggering. Can Imagine being so triggered that! when somebody walks in the room, those guys you're like oh, my, oh, my gosh,
Please don't say that again! That's him! mental illness yes, I think so you know now this very familiar with this wonderful now organisation there, I would say, largely responsible for the bed o thing, they were the ones. Yes, the battle field now the better things: zero percent right, a meadow thing was: when he's going against TED crews, it sort started with a viral video about him. Talking about column, cap ethnic now get your area so that they were responsible for that. They put a lot of better clips and kind of made him engender little pseudo leftwing celebrity me for awhile, which is he got into the race when everyone told him you're going to win and then, as soon as he got any went from fifteen to twelve to nine to six to four to two and it's about where he sits now, so they came up with a new video and it's to tell people to us Stand that saying: hey guys to a group of people, some
which might be women is just not ok, it's not ok. They want you to understand and giving a very rational take. Do we have to have this? We do not hear and it was listening guys welcoming to now. This guy's a simple term. Boys or of your modern hip? It means people First glance, guy seems inviting friendly me. Warm even meta, get tie right right, but it like many male default terms. Not be normal day for me, we're all encompassing brave innocent as it while we may understand a word, means no real harm with a deeper loaf. You'll understand that we ve been ignoring the cognitive impact on women. Gender nobly booming files is ice. Now, can you imagine living your life this? Why not? You can I tell you something. I understand why people do ok, I understand why people do there are those people that are really triggered
then there are the do gooders look. There are millennials that and in peace or you aren't even millennials that are so desperate for something of meaning there lie, has no meaning. There is nothing good to strive for, and so the thing you can strive for is being widened they can not offending anyone. And so when somebody says this, you might think you know what that's ridiculous, I'm not triggered by that. But you know what somebody might, and so on, going dedicate my life to making were that I'm bringing together a better world there actually living in this, this mindset that they are due good, oh, where do they really are trying to do good yeah? Because, a thing in their life has meaning. There is no way to do real good, because
everything is bad. Except for this woke culture right and it's puts fundamentally, if you have to go on in Indiana Jones style archaeological adventure to find how its offensive it's just not offensive right. If you have go through an explain and multiple videos as to why no one thinks its offensive, but it is probably just isn't offensive right like if it If you, what you're saying is look, everyone means this an inner in a good way and it doesnt seem offensive at all, but it is- or maybe it's not maybe there's somebody out there that feels that way, but there's also somebody out there that that thinks that John F Kennedy, elvis- are doing a concert in or someplace in Memphis Friday night. It's not your jacket, micromanage crazy. At that level, it's just not right back in just a second speaking of better, better says that he thinks Americans are just gonna, give up there
unseat trusts Americans, but not enough to have done study trust them to give up their guns will get into that coming up in just a second blind stock. But the rule that blinds play in your life the to control the amount of light the comes in the house, the privacy from the world when you want it on top of that, they can choose. The entire feeling of a room and the way you experience it it you will feel homer and more comfortable, whether you just If you want to refresh the look of your room or your entire home blinds dot com is the way to go the customer expense. Is second to none and you're gonna come away with a great product. Just like always Every order gets free shipping. One hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. So if you accidentally miss measure pick the wrong color, they're gonna remake your blinds at no extra charge, and now, through September, fifteenth get up to forty percent off at blinds. Dotcom plus you'll get in for twenty dollars off. Just because you listen to this programme and you'll use the promo code back get up to four, three percent off an extra twenty dollars off at blind spot,
by using the promo code back rules and restrictions, may apply its blinds. Dotcom weed for ten seconds station Idee welcome to the programme, so here is up. Here's better now. Better is now saying that he thinks that we, We are going to give up our guns because, He just he said I I know people. I know people that our gun lovers- and they just don't think it's right. All of these shootings in America. We'll ear. That includes me, but I mean who, this is so. This is why this is so insulting why the left can never ever make this case because they have such contempt and they d
understand people that own guns. They can't separate the two So if you are a gun lover- and you have guns- and you believed that it's your right to have these guns- and you use these guns either in hunting or in sports, the automatically think you're cool with all of the killings that that that means that means that your gun means more than the children that have died. That's what actually believe, and so when comes out- and he says you know, I know people who have guns and they're ready for change. They they just don't like these these killings. They dont think these mass killings in these mass shootings are right. We use that should every American and it is every America, it is every American and if it, if you're, not in that category, it will. Then. Maybe you work, you should be read flat. You know you, like
mine all these shootings. Ethiopia is that there is another person that should be read flagged in. That is somebody who says I trust myself with his gun. I wanna get rid of it. I want to give it too will then you should, have the gun because he said he said yesterday that unites it's gonna happen because Americans are responsible and I know of one guy now remember population. Three hundred fifty million. I know Guy in Texas who gave up his aid are because he said he was too although the killings- and he didn't want to be a part of this death culture I have any are, and I'm not part of the death culture right. If, if you part of the death culture, we definitely want genuinely regard gun yeah, that's what you should do. You know what I'm part of the Deaf culture and I dont really mine all these killings. We should take your gun. I just can't trust myself rather than I tell you because any MIKE I have guns me. Guns are never going to kill anyone. Unless someone breaks into my house
That is not what I do. I guess I know I'm not going to do something like that right. They view the issues taking. This is the problem. When you take away millions of guns from people who will never use them. This way you have to, stand if you're on the left, that what you are doing is taking them away from murderers, you're, taking them away from people who will never do anything like the things you're trying to stop, and that's why they're offended donata. And it because you're taking it away from some some murderer somewhere you're taking it away, from every one and ninety nine point. Nine percent of those people will never do anything that would they don't have a conversation on is because they will not stick to facts, and most of them have absolutely no idea what you're talking about when it comes to guns all we have no idea. So what what? What we, what we have to get to is the kind of conversations that we ve had off the year over and over again on. Ok, well, is there anything that would actually work
That would mean something: no, not that I can't think of anything that would actually work has the bad guys and crazy guys. The people size kill? You will kill. You you know, that's why knife crime is now through the roof in in London what they have done so they're killing each other with knives. I mean Russia has ninety percent lower gun ownership rate than we have here, but a murder rate twice as high as us. Does that make anyone feel good in Russia? we're only getting killed by some nuclear chemical. This some rare polonium instead of a God, doesn't make you feel good right right. Packing in the same way much lower gun ownership rate than we have in the United States, but the murderous much higher Japan is has much higher suicide rate than the United States, with almost no guns on the entire in the entire country. These are it's not about those things and I think, there's a there's, a desire to try to pass something, but two year to your point, their speaking that there's like this
like this conversation going on around the actual facts, right like where we We want to pass something, it's do something. So we can say we did something to stop at, even though it won't stop it in and then the p. Who are pushing these policies have no idea what you're talking about. I was listening to a major major network broadcast yesterday, in which they talked about the potential banning high capacity ammunition. Was an illusion, would put them on twitter. Is it bullets inside of bullets? What is high capacity emulation? I think they think you nuclear warheads rare. Public warhead split, pay, high capacity ammunition. How do u have conversations again? You're the one saying these specific policies, and then you don't know what they are. How can we possibly have a conversation about it, not a gun guy! I dont know everyone in now have guns, but sitting here saying, you know
