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'It's All About The Children'? - 6/13/18

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Hour 1 City of Seattle repeals 'head tax' that upset Amazon...Classic case of big government...Socialist cities of America...LA, NY and Seattle...'housing for all' in San Francisco...'It's all about children' ...Radical plan to split California into 3 states is on November ballot...not seen since West Virginia split from Virginia in 1863 ...Bad news again for Rep. Mark Sanford?   Hour 2  Unique case of Mathew Charles?....spent 20 years in federal prison for a nonviolent drug offense...released in 2016 when a federal judge reduced his sentence for excellent behavior, only to be ordered to be sent back on appeal...Attorney Shon Hopwood joins Glenn to talk prison reform and his own time spent in prison...'there are thousands of Mathew Charles cases in prison'...hoping for help from President Trump ...The bizarre characteristics of Kim Jong Un? ...Trump = Reagan? ...More bad news for President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen?...Ready to flip?   Hour 3  Equality of outcome is bad?...male tennis superstar, says women tennis players shouldn't be paid equally? ...Who was Thomas Paine?...'filthy little atheist'?...Sam Adams was the Billy Graham of his time? ...America is the most charitable nation in the world...thank you Christianity ...Trigger language, cry closets and pregnant male models?

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The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck, who is running Seattle. I really want to know who is running. Seattle is a bunch of former iron curtain bureaucrats. Is it five year olds. Or is it morons it could be a combination, I'm not sure. Last month, the genius that is running Seattle Desai did to tax its biggest assets, its businesses. Well that way, it's four weeks ago, do you remember how old you are. Four weeks ago, Seattle unanimously approved the so called head tax on big companies like Amazon and Starbucks, and this was just two quotes
solve the homeless crisis. Seattle has the hurt, is the third highest homeless? Did the nation now that's saying something because always rainy and damp and nasty outside so you're you have you have no home and you're living in Seattle. The head MAX was begin. It was set to begin in January. It would have collected tae. This is from all of their biggest businesses. First city said we're going to have a five hundred dollars tax for full time employees. Then they walked that back to two hundred and seventy five dollars for every employee. Oh well, that's great this. He said that's going to raise about forty eight million dollars and it's going to really go a long way to solve our homeless problem guarantee it wouldn't have. They already spend seventy eight million dollars on homelessness
every single year. I'm sorry this year so far they have spent seventy eight million dollars. The media reports are pinning the cities change of heart on the business is going a hello did. I mention that they've change their mind on this. Multiple businesses, Amazon, Starbucks, have all sponsored a campaign called attacks on jobs to get the referendum on the ballot this November. That would get rid of the tax. Well, it looks like now. The referendum is not going to be necessary, the democratic air said. The city council heard the protest from the companies and don't want to engage in a prolonged, expensive political fight over the next five months that we do nothing to tackle or urgent housing and homelessness crisis. So yesterday the Seattle City, council,.
They voted to go. Oh yeah, we're not going to do that now. One city council, member who is a socialist called repeal of the tax capitulation to bullying by Amazon and other big businesses. She said it's a come delete: betrayal of the working class, oh my gosh, on a break out in the Soviet national anthem uh. Actually I hate to break this to her, but this was this tax word a betrayal to the working people. The showdown in Seattle is a classic case of progressive big government. Try throw money at a problem like homelessness, with a strategy that actually hurts companies ability to hire which cause layoffs and thus us with me more homelessness. If you're spending seventy eight million dollars a year on homelessness this year, it my
the time to reassess your spending habits but top three US cities with the largest homeless populations, New York, LOS Angeles and Seattle. When will the voters in those cities realize that there might be a slight correlation between the progressive government and the homeless problem? it's a Wednesday June thirteenth. This is the Glenn Beck program. I have a feeling, it's not going to be any time soon, so if you are, if you are living, let's say in San Francisco, you got a love it right. You gonna love it. It is. Like one of the number one cities where people are screaming to get out. It's, it's all the people in all around the country, San Francisco. I think his number one with people like. If I could move, I would move in a heartbeat now,
That's saying something because San Francisco, I believe, is the the greatest city in all of America. Really. Yet I I do but the just visited the one city or San Francisco is that the one that's the one I've been to yeah so yeah, I haven't even really been in Dallas. No, I just think city, I I it's a great city. It has everything it has water, it's close to mountains, it's moderate in temperature. It's it's very well the be incredibly progressive. Sounding it's very walkable, it's very walkable city. It is, I would like it it's one of those you can go on vacation and just kind of walk around and you get to stuff all over the place. It's a great great! So it's really a great city. They have all. I completely destroyed that as a livable city, because the homelessness their militant, their militant and they're, currently crapping all over the streets of San Francisco,
just you're, just saying that, because we were there fairly recently there's a lot of crap on the streets. That's just why you're here and when you say crap in the streets, we can actually mean fecal matter right as young man from dogs here in this little man, yeah yeah. This is, and by the way we were there for the super bowl so cleaned up yeah. I superbowl cities tend to clean themselves up yeah lots of visitors come it was it was, but still I mean I don't know if they made a statement, I decided to go the other way. And add more fecal matter, just streets, people could look at the average citizen. Just are crap in the street. Just this week I mean it was. It was sorry to prove a point all these outsiders. Yet it's it's bizarre, but that's what you're? What you're missing here is? Yes, the progressive? Yes, I educationally they they pass. Some left wing policies right, but they give choices to there can They are role. They do choice. Eight and brother now listen
if you're living in San Francisco you're dealing with a massive homeless problem, you're of you're dealing with prices that are unheard, but it is absolutely the same time. It's the greatest city. It is the most unlivable city in America. It's just you cannot afford to live there. They don't make it easy. No, no! No, but that's why they're gonna make sure you know they wanna make it better for kids. You know this is all about the children. As you know, and I at least at these tax increases are always about the children. They don't it's not about power, it's not a out anything other than just helping young people, people that are young now.
