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Is America Reliable? | Guests: Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin & PolitiZoid | 8/17/21

2021-08-17 | 🔗

Did anything good come from the failed move to remove American troops from Afghanistan? Pat Gray joins to discuss Biden’s blame-shifting address and his lack of appearance during this Afghanistan controversy. Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin joins to discuss the Afghan/Taliban takeover and how this is America's loss. Author Raymond Ibrahim joins to share his insight on Afghanistan and its prosecution of Christians. Author Vivek Ramaswamy joins to discuss his new book “Woke, Inc.” which exposes how corporate America is poisoning society. Former Disney artist PolitiZoid joins to talk about his viral video parodying a famous Disney ride and how Disney has gone off the woke end.

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The best thing I have heard or read about the debacle in Afghanistan comes from Andrew styles, and he writes the. U S. Military withdrawal from Afghanistan has quickly become the most embarrassing national security debacle since the Vietnam WAR. Perhaps more importantly, however, the debacle is one of the most inclusive of its kind in american history. Let share with you what Andrews tiles lines out, because maybe this is a win for inclusive III programme, being. Finally, financially and fiscally responsible is important, especially if you want to have comfort in your life and a little bit of flexibility. But sometimes it is
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This is like Saigon. No, it's not it's not like Saigon, because Nobody was hanging on to the helicopter and then plug king to their death after take off, so it wasn't like Saigon, there right but he writes the vitamin instructions. Afghanistan policy may have failed in the conventional sense, It was remarkably successful in terms of gender and racial diversity of the individuals risk possible for that failure? Men he will die as a result, plan blame for their deaths will be shared among an impressive array of female and people of color in a fish. Capacities. All in all she's, a triumph of a hurricane inclusiveness. Annex actual instants. Vice President Koala Harris was report.
leave, the last person in the room with President Joe Biden when he made the decision to withdraw american troops from Afghanistan Harris A FEMA female person of color she is a two meal, indian Afro, making descent. And she's also in charge by buying failed efforts to secure our southern border. So the issue do you know she is she Quite an amazing woman and her chief spokesperson, Also, all oh a person of color. Now, if you want to go a little further secretary defence, Lloyd, Austin, first African American, to serve in that position and the four. to preside over military defeat in such an extraordinary magnitude. So he'll be remembered, Aerial, Haines, the director of national intelligence, she's, the first woman to oversee and epic intelligence failure-
after the? U S by agencies estimated the Taliban would overrun caboodle within ninety days of U S withdraw it has When, in seventy two hours by sheep, I mean she is going to be remembered as the first woman to really oversee something. This horrific by the way, last ceiling, shattered, shattered and shattered, as she also used to host a regular erotica night events in bookstores in Baltimore. So we got that gone for we gutter. What You were right. I have none of its absolutely true yeah, several Haines. Another important figure and binds decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is the deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. Now she was the former director of Emily's list who served as a lead negotiator for the IRAN's nuclear deal. and she was joined by Victoria Newland, the under
secretary of state for political affairs, new and prepared? You know at to Rosemary Hall, she graduate from Brown University so served as a non resident. Fellow at the Brookings institution and she is also a woman who has defended chinese propaganda but she's a woman she's a woman. and she was there okay and that counts for something Linda Thomas Greenfield, the: U S ambassador to the United Nations, should he provided invaluable representation as a person of color with a vagina, Our handrail may orchestra, the Secretary of Homeland Security critic. a voice from the letter thinks community, as he oversaw the administrations effort to provide visa to military interpreters and other Afghan Fiji's. Now I mean It didn't really work out, but the blood of
those people b on the most diverse set of hands in the history of american decision, making that's great. That is now Whitehouse Press Secretary General. Okey conveniently out of the office until the twenty second of August, but she has been both a fearless defender of the administrations of decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. stern critic of the Taliban. She has vagina lie. last week she warned that the militant group has asked to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community, and I think I think That kind of dress down from Saki again, a woman. is amazing and she's the start of a woman. Ok,
She is also a proud member of the under represented of under represented ginger american community. You don't see a lotta ginger's and especially ginger's in power, not in this country at least now you don't not enough go and not enough, not enough, so I mean that is a diverse group of people. Of course, Biden. represents those people who are in cognitive decline you know, and the older sat that just can't do it any more and that is upper. You know. That's under represented in most board rooms, or the highest levels
Really, I Norbert worry Organisation attempting to be competent, don't normally indulge don't take the brave step of taking someone who is incompetent, yeah and put them in charge, and we ve done that. I mean, I think, that you know when you get somebody who is cognitive, Lee complete Lead Lee checked out: That is an important under represented under represented the viewpoint. Really it was. This is an interesting choice did to put as a leader someone who's, incompetent and incontinent witches. If it is not usually done, not not the normal not usually died. I was under the impression that I have to say that my Maybe this is, I should admit this on the air, but I was impression that only white men could fail. The spectacularly no and add at is that's why we have to celebrate yes inclusive. men, we happen to celebrate
the fact that we see now people of color people, vaginas. Awhile people at our ginger people that are completely incapacitated because they're so old, yes, vote. can bring bring a bring about the biggest debacle in all of american history, and I think that is loud. That's at his red on the link that loud pause for a minute and look at But you know I will tell you that is its more than just this, because we have to go back to President Obama, and really a tip the hat to President Obama. For this, because you know he was the guy who really laid the groundwork for all of this, and I think it's great in twenty fourteen
we all might remember the five Taliban commanders bird that were released from get MO and weep. Why like me, where we were like. I don't do that. That's really do these guys are really bad, but he? pointed out that no no now they ve been in jail now since two thousand two in and they can go back in and be productive members of society? And it was it was Brok Obama, again, a person of color? just to show the diversity there. Why people involved, there were men, there were blacks, they were native Americans, they were, they were Indians. They were all kinds of different people involved in this decision that made it as spectacular as it really is. I mean when you want to say hey did the white people just take off on an air?
