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Is Roe v. Wade Out? | Guests: Gov. Tate Reeves & Sen. Ron Johnson | 12/1/21

2021-12-01 | 🔗

Glenn discusses the Supreme Court caseĀ Dobbs v. Jackson, which could be crucial in giving the states the right to decide on abortion. Sen. Ron Johnson joins Glenn to discuss the Waukesha attack and his controversial plea not to turn the atrocity political. Glenn warns of the future of banking, and he and Stu discuss the benefits of nuclear power. BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock joins to give his opinion on Sen. Ron Johnson's statement and the Waukesha atrocity. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves joins Glenn to discuss the possible landmark abortion case. Author Dr. Everett Piper joins to discuss Kyle Rittenhouse and the dangers of mob rule and cancel culture.

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but to find this. If you look it up because apparently We don't categorize abortion as deaths,. But if we recognised portions as the death of a human being a baby. It would be the can't leading cause of death in the? U S one in four, Ninety four percent of women will have an abortion by the age of forty five over Sixteen million babies have been killed since RO, verses Wade. Today in the Supreme Court Big begin hearing, the arguments in die versus Jackson. Let's Jackson's women's health Organization, Lynn, Fitch. who is leading the states. Arguments said with this
We are simply asking the court to affirm the right of the people to protect their legitimate entry. and to provide clarity on how they may do so. So you have Thomas die jobs he's. An m d he's the MID, the Mississippi State Health officer and petitioner to the: U S: Supreme Court, Jack in William Jackson with women's health. organization, the only abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi and The first female attorney general in Mississippi Lynn, Fitch, he's representing the state of Mississippi. The oral arguments begin today, where expecting the court to tell us whether they are going to return. As to the state
or they're gonna, let rovers wave stand as he is probably some time this summer. Roy in the middle of the mid term elections, going to be interesting is also a big middle ground there, where they could come up with something in between those two points where perhaps they allow states to regulate a more, but not all the way to the overturn of rovers his weight correct, overseas Wade is all about, and so is this it's all about viability,. Ro versus Wade doesn't really define viability and viable these different rovers weight. It was twenty eight weeks now we're at twenty weeks. So, where is that line now it doesn't define it. Never made any sense now, obviously right ever if something can change with technology than that, how can that be a constitutional right right like it? It's
such a bizarre, correct construction and obviously the constitution, not allow or provide this sort of, quoting quote right, Inside so this is what this is, what the state of Mississippi hissing, Rove AIR, Rowan, Casey Shackle states to a view of the facts that are decades out of date. It's I for the court to set it right, returned the political debate to the political branches of government, so the they want the court. To clarify whether abortion is actually constitutionally protected. Obvious lay they're, saying it's not constitutionally protected. You dont have a right to kill a baby, nothing text, structure, history or tradition makes a boar a fundamental right or deny state the power too restricted. Power is reserved to the state, if you, if you kill like a child.
in utero after what was called the quickening, you could be held for murder in my view, no early, America's and everywhere that in Britain and everywhere else in England, once you knew that it was a baby and the baby was moving, you would be charged with or if he did anything, to kill it and, coincidentally, nor maybe not so, coincidentally, about fifteen weeks right right, No, that's the Mississippi law is working weeks, so the state of Mississippi is arguing that decisions about abortion, policy matters that should be decided by the people and not locked the doors of an unelected judiciary. She argues that the state, as a legitimate interest in protecting the lives of the unborn. The health of women and the integrity of the metal medical profession so sheet there now
asking for and overturn when they say this can overturn. Rovers is weighed, know, won't it well in California it well. In New York, where it will return: rovers is weighed in theory. It could. However, the states can just do it on their own yeah so I can only ordinary abortion. It's not can overturn abortion, and let me ask you this: the demo Rats are now saying That this They point of revolution for them that the Democrats will fight in open revolution. If this happens. now. I dont know why that is being investigated by the FBI. But I could say the same thing- would be true on the right. If the federal government said we are go house to house collecting all of the guns
There would be a revolution in this country from the right correct, for I mean if they were going to a door, or in order to imagine that little right end. But I can't imagine that the people on the right would say it's revolution if the state, if Eve Supreme Court said the states can do whatever they want have guns not have guns, the states can whatever they want it still would you're wrong, but people Texas would say, move the hell down here. Get we been telling you for a while to get out of New York can get out of California move to a free place. That's what would happen, and I don't believe that a revolution would actually happen if it was left, to the states and the federal government back off back off now, I could be wrong on that. this is something that they are saying. If it's
after even to the states, because again their misrepresenting this, the Media is lying to you again the left, is lying to you again: this is not an end to all abortion. It is saying let the voters of each state decide. That's not good enough. No one! Nineteen! Seventy two things were a little different. Things have changed we can literally watch babies grow in the womb? Now we, I found out that they do feel pain thanks to medical advance, whence we didn't know that when versus Wade was happening. We may come on at me didn't we do learning able to prove it right. Yes, that's a better way. Yes, we were unable to prove it. When it was enacted. The idea, also of a working mother, was still seen as far fetched. The core argument back then, when it was first
baited in the Supreme Court, is that abortion was necessary for women to achieve success. Now this you know This idea predicate off of sneaky massaging this argument peddled by feminist that our if women want to be successful, they need to overcome their womanhood? and be more like men. That's ridiculous! The arguing that abortion is necessary for women success is a key. Into central out dated argument It assumes that a motherhood in and of itself is not success B. Mothers are unable to contribute in society and meaningful ways. Three that women Our children can contribute or to society This is usually justified by discussions about mothers earn less in the workforce, which reduces success to only financial success. This
this changed. We don't have the same country. that we had in nineteen seventy three and I the left in the media would like to say. I know we don't we have. That's more like nineteen, fifty six, but we don't. We don't now, the counter arguments to this gate to this case is- and I love this one- it Supreme Court precedent it settled law. Ok, all right and in fact, the centre for reproductive rights. The ceo said the Supreme Court, just agreed you and abortion ban that unquestionably violates nearly fifty years of Supreme Court precedent, precedent, doesn't mean that its right and You'd know that if you knew policy versus Ferguson plus
versus Ferguson is these separate but equal so cream court precedent from eighteen. Ninety six until nineteen fifty four that was fifty eight years so just because the court said at once doesn't make it right And things change so what's gonna happen. Well. The Dobbs case actually has a real shot of returning abortion decision, making power to the states We know more about the development of babies. We have disprove that women need to abort children to have any kind of success, and there has never ever ever been and still isn't. A sound constitutional argument to backup role MRS Wade or Casey in scheme for a clarification. Dobbs will push,
the Supreme Court to review the constitutionality of how judiciary, is protecting abortion. A push pro choice advocates, our very afraid of, because They know. As far as the constitution goes, they don't have a leg to stand on this That's what this is all going to decide, we're gonna have in our number three of today's radio show in podcast. We have the governor of Mississippi. to comment on this. This is the first day of the hearing in this. Green court. Opening arguments begin today. or We talk about car shield. Is that time a year Christmas music is everywhere, kids are writing up their wish list and, of course, your cars taking a beating from the cold weather unless you live here in Texas, another reason to live in Texas or Florida. What is it? What was it yesterday? Seventy five,
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calm, slash back safe, ten percent car shield, dotcom, slash back deductible may apply to seconds station. I e the radical plan to flip the United States from capitalism to socialism started really under Theodore Roosevelt. It really gain steam in Woodrow Wilson time it is currently doing it's, the game. It's an old strategy and it mirrors the playbook that was smuggled out of communist controlled Czechoslovakia during the cold war. I've talked about this before how do you get tat Bolshevik revolution without all the civil war stuff? Well, they did it Czechoslovakia tonight, I'm gonna revisit dad it's. Our fates are Wednesday night special. It's a five
a plan in word deep into several of the main steps right now. Justice system has been infiltrated. Something called the progressed prosecutor. Movement is methodically, transforming main street USA into Gotham City, we see it all over the country, tariffs glimpse last week walk a shot of of what's coming and the media currently running interference in one of the largest misinformation operations in history, its hat. The city, state and federal government and President Trump might be the biggest victims of them all tonight. I will expose all of this and show you what's really going on with the media and how this fits exact, We in two that five plan that I started talking about tenor fifteen years ago, we revisit it again tonight. Blaze, tv,
eight p m eastern from Russia to walk a Shaw, the lying media's assault on truth, don't miss it. Now. I have Senator RON Johnson on coming up. He is in hot water from both the left and the right now. Because he came out with statement on the walk, a shock, Christmas massacre and what he did first. He can. Out and he said this is: This is the result of these laws This policies This is what happens and he's so loudly right about that, then he came out with a statement with the senator from was What's in the democratic senator from Wisconsin at where they both said, we to have peace on the streets. Please, let's not make this political.
