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'It's Not a Muslim Ban' 1/30/17

2017-01-30 | 🔗
-Spontaneous media freak out fun -"It's not a Muslim ban" -Trump seeks a Muslim ban 'legally' -Remembering when we were conspiracy theorists -Sins of Obama's 'executive order' past-Executive Orders are not the way to do policy -"Let's pause on all immigration" -Refugees vs. Immigrants-'Make it stop' always beats 'Principals' -NBC to be the next Fox News? -To the center, center right? -Being kind and not just nice -How a balance of Love and Wisdom can make us great again -Muslim American Matt expresses his frustration with radical Islam-"It's time for more Muslim Americans to take action?"-"Reform This" with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on The Blaze Radio Network, Saturday's 12pm-EST-Dr. Jasser joins the show to talk with Glenn about why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam?-Why don't the Saudis ever take Muslim refugees? -Now for a good 'soda' story...Red Bull vs. Monster-The book 1984 is on the Amazon's best seller list -Examining top contenders on Trump's Supreme Court list

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casper dot com, slash, planning, use the promo code gland, get fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress terms and conditions to apply hello. America welcome to the Glenn Beck program. There's a lot to discuss today. If you were traveling by air over the weekend, you had a delightful. I don't know what the protesters have to make everybody else's life miserable. I mean that's not going to get me on your side. If you've made my my travel weekend even more of a hassle, then the airlines can, I don't necessarily come to your site. I want to talk about the the ban what's being called a muslim band, it's not a muslim band, and I want to talk about that, but we have to start with the fax. What is it exactly? What does it exactly say? Then? We can comment on it. We go there right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the hello America. Welcome to the program. I am so glad you could join us today, a lot to say about this executive order and what the media is doing. But I want to start with the fax and we're gonna go through the executive order and what it says, because after watching you know the the media,
absolutely freak out and again the spontaneous I'm. He well organized spontaneous protests, app in this weekend at airports. That's in Kredible. I've never seen anything quite like it. But then again the left knows how to protest. You know that's what they do and do best But do they have the facts right, so let look at the facts of what happened. This is an executive order right off the bat. I am not a fan of executive orders. I do not want a autocrat. To put it nicely,. This was one of my biggest concerns with Obama, and even if Donald Trump does now become an autocrat or an authoritarian, what about next guy will he
we need the balance of power back? We cannot have an executive rule by phone and pen it's good to see that the left is awake to this. And they don't like the executive power, Good, we didn't either so the first problem I have with it is that it is a in executive order second problem I have with it, it was it was, it was done. It was rushed and done without any forethought on what this is going to mean two day at all, Airports. Because nobody knew how to deal with it. But nobody had nobody had gone to all the people. You know the TSA and everybody else at the airport. They do Get this edict and they don't know how to deal with it and all these people are in transit. So it's not. You know,
in three days in five days in seven days. It's right now. This is what's happening. Yeah they had got quotes from some of people who are doing this, you know go through any agencies that were basically being told about the executive order enemy in the meetings and looked up at the screen and saw Donald Trump signing it like they were being informed that this was going to happen while he was on television, signing it and like well to prepare. This is one of those things that you would typically prepare people for maybe weeks, at least, if not longer, because it's a major change and that we are looking for different people. You've changed a screening process which Executive branch has pretty bra authority when it comes to immigration on these things. But you know you want to make sure that it runs as smoothly as possible, and you don't want to give your enemies. Something that you want. You don't want to give your enemies, video of little kids stranded at the airport in limbo. Right if
lots to go through on the actual meat of this, but from link perspective, if you're someone who voted for Donald Trump and thinks these priorities are important, if Conservative, who's, who concerned about terrorism. What you don't like about this number one is is suggest a gift to a media, the way they did to the media, the way they did it, they were able to give a complete gift with not only a guy as far as just the can you talk about it, but then visuals you're saying hey here's the location of every one of the one hundred and some odd people that are going to be detained because every single time, they're going to be around a central area at a major airport. And just a gift visually to the media, which you don't want to do so, there's a level of Incompetence in the way it was handled that I think conservatives trump. Can abs, absolutely complain about uh.
So that is something to get out of the way right away right, but but it is not a big huge, but it is not what the left Is calling right now they are saying this is a muslim ban. It's not a muslim ban now, There are problems with it. That You can make it into a muslim ban, but it is not a muslim ban. There are how many countries twenty two muslim countries, only seven of them are ban and they are the worst of the worst and is only for, is it sixty or ninety days? Ninety, I think, as it is looked at now,. Me personally, I would ban everyone for sixty days, there's. No, nobody coming from these war torn countries as refugees for another sixty days until we can implement.
Some sort of vetting process that we believe. But what they've said is for sixty or ninety days not going to be able to take anyone but religious minorities. Ah, and in some case by case bases those who helped us fight the war sort of does that with refugees. As we go through the details, it does some of that broad. More broadly and in space typically from people from those countries. So refugees are for twenty days I think is. That is the ban on that. We go through this. If you want to go through it, let's start at the end, but then quickly the source on this is important. I think, because it's it's national Review and David French French is a guy who, what almost ran for president against Donald Trump as a third party, so right, yeah National Review was the big anti trump so yeah for the national review that that did. They gave a lot of credibility to this. For me, yeah. When National Review came out and said it's not.
What everybody is saying it is the That gave a lot of credibility because national review, if going to play like the rest of the media would come out and say it's bad, it's horrible, beak, they were against Donald Trump right, that's not what they did. That's not what they did and and and you're on your point. What people are saying well, if this is an effective because it doesn't ban Saudi Arabia, for example, who was involved in the actual you know people were the residents were involved in nine eleven right. So what is your target that it's g just as ineffective as a muslim ban. If you think it's a muslim ban, they missed the top ten muslim populations in the world, the top ten. In muslim populations in the world are all not on the ban? If you're trying to ban Muslims, you want to include Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, IRAN is on there. Ricky, Algeria and Morocco. So I mean there's one IRAN,
So it's just it's just like it's, obviously not a muslim ban. You know despite the fact that you know, Michael Flynn, son was tweeting about it being a muslim ban and not a muslim Ban and Rudy Giuliani. Well, I mean again, the Julie anything is problematic in that confidence. The Giuliani start in case you don't know it is Trump, went to Giuliani according to Giuliani and said I want to do a muslim ban. How do I do it legally now? He said Giuliani said this and recounted this conversation on national television. So, then they went into well. You don't focus on religion, you focus on danger and blah blah blah blah look. We were, and I maintain a belief that it is absolutely unconstitutional and wrong to ban a religion from the United States of America. America when it comes to immigrants. I th, his trump's initial proposal was- was
completely wrong and I think horrible and all The complaints that you see today from the media would be justified if he implemented that policy. He did not implement anything close to that policy. It's not even remotely close to that policy, they're, just all reacting as if it's the same thing, it is not the same thing may I point out a hypocrisy here on the left sure what they're doing is. We listened to rock Obama and we took him literally. When he said, look I'm for a single payer, healthcare system and eventually this will collapse the free market system, and we will go into a single payer healthcare system. This is just said that group of People- and he said he was for a single player multiple times and Gruber said. Look. This is a Trojan horse. It's going to collapse the system, blah blah blah and I took them at their word. I,
took them literally. The lab took him seriously. And so when we said that's crazy, the this is not this is this is he's he's doing what he's saying he's doing he's using a Trojan horse to get a single payer healthcare system? We were called conspiracy theorists because we took him literally and and not seriously. The left never took him literally so when he said you know, but I want a single payer healthcare system, and this is the way to get there did Matt what they heard was no you're going to get two thousand eight hundred dollars back you're going you're going to get money back and you're going to be able to keep your doctor. We conspiracy theorists. What's happening here, is they heard Donald Trump and like me, they took him literally.
