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Iranian Propaganda – from OUR Press! | 1/7/20

2020-01-07 | 🔗
Soleimani was Iran’s Himmler. But in their hatred for Donald Trump, our own press are calling him “revered,” an Iranian “hero,” and a “genius.” Glenn believes Trump didn’t go far enough: This press is the enemy of freedom! A letter was sent to Iraq falsely claiming U.S. troops were pulling out. And former national security adviser John Bolton has agreed to testify in the Senate, but the House still hasn’t sent the articles of impeachment! Also, NASA may have found Earth II, and the first British astronaut has claimed aliens exist, but may be invisible. Transgender “activist” Jessica Yaniv is back with another waxing lawsuit. And Glenn and Stu realize there are still over a dozen Democrats running for president!

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I mean why trial. But trot you have to find all the articles of impeachment. What trial, such a bizarre set of positions to because whole reason. They didn't ask people like John Bolton right to come and testify for the house. It was because they said was gonna take too long to go through the courts We have all this time here row you just doing nothing. Maybe this time for it to go through the courts, unbelievable really just truly unbelievable- it isn't it dead, as anybody else feel like this whole impeachment thing is this. The best for the things that happen now this. This idea that Reno Nancy Pelosi, some brilliant strategist has gone down the tube living because there's always been there. Faced by the media that, like air now sure her speeches are a little weird these seas, terrible for the camera, but behind the scenes she knows exactly what she is.
This is what she thought was a good idea like go through two years of saying: you're not going to impeach, then turn on a dying over a phone call impeach the guy in the not suited to the Senate. That was the big plan. It's crazy, really really crazy right. We ve got up pretty great, When we start with an ran in just a minute. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment- you know I was not a fan of the statement. The president Trump made that the american press is an enemy of the people, However, today I say I should think he went far enough and all
Splain, as we go to a ran with a b c news in one minute as the Glen Back Programme George lives in Ohio, he's the type of architect who likes to draw everything with a pencil still and not only that he likes to get out there and work with his hands turning his ideas into reality. Recently, while restoring old farmhouse, he realized the pain he had been dealing with over the years. Had finally got to the point where he wasn't how to do the physical part any longer and he was not really able to start using his hands and be in comfort while sketching things out with is with his pencil he's one of those people don't like to take drugs for pain, so he was in a real bind. Thankfully George list to this programme and he discovered relief factor which is drug free. It worked remark
feebly well, George, is back to building the things that he sees his imagination. This has a pencil in his shirt pocket and it's because of relief factor, really factor reduces inflammation a major source for most pain, and it worked for seventy percent of those who take it from me, Anti ninety five you can get a three week. Quick start, that's a small risk for the potential of a lifetime with less paying. If you want drug free natural way, easier pain and get your life back go to relieve factor. Dotcom, that's relief factor, dotcom well, it is a good thing. We have the media on the. ACE does show us what's really happening, ran Arthur rabbits she's, an ABC news reporter she was in a ran. And she had Chris Grade coverage of what was
really going on: let's listen in a powerful combination of grief and anger, with shouts of death to America, echoing The streets around us this morning, mourners feeling the streets of IRAN's capital of Tehran for them. Funeral of general solemn money killed by the? U S, drone strike sweet aerial images capturing this of iranian hacking, the streets to pay tax, to a man revered by many here from made a big mistake: Jude view Salamis image everywhere: the impact of these death profound The crowds are massive and emotional. There are many tears here. Many signs with salamis picture on them the message is also very clear. These people want revenge,
As we made our way through the streets of Tehran, surrounding us shouting: death to amend leaving many hides me read my steps on inside the funeral service, the emotion justice powerful on this green leader of IRAN. Weeping praying over a coffin draped in the year. A key and I feel bad about. There's somebody fur lowers social flare Barcelona. Let's say: what's goin on I'm tunnel and lets say this is nineteen forty one, forty two And the United States kills Himmler or Gering what the news goes to Germany. What do you expect to find? What would you expect to find? I would expect the
apps many many people morning, yeah the death of their here and calling for the death of America yeah. Ok, now, solo money, I mean glaring, yeah Himmler I mean I could look at Himmler and I kids will exist when she's gotta Let's go do Himmler. Heinrich loot, pull the Himmler needful? It's a solid manoeuvres. Loose solid, yet is ok. He was one of the most powerful men and Nazi Germany. Ok, main architect of the final solution? Well listen. As the main architect of the destruction, of Israel and the destruction. All Jews, so it's kind of that aim thing member of the Reserve battalion during World WAR, why you didn't see active service blah blah blah, but then he D the S s. What is that storm troopers?
the very easy, but you think that is I mean he's. Him were now Would we be morning the death of hidden of Himmler? Would we back to see Hitler weeping over the coffin. Of course, we would would we expect learn to be saying: oh, my gosh This is a travesty. This is this is absolutely wrong. The coup. Question is: would we american press play along with it? All would they have the guts to say what was really going on well, let me answer that question for you. Christian science monitor. The train arrived punctually not long after eight of Hitler's rise in power and traffic was well regulated.
Germany has policemen in new smart blue uniforms that keep order. I have so far found quite This order, incivility Ben, the slightest sign of anything unusual afoot, christian ants monitor as for that harrowing stories of Jews being mistreated. They see, two only apply to a small portion of the Jews, but vote of which were not in any way. Molested Let's see, let's go to worm, let's go to them. Philadelphia evening Bulletin there. Indications of moderation on Hitler's part, the Cleveland press on January thirty, first, the thirty three said appointment The Hitler is, the german chancellor may not be such a threat to world peace, as it appears at first blush. There's a new moderation in clearer on his rise to power, the New York evening Post. They report-
that there is an indeterminate number of Jews that have been killed, hundreds of Jews have been beaten and tortured. Thousands of Jews have fled thousands of Jews have been or will be deprived of their livelihood all because of Germany, six hundred thousand Jews that are now living in terror, Kate, There is one that's telling the truth. The abbot than York Times said. Urban violence has been spent. Parity and happiness is soon gonna prevail. The New York Herald Tribunes Burly, correspondent asserted that, while situation of german jury was an unhappy one, that trust Stories are exaggerated and unfounded. The american ass did exactly the same thing with Nazi Germany. They listened to the propaganda because they they listen with their american years. Now. That's not what's happening today. There listening with their american ears, their life
swimming with their ears that hate Donald Trump done. Tromp said that the press is a an enemy of the people, and I didn't like that because Don't like anything that that small acts of going against. The first amendment- I just I just don't like it, however, today I don't think he went far enough. Let's look what the american press is for the american Press, many of them up until the very end were for Hitler, They were formerly Mussolini reports, Stalin. They were for the russian revolution. They were against. America in the suit with the Soviet Union. I grew up in the seventies and eighties. I remember hearing from the press how right
The Soviet Union really was how it was Ronald Reagan, who was the real warmonger and was gonna get us all killed Gee, something else happened I've heard from this press how group Eat Chavez is I've heard from this press. Castro was a hero to his people. I've heard that about Ahmadinejad. I've heard all of the bad things we did to a random yeah. We did put the Shaw in and we helped stay. Should we be involved. Other peoples, countries know but wait a minute then why is it? You have such a hard time because that's what they would say, we did all these. Horrible things all around the world. I agree be with you. We should but of other people's business. However,.
