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Iowa, Iowa, Iowa: It’s Caucus Time | Guest: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard | 2/3/20

2020-02-03 | 🔗
Today, the Democratic primaries officially begin with the Iowa caucuses. Conspiracy theories abound after the Des Moines Register threw out a crucial poll for the first time in history. And who knew political analyst Bill Kristol would ever come out as a Democrat? Glenn and Pat review Super Bowl LIV, from PETA’s painfully political ad to J-Lo’s halftime show crotch-cam. Proud American and 2020 Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks with Glenn about her lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, her exclusion from the New Hampshire debate, and why she supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Author and reporter Salena Zito predicts that Bernie’s brand of populism will win in Iowa. And BlazeTV’s Steve Deace joins live from Iowa with the latest updates.

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I am not a football fan and that was a great game. Last night I was and is a great game go, and I think you know any reader. I do enjoy the churchwarden, yes and friends with hidden my what air, his wife and my wife for friends and friends eyes. I was written for the chiefs, you know not a football fan, but I'm an anti red van and everybody is Well, I mean that I'm running this coach in the league in history without a super bowl yeah, but you you don't care if the guy's a jerk everybody, the league seems absolutely love him as he does things right way and he's a nice guy sky, yeah, really really nice guy. Who doesn't who doesn't honour the Sabbath. He works every Sunday every Sunday he just goes and well don't waste any direct loader hell. That's right right! All right! Dad straight! You don't know how I got. Don't collective, not work like a doctor. You know he's in what is he doing
just gotta Glories glorified football watcher it's on the sidelines and watches football in of doing the lords were kicking. The idea said great game, congratulations, anti rise and the and the Kansas in chiefs. You know that I didn't then the fusion entertainment and enlightenment silver ball best
super bowl. I can remember I'm not a sports fan, and even I was just blown away great game. Congratulations to the Chiefs and Hague stripper Poles, who doesn't love em, you know to me and the crotch Cameron. Where is that, when the whole time Jab Bush came out and tweeted best half time of a super bowl ever what YAP am I yeah I might have a different opinion on that. One also now this gloomy away bill crystal, has come out and said. He's a Democrat now next thing. I know I know it's a shock. The next thing that we're gonna find out is that Jonathan Van Ness is gay. If that happened. My all world is outside the I dont know why. I don't know what to say. We begin with Iowa Iowa Iowa instead
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people in general, in Iowa, patient, courteous reporters Kevin Ryan was out and at one point he said he was it the train track intersections in the state, the crossings, lowered the Bell wrong in the train chug by some cars waited at the designated line and a few minutes later the train just stopped. But people kept going into the line of cars. Nobody sped off nobody haunt their horns in Chicago or New York, you'd hears reaching in honking a curse words peel out, maybe even gunshots with this, different state a charming place. The way the land breathes under you spread out like a blanket corn stocks lean with each breeze and the marigold softness on the horizon without the skyscrapers imposing their faces everywhere. You look. All you see. Is America, the hunt sent fertilizer and livestock at night the whole
it, gets dark and quiet some. Quite you can almost you feel Adam and Eve looking up alone in the garden contemplating the electric sky, full of planets and stars in other lives. They couldn't understand Iowa is a hundred and seventy sorry are hundred and eighty seven times bigger the New York City. Yet there Only three million people in Iowa compared to the nine million people in New York City. Actually more feral hogs. Then humans in Iowa, that's an tool fact. Yet people stay in Iowa for generations, and you can kind of see why you have to admire it: stable Geography, the only state with parallel rivers as borders. On the easternmost side along the Mississippi River. There is the world's piston shortest railway on the other
along the Missouri River, a monument stands still sergeant Lloyd and it's the only man died during the Lewis and Clark Great Expedition, and in July for a whole week. Cyclists traverse the divide; bring along those even roadways by the way I I want to go back you did understand, there are twenty one million. Feral hogs in Iowa sorted, back to that for a second, that's, roughly the population of Mexico City or and Francisco Oakland and Phoenix and see Idle and Detroit combined. They have more hogs than move by has people and if the Iowa hogs divided in two factions and occupied different sides of the states I, would have to megacities classification earned only in America by LOS Angeles and New York, too
T one million hogs, Arrived in the fifteen hundreds thanks to the ham, obsess Spaniards led by Desoto for centuries native american tribes alone occupied the land sack and the fox, the eye away, Dakota sue the auto before that woolly, mammoths, roamed the plains. In the seventeen hundreds, the French showed up for their fur trade. Treaties, the area belonged France, until seventeen sixty three following its feet by Spain and the French in indian WAR, the region flopped from one nations hand to the next until the Louisiana purchased happen. When Jefferson was they talked about in peace. Him because he had the Louisiana purchase he bought the
and from Louisiana to Montana. That would become the midwestern in southern states, including Iowa that we pay. Eighteen dollars, a square mile. Shortly after the purchase, the territory's new residents got a little possessive and soon enough sellers were shoving, the Indians off the land that they'd occupied since the ice age, some next level gentrification. I guess. But we ve always had a bloody streak. Man, ok, does not just America specially Benny was violent and cruel. There was mayhem, it was just now middle of nowhere on the wobbly planes, gunfight stabbings, honest to God, cowboy stuff with gunslingers hoop, who knew whose what else happened there. And then came the civil war in the eighteen sixties, the worst kind of war, the kind that got some nation.
Iowa had only been estate for fifteen years, the population about half a million people, yet with only five thousand people seventy five thousand- I wouldn't men fought for the union. Now, that's the high its percentage of soldiers from any other state on both sides and they died like drowned in the mud ransacked by cannonballs bayonet to the GUT Berlin neck or anywhere. It was the. Cruel early stage of modern warfare. But America's always been a rugged in, unceasing territory where roughnecks were a chance, and most times it pays off. We fought the civil war, and we stayed together, but
came the railroads sprouting up all across the country the late eighteen hundreds drains. All produce from any part of the country to another part of the country, so the farming jobs flourished in Iowa and Population grew in Nineteen o one Quaker Oats was founded in cedar rapids. Then in nineteen thirty seven I would state University, Professor John Vincent Anna Scarf and graduate student Clifford Berry created the first automatic electronic digital computer, wait a minute in Iowa, the same state that gave us oatmeal also shoved us towards the creation in directly to grand theft, oh five and iphones in all of the luxuries that are now our reality. I would add, a thriving agriculture until World WAR, one then the great depression than world war, two
and everywhere all around the world people wanted to live in the larger cities. That's where things were getting done, an Iowa had very few, but they coped how they good replacing the agricultural with the industrial during the war, Iowa built tanks, rifles airplanes, armies, armor,. You should know by the way, eight thousand three hundred and eighty nine islands died by the end of the war on September. Second, nineteen. Forty five imagine surviving the war and returning to the endless fields in the oceans of sky. As the haze of war time and the economy cleared, islands enjoyed like the rest of it Erica sense of renewal, they had benefited from the change of industry, Agri,
she had always been the moneymaker. But now Iowa was building refrigerators. Farming equipment, stationary too day, I was still is the largest producer of eggs, pork in corn, in eighteen, fifty Winnebago, the arm are manufacturer, was founded in Winnebago, County Iowa since that day, your home can be wherever it is that you want it to be on this continent a year. After Winnebago was founded a plane, crash outside of Clear Lake Iowa killed the music the day the music died. It was in DES Moines on January 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, when a seventeen year old boy grabbed a dead bat. Fangs now in all and threw it it black Sabbath. Before Mirage Osborne Grand the tiny little that corpse and shit
did in his mouth and started gnashing. He thought it was a rubber bat until that bad kind of exploded in his mouth and he found out that it was really a rat, but he started hand. He couldn't break the persona. So he just when on right, after the show he was two broad blondes, medical center for Rabies, Osbornes at decapitation: stanzas, as one of the most notorious moments and rock and roll history, and it was in domain Iowa. Then, there's Brit Iowa Home to the National Hoboken, attention as well the Hobo Museum call it Corky or gross for hosting such a thing or you can. The humanity in it. You can see Neighbours, the neighborliness I grandparents were from Iowa.
