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Is the Media Considering Climate Terrorism? | Guest: John Stossel | 9/28/21

2021-09-28 | 🔗

A podcast from the New Yorker floated the idea of getting destructive to fight climate change. President Biden got his Pfizer booster shot live on-air and suggested a shocking vaccination requirement. Gen. Milley testified before Congress regarding Afghanistan and his China phone call, and Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss. Joe Rogan is getting heat for a recent video he posted that included references to the Holocaust. Glenn and Stu read through the eight stages of genocide, which hit a little too close to home. Journalist John Stossel joins to discuss his lawsuit against Facebook. A famous Bible story now has possible evidence confirming its validity. The term “Jedi” is now being labeled problematic.

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program begins and countless egg. It's dead, Would you not entertainment the gun back ready heads. This is good NEWS Australia's leading the way here is the deputy premier of New South Wales on vaccines the message of the impact that it is that you will not achieve anything the and on they get vaccinated and food.
Further final message to Rachel: you sat back their parts of Rachel, you sat Plaza currently open. The semi The roadmap does apply the whole state, so they will be individuals, wriggle room, you suck lousy, choose not to be vaccinated. Who will lose their freedoms on the eleventh of October, my message to everybody in Rachel Wrong. You satellites is to continue to get back scenario, there's new freedoms coming for those who are vaccinated, new freedoms, but if you're not vaccinated, you lose your freedom say, the Lord wow, it's not we're getting militant about things here at all. All speaking of that we should probably also listen to the new Yorker, because they ve got a new idea. Should we, for the sake of the planet starts, being violently. I mean
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when a government becomes hostile to those freedoms It is the people's right and it is their duty to three. off the chains of that an crew eight a new government that not hostile to those freedoms, some other where'd you go. Break away cause. You wanna have slavery by I think it's pretty clear. You can break away if you want to just live by the constitution and that declaration of independence, because the old government started forgetting about the whole freedom thing well, I hate even say that, because we were to hate him, advocating violence. Hey, saying we should go into a civil war which are not saying at all. Oh, my gosh, these people on the right there so dangerous. I know let do something do something safe
Shall we. Let's just read the new Yorker annulled since their podcast, because they talk about certain things like that, had Andreas mom on who is really gray. I just want you to listen. Here's cut one, Andreas mom is a professor at Loo and University in Sweden he stood. The relationship between climate change and capitalism, any advocates for food, are more drastic action that we ve seen so far ha his recent book. How to blow but by is a bit more new ones than the title suggests, but core. He real does want environmental activists to rethink their commitment to non violence and embrace tactics of salmon, Stop just a second! Let me I get this straight so soon, I believe we have to discuss this like this. I believe if, when he says it's more nuanced than the title,
really kind of lead you to believe how to blow up a pipeline. It doesn't sound like it really does it today is more nuanced cause. He then just went and said. but it's more nuanced, then you know the title would seem, but but he really does want people to think about. You know dumping the nonviolence thing wildly, the new ones that's associated with the title out of love a pipeline, just of course, indicates that there are far more things, but you can blow up the launch of the pipeline club of pipelines, Betancur ship chair. I can see things more clearly now. Do you speak like this? You could blow up. your school children who exhale seo to all these things are options well barometer of revising the treaties, or thank you very much back to the podcast I spoke with. Draftsman last week address.
been a climate activists now for a long time and in two thousand and Seven. You are part of a swedish group that started deflating the tires on suvs tell me about that. What was the end pulse and how did it work yeah, so what we did was we went through rich neighbourhoods and start suvs. This was in the early career of suvs when they were still remarkable on streets pay more than dwell completely ubiquitous. And it's very easy to flayed the tires of a car you just screw the anew in certain little gravel or piece of stone, or something like that and yeah they use screw there. Back on, and then the air will be out of time. a couple of hours, so this was not provided. Destruction I don't have damaged anything, it created them inconvenience for the owners of suvs. Ok, all right
Oh, this began his journey towards civil disobedience cut to what was the that. You realise that you next book would have to be about talk. Its sabotage, and why that home and was very much the summer of twenty eight dealing with was an unprecedented in northern Europe for the wine fires and drought heatwave during the summer, I fell panic and desperation as a lot of people did this was the summer that lead gratitude by and to stop. Her later verify the school strike movement, and that for me, the picture, because in twenty nineteen all the way up to the outbreak of the pandemic, the climate movement of the Global North reached its Zenith mobilization relates its peak of popular force on the streets. So the book, became a more became a product of the moment of twenty nineteen, but it's also a corps for escalation. A call for the movement to
diversify its tactics and move away from an exclusive focus on polite, Jim. so perfectly peaceful, civil disobedience right, ok, so here's the laugh now on in the new Yorker the podcast talking about how we cannot it's not so bad but rocks and people's airbag air valves with the gravel otherwise known as apple and let the ear out it's it's an incoming sure, but it doesn't do any harm then. Now we really see that we really have to go away from non violence cousin really not working here he is on blowing up a pipeline. What actions are recommending for the movement, while I recommending the movements contained
with mass action and civil disobedience, but also opens up for profit to destroy Some are saying we should stop, strikes or or occupations for demonstrations of the usual kind. I am all in favour of that, but I do think we need to step up because so little has changed, and so many investments are still being poured into new fossil fuel projects zone. I am in favour of of destroying machines property not harming p. well that's very door was very simple send the sanction very and I think property can be destroyed and all manner of ways or it can be neutralized for innovation, jump a fashion as when we debated the suvs or more spectacular fashion, as in potentially blowing up a pipeline. That's under construction that something that people have done. You tell you, so you are recommending blowing up a pipeline. You used the phrase intelligent sabotage. What is what,
elegant sabotage, look like in this context. What lemme give you a very concrete example right now tower. The largest single private company headquarters in France is constructing. What will be the world's longest heated oil pipeline and Uganda and Tanzania, and displacing the process about a hundred thousand farmers all for the sake of carrying even more oil world market too? Poor you on the global fire. People in that region were to attack the construction equipment blow up the pipeline before its completed would be all in favour of that. I don't see how that property damage could be, considered morally illegitimate, given what we know. One of the consequences of such a project so the ends justify the means, is what he saying here. Remember you are dangerous one we
just a bunch of journalists, the new Yorker that are just exploring different ideas. Today's idea, blowing things up and destroying property, very, very, very different than killing people? Of course you know nobody he was killed in the capital. Well, some one person was killed, but that was pipeline officer, but police officers in this case are all good and should never be questioned, but the property was destroyed there in the capital, that is completely different than blowing up a pipeline and Glenn, I well known for are the listeners that don't run on their own, the people who show up to work At these facilities are part of the machinery. They are basically parts of the machine.
and if they are parts of the machine they also machinist, destroy annex I had that sounds like a machine to me. Quite honestly, working on machines if they are not there than these environmental cat. claims will not occur so obviously killing me. Who work or here companies at the wish that the site and honestly at those people wouldn't show up if they were not paid so the executives of the car company? are also fairly argues aunt to me, the colleagues or maybe the banks, while they found me too, they find. Anyone who works at a bank, I think would Wall Street was very those be or any shareholder of a company like this absolute. What about the companies that provide? atrocity and water to the banks to these facilities. They are basically guilty. That is, if there should he killed or giving aid in comfort to inanimate what if we killed all people other than us? Well,
We don't waiting on yesterday. We just I've written out a plan and we had yeah. Oh yeah, we ve had a plan for how to eliminate people for a long time lead you brought has because I've been carrying this around for so long, and you know we all know wink wink nod nod we're not gonna kill me No, it's not rich. Rich backlogs are riches very, very bad unless We are the ones that are rich had any merit, an utterly here's caught for in yet climate activists groups like three fifty dot, org and extinction rebellion made clear that non violence is central to their approach. Do you think that's not a mistake, or- I declare yes all. I have nothing against the tactics employed by these groups. I have very often participated in them myself.