Lotta people on the right or upset because they said, and rightly so, they said This is political. You know why I is in this being covered by the mainstream media. I mean we're all very, very familiar with the car in Charlottesville that ran off people at that they were nazis there. We are very familiar with that media will not. Let us forget that. However, The media has already forgotten Waukesha efforts. After thinking, I guess that maybe it was a Tesla that was just riving itself, drove in new a parade for the first few hours We now know exactly who drove this Korean and he is a racist who, at that the black side, he is a black supremacist who actually
votes on his own facebook. Page Adolf Hitler in positive way. Now we all know if that was a white supremacist We would never be a there would be federal investigations everywhere and we would never stop. Hearing about it so How do you get to justice and peace. No justice, no peace. Well, there's a lot of people in America quite honestly both republican, democratic and independent. That all say justice is being served here. So how do you call for peace and justice. Senator RON Johnson wants to set the record straight and then coming up next hour, I really want to hear the response from our own
Jason Whitlock Jason went His Britain, a few stories on this site this was a sell out. I agree with him. But I want to hear his point of view, and I want to hear the senators point of view, because I think I free with the senator. You know. Most people don't know Gandhi save India, through a hunger strike, he was at death's door, he wasn't having a hunger strike against the British. He had a hunger strike against his own people, because they had decided to go violent, that his peaceful work it's not going to bear fruit, and so they got violent. He was protest. Against his own side Lee. Yours call for peace, but all offer solutions we'll see
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me so much that the White House Keen keep saying our hearts are with the people of Walkinshaw. Although Our thoughts and prayers are not good enough for them most of the time. But, the White House is correct and so are we our hearts and our? and prayers are with the people of walk a shop, horrible horrible tragedy, but I appreciate that or again report from walk a shot the healing has begun. It did began Lily the moment of the tragedies you saw. Citizens of walk shall respond with just a girl, compassion, integrity
did they were doing with the victims to just the get? I'm just I'm haunted thousand there. I'm haunted by the thought of little children on on the curb waiting to see Santa Claus and in the dancing Grannie instead seeing the slaughter swords can taken offline time to heal, but the very next night they held a interfaith forever, a vigil I think, ascribe thousand people showed up. I was able to tandon just talk to member community that the first responders the meal was out. forget, it sorrowful and yet powerful. I guess you because you are so often going. You know this is in the midst of one of these horrific events that caused by the worst inhumanity best of humanity is often revealed, and I think we witness at again
right away and walk Shaw and is, as the city continues to heel. I think I can teach you that's a very cover, but I know they'd be truly appreciate, thoughts and prayers. I know they're they're pushing the financial support me foundation. Having said that, I must say overwhelmed by think they had their incredibly appreciative of all the thoughts and prayers and all the financial systems coming in to tell people that the grievously injured, that we still have three children in critical condition, the number, the other adults and critical conditions, while solutions can be long long road to recovery are I let me Let me take you through a timeline hear you earth slam democratic officials following the Christmas prayed over the weekend. You said, when you look the other way, when you almost encourage lawlessness, I would drop the word almost just like. Let's face it, you have
nickel figures doing during the summer riots of twenty twenty encouraging people to donate to the bail fun. So you bail. These people out when you and urge lawlessness. You're going to get more of it, comes more and more violent, it starts spilling over from crime, ridden generally democratic, governs cities into surrounding areas. That's probably we witnessed here in walk a shop. You started to get all kinds of heat from the left on that. Do you still stand by those words? Yes, I'm I'm outraged by what happened, because it never should have happened. Glenn you'd never should have happened. This the acute now called the acute
He never should have been out in the street, but it's the the catch relates not only to southern Borg. We have kept you really spinner criminal justice system and you ve got the left, pushing either law, bail or no bail, and yet the curve vice president aptly Minneapolis Rights, encouraging people to donate, to avail fund to bail the writers out. You have the press looking the other way as during the five hundred seven plus riots during the summer and seven Ali, focuses on ungenerous fixes much. I condemn that. I'm also condemning the violence that the two thousand lawn Foresman officers were injured. During those summarised the couple dozen people killed during those that the two billion dollars with programmes rough both look away from that, but we focus instead on your what, when there may be a perpetrator that comes more from the right side of the political spectrum, and I'm I'm I'm outraged by all of this, but I am outraged for the citizens, for the community walk a shot,
bitter suffering when they shouldn't have had to this. This never should have happened. We gotta called up your part. The healing process are the due process is to examine. Why is this? Guy in the street was able to commit this evil kings act? What why and then corrected shoulders if that's going to be part, the process, so it is going to help me. I could just a few days later, you come out with a statement with Tammy Baldwin. Who is your cohort therein in Congress, she's the Democrat Senator from Wisconsin and you, this. It is come to our attention that outside individuals or groups may attempt to exploit the tragedy that occurred last Sunday in walking for their own political purposes. As who s senators representing Wisconsin one from each political party. We are asking everyone to consider such action to cease and desist. We have full
confidence in the local officials who responded with extraordinary professionalism, competence, integrity and compassion. They have many difficult duties, perform in the coming days, weeks and months and they should be afforded the respect and support they deserve to undertake their responsibilities without outside informed interference, you go on for a couple of more paragraphs, but it's basically the same thing. How what's angering some people on both sides. Is you just made it political by saying what you just said and now you're saying don't make it political.