They say the name: Iowa is a reference to win. Indians discovered the land. It was the first words they uttered when they looked at Beautiful sprawling land in the hills, they simply said, Iowa Iowa pie. It translates to beautiful, beautiful beautiful, Maybe not so much today as we go down to the poles. Iowa is a place that is Sharp Lee divided just within the democratic party. It is besieged with reporter in politicians and circus. Every four years we get to that and just a second first one minute to tell you about one: eight hundred flowers, dot com when it comes getting her that rose bouquets for Valentine's day. They are not all created. Equally, yes, you could get her
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stem enchanted rose mentally twenty nine, ninety nine or double roses: twenty dollars more one: eight hundred flowers, dot, com, click on the radio icon and enter the promo code, Beck order today, and save one eight hundred flowers, dot com, promo code, back we break for ten seconds I am still reeling pet animal by you, but I'm still reeling from that Bill Crystal announcement. That he's he's a Democrat now for a while I mean desperate common on for how long when is the more and if that does not mean that is the least surprising story I have ever seen here anyway. Iowa today any thoughts on Iowa. We have five days, coming up in just a little while we also
I've told you Gabert joining us today in our number two. I am anxious to talk to Dulcy and and hear her thoughts of what's happening in the Democratic Party they em. They seem to be control freaks no, they seem not to want Bernie again, they didn't want him last time and they dont want him. This time. Have you heard about the heavy, her de the poles, but the Damone Register, pull that comes out with Buddha Judge narrow the EP out every year day before Sunday before and and has the final pole, it was. It was pulled back because as they say, their errors, but there's all kinds of conspiracies floating. Yet a there there,
There was a conversation with one of the people that they pulled and, I think, got his name raw they said his name wrong or, or the person being pulled said the name wrong admit, but he voted for Buddha Judge anyway and sell, but their work, questions about that, and so they just throughout the pole, even though the guy V did for Buddha Judge is the bite in the pool right so here's what it here's, here's, what it was, Somebody who was just answering the phone raise the issue with the way the survey was being administered which could have compromise results of the poor. It appears its name put judge was admitted in at least one interview in which the respond it was asked to name their preferred candidate, and he, what about Buddha judge the guys, like? Oh sorry, Buddha Judge and so be because of that. Because of that Their throwing the pull away.
Now. Is that what happened is that would happen because I suppose, if you saw the pole, you could see that Buddha Judge was either way way under performing from all other poles, and then you could say: ok well, there's a problem, but they didn't say there was a problem, but they said as this one incident and they made sure that they didn't publish the pole. Now there some that are saying that this pole. Wasn't publish because it was bad for Biden you're saying it's really good for Sanders and Thou why they didn't publish it, because the Democrats don't want sent Cows and of its mad for Biden, they don't wanna, led into that this
said for the domain register to play along with, unlike that is a first time believable the first time in the history of the domain registered. They have not publish this pole. That's really bad That is really bad. You don't throw the pull out just because of one response unlock response. Unless you come out and say, we found out that this person did not ask boat a judge in in others, or he was not confident You come out and you say that what they're coming out saying as well, because of this one guy, we're not sure and yeah yadda. Well, it will. How confident are you did you The guy I mean it's, it's remarkable to me, because you are playing with fire when it comes to Bernie Sanders. Oh I made that clear all? Have they not right? I mean when you threatened to burn mill
lucky to the ground. Yeah, that's he's got a volatile of base. Can we people. Can we play the bill MAR Audio from the bill Marshall this weekend? Listen this, but I tell you why Bernie Sanders is attractive to me now, because easy only Democrat who, like Trump, has an army who, when it gets to this other level, he's got a bunch of bad ass mother will get in the streets K, so trumped doesnt have that talking. Trump doesn't have that we ve got gotten into the streets. We, if nobody claimed, are gonna burning thing to the ground. Nope nope there's been no violent rhetoric. Trump supporters. We know, in fact the violent rhetoric is all from the other side against trot. I mean look at what the state of Virginia did Joe. The people who, like the second amendment They immediately called all of those people all names and and bad names. They were white
the premises they were not sees. You know that mobilized against them I mean you're dealing with fire. I have more on this with Bernie Sanders coming up, but this is some thing that we talked about literally. Won t years ago. Twenty now is above fifty Years ago, fourteen years ago we talked about it and I spelled out Democrats, here's what you're doing here is what's gonna happen, here's how it's gonna end and we I'll there and the Democrats are freaking out freaking out there they should be, because today in Iowa, I think everybody's been trying to calculate who could be Trump. Who could be Trump they don't see anybody so there's you're gonna be a low turn out, or I think going to go in and out. You know what does it matter is going to vote for who I want. I gotta go
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Pelosi sucks penned dot com welcome to the Glinda programme were glad to hear its Monday Iowa caucus today I'll be in Washington DC for the state of the union and then also the vote on impeachment on Wednesday. Three. Today we have our special aid, don't miss special. It is the last on our series of Ukraine and this is the Divinity code when that's winced air through that Thursday, Eurostat Thursday, add, I think its eight p m, as in my belief
thirty Central, not allow its change. Now, o J Eastern, Europe's eight Eastern, it airs and don't miss this one. This is has nothing to do with Trump. Has very little to do really with Ukraine? Nothing! Really! who, with Hunter Biden. This is the this is the Rosetta stone the stand exactly! What's going on, it's our along its it will leave you breathless and a will leave people who voted for Barack Obama. I think hating baroque I think when you see what really is happening, what happened with Barack Obama? He betrayed everything you think he stands for. That's what's really going on tonight at too I'm sorry, Thursday night at eight p m Eastern,
ok last night was the Superbowl, I'm not a super bowl fan, usually Boring is not because it's usually runaway. This was thrilling to the end. Stew said right last week when he said you know this. Is it Demigod Superbowl cause they're evenly matched bigtime yeah, Annie, whose it was just thrilling the whole time there was really good yet went into the fourth quarter when its twenty two ten and then Kansas City will rally. Off twenty one straight points to win it like that, it's crazy and they did that. The whole post season is just amazing idea. It was really it was really really great and There's no team that I would rather see lose than those people who are stationed in San Francisco. And- and I want you to stationed- is the right word and I want you to know. I was very proud of the San Francisco players.
None of them took a crap on the field. No, that was good. It was never going to give their nature. We know idea and yet did did, but somebody did take a big crap, in the field- and it was the half time- show sponsored by pepsi- now I think just by reading the reviews- and if I may quote, Jab Bush. The twenty twenty super? The super half time show is the best super. Half time show ever. Oh, please Hamas Gue me come on really. If Mt Everest was me entirely of Jello and it collapse. Lapsed in some gigantic
the launch of the Euro? I voted yes, yes, big jello avalanche, yes, Mt Everest, right, there'd been there'd, be less jiggling parts then were contained, didn't have a super bowl had there too, there is less jello in that mountain, then, in JEB bushes, by that is true, yeah dials I mean come on man. That was just it was bad, Pandering he's, pandering because of the porter rican thing I think that's all he is doing is pandering. Did that was something you couldn't let your kids watch all had small kids, gosh well nigh on come on the crotch at em. And the pull dancing I mean those are variable. I liked it, I mean you can't watch kids jello broader. Of year old daughter out to register a dance? I mean what's better, and seeing mommy pulled ants and some of the crew
shots like you said, and placement during those shots yet well worth combat Michael Jackson, but now that the hand placement but on camera, I've never seen a crotch camera before knowing No, no, no Was so uncomfortable inappropriate inappropriate that my My son had four friends over now. These are teenage boys, so I'm you're. The teenage boys would have love that if it wasn't also a roomful of parents and the teenage, boys were so uncomfortable. I bet they were like dad. Can we in this item like yes, I'm trying to find the remote dad. Can we he's changed this. Mr back, could we change this? Please? Yes, I'm trying! I am fifteen year old boys, that's how you know a whole period. It was fifteen year old boys were
Acting on their own, they would have loved, is watching it with me in the room and my wife and other parents. They are not so much not so much, they were like all good heavens and mainly does need all of the adults. We're like what I Tanya halfway through if I could get a lap dance firmer. I said I, you know I've got a dollar bill and will you pull room. Don't you worse? We do rose dances from times and I say look. I don't know after jailers there, if you like, I'm at a Strip club, haven't a lap dance. I give you back. She said how, dare you offer me a dollar for that yeah. It do if you hand me, EL it better have a one on it and zeros after it, so she was really offended because I offered her dollar not really for the lap dancing on kitty