When I have a problem with as when extinction, rebellion and people from friend of fifteen hours per se. that these are the only things that our movement can ever allowance. Engagement as in we are doing is as far as we will ever go will never escalate beyond this, and I think that the that this dogmatic commit man who nonviolence based on a faulty history minding or understanding of social struggles over history, because it's based on the idea that the only thing that has ever worked for social movements is to state, completed, peaceful and that just isn't the case. Not most social movements that have struggled against overwhelming odds against animals that have been very powerful have diversified and use diversifying different tactics, ranging into prompted destruction and confrontation, with Please. You saw this during the the put me up
after the murder of George flowing redeem and is probably destruction and ongoing and burning down police stations and Minneapolis, and things like that was an integral part of around eight million people into the streets of the? U S heart than any other in american history. That is amazing. It's weird that they left seems to know that what we are was told. Thirdly, willows largely non violent, largely learns violent. Almost, I don't think there was any oil at. What I saw was people that were committed to a cause by the way The FCC needs to investigate its own history of racism and exert and how its policy choices and actions of harm black people and other communities of color. Now this has come. From this is coming. left wing group that is funded by the centre for american Progress and George Soros is open society foundations. There, therefore wonderful are called the freak
ass, you might remember them They said what do we have to do do we have to how many? How many are we going to have to just shoot Republicans to reclaim are democracy. Now you might think that that's violent, but it's not. and covered in the press at all? Even older, a letter they wrote the FCC. Are we going to have to shoot Republicans to reclaim our dump democracy, that is really not so important. Ok, because they have a reason to do that thing. are really really tough and you know they're, not just there not just saying what shoot Republicans they're saying we have to reshape the media, and that is so important and if we can get people to move, then? Maybe we should shoot Republicans and it's very nuanced. Very new!
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by the way, good news, my friends Biden, got his booster shot. Yesterday, we were all worried about at wondering. When is he gonna get it nine here, he is getting his MR shot
We have plenty of opportunity, may world each port very Harrier, George, like some seven, ninety seven, ninety our goal so stop is Europe? Is there an issue that is just as over ninety seven? Ninety eight percent of all people to be vaccinate before we go back to normal when you're plan revolves around basically full compliance. Usually those plants don't work, they do
tend to work? They will people may easily reservations He is losing his patience with people. Yes, and we have now fully seen fifty percent of the increases of the last two months of vaccination rates have disappeared since he announced the mandate half of the gains of the past two months. disappeared since he announced the mandate, which is a really good thing, If you, if you're one of those people who are thinking I'd like to get more people vaccinated this would be the opposite of the result. You desire how were you blaming it on him? I don't I you know, I don't know how does it when it first started happening? I thought maybe it was weird Labour day data cork. You know a lot of being a great theirs days there were they turn in a really any bending results from the data and the new vaccinations, but no, it sits ever since he ever since he went on television and said I've losing my patients with you Patience is running fin people have stopped going to get vaccinated
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replace tv dot com, Slash Glenn, promo code. Glenn for ten bucks offer subscription to Blazetv TV. This is the lead back programme right now. A senator is the same blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, listen nation of IRAN, areas of own resources This is the beginning of the Senate. Arm Service committee. Hearing on Afghanistan, General Milly, is going to be testifying today and we are going to be covering that he's gotta he's got some law say here that some splendid to know what could possibly tell us who spoke into every author in America. That's written a book about the Trump administration. Why does what else could I possibly say he seems to be the main source to of every book. That's been released in the past year. These incredible
he's enshrined in our role to think this is not the guy who's gonna be continually the leaking to the media. There he's got. I answer for the call to China, and Afghanistan, which has gone very, very well ripe? Yes, Ghana, students going perfectly it was it was it. ass a flea successful, it was enormously success and you couldn't see it as anything other than a success. While I don't know how you do it any better, you can't became reviewed. Can't do it any better either. I ordered has added this. Why exactly exactly the same line, shame and humiliation each and every one of us should everyone of usually by the losers, not the one with a with a military firepower right. You live now. case, a little bit of a re mix of that situation. Well, I liked I liked Saki
over the weekend saying that she was just really tired of Republicans blaming Avc and a stand and the border on this administration whose this really tired of it, I retired- who, if I were heard too, is everyone's doing any. She has to answer for it all the time. So I'm sure she is tiny problem is therefore so that's a problem while, while ok- he's gonna, go there without hearing Billy, let's listen, it's a more senator real years about the viability of the man on the good and afghan acts really good and how you know the thing about these hearings is just all the same. They dont they're not actually interested in what the person ass to say. Have you lad? I hate. I really do hate these hearings, because it's all pre written stuff by these senators, who just do a speed,
and when the person tries to answer the question they just cut them off to get to their next big moat moment that I guess he's gonna raise dollars and fund raising email, have these little? You two moments now occasionally something out of it. I think we ve seen like, for example, ran Paul, be very effective. With we found in these things if it's not without that entire, Lee Worthless, but he actually you're gonna here. Basically, the Democrats say: look how bad from was any Garcia Republicans give their speeches about about. Millie and how he shouldn't have talked to China, and these are both valley because argue with a valid points are not right, but their valid points for their own sides. The question do we get. I won't stop formally. I want him to be asked questions I want him like, like ran Paul. Did civic questions. Where D you giving were fallacy, Storing them gave us something, give us a better we're standing of that situation. Changes we're trapped, early work yet and that's what we want
we want someone who's going to actually ask a question. That's going to visit. Some sort of response and speech itself makes no differ right and not allow elicit a response, but put them on the record one way or another. You know. Did you say tat phone call, yes or no, who did you speak to her about it? Who was on the phone? call. Did you ever tell the president about that phone? Call, yes, or no I don't know we made the phone call I know he's never denied any I'm. So what can we do item on record. We ve got among you, know, recordings ease. he's our? He has responded and said that if it wasn't When I say so, of course, I suppose he didn't do anything bad breath. Yea. Did you first of all, this is what they got generals at, oh yeah, yeah. You did me out there I arrived. We I mean this is what they got General Flynn on, remember Logan ACT because
He called and said: look there's a new administration coming in, let's not escalate, to the point where we we can't ratchet things back down. Don't do anything any get in trouble for that. How dare him do that? Well, I personally that one is ok he's calling on behalf of the incoming president and sang let's, let's take a breath here. take a breath. Don't do anything until we get into office. You know Does we're gonna have a different approach. I think that is very wise of him to do. Well, that's what they argue they were doing. Milly would argue, we call up and said, look do when we know not only hurt now not on behalf of the president. He worked for the present. That's the problem. He is was: the chief of staff, a chief of staff, so it would be ok for the coming year. Blinking judges to how often say hey look, things are gonna, be better and a couple weeks. Iraqis are correct,
not for the guy who is currently the advisor to the president and telling him that outcome All you have anything is get bad gonna happen, and not calling the president he's making that phone call. Did you hear Woodward's excuse on us maintain. So it's interesting because I read the book peril and it is the the way conservatives and even in the media. I think this this whole Milly China thing has been taken is not how it was presented in the book. It was first and in the book, as a way to LE straight. How bad trump was. It was not presented in the book as a way to show that Milly was undermining truck wreck. It was then it is a way to say look. Tromp was so bad after had to call and say we promise. We won't nuclear China it it's a totally Spencer, spend saying like know what we were saying was: tromp was a a national security threat
and why I had to it. then you ve got a eurozone, but that's what he's trying to say which to me is absurd in orbit they're just right, it's interesting. They it would be taken this way by the media, and I think even the media at some level has said this doesn't feel right. You can't your generals, calling up in and doing things that are behind the president's back now there they have argued Syn. GA there's lots of people on this cod and I talk to spur and we we know not. Everything goes to the president, but I d I talk to my MR superiors, bud, I think, pretty weak reasoning here, it's it's way better, but when the president himself says to like the President of Russia hey after the event, action. I'm gonna have a lot more leeway. Didn't do what ever you guys want me to do so, just hang on and then that transmitted backed of Lattimer its way better. When that happens, that's a good point. Put the Democrats have this down there. They ve got the
the trees and aspect down to a real science here they do they do they disgrace. I'm wondering how someone justifies that the last President, was out of control who brought peace. And this one who is break all norms internationally in, in dangerous ways and getting it Africans killed this one is not somehow or another out of control yet so it's amazing he eat can get away with you know. I'm still lay still noticing that some of the most glaring things about this guy that I don't know, he's losing his mind, there's another little aspect and they might want to pay attention to some time in the near future, because you're gonna have to deal with it.
