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Ilhan Omar FINALLY Responded! (Kind of) | Guests: Ken Paxton & Nick Di Paolo | 9/18/19

2019-09-18 | 🔗
Apparently Ilhan Omar’s deleted Father’s Day tweet was “doctored” by “hateful” conspiracy theorists, and “Nur Said” is her dad’s nickname. Okay, but is he her ex-husband’s dad too? Eco-anxiety is on the rise with AA-like support groups and terrified kids being allowed to skip school to protest climate change. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calls in to discuss leading the investigation against Google and the bankruptcy of Purdue Pharmaceuticals. Comedian Nick Di Paolo also joins with some VERY politically incorrect takes on vaping, Saturday Night Live firing Shane Gillis, and weird emotional support animals. But is anyone talking about Iran? Its clerical regime literally wants world chaos, and the Saudi attack is proof.

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In case you don't know. Yesterday, on this program we talked about the Omar. We have to give you The amazing explanation from the Omar coming up in just a few minutes. First, let me tell you about our cruise through history. Pat is going about a pet sitting in for stew today, hi hi Glenn you're you're going to go on the cruise. Yes, people are going to learn so much from me. Yeah, I'm gonna show him right where the buffet is right. Yeah, it's gonna, be great. It's good wow and the history of the food at the buffet or justice early just, but how it tastes along while kind of learn it together. You'll be like this is really good. Yes, now will I be able to trust that you're telling me what's really good, because that will mean less, for you so you won't be able to trust that no ok, alright, ok, good! Well, it's an all inclusive trip Bill O'Reilly will be there. David Parton rabbi, Lapin TIM Ballard will be there I'll, be there
going to learn a lot about the history of our country and what we got from ITALY and Greece and and the holy Land, which is where we're going to be sailing, find out about it now come sail dot com only a cup, cabins left get him now come sail dot com the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, all right, decision right off the bat here patch joining me sitting in for us to do we start with, Alano Mars
really logical reason on why she deleted that tweet. Yesterday we talked about plus plus some some crazy stories about echoing society and how how psychiatrists are now having these these camps for people who are just too freaked out, because we only have twelve years for it's all over. Maybe we start with a lot of Marcus it'll. Put that whole conspiracy thing to rest. You do the yeah. Alright we're going to start with a lot omar. Is the Glenn Beck program's
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I mean I think we need to start with the official a lot a lot of our campaign season. On a more my wife hates this. A lot of people do because it doesn't get out of there had a right to the day we were driving last night and she just went a lot of our. I hate you so much so a lot of our is is in the news and she wanted to clear this up, because yesterday we told you that another tweet had been found an in this tweet. She said Happy Father's day to the best father.
I thank all of for giving me a great father, newer, Saeed. Now Northside is the name of the guy that we we've been saying is her father, you'll notice, there's no Omar in that name, because we can tell, and through a lot of research and many sources, we contend that she just went with another family. While she was in this camp in in not Somalia, where did they move her to Jason, where in kenya- and this is very, very common for Somalis, somebody would get permission to come to the United States and they would say I can take your children. Okay, great, get him to the states, and so she became an Omar. It's not her name, but her dad and her family name is site
well right. We let any elect, allegedly, allegedly, because she has posted many pictures of a guy named Nora, Syed and said this. My dad posted pictures of other site in the family England of her alleged brother who she later married and her sister and she clearly on the record, saying that's my sister, that's my brother. So when she didn't delete something from twenty thirteen, it was found just yet your where she says a by the way. Happy father's day, and so we immediately said along, you- should the this because, that's is to say exactly what we've been saying. Well, they did her spokesman came out yesterday and Easter statement. Rep
native Omar and her family are subject to constant threats when people right file things on posts about people she loves, including posting, disturbing doctored images of her father. She takes them down yeah. So now I guess she's saying that we we have doctored the image of her standing next to new, are say saying, as my dad at please replace that picture gang wow. She then said: Norris SE means happy light and it has been her dad's nickname. Since he was a kid he has a public page with the same name. She isn't only because it's his name, which is weird. No. No. She saying that Omar, they
Omar the Father, the you know. What we believe is the adopted father. Okay, his his name is, is narrow. Norris. I eat right right, which happens to be the full name of the guy, so so weird she said she, I'm deleting it for the disturbing hateful reasons that are being implied by conspiracy. Theorists and legitimate media outlets shouldn't be spreading conspiracy theories, so she he said it's just a big coincidence that guy we say is father because she said it's her father, the guy a who's she Ems is now not her father, but is the father of woman, she claims is her sister, her sister's marriage certificate says The father knew our Saeed.
She says: I'm no, that's no you're making all of this up this just a coincidence. I call my dad Omar. I call him Nora Saeed, which is what my sister calls my Other dad that I say is not my dad, because that's her father's real name. Could this get any weirder or more convoluted? You know what bizarre here's, what here's what's happening. She doesn't have to give logical answers. Yeah she doesn't have to give nobody in the media hold your feet to the phone. No one will pursue this. Right. No one will cause we're the only one yeah I mean well, there's there's about three or four journalists that are actually doing the work and we're we're one of those, but is a box even tracking this down. There is no mainstream or the biggest were the biggest voice on this, but nobody, nobody is willing to do the work. They're all
going to say, and it's it's interesting that she used conspiracy two times these are just spread by conspiracy, theorists that Biasa, wow and wow mainstream media should not be spreading conspiracies, so she's just shooting it warning shot across the bow. If you do any on this, we are going to come after you call you a conspiracy, theorist and when she says we she means we she's care and everyone else behind her this. This is what happens when you or are, when you put spell still interest groups of any kind in charge. We put care and everybody else in charge of what we are allowed to say about Laman, Muslims and Islamists. Once they had that power, you're completely done a lot more.
Somebody might get interested in this I mean seriously. This is a United States card person, Us Congress person. Do you remember when we were exposing Soros everyone else? I know. No one was interest, wasn't an elected official. She is. She is. This is just committed crimes who knows who she's in bed with look at all the lies, she's told I mean how deep does this go? Who knows? I, I think, that's why everyone is afraid of us not in this. They show in this fight. I don't know. I've talked to several people who should be in this fight and I don't want to rat them out, but I said what the hell are you doing? How are you not on this? I don't see a win. I don't see a win in less she and less she.