Plain where a bunch of people were hanging onto the sides and have them fall to the death. You'll say no, no, that was a community that made. That happened. That's great, and so, when you look at the new commander, of the Taliban. The guy who's in charge of the Taliban, just want you to know that he was in get MO twenty fourteen he was taken in two thousand to because he now don't judge him, ok, he was one of the main liaisons with Al Qaeda. While he was functioning in the the the original Taliban. Remember so someone that can work well with others. Yes, absolutely absolutely and he was really I mean he was really doing some some some great things back. Then he was the Minister of the Interior
now here the Minister of Interior would oversea our national parks and things like that. But were in the Taliban, the Minister of Interior is, The guy that oversees the enforcement of the islamist punishments, also, he was the guy who was in charge of cutting people's hands and heads off. you, know, stoning and, though the kinds of things that was his job and we captured him in two thousand to because he was not a good guy. So we sent the prison and then in twenty fourteen Barack Obama finds this guy. Who we all know, is a hero. Did you remember Bobo, burgle yeah, The the army sergeant. I am It was taken by the extremists tender and they were they were. He was
taken and in well. It not tortured. Buddy was held for two years and then during that two years suddenly they became very, very good at targeting our troops. and later Hanno later we find out that TA Oh, he pleaded guilt. two desertion and Miss behaviour before the enemy and was sentenced to a dishonourable discharge. and well he appealed Bud two p m, but courts held up the conviction against him. So oh, you know and several soldiers were killed or seriously injured during the search and rescue missions to find him. Sorry wasn't two years it was five years in captivity. and and that's when Obama celebrated him as a heroic p, o w some, the Pentagon never never said, obviously cause they were getting ready to well
charge him with serious crimes, but then his dad, you know praised Allah in the rose garden and it was. It was great. It was great we traded him. or the guy who's now leading the Taliban, so I yeah yeah. Even When you think this is bad, then you realize no! No! No! This election of views, the diverse people. I was thinking back to the denigrate immortal words of both Burg doll. You know, and I am glad that we traded this Taliban leader leader for four and I was thinking back to what he was saying about a man, our current how much he loved it and well when he said. I'm sorry for everything here people need help. Yet what they get is the most conceded country in the world telling them that they are nothing that they are stupid. They have no
idea how to live. I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting, glad we got em like a guy MAC. We created him, probably live Taliban leaders, including the big leader being later on. I was in charge of Anna stand, who, by the way, has promised there he'll be a very diverse Taliban there. knocking overlook. Women are stoned when, where he'll kill them just as fast as anybody else anyway, you wanna stack I want one about every twenty minutes of my life, but its import. when you do have a snack that something good for you and I. A hearing that, because I dont believe anything that I love it is good for me until I found built, bars, the flavor comes first at built and
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a woman who, I just think is really quite brilliant. She does a podcast for ricochet and her name is Mikhail, gets she wrote to me last night and she said I been thinking about the people of Afghanistan. And many nights in my prayers, I say thank you, God for choosing me to be a person and to live in America and to live right now concern only that God could drop me down at any place at any time. I'm floored that I was chosen to be born here, in Amerika. At this time. watching the last hope for freedom fail fade into in real time for people in Afghanistan. I can't help but wonder why one of them is not me, Why is it them and not me People literally hold onto airplanes and the hopes of leaving their country, I'm here, concern about rising gas prices. as the Taliban strips women of their personas in Amerika. We
concerned about female athletes being paid less than their male counterparts, the little prince active changes. Everything now that minimum we're not facing real challenges. We are, but I still Thank God. Every day I was born in America and somewhere. Somewhere Afghanistan like Afghanistan, I was not born in watch the Taliban make such a radical advance may, the preservation of american ideas even more paramount free, Is being stripped away from people of Afghanistan? Surely. we can't willingly hand hours away in America should Thirdly, we won't do that. She wrote what I was in Ukraine, a man. So my? U S, passports sneaking out of my backpack. As I put my things away, the golden ticket. He said
every day in Ukraine, someone would tell me of their dream and men there of coming to work in Amerika I even had a few marriage proposals. But my best friend in Ukraine Anna, why to come to America and sell jewelry. My monk alone a jewelry store in my town. I we considered working there as the backup. Should I really need a job and fail if everything else. considering that Anna's dream is my last resort, backup really sure me at the time. God loves Anna same as he loves me and is a full intelligent, tough she'd be, great american. For some reason, I was born with a golden ticket and not her. In no way is justified, and yet it is the question is because God has given me so much. What can I do In return,
How can I be worthy of the blessing of being an american today. That's the question I am asking myself today that upon his graining gaining ground. Freedom is being globally challenged we seem to be giving hours away what and I do with the blessing of beef, an American today that is real perspective that is what we should be thinking of today. blessed. We are to live here and we didn't have to scramble onto an airplane or hold under the tires as it was lifting off, we were given this and for anybody who thinks that America is in the best Would you hold on to the
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This is the Glen Back programme. We welcome that grey from that Graham leashed into our studios will is now. Thank you boy. I was proud of our president yesterday bursting he bursting with bright. He took the mature office here well, except for the Vienna, the part that this effort in power, where he blamed Trump here and a part that he and the Afghan venal, as he said, the book is not as here except for whereas around, but it does not stop at fault. It really didn t really filed solely there that I was not by the buck, stops directly right and it was important to know that he made the decision. Buddy was forced into the decision.
Bye, bye, bye, drop, drop me. This is the one thing, that's mainly via the Trump plan, like he's done so many other time. Every man, if he's followed one term planning followed as we continue to resist to change it up at all, direct, doesn't want us going at once to good that's why this is a that. That's why that was a good excuse, yeah, is consistency and all the other trump related matters like the border. Yeah here instance just judge our straight ahead straight exercising land. Is it go, and I mean the nice thing is the way he he is so consistent. The way
the border is going is exactly the way I've gotta get as land is going gimme worse than ever before me. Yes, I'll cut! Yes, what isolation? Now? It's not that's, not gonna play as they. Actually, it is spending ending yeah there. Worthington that may be a thirteen trillion dollars to twenty one trillion dollars by the end of his term. I thought I was limited for that too. That a trinity spent was ridiculous. You split that in about an hour and all Democrats agreed with that spending point out. Our world trump, I believe, was making them smaller wasn t what boy was it like a zone of some of it yeah yeah? by the way, George W Bush, spoke out yesterday, he said Lauren I've been watching. The tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan with deep sadness are Arts are heavy for both the afghan people, who have suffered so much and for the Americans and native out a NATO allies who have also sacrificed so much
Afghans now or at the greatest risk, as our as are the same ones, who have been in the forefront of progress inside their nation press in Biden, has promised to evacuate these Afghans, along with american citizens and our allies, the United its government has legal authority to cut the red tape for refugees during in humanitarian crisis- and this is what I like you know. We could have done that slowly, and methodically Now, let's just lay Let's just cut the red tape and no need to really go slowly on who comes here in Amerika who doesn't yet I'm sure all those who were applying only have the best of intentions and real. He belong here which is yeah. You won't get anybody from the Taliban or Al Qaeda. No, not a single mill. I mean there's gonna, be anybody. I mean I just hope we can get more olano Mars.
You know right which we brought in to this country, and she has just she loves it she's here, by the way, did you hear about the dna test? Did see this story? Yes, there was a dna to hear about the DNA told you didn't know: yeah endeavoured dna laboratories; it did a task they Ok, they took, I think, straw from one of them and a cigarette and a cigarette, but from the other, ok man, the Alot Amar and her I'd rather other recently had in mind her husband, brother, yeah, brother, husband, a brother or other husband. Now here's the find out it is her brother. Well only ninety nine point: ninety nine, nine, nine nine eight percent chance so you're saying there's a chance, there's a chance that they're not
Hopefully that kind of training done. It's weird story: they based claim to have, legitimately like she's smoking and they just took the cigarette bought it, as did the dna of Multiple year investigation at the very outset. I it's a very strict, its story, but that is what I will who report that was the daily mail daily mail. Yes, I do now I dont, while I heard anyone else reporting it yet. I believe there are very odd story well
but interesting auto is very high on the site is even without letting I evidently I let's not talk about it, cause, there's nothing to see their let's just get as many people from Afghanistan on two flights here in Amerika lug it's off line, because no, I wouldn't I don T, know how to do this. They do it. Out of the union have been a tough line. It wouldn't have been a tough line. Had you done it differently, yeah, you, you say we're gonna, pull out everybody who is concerned about. dying. Come to the embassy right now and will get all this paper work done. we should have done that first and they ve been doing that they just below the process, the entire time, which is not large rights here they ve had plenty of time. I mean, as we as everyone has noted here, Donald Trump. negotiated this deal em my palm pale negotiated the steel and the the x this post. We may first so actually had more time than was
actually, I hope, light in the deal and still at what wagon, which is incredible, who you are you at multiple extra months to prepare for this and still skirted up like the man Fifthly, mass massively pathetic. Well, you know the thing that I really like is the fact that now the entire world, every a single one of our allies. Now saying they know they can trust us who the other could. I know, they're coming out now. They know how their loud I know they are and saying we don't know. If we can trust that America, I ever have our back we'll yeah, that's england- and I am Denmark in Germany and France are allies are saying, while some of those countries punch above their weight anyway, you only after they don't need. I do they do it only a year they. What would you say if I'm Taiwan, I am
terrified me? Don't worry or China just said when we march in to Taiwan, don't expect the Americans come, you, Americans won't help in their right exists equally right the right when you say about that nuke a meteorite, clearly any move it try to obviously is where this I'm not breaking news to them, but any move they want to make right now they could just get. Oh, they already did with Hong Kong method did of a hug.
but in doing so you didn't. I could do it with the negative with Taiwan they could do wherever they wanted. You guys know there. They know it and they won the attempts to guess you that I guess I see they tried to when the elixir by adding Taiwan is added gone at least still didn't beat us. Would Taiwan in Hong Kong, but they tried and not in IRAN, and it was very, it was very close. It was very, very, very close and Canada cause they're like us anyway, legged aliens apart and China and China. We have also added China and we'd still be at what had not even half the population. They says, amazing. Think that you know what I've times are popular maritime areas into exceptional America is an exceptional. They five times of the population and no forget the sport camps, the times children from their families when there to correct and they take the children that are are destined for greatness.