spam this in this- and this is this- we have a that- the innocent proven guilty applies here, we have a constitutional right. You can just take things away from what is not going to be better said he would confiscate, but he's in. We working with Congress and they're gonna be responding to their constituents and the constituents are going to just give up their guns. I'd like to hear from you are you: are you just gonna give up your guns? Are you just become for your guns? You just gonna, give him up here: listen, and you haven't in Australia where they have a second amendment. Aright what am I listeners Maggie? She lives on a horse ranch in the ozarks, her great join life. It's always been horseback writing, but she's had to cut back more and more. In fact, he's had to stop riding altogether recently, all because a back pain she live. In a play, surrounded by joy, but she was not allowed to partaken, then tried relief factor, we
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good. I know it's getting panned, I loved it really. I thought it was like stranger things. Just amp up, you know it still coming of age, kind of film thirty, our old age in this one you, but it goes flashback, ok and its It's really well done. I think it's better than the book, it has a sense of humor all the way through it. It's not Gore. I mean yes, it's key and others that there's a see, there's a lot of blood in it. But it's the kind of you know, Stephen King and all the elevator doors open it. It's a wash and Lorraine and theirs couple of jump places, but it is it's really quite good. I actually think my wife might like really yeah see. I won't go because I penalizes is not gay not even an ally. In fact he surprisingly anti queer. Nor any what pet pennywell yet the clown
or because of the anti opening of is a legitimate. Are article no headway and out magazine, I believe they are saying they dont. There are disappointed in chapter two because he's apparently the Terrible child murdering creature is aunt a gay he's really not wasn't just killing someone, ok! Ok. I heard that the people who were is the opening scene of you, do neither sales boilers and- you know who I the guy's, the first guy that is killed near the children were killed. Prior to you know, you're you're led to believe that the two there's been two children that had been killed prior to this, but some guys b Up this gay guy and thrown into the river in penny. Wise eats him and your like. Ok
penalizes enlightened, and if I was in England, I could have it with beings not now, if that's not what it is, its task, that has nothing to do with no idea. That's up. Of course everyone finds there. That's the guy back to the entire guys thing if your friend, by hey guys, you're gonna, be offended by a murderous clown, not being pro gay enough right like this is your world. Every single thing affects you this way and it has to be a horrible world to live in ages there. The other, is this one kid in it? That is as innocent kid that all of the people. All the grown up sooner they come back to dairy. To save you know kill anywise their pick. It up poor kid I mean they think they're saving over there every time this kid shows up there like whenever you tool kit, get out of town and he's six having keep showing up and a different character like the town kid this key
maybe if I mean he's probably more attractive to Fanny wise disease like these scary people without make up our coming up, always screamin asked me, but anyway I really enjoyed it. I liked it and you know what could have helped is if they they would have had guns, I'm just saying if they just but have not everybody, the kids would have even had guns, see cloudlike that kill him yeah. Maybe could be here in Texas. Maybe that's the way, we're doing it bad. I I want to ask you a question. Cuz. You know Dan Patrick. You worked with Dan Patrick for a while. Yes, you like, then Dan has come out and said we have to something on guns really. Yet you and here the quota yeah,
When I talk to gun owners and our members and voters, people don't understand why we allow strangers to sell guns to total strangers when they have no idea. If the person there selling the obviously that's the time that the computers gonna reset in the middle of that, send it sorry they have no idea if the person there, so they don't, you could be a Phelan could be, someone is getting a gun to go, commit to a crime, could be a potential mass shooter or someone else where serious mental issues. On a strong, are a supporter and there are strong supporter of mine, but I believe there they are wrong and not expanding background checks to stop stranger selling guns to strangers. Instead of trampling on the, of law abiding Americans? The government should focus upon actual solutions Thus, the scenery response has. In the meantime, the airy remain she's where's, the other partner. Sea ice we had a real problems that disregard everything I just said in others, what I really mean. No, he D basically said we have to We have to understand the realities of the political realities of a situation. People want something done here, something
we can do, and I think this is seemingly honest from him and then he thinks. Okay, this is this: what this I'd help in some situations, number one and number two looked up: because situation as we need to do something. If we do something on this, we can avoid some of the more restrictive things being proposed, yeah have you no less about areas where we here's, where we disagree, a bet, I am, I don't have a problem with Islam. It's not. You know its laws the stranger as long as it's not family found to give my son a gun if I want to pass on. He doesn't. He can have the guns and I think they ve Jonah car for nearly right. They have and friends and audits and Latvia. So it's just strangers yet, which is obviously you would if wanted to self. I was never sounds like going to a stranger. Well, I got a lot of people are alot of people who seller guns to add a gun, trailers known and a lot of people who seller guns at to a stranger will say,
need to see your Cecy W years, concealed carry permit, which is background, check item already ended, eager macro, a more stringent background check and then just buying again so you're going to if you're gonna sell again, let me see your, let me see or concealed carry permit and then I know that there is a background check down on you. In your view, no majority guy nobody's at this point, nobody's forging those it could be, but it made its unlike very unlikely right so, but I dont have a problem. If it's a stranger and because I mean I have purchased- and I have had people give me guns and I to go to an f, F L units of little licensed firearm dealer and all have to do is just go sign. It threw them background whatever, and have a problem with pay burnt you have yet you Yeah yeah pay twenty box, twenty bucks for twenty,
The problem is, is they will just keep making it more and more onerous and expense him, but I don't think that's unreasonable that you want to look at my God is my gun, blah blah blah great. Let's go to the EFTA, Fallon he'll complete the paperwork. I don't have a problem with that. Do you Roma. I don't think so. The problems I have with it are one we all know the second, you give them this. They will come after the next twenty five things. And giving any ground in this debate winds up being something that they take advantage of its engine they'll take a mile because as soon as you give up this ground there just going on another bit there attacking other ground right, but simply looking to erode these right. Now, if you believe it's absolutely the right thing and end should definitely be done. That's that's thy Joe able, I dont think it's the wrong thing to do yet me. I don't know if somebody toddy happening right. Anyone may mean I or sent of cases it's already across. It would make me feel more comfortable I wouldn't sell my gun to a stranger, and now we had multiple people
here on staff, we talked about this issue yesterday, who had been sold guns to strangers, both of them had they said that they had ass well ass for the. Because he will carry which means they have already gone through a background check tougher viagra, However, you never know what developed since that crack and robbed and ground. So I mean it's, nothing is you can be a hundred percent sure, of course a background check as per cent either we feed on most of these murders happen with people who do go through background checks. So it's really it's not gonna. Not gonna, do much of anything, there's nothing! it really is- and this is the problem is a step that We're taking your giving ground in the gun debate and I dont want to seem like all. Why don't? We will never give ground, but he also is it, owing to accomplish much of anything, I mean it's not going to do anything it's not going to cut down. On on murders its it. Does it take that argument from them, though get out of here. You then they go on internet aspiring it would. I think this is one of them. Tromp goes well, which is,
at times. Yes, he's what I would consider dumb arguments. Perfect examples is a shoe. Stupid sharp without them. Why is Donald Trump fighting that battle he's the poor? student of the United States, why you care if they are attacking you over whether you said Alabama are not and bring at a map to prove that you were right. May I make a suggestion, because if you had a good g o p, they be passing stuff while he was going look over our look over here. I am with the amount we point before I do. We don't have a good, the ultimate distraction, yeah right at best at that, but I think part of the reason why Trump fights these when I would consider at times dumb battles. Because as soon as you stop as soon as that battles over there on to the next thing right, so if you are fighting for fighting fighting the sharply battle, they're, not on something else, because as soon as a sharply battle goes away, you today you have on to something else. So why stop fighting sharply battle? That's at least- and I don't like that part of our society and our media, but I think Trump has mastered.
