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Iranian Protesters Are Being Slaughtered! | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Philip Van Cleave | 12/6/19

2019-12-06 | 🔗
The protests in Iran rival the 1979 revolution. Thousands of protesters have been mowed down or thrown in prison! But with our support, they can FREE Iran. Joe Biden confronted an Iowa voter who mentioned his son and Ukraine. But did Biden fat-shame him, or was he being a protective father? Bill O’Reilly weighs in on Biden, our epidemic of tribalism, and Nancy Pelosi’s freakout when asked if she hates Trump. Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, details how Democrat-controlled Virginia is going full force against gun rights, but the people are standing up like never before! And Glenn previews this weekend’s podcast with former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley. You do NOT want to miss this one!

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They have a good, weaken big Nicky wailing. Dickie Haliae progress as we can. We talk about back at me, but I must tell you, I think you did a show last night with an audience beyond. They had a lot of questions and it was interesting where they went with those questions. We know a lot of if on Ukraine, but not as much on the the bigger picture of civil society to point out and all that, do so that on the radio today let it should. I you know, is it for question. What was amazing and this we just went on as we were, having great covered so we just went on after the show, and we were just talking- and I said so- how many people believe that there's gonna honest hearing in the Senate now of the river elections are in charge that there Honestly, looking all these things, not, why had onward, went up, not one it was
readable incredible. So we'll we'll talk about that, and also what's happening in IRAN today, next Ruth shit Our team America welcome to the programme and its Eddie, I'm we're glad you're here, World seems to be on fire today. There are protests, big protests that are happening all over the world the biggest of which that we should be concerned with are the ones that are happening in a rack right now happening in Iraq is ass, big and, if not bigger,
We don't know for sure, but we know it's as big could be bigger than the euro, It's that happened when Barack Obama was completely silent and they just put all those people in jail. There were millions on the street. There are millions on the street now what's happening in IRAN could be game. Changing not just for the people of IRAN. But also the people in Hong Kong, and those who are kind of watching things and following suit in France is fun. I legged windows, but they have those. Revolutionary movements that are very, very exciting quote from spooky dude. Well, he's very excited this morning and we get there in one minute and programme Ok
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Obama, administration, inked, the uranium deal the Iranians loved him loved him. They were exporting three point: two million barrels of oil a day under Obama. Now this is the is how they make their money. They dont had there not they're, not exporting anything other than oil. So three point, two million barrels a day after trumps MAC among pressure campaign the nuts There is now three hundred thousand barrels so they don't have any income coming in the reality is in a free fall during the ominous Obama administration. It was thirty thousand recalls to one. U S dollar. Today, its one hundred and thirty thousand to a dollar which makes food and basic necessities
almost uninformed unaffordable for most people, if not unaffordable there, inflation rate right now, is it seventy percent? So imagine you owing to the store today in eight months that gallon a milk is seventy percent more expensive and by the way jobs have dried up, you haven't gotten a raise dollar is in a free fall, yet you still have to eat This is why the people are in the streets. They ve been in the streets before two thousand eight, and I think they would have toppled that regime had it not been for the Obama administration being so quiet the regime was grasping at straws. They are the things that our doing. Our obsessing they have,
wide scale protests in over a hundred cities all over the country. It may be the largest protest since the nineteen seventy nine uprising in revolution over set now. This is in a ran. Remember with the seek police and everything else, over seven hundred and thirty banks have been burned to the ground. One hundred and forty government buildings have been destroyed. Fifty police bases have been act. This is all being done now and being curtailed by the IRA Gc its dispatched its. A military force to deal with everything? The? U S, state parliament claims yesterday that over a thousand protesters have been murdered, over seven thousand have been jailed thee I urge you see, has been killing
but in the streets and what they'll do is ongoing these smaller towns in these smaller protestors, They will come in with machine guns and they'll just mo everybody down and then they'll stay there until the families come the claim the dead and there like all this, your husband. Yes, we count for holes in him, so we have to charge for the four bullets. That's that's the kind of. Religious kindness. The people in the streets are feeling today now why this is different is for the first time we are seeing, not the clerics but we're seeing the religious people on the streets of ran also joining the protests.
This is widespread and what they want is an end to the regime. What their chanting is no more as islamic rule, they want to be free The revolutionaries that sir, these people now who are older may have been students in nineteen seventy nine and fought for that revolution, now they see what this has. What has become of that that I of freedom and forty years later, there back into the streets and they may toppling now here's what we're doing tat who's, considering doubling our presence in the Middle EAST. Now what that means is. Well it y'all honestly, and what that means is exactly exactly what I hoped it meant for in thousand troops really is nothing. I mean you're, not
going in and doing anything with fourteen thousand troops, so we dozens or more naval ships on the way and they're gonna be place there in the area, but again it's not enough to actually do anything, but it is enough. To inspire the people that America has there back that America sees them. Here's the and they're, not alone, since the way we broke the back of the Soviet Union in the cold war. We crippled them financially and then we help them. We support. Them. Ronald Reagan gave a speech after speech after speech, praising the people who were in the uprising in Poland and all throughout the iron curtain and once that thing broke you had it. You know that state department there always wrong. The state department
old Brown Reagan do not say Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall, the straw this thing this president can do right now he sent fourteen thousand. Troops over does a show of of not in force, but a show of solidarity. The strongest thing he can do is give a great speech directed Zactly to the iranian people. It will get to them. Who's talking to my eye was talking to my daughter the other day and we were working on what she called her dad cause she's like dad. I cannot get. Of the swag over the fireplace the look right. Could you help me? I want, as I wanted, springs and love, pine cones are it in some? Maybe some ornaments said sure on and she said. Could you bring your floral scissors and I said, of course I have my floral deserves all bring them
so anyway, I'm due and manly stuff there, the fireplace Euro will my floor, also scissors and I'm helping her and she said. Are you watching what's happening in our him that this is not the conversation I expected to have with you She said I have a friend who the who family laughed and nineteen. Seventy nine and she said, I think, was their uncle had just been killed, one of these that was just shot in the streets and They couldn't say anything over the phone other, then he's really ill. Andrea had Del Valle they're going to visit him now, but it was telegraphed in such a way that they knew he was dead but then, when they had the funeral over in this family did not go back because they're killing people,
but when they had the funeral, the immediate family had to have it in secret. You couldn't you couldn't do it was rebel so you had to have it in secret. This is the kind of stuff that we're dealing with and if man falls not only will that be a good thing for the Middle EAST, because the rainy and people are not like the Iraqis they they were used to a society with freedom and education, their very very there very well educated and their very pro west they get our kind of society. They could actually be a real stabilizing piece of the so over in the Middle EAST. Unfortunately, if they do fall, it will send ripples to people who are protest. For instance in France of you knows, is what rebel
IRAN's, don't usually work out well and it will send a strong message to the people in Hong Kong and as bad as the Iranians. Are I don't think there is, I don't think there is, old in the end as the Chinese are the Chinese? Are building concentration camps- and they know the world knows and ate it now, the world's I'm gonna do anything about it. Are there and then they have the power to enforce that in and make Difficult where IRAN is, is a totally different story. There Nor are they are making it difficult. They shut down all internet. So the only way we're getting any of this information is apparently they turned it on for a while and we create heated. I I dont even know we created some sort of tight little internet tunnel that can get video out.