I did also say that there are pro choice, so they did not that young know it's kind of this wood frame right. There's a nice range of a little older than the ones were getting rid of and selling for parts, but the older ones and we care about them because of the tax increases. That's how we show how we can we say, look someday you can get a job or not. You could just grab in the streets, but if you get a job you're going to love love to pay it forward. In these taxes, a lot of people will buy the presents for their spouse on an anniversary. I just raise taxes honor. This shows that I lover I eat a man, a brother, then now the San Francisco just voted. I had a big vote. Proposition C in Proposition D. Okay, now proposition DE is known as the housing for all initiative, the housing for
All now, that is, you might say, hey was: are they going to do something with the homeless problem? Yeah, it's about the children. Don't don't work, don't ask all that. Okay now this would, it would affect exes slightly. Okay is a slight difference in taxes is, but this is going to be to help it's going. Help have housing for all and children and children okay. This would boost the city's gross receipts tax on commercial rents. Now, if you don't agree, gross receipts taxes. Is you have a life? It's not that happens that often anymore. Why? Because it doesn't tax who, on your profit, it acts zoo on the gross receipts. So all the money you get you get taxed on what
you're making a profit or not even if you're losing money as a business you're still get taxed. I don't know that that is good. That's good! That's good! Now, that's those things are pretty much gone away nationwide, but they still they're proposing new ones in San Francisco case for the children, ok for the children, so this is a tax on the ran KI on commercial rents. Now they already have the second highest rents in the nation behind only New York. Well, you don't want to be. I don't wanna be right over to you. Don't wanna be number two you are rates up, so this is proposition d would increase the tax slightly on gross receipts. Yes, only by four hundred and sixty percent, though- and it is not- I wouldn't say too much- not right for the children- is that too much for the children? No, it's not no love. Children. Are you? Don't love children? You love children, you want to see them die. If you love children, you'll pay four hundred percent more in tax. If you don't love eldrin and you want them to die, you know whatever whatever,
but God is watching you right. Of course, if there was a god now, this would only be a seventy million dollar tax increase for the city's businesses, which is nothing I mean it's basically on it. I noticed they're, not gonna. Now and again he's seventy million dollars too much for kids. Did you tell kids are worth what sixty nine million? What's your value on the lives of children right other than the ones we import right? What do you what's your value? Well, I don't I I mean, can I sell them? I know you we'd myself. I don't understand that you have children. The measure has attracted a number of prominent endorsements, including San Francisco, Chronicle Editorial Board. Meryl candidates, pro development groups, blah blah blah pro development groups, proposition D also had opponents over half. The
is board of supervisors has come out against it, including as well as s ci. You were very powerful union. As you know, they did not want this and you think s yeah. You support every tax increase. Why wouldn't? They want a four hundred and sixty percent tax, and this is where the choice comes into our California voters that I think California, voters appreciate they say: okay. Well, there is, you know we just looking for some sensible ideas and then the progressives will step in and say, hey a four hundred percent tax increase. You know that's. We think that sensible and there's others that say: that's not and some all right? We need common sense reform. I need common sense reforms, so you had a choice and the choice was the critics have thrown their probe support behind proposition c c proficiency. Would also increase
the city's gross receipts tax. Now, that's, if you kind of might expect yeah you're like okay, I come up to four hundred percent is crazy. Maybe maybe just increased by a hundred percent or two hundred percent some sense of yes right, yeah, something. So that's what I was thinking. This is it's in that range, okay, kind of all right I'll start with the one it does. Is it with okay, good all right, proposition c would boost the city's gross receipts tax by one thousand and sixty six percent so they give. You could either have a four hundred and sixty percent increase or the one thousand and sixty six percent increase right now she doesn't. Seem like. I want either. Okay, the that AIDS, you don't care about. Kids is what you're saying wow well care about children. You know not just children if I am doing a business there and this is on my gross receipts. Yep, the in every like, let's say,
per unit that you rent it cost you a thousand dollars to route to run this building and you charge twelve hundred dollars rent. So you have a two hundred dollar profit they're, not charging their, taxing the two hundred dollars profit they're texting one thousand two hundred dollars, all of it, so you're going I'll, go from profitable to not profitable because of the tax. So yeah, but that will help take the money and the it'll. You know what what it will H, Z, the evil dust, realist, the evil, capitalist the evil business owner yes and get rid of them. So then the land can go back to the people right or something like that, or something like that. I could certainly it's not going to raise rents too. You know other ridiculous level, so no one can find. We know that won't happen. I know that won't happen now this does. They should pass rent control,
yes, and that would fix it. Position d would raises seventy million dollars in taxes position c, one hundred and forty six million dollars. Well, that's probably not as accurate. You know, as we have seen no matter how high you raise the income tax Generally, receipts remain around eighteen percent to so doesn't matter because you're gonna people out of business people are going to find a way around it, so I'm I'm not sure that it will raise the entire one hundred and fifty thousand fifty million that never seems to now. If you're, like, I don't know, I'm not sure which way to go. You should probably know how the San Francisco chapter of the democratic Socialists are ruling on this. They,
I've thrown there who supports shockingly behind the one thousand, sixty six percent tax increase, a calling. The four hundred and sixty percent tax increase a crass attempt to break working class solidarity. So how did this turned out? You're, gonna done to figure this out. But now it's San Francisco are you thinking? I think they probably voted for the. Everybody crazy in San Francisco. I'm just allow me to bait here because they get voters it's an off. So you're getting those who are patch. I think there was a uh to go for the four hundred percent increase, and not go for the thousand, although I think I'm out on a limb, because San is totally
Cse and you also seem to believe San Francisco doesn't care about children, which is a strange other. They go over that they aboard the ones that actually make it past the abortion process. They don't care about those babies or something measure D. This is the one that raised taxes for one hundred and sixty percent commercial landlords, failed faith, hill, failed, five point: two percent to forty. Four point: nine percent, so that one did not even come close, however, measure cd, one thousand and sixty six percent tax increase currently leading fifty point. Seven to forty nine point, three in a race that is not officially been called, yet it's too close to call as they finalize the voting. It does look like it's going to pass, though so it looks like they will increase the rent tax by
One thousand and sixty six percent of the Good NEWS is the Good NEWS is: let's say you have a restaurant in one of you know just on the streets of San Francisco by way write that down, we should start it tv show in column. That's good idea, but you know. Let's just say this: you know: you've got a restaurant out there. The good news is you are now paying more in taxes. So your customers can come in still. Pay higher. You know rates for your food and still as they come in no matter what how bad your food is. They'll be like thank God. It doesn't smell like human fecal matter in here, and I think I think one of the advantages of having a business in San Francisco. You don't have to be good. You know if you're in the restaurant business you just have to make sure your food
doesn't smell like fecal matter, on the outside of your business you're going to be a massive success and the good thing is the more successful you are, the more taxes you will pay. Nerf The more you care about children yay. It's great keep pooping on the street San Francisco. By the way we should also point out. They also passed another tax that would give legal help to tenants facing eviction. So now they raised taxes. On the red, also are raising taxes to give money to people who are being evicted and they raise taxes for schools. Oh, my gosh. What is wrong with Californians and they also got clean energy bombs. Past I don't know if you know you know lean. Can I tell you something I would invest in San Francisco gosh if I were system in Seattle, San Francisco in Seattle, if you got a bond, I'm
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in a behind the scenes, but we would love for you to attend. Tickets are still on sale. This weekend the rights and responsibilities exhibit some is already sold out. Some some good portion of the day are already sold out. We would love for you to attend, will be here. All weekend long, learn about history and show it to your kids. There's some remarkable stuff important to remember, of course, no matter how much security you have him, it's never you can never guarantee. You know. Specially. If you have somebody on the inside Well, I mean there's a current documentary out in theaters car oceans, eight and right
They show not a documentary. The show up, a pretty detailed someone could dry, potentially what you would really need inside information on the layout yeah a lot of times, that's part of it like where they're so right inside. Who knows the lay out right? He has access to. You know anybody. That would be that bad. That would do something like that that what anyway, price you could you could find hey you believe in the free market, I believe in the free market. What's this really work? Mercury, one dot, org, Slash, museum, twenty! Eighteen, all right! I've got some good news for you do because there is another ballot measure: income, oh wow. This one is coming this this November, no last ballot measure we just talked about increase the taxes.