And they never see their families again and there taken these camps and their trained their whole life division What you're gonna do and vague? and find a way to beat us supreme- gee, I normally system doesn't work. Does it that freedom thing just there's bad or now it's gotta messy, yes, but were exceptional. You know a lot like great Britain is exceptional in Japan is exceptional hands exception. Everyone hardware is exceptional, there's nothing exceptional out ass, because everyone makes their accession or exceptional. He can I your question. Should anyone be talking about the twenty Fifth amendment anyone talking about that you mean should everyone. He forgot all about Rob yes, yeah when he gets back in August. We need to remove him immediately with a twenty five amendment. No eleven thirteen
Fourteen days left better get that annex I and pretty soon I mean I find this incredible that no one is talking. about that. Don't you know honestly watching him yesterday yesterday looks on you looked solid and honestly, because you have really worked in two weeks. It maybe, but I would say he seemed completely work, the competent in his huge mistake, like a hygiene, he absolutely seem too. I did this intentionally or delayed it out and I stand behind it yeah. I thought he ok I'll. I you know cause on Sunday. I felt the same way words this guy? president or not, but he was, he was just making this decision intentionally at it. What the way that you are talking about not on the weekend, not on the weekend, he wasn't. He wasn't he actually calling the Fort Worth School District
to congratulate them on their trade unions are true thing. True story actually did very brave stand on masks to stand against the governor of Texas he was making calls to support, to the teachers union, while People were falling out of the sky and being slaughtered in the streets of Afghanistan I mean just in case you needed to be worse there. It is theirs. There's your present Alzheimer's. Coming into this, none of us believed Joe Biden was going to be a good, hesitant, but this is really Tang. Ideas were resettled. I thought this is. You know why this is the exact opposite of Donald Trump. My ex- acted Donald Trump to be somewhat of a disaster.
I am in sixty in two thousand and thirteen he gets in office and he was a disaster on you know, relationships and everything else, but it all kind. It turned out the right way. You know, I think, they're all treasonous in the press and you're like, oh dear god. Why would you say that? And they like two years later in your life, I please rise. It is, and I think it is right that animals the apples here, basically, he came in with one of the biggest people forget this one of them These things in the entire campaign was ISIS, and two thousand six wipe them out any wiped him out very similar situation. Here we haven't insurgent groups, starting here we're just giving them the country, whereas, like you guys take it, we do better than we could anyway. That's basically is we think about how bad this is, and this has been we all all assumed. This is almost very similar to the Taliban, like we all kind of assume that maybe the Taliban would be back and control eventually, but
happened. So fast was like breathtaking. That's the bite administration that I didn't assume he was going to be a good president, but this is breathtaking: how bad he has been, how quickly gotta he's got into this level of complete failure where this is It is remarkable, no, you do this well. Why would you expect less in Afghanistan when this is exactly how breathtaking the border was yet the poor extreme, hey? Didn't it wasn't a big build up? It was just like you, God I am, and everybody game they had a short they ve been running for years on the border that the government releases and use these amazing. Have you seen this anomaly probably seen this chart a million times, for they show like how many migrants are coming in and, unlike the lines kind of, follow each other pretty much every year that, despite every once in a while, and then you see in the chart where they goes up and goes way above the all previous years well, the peak of that chart was two hundred thousand.
They have now had to adjust the chart because it literally went off the chart went on sure they haven T changed greatly thing gives due to ten or twenty so another now north of the top of the annual chart. That's how bad he's been he's been legitimately literally off the charts, bad congratulate very diverse group that some of the man in the administration or haven't babies, and I just lingots it's something to be proud, really awry so you want your kids to know about the truth. You want to know. Why Socialism is bad. Why you can't think, like the collective, why individual responsibility is so important. why the free market works you
have to inoculate them? You wanna vaccine this one, no mask will work against strangely kind of the same way unless it's an in ninety five men but you want them inoculated from all the crap that they're gonna bring home from school the best to do, that is to teach them in an effective way exam. glee who we are where we came from, why we made the decisions we made a freer, more perfect union, accurate history of the United States, free market limited government? Why did they work? You will find these in the troubled twins books tunnel to the series of books for, all ages. I I want you to find them for your kids and your grand kids. And find the teenage versions, young adult versions and, quite honestly, there's so much stuff in these that
I think a lot of our parents need to know this as well. Just gave my son for his birthday most purpose. Presently the whole set of the tunnels when books You listen to the shop, now I heard some other show taught us that Graham Tuttle twin dot com, Tuttle twins back dotcom. You get thirty. Five percent off, they'll, even throwing, although the activity books for free, it's Tuttle, twins back dot com coming up and Lieutenant General Jerry Balkan is going to do, in us he's currently the executive ice present a family research council, which of course we all know, is a terrorist organisation courting southern poverty. Lawson but he also was one of the founding members of death. The force and has been in charge of our. Are special forces
and remarkable man and one get his view on Afghanistan. What means to us all around the world and especially China with what China is saying it is. They are met king us right now they are, mocking us, the? U S lost. It was a no brainer that was for their Communist Party, newspaper, China, daily the: U S lost, it was a no brainer from It happened in Afghanistan. Those in Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the streets, the ILO, defence will collapse in hours. And U S military won't come to help. That's, the other Chinese Communist Party, mouthpiece, global times as a result. The
The ruling party of Toil of Taiwan will quickly surrender in the age of a superpower is behind us. Thank you, Joe Biden. Thank you, Joe Biden. and the world will become a much much or dangerous place to be by the way, George Soros just popped up on the scene again as they usually does. He is he saying cash. I should have made all these deals with China. I think they are the greatest threat to America, and I see a war with China coming or really do you, George Thanks Programme, let me tell you a little bit about Bill bar built bar. I blame stew on my fatness
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so again? I just like to start the added to the hour with some positive news. Yes, Afghanistan is a humiliating defeat that may put into jeopardy are very superpower status, but it was a diverse group of people that pulled this debacle on and I think in today's world that's a win. Lieutenant General Jerry Waken joins us in sixty seconds programme. if you value your good name and all the things you worked really hard for throughout your life, the prospect to having some cyber criminal come along and just help himself to your identity in whatever money you have, that in the bank is not only terrifying, its offensive scan alike,
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one eight hundred lifelong or head to life, lucked out common use, a promo code back for twenty five percent off tomorrow night on glints Evie. If you ve got the worse than the pandemic, was behind us think again, left is demanding more masks, more vaccine mandates, more locked down. The fight for freedom was never over for small business when heads to ground zero for the battle against government control. California, where business owners are just fighting, finds in regulations, there fighting possible jail time. What small business criminals tomorrow night, nine pm eastern a place to be dot com, slash Glenn! good friend and a legend in at least for me. I got a guy. That is just one of the strangest arrows you will ever meet. He is now the executive vice president of the family Research Council, who, of course, we know
thanks to the southern Poverty law centre? Is a terrorist organisation, loot, and a general Jerry Boycott. A jury. How are you, sir, there's going to be what you gotta go to talk to you again It's just start with your opening thoughts on Afghanistan and how this is gone. Tragic? reminiscent of the sugar, nineteen, seventy five, I am- and I may I say, may I dont mean interrupt General, but I got everybody's comparing it to that, but no one was hanging onto the helicopters and then falling to their deaths in Saigon. When we left Well clearly, you are correct, in fact, the while his shaggy head close to too much to prepare for what ultimately unfolded their own. I think about the fifteenth of April, so you're right I say it is reminiscent
of Saigon. We haven't seen that kind of thing admit: it marks a number of things for some mark sir the end of this war that America has lost and those are for me to say, but we have lost here. In a direction that and understand that, and we need to understand and there's plenty of blame and criticism to go around going all the way back to the Bush administration here, because we we really found this. Upham. We took our eye off the ball, afterward completed our objectives there, with the exception of capturing killing Bin Laden with and turned everything over to NATO and NATO will not fight, has just a simple thing I mean I have to do, is talk to people who have been different situations, and I am one of those people. where NATO has been on the ground. Nato's been responsible and the NATO countries do not fight them
They come with national caveats that prevent them from fighting what we did is we lost our focus too the to Iraq and left it in the hands of NATO. We share, pulled out, probably in January two thousand. then too, because we have achieved the objectives and there we got in a nation building. And when we got in the nation building and we turned it over to NATO, we just took her eye off the ball. and now we see the results of that. I am very saddened by. It This is worse than what happened and Saigon you're right, but it is reminiscent of the generation that was not here during a period when I mean we are the edge of losing our super power status. Are we not? I mean Russia and China, China, mocking us right now with Taiwan. I think they're right
They're right was it. right too, and that may be the biggest loss in this whole thing. It may not be just the law the war it may be. A loss of our credibility is as an ally? Listen, don't think for one China and Russia, are not like in their lives and at the same, Taiwan in the Ukraine or are very, worried, because we have demonstrated just our liable. We are not, I, I have never in my lifetime, see our allies come out as they have I mean some are allies didn't like Donald and they would make me. You know, remarks here and there, but not like this, our allies. Now, all oh, the NATO nations there. All saying the same thing: what does this mean? We can't trust that America is gonna, have our back any more. I mean He betrayed all of those people.