He once he's got a problem with Muslims he's going to ban all Muslims. They also look in this particular case to Steve Bannon, who is the architect of this executive order. And they know that he is alt right, a big alt right supporter. So, of course they think this is going to be in this is this is sixty days away from being a full muslim ban, because that's what Trump has said in the past, he wanted and we know that's what Bannon wanted. So this is a Trojan horse. The right now is taking Donald Trump seriously, but not literally the press and the laughter taking him literally. Because they own the press. It takes a hold of the country where, because we didn't own the press, it did take a hold of the country. Does that make sense so that the biggest problem
is that they are taking this there taking him in the past literally, and this not literally right, meeting with Barack Obama. It was constant stories about what he meant was. Yes, you always got these justifications about what he actually meant to say and what he actually meant and here's. The justification here is the backup you got that constantly, with Trump getting exact opposite you're getting the most. You know be handed not looking for nuans sort of views here, and you know I there it it's hard to find new. I mean you know, Donald Trump. It's not MR lend themselves to do once I get it it's what he said to look at the actual words of what these things actually is. Why we said during the Obama administration you, have to be able to take the president literally, you have to believe his words, his words matter, because, how else do judge a man
and so, if you, if you don't know when he means it, when he doesn't, how do you judge a man? Well, you then have to go to the piece of paper and see what the piece of paper says. Let's have a little bit of this for about ninety seconds. So the first thing it does: it caps, one hundred and twenty days with no refugee admissions and they're going to improve the vetting process. You know the extreme vetting words there and then caps, refugee admissions at fifty thousand per year, fifty thousand per year now Obama had a huge year of refugee admissions in two thousand and sixteen, but that number of fifty thousand is not out of the norm for the United States at all, especially in the 2000s
You look at the chart. It's been right around fifty thousand or slightly above since about the year two thousand and also was in that in the late 80s was around the same numbers had periods where it's jumped up in two thousand and two after nine hundred and eleven was the low point. Twenty seven thousand one hundred and thirty one refugees. We were obviously very heightened security after nine hundred and eleven. We admitted fewer than fifty thousand in two. One three two thousand and six and two thousand and seven. Now those are all Bush years, so you might say well, Obama would did a lot. More Obama was slightly more generous in this particular measure. Then press bush, but his refugee cap from twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen was just seventy thousand So again, it's not that much different than what the Trump things does. In twenty eleven and two thousand and twelve, he admitted barely more than fifty thousand refugees himself, so important to note that this is not out of the norm at all. The bottom line is that Trump is improving security. If you believe this
intends to admit refugees at close to an average rate of the fifteen years before Obama, dramatic expansion in twenty? Sixteen important point here bomb: expansion was departure from the norm, not Trump's contraction, Obama, expansion was the thing that stands out on this chart. It's the thing that makes you say whoa what happened there. You may notice it immediately, and that is the thing that is out of step with the way we've done things since the new millennium. Okay, so important to understand that in that cap is not unreasonable. It's not zero, it's not the sort of thing that Trump talked about in the campaign. It is a generally average number that we've had over the past couple. Presidents. And it's important to point out here: I if you could ask any American any American left right in the middle, doesn't matter.
Are we vetting people well enough when they come in do we know who they are? I think almost everyone will say no, and one of the reasons. Why is because of what we went through with the border? We have no idea who's pouring across our border. It is not unreasonable to say, let's pause for a minute. Let's look at everything. Let's get our sea legs reduce back to the way they were before this anomaly under this last president and let's find out how we can find out, who is here and coming in, there's nothing wrong with that that totally reasonable it. I believe it is the press that is blowing this out of proportion now, if he would do a full muslim ban, I would be with them. That's not what this is and facts do matter.
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Where do those countries come from? Well, you look. First to the visa waiver program, improvement and terrorist per a travel, protect Prevention ACT of twenty fifteen you might as have the president, was in twenty fifteen, and course. Obviously this would be a route. You know as strange answer: they had the started with for countries iraqi runs. The Sudan and Syria were the first four and then in two thousand sixteen February eighteenth, two thousand sixteen. They added the final three giving you the Libya, Somalia and Yemen, so those Eminem, I'm sure. Surely the the Trump Administration people who crafted this did intentionally right. They pick these dangerous countries that L, the Obama administration had already put form restrictions on visas had already named them as dangerous countries.
The this issue, people talk about it as a muslim band. It will effectively work as a muslim band from those seven countries right now we're still coming from Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, or any of the other yeah, eight or nine of the top ten countries in muslim population in in the in the world. So it is an important thing. Lots of Muslims can come here. We continue to excel in Wilmette. We want the good. People that want to be here. We just have to figure out How do you know, which is which more on the actual facts of this Non Muslim ban, this executive order when we come back? Thank. This is the Glenn Beck program. What to say about the executive order, a lot to say to the media and the protesters.
And then and perhaps well, I don't even know what you think anymore. So I was gonna say perhaps not what you think, but I don't know what people think I'm going to say anymore. So truth is you understand it now, the truth? They continue to do, whether you like it or not so confused as I understand it and there's there is both good and bad in this. If you want to look at it through the lens of reason, if you I take it for what it says, it's reasonable to do now, if you want to play it out and say he, this is the first step in a muslim band which you wouldn't allow me to do with Barack Obama. That was a conspiracy theory. So let's hold him to the same standard that you held Obama till he. He said this is what he wants to do.
When he does more than we can talk about that, but so far this is what the executive order says, it does say can be extended or expanded, and I think, if you look at that, it's fair to look at this. Judging first of all that it will be extended right, I think that's a fair thing to look at right now, it's a it's a short ban, but I don't think it's the right way to judge it. I mean if he can continue to expand in the to do what you should probably judged on what its long term long term implications are and it can be expanded. Well, you know, if there's an attack or something I mean, I wouldn't be surprised at all this expanded. However, I will does now is what it does now. I will tell you this with the arch is but or anyone has any facts. These churches are the Nobel Prize going to Barack Obama Times ten are already marching before the average American has even heard that there has been a new executive order. And all of a sudden everybody's up in arms. If the
Left gets their way on this and they struct this. I'm telling you the first time that a immigrant does anything or refugee does anything wrong. This administration will go ten times as hard and the american people will be right there with them. It will be the bubble effect. Uh I mean that is a real danger yep, but you know it's something to consider as you go forward. So a lot of people are saying: well wait a minute: what about these great generals that work with us in the war? What about there's like NBA players, with dual citizenship from here and Sudan? What a technical if they were to go, play the Toronto Raptors and then try to come back in the country they could be banned. However, the executive orders specifically deals with that saying: Secretary of State in homeland security may, on a case by case basis, an when in the national interest issue, visas or other immigration benefits to nationals of countries for
which and benefits or otherwise blocked they've carved out hey we've got a translator that helped us get Osama Bin Laden and he takes a trip. Well guess what he's able to come back in because we have specific is to do that. We have a moral obligation to help people absolutely now another part, I think you have a real, fair complaint with the way they did this in that they didn't seem to outline that's this well enough. This the process is streamline, and it's why some of these people, who should have been caught up in this were caught up in it correct again, it was a small number of people, but it was an easy media story and a gift to the media, which again is when I was supposed to be Trump. Has it as one of its trucks, it's right who is far as the handling the media and this they seem to fall down on it, there's another part of it where they may have extended this to people who actually had green green cards, meaning permanent residents of the United States that also had you know issues here. They
initially did that the reporting was that people like Steve Bannon, overruled other people in ministration of we're working on this to try to apply to green card holders. It does like the administration, is backing off of that now, so does not seem like that, a big part of it next up the indefinite hold on admission to syrian refugees to the United States, that is in the executive order. I look, there's a civil war going on there, it's a very dangerous area. A lot of people would understand this. It is a turn, according to the National Review, to the Obama administration's practice is from twenty eleven to twenty fourteen for all the time rats and wailing and gnashing of teeth, the two until two thousand sixteen, the Obama administration had largely already slammed the door on syrian refugee admissions, the syrian civil war, a touch off in two thousand eleven. In two thousand eleven, we admitted twenty nine Syria refugees. Twenty nine, in twenty twelve thirty one in twenty thirteen, thirty six
in two thousand and fourteen one, one hundred and five and then into in fifteen one one thousand six hundred and eighty two. It was uh till two thousand and sixteen that we hit thirteen thousand. So there is a large increase, but very consistent with early years of the syrian civil war, when that was going on, the Obama administration lead in less than a trickle of refugees. Only in the closing days of his administration did Obama review course, and now we're supposed to be all upset that Trump is returning to what Obama did at the beginning. It's not big of a difference There is one slash four there's: a public puzzling amount of outrage over Trump's directive to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion to the individuals country of nationality. So we see what this is and you could see how, if you're know, if you're, not following this closely you'd say well, wait a minute he's gone to seven countries, the majority
religion there is muslim and he said only minority religions can come in. So it looks like a muslim ban. Again you missed earlier, missed, I think nine of the ten top must. Populations in the world, so it doesn't seem like he's, banning all Muslims by any means. Well, the problem with this is, I don't have I'm not comfortable with the government scan the Christians. Are you cities either right there, so bad so bad at this is where I think, there's another stumble cut. It offer sixty days cut it off Yes, they did for a refugees for one hundred and twenty days, so I think you're, okay with that part of it with but series is an exception of the war torn countries if you're christian or you city,. Right. Those are, people so that that country is just people in general, those seven countries overall refugees from anywhere one hundred and twenty days. So so, if
I think, because refugees yet to make an argument right. It's not just you're just trying to immigrate here, your make it wait a minute, I'm being persecuted, I'm gonna be killed because I'm christian, I need to come here right now and the the ones that are targeted first. I believe are the cities. Close. Second, are the Christians and the third are Muslims, but it's hard to tell which ones are or we're part of this plan to infiltrate, and we are just good Muslims. That's why we need the help of the muslim community, but not people like care people like Judy Sasser's dresser. This is Judy Gestures organization. Where we can, we can have Muslim, sit down with Muslims and say: okay, how do we figure this out? Who are the bad guys who the good guys now so way with the right now. This executive order says members of minority religions may well go to the front of the line.