I wonder how did you know? Did you hear the opening of the show today where we played the audio from the New Yorker about how to blow up Some like they were interviewing a terrorist, No, no I mean our mental amended environment, yeah terrorism, just things, then you know because it so dire. We just have to start blowing up pipelines and that's all I'm saying is already saying that the very nuanced, it's very nuanced adamant and that's that's totally fine yeah they. They are They are coming out in saying things that I know thought possible that they would per se. However, I'm wondering now, if Democrats I mean the kindly used to live next door. To you, I mean, and probably still do, live next door to that aren't crazies,
do they see that your now being spoon FED environs. To terrorism. They are now starting to embrace terrorism, I don't know, were so divided. We are so torn apart on every issue that I don't know. If there are just normal Democrats anywhere, not very many of them anyway mini they hate other side, so much that they can't see any other stuff. Now those there has to be because there are There are many groups that make up the right there people who are just get em that's a small little fringe group, then there there are the Trump supporters than others or who are reluctant to. Supporters and then non trumped supporters. You know that that this, the right, is broken up and fragmented. Are you saying is just one lockstep feel safe
credit party, it does feel like it because you never hear anybody speak out against. It does feel like that, but I think sometimes I noticed this would vaccines alot right like who the people who get highlighted you get the people who are like you have the vaccine. Are you gotta president on one side and then you have the people are like. I don't want your fancy Madison on the other. I don't know you talk to people about and if you're lucky I you know, I don't know I'm a little. I don't really want to get it until I get shots. I don't want the side effects right and then he saw TAT the other people on the other side. Like you know, I think it's a good idea, but if you don't want to get it whatever, what are we gonna do like any that most people in reality on the internet in the end in the media? Those people never get highlighted, but, like I don't know when I have, conversations with people about this. Is there not insane they? Don't they don't sound like they tweet? And I don't think that's just a thought. function of social media or what you know gets six online or what, but it definitely does seem different. You know I am
there are. There are definitely people, I know, but we lose Texas. Yet no, that's true, but I do if I have a lot of people of France who live around the country and when we ve lived in every city, basically, weren't radioset move forty six thousand times and want to talk to people there like there some people. I know who are like, like he Donald Trump with such a passion that, no matter what is associated with him, they will, we know revolt against it and say he's the worst person in the world, but, like I also people who voted for Joe Biden hurt. Like I don't know I mean I can. I just seem like he was a bet. better, no trumpet seems like he's out of control, but whatever it like, there's not like not everyone has that think people do live their own lives. They do actually like care and allow these People by the way are very credible on things like c r t, you know,
They might heartily hate Donald, I think the vaccine to and Afghanistan in Afghanistan, in particular Afghanistan, the one that I think we're closest on. I haven't met one person who was defended. What happened in Afghanistan, the hoodie all my most liberal friends. None of them say it was acceptable, let alone, but credibly successful or whatever the terminology they used was in. I ever met anybody. I don't think there think there's a saw. I dont does anybody inside the bite and administration who thinks that went well, hang on just a second, he saw the general is now speaking. We want to give you an opportunity to have opening statement arena, skip those opening statements, Khazar going to be great acting more in just a second first, let me tell you about lifelong back, in the good old days, man wanted Rubbia. Blinded me too a body in a dark galley somewhere, yet integrity. Times are simpler in the back
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calm, promo code back or one eight hundred lifelike. Let's see what the general Milly has to say in his opening frame here, a landlord country, no government, a highly dynamic situation on the ground and an active, credible and lethal terrorist threat. In a span of just two days from thirteen to that we're not merely were hearing from? We went from working alongside a democratically elected longtime partner government to coordinating wearily with a long time enemy we operated in a deeply dangerous environment line, approved a lesson and pragmatism
professionalism. We learned a lot of other lessons to about how to turn and AIR force base and color to an international airport and I have to do and about how to rapidly screening process and manifest large numbers of people. Why nothing like this? been done before and no other military in the world could pull it off, and I think that is crucial, not everywhere and like this now I know members of this committee- will have questions on many things, such as why we turned our work programme airfield, Oh yeah, how real is our over the horizon capability? All let another in. Why didn't? We start evacuation so do I guess, and why didn't we stay longer to get more people raise questions, so let me take each in turn. Ok I'll write retaining boardroom would have required putting as many as five thousand. U S. Troops in harm's way, just two and defend it, and it would have contributed, contributed, lit
to the mission that we ve been assigned. No, that was to protect and defend the embassy, which was some thirty miles away, but the problem was the assignment. That's what I'm a distance from Kabul all render programme of little value. Any evacuation staying at bottom, even for counterterrorism purposes, meant staying at war in Afghanistan. know something that the president made clear that he would not do right. That's the problem that will arise and operations when we use it we refer to as judge and target analysis that come from outside the country in which the operation occurs? These are effective and common operation. This is how you hit the pin, be is water. We conducted one such strike in Syria my native when I talk about the landowners in all kind of thing, to stay at the high value target, highly torreons, lotteries delivery in water, but absolutely possible. It's possible any intelligence that support some comes from a variety of sources:
that just bar they the same resources thing on the ground, told you that those kids delivering a lot or when the one already brown wait. You're getting the nice thing about that, when Poland was that they, the kids, were really excited to see their day so they all ran out to the car to greet him, and when the car lad is so that we have those over the HORIZON capabilities programme. You so much. I want to talk a little bit about the covenant. It's about the old testament, in fact, You know, Hollywood is made a whole bunch of old testament movies. They ve made medical movies and they always change. The story the covenant, is something that is will be a multi season. Tv series. Adaptation of the store of the old testament it's written by Andrew Clavering, who is a great writer and a good friend and respects the honest depictions of
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There are millions now testifying in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. We're going to hear beyond his opening statement what what was his involvement in Afghanistan? What is his excuse for Afghanistan same with General Austin, and what exactly is e exactly did he do with China? Will give you the details on that in so much more coming up in sixty seconds programme, Dan lives in New York, uneasy semi professional body builder. I feel like we have lot in common Dan, I'm semi professions. I've been building my body in different ways, though dance been suffering from shoulder pain for quite a while and due to an injury he sustained while lifting waits. It was
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Let's see, let's just take some of the Milly comments here: periods on the front, revelations of issues that are concern to many members on the committee and, with your permission, I would like to address those four minutes to again up submitted memoranda for the committee to take a look at you. pretty miss chairman. I've. I've serve this nation for forty two years I spent years in combat and I buried a lot of my troops who died while defending this country. My loyalty to this nation, its people and the constitution, hasn't changed and will never change as long as ever breath. To give my loyalty is absolute and I will not turn my back on the fallen with respect to the chinese calls.
I routinely communicated with my counterpart generally with the knowledge and coordination of civilian oversight. I am specifically directed to communicate with the Chinese by department, defence guidance, the policy dialogue system, these military to military committee. stations at the highest level are critical to the secure If the United States, in order to dig inflict military actions, manage crisis and present prevent war, great powers that are armed with the world's most deadliest weapons. The calls on the October on eight January or coordinated before and after which secondary esper and acting secondary Miller, staffs and the Inter agency. the specific purpose of the October in January, calls would generate. Generated by concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe that
I need is worried about an attack on them by the United States. I know I am certain that President Tromp did not intend to attack the Chinese and it is my directed responsibility, and it was my director responsibility by the secretary to convey that intent to the chinese My task at that time was to de escalate. My message again was insistent stay calm. they look says, is that he s we are not going to attack you secretary defence aspects Correction, I made a call generally on thirty October. Eight people saddened that call with me, and I read out the call within thirty minutes of the call ending On thirty one December, the Chinese requested another call with me. The deputy assistant
defence or Asia, Pacific policy helps coordinated, my call, which was then scheduled for eight general, and he made a preliminary call on six January. Eleven people attended that go with me and read. Out of this call were distributed to the that same that same day, shortly after my call ended with generally, I personally informed both Secretary of State Powell, pale and White House chief of staff meadows about the call among other topic soon after that I attended a meeting with acting sectoral Miller Rye brief him on the coal.