The Trump phone call are actually doing in the State Department involved in the the Trump phone call are really doing in the state department. Why won't you talk about how the Arab spring was pretty much run from our oval office. How come you didn't? Have a problem with what happened in Libya? We only time you seem to be for anything is where it means big, oppressive government, doing something to the people or two people of a foreign country, because your anymore right now, I know how would I know a good portion are think Americans feel this way. I think, Americans. I hope I don't even know who America is anymore right now. I know who I know a good portion are that are silent,
I think, a good number of silent Americans who better be silent much longer, they feel like, for instance, we gotta get out of Iraq. We gotta get out of Iraq Stop this war. I think most Americans feel that way. Like to throw a wrinkle in that you cannot get. Out of Iraq today, you can't why, because what it Ronald Reagan do because he listened to the State Department buffoons. What did he when the the Marine Barracks in Beirut were bombed? He was, Old you'll make things much much worse, so pull out just get out of there. Well, what did that do We now know that Osama Bin Laden saw that and went woe. You can make this giant, move it
we move out of Iraq today, six months, eight months year from now may be different, but if we move out of Iraq cause there's nothing more. I want you gotta get out of Iraq. Don't tempt us to do the things that we want to do because I'd like to get out of a rack, you know that a key people, decide America's problem. Fine! You CS in your neighborhood again, that's my feeling, blah by too much blood too much. And you don't want freedom. So go ahead. However, what we're talking about two a is teaching the Middle EAST and especially around that, it can move us. We ve already taught them that they can take are our embassy. They did it in nineteen. Seventy nine
until Reagan was sworn in then, did it in Benghazi. The guy we killed is responsible for Benghazi. That was his plan. You did how about it? Why, because oppress, never reported it. They just went with a big state guy that they just love and the big State woman Hillary Clinton, who they just love. Then they attack our embassy in Iraq. What we supposed to do just take it. They have somebody Himmler or a Goering who is. Planning on killing our troops and is a record a long record of killing our troops beyond, the misery and the torture that he has. Provided all over the Middle EAST and our Es mourns our press,
gets there right away to cover this funeral They should cover the funeral, Libya, Let me ask you this. Martha The strong woman, you believe, equal women's rights, and you believe in all of that, and then you believe that you can. Do anything girl power. I bet you do Then why are you wearing your headscarf. You know, you're in a group of people, if your headscarf blows off they killed. You. Because you're not really fully a person you're, just a woman and you're making excuses for these people you're not an end. Of the american people. You are an enemy of anyone who stands up for freedom you should cover that an even give you a break if you were covering it just without any kind
Commentary on it, you were just covering it. As long as ABC News was saying beforehand we had to make special deals to get in here, so we could cover this and special deals We could get her out afterwards. We do understand, but you are an organ for evil and that's all of the press you ve done. Before this is nothing new a mess car wake the hell up I told you yesterday, reportedly to underline sixty seven million facebook users had their names, Facebook, ideas and even phone numbers, posed in an online database. Will events this almost everybody in America on Facebook? What's the big deal? Cyber crime is a big thing and maybe
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that's one, eight hundred Lifelock or head over to Lifelock dot com use the promo code back, save twenty five percent off now: promo Code, Back Lifelock, dot com, we break for ten seconds and back to the program Where was the press? Where was Martha Rabbits and ABC News when millions of people all over the country were protesting their oppressive government? Where were they. They couldn't even they didn't. They didn't go there and cover that and for reason you'd be killed if you were there covering it, but where were they way to go well good for them they're wrong. When it comes to hear
I doubt that millions of people in a rack are Religious zealots and believe that the islamic Life is the way to go well good for them they're wrong when it comes to human rights, you wanted. That yourself, you go. Do that yourself, but d, depress anybody else as you're doing it? And that's what this is, This is a state that oppresses people kills people where were they Wendy islamic regime. Just like year again was hanging people because they were gay. Says who you are standing up for now, Let me tell you what the real people in IRAN feel. And I know this because I read from the dissidents not today, over the years.
So the money is a popular guy with the with the zealots. Yes, he is because he is spreading. This ideology all around the world and he's doing it with force brutal force, Oh yeah, there's a lot of hard liners that love this guy, millions of them, perhaps but the average person, just like the average person here in Amerika. Just wants to be left alone. Just wants to have a better life. Just wants to be able to pursue their dreams there is one I right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, that's what they want, that's grained in all of us, because God gives it to all of us. And they see salami as the guy who's, taking the bread out of their children's mouths, because he, was getting a bit with a b. Billion dollars a month to do what to go
format foreign wars to foment Terror all around the Middle EAST and the Each person is looking to their government, in saying you're: u spending a billion dollars. You know that ask me: seventy percent more now this month to be able to buy bread for my children. We could use, that money, just like we say, but it's not nearly as bad. Just like we say hey, can we. Opera, these foreign wars, we got things, we have to fix ear. Imagine if bread and milk cost you seventy percent more today than it did just a few weeks ago. Do you think we'd all be up and- even the greatest hero in our war machine. We would be like look dude. Stop it stop. That's what's that's the reality on the streets and it is also the reality-
Millions of people were to even those who were part of the seventy nine revolution. Do I want the a toll running their life anymore. They dont, want the relief. Just police squads, how can press say anything about me and my religion or you and your religion and any of our churches. When this is going on see the press doesn't have perspective. That's the problem. They ve lost all perspective because in their arrogance they think that they are right. They think they are smarter than everybody else, and they think did anyone who disagrees with them on anything is a moron. You couple vat arrogance and that belief, with a hatred for Donald Trump and you
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More on IRAN tonight on plays tv, notably Stevie. Dot com is a promo code Glenn and save ten bucks off your subscription house. What could be done. Of course it was, you know we're just having a conversation off the air about the letter that was released yesterday. That says we are united. Dates, pulling out more board programme, out of a rack, whoever release that should be fired and, in my personal opinion after we look at the facts, if the facts show that it was something other than whoops, I just hit sand
You know- and I really meant ahead, delete or whatever this Some should pay a heavy price, then just being fired. This is something that has internet. No ramifications Vienna way, eggs when it was somebody scented over to the iraqi military guys, and they think that those guys may have been the law unsuited to the press, although I would we send it to iraqi military guys, his here's a call, it was sent over to some iraqi military guys in order to get things coordinated for air movement, etc. Then it went from that guy's hands to another guys hands, and then it went a year. And now it's a kerfuffle. So this is an outrageous is, is this is Doctor Seuss writing this, whose by doing this. You know a because
I started my yak aid. I hear the word kerfuffle from my old. Your guys who now this was from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milly, clarified to reporters that it was a mistake, Was it after, like five loss was he was he phone in this in from a bar of Imo clock somewhere? So that is the most ridiculous statement. I've ever heard I've Emma it seems like what trying to say: is there a they're trying to downplay? Does you expect the military to do and you look? It was a mistake. People make mistakes and that that is true forty technically, it just seems like that's kind of a bad one like you do I'll, let you know it might be seeing that it plays right into the hands of our enemies. I mean that's again. Let's go to the World WAR, two comparison, because I think we can compare this guy to Himmler or to caring. Certainly he in scope it's what he desires right as it actually gone through with the Holocaust, thankfully, but he certainly seems to desire-
then, is made public statements and that direct with what we knew at that time that don't look at it from, but look at it. Going beyond thirty one? Forty, forty two, we didn't know that Himmler. Do the nineteen forty one? We didn't know that Himmler had drilled hole the legs of children to torture them grow, Well, you know noting have mono Thou, who we know. We have people who who work on the staff who were there and Saul and met the child who, still alive. Although the mother is not alive anymore, mother and father, still is explained in detail exactly what happened to them. This is? This is not a guy like that? That's what so weird about this one I you can, you can understand, like you, can make a legitimate point that you are worried about the fuck, the The way this MIKE's Zeno spiral out of control. I don't think that's where this is gonna go, but you can make that point and and be legitimate about your concern
of what happens in the future, and you know what these things to escalate and all that's fine, but it just act as if this guy's a person whose a genius and should be respected and you can understand why the Radiance love him so much. That is not the approach. The level of coverage for a person who has taken little boys and girls and taken a drill to them and drilled holes through their bodies. This is what, man has done that and then, as you include, the american troops he's killed. So here's the here's, the thing: if, if somebody, if we would have killed Himmler or daring in nineteen, forty, two and all of a sudden, the the war department. Time, release this statement to two Italians, and this this statement got out into the press that we were thinking about, leaving the war. We were just gonna, you know what we're just gonna get.