During the Obama administration, it seems that christian and other minorities may well have ended up at the back of the line. For example, when Obama dramatically expanded syrian refugee admissions in twenty sixteen few Christians made the made the cut the Obama administration resettled, thirteen thousand two hundred and ten syrian refugees that increase of six hundred and seventy five percent over the same tenant period in twenty fifteen of them, ninety nine point one percent were muslim and then seventy seven, which is zero point. Five percent of that number for Christian zero zero point: one: eight percent: are you cities now tenth set of Sirius Christian and zero point five percent of the refugees? We let in more christian, so it is. Actually it is the reverse of what Obama did there. He was letting in almost only religi majorities, where this ticular thing says: hey this executive order says we need religious minorities and we we want to point out that there are,
there hasn't been any refugee that is caused a problem here in the United States, but there have been refugees that have caused problems over in Europe. Some of the perished, some of the Para shootings were were refugees. And there were terrorist attacks by cuban refugees before one thousand nine hundred and eighty. I think three people died in those, so it has happened before, but not since one thousand nine hundred and eighty and there were cuban refugees an it- is happening in this particular case where Europe is being overwhelmed and we just don't want to be overwhelmed, were no good help. Anyone unless we help ourselves first and I am- against this, because it's an executive order I do not like ruling by pen and by telephone, twitter or telephone. I don't like it. It's not the way we work, however, everything that I've read from this executive order
seems fairly reasonable. I don't know why Saudi Arabia isn't on it. Why the? U a e, isn't on it? There are some it's funny, because people keep complaining what you did put the nine eleven terror son it will. They didn't fall if the if it was a muslim band, it's a terrible muslim band too. He did a bad job at banning Muslims when you leave nine of the ten top muslim populations untouched. So it's it's not about that. I understand where they're going with this. They obviously want to make this look like something that it's not it's the media. This is how they act, but its import actually understand what what is in there, for example, federal asylum and refugee law require a religious test as part of the process, so people are saying well can't be, you can't talk about religious minorities. That's a very standard part of refugee and asylum law at alien, seeking asylum must establish that religion, among other things, was or will be at least one central reason for persecuting the applicant
The term refugee means for any person who outside any country of such persons, nationality, who is or unwilling to return to that country because of persecution or a well founded fear of persecution. On account of religion, among other things, this is why you refugees, are different than than your typical immigrant refugees are people fleeing a terrible situation, one of the main reasons people do. This is because we might know from history times religious minorities get persecuted. That is one of the reasons we have these things set up, so we can rescue people from these terrible situations if they are minority religions being persecuted by the majority. Very rarely does the majority religion and it does happen, but the majority religion is the victim of the persecution. It does happen, but it's more typically associated with religious minorities. You've seen this in country after country throughout history, not even just recent history. Now this
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Nice is the Glenn Beck program, rated eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Bc Kane as we go over the facts of this executive order. What's left in its, do, I'm pretty pretty much got to everything on that some people are saying: wait. What about Boston? There were refugees, the Boston bombing, thankfully, those are asylum seekers sort of a different process there, also they weren't from a band country so those are, it would not have covered this our needs. So it's a little different. There was the Ohio State attack where there was a bunch of injuries. That was a refugee in recent memory, and that was that was September. Two thousand and sixteen again like most of this stuff, wouldn't necessarily have stopped any of the tax that we talk about on a regular basis. But you don't know what the next attack is. The you know is most of the time it's not the exact same path as the last people. And again he, the executive order, says
be expanded and many know a lot of people the world are well, then, why didn't he ban people from Saudi Arabia wait so he's against all Muslims, but he for some reason, didn't ban Muslims from Saudi Arabia and you're complaining about that, like you, think he hates all Muslims, or do you think that he hates all Muslims with the exception of some Muslims, he likes that's not a legitimate point again, it shouldn't be to what he likes at what he feels, and I completely agree with that. The executive order thing is something that we complained about throughout Obama, administration, Bush administration, and I would say this is an interesting thing. I think from the media perspective 'cause. You started off this hour, talking about the media kind of and how they are handling. This is it that Donald Trump is doing much more with executive order than any previous president or or is it just that they just ignored all the other presidents, because
I mean you've, heard more about every individual executive order about Donald Trump than you ever heard about Barack Obama, and my understanding is that they are in the same area as far as how much they're using it Trump as a defense to his actions has used, broke Obama as a model. The exact thing you talked about many many times saying wait. A minute left you're not going to like this. When somebody you don't like, gets power and uses the same tools now we only have about five minutes of clips of me saying that. Actually so I mean in in this is what happens you know we oppose at the time the expansion of executive power, because there should couldn't be any president who has the power to do things through executive order. We have a legislative process for a reason, and I So I do, I wish this went through the legislative process. However, as it executive order, you look at it, and there is
awkward and weird and that's what he liked and I liked it yeah. I mean he really is one of those guys that actually, like basically ruined his life for his art, yeah, there's something very charming about that when you when you're. Like you're willing to sell out that hard? I think it is it is it is. I mean Japanese done the same thing he doesn't want to eat. He does this for the show, and it's really done this incredible said I mean that's just a cheap shot. I mean: are you calling him fat yeah? I was thinking maybe much. This is the blaze radio on demand, get a cash mattress and get a great night sleep. Try for slash one hundred and risk free go to cash dot com, Slash Glenn, use the promo code. Glen get fifty dollars to the purchase of your mattress terms and conditions to apply hello. I'm
welcome to the program. I want to define couple of things principles and make it stop, and why just make Stop always beats principles, the hypocrisy of the media and the left ear is all beyond comprehension. It really is, and we also want to speak to couple of Muslims. There's we have Muslim in Oklahoma, thirty five year old Muslim American says I am perfectly fine with what's being called slim band and it is not a muslim ban. It say pause on the vent, the vetting now that changes. Well, then it becomes a muslim band, but right now there are. Twenty or twenty two muslim countries in the world. Only seven are affected They are the seven that Barack Obama, identified as trouble nations with series
problems with terror begin there with the press right now, entertainment and enlightenment. This the Glenn Beck program. We have to decide whether we are going to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem I want to speak to the press, about that. I have so many friends. Couple of friends at church yesterday said Glenn just give up on the media. No, I'm not going to give up on the media. I mean. I have very little hope that most of will do this, but I think that some of them
are going to change. Did you did you read that NBC is talking about now becoming the next Fox NEWS. That NBC is now looking with the hiring of Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Sustern they're. Now saying they want to go to the center and and right, I told you, I that was happening with NBC, don't know if it is for sure and we'll see, that is, that is from an inside source at NBC, that they're saying that they are trying to become the next Fox news. Very interesting, we'll see what happens. I don't want the Fox NEWS or the next CNN or the next MSNBC I want some thing that is truly without an agenda. The well with the news is, they won't admit their mistakes, because I think most of them don't see their mistakes.