later that same day, on eight January, speaker, Thou Blowsy called me to enquire about the president's ability launch nuclear weapons. I sought to assure her that nuclear launch is governed by a very specific and deliberate process. She was concerned and made very or made various personal references characterizing. The president, I explained to her that the president is the sole nuclear launch authority and he doesn't launch them alone. And that I am not qualified to determine the mental health of the President of the United States, there are processes, private, altering the procedures in place repeatedly assured, or that there is no chance of an illegal unauthorized or accident the launch by presidential directive and Secretary Defence directive. The chairman is part of the
access to ensure the president is fully informed when determining the use of the world's deadliest weapons by law. I am not in the chain of command, and I know that, however, by presidential directive and deity instruction, I am in the chain of communication to fulfil my legal status to our role as the president's primary military adviser. After the speaker Pelosi call, I convened a short meeting as with key members of my staff to refresh all of us on the procedures which we practise daily at the action after level. Additionally, I mean informed, acting secondary defence Miller of Sex speaker policies. Bunco at no time was I attempting to change or influence the process authority or insert myself in the chain of command, but I am expected. I am required to give my advice and ensure that the president is fully info
on military matters. Matters I submitting for the the of of more detailed and classified memoranda. I believe you now have a little late and I welcome a thorough work through an every single one of these events, so do happen Give me the because that's not really how it's portrayed in the book. Is it yeah coupled for incidents here, the on the China call, the the does does indicate that he called China end. Tried to de escalate? The impression I get for the book is that they had intelligence that the Chinese were worried about this. So how did they require that some sort of espionage or whatever, that they thought that they were work, about us attacking because they saw the the unrest here and veto the chinese wooden who necessarily understand that and he tried to explain to them out. This is just the vastness of democracy, it's just the messages democracy, but in the book it's
say it as they shouldn't have read it as this is the biggest attack on democracy since the civil war and sets out very guarantees have in that you have even heard from Milly now. Obviously, you could excuse him for lying to the Chinese out, have no problem with it sure whatever, but there's the I dont know what I want. My guess is he's like do us? Yes, however, the book itself portrays much more like it's a secret call that he saying here, there's not all that detail about there's eleven people on and all of that, it's for trade. More as like a he was so distraught by the happenings here sure that he had to call to make sure This was this. This possibility of an attack was put down at no point did they indicate as he met. since their that here really believed tromp was going to attack. There's that baby now there seems to be worry from policy on that, and that's the other part of that call police calling him
he mentions there in his testimony. talking about how he look. I don't know, I have no way of another medical doctor, you're, not a doktor. He has no way of determining whether the press, mental health is at stake, are not. However, the call multiple times He tells Nancy Policy that he agrees with everything she saying and says it better she's says: she's, the one saying he's insane he's crazy and they have a transcript the full transcript in the book. And he replies I don't the could, the I agree with you, but I agree with you on it's like he system and like I agree with you on everything that you're saying we're in one hundred percent agreement. That's a little different ban.
Our docked, that's it. I can comment on a gal. I can comment on that debts. That's for you to say not for me to even in way and on now, when you read the book, you get the very, very strong suspicion, especially you know anything about Woodward's, past writings General Milly is a big time source. Fourth book. Many. These conversations are detail he's involved in them and he comes off. looking like the hero, which is always how you can tell in a Woodward book Who who is the source correct, because he just you know he gives them that the most positive treatment, which is why he gets people to participate, because if you dont participate with him, he You look like a criminal, so people per dissipate all the time, and even Donald Trump Talk to Bob Woodward. about one of his books, even though he knew was going to be a negative book, because if you don't talk to him. They just take everyone else's lies, as fact, so you have to at least attempt to back, it's a nice little circuitous system! Woodward's!
go on with these books, but you get the strong since that Millie is a source for almost all of this of intrigue in the book aright, the leaders or play Some questions about the afghan withdraw. We want to stay with this a bit today because This is I mean is the worst thing that has happened militarily in I would find it a little bit differently. I would say he can't call it anything, but a success. That's how I would frame and sit. That's Framingham High also have red hair and in an address on right now, you d of either of those. If I did, I was generally, I would say this is anything but a success. Ok, what's interesting about million testimony is, as he's begin, the testimonies we're coming back to the show. He said it's obvious. The war did not end. The terms we wanted now I thought
you couldn't say it was anything but a success, now we saying we didn't. These are not the terms that we wanted. So I don't know I guess there's some little A three way you couldn't come through make both of those statements makes sense or maybe they were just hoping for failure, and then they got a success and that can I tell you that they gotta they have of it? I believe I actually do believe that their those that were involved in this, that it did. And a failure and solve this was wildly successful in accomplishing all of the goals that they wanted, which one demoralize America make me will question our our military and also driver edge between us and our. our allies. That was your goal. There is no other way to describe this other than a complete success by the way,
hey, I did an interview with General Flynn, yesterday, and it's gonna be the podcast on Thursday Blaze TV subscribers if you haven't subscribed yet you kind of want to see this one he had a lot to say about General Milly, which was weird he had for the entire tight bodies. Would you say I wouldn't I? U characterize it that way now? No, I wouldn't characterize it that way, and he had a lot to say about Afghanistan, Oh any had an awful lot to say about the Justice Department and I'd to say about the media, he had generally a lot to say about General Flynn. The first interview with him that comes up on Thursday only blaze, tv back and sixty seconds. You know all kids kids are doing right. I mean, you know,
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on a wreck tax, so they come up perfect. Every time wrecked tech already see tee q dot com, that's wreck tech with it. You wreck tech, dot com. Ten seconds station, I d- Let's go back to our general memories of the recommendation made by their duty in half What I said in my opening statement- the memoranda that I wrote back in the fall of twenty twenty remained consistent and I do agree with that. Committees- Insurers, whether not General Miller's recommendation ever got to the president Obviously there are conversations with the resident. but I would like to ask, even though gentle Mckinsey they give me this statement, did you talk to the present the General Miller's recommendation, so I was present,
when that discussion occurred and uncomplicated heard all the recommendations and listened to very thoughtfully. one of the recommendations it was made by the three of you would be the recommendation Originally, it was made by General Miller's too, two weeks ago, During the August eighteenth interview on a b c George Alice S, President Biden, whether you s troops would stay beyond August thirty. First, if there are still Americans to evacuate Biden. Responded to. This is a quote. If there's a man, again, citizens left we're going. Stay to get them all out. This didn't happen its binding decision resulted in all the troops leaving, but there Citizens are still trying to get out how many is
How many american citizens is opinion are still there. go down the line each one of you there comes a anyone. Chechen are lost and refer to the state Department for that, for that judgment, big, that's that's a dynamic process! they ve been contacting the civilians at around in Afghanistan and again, I would divert it M for definitive numbers that way you're commercial Milly same you just said that there were numbers at the beginning of this process. With a we have seven. Seven report are the out of the embassy and we know that we took out almost six thousand. I guess it is american citizens. but how many remain and urge you to do. All of you agree that Secretary State religion,
when he made his analysis as to how many people would be here, but still be there. You talked about the ten to fifteen thousand citizens left behind and the end then evacuated some six thousand would mean a minimum of four thousand would be, would still be there are now? Would anyone disagree with that, by your silence. I assume you agree, no, I don't personally. I believe that, therefore thousand american citizens stole up enough. I understand, but I cannot confirm or deny that the centre see things signatory states. probably wrong. It is analysis, english, german dagger, and just for the record date, here and there a knave ice last ranking member have each abided by the five minute rule there is fair
Mr Chairman and thank you secretary os in general million General Mackenzie for being here this morning and secretary ass the genome. Shall he thank you for your efforts to put in the sun. Historical perspective. What happened and Afghan Stan and for recognising the incredible nervous and sacrifice even deserts? They like the military right now, general milling, but little change, a hearing for what they are getting up here and you are a Democrat on new wonder what use was lying or not like explicitly military service and that today, still bad, and until we are talking about your our six, that argue, I ask about the departments plans to evacuate them now. You indicated today that you, you thought we might be facing the kind of desperate situation that we saw cobble, but your response at that time was that quote: lots of peace,
and he was ongoing, and this is end quote State department was leaning efforts pertaining to evacuating our afghan partners, and you explicitly hold the committee that, in your professional opinion you didn't see Saigon, nineteen, seventy five and Afghanistan, so I'm just trying to figure out why we missed from a public perception and hears that we didn't anticipate the rapid far from it wasn't Saigon Ipad, seventy five Afghanistan that was far unworkable and there lose the Taliban and authorities play out on television in an Did we miss shudder? absolutely missed the rapid eleven day collapse of the Afghan military and the collapse of their government