That, at some level, the same thing somewhat applies here in that here's, a move, but I dont think is going to actually do anything. It's not going to help stop anyone from being killed and if You know you could make arguments on that. I understand, but I don't gets going to any of you add that onto the fact that once they get this thing with background checks, they're gonna come after families. They're gonna come after friend, transfers they're gonna come after nine. As other thing, I know that, but I would like to Be able to link this to look this not going to make that big of an impact, but it will make people feel better. People were selling guns and people who are people who are not involved in this in it something that may be is fine as long as it remains twenty bucks or whatever it is for the ep. Avail transfer now can go ahead and and do that and I want that written in. However, I want something else. I
I want a serious, I dont know what mental health, this we have to choose into the conversation here. This is not about guns. This is about crazy, about crazy people. It's about mental health, its otherwise there actually every single, exactly right. There is something going on, but let's but suicides right but there, but that what their something is on mental health is our red flag, one, that's because their controlling it, because we are not leading we're playing defence, one which had been trumpets saying he wants them No, I mean so I mean what you say is not exactly the flag bearer for Emmy, look, who put who put background checks in the first place and the part of the Brady so the inner Re Vienna re was the one who designed the background check. The system. Gay design the system and I'm fine with the system, I'm totally fine with the system,
the end. Our re or the gun advocates need to lead the way, not on their legislation on the left legislation but ours. What actually will make a difference, and I dont know what, but it has something to do with mental health. Just finding people with mental health. There is something wrong with our society and we had we had guns before you know when you look just just take the suicides out and our guns not a problem like they even used to be just Take suicide suicides are through the roof. We be talking about that. Instead of fighting, we should be talking about the. What the real problem is, and we don't have anybody to lead that. Do you from Dan Patrick's perspective these per second amendment got right. I mean he's solid on guns and far sighted Oh yeah
Jimmy have a modern yeah, Mantelish. To talk to you, I want to talk together, Abbot which, to the two I mean this is for a longer conversation, but Glenn, who is admitted catastrophes a guy like her there's no reason for me to care if there's a database of guns right Generally speaking, what do I care those databases guns? What I care about is when things go bad right, some one in the room with the wrong the wrong level. Of control the wrong guy with all this power has does everybody with guns right? That's why I don't oppose it, because I care, if that on a list saint. Placed the background checks a graphic sound fine. Now, when the wrong person has controlled the government in they start putting all sorts of things in a background check that debt? That applies to you, because I don't like you for whatever reason it's a big. It's as a contact
for some disappointed waivers your tragedy. Where is your upon the way I view? May I give you one that no one has talked about, and I will show you the future if you want the catastrophe on guns and ones coming Let me do this. Who else do you think we took another? Let me give you something that will make everybody in this audience go wholly crap. Never thought of that and it's happening of the ugly that, if that's what you want pulse gear, I could be Stephen King. I can do that. You are right that great pack grandly podcast available. Now. I think I just saw me we waited passer available are announced. I want to make sure you're. Ok with this. We have, I think it's it's like six He tickets laughter, something I can remember for this cruise this a three thousand passenger of boat. We have never that and I've it's my understanding. I was told yesterday that no crews with some you know you know
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It's been mapping out rooms for nearly a decade. Holloway are they had said, also maps out your rooms when you use it and it looks it everything in the room and maps it now here's the thing: what, if you're using a hollow lends a our set, its mapping, everything out and it sees a glock sitting on the table, not lie the kids are in the room and there's a lock and it mediately goes out and search is. Are you? Are you licence to have a glock? How many kids are in there and how come it's not locked up, but it air soft glock witches? distinguishable from a real blot glock. Unless you pick can you really look at it. So now you have the hollow lends a our mapping, your house, looking at things on the table, are you get swatted swap Gonna come in because it
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment? This is the Glenn Back programme. Its September tenth two thousand and nineteen for those who are old enough what was the world like eighteen years ago. Today, I want to bring you back into a time tunnel. What was the world like? What were we talking about in some ways, we have changed a lot in others. Not at all. Timber tenth. Two thousand one
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you didn't. Have people checking the doors on aeroplanes that lead To the pilot, sometimes you would fly any would be open. It wasn't a secure room. The things we were worried about. Are not the things that were worried about today? We were still worried about politics. We were still playing politics. We were not that innocent we're still playing politics Actual organization of women were we're in trouble on two thousand ten, a sorry September, tenth two thousand one they were, they were try. To go out of a job of scandal that they were in about Andrea Yeats. Do you remember her.
The national organization of women raised money for her, and then they had a backpedal real quick, like oh cheat, killed her kids. That way That was in the news we talked about on on said pretend two thousand one Gary conduct, was in trouble for Shan Relieve e who he was not guilty of. They finally found the Percinet murder, but it looked like he who is gonna, go to jail at this point yeah. Rudy Giuliani was in the news because they had just come out. He had cheated on his wife. I think it was was one that was first coming out nylon, because You back at the show recap. This is from Friday September. Seventh, two thousand one we can alright Bill Clinton cheating on his wife, but Rudy Giuliani is ok that then, you had Michael Jackson receiving a standing ovation on the MTV music rewards and your call. Is there anyone in the audience who doesn't think Jackson was fat, fondling, boys, later on Uganda,
more evidence on that. At least I mean now even Victor via documentary? So we know, as we know, is guilty. Here's what here Here's one! We went back to the archives, do we have the audio of the shark tank thing? this is the Monday. Before too today? September eleventh, this is the Monday. This is the broadcast before we wake up the next day, go on the air to say we're or attack. We were amazed at how there was no. There was no real big news at the time. There was nothing that was really happening at the time. I will show you what the big thing on the show was that weak that Monday go play the shark tank. The sorting of them. Berlin and apparently do we just You know we have it
some measure of came in to arrest. I dont know four. Three hundred, I don't really know we also had fourteen year old, running in and out hold packs of them at least ten at a time running around. They would go from one side of the theatre up the alyosha location, feeding they would we asked? Yes, that's a difference. Does it a random clips that was just a random clip that that one is about a theatre experienced, and I had yet what, because I was going back, That shows about half the show the day. Before nine eleven glens whining about some going to see a movie- and there was a loud kids at it, does I get no one wants to get online, it was bad, I remember it now. It will have to invest. Grandpa, always says yeah. Can you bad the group? It was, but we were also just in the in the prior weeks we were talking about
facial recognition. They were gonna try to use that in a boar city there we're gonna try Been cameras up and a boar city, and we were talking about how that that's, that's not good. We were gonna go swim with the sharks on the Friday. After September. Eleventh, there was that summer had been a big summer of people being bitten or eaten by sharks, meaning like one or two people. Him so we were gonna have I was gonna and I Barely a swimmer at the time I ve deftly afraid of water, and so we were going to go to some aquarium. I don't remember which, when it was Atlanta someplace Do you remember where was that aquarium that we remain intact Mr President, Bulgaria, ok, and handed down? I was gonna, go swim with the shark for charity that Friday and everything changed now. Let me, let me show you how Much has changed
imagine Donald Trump coming to town or Barack Obama coming to town, and- or the number one local political talk show. And you don't mention that the president is actually coming to town the next day. This is the last thing that was broadcast on my show the day before September eleventh. This was the last quota, unquote, innocence of politics, this the only time I talked about President Bush coming to read to children in Sarasota the next morning. Listen
your bag, your body, nobody gave in town we prize is not going to be on your shows and see your lies and false propaganda is the only reason he got elected. I love this. I'm still getting mail on the election. Let it go, please let it along with his flighty brother job. That's the only reason why he's in office, I can't wait busy JANET Reno. Kick his body go number one. The Florida can rebound from honourable found that its bearings and your job as a number two and most importantly, I wanna, hear you line and eventually collapse from prostration, Frederick s feeling our liberties harassing are democrats eating our food facts democratic before nine, eleven saying that I
snugly, stealing a food but stealing liberties from them. So we were still playing political games, but the important part is everyone remembers where'd you, which Bush was when he first heard of The nine eleven twin towers he was in Sarah soda. He was in my market w, I fell in Tampa Florida and youth. The children we remember, those you know is ending with Annie. Hard. The came, oh yes and whispered into his ear. Mr President, are under attack. The next morning. Everything changed. And I am struck this year as we approach the twentieth in a couple of years. I am. I'm impressed to share with you. How far we have come in a negative way,
And the things that we have lost much of it. If not all of it stem. From the nine eleven attack. Both sides have made really bad mistakes. Me The Americans have been wrong about so many things, including. Me and this programme we did what we, felt was right. And we ve seen it now come to bite us. I want to this week spent Some time and just look at things in person, Active now now we're far enough away Oh, we should be having the conversations. Asking ourselves wait a minute: we
was the very first piece of advice we got to remember. What are some of the very first things that we did. And our kids do not understand the America We lost on September eleventh. I told the story before my son and I recently were watching. I think it was the producers or something the old one. With Jean Wilder my son, said: how did the government ever allow this to be made. Is it so politically incorrect? I said that go out and what, in my house. He has never grown up in a world where the government has Ben dictating. The mob has: Been dictating.