Well. How is this not a political issue, so you have to read carefully what I said. I was trying to set up the past action that could result in a potential violence again and mock shadow. You knew I received from the people I've spoken to on Monday. I gotta call that Friday the day they are concerned, it groups from both sides were gonna descend on walk a shock to protest whatever in their concern of a clash in maybe more vital and so I was reacted to the mass me- is it can I do anything to help? Is there I could issue a statement, I could try and get a thunderbolt and a bipartisan base, which is ass. People. Please don't do that now. We want specific don't you want to give anybody ideas, listen just something that may have been playing. We just trying to add something up the past, but I was talking about action outcry about potential violence. This is obviously a political solution, patient and eye. By way I share about so yeah meeting a lot of criticism from the right. I Bisbee
read the ninety nine percent. In terms what you're talking about, because I am outraged by the fact that the left wouldn't stop talking about, for example, charlottesville- they won't stop talking about January six, but don't hear much about the assault on the Republican Rooms Congress and the baseball field I dont think workshops really much on anybody front page other than in right wing media now. So not trust me. Both of us are recipients of grossly unfair coverage by the left, the left wing media, the distortions Eliza False Meredith. I'm not happy, but I think I blame the press for some so much of our divisiveness in this country. They exacerbate they're the ones that, like the fuse, so I completely agree with even in people credit criticised me. I understand why the criticising
And I agree with him, but again there just getting it wrong that that was inferring dont, because political, it is political that this occurred, because of- decisions on no one more bail, it need to be protected from the corrected, but they need to be called out. So again, I think what are my statement was misconstrued. They didn't understand the backstory Billina said I was responding to requests to help to train had something after the pass. We didn't want to see more violence against an unknown talking to people who had to help pickup dead buys up the payment that they had enough to deal with. They didn't need to deal with additional protesters and people taking their situation. physical presence, could potentially resulting violence tat becoming even from coming in from other parts of the country to usually these protesters are busted I'm. So what do we do
about this. What can be done? I mean the the The media is truly truly sponsible. The best example counter example of this is happen in Charlottesville that store everybody knows. Donald Trump was the which took the brunt of that one basically, he said kind to the same thing. I was saying: there's good people on both sides. I can do those who do the violent. But, let's not, let's not be no, bunch of everybody into this together? He was. He was saying? Let's look at this rationally, the press, do it, You're saying just give me his: we have to talk about politics, let's be rational on the ground. Let's not do anything that call be a lamb in or me. You know any white supremacist group in correct
I wanna see fiscal plot fight, she's comprises the could result in violence, but not the political discussion has to take care her take place. There is no doubt about it that than the media that the bulk of the mainstream media, social media. They are far left a fortune. We still have free in the press, so here we ve got you it. We ve got the blaze, we got other concern of ours who we are freedom of the press, but we are by and large overwhelmed by the left press in the mainstream media. It it's a huge disavow as we have so we ve got to work hard and we got work, smarter. We do need to remain unified as much as possible. I think that would also be helpful. senator RON Johnson. Thank you. I know it's it is becoming in. freezingly difficult to be able to hold people too.
Other. When we are absolutists you Muir, either absolute my enemy or you're. Absolutely my friend and one one shoe or one disagreement on approach, changes, everything and that that that won't work that just wont work work that we have to be able to have some reason. If we're going to be able to stick together if the losing strategy, it's just a losing strategy, you you need to We need to cling to our first principles. We need to understand what we agree on and ill from the right. Yet we all agree on think this was down trumps, grace cheap and he assembly coalition of people that fervently love this country and in addition, they recognize what made a great not be government, individual liberty and freedom, real operating within a free market system that allows them to dreamless
iron building trade, that's the coalition that we need to keep together and you will get our differences. We may not agree very everything's. Everybody says there how they write something, but we need to focus on what we are trying to accomplish. It will try to stay this country because the left is destroying it. Sure you do need some people may not like the way. I issued a statement by Parson basis bright eye, and I would do it again. This is the right thing. Do there's no there's, no writing at an inn in mock shot and that's a good thing. Maybe maybe I helped prevent there. I don't know, but it was worth doing, was worth trying to help, but at the same time we have to recognise the left is destroying this country. They are our political point. Opponents weed
focus on them. We need it, exert our energy to do feeding them and in what I say to feed I mean sweep them from power at the national level, at the state at the local level, primarily at the local level, and we have allowed radical, apps takeover scoreboard. Strutted did you could be erased there? We took our eye off the ball, fixing everything on the federal government. We need to focus. India's relentless they left is in prison. Having our freedom as they are and taking away from us. Thank you very much centre RON Johnson, I appreciated God Bless Bank. You knew about God. By the way, I believe I not sure of its up on the website. Yet do we know if his he wrote an not bad, and an Jason Whitlock disagrees with him he's gonna be on with us in about an hour hopeful. Jason, was listening to this and he's gonna respond, but he's already
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nine, zero, six, twenty four: forty american financing, America's financing. Annabel us one. Eight do three: four: W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, org all right. Some really good news coming out of our states: There have been fourteen state treasurers that have actually now signed on too a letter saying warning the banks. The banks last week they received a letter. Six hundred bill we in dollars in assets from the states they taking money from taxes, etc, etc, and they put him in these banks and they Ed. They are going to take all of that money if
the financial institutions, embrace corporate woke, ism and pray a bit financing of the fossil. will industry. This is The main point of build back, better Bilbil better, is being led by the banking authority and the investment firms. So They know that they can do it with out the government. If the government press there's, these businesses, these banks, to sign onto this veil. a lot of money and they'll make things all green and all social justice- and it will be a utopia because they will straw, I any of the businesses that disagree with them. So they are now not financing new new Oil refineries energy projects, they're, not
financing the Keystone Oil pipeline, the governor two is in bed now with the banks and soon the insurance companies, and you won't be able to do business gun owners. You you're, not gonna, have a store that is going to be able to afford the insurance or the loans to be able to buy an inventory, so you can have guns, gun manufacturers, not gonna, be able to have a bank that will pay transactions for them. This is what's happening now This is being led by West Virginia Republican, treasurer, Riley, more and he's got fourteen state treasurers. on board right now, they promised a collective action and in the form of economic boycotts, justice, Each state represented in this letter is unique in its own. Governing laws and economy are act
We'll take different forms, however. The we're arching objective of our actions will be the same. To protect our seas. Its economies, jobs and energy independence. From these unwarranted attacks on our crew, critical info, structure and interest in industries? so far, they have these date, treasurers from Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina South Dakota, TA, Wyoming, Alabama, Texas and Kentucky in addition to West Virginia now The left is saying waters. Twenty two republican states. How come you to our coming only have fourteen. This is no big deal. This is the beginning of this, when I talk to the the tool He too attorney general's
they were having their annual meeting and the Republic an attorney general's were there and I talk to them about the reset- and I told them what was happening with the banking system. More some of them, I would say her. Half of them didn't know anything about this, They had heard things, but they were really sure what it was and when I explained the banking system they picked up and like wait, wait, wait and told them look is up to the attorney general's and I buy didn't, say this stuff, eat treasures. But this is a bridge. and plan, it is up to the end visual states. If we don't stand together, we will fall and this is a really good thing. So If you live in a republican State Union, D call your state treasurers office and your governors office and
ask them why they are not signing on to this I natural letter with web with West Virginia. You can find the letter online. I tweeted out stew. Can you just weeded out from from me we'll tweeted out you can read it. But they are not going to put your tax dollars in any of these banks who go and along with the Eu S Jean nonsense when it comes to oil and gas. I I think it should be expanded. I think this the oil and gas and any other constitutionally legal operation. I mean the the bank's won't do business with you know these pot places they can They won't take the money. That's caused a lot of problems. Well, I
kind of understand that, because it's not settled but somebody he's to settle this. Is this legal or not legal? Right now the state and the federal government are arguing bout, it settle it anyway. Going to be legal, which it's going to be. It's gonna, be legal than the banks should have to be able should be, should be forced to take that money. And treat them just like any other legal business period. These Giant corporations are gonna, kill us if we don't stand together this is a state boycott again the states, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carol, in a south, Dakota ta, Wyoming, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky and West Virginia or all in on this, and have already signed the letter. If your state and included in that call.