On on rental property by a thousand percent a little over that? Well it in. Why be picky, I mean you're, let's California, Has now on their ballot they're going to be asking voters, they agree or disagree to break up into three separate states. They are voting in November and if the majority of voters cast the ballot to break it up into northern California, some in California and California Calla, he has the majority of the beach. By the way, some in California, though, has San, Diego and and and all of that Tele
it would be the smallest. It is all the all the beats line in LOS Angeles and Hollywood all the way up to Monterey. Then Northern California is right up by San Francisco all the way up to the border of Oregon. Some in California cuts out, pass the valley and then go down into San, Diego, so they're breaking it up into. They want to break it up into three states. For What's the reason we mean? What's that require that you? You need reasons reasons in California, absolutely not so this first time this will have been done or voted on since one thousand eight hundred and sixty three when Virginia split into Virginia and West Virginia. So here's what their ears, what they wanted to, that they're wanting to do LOS Angeles County is
the one that would rename would retain the the name. California, and what their whole being will happen. Is economic stability. They say that the rule regions would suffer from extraordinary rates of poverty as individual states, while the coast still communities would flourish in the new, smaller states, where the lion share of California's tax revenue is generated, what they have there trying to do is they trying to make the area smaller? So it will be more responsive to that area because right now, just the big cities are sucking up all of the resources, as this guy says. Well, it's going to be poverty 'cause! You know most of the money is there? but most of the spending is there too, and so they
trying to break it up and give people, a chance to vote for what's good for their region Can California, though Dict each of the United States that it now has fifty two states. Are they? Is that something that can happen? I mean? Maybe it is I don't it actually is. I thought it was wrong, but but it is in the constitution, it's really hard to do. Uh, somebody, California can do it without any federal approval, like there's no role of the United States again like you I'm a big federalism guy, but maybe so maybe this is there's a reason for this, but you know there was a big deal when we added you know forty, nine and fifty it's a big there's a big deal that goes on with that. If we're just discussing terrible same territory, I'm trying to find it it is in this article, but there is
this is section here. It is article. For section three of the Us Constitution provision guiding how an existing state can be divided into new states. I thought you couldn't divide an existing state in I could see that you could do it, but it has to go through a process that would involve the federal government sales, but there and apparently not. They say that it is rather lengthy and complicated to get through but This is good. If, if they, divided it to where the farmers have to answer so the farmers- you know to mean yeah, right like yes, exactly like that, what you could see there being just like you don't
want everything run by the federal government. You want to run at the smallest level, prop possible having a gigantic state. That's not necessarily responsive to all the areas is a problem, but in theory this would give them four new senators. Would it not? We have two new, states they got four new senators shut up so now we have one hundred and four centimeters. There's gotta be some senators yeah. No, it would be senders it's gotta be some role for the federal government and you get an unlimited amount of senators from one state of just keep dividing it into little pieces. Well, wait a minute if you can Texas as well six hundred State Texas. All I mean look at They can't control California, they can't serve the people in California text. Look how large Texas is we seem but down here, and you know how the our state House only meets every other year. We you pass a lot of state laws. The state
doesn't interfere, the local governments take care of things. I saw one of the biggest problems that has developed miss on both sides. Is it be the main complaint about the government? Is that they don't do anything? You know these people, they don't get anything done you there. They shouldn't be getting a lot of things done other than reversing the crap. They've already tried to do that be pretty much sitting back. I don't care never show up to Washington DC if all they can can repeal law stuff online. And that's pretty much all we need them to do. There's plenty of laws, there's plenty of LOS. Look at look at the look of their solutions in California. Look at the solutions they come up with in California. Is it life in California become better, become easier.
Has it caused jobs to grow it? Let me ask Holly, would have all of your unions and all of your rules has that helped. You were Hollywood. Usa, it was. It was the great this plate. If you were going to make a movie, though that's where you made a movie shockingly, that's now what Vancouver. People will make it anywhere, but Hollywood, all of your rules, your regulations, your labor unions, all of your taxes. Has it helped you The answer is no. What is it going to take for cat Californians to learn that? Alright, I want to talk to you a little bit about buying and selling bitcoin
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a series of course on this, for the for the are in the viewer absolutely so they have it's a crypto course, and it is going on now and we're getting rave reviews on it. People who are using this even people who thought they knew a lot about crypto currency or, like I learned, all kinds of new stuff: smart Crypto horse dot com go there now smart Crypto course die com or you can call eight hundred and seventy seven Pbl back eight seven, in Pbl back and get more information, but it's smart Crypto course dot com, it's a little remarkable mark, Sanford lost last night in his the primary he has been I think he has a remarkable story. I mean he went from a guy who is really really great
to a guy who made a huge personal failing to coming back and just knocking it out of the park, he was a congressman who was standing for the conservative principles and I don't know what he did other than not vote in lock step every time with Donald Trump I mean ninety percent was, I think, it's eighty, but he so he was as I I think, one of the I heard on CNN one of these supporters who was wanting member to lose phrase it. He was the fourth most disloyal congressman, which I guess would you say that again, please yeah, I I would like to yeah. He was the fourth most disloyal republican congressman, which again I I don't know, I think their loyalty. It was
twenty two again well, they have an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Right that how would they rate the fourth most disloyal to the constitution? Exactly I, I think, there's a rating necessarily for that this. I know if you go by the liberty, like the liberty, the conservative review of and and and other ratings agencies that care about the constitution, so it is incredibly well, but he was the most disloyal in this particular analysis, which again you know, look that people made the case to us. You know: we've we're not huge, were not big trump fans in the primary, as many people would recall. However, that, but the case after the primary was it's Trump or Hillary, which is a very understandable case that we talked about many times. Hillary would have been much much worse than Donald Trump has been on Policie through this administration. There's no question about it:
the light years apart further apart than I would have believed. However, this is not trump versus Hillary, this. This is. This is loyalty to a president versus Mark Sanford who's been Chablis grape sort of policies. It's an interesting play that were in because you know I don't like. Can you- and I am I mean this- take this another point in history. I think of what you set about a liberal who change their vote, because the president told them too. I could never. I would not live my life for a second in a place where I felt because the President tweet to vote a certain way. I would listen it make me less likely. You know indoor is that we've always joked about them. Who cares what the endorsements are? Who listens to endorsements? You make up your own mind. Well, I don't know,
at least according to Donald Trump's analysis of this situation, he's the one that changed it and it's hard to disagree with him. It may not have been the tweet but the his Sanford's opponent was running on I'm more trump, then Mark Sanford and she was she is. You She pointed out that this is Donald Trump's party, and you know it is and clearly right, I don't think there's, there's no opposition is there. It is going to end like the Democratic Party, because the demo party became Obama's party and you don't do that. You don't be build a party around a person, it does workout. Well, I mean look with Obama. Yes, he won election twice, but look at how he hollowed out the tire Democratic Party, the remember the talking point of they lost one thousand seats in State Senate and Governor's and congressman. Remember that talking point me
That was what happened when they associated themselves with their come roaring back now, because they have AL Baldwin Dog, considering to run for president against Donald Trump. So you know it's going to be quite a comeback: they have a deep deep bench of Alec Baldwin and Bernie Sanders Glenn back Glenn Beck. It was Tuesday night in May. Susanna Maria Feldman she went. Friends were a little rowdy. But generally a good group of kids. Susanna didn't come home that night because she had been raped, strangled and buried in the dead of night. Her body was dumped into a ditch Lee. Into a railroad track near the refugee camp in her in her hometown of Wiesbaden. That's in Germany Susanna. Adored her five year old sister cherish
your family. She was fourteen They found her body two weeks later by then. Ali Bashar, the twenty old man who had raped and strangled Susanna fled Germany, along with his parents and five siblings, all using fake names. It went back to their home in Iraq. Aliba Shar had previously been accused of robbery, assault on a fee male police officer. He had also been suspected in the rape of an eleven year old girl who moved in the same refugee station as he did. He was refugee yesterday point that out arrived in the country October, two thousand and fifteen as part of the wave of puppy eyed refugees that flooded Europe, who many european countries so proudly gave him and gave shelter to refugees. Susanna was a