He doesn't even understand freedom. The way Anyone my age. Understands freedom. We were fighting for freedom, listen to what the Democrats said, stop the king and stealing. My liberties. Where the liberties that we were talking about, then look where Are today. So, let's, let's start with the first thing that we were told right after September, eleventh. And keep an eye on where we were on September. Tenth tomorrow is the eighteen anniversary of September eleventh, let's I have some perspective this time around See where we have been see where we were see what we ve done and check it
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They Mcveigh we had terrorism whose overseas. But we had homegrown terror. We are arguing about much of the same stuff, the debt deficit, but where are we to? Where are we today? Compare then look at our debt in deficit in comparison. We now to the point to where we have spent so much money. There now coming up with quote modern Monetary theory which- is governments can print whatever they want? It has never worked. It is It will fail every time, money, is a fee is feared. It is, it replaces something a value, it represents something of value and if you, don't value anything it doesn't have any value while full
Faith in credit, the United States check the full faith and credit the United States of America right now. How do you You'll about in September in two thousand one, I still believed in our institutions, We had problems. I didn't like the way we were behaving. But I still believed in I still believe that we believed in the same things. You know the Patriot ACT wasn't written after September. Eleventh. The patriot act was written in the nineties and the Patriot ACT It never was introduced because it. Nobody would want. Nobody reads like a crazy.
You gonna put everything you can have a department of Homeland Security, the worst thing that I have purchased at auction, historic peace is a Air for the questioning of those people of interest by the Nazis. And I bought it because what it is branded on the bottom of the seat of this year. And in german it base, equally translates to Department of Homeland Security. We didn't have. We didn't have the wire tapping bill These we didn't have Pfizer courts. Secret courts being able to go into a librarian say I want all of this information and by the way, if you even call for an attorney, you eat, tell an attorney.
You are violating the law and you can go to prison for it. We can have any of that. We put it in because we were panicked for our own safety. You know The idea that Donald Trump, the nation state is that The administration, has floated out there about Harper, that's exactly like the Patriot ACT. That's not coming up now because of gun control. That's been in the works Syn About two thousand and two and it came about Because of the Patriot ACT Because- everybody was so freak. We allowed the Patriot ACT, just a role in. And the Patriot ACT said we need total intelligence total Intel it
meaning total intelligence on every person in America. They wanted to find a way to where we could as a government. No exactly who was who, where they were, what they were doing an can. We predict and stop bad things from happening. That's why we're in the situation now worth the effort restriction is talking the proposal to use Google Home Amazon echo and fit beer an apple watches for everybody. Make sure if there's somebody that is disturbed did. They shouldn't, have a gun. Putting all of us under surveillance. For the few that might be disturbed. We would have never done that two thousand one. We
still say I'd, never give my finger prints to the added states, but Gladly gave them to apple, we. Gladly gave them everything they asked for the. The horrors that are happening now in China, I believe we are just too two to five years away from Think we're two years away from not being able to get out of this box in Europe. Damn well better hope that You come to our senses before that. But all of this is because of September eleventh, we have done so many things to ourselves and built this. Ox that we're all living in big, the first thing we were told to do our american duty. Does anybody remember it go shopping,
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Because there will always be another goal ahead to make you richer to make you more famous always something else. You can do If that is your goal, then you don't really you that is your polar star and its constantly shifting so our goal, as a nation are. Mission statement is found in our declaration of independence. We all these, proves to be self evident that all men are created equal endowed by their created with certain inalienable rights, among these life liberty in the pursuit of happiness? That's all! ten statement. That's our goal. Now If we have that as our goal in front of us, we can certainly, look at that and say: are we getting closer or further away, but we were old on September 11th, twelve thirteen fourteen go and ping go shopping,
Our goal was to make sure that we didn't collapse as an economy money. Became our goal. We DAS to go serve. We weren't ass to to really all of US pay into something we foretold instead go out and buy stuff, just think of this. There are there are swings that happen people swing pendulum you're always best when you're in the middle. And there's a pendulum that swings back and forth and that changes. Then there are things that happen when people use those but things their own goals into hyper drive, and I thought that's what happened on September. Eleventh, ten or eleven think this thing, the pendulum thing of the past the pendulum with George W Bush. He was
He was vital to half of the country Then he was almost popular president in my lifetime for about a year and then became a pariah again is a pendulum. Your faith. Faith was bad and they and there was this pendulum after nine eleven and all of a sudden faith was the most important thing. We all went to church all of us and a church. Roy. After September. Eleventh, asking ourselves. What has happened in that faded away and has gotten worse globalization has gone into hyperdrive police will correctness went into hyperdrive first, that political correctness, it s been around before nine eleven, but After nine eleven you could you could think that maybe it was started
a good idea. Nobody wanted anybody to. You know harass Muslims on the street. There is a fear of tribal ism. You know that the white and will come after. You know somebody that looks like their muslim that's a fundamental misunderstanding of who Americans are not like that. Have progressed. We have gotten better and americans- I know Americans her jokes and heard things and they would say now, stop it stop it. So as a fundamental misunderstanding of who Americans are, but it was also an agenda I mean Obama. What, Obama. What did Obama run on? He ran I hope and change change, what change? What into socialism now that wasn't it. In fact, they argued for four years that that wasn't it wasn't It was not the winning message. The winning message was we're not racists,
You don't like a government that is in transparent. We don't like the way our government is fighting this war. It looks like it's never gonna go on we're, never gonna. Stop. We don't even know why were fighting it anymore? This is in two thousand. Eight, I remind you, we don't even know why were fighting it any more? What are we doing? We have secret courts now. America's fundamentally changing I dont like it, I want something that is transparent. I want something that is hopeful vis, guy is talking a great game he's. He's black he's completely different than anything we ve ever had we're Racist. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. How could we possibly be racist and elect him. And you may not have agreed with his policies.