And what we have now, the reason why Donald Trump won is because there are a lot of people in the country. And I didn't understand this until recently: there's a lot of people that are at the point of make it stop just make it stop. I knew people were frustrated. I knew that people were tired. But I don't think I really understood the average american and how they feel like nothing is getting better. In fact, things are all getting worse. And are really truly struggling to hold it together and make it stop
up, wins over principles every time it's why. It's why the lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, told me one day we all. We all say Glenn, we we, we all talk when under torture. We all talk, no matter what anyone says to you. Everyone breaks, there's comes point where you just want it to stop. And that's where the average American was. They want the insanity to stop. They want the Transformation to stop it's interesting because the press wrote this weekend that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are transforming America we'll. No. Actually, your guy said we're just five
his way from fundamental transformation, the United States of America, so you're good, transform the country you didn't care to notice or care about the people. You said: wait. I don't want our country transformed. Now you think it's being transformed, it may be, if you don't think that make it stop it's true and you're on the left. Let me prove it to you. You wanted people to stop trying to block progress. And so it didn't matter when, when he blows he said, will pole vault into health care? If we have to will climb the wall, will pole vault will do by hook or by crook, the press
even said hook or by crook will get this done later? He said I'll get these things past, because I have a phone and a pen. Another word I will call for protests in the street or I will sign an executive order and you were fine with it. We were We warned over and over and over again no you have to understand. You. Right like it now, but eventually somebody that you don't like is going to have power and you're not going to like what they do and that's where we are. That's why things will get worse, because the people who voted for Donald Trump just wanted the craziness to stop. And if you can't and you're on the left, you can't understand why people would say it's craziness when you're asking
people. To deny sex orientation that their power words are meaningless. There is no such thing as a male and a female anymore, and you've done it. If I would have said in nineteen ninety five by a in nineteen, ninety six, that by twenty sixteen toy years down the road. Everybody will be fine with gay marriage. Will gay marriage is part of the law and. Conservatives will be cool with calling a sports hero, Bruce Jenner by a female name, because he'll just come out and say even though I haven't touched my body parts woman, a Caitlyn. If I would have said we would have been okay with that in nineteen, ninety five, you would have deemed to be out of my mind if I would have said it in two thousand. You would have deemed to be out of my mind. I
didn't end when Barack Obama was against gay marriage in two thousand and eight, and so is Hillary Clinton. If I said we would have that by two thousand and sixteen you would say, I was out of my mind in a years we went a country that was against gay marriage to a country that says Caitlyn Jenner. You pushed us to the wall and say: oh now, by the way you have to deny all sexuality that there is no such thing as gender period make it stop. Can somebody make it stop people hit their limit? It's one of the things I warned about. We went over the history of hungry when I was back at Fox remember what did people do when. They turned the streets inside out upside down. What happened? People cried out to the government, make it stop
now, our problem is the right as screw. You left, you didn't listen to us at all screw you, you try the trash, our nation and completely trash everything that I held dear and the left is now saying: oh yeah make it stop. And neither one will care about principles. You know. When the border thing was happening because people don't know how others can sit here, while this You know muslim band is going on well. First of all,. Because you're listening to fake news in this particular instance, the media is is giving you fake news, it is not a muslim ban now it could turn into that, but that's
What it is now I don't like that this fact that it executive order. I don't like the fact that, it was rolled out by a bunch of third graders at seemed. Nobody had nobody had, ducks in a row on this one. But it's Not with the media is saying. But let me tell the media and the left where this fashion to say, shut up, came from. Why we are, I can't say we why half of the free is willing to say I don't care, I don't care start with the border. President Obama went down to the border and said it's effectively finished. The border is effectively finished the the border fence everywhere we could fence it. It's it's been fenced and we're safe and there's not a problem that wasn't true.
Everybody on the right knew that it wasn't true and the meat it went along with it because of their agenda. They gave him a pass, then they also said that anybody who opposes the president and the border was a racist. We turn down with three million dollars worth of food and clothing and things to help children to help children on the border and to send them back home, but to take or of them while they were here. Not have the government do it us do it. You in the media never covered it. You didn't pay attention to it because it didn't fit your agenda. When we, when we warned that those people on the border are being moved by the federal government into our cities with telling our cities and the public, where they're going you're just dropping them into our cities, you yawned. Why-
and I pointed out that there is really bad stuff going on in these k, apps, where they're keeping these immigrants the illegals where they break bring up families, and it is horrific conditions you yawned again, because it didn't fit your agenda when Occupy Wall Street Kane, you practically laid down the red carpet for them. You call them patriots, you called them informed. You called them peaceful. Even though time and again there were rapes. They were murders early on, they try to blow up a bridge in Ohio, and yet you didn't care, you didn't say anything. We, the tea party met and we didn't have websites like the women's March. Does we didn't have labor unions providing buses.
It really was mom and dad around the kitchen table. You first said that we were astroturf, that we were nothing but boobs being used by the politicians. Then, when that didn't work, you started at using a sub being terrorists that we going to blow up the government. When Madonna said that you excused it when we didn't say it, you said we felt it in our hearts. Time left us out of the year in review in twenty ten. Was there a bigger story in twenty ten and the tea party movement that led to a historic change of power? They left tea party out of the year in review. I can guarantee it's only a matter of time before this is deemed the year of the protester. And you won't see it in the media.
If I see one more person say that Donald is an authoritarian, or this is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany or that he's a racist. When I point these things out. I was pointing them out about the rotarian nature of the silencing of the press, which Barack Obama did, and every member of the press knows that. The use of executive order, strong arm tactics. His hanging out with authoritarian leaders, you said I was a conspiracy nut, you said, is morally reprehensible to Eve, use the word Nazi, and yet you
don't seem to care now. That's why nobody trust you! That's why we're at make it stop that's what gave Trump his power and if you continue down this road, it's going to get worse on both sides. The solution on this in a minute. First, let me tell you about gold line. You know, I will tell you it kills me it absolutely! Kills me that the left is now saying that economic tragedy is right around the corner, that Joe Biden would come out and say that the order of the economic world is on the verge of collapse. That now
was it USA. Today, last week came out and said: we are on the verge of a recession and even more well didn't hear any of that. They are now talking about food storage, buying gold on the left and the right is totally fine guys. The facts haven't changed. Nothing is changed, nothing has changed. We have to pay for the sins of the past and the sins of the past started long ago, before Barack Obama and before Donald Trump and the sins of the past, or things like owning Puerto Rico, crap load of money, giving them money buying their bonds, so they can stay open, and yet, for the last few months they haven't been paying back their bonds and nobody talking about those those bonds are part of. Maybe
Your mutual fund, part of the teachers Union mutual Fund, the police officers and firefighters, mutual funds. Why and they collapse, people will wake up. You want to be the one that is calm. You want to be the one that knows the truth and the truth is math is math. And you need something that is solid and stable and has been through the fire over and over and over again, and that currency is gold. I want call gold line now and find out of gold or silver is right for you. The new Ministration wants to double or annual growth, but there are headwinds and even growth will push inflation up. Inflation. The hedge gold now is the best time to call eighty six.
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try it you're, never going to want to sleep on anything else. Having a great day by having a great night sleep, Casper COM, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, fifty dollars the purchase of your mattress at Casper, dot com, Slash Glenn, the promo code. This gland don't forget fifty dollars off the purchase of your mattress, Casp, DOT, com, Slash Glenn terms and conditions to apply the Glenn Beck program. What to do it, I'm so glad you're! Here, coming up in a few minutes, we have Matt he's a thirty five year old Muslim American who agrees with Donald Trump, the next hour, I'm Zuhdi Jasser on who's, going to talk about this and also re Asbat Patel. Who is a? I guess you would call him somebody on the on the on the left, but he sure doesn't seem it he's a muslim pakistani, gay man which couldn't
check more boxes. This is a real, let me say it sound real because he is. I have a feeling I have not talked to him yet, but I have a feeling he's for extra vetting, seeing that he's one of the guys that extreme Islam want to kill. We will talk to both of them next hour, something that I do think that you're going to get in the mainstream media. You know talking about. There's philosophy and philosophy happens when times are good. When times are bad people just say to Hell with the philosophy I just want it to stop. And that's why this is not worth it working with the media because their ratcheting it up. They ratcheted it up by their inaction and now there turning it up by their action, and we need some sober heads, because Thai
you're only going to get more tough when it comes to. When comes to what are we supposed to do? Well, we can take into our own hands and we can work through organizations like mercury, one that, while the government did nothing to save Christians, we took four thousand Christians and got them out. Of Syria and Iraq, nobody else did that. In fact, the mainstream media never really reported on it, but you and do things yourself, go there and take phone calls Neck Beck program. This is the glad that program know if I mean mince words here.
People are saying that it's an American, because America needs to be nice. No America needs to be kind and there's a huge difference between kind and nice. What is nice I want to be To somebody, does that mean you want to you want to take refuge, refugees and 'cause you're nice. I don't think Jesus was nice. Jesus was kind, kindness, balances, wiz and love. Being kind is somebody sometimes you're kinda somebody, we were just talking about stews dog who died last week, and we were just talking about how hard it is to put our to put our dogs.