He folds there's no way to prove it. One way or another will yeah well she's not going to have her feet held to the fire unless everybody's, on top of it in saying we demand answers. How is this your sister with she says according to legal documents, is this is her father? You have posted picture. That should say that's my father, but that's not the father. You live came to America with you gotta her dad over here, which way one of these is real, because one of your biological dad, your biological dad also is the father of the guy, who is the biological brother of your sister? Then you claim- and you married that guy, so what the hell? Yes, I mean this should be an open and shut case. This is so easy, so easy for
or to just go on and say, look here's a picture of my brother. Here's a picture of my husband. You should yet if she did this and she was legitimately in the right, she could. She could blow this out of the wash period immediately. So here's the thing. This is why this is important and I think this is why she gets so much protection she is a part of those democracy or what is it the Democrat Alliance or what it is it justice? justice. Democrats she's part of that you expose pose the lies and the cover up with her you in immediately discredit the entire organization. And so now you hurt them with. Uh
josianne everything else. They become a joke and toxic. How hard to believe is it that they are not already discredited, they'd, that just as Democrats founded by the young Turks people, the young Turks, that I mean discredit them right from the get go, but it doesn't it doesn't because they have tons of money behind them. Big, big money, the the the letter has gone, unhinged, hinged and insane, and until Democrats start to stand up and say: look I don't want these people in our party I mean I don't mind the Omar and you know, being muslim or being able whatever and having a for an opinion than mine, but I do have a problem if this stuff is true, if we can't wrap this stuff out and find out if it's true or not I
will I want to make this clear. I will be the first to apologize and tell you the truth that none of this stuff is through, if she would just provide the evidence but her not providing the evidence her coming up with ridiculous thing. No, that's my that's! My father's nickname you father goes. Let's, like my nickname, would be John Brown. This is a real name, is a real name. So I'm going back, but my nickname is John Brown. It's a good catch, you know, would work with yeah. I would so repeat. And- and you know what the ridiculous doesn't end there wait, there's more,
back to the program in one minute and think pad for sitting in for to on vacation for about a week living off the grid. To some people sounds kind of fun, and then you actually do it. This never sounded fun. To me, my my son is always like Can we go camping? You sure can son, you sure. Can you find some family? That's going. Camping have a great time. The boy scouts are going. Camping is father, son, that's great, and what great Father's they all have you can attend. If one of them will take you because I'm not taking you camping, I will I will. I have another story today about they've they've, there's, there's national reserves in China, and I want to talk to me what they've just released in their national reserves a because I have a different way of you know
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prepare with Glenn dot com, eight hundred two hundred seven thousand one hundred and sixty three. We take a ten second break for station id terror bump bump hey. Let me tell you about the China has just released ten thousand metric tons of pork from its central reserves this week in a bid to stabilize soaring pork prices and cope with swine fever crisis that is wiped out. Roughly one third of its pigs, that's pretty amazing, so they have. They have ten thousand metric tons of pork that they're releasing that's their entire central reserve,. Now. I know we have a strategic oil reserve. Do we have pork reserves, I don't think so. How long can you keep
work was reserve, it's frozen, it's frozen pork! You do that indefinitely, though I mean eventually, you gotta eat that stuff or it's going to even frozen. You wouldn't want to keep it for years? I don't know what you I don't. I don't think so, but it I don't know I mean, maybe they cycle through it. Maybe after go through our oil reserves. I think you'd have to yeah. So I think you you just cite with that's a pretty good idea that you have pork reserves. What like to know is: do we have ice cream reserves? Do we want to what else could we have? I don't want to just live on pork things go to hell in a handbasket, I mean we, in pudding definitely need put, we need pudding. We need, pudding. Yeah ice cream ice cream ice cream, pudding pudding. I can't think of anything else that I would put in pudding. Yeah I have ice cream I think we need at least ten
one thousand tons of pudding yeah, absolutely at least action pump in that don't worry? We've got but for now there is. There is a story that I find really really immoral. I find this. I find the people who are making people feel this way immoral. Now, may I ask you: I was the the perpetrator of of the giant con on the american people and I was just trying to make them afraid. Remember that uh and that was really bad to be fear, monger and to make people afraid. A growing body of evidence suggests climate change activists. The world over
are increasingly suffer from eco anxiety experiencing mental health episodes triggered by the stress of worrying about the earths pending doom from global warming. In order to combat, let me listen to that. Listen to that in or to combat the condition climate anxiety, support groups are cropping up according to the daily beast, and the seats are filling up. The beast reported the rise climate climate anxiety groups in the: U S calling the gatherings the new self care in order meet the rising demand, counselors and clinicians are getting trained up on how to treat this special group of patients, and I believe they are really special, who feel rate wailed, weighed down by the doom and gloom surrounding the movement. So here's here's. What let me just, let me finish it 'cause I gotta get to a couple of the quotes more
in two hundred and fifty people now have pursued participated in good grief. The tenth echo anxiety, support program which mimics the structure of alcoholics, anonymous. Think of that vein eat a program like AA to be able control the fear that the earth is doomed. Activists, Lin Wang, told the outlet that she decided to launch a support group after becoming overwhelmed by the climate crisis last year. P would say now listen to this listen to circle of friends, who would say, isn't it great that the world is ending in twelve years? What. Who would say that who I would say that isn't great the world is going to end in twelve years, but it's in the back
people's minds and it's constantly over our heads. There is a real fear for the next generation thinking about the future. I imagine planning for the future when we only have twelve years this, this immoral, but the media with the politicians and everyone else is doing to uh fellow citizens and humans and so dangerous. What's happen when you haven't planned beyond twelve years and that all of a sudden we're beyond twelve years and worst here, really danger. It is there's a lot of people who believe it did. There were whole heartedly. They are still hurting and eco anxiety, twelve step program, unbelievable the press should Probably question itself. I even in the daily beast story: where is where is the media, the daily beast say and by the way, the world's not going to be over
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in the matter of Carter, page to all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G or prepared in connection with the russian investigation. And three all FBI reports of interviews compared a prepared in connection with all Carter, page FISA applications in Shin. President Trump has directed the Department of Justice, including the FBI, to publicly release all text messages relating The Russia investigation without redaction of James CALL, Andrew Mccabe Peter, struck LISA Page and Bruce, or this is this- is Cigna and I wanna bring Jason Betrayal in who we're going to talk about a couple of things: Jason.
Get to IRAN here in a second, but first tell me the significance of of this first of the Faiza applications that significant, because that's what we've been asking for is like, if it if anything went, went weird with that like if, if did the fusion gps thing to that, have anything to do with any of this? We was what we suspected they denied yet now this is important. They denied that they use the fusion g p s as the reason to get that the FISA court to say. Yes, you can spy on candidate trump, which goes through that that trump dot CA. All of those things that the addition also linking Bruce or and the text messages with Comi and remind me Bruce or so as the he's the was the Doj was. The power is that he was like the s of what he was. How he was his wife is involved right. She worked for fusion, GPS. She was a russian translator. She worked for fusion GPS. Then she was the liver information straight to Bruce or right
Bruce Sore was giving that information over to call in the game. So this, what's what's incredible about this is This shows this may show will see all the declassification's, but I can't imagine the White House is releasing if it doesn't, if it's incriminating yeah it's incriminating order just neutral, it should show that they did. Use fusion gps, not anything to do with Carter page Carter, page remember, they say was under investigation for something else, and it already. We were looking at Carter page we, our research, if If I remember this right. Our research showed that know that had been investigated and then already put to rest. Everybody thought he was just an imbecile right. Live only the Russia they had investigated him before back member vector in at Chapman days during that group.
Investigating around then because he was just he was like an energy guy and he was trying to get into like people involved with global energy, and there were two Kate are not KGB. There were two. Soviet Svr, like their former KGB, contacted Bruce or reached out to him and They that I guess the NSA or that somebody in the get some intel and saves the actually got phone intercepts of these russian agent saying that guy is a moron. So we stay away for literally right. That's part, pretty there's no way we can use him he's a moron, so the F B, I said: okay were a cave we're moving on. He is not. He is no longer a person of enterprise, but then, when deadly the FISA court says, oh, you can go back and look at him because of those other things, and if said it had nothing to do with his with the russian fusion GPS dossier on Trump has nothing to do with that really well were
about to find out, because we think it had everything to do with that even the things that we know of of about the files application this it looked weird, say no, we didn't baseball in the Steele dossier said, it, but it wasn't like the main evidence. They also member included a Yahoo news article. That said, no as journalists is on to something because he references stuff, the same the some of the same stuff, that's in the dot, dot, dot, ca, but well, that's because Chris to for steel delivered that journalist at Yahoo NEWS that the dossier, so they reference two things that were exactly the same thing we're trying to make it look different. So the question as did they say that to the judge 'cause, they said no, we were absolutely clear with everything were you so now we will find out now we'll find out and Bruce or should be the sweating some bullets.
Absolutely and his and his wife, I mean because that's the real connection here is what did the wife feed the husband and what did the husband feed the FISA Courts so Well, it's surprising that this came out today, just out of the blue, but we'll see if anyone pays attention to it. 'cause everybody is. Oh, everybody is defending the Kavanaugh story on the left and everybody is defending the impeachment process. With the Kavanaugh story I mean there is, is no real news, no real news. I find the store of the of the climate change people having to go therapy because they believe that the world is going to end in twelve years? I find that a real story and I find that a real story in this way the media and the politicians are
they needed to have an enemy. They need needed to have a bad guy to be able to takedown capitalism, and so they invented that's bigger than world war. Two they invented their own Hitler and their own. Hitler is anything that hurts the climate and they have scared people to the point to where they believe they only have twelve years to live. Imagine in imagine if I said to you that there is a cult where millions of people are now believing there's only twelve years to live and they're changing everything in their life because they believe this do you think There would be an outcry from the left. You know there would 'cause there's been people like yes and there should have been mocked, there should be in disparage correct yeah, I mean that's crazy. The press is responsible, but it's not just the press. It's the politicians as well up in New York
We are now allowing schoolchildren yet to go on to go on Strike Friday school districts were debating what position to take when uh. York City announced one eight. One million public schoolchildren could skip classes without any penalties to join the global youth climate strike on Friday. A verbal one million kids are going to leave school on Friday, and you know half of them three quarters of a just want to get out of school yeah, my kids, if my Kids came home and said their school was doing this and dad. I can leave school and right, and you know you're going to go to school on Friday and we're leaving that school on Monday yeah. Absolutely I mean it's enough in uh enough, and you wonder why these kids are so proud Dan diced why they believe it so much why they're so afraid why their skin, out of their mind. Why there? Why they're committing suicide? There's nothing of importance! You have! No,
thing to live for think of the message. Think of the message you're telling him their world is burning up all round. Oh yeah, and there is there's not going to be any food. There's not going to be any there's not going to be the animals. There's. There's the people are going to starve. It's going to be non, stop threes in engines being burned up, I mean they've heard it all. I mean that is fine, and then, on top of it, you the real crisis of hey I don't know, what's going to happen with freedom and you can hey, that's all what cd are slow right. Conspiracy really is it is it because I hear that from the left as well? They don't have they don't know what their jobs are going to be like they don't know if they're going to be able even afford college or if they do, if it's going to be just going to just be anchor around their neck.