And so people are set yet our bringing it to the embassy. I think I think this is how it works. Somehow another they're getting this information to our embassy it's coming out of a very narrow pipeline to the United States from and busy. I think so gosh can you imagine being and I mean, if you remember what happened in eighteen, seventy nine- I am. Seventy eight. Have you seen Argo. It was Cynthia I mean that was aid that we, but we have to. I don't care if we have an embassy cabbie an embassy champion embassy right, I mean they can certainly can't be something officially there doing. That would be terrified the thing, probably in five on fire and ten minutes. You know this is the thing
you look at this is happening all Jason, Voorhees Hildy. I will explain how this is coming out, passing this right all over the world and you look at the casino. Ukraine is an example of this happening. We ve seen these types of things happen in the in the Inn in Ukraine and it plays exactly into bed, third of your through your trilogy specials that you ve been doing on the story like Lord of the rings, yeah thanks. The directors tie his five hours long, but its needed that that third one was so in depth, beyond kind of the headlines of the day with the impeachment and Joe Biden, those sorts of things, and it shows that this stuff is happening all over the world. And the plan is to train people to make it happen all over the world. So I see these things they dont feel a coincidence is right and it's and for instance, I don't have a problem. With helping
pollution Aires in China in in a ran in places where the there is through oppression- and there is support- on the streets or a a western style understanding of freedom. I have no problem, if we are carefully doing those things, but that's not we're doing in our? U S State department and that to me as well: this impeachment is really all about. I want to go their hearing in just one minute standby. If you're. For the perfect can gun. What's you know what is the best, what it You know you have to use it for self defence as well as the gun range. What is gonna give you the best most accurate shot. Some big news
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once the Jews from it ends the thirty first not allowed time to waste, make sure you do it now. Eighty seven thousand two hundred and twenty two, the official rules and get registered text. The word back. Eighty seven thousand two hundred and twenty two eight seven thousand two to tax the word back. We break for ten seconds they should I do this right, so Jason help me out. I screwed this all up. How did the? How did the bounded the pipeline of information Are we getting at this out? That's a state Department Yasmine. This so the I ran cut the internet, so nothing no information was getting out.
I ran reinstated the internet like on a limited basis. They still it still massively in a garden firewalls. I can't get on twitter an odd stuff, but the state Department, through it an app called telegram which allows encrypted communications at some most people, no communication. These regimes, China place like that. They set up a telegram channel, and the last number that I saw the state of Parma had got over thirty thousand videos and photographs from some of these rights through the only way we're getting information out from. What's going with you shut down the in the internet. How are you getting on an app so others there's a few different ways and I've actually witness in person on the border of IRA of Iraq, but a lot of them will use iraqi some cards when they're in country. This is a trick. You can do a lot of these places if you're a journalist or if your will
work there, but a lot of them use iraqi some cards. A lot of them will use Iranians some cards, but they use VP ends to make it appear that their accessing these places from like Sweden, or something like that, that's what you gotta get a VP and you just got you if you're not using. BP and then you're just wrong, while also judge dread. Things remain on the programme, the thee how likely is, I don't think it's likely at all. We do anything. I think this is this. Is this is trumps best Reagan, You know I mean this is where strong president with a twitchy, I who understands freedom, it can speak and it can change everything on the ground at this. But your exact
at this point we know the trunk doctrine. We know it hills. Health health threaten he'll, be very bombastic you not towards the other regime. He'll, then, if that doesn't work held, deploy military forces, not large numbers, the Cairo we saw North Korea me faked alot of people out there we thought we are going to war. Then, after all that happens and there's no movement, then he'll draw back the forces and slap on the sanctions. What this does is this does something that the above measures and had a perfect opportunity to do back in two thousand. On scale? This is very, very similar to what we saw, then in terms of violence. This is nothing like that. This is like the nineteen seventeen revolution, brought them down and and gave the clerk orgy in the country, but if a bhamo it had done what a trumpet considering doing now that small gesture might have been enough to say hey to the American, be too there. I rang in people we stand with you. We support what you're doing you know. You ve got a friend in me what type thing
that's all you can expect from this. But if this ever, if you ever wake up and turn on twitter- and you see the news new C4 aircraft carriers and now in the Persian Gulf that major or a hundred thousand two thousand troops buckle because we're invading but we're not going to see that's not gonna Raggedest, I mean he ain't, no trump is been pretty consistency, entire public life at opposing generally international conflict. Re like he, the talks very tough. But if you look at his action since he's been president he's done, sanctions he's he's been harsh words. You know confrontations when it comes to lead
urgent things like that, but not if he does not have always you win most time yet he does not want he does not want to invade with a hundred. He does not want his lazy. They re in Iranian. What right does not killing over will have to consider that over fifty police stations have been attacked over forty five hundred banks have been burned out or seven hundred, or something like that. They're doing that for you like that, do not not for you not for us they're doing it for them. It's way time they took their country back they're going to do it on their own. Matter of time and little things like sanctions. Did you go through the economic area years ago? That's going to take it, stop we're at where they were in two thousand. We probably would have had a completely different middle EAST if not for that fastest Iranians could think. I remember watching that and thinking where's, the president Where's, the United States standing up for these people need. Are they were begging. It was. It was like Hong Kong begging, America to stand up The lighthouse didn't and they gave the regime more money here. Help Libya,
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Everything I'm ready Welcome to the wild under the programme. It is Friday were so glad that you're here, some more glad more than others. Stew is here and then there's a course pap hello, Pat plug lend our you, I'm good yeah, I'm good yeah, good, really, So I know you like to mock people know do not really know? I know you are. I enjoy
marking Mary Wrong of my butt. You name like you're in a good mood. I am, I know, you're going to mock Joe Biden, do know why Greece will allow me to point out some things about Joe ok are maybe seemed legged. He would do it go ahead now Joe had a little incident. Yes, as you know, with with a voter in Iowa, your watch leagues. Blame is you're watching the boy now know. If you're watching the blaze, you might you might understand, but anyway, so so so Pat Joe Biden yesterday did what most incredible things I ve ever seen. I've never seen this before right quite honestly, and in this was not doing not to a concern If this is to somebody who is considering I'd vote here, I think he said later. I would
for Joe Biden. If he's the guy, because I'm not overall drops our vote for Virgil by but I'm really considering with Warren Yank sounds like a pretty hard core liberal yeah rat but here's the exchange between him, because how dare you ask Joe a tough question like this? It's been messing around in your brain over there holding their Warren a war with him to come up.
Why not you know what he says that the State Department even said the boy, let's go The reason I'm running is because I've been around long time- and I know more than most people know why What do push any occasion is everything I set up my son to work, She said,
Jack, You don't hear that in MSNBC. You did not hear that all what you heard, look that block This is some per se. This is really truly unbelievable. It is he he he obviously, is judging the man on his fatness from the get go, because why would you challenge him to go. Let's go run, let's go, do pushups personal lives. Is I'm not sedentary with the implication like you obviously arc. Azure big fat pig is there's nothing there let him up to say that nothing now not lose another thing out of desert home. You think that sedentary, obviously you watch allotted television cause you're sedentary, I'm not sedentary, like you're, then
then he says I know more than most people. Then he tells me more intelligent than he is very says in the anti challenges into push and we were which is our Lou out of the blue, he's that challenging and saying if you would have said You know and look you had strokes, yet I'm not sure you're, urine or learn, gentlemen. Then he could have done like Jack balance. You know women will inject came out. Me did the push up here on because it was a sign that he's still virulent young and an even always eighty, that's that could understand him, say: hey bullets, jeweled pushups, let's go! Let's go for a run k, that's only cool he didn't challenge that not at all he's only his first response is hey fatty. How do we know pushups? at the end he says: look fat, look, no easier for fat,
you're fat, lethargic fatty shouted at very fat that body fat, fat, fat rattle, your fat, something that had that man, It was a fat man. If that was Donald Trump like drums ever been that route do we have to pull you back into rehab? You were drifting outside, reveals many or you're starting to get out into outer space, it very cold and dont. Now I'm lying like What's your face did in star wars number that Latvia principally, although this is how to die. I know
die. That's the Boers parts actually lie. I know just stop and she had a perfect ending anyway. You go, I think. Anyway. If it worked trump, it would lead every newscast. He would be the worst person ever born today. If he, you know and he was Winnie Winnie when he imitated the handicapped persons, morale For any idea, I mean I thought it was horrible lighted too, near terms as a whole list of the five hundred and ninety eight people trumpets insulted and what they ve been Sultana via that yeah you. I want you to hear them our global
he's endorse. Knowing nothing he's crying he's dumb as Iraq railing possible, our credibility is irrelevant, he's gonna go. He said I was failing, crying lost, signed on very gum and failing as zero credibility, donor, relevant basket. King viewers and ratings are dying, answer relevant lackey of real done his job and always seems to be crying. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you like we pass the New York Times so that an excuse for this or but he no doubt, as has now been along as one of my favorite all this has really worked well, something even trying to squeeze. It is actually just every day right. It is that a fact you are you this We are not go from a politician. This is not Donald Trump who made his career of an insulting people and telling their fired right. This is, as is a copy.