Own or have them die in our life as their family members. And I remember we had to make the decision of putting victor down. Nice of us, we didn't do that 'cause, we were nice, we were trying to be kind. We we loved him, but at what point we use the wisdom to say at what point do let him go at what point do we help him? Go, that's not being nice to being kind. So this is not an muslim ban in the first place. And, yes, you can say we're not being nice, but it's more important for us to be kind. We have to do the right things for our country and the eight things for the the refugee we have to fight the right ones.
You know we sent four thousand all they were in Syria and Iraq and we got them into new. This is a new communities all around the world, except for the United States, but all around the world. We did extreme vetting on them. If we can do it, the government can. We even went, and we had to build a secondary refugee camp in Greece. Why. Because the Muslim camp, the people who are refugees- worse still being targeted by the bad Muslims that grew he's had accepted as refugees. We didn't know which ones were which green didn't know. So what do they do.
They needed a way to relieve the suffering of the use it and the Christians. So we built a secondary placement camp. We could separate them not because we were being nice, but because we were trying to become and we couldn't lump all the Muslims together and say: you're all bad. You guys out. That's where we have to go, we to have reason, fix, read and firmly in her seat and question with boldness. How many of us have been uncomfortable rate lately, and I don't mean on comfortable with what the other side is doing uncomfortable because you have said let he actually look at what is happening. How
the people on the left are saying wait a minute. Let me try to understand those people who voted for Donald Trump. I contend very few, it's hard. It makes you uncomfortable. You should be risking an uncomfortable in your thoughts, almost everyday. It show that you're reaching out it shows that you're expanding its growth. As you work out and night I'd been told this because I don't know fact, but as you work out your muscles tear and it hurts it is a good kind of pain being intellectually uncomfortable and saying wait a minute.
It's reason this out. It's going to make you hurt, but if you, if you balance, love and wisdom, we can be great again because what made us great is we were a nation not of nice people but of kind and generous people. Let me go to Matt in Oklahoma, an american Muslim, hello, Matt Line, one, your hey how's, it going good. Good. I I wanted to say I think you were a little too overzealous and saying that support trump. I agree with you one hundred percent. I think that I think that it's not a muslim ban. I think that is more than prudent measures, I think I don't I'm not happy about it. You know executive orders, but I think that for the left to try to as the saviors of the friends of the muslim community is extremely hypocritical,
disagreeing how much the left has bombed muslim countries in more so as a minority within the the muslim community as a year. The one hobbies this so called islamic extremist that you're talking about have targeted us more than the garden anybody? and you can go online and watch videos, US area of them going up to people say Are you suing or Hsieh if they say she has that they shoot him, and I don't want However, here in my country, because I live here- and I want to raise my kids here and I want them to be safe- not you know, I don't want this to be a leper part. Two. So Matt? How do we solve this? How does How do you know who the good guys the bad guys are. Again, you are exactly right. First of all, you leave care on the sidelines, because care is that they've proven themselves time and time again to be concerned with only the views is the same years at the Muslim and Brotherhood in Egypt Hold, which is the same views that Hamas holds
in Palestine and you there are many many muscle groups aside from here, they don't identify with care at all. You you have them. We we sit down, we talk, we call it the people that you that you call is on the g string this week all talk, which means somebody who who thinks that nobody is most of them and for us, that's a pretty easy identification there, certain things they do and say, if you can this bottom and they can you meet him here too, and we need to figure out as a listen community. At what point do we start taking it seriously? Because it's not it's not your. It's not Glenn Beck's job to weed out the bad apples from the muslim community and we and we tend to say
Well, you know a few bad apples is just a few bad apples, but we're forgetting that the phrase is a few bad apples spoil the bunch and that's what's happening, we're what we're we're. Not. We denounce these scumbags here and abroad and work right now, where you know like you said you have to pay for the sins of your past and american muscle. Just need to take this seriously. In my opinion, again, I'm not I'm not a hundred percent on with the way the band is implemented. There's definitely Saudi Arabia needs to be on the list, there's probably one or two countries I would take off, but that's I mean he got the list from upon. You know Trump isn't to blame for that yeah, but list aside at what point do muscles here? Take accountability and say hey: this is our job I mean he's been in the next guy. On the you said, you have up our. I can hear
that the the gap band from Pakistan? First of all, I say: that's a lot more. They come to him and I'm sorry that he will I'm sorry he's in the situation as well as it can't be easy. Seen seen the left wanting invite over the very people who would do serious harm, somebody like that- and I mean we- we can't take it as just you know. We can't be spectators in this. We have to be active participants in the curing of our own safety here. Thank you Matt. I appreciate it and that that is the point to that. I want to try to make last half hour. Is we? you have to be active if you want to save refugees, we've already proven that it can be done. We save four thousand. What can the muslim community do? We couldn't get him into the United States? Okay, so we got him someplace else. You don't need government. Where else can they go? You need a
you somewhere in the world to be, and there will be governments that will cooperate. Why in Saudi Arabia, taking more of these guys yeah and he the brings up a great point which I think you can read executive order as if it's not even a muslim ban of the specific countries. The way it's typically been talked about as well. These are seven muslim majority countries and it only religious minorities. Can be considered in this way. This goes forward, but I mean seventy four percent Suny is thirteen percent Shia. She has been killed like racy over there. Shanghai's religious minority definitely say that she is our qualified, caring, ledges minority and would be actually including. I agree to be in it in this particular and a little ones that we should bring in a if you're going to bring them in you. You want the one I would the ones that are not being persecuted, the ones who are doing the persecution. Why would we bring them in
I mean so, I think you could absolutely read it that way. I don't know I mean judging what Rudy Giuliani said about the intent of this, which will he could he described as truck and and said I want a muslim ban. How do I do it legally, and this is they came up with incredible that he said that credit, but he was, I mean It happened that way, but also incredible that he would blow it out on television as, but, if that's true, then I would assume, probably not, for she is, but I mean I think, if you're looking at this as the the described intent which is to allow old people who are being persecuted because of their religion to be added to be helped? I think she is fall into. I will tell you if it doesn't include she is, then you have something. Then you have something to talk about everything in this for particular for sure quickly for serious, so maybe maybe not with that, but in the other countries I think there's a legit meant argument to be made there now this
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your listening to the Glenn Beck program. Glenn thank Program. Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back so glad you're here coming up. Next, we had the Zuhdi Jasser still Haven't gotten confirmation from Riaz, but all spoke from last night through email and you know, was really curious to how he looks at the world and what's happening now,. You know, as we exchanged emails, he's pretty much coming out where, where I am, which I find heartening,
here's a guy on the left and pretty hard on the left. That agrees. We have to do something. We have to have some reason here and now who's coming into our country Ann. I I urge You, whether you're on the left or the right to not x, choose your side for anything. For instance, I don't like the executive order when you're talking to so buddy about that find the common ground. I don't like the fact that it was an executive order. It didn't like him when Obama did it, I don't like it now. I like the way this was rolled out and and we'll have to wait and see. But if you actually read the executive order, ask people that the first thing have you read the executive order before we talk about this 'cause. It's
short, would you just mind getting on line and just read it real quick, because we be arguing over nothing B, it's not a muslim ban and when read, it is pretty simple to read when you read it. You're like oh, oh, ok, mean I heard it all through the media and then I got online yesterday and I actually read it and I'm and like I or this there must be another executive order. 'cause. I don't have a problem with this one. We know but like the way it's I don't like the way it was done again will messy and it's messy but again it's not what I'm hearing reported on tv. They are focusing on obviously the case where there was a five year old kid who is I'm back from IRAN, who is trying to meet his parents in the airport. It was detained for several here, one more time that the guy who might win the award from the Academy from IRAN Can- take it to the Oscars.
Oh boo, hoo, I mean I'm Cole, no, not the Oscars. That is, there is a specific line in the executive order that is supposed to deal with situations like that. We're going to be, if you don't think the the IRAN Oscar Guy, a or or Gore Lady, whoever it is, is supposed to be he it don't think they should be banned from coming here. There is a process where they can say. Okay, this person's is gonna threat. They can come again didn't kindle that roll out well in the process is not well defined. However, there is an opportunity for that is built into it. The exceptions are built in the executive order, and you know, immigration policy is handled by the executive office largely, and you know he has a pretty wide berth to do things like this, and he
it's not a muslim ban, as we just discussed, there's a possibility that Shia Muslims for many of these countries could be considered religious minorities this is the blaze radio on demand. Get Casper Mattress and get a great night sleep. Try it for one hundred nights, risk free, go to Casper, dot com, Slash, Glenn and use the promo code. Glen get fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress terms and conditions to apply.
