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Ilhan Omar’s DELETED Father’s Day Tweet (to Her REAL Dad?) | Guest: John Ziegler | 9/17/19

2019-09-17 | 🔗
Ilhan Omar just deleted a tweet from 2013 wishing a happy Father’s Day to her dad – but he’s ALSO her ex-husband’s dad. So did she really marry her brother, or is this too good to be true? China also has a SCARY hold on our medications and may be using opiates to break the trade war. The New York Times story on Brett Kavanaugh sure looks like a hit job. Mediaite senior columnist John Ziegler joins the show to discuss the major facts they PURPOSELY left out. And Glenn talks “sports,” or more accurately expensive watches and Odell Beckham Jr. Reports are coming in that Iran DID bomb the Saudi oil facility, but what’s even worse is how devoted Iran’s Supreme Council is to causing world chaos.

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