State treasurer right now call your governors office cos. All their head of your g o p, in that state and say why are you doing this get bored with this, because he s IE is changing. Absolutely everything really is in its its affecting all sorts of different things. That's why we're paying so much money for gas yeah this is a good example, glances story in the New York Times that came out the other day that about Europe revisiting their nuclear power stance as climate deadlines loom, and it was away waiting what is their stance there for it or against it, because they were for it at one per year, France, famously as eighty percent of their power from nuclear, and then they turned against it and maybe a decade or so ago, because of because of dumb environmentalist pressure, even though its the clean
and safest energy source, we have ever developed as man, yet full. Stop that clear and so should be something that they should embrace, and it's one of those things that the conservatives have joined. Really embrace two minutes exciting right. The idea to have Unlimited amount of power that we dont have to depend on anyone else for is a pretty good. Thing not to mention any of the climate benefits that might come out direct so not serious about climate control and climate change. And you're not serious about it. If you don't add nuclear energy as the top idea that we need to pursue easiest way to sort out a real environmentalist from someone who's just playing politics here I stop. You could stop all coal tomorrow more coal tomorrow and not have a blip as long as you ve built the news, your power plants you build the nuclear power plants, we don't ever need. Coal. Sorry was Virginian Pennsylvania. Now,
go back to when we were building the nuclear power plants, its ancient technology, to what they could do now I made it really is so part of this We talked about how they are coming up with these new technologies. They want to implement them, and what's it This thing about it is. They can't seem to pull the trigger on this and its beak was essentially of a version of what you're talking about an have been talking about. Yes, G standards, France and a bunch of the eastern european countries, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, they want European Union this over, Jeanne group, but above all of for decision making purposes to classify nuclear energy as sustainable and a sustainable investment if they are to do that, it puts a switch. and it would unlock billions of euros in state aid and investment from pension funds. Banks and other investors seeking to put money in environmental causes correct so far day one today to nuclear power, does
get any better or any worse for the environment. But if the yes G standard, say hey now we think we're gonna call to fight as a sustainable investment, environmental although I was not changed here, they're, just plugging a switch and saying no its, not sustainable. Yes, it is sustainable. When that happens. All of this money can flow into it so, the European Union is key trolling Billy in billions and billions of dollars in investment, basically on a A piece of paper that changes the class suffocation of nuclear energy and and is exactly what's gonna happen and think of the corruption think him interruption. Your politicians will begging for you as rapporteur. It is your PA petitions will be in control of all investment dollars. Bay, star on how they define racial equity. How they define environmental equity
stain ability if they were put a carve out, then that industry suddenly is going to be fine if there friendly to that industry. They will destroy that industry anyway. make any sense. This is all corrupt, or This is corrupt and it gives you the appearance of a cordon quote free market of investment. When it's not allowing market of investment, it's it's being directed by. the government- and in this case, not even the country's government but above that Would the European Union anything breaks? It was a bad idea, I'm ready you wanna, get This is how you are able to pull yourself out of these decisions. So you know I'm a who, because of this audience according to a couple of senators, because
of this audience you knew about are, moreover, the woman that was gonna be the controller of our treasury. We talked about that a lot you reacted to it. You woke senators up she has been denied her position in the the Biden Cabinet and not just republican senators, but democratic, said. Yes, this audience will gas with that four of them, four of them others. Five amendment was much if I've total. I again So just so, you know the kind of thing that she was advocating for and the by demonstrations, is advocating for is that Congress would delegate a golden share responsibility to federal agencies. I don't Congress has to do that. If we don't get our federal agencies under control old and share responsibility to federal agencies, which
defined as a wide range of legal arrangements. Given the government special exclusive and non transferable corporate governance rights in Peru, ITALY own businesses. So in other words, if business says now we are going to build another factory, we're gonna be making more of this whatever it is, and the government doesn't like it the, government which has a golden share overrides the shareholders and the board of directors, so it can basically say now: we are not doing that. Any more whenever we him there is. This is definition of corporate fascism, its elite dangerous? If your state, is not on that list. This is a great fight to have this is the states and your local city should be doing the same you
be doing the same. If you still have your money in one of the big five banks, you need to pull that money out, do it today pull your money out and tell them why and put it into a local bank low. Lee owned and operated you To do that now. Send the message you're not doing any of this with my money. If we also stood together, we could change things overnight. What do you need advice about your car? You go to the mechanic when you need to advice about the stock market. You go to a stockbroker When you need the advice about snacking, yes, come to me, I'm a doctor man.
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Recommend built bars, one out of one doctors says it's true built dot com the promo code back fifteen get fifteen percent off your order, use promo code back fifteen fifteen percent off now at built dot com. ten seconds stationary Jason Whitlock is joining us about Walker Shaw, coming up in in just a few minutes. Stu. I think we should. should spend a little time on freight getting whacked partially harshly whacked, yes, poor, Fredo Cuomo, whose whose just off by Andrew Coma was awful. Chris Cuomo is worse dot com and you know looking
This happened. I dont think I I believed it until June a couple of days ago that CNN would do anything about this. Well, but a have they I mean you have to, They have standards therein radically low, yet androids an idle again believe that they are doing this because they think or care about journalist integrity when it comes to Chris Cuomo, they care that I think they ve been in bed. First so slowly. afraid, o analogy do remember. The godfather comes up defrayed out at the wedding and kisses him. I know it was you frayed? Oh, I know it was in freight or kind of backs up we see an end kissing you. Sturdy, but he hasn't gotten into the boat to go fishing. Yet all they did was all all the godfather was saying. Was
Fraid, oh, I know it was you who get away go and he stands. You know in the other room at the wedding firmly set up in ease, I've been sleeping with efficiency so far, yeah he's suspended indefinitely, which I as a considerable from CNN. They actually have done more than I would have expected them to do now. side of this. What happens? I have all sorts of please speculation as to what's going on behind the scenes, but what we can say is that they feel you know with Jeffrey Turban They brought him back after he was doing his thing on the zoom call me. I do in his thing yeah and brought him back on the air, and so there some believe that well, if they didn't get rid of, a ban, but to how was I mean a gross ikey, awful I'd fire him for it. Mistake yeah, but it was a mistake. Yeah, that's important. I think that it was unintentional. We bill
if then Jeffrey Juba did this with Chris Qualify, it was intentional. I'm in here was, and he went on the air months after it occurred and wide about it on the air and lie to CNN about it and told CNN that he did not call press sir This is about his brother, she said on the air and lied about, and he said he did not try to get information and disparage these women, which we now have. Text messages of him multiple times trying to get the group to align behind this lead? He had to take down the wedding girl ass. He put it amazing. who was accusing real quick. I tell you, what is it? Is it just? Do you think that he is he's got legally again see an end that making I'm not I'm not be surprised if he was had preview. We ve been in the offices of executives and giving them legal advice.