Hello American welcome the Glenn Beck program on the blaze radio. We have reformed this. It is with Doctor Zuhdi Jasser. He is one of the most outspoken voices, inside Islam of saying the United States government is playing footsie with all of the wrong people He is a reformer, and Islam, as it is known in much of the Middle EAST, needs to be reformed. It's why so many people come here and they are petrified of the people that we are allowing in. I wanted
talk to him about the so called muslim band and get his take on what Donald Trump did over the weekend. We go to the doctors in the jazz, sir right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the welcome to the program led you here, Sir and great to be with you. Thank you for having me, and you know thing. You for letting me work on reforming this. I I will tell you a Zuhdi. You are you're a hero to me because
We all know what happens to those who speak out about against radical Islam, a special if you're in islam- and you are a proud Muslim and you have been warning that the United States is in with the wrong guys for very long time. First me ask you this question: has anyone from the Trump administration reached out to you yet you bring your organization into the fold. Not yet not yet- and I think you know they're obviously been very busy the last week, so maybe we'll give him a pass on that. I certainly have worked with a number of the folks he's appointed yes, so I look forward to helping them. Never at these waters and as we saw in the last few days, they got to get ahead of the messaging game, because they were the left, will use, identity politics and exploit us Muslims whenever
possible for their their own benefit. Okay, so Zuhdi tell me what your thoughts are about. This so called with the media is calling a muslim ban it it's not a muslim ban. Uh I mean it. It's absurd, they're, pausing for seven countries that Obama had already listed as a hotspot. I would have added if you're going to start, I would have added Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan, at least since those probably the primary cauldrons of of rat call Islamism. But you know, having said that, the bottom line is: is that it's important to realize it's a pause. It's not a ban that America was founded in a battle against theocracy and to see that currently folks coming in had been vetted is absurd. The vetting that the uh ministration used with a anti terrorism, anti violent extremism vetting, which included no ideology, and I actually debated last night on Fox the head. The International Rescue Commission, and he couldn't come up with one evidence
that they're voting against jihadists or Islamism. So the pauses a theory, but the in meditation has certainly been my password the last few days and if get this wrong and we lose the messaging America should never lose, loses beacon on a hill as being that that place where people come for refuge for for freedom and liberty. We don't want thia rats. Hearing is very pro muslim Modern Islam, to say that we don't want theocrats here and you know for for people like Senator Schumer, to say that to shed call, steers and say that somehow this is going to feed into the anti american narrative is absurd when mostly countries like Saudi Arabia have accepted 0Z pro refugees in so to say that it's aunt Muslim to just put a pause on a very anemic program anyway, from the Obama Ministration is absurd.
City. Why doesn't what does Saudi Arabia take any muslim refugees. Two things that I should be cleared Americans, which is number one. Is they are anti Islamist. As far as the grassroots viral movement, they claim to be against the brotherhood and they realize the the the ideology that they're spreading and how it'll bite them in the rear end. So, while they're with us there, the firefighters there also the arsonist, so they get it second the refugees get it also, they don't want to go to place, is as bad or worse than what they're fighting for freedom in Syria. For so there's two things there that make it pretty much mutual hates between those majority of refugees. Who really want to be free and away from the the dual genocide happening from ISIS and from the Assad and iranian regime? Ok, so I know this would be
a pure guess, but you know we left fifteen thousand one hundred and, let's just say around number, we let one hundred thousand people in and their muslim refugees free that part of the world. Any idea. How many, percentage it had been radicalized. Well, This is the key question and this is what we've been screaming from the rooftops for the last eight years. Actually, you know five years, obviously since the revolution but studies have shown in Europe twenty to twenty. Five percent and of refugees have sympathies for ISIS. Sympathy now
they're not radical. As far as how do you define radical? Are they militants who are trying to commit acts of violence? No they'll pass the muster for do. They belong to ISIS know, but just as in the cold war, these are ISIS sympathizers, they believe in the cause, they believe in islamic State, a califate etc. So when you ask is the Trump administration engaging us they haven't yet, and we want them to use our Muslim Reform Movement document, which is a two page, declaration that we stand against the core principles of an islamic state, and it is most I believe in that which is true for seventy to eighty percent coming here. Then we should welcome them and actually what that'll do ISM Perkins when they see refugees coming that embraces those principles in the aren't doing acts of one crime in the streets as they are in Germany and Sweden elsewhere it'll? make them more in to the car so in in wins. If we start betting against the fascism suiting
What should the president be doing now? What should he, who should he be standing with? Who should he be talking with? Who? What should he be doing to control this message?. Well, you know this is the issue that he wrote. An executive order gave himself a hundred and twenty days, and you know we're we're trying to make up for eight year of of dysfunction and blindness full blindness in Washington so to make for that. He he talked about a commission on Radical Islam. I I hope it's called a commission radical Islamism, but he it's convene that I think, ideally should be chaired by a Muslim we've got performers at signer declaration from that
include assuring could see. As there are no money, you know Ray he'll Raza. Imagine no laws in Britain. You know I'm a danish parliamentarian. There are many of us out there that can be resources for staying in This isn't a war against Islam. It's a battle within the House of Islam that we're going to take sides on and let's bigger rates. It called it in the last few decades, pub diplomacy, but in the cold war was the US information agency. Let's start radio free, you know liberty in the Middle EAST and start the put so called allies on notice that you know what the gigs up. We realize that you might be with us, on that last step to kill the terrorists but you're, certainly not with us and the previous hundred stuff radicalization, which is ideology that make them anti western anti semitic and real fueling our own. Our own demise. How do you give give somebody the argument they're going into the office today and
they are going to sit with some of their liberal friends who are going to start regurgitating everything that the media has said this weekend. Help them win this argument. How do the arguments the argument of the I it let's, let's play it, let's put role play here, I'm gonna be the liberal friend and, and you play the Trump supporter or the conservative, okay and I say: hey good job this weekend, huh your guy just made us look like the laughing stock of the world everybody's against this. This on American. This, this muslim ban. How do you respond I was so you just don't get it the most american thing. Our founding fathers were Chris and to love their face but face, but yet push back against the opera? nothing more american than having a president that This is not a muslim ban. This is not press
for Christians. The word muslim or Christian is not in it. Talks about persecuted religious minorities, which would include Muslims within the countries that are dissidents that are even within the majority Sunni that might be fighting against the government. So there is, nothing more american. Yes, my dad I'd be getting the messaging wrong. I think he needs to be clear about that. The implementation might have been wrong. The bottom line is we finally have somebody in in the White House who is not only on the side of the it's Mama's, but after taking them on and thing that we need to be more discerning and not have the national fratricide, where we allow anybody in just because they claim to be muslim and by the way, your side is using this as a full football to Basically, identity, politics, when Islam is an idea, it's an ideology: it's not a race operationalize in racializing, a global, it's community that has a deep problem of jihadists.
City one last one last question: do the with the Sudanese. I think it's the Sudanese know that she is in Syria. Do you believe they would qualify as being a religious minority? That is, that is being picked on earth threatened. That's a great question! You know those who say that Assad and his partnership with IRAN he's a secularist just absurd. There are certainly shia minorities that are per created by ISIS and those would be persecuted. Minorities ALA, Wight minorities that try to take on the regime. That is all the way to the faction of Shia Islam. So those are persecuted. But the bottom line is I'm of the belief that the Assad regime, through it so cooperation with visible on IRAN, are you hot
Yes, there does Shia jihadists and their batting like against Sony jihadists, so there are, Minority persecuted minorities on both sides of the equation, SIRI and there's actually a third side which is really those are just trying the freemen and stop the oppression both from the Assad regime and from the ISIS militants. Citi? Thank you very much. I appreciate it and that you can hear reform this on blade. The blaze radio network Saturdays at noon. You just also listen to the podcast in anytime on demand. Thank you d appreciate it. God bless you too. Thank you. So much for appreciate it. This one hundred and twenty burglaries in Houston sheriffs arrested a group of seventeen men One hundred and twenty three burglaries in Washington State Police arrested a group of three men. The two burglaries have common All they did to get in the house was break we're rear window. They just broke one little pains in maybe the french door.