that went in with us. Did we not? We didn't I remember we had a NATO coalition there. I was talking about earlier. We just finally turned everything over them and we to Iraq, we we had a NATO coalition errors in and by NATO Charter an attack on one take on all in those nations were obliged to pony up troops to go in to Afghanistan and and fight with us there in Afghanistan and again I'll, come back and tell you that my experience with them in the Balkans and in other places, is the NATO kind come. Would caveats from their own government. That tells us, exactly what the rules of engagement are and are never consistent? the rules of engagement that are established to be able to win in the environment and natural, We turned it over to people who were not fight. and then there was
huge mistake, but there's plenty of blame to go around to include go all the way back to the Bush. treasure one night when, They lose their focus and they pulled everything out and went to a rack just as we were. Actually achieving our objectives there. In Afghanistan, with the exception of Bin Laden we could pull out there and, in January and have left behind the right small forces to include intelligence capability is a counter operation. Some trainers, advisers and then finally, some some people to secure the embassy there we could have. We can have left them all behind in very small element and sustain that for an indefinite period of time. but more in an advisory. Canada role than anything else, and we didn't There are major forces in until finally,
by a decision was made by the Obama administration tell them what we're gonna. Do an interim pull out perception to slay before that. Even the Iraqis were prepare Kenny Can you help me out on why we would build a billion dollar embassy and a gigantic AIR Force Base with all kinds of strategic capabilities advantages. and then just walk away with it, including some drones and some black oxen everything else. Why would we do that? I will tell you that my my assessment is in the surplus. Doesn't sound like sour grapes, we got a new bomb administration and we,
so we got some really bad leadership and to our military at all levels. In all services. We are some bad leadership there and I we also got some some very bad leadership over State Department and I thought did the combination of of what started. The Bush administration. There was add ones in the Bush administration, but that just increased during the Obama administration and actually tromp was about to clean it up when he, when he left, but don't don't forget Trump? Did actually say that, even though we are thereby may the difference is that dal trouble flexible enough to see what was going on to listen to his advisers, those that he knew that he could trust in terms of how to deal with what was going on, and I think he would have the he would have taken a step back and fur.
probably developed a different timeline for them and he would have responded when he saw the Taliban was going to tat to do what they were doing. I think he would go to dinner with which pre empt. Far power and farther back yeah I there let them do yeah, there's no way. Donald Trump would not have been humiliated and the United States be humiliated. He if That thing was coming on done. You know, and I know he would have unleashed hell on the Taliban, not have changed the dates of of leaving or anything else buddies certainly wouldn't be making phone calls to the school district in Fort worth on Saturday, king. I'd relating them on their tough stand on masks that wouldn't have happened. We have been engaged,
What's happened to this country says Trump left this whole idea of putting America. first is, as is become so thing that we are supposed to be ashamed of, but Donald Trump made us proud to be Americans, and indeed he did exactly what he believed in and he did what he said he was going to do. I disagreed with him in time, and I said so publicly and media- and I was He pulled the! U S, forces are North EAST. Syria, when the Turks announced they were gonna invade that area, and I and I went to see his national security adviser in and now his chief of staff and I sat down and talk to him and said, look I understand this whole idea avenue, write letters home to american families, cause I've done it and it's very painful blow difference between that and trumps responsibility. I was there when they died,
with them when they died, and that makes it even more difficult, but don't don't do this? come on. Don't leave the Kurds up there and recorded leave them there with low allies at all, and that was the one thing that disagreed with him all, but look he you talk about. Like I don't care what people think about NATO and Donald Trump. They respected Donald Trump. He is the only guy they will stand up there before them and say: pay you sad pay. Your bill pay up your portion of, it costs to run NATO and that was supposed to be the end of our relationship with NATO. But what did they do they paid up? They paid up. and and I think that the EU actually respected from regardless of what they mean, have said about him,
there were NATO nations a wish of their leader was like that and look. This guy has built the relationships in the world today that I think of it, Everything that he had built is probably destroyed. Just what this whole thing going on Afghanistan, I've never seen. I mean you're, seeing big officials from England and all over the world just saying, this was a nightmare and we can't trust anymore. They can. You hang on justice. I let me take a one minute break and the Pentagon can't save it plans to keep you S, weapons out of the hands of the Taliban. What have given them, and what should we be doing more than just a second with the lieutenant General Jerry Balkan if your phone service is through one of the big mobile carriers. I want you to consider a few things. First, what if you could get service, meaning service on the same cell towers,
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a company that loves America, loves you and shares our traditional values. Its patriot, Mobile dot com? Slash back nine! Seven to Patriot, Patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back ten second station, I d So we have left all kinds of people behind. We have left all kinds of military equipment behind that they now have. It is obscene and Biden while he said yesterday, buck stops here. He blamed it on every by including the afghan people who he said, will not fight, but they have lost so steam. Nine thousand people in this fight
You know that's more than we lost in Vietnam and they are not the size of America during the Vietnam years by any stretch of the imagination is did they wouldn't fight. Is it that we wooden provide air cover. What happened illusion We need to understand what makes America Mercosur soldier sailor, their marine fight, the way they do and they ve done a good job is they have taken they just to a constitution, it means something to them to a constitution that goes back. You know to the very beginnings of this nation and that in that alone. to bring about a calm rotary. That puts him in a situation where their fighting for a nation that fighting for their families are fighting for the future.