I think there was a lot and I ask you something still did dubious. That did you may that that sneak up on you not at all, I saw it happening on television and right and were for what they just said. We're just gonna come out and the troops are gonna be fine and everybody is gonna. Be great. Did you Leave that or did you have some intel I had some secret into secret. It does. I must have a secret intel because I didn't think was going to work out at all. I didn't. I wasn't surprised by the collapse of Afghanistan since the programme. American financing Nmls one eight do through three for that W W that animal S, consumer access, dot, Org not seem like such a good idea at the time. That's the time, all of the life story of everyone, one who's ever gotten himself or herself up to their eyeballs in credit card death
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For this, because somebody in a video of it and then put some images to it that include the Nazis and are not happy. So Joel and must pay, but listening to his words as soon as you give politicians, power, any kind of power that didn't exist previously, if they
figure out a way to force you into caring something that lets you enter businesses or lets you do this or let businesses open. Historically, they are not going to give that power out. They find new reasons being calendar drive. We have to protect those freedoms at all cost with you agree with people's choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on freedom. This idea of freedom there's so many people that think it's frivolous. It's not important. It's not the main thing that we should be focused on, but it is the literal structure that allows his country to be so amazing. Every single country that ever existed other than the United States off until one thousand seven hundred and seventy six every country that has ever existed, which one my dictator all of them. This is the first experiment and self government that actually worked, and he created the
Superpower, the world's ever known it created the greatest cultural, the greatest machine of creativity, innovation, why? and as soon as you see something comes along and inhibits your freedom, you should be very cost. Effective should be very suspicious because anything that comes along that can inhibit your freedom is, by definition, an timer. That's horrible in it. That's horrible, now, why is he in trouble, lies in trouble? Because he says: You know that anybody is trying to take your right away and, as he saying that images of holocaust and apparently can't be done right, that's their big,
they're big lion. I guess that the group of people that told you that Donald Trump was Adolf Hitler for the past five years now suddenly, as problem with holocaust comparisons, It is a that's an interesting new discovery from the left I don't know how they came across it and by the way we should point out that Joe Rogan didn't compare that it all? He that's, that's that with a filmmaker who who put image is to his words you. to some Nazi Nazi We are then a lot of other images dictatorship from dictatorship painters. Whenever anyone starts to say you know certain things, those are signs that you're on the wrong path, right that wrong path, as that is the best way to put this because at the end of the path, if the end of the bath is Nazi Germany? You don't take steps down that path. You don't take five steps down that path. You too,
zero steps down that path. You avoid the path at all, but no one is saying that currently, We are in the middle of murdering millions of people, however, when government takes control, sometimes bad people wind up with the power behind that govern. And they are able to use those controls against the people, I will give you four left an exam Couple of someone that might concern you with lots and lots of power is names, Donald Trump member. How much You remember how you were saying he was Hitler or what, if he had all of this power, what if you gave him all of that power? What this person, but you ve been saying- is Adolf Hitler for five years, what he had all of this power. How would you feel about it? This is why it matter about the man it doesn't matter who? The First, it is done matter. The party you limit that the country is designed so that no matter how crappy your president is
they can't do those things right, no matter how crappy Congress or the Senate yet or the Supreme Court or anybody? Could you can't do it, but it requires all of those. People too stand with the constitution of the United States and they're not, and there did not doing it because of their own power in their own money, etc, etc, or their own arrogance? They think they know better and that's where dictators, usually start they just no better than everyone else, and that's what He were designed to stop and were the only one desire, to stop it now. They said just because it it's like, like antlered, doesn't arenas, gonna end and the whole cost? Well, ok. But I don't really think that we, should be going down the german road in any way shape or form yea. It may not lead the ovens, but I don't.
Think I wanna even go down that road. At all I mean maybe we'll have some strudel, but that's his deep into Germany as I care to go. But if you look at this, This was developed by genocide watch along with the the United States Department of State, the eight stages of genocide, and here they are so would you say that we want to go down this road at all if we want to make sure that it never happens again. We shouldn't do any of these things. He step. One people are divided into them and us primal been done. That's done ok so step. One on our road to the Holocaust has already been done step too symbol is asian.
When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups. to combat civilization. Hate symbols can be legally prohibited. As hate speech. Ok! Well, I don't think that that This star has been sown onto anybody, I think they're hate symbol that has, give in by the left is the make Amerika great hat anything that identifies you as a trump supporter. You are now part of a group that its own, hey to hate. Would you agree with that. Yeah, I would say yes to eliminate you look at the theatres of was an episode of curbing enthusiasm for this past year, where Larry it decided he didn't want to talk to people, so he wore hat so that please,
talk to him because he knew we know where I want to interact with him if he had it on, I mean I think that that's obviously comedic way of telling it, but I think, that's kind of true. It is large swathes of the country earlier large swathes of the country, the other symbol, but it's ok to hate is not wearing a mask. If you were a mask your fine, you can see the purse aided scream at the personal, that's not wearing a man. Never we had that whole punch nazi movement for awhile there. We know related to the Antigua stuff, where you see someone who you quorum quote think as a fascist, it's ok to punch that right, ok, to attack them because their we're anti fascist. So there is financially I meant end in a powerful one, so we're on that road we are, and I were not you're, not they're, not we're not officially assigning a symbol, but the symbols exist. discrimination is the third one law, or cultural power law or cultural power, excuse
lives groups from full civil rights, segregation or apartheid laws, denial of voting rights, ok, well law or cultural power. We have that no denying groups Full civil rights or segregation we are now in our colleges, segregating we're segregating instead of black people, were now segregating. White people out New York City is most most young. African Americans are not allowed to go and restaurants tests, they got it on. That directive have multiple places their meat, certainly not full civil rights, have a road to that level. While began are being gonna. Go down this road. We are being told that their patience is running thin and you will not be able to do things if you don't have the vaccine bear them. That's definitely I again that's not where the rights, but there there are problems right step for
halfway to the ovens were halfway to the ovens. No, well. You're saying this is half of this list yeah Ba, but we haven't done all the things from far unless we don't know, but some of them on the road we are on the road. On all of us, them so far right or dehumanization one. hope denies the humanity of the other group members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Already done, that's that's done. I don't know, that's, go out, ices by somebody like Ireland, for example, you watch Jimmy came all the other night saying like lad. Let let the people who are on vaccinated die in the hospital is such as to make him. Will you have doktor saying that we have some, but No, that's the entire society or the entire apparatus of the government saying that, but it is its You told me coming or popular yes becoming more popular organization This is where it. This is where the metal meets the road or the
the rubber meets the road You have never tires he made out of their of that. You have the first four and those be done culturally or through official means. The four of these. Have been done culturally now, you get into organization. Genocide is always organised, special army units or militias are often trained, and armed I think we're go through that now, with our military, Abbe trained and see our tee and will you know they're out searching for people who are trump supporters, cause they're, radicals, etc, etc. It's the beginning of it or what could be the beginning of it. You disagree with that. I see what you're saying I'm in the idea that the
The emphasis on domestic terrorism, yes, is a problem mummy that does that mean we have organised militias going, have none at all on us. I'm not saying that. I am saying this at the beginning that the training is beginning to see things as parts the country. However, you vote or if you won't play along with the Woke game, you're a problem an extremist. That's the beginning of the training then polarization hate groups, broad asked polarizing propaganda, but were doing that right now in this programme, but we do every day. No remember I mean I think this coming from this aimed at the victim group, and I think that properly is coming out. Already- operation, mass killing is planned. Thank God. I don't think that's happening
seclusion? That's when people are rounded up and put into ghettos or concentration camps and then extermination by the way, the tenth step. the perpetrators deny they committed any crime. How hard. That must be we have always seen this, we saw this in Germany and we still see this in Germany there there you know people like land, I didn't have one now I ve been doing anything wrong. It was just that was what words go and I we didn't know how hard it B for the people who lived through that and no they're Newton. If their neighbors did no. I mean how many times do we have people denying things like, for instance, right now? They Democrats not anywhere in the scale, but the Democrats, denying that they were the ones that were holding kids out of school, but they were the ones they now claim. They were fighting for the schools to be open. It
the evil, Republicans that we're trying to keep schools closed. I mean how did how do you survive that? How do you do I mean? How do you make that, so your brain just doesn't explode say like is as important is to warn about these roads is also important. To note, like it does of aims it does things are standing in the way, still big things. We have a constitutional structure that stops this. We have great people and in the military and are in our police that stop this and like look- I'll, be honest, you know every day life It seems normal elegant these days, escalate slowly, but these problems are problems that you you get rid of now, so you don't neri about these bigger problems. Corredor correct and his Edward Black told me These problems that we have this meat The holocaust made never ever come to America.