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You're listening to the Glenn Beck program. I say this too so, what's been on your mind under the news he said. Well, I've got a good soda story. Of course you do what's the most important thing going on in the world: hello, Ann. It's again, you wanna talk about bands, bands that are damaging to our work. Clearly unacceptable band yeah, how about France? France has banned unlimited soft drinks and refills. Now, This is the sort of thing that concerns me and will actually affect my life, it is now illegal to send a cell unlimited soft drinks at a fixed price, offer them unlimited for free in France. Now overweight or obese people in France is below the EU average, but is on the rise. The World Health organization recommends taxing sugary drinks well as a good reason for it, a leading them to obesity and diabetes, we're just so stupid. I mean all in and we've gone over these arguments before, but it's like it's not just drink like they just figured picture. They they I'll take one
full category. They want to vilify it's the old, solid ski thing: they separate it and then they just vilify it and target it, and they try to make it into a big thing. For whatever reason, soda is the example here. This is another example of progressive governments around the world in this case, but it's happened here. Many times decide they know what's better for you than you. This is a, can a customer benefit. Remember this is a somewhat new in the in the United States that you know as a kid I remember going. If you had to pay every time you wanted another soda now there is the availability to walk up to the little soda machine and fill it back up like I do. Every time I go wherever I go, any and get extra sodas and enjoy them and they've taken something that a bit this has done to help their customers have a better experience and because they think the customer is using it incorrectly, though her choice, the government's choice, not the consumers, choice, they're, taking it away in this case
in France, but this will come here obviously, and it has come in the form of taxes and other things. And it's the same thing. We talked about with net neutrality, in that very net neutrality technically would ban, but I think it's t Mobile has done, which is give you free streaming of Hulu and Netflix and Amazon Video and all these things a great benefit to the consumer. However, net neutrality says well you're, not treating all companies equally when it comes to data. So you can't do that and The activists have fought to try to get that overturned so far, unsuccessfully, between these are bad. If it's, these are making your life better you're getting more for your money. Government, wants to come out and take these things away from you and while, yes, sure all I care about a soda, it is, much larger problem in that, and we see this in every aspect of our lives are an already tastes, are changing. The traditional soda is,
going the way of sarsaparilla slowly very slowly. I mean this is you're right. This is what a lot of people are talking about in the in the beverage world. If I may, however, it's a I think, what you're doing is getting more choices that are being just soda right. What has what I, what that's, what I'm saying, yeah the traditional soda choice is going to little ponies, which I hate our and going to it and getting fragmented so much it's a thing of the past, so as they go after soda. Well, what about all the other drinks that are coming out now? I mean right. You look is Coca COLA, ginger inks, which are just soda with more caffeine in it. Theoretic, we could you know they complain about even more than soda burst your heart, but it'll be like oh well, people are moving from soda and energy drinks. What the hell do you think of monster? Is it's just a soda? It's a soda with more caffeine in it that old, tiny sodas.
It's not any that that the no they don't think they've done something no man could has ever done before. Okay, they have made some they've made the worst tasting product into a successful product, focusing on red bull without analysis, because some of the other monsters or not but yeah a lot of the month. They have served and are there any of them that they're good I so yeah I mean that the monster and if they have a monster, absolute zero line and putting on the Orange one sunrise, which is really good or that is really good. There's a lemonade one there's the the citrus one is really delicious China to try one. That is why I had red bull oh, my gosh, no red bull, is- is distinctly different than the monsters zero line. Yes, the masters airline is how was red bull ever successful? I
don't know I my theory on this and because you're right, it tastes like I don't know any trees that we feel you know what it's like jet fuel and you get to a point where you get used to it. But what do I need to there's a reason for that right? I I, I honestly thought: maybe they marketed at this time. No, I think it's a nice up they, my okay did it. They actually intentionally made it taste bad. So you thought you were doing something really like wow. Like he's awful, I am really doubt in some caffeine here, like it's almost to stand out. They made it taste the little strange because they just had. It would be interesting to find out if that's what they did whatever they did. It worked 'cause, there's no way I mean you can make soap taste better than that right. And now they've got red. Bull has released several other flavors and then there you much better tasting, though still not as good as like the monsters or the amps or the venom.
Set the world I mean, but we could talk about that. Is that what you want, because the venom there only zero dollars and ninety nine cents, which is really what gives you the big benefit there? I mean they're very strong though, if you don't like sweet flavors 'cause, they taste a little bit almost jolly rancher ish at times. Oh my god, they're pretty strong, but we can deal with that cost, effective and delicious good thing
I can't get a refill, but on the way home I can. I can stop by it my seven hundred and eleven and get a monster twice. The caffeine twice the sugar out much more than twice everything that is bad for you. Let's talk about amp and rock start now the Glenn Beck program, Mercury, the Glenn Beck program correctly without much rehab- has the tea and lemonade flavors. They have a pink about that actually trying to rehab off it now you're, not rehabbing off the energy drinks. You want to take more out of the energy drinks, but I'm just saying it's like: maybe you had a late night, maybe there's some other alcoholic drink and come back with a monster rehab. This is a fascinating conversation. It really is, but I think about it going if I know, but I think about eight minutes on it is enough. Did you see what's on the Amazon bestseller List
Yes, yes, yes, how do you feel about that? Any of the titles that came in the Yeah Sinclair Lewis, the novel it can happen here? Yes, which is about the fascist, take over the United States in nineteen? Eighty four, yes about the factual confesses, take over again like it. It's funny from the perspective of they were calling you, the a conspiracy theorist, would okay, so this entire time right? It's! I thought I do find that to be fascinating right and in this Claire Lewis. Book is a book about an election again, FDR, where some other senator, who winds up being a fascist, takes control and does a lot of the things like immigration controls and the type of things that trump either doing or being accused of doing by the left, and that's one of the reasons why it's risen up the charts so quickly, Fahrenheit, four hundred and fifty one is also on the charts as animal farm, but we were crazy to think that authoritarianism could happen
through executive order. We crazy. All it drives me. I can't watch television or listen to the news anymore. I really can't to read it because I just get. I lose my mind. I hear them arguing on tv and I'm like wait wait suddenly you're concerned about all of this stuff drives me out of my mind, can't take However, we are seeing some movement. We heard with Tweet from Donald Trump this morning saying that we will find out who the Supreme Court Justice is at least two is nominating tomorrow at eight PM eastern time right. We think from the White House is going to make the announcement get get get them to work on on on who we have and who we think it's going to be given to give me the top pics here in a second, as he's looking for that. Let me just say this, and this didn't bother me at all and not no, it didn't. I couldn't even read the story, the headline
travel ban is the clearest sign yet of trump advisors, intent to reshape the country you mean. Like when he said fundamental transformation in the United States of America, and then he was surrounded by a bunch of radicals who, hell bent on reshaping the country and the constitution. You mean you're concerned about something like that happening. No, that's a conspiracy theory. Okay I'm over it, you had at the Us Supreme Court Justices couple here to talk about. We talk about a prior right, a decent, not no priors, a pretty conservative judge. Generally. I know you had some people who are doing the background, checking the world's concerned about a couple different, yes, areas, yeah with religious freedom, yes, and so that's one one that has been talked about a lot and he is a concern to the evangelical pack prior
and also, what's the other one Gore kneels, Neil Gorsuch Research, now gorsuch, I you know in reading about him expert fairly extensively. I think he seems like a pretty good choice Now there are some people who have some concerns over him. Yeah the religious community has. As a problem with Gorsuch in Pryor, though leaders of the evangelical community say: that's a problem. Those two are no goes not neither. One of them, though, is exclusively bad for no cases. For example, they'll Gorsuch agreed with the correct side, my opinion of the hobby lobby case at the little sisters of the poor rate wasn't little says: yeah yeah, yeah yeah that one as well as another Obamacare related case. He was correct on you know: he's had several good rulings on when it comes to religious freedom. He's he's apparently sketchy on uh
generative, ten transgenderism, the bathrooms, and things like that and the latest. The come out was that last week he goes to one of these very progressive churches, and he is female pastor is that the women's March- and she said you know it was the first time that she really felt really can did to humanity was at that it was. Yeah please for a couple of weeks. That's his guilt by association. That means nothing right it might. It may mean something, but it may not. I mean he's several. You know who ruled you know who I the public displays of religion. He has ruled on the correct side of that get time. Pretty good on on like. The second amendment be very good on the commerce clause. I I was six reading his The commerce clause was interesting and you know positive.