push german heritage. The central council of Jews in Germany said in a statement of young life as and put in a cruel way are deep. Compe fashion applies to the relatives and friends. Suzanna was a member of the jewish community at present, which of the background is still unclear. We expect the law enforcement authorities to provide rapid and comp. Hence if information, as well as tough consequences for the perpetrators. I tell you the story today, because it's not just about Susanna she's, not alone, not by far. She is just one of a growing number of young women and young girls who are being sexually violated, abused and in
imaginable nightmares murdered. Then there tossed into a ditch, left in trash bins. There is no respect for life your this is what so many people were afraid of. This is why so called naysayers were afraid of the guy. Sermons are still not responding. The were old, generally speaking, is not racist. There are racists, there are racist policies, but Jenna only speaking, I think least, in America. We are not racist. We are observant. Multiculturalism is the problem: if you
come to our country, come our country, knowing what we offer an what we do if want to bring your country your traditions and they involve killing people raping people, see others as insects, infidels, Verma whatever it is. Your welcome here. And it's about time our government all around the world start to recognize that there is a problem and the good pull that really are. Refugees are going to suffer consequences because of their inability, an unwillingness to act, because the first part of this story is this: just the beginning,
it's Wednesday June 13th. This is the Glenn Beck program. There is an unbelievable story that just does not make any sense to me at all other then this is why happens when a guy just starts passing laws and is not using their brain at all? What is the point of prison? The point of the prison is to punish people their crimes, but rehabilitate them. So when they come out prison, they are good citizens right. Isn't that the point. There is a there is a case now of Matthew, Charles. It is absolutely unbelievable. In the 90s he was nabbed for selling crack. He spent
twenty one years in prison. He got out of prison on parole. He had completely changed his life, his commute. He loves him. He goes to church. All the time he's got a job he volunteers in in Think soup kitchens. This guy is a model citizen. Well, the state decided they made a mistake as you've gotta serve until two thousand and twenty seven is on the hubs on the books. Here, you gotta serve it till twenty Twenty seven, so they took it who had been out on parole for how many just two hundred and twenty three, I don't even know. I think two years and is a model citizen he's going back to prison until two thousand and twenty seven? This is. This has got to stop. This is wrong and there's some we can do about it. Now he had
is an attorney and are in hidden. Charles attorney is on with us now Sean upward, hello, Sean. How are you I'm great thanks for having me Glenn sure, so tell me what we don't know about Matthew. Well, I think one of the unusual things about Matthews case is that one he got an extremely long sentence for a drug crime, thirty five years, which and the federal system you have to serve. Eighty five percent of that so best case scenario, he's gotta do three thousand and thirty one years I think, what's remarkable about his cases, he's done twenty one years in the Federal Bureau of prisons. Not only did there's no indication, he had any acts of violence or committed any other crime in prison. He didn't get a single, minor disciplinary report. How rare is how rare is that Matthew? I have never seen it and to put
and context. I don't know if your listeners know my story, but eleven years in federal, prison, myself and I'm often held up is the model rehabilitation, and I got to answer that parts and eleven years, half of what Matthew Sir, so have you is quite the amazing man and then he gets out and just makes a community and with his church in Nashville and volunteers. You know the for two years out of prison after serving a long sentence is very precarious, for people are trying to get some stability and get their life back on track and math. It would, despite all of that, went and served at a soup kitchen every Saturday for the homeless and what's interesting is the Department of Justice had a chance? The judge asked them. Will you dismiss a charge and left us? Man go free rather than re, locking him up for ten more years. An apartment just said. No, why Well, they what they.
It says they are just following the rule of law, but that doesn't make any sense, because federal prosecutors decide what to charge and not to charge every day an federal court across the country. There are many times, people break federal law and prof theaters, never charge it a lot a lot. Well, you know the Us Congress does not value your pretty or anyone else in this country, because what most of and don't know is that the Congress has fat, that there are five thousand federal criminal laws, five thousand things that are so serious- that the Congress thinks that you could put actually go to jail or prison for so first of all is bad. Is he back in prison? Yet then county jail in Kentucky awaiting transfer to another prison, but we are hopeful that the President Pro
Trump will grant him clemency and return him back home to the community. That desperately wants him back. I read: I read an article about his going away party and he was so gracious and I mean wouldn't be. I wouldn't be what was his attitude as he as he went on. You know if it was me, I would be very bitter and angry, but that's not Matthews character. Matthew kind of left, the better angry guy behind in prison many many years ago, he has been, you know, he's sad and devastated because he finally got his life back on track only to have it all ripped away from him, but I tell you, he is also a very humble man, an he has been just overwhelmed with the number of people who you know has change dot, Org petition of close to one hundred thousand signatures.
We did a lot of interviews last week, including NBC, nightly news, and he it's been overwhelmed at the number of people, from all political stripes who are supporting him and his quest for clemency, though that that partition is Glenn Beck dot com. If you want sign it. What's the goal for this shot. While the goal is to just get enough public support that the president besides this is worth doing in the White House, is aware of Matthew's case, I have yet to run into anyone who thinks that it was a smart or wise idea to send him back to prison for ten years, so uh hopeful that something will happen and that the president, like he did last week with Alice Johnson, will sign a clemency petition and Matthew can go back home to his girlfriend and his church community. Theoretical world right. If we had an Aliciem, uh or the matrix, where we could tell
these things and you Criminals who had me, did bad things and you could somehow test the fact that maybe they could return and- and you could prove it- you at least people all the time, the issue, of course that would be incredibly risky to release them into the into the actual population. If you weren't sure he the case in which we essentially got the opportunity to test. We got, We're able to release this guy to see if he could blend into community to see if his life had been turned around is a success story. It's a success story was proven that he could, and yet What seems to be a ridiculous technicality, they're, throwing them back into prison. It is it's it. It's unthinkable there. There are thousands of Matthew. Charles is in federal prison that just haven't had the opportunity he has to get out the great irony about the american criminal justice system as one. We
think that we are the land of the free, but, on the other hand, America incarcerates at citizens' at a greater rate than almost any other country on the planet into the great irony of it is the longer someone spends in corrections. The less likely they generally are to come out and love law abiding, successful lives. Brother doesn't make people better right and you don't. Imagine going to prison for twenty years. Twenty one years here and and being able to even function on the outside. It was a different world that he lived in in the 1990s He pleaded out when I was released in two thousand and eight. I had never been on the internet, never seen an Ipad and Iphone or an ipod. Well things. I quickly realized when I went to pick up the paper and look at the classified ad section for jobs was no na. Criticize of jobs in the classified action and Matthew had to overcome all those hurdles to just the stress of so
How much change when you've been incarcerated? That long and yet He was able to overcome all of that and show that he, the change person, which is you know and uh perfect World Department of Justice, would have recognized his rehabilitation and just cut him loose Sean. I have to stay with us for a little bit longer. I do ok, you say on with this 'cause I've kind of who this is a fascinating story and should be more than fascinating to people. We need to take action on this. You can go to glennbeck dot com and sign the petition the end and get the president's attention and I've got to correct this. There's something good happening in America right now, and that is we're starting to come together on one thing and that it's prison reform. It doesn't work. Let's talk, about prison reform. How do we do this, and how do we get the people out of prison that won't be there anymore, John Hop
he is the attorney for FU? Charles he's also an associate professor of Georgetown law. We can so our conversation here in just a second. Let me tell you not a gold line, the center bank is coming out. Is it today is today the day or is it to me? Well, there are announcing the increase is yet another increase coming from the FED. Things are not looking Rosie the way we all feel there are real signs of real trouble. Inflation is going up. In fact, the FED will announce tomorrow that any of the tax cuts now have been erased because of inflation. Now, just the inflation that is happening, 'cause, there's too much money out there, but also because of the tariffs. The tariffs are you you you're paying more for almost everything now
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Ninety one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com looking for a great father's day present then bring the whole family to the rights and responsibilities. Exhibition presented by the Mercury Museum take a glimpse of what the world was like before men had rights and tyrants rule join his father's day weekend June 15th through the 17th here at Mercury studios in Dallas, get your tickets at mercuryone, DOT, Org, Slash, museum, two thousand and eighteen Shon Hopwood. He is the lawyer representing Matthew, Charles an incredible story, he's an associate professor of Georgetown law Sean. We have about three one. Slash two minutes can you Can you tell me your story a little bit yeah, so my story, kind of not too dissimilar from Matthew, Charles, an one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. As a twenty one? Twenty two year old, I rob five bang. Fix an wow twelve years and three months in federal prison and got to pray.