Who is supposed to be a politician and Glenn it over and over, over and over? Again you see this that whenever his on is brought up almost in any context, my gosh. He is me, I really incentive yet incense than they are at the May. I play devils advocate here. Ok, and I am not excusing what he did, I think he's corrupt. I think the whole family is corrupt on this and it goes way the on Ukraine and We have what we have the cable transfer, verification of ah ha brooding. Sixty million dollars go two hundred Biden on something domestic, so I'm not excuse again here's what you here's. What I said to the audience last night, where we were talking about the impeachment. What I'm afraid is Joe by Son- and I say this with respect
and and empathy because I've been in, in a family that has depression. It has suicide as aid as a given in my family two suicides in my immediate family, so I get it. Hunter Biden is a very unstable individual like terribly, very unstable, like one. Of the most unstable people? I think I think makes Charlie Sheen look like he could say, do get your act together. Ok him it's bad and do so as a dad. I would be pensive is well. You don't leave my son alone, because I think Joe Biden is poor probably In his own head has probably helped his son. Do these deals because dude get your,
together all I'll help. You look you're gonna, do you know he's trying to do the right thing? I think, for his son by do all the wrong things for his son yeah. I heard I I have some sympathy with opposition, so I was thinking about this region a lot on Hunter buttons, private life. Just talking about it and going through it. It's incredible crazy journey. Think for a second. If one of your kids was going through yeah right like Frank, I've already, just just lost a few just lost a sign, or rather a wife lost a baby just lost a son, I'm it's crazy. This is a guy who found out apparently from media reports that Hunter was dating. His other sons we do that's how he found out about it, not from Hunter. So this is like this has been a total disaster. It's probably consumed, life? Surely, in his mind, if he ran twenty? Sixteen currently be president all
This is revolving around these situations and every time so and brings it up, he has the anger of ad devastated father. I had. I really think that part of that. I do to my very defensive politician or very defensive politician, but had bride think what you ve got off any react that way, but other attack lines. It just seems to be a hunter and, I would say, to live, easy because any you pointed agonies he in his own mind, he's being a good dad, like I think, in this we lorry Laughlin in her own mind, is being a good mom. Yes, but she sang like I'm doing whatever it can to get my little girl into colleague correcting any mean, and so this is the same thing. I think aids in it's worse, because you know the trouble your son has had and you're trying to save your son right, and so he that does not excuse one per cent of his behavior, but I think it does explain some of it. He really he really does seem like his.
Family life has been such a disaster for so long that this stuff really gets to emulate. They say this about trouble. The time like all mentioned, he doesn't make egotism really of ten billion dollars really get under his skin. They think you could get a climate of his skin this it. Every piece of this hunter think it's under his skin every piece of this gets under Biden skin to make us the core. You can see what a debate is going to be like between these two guys. All MIKE I mean it, I was going to be I say hunters sixty five times in the first ten minutes. It's gotta be a Mohammed Ali Frazier firemen. I mean it then this is. This is going to be a blood sport between those two. A more more, it looks like it's going to be the two of em like after a moment like that, I mean that's a campaign thinker in any previous elections for a Republican. It would be too I believe it would be all over and beyond what has in fact shown willingness or as a bad, shaming right. Nobody cares about that.
To tell you that Joe Biden. I am very pleased that let me take a quick break and then come back. I guess there's one concern about this impeachment that I have that I think is real and then I've never heard anybody talk about. It would do that women. We could do that, but I mean why would we hear from a mental basket case? Like you, I mean you're dumber awry keep you employ, and you will remember that guy right, where you are this holiday season, make sure you give the gift that will bring you in your family and your friends closer together. May I highly highly recommend erect tech grill. I love things that are that feel fashion, but are very very modern and and high tech. I love these things wrecked tech grill. Is a girl that was made by growers and they wanted to make the ultimate grill now its closest competitor. The group is actually there the same size wrecked Tex grill is eighty pounds heavier it's this job
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listening to Glenn back. look, I'm actually programme on, I think my good friend stew, for bringing in Cinnamon Coke. Is this another way coke has decided to wreck their product? Now I mean I, like the varieties. Are you guys are really tellin me? No, not interesting. This is a synagogue, sit amicably brand new, cinnamon Coke out a limited edition for the holiday? I don't hate it whisky or rum. This would be really really going wrong. Lizzie, really like it good The court found either Magda literally you're the only person that I will give a pass to him, and I don't know why. I think any
who just likes Pepsi and does not like Coke. I think some sort of a spy, a communist on American. I dont know what allows Bower. That's her value. You know. You're would like this cause. It's, I think so he eyed, I would present, has the cut of irregular coat right, and maybe that's why I like yeah and not allowing an aftertaste, yet it yeah it as have cinnamon own excuse me, you know, let me, may I speak as unprofessional alcoholism. Yes, rum this with rum omega. There would be. This is an incredible mixed in crime for the holiday season. The limited edition, Yoda Holiday Party. I would definitely recommend picking some of this up for mixtures That's about it? I actually let I hate cherry Coca, hey the Miller car. He knows it's off what you like this one I do while having I wouldn't I wouldn't buy it. You know it's not like I'm gonna you wouldn't have. I think I would does it take it has the I do not have. Has that I don't.
Sugar of whatever after taste that Pepsi has for me but softer edge. Then, my strong cinnamon taste, so you can deny that I, like you when it's in my mouth and and I just That'S- that's a good place to like it, and I know not whether outward in your ear she shuddered at what I hear. What is it you're wearing today learned its Ascot day here at the Olympic programme. My eyes are indeed even call each other. At a time, I'm not wearing an ad Scott didn't realize you were wearing your worries. Him ask and I don't care if this is to ask, I don't care, I like it. I like it me too, I'm not gonna vine. I loaned arenas ass, yours, you all like Elvis it's an ask. I am authorised coarsely. Do you are
you're an x. You are a pathetic excuse for a friend. That's what you really I am you enjoy. Your co decision was how much we have in common that Bob ass God with buttons it sighed ass. He may it may be that buddies, certainly at least not dumb as Iraq and very diamond, failing wailing cry and lost soul will look like in Poland and programme. Yeah she's so interesting, yeah, she's and she's really normal you know, really really normal. Thank you so much Hilary you don't want to at that, available right now you can watch it will not during the show, because then you would be missing this shown. I don't want to lose you right now. So watch it right after the show, but to its
elbow. If you re a subscriber to the blaze tv, you can just grab it now. It's available at least things come out a couple of days early on Thursday, we release everywhere on on Saturday, but its. It really is a good podcast, really good, podcast, aright stew, New just refuse to drink the cinnamon cope with rum. It's pretty now I were it's. The morning Laura was I really don't want any rum mammalian or going to drink at any time that sure yeah. So you had some. I wouldn't I could see the gleaming we're going to destroyed my entire life. Yes, I would have. I think that would have been my favorite. I think that would be my go to
today during holiday during I could see it toke, cinnamon and rum really whoop. I'm just saying I was thinking out loud a bit the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment you're, the one thing about away hello, America, it's Friday s one thing people, you know used to say about bill, O Reilly, and I know it. Tough to narrow it down to just one thing, but one thing they used to say about bill rally as he's so tough he's almost a bully. Sometimes oh, my gosh, it looks like mother Teresa compared wow Joe Biden, treated and audio, member and somebody who is a liberal, said he would end up voting for Biden if he was the candidate
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the programme bill Are you guys, intoxicated or widen working on it? We will carry on working, yet we are working on it, yet Why would it ten after nine time, the matter with you people? I know we're drink before nine alcoholic drink before nine bill I mean, unless they're, just going still from the night before then which which we were usually doing, but anyway, so bill, Doo, doo, you see the video of Joe Biden just eviscerated, this guy in in one of his No, my lord, Did you see? What do you know you and I the same way that everybody else sees it, because I know that Biden loves his son. But I know that you lost on both gap, and his emotions
are overriding everything now. Yes, I don't think it's so much daddy's thinking at all I think you should already acting. So, you know he's running for president. Does he really of his art in it No? No, no, I'm not a mine reader, but each certainly not campaigning effectively he's not and noble We can argue with that, so number one the two he's got this kid who, every time he turns around is embarrassing. Him and his family well, at least eight least from people who are over ninety- that understand the term malarkey. Maybe that is.