Can you imagine what it is like to be a kid in today's world? It's terrifying, terrifying. It's got a fighting yeah and they don't have the experience to know that. Okay, I see through this nonsense. Some of them do some can see through because they hear both sides. Maybe their parents are, are you know, helping to educate them If you can think this through, I think you could be okay, but if you're, not if you're, just accepting what your which eye centers are telling you, if you think this through and you speak out, then you get the joy of being a pariah. That's true, you remember how hard it was to be in part of the in crowd. When you were a kid, you didn't want to be a pariah. You just wanted to have friends, you wanted to be with the cool kids. I mean that takes real guts to stand up and how many of us would have been able to do it. You just gone along with it, and you would have said my parents, their old. They don't get it because the
so the media and the politicians are telling them to say this is just this is truly evil. What is going on is truly evil. I read this are today about how the Democrat are trying just to create the image of chaos. So people will say I can't handle this with Donald Trump that that's what these impeachment hearings really are all about. That is as this image of chaos and people will say, I just I just want a president who's not causing all this chaos thinking because of their. Their friends in the media that they can control that, and make sure that the chaos is blamed not on the Democrats, who are doing it intentionally, but on the president What did I tell you when I read that story today I saw the word chaos and I thought what did I tell you ten years ago? Ten
years ago I said, the word of the future is going to be chaos. Anyone anyone who is try to create chaos will be on the wrong side. Well, here we are who's, creating confusion and chaos. Look at the New York Times what they did just this week. They could make eight intentionally do the information that would have made the accusation into what it actually is. A big bowl of nothing. But instead they let that run, cause chaos for a few days and then get let the Democrats. Their chaos plan together and say we gotta go in peach and it's Ups, us from talking about the real issue that we really face, try to find stories about what we should do with the rand tried
in them in the mainstream media, you're going to be hunting for awhile. What happen yesterday is so important. We should be taught talking about what we are to do with Saudi Arabia and IRAN. Do you anybody really discussing this. No you hear. It's it's Donald Trump's fault, because he pulled out of the treaty well if this is true what they said yesterday, Let me bring Jason back in he's former military intelligence. If this, it is true. It was done by the I r g c, which is the arm of the mall of the military arm of the mall. It doesn't have to go through politics. It goes wrong. Right to the r I g, I r g c, and what The Saudis and America claimed yesterday and apparently the proof is coming in the next couple of days today and tomorrow accord
to the proof that we have that they say they have. It was fight. Those missiles were fired from IRAN uh. Well, what do we do? What we do, Jason convert conventionally? What do we do it convinced the conventional response would be an automatic military strike from that we would do that. This image, this you? We are now looking at a Beirut situation. If you don't act, are empowering them to continue these things. If you do a act, are you starting a global war with people? What a caliphate in the return of the 12th imam yeah attack was so problematic for the Trump administration you attack them. An IRAN just threatened us. This they said that we will respond to your retaliation, but not necessarily just in that area. Yeah, what they mean is all their malicious. They planted all over the globe. So one of the and other things that we are also concerned about is
We look like we're going to do cyber attacks. Well, the more cyberattacks we do, the more likely it is for others to respond to us with cyberattacks cyberattacks. Could kill millions of people. There needs to be a start treaty on this. This is a weapon of mass destruction. Now we might hit their nuclear power plant, but if you're a I restore your IRAN, you just hit our grid and shut it down, Luke, Woodham and in Venezuela. How many people in hospitals died? We're not talking about any of this, because we have agents of chaos, stirring things up, Kavanaugh and everything else. It's going to take great restraint, but you I urge you to stay fit just on the things that actually matter
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in Israel all right we'll get to that. Little later, also, we just had a an appointment for National Security advisor. How do you like to be the guy replacing John Bolton today? It is what's his name, Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien, any relation to better will now those are just that imo, both MLC like one is like? Oh and the other one is like well Crap, I'm not hispanic anyway, he was the secretary of the Navy was under consideration to be secretary of the. He hasn't even been that he was. He was a lawyer. Was a lawyer, a good good. Well, experience will find out more about him coming up in just a second yeah. I don't like guns I'll, tell you that right now, that's
you're! Listening to the land back, we have KEN Paxton coming on in a few minutes, he's the attorney general, the state of Texas, and I got a few questions of topics we want to talk to about that's coming up so stand by. I want to talk to a little bit about home title lock, home title lock is the only company that is watching over the title of your home, somebody who is actually standing guard at the the virtual bank vault, where all the titles are kept, your it all comes through and it's got a chain each name and ownership on it. They call you hey. Did you just sell your house?
This is important. The FBI says this kind of theft is the fastest growing crime in America. There's no one else that can protect you against this. Please do your homework and go to title lock, dot com make sure your house remains your house home title, lock, dot com go there now Fusion of entertainment and enlightenment are there's a few things that we have to talk about with KEN Paxton he's. Our attorney general here in the state of Texas is one of the guys leading the Google lawsuit. For antitrust, we're going to talk to him about that gun legislation. Also, yesterday, President said California, you can have your own standard for cars with
respect. Mister president, what part of the tenth amendment? Don't you understand and p? Who is supporting him? What part of tenth amendment? Don't you understand how Fornia has a right? They need to be stupid. Their right to do run their state the way they want to run their state and Federal government should not be interfering KEN Paxton when we come back, this is the clip back program. Alright, we are one minute away so standby by first we tell you about the chair that you are sitting in right now, unless you're driving a car, if you're driving a car, if you're lucky, You have a really nice car. You've got all kinds of adjustments, but does your car, even the nicest car, have ten different adjustments? The x chair, your office chair
It has ten different adjustments, so it fits your body perfectly and if you just sit in it just in factory settings, if you will you sit in it, it's wildly comfort, rible, you start to adjust adjust it to fit. You and you'll never sit in another chair again at work. I want you to go to xchairback dot com and find out about the x chair. They have it for all sizes, all shapes and all prices x, chair, Beck dot com. You need a great chair for the office or the office at home X, chair Beck dot com, eighteen thousand, four hundred and forty four x chair eighteen thousand four hundred and forty four x, chair or x, chairback dot com KEN Paxton? Is the 51st attorney general of Texas he has one of the guys who he
or did a special unit dedicated to combatting human trafficking in Texas? In the first year of existence, he helped arrest the chief executive officer of backpage dot com, the largest online sex trafficking marketplace in the United States? he filed, suits on Obama for federal, overreach twenty two times I think one most of those and he joy us now hi KEN? How are you then, while Glenn, how are you very good? So I want talk to a little bit about the attorney. I mean the the Google lawsuit that several states have filed and find out. If this has any real teeth to it, Google is is absolutely out of control, as you know, and I think we have very little time to actually get our arms around this before they are just all powerful and there's nothing can do. What is your lawsuit layout
the chances of changing Google at all. Well, first of all, it's pretty remarkable. It wasn't just the few states that joined this is an investigation is not a lawsuit yet so that's the geisha, and there are fifty different attorney general that have joined us only only to state to join that was California Baylor. Every other state found some concern that so the way this starts off with that we are allowed to issue recalls investigative demand. So we sent questions for Google pages of questions about their how they advertise in so so many people think that the internet is free and that they're searching is free. The reality is it's far from it. Google makes about a hundred and seventy billion a year. I don't fault them for making profit, but the the problem that we have seen in our investigating it. They control every aspect of advertising on the internet. For the body to represent the advertisers, they represent. The sellers on the other side
web sites in the publishers, and then they also control the exchange of the negotiation between the two parties. So there's nothing, they don't control and from what we can see. They've eliminated competition every time, either by buying a more finding a way to create their technology. So everybody is pushed out. So what do you say to the free market? People who say? Look at it. You know why punish the company that's doing well. So I am a total free market guy and I'm not here to punish Google for doing well the founders of our country were worried about power being concentrated in the hands of the few people, and so they created a govern, it was divided and I left the rest of the state, but they were also worried about big banks and they were worried about too much power or concentration among large, thanks and I think if they were here today, they would have some concern, and I have some concern about. You know a few technology companies that control
too much of the market and therefore are consumers, are at a detriment, because, right now, when you advertise with these advertisers are paying a premium to advertise to consumers, think they're getting free. Sir 'cause they're, paying higher prices than they should for a lot of products, because there's no competition in the marketplace- and you know I want to remark. And I'm not sure we have one right now. So be going after any of the states concerned about privacy in the collection of data and listening to people and all of that absolutely it's! You know we started off. We spent a lot of time talking to you, experts and technology. Alternate California, just talking to lawyers talking to people that understood this. We started down this path of advertising, as it relates to our powers is attorney generals. But if the facts latest privacy issues that will follow that path