There was something about the hope of a new chapter of Amerika. But no one was clamouring except the x We must who were still in hiding at the time, no one was clamouring for socialism. The transparency on the wars didn't. Stop until recently, Obama didn't stop the wars. Obama did exactly what George Bush told me in the oval office. Anyone who becomes president's gonna do exactly the same thing, because at the same advice they going gonna realise the president's hands are tied on this and they're gonna continue this policy that scared the life out of me, but that's what Obama did it took somebody who everybody thinks might be a little nuts. It took Donald
From to come in and say, yeah we're going to negotiate with the Taliban, and you know what yes, on the week of September eleventh, I'm gonna have the Taliban there at Camp David to negotiate lots of people that are upset about it in a bothers me, but why- bother me- is that is at our pride I mean We are the ones who screwed this up. We didn't Put a polar star up and say this is what we're, after we're, after those guys that did to us. We went in and said we're gonna change, Afghanistan. You can't change Afghanistan, you can give people freedom. If they don't want it, they won't take it they have to it just the same with us. We are losing our freedom because we are no longer willing to earn it. We wanted. For free.
I want my rights, I want no responsibility, you will lose your freedom. So is it our pride as take a bigger person to say we screwed. This went up from the get go, let's stop, wasting time money blood, let end this and come home. It's our pride. I think. Look at what we have lost just the countless numbers of people, but look What we have lost in this, never ending war. We lost trust. Of one another, we must trust in the system,
if lost trust in India. Sick fairness and decency. We ve lost trust in our media, lost trust in us, politicians, Lust Austin dinner institutions, we I've lost our faith in one another. And without our faith in one another. We have nothing. We had political arguments before we had him during Lewinsky, we we had during the two thousand election, but we having taken a break, we Have been stopped and said he can we Look around. Can we just notice that the rest of the world right now they can say whatever they want, but the
the world right now is counting on America to pull the as to the world out of whatever its headed toward they are investing in our bonds. Are: U S, government bonds, they're, taking their sovereign funds and taking all of their investments the Europeans taken their investments out of Europe and putting it into Amerika B. They know you is not the future and they are transferring billions, billions of dollars into our? U S, treasury their pudding. All of their faith, all of their money, not there Their words, their actions, are putting off. Of their faith. In? U S, companies by buying stocks, because They know their companies are in trouble. Their banks are in About their governments are in trouble, they are the last great hope. I don't think that has ever met.
Two more since price Thirdly, world war, two then it does right now world? Is on the brink of absolute catastrophic failure, We are the last great hope. Why were the people in Hong Kong carrying around american flags because they remember who we are there, trying to remind us who we are. We see an american flag, we immediately think of oppression. Now they And holding the american flag as a symbol of oppression, they were This is a symbol of freedom. It always has been a mere. Please wake up and recognise who you are again.
Progressives believe that men get better. Man gets better as a group, it doesn't man will immediately retreat to its tribe to distrust in fear the minute something goes wrong. We become tribal again and our people that are driving us into tribes, and we us fight it on all sides, all fronts why Religion against another one, our against another one class against another one part the against another. There are no seats on the sidelines. Everyone is on the field. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself You must get in the game, we must stop listening to those who have brought us to this point now. I can
include myself in that. But I would say this week looking for people with certitude. While we picked up These people, because they were all absolutely certain- they were right about everything that they said these hundreds, these politicians, all of these people? They were certain. I'm telling you right now, things are in such a state of flux. We are entering a brave new world, I mean that figuratively and literally we are entering a brave new world, anyone who says they know the answers for tomorrow. Either so arrogant. You should run for your life or their an idiot. It this September, eleventh just tomorrow.
I would urge us, as a nation. To just reflect and look up to our polar star Declaration of independence are gone if you still have one. And ask: are we getting closer? Are we getting better? Are we getting further away? this decisions that I have made in my own. I thought of the decisions that much party has made my Politicians have made some of them good some. Bad, what are the ones that maybe require some re evaluation. And my humble enough to even be able to do that, and I brave enough to accept the answer, That means it takes you to places. Be comfortable.
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Dennis Prager is on his back on his way back from Washington DC, where he testified, I in front of Congress, and He stopped here is only doing his show out of the play studios today and were thrilled thrilled to have in the studio he's gonna be coming up in about six minutes. Wanna get an update on on Congress is thinking about doing about Google and limiting the the voices from the right Dennis as on the forefront of this, I think, Dennis is is we is he's been the smartest out of all of us, and he always has been, but he's been smarter of smart is out of all of us, he has built Prager University, which makes a huge huge difference, but it is under attack now by the left, and then having his opinions. Silenced, is just absolutely the
the death. Now I mean, if you don't see that one and go ok, wait a minute. Wait a minute Who can handle that? That hate speech Dennis Break joins us to talk about that any new movie. Next, here listening TAT, Glenn Bank nuth. I tell you that that is the sign of how lost they really are still see it. She likes America, so she can't the democratic candidate, it's crazy we if a desperate you're coming up in just a second our spotlight sponsor on the blaze, there is a real estate agents. I trust outcome. We have over a thousand active agents. Five hundred who a five thousand that are waiting list. We dont let this get too.
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The future entertainment and in line with the very low on the only man who I would we could call each other good friends. I have so much respect for Dennis Breaker. I think he is one man who has truly out of all of us in radio has made the biggest impact on the culture which is what we all strive to do, and I can't support him enough DEN Prager Prager University. Just got back from Washington going. Against Google and you tube and the rest of them we'll get that first hand in our studio Dennis breaker in one minute s. Is there
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and they go to order more month after month. I still take it three times a day and taking it for about eighteen months now, it's relief factor, dotcom call one eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dot com. Dennis Prager dare I say, a living legend, a guy, started talk, radio right around the time that we did. I think you got into syndicated duck really about ninety nine. We started in two thousand and two thousand, as indicated two thousand one. Welcome to the people Dennis our you well, may I say how you were totally right in saying we're friends- and I that's one of my most cherished terms- and I am very touched by what you said because coming from you at matters, so thank you, safer by the way I also use relief factor data yeah yeah
He also told me he listens to the show, with arriving in judicial now, have evidence that I can now, I can go after him. Stealing Oliver taking Our ideas is making them actually work and the so anyway, Dennis tell me about what happened with good in Washington what's happening with your your lawsuit, we, at the Prager you. Let me just a very quick background for your audience. In case they don't know, I don't expect it. The body to know we have a billion of use a year. That's a very successful thing and I am very proud of it. Could we do very serious work? We a video each week of five minutes, each everything from the electoral College to the ten commandments, drastic both of those are fantastic. Well, we we work very, very, very hard, I included on single video. We have a full force.