That's amazing! They they dont want out there, I think they bring him back once the storm LEO's. I ve tried to see how big the storm is. Yes, it going rectangle lakes, let's face it, the best part of the holidays, and why has he socks? I mean he's? Ratings are off they should use this as an excuse to get out of the contest with it's a gift, part of the holiday season is food, the true meaning of Christmas, yadda, yadda yadda, I believe it does. Come in boxes in bags I mean it does come in bags, but then you prepare it into something deal, leashes your favorite foods grilling. On a wrecking tech. Oh I'm telling you the hull, they gatherings with friends and family cannot be topped if you have erected order. What today. It makes a really good Christmas present his well. I mean just gonna, we'll it underneath the tree
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agrees with the Senator RON Johnson, who is on with us an hour ago and who has read his own up aid that can be found at the blaze dot com right now between out soon J, Send it says: here's why Darrell Brooks and the Walker shall massacre must be politicized and I dont know Jason if you heard the senator, but I don't think he disagrees with you. I did hear what he said I read his up. It was it was, it was sent to me and What what I would say is. I think that one Johnson and a lot of conservatives don't understand how boldly and fearlessly the left is. Gonna have to be confounded about their races.
rapidly that their executing ended. The Walker shooting Massacre gives us a great opportunity to. Thirdly and fearlessly put it everyone space, just how evil wicked dastardly deceptively they're going about trying to cheat? the Americans are doing right, they're using race to do it and they have to be called out on this at all times, and so I re read his original statement with Timely Baldwin and I get did he say, and you know what I was trying to infer is less not have political violence. In listening to his words today, I can see where he was trying to go with that public stay right, but you know the statement out there:
don't look like the kind of liability that idea from a lotta conservative that somehow- we're gonna, make peace with these guys and we're gonna. So it would be absurd. Oh yeah, now addressing the racial game being played on conservatives and people of traditional values and Christians. We just afford to do it, and I know there is great peril and risk to doing it, and particularly for white guys, but that is what the time required. So I agree with you a hundred percent. I happen to agree with him, also a hundred percent. Is it because I think, the disagreement here is in the new ones because He came out and blasted the media blasted the left blasted this new. You know justice reform bowl crap that lets everybody out without bail and took that on there,
for the visual and everything else he was saying: let's not have political activists out on the streets, let's not make this political. No violence, so I think the problem here is, is is I don't have a tolerance of nuance, We see people as either on our side or off our side and you say that about either one of you you're, not on the side of peace and. you're, not on the side of of defending the republic. You guys are both on the same side, its this law, Of nuance or reality of nuance, because if we don't repression, nuance- we're gonna lose because we need everybody on the same side. Glenn? I would agree in one of my students and maybe a flaw this again
a boy but I'm a writer and so words matter when I read, was a list only by exploit this for political purposes. What I heard him say today was: let's make sure there is no political violence? Yes, and so I was reacting to what was in the statement, I think were wonder, makes a great point is obese, basically in his up air. His ideas, where was criticising, man. I'm warning you came. Didn't you see what I, said earlier right. I told him and that's a fair criticism of me No I'm he bent it happens to all of us. It happens to all of us I just think that, because my
This question to him was: how do you knock make this about politics? Because politics is what led to this? Yes, no question about that. You give hammered my boy right over their political strategy. The Democrats Political strategy is racially divide in his country and leading to this sort of violence and an end to sit there and think Darrell Brooks killed six people and is social media oppose filled with his world view. His races, worldview, his antitrust worldview quotes handler. He quotes Hitler. allegedly allegedly inspired the begins erection. Yet I had only one person died and she was shot by police, and here we got six dead bodies,
one of them a child sick. Fifty sixty people in the house and we know that up. I don't know what percent, if it's only two percent What he was radicalized by our corporate EU in the mainstreaming of ideas that are repugnant enforce in, and we need to talk about the consequences of this strategy that the democratic executing and so on this it has to be exploited for political purposes. I get his desire and wine beer responsible politician and make sure there's no edition no. Why would I do No. If I would have issued a joint- and I noted this- probably he thereby a joint statement between Democratic Republic are put out mound statement, because if you stop amazing, with idiots and people that have no respect for objective, true
ended up coming out what a watered down statement, it doesn't clearly state which you actually believed her and an end? That's my problem with the left. The objective truth is is not part of their platform. It's not part of what they believe, and so the EU in the compromise and people Many people have waited. Stupidity yeah, I think you're right on that. You know I got a lotta heat for going down to the border from the right. and taking care of these kids that were just abandoned by Obama its, basically, the same kind of situation. That is happening now. were arguing about these kids in the cages, but whose really taking care of them. Nobody is really taken care of them. It's a much worse situation now I wanted to make sure these kids were returned, but had a good haste in their mouth about the american citizens and make sure that-
We didn't close our heart to kids in cages and I got a lot of heat on that, but I did it by myself. I wouldn't have joined with somebody on the left because they don't have the same ends and the same purposes that I that I have been all day they We are being probably for open borders, so I don't care what they say. That's not my message, my my stage. Is we ve got to take care of our hearts and our republic. At the same time, listen I pay. Johnson knows what talking about what we say and you know Ethan in politics at a level that I'm clearly nod, and so he maybe he feels a bit more vulnerable Where I met in its I dont want to be
here forever. I don't, I hope things change, but going can pay for arguing that men can babies. He handed the police suggests out slaughter. Black people indiscriminately. I can't make peace with them, because that I really backs Agri they bear ignoring, and so it would be like if I went to go, by some genes and the sales person capsule Jason. I really think you can get at least five thirty, four Jean I will go for. I wouldn't deal with that sales. First right I agree with you one hundred percent. I can make peace with them, but I can't not fight them, you know I'd. not going to fight on the streets at this point with them, but I am going to I would peacefully march on the streets against them, and I can't have a conversation. I just dumb. a conversation with Andrew Yang and before we started, I said, let us
through the core principles, do believe in the first amendment and all that be Second amendment third amendment, you believe in the bill of rights he said yeah, I sit as written. Yeah. Ok good and we can have a conversation because I know your shooting for the protection, of rights now I can look at your policies and go but wait a minute. Doesn't that fringe on this right and have an honest conversation, because we have something we agree on with left. I don't have anything we can agree on. You know that want to change us into a at what I think a very racist and degenerate society, and I want no part of it. I they want. They want a society were a lead, get along and have a wonderful life in every
be below five overcrowd soon, so herded were really ugly Jason, I think, the real the real problem. Here really is the media. The media. We know they could takes really pretty much caused all of this by not telling the truth by letting I letting people loot stores they you now to summers ago, call them mostly peaceable prob protest, while cars and everything were burning behind them. That lie is just lead to all kinds of problems they lie after lie after lie, and now they are clear and verifiable. They ve left, watches Shaw a completely alone. They when, when the same thing happened in Charleston there a new ran without story for months. It do. They was even questions the last debate with
in Trump I mean they never let go of that story here, not up peep on walk a show. Now, there's still milking the Charlottesville story. Em. never gonna, let it go like there, never gonna, let January six go in the demon invasion of all jobs supporters and do I think, all Tom supported a perfect people absolutely not but like. If you understand America, everybody has to have a voice in a respected voice. It can't this. We owe the elderly BT. Q, Bacon have a voice, black lies matters, they can have a voice, but tromp supporters, who think some things we disagree with, you can have a voice and you're the worse people on the planet. That's a joke that that's not in America works for everybody and eventually
my message that I'm trying to convey most particularly to black people, understood this standard Does it work for us? Maybe you foolishly think you're, given a brief moment of satisfaction, but it will be a very brief moment if this standard, the fair setting up, continues we are going to be first on it. happy who first destroy, goodbye in all our is this and now and why right is the worst person on the planet in, and there are, is a victim of of oppressive system, and races, women bob our and he was fully in the police he said all that other stuff and I just
I got more calm and far more in common with our written out than I do. Beroe broke- and I think that's true- of most black men and black people, this standard that their save it just doesn't work for normal people, and particularly those of us with any kind of religious faith this just doesn't work blaze, tv dot, com, our own Jason Whitlock. You can follow him on his Youtube dot com, channel you to dot com, Slash Jason, Whitlock or CS programme, fearless blazed, dot, com, slash fearless use the I'm code found. She lied, which they strangely have not cancelled, yeah and save twenty five percent for the holidays. It's you tube dot com or the blazed outcome. Slash fearless! We
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overturning of abortion nation wide. If their successful it is states rights sums it will have it. Some states won't and that's what the tenth amendment is really all about. We're gonna talk to governor take Reeves he's going to join us next, This is the Dobbs Verses Jackson CASE in the Supreme Court oral arguments begin today, so we wanted the governor of Mississippi on to talk about it and to set the record straight of what this is all about. What the attend intent really is, and what does it mean one way or the other governor Mississippi to regional programme. know how much money we ve overspend every single year on car insurance, health insurance, if you oh to the zebra dot com, the average person saves, nine hundred and twenty two dollars a year,
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our the programme coming up entertainment goin back, in Mississippi. There was a new law that band elective abortion after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. The Supreme Court announced that it would hear that appeal and the
It is an interesting case. It might not be anybody totally happy one way or the other, but it is going to be a very, very important case and it begins today in the Supreme Court, and it is, it is all about the right to life and we have the governor of Mississippi, is gonna, be joining us in sixty seconds to tell us all about this and what it really means. Cuz, there's what a surprise a tie. Of misinformation from the media will give you that sixty seconds Glenn Programme so our road enemy, whose tell me about his door experience with rough greens. He says I wasn't sure this is gonna work for my dog, but I do so. You give it a try after you were talking about it over and over and over again, I know my Dog was slow at first to eat it, but now she loves it and our problem.