So what are you hoping that that what's the solution here with Google, so I've tried to go into investigations, not presuming any particular remedy we want. We have a lot of information that we hope that Google will provide in organized in the past. Like the jury, look you know on their own, but Josh Holly is now a US senator was that the attorney general of Missouri and Jim heard he was in the city. They individually try to look at Google and Google stereo documents, and you know what I'm hopeful that our third we're they have thirty days to respond to our request. They will provide an organized response, specific responses to our questions that will help us to ' Termine whether we need to pursue something further or not. Let me change subjects. Yesterday the president came out and said that California,
doesn't have a right to ask for changes in cars and their own Gasol and everything else. That's that's the tenth amendment, in Texas. If Texas wanted to say hey, GM we don't accept those cars we have to have. They all have to be fitted with a texan defibulator. Wouldn't the people of tech does have the right to do that. I am definitely a states rights guy. I think the states have a lot they. They have all the authority that was specifically granted to the federal government. So unless there's a specific something that gives the sewers the power to preempt state law, I would argue that you know every state would have a right to to deal with the factors in a way that they see fit right. The statement was that have a national car industry and California
doesn't have the right to disrupt that. What we all know, California tried to disrupt a lot of things, that's kind of what they do and in most cases you know they have a right to take their shot and we have to figure out how to how we're gonna respond, because the control so much of the market they do they do sometimes you know affect the rest of the nation, because you know every company will well sort of follow. What California wants to you know: that's their right. Everything that was it given to the federal government is reserved for the state we're we can KEN Paxton. He is the attorney general for the State of Texas, and there is so much going on. Can I don't even know where you even begin? Can we talk a little bit about gun legislation? You know this. The shooting here in Texas was just horror
as they all are. Bad is now saying that he's talking to Texans, who just say I want to give up my ar I mean I don't I don't know a single text and Texan. That would say that, but okay, if that's, what you want to do are are we are, is the state of Texas. Firm on the second amendment, so what I would say this, I want to give up their a r I'd say: go ahead! Yeah me too! No one's stopping you! That's the whole point, and- and you know we all know the second memo was put in place, because the founders didn't trust the federal government. They didn't trust the government that they were creating and they want. This is that they have the ability to fight back if they ever had to so I he I feel like things are solid and in Texas. Certainly when you have several,
things in a row. People start clamoring for solutions, and I'm there for trying to come up with solutions were working on solutions, but taking away guns from law abiding citizens to me makes so little sense. I mean this guy these guys that walk into, parts or churches and shoot people and murder. People are not going to follow. Any gun law defies common sense right and it's not we're, not we're not looking into. I don't know if you've seen that series on Netflix Mindhunter but is about the bi guys that that originally went in and said hey. We need to talk to the serial killers and everybody said why no you're, just and to excuse him know we're trying to understand them. So we can predict, nobody's talk, king about actually what's running in the lives of these kids are just saying: take the guns away. Take the guns away, wait a minute we
we should be looking at what is causing this. These guns have been around for decades, and we didn't have this problem. So what is causing it? No, I think that's a great point and I think that's something we ought to be doing research on on these people. We ought to be looking at countries that have dealt with this issue. It would be looking at maybe even states that have been successful and find out what is actually working. Where and and try to you know not reinvent the wheel but shut up hello practices that help us look. We're in a world is not perfect and and there's always gonna be evil people and
There have been since the beginning of time we're not going to be able to perfectly stop this. But if we put people in a position saying the Walmart in my state had there been somebody with a weapon. Apparently there was a guy throwing coke cans Adam to slow him down and you get shots watch, but coke cans are not going to slow a shooter down too much so had there been somebody that could have reacted more quickly, we could have saved lots of lives. Can thank you so much my best to the to the governor and keep up the good work. God bless and appreciate. You bet KEN Paxton attorney general of the great state of Texas that guy is rebel, went less. They both are yeah hey and you heard the story of the guy that yeah coke cans and you to know that I didn't hear the hell yeah I mean
you're told to do all the time is, throw things out. Yeah and the guy got shot does and you get shot right there. Instead, if you would have not had a coke and if you come out a gun reached behind his back and pulled out a gun, he could have shot the guy right. I mean that that's what people just don't understand and they think because, as in the 70s, we went to this first responder mentality that that's uh thing that came into the 1970s wait for the first responders. No Americans always knew you had to take hurt yourself. If you were the first responder, you had responsibility. You know you didn't you, don't you didn't eat on the plane for them to crash into the capital or the Pentagon or the White House. They were first responders and you gotta do what you can do, though guy was a first responder. He was just ill armed and
matched it when people just they don't trust people with guns. They don't trust God they see a gun, and so many people freak out it. Gun man, it's laying on the desk or it's you know wherever in it's all. Secure, but they freak out. I don't even want to touch it Okay, a healthy fear of a firearm is good, that's not a healthy fear I I don't, can you move that gun? That's not a healthy fear. Our sponsor sponsor this half hour is Norton Norton VP.
I have to tell you, I did an interview yesterday and we put it up on Youtube with. What's his name, Robert Esteem, he is a a a a psychiatrist or psychologist that is been studying, behavior and behavioral studies for a long time and he's the guy leading the the the road on Google and what Google is actually doing, and I have to tell you this podcast comes out next week. It is terrifying literal, the terrifying. This guy is a reasonable researcher who said to right before we went on the air. You know it was bothersome when I first started he said and I have been frightened over the last year. He said twenty twenty, I'm terrified of. What's coming in twenty
Ani people don't understand how powerful Google is and what they're doing and how they're manipulating all of us. The thing you have to do is stop giving them information they are building a digital model of you. Stop give in them that information and the best way to do that in protect yourself also from hacking and everything else is a Norton secure VPN. This is bank grade technology. It will stop Google from getting any information on you or your family. It will stop people from be able to follow you in and stealing stuff from you Norton dot com, Slash VPN. It starts at about three hundred and thirty three, you just download an app you put in the password, one time and now every time that you use your phone or your ipad. It goes through a vpn which is basically a secure tunnel that no one can see. What's going on in its Norton,
dot com, Slash VPN Builder, now, Norton dot com, Slash VPN, we break for ten seconds station id. all right. We have Nick APOLLO on here in just a second, oh yeah comedian get his. You mentioned that he was really funny. I check him out on Youtube 'cause. I wasn't familiar with. How did you get my warning? We not in time now not in time out in time yeah. He is he'll melt your face off. Oh, oh, my god he's funny. He is very funny, but he'll match melt your face. Oh yeah yeah, but did you watch that and go. How is this guy yeah? How is ease
looking busy surviving because most comedians who say that kind of stuff don't know no they're just gone right and he I mean he's made his his special for free and, I think, he's doing it because he wants to give while but be. He knows, I mean nobody's going going to nobody's going to put him on because he's server live yeah. You know this is not a Netflix yeah, you don't fight yeah, you might notice funny. I mean the guy is when, when Jon Stewart left his last night, he said I can't wait to get back to real comedy and being on the road with people like Nick Depalo Ray oh yeah. No, he will he wrote he's written Chris Rock. I mean he's the guy who wrote a lot of these great comedy routines for people
seriously, though this is a this is not, then you want to play for the kids. No! No! No! You know you might not want to play it for yourself. Really it's rough stuff, it is easy sees he's, uses foul language, our ally and sober. Let politically incorrect of I mean We like politically incorrect in nineteen. Seventy five. It makes me super uncomfortable, yet you watch it and your life. It's it's like watching a two in wreck, isn't it it is like you're watching it in your life and you wanna turn it off. But you can't you can't because you're like I want to look away, but I'm going to see what else does yeah. You can't look away from it and it's just it's slow motion you're, like girl, shaver he says he says it yeah, it's a little different for like Dave Chappelle, because he's more but the la and so the things
he's saying, while they're sort of politically incorrect there not far right things like this isn't far right. This is just a guy who just grew up. You know talking MAC about right, but he still doing it any still doing it. Despite the fact that the all the rules have changed correct, he doesn't care still doing what others would have done, fifteen years ago. He just had and stopped, he doesn't care and that's what makes it I think so jarring, because you're not used to it, and you rely on a long time. But he said things like this far away. We are from who we used to be yeah. We're not even in the same sources and then, but he still talking, I mean he's not doing like old jokes. It is. Today it's a commentary on today and he doesn't care, doesn't care.