Seems to be on the right side of that as well, and this is where we got this. I love this thing where, The dormant com, commerce clause yeah number this that we talked about this earlier. The dormant commerce clause is in a particular hot button issue, not a seven obvious liberal conservative fault fault line, but it's not we're not we're do that. Criticism of the dormant cop commerce clause is a piece with the A criticism of the right to privacy that undergirds the Supreme Court's abortion jurisprudence, as well, as the other judge, made doctrines that do not have a strong connection to the con. The text tional tax. What we really don't have a strong connection will have a there are they're not in there gorsuch is opinion, seem to follow the lead of people like Scalia in expressing great skepticism towards doctrines which allow judges to strike down duly enacted local laws on the basis of vague principles that cannot be found in the concrete text of the constitution. That's just making crap up
If there's no words in there that support what you're saying in here, just making crap up judicial activism, how is there a nother argument to that? You our constitution. It has words in there. You can read the words in the constitution, multiple ways potentially, however, if the words are in there, you can't put him in there unless you amend the constitution, there shouldn't be another side to that argument, but of course, there seems to be on the right side of that one that is kind of interesting, from this from the list of twenty- and we don't know for sure, he's gonna picking at twenty, I would be very surprised if I'd be shocked. Tick is on a shot. Twenty yeah. You know it's one of those things that he might pick. One of them try to push him through. It doesn't work, he might go outside the twenty totally see that happening, but I would assume is first because going to come from that twenty there's a another justice, Thomas Hardiman, who's, interesting for a couple ways, reasons at least he's. Fifty one years old, he is seen as similar to justice a
and he's been very good in the second amendment. He's got some really good rulings. There's some areas of concern: However, just speaking as Donald Trump, the way Donald Trump tends to think in these situations. He's worked closely with his sister. He good close relationship with the sisters. Who do you trust on this list, and- and you know this is the way he usually healthy people he's done business with before you know what I trust you, you know I said senior getting situations he now he had mentioned his sister initially as the choice, no ex. Thanks that to happen. However, if his sister has good experience with justice and and harden has sided with her on several important cases, including some some cases related to the second amendment. It's interesting to see if he would go that way and sort of trust, his sisters judgment. Assuming I do have this good relationship that has been reported. We don't know for sure one.
Scary thing, and I think this will scare meant most people in the audience the The write up on his abortion positions was. He has wait in directly on issues of abortion, that's the kiss of death. Now again we see this from several republican presidents. Were they find people who have not taken views of the most controversial issues, but they're conservative trust me and then push him through and the find out will allow not conservative at all particularly on those issues. So that is one that I think is concerning that he hasn't done that, but I mean you have to put him up near the top of the list. Because of that personal connection, I think We could see that happening as well. I mean we have only one more day to wait, which is kind of interesting he's going he's moving quickly on this, which is at least we're going to find out Then we can fight it out from there yeah I mean I think, he's moving. Quickly on a lot yeah. I mean he's he's moving quickly on these executive orders at least that's him, though right I mean that I saw a headline
the president, slow down and he'd. His response would be no keep up: zero, low energy, I'm high energy, let's go yeah, I mean I see, criticisms of of this sort of first hundred days idea where you're supposed to come out and do all these big things in the first hundred days, and I think it's to reward the campaign, and I promise you it's going to do these things and, of course, our system is in a honeymoon period. Yes, that's true to who specifically designed to not encourage quick progress and change in our government. That's why checks and balances it's supposed to slow the process down. Everyone complains about. We don't get enough done, it's probably better for most of the time they get done, screws you up in other ways now some of the stuff. I obviously agree with this. You know some list of Donald Trump is doing you know he hasn't really. You know we've gone deep into the legislative. Well, yet I I you know, I think there are executive orders that you can reverse. One of the we were promised on day. One, I believe, was a reversal of the dock immigration, a proposal from proposal,
edict by Barack Obama and for some reason we're not getting that one which was probably the one most talked about in this context, Trump's administration has said we're going to try to work through that one legislatively get a long term solution to it, hopefully that does occur. Although the long term solution, usually as part of comprehensive immigration reform, so a tad nervous about that. This is an executive order that did that Obama did easily reversed by executive order. It is not one that even people like us who don't like executive orders, generally speaking, are going to have a problem with 'cause you're, just undoing previous damage, right, you're done doing an executive order and that to me is a much much more justifiable use of that, then than just kind of come up with something new off the top of your head, which is what about what was doing yeah. I don't like that. I, like these executive orders at all what I want him to re. I want them to peel the Obama executive orders in any other order from any other president, including Reagan that is
it's, not constitutional. Repeal them repealed, yeah, because some of the dishes can be rule making. That is a big deal, but when you're making major policy changes with executive order, it's wrong. Let let me get this. One is from hot air President Trump's latest executive order is as good as executive orders come here, some details. If you are and player of playing plea of the government. Once you leave your put your post employment restrictions on communicating with employees of your or executive agency. So, if you're in the EPA, you can't go contact your can't well used to work with an influence them to try to move them toward some company, you now work for right makes sense upon leaving government service. You won't engage in lobbying activities with respect to any covered executive branch. For the remainder of the administration, so you're not going to do that at least until the next president comes in. You will not after the termination of your employment, a United States government, engage in any activity. On behalf of Foreign government I agree with that, you will not
except gifts from registered. Lobbyists certainly agree with that. Here's the come from hot air, there's still the problem. Trump is doing this action through executive order, instead of letting it go through legislation. Why why? Why is this not be great? There's no problem with all of these things would be Populi. Would you just go through the legislative process? The constitution is quite clear on which branch originally comes up with the rules from article one section, eight subsection fourteen the Congress shall have the power to make rules for the government and regulation of the land or naval forces truck is acting as ceo of the government, which you brought up several times when he is ceo of the government, he is used to doing things his way without having us it's a sign off on his actions, he's taking another page from Barack Obama's playbook, but he's promising to do it right, and he said this is a quote from a few months ago, with Trump I mean Obama led the way to be honest with you, I'm going to use that much better and they're going to serve a much better purpose than he's done. Well, who decides what is good and what is bad? Is it the person in Power- and I think the answer to that is yes,
this particular case, and I don't I'm not comfortable with that standard. You know we have a constitution set up to avoid that standard. Specifically, that's why we're so battled were so battle hard now, because it's about personalities, because it's your guy or my guy and your guy is going to destroy us, my guys going to save us, or vice versa, and so we're at each other's throats, because there's so much power being wielded by? at one politician and that's a huge mistake. First, this are you hiring Do you even know where to post your job to find the best candidates posting your job in one place, isn't enough to find quality candidates? You want to find the find the perfect hire. You need to post your job on all of the top job websites, and now you can with Ziprecruiter you can stood up to two hundred plus job sites, including social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. All with a single click and they'll find the rye
person for you any city, industry nationwide, everybody all of the qualified candidates fall into zip recruiters easy to use interface, so they great qualifications? If they've already narrowed it down for you and then you don't have to juggle the emails or calls to your office, you just quit the screen, the candidate rate them and then hire the right person fast find out today. Why zip recruiter has been used by fortune, one hundred companies and thousands of small and medium sized businesses and right now, you can post your job on zip recruiter for free by going to ziprecruiter dot com, slash back that zip recruiter dot. Com slash back one more time. Try for free go to ziprecruiter dot com, slash back! This is the Glenn Beck program, Mercury
recliner tank program validate seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, let me go to Jenny and Texas you're in Victoria TX, where there was a mosque burned down you yeah on Saturday, yes and Arthur. Tell me about a Jenny. I'm sorry, yes you're on tell me, but no, no, that's! Okay! ok yeah. We uh. We had a mobs that burned down overnight Saturday and we got up Saturday mornings that I found out about it. But if you, Google, All over the world is either Trump's fault or our after signing the Muslim Ban, or you know we're in south Axis and we're all Hicks and rednecks, and you know Trump's brought out for crazy people. Nobody is waiting for the actual investigation, yet it was actually pretty cold in South Texas.
I'm sorry to hear that Jenny will will look for the will for the cause and make sure we reported at least thanks Austin Pennsylvania Quickly, you're on the Glenn Beck program, hi Glenn, Look. The reason why you probably never get a lobbying ban or term limits through Congress is because you have a lot of Republicans that are just did invested in this corruption. So I think doing it by executive order. I don't like executive orders, but I think doing it by exact. Order does put leverage against his own party. You know so if they reject it or if they fail now. Modify it. It brings a lot more attention to it and it makes them look. Pretty bad candy with that with like a three eights, a dictator. I am the most pro terminal person limit person in that in America probably, but I mean if he does, that through executive order, there's no way, that's constitutional when you eat you're right, it's difficult to do,
but it is a p, but it's for a reason. These are checks and balances, and you have to go through that process. You need to amend the constitution to get good yeah to get these the US and we just have to stand on the principle of the constitution or it will be lost. This is the Klan Bank program. Thank you
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