Our children and our grandchildren. You go back and look at them all about are not Tom but the Afghans there are tribal societies right, their allegiance is to the local travel chief and when you try to make her country out of them, A mile away, Glenn, started out riding, a constitution for the Afghans history Did it with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, that all tell you something right there that we don't know what we're doing and for them. What that saying is therefore Shariah will be the law of the land and which we are to blame for that kind of nonsense, but they don't fight because The Taliban is actually oh organized and motivated by an ideology of theology. that they believe in very much theirs. Their responsibilities are under
The banner of Islam and they are motivated by them, but the the You know the army that we trained and left behind there they ask afghan national forces are theirs. he'll tribal there. Still their allegiance is still too the tribe and they're not fighting for bring. It doesn't exist right so whose whose failure is this: is it the intelligence Is it the Pentagon, or they tell. Did they tell the President everything they needed he needed to know. I mean he's making it sound like no, that's not what they said. They didn't this would fall apart and lesson Glenn I know Scottie Miller, very well Scotty? Was Roma Delta force guys? and I know the Scotty Miller gave him advice not to do what he will do and others
others gave him the same advice. That problem is he's got these Harbour Yale and in all, graduates from somebody finest I believe, universities there, part of his cabinet part of his advisory team, part his national security element there and they they have not a clue, what Afghanistan or any other country like that is wise compose of the tribal nature and structure they have. No, idea and they are giving him bad advice at the same time that of his generals or trying to tell him I'm a slowdown back. Let's, let's do this right and he has ignored that is blown off because his advisers, like his secretary defence in his german Joint chiefs, then check of funds. As far as I am concerned, and they have nodded and said yes, work
to preserve, and then you know you look at doggone chairman of the Joint Chiefs, when he was test firing, for the observers is committed in eastern about white rage and is talking about what makes people go to the capital and reached a cap that has nothing to do with the military, not denied and did thirty, six and a half years. I never saw why rage by statute, general Milly is supposed to be. The advice here too. The present at all all things military breaching after we had nothing to do with military. So why are you spend your time and start to think about the readiness of our military and flight rage as far I am concerned it is not an issue for the military, so look I need some new leadership and the Pentagon now they're not coming? They all felt that they did
a job, Lieutenant General Jerry Balkan. Thank you so much, sir, for all of your service. A best luck at the family, Research Council, Lieutenant General Jerry Boy- can find him at F r, DOT, org forces. so it was LISA at all comes down again to stew. do and his wife ass you talking about Bill BAR and Bill bar. What this did come from my wife who discovered these long before you turn my wife unto them, and then your wife was lecturing me for about a year and you ignored- or I did and then does she case because she said it's a protein bards really good for you right, I'm not going eat that now you ignore equally by means she should have known better until there is no food in the house. Now you say I was left with no food in the house. I think what that means you ate all the food in the house
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giant mentally small. He won in ninety three one: the body building championship as a teenager and you're like guys a muzzle. Then he went on to receive his ba and his Emmy in history hand dual minors in philosophy and lid of literature, He also studied closely with Victor Davis Hansen Group, joint courses, Georgetown University, He also studied medieval Islam and semantic languages. It Catholic University of America, Sir. as the arabic language and regional specialist at the nearest section of the Library of Congress, where he forms a lot of people that are in the no and government officials. He also often functions as a journalist has been a media fellow at the Hoover institution,
news analysed for CBS News and others, he produces a monthly report. Muslim persecution of Christians which Why I wanted to bring him on now. Ie is chronicling day to day the abuses and slaughters of Christians throughout the islamic world and no one is real paying attention to what is going on. I wanted to bring him on its way Abraham. He is the author of Sword and Simitar, and distinguish senior fellow at gate, stone, Institute Raymond Welcome are you going to be with you? Don't you I gotta talk to you again. I am concerned with. What's going on in Afghanistan, unite No, if you are aware, but I started the Nazareth Fund a few years ago
with ISIS, and we have been going in and trying to free the women and children that had been made, slaves and any wondered is persecuted because there are minority or religious minority We ve been trying to get them out and now I think we ve got all new country to look at. Can you tell me what going on you're absolutely right. Afghanistan, even before what happened recently was- is widely considered. The worse mobile nation in the world in so far as its treatment, minorities, specifically christian minorities in Kosovo, open doors, international human rights organisations. We published our world watch list annually on the top worse. Nations, ITALY, of course, system, by muslim Nations- Rob reasons but the top ten organ
top. Ten nations are the absolute worse in two or three of them are not islamic. Usually the first worse nation in the world is North Korea, but then the second. Worse, nation and the first muslim nation is Afghanistan you can imagine with what's happening right now. It's going to get If it can be worse for any sort of a believer in that area, in its actors, a little quote from the world watch list about a gag sense. Ass quote, it is impossible to openly. As a christian Afghanistan leading Islam is considered shameful. Christian converts face dire consequences if their new trade is discovered either they have to flee the country or they will be killed that's it so, and now, with this new resurgent emboldened is longest mentality, You can be sure that it's going to get significantly worse for any. Kristen living in that nation or even nearby. Really. Can you help us out on the one question that is,
what kind of a nagging question- and I don't understand it at all, and that is why I did the afghan people not put up any kind of fight what what what happened there? Well, I would say that This is what we are told and this actually, what I'm saying are now actually comports very well with so many other things that we talk about in the less than the Americans or work. But there wasn't a media, told us there's what did analysts and the experts tell us is the reality, people on the ground in Afghanistan and in these countries really cared for. The western. all the things that the West cherishes. Ok, the visa that we see are very, although cornerstone of western culture, let's see, gender equality for one example or be no eliminating the patriarchy
the things that have existed, not just in Afghanistan and not just because of Islam, I would say: is law actually reinforces so menu his prey: Morty old tendencies towards a patriarchal was and so forth, not creates it actually just its reinforces it. So they go way back these ideas in places like I understand and when you just go there and as you government actually did especially increasingly in more recent years. Try to imports. You know not what degree, but it sounds like a large degree. They were twenty import, woke culture as well. None of that's gonna fly. With any Afghanis at all, because they're just not part, our culture Did they might have to an extent in the inner as the Americans in there and they were trying to work with they played along, but once it became, in imminent that the? U S, leaving and so forth, all do charade just came off and ask him off, and it was right back to the way it was in a fortnight.
Idea in the sole nation building and try to import democracy. Two cultures that simply half a dozen resonate with all four married myriad reasons. That's why it fails in after two days in all the money in blood and treasure, that's been spent Why we are where we are so because I heard Tucker Karlsson last- I talk about how Will you know we were teaching all these woke principles and you know these are principles that don't sit well with half the population over here, Has this made them the term to an Islamist either? harder. Or is it just visages, I don't care just not these guys anymore. I would.
are you the former historically, wherever the west in any way, shape or form retreats worries perceived to be weak? It has actually immensely exacerbated the idea of radical Islam. So if you go back to see the colonial era in the nineteenth century, the nineteenth century, early twentieth century, where but where today we would describe America or not America's axis most of Europe's european action in the Middle EAST and the world very negative. It was toxic. Masculinity was not multicultural, it was no. Our way are the highway. That's how Europeans more or less came about. that actually believe it or not, and no putting aside all judgments worked and Muslims didn't resentful didion. They actually try to catch up. they saw it as the winning way. Then we have to be part of our culture. It's what you saw that he job go away. That's ironic today, the twenty percent, for you see that the job of the workers in that. But when you go back to
in order to deal with the pictures of women in the Middle EAST and Egypt, Afghanistan and Syria, these countries, they actually look like western women, so they were actually right Emily, but in as much as the west or starts to retreat started Our ways are bad. Our histories, awful your way is love, is wonderful. Ed actually is seen as all your being polite. Let me try to reciprocate, is actually seen as admission of weakness and emboldens and it makes Muslims go back to their own, and that's why you see today in the twenty first century, a large segment of the muslim population drank to emulate the seventh century, Muslims that joining hottest of Mohammed time and there's nothing a symbiotic relationship with western weakness. Lama, aggression and I think, with what happened in Afghanistan. You you see that again, I read the story this morning about a woman who is a mayor of a small town in the Taliban come in and she said I am just waiting
for them to come and take me and kill me, So there is no place for me to go and so I'm just waiting the Taliban said all known on where it were. No we're not like that anymore. Do you Does any sane person believe that to be true, no but the problem is. We were lacking insanity to a large extent, especially when it comes to our leaders in our betters. For what for whatever reason they just want safe according to same principles even worse? The Madame reports came out around the August eleven we could go on, but bang going toward the door and forcibly taking girls youngest twelve of either sex lives to be their wives, and, and so you see it's all back, amazing. You know twenty years of bat and the most powerful nation and all the money that spans while the blood and all that, then we are not just back to work.
we were, I would argue, joint even worse spot, and they all have to do the very myopic western World view Ok, look. We killed the bad guys, we got rid of the bad guys would say, Osama Bin Laden and remember Mullah Omar and now we set up a government and obviously there are gonna wanna, be like us, because this is a nice Oh combination, and you only this- What they don't understand in order to reach a good sword. Western democracy and end the principle that we have. You have to have a bedrock before that. You can't just importer. On me, know a surface of Islam or tribalism and our bed right I would argue somebody judeo christian principles that's why you can build the bottle? essentially built, but because they don't see that and they actually learn and when you say that other guy, that's the worst, they judeo christian principles are that's your being: no, whenever a triumphal, a stern and so forth, and so
that you see what's happening? They bring the package without the fountain? groundwork be laid at the end, results what we see and what we always keeps you we're talking to our Raymond Abraham, who is an expert on the Middle EAST? What is coming our way do because of this collapse would argue over its money because I remember almost twenty years ago, you know aims a lottery. Who was the second at the time of Al Qaeda is currently that the head of Al Qaeda since a solemn alone and I'd, but I remember when I was, I've been lot in ever about three years after the invasion of Afghanistan. Some reporters and asked him shamans worry. What's your happened, words, Osama Bin Laden words, Mullah Omar. We don't hear about it and what he said It was very telling I'll give you the quote. He said to them. Jihad in the of all law is greater than any individual organisation. It's a struggle between what truth and falsehood until all mighty urge the earth Mobile, Omar and shake Osama Bin Laden Army.
did you so do talk to soldiers of Islam in the journey if she had, but the struggle continues for all time, and so you see those that pay swear it looked like they lost, they stepped back now, but their winning, even though those two guys are not there. My mama, Omar and shapeless island and logic and aims. We will come and go Mohammed himself. The profit and died, but the jihad, those aren't so in their already seeing this open. Just recently leader said: it's our belief that one day the majority will I victory. An islamic law will come, not just Afghanistan. You just said this couple days ago but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We do. We will welcome day. Gian will not end until the last day, so you see it, as is the case This meant that we dealing with while we usually just sit and look at the little myopic sort of world, but milestones in the end just stop amount to much.