France and England, and That is the way it is. What do you think grows about would have done. What do you think would have happened? that person there, released that document. You think he would have gone whoops mistake. Probably not without reason, Was- has dramatic their implications? Can we can we get a handle? What is tops grit mean any more. What is as security clearance mean any more if we have everybody's like I know I just email or restart figure documents door base run at home. I now we release top secret documents. I I have a better record of keeping secrets and I the horrible adding oh yeah terrible. Is it one of those I mean? Is it even appropriate to to write the letter at all like the there there? The letter basically says like he
to be pulling out and we're going to be? You know where they need some time, Anita, some extra clearance for helicopters to pick up the troops and all these things and when was it written? I was written after this vote apparent makes it refers, since the vote hey you guys want us out to run again. So their point is like well, we need immediate get prepare because if Trump comes to us and says we're out, we need to be read. I agree with that that it's fine to prepare for, but you need to prepare the letter unless you get the order, if you get order to pull out. Ok, yes, prepare the letter, prepare everything. If you don't get the order, its appropriate to think about. Ok, these trip, you're gonna, have to go here. You need to plan in advance if you're in the military. Clearly do you need a draft letter and send it over to the iraqi military no kidding. I don't have a problem with them writing a letter, but it going to anyone. Going to anyone other than the superior of the person who wrote it makes no difference you. What are you doing even right? I mean A letter is the last thing: you'd like it's just that
Ok, we ve got all that plan. Let's let them know what we're doing. That's, that's all you're thinking about right in the advance like that you're thinking about this as one person not a huge military operation where everybody has their specific role to play told designed this letter over there than that person should be found wherever it is, eight that letter when it gets down to it. So if you're in a meeting in your hearing that ok there's a possibility that we're gonna be a telling out, you could just do that. So you're we're not the one that everybody's waiting for you call that person when they order comes in- and you say, hey write the letter dopey right at the moment by the way, don't just send it to the media here's, the here's, the letter, I think this person should be fired at best. I mean I don't know. They may even told designed this letter over there than that person should be fine whatever it is. You see, sir. This is to your excellency casual wonder who knows who with rex. Once when I was this, the is this the president of Iraq, Prime Minister of Iraq, who is really not the prime minister, its
Abdul. A mere deputy director director of combined joined forces of Baghdad Yachting. It's, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence, sorry your excellency sir, and due deference to the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq and as requested by the iraqi parliament, and what Prime Minister, we re repositioning forces over the course of coming days and weeks and to prepare for onwards movement nor to conduct this task coalition forces are required to take certain measures to ensure that the movement of Iraq is conducted in a safe and efficient manner. During this time, there will be an increase in helicopter travel in and around the international zone of Baghdad increase traffic will include a very seller captors. Ask coalition forces will take appropriate measures to minimize and mitigate the disturbance to the public. In addition, we will conduct these operations during hours of darkness to help alleviate any perception that we may be re more coalition forces into the international sown. As we begin implementing the next phase
the operations? I want to reiterate the value of our friendship and partnership. We respect your sovereign decision to order our departure. Ok, very risky, very respectfully you very clearly that is wonderful, William and I'm I'm think. That's wonderful that you had that letter written and and and sent out. I I think whoever gave the order to send that out should be fired at best. What this seems the old joke. Is I'm not paranoid? People are following me: ok, but that joke is not right. Leah joke any more. When it comes to our government, I don't. I don't think that there is a deep state. I mean I'm not, Easy it's just that there really is a deep state. I dont know of guy is dull. Is he Ends with anybody in the state department?
friends with anybody in the Intel. That's part of this, I I I stand, I understand there, that's probably nodded and not where we need to go, but I have to tell you. You have to start thinking that way, if you're in the government, because there are players, Why would you do this as just a mistake? Really, How come every mistake that these state comment and the military are making Sir To fall in line exactly with what the press would love yours ever it's a mistake that where's the mistake, falls in the favour of Donald Trump. Ever what that this particular thing, though riotous is trumpets. He wants to get out of Iraq right he's also recently in the last couple days said he wouldn't go unless they paid for the military being, but I mean I don't think this is something that is against Generalised agenda already wants to leave
and I you know I mean I don't think you lose a lot of wagers betting on just government incompetence. It's possible that they just shouldn't have sent this incentive and thus the necessarily think there's anything bigger than that other than pathetic, and when we should understand that during the Vietnam WAR, but everyone super competent during the Vietnam. I know that were to happen, then they weren't competent all did it happened and we have these sure letters that were going out that, were you know, ups we are obsolete, didn't mean to send that out, while I'm here
I don't know if this specific exact thing happened, but certainly things a lot worse than it happened. I know why is it possible that that they, you know someone sent a letter to someone? They believed they had a good relationship, trusting relationship when the iraqi military and they live in a row we ve got linked to the press. I mean that's totally possible it just it doesn't make much sense as to why- and I guess you can look back at this and say it's not- that big a deal right, we're not leaving. We made a decision to leave and you know what would be the motivation they're trying to push that along and hope that it creates the momentum to leave. May me and it is possible but and Donald Trump is the guy making that decision, and he doesn't seem all that influenced behave by pressure from the outside. It seems to creditors do what he wants to do. So I mean went at some point trump
the side he wants to leave their. I thank him and he said that a bunch of times some if he can so here's what you have to take into account on the damage that this things like this can do. When I was in the oval with George Bush, he said to me because I he was amazing, he was a man. He was so he was so eloquent. He had rasp of all of the facts. He was terrifying and also you remember, use being blown away, but how wealth ok, he wisely chosen hunt is because it was lying. Where I you know, I m here, we'll get it. You know toothbrush. Yeah and you're like what the hell is wrong with the drugs that long for toothbrush right. So, I said to you, after about twenty minutes of him, just go and often rattling off facts. I said no offense, Mr President, but where is this guy?
You might have taken offence that, but where is this guy and he looked at me- you know quite sternly and said Do you know how many things I'm juggling at the same time? Do you know how many things. I have to be careful of, I say one wrong word, and it sends us nor to the Chinese, or it sends a signal to our enemies, or it sends a signal to our allies. One shift of eyes their analyzing everything the president does and says. Well, that's the same thing. We now have the enter gone, sending out a letter saying we're leaving you don't think that the rumour that the Russians? Tom Clancy Was a CIA operative trying to tell the Russians exactly what we would do, so they would think we would do that, but we do the opposite. I mean the war gaming that goes on you don't
release a document like that. You cannot make mistakes not Hannah. I don't care what the excuse was I'd like to know what the excuse was, but by its president, it was a kerfuffle yeah, president should demand the resignation or fire so we are not paying for that person's retirement, fight error that person that did that the kerfuffle you are you gonna, comfortable firing. I do filing Did you see? How much do you see how much gold is up? Gold is up now, I think the highest it's been since twenty thirteen and is all because of this. Really, I'm not I'm not seeing eye as soon as we as soon as this started happening. Gold prices went up because almost sixteen hundred, but you do and the price of gold hasn't been that I for a long long time, three four years
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he was. He is the guy who the National Socialist Party of Germany, the Nazis, eventually there some became about him, this land area, this update- and this is all about how this guy died, he was a hero of the republic. He wasn't a hero, he was a. He was a propaganda tool He was fighting against the communists in as a brown short he would go, beat up communists while the com- didn't like it, and so they marked him for death, but he he stayed in this apartment and he got into the argument with the landlady and she told her communist friends, and then they killed him.
He was propaganda, ized and made into a hero. Can our press stop making? there there new hero in IRAN. Into a hero around the rest of the world. He wasn't a here Oh, he was a killer back in a minute here, listening Glenn and it only takes a hundred million years to get there to find out. If that water is still there in Vienna gave thanks a lot All right, let me tell you a relief factor in America. Fifty million people miss work due to paying these amounts will spend two thousand dollars every year to combat that pain and sixty six percent. A riddle expect to live the rest, their life in pain.
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so we we still have a lot of really good stuff. Coming up tonight, at five o clock, we have: U S ambassador, who is over in Berlin, Who was was holding a hosting a get together with iraqi dissidents and he's really upset the way that we are dealing with solar money in the press. You'll be on with us at five o clock in place to be deadline man. This is the Glen Back Progress hundred Biden is in court today. Well, actually know he can't show up because he's busy yeah, I guess, but he's told the court
he doesn't have a job, so maybe he's at the unemployment office today. But this is going to be big news tomorrow with what happens in courts today will tell you about that also storing the covenant we have more on a rack ran. What's- happening with the White House. The press and grow Britain's first female astronaut who they even had astronauts grape has an astronaut and she has come out and said, o the aliens are here their living among us all. And more in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme in ivory. You ve, no pay, your mobility, after practically softened arm or a leg and mail it to the phone company. Will you may not know is in that in that bill are all kinds of hidden fees:
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that you're here I don't now there's a reason? I don't watch the news anymore. I don't the news anymore because they don't have anything to tell me that is true. Doo doo, What do you get from the news other than just frustrated in pissed off with lots of material to criticise the S day? He s ass? Yet ass, I mean look, you know that is the problem. It's even that they never give you anything. It is that you don't know what to trust So much of it is just leave garbage, no so dramatically with with opinion and propaganda. And spin, and what would you call their coverage now of impeachment they were all in four impeachment couldn't go to the courts to get anything done, because this had to be done right away now they voted on impeachment, but Nancy Pelosi won't turn the impeachment over to the Senate. So they can finish the job, they don't seem to be binding
as our criticism of it. Not there I mean it is bizarre, are to hold both of those viewpoints. As you point out, I mean that the John Bolton thing came out yesterday were Bolton said if asked, if subpoenaed in the Senate trial he would testify. And bold and was one of the main guys they wanted to get to testify in the house and they could have, they could have subpoenaed him and then he would have taken it to the Supreme Court because Roy, it fully. So one bright, we cannot force the other branch to do something, so it should have gone to the Supreme Court, but they were in such a hurry. This gotta be done right now, work this out when we get to the Senate wool. How they're talking about making sure that John Bolton is heard? Will you can't do it anything until you file the impeach with the Senate ten. There is one thing that they can do, which is the house: has all the power, still to this moment to call of John Bolton to testify in the house. They could still have him. Do it
So yes anatomy, he indicated it was talking about the Senate, but I mean if he is willing to testify. If he subpoenaed assume he'd go to us, the house there all running about what the Senate's doing when they could still do that if they really wanted to it's so obvious. This is a game and- and I think we acknowledge that all the time you know what publicans play games. Do we know that? But what demo that's are doing. Here is considerably more, I think offensive, and what makes it worse, at least to me is the fact that the press, automatically auto adopts what the law, two wing narrative, is as credible. You know that is the automatic, that's a default position, so there is so much to push back against. Why bother getting it from resources? What's the point when you when they will not, even when it's obvious, not tell you what the truth is, though,
should imposed his blasted CNN for its track record on the infamous anti trump dossier. Following last month's release of the Justice Department Watchdogs report on the foundation of the Russia Investigation demand, the network CNN this is the Washington Post demanding the network come clean on its faulty reporting Does the latest and ongoing series tackling the media's handling of the dossier washing impose media critic, Eric Wembley, took aim at the anti Trump network on Monday? This is this is ablaze story. I believe for continuing to stand by its past reporting on the salacious document that was used in the highly controversial foreign. Intelligent surveillance acts vice application, blah blah blah women a single out CNN, their anchor Alison camera who claim December twenty seventeenth of the Inn in the Intel Community has Co.