So if you listen to him on, you know, on our show, we've had him on a couple of times: yeah you should be prepared wow. He says things that people don't say yeah. I think you can find a mitnick dip dot com. You can find the the the special there it's free. You can also find among you too, because there as well. I think it has like a million views or something well, we'll get a lot and its various shipments, free and and and but not something that you and you see all the time as you ever California Band tax funded trips to Iowa over there transition law, they're, not gonna, pay for people's transition, their sexual transition, dean from male to female or female to male me, and because of that California is not allowing any other politicians to travel to California and and Ohio is saying and Ohio is saying, gate yes. Thank you right. When can we do? That would stop politicians from California coming to Texas. He LE
what states are on this list now and the other thirty nine are applying. How do we tissue up, so you won't come here either there's a way we can keep all Californians. So how much is it worth to you for me to ask Nick Depalo about that? I'll give you dollar give me a dollar dollar, I'm wondering if I'm wondering how he could possibly talk about that in a way that would be acceptable. I want to see you fun to find out a little dangerous to see as well. I can't believe I don't have a responsibility to transition you. I don't have that responsibility. I don't have to pay for that. If you want to transition, you go ahead, go. Why am I paying for it right
I believe that there are there. There is a state, a whole state of people. That say no, that's! That's the thing? Is we should we should all pay for that? Are you remind Nick APOLLO coming up next you're listening Glenn Beck. You know right now is the best time to be alive. It really is no matter what pro blooms, no matter what class you're living in I'm telling you. This is the best time to be alive as a human and if you're listening in the United States of America you're a double lottery winner, head. Tell me a time that you think was better than this with all of our problems. The pace of technological change, however, is coming, and it's going to start building faster and faster and faster. It helps us it's great, but it also
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dot com, see Glen Morgan been seeping Crowder and meet back ray all in one location, rebel called Glen for ten dollars off at blaze, tv dot, com, slash click, you are about to meet an endangered species, a comedian without a filter, we're hoping he continues to have one on this program. Welcome nicked APOLLO. He is the host of the Nick Depalo Show and you find that Nickdip dot com, Nickdip dot com, his show airs every day. One thousand one hundred am eastern. Welcome Nick. How are you good how you doing glad that data
bye, bye, yeah, hi fi by life coaches. You did what you might you like forty games and a five hundred look on my career yeah. How are you doing smoking. I know that 'cause, you were vaping for awhile right to stop smoking. Yeah yeah, my friends kept saying you know: when do you trim rose e Gratz and I'm like well, I look more manly with a sex toy in my mouth. That's why they would do that for one who wants a cigarette with steam coming off the end of it. What am I going to do your vegetables later pants, I'm doing, but now I don't know once more harmful. So now, I'm doing both is not supposed to go that way. Nick, I don't know if you know that it it supposed to be
your vape and then you stop vaping but they're trying to skip well. The new thing the new campaign is for our smoking is sitting. Is the new smoking Glenn? I don't. You know that, in other words, sitting is bad. You have smoking. If that's true, Stephen hawking would have died thirty years ago, The day got hi. I found a few black. All the Nick go ahead. I do I enjoy a good day, good. Smoke and I just started smoking a year and a half ago, and my friends like why would you start at this age? Is that why did you start your twenty so get up? answering your 40s, I'm timing! It out. If I talk to tells me up answer in twenty five years, I'm going to kiss him on the forehead. You see many happy eight year old, guys out there they all that look on their face. I wish I smoked.
I can't do this is to do you have a problem with the whole the stop vaping fair. I mean these kids that are dying from it or not doing anything. Legally, they're, not they're, not buying actual vaping products, they're doing something illegal. Well, yeah I mean, if you put heroin into a bong, I'm pretty sure it's going to hurt right exactly and by the way, the flavors, a delicious and and and and leave the kids alone. Yeah I've been mellow root. Beer I mean now. I don't even need Is there anymore? I just vape after him, or you know, Nick there's a couple of stories that I'd like to get your take on. First, Inglis he's the guy who was hired by Saturday Night live then we found a video two videos of him. You know hanging out on this podcast with his friend just said. Just saying quote: vial things in quote right,
well I it's funny. I direct message him on Twitter and I said: look I don't know you. I don't know your material, but that's not the point. Keep your chin up. This is about free speech and then he emailed me back and he said well, I open for you in a comedy club in gobies and Bob in Baltimore two years ago in the sky, about memory yeah, that's the name of Adobe yeah. I think I did that would have to skid marks in Buffalo, but my take on that is it's typical NBC, typical lawn Michaels, typical SNL. They the biggest it creates in the world they have Alec Baldwin on there for the last two years, every minute is Alec Baldwin. This guy Alec Baldwin actually called the black journalists a cumin, a crackhead. Yet he said How does the show they uh? I I bring up Tracy Morgan who, when his wife was pregnant, said if I have a son, is gay I'm going to kill it. He hosted the show within the last
here and now they're going to have Eddie Murphy on December 21st and nobody is made the word more popular than Eddie Murphy's albums so that complete, complete hypocrites. The only thing Shane deals to be guilty of is being unoriginal, but it was on a podcast that eleven people right here and again, I'm going to say this again to lease dogmatically, don't make it. The second F word don't say that one again but go ahead. I saying that for yeah you did. The second half were not free real effort? Yeah. Sorry, that's sorry! Even in context, I'm I know I know I know right wing is. It was an easy call for NBC because he's a straight white irish guy. So it's a no brainer. I I don't want to hear anymore how how fearless black gave the women comedian, our political correctness, does not get them,
end. Chappelle will be just fine and he's a hero of mine by the way it should be, but but there's only the truly edgy comics, all the white guys. Fifty seven, I love how you referred to my special is a train wreck. Well, these are ringing in doing noise said it's like watching a train, it's very very funny, but it is like watching you just know. Somebody is going to die in the end. Nickname is Amtrak. So you got get out what died. Just people get that straight, okay and- and- and I appreciate you bringing up Jon Stewart who loves me yeah- and I have a bunch of liberal comics who loved me so are what I'm saying is in stock in nineteen seventy. This is how people talked in in twenty sixteen when they voted for Trump. I will continue to do so until Google knocks on my door and then they will have a showdown with my buy guns. But do you know anybody else, Nick that does what you do? Do you know anybody else that has just not
added and I at what everybody is saying you can and can't say. Yes, there's a eighty five year, Gambino Member, yes exactly exactly, I don't watch other comics, so you might be. You might be right by the way I just saw Mitch Mcconnell on tv somebody. Put it in Amber alert out for. Thank you. Thank you. Let me ask: let me go back to Eddie Murphy for a second. What happened to that guy he was like everywhere and then gone. I don't know, maybe may
Maybe I was wrong, maybe some of that some of the homophobic stop caught up to him. I don't know, but he made zillions of dollars and he's hosting and and like I said, there's a double standard that that makes me sick, but he say does that now one might cause a tail when it was really the dumps is six season lawn Michael had quit himself, that's how bad it was and they hide Eddie Murphy. So you know they said he's save the show that he did some bad movies where he was talking to animals, and you thought I was bad. That was the other. It is reading same script as Robert De Niro. So let me let me ask you this: how how psychologically difficult is it to be Eddie, Murphy and then Eddie Murphy today and think about a mommy to come back I don't know if it's that he's super super. Famous in again he's black and he's rich. I don't know if it's that uh. Can I just
It is but Eddie Murphy. I got another thing, you know I don't know, I don't know if you can say no, but if you're asking, if you could say because you're not sure, I think the answer should be no. No! No! No! No this. This proves that I have street cred read it. I'm sure you're familiar with Reddit somebody, Chris Rock posted something and somebody put it on Reddit Chris Rock is being interviewed and he said he is a white guy out there who I absolutely love it. He said it may be in our city hall, love this guy, definitely a racist. So I see this thing and I yeah I I call Chris Rock? I go you talking about me and he goes damn straight to Palo. He goes, but it gets better. He goes you know where we were. He says we went. We went at. He was at Eddie, Murphy's House or Arsenio Hall's house. Jamie Foxx was there and a couple of the famous black comics who said they absolute.
Lee loved me. So I don't know what you know also say: you're a racist is in that little disturbing now, because it's coming out of them. Do you really think they like why people come on? Let's be honest, that's why Chris Clock love me. I got not crazy about you ideas and pitch meetings? I have eleven black people staring at right. Well, we love Chris Rock And- and that was my favorite job and and but the point is I get famous black people lower fat, rich and famous in the comedians. Well absolutely love me be for the same reason. You do let on my part, Let me let me let me switch subjects. I've I've got time for one more thing that I I'd love to hear your opinion on there's a story out today. That is slightly different, but it is somebody called me about.