Our prime threefold prime ministers for Pulitzer Prize winners were very serious about the people that make the videos for us and it is a conservative voice. Its fact based truth comes first and that's why, when people say oh pray, universities propaganda, but they never have once offered an example. Current of anything we ve said that isn't true, tracked and and we're not gonna have you know, People like Alan Dershowitz, are the Prime Minister of Canada Harper than I can. Make a video for a place, its propaganda right. We have proof just from Stanford and Harvard and end and prince than an it. It's it's, but I told they could say they could smear but we're very effective in this bothers people like Google, Google's left wing operation, I'm I say with no joy: it's not an accusation. It's a fact: use the video of their other lamenting the the Trump election. It was like a day of mourning. If not
four years of morning at Google and I are and in your morning they are taking steps, that's correct, who make sure she never happens again. They said it yet we have the video less say we can't let this happen again. Well, pretty university, is sixty five percent of our billion views or people under thirty five, that's another big big deal and that that bothers them, because they think that they own youth when they do from elementary school through graduates who, on television and movies they do own youth, but but we're making an inroad. So they started pudding or videos out of nowhere, which are largely aim for young people right we ve started putting some of them on the restricted, less restricted means. If you have a filter against pornography and violence, you can't see the video, they ll assembly, schools, and- and and libraries, that's automatic, abbots demonetized
so what are some of the examples? I remove Victor Davis Hansen, whose is gentle a human being as walks honour, have direct apps. I mean if this in the book of Opposites right this him and flame thrower right right right. Peat has a history of the korean war. It was put on this. There's no rhyme or reason accept this. If we have fifteen, we have. We have heard many of videos and we put up three hundred something fifteen of them, that's one out of town is on Israel. Half of them are on the restricted, lest they hated and they hate America. So if America's depicted as beautiful and if Israel depicted as beautiful We have the head of british forces in Afghanistan saying how more of the israeli Army is that's on the restricted list, AL Dershowitz Professor, Harvard Hillary Clinton democratic the video on Israel's founding villages, illegality of Israel founding it's on the restrictive list MA but think of
It is by video. I I I did one on each of the ten commandments and they knew it's crazy about this is in testimony. Yes, the guy from a little said this well murder and allotted he led with churches, alot of churches, They don't want that kind of stuff. Thou shalt. Not murder is something they get arches. No, it was crazy. I was there, this was in the U S, and yet I was there so when he said he was asked by senator crews. From my give great praise, he's really pursued the yes and so the crews risks. The Google representative. Why, if you put MR pressures video on the ten commandments, on the restricted. We have his response and then I won't you your response. I have it here. It is listen. Mr Pray There is a Youtube success story,
Hey. Prager has more than two million of followers, as I understand it, MR Prager is an end. All MR progress content is available on Youtube than the main you to channel we do have a very small percentage of our subscribers who opt for what we call restricted mode. These are mostly in solutions like churches or perhaps schools where there's more mature content that they choose, not to have access to. This is less than two percent of the overall you two watchers, but we do feel it's important. That to give those those institutions that degree of control there is a small percentage of mister. Acres overall content, as I understand it, a less than a quarter of his content that is deemed to be in that category of more mature and
for that very soon a percentage they will not have access to. Mr Prager is more mature content other that it is complete under and just to be clear. These are the this is content, for instance, may be perfectly acceptable to watch, but for those regions practice this is to violence or war rape. Things like that. All of this Prodi's those those The ten comments, all those are available to ninety eight percent of Youtube viewers than eight point five. I believe one point: five percent of our viewers have in activated again the restrictive churches take. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop ok, the key, the key warnings that he was asked. Well, why is MR prisoners, video on murder restricted? So well, I give his answer yet how cake so his answer was because it mentions murder. So I was Their am I I truly felt that I had entered the twilight zone can
This cannot hear an adult. Tell them. Thou shalt, not murder. I mean I went to jewish religious coolly achieve us from the from kinda garden. Am I learned that at five God does? want me to murder, so how the rabbis retorted to me didn't think it was restricted. Frankel over eighteen Veronica Lake Run, it was a good thing. It five right I'll go out of business murdered, so so I I got up there. I prefaced by cupboards by prepared remarks by saying we thou! Now that I know why that has been restricted. We will produce a Google friendly, ten commandments, titled then I'm commandments. We will remove Thou shalt, not murder. By the way, as of now five of the ten commandments run restricted was there so angry at us, which proves that has nothing to do with content that they have Another hundred restricted, since I testified in the Senate,
wow yeah. That proves its as a to do with algorithms. Now violent, listen to what he saying. Listen when he sing he sing percent of two percent of the of the population right, a Google users. Yes, they opt out clause. Are we saying it's the users? Joy? That's right, however. He, then, is playing the role of the MP yea and saying we decide rich ones fall into that category network and we think Thou shalt not murderous is in that, where churches wouldn't want it, that's rings it. Yes, that's crazy! I mean I could see a people don't want, do not commit adultery. I get it. It's that's softly thou shalt. Not murder was so. He also said a very small percentage, since when is twenty five percent all I only know that railways that a busy it's amazing, thought what you'd
do they could play a very small percent? Two per cent of the viewers? Ok to present that small, its move, Wednesday volumes- and I know that, but twenty five percent negative millions and millions of people at two percent- twenty five percent of the three hundred and sixty videos right- that's that's quite a number, but the thing is a thing: that your listeners need to understand is this is the tip of the iceberg if they prevail if there are allowed to do this, then that will be it for free expression for concern. That's we're moving the intern. It is moving towards the university. The universities is basically conserve it. Fry the german free meaning empty devoid of that's, that's where the internet will be headed.
If if they get a green light from either Congress want suppression of private enterprise. Course not conservative I dont want the government to interfere, but the analogy I to which no one Libertarian has been able to give me an answer is what a Delta airlines or better delta American and United announced all Those who come on board our plane with the new York Times can come on, but if you're carrying the Wall Street Journal, you may not fly with us after all their private companies. Why? I want the libertarian to attack Prager, you believe it or not, and reason magazine at the American Enterprise Institute. They have attacked us, they have defended Google online. Retiring groundswell, one private enterprise, so fine. So if the only can't do it or the conduit have. Almost all information is bigoted that
does it matter to you which still just private enterprise, so here's that that is the problem and end the way too, for me at least, to expresses Google Microsoft Apple Facebook, all of that that has become the public square. That is the point is to express yourself that's right. So if, if, if you, if you are not allowed it a platform, is a public space s that everyone can gather? No matter you can't fly correct, correct back with tears, rigour here and just a second. Aren't you a little bit about gold line The foggy mists of just a few weeks ago try to remember when people were throwing themselves out of windows, because we had a negative yield curve was the sure sign that we were headed towards the recession in the great depression and end and certain doom.
It is not a sure sign, as we told you at the time, and I am a catastrophes, I'm an optimistic catastrophes, but I'm a catastrophe is nonetheless nonetheless when the yield curve is zero or negative. It means that banks can't make money by lending money, so they say up lending money. Now bad news. We know whether it ends in a recession or not that's. Why all of these sovereign funds from over in Europe are now investing in us they. To make money. This is such a complex mass right now and I think the world is headed for just economic catastrophe. If all cards are not played exactly right, try is squarely therein trouble we are also being squarely our tariffs, I can't tell you what's happening, but I'd. I will tell you that old line is all
Is the hedge against inflation? It's always the hedge against insanity. I don't buy it as an investment, although has been very good for me. I buy it instead as insurance insurance against them a world gone insane, and that insanity today is called modern monetary theory. Printing money. We don't even have to tax people if they worked. How can we haven't been doing that? All the time like that, like some genius. You know what we got up Ending press we have nothin to back it up Why don't? We just run this money like that's like that, took some genius to figure out. That's probably what the guy said, who built the printing press wages run this all the time? Well, you can't you don't understand anyway, gold call them now about investing in gold or silver, rather important risk information fun out of its right for you, eight six eggs goldmine, one, eight, six, six, gold lying or
old line. Dotcom we break for ten seconds backward, dig, Dennis Break break so Dennis. Have you heard a good solution to this I mean I know there are people talking about regulation? I do not. They want regulation. Both those innovations want it because EL the site will design it? Just like the big three Otto acres did in and under Franklin Roosevelt? We can't let M designed the regulation, because it will, it will make it too onerous for anybody who is coming up and can be a competitor. So what do we do? EL the there they have been granted by Congress, the they have been granted.