But it also means that we have done a lot of the work where it could happen tomorrow. We just have to be aware of what Your polarizing, when you're dividing when you are excluding people when you denying the humanity of people you on the same road. and once enough people are convinced of those things, then the gun we can make the the rest of it happen quickly. twenty. This have ours. My pillow, I look, sleeping. In fact, it is my favorite thing. You know what you're dead, just like, going to sleep forever. Man really That sounds like Heaven to me. peaceful sleep. You can TAT, the my pillow, that is always cool beneath your head now goes flat. The sheets from made from geese cotton, the softest cotton in the world. They get softer. Every time you sleep in him. Every time you wash em. The club
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we're still monitoring the the US in an Milly double visions of run of the Senate com. Cotton is asking some questions. Analysis Wilson, furuncles that we had dominance. Americans in Afghanistan, behind Taliban lines on August, fifteenth and ten days to ask these general observers if we should send out I suspect that answer might be a little different. If you're asking them six in days out, not five days out. again my time is limited. I will move on to another matter. Present binds Bosh evacuation screwed things at coming and going as it relates to afghan evacuees. We left behind thousands of Afghans service on the south side of us who were vetted improved come here. We brought out thousands who really have no particular action about whom we know nothing and cannot be effectively bedded. You now have female troops have been assaulted. You have Afghan evacuates, committing sex crimes
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We have a general Milly General lost in all testifying in front of Congress today about what happened in Afghanistan will get to that also bring to talk a little bit about the president's new goal of ninety eight. Ninety seven, ninety eight percent of all Americans having the vaccine for we can get back to normal. I dont think people even know what normally is anymore. John startle also is suing Facebook wanna talk to him in sixty seconds programme, Look there was a story out from the fat. I think it came at last Wednesday they're going to begin tapering, which means are gonna start or stop buying he's been he stocks in bonds as they have been buying bail everybody out.
and there are also gonna start raising interest rates. Now they said they were going to do that for at least a year they ve change their mind. They said I am we're. Gonna. Do that probably really early next year that is assign inflation is coming already The banks are raising the interest rates on people who want alone, if You need alone, please, he's act now you can pay. less than three percent right now, and if your pain More than that, you should get a reef. I or maybe a consolidation, loaning pay all of your loans down, get that heavy in first off of your back. It's a mess can financing that serve homegrown, company, that will have you covered coasts to coast, no matter what you're you're borrowing needs, are they work for you, not the bank's columns. Can financing eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty eight
in financing dot net american financing animal us one eight do through reform that will do that. You w DOT, animal, less consumer access, dot, org Nineteen time Emmy when John startle, hailed by the Dallas morning, news as the most consistently thought provoking tv reporter of our time and then he then he figured out that regulation causes more problems and decided report on how the government is really screwing things up and that's when things went bad for John but went eight for America. Johnston full joins us now, high John. How are you Rachel America. While I wish I had a much our eye. Heath I think you have had a massive impact on how to give out a massive impact on America in all I've watched you for years and years, and the things that you you exposed
changed a lot of people open their eyes, not be no. Not all of the new no party people in New York and all the people in our fashionable, but I think a lot of regular Americans why are you suing say Facebook now I dont like losses, but I'd just unbelievable. What facebook distilling that some of what
we complain about, they can do legally, they can take people off if they want. They can sensor subjects like whether the virus might have been man made in China. That's legal, but it's not legal them legal for them to just lie about people and that's what they ve done about me with the help of their fact checker when they have a bunch but a big screwed called science feedback. Noise limits feedback, oh yeah that- and they made up a quota about me- put it the quote something I never said, and when we pointed this out to them, they just don't change it. And when we try to talk the facebook they say we use our algorithm works and no change it and it's just a lie, and
That is illegal and I thought well. I should with a lawsuit teach somebody just can't do that's defamation. So how are you planning on going up against me? Facebook has more money than God view good attorneys, what I mean, what are they answers of one, I stand up against them that they that you win but the lawyers took it because in my case it wasn't just about us it was before why that is defamation but you're right, he's gonna cost me a lot of money and take a long time and who knows, but I thought I'd try well. Thank you for doing that. Tell me I'll tell me a little bit about what your thoughts are on the virus in the vaccine. In all of this there,
Erika is so strangely split on this because it became all about politics so well your thoughts on that John. I was listening What you just said about that and biting a ninety eight percent- that's just not going to happen, and the country is different from how it's been before this. The level of hatred of the part of people around me for anybody who listens to you, listen to Fox, doesn't maybe get vaccinated, it's just there in a rage. What's I'm working on a video on their release, video every Tuesday and were researching different countries China and Australia are a little bit like America at its worst in terms of locked out but Denver.
or just listed all restrictions. Belgium has just allowed people to be mass. Cliff Sweden eliminated almost all restrictions. Britain just got rid of its plans to create a back in passport? So many countries are rising up and say: look, this is never gonna go away, is always going to be some around and we have to resume normal life and by doing that, people will get covered, but it doesn't kill. Most of roman people acquire natural immunity and that's the only way to move on what do you think about how Americans and the world have reacted. To this I mean I remember, when it was breaking out in Beijing, and if your member, I there were times when they were welding people into their into their homes, they were ceiling these ironed horse, so people can leave their homes. And I remember the saying on the AIR
This would never have. We would never put up with this kind of stuff here in Amerika two years into this and we're still putting up with it. What happened to us, John, we became, will spell it hurt. Those were not locked nailing people into their houses now and were not as bad, even as Australia, which has come close to China. On the other hand, those countries have stopped death and suffering. but I think the only thing that matters in life is whether you die of covert and China about Julia winning arguments. At the moment. It's three deaths per million people in China, forty in Australia versus four hundred in Denmark and two thousand per million in the United States. So so
are there saving lives with this repression yeah, but that I mean, if you want to use at logic than we should take every car off the road. We should take every pool out of every backyard. We should take every stake knife out of every dishwasher. Very true, certainly forbid people from driving in the rain John startle always good to talk to you, sir? When do you go to court? Do you know four hundred years from now I've got a legal dirty time. Thanks a lot Johnston, so suing Facebook over defamation and he is absolutely right and that climate group has been responsible for getting us banned or having her hands slap or whatever it actually turned out to be member. There something they were claiming that we said something
We never said we never said, but we quoted something that was accurate. That came Out of a study where, in that study vase. said in that study. This particular quote We don't even know it was in the study. We had nothing to do with that quote weren't, quoting it we weren't, even holding up the study. We were just using that as a footnote on where we got that particular information or Information in the study was accurate. That quotas, but they disagreed with and they attributed it to us said we were We were saying that we never said that problem. with a lot of these groups. Is there just sloppy, let alone ideological, antagonistic to conservative values there just bad at their jobs to which is a pretty big problem when you're talking about, livelihood of business, You know I mean I ain't Johns, docile elasticity releases, a new video every Tuesday like
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you dont aside the present sides, but it This is true, general Milly. Why haven't you resigned? Listen to this sad! senior military officer, Resigning is a really serious thing. It's a political act. If I'm resigning in protest, my job is to provide advice by stature. Sponsors provide legal advice or best. altered. Vice president it's my legal requirement! That's what the lorries it doesn't have to agree with that advice. He doesn't have to make those decisions just because we're generals and it The incredible active political defiance four commissioned officer: to just resigned, because my advice is not taken. This country doesn't want generals figuring out what order We are going to accept and do what he, let's not our job, is that basic, preventing Zayigo and we're not area is absolutely critical to the sea public. In addition to that,
personal standpoint. Might my dad didn't get a choice to resign? Eighty with GMO kids there at abrogate. They don't get a choice to resign and I'm not gonna terms back on them online so they can't resign. So I'm not gonna resigned. There's no way the waters are illegal hold. It went to college just a second stiff stew, because the president won't listen to. You doesn't mean you resign. I agree with that, but we need. We don't have a country. Where Audrey doesn't want a general that resigns every time the president disagrees with them. I agree. With that However, when the when the president is making decisions that put our troops and our country endanger real danger an unnecessary danger. You should resign, you should go, you should layer stars down on the desk and say Mister President. I can't be up.