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We three jelly and in thirty three rough greens, dot com, slash back from MRS sipping, the governor, Tate Reeves, is joining us. Now oral arguments begin today on Dobbs versus Jackson. He is here to tell us all about it governor, how are you, sir? the morning going, I'm doing great today, I hope you're as well. I am I am it's a good day, I'm actually I'm Actually very optimistic about the Answers of this case after talking to you're, really good to turn in general, the first woman attorney general in Mississippi's, history, Lynn, Finch, Fitch. yeah today the day to day related minimise the pro life movement have been awaiting. For for a long time. In fact, some even longer than than I've been alive.
the only way was decided that the decision came down in January or mighty seventy three, and so for almost fifty years. Our role is, then, the president there were set many of us. I presume most of your listeners just really believed that it was decided wrongly. Back in nineteen thirty three, and then you also The case case that occurred in nice. Ninety two, which really help establish the viability provision and we believe that was wrongly decided as well. If you read the constitution, and I read it and there is no guarantee right to abortion in the United States constitution. Not only is there not a guarantee right, there's also nothing in the: U S: Constitution that permits states like the city and other problems, waiting, reasonable limits on on of abortions and the cases before the court today, certainly
it is a reasonable limits, so don't take. That's it reasonable limits. We are so far beyond reason. The the two country- is that have zero, zero laws on the books to stop people from abortion. You can aboard a Bay you know with while giving birth. China in North Korea and we You are right there at that doorstep. We, way out of line, and this isn't in overturning of all abortion. This was, I mean you're, the speaker of the Mississippi Senate. If I'm not mistaken, and you brought the heartbeat bill and got that past. So This is not they will take me that from the beginning and how we got here No no question in your point is so important because, though in the abortion on demand crowd, try
convince the american public there. abortion laws in the: U S: mainstream across the world and they're. Just simply not you correctly pointed out the law in California in New York with respect to abortions are more similar to China, North Korea. Then they are any other countries around the world that forty two countries in Europe when did allow for a lesson abortions. the city law is upheld, the narrow They'll be thirty. Nine countries in Europe the more restrictive, Abortion long in Mississippi, which I think is one one. I would not be most concern state in the United States, and so this law, these kids, get our state. A point where we are more in line with me,
stream countries around the world might ultimately would be see the court overthrow Roby Way that they brother is wrongly rule, but they don't To do that to allow this ban. into effect and that would ultimately save lives and that's what we ve been trying to do for many years is fine way in which to to pass restrictions, say babies. So you are, but I want to make sure that people understand that if This goes you you're not arguing to ban all abortions in America. Your say leave it to the states to decide leave, get it out of the court system, leave it to the poor. Pull to decide this, so California would problem and of doing more abortions knew you, could end up doing more abortions, but you would do far less if any
We believe that sir, That's what the United States Constitution contemplate is it? Is it the lack of democracy in that that should be making these decisions. There's no guarantee constitutional right to an abortion in the. U S: constitution! and then the are our founding fathers were very very. The goal in very intelligent in in saying that anything that the constitution doesn't give explicit authority through the FED on should be the same. In the individual states- and so I know we're we're not asking the court to outlaw abortions. His is simply asking the court to recognise that has is the individual stay that should have the opportunity to set their policy. They, upon the will of the people in those individual say so the level
scream my body, my choice, not when it comes to vaccines. What is that difference here between these two. Why can't I what why do I did? Why is it my body, my choice in one regard and not with vaccines The great question is a fair question: here's what we ve learned with respect to the vaccine, even DR fallacy admitted on Sunday the new vaccines are The affected are very effective, keeping you from becoming hospital and from having a severe case. However, will we learn? More more data comes out is theirs. There is certainly individual dinner back later. dragging the buyer and there are those who were back many that are spreading the virus, and so the vaccine, in my opinion, is exceptionally A in reducing the the variety of your case, but
the EU is an individual, the ability to make your own decision this. What's best for you and your man, firstly with respect abortion his wooden leg is completely get it wrong. They screen my body, my choice, income, completely ignore the fact that there are additional onboard job in that room the day. a body and ultimately killing and so That is where the distinction love is, Abortion is is, in my view, by definition, killing of innocent unborn child and that one is no longer just about your body. It's about the body of that unborn child Why why? It is so important that the people I mean people the attorney general vision and other. Like minded pro life, people around America stand. there are more jobs because they don't have the ability to stand up for themselves.