it was really uncomfortable anyway. It just shows how much we ve changed. Yeah, I mean remember the war, oh malfunction team in comparison to what we saw absolute Lee Tame Absolute, lieutenant was what two thousand five six year and it was big deal and the fell had to apologize, there's not going Nepal, or not at all. There are not enough there proud of it. Oh yeah, they love it, they love it, and you know that is. I think this is the internet. I think this influence of the internet. We are all watching stuff. Now online or our kids are exposed to things online and yet I would just everywhere, and it's just lowered the standards. It's just Alban. Normalized bright doesn't shock us anymore. No, you know, but this last night we ve gone from a place where, when Elvis first came on tv, you
show him from the waist down there, I would only show his upper torso right. That's how it's how prudish meaner, honest and look at what happens now I wily thought the next step and I I don't know the next step is let's give em a gynecological exam. Ok, that's this hey! We ve got, you know we ve got jail out and she's gonna sing a song while we perform Dinah Lodge Alexander because I mean, it was theirs thing else left theirs Nothing else left, and it's just I need you noticed this The women are all wearing nothing, and then We, the guys we're out they looked like dump Like edges, woman serpents, I may add, I'm sorry roll out of bed. What's going on, I mean
the guy's all looked like absolute dump. Women were gypped, women were dipped in it I don't know who any other guys were. If there are they famous people, Lily dont know there were go with the song of gay cells as a rule, so my son invited to friends that had just move to Texas from California, and yes, I let him in the house, but there from San Diego, which I count is only partly californian. Therein and you know, they're, like yeah, we grew up in San Diego, my eyes like we're. California, and so I'm asking them way through the suitable. Did you I understand that. Add there like. No, I don't even know it add with a bow. What was that and did you notice, like some of the? I think I think they were not but enough to even understand some of the ads. I don't even know what some of these ed. I knew what they were advertising,
no idea volume and everybody at the end of the address like what the hell was that Remember the only one that now there were some There were some years really weird add like weird had made no sense, yeah the tide I loved the waiter cake going through there were. If there were a few like up, I thought the races add was kind of funny that take five thing where they had. The cliches of more he raised by a wolf and the guy walks up at the end, what that is, is, but hang on hang on to play this video. We have it was that recent stake fibre, chocolate, peanuts, caramel peanut, our never heard of it. We have you been under a rock to me, what were you born yesterday we trish, meaning we raise by wolves, really insensitive trends. Are you close head in the sand? Embezzled,
yeah, jewish, you from another planet, I never heard of things. I need a programme of horror. Overheard looks trooper now reasons: take the best bar you ve, never heard a very so there's a few of them. I just don't think the Superbowl add thing is a thing anymore: it's really not used to but it's all too politically correct. Everybody afraid to offend anyone right. You know which is why I loved the Donald Trump add. Do we have that done tromp bad listened listen to the Donald Trump AD and tell me they didn't intentionally just go for it. Up a play did you see it, couple adds, oh my god, you little Trump add the first one that played, and I think it's the only one who wanted to run to only one ran and bid the Democrats
and raise e r. The crime, one, the anti crime, the crime reform. Yes, and we will go over that case. It missed it coming up in just a second. Also too, he Gabert joins us in about seventeen minutes so stand by for their blinds dot com blinds dot com, they have a huge sale going on right now through fur Ray tenth, I mean Pat. Does this all the time he likes to walk round the house confidently and his underpants and you know when he didn't have the blinds in the and the shades you know he do it right under because oh my gosh, the press would be there. The women that we're throwing themselves was the worst part of the women here, you're like chat leave me alone? I just another man in my underpants and it was ugly, pat
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and off everything plus an extra twenty dollars off promo code back rules and restrictions may apply all right. So last night I thought this was so effective for President Trump right audience right time, right at the beginning of the game only could happen. Better if it was at the end of the game, but everybody was watching. The kick off it goes to. This add adds a dark screen
and play at America demanded change, Donald Trump wins the paralysis, not stop. Stop stop go to the first at. Please go to the one with Alice Johnson. Please Herod Alice Johnson was sentenced to serve a life prison for a non violent drug offence. Mr President, Rob really he's got a second chance. I'm ready to start over They politicians talk about criminal justice is President Trump gets. Rabbits thousands of families are being reunited downsides. I'm Donald and I mean the end of the year end ass grave, the end, if that doesn't printing with people all the people who have been talking about this and here
goes in and he gets done any gets done with people like Michael E, I mean right, It says something there is a chance to change, those mines and the Democrats, they're gonna go in vote today in Iowa. If, if their thinking, PETE Buddha Judge is gonna help that it will only push the african american community further into the conservative camp where they belong quite honestly, where they belong and what I love about that you're not tacking anybody you're not saying no negative lot. Eighty below surprising add to a lot of people. I didn't see the other guy didn't see. The other add what was the other add. Can we play this one demanded change. Donald Trump wins the president's in changes. What we got under way.
Control America is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before. Best wage growth seemed almost a decade: unemployment rate sinking to a forty, nine Americans, a thousand and one the first vanity. All time recollect, ladies and gentlemen, this Donno J Trump- and I approve this mess. I mean great adds rate great adds right. The great adds true. And positive positive getting minorities without pandering. I mean it's it was a great at, and I am so sick of the pandering. Oh, my gosh, the women stuff off. Oil level is that what is hold or just lay now so lay, did you see the one where it's all women astronauts
yet their sucked into space at the last, my son went up as a good ending. I mean what How is that a positive women's message? When don't push we all lay button cause. It's Oxfam out into space, and they all die float away. We work was that positive. I was at positive the one with a female kicker and the other, the holder. Older allocate romantic off their helmets and at its women its women play in oh good for women dang, yet better than men, better, yes and men, ghettos. That's the thing. Men will eliminate them Why do we have men obsolete I'm sick If that is not the message, I is that that you were getting and thank goodness, PETA
it didn't run their add all explain it to you. Coming got its agonizing bud we'll talk about that Tulsa Gabert is coming up, I think she's in New Hampshire on the road now stumping there's a problem with the Democratic Party in New Hampshire. She somehow or another didn't get on with eight points by devolve, Patrick did with only three points out how bad, how that happen. Does he next. Powers are picked at their peak and are shipped overnight to ensure freshness bulky prices are going to be
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eighteen red roses for twenty nine twenty nine or upgrade to twenty four red roses for ten dollars more go to one hundred flowers, dotcom click on the radio icon and enter the problem could back ordered today and save one eight hundred flowers, doc on code back, have tells her gabardine with us she's skyping, into the show from I think New Hampshire, where she spending Oliver time she's missing, state of the union to be up there, she's not in Iowa and Cheese at about eight percent by For some reason the Democrats mired putty on stage on CNN for the New Hampshire debates. She's, not no debate right now, no devolve path, I was invited. Oh my enemies. He is pulling at two percent she's at eight he's too, while what is it? The Democrats are doing all fairness
I don't know what you're baroness is all about. I don't agree with Elsie Gabert on probably more thinks: she's from Hawaii A moderate in Hawaii is like I don't know. You know Stalin in Texas is a very different world we come from, but I respect her and I respect your for having the courage due to come on and talk about what's going on in the Democratic Party, somebody who endorsed Sanders. You know before
Where is she where she now? Is she a democratic socialist? What what is who is still together? We have that coming up the future torment. I meant well, the Iowa Carcass is happening today. Polls show that Bernie Sanders is, is probably gonna wind win, but it's not. It's like a regular voting day. It's it's not like your normal primary carcass every gets into the German. They they broker deals. They try to get you over to the other side. Try to give in to pay you know our guy is number two. If you
your guys, not gonna win. If you come over with us, will you make him number one so that could change everything tonight and binding doesn't seem to be doing really well one. And who's, not even there is tells a gabert cheese falling at eight percent in New Hampshire, so she's spending her time in New Hampshire, but some reason or another CNN and the Dnc as decided she's, not welcome at the debate. She, a democratic nominee that is pulling with the parameters, but they invited somebody devolve Patrick, whose only pulling at two percent. Why at her law suit against Hillary Clinton where she stands on democratic socialism in so much more with toxic. Bird next is the Glen Bag Programme.
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Bernie Sanders has just said that he has the main the real enemy is the democratic establishment. He was addressing a three thousand strong crowd and cedar rapids on Saturday night. We have, but he's calling massive. They don't say that about trumps, twenty thousand or thirty thought you win he goes to these rally say just say those words Zambia, but he was he had three thousand, which is the biggest one in the Democrats that doesn't even compared to Barack Obama but he was tall to thee, the the Party loyalists or I should say this socialist loyalist and He said the democratic parties upper echelons or trying to thwart his death, attic socialist agenda.