Having and marketing team? Oh, my Tommy, we're gonna, be drinking Sassparilla and talk. You know, malarkey data, ask LOS Ass, for Africa is raised so away, but the point is that he's running for president. That's all It is carried out by the way he's running for president any not prepared for this. To that, The story? It's not the lashing out at the chubby guy right there the guy was doing some purpose. Chubby got wanted to embarrassing job. Say Madame aground above what many way, but this is set up job I saw the opportunity went in I'm going to do this for myself, but what I'd, say about Joe Biden and his his. Their standing of just even just the power of being a man when the
first thing out of his mouth? What does? well you're secondary, and you want to challenge to push ops. I mean that slight, but that's gonna talk about at the guy it- doesn't have control over the process. He's not rational on a campaign trail in that the story so what's gonna happen. What's gonna happen because you know The one way to get under Donald trumps, skin and I think Bloomberg is probably in the only position to really really do this of standing on stage with the trump and gone Donald, I mean you say, you're a billionaire, but please wait. I've ever gonna happen. So your ear, basically, ok waving a fantasy, ok player. You no longer yacht right, but you know that's what, get under his skin. Do not denying the more? No! No! No! No! No! No, because
the chop better than anybody aright trial MILAN, when he maybe be lost my damn teletype I'd. I know the guy really well. He doesn't care what you say about him. He doesn't care what you say about his kids about his father about it, but it doesn't. Care are right. So he's not gonna, be like Biden these back, going to not going to do that do as you'll attack you and yes, it is the chubby guy did that to trap, which would never happen because try people would never put him on a bus and he would never go to a diner and take you- and I were never okay so, but if you got Trump on a stage, beats the age, and you said to him: hey, you're, a corrupt guy, didn't cooperating. Bolabola trumpeted doesn't
really what you're saying he would just go in and bissell rate. You personally, all it would be. It would be a much fights case How does Trump do that? Lets say that Joe Biden is the candidate out. Is oh Biden, knowing how he reacts and knowing that knowing Bill O Reilly, Glenn back have sympathy not for the dirtiness or anything else, but have sympathy. As Dad's Ford, Joe Biden. You can say, look I you know I give him some room on this when I think that's really outlined, but I give him some room: how does Donald Trump when talk about what happened, with Hunter Biden and corruption, couldn't care less about by by these. Our duties will I know that, but the american people will know, but he did but Trump psychotic headed that way. Ever he doesn't count
do I say this: what are the american people going to think about No, I have never goes back. Oh, I know I I sees gonna go where our times it people around him should be thinking those things and probably Arthur genetically body, or I know, but I'm asking you, what is the end result with the american people if just so you want me to spend about how they would you are the worst My worry is how they would react to broadsides against why it's not a hard speculation crumbs Bay, would enjoy it right? So there would be a signal, for them? They would do they don't care what you say about Hunter Biden or or by this family or anything like that. I am saying this in a
anyway. It uses their rationalization. Is DOW Jones been attacked so badly? Yes, so often that whatever Donald Trump does is justified, NEA location as number one the independence and those people, the women horrified horrifying. The man the men, are voting for. I am going to keep my job am, I gonna be able to add more to my poor one Kay, the men of voting, for they are not looking for sensitivity that looking for prospective they're looking for performance, but Men would be on a line women on a line, women, appalled. If he goes in any whips up job I inside Let's, let's take a quick break, come back in a minute. I want to talk about Nancy Policy in the impeachment. What's your dream, thoughts were on this this week,
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To my way of thinking, I, like just plain old, Mayberry, the r amp d days. You know I gotta when they were stretch in, but I get it. I get it right I will, Why would anybody any human being in this country? into this this week? Why so you you played in three people that hate, they load him and sit there and they just dish bad stuff on him, and then one guy doesn't like home, but is actually thinker answers. You know, I really don't have enough to teach him more anyway, so. Why are we here? and why do I want to watch this for what I don't know, I don't learn anything. Do I want to watch corrupt then the government on display I'm pretty much, can Instead, it happens every day now really need to see it again.
So you know they. Cable tv ratings have been pretty good this week. There are people who are interested in this no. Why maybe you can tell me, I don't know why. I have no idea why I have no idea why, because it's it's, you're not gonna, lead anywhere, I mean he's gonna get acquitted in the Senate and by February. This is just a bad memory. So what is this due to a republic what's there to the country and in a variety of ways, because it just polarizes people even more, it was interest. Because in the interview I did with present, no radio, you hear that back. No, I didn't. I know I, but you heard about it. Are you kidding me if all we could talk about? In the interview I did with him, it was quite clear. That he as president she's doing a good job and he believed
This whole impeachment is gonna help and get reelected. That's the Trump view. I'm gonna get reelected and initial peach and things helping me because people see it as crazy land. However, the other side hatred? so much that they don't Consider there might be a backlash they'd because they live in a bubble. Are the Ciampi Haters pretty much so she ate with the trumpeters lights India, I mean I didn't go out of that and then, if you'd, hey Trump. They don't. I may they do with you. I thought you didn't want to give you I ride to the bus station there weren't any any part of you so can I say we are becoming, isn't isolate tribal country which we have never really been before, except for the civil war, so we becoming tribes,
who had special entries political interests. The now fascism here and there and the media drives that so the trial watches, MSNBC the tribe watch? Fox NEWS right and is no. There's no nine tribe people watching their there. All the same, I said so and instead of a poor beasts, Odom ok still tell me what that means from many one. That's right! It's now I can't I don't know the one word for try, but I'll do say tribe em, We try Tribal Ellis, tried ass, anything enough, I'm sure you're, that my new killing book is killing crazy horse. The merciless merrily yeah
Ukraine is a horse. Is one of my you gotta send this to me: crazy horses, one of my favorite characters in american history of this book, but anyway, I'm plugged a book now that we're plenty of time for plugging the book, but maybe not on the show, maybe not Maybe I don't like it, then you don't get it for you What then, native american culture. It was all tribes, alright, we're going back then to the native american Culture and the tribes Ward, They have anything in common with the other. So the cheese in Arizona, didn't have any in common with the Sioux opt in Dakota Montana, okay, so this is what were becoming an people don't understand it because they don't get any intellectual analysis on in the media at all. All
brooding rooting, I'm rooting for tromp to be destroyed, or I'm rooting for Trump to be president forever. Ok, they don't get This is what is happening in America were defined. Ourselves into tribes that hate each other and that's like what happens in the Balkans does like. Kosovo and Montenegro support not accept. There's no borders here on this when we're all mixed in with each other. Well, yes, but We are becoming. I saw aid from each other. Yet, even though we live next door to each other or we work in the next cubicle for one another, that's why we don t we all talk to, but Emily because Emily likes Trop Correct, and so this is the destructive nature of what is funny politically in America and noble Now they know the Goin back programme. What it is,
I'll tell you ultimate you that what I just told you very few people are aware of bill. What is The. What tell me the mindset, if you can of now see policy and those in the democratic party. How do they think this is going to end and how do you? How do you think it's gonna end? Ok, she blows if you watch her. If you want the body language, which is really fascinating and the way she conducts herself when James Rosen Attenborough legitimate question yesterday, homer costumes, incredible, do you hate, Donald Trump and she went off the wall now that's a legitimate question and nobody should have gone off the wall. If you ask you say no, I don't. I just believe that he views as power. I shouldn't be there, that's all right. I got it
yeah. Really I mean she when she said. Don't you ever use that kind of language with me I mean that was shocking right now there are two things because you ve got used to be being asked anything that goes against her prevailing wisdom because the practice in the tank, so she was called by surprise. By that question, and the second thing is that energy policy is a nagging. Ok not really, but that sitting for a while and then we'll come back with more of Mr Bill, O Reilly from Billow Riley dot com in just a minute here,
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here's Nancy Policy Donald Trump and then Jake Tapir, listen, but we don't have it cut one dont. Have the audio you have the audio of this. The snapping on Jake Tapir can't go ahead, please what are have to testify. If there's some sort of deal cut, would you be willing to do so? Has nothing to do? They should be testifying, because I have been asked to testify by Congress. It isn't a deal, it's about assist of checks and balances. Can we not have any more questions about appeasement Can we not have any more questions about impeachment mill, o Reilly? There was a either she said were putting impeachment articles together. Can we not have any more questions about impeachment biller you they're still.