The man learn the law and had two brief that I prepared for another guys and friends of mine in prison that were granted by the United States Supreme Court running cases in federal court all over. Even though I had never been to law school and hadn't even taken freshman English her and then didn't have an undergraduate degree either that is unbelievable. This is just like suits, as my favorite show. This is exactly what happened in suits. Oh my gosh. I can't believe that's happened, so you get a gate gates, foundation scholarship when you leave and you go to the University of Washington and now you're a professor at George Washington LAW. I got out and one thousand and nine I finish my bachelors degree. I went to the University of Washington up in Seattle, school of law, my first job out of law school with clerking for Judge Janice Rogers Brown are very conservative.
The judge on the court of appeals for the Dc Circuit and I came to Georgetown as a teaching fellow for two years, and I went on the market to be a law. Professor and George, cabinet unbelievable. I have the most amazing job amazing job, where I get to help people, so the odds that if the president doesn't act, though, at Matthews going to get out of prison. Well he'll get out, but he'll have to do nine or ten years, but I'm trying not to think about that, because I really think the president who you know I was in the White House about a month ago, when the president talked about the need to reform our prisons and it doesn't serve anyone well for people to go to then come out worse off correct other than better correct. He talked about the need for a to be the land of second chances and even third chances and
you know knowing. He said that and believe that and knowing that the White House is also working on a prison reform bill, I've been working with them for months on that I hang is a good likelihood that the president will see the injustice Map Sean. That is fantastic news. We will continue to follow this case. You so much for the work that you're doing tell Matthew to keep his chin up there, people from all walks of Life that are that are behind him. We urge you to go to glennbeck dot com. It's posted right there on the front page where you can go. You'll click it'll. Take you right to the petition. You sign the petition there an and help Matthew Charles, let's it right this wrong. Seemingly there's many people thanks for talking about Matthews case and and I'm just hopeful that he
I get to go home me too. Thanks make Sean Pre, she ate it. Douglasglennbeck dot com is where you can find the position. There's really been support across the aisle. Both sides agree that this is a miscarriage of justice is something we can unite on an. I think. Trump will do this eventually. I do just need to get in front of him. Yes, so please go sign the petition. It's that White House petition. You can now at glennbeck dot com tell a friend, so President Trump has deemed the the meeting with Kim Jong Hoon a wild success and said that we don't have to worry, is no longer going be a threat to world on the nukes, it might be a little early. To claim victory. We did sign a piece of paper
which is scary. Well, I and again this piece of paper is actually less restrictive on North Korea than previous pieces of paper. That had a side, though too we again. This is very consistent with the way trump deals with these things. I think he you know, when you're doing something with him, he praises you and if you, if usually effusively, and he goes the other way when you're doing something he doesn't like, which is why he sounds so much more negative about Canada and the media. Then he, the guy who's, got bunch of concentration camps and murdering his own people. He like right now, he's going. He believes, he's going the right way with Kim Jong Moon, so he's praising and if Kim Jong Moon Screws, this up changes decides to not a nuclear rise. He will change and start killing him again and in the media, and I mean that's just the way the it's the way he does it. I know it's not mice, yes, the style that I enjoy.
But again you know, I don't know everyone's notice to no one elected me. They elected him and this is his style and then we should be rooting for the best. Absolutely I think part of this too is he. Does this a lot in negotiations in which he he tries to la you, your position, so he goes out there in he prays thing. He didn't really do right, like there there. Well will denuclearize. The peninsula is based on a Things of other conditions right like it's not like. Oh we're, just going to everything is going to be gone tomorrow, but he goes out. Publicly and says wow everything is going to be gone tomorrow or actually in this case he said, everything's already gone right, he's trying to lock him publicly into this position. So when Kim Jong Moon comes back and says well, yeah, I'm not doing half of the things you said I was doing. Trump can go, wait a minute. I stuck my neck out for you. I was but saying that you are a good guy. I was
they're saying were saying that you were funny and now your people and now you're doing this to me You know, I think, there's a there's a bit of that that he does and he's done that forever. Right he's always try to log people into those positions public and then he acts as if you've reversed it on him. When when people try to enforce the original agreement. Look I mean it's worked for him in the past yeah, maybe Kim Jong Hoon feels those same media pressures, centering his situation, his situation, but maybe he does again he's a very bizarre character and if you and if you go through Kim Jong Moon and you're, saying all right well you know. Maybe we try some unconventional stuff and maybe it moves it. You know I mean it's a and I think everyone, whether you like Trump or not, is saying it's worth a shot. Why not give it a shot. We should we just got to make that we don't fold and
give him everything just so we can say we have a win. I think that's what everyone's concerned about, but I think we should have a shot. Well, let's wait for this to play out before you trash it to work or not it's in play. Let it play out it is lesson on the television show and you went through step by step, how again worked on the Gorbachev and with Iceland and and in several of the steps you noted were wait. Yes, let them simmer in it. Let them sit there and think about it. A little bit I mean the way. The way the way Reagan did it is is similar. You start out with the you know: evil empire speech. You start out, say and they're really bad and, and we got to do something about it- you do it in such a way that everybody in the world says you. It say that about them. That's only make things worse play empire speech, rocket man, you know, hey, go ahead with
vaporize, you I mean think of all the things that Donald Trump said with with North Korea. Then after you say that you said the coalition and you you penalize them, you try to choke off their money, which we have done, but what Reagan did is he went to the Pope and he went to Mark Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was put external pressure on, but the Pope was putting in colonel pressure on he had connections inside what did? What did Donald Trump to Donald Trump went to China. China has called him in because China is the pressure on the inside that we don't know how much pressure we don't know. What's going on, but China a big role in this
they called him out. He didn't leave the country, they called him out and said you have to you have to come meet with us in China, so he took his, little train in his toilet, an he went to China for a meeting. What happened? I don't know but I would imagine it was pressure, so he's got the pressure from the outside and press from the inside eggs. Actually the way Gorbachev did. Then you wait for a meeting, but you put something on the table in at meeting but you're refusing to walk away from, say thing that is really really tempting. So Gorbachev. What was put on the table Gorbachev wanted to put on the table was star wars. Star wars was a lie. We didn't have star wars. So what was it that we put on the table Kim Jong on? I'm convinced it's that film? I'm
convinced that he went to little rocket man and said: look you love the western culture. Why why are you avoiding this you'll, our friends? Look you're going have life in a hang out with the movie stars. That's why he made that thing feel like a movie. Going to hang out with movie stars and basketball players, you're going to be part of the global community, you're going to be part of the west. That's what Kim Jong Hoon wants is that so Donald Trump put that on the table now to me it's it's a lie because. There's no way he's going to be able to stop once once that country begins to collapse. Not I'm going to stop it and going to prop him up nobody, nobody going to prop him
so the minute he takes that bait and goes into perestroika or glass knows, which was the opening of the iron curtain and it's too late. So. Donald Trump has just offered him the world of literally the world you're going to be a superstar you're, going to be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time, you're open up and you're, going to. Let's put some hotels on your beaches. It's going to be great. He does that. I think the little man wants it now. You wait. If you start to see Kim Jong Moon starts to kill people around him, high level hardliners, you're going to know that it's working, because the next thing happens. Is the hard liners are going to say to him, you can't do this
you crazy? You can't do this and Kim Jong own once it he wants it badly. He believes Trump can do it so. We wait and we see if he starts, to make a move towards more openness if hard liners start to be killed off. Then there will be another meeting. That's when Donald Trump can close the noose, just like Ronald Reagan, did with Gorbachev. Now. This is my optimistic hope, but remember that took eight years to pull off we're day. Two wait, wait, play the game and then wait
Well, it's that time of year, when you were inside because it is hot, add blazes of a hell. I'm I mean it's just like sending under a blowtorch. It's no big deal anyway, it's high, it's getting worse and you have to be inside, and your air conditioning is just pulling over time now. The AC unit, here at the studios working overtime, the AC unit at my house, everybody's house, the replacing that is not cheap. So what do you do you, have to have a fresh set of filters in your system from filter by otherwise it's going to have a hard time sucking in new air to cool and it was as sucks in the new air? It's filtering all all of toxins, all of the allergy. You know that's in the air and it's going filter it all out. As that's it's to get clogged, then your air,