To and said hey no, these emotional support animals. You know, until about horses on aircraft an, I said: don't laugh that's about to happen and it did where this woman brought an emotional support pony and she did. Have to buy the extra seat. The person sitting next door had the pony face on her lap. The whole time, which is your if your fat buy two seats, the poem he gets on, no, not a problem. There's, you're right, I'm sitting next to people that are bigger than Shetland ponies. So I don't know how this but, but but this emotional support that I saw a woman on my last flight. Two people had emotional support cats. Okay, can you name another animal on the planet that more are emotionally attached, yeah, more emotionally out of all the you could be committing suicide on your kitchen floor and the cat would walk for your blood to me
troublesome Meow mix reports. Are you kidding Maine and emotional support cats and that young lady has three emotional support, monkeys and the neighbors dangerous, and usually I'm not a litigious guy? They want to sue her, I'm with an a I am scared of those monkeys. I did this. Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Let me give the story, A Missouri woman is fighting to keep three monkeys. She says help her cope with her poster matic stress disorder after neighbors have expressed concern that her monkeys are dangerous, uh I believe, in the rule of law. If they're considered a dangerous animal can carry something as nasty as hepatitis. They shouldn't be here is she says this is the only thing that helps her through her day or the three emotional support monkeys. Yes, I'm I'm just I am frightened of monkeys. I mean
after that thing, in Connecticut Edit member that lady I'm in the there I live there, this woman and your mom word my monkeys. I wish they were my monkeys, butt. We have selectively targeted well, this woman had a monkey it gets out. It was a chance gets out tears the face off of this. This neighbor literally tears, her face off She is so badly damaged. She's had to have surgery after surgery after surgery, and she still is yeah. She looks like she looks like a football bet, Tom Brady, let the Arab. I just saw a picture for it's it's horrible, but let me see if you're relying on a monkey animal that's on for chronic
in in in flinging feces at each other. You got bigger problems than I made Nick to follow. Thank you. So much Nick the bottle from Nyc dip dot com he's got a podcast everyday. You listen to he is. He is very politically incorrect, but well, I think he would say, but black people love him. Oh boy, that's trouble. Nick dip come see our sponsor this half hour. Is american financing, nothing more nothing better than able to own your own home. Well, I mean until starts to break down, and then you have to remodel or whatever, and then it becomes a nightmare and, let's not talk, Owning your first home, owning your own home, there's a dream home out there that you've been waiting for
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americanfinancing dot net or call eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty americanfinancing dot NET Financing Corporation Nmls, one hundred and eighty two thousand three hundred and thirty four www dot m ls consumer access, dot. Org is the Glenn Beck program wow. So did your eyebrows melt a little yeah a little but burst into flame yeah, and I don't even know what I eat I eat. I talk to people that I disagree with yeah all the time I talk to. I spent the day yesterday with this guy, who literally said to me: hey, can I get a picture with the two of us for my my family, my kids and, I said sure, but do don't lie
he said we talked about. I said your kids in your family. Do there are not fans of mine and without blinking you no they're, not in fact, and then kind of looked up like he was thinking anyway. In fact, no one in my fat, I think, It is safe to say absolutely no one in my family would like you, alright loves, get a picture. I don't know where you're going to do with it, but congratulations I like talking to people who are brave and have different things say, especially when it comes to comedy. He is funny he's funny. Do I with everything you just said knowing I mean I don't think I understand his his come on, you think black people really like you well in my particular case. No, I don't, but that's more your political as my political persuasion, rather than the color right right and you know, but he's got a different.
And on that- and I don't even know how much of that is comedy and how much of that is true. You know yeah she still lets the words fly and nobody else does because EDS loading so that he said in context. You still don't say it even if you're courting nobody else. Who that I had a problem a you know. I have a problem with that. He and even notice that he's said that I don't think gave you didn't think it was a problem because he by using it in context and talking about Eddie Murphy and what hold the words he made famous yeah and you know still light. You know we have different standards on the program. We don't want to. You is that a just because we're a broadcast facility and then it's fascinating though it you know, Eddie Murphy hasn't suffered for that at all, and that was thirty years ago, but it didn't matter that Brett Kavanaugh touch somebody forty years ago or didn't or didn't talk? Somebody touch somebody forty years ago right, but I
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Are we just going to ignore it really bad we're in? great position where we've got three really bad options. What Is it the United States is going to do what does it mean and why in the world, it makes no sense when you have IRAN with all of their proxies, where they can launch all kinds of hits all over the world? Why would they launch missiles from IRAN that we could track an get to the the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia? Well, it actually makes a lot of sense if you really understand how IRAN works, I'm beginning to thaw that no one in the media really understands how IRAN works I'll, explain in sixty seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program.
Presidential election is right around the bend and the democratic candidates are fighting among themselves now to establish the pecking order from which will eventually come the primary candidate who will challenge Donald Trump all of That means it is extremely likely that will be facing down socialism in a very real way in next year's election. Evil is with Warren becomes, president of the United States. What does that do to the freeway world in the free market. What does that do if she is even the candidate? Do you think the markets will start to protect themselves? Do you think x will be loaning money because she his said she's going to break up the big banks? So what does all of this mean we're talking about politics, who's watching your savings? May I highly suggest
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Did the Saudi Arabia in IRAN. This is the question that you hearing? If you're hearing any talk about IRAN and Saudi Arabia and us possibly responding? The Iranians we said we were going to respond with Saudi Arabia. The Iranian said bring it on we're ready now, yes to say. The reason why we said we're locked and loaded is because Saudi Arabia presented evidence MIKE Pompeyo flu last night. He got there this morning and he met with Saudis and he looked at their evidence, shared it with the president, shared it with our intelligence members, and then he got on a plane and he flew to the United Arab Emirates. So something is going on. Saudi Arabia will get an update here in just a minute. Saudi Arabia just did a press conference. It was all in Arabic we're having to have it translated, but they presented this evidence of of
how they know it came from IRAN. Why would you do that? because you're leaving the it's a smoking gun? You would do it if you want war now I. It baffles the people in the mainstream media and foreign policy experts and and those who study geopolitics like it's an unsolvable math problem, but the experts in the act mix that analyze these things. Are missing the point because they live in their egghead world sat is attack on Saudi Arabia doesn't makes since if you live in that world it doesn't make sense that attacks were launched inside IRAN because We were close, I mean Donald Trump was going to maybe go back and they're doing this. Why would they possibly do that? Well, it doesn't fit the geopolitical equation, and yes, there is an equation. How many
times have you heard foreign leaders say we're going to reset with you know Russia, we're going to reset really Bush did that way. Russia Obama said that Hillary did that Trump did that the Del inevitable truth is that some countries are not going to get along with us. Their interest are permanently and diametrically opposed to us. The experts know this, but petitions always promise the opposite, and you only politicians are lying, and everybody knows that, but we seem to think that we think in the West, like the iranian mullahs. If you thought ISIS was the first modern day terror group to create a full fledged nation state you're wrong. It's seven hundred before and the Caliph It is something that people have been dreaming of for a very long time because in their book of revel if you will in there and
Times story, they have one two and it ends differently than ours. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the book of revelation. And that people have been trying to bring this along for a long time and they've been, trying to develop this califate in one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine terrorists in and seized power and committed, perhaps largest robbery in history, was the theft of an entire country. The leader was the Ayatollah Khomeini, he influenced by founders of modern day, islamic terrorism. He translated all of the works of the former Muslim Brotherhood, leadership into Persian, the radical islamic scholars that influenced him or the same scholars that influenced oh Bin Laden. Now here's some of the Khamenei's favorite pastimes
listening to broadcast from the grand mufti of Jerusalem. Why is that a problem? Because the grand fifty wasn't broadcasting from Roussel he was king from a radio tower in Zizan, Germany, Hitler and the Nazis had the mufti who had fled to Germany for asylum. He was preaching. Anti jewish Angie hottest propaganda directly to the Muslims living in the Middle EAST and Khamenei. Was an avid listener now this is the man that created modern day, IRAN. Now here's the thing: The Ayatollah Khamenei said: ok, there's one sector that we can't we after rule out there there. She is yes but there. So damn crazy, the guy who is spoon, FED Nazi propaganda and then agitated. It.
The guy who is listening to that every day he said, there's one group of people that are too crazy and we have to abolish the sect. We can never allow them to be in the government and those the Shia twelvers that believe that the 12th imam fell down in a well has been hiding in that. Well until the end times come now that the scene, absolutely nuts to you and me doesn't matter, do they believe it do? They believe it? This is the way the country of IRAN operates. They have a clerical regime that runs a this is the Clerical, it's a it's a it's, a bunch of people that are on the assembly of experts. All that sounds very, very socialist. Under there is eighty of them in a little and there all islamic scholars, and they they all have
religious credentials that match the founders of the islamic regime except the twelvers they. Yes, they are Shias They are also twelvers they believe in the end times, and their job is to hasten the return of the promised one there articles beyond any. And the world has ever seen they ever challenge or criticize the Ayatollah and the IOT. What is exactly what the name meant to say? It's, the apps Supreme Leader, there's no questioning he controls everything. He would come. The military to the elite looking guard, he is the did president- is under his direct supervision, the Supreme leader. He is solely responsible for directing the economy, the president. He has control over the military, no control of the Republican Guard, yes, the and is elected by the people, but only after he's vetted and approved by the
cream leader. If one becomes the President of Rand he's, not a moderate, hey Ben rose, not a moderate rouhani. He was approved by the Supreme leader. Rouhani was one of the six candidates that was personally approved to run for president. They narrowed it down a little bit. They took it from seven hundred candidates. Twenty six. This is who's running the show over there and their new. Clear program began and under ruhani. This is the guy who is currently the president. He was there National Security Council head, but we Eighty nine in two thousand and three so he's the guy who started the new Your program. Uh again I just like to point out to Ben Rhodes, not a moderate, but I don't. He's the one who ordered this hit. I think.