Raymond, They suggestion on where we should go from here and and- and I mean as a people, not as a government You know where this audience is very involved in rescuing people in the Middle EAST and all over the world that, especially women and children that are found situations, and we want to help all persecuted minorities get to safety in any suggestion on on what we should be looking towards or how we can help well. The first thing to her to be armed with adequate knowledge, you are- and I miss you most of your audience but to be able to understand that no we're talking about something like christian persecution or religious persecution of minorities general when you come The standard is overwhelmingly. The lion's share about phenomenon is being dealt out at the hands of Muslims and even in the fact
It's up to you haven't been subsaharan Muslim Africans, Nigeria. We have a genocide, Christians and habits, of course in EAST Asia, Pakistan in Malaysia, Indonesia and, of course, the heart of a muslim World Ultra North Africa, the least turkey. When you understood in that I did you start to realize, there's an ideology behind this aid. It's boring to get our heads. After that, I, the ology and understand, is on going anywhere. Eighty five suits, but her up or two centuries, you don't have to say every Muslim believe, there's or every Muslims out to do this. To understand that you do have this core in their doing that, and it needs to be eventually excised or to put an end to what's happening. People need to understand the difference between a Muslim and in his ill and an islamist right. That is the real problem and we re used to name it. Raymond Abraham? Thank you. So much we'll talk again, my friend. Thank you. Absolutely!
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teaching the Afghans to be woke. What we don't like it can you imagine what that society feels about it, A guy who is taking on woke ink joins us next, why he is blowing up on how corporate Amerika is poisoning our society Y, see speaking out, EAST began like no one else: next,
hello, America, we want to talk about woken is I want to take you to a couple places this hour we were just talking to a Middle EAST Ix expert. There was talking about how our work culture, you ve, really didn't, sell well over in Afghanistan, you're kidding me. It barely cells over here in Amerika, but when it does, giant corporations have taken this and they are. They are just playing people like crazy. When people figure out how bad this this wolf culture is and how it's just up product, I think there's gonna be a little upset for being used. But maybe that's just me: there's a new
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He is with us now vague. How are you, sir, maybe the idea the Valkyrie tell me, the the booklet, you're doing is your blowing the lid off of this woke scam and, I don't know if you tie it into the great reset and in what black Rockets or you know, with what Blackrock as do it, but it's it's quite an amazing scam, Idiot the defining scam of our century, and I didn't I wasn't born into Elite America Glenn, but I haven't Elite America for the last fifteen years, and I'm revealing the scale of our time, which is that these companies in corporate Amerika pretend like they care something other than profit in power precisely to gain more of each and end the problem is it s not just as an act of hypocrisy? it is wreaking havoc and our democracy, because it demands that a small group of investors
and see egos determined, what's good for the rest of society, rather than our democracy law at large and edit, a new crisis of institutional, Miss, Trust in our country, dividing our country to breaking point as the pushing awoke agenda. That said, your identity, based on your weight than your gender in your sexual orientation, and that might make us better consumers to buy their stuff, but it leaves us worse off its citizens in the end, and that's what I'm exposing the new book and hopefully also charting a better wasteful reports. So tell me why companies like Nike this? This is the number one question people have. Why would they do this. Why would they hold these? But why would Coca COLA say be less white in their meetings I do that play I would rather talk about teaching their employees to be less white or issue statements. New voting, while in Georgia, the big family superpower in us offered manufacturer for that matter, then we talk about its own products impact
On a nationwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity, including by the agreement in the very black community, but they profess to care so much about that is how this new game is played, where big business effectively blows woke smoke to cover up their actual business practices that they would rather not about Wall Street mastered the game in the post. Two thousand eight airborne, when you may remember, big business was bad. I said the old, let me, but what the new found there was this new. What would it would be a family with this new woke left after the real problem? Wasn't economic and justice? It was racial, unjust! and the sergeant and bigotry and presented the apple. Surely the generations of big business and pull offered in this country to say that if they can, use their market power to push these woke value if they could lend legitimacy to this new work movement and they could actually go from being bad guys to becoming the good guys into, I talk about the book in the story of how Europe a big bang got in bed with a bunch awoke millennials together they birth
capitalism and the ethical Occupy Wall Street. Up for adoption, Silicon Valley then copies the act effectively censuring cod but the new left doesn't want to see online, but in return expecting the new demo, Party to look the other way when it, leaving their monopoly power intact, and it has worked so masterfully a Wall Street and Priscilla. I'm that the income of color and the rest of corporate Amerika as we know, are following suit, and I think that that is the real threat to individual liberty and prosperity today gone. I agree, isn't just big government. It is this new, hybrid of big government in big business, that Do what neither one can do on its own and me is the defining channel? about. I think this is you know. I've heard I've heard big capitalist, say for twenty five years: China is the new model and a voice spotted with I don't want that to be the new model. Thank you.
That's really what stakeholder capitalism is. Are we as a shareholder in shareholder capitalism? I can go to the meetings. I can vote, separate, cetera, but stay cool. Capitalism. My only way in for a voice on that is who I elect, and we know how well Washington is working for us now equally in some people in our amongst Milton Friedman type, they may not like stakeholder capitalism because they think that politic, conducting business makes business less efficient and I Those concerns to some degree of benefit you, but I actually more concerned about the opposite. Glenn is the way in which actually it'll ass big business to erode our democracy enough, for it makes it makes good government in Europe. It makes government more efficient does do those things it also imperilled democracy because you converge
this one person, one vote system that we have into one dollar one. Both of them were amended videos spouting often Davos get to decide what is best for the rest of us Stakeholder cap, a moon sound like a very friendly title. In reality, what it is better to advance values that empower the people who are at the top of that chain, but at the expense of democracy itself, The progressive don't realize Goin is that once corporations become a vehicle to advance progressive agendas which they are today may become a vehicle, to advance any agenda. You have your finger on it before they are advancing the the Communist Party of China, because when companies like Nike and Disney do not say a peep about through human, atrocities in China, while they continue to criticise the United States relentlessly that quick, this false morally equivalence on the global stage between the United.
And began with China when Twitter banned the forty four presently I state, but continues to allow the pallor between increasing false moral equivalence between the United States and the Taliban, and that attacks are greatest geopolitical ass. It of all which is not an irrational. It is our moral standing on the global stage and these companies have turned into Trojan horse. There are undermining those american interests from within, not just Erika in our democracy but now and geopolitics. I am so glad that you have published this book. I am so glad that you ve publishers, I've been ring in this bell for a while and a you know people's all. That's crazy! No, its! Not! It me total sense that they would do this. They are gaining money and power, and not the four. Yet about Amerika, it's one market to them, they're going for the globe exactly in. This is also a foreign policy. Does, after being back thirty years, the United States will we thought we could
our money to get countries like China to be more like us to spread democracy perfect, and instead, countries like China had turned on its head by you, their money. To get us to be more like then- and I am sorry to say, it is working the exporting bigness and happy meal to other countries. Did he spread democracy in China has used Nike sneakers inducing with a Trojan horses sending them back? their own values, and that is the reality of the painful lesson. we ve learned over the last thirty years. One of the things I do in the Those I lay out what I think is the best way forward what we ultimately need to do to turn the tide. It will not be easy, but I think it is the defining talent for not only the future, the conservative movement but the future of the american Movement, you know it so vague Dewey, I mean you when you look, you mentioned the banking system in Eu Law, get the the Paris accords. Bad wasn't about global warming. That was about the banking system? That's all that was ends
what it was when you have the banking system and this new S g roll out You have complete control and shutting any one down that stands against it. How are you, how are you proposing? How do we get out of that? what's happening right now: blennies crony capitalism. to point out and it's the mirror image of crony capitalism. One point of inquiry capitals and one point two: what happened if companies collect the government to do, own bidding effectively through an indirect bride seen. Version two point out is the reverse, the government? actually collapse in companies to be able to do through the back door indirectly what the government can directly accomplished through the front door under a continent, So let's talk about climate change or climate addressing climate change. it issue that you raised right now they could not.