this this is too dangerous for our troops. It's not going to work out the way you think it will and all Let us have advised you of that, and you continue to do so. that you're going to do it. Well, that's fine age, won't put those kids lives in jeopardy for something foolhardy, because it won't work. Sir end of it. I apologise, but I experience shows no, it won't you do for two reasons in hopes at the president would change his mind and if he does and to be able to warn the people, the president is is making food. hardy decisions yeah, but it's kind of in a way, wouldn't general manifested ass. Right, I mean he did not agree with what was going on and the decision making me made around Syria and he decided he didn't wanna be part of it. Brian
Think there's a lot of criticism of madness for doing bad. I mean you might disagree with his analysis of the situation, but the fact is, if he didn't want to stand by was going on in the decisions he didn't stand behind those decisions. Then removing yourself as a very realistic idea and possibility for milk for a military force, but again he's right into say that he can't, if it's a legal order here, We need to follow it perhaps or resign right, and that would which so goes to. Then, why didn't you tell the president that you were making a phone call to China and saying Hale Liz and he's not to do anything and if he does I'll call you first You work directly for the president. You are the chief military adviser. Did you was the chief military adviser go into the oval office and said hey China is Freak out, they think you're gonna bomb did you Did you go away ass? He went to Esper
but will see when we don't. We don't know that is his day. Isn't he the chief adviser forth the president? I mean me, you should go to the president. That's kind of important Mr President, China thinks you're gonna bob theirs. I mean I know, there's no chance of you. May I just call them and tell them. That's not in the cards of course call them, and I think that the You're part of that call to was what you just mentioned, which was if we're going to attack you. I will warn you now. He could, of course, if he actually did that, there's no doubt its treason, if he call up underhandedly and warns the chinese government that we're about to attack them when we're about to attack them. That's absolutely open. Shot treason. Now he and actually do it, of course, because we were, going to attack China,
and so we its it we're in a hypothetical land, but Really, the answer needs to be that he'll. He was lying to China. was telling China, whatever I felt like telling even though, obviously, in that real circumstance, I wouldn't call them, is the only double answer there right. It's the only thing like totally fine for one of our people to call up and say look we're, never gonna spy on you when we are lying on the right that stuff happens all the time honesty is not exactly always the hallmark of foreign affairs. By and actually doing it would be. I think, unquestionably, treason, honesty, I think, is the home or you don't make a phone call to lie to some. Would you make it? You can make a phone call in look if it's a phone calls. They look all absolutely call you that's gonna happen. Now. If we act Billy attacking and he calls let's treason home.
If we actually are attacking, and he doesn't call that not be a surprise row, it wouldn't be, but it would be also. I could see that being something very, very important. The president to know the president. Hopefully, if he's negotiating with a country he has to know all of his people are saying does not? The Congress is that the Senate? These are his people's funny. You say that because a large portion of this book pair of wood by Bob Woodward and Rubber Costa is talking about one of the main issues they found with the Trump administration. There are so many warring factions in sight of it. There will be One group saying one thing to China and other groups saying something else to China and I'll. Try in this is their analysis of the situation, was he like some of them on one day, like the other group on another day, so One group would get priority. They would say something to a foreign country and then
the next group, would go in there. Having no idea will group one said and disagree with them, and so all these mixed messages- and this is one of the things they claim was frustrating to other countries we were dealing with. Inga Through wasn't a loser if they that their criticism, narrow, saying that that's a bad thing, they're saying that's a bad thing, sir, if the president said to a group of people, let burned the country to almost to the ground that That's ok and that's the that's part of democracy, but then, went and claim that somebody who came in and did some damage to some windows wasn't trying to burn it down and did some damage in the capital, those be should be in solitary confinement. Bills would be mixed messages totally, and that would be bad. I thought
that's what I was told as well, but you're right, that's exactly what he did about genuine six in the call Milly says to the Chinese, hey. I know you guys, you know basic, you guys got your dictatorship over there. We know you would never allow this stuff, but when he got of democracy have to understand these things happen. Sometimes is gonna be riots at the capital, that's essentially what they told what Milly told the Chinese to make them calm down. January. Sixth, will you guys don't understand culturally? This is in fact abnormal, but then it even has the body, but in reality, general really thought this was the worst thing ever okay, so he was lying to China twice. I. they can verify that he's a liar now because he said it's no big deal and now you know they have tvs and satellite over there. But I don't know now that you're gonna he's not gonna know that he was lying to them and that's why I think the back and forth at some level is. It is immaterial too.
Whether General Milly should continue in its role and the air that, I think, is absolutely he needs Salif leave. He can't, even if best case scenario is true here that he told Robert Costa and Bob Woodward about all of this behaviour, which shows him to be a liar to China. Only That's the worst thing you did was he's not a reliable source to animals aries anyway. It's true, that he can't be trusted for foreign affairs going for direct he's either learning that China Bob Edward. The american people the press Donald Trump The current administration, or today Congress we can rely on the guy, and now I can't be in that role, correct, correct back in just the same. Why did you see time magazine last week have gone she didn't nobody reads at Pisa, crap,
They laid out the potential death of the dollar in kind of a fascinating and terrifying peace. Last week, China open up its digital currency to foreigners next year when they hosts the Winter Olympic Games. They expect the whole visiting world to utilise their new digital dollar. If you will China, estimated to be about ten years ahead of the United States. Mark my words were not ten years away from digital money, and this happens. This is what the article says. Other countries are sincerely interest in finding ways to decrease their dependence on the dollar. The you facing a world in which it may not control or even the lead. The world's payment systems. When that happens your life, style is completely friend overnight. That's time gesine, not crazy. Glenn back.