Actually the mullahs that hit this that and that went for this hit and here's. Why If you were 12th, if you're twelve and you even the twelfth imam the The mullahs have been telling the people that they are in touch with the 12th imam. I don't know how, but there in touch with the 12th imam the 12th imam, is coming back soon and his directing them now, the way to hasten his return is to wash the world in blood and vaporize Jerusalem and Israel. Well, you! need a bomb. If true money is actually thinking about meeting with Donald Trump, the clerics don't want that. The clerics want to watch the world in blood, so what is better than absolute and total chaos. If and when the
strikes are, they will respond and they're not respond inter in conventional ways. The good news is, the people are with us. I mean I don't know they believe we only have twelve years to live because of climate change, but I don't the average person on the street. In fact, I know they don't they don't believe that the 12th the MA mais on his way here and all will bow or they will lose their heads. That's what's really happening. We get back into that and get some additional update here in just a second first, let me tell you about relief factor. I'll tell you there is. There is nothing worse when I think of my dad all the time my dad said ever since I was a kid he said someday I'm going to retire and I'm going to play golf every day and by the time he retired he was so crippled up. He couldn't play golf and don't wait, don't wait,
I've wanted to take painting lessons and learn how to paint my whole life, I'm self taught. I have no idea what I'm doing and then my hand started to go and I my hands shook so much and and with so much pain. I couldn't I couldn't paint now how I can, because I'm taking relief factor, relieffactor, dot com, call, eight hundred and five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com. Please just try and get your life back. One eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relieffactor dot com, ten second break for station id- all right? Welcome back to the Glenn Beck Program, hello,
Yes, hello, yeah hi! This is a Mohammed, giving Al Hassan Al Bonnie. Here you know that the 12th imam you been talking about your the 12th of mom and look I'm just channeling myself into your frequency. Right now because Frank, I'm sick of all your lies. You sick, you're the 12th imam and here's why your contacting us from the well, yes, are channeling myself. I have that power at the troubled. By the way. Can I just cleared I am not the 12th imam in the those photos with MILAN Omar right. That's not point: it's a coincidence of connections with her and her dad. That's just a guy who's nickname is the 12th of our right. That's all that is ok, alright, good! Thank you! Yes, you gotta stop that
You can have him on anymore, you don't like Nikola 'cause. If you don't, I mean I look. I don't like to make threats, but your blood will run like the river Nile in the streets and buzzards will pick it you're discussing carcass alright. Thank you. I appreciate that will take that under advisement. So, so you've been in the well for for a while now yeah and you are the twelve right. I don't know not that I know there's a difference between the other night. I let me tell you sorry if I could alright keep it short, because I was I'm in that. Well in some aria that fell into back. When I was four years old, you fell in four years, just kidding I I'm at one thousand two hundred am I don't fall right? Ok, a lot of people don't know this. My mom actually put me down the well. Your mom put you in the way. I still remember that beautiful warning when she said to me: sweetie you'll, be safe down here. I'll be right back to call you back up right. She gave me a tuna fish sandwich with a falafel when she lowered me down. I've been there ever since you really
that year was back in eight hundred and seventy three eight seven thousand three hundred and seventy nun. You've survived this whole time on that tuna fish sandwich ran falafel I just been pacing myself. You know little breasts at a time right about safety. First and tuna fish sandwiches not been in the sun; ok, alright! So it's good alright! So what have you been working on that whole time? I've been doing a lot of stuff down here. I've been working on free, universal, Fidel Healthcare in Fidel Healthcare. I didn't it's shocking that you're, aware of I'm aware of virtually everything right in the 12th imam after all, yeah, but the Universal in Fadell Healthcare includes up. So you have a brain, tumor, yeah. Ok, we cure that by cutting your head, Ok, alright, what? If you have combination skin or the heartbreak of psoriasis, with just her head off you touch to the women's birth control. Health care is a little bit different, but first we flog you and then we cut her head off
okay, so that sounds, you know like something that you know is interesting for the Middle EAST. So you're going to come back out of the well and you're going to introduce universal health care. Is that yes mean? Is things I didn't I mean I didn't know that you were up to speed on what what's well, here's the thing back in seven Clumsy moron dropped an Iphone down here right, so I've been able to. All, along with some of the stuff, that's been going on really really following it, the twelve mom you can speak to me from the well. Am I not doing that right now, yeah, but not on assist unanimous. I just think it's amazing and then now you're watching a sauna.
Well. I am, and I've been very interested in your in your election campaign. These I'm a big supporter of a lot of those candidates who are running for president right now in America really like that, like who you big fan of love, that battle guy yeah, you know what I think we should do. I think he should hell. Yes, he should take your guns and he shouldn't stop at Ar Fifteens in Ak Forty sevens. He should take them all. Yeah take them all. That would be good for America to be great. For America, you'd be a lot safer right Give me a lot. She would wow. Ok, that's coming right from so is this this kind of like spiritual advice from the 12th among yes, it's exactly right spirit arise. Have you talked to have you talked to Beto or anybody here in Texas about giving of their goodnight? Yet I don't have very good cell coverage on rice. Ok, I've been trying to get ahold of you for a long time. Really Miami. Powers are fading a bit yeah yeah, but you got this. Thing on IRAN, wrong yeah. You really do so
wait a minute. So the mullahs are not just that you don't. To worry about them. Trying to bring you back. Right and and watch the world in blood the molas most one through six The imams one through six, they they were we're working on some things that didn't really workout, so I had to kill all six of them. I don't think that's what happened to them, but people don't know that stuff, but they do anyway. Look I've gotten a little bit bored lately. So the other day I channeled into the iranians- and I said: hey it's twelve here- it's time to start attacking the Israelis,
Do you call them on the phone or through this panel is channeling. I wasn't getting, but I only have one bar at the time, so I had to channel all right. Ok, but just at the worst possible moment might channel cut off right and instead of Israelis, I guess they thought I in Soddy Saudis. Well next thing you know right all gebze, millionaire or just keeping. It was a little cultural blast from the past. There yeah cultural appropriation, saying just a friendly reminder for you, though I am climbing out of this well pretty soon and when I do, of course, I'll be killing seventy to eighty percent of the world population. Alright, thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciated that is the 12th imam, also a believer in climate change, and here he is working on some climate change proposals that will be very good for the United States.
Pat welcome to the program glad to have you here. Thank you. You just missed it's weird. You just miss the twelfth imam no way and release he channeled in. Oh, my gosh, just a second. What You know it's weird is how open all of this stuff is, and yet no journalist will ever look into it. I know: well, we've been talking about the death of mom for how long Eight hundred and seventy three six thousand and seventy three cents, eight hundred and seventy three. I need a t- shirt the 12th imam since eight hundred and seventy three, but that what's really happening will get an update on. What our government is thinking about doing with IRAN, but we're in a kind of a precarious situation will explain coming up in just a second
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Nobody can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike and see the threats that you might miss on your own. So join now save an extra ten percent use the promo code back at one eight hundred Lifelock, one eight hundred, Lifelock or Lifelock. Dot, com, promo code, back. Jason Botterill is whether see is our chief researcher and- and he also looks at a military strategy- he was military intelligence officer and and kind of look to do the global shape of what is coming. I don't know if you heard yes, but we just had the 12th imam on. Who is your booking? I don't even know how I I apol so I should have asked him more serious questions, but it just came out of the blue mean how many shows are going to have the 12th imam on today. Probably just probably, this would just want. Probably just this one yeah yeah
anyway, he hasn't really been booked really since eight hundred and seventy three so while yeah, I feel bad. Now after it's over 'cause, I'm, like you know, there's over one thousand years of questions, eleven thousand one hundred and forty six years of questions that I should have been asking you, but anyway anything Ask Jason people asking him asking him yeah, just a new order, keyboard, pronoun right, I wasn't I should have asked him for the program. Yes, that would have been good anyway. J. Betrayal is with us now: Jason, you or somebody who has been following IRAN with you for a very long time, and did I do I have it right on on? What do you think maybe is happening to do? We agree with what I stated earlier about how the 12th imam
is the driving force behind the radicals at the very top main, maybe not the politicians and and not the people, but the radicals at the top. Definitely not the people, then that is the power structure, they say yeah, but it's a democracy. They voted for honey but, as you pointed out, seven hundred bull rushed out there to say I want to be president and because the people want change, we saw that two thousand and eight during their massive protests. We saw that just last year it's still going on fifty percent inflation. An eighty five percent increase in food prices tends to cost will come out the streets and so you're doing so well, they're not coming out on the streets right now, because they're just being hammered to death and literally lit we probably hammered to death. If they speak out against against the government so odds that Rouhani knew that the see the I Gc was going to launch something against Saudi Arabia. So
complicated, I would probably say he didn't know, because it seems like it's been like their strategy between their prize. And their their equipment. Other secretary stage, Visor Zarif, is that they can easily deny these things. They have no knowledge of them. I don't think that they do know and in fact secretary of state is as a reef. Try to step down a few months ago, It was like what why is he trying to step down? This came right in the middle of a bunch of their activity from Hezbollah and the other Shiite militias in both Yemen and Iraq doing a lot of activity, and he was a step down because you can imagine that be like. If you know Pompeii doesn't an informed every time you know we do a military operation or feel kind of the way it is here. I didn't know until I got the two weeks, so they don't get the tweet. So that's that's what he was facing and he wanted to get. As I can't do my job, I I don't think that they really there than on. I told about these things. I think the iranian president might be the only