Listing the the founders really address this. I was shocked when I found this out. We have we have these debates, it's in our mercury, historic vaults, the founders talk. Bout, abortion, and but they didn't do it on a federal level. They did it on a local level and the other argument was when you know it's a child, the quickening is what they called it. When you know the baby has moved, and you know it's a child. You will then be causing murder. But if you don't, No, that in the quickening hasn't happened in something happens then ok, but that was it. and for a local and state issue, not a con. Additional issue, and they were very well aware of it back then There is no doubt in the important point here is here's another? example, aware that the left
a really is chooses to ignore the fact they love a scream about following the science and but when it comes to abortion policy, they completely ignore this. and the fact is, since Casey decided in eighteen. Ninety two, the science has changed, RO we Wade was decided in nineteen. Seventy, three, the scientists, really changed in the region. It is changed when rose decided. We didn't have solid ground when roads decided. We did not have also sounds and air. We single time. The technology gets better. The more besides comes down on the side of thing unborn children, here's what we know about a job at insanely. we noted that child has a worthy. We know that child is pumping multiple course.
blood each day we know the baby is developing its lungs whenever, Baby can move We noted the baby can take its fingers in hand in an open and close it, importantly, perhaps gloomily, there baby can feel pain. Because we believe that we have a name. who gave to protect them our job. How do you think Supreme courts, can rule on this case. You know that if it gives the left is saying. Ah there he says practically complete religious, zealot, rightist court? Not know it's not. I mean I don't count on all of us. we are counting on John Roberts You know actually voting for this. What what do you think? What? What are the odds do think well
I'm cautiously optimistic, dumb, cautiously optimistic that the justice system Frank Corridor are going to stay. away from me, legal considerations, because that's not the role of the court, that is the role of the legislative branch of government in that's. The role of the executive branch of government is to recognize can you make decisions accordingly, like that Mitchell Branches job is to is to read and interpret the constitution, a simple reading of the? U S, constitution, show you that there is no guarantee rights, an abortion in that document and nothing in that document there permit the state from passing their own laws. In fact, that is really the fundamental principles that this country was founded upon. Is it anything specifically
delineated or the role of the federal government is to be. and by this date correct, and so I am optimistic for that reason. I know that there have been literally millions and millions and millions of Americans pray for for our legal counsel, who is literally at least be making these arguments before the court. And- and I hope that that will continue the coming days and weeks before the decision is handed down and we think it'll be much. Obviously before we often we get a decision probably and probably in July- perfect, for the myth terms, governor thank for everything that you have done for life and everything the state is going through right now, It is probably the most important thing that we can do if we don't get ourselves on the right side of his, three on pretty big things like this?
You know we are going to have a tough fight on everything else. Thank you so much governor he saw a great ongoing, emigrate attribute to Governor Tate Reeves from Mississippi, you might want to say a prayer now for the legal team, they are in the Supreme Court right now doing oral arguments, and this could be a big one. This could be a big one. Yes still, I would like to get your take on couple things on us, where you think he's just stand. You can do this in a second, and also what does is due to the politics. If it be when it comes out in the middle and amateur Blanca Yahoo answer both of those coming up. In just say it for some time, but almost states Natalia you're, looking for somebody guy, we are looking for a present for the holidays, stakes
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oh, yes, they will overturn it, Thomas and Ellida. Yes, so three to two leaning yes to overturn. I have gorse and Amy Coney bear it. I would say me, I'm not sure about corset, leaning Natasha leaning. No, I say Roberts, I think, that's if he's a solid now, but oh turning row versus waiter, solid, no solid. No, so If you take the leaders and the solids, let's put gorse agenda the toss toss up because you're not sure him that puts us at for tough one, two, three, four, no, and one to three. Yes, so that link, I dont suicide, it indeed both of them they will not overturn it. Cavanaugh of course it they will not overturn. I think you get Gore such what you see the differ between Robertson Gore, such is gorse, which is very bold in that Gore
just like hey, if I have to light, turn this huge thing, because I think I'm right I'll. Do it right, like weeks, and we ve seen the bad side of that on a couple of ruins, but he is not, he's not a was where I well: it's here's what the here's a problem. Is it's not a worse that Roberts is Roberts here feels his job is to protect the sanctity of the but that's what I think of what is right away and like he's making these decisions, he may very well think rovers weight is terrible law, but one wants to protect the reputation of the court bright and will try to decide Roy reputation of the court. The hydrogen on oh bomber care does droid the reputation of the court. I totally agree with us, but, like he's, the type of person will say if they Cord is seen as the doing of taking away women's rights. We will lose. Our are high. tat, sure and blah blah blah blah blah, so I Think he's gonna want to do that. That's why,
and leaning now I think honestly, he probably does see it. There's really terrible disease as most anyone whose even for me You're with a conservative argument, I think, does so Cavanaugh corset. I think you guys think corset we'll be on the right side of this, I could be wrong. I think he will be, I think, Cavanaugh the guy me, I think Cavanaugh is the one that turns this either way now Amy Coney Bear. It has not happened really set a lotta miss and were we're doing some on faith with though she has written some critiques of rovers his way. That would make you think that she's familiar. Obviously, we would not have been excited about her as a justice. If did not think she'd be on the right side of this particular case. So I think be ok, I think gorse it'll be ok on it too Ghana could be wrong that cabin, the one though I cannot act role. Like Robert, so so, but the question is not throwing away row verses, wade good. I want
I know that I want more than I frankly I want them to say: it's issued be illegal, every whereby agree with that, but I don't think this is that I don't think this is going to happen. I think this is going to be a good step in that direction. Milligram step, I think what we should be hoping for I mean we could always hope for that, but I don't think that's gonna happen for many reasons, but taking a huge step back Saying states have the right to decide that game but that is overturning rovers. Wait, that's what that is. States had the chance to decide and that's what fish That is not what it should be. I keep saying that it is. It is not what it should be. However, when it comes, to this particular ruling. Overturning it and throwing it back to the states is probably the best. We could possibly hope for and You know I just don't. I don't forget it. I think you're more likely. yet something in that grey area where they allow the Mississippi law we still have a pretty significant limits on how far you can go hungry.
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my. My feeling is. If you would ban all abortions you'd have a civil war, because the left a wants one and be their death cult. They are an absolute death cult and they will fall on their swords on this one. If you take the the right, to kill babies away from the left. You will have the same reaction that the right would have if you said no guns in the hands of citizens. They won't than for it you know, ones to protect life. The other one is to kill and they are such a difficult. That's what you'd have. I don't think, there's a chance that that That's not even what their arguing about in this in this case, but Give you more as we as we go on. I wanted to bring our good friend doktor ever Piper in he is the author about grow up
he was when we first met him. He was the president of Oklahoma Wesley in University and he wrote great. Are bad for his university and is like grow up. This is not a safe space, it shouldn't be a safe space and I bet fan of his adversary. endeavoured? How are you, sir? I'm doing great and thanks for me on your show yeah. So I want to talk to you a little bit about the model culture, and I want to start with the Kyle written House verdict He's now not go to be going to Arizona University because the students don't want him there. They demanded that he is not going and so he's not going there what have, and to a society when it's rule and even few been found not guilty. You don't get a second chance, well that this
it's just another symptom of the disease, of the radical promotion of narcissism and selfishness. This juvenile temper tantrum that has been taught to our progeny from our pulpits and from our podium, something we ve been creaking. This self esteem nonsense for decades in the church and we ve been teaching the same nonsense in our schools, and we should be surprised, wake up today and find that were being ruled by an angry group of juveniles who
getting their own way and want to be comfortable rather than confronted. They don't want to have freedom; they rather have safety. In if you compromise their sense of self esteem, they're going to shout you down there to throw a temper tantrum immigrant cancel you they're gonna, get you expelled and Kyle Rittenhouse is just the most recent victim of that movement. It I said in my not a day care peace that you broke back in two thousand fifteen, that if your teaching, selfishness and self absorption at our campuses and in our schools don't be surprised when all of a sudden you gotta,