He said this is the political reality of the moment we are taking on the entire political establishment by the Republicans and the Democrats, I dont think I don't think Democrats know what they're dealing with with some of these people because some of them really are revolutionaries. We have Tulsa Gabert, who is joining us now, tells you: how are you I good morning, Glenn How are you a very good thanks for thanks for coming on, I'm sure, there's a little trepidation, and this little perhaps CERN and you shouldn't. I I respect you. Everybody on the show here respects you. We disagree with you, but we really feel you love your country. You have served the nation and you're Europe a you're, a solid citizen. So thanks for coming on, thank her ok. I wanted. I want to ask you first of all about the debate that is
happening this Friday, you are pulling at eight percent, You haven't been invited to be on this debate. Debate stage and of all Patrick is pulling at two percent and he was invited what's happening. You know we ve put in common and sent messages to see an end to ask them exactly that question and have not got any kind of response and that the biggest problem with all of this is CNN is is making a choice to dishonor voters, both here Hampshire will be voting here in eight days, as well as voters across the country by barring them from being able to be informed about the different leading candidates who are running running for peace. Didn't hearing the voice and the message in the issues that I am raising in this presidential campaign, so there Their decision to exclude me from this is a disservice.
To New Hampshire voters in that something there not very happy about. So I wanted sketch. Your opinion on where this is coming from Bernie Sanders on Saturday said. The target is not just a republican establishment but it is the democratic establishment. He said that so real enemy they need to bump off, because the the part is trying to kill this revolution of his. Would you green with that as well with with you, I'll. Tell you what what I am experiencing here. You know I'm in New Hampshire. We are campaigning hard as we're heading towards election day here and Voters recognise that the political establishment in Washington is not serving the people of this country we have- a Washington that is of by and for the powerful elite rather than by and for the people. So town halls that we are holding everyday across New Hampshire and some of the bigger towns in the
very small towns districts that may be red or blue or mix or whatever. It is what what we're seeing. As we have Democrats, Republicans dependence and libertarians all coming together having a risk at full conversation, because, as you opened as you opened our conversation today, we respect each other. We recognize, is that we are fellow Americans and we care very much for our country's future. And we see how the powerful elite in Washington are not working for the best interests of the people and that- only way to change. That is when we, the p, stand up work side, I sighed and actually focus on putting country first putting the people of this country first. And actually get real solutions to the problems that we are facing and that that's exactly what we're doing Tal see there is I mean listening to you speak, it sounds to me very. Failure. It sounds like what peep tea party members were saying back
Europa. The establishment isn't listening. There, they're not respond to what the voters are asking for, because I want open change too. I wanted transparency. I wanted a change to what what was happening and Nobody was listening at all, on either side and those people were belittled which made them more angry, isn't is the same kind of feeling just with different and goals? one was more returned to the constitution and in many cases with Sanders. It's you know and the constitution or capitalism. Isn't it the same feeling, though sense of dissatisfaction, disenfranchisement of of being left behind. That our voices are not being heard, I think, is something that has continuously been growing over quite some time which points to
reality that the problem comes in Washington are not being correctly identify. We go through these elections and it's like you know, Democrats, good reason weakens bad Republicans, good Democrats, bad and it's this hyper power, Listen ship about one party verse the other and each trying to either maintain or regain their power. That Lee the american people and our voices behind, and this is why I think something that you, identifying, maybe happened of a while back. It's only continued to grow and it is coming from a cross. Party lines in our town halls is we're. Talking about these issues whose every day you know everyone's nodding, their heads and recognising. Yes, we need to fix this. We need to dangerous. We gotta stop seeing everything through a partisan lens and actually just focus on the reality that so many american families are heckling and hurting, and are our angry that their govern
It is not working for them. So how would you identify yourself? As I mean you view, endorsed Bernie Sanders, which made Hillary Clinton love you forever Would you consider? I have not got the love letters yet really. I thought I move around a lot. I don't know, maybe I know she might when she accepts the law suit and signs for the law suit you filed against, or maybe she'll give you the love letter and in exchange for that. But our you would you? How would you call so far yourself in his democratic socialist. Is that a day? sure do you think o or is that it good thing.
Zone where the Democratic Party should, first and foremost, as as an american run? I know I love. I love our country and I approach issues as I have throughout my time in Congress, as I do now seeking to serve our country is present commander in chief religious, focused on the substance of these issues, not not blindly placing myself or my thought process into one box, because I'm a Democrat but actually actively seeking ideas, perspectives and solutions coming from across party lines, because this this is reality, I'm a very practical and pragmatic person. I'm an independent minded person and I call things like I see it. I am just as willing and able to call out my own party.
When they're wrong, as well as when they're right as I am the Republican Party when they're wrong or when their right, and it's this kind of clarity in and putting country first that voters across this country are demanding, as we are seeing. Some of these changes- continuing- To occur in in this election levy just touch on their Hilary lawsuit. What are you hope To achieve with that I've read several people say you will have to prove damages to be almost impossible. Able to approve the damages. So what are you? What are you hoping to gain? I will lose said the legal machinery to to the attorneys. But I'll tell you for myself
Some of the media are portraying this as well. This is just another news story, or this is just a media stunt, but they don't understand that this is about my life and I've dedicated my entire adult life to serving our country after the attacks on nine slash, eleven, like so many Americans, I made that decision to to to serve a ten to two to protect the safety, security and freedom of the american people and being willing to put my life on the line to do so, I'm still serving in the Army National Guard. Now I've deployed twice in the Middle EAST and of course in serving in Congress now seven going on eight years, and so for Hillary Clinton and her powerful allies in Washington to essentially try to portray me as as a traitor to the country that I love it takes away the very essence of who I am the oath of loyalty
that I have taken to the country that I love me some AG somebody. So this is a serious thing. Somebody like Hillary Clinton, saying that you're in russian asset has got make an impact on you, your career, but also personally, just very much so Very myself an end personally for myself, but I am actually thinking of the amazing patriots who I've served with people who We have also dedicated their lives literally their lives willing to sacrifice everything in service to our country. This is what defines and so for her and her powerful allies to so completely. The value that honour that loyalty that sacrifice in service to our country. It cannot go unchecked
This is why I am filing this loss. Is this just an old beef because of the Bernie Sanders endorsement errors or something deeper there? This is something that that only she could answer. I think from my perspective, I see two things that seem to be very clear in number. One is that she hasn't let go of the fact that I resigned as vice chair of the deep sea to endorse Bernie Sanders, very specifically, for one reason: the the vast difference in Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton's foreign policy and and world view what kind of commander in chief, they would be burning, largely non intervention as Hillary Clinton, extremely interventionist and Anna NEO Lib WAR Hawk and consistently. The second thing is that that, throughout my time in Congress, I have been speaking out strongly against the very foreign
Policy legacy, that she represents a veto worlds, police waging regime change wars and other countries that have not made us any safer and that have caused us tremendously. The lives of my brothers and sisters in uniform, as well as every American in taxpayer, dollars dollars that are coming out of you know our schools are classrooms coming out of our infrastructure needs our communities going as they are now in Afghanistan, four billion dollars every month, four billion every month, that's five and half million dollars per hour- and I hear from people every day who question my gosh. Those resources could be going towards Opie oil recovery and helping those who are struggling with substance, abuse and addiction. Here in New Hampshire and across the country, a hundred thirty Americans dying every day from this opiate epidemic? So this cost is, is very real and- and I see how Hillary Clinton and her and her powerful allies
are sending a message through what they are doing to me to say, if you dare cross us, we will come after you. I will tell you that I think your foreign policy is actually has more in common now, with this new republican Oceans, a republican new conservative viewpoint on let's bring peace, home. This is enough, as it is is enough and we we keep making the same mistake over and over. Let me break for tens can station, I d and back with tools. He gathered, with the tulsi Gabbard, who is up in New Hampshire, she's running for president of the United States in the democratic party. The democratic party doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with her she's running at eight percent, in New Hampshire, as she qualify
As for the CNN debate, she can't get an answer on why she wasn't as to intend, but instead of all Patrick and he's running at two percent. Tell see we're up. Against impeachment. Now we haven't heard from witnesses. I think legally, it was the right call, a fine, the president's attorney you the case and it police, Equally, I think we should have heard from witnesses, and I would have liked to lie say they vote on Wednesday to acquit, which I think they will should there be? Should house go in to John Bolton should here from the Biden. Should we investigate any of this stuff? or is it time just to walk away from this? I've spoken a lot about this and just pointed out from shortly. How,
shortly after Donald Trump was elected. There were immediately members of my party who were crew were pushing for impeachment, largely because of political differences, not willing to accept the outcome of the election policy differences and and their critics and of Donald Trump and I've spoken about how dangerous it is to have this process be driven in a very hyper partisan way. Frankly, both sides and how not doing so in an objective way, really only further divides and already divided country. It's why I made a very conscious decision to vote present when that those those votes came before the House of Representatives to take a stand for the centre against this,
her partisanship in Washington, while also introducing a censure resolution that actually included many more of the unconstitutional actions that President Trump has taken and frankly something that I think would have been more likely to gain by partisan support unless I'm hearing from people I'm sorry. We are up against a network break unless you care to stay longer, we'd love to have you longer it how people get involved. I your campaign, thank you, tell say twenty twenty dot com. I look forward, I'm the best Democrat best candidate to be able to defeat Trump in November of twenty twenty appreciate. You all people from all party lines coming in joining us in our people, powered movement. Thank you. So much Tulsa worsening pleasing. Stay. I think she has to run but she's more the welcome to stay