Here make yeah. Ok, I can with your thoughts there you d get us entitlement from MRS Pelosi. Oh dear me, maybe she's, really a regular person. You look, at it the ground very wealthy parent father. In politics Marilyn Rays and whips out to the most liberal district in the country. Runs around shown Webby Ass, any go questions. She just wants to spout propaganda. I said before the break that she is a fanatic. A fanatic is a person who is in capable of evaluating and opposing point of view, not agree, but even now you waiting see. Well, how does the Republican Party Why did they want certain thing? Forget it forget it? It she's a far left person. She is a vision and that it and if you don't
the vision she gonna try to hurt. You will achieve What was incredible, they asked how do you hate Donald Trump and she went off and said you know? How dare you don't you Question me like that again and I thought the but myself g. Be nice if I could have said that after the ten thousand question about how much I hate people I mean you know what In saying my follow up tat? If I had been there, my follow up. Work Then after she said that if I had been rose- and I would have said You know he sat a lot like Vladimir Putin. Would have been interesting would have been the one she dies. Ok, She doesn't want opposing points of view. So let me take you one more place on the impeachment. Yes,
day. I was with an audience of about forty fifty people here in the studios. And I asked them. What do you think are we at least going to get a fair? trial the Senate and actual we find out, we have Donald Trump, is guilty or innocent in a fair way in the Senate. Not- single hand, went up, not one when I am I did, you know, are we actually gonna find out what happened? You know with this? This all impeachment trial and whose involved in all of that I expected there to be few hands, When I asked are we actually gonna find out? What's true, No one raise their hands on the simple thing of what was the eat me. No phone call and the actual charges of the articles of impeachment are there Are there any basis to that. They didn't even think that they will
fair trial in the Senate, he's going to expand their smart because the republic in senators, one to embarrass the Democratic Party today they're, not looking for the truth. And from my perspective- and I studied this pretty hard. Down. Tromp was indiscreet in how he approached the Ukraine, but is that a shocked anybody know? Ok, that's what he is. At what he does your stream of consciousness speaker. He reaction, fortunately he felt that there was corruption. The Ukraine on a number of different fronts, including Joe Biden, any asked the president to investigate it. That's it ok, now the Republican Party, they want they. They said that time and time again what they want to do is bringing Hunger Biden and Joe Biden and Schiff embarrassed the hell out of you. It is, I think, bringing
I honestly think what would we have spent for years now, on impeachment, we have and millions of dollars on investigation and He found out Bid Donald Trump, we didn't do anything in collusion with Russia. We found out something. We already know that Russia is trying to infiltrate our country and disturb our elections. They don't care, the winner is quite honest, they just are trying pitted against each other, but they haven't spent any time on. Looking really into that, then as soon as he makes this phone call, they rushed to impeachment. Somebody has to be held responsible for thee out what I you think, is an abuse of the american pocket book. If not abuse the power never gonna happen. I mean it's not gonna happen. Everybody four, avenue did to victory next November and in all its, not just the president
parts of the Republicans guy. Take back the house, I mean it control it out in the Senate and Trop wins, but isn't but isn't best went in the best way to do that, to show that it through a fair process. That the that Adam Schiff was cooking the books in LOS Angeles everywhere. That will never. Are acknowledged in a million years, no matter what proof comes to the fore when is big day with the horror which report, I would just ask you about that. Comes out. What are you ready already the wash and impose taking the lead match nothing no big deal on another, I'm anything so that would you get it one needed in the Senate. The press would goodbye goodbye, so bad no big deal, but it all. Two way way way way. What is good at what is going to happen with words report? Do you have any inkling on what we want to find somebody in the Justice Department and but I
it is an item a you know that, like I can't tell your audience that this is true, but this is what the person said to me. Ten ten being the most helpful to the administration and zero billion boy zero being just neutral or help, notably robbing hurtful ok channel four zero hurtful. This is in eight, it's an eight out of ten that it will help drop that, as with the guy said to me, and I don't know if it's true, I had no idea. We spitting is obviously in the administration. So what we have, what it's? What with those things be in our report is horrible the two is not Elliot. Ness aright he's not a crusader for justice. Even always inspector general of the Justice Department. He is a bureaucrat
see why a village, people guy, ok, if he says I am referring to Durham, who is the coach investigator thee. His name's that he might want to consider indicting home run for Trump impeachment goes off the rails the american people are in an uproar, cable news. Ratings through the roof. If that is the case if he's mealy, mouthed and one really abuse of power by the others really did carefully, then it's nothing to nothing so thou be out on Monday and will play a talk about next week on it but the over, arch here is this the
nothing really matters except the election next November, because the american people have a door decision to make starck. Do you want an imperfect man, Donald Trump and an imperfect as a charitable if you really an ice age, a trap, I lay the man out for you. Ok, you want and imperfect man was actually helping the countries policies are helping the country and they are ok or do you want a progressive left? That's gonna change, every fundamental thing that we have everything. What do you want And that's the boat, and it's not just for pressure. I said so how's the Senate, because whoever gets power if the Republican Party gets power,
in that both houses and the presidency next November. The far left progressive movement is dead, finished in the history of this country, at least for the foreseeable future. If the opposite happens. We enter into an age of anarchy were all Our traditions are appended what everything changes where the government becomes so powerful that this, It in a local officials have nothing to say every It will be one out of Washington from a progressive perspective. That is what Nancy Pelosi Adam ship all of these people they want more power to tell you what do and how to live on every issue. This is what is. Stick. Why do you say that the progressive era
If you will, or the progressive movement towards that will be gone for the foreseeable future. Fingers look come from an Fourthly, and Graham come in with a vengeance of vengeance. And they will attack every progressive saying or our issue and Roi, it. What makes you say that there are mad, is particularly the president now. I'm going your tell is something that I haven't really made public, but I had dinner with drop last week in residence with him, with Kim with him all gathered Kim Jong. Il you should have level has invited Nokia per hour. I saw an eye for travellers can be launched, it was not. And it was like old times, because I've known
the thirty years and so twice with many times, but he's angry, and when I women because I'm angry what happened to me in all. I may see crap you and I sure, I'm sure, you're angry and when Tromp witten, very strange, remembers- a man would know restraints. Ok, let's get some trouble time. If he gets can look Congress. For those for years. You don't wanna, be a progressive and heal the went to California. That's where he's gonna make his example. That's why I asked a that question about almost Any radio interview he gonna go went to California and that state is gonna, be in big trouble. It's forest federal funding. Everything else So it's an amazing election coming up here and I dont again, don't think people understand the weight of it
That's why I want them to all go see you in SALT Lake City on tomorrow for the are you gonna? Do you know I'm a dime only doing Christmas, stuffy, olives, lots of singing limiting yeah me and Vienna. Yeah back is like The irish tenor yeah yeah yeah good here that in my voice, that I'd be, and I want to talk about plugs of you. If you will United States a Trump great stock, you suffer give outside among below rallied icon, as you mentioned it to top. We have a great Christmas store, saving people. Save money, and I want oh, I'm gonna be talk with you over the next few weeks, but I want you to have a nice season because all of us in that world You know, it's upsetting, what's happening, America's upsetting. I want us to be a tropical. I will tell you if this continues the down this road. I don't think there's enough volume in the end Europe and the entire planet to keep people com, it's it's crazy. What is happening right