The ability to avoid all lawsuits correct because they're, a platform right, an open forum right. They they operate, though, as if their a publisher see the New York Times does not have to publish Dennis Prager or Prager you. Clearly we told I understand there, but the New York Times is liable for for what. Do you think, is not liable for libel right there, not an open, Platt, that's right right, so they want it both ways. I've I've talked to people Congress and the Senate and many of them who, three, that their real problem are like. Well that that's really not gonna work. We can't, I don't know. Stand. The argument against that. I don't ever I haven't heard that there are no, no, I I agree with you. It's at least the thing bothers me when, when I read conservatives who who are agreeing with Google, which is
using, but it happens that the the things that I dont understand. They don't recognize that its even an issue. They They will. I google Prager, you is, and I came up- some positive thing, because normally do Prager, you is, you will find propaganda. Lying is usually a negative after, but that's we'd, that's we don't build our case on that. We build on the censorship issue they don't even acknowledge. There were conservatives who don't acknowledge the threat to conservative, what inherent to what has happened. It's not even that I mean sure you have talked to what's his name up in Boston. That is, is running the running the test. Cyrus version- yes Robert,
Stein, peas, Amaze, Asia. May these amazing Enron. He is a liberal them right he's a guy who I mean I talk to you a couple weeks ago. He was heart, broken about rights. Hillary Clinton come out against me, like I'm Ipod supporter and their strewing me, and he sang, and I think this is true- the more I study up on a sigh and google and everything else these Nevertheless, I think we're about two years away from being in a trap: we're not gonna be able to get out of the three. He says that this may be the last election, throw that is quote from and he said, I'm not even sure of this one's gonna be free, will It is search just as an example. I did a search on global warming or climate change or norm both, and there is a lot of stuff out there by scientists pick. That is, that is sceptical. Not that the world is getting warmer, but why
Why why it is an especially about the solution correct. There are many reasons why the world might be getting warmer and- and it also probably not a catastrophe, can't find that page after page of results is the same thing. Just the exact same thing. And I remember reporting on my radio show years ago, ten thousand scientists have signed a petition say wait, a minute. That's for sure that its anthropocentric its human made thoughts ten thousand scientists no coverage, so the this is this is AIDS. We live, indifferent worlds, the left and the right. I live in their world because I'm immersed, I watch CNN Msnbc. I read the New York Times every day, but they don't read us or hear us or study under us, and that is why we win all their the debates with them. I've debated the left, in fact, you'll love this. This is the best yet items
the guy to San Francisco synagogue, a left wing jus, which is almost redundant but not entirely. I had saved some jewish, so I debate this guy to San Francisco, Ciba Geigy and I don't try to defeat opponents. I hang on take I'm gonna take a break and I dont want erect the jewelry will love the idea story, hang on just a justice. That's why he wins by the way. Is he is not trying to win Joe the debate here, trying to convince the other side or win your. It was just speak. The truth Dennis Prager from the Dennis Breaker Show also Prager University, more with him and his new movie, no safe states spaces. Next, here listening, TED Glenn back
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At warranty on it for years, car shield covered me and caution. Covered it? Car eight sorry, car six thousand, it's one! Eight hundred car six thousand use the promo code back at car, she'll, dot com and safe ten percent. Now Dennis Prager from Prager University He also is the author of a great series of books called the rational Bible. We'll talk to him about a little bit. This document documentary no safe spaces, witches phantom take that is coming out and it was just talking about. A conversation that he was having in a synagogue debate in a very liberal individual, at a synagogue in San Francisco, correct So all I wanted to tell you was so this was this is on Youtube. You could watch it against Dennis Prager Debate, San Francisco synagogue or something like that. So
whenever I debate people on the left or any body, I I've, no, desire to humiliate anyone effect that jewish law forbids me from humiliating. Am I take that very seriously it's why a band Monica Lewinsky jokes on my programme? No one! No one could call him until such time as I said, the woman is created and gods image you can mackerel, my programme, so I take that some very seriously, but I want the debate I mean I knew inside. I wanted the Bay Am I always when debates against left this, because you don't know any of our arguments and we know all of their enemy. Just on that alone. For again I'm a good debater, but the the point I wanted to make was that of the restricted list, they it is because I loved the lost the debate fits Were you debating Israel? Should you know? Jews and Israel, Jews and an american policy, and so on so violent Dennis
of albeit an ogre San Francisco synagogue Army, it's beyond belief in Europe you re reading, your rational Bible, it is. I think I actually wrote a review of its someplace. It is not. When somebody says this is my life's work yeah, whatever. With you? This is your life's work and it reads that way. You this is a life toss, robe of of learning and wisdom that you have poured into this and it is conservatives and that are christian if you haven't gone through the old testament, with a rabbi or somebody who really really knows Hebrew your You are your water skiing over the old testament. I mean it's,
phenomenal, how deep it is well. Thank you. Yes, it is deep and my hope, MIKE it's cold, the rational Bible, your listen? You should just read the reviews on Amazon. I I want a. When I write wrote this. I wanted a peasant in China who never heard of Moses to be moved that's my that's the reader. I have in mind. Will this makes Dense too, were rural chinese person because that I called the rational Bible. It either has something to say to everyone, or it has nothing to say to Jews and Christians. That's my view and the number of people who with said you know what I came into this, leafiest Rita people could read it on that anyway. I just I'm always of conscious about promoting something I've done. I can only say this: nobody writes a Bible commentary, they get wealthy and so on that I feel that it is Dennis it is. It is that's what we ve lost.
So what we ve lost, because that is where this kind Three is rooted in the wisdom of the Bible period, Apron Lincoln didn't go to church, but he kept the bible, honest nightstand, that's the different. Have any read it? I have of I've a letter right after his death from the guy who was his preacher and in Illinois who said back in early eighteen fifty he come, and here I would invite him to preach. He knew the gospel, and he knew the Bible better than I did that's his preacher. Nobody, nobody understands that he read it. Young knew it here he may not have been your average church goers right. There is deep programme value. Is it's the deepest book ever written in anywhere? Try to explain it. My hope, you're, listen is, will read it. So no safe spaces is coming out at the end of October, I'm cool- and I are this court on coach stars, but
I got you give. I give all the credit to the to the terrific people who made them now. You sound humble, but I don't know either. Genesis is all bling doubt he's gone totally Hollywood I mean just that's rise out of totally Hollywood. Now that he's in Abuja. Exactly no no, it's really. It's really good the film I've it four times I get bored very easily. It's one of the reasons, some interesting God, God gave a very short attention span. In order to be interesting, I turned I turned the deficit into applause because I remember one of my first talks. I swear to you in the middle of the talk. I was twenty to twenty three years. All I started very early and I said myself while I'm talking Dennis your boring me remember that was the wake up call. You must constantly be interesting anyway. No safe spaces is about what is happening to free speech on campuses.