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today one or two hundred flowers, dot com, promo code back. Inga Glenn Bark Lagoon Stephen crowded and beat that grey background stolen one location use promo code Glenn for ten dollars off blaze. Tv, dotcom, Slash Glenn Hello, America, its Monday day, the Iowa carcass tomorrow, is the state of the union. I will be in Washington D C in the in these and it chamber for that for that speech Or is it how you gonna miss it, then? How chamber in the House chamber
Watching that a you see so much that television just show you. I don't watch the president, I'm I'm watching all the people in the the floor show it's pretty amazing. Gonna be a historic speech, because the next day he goes in for the vote to either quit or to convict for his impeachment. So its kind a busy weak politically speaking, then, on Thursday night at eight p m Eastern a free, special were making it available for everyone. Look for the blaze, Youtube Channel and sure you're watching the live, special eight p m Thursday. It's the fight. No peace, the Ukraine. The final piece The billion dollar question and we have the end. For you, and it has nothing to do with really Lee impeachment of tromp, although it makes sense fully now the impeachment trump as very
little to do with the binds? All any of the stuff that we have talked about. The final piece is much bigger than that, quite honestly, I think it's going to shock Democrats. It will Total sense now, denying it, and I the anybody who voted for Barrack Obama is going to be disgusted by what The story is really all about that is Thursday, Ukraine. The final piece, eight p m Eastern are: let me go back two Iowa which happens today, one of the key It really had their finger on the pulse during the twenty. Sixteen election was Selena Zito because she is a reporter that doesn't listen necessarily to all the other reporters she's, listening to the people and she she travels by car and she stops and dinars and she's actually listening. I wanted to get view on what's happening in Iowa today,
Selina welcomed the programme. Thank you What's her having me- and I have to tell you you're absolutely right You watch the The union derives matter whose president is watching it interest in in the house chamber at and if you're watching it from the gallery, it's just a bath, development of human behaviour? Really? Do you see you see what that president is dealing with and you see the little click send. It's amazing people should you should have another camera just on the house in the Senate, because You learn. An awful lot anyway occur at earlier. Ok, so silly and tell me what you think is going on today: in in Iowa? What what are you sensing is? We're gonna be tough, about tomorrow. At this point I may tomorrow
they were going to be talking about Bernie Sanders AWE and I said he has a high probability of winning this? the carcass here's? Why are you know it too? other important, we were heading into the clock- is everyone with a cowardly hierarchy hierarchy what they missed, and I remember reading there are saying- as I can remember, I feel like five thousand years it go away, but I never noticed say that they have the ground support. It is necessary to get the voters out Carcass, because if everybody knows anything about how you carcass it's an investment of your personal time, big tonight I'll, be like the three minutes in a way and had and go to the ballot box. I'm talking about three or four hours at night. It's usually Oh, it's always always go away and you have to read. We pointed out there, it turns out who
You are supporting everyone in your prefect those whom you supported, and if that person doesn't thought miss a hit. That's what, showed that there is some bartering that goes on and it's really sorted fascinating, but early has done, and I think this has been under reported his kids camping That is a credible job of getting really good people. People trusted in their community to get voters out and that's how you win a copy. Right and that when you are when you're searching for a candidate which it seems many of the islands, are there not satisfied with any of them? They ve been look for somebody that that they think could win, they don't
They don't have a consensus on this. They keep going back and forth its like going to buy a pair of shoes with a woman in a store that trying on every single parent and they're gonna walk away with none of them in the end. That's the way, this kind of feels- and the only one that has true true deep support. I think our Yang and Sanders. Yes, you are absolutely right. Yeah yeah, really start up once in a lifetime. Interesting candidate for the Democratic party. He's he's funny keys. Failure If politics, our honour, Badge of love very left. An and right now is like a toy.
All in one candidate key has that governments have very aspirational. That is that saying this therefore, walk Obama had two thousand and eight that we make things quick people to judge has tried to put check back, but he does. It have not done that effectively, because I think, in the way that he has handled religion has been negative because he pits different denominations against each other questions. Like that at all. So what is what is Europe thought on? We have Steve days coming up, who is really good on the the Iowa, Caracas and he's he's a you know, a political player that spend on the D look at this and on the inside for twenty years
and he said he thinks there's a chance. We go to a brokered convention because the Bernie people, he thinks, will win in Iowa, then in New Hampshire and in Arizona, maybe I'd and winds in South Carolina, but then Bernie is really kind of on this. This role bright by whether he can get enough enough delegates to win. We may entering a brokered convention. How likely do you think that is It is not wrong. You know. Every four years of the report is to throw that out how this could happen. Actually this is bigger, they could happen. This is actually the year that could happen and I fear the worst scenario. I see the possibility of burning Birdy, winning Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. You know people,
it took about Nevada as being about arm hispanic voters, it's not about their voters. About union voters. Yes, always miss that have either the to the left unions. These aren't the sword. Energy is that you find out here was a debate or a higher Colorado taxes, and so I think, there's your eye. See a scenario whereby, everywhere were burning with. I want to hear about it and there because the race goes, the South Carolina Bible will still win. The South Carolina, but not at all as strong as as people anticipated, and I could see Lou Bloomberg say you know a tanker the step, then I can do that. And that's when everything just sort of blow up the democratic development in the media do not want that
standards to be the nominated they just job he's not been part of their king, he has always set in the way that other candidates, they would anticipate other candidates or nominees to listen and he's not the club- and that is why is it that the reason for those on the left to vote for him even more? Doesn't it make their case stronger? Every right, I mean they learned nothing from twenty. Sixteen, nothing kinda thing! You know it's the establishment cry recurring class. They I'm a crack in the media. Sort of conglomerate That sort of all who have been the one you have not understood, stood twenty succeed, not just because a trump, but also because of burning- and I always
think it's sort of fascinating, even among Establishment Republic, is that none of these political parties has said. Oh dear God, they pick here. Maybe we we must have been really bad. Let's be reflective about that. Now you don't do that was just make under those people there dumb yeah so if Bernie does take off, does that I mean because Bernie is the closest thing to Donald Trump that that side has. I mean I just saw him on tv just a few minutes ago, and then, when the news channels and unlike look at him there's no way this guy could win just get em he seventy eight years old. He looks angry he's kind, a mean he's just not a politician in the traditional sense, and then I thought that's exactly What people said- and I said to about Donald Trump in Look Ray now there,
I think that what more people would people within the establishment and no wonder or not part of the movement don't understand about populism. Is that populism is the more ah scepticism about all things back. That includes government. That includes politics that includes that includes entertainment. They haven't sort of understood, have grasped in or understood what they have done, how they have failed over these past thirty years, and they have aided what has happened within both parties. Also, technology really really has added to that. As in our daily lives. Think about this. We are really good the tour operators from our lives when one day by think about fears when we used to shop fears picked everything
If you wanted to buy it applies, or you wonder, by told it was classmen we to let some dude in fears tower decide what to do well, why? Why did anybody think? politics wasn't gonna fall in the same way right now, the biggest partners towards countries Amazon blown up technology is essentially blown up. These large political parties is still going to exist, but they don't have the power they used to have so many switch topics and sides were quickly selling out about a minute and a half the ramifications of impeach? houses gonna play out. That's not going impact anything at all. Is everything else story just now. I was content. If anything it has made people are more likely to vote Democrat because they see this political maneuver,
and more likely to at least consider tromp or not show up to vote at all. That is a problem for the afore, the Democratic Party and they don't understand it, make don't realize it and every time I write it. A story like this do this report if they make fun of it but their missing it again. As I understood it, twenty six to do you believe that the Sanders people, the the real radicals therein his is followers that there could be trouble? in Wisconsin this summer. If they don't give it to him. Oh yeah. I mean, I think, there's going to be some sort of crop that you no problem. How extremely problematic Gatt just depend. On who gets attracted to them. But you know very a lot of potential for that to become a problem
Selina. Thank you. So much will talk to again if your mail or major well, maybe, It's an analysis from me again tomorrow. Thank you so much Salinas either. You can follow her on twitter at Selina, Zito, Z, dozy, eighteen, our sponsor really factor. I tell you my whole life has changed. I feel better than I have felt in maybe ten years and a big part of that is relief. Factor relief factor gets right. Of the inflammation in your body? And, quite honestly, I didn't think that it would work. I mean it's, you know come on, it's all natural can you handle Ibuprofen eight hundred yeah They have anything else I hate that when Doktor said I you, I'm gonna bring out the big stuff, really if you say that follows with ivy profane or eight hundred. I walk anyway I didn't think it would work this review
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What under the programme congratulations to the chiefs last night, the Superbowl is actually a very exciting game. I watch it usually for the commercials causes games are so boring. That was a great great game. Just a great game yet was on it's nice to see the chiefs win and no one so they re there. A few there were a few good adds. Last night, I didn't think it was a great year for it had been a great year for a wife for a long time, maybe twenty years, are twenty five. What are you what he? What like? What stuck out to you? Why liked? I liked the recent add, but I I also liked it? We have the Amazon, Ed. With a generous I saw your end of this. That's pretty good. Let's turn down a thermostat. Ok, down thermostat, leading people,
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We only want to bother you. Ok, you be sure yeah his there's nothing wrong with it. Didn't see, mean that didn't you know, Michael Blue, Burke thought it was mean. Oh my gosh yeah. He back at him call on him fat obesity. That's pathological liar. Yeah he's I he's a triumphant know. Now, I don't think so. I don't think the two are gonna be sending you to the Christmas cards. Did you see that Hillary Clinton spend less on her entire political campaign than he has spent since no already already the entire, was spent twenty million dollar three more than Hilary did on the entire campaign that amazing yeah. Two hundred and forty eight million dollars. Please think of that.