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my pillow dotcom new radio listener specials at check out, make sure you use the promo code back for extra savings. It's my pillow, not gum this is the Glenn Programme I have something truly amazing, you'd I'd. Never think. I never thought I would heard here said about Disney Disney. Does not have baby Yoda Foresail for Christmas, that is,
using consider raising everywhere on the internet. It is and it's the cutest it's the curious thing they ve done since probably Steamboat Willie, I mean it's. A great great iconic characterises from the Disney plus serious, the middle or in Re S. Yes, is it? Is it? Is it a big role in the shot? Oh yeah about that intentionally intentionally, they didn't do it. They didn't want. It revealed that it was baby Yoda they didn't. We, any of those images released. They wanted the fans to experience it for the first time and they learned from the other toys that were shipped out prior to even they weren't supposed to be seen they would leak out right, and so they didn't want any spoilers on this, and so they for they theyve they thus giving up a tonnes ready gave up all of that revenue for Christmas for Christmas. It won't be
available until, like February. That's amazing, I mean they. They lost a lot of revenue from taking all this stuff back to their own site, to they give up billions of dollars and licensing to start daily plus. Some in I ask that this will happen. Eight movies that make a billion dollars a year. You gotta make some some artistic choices. In those years, yet they're not exactly panicked or strap for now you're lessening Glenn like so much a furious, if you re a subscriber of course, you already know because you can get that right now I mean, after the show, of course, almost daily. We hear stories of the assaults on free speech here in Amerika. They people are coming so unglued that you know Christians, jewish people, they are called
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the future of entertainment and enlightenment. So Bloomberg yesterday came out with his his anti gun policy and how you know we're gonna just round up all these evil guns meanwhile, we find out from I think it's the atm that they believe Four hundred and twenty five million guns in Amerika are going around all those up baby, just not gonna happen, There is a movement going on now and I think it's a proper. We talk about this after the shooting this morning in Pensacola, theirs, movement. Sanctuary cities, except it's the opposite of the illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities. This one is the sanctuary where you're, actually
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to the Democrats the House decides to Virginia and governor and lieutenant governor general were there. It has largely because a lot of people, through the alleged only forty percent turnout and What does this mean for gun owners in Virginia used to be a very soon lead state. Now it's going hard core left. For one thing, governor had some problems with a photo coming up. I can be a black sage worthy include clutch plan up, we're not sure which was to him. You know either one and to divert attention from for man and the family. We're going to calm. We talk about how you go by killing. Babies advantage to get born, or maybe an abortion did more. Can we actually got born in deciding what to do and killing this baby? Laying on trying to get away from that stuff, he decided to focus on guns plus
poems of money came into Bloomberg Times, millions and millions and millions came in to stay because Bloomberg wants to get gun control. Going averaging a big time. I heard a like Virginia because you'd go, we passed a law when he tried to trick gun dealers into doing straw sales really sales hours, our state put together a new law that did you come in here and do that again and you would have to charge you with a felony and he's never forgiveness for that so he's when he's really out to get it done to Virginia to fight the savage women? Ok, so so it doesn't look like The Democrats will actually- oh the way of Bloomberg and and start taking away guns or or is it just day preparations step to to start really looking into sanctuary cities-
it's really yeah? They they decide to come on board, so blast with all kinds of gun control. We would be end up being worse in New York, city, Jersey, your talent, I'll just all. Oh yes, they put that But what happened was then they that he woke a sleeping giant all the gun honoured to be sleeping for years. All of a sudden woke up. And all what you should see the rallies, we're having a boy to supervise and all of the city There also need never see ever this many people here. For any other thing you know, so Philip explained the people, because there's sanctuary? Cities, usually, are we're not going to enforce this law will what you're saying is your going to enforce the constitution? No, or what you pass the car The tution says this. So it's really not radical
in today's world. It is but it's not a radical idea. Now we're simply protecting a constitutional, constitutionally protected right were simply saying. Yeah, this right is protected period and you can pass what you want, but if it if it violates the constitution, too bad and we have sheriff, saying recorded, forced to stop these wars there pulling it does affect people like me. You people that on criminals it have the perfect threatens all these are going after it's going after it's going after you and me of people that are criminals as a where have you been, I haven't. The ones in Virginia would have to do stuff saga. Turn the man or not be able to have this or that are there no, never even never. They wouldn't care. So we a question yesterday come on the show and
it's my understanding and- and this would love your helpfulness, it's my understanding that The sheriffs are the only law enforcement that answer directly to the people. They don't answer to the governor. They don't answer to the mayor or anybody else they county sheriffs that are elected by the people, and so they are a a force that is on their own they're kind of the the last line of defence for the constitution? Is that true? Yes, it is true. Texas, I think also has elected shares, allows deputy s county by Tom, also prosecutor, are commonwealth attorney. That list It state prosecutor is an elected position so to answer to the people We can't we also prosecutor, saying like an approach, stupid stuff. What does it do? I mean what what? What? What does the left?
I can't imagine in Amerika coming. Or guns, they just won't there are already trying to back pedal on this stuff that they watched their actually there very concerned are watching this hope, this analysing in uprisings what their sea of people going to all these meetings. Three counties thou there saying we're, not war or sanctuary that have an account of this or that of how many lines. Ninety five so little Rico. Poaching the halfway mark and in that we ve only been doing this well after the election in November. So this is the and this can be a vast number of them. Coming up to consider this, on Monday and Tuesday were also planning to have a lobby Day rally on January. Twenty eight, a m at the capital we,
though they rarely exercise to learn but lobby, they start to date. We expect we don't know how many people are going to have, but if we can usually turn out a thousand eight hundred two thousand, I think this is gonna be an absolutely. I popping think my life is, boy that she thinks it was actually going on in Virginia, will end up being historical, and I think it will be able to do anything like this, and I think that the whip, people rising up against things that are unconstitutional is what our founders told us to do is why we have the first and second amendment. And when the people rise up locally, I think it will the impact of me, but how many of you you know your ear, We kind of run by Fairfax County. Are you not now
a few hours ago? That's the problem! We don't have that electoral colleges Virginia so that the vast majority of states read but being dragged around by a few blue areas and those in some people don't know region. Fairfax County is basically the supper Washington DC. He had serious in its it Very blue and the russian state is pretty. Read the little splotch blue here and they are not much and their distress this round the waist who state is basically standing up saying I now for this you know, you're not We have the right to vote guns. Would they want a ban on exactly what our founding fathers would expect us to help by the way, once fearing Virginia said. If they were to pass it got back, he will deputies Every gun honour in the county to make them large fortunes. Let's keep a guide, has asked wow. And he can do that to carry this again.