In all of the details of the Yasi compiled by the British Ex by Christopher Steal. This is this is the Washington Post, but why? Kington Post to throw CNN under the boss, now saying what happened to your reporting. Now I mean it's been embarrass, aiming you go back and listen to. We had a montage a couple weeks ago of the coverage of the dossier. Aunt Allison camera in particular comes off. Looking herbal I mean you know, there were things in the dossier that were accurate. The problem was that they were publicly available. Now that wasn't, there is nothing, nothing dramatic. They didn't break, any news in all of the things that were not publicly available. That reply good in detail in the ideal report showed that, though things were just made up, in fact, even talk to the sources, the source of the claims who didn't even try them. Say that they were accurately joking. This was hype
early, these weren't things that were credible any given moment into go on the air and to essentially camera audited and that one clip you just mentioned is site a some level of of knowledge that you can't have. I am an anchor, And I know these things are true. You have to just understand that I know that their true they ve set them. They set them to us. We ve reporting that indicate these things are all are all confirmed. They would be reporting them if they weren't confirmed and now know that none of that was true. There's a a moment where they have to go back and say, wait a minute guys like, I understand that we think diatribes a bad guy in a bad precedent. What is this, though, why you say that you can even report this within the dossier and say that its unproven put to go ahead and say that it's all confirmed is now
just a minor mistake? It's a massive journalistic failure by dozens of people many of them on CNN. That's inexcusable, I mean it was systemic. If you cared about the truth, but I dont think that they air about the truth, a b c, as we we talked about last hour as the rapporteur in the you in the islamic scarf, so she's not killed or raped in this crowd. What kind of Yielded- did ABC have to make to get her to be able to get into a ran com. The funeral and leave a ran? What kind of deals that they have to make, but she they're just to report the one side and the one side is that there are millions of people on the streets, solar money was the greatest guy ever whatever we
about? Eighty sees coverage of the millions on the streets that were risking their lives, standing up against Sola money, and is could force and the strict that the Ayatollah puts on the average iranian. Where was the ABC reporter on the streets talking about hey. I've got a where this headscarf, otherwise they'll kill me and rate me, because I'm not The human, because I'm a woman. Where would we resolve reporting You said last hour: the press has become not an enemy, the people of Amerika an enemy to freedom. I chair I urge you to show me time when they are really being the champion of truth on both sides,. A consistent truth? We got
stand up to power. Well, you didn't. When power was being abused by Barack Obama, you now all that the v the purest administration ever that had zero scandals. Are you kidding me bill abusing the power of the IRS. You didn't care. Going after the phone records and tapping journalists lines you care about Donald Trump, but you didn't care about us, Barack Obama. The, u you say you care about women's rights and homosexual rights, but you really don't because where are you win to Russia, you we care about Russia now, because Russia, somehow or another working
colluding with Donald Trump, and so you have to be the enemy of of Russia now, but you are for Russia and Putin. You wanted a new open door with with Putin University blew about how bad Putin was until two got in you, wouldn't pay attention to the warnings that we gave you for two years leading up to the the eighteen election too, there's you paid no attention When it became about Donald Trump. Did you care? pulling out of a rack. That's all you could talk about all? You could talk about under George W Bush. Barack Obama promised he was going to do it. He never did you Didn't say anything about the lives lost. There was no daily counting of how many lives were being lost in Iraq. There was no
talk about Iraq were cheering on. This administrations policies of destabilizing the entire Middle EAST. While through George Bush under the boss, for stabilizing the Middle EAST rethink about this. The daily today, podcast that you ve, listened to her before glad and measure a couple times. Big pack has from the New York Times. This is their tweet. Promoting their episode today quote knowing general salami was out. There made me feel safer, said a student about the commander killed in the american drone strike, he was like a security umbrella above our country. Listen to today's episode. Ah, it's a good good bow. Take, I think, on the salami life life and times it's basically, the obituary S security umbrella.
Of IRAN making feel safer. I mean, I don't know what the hell's that that that government is telling the people, obviously there line to them constantly, but I mean is that the appropriate level of coverage this person who again was torturing children as it was is like me, no favorite thing to do. It was a hobby for the guy, torturing children murdering people, murdering? U S, soldiers, but let's talk about security umbrella. He was for IRAN is very important that they can aim that they are for the people and they are for its, but they are not. They are not for rights, they do. Do not care about the rights of women if they did they would be consistent on their coverage of the Middle EAST, but they're not they say. They care about gay rights, they don't they execute
People for being gay in ran, remember what I'm John came and gave his speech at Columbia. Any said we don't have any gaze wheel. We gaze in IRAN in it we just got a laugh that off No. You know. Why did I am to go because they kill them. And whoever owns left is afraid to say it. Obviously, Because everybody else they now was killed so. What is our american press really for? Well, it is one of the lake sure we covered will that's that's not journalism, just covering what the other. Beside says will happen. You don't do that with with Americans who love their country, who believe in the constitution you had a all the time about them. You cover them, but you can't the extreme right wing zealots, because I believe in the constitution so
you, don't just cover! You don't cover a man hurricanes who have a different opinion fairly balanced quite frankly, we are not doing that in around you are becoming a propaganda arm for a for a guy government we know, is evil. Last, Here I tried to swear off the word evil and not use it. You know forever this is evil if you can't admit the government of IRAN is to its own people, let alone the rest of the world as being evil. Is your definition of that word Weiler should ever talk about religion or politics, but, like nine hundred, roman dotcom? Slash back, we break for ten seconds station. I d,
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have you heard about. Have you heard about it was at NASA that says they found a they believe that habitable planet, yeah the earth to the earth to it's, it's a hundred million miles away, but they light years away. They think that it, you know it. It might have water we'd have to send a pro about to find out if it was what we think it is, but it was it's the right distance from the sun, its eyes, everything it needs to have water and air, and everything else will yet. But that was Hundred million light years ago, that's what that planet, like a hundred go back our planet's history, a hundred million light years. Because that's what we're seeing is taking a hundred million light years for that image of that plan it to come to us We might have elected their Donald Trump,
a hundred million years ago, not light years, just a hundred million years ago and April heap, I don't believe, blew up the whole planet. It might even be there anymore. You dig you driving crossly. For the Disney world about halfway there. You realized closed, That could be the possibility here. Not only is it put his clothes, it's been sunk in stark, told us this I've, the Appalachian getting a new one until we can do hyperspace, There is really no reason to look for another home Mars Mars, Maybe that's doable gave us three years and we can see what's happening. I think what is it eighteen minutes for sound to come. From Mars to hear so. You know it's ITALY's rate will, at least here it go boom eighteen minutes into our flight. You know that not too far we're just like you know what? Let's turn
who stood up you turn around and we got that one year, you're like you're right. I think if you're gonna go with replacing it a hundred million, let you maybe a tat too far of maybe maybe maybe maybe now the the astronaut and new, they even had one and let alone a female astronaut, England, England, the first astronaut from England, was a email. So she was, she went up in space. I don't own at some time couple decades ago, and she came out and she said that alien Definitely exist and she thinks it maybe living among us on earth. Now to be evidence to support this. No, no! No! No! No, but
she if she says there there there possibly here right now, but we just can't see them. Ok, it's kind of true about everything passively here, but we can't see it right. That causes with us, but we can't see em literally applies to every single thing. There might be giant tarantulas, rounding ass bono can't seek them, so I don't exactly. What will you know what this would be, but I mean if they were here and they were fans of STAR Trek they wouldn't want to violate the prime directive, It's getting interference in Europe. Your clearly smarter than us. If you're here, you're invisible and you went a hundred million light years, you know to hear clearly, a lot smarter than us. Let us please help US do something. What are you doing stand at around with your hands in your pocket?