absorbed culture, needful, culture of perpetual children who are not going to permit any one to even be in their present that they dont like and written houses? Just the knit newest example of that and by the way gland he was enrolled as an on line student, and they still said that he makes us feel unsafe. We and feel uncomfortable because this man is a blood thirsty Miller, and we don't want him at our camp ass. He went on line my land and they still are going to silence them. It's not about safety, it is about control and it is about ideological fascism rat, than intellectual freedom, so these people are just getting into the workforce now in other in their thirties. Therein the work force these people are, going to be running our country, it written I mean, how do we reverse? This will be
only way you can reverse this is to have a revival. Sharif form the and return revival, reform return, restoration, all of them words imply that you're going in one direction, and you need to make a one hundred and eighty and go back in the other direction toward true north, and that is what our culture must recognize. That we have to return. in truth, as the measuring rod of those things being measured, or we can do no measuring that's a paraphrase of see us Louis. The solution to the prom Bloom right now is to stop elevating wise and to start recognising that there's something that is true
but your feelings, your emotions, your passions, your desires and your proclivities. All those feelings, desires, passions and proclivities are childish. Nature there not the way. Adults have traditionally functions. We need to grow up and recognise that life. Is it supposed to be safe, it's supposed to be good and that goodness is defined by God, not you, and in fact, even this case in the Supreme Court right now. It's the exact same thing: they want to redefine what it means to be a human. They want to elevate them. Jobs as God and decide what human and what's not and their deciding that the youngest and most vulnerable among us are not human, their deciding the human being is they ve elevated themselves to be, as God. Did you see what happened in France with the cathedral of Notre Dame where they are building that into a social justice centre where one,
Apple is for the environment, one chapel is for equity. I mean it. I really think that you know people of weird one world government and one world religion. I think we are Have the one world religion forming right now? Well- and I take france- tried this once before- they have all been predicted, should they might want to refresh your memory on roofs and on death row and ropes, Pierre and again briefly, of all of that was what the guillotine blood flowed in the streets. They did not get liberty, they got tons and tons of despotic law being imposed upon them to the point that even the advocates of the french Revolution, the leaders, Robespierre and, in particular, lost his head, of the rule of the game in the mob that rose up. How concerned, are you about the the day? Cares that
If this bill is passed, this build back better bill our kids are going to be in school fruit, almost birth too? You know twenty four years old Now that I've written recently that you know all these people calling for schools to open back up. You know we get it. We gotta get our kids back in the schools. We gotta get her kids back in the classrooms. Why why ideas have consequences? And if the ideas that were teaching in our schools or bad, then maybe those schools aren't the best place for our children. If we're going to continue, the teacher, for example, social, emotional learning as well, which is just another way to get critical race theory and be alum and classical Marxism, indoctrinated into your kids at the earliest age. If any l is the curriculum which it is in most schools across the land, then why, in the world, what any good
it wants his kids Ngos school, so most purse builds people have heard of critical race theory. Now what is ass? He l S. Li L is pervasive. You go check out your local school and act. them if they have social, emotional learning as part of their cricky on them? Please be yes, yes, ass, a l is nothing but a regurgitation of the cell. The June movement over laid with socialism, communism in Marxism and now salted with the algae teach you? I see. Archie asked J, W B, Album alphabet soup of nonsense, What is so women who? So how does Essie L manifest itself? as critical race theory. Can you give of the the
vs points here. Ok, well, let me go into this, doesn't necessarily get critical race theory, but it kind of that. So let me start with this one. In Oklahoma we are the Register red states, not one county has gone blue and for successive
the dense all actions, so you would think that we got her head on straight in Oklahoma, rang wrong in our schools on our state Education department website. We actually promote s, yell unapologetically, we say it and if you go one or two clicks in- and I've done this personally, you can find a tab within the Essie L curriculum web page on our state education homesite. You can find a a tab that says how to engage in your first time. I think that is a task that specifically tells your sons and daughters how to engage in fact their first time and do so with self esteem and self respect. That is an example of what cell excuse,
EL. The social emotional learning teaches your kids, it's the algae, be teach you. I asked your w c r t alphabet soup of subjective identity and emotion over rationality. That's pervasive in your schools. I? I have kids that are looking at colleges now. What do I do, however? What do I do? Well, I think you need to do it yet well? You need to exercise your right as a consumer and frankly- and I was a girl president. I know that you're in the driver see all the college's wants your kids, because there are other financially there in financial straits. Right now, even the state universities. They want more students, more money, so you're in the driver, state
demand a meeting with the President number one and if he won't meet with you, don't go there. You're pendant you're spending too much money. If the president will attend to your questions, what questions should you ask? Ask him? What is view of truth is just be quiet. Listen is truth and objective reality. Is it something that's out there to learn and acquire an embrace, or is it a postmodern construct of nothing but opinions constructed by culture and society? If truth as an objective reality of that institution, do not go there, ask him what his view of life is. Does God defined life or does the human being does society? Does culture define life if he says that anything other than God defines human life, then don't go there ask him. What is view of marriages is marriage. The fine by government or by God, ask him what is view of scripture is, is the by
in arid infallible? Authoritative, untrue? Or is it nothing but an interesting look of literature? These are litmus test, questions that you should be asking and today a hot one is what your view of critical race theory. Should we judge people by the content of their character or the color of their skin, asked questions be quiet and then run the other direction. If you don't get the right answers I don't need to ask questions. I don't need ask about half of those questions to me. university president's. I think I can probably guess their answer. Doktor Piper? Thank you so much for being with us. The book there he has out was released. I think in April its grow up if isn't safe, but it's good well, well worth the red grow up by Doktor Edward Advert, ass, Doktor Everett, Piper
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go to blinds dot com, save up to forty five per off everything plus premium door, busters an additional savings off your entire order going on right now. Up to forty five percent off blinds dot com blinds God, com rules and restrictions do apply. back programme Tonight we won back Wednesday night Special one. You don't want to miss. There's a five step plan to, Overthrowing nation adds bulls back. Then it is it's too why to do without so much bloodshed. And I ve talked about it before. I went to talk about little bit tonight, but it is you know it they're turning main street into Gotham City, and there is a method to this madness- the media,
is part of it in their running interference in one of the largest misinformation operations in history, and we exposing it tonight and were using a couple of examples to where they have completely lie. and are now doubling down You have to see that tonight and I'm also gonna be on your show talking about abortion right yeah, we were discussed, as a little earlier about what the political outcomes might be in. Even where the man- what is the left, do if rover His weight is overturned or get into that we clan Stu does America tonight, that's a pm eastern employees to also there was a story that broke yesterday. We we haven't had chance to get to it. We have to get to it tomorrow. It's about new national bought technology, where the robots can self replicate animated flush. And they made a flemish. You point out. There made out a frog some part of a frog year,
so that's really good news now. Here's why they developed it is something very, very important: can you explain you Blake break it down into Layman's terms? Yeah we wanted to see if they could do it so They ve done it and there's no reason other than we want to see. If we can make something out of flash that, be a national bought technology that will self replicate mocha go wrong. I think this might be something we should sit down and talk about his nation, some at some of these people these experiments they are like, yeah. You know the nuclear bomb thing but you guys we're just getting together in the desert gone. Let's see if we can blow crap up here and they did it. would probably be wrong yeah, so especially coming off of the last couple of years. Where gain a function, research has drawn some attention.
Perhaps the conversation around risky of research that we don't understand. The consequences should be a tad more robust. Maybe unwell their heads, there's a lot of scientists that are talking about that. Just about a high and a g. I Should we be doing this? This is a really bad idea and everybody's responses will somebody's gonna. Do it well yeah. Maybe we should have some parameters that we as human beings say: thou not cross it interesting idea, Glenn, what oh, what a radical fought yeah you know merrily out on a limb on that line. I know, but hey. Let's talk about the latest, be its first programme
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