I've had some amazing housing general all these wonderful. They asked. I ought to be. One of the Democrats. Delegates asked our attorney General Hake, nobody sanctuary. Citizens have no no beating right, and I was his dying to see his response. Could Yuki supported change you, poor illegals illegal aliens. So how is he gonna is? so either they either are they are, you know, are not something you know suffer, you can't put him between a rock and a hard place so filled Are you hearing from other states in the union and other other parts of the country that are looking at you italian model. Yes, oh yes, absolutely! because they know, if Virginia falls than their next, I mean there's no way to run we term pointing out the door to them. You can go to Kentucky North Carolina, you gotta taxes, you're humming, you have to stand up,
were you on this country, you cannot run we're we're here to find people died and ditches. They were you and I are. We could certainly stand and fight and stupid politician, Philip, thank you. Much- and I wish you d- the wish you the best and and mice, sear, sincere hope that, thing remain sane and and nobody stupid gets involved in and does does things on either side because I think people have had enough of being pushed around and the constitution being just shadow. You know shoved into a corner or or outright ignored, and a p full movements like this. Where you stand, your ground are going to be the things that that change change the course of country. Thank you. Thank you very much. You batten, bye, bye, If you want to find out more, you can go to,
see de l vase, de l dot org! That's! Virginia citizens, Defence League V C. De L and find out more on this s? said this many many times for many years know who you, sheriff is get to know your share a fierce. Europe is the last line of defence when it comes. Was two guns they report directly to you? There's no governor mayor anybody else in line when you have your police department, they are doing the bidding of the commissioner, in the then the mayor in every one else there. Tis a stand alone organization, and it was for a reason, and so know who your county sheriff is an make sure that they are for the first
the second him at the helm, for all of the amendments to the constitution. So, let's do you ever miss made ever mistake ever miss any of it a long time for me, since I've had any so now it's not too. Like any, did this coincide at that time when we went to Ruth Chris and we had but mistaken, you lie your taste, buds and you're just eating Tito's and remember you're you're telling of my history. Is, as I remember when I remember being with you at a Ruth Chris and we were got were celebrating something and I was sitting next to you. I think, and you said to the guy- do have something crunch
Are you are you are describing how you wanted it to feel in her mouth and, unlike what the hell are you talking about? A weird was a little where it was weird, but you hadn't told anybody for a while there you lost all sense of tax just a few months. I'm your man no big deal, certainly not ass, a sorry to go to the doktor for a minute that didn't now I did at the time. Yeah right, I was having a came back, though, unfortunately for my physique came back because the best thing about not having a taste buds. Is you don't care right I think I order broccoli. You did why not. Why? Wouldn't I only right texture and I was- and so they times? You know now being the fattest man on the earth, and I know seriously, we have slowed down because I'm on this part of the american continent, we slowed the earth's rotation down just a little bit and we are a little worried that taxes may capsized size? Well, I'm in the middle kind of them, I go too far EAST or what
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What's going on around the world, this please pray for peace and voice yourself, for the people that are rising up in the streets in in a ran, this is the most violent upright in IRAN, since nineteen seventy five one thousand nine hundred and seventy five aracari one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine is when the students of the Islamic Republic? decided to stand up and bring their POW Ayatollah Khamenei back and then What created this islamic state of IRAN is its persia it. It is such a rich, rich history. And has an understanding of freedom and intellectual ism, and I mean it's, This is not a backwater people by any chance of, by any stretch of the imagination, rich rich culture. These
it will solve these probably were part of the revolution in seventy nine fighting, for overthrow of the shah. Now there in the street saying we do not want islamic law. We want the islamic state abolished. And millions of them are out in force right now and about a thousand none of them have been just gun down in the streets there there Hundreds of these protests happening in hundreds of cities. All across ran and the sources are telling us now that the iranian national? art is just going in and they're just there, taking these smaller ones in smaller cities and their just gunning, everybody down with machine guns and then, when loved ones, come to claim the bodies, still there and they say. Oh that's your husband! That's your son Betcher, your daughter, yeah! Well, you owe us for the bullets
Ceuta for holes in them. You owe us the price for four bullets just to rubs, halt in the wound and show therein charge its grotesque. What's happened, Seven thousand people have been swept up and put into prison. You think there's any chance that this actually results in the overturn. Yes, you do. I do if, if Trump reacts right, but I do and so far you think he has. I think he has in its what Obama didn't do right. We are. We are crushing them on sanctions right now, so there there, their value of their dollar, if you will Thirty thousand recalls to one dollar under Obama under Trump, its one hundred and thirty thousand reality today, or the price of milk and meat and cheese. Everything that you would need ups. Seventy per cent, and just the last few months and gas was the
as they are now they're like we can you drive you're spending all this money who on the foreign wars that we What are you? Are we don't want the caliphate? We don't even want the republic here and they're starting to get even some of the religious people which I dont think they have they know eight so there getting some of the religious people, not the clerics, but the getting some of the religious people. That are saying enough is enough, and I think if we stand. Strong, I think think they go free. It's interesting is I am optimistic. Obviously, this terrible regime and we ve been rooting for the actual people of IRAN that have a chance at freedom for a very long time, However, we have also seen over that time how many opportunities for freedom have been acquired and then also wasted. I'm well largely when you have a turnover of a free state into a totalitarian state.
We usually less about eighty years, so we're at the half way point you know they might have they might to have that entire generation pass than remembers it at all before. You have a chance to freedom? I hope that's not true, and if we say and strong and lead the people in around no we're behind you. It gives them The strength to hold on hand to keep moving forward are right. My wife has made it very clear, very clear that she wants an ex chair Christmas. Guess what my wife's getting for Christmas picture That would be the smart thing to do now. Wouldn't it are so she's going to get the she's she's gonna get the gift that she's been asking for. You know August honestly by not giving away jesus- I like big, you know, I'm just thinking, maybe the exchequer,
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really excited for Asia Podcast with Nicky Hayley. In a way, I don't think you ve ever seen or heard her she is so genuinely likeable and so honest and open. I mean I just she not feel like a politician and wicked wicked wicked smart and it was interesting how she talked about. She was first offered the job of Secretary of State and she went to meet with the president and and turned him turned him down and fears of a cut from that. Nicky Hayley podcast you're such a different, but I dont know, You know this.