See a positive coming here Dennis Dc Deuce. Did you find positive things on campus, because your fear, your target, Those people who were there are a handful of courageous individuals. We have of a thing on bread, wine, stained, four eggs and Britain was greatly. He is guys it total liberal. He's at this college in Washington State and he one day they amounts all white should leave campus for a day goes sorry, I don't believe in that and die you you what people will see what happened to this man in this movie it that's a movie in a racist is crazy. It's crazy is left the is left that college. He I teach there really point. His life was endangered, the his that they leave eaten was told by the university we can't act, you normally iraqi, yes and he went to a public park right.
And held his class there. I mean it's an amazing right Eve guy, it's yes and his story will rivet people so anyway against No safe space lose it open at the end of October, ok Dennis as well, I know you have to go and run and your show, but as always thank you some era joy, my friend this was this was terrific and thank you for keeping the studio really call your I welcome your welcome Dennis Prager from Prager University and don't forget. His book is red, the rational Bible. I cannot recommended highly enough. I have read it and I love it. His new movie opens up in October, will have more on that. No safe spaces now. Let me take a break here and talk to a little bit about the exchequer, we're sitting. In a very comfortable chair, you're sitting down and there
the difference in chairs. I have had all kinds of chairs of worked in this business and been sitting in a chair for forty years and I've, had cheap chairs of had expensive chairs. I've had the best chair and it's not by any stretch of the imagination, the most expensive chair out there it's the next year. It has over ten different adjustments, it will help you support your back support, absolutely report of you. It is really good and its customizable to you every single day, call eight for four for next year to check this out. They have a money back guarantee. If you get it, you don't love it. You can ship it back No questions asked full refund. They can't be Please don't do this because you can't make something like an extra and ship it back and plan to stay in business. If people are shipping it back there
how confident they are, and I am confident that you're gonna love it. It's exchequer, gonna, Exchequer, Beck, dot, com use the promo code back and you're gonna receive a free set of the new ex wheels with your chair, its Ex chair back dot com, promo code. you know it. Desiree is going to be on television tonight, we're going to go over for some of the movie with him, but also I really wanted to talk to him about the changes that he is seeing. If any he lives got a vino in the LOS Angeles area, and Seen a change there. I've seen people who have never voted for a Republican who are now quietly saying. Oh, I will vote for Donald Trump over these crazy people. They have Crazy and they, they, don't really even notice it, the crazies, keynote it, you see Jim gaff again when he was on Georgians, podcast reality,
play this. Listen, listen to him! Discuss. Being friends with conservative sources. And it is weird because, like six years ago- and I did this interview and talked about it- and I could see the end of your girl- you, your friends with someone that works at fox- and I might well yeah you know it's like itself. Hey, it's ok, he's not a monster he's not killing. You know putting children in cages. Well, I'm friends with Steve Hilton. He has a show on Fox interviewed Trump by my family has gone vacations together and this guy it's like. Why, like it's, it's it's this strange thing where, unlike I commend stand, how important. These beliefs are- and I can understand how threatening Denmark
for years- and I can understand how we have to face our history and in all these things, but it's like discourse Hasta remain in it. Yes, we have to be, will talk to each other and I think that's one of things a kind of died with the Trump election, people were like you with us or against us, you're, the for him or you or your fear, for the future and compassion and and caring about everyone or you're a monster and there's no there's no discussion about. Finances are the best way to run the acquire younger international trade. None of your your with the good are the bad, your binary, it's one or zero, your black or white. Your wondered zero! and if that is the same thing that criticized about W saying you're, either with us or again which, by the way being a other of daughters, you know, is also a line from beauty in the beast to input
corporate LISA rights very childlike like that. That perspectives very childlike there's a lot of people at a conservative that are very good people. Absolutely that's! I! You know here's another thing that I find very frustrating. I feel its though I'm somehow, and sometimes I get messages on social media and the be like you, oh that some of the people that, like your comedy, our trump supporters em, like I hope so, I I hope that I appeal to a lot of different people. Oh I it's it's a view. Strange. Look over. The success I had and I'm so grateful for the success that I've had on b, The pale I remember like I came back to New York after I dogmas tore him. You dont know withstand a bead on how long it's gonna last you don't know what's going on came back no member some one reading article maybe was in time on New York and their life,
he's very mainstream mainstream. And there was recently in New York Times, article he's very conventional and, unlike what is that mean like conventional, in that people want to go and see me perform that way. I guys, like that's a climb F again. I will tell you it's weird to hear that, because I'm friends with somebody fox- and I just done an interview a couple of years ago with him Willie, he's talking about us stymie, I mean Ike I can say for sure, but a German I've talked to Jim enough about this, he's been on. The show. Yeah he's been the show and and and he has told me those kinds of story- and what's weird, is agent really don't get that from our audience. Generally don't get that from our audience. Our audience when we connect with somebody
since I think we could have told you Gabert on an hour he would go. Don't agree with her don't want to be the president, but I liked her, you know and that's where we need to get. If, if, if you can't listen to somebody that you don't agree with NGO. I'm glad I heard that I you know I don't. I don't hate her would it be nice not to hate people and then not listen to anything. They say just imagine that Jim gap again and Michael blame have been the bravest, I think in Pendule at pendulum, actually lost friends with his childhood idle because we were friends. I mean these guys have taken a beating, I'm glad I dont have to take a beating Yeah, I just don't understand it. You know that what is the point of law?
thing to especially long form, talk, radio or long form. Interviews like what are you looking for your looking for constant, a constant. You know affirmation, I'm looking for somebody like I want to live when I what I'm listening a reading, something I want to move to be able to go several times. Otherwise, stop Holly how I've never thought of it that way night. That's that's what you want. That's the point you one of the main challenge right, you think a little bit. If you listen to the same, bull saying the same things every single day. You don't get that right. That's it They have done. That's what the left has done there giving They lay silence everything else out. You can't you can't grow like Therefore, we complain about the coverage of the time, for example, of Donald Trump right and it
obviously unfair and its overwhelming on that side, but think about it from their perspective. Think about turning on the television every day and all they do is figure out what the current controversy is about. Donald Trump and say it's bad. Listen to this! That just boring a boring life. Listen to this from Donald Trump last night. Tell me how you argue with this. You must never forget that the twenty twenty election is about. One thing you it's true. It's not about me! It's about you about your fee. Your future and the fate of your country. Now He's is going to get a little dicey, but you could make it case. This is absolutely true, and I think you can get passed an impartial jury, easily a vote for Democrats in twenty. Twenty in a vote for any Democrat tomorrow in North Carolina is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the dust production of the traditional american dream. We are entering this campaign with the best record. The best results in the best agenda, dammit
that's, are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term, abortion and socialism, they, are socialists. The rebel In parties the party of the american worker, the american family, the american dream- I don't necessarily grew the republican thing, but damn rats even want to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants. As long as I'm your present, and I will never ever let Democrats take away your health care and give it a free to people who have entered our country illegally. We can't do that. It's a tremendous incentive to come in they also want to bring in unlimited numbers of foreign refugees from overseas all at the expense of supporting their own communities river, Dickens, no matter what you do where you are. We want people to obey our laws. We want people that are good to help our country, the demo, party has never been farther outside of the mint mainstream. He's right, he's right. And if he was using this as his message, if he would use
this is not about me. This is about you, and your family and the choice of where we're going, because that really is what it is. Are we going to still base our self bill of rights and declaration of independence. Are we going to go for a completely as Elizabeth Warren says a com. We knew designed machine something completely different I don't think Americans are at that point.
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