Do something here, lessening tat, Glenn, Bang, american financial cooperation, and then I was one two three four. W W that animal less consumer access doubt or certainly don't want to assume that the aliens at are invisible and here have pockets, but if they do they be responsible with whatever is in Her pocket? One resolution you might want to think about is adding more money to your budget and its probably a lot more easy than you think it is the salary A mortgage consultants over at american financing can help lower your interest rate or acts as cash to pay off high interest dad. You could save up a thousand dollars a month or more so what last year like for you, did you pay off some debts? Did you add to your savings If you on your home, I urge you to do the fist
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hello and welcome to the Glinda Programme, glad you're here you have something that we announced the day Before I went on vacation so a couple of days before Christmas, we only announced it that one day and already this is half sold out, So we want you to really if you have it, interest in this at all. We have limited space this time, and so when we can't go, over it. So you know thousands of people. Be able to come, but it is limited space and if you want chance to go. You ve got to get your tickets right now, another free. We are asking for a donation of five dollars to reserve your place in line. You know, if you dont have five dollars, I guess you don't
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George Washington, made the covenant Abraham Lincoln, made the covenant, and I think a case could be made that Ronald Reagan made the covenant again, but that's a matter of opinion, so we're going to restore the covenant, because every time we do we seem to turn things around and if you happen to be like either. You believe that things are so far gone that really our biggest problem is we Ve and why we were even here and we have chased God out of the square. Join us restoring the covenant. It is a historic event at Gettysburg on July for Now, if you just want to go and have a great fan, the time and see fireworks, unlike here and see elsewhere. I I am actually arranging the fireworks and I am working with a composer to compose the music
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and then you watch the show and then we'll go to New York and you'll see. He, where the, where George Washington made the covenant. You get a history lesson there. Then we go to Philadelphia and we end up on Friday n, N, N Gettysburg at the old trade station which bill stands where Abraham Lincoln came in. I think we have a big dinner there that night, and that may be Thursday and Friday. We have eight a show bought me old. It rabbi Latin is going to be at and speaking at, and then we we also have some of another another celebrity that to be announced that is going to be hosting. That says all signing very familiar. I watched the fire festival documentary and this is exactly what sounded like you- don't think that to have them. I don't. I don't think that hasn't come to mind,
where to get their this, because we have tents. Ok, absolutely heads does go yet you're doing, there's gonna be our vs. Are you gonna have the sandwiches that are just two pieces of white bread and once I shall look at him, no, no! No! Are you sure, I'm pretty sure I verde sure we have looked into the fact that the way it can a big effect if it how it money Victoria's secret models. Are you promised ravishing now already a good step so but is gonna, be it's gonna, be it whether you go for one day and it's all free or if you go for three days and do all the things in three days or the seven days, it's whatever you want, but is something that you really need to be at. It is restoring the covenant it's in Gettysburg July, third, fourth and fifth July. Fourth, is the big event that you don't want to miss again, it's free but you must have your name on a list, then we
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And see it or expose all the things that go wrong. You're take pictures of like, but long back, four lines. If there happen to be any you should. I want on with an ongoing to just red and white bread and cheese and make the fake sandwiches and not just Ex hose Adam Legged lie a daily busy. I think that would be totally finds. Do I mean that way they don't actually have to show up night to do things like that, you don't journalism, hard and algae owing to the place is being critical. I mean you're gonna go. All the way to IRAN. Then you're gonna say to your hosts a I dont think you guys should have and murdering so many people are disapproved right. It's very will go there and say ever really sad and everyone's united right and then you gotTa Gettysburg, and you say how horrible these people are. How is I think, these rating agencies iris attack, and he is really just sit elements that we want to take the country into all kinds of religious, zealot sorts of past.
Yes, we know that's happening right now. Suppose tat. I will say that I did read something from that was doing a reenactment and they said that they were going to not do the reenactment this year because of this event and and so they're going to do it the next year, but they said the people that generally attend attend my events or attend the expected. They expect some sort of protest. You don't know what you would be protesting on the fourth of July, but said they generally don't like the confederate flag. Now, when you are talking about the history of the country, Confederate flag has a place in the history of our country. It's on a
a good place, rice, not a good play and read them, read it the constitution of rain. This guy was I guess saying that he do you want to do it, because we would be against the confederate flag and not in a reenactment history and address the real access to reenactment. I would we have against the. Are you saying that confederate flag is something that we should hold up glory because street would say: no right because I mean nato- we made this point before, but its it talks about. The air would like to make the point of states right. It wasn't not. Everyone mean a few people like to make the point of states rights, but it specifically in the Confederate constitution makes it illegal for states to make different decisions on slavery. Guarantees in perpetuity any new territory that joins the confederacy must also embrace slavery,
what does that those states rights at all? There's like six people out that right me every time I talk about Abraham Lincoln and are like he was a tyrant. Now, please give it a rest. So what was you're? So what was your? Your solution was to go with a new government that dictated but must have slaves. I think I'll go the other tyrant and a hand. That is what one you over to me to be fair. It is, and the good looks of unravelling market it wasn't a sexy do so. If you want to join us for the July trust me, I Ben. Do all the fourth of July celebrations all around the country over the years and They are lacking in a certain spirit and you will see something you ve never seen before, as we restore the covenant July. Fourth go to glimpse calm, slash restore our. I get simply safe home security is like
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Welcome to the programme were glad you here. I want to go through a montage year of the way the? U S press has been covering. A funeral and the loss of the iranian terror leader. Listen, he was war hero, the commander river bonds feed could sports caused some silly money? Was no ordinary general, the? U S officially classified him as a terrorist, but in IRAN national hero he's regarded as personally incredibly brave the troops love him trying to think of somebody always think of the gold. I wear the figure in IRAN and some other places in the Middle EAST. Smart, charismatic,
plus strategic and bold custom. Solar money was any evil genius. Fully money was in charge of spreading iranian influence around the world and it was extremely good at he is they think of the french foreign region. If you will, by killing I'm soon, Romani, the! U S has stripped IRAN of an inspirational military leader grants are massive and emotional. There are many tears here. Thousands of movements on the streets in IRAN, symbolic, caskets, aloft, leaping unchanging. I am solar money from the Supreme leader of IRAN. Weeping and praying over drink in the iraqi flag is difficult to convey how veered, he is, there was walking around Sula money. Might be a future president or perhaps even a supreme leader, maybe a future President Democrats are like yeah right. He be
right here. No one, Europe, no verandah, it's all those that level. I really really really is. Let me ask you that if, if he could beat Donald Trump, I contend the Democrats We consider the warden qualification you need. That is the only want residents are being, if not to be the next president, but to be that the net candidate yeah. I just have to call you say live here that I dont think America would vote for this guy, but if he can that he could beat Donald Trump they'd all before him he's all before him. I mean Bernie Sanders is a socialist, who is in sight can place, I guess you'd say right now. Right he's just seem to be leading Iowa, mainly leading new Hampshire. And he's you know
Anderson Cooper last night of you, you know blabbing. On about how this is you know, he's could assess assassination. Mrs Putin basely calling Trump put in the same way. Putin kills dissidents very there isn't a tie to the two situations are describing but they're, just not even close to the same. There's people involved in both but that's one similarity they're, not even close it the same you what one the dissidents are are dissenting against Putin and his regime, and while this guy May he be against the euro? It states of Amerika he's engaging in actual death these killing our soldiers. He is. Spreading horror all throughout the Middle EAST. We, as we ve, said, like three times on the data we no one of the children who here
squad went through and drilled into his leg as a torture practice just to torture is family. You're, killing the mom in front of them. I mean this is This is not a dissident. This is Somebody who, like you know what I have a different agreements, do Donald Trump, and I you know I I really We should maybe open up free and fair elections. This guy's not for free and fair elections. This guy- is a religious zealot. What part of this goes with any thing that you stay, you believe back in a minute: yeah, let's take the LAN Bank,
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Slash, Glenn that simply safe dot com, slashed Glenn, ah a gas station. Thank you so very very Ah, here was Jason. I mean it really doesn't Jason. Are you there? I'm here I'm ages just don't get any better than you re was the fact that Jason Garrett of anchoring all very nice rare, Yasser Arafat goods like here that I that reference? I understand that at long last Sir Jason guarantees a football player. Did he the football player at one time. It is true, and now he is S spear? Yes, yes, yes and being covered for being fired as the Dallas Cowboys coach. So CS. I asked very ironic that you knew exactly two pieces together: I'm not a complete moron,
more on, but not a compelling agro really beg you still no problem, and I feel good about myself. Everybody that was goal of today's programme, tar island feel good about him. Thank you very much. We have some dwell. Have some junk reports to get, two and you'll understand in a minute. What I mean by junk reports. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, ok, I'm gonna, say name and you're gonna kinder. Remember me like I. Why do I know Jessica Young Eve the kind. You know what I don't remember. It was a story about the ass the guy who became a woman who wouldn't even go into a pool because he was now having peer. She
Now having her period and she went into a salon and wanted her junk waxed and, they said no dude and do good work. Talking about, and so she sued she's who, the the salon, the court case is now over and the or has rendered its verdict. Which way do you think this went and yet there's more minute is the Glen Back Programme so I got Tanya the Exchequer for Christmas and he was so she was so surprised, because all you did was talk about four months on national rate. Has she told me that's what she wanted you do.