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I'm not going to go over well in the White House today on Michael Cohen. Still yeah. Well, it's! This is just breaking so we're just reading up on it. Now it's an it's a non story so Cohen is dealing with three point: seven million documents that were seized and their to the process now of trying to figure out a actually what's going on with them, which ones are privilege and which ones aren't so far. Only a few have been privileged one hundred and sixty two out of three hundred thousand of the first batch. So one hundred and sixty two nine hundred and sixty two thousand three hundred thousand one hundred and sixty two of three hundred thousand documents have been privileged and will not be so but again, a lot of that's probably also not anyway, the big a development that is apparently happening. Cord Abc News that Cohen's lawyers are leaving. We have
any idea why there doesn't seem to be an indication of this particular story about that speculation about that he's now what saying is they believe this means he's cooperating with the New York attorney, general and and district attorney, so the development? This is how it reads in the ABC report: no we're replacing council has been identified as as of this time, calling it now with no legal representation is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York. Sources said this development, it is believed to be imminent, will likely hit the White House, family members and staffers and councils hard and, and they believe, as the is going through. You know, who knows if it doesn't does not mean that Trump did anything wrong by any means. It could very well mean that he has documents on Manafort and who else it's already been indicted, and we we don't know what the deal is. But
cooperating is certainly not something that the White House was. We will be excited about hearing. Depending on what he has I mean, if, if if they are before throwing you know, man afford to the walls, and rightly so, in my opinion, what difference does it make if he, you know, turns evidence on Manta for as long as it doesn't implicate the president or anybody else knew right of though I mean it's just going to be so difficult, even if it's not criminally damaging. You know these documents being out there are. God only knows what Michael Cohen was. Doing. I mean Cohen, as you know, is he's a movie style, bad guy attorney yet deliver we never even played the audio of him. Did we now when he was calling up yelling at the reporter? No, we leased a couple weeks ago. You know he's just you know, he's not a good guy and look trump. Who knows how rough and
he is and because of that, never brought it into the White House. Conan was never even never in the White House, so that's he was. He was able to bring in people who like ban and who were loud mouths, and you know other people who would like you know. You know, Flynn who had his issues, although doesn't seem to be. You know to be nearly the bad guy. That Michael Cullen is, I mean, Colin, is but had all sorts of problems for a long long I am Benny his job, which it's valuable at times in the real estate. Business is not something you want anywhere near the White House and Trump knew that from day one, but what this guy actually has in his archives. What he's done I mean you know what on behalf of the President, whether the president knew about it or not, could be an issue I mean you know, Trump is set one hundred times he had no business in Russia and all of that at at time. We now at least has been reported widely that CALL was on his own trying to get
Trump Tower Moscow built Lee from Trump, and no one has said that he did Trump told him to do this, but he had the freedom to go out there and try to create deals and was dealing with. Very the odd sources in Russia about try get in twenty sixteen during the campaign to try to get Trump Trump Tower Moscow Built- and here is here- is the kind of guy. He is here's Michael Cohen talking reporter saying back off you and I were in the courthouse. Thank you for everything that you still don't have and I will come in there with everybody else actually possible. You know even think about going to where I know you're planning on going and that's my warning warning. You translate SIRI.
Don't think you can hide behind your panties, not gonna happen, I'm more than happy to discuss it with your attorney and with your legal, counsel's mother, you need it. So I you know it's a kind of a. If you were in the situation where you are dealing with the press and the press is unfair as they are to you know, Donald Trump or many people. There be a good portion of you that want that guy on you're to do that kind of thing. I don't appreciate it or like it, but that's the kind of thing It has come out, you know before, and that's not the kind thing that the FBI is looking at, but you can. He plays real hard ball. So what has he done if anything go, follow this and bring speed as more comes along
Glenn Beck one more reason we actually might be stuck in. You know some virtual reality. Version of Alice in Wonderland, where everything is upside down, I'm not sure Span, tennis player. Rafael Nadal gave, is seemingly a more rational explanation of the supposed gender wage gap than any of the fan Mister Marxist or ten gender studies. You know those who are the professors now gender studies that of you know rallied around these crazy explanations for decades now, on the doll currently ranked number one in men's, singles tennis by the Association of tennis professionals with that, a but load of career titles. He
he apparently is? I don't I don't know the professional tennis embodiment of Jordan Peterson now I I'm not really sure he was in an interview and he was asked in tennis should women earn as much as men? Okay? How are you going to answer that how's, the average person who just once this stay out of the side as the heart of the spotlight. Well, absolutely I mean as soon as just while, of course, they should you know they're, equal and in every way, and we should all support women in their fight for a call. So here's so here's what he said. It is a comparison that we should even make female models earn more than male models, and nobody says anything why, because they have a larger following in ten as to who
yeah there's a larger audience, earns more wait a minute. Wait, wait a minute. Is he saying that a the wage gap actually affects women and men, but just in different ways and to any to thirty can't be conveniently attributed to systematic misogyny. That's crazy talk. The wage gap might be a fiction of the fourth wave critical theory based feminism, shut up, shut up. Did he issue a trigger warning? Oh my god. Did I go back in time, This next story? Well, I just want to warn you it. There may be a trigger. Trying to ask people to be personally responsible for their wages and understand each and every business. Then how business is different.
Is he seriously saying that equality of outcome is bad in today's world? That's crazy! That's too much common sense. He's bad person he's a Nazi, don't say he's a bad person he's a nazi. You know everybody quick, get outraged, takes to twitter right now, just get to. We have got to expose this evil disgusting in the logical nazi. It's Wednesday June 13th. This is the Glenn Beck program. One thing that I've learned in putting this museum together, but opening this weekend it only runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think I think tomorrow night we're having a big dinner Friday night. You can come and that
have dinner. It's a fundraiser for operation, underground railroad and the Nazarene fund tickets. Her you know a bit pricey, it's going to be a a small gathering and we would love for you to attend we've. I've got I've got a few surprises for the for the people who attend. But then the general admission tickets for the museum are happening. Weekend? Long, I'm going to be here all weekend. Everybody on the shows are going to be here all all weekend, and we would love to see you and meet you, and thank you for listening to us and watching us in supporting us the right. Responsibilities exhibit is all about correcting history. What is it? What is it about? What is it about You know the the the academia that makes
so easy for them to change history. What makes it really easy us, our ignorance of history,. We have some documents and some items that are on display this weekend. That will really truly blow your mind. This one, I just can't believe every time I open this up, I just can't believe I'm holding it. In my hand, this is a the And from Thomas Paine now most people. Don't know Thomas Paine if you know Thomas Paine and say oh, he was a great patriot. You then don't know the other half of his life. If you look at him and say, oh yeah he's the founder who's the atheist, you. Don't know him at all and document proves it. It's a lead
between him and Benjamin Franklin and I think John Adams and he's responding to them and I'll get to it in a second. If you don't know who Thomas Paine is he? This is the guy he was born in England and his dad was a Quaker who made rope for ship and once he was old enough, he took up his father's his trade, and then he worked as a tax collector. But he wasn't good at you know, being a or making ropes his wife and his baby, one thousand seven hundred and sixty died in childbirth, and so he just had this. I mean he just really had a rough upbringing and early life. He remarried, then he got divorced and he was at a low point when he met Benjamin Franklin in London who said need to make a new life for yourself in America. In America. Just leave
scrap behind, thirty seven years old, it's one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, and he used to work for Benjamin Franklin as an editor at his Pennsylvania, give magazine so he's starting to write as he comes over and he starts learning about America and he writes Africans Avery in America, and it was a tough it'll, take down of slavery. He gets we do you get swept up in the revolutionary Spirit and when the war breaks out, he writes a couple of things. First, he's the guy who wrote common sense, which gal tonight the nation and really got everybody to say Congress. You we want to break away. We want to break away. It was Thomas Paine, common sense that gave birth to declaration of independence. Then
about a year later, it's around Christmas time, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six George Washington is losing horribly. We haven't won a single battle, every starting to say the revolution is over, he is losing guys left and right. They don't have faith in him and there down south they're headed the Pass Alfie because Philadelphia, all of them member of Congress, have already fled because the bridge you're coming and there is how to kill all of the revolutionaries. George Washington knows he has got to turn this around, and so he is camped on the southern side of the Delaware and he is praying what I to do. How do I rally people around at that time? Somewhere else is Thomas Paine and he's marching with troops. He doesn't know where Washington is, but he starts think is he's marching. You know these are the times that try men's souls.