While they get a quarter of a billion dollars and he's really not even in it? Yet right we have this hour? crews talking about its warrants fault, that there, no witnesses its warrens fault she want. Play fast and loose, and she wanted to play a political game and she turned to Republicans off that were ready to vote the other way and they thought nope. These people are serious about anything that's coming up. Also, the Superbowl Djibouti said it was the best half time show ever
And I'm sure if he wasn't wearing pants, and he was alone. Maybe it might have been for I don't know, but not exactly my cup of tea with the family, but anyway and Steve Days, because Iowa Steve comes up in one minute: Glenn Back Programme, Interest rates are close to a three year low right now, and that means, if you have a mortgage, that is three years or older, its tamed too, take a hard look at all of the data and see If there is a reef, I in your history that you know who should pay should happen right now, nobody is better to help you than the people who work for you at american financing, it's a family on business, dedicated mortgage consultants they're not in the bank there in it for you
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a blaze tv and radio network Steve lives in I. What does it show from Iowa and has been part of. The Kok has seen for at least twenty years. And and really knows it inside now and can tell us what are you think it's gonna happen tonight, well yesterday, a good friend of mine who is doing some advance work for chums reelect was Kay. Say me eastern third state gland, because that's the most democratic state part of the state, and I was divided into third, the most eastern parts, the most democratic it most west? in part, is the most Republican, an enemy. Our Riley is probably the most ideological at its fifty fifty, and so here It is go where there's gotta be the highest democratic turn out at the state and listening to him and to tell me what he saw over the weekend. I mean that Bernie Sanders the only candidate right now, who's events are in a, and he has little doubt that
he's gonna win and I agree with them, but it's really fluid after that and anybody who tells you they think they know for sure either has a magic, eight ball or they watched the Superbowl hack, I'm showing a bush last night site. It's really really fluid acted ass, so Bernie Sanders is going to win. You say in Iowa tonight and does does anything change. If the the Caucasus, as most people, don't understand that what It is like you going into a german he's making a case and there there's swapping and bartering in saying, hey. You know your candidates, not gonna, be no place in the top three. But if our who candidates get together then we can play. Our candidate, you know it number one in You know where ideologically lined up so its horse trading because there is a because it is so fluid
there is a chance that somebody is everybody's number two and that person or a b Sanders, I would have said yes until this done but when she saw the lowest and what would you say about tat his thoughts on impeachment she's having it political instinct month now, I I would have said yes a few weeks ago. I think she was pretty much everybody second choice. Which is really where you want to be in the environment you're describing erect, but but but what her and CNN tried to pull on Bernie with alive hot bike after the debate really, I think it also find her support, which, on one that is good, but I limited Her ability to tackle beyond that. I didn't she got rid of alighted at the the era of good feelings around her as a candidate and was kind of just seen kind of you and our own thing think that hurt her. So I think what you gotta watch tonight. We ve got this fifteen percent threshold. That Democrats demand their candidates meet two together too short,
the final ballot. It Andrew Yang and Amy Clover, jar and toasty gabert- definitely won't get fifty percent. I don't think Yang will close. I could be right around their warring Warren could be. Maybe just a little above that what happens when the horse trading begins with those candidates that's why I think it's going to be so fluid. Is of Andrew Yang Whitworth, whether Andrew Yanks people go. Do they go to a people today, do it they go to wait at Joe Biden. I can't really heat I'm going back to a Bernie Sanders, my temperament standpoint, those two guys couldn't be any different, so I think that's what makes this very fluid and here's the other thing to watch video bide perspective. You can't finish. Their fifth it. Yet if you leave the national pause for a year and the first time there's about you finish, fourth or fifth, your toast and his people are going to say John Mccain, Finnish forth in the I will carcasses, ok, you're right and they got his arse lit in the General Patients are not sure that the president that your gun,
for here. So I think, there's an their certain cosmetics involved where that is concerned as well definitely bear watching tonight and then a tree did your audience needs to know in India, credit party. No one that didn't win a contested I will, since Nike eighty eight has been their dominate, hasn't happened since nineteen eighty eight dick out the Gebhardt. I want to close victory over Michael D. Call That's the last time someone that was the democratic nominee did when Iowa and if energy look too were burning pulling in New Hampshire here in a few days a week from tomorrow, anybody either party that has one both Iowa in New Hampshire has been the novelty every single out. I don't know if those norms stand any more though I mean I see the sense in it because it just gives momentum, but you know, I just don't know. I look at Bernie today, as The closest thing to do
tromp that the Democrats have. He is just a total disruptor Rand. Many Democrats are looking for that. I mean look. If Bernie Sanders said the establishment, the republican and democratic state establishment, are the real target here, the real enemy world that kind of sounds like Donald Trump Amene agreed he's men, and I just greed that norms had been violated. I think that's one of the great misunderstanding at the Trump era is at all these norms that changed, I think the cake is all still bake the same. Largely people are still for the same coalitions. You see trot now actively making not just a passive when they give a speech but act. Making a play for black voters like really haven't seen republicans do in decades now that that would be a norm change if he could get twelve to fifteen percent of the black boat, for example. But if you look at everything else, it's all a state the same, the cake is still made. The same. Defrosting is just stay here,
I took all the same ingredients that we needed a cake before are still making the cakes now frosty. How about it? Is you stay near that used to be, but what I think is changing is there is more. There are more and more people than are saying I wanted for an cake. I dont want cake. I want pirate That is, I don't know where that is in the cycle, but it was It's in the cycle of Donald Trump and people I would still like to see more of the establishment clobbered by Donald Trump and not just the Establishment but the right establishment there is that hunger and that's different. Yet I I do agree now that's where you're seeing disrupt your candidates, I think I think
on Paul was maybe an initial for rain as set out in twenty sixteen, and that I think you ve what you're saying it now is in spades with Donald Trump and and and Bernie Sanders, because people are looking for visa they give them a voice outside the traditional to party system. Theirs and amount of frustration with that system that it doesn't really serve needs. It is essentially a status quo, establishment, Parian monolithic process, but look out for the values of the average Everyday American and that's. Why You know. I think if the economy is doing well, then trump good. Is it money is the novelty he could get Jeremy Urban, but if the economy slumps next year, I would not you sit there and see? There's no way. He's too far left they'll never vote for him. We said the same thing about the Oakland the ninety. Ninety two more and more people set out about Barack Obama in two thousand and one will never both for Jeremiah rights. Disciple will never go to redraft out your like Clinton. If the account
me, go south people get desperate and and the message Jean Pierre, you know the Bolshevik versus Menshevik met messaging. That dirty is tapping into that each along lifelong. Hebron, actually gains and audience at times like I agree, I agree, the krona virus. Can it could put it in that state eat me ass. You know. I mean, I think it depends on the that's. A double edged sword do what it does to the chinese economy this has always been the dinner- I mean if it they're saying today they have come out and said it looks like it. Is going to be a pandemic and that's the first time they ve said that and it is but the here's, the thing, the world Health organization issued a warning about China over the weekend began in big, it was worth barring travel there at the exact same time, it was Mary kinds. Alluded! Yes warning! I mean it if you think it's a worthy of a warning that why wouldn't you bar travel there that doesn't make any sense in the OECD