Your duty. I did my duty. I am I'm a really good present giver at times and reverence marry my life she's great, I I can spot Mary and some things a million miles away and I'll be like boom? There's the present for Mary Guy for your daughter, my son, great. The other three women in my life well, for, if count the mistress, no others is even more. Animal. Is more beacon these deal with it? It's a pact kind of weirdly, I'm not letting us along a path, but it's only a monkey is like a monkey eventually rips people's faces off. So I owe you remember, the woman in guinea Zero zilch zip. I finally just ass my daughter. What do you want? She's like I want? I want in
all live tree, salad, bowl and I'm like. Oh of course you do. How is that? I'm I'm googling all live. Would salad balls still got it wrong, but the ever was there with my wife said: I want the exchequer it the give that she was really happy about. She didn't apparently like the monkey that I had no. Actually I have a friend you remember Joe. He got his wife the first year for Christmas. He got her, I think a vacuum and you're like what the hell. What are you doing? I bought my wife back. We either for holidays, not not not this wife, your wife wants of ass. She has added man Sweeney De Jure demands, brass she's, asking for the back this this. This woman was not asking from ethnic and you oughta be sure to lay dying a vacuum for present. So then
His friends said: look, do you know you have to buy something that they're not gonna, bought by themselves, something that is really about them? The next year for Christmas, he bought or a monkey, but live month. What are the kind of monkey? Is there adopting yeah, stuffed monkeys now, a monkey alai hormone like she'd, never by this first self, no nobody went no money. Sane would do then it's a tarantula with what Of course, the high rank Sheila is even more understandable, is more deacon these deal with it. It's a pact kind of weirdly. Nobody knows it a, but what a monkey is like a monkey eventually rips people's faces off. Sure why Oh, you don't remember the woman in Guinea in Connecticut who was keeping a monkey?
monkeys when they get to be teenagers, I think is when you have to like put him back into the forecast Where were they look more the zoo, because their rip, your face off once they there really cute when their kids in their Vienna shirt on, but then they start to go through puberty, and this monkey was like I dunno fifteen or twenty years old, and this woman had it in Connecticut, just in our house The chimp and got out of the house in the neighbors going to their car and the chimp comes and literally rips, or fail my god and remember that Muslim was thus ten years ago, fifteen years ago, literally ripped or face off. You remember that it was its horrified and you look her up on line and you'll, see they reconstructed or face. It was horrible horrible monkeys. Bad ideas or you're saying here is Exchequer Exchequer Grisha,
has a crane whenever any fakes never never, and she was She was very excited when she got it is so anyway, the exchequer. It? Has the dynamic variable lumbar support? Ten settings? The exchequer is the one that you need for a comfortable worked day, Tom loves hers. I love mine exchequer on sale now for a hundred dollars off just go to Exchequer Back Dotcom. That's chair, Beck COM or call eight hundred and forty four four hundred and sixteen eight thousand four hundred and forty four x chair, use, the promo code back received the new set of the new ex wheels with your chair, its Ex chair back dot com, promo code, back So can we get too? Can we get to the the woman
Thank you that still has all of her male junk well, look there's transition going on in a physical said, but she's always been a woman course. She has so she went in to a she went into a salon, and said. I want my junk waxed and they were like we don't do that, for guy part and guy parts now their women part. Dare you Jessica, Yon Eve? Yes, she is up in Canada and she went to get her junk waxed. And they said no and they they said. Would they we don't really do that for firm for men, and that was the controversy, file days? A claim in the british club human rights Tribunal, because none that human rights, you think of don't I have a right, a human fun
mental human rights. At my uncle acts, of course, he answer that is yes by this particular dumb court. This is so pricing. This is coming from Canada. Is there really extreme on this path? Really expect? I mean they ve done terrible things to people for just speaking out media. What were they were treated to a Jordan Peterson? so this is what a surprise and which they actually through the the case out that she wanted to get done then like five hundred thousand dollars, but that did not. That did not happen and peony was actually ordered to pay two thousand dollars to each of the three to three of for clients represented because of improper conduct. That's other case wound up and look at the Jessica Young Eve. Parts of our lives was over. It's over it. We don't have to don't. Have I think about our. You know it's good I really don't want to think about it any right. However, there is a new development in the story of this.
Where it gets complex, because this is where you're not sure which way to go who tell me think about this as we go through a story which way does the media go on as they dont tell, which weighed his Alexandria Curzio Cortez go on this story you weren't consistent, we say we're against India. With it's easy at her doesn't take. Any thought. Imagine vote would end quote What needs to be shovelled into Cortez is add just two, to have the power to compute all of the possibilities so Jessica, Yon Eve went Do the she point, beauty salon the she point in him she went in there wanted some axing done, and asked to get her legs waxed in private and she wanted obviously to have her pants down during this procedure. Now
the waxing situation? Again, I would not like to force think about any more, but it's important to this story because of reason at these salon refused to do it because now there's a new case, she's right brought to Jessica's brought in front of the court The reason was a riddle, religious objection. So they said they would not wax Her horror diversion that we're talking to allow Jessica. Yes, hers, Heartsick hers would not wax them. In this way, because they it violated their religious principles. So now you have the media. Whose saying ok you ve got this war careful, transgendered woman who choose
need some waxing down and get some evil christian bastard religious, extreme erratic, drawn out that direct. We know what side that's easy. Yo see. Guns nowadays is, however, is its Christians it Islam is it Islam cause. I would make their heads they ve been with Islam yeah, they vary. Might be on the side of the salon owner right, because that religious ex extremism is an extreme that normal, ok I'll, be respected, so that nobody would it would. It would be really difficult, they would really have to choose. But this is the complication. Here's the thing The salon owner is of these seek persuasion. So now you have India being a capitalist country, all young and automated, but a person of color person of color verse and an assurance gendered right. Man to woman
right, and you also have you also have them from the from the EP, the Punjab area. It is poor job, that's a good point: let's not alive! You brought up Putin job because it is from the prison job area that sweaters it there's something. Regrettably relevant today, story: when learned about Punjab right, I'm asking I mass in you. It would appear from poor job. No, I mean I would think that that it actually feels like a good name for like on the menu. I selection. You can get like waxing the last step up, I just say my name right- I've got an idea. I got that religion recently held a region right region there of the Putin job and so of the. So where do you come down when it's Jessica Jani. Virtually the people of Tunisia are now if you're in the media, who knows who not honour? Ok! Now, let me let me take
back to an earlier story from earlier on. The programme. Ok, remember told you about the british astronaut that yes take a moment to process that who knew but bridge the British have an astronaut, or maybe even too and one of them said there are aliens and their living among us and their invisible. Ok, ok! Now, what about the possibility of aliens living among us and they're, not invisible. What Would you say if I suggested to you that perhaps Everyone in the media is an alien. Everyone in the media. Well, maybe not everyone in the radio, but they just look lot of metal just like us, but slowly right now. If I said to you- and I could show you for
take you to it, and I can prove that it was other worldly. If I could take you to the site. A giant spaceship, had room for a thousand aliens and there were nothing but books about journalism, I have no other proof. There's nobody at the ship. It crash, maybe forty years ago, twenty years ago, and it crashed, and we just discovered the ship and riddled with journalism books. Would you will be willing to accept pretty quickly. That explains it. Are we I mean we mean found the ship on pretty much? There is exactly right: Zactly writing! like you? Let's, let me tell you about Norton you find yourself logging into password, perfect, protected wifi source and its
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so I have a thesis here. I'd like to get your percentage of possibility on this particular thesis, Jessica, young Eve: do we really have to go back, I'm not going. We ve already got through the entire situation, as is always the waxing and pull it out to the father. Yes go ahead, what is the percentage? possibility that the whole Jessica Yaniv thing is performance, are we're gonna find out in six There's a documentary a reality series of this person who act, he is trying to show how ridiculous this is continues. Europhile loss, zero really wrong, I'm at least ten percent. Not only is Sheikh it's the most. Stream and ridiculous thing he's a cry for help, but may very well That's why I'm always had ten percent, but using there's any percent possibility that this is like, let's say, almost a conservative activist whose living room
we're not live in this life. We're not every outward taking this! We're not that creative rail we're just now that creative. Now it would be a good series Bobby. I you know what I'd do think about this hour. Even prouder. Now I dont believe he's asked for any waxing. We have the highest, even if this has happened, he went for a pregnancy, but you do go in for a pregnancy test, dressed as a woman, wild coolly, really a man to do so and her parenthood wasn't an yeah, and I both, I believe, taken. He actually acquired actual pregnant urine, yea tested positive for pregnancy and tested positive propriety, Atta plan parent. Yet now That's not possible for a man, no matter what anyone says to you, that is not possible for a man acutely save I have to say that your desire that I know it's the way, that's not possible for a man to be pregnant, and I want people to know that. Can you imagine if I'm a time traveller all I'm doing is I'm going?