And green new deal through Congress right. What their instead doing is John carry the climate tsar, a President Biden, if boasting the few using big basin last week to stop lending to any product that they feel does not comply with their agenda. That is using the back door to accomplish what they couldn't do through the front door, which is an affront to the constitution, and I will tell you big. Banks are not charitable institution glad they do not do those papers for the real question is what they are getting in: reverse reverse bride, facing because censorship. They say that these are private companies operating as private institutions. Well, guess what? Maybe? rapid his private companies, they should be free to do what they want, but they're, not now doing the bidding of the federal government to take down misinformation and as defined by the party in power gentle. He and Joe Biden boasting about it and, worst of all, their actual protected by this cloak of federal immunity, conception to them
the images of them from liability in the states for doing exactly back, in my view, is if it is a state action in disguise, then the constitution still applies in the case of big tat. These companies still ought to be bound by the constitution. The postman at in the first amendment Additionally, I state when they are doing the selective of the government and when they are protected by the growing you ready to do it that an example of this he's a solution by tracing the book looking to the way in which government had actually use its power to empower certain classes of companies to do the bidding of the government in the progressive wing, a big government without the accountability, that, we have in our constitutional system, reject about. We Government, however, that even without the private side, his following the constitution and it doesn't seem If anyone really cares about it, they don't they just think it will always be this way, and everyone who has lived in a foreign country, especially of former Soviet Bloc,
They are, they all see exactly what is coming and the American, the american people just don't see it. I want to continue our conversation here and in just a second. The name of the book that is out is woke, ink it was out today. It is critical that You understand this is the problem. This is what we are fighting, we're not fighting a bunch of marxist or anything else. I purse. we think the Marxist are useful idiots Remember I'm, the guy that road doing with socialists- I learned my lesson after I wrote that book wait a minute, that's, not even the real target the ring old target. Is government and business colluding, that's structure and its. Communist model in yet looks Olaf, a lot like socialism, but its totalitarianism.
And it is run by the corporations. The elite also people that think they know better than you. Back in just a second, whenever you're listenin to right now, it's gonna be better with a pair of re, con wireless ear buds in your ear, when It's an audio book birdwatching or the latest episode of the Glen Back programme. Nineteen, Century french, art, songs of the piano or icelandic death metal. ever it is your listening to that. By the way, really good of you listen ISM. I, Iceland death metal. I like good for you good for you. You want to listen to it with with ear buds from rake on wireless ear, but they come with gel tips for your comfort. Unlike a lot of other brand sales, stick out your ears, YAP Apple, I'm talk!
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why I'm blow and on how corporate Amerika is poisoning society. You can be very popular revenge, in the circles they have run ended up some some court and court powerful people. I will say in recent days the book has come out end and I'm ok with that guy, because, unlike alot of people, including myself, four years ago may have had to choose between putting food on the dinner table and speak my mind openly. Thank you have lived for, the american dream now and I dont have to really screen what I have to say for fear consequence. I think we started a common, I don't wanna be successful. I have seen this from the inside so many people who have seen from the inside would rather continue playing the game. Where hits your clothes applaud, diversity and inclusion. Music after racially disparate impact of climate change at the point of private get two dollars, I didn't tell you thought about life. I see what that looks like, but at the end of the day somebody
to tell the story from the inside and I'm not a journalist reporting. my findings. This is what I had seen from a lead? Academia, too big farmer to Wall Street Silicon Valley? I have lived in those world and at the end of the day, I think once the american people see what's going on here. Maybe a blood will boil, but I think that is also the first step the scene. problem with clear eyes that allows us to chart a better way. So you are giving you just said. One of the bigger problems is a lot of people would just rather play along You know people, I think feel powerless and when you they feel powerless over the government, but when you join the government with big tack and Corporation watch do you have so it's really hard were yet. It ultimately make the choice between. Keeping your job today and speaking your mind I personally been wondering about the book- is either we need a legislative solutions that need that.
The challenge, the liberty in twenty twenty one, not just recital from smoking we memorize the knife in anything that free market can do no wrong without recognising that the free market that we idealized doesn't actually existed. I know we apply you dogmas to address our present challenges into one of those, for me is very simple, we should add political belief as a protected class right up there. Next, a race sex. religion, national origin and sexual orientation in the civil rights statutes- and you know if you want, a conversation about whether that actually one more constraint on a business that we should, Why? I think that reasonable, if we get rid of protected classes altogether, but a lot, the solutions that I propose in the book is. I think you can't have it both ways: either we trust the market and the truly free market we're all forms of discrimination evenly or we have to apply those standards even to say that if you can't discriminate against somebody or fire somebody or deep platform, somebody difficult their black or gay or most,
or christian or jewish or whatever you should be able to fire or be black on them just because their outspoken conservative either not an academic issue. It is happening every day in this country, directly or indirectly. If it can happen to supporting a present of United States can literally happened to anybody and try to deal with it the solution. We need to meet our moment Jimmy about. We have two minutes Gimme, a final pitch to somebody who kind of really doesn't doesn't yeah they're, like I don't know, if that's as bad as they're, making it out to be sounds like a conspiracy theory. Why think it's not a conspiracy in the sense that you can see it in plain sight. You look at the ways that companies do business here in the United States and criticise the United States while they're doing it ask those same businesses.
with their criticising flavouring United States terrific years ago. Then, why are you not reducing the reliance on slave labour in China today and if you think that that isn't the ppp behind the scenes pulling the strings directly, you can actually look at heart back that proved. They are air B B posts, a nice black square on its corporate instagram, out and says it's getting solidarity with Wifi matter of United States. It uses that to win your trust, to give them more data and they are handing them over to the cctv as a condition, entry into the chinese market. Details that I detail in my book. So this is a game in which the american consumers are being played. American citizens, the way the gun, the right answer, even to cancel weakness in return, it is to dilute it, weapons by reviving a shared sense of american identity, that one so big that it really David's woke isn't enough in the last decade without decade. Operating our diversity and our differences, then so be it. Let the next decade still be about celebrating what binds us together as one people, and I think that that actually
ultimate solution is a cultural revival of that american identity. I talk about at length in the book. I let them do you bet. I love you. A rather Swami the name of the book is woke ink it just be M available today? It is well worth your time might want to buy a couple of copies and give one to a friend you want. Stand what's going on here, is a great place to start woke ink available everywhere persons programme, Michael lives in Arizona. He writes about his experience with really factories have never experienced a product that has made such a huge difference in the way that I feel I had daily headaches due to stiffness from hard work in old age. They have come, legally underline, disappeared, twenty years, younger relief factor
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I had over two, please tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn, ten bucks after subscription to bleed Stevie. I became aware of a video early. I think, last week from politicized, political oil has done several videos that are well worth your time to watch levy stir, play the highlights of this one. It starts in Disneyland, it say, woke world
ladies and gentlemen, I welcome this. Video thinks it's a small world, except everything has changed inside, but it looks exactly like it. It's it's a world of privilege in boats that are cramped, welcome to Disney's RE education camps. If your scheme, if your skin is white, it's time your contrite, its woke world. After all, it's a world of power, a world of fears, and we work long days to make souvenirs, although millions have died and the weaker as aside its own, woke world. After all, there is a land where, once you lived free as a capitalist pig bourgeoisie rickety be tell we are facts and we would vote Democrat if we just get past. That was a guy who put this together would like to remain anonymous. So we're just going to refer to him as a the creative director of political oil is a former Disney artist. Welcome to the programme you pad how area
I'm doing well it I'd like generation there. Thank you, so you must have a great job especially since me you, don't you after you don't have to take read it in the bows. You also don't have to take the hits well, my family's, not quite ready for that. Yet I think they will come considering the mafia and, worse I want my own shop, so quiet, they couldn't really handle the failure. I would bear debated that peace that you share but tired watching my country go down the drain and it's it's time to do something to release cartoons for about. ten years time that funding them on the table oh guys, running around other times. It's just make it if it depends on what the opportunity
the opportunity is there by term about a seven year, hiatus offer doing these cartoons and jumped back in the game with sharp apiece called ships the chance of getting so dynamic if over the impeachment, scam and Gypsy announce yet come on I'll, say and all these things that were undoubtedly out false. And every one of them prove that he was lying, and so I addressed him up like holy cow region, and I put some tromp here on the road runner em out laughter and previously The White House was sharing at them. Philip was like Well, I guess I'm back since then they put out his men. if I can, between quiet jobs, Please please take quite while the do I'm in the peace display, took about forty five weeks, a complete fell while full time of year.