think. It is because economic what China me that the global economy there trying to figure out is there what's that? What's that with a narrow path to carve here with the with? What Realistically, what it could mean on a help scale to them, but then again meekly what day what it means for the rest of the global occur. Me because of their standing, and I think that could be a unique challenge for our own economy next year and in its betray it's why a trade war with them was always a double edged sword because one hand there one of the landlords around here and on the other hand, there scrutinised the exact same time and so bandaging that was always going to be also Steve. Do you see the democratic socialism you think this is led by the party, or do you think the average Democrats willing to accept a democratic socialist. I think there is Democratic establishment, anymore land, and I think that you know we love
and conservative media. The talking point the last few years by the hour and see outraged at the and see, and that's just to come fallacy adheres why what happened after twenty? Sixteen, when When your daddy Waterman short at her thumb on this scale for Hillary Clinton, Bear Base should be funded. Voluntarily. Their party look at the amount of money. Their candidates raise individually Amy closely. Char has not had a paw. Showing your higher than forth in Iowa and she ran. Adds in our state this year, because the money she raised We are more urgent, more money. The marker Rubio had to get on television, their candidates individually raise a huge amount of money, and so that tells you if they just bypass the democratic establishment, others get there. Just gotta do this independently and I think that's why you're not seeing trolls Crap, readers and senior statesmen cannot in trash Bernie Sanders because I think their concern that when the music stopped,
We're not gonna do a lot of heat to sit in that this may be the new establishment it. It may have nicer packaging in the future than what Bernie Sanders with a shake fist internet with his Nikita Khrushchev, impression it may be nicer and softer, but this may be essentially where their party is going, and I think that's why you. Been seeing them go all out, took a roadblock and try and stop him because, I think they're afraid they might be, run over by the exact same movement and then what happens to all those Democrats are there? Is there a big number that won't go with democratic socialism? I think there is number how big a deal number is, I think, comes down to what the economy is doing next year and if anybody at the White House I've got some friend there too, like you do benefit, the White House is listening to some just telling him on the cultural issues that trump space cares the most about and that he is the best kid that's where he that's his wheel house or the kinds of issues, black and brown voters are far friendlier to trumps method.
I yes on those issues than the White Exterminate and suburban I'd, that you know, people with next year. They're the ones they are, the ones flooding the zone for PETE booted. You right now. I didn't want to go to the first church of virtue signalling, so I would absolutely in reach. The White House is reelect team to keep them down the road is going with black and brown voters, but I would actually message them more on these cultural issues and to show that debt did that the Democratic Party is outside the mainstream of were all of you. People go to church all over a mirror, You ve got more culturally in common with them, then you probably do the average person that caucus for Mitt Romney here in Iowa, and I think that I think that at the first act, Donald Trump with judicial reform. I thought that was most effective adds I've ever seen from the Republican Party to reach out to a new group of of possible constituents,
I agree with you on that from a message standpoint. You know I gotta private little tax change that sir. That's it that's keep it out. You know anonymous with some good friends of mine. I jar in politics summit offers some work for candidates and there's a lot of conservatives that are very, I would say, material were that first step legislation is concerned, but but I but one things I said in our text chain about this last night, We are not the intended audience for that. At the tended audience for that add at abso. They don't watch MSNBC had seen it, but they are all watching Superman AIR, and they got that message. Absolutely very good esteem thanks So much will probably talk to you to Morrow. You have time to get the run down of what actually did happen at the carcass. Are you attending and watching I, if I walk in Glenn, so it's
replace, gotta call nine one. While our watchwords are ok, I think a lot Steve appreciated still day say there. He will be on in about thirty nine minutes on this network. You can listen to among blazed tv dot com, Slash Glenn, make sure you get your subscription are. I went the police, one things you have to learn to have his good intuition about whether it's a burglary or not one in every I'm a burglar alarm goes off and there is a lot of em. They just go off at most times assist a false alarm in others. Motion sensor went off, for God knows what reason and as a result, the police respond, but they respond slowly, because it's usually just something. That's a false alarm with him. Safe they ve solved this. They use real video evidence to give police an eyewitness account of what actually is going on. That means. A police dispatch up to three hundred and fifty times faster on average
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I mean nobody's paying attention today. Nobody is paying attention to that. Knock. You are not doing witnesses so right and their having to vote to acquit tomorrow, yeah no Wednesday oh yeah, that's right, went on till Monday wound up the little had a man, I'm kind of disappointed. I I was hoping that it was gonna happen today and then Donald Trump would give him. State of the union tomorrow yeah but he's gotta. Not do what Elizabeth Warren Dead and you know We have that audio from TED crews. Here's TED crews explaining why the Democrats didn't get any witnesses. Listen now my I want to tell you something surprising alive: Liveth Warren helped defeat the impeachment of the president of the United States. How do you mean that little stuck she pulled? Was a campaign start that was a fundraiser that was designed to thrill the left wing activist in the I will caucus therein.
If else going on in that, but I'll tell you what that stunt helped deliver the votes of LISA and Lamar it did a little because it made clear. This is a political game and if John Roberts doesn't vote today, Elizabeth worn want she's, gonna column of political hack and throw him into politics, and it suddenly raise the price. Of their voting and making it fifty fifty because you don't want to see the court thrown into that political swamp cake. Here's the stunt This is the question from her to John Roberts. Listen question from Senator worn is for the house managers. At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the chief just This is presiding over impeachment trial in which republic and senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to that
loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court and the constitution, John Robert, was not pleased he it was glaring at her after that question, I don't think he was. He did not want it like, like tickers I didn't want to be lumped into a political body like not an end. It brings question just that question is all political in nature. Shows that show these two Republicans that were going to vote with the Democrats. That they don't care. They burned the whole thing to the ground. They don't care, I will take on the Supreme Court there, not reasonable people and is TED said it really really upset, two of the the moderate Republicans. If we can call him at the squishy ones that were we
to vote with the Democrats. And when she asked that question they were, Nevertheless, this is ridiculous. Yes predict. This now now This is a legitimate because the Supreme Court Justice is sitting there. What do you know constitutionally? What do you do so congratulations, war and in that goes back to why the Iowa Caucasus, probably gonna, turn out the way it is with her. She is as Steve's having a politically horrible. Political and in an intuition month. Yummy, Oliver political instincts are all wrong. This is just not a likeable person. Fitful realized, I think so that remain programme.