I'm playing my should go back to my audience. Twenty years ago, our solemn- don't you want to know about it's gonna, get listen to this that this is. This is my actual show in twenty five years. Nobody would believe nobody would boy. Nobody would believe it So you think there's any chance I might it would be. A great will be a great series. It would be. This is a cry for it. The driver this person is, I think it would be much more likely that we find this person dead by their own hand, sometime in the future. Now gosh, sir, they turn out alone the turn that little bit a little dark. Most of us have some fun with it. Any you're gonna brought it The darkest always ends with a bullet in touch with you know I mean I just think, there's really sick people right now. Some really ask people, and some people that are really really miserable you do you see that
I who has ever get six thou who's in plastic surgery to look like the candle and now he's lying I'm a woman and I've always been more like Barbie than can sweetheart. You know yeah, yeah you're not can or barbie you're you have. You have some sort of disorder. That, is causing you to think that you will find your your happiness, Looking a different way, but once you complete from going from KEN to Barbie you're, going to be just as miserable, and I just I feel we are a society that is just rule- were being cruel to people. By allowing them to live these lives where oh yeah, I'm a man and I can get pregnant, oh yeah.
A man with all my junk and I can't go swimming today. I'm upset a little because I can't go swimming today, because if your menstruating, you can get in the pool- and I meant dude, if your, if you're bleeding from downstairs. Ok it with male junk, go see a doctor You're, not men! Menstruating! You go see a doctor, but have lacerated kid me yeah. I mean really really bad and we're just doing so much damage to people. We ve gone on from our children, giving them all trophies and saying they're, all special. Now, some of them suck now you're hot hummed yeah. One of the logic is a terrible yeah in some of them in our own family. I mean I got for. Doing name. Names are not think I need to know so say you know we give
We are giving them hope. False hope were telling them that other spectacular, oh, yes, you could win on American. I know you can't you suck. Now you don't have to say it that way, but we don't tell our children the truth anymore. We dont teach them the truth and g. We, under why suicide is going up your me. Credibly disappointing. When you realize you know, you're, not re ANA, that's not you and it shouldn't, be you You'll be you re honours re, you be you, and, and It started out as hey. I got be. Who I am ok be who you are. But if you're like I'm, actually a woman and I met, even though I have had any junk removed. Dude, that's not you so you that's a lie and it's a dangerous lie and we are enabling really
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If you dot com used, IE, promo code gloves, and you will save ten dollars off your subscription. However, does not say you any money off your waxing That's interesting to me: I think the yeah, I think the the g o p should answer this question about John Bolton. One way Boldness said he would testify if he was subpoenaed so are you gonna call him the It is the only answer right now there is nothing facing the Senate because the house has not sent over the impeachment to the house but to the Senate. As soon as we get the articles of impeachment, then we can talk about it up until now.
Up until then. You should just talk to Nancy Blowsy. He said she did subpoena and he would answer so go ahead. The penal him in the house. This isn't an issue in front of the Senate. Yet true, but it was no proof tests to be had yeah, that's it shuts it all down a goes right, back tensions arising now and think getting hot on the GEO P Senate. No, no, it's not We don't have anything to act on no reason to talk about it. You know and there is reason for the House dog back as you point out: they don't they just because they ve turned in the articles of impeachment does not mean they cannot call Bolton as as witness the could still do it. They do so open these things right back up and do it if they wanted to theirs. Obviously, the things that play their displaying politics. So, let's look right now add to the political state of the Democratic Party just made some changes to our big board here in the studio of here the front runner
yeah. They got a shot. The next categories I mean. Maybe if everything goes right, s probably not know and dropped out. The truth, out is turning into almost like the empire state building takeovers hours. It's amazing, a lotta ahead. How many Canada yeah we have Ex fifteen eighteen, I dropped out. There really only down to two four six. Eight nine candidates, be you know that are even that real, They have any kind of chance at all, but your four are the ones that are probably going to make all the difference east in the first three. Usually it is decided by South Carolina. However, let's look at Iowa Iowa go for Joe Biden, although he is trailing. Although he's he's had a couple that poles lately, they the polling average, actually has him leading Now- and I are the
Oh again, you know these things are very close like right now, the eye five thirty, its average of poles has been that twenty two sanders at twenty point, four and Buddha judge at eighteen point nine and Buddha judges. Off a little that he was leading early December by You know a few points I mean for five points on average by these fallen off a little bit and I don't think, there's a path for Buddha judge to win the nominees, in without I know he has two. We know. How would I know, because I don't want anybody else. He won't know net New Hampshire Eddie. What, when South Carolina yeah thinks I'm a yeast is not doing terribly new Hampshire he's did of South Carolina who Hampshire's gonna go for before Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth worn and that's a guy Warren's path, their closes close in the thing is: if centres can win in Iowa, you think it probably closes. The path for all of us who are to be the nominee.
Sanders is Corky enough candid tat he might be able to go back and win New Hampshire after losing Iowa. I only that the same for four Warren. I don't I don't know, that's true! right now in in New Hampshire, Joe I didn't at twenty one point: one Sanders: it to one war, is at fourteen point: seven boot Judge thirteen and its adequacy of to Bernie Sanders. People could convince the carcass, who throw Elizabeth WAR and under the bus and go with him and remember the Caucasus differently. You don't go into close booth and, if not, how we're it's a weird conversation. Basically in every one. Tiny knows where the cot candidate stand and they ask you do you want to change. Are you change Your support given opportunity to changes a bright, so you see bite in his I too over Sanders and your Warren supporter you may vary while switch over two sat answers to try to give him the win right, because you'd rather have sanders there
bite and even always out your first choice, correct. So that's why centres does very well in Caucasus. Ended very well gets Clinton in carcasses. Last time did not. So well and primaries, but you know you, the Caucasus, a good opportunity again four sanders to actually take a lead here, one of the interesting things that could present itself Let's say a Buddha judge, Wade in Iowa. Sanders win in in New Hampshire, very plausible, and a Biden win in South Carolina? Well in your forgetting that Nevada? Would you We see a war and win in Nevada and then a a bite and win in South Korea liner. Then you ve got super Tuesday, which is when essentially Bloomberg enters the race with two hundred and five a million dollars spent in those states. That is like the ultimate chaos, situation and totally I'm waiting for because it would mean that is like That is a non William.