Well, that is the beginning of the amazing of the american crisis he at or the head of a drum. The guy who is marching x is you didn't, have any paper and he writes the american crisis down, and he said I want you to first get this to George Washington, then get it to a printer George Washington does not know what to say to his troops until the head of the drum arrives. He gathers everyone and says I do I want you to listen to these words. These are the times that try men's souls. It's the winter soldier, not the summer patriot. You are winter soldiers and I need they get in the boats and I need you to go back the other direction
you're going to take on the Hessians. These are the This is the this is these: are the Navy seals of our day? It's because of Thomas Paine WAR ends, by the way Thomas Paine, hasn't made any money because he's taken all of the profits and he's given all of the profits to the war effort. So this guy's a massive hero the french revolution breaks out. He believe was the french Revolution is the American Revolution, George Washington and everybody else, except for Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. Stand. No. This is not life, liberty and property. This is liberty, equality and fraternity and that's different. They don't have God
Spain gets really really angry. He leaves he calls George Washington all kinds of names. Washington says I'm not going to bail you out. If you get in trouble over there he goes over. He writes the rights of man, which is defending the french revolution. It's a big success and then next one he writes and that's the age of reason. This is the one that had Teddy Roosevelt say: oh Thomas Paine, oh he's that filthy little atheist. What is a filthy little atheist, but he free record him as a filthy little atheist because of what he wrote way and he came back to America after the french Revolution, everybody band in him and hated him. Within ten years he died broke an alone there.
Only six people that attended his funeral six. What did he say that was so bad and was his defense? You will be taught that he is an atheist. In my hand, right now the pages written explaining exactly what he meant and why he wrote it which completely changes history, a about a coming up. Next, don't forget, you can see this document read it yourself, along with the first draft of the declaration of independence, which is mind blowing and
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you will see in his letter from I thought it was John Adams, but it's to Samuel Adams dated eight, no three. Pain is responding to Benjamin Franklin and an Adams, criticism of the age of reason they Why would you even write this? Why would you even write it- and he says now remember he is in France during the revolution with the guillotines, the people of France were running headlong into atheism. I had the work age of reason translated into French to stop them in that career. Wait. What. Why would an atheist right? Something? Have it true, translated into French to stop them from becoming atheists. He said they needed to fix themselves to the first article, which he talks about earlier, the first thing before
of every man's creed, and that is, I believe, in God, what hi, my dear friend, is my religion exactly in this whole of it a question it makes me believe that you have no idea of what I wrote in the age of reason. Most people haven't read it. I extol a reverent, a reverential love for the deity. Let me give you a paragraph from it. He say: do you want to contemplate his power? We see it in the immensity of creation. Do we want to complete his wisdom? We see it in the unchangeable order. Do we you want to see the abundance of which he fills the earth want to contemplate his mercy? We see it when his not withholding the abundance from everything even for from the Unp Thankful, so he goes on to talk about that. He he
the problem with religion and that's what the people of France were going through. And with religion and priests, and he even says You know how these priests will stand up for the shedding of blood and they get involved in things that they shouldn't get involved in and all of the war in the whoop from the pulpit as concealed the object. Religion is not the cause, but it is the stocking horse that, but it forward to conceal themselves. So, in other words, there's a lot. These people were total frauds and they are using religion to manipulate to become bit short to become powerful or whatever it is. So he is anti religion, not anti God. He is also he's not a Christian. But he knows the the parameters of God, and if you read this letter, he clear
he believes in God it's truly a remarkable letter that you'll be able to read it's going to be all out page by page you'll be able to read, you'll be able to read it yourself. It's really incredible and at the end the end is the most amazing part to me. 'cause sure we've been told one thing about history and it's completely wrong. I mean yeah he had a lot of these feelings, but I mean this proves really. You know that he was, he did believe in a higher authority. We thank how do we cover contemplate his brilliance? Who is he right like he's talking about somebody there? He goes on to to talk about specifically about God right I mean it's so that that's proved in this letter. Yes, however, ends with him and pardon my French. If I may, in this particular case he ends it with an ass joke. Well I mean that's, not french.
Well, he was talking to the french revolution when, yes discussing that's, why said? Pardon my friend right and it's not it's not even a good joke, but it might have been pretty legit in giant block letters that you can see it. This makes a joke yeah. So he does this whole thing and it's very, very serious and then on the last page he writes what word is it that all men loves an by taking away the first letter, most two men love and by taking away the first two letters, it shows the character of the man that loves neither. So what is that word? It's good asks it all and apparently love glass. This must have been because of windows are just coming in or something I don't know why. All men law, big glass, gags, Adderall, he gas price. Then you take away
first letter and most men love laugh. And then you take it away, I don't know what he means, whether you will women but I mean he's saying most men love, so he sees he is an advocate for same sex marriage and then you take away. The two and it shows the Carrack of those who love neither women or glass. To some reason it says: ask bearable Joan terrible joke, so may have been really funny, then I don't know, but it's not you're funny. Now. It's crazy he's. Writing this to Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams is the he's like the Billy, Graham of the era yeah he this is. He is the the big preacher
in Congress, an you know, part of the founding group now known as the beer guy, but not necessarily, then at the time. No, maybe that's what he was saying: a glass of ale all asses some of your beer there, SAM let me give you a fact that I want you to really remember and spread this far and wide. New new figures have come out. You know we're the worst as a nation. We are horrible at everything right where Well, according to the giving USA Foundation's annual report on philanthropy, I love this story. We have just said a record high for Cheryl. All giving in the last twelve months yeah. What do we give like forty dollars up? Dingy bast
Do we have well, we country thirty dollars by the way does not include any government giving it all. Could I could right, that's right! Well, I'm just I'm hella you're not really helping help you're, not helping here's, what I do I help so America gave four hundred and ten billion dollars last year, four one hundred and ten billion dollars. It there's never been that high. In fact, we it lips the world in total dollars, given from our own wallet. And the vast majority, two hundred in eighty seven building billion was given by people an not corporations or foundations, but by average people mass majority, if you happen, be traveling internationally
and someone says well, you know your country, stings are nice and say well, you know without the ice you stink, but that's a different story. How much money do you, France, give as a country. Because we're not just charitable in the US, we also provide the most foreign aid by far and no one comes close to us. So the United States Department requested fifty one billion last year to give to foreign aid. Now Americans there were four hundred billion, but the government gave took money from us and gave an additional fifty one billion just for some perspective. That's thirty billion more than Germany. That is
thirty million more than the UK forty billion more than France, an four five billion more than Canada, no country in the history of the world has ever been this charitable. That is truly american exceptionalism, and that comes from our judeo christian upbringing. I gotta say it, I'm gonna say it I'm going to say it: don't you're a bad person home not only that, but the private giving As a percentage of GDP 'cause, everybody else will sit where I got. Three hundred million people, of course you gave more as a percentage of GDP we gave double. The second place can doubled this second place country Anna.