It's a heavy investment in time to do something like this and you doing it by yourself or are there others involved in? It right now, the animation was done by myself. I have some friends that helps contribute some elements of the pole there's that began. You know it it should allow one that sort of thing. I had some help and then I had some friends gotcha brought together, but the course the dawn is, it was recreated created that none of that was pulled from any original Disney material Right, o the orchestra, everything had to be recreated die using synthesizers then, but I, He had thing like a child, though fortunately I can confirm that there was able to bring together the alot, acting students and and
Of course, the end was an adult choir, so I'm running sure how many people up singing x, I wasn't there. They sent me the files, but without help. I couldn't pull this off of me at that songs, not right. We do want to feel like you're, no fracture yeah and I to tell you. The animation is unbelievable. I mean you were, four Disney. At one point it as an animator, and it is damning. This is really really well done what, why did you take on Disney. Well, I wouldn't do what I do with Walt Disney. I, like I, grew up not wanting to be inanimate her a crook wanting to be Walt Disney you know. I've been always history. The I've actually travel too. Marshalling Missouri twice said, stood in front of him
officers in Kansas City and that, of course done the tour here and allay multiple times, adjuster tracing his steps, because I can imagine what our country would be like without a man I am. glad to hear you say: I've been allowed to go into the archives. I've gone through his daily calendars and his diaries he's an amazing man, and I I don't know if you could say this very many people at Lee, especially in the twentieth century, Imagine America with out Walt Disney. It would be. A radically different place and I'm not sure we'd still be free, because we put so much americana into us, buried deep into us, his kids. Well, yes,
Just imagine what Hollywood would be like without young another would have been no counterbalance it's what we got now, I dont know how to liberate restructured the take over. Or if it was just gonna like an opportunity that presented itself to the left, but they took care of it by, no we're taking what company I I understand why Wall took the company public, want a directive does ideas, but it was the worst mistake you ever made but up only by him. I really have any good succession plan when he died. He didn't mean you re probably saw like he was moored that new, but that happen much sooner than here, dissipated, and you know I learned what America was there. watching those shorts. You know Pinkos bill one.
Albania that all those sorts of peace gave. You sat upright him and a connection to the people that came before us and that that connection has been severed I know it would be just me. That's why put Walter yeah that allow you to get to that part, but I actually know his congressional testimony or talking about the communist and how you could turn that in on itself, where he has actually calling the current regime Disney Communist, as it were we heard about the green innovation laptops the older. Wage rises right. Emma was actually cremated. well that's what they want. You to believe is actually, in the middle of the year african What is that stupid ride called the african junk the jungle right. That's where the freeways, the freezers in the middle of the jungle, the jungle, crews, Are there? Are there more people like you, then we
because, while we dont think there are anybody there is anybody like you are, there are more. his knee people that are in that company that are just silent right now. There are a lot of traditional folks below the line and Hollywood, meaning that out there there that the craftspeople, the ones that actually do work is both the ones that are green lighting project, some damn actors commanding a large salaries had they keep their head down I have a body that is having to you no direct one stuff right now and then get tax would go on members. If it's not my saying I hate this down there. They will share my videos around by email, the other personally mail and give me the thumbs up, but yeah. What really needs to happen is an opportunity to start pulling those folks
into a new operation that you were all Edward S, one where they know that they're not gonna, be cancelled and that they can t their families and then say their country. At the same time, that's an opportunity like that, you presented itself and I think that here tons of people in Hollywood Jump at the chap I'll tell you, though, that can serves just don't part where their money as easily as liberals do especially on things like movies. Meanwhile, they they don't like the odds of success and and its Interesting because when it comes to politics, it seems like the left never runs out of money. But it's very difficult on the right, for some reason The brothers were different mindset abandoned. You know, I cannot stress the world entertainment and politics and theirs on the other that the people there money in politics are very certainly waves and am very able Botanic get the same. Sales pitch is
where the money is gonna, go in the outcome. oh yeah, No, I actually created to spot through tromp campaign, but they're, not one of them got use and it wasn't the photo work on what you. Actually they would wait, but it would go up the food chain and it would be next, why would you be willing to share them? I'd love to see them? I illegal, rebranded them as political weight, and there are now there on the EU to channel and the twitter that don't make sense to release. But I mean I was out there. I didn't sleep all last October. I put out spot that could come up like the day after debate or something and they just didn't get used to. It was very frustrating because it I feel like the pieces. I do could have moved the NATO wicked about and talks that attrition tradition campaign would not have reached a bite. You know it's gonna take time and you don't have a lot of time, but
You know how much you paramour at it and is the opportunities presented themselves in undiscovered electronic building where I believe, is what I have to tell you. I was really really impressed with this video and I begin to share some of your some of your work as well and hope to talk to you off line as well. I I think what you're doing is exactly right and I really appreciate your. or passion, and your willingness to risk. Thank you. Thank you very hit you Bob! I so mortgage rates are still hovering at historic glows. You could probably go just about anywhere to save money with mortgage refinancing or consolidation loans, but that doesn't mean you should the reason that the only mortgage lender I recommend our have recommended in twenty five years is a mess. can financing and its simple. The reason why do it, I believe in them
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I want you to call american financing today, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty, its american financing, Dodd Nat American Financing, Nl Us one. Eight do through three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access dot. Org. Welcome to it tomorrow's broadcast, so do frustrating honestly. It is so frustrating I watch television broadcast our Wednesday night Special just what we thought. The worst of the pandemic was over. It started to crawl out again like I crouch, underneath the refrigerator the tyranny has crawled out again. California reminds us. The fight is far from over New Yorkers, going back into a crack down tomorrow, I go live on location to cronies sports bar and tells a story of a small business owner, and
business owners that are still fighting the fines and now their fighting criminal charges You may remember the owner of cronies. He raised eighty thousand dollars to help pay off all of his fines and keep his business alive, but a year and a half into this he's face the battle on three fronts: to stay afloat and now out of jail its I'd an amazing tail and if we don't stand together and fight for these small businesses? Theirs gonna, be anything left to fight for tomorrow. Small business criminals, Cove tyranny rises again. That's tomorrow, night, at night p M eastern on Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn and Blaze tv you tube sure you don't miss it blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn use a promo code, Glenn and you're gonna. Save ten per cent
this one, I think, fully tomorrow. I think we're going to have some people on from New York, because they're going back into a lockdown These guys are like look, I'm I'm not a conservative, but I'm not do this again. These people are putting my mom business. My restaurant out of business and there is gosh. I wonder if the Department of Homeland Security is on this Khazars, an uprising in New York by liberals just been tired of being pushed around will cover all of that on tomorrow's radio program and then tomorrow night on Blazetv at nine p dot m, you don't want to miss it. The Wednesday night special, nine p, DOT, M blazetv dot com, Glen, alright,
see it tomorrow morning on the radio godless
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