I'm crazy, don't listen of gold lie. Call them right now find out of gold or silver is right for you. If you do now, until Friday, you're going to receive one free one hour, silver Goldmine branded bar with every qualified purchased order call them. Now. Eight x x, goldmine, eight six ex gold, liner gold lying dotcom, its place dvd com, Slash Glenn Promo Code is Glenn for ten bucks off your subscription to police tv. This is the blend back programme. There is somebody is coming out of the world of science they like they have found physical evidence for one of the most infamous Bible stories The story of Saddam and Gomorrah,
they have been working on this now for about fifteen years, the city of Saddam is old tall L Hamon so, it was from thirty six hundred years ago, and it's right right at the edge, it was an urban centre right at the edge of the dead sea and we know from the Bible that God destroyed it with fire right just Black incinerated the place right, ok, well, Bible is south due back sir, scientists have been looking now, their fifteen years worth of excavation, and I have found a roughly five foot thick jumbled layer of charcoal ash, melted, mud x and melted pottery. They call it the distress
chicken layer as they are. looking into it and what caused it they believe that it was hit by a meteor, a space rock that was coming in at thirty eight thousand miles an hour to Saddam and kind of did some damage they too to to, make this ash this destruction layer, as is they knew that it had is whatever happened, was had a head at least thirty six hundred degrees, Fahrenheit kind. So we know it wasn't. You know like a candle. Fire and what they. What they believe now is that a rock exploded about two points five miles above ground. Listen to this creating
blast around a thousand times more powerful than the atomic, dropped on Hiroshima. A thousand times more powerful they say. The massive shockwave would have followed moving at roughly seven hundred and forty miles and seven hundred and forty miles an hour faster than any tornado ever on record. It would have demolish every building and killed all inhabitants? We she's kind of what the Bible story says. So that's kinda, weird by the way the last thing in the story just just to make your day make it make. You feel better this tells us there are currently more than twenty six thousand near asteroid, a near earth asteroids And one hundred short period near earth comets that could cause an impact like this on earth
They added one will inevitably crash into the earth, but Don't worry about the twenty six thousand, because millions more remain undetected. And some may be headed towards here right now, so I get up, simply go wrong I ask you something. Let me ask you something: if I gave you a choice. you could live through the rest of your life. Go through all the stuff that we know is coming right off. a giant space, rod and blow up two and a half miles above your hair and you'd be vaporized immediately. I think idea: immediately pain no pain, no, no parent, all you're, like ie, if you're inside Maybe you hear the? Maybe maybe you hear the
you know, emergency broadcast system go off, maybe and it's like stations, a giant space and that's all you here. And then you're all vaporized, ok, but probably gonna get the GPS system Theatre, If your outside, you might look up and go what the hell is and then you're dead. So nor you can leave the rest of your life on the road whereon right now, because there was an interesting movement behind a presidential candidate. Recently, called sweet meteor of death ass, the idea. Was that kind of this like we vote for a sweet meteor of death to come and take us all out and take us out of our never ending excruciating pain. I think I've learned while I dont want to sign for other people. I wouldn't want to vote vote for them. because you know other people would be involved. So, I choose the meteor and I knew it was coming. I would say, hey by the way
You should all leave the area, maybe about twenty five miles around me cause it's coming now I dont know more people would leave or flock to me. They run radio yeah they might run toward me. There was a in the documentary film, real genius from nineteen eighty five long. There was a defense system created that would balance. lasers, of mirrors in space and then it would come down and it could vaporize a target, a human target from space. Nonetheless, a jewish, that's a jewish families. Are yes, jewess pay fines in the film they didn't talk about being Julia while, but the jewish whores leisurely Hollywood right out of you. That's why I ride or evaded Ostia, but your space laser. So the that's the way of doing it, instead of wiping out an entire community with the sweet meter, meteor of death, you could do
in an individual laser way and just justified operate yourself, from society, No, I know it's coming well let's just say who, You said you get a vote for the sweet meteor of death, or I said I wouldn't because then it would involve other people right. So what is the solution and presenting one that will not affect other people this region? b, you being vaporized. Maybe we should give this to like Amazon, and so, if you're ever talking- and you didn't say, SIRI still listening to you and you be like man what I just love to be vaporize today, then SIRI could have that and they The report back to you know whom ever probably right to the head guy there and he'd say I got the space laser, the jewish space laser.
And Syria would say he wants to be vaporized and then you're does vaporized. the annual to simplify things would, I will say it would. It was it would. I will say we would avoid alot of dumb commentary from a yo see if we were with a space. Laser didn't have to hear her speaking. That would one positive of being hit with a jewish it. I never thought of it this way before, but maybe they're not. The problem may be me being alive and hearing a lot about fighting. Is they have thought about tat? You may not yeah yeah. They have realised that you are the prob Dammit stew. Could we please talk about science for a second, of course? Ok, let me talk about science. This is from the scientific American. The acronym Jed I has become A popular term for branding academic committees and labeling stem science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine initiatives, foe
based on social justice issues. Used in this context, Jed. I stands for justice, equity diversity, annex inclusion, this is again and from scientific American, ok in recent years. It has been used and been employed by a growing number of prominent institutions and organisations, including the national academic academies of Sciences, engineering and medicine. At first lands. Jedi might simply appear to be an elegant way to explicitly build justice into the more karmic common formula of d YE I an abbreviation for diversity, equity and inclusion. However,
It shares the name with super heroic protagonists of the science fiction. Star wars, franchise waited, does it died out, I've heard it in the scientific, no contact, and thus it is inappropriate way so d, I assume that existed in science, fairly diversity, equity, inclusion vs, yes, and they have now changed to jet. I because people will actually remember at around justice equity first city Clearly we use Jed. I am because I thought you knew it was a copyright reason. No you're saying because why? What what well through its connections to star wars, the name jet I can inadvertently associate our justice work with stories and stereotypes that are a gallon. see far far away from the values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion? So we have to
Ask ourselves a few questions. These connections are: are they ones that we want to have, for instance, the jet. I are inappropriate mascots for social justice. This there substantially heroes in star wars? The jetty are inappropriate. Symbols, however, for justice work. They are a religious order of intergalactic, a intergalactic police monks per. Tools, like can't be real, does real article. This is a real article from I interpret American or would only gets better from here. Does it, prone to White Savior Savior is and toxic. Ascalon approaches to conflict resolution? Princess lay a was toxic masculinity ocean she's in here how,
Oh she's in here the jet. I also exclusionary cult, membership with two, which is partly predicated on the possession of heightened psychic and physical abilities, sir, I kingly force wielding talents are negatively explained in star wars there now merely in spiritual terms, also in able list and eugenic terms, he's supernatural powers or naturalised is biological hereditary attributes. So it is that force potential is framed as a dynamic dick property of noble bloodlines, for instance the Skywalker done at dynasty this I'm not Making this analysis I carefully. This is real. Look up, Scientific American here here is here. It is why the two Jed. I is problematic. for describing programmes that promote justice, equity diversity and inclusion. Let me take a break. What you look it up verify that it's real
because it did so it's all. It gets a lot better than this. It gets a lot better than S. So, Well, let's see! Look. It has one two three four five different scientist wing in on this, I've ever I have an announcement, ok, we're gonna, wait, wait! Wait for you! How can we should we wait for your? No, I don't think I can at least give you this part of it. I praying now for the sweet meteor of death, He just found out that it is really. I would challenge for you. It's gonna take a little bit of your time, not much but a little, but in the end, probably to save your butt loto money. Even better you become a jet. I and you fight for the things that you have you have value in. I want you to make the switch to Patriot mobile do today. Do it now they. Don't forget, you'll! Think me later paid. It mobile the only Christy.
Conservative, more mobile company and its on the same powers is all the major carriers. So you get the same great service. Although half the cost, patriot but has affordable custom I'll look customizable plans for families, they donate a portion of what they make to conserve If caught causes, unlike the big mobile companies, their donating things like plan parenthood, can we stop supporting these companies that we disagree with go with company, that is fighting for you and your rights and will give you the same great service and ETA fraction of the cost. Patriot mob, dot com, slash back, make the switch today, Patriot Mobile, dotcom, slow back called nine seven to Patriot you'll get free activation with the offer code back there special discounts, always for veterans and first responders and for multi line accounts, so I want you,
switch right now to Patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back Patriot, mobile Dotcom, slash back or nine seven to Patriot programme I'm just reading again from scientific American. Why the term Jeddah is problematic for describing programmes that promote justice, equity diversity and inclusion? That's becoming pie, pillar to say that those those warriors are Jed eyes, and they're saying this is really bad very inappropriate. Therein electric police, monks and and and Also Gaslight people buy. Means of jet. I mind tricks, I'm quoting Gmos are also in exclusionary, called membership.
To which is partly predicated on the possession of heightens psychic and physical abilities force sensitivity. and these are not just merely spiritual terms, but also by alike. Vehicle an hereditary attributes, the Skywalker dynasts is is is part of that. How? But how could anyone right. This star wars always took five five scientists to read star. Wars also has a problematic cultural legacy. The space- or a franchise has been critique for trafficking in injustices such as sexism, racism and able ism think for example of the so called slave Leah Costume miss for stripping down and chaining up the movie series. First leading woman as part. When oriented or orientalists sub plot
Why didn't knows and orientalists site lot? I had no idea, but the lay a thing is presented negatively, no one, thinks that it's a good idea to chain p Go up in the movie, he's the evil villain they're, making it like an orientalists sub plot so so way it's bad because ory oriental population the chain, their women on their foie gras eyes oriental population. I am shocked that you would even use that word. I was talking about an orgy hunted, sub loathlier. Luckily you can't say exactly ran like I'm, not getting in trouble taken a guilty or not guilty. I I can't say it and he's just throwing around these oriental people. I don't even know what you mean stew. You did just so I guess quoting you. I guess I guess so because he's trying to make this look like something.
would have happened in Asia. Right angle, you, if that's true, the problem is not that they changed her up. The problem is that were criticising a foreign culture. I think what it means we haven't even got the good stuff love desire to show this tomorrow we should, but the best stuff is that yes, even though I for I feared and the middle that segment you were reading from the Babylon B It is real and actual real article from five scientists and scientific american scientific, member when they used to talk about scientific stuff and not yet I nights programme
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