Triple or quadruple that place is like Germany in Crappy, France is that the new name, that's called crappy friend wow yeah they officially because they thought well yeah. I mean it's Why deny reality my countries crappy France? It works. It works something that's good. That is, that is amazing, and that's what a cultural thing right. It's because of our upbringing of a couple of things, one Benjamin Franklin was is the american religion is not cash slick products and everything else Rick and religion is. There is a god we serve him. The best way to serve him is to serve our fellow man. That's what that's the stock of this nation. So we've always done that plus we have always looked to ourselves to fix problems. We,
stand around like everybody else does know. Why doesn't country do anything about that? We do it. We do it. The bigger our government, becomes the more socialized our government becomes, the less we will do for ourselves. That's what's happening and the world will weep. When lights go out on America, they will weep. They will have no idea. The good that we have done. There's somebody new develop as well, that are that are really positive here in the United States. I think we're going in the right direction. Thank you for pointing that out us too, because is the University of California at Santa Barbara UCSB up hosts a website, that's control by the sociology department it in urges parents. Finally, somebody saying finally, it encourages parents to allow their young children to participate in sexual play. What
wait even calling warmly immediately healthy hold it. You mean your college students. No, no! You know this is a they actually say that sexual play is most common between ages of four and seven, and it's quote completely normal. Generally harmless encourages the encourage ing parents to allow these behaviors so be positive. When you see this happen, if your seven year old is playing with four year old, is that I mean that's perfect perfectly normal? What do they generally harmless? What do they mean? Generally harmless yeah? You know what they don't mix that with guns do they know who they do not over three hundred million guns, how many are used in crime? What our
generally are marvelous there's a section on the website that reads: children like display affection to their friends by huh, been kissing or touching each others general genitals, which is perfectly normal. It should not react in a negative way because children are just exploring. So you should They encourage this kind of behavior. If that's, well just performing these activities excessively in public. Why you might sit him down? Have it talk with them about how this should be done in private capital, like Adam Taco, Bell Booth, you want maybe put a stop to it. Yes, don't try to thwart the activity. Of course, altogether you don't want to wait, wait, wait, don't do it behind closed doors, these the same people that we're tell that were telling us that we had to tell orchids which parts their body was private and which pie. Was a know that nobody will touch no touch zones,
When was it when we started predicting that they would have to make they would have to normalize things like pedophilia. And for the last several years we've seen this now they're talking about sex among kids themselves, four and a seven year old, inappropriately touching, is perfectly normal and generally harmless, but How far away are we from telling us all that it's fine. If adults engage in this extra, do you have to if you're b inconsistent you Stu, there is absolutely nothing anymore, really that's verboten, there's nothing that you should say to your kids. I think that wages. I don't do that that that word makes me think of the White Germany. I mean if you're on a comfortable, the yeah yeah. Were you uncomfortable?
Absolutely every word for it was someone on site is also a trigger word, because it has the word trigger in it all my gosh now and then maybe we have a young uncomfortable. I'm sorry. I wish you wouldn't of for brought up that image in my head. I'm sorry wow. Used to only able as well I'm looking, I'm hoping for soundproof glass case that I could get into, I can just stay in all the time. The University of Utah is a cry closet We should install one of those. Yet I'm sorry. What is it cry? Closet where you go and cry and get all emotional about your finals exams come up all over campus. It doesn't kill us hospitals, it does. Yeah so I mean I cry closet. Well, if you're going yeah and that's, and by the way we want to make sure that people understand it's ok to cry, school. I courage test yeah, but uh is one a safe place for it and you might be crying 'cause. Your parents told you not to touch other kids genitals when you her child
and you're still harmed by that, because they may have act reacted negatively, they may have and they shouldn't they should not have to match. They have a. Cry closet yeah they do is there. Is there any chance that anybody is ever going to grow up anymore? Is there any chance? Can you imagine a cry? Icri closet I know used to look up when I was a kid. We would look up to college students as like they were grown ups. They were the cool grown ups. I imagined the pansies now you're like yeah, I was You know I went tonight. I somebody somebody use some trigger language, and I had to go into the cry, closet and cry all day. You be like you're, your eight okay. I don't want you touching me anymore. You are here. Is it, though, because I used to have this view that
now we would talk about this before like oh well, it's great. You know you could have your participation trophies in your cry. Closets and my kids will be the ones you're serving at your at your job or you can't do anything because you have completely unprepared for the world yeah and I've convey this belief because I now believe that these people who are building the cry closets and and crying inside the cry closets it. Become so universal that cry. Closets will just be the thing that was what society will be like. We talked about You know global warming before you can come out and you can say well, global forget that global warming is real or not. But the idea that you know There encourages you to do things that absolutely with all certainty, even if you believe every piece of nonsense that Al Gore's ever said will solve the problem, you know doing thing it's like! Well, you know you need to unplug your apply
chances and and when you need you know all these little steps that will make a quote unquote difference when they know you know it's just but selling the idea right. It's not about actually making a difference. You can't scientifically make a difference by any of us. Get you know causes so I used to think well of any like people will realize that this is we want to be clean, but you know this is stupid and and the reality of the situation, the reality of fa, confuse being incredibly useful to be but I don't know a civilization on at point. People just get older and realize this, their soul on it and when they're they're, dopey kids, and they were eventually realize it later on in life, I no longer believe that's accurate at all. I know I believe those nonsensical ideas that are fed to teenager just become the truth later on now that their act really true, but that just it's so widely believed and never challenged that they just a dog
that, as the entire civilizations policy, so you were screwed is what I was saying. You are right because always the holding back from this? No, I don't know what he's saying about how that just becomes the norm. What well yeah I've always believed in self evident truth. I don't believe that anymore I don't believe there is things aren't self evident. They not self evident to people in your freedom is not self evident that something that had to be carefully taught and studied and reasoned and then, when that society had in reason in it started going wait a minute. Have somebody else telling me what to do that that that when it become self evident, so it is quickly becoming self evident that dinosaurs, that believe in cry rooms being funny
or cry rooms being tragically sad, because it makes you into a four year old that will never be prepared for life. That is going to be self evident that we are wrong and the cry room is right. Yeah I in the first step, was to kill common sense and reason and they've That's done that! Are we not seeing this exact process happen with gender right now? Yes, right, like Jen, again like there is an idea, there's that it's never been about heating. Someone or anything like that. It's just like it's always been, there's been two genders and that's the way it was well X and Y, and there was a great chromosomes right like and you think eventually the chromosome thing works it plays out in people. Understand that that's what it is, despite the crazy things that people would say and what's the now is it just keeps moving down that road and at for Well I mean, if you go back twenty years, you'll see comedians like crazy, making fun of concepts like this,
they were, they would mock them. The idea that there were a hundred genders you now it's only crazy conservatives who say ninety five genders is not correct. In ten years. I believe there are here carefully. I think there are two hundred and fifty general I'm not part of these guys. There haters in ten years people be like do you know at one point they believe there were only two hundred and fifty genders. Truces will happen. It's true. It's amazing. Can you believe they actually at one yeah, you see the fashion show that happened in London or Paris this weekend. I did not with the guys who were wearing prosthetic bellies because we live in a world now where men can have children. Thank you. Finally, and I mean
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to see exactly what happens. Also, some news from Venezuela they talking now about dollar rising and getting rid of their currency swell the opposition plan? The Maduro plan is just taking three zeros off the end of the money, so too HUN fifty thousand would be two hundred and fifty that's a lot easier and zeros aren't worth anything, nothing zero. So that's uh, better plan much easier. He just move the decimal point, even over a few slides at all, maybe zero dollars and twenty five cents. Then everybody is rich Glenn back, mercury,
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