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Is America Still Free This MLK Day? | Guest: Jeff Brown | 1/18/21

2021-01-18 | 🔗

Glenn opens the show with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., but are we still as free as we once were? 25,000 National Guard troops are in D.C. and the FBI warns of a “far-right” threat, but is there any proof? The left used MLK over the summer to justify the riots, out of context, of course. Calls are growing for podcasts and right-wing cable news to be censored. A majority of Americans now view other Americans as our greatest threat. Glenn tells the story of MLK’s closest friend, Bayard Rustin, and his complicated but highly impactful beliefs in the fight for civil rights. The CIA has released its (heavily redacted) findings on UFOs. Tech expert Jeff Brown joins to discuss big tech censorship, Bitcoin, and the future of high technology.

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