world leader that also isn't in charge of their military, IRAN. I leave, is the only country that works that way. The supreme leader is directly in control of both the regular military forces and the okay so the the Saudis met with MIKE Pompeyo. Today he flew in last night. He met and had a meeting with him this morning and then he got onto his plane and flew directly to the UAE. I was is that we haven't seen a joint conference with the Saudis, but Saudis had a press conference here recently with their head of state Department or the military. He was the spokesman for the head of the military, okay, and you would expect after what we heard yesterday, that we would have photos of where
launched you know they would put the pieces out and they would make the case that IRAN did this. They didn't do that, did they they didn't. Do that, and it's one thing that I was actually expecting or hoping to see, but I think it's very very significant, because yesterday we were saying pretty definitively that these attacks came from inside IRAN. Now that appears like that kind of step. Back from that now that's say it's not true. It is appears the fact that they're trying to soften the message it's also Signific, that it was the spokesman for the head of the military. Why is that significant? Because he kept answering questions saying well, that's above my pay grade. They kept How are you going to respond? How is cellular going to respond? How will the United States respond? He kept saying? Well, that's the guy above me. I can't tell you. I think they did that strategically on purpose, so that they don't have to come out and make a decision right now. What do you think we should
be doing I mean it are you in are are. Are you saying you're in favor of a of a military strike on around so if, if they, if we do, for, if it is in fact, as we said yesterday, that, as our government said yesterday, that the strikes came from inside IRAN, that is a nation state attacking another nation's that is an act of war. So, yes, the Saudis should respond. Louise have to part we don't have to because it, actually, the the rise in oil prices? Is it so it's a weird conundrum of it, but actually help the United States. It helped are all interesting. We are not dependent like we use. To be? France is not the nineteen eighty fracking may have been a gift. I mean this literally may have been a gift from God. No doubt the that we have this ability now to be energy independent. We only. We only get four. I think it's four percent of our oil from Saudi Arabia yeah and we could really completely wean ourselves off of that yeah. We pretty using the entire western world off of that was what we now have an oil reserves and it's been,
ended the entire world really because the entire world is not dependent on this area. The price, if this would have happened ten years one thousand two hundred and fifteen years ago, or it would be one hundred and fifty maybe two hundred dollars a girl think about two years from now. If one of these Democrats is elected, many of them want to ban fracking. Yeah good ban fracking ban fracking in this environment. That's unbelievably stupid the As a further answer question the pat I I I I don't think the United States should be the first responder here. I think we need to start getting away. Are you ready to do that? Let's Saudi Arabia protect their own interests? I think we need to get away from that relationship I, but I do think we should do what we did all the way until war to really which is to be the people in the background or if we had interest in a certain area we hit the pocketbooks or we supplied money to pocket books, so we influence yes, so hitting them even harder. I don't even know if you can, but him them even harder with sanctions from the United States and then also saying to Saudi Arabia. Look you lose a plane will
so you another one just like we did in you with Britain in World war. Two I think being in this is a nightmare. I think we're going to be dragged into it one way or another. We could never put a troop drone, formation. We could never talk to Saudi Arabia about any of it and we'd still be drug so they because they will say that yeah we are behind Saudi Arabia. Another detail that came out of this press conference is is very scary for the future of warfare in the in the future of what Israel is about to see, I think very, very soon, so they came out and said the the total amount of ordnance that was used in this was eighteen drones. Eighteen, drones and seven who's missiles, they're saying they came from the n, they won't say exactly where, but that either means IRAN or Iraq. So it's vague for a reason, but eighteen drones in seven cruise missile and they wonder why the air defense didn't hold up, and there is a very, very cocky, like british journalist, asked that question. Are you a basically asking if they were embarrassed and he was like what you expect? You know that happens in a sworn
is a swarm attack- is a swarm attack using drones and cruise missiles that right there is the future that air defenses are going to have to deal with. I don't care if you have the s four hundred system from Russia, these are getting through. On that I mean, even if you have an air defense system, cruise missiles are designed to be maneuverable, so there's only the only thing that what is the aegis system on battle battleships that just just spray bullets everywhere. It's a last defense yeah. The ages system is probably say something more along the lines of what everybody's going to have to have yeah and we're never giving that to the Saudis. So yeah they're not getting that but but we dude. What do you member got? What happened in the news was a week or two ago when, when Israel released via social media these purse, asian guided missile factories in Lebanon. Do you remember that no say it again, oh they released on social media. It was a huge story, but not a lot of people covered. It was very weird, but the IDF released on social media just put it all out there.
These are the Ir Gc iranian commanders that are helping Hezbollah in Lebanon, and these are the factory. So basically what IRAN did was they put it away from trying to smuggle missiles into Lebanon to attack Israel, and instead They started shipping components, so they could upgrade their already current missiles to precision guided cruise missiles if the same exact. This things that Hezbollah has exactly the same support that they have. These in Yemen are getting this. What is real is about to what can iron dome do two hundred and thirty drones and fifteen cruise missiles? Imagine that that is exact what Israel is facing. This attack on Saudi Arabia is going to be the norm only on Israel's doorstep, very so we are now, I'm telling you I've only said this a couple of times. I think I think. Our saving grace emit Justin
a b, the Tower of Babel story, where God confuses our language and our languages ones and zeros, because we are we. If we can do this, we can do anything. This is the tower of Babel story. What we're doing right now with technology, if we haven't changed one of the last things my father said to me was. I'm glad, I'm not in your generation- and, I said, hey thanks for cheering things up. And he said I don't know the solution to anything you guys are facing. He said think of this clan. Think of the leaps and bounds since the time of Christ in technology. Now think of the absence of leaps and bounds in human decency, Your easily might have actually gone back right now is like the people are the same they're the same,
but now you have this technology and nobody's really talking about hey. Maybe we should be good people. There's no explosion in enlightenment you know, since really the 1700s there hasn't been an explosion in light, and that's almost being snuffed out by everything that happening today, hi. How do we deal with this now? We're talking? One of the options that we have on the table, apparently, is a cyber strike against IRAN, which we've done recently. Yeah, but I warn you, you know it: IRAN is not developing a low yield nuke that buries itself in a bunker and all of radiation is below ground. Okay, they're not doing that they're developing, a nuclear weapon that will kill as many people as they can indiscriminately. We We might say, hey cyber strike and
we might go after their nuclear plants or their military they're not going to do to us they will reciprocate by going after power grids Anel and could happen in Venezuela, and once we start to this- and we already have- I mean the world is food in his right. The world three will be fought with ones and zeros, but we really need to wake up here and have a car station. Should there be a start? Treating other absolutely should, and if you look at the history of warfare, it's it, it changed from like civil war, revolutionary war period of just fighting the you know, armies on the battlefield. It changed to war, to bombing their capability to produce, weaponry and equipment for those armies. Then the atomic bomb was designed to do that more efficiently. Now, the best way to do that is a shut off
power in areas. So they can't do the same thing, but you can imagine the for the first cyber attack we did on IRAN of knowledge. Was the Stuxnet virus right that should that actually cause physical harm and shattered there's centrifuges the second attack that we know of was again just a few weeks ago or a month ago after they shot down one of our drones. We do and again it was a small story, but all of the targeting capabilities, all along the coast of IRAN, went completely dead, went offline. That was a cyber attack. We haven't said that publicly, but you know that's what happened: It keeps escalating. You can imagine where it's going from there. I don't know if you just. We have to find a way to couple that, with an empowering of the people. Donald Trump needs to give a speech directly to the iranian people. We are with you because they, like America, they're the only people, besides Israelis in the Middle EAST, that like they like America and they understand the west. It's not like a stone age.
Society, it is a western culture that has been suppressed since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and they like send the president should start speaking out and speaking directly to them. We support you know what you're living under and we can't wait until you're free that that kind of stuff is, I think, just as important as any other military strike could possibly be and perhaps much more powerful, even just by self thanks. Jason Preciate. It will talk to you again tomorrow, keep watching this and we'll do alerts by the way. If, if anything happens, we will get on Facebook or twitter or whatever, and make sure that we cover it. You so much all right. Her sponsor this half hour is our cruise through history. Are you excited to go on the cruise really excited? I mean it is yeah. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing, yeah and it's almost mean it's almost complete are not just.
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vote for President Trump. I just think some things need to be asked and I agree with him, ask him, but from the sidelines yeah, that's what kind of like doing really really so Mark Sanford joins us tonight. It'll be a very good and Frank interview guy. I really respect tonight five hundred o'clock. This is the Glenn Beck program.
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