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that Big Jimmie Dale Drug dealing and congratulated Kansas on their big, where cities, mostly in Missouri Video, care when Obama screwed up. What he was talking about sports online, like woody like when he said this complaint, I congratulate the the world my World Champion Miami heats. Buddy, who know sports would ever call it and nobody cared nobody. Nobody talked about what I call them. The Miami heaps there is the Miami HEAT or what he was talking about. His his favorite ball,
But I do think that there is a different quality to what used to be convinced. We. There was a different quality. It's never been named Kaminski field. Its committee park so well, thank you for anyway, I feel bad. I feel bad the forty nine have to go back to candle shoe park but see from you that would be right to unify, tend to be as war like em. They made him into a guy, oh yeah, ports. There was practically a professional athletes himself and who cares he'd? Who cares about the others in yellow, so ridiculous, so ridiculous issues? What would trump has to put up with is unbelievable. I unbelievable, I think it's. I think it's great that the Cleveland Indians were self running as well. Last night kind of in solidarity,
that gives US inefficiencies, tribal bride, yeah yeah, that's right, you're, one of their I'm sure chief was one of the chief. They were down there. In Miami heats yeah, so we gotta go in for us. Ah, you know last By the way, I am wearing jailers outfit right now and very sexy. It's gonna. Take me about an hour just to take it out of my body. It, is so lodged in there and manage it. Looked like a good eye dear when she was wearing it. You know did it it? No, I really didn't know, really didn't really didn't I mean. Do you think that they had They knew the crotch camp right, new olive that was a guy fix they had to it by the exciting, never seen that on tv before no no, I mean wow they soon dried up and it is, they did well yeah.
I performed a perhaps where the results are man yet, but Allah jail. Oh no, be good money after bad. So it was a joy boy, she loved it. I mean you she'd with Israel radius, two half time of all time. Ah, but no not to me It's his pandering edges, pandering think I remember when the Superbowl still had a marching band, Dalia right, yeah cause it wasn't that long ago, right in the eighties, they still, they still did. Can be answered, he really yeah yeah. I think we should go back to she wasn't any indication of where to go and buy me I'd rather do the USA marching back right. I mean there's nothing cool. You can do theirs, I think all you can do, except just be a Strip club. I would would pull dancing in everything. I've seen it
Why did she brought her daughter on which I thought was, can signal about all right and was singing by her. I don't know, I never saw her. I was looking at the problem. I turn I actually turned it my son and his friends and begged us please this is uncomfortable. Please can we change the channel uncomfortable because there were adults in the room. I so yeah I mean what fifteen year old boy Well, now I will tell you this all the boys when she's fifty fifty years fifty she is alive and she's in all. She looks good for fifty buddy. Don't wanna see that at all d I don't Z. That much I don't know. I don't I
I know how secure is, but she's gettin up their duties. I order you she's already thirty or forty forty three forty three. Forty three well yeah well yeah! So so we got go and for us yes, there were a couple of adds, one that didn't play I'd like to get to is the Peter add. I'm gonna have to describe to you because no words, but I'm going to describe it to you, nfl rejected this one. It's a bee buzzing and taking a knee on the flower and now there's the bear in the woods taking a knee by the stream command the fish. They don't even have knees but they're taking a knee k and here's the the fox and the Wolf and the snake. Spider in the mouth?
and the dog many avoid don't have an easy there, but they also or sitting down weird, like he's dragon. His bud, like dogs, do the pig pigsty taking in me- and here comes a little kitty cat next to a little girl whose already taken and she's taken in me and now it's the bunny. It's not even a binding now? Here's the big american eagle looking mean no taken in these taking in this respect is the right of every living being and species Oh, my gosh mass and Species M allow well yeah, so here's what I would like to do. I like to put this out to the audience If anyone is animator, I would like you to make part two. And in the Eu is not actually taking a knee. It's about two
loop down and grab the bunny and then feast on it before it flies away again. Leaving the bunny half eaten, takes the trout out of the stream, which is what an eagle would do right either that and then also goes for all the little rodents that around that were taking a knee and then the very end as it comes back the and looks at the poor girl do she's a there. Lover animal over she's like bad bird. Bird eating these animals, and that's it but the old swooped down and start to attack her don't get too well he's gotta, yet to at least her hair, but then and an array hunter comes out and shoots, the eagle which is illegal to federal crime but Some say that saved a little girl save the little girl. That's how I would like part two of that people from our front ago, taking
and did you notice it? Did you notice how the NFL did everything You could always to be red white and blue yeah yeah until again: jailer came out and the Red White and Blue was for Porter Rico, which I don't have a problem with that Porter Rico. What I the problem with was the children in the cages which was supposed to represent the children and the cages at the border, apparently which no he cared about when Obama first put them in their. Oh, my I can't I just can't take the weakness anymore. I read Philly can't I watch the Vienna? What was it? The secret commercial da what
I get it. Women can do stuff. I declare I just do stop now they are burying. I do is better than what men yeah you everything they can do it better than men. Yes, everything! Yes, so if you play football ass, you do it better than men. Rascal better than men, p, standing up it's better than men. You couldn't you in pretty. Sperm, better than well It's my or be endorsed. It is, or at least the same is man. It is crazy is I've always wondered. How did Hitler get people to buy and all this stuff and response always was the bigger the lie, the battle. I hear this, started with the biggest of all lie. Can there be a bigger lie that men can have periods and pregnant men? Men are useless and women are all powerful and could do everything than a man can do just better, no theirs,
things that women can do Generally speaking my better than a man and there. Some things that a man below them out of the water and that's one of them those them out of the water. In comparison- just the way it is, but we are He told Think the lies, you're willing to say things of the lies that you have said or tolerated, and Europe I got no yeah Caitlin Jenner, she's beautiful she's, where the money for women in the world, yeah yeah if you didn't know- and you have to say about every yeah trend- and and if you don't in, if, if you go go they allow you to do. Ok, asked Austin Powers, it's a man man. What are you doing? if you didn't do that. You're part of the lie we're doing it. We ve done it, but I've never said
and generous beautiful? I have sarcastically, yes, yes, I decided that all trans women are beautiful, because we have to believe that we have two. So every time we see a Trans right woman, she is every time. Every time we tell these lies knowingly. We in fact ourselves and we weaken our system to stop little eyes. They ve gotten. You to say: oh no man can I babies No, no! No, they can no, no, no, no, no! No, they are having babies. There's, no man there's something wrong jeez. I just went into the euro and of baby pop down aid. That explains the screaming the facts. I don't think so
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if it's, if it should it matter that it's a plant, no, no, no, like would you cut the legs off of people in Well, yes, I mean you, I have yeah I've. Sometimes you know I want to do some special for Tanya, so I just I just cut the legs of children and put him in a bucket. You know and I feel a bucket with blood and then a little bit of sugar. Did you do I ll area they last day last up to ten twelve days before they start to die you now I get a little droopy What's the difference and what's the difference me? What's the difference Peter there isn't a different there. Isn't a dear friend All people know there is no difference between cutting a bunch of ours, and I will tell you this: if you are going to do this with the children you cut their legs off, don't do so you have to be really careful because some people they'll do it now cut the legs off and
just leave em in refrigerator until you call it all those kids only last like two days or so, or thus worth and user caught a fresh right wing, a new com, they cut the legs off. These children and ship them directly to you, so they can. Last ten, twelve days, scurryings, just great skill, Peter thank you for that new understanding, because there is no difference now. Whether I animals or plan ass humans. It's all the same. All the same life is like life is life. A than by the way. Did you see that the Democrats are very upset at these super bowl add by Donald Trump, where he's talking about the great criminal justice system, you don't how some politicians they just talk about, Donald Trump gotta done and there was no fanfare. There is nothing. I bet that commercial surprise
raised a lot of people who don't watch the news and there like what what's that and they are. It is about Alice Johnson. That was the one that Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump A really. She had a life sentence, for I think my Wanna and you know she there was enough. Island crime, non violent crime and if she had a life sentence, never expected to get out, she tweeted. Super bowls ago I was sitting in a prison cell. Today free woman and my story was featured in a super bowl, lad I'll spend rest of my life fighting for wrongly and unjustly convicted. And the Democrats aiding it saying all I just think how dare he you all poor, please, you would have never use that out. Not you wouldn't use race. Use race. You wouldn't know prison. Form?
Never do that. It's an. I love it, because it's targeting pictures target its are getting a group of constituents. That need to wake up and our waking and that the Republicans normally dont target because they didn't never have any chance right, but they do have a chance now. So many african Americans and you know what do you know what it is it's all African Americans, who are tired of being told what to think right or how to think Kenya he's not not necessarily you know a Republican he's just to being told he has to be a Democrat. I don't think he was until recently, No, I don't. Usually they. I think, he's had a change of heart recently yeah. Why dont don't know about political sure, politically, as it is part of that, but you know I'm tired of being told exactly what I have to think who
have to support what I have support. This goes against the Mary Kin So you know and there's something wrong with it, and I think I just think that they are going to pay a huge, huge price and especially if they do in Iowa and New Hampshire, what it looks like they're going to do. I think they're going to be surprised in the end that America doesn't rally around a Sanders flag will see tomorrow from Washington D C.
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