But you are you know Jean Kirkpatrick S, oh yeah he's the only you sir. We ve ever had you now that I've went where's Jean. She was so great. You have here not this. Had suit politician near Nada. You're, not an angry woman, you're you're, ambitious, and yet doesn't seem like it I'm sure you get all of those calling- and I think it's because and this may have been the PTSD. The cause of this, you see, to be very empathetic, you seem to be able to feel people yeah. I was like that growing up and I think it's because, even though some painful times, growing. Being
screw emanated against or watching my dad go through tough times things like that. You one have no patient four boys because you remember when they did it to you too. You have sympathy for those that are made to feel different, because I myself know what that felt. Like and so I have always been very in tune with people's pain. And very in tune with how to lift them up. So They can be stronger and not be victims of that. That's really rare and Paul. I mean I think those politicians are two sociopaths. I must just tough club to be apart, and now it is but but they are you know them, It's on are not saying this to a pet sounds bad, but it's hard do what they do,
and be able to steam through it and push through it, and just I mean you view, are you know a witness? you're a testimony of that look at what happened to you. You know You internalize stuff in man, if you're Stephen in the public eye Don't do that cause you'll, just and above all, a jealous for you. I think I never wanted to be a politician. I accountant and you'd. I grew up in my family, business and DUMBO than to politics, simply by the fact that I was due the business from my mom's company and was complaining about how hard it was. Make a dollar and how is it was for government to take. It and my mom said don't complain about it, do something about it and I've ran, because I thought there were too many lawyers at the state House and they needed one really gotta comment, and I think that
never wanted to be a politician to be a politician. I've wanted to move the ball, but I wanted to make people better and their every time. I do something like that: it humbles me more. She was what precedes this part of the conversation is when they were, shooting in in the Carolinas, and she had to go and be with the victims, families and she suggests tore her part, just almost destroyed her at fascinating. Oh, she balance that with guns and how she balance that as a human being and how she went through it, she's really a very compassionate and interesting, person. I asked her a little bit about China and doing
stand up for Hong Kong. Listen! When you look at China, I can't figure out how We tell me tell me how Hong Kong place into this. I know it this new. Send a resolution and that he was supposed to sign or maybe did sign House pass it on the Senate path. I hugely important. I take having the backs of the people of Hong Kong. I mean we I have to be on their, so you have to be on their side, because if Hong Kong falls Taiwan as next year- and this is all part of China's grand plans of one thing- they hate more than anything else is being called out, and this call about and says that we will monitor the actions China. As with Hong Kong? So how do we do that and do a deal with China? Well, This is obviously sticky. I think that look out
love to see, and I do think the president should sign it, and I think he should say look we're gonna do this, but if china- which I know is saying few sign that we're gonna pull I know they're doing that, because I saw them dozing serious consequences. They did it at the. U N, all the time they were even allow taiwanese people to come into the Eu they banned, all of them and the? U and listen to avoid them. So much so I know He's doing that, I think that the president. Can either go one of two ways. He can sign it and say we're doing this anyway. He can veto it and the House and Senate are going to override it anyway and then he can say. Well, I didn't do it, but Congress did either way. I would like to see him sign it. I'd like to see him stand when the people of Hong Kong, I think when it comes to our values and when it comes to what we believe and we should compromise on that. China needs us anyway, weather. He signed the Hong Kong Bell or not. They need us anyway
and I think the world needs Tom One to stay. And against oppression. We need- and we when we lead others follow when we lead on Guido and Venezuela, fifty plus other countries, when we lead on the people on defending the people of Hong Kong and having their backs and music the power their voice? Others will listen. We think what's happening. You ve got over a million workers. Are Muslims in re education camps in China, making them in their name change their religion change their way of thinking. If any there are countries in the world were doing this everybody would be up in arms, but because its China No one is talking about it. That's what China it has been doing around the world. Is they bully everybody into not calling them out, but if we can, new to fall in line with that, then they will Continued- are oppressed people around the world. Let me play one more time
This is from Nicky Hayley. This is a podcast that is already of Annabelle at Blaze, tv dot com, if you're a subscriber He's come out on Thursday, so you can get a couple of days headstart! You get the advance on it. Then it goes out too you tube in and everywhere else on Saturday mornings on my podcast until you can be wait till tomorrow, but may this is worth signing up for and hearing this with the Nicky Hayley, I asked her explain how she could leave all of this without a tweet, and her answer was pretty simple: listen every yes, how I got out of the administration without a tweet and. Basically it was, I would tell him the truth. He was doing something right. I would praise him. I would support. I would rally. Oh do whatever is needed. I thought you. Making a mistake. Would say I would com or meet with him and say I think, you're making mistake. Instead, I think you should do x and, would say: ok, how do you see that playing out? He would all,
Please listen not just to me to everybody. He was one that was willing to be swayed, but when he made his mind up he's done, it was obvious. Its ability to support and rally for him to get that away. Business. Every household everything work leads the way the american public expects at work. Is Obama used to sail the time elections have consequences. You were asked to be secretaries day. I was ass to be in the running. For Secretary of state, I was like formally offer the position. I was asked to come to talk about an you went, and you said me, I'm not your person yeah. I because I think that You have to know. When and how to be successful, and we had too much going on in the world and
it would have been United Nations is just the same accepted them. I guess it's. The big beats the big people, table, but they dont do it. How do you think he needed someone with that? Much of a learning curve going at being secretary, say, and I I think it's important for people to know their boundaries, I'm not afraid to push through the fear and do things that are new and and try something new that was too big of us and he deserved better, and I think that the thought that the american people deserve better when he first picked Rex till arson already courses, A pretty big oil and shut up Who else has the experience of running a company the size of Exxon and he's already negotiated massive deals, we were very excited. I mean I thought, especially the he had dealt with leaders of other countries, he you know the business. I am
to see business. People go into government always think. That's the way to go because they they get rid of the red tape. They understand that it's all about getting things done, and so we were all very excited about. I thought there was a brilliant pick. Things are not so much they. Just disagreed on everything, literally on everything, and so it would put me in the middle of that situation, and I agreed with the president on almost everything. So when you win look at, and I think the president was frustrated because so much of what he was trying to do. Rex would slow walk DA are just not do it. That's the reason why he asked me to go to Vienna to see the idea that was looking over the nuclear production of IRAN and doing all of the inspections fascinating interview, you don't want to miss its Nicky Hayley you can. Watch it right now on demand at Blue tv dotcom use, place tv dot com if you're, not a member state?
Glenn used the promo code, Glenn and you'll saved box when you sign up just a really fantastic interview with with Nicky Hayley, and we have some good ones coming up for next year. I get familiar with your front runner for the twenty four republican nomination. Clearly, because there is no isn't it I thought it was so smart when she said you know I'm staying on the United Nations. That's a pretty big gig, but she knew the difference between the United Nations GIG and the Secretary of State and she was like. I thought that was too much for me on a learning curve to be fair to the present I mean she's, very smart in building one piece at a time, now she has all the necessary experience, not only from the end of the overseas experience you're talking about here, but also the governor restate amino and executive level, a role
overseeing a big economy in a growing economy. I mean it's a its image: she's gonna, she's gonna start this thing in first place to vote three different politicians very different politicians, Ben SAS and Nicky Hayley, thereby both said setting themselves up if they choose to run for president in twenty twenty foreign, and then ass has been a guy, he's been pretty invisible lately. But he has set himself up as a guy. That is just reasonable, can talk to everybody Nicky Hayley is kind of the same thing. I mean they're, gonna demonize her, but Once you are exposed to her and listened to her she's, not extremists by any stretch of the imagination and would be our first indian American although I doubt she would ever classify herself. Is there but she'd be our first indian american president
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here's a great! Now, those Bloomberg has finally unveiled his plan for gun control, and he says it's really. It's gonna! Stop being all of these massacres and everything else He's gonna raise the age, twenty one, saying purchasing booze, he says he's gonna require we got owner to obtain a permit before making a purchase and require a forty eight hour waiting period. A background checks will cover a private sales and gunshot wounds, gun shows and your recourse gonna
buddy, the bad guy, they're gonna, be, you know, denied ACT MR firearms. Here we are we or what He also wants Congress to have the Red Flag LAW, of course, that way, if you know somebody says hey, I think my ex husband might be danger and we're going through divorce right now. You know that they can take the, husbands, guns away without me about anything else, and so he's got these things and he sang at you know, I'm I'm gonna that this is gonna, be very important to me, and this is one of the things I moving forward. So Bloomberg has that go in for him. That sounds great yeah? It's interesting to the detailed study on Republicans, one of their most intense policy positions, intensity, so here's the top five number five dont reduce the military size. They don't want that avenant number, five, never five! Never for build a wall.
Number three was interesting: no slavery reparations, and it's like it's very highly just like they know it's very popular, very much supported, but also very intense, like come along and addresses reduced number. Two dont ban guns, so there's a number two most passionate feeling they have its number one: abortion, constitution, dont impeach Trump, One wow? So me you see that like this is, but I mean the gun thing is massive. Republicans will not better study, showed guns and impeaching of trouble or the two things they thought could lead to civil war. That remarkable your lessening TAT Glenn back.
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