Local nerd dream, but also the dream of someone who he just wants to see: chaos in the devil Party. So you look at that field and I think that's what you have. If you wanna talk outlier possibilities here. The closures of potent pulling lately is coming up she's. She sees making a little bit of a push in Iowa later when I left, you can finish in that lets, say the top three in Iowa. That's gonna, be something very positive for her, and she might be able to have a little bit of some legs going forward and blue, Burke, of course, comes in on Super Tuesday to its opposite. Did more credulity trying to run labour? Julia was now building area and spent two hundred fifty million dollars on the campaign and you're gonna cooperation, if your fractured with everybody up the aid could work this time I could easily see a different winner in every single one of the four first states.
One of the biggest union states is Nevada and war and is very well with unions. Have soda sanders in a car strikes me to think if Sanders Winds, one of those two states centres problem who also in Nevada, but it does bark people convinced that Sanders could be Trump in out. I dont know how you could be He seems to me to be among the worst I operated either. Look, have been clear about this for many many years. I think it's totally true and it is true, I believe, in the Clinton trumpet election when it gets down to one verses won anything can happen. Anything can happen anyway. It can beat the other candidate. One is essentially one verses one and when you get to the point where it's it's, you don't don't dismiss Sanders or war and if they get up against Donald Trump, like I think the perfect candidate for Donald Trump to face off against is Elizabeth, worn. If you could design a candidate that Donald Trump could defeat most easily, I think it would be Elizabeth warn that being said
If the economy has a bad quarter before the election everything's up in the air, if of if, if war or happens or a terrorist attack, who knows all these things, and even in a week controversy at the last minute. Who knows what happens, but that's why it's kind of like you get Airbus, if a sanders or worn, becomes a nominee because God forbid, one of them when they are real, especially centres, is a real ideologues, I don't know about you, but Joe Biden. The only thing I worry about Would Joe Biden is who he picks. As vice president. Because I honestly- and I mean this in a bad way- I just don't see him. I could see him retiring in the first two years or you know, or not- you don't know, he's sleeping he slipping he's not strong its amidst eighty again, like you could say, oh you're, just criticising ISM old Democratic, I would say the same about centres. Centres heart is having all sorts of issues, but he seems to have.
Tons of energy same socialist things, he was Saint in eighteen, eighty one bright so you come in and Sanders does have. He does have Energy that Joe Biden doesn't know. I know I mean you know to say what you want about Bernie Sanders in his heart: that's not a good thing not a good sign, but the guy is just like the energize or bunny, is goes and goes he's like tunnel. Try and trumpet the same trumpet same way. Just never stops Joe Biden is, is doesn't look healthy? Doesn't you know it? He looks like you know eighty year old. That is, you know towards the end, when you look at the appalling averages. Biden leads in Iowa by a tick by leads in New Hampshire by Tick. He leads. I Uninstall Carolina, he leads nationally twenty seven too, eighteen over Sanders, worn at fifteen Buddha at seven I mean it just like he again. This has been his
to lose this entire time and he is really good at losing he's done. Nothing. But lose every time you run for president, an embarrassing fashion most of the time here, he's holding the lead, I think just because these other candidate star so crazy, bad, like it's hard to you fi around somebody like you know, Elizabeth WAR Bernie Sanders, so the categories we have is the front runners. We abide in Sanders their centres. Still, I mean he's right there in both of the early states in second place nationally, a year, and they ve got a shot. Is the next category Elizabeth warn people to judge or there the next one is I mean. Maybe if everything goes right, we have any closure and Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg is a real wildcard. You show me that show me the path for aid me. I think Amy's is, while winning Iowa puts her in the bin. The picture she's currently she'd be currently fifth however, rising
if she is, if something happens, let's say we're Joe Biden really stirs up and his abuse. His appeal word fall apart. Clover, Sharm Buddha judge would be that the candidates for that lane is but you're right, booted Biden has to fall apart. For that to happen, that's not impossible. Even this close I'm just February. Third, today, after the Superbowl, by way, is the ideal? Then you have Corbett rights. It's unlikely, but I'm keeping her in that category. The next one is probably not Corey Booker. Please tell him, I can't believe either Tom Dire, who, I think would have a better chance. If it wasn't her Bloomberg he's doing running the same campaign is Bloomberg when the money and thing he's much more liberal than Bloomberg, but also with his hands up here, but he has no person I will do so using real trouble and Andrew Yang You can, and you can be say, I'm being unfair by putting them in category four or five year.
Fundraising was excellent. Sixteen million dollars use it, I think, third or fourth, and the funny that whipped cream incident. I did that's why he's in Africa now. The thing was weird. I like Andrew Yang too, seems like a likeable guy he's policy positions, though are not nearly socialist enough for this field- and I ain't I like it here- at best man, I mean you see still very very laughed, and I wouldn't, these policies. You know because I think that some of these policies are really bad economic like NEA, but he's at least air an understandable guy guy, who you know you like. I could I had talked to him. Yeah and you know you have a real conversation with him. A seems to be somewhat respectful of conservatives, but I mean like look at his policy prescriptions Yang, toxin nonstop about universal basic income, which sounds mega super super liberal and is in my mind I don't like the palace
However, part of his policy is also getting rid of like every welfare policy in the United States and there's no way the Democratic Party never twang of any year, but certainly not twenty. Twenty is gonna, be like yeah. Let's get rid of our food stamps and welfare and Medicaid and all these other. Let me ask you this: which party is in real trouble? You have Joe Biden the last gasp of the old Democratic Party gang You have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WAR in legislation. Stick to the top five alive is worn, Bernie Sanders, socialist social. Yes not traditional american political entities, their socialist, then you PETE Buddha. A guy who's really there, because nobody knows anything about him looks, they say seems to be smart, but has no record or nothing. I criticized this is never done real, anything, okay, so he's these are really a non aunt and an identity. Politics. Candid curse, well correct:
Then you have Michael Bloomberg, HU. I guess, and Tom style could be categorized in the Joe Biden, but they're. Not really, I mean stars really more of Us Sanders gearing type guy, but here you know just because he has a lot of money. He seems to be more. I mean what is the future of this party? S abandoned America, it's a bad field right there, that's really bad at me, Buddha Judge in court maybe closer you could say: ok, you can kind of see the future. I dunno, maybe maybe think Corey Booker I mean never proven anything horrible. I mean there s this field and Bennet Aiming Gabert is just so out of step with a party at this point. You know she's too well liked by Mina, moderates and conservatives. I think she's got some good qualities, but she's not when the primary Delaney stolen it Patrick still in it Duvall Patrick Hostile. And Marion Williamson, whose laid off her entire campaigns that still continues to be active, but, like I mean yogurt,
asses- oh, yes, yes, I thought I knew how she also cells, essential oils. You got that go in Forest America. You know the devious sight of me would just love Marianne Williamson to be the President, the United States, just because, oh you think, were crazy. Now I'll look out World Williams and Trump a debate, there would be fun all that be fired and I'm not a movie theatre for that? That would be so far. That would be so fun. Can you imagine prompt Sanders debate that it would be really fascinating again, like you like the idea of stark, constant contrast between candidates. I like do the APS: Somerton is presenting socialism and is in an inner. What never had the moment with like Elizabeth worn, where she would deny that middle class people were be tax. He was looking for tax. But he was being honest about it and he's not always honest, but he's more honest and a lot of these people are our model.
Might see in that on stage as someone who got pretty centres as president is a terrifying notion. A little bit about David in Pennsylvania, he's a natural born experimenter. He found him self suffering from regular pain in both his shoulder in his foot. He about relief factor early on a decided. He would give it a shot sure enough when he took it. The pain went away now, mostly we'll be satisfied with that, but he's a he's a natural born experimenter. He was like well what happens if I stopped taking it about a month into it. He decided to stop taking it. Boom pain came back in the shoulder and the foot. Needless to say, David is learned. His lesson he got back on relief factor within a week is pain was gone again now he takes really factor daily and he's never. Been happier when you take it properly. Relief factor attacks the inflammation that cause as much of our pain and it works for seventy percent of the people who try it and take it. A cost. Nineteen, ninety five just start with our three week, quick start now
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During the covenant is my latest effort on the summer and this year it is happening. The event itself is Saturday July. Fourth, but there are events that go for a week and you can find out all about it. There is limited space on this. It's in Gettysburg. If you ve never been there. It's not a big place, and we would love for you to find out more about it and if you have intent on coming, please sign up now, so we know limited space Glenville Calm, slash, restore, go there now join us this job, A fourth is in Dependence, weak and rich store the covenant blending dotcom, Slash restored
Your lesson TAT Glenn back.
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