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Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt VP Ever | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 1/22/20

2020-01-22 | 🔗
Rep. Adam Schiff spent yesterday lying to Congress, and chances are no one in the media will hold him responsible for anything. Meanwhile, another Bernie Sanders staffer was caught on tape admitting he’s ready for violent revolution. Author Peter Schweizer discusses the abuses of power committed by America’s progressive elite, documented in his new book, “Profiles in Corruption.” And exhibit A is “The Biden Five,” Joe Biden’s long history of family favors. Congressional candidate Dalia al-Aqidi describes escaping from Saddam Hussein’s regime and her campaign to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar. And it seems the feds are finally looking into Omar. Investigative reporter David Steinberg gives the latest.

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I'm so glad that you are here today. I am glad that your listening and watching us on Blake Stevie we ve got an incredible incredible show for you today TAT S, today's picture out today is a big show tomorrow. Maybe a big show too. I don't know you never know it might be. Double big show swore yeah in one week in one week next week, by suck no big shows no even propre big, we average one big shutters, mean they're, always want chauffeur. We I want to talk a little bit about home title lock. Thank you so much for the sponsorship from home title lock. The FBI I calls home title said one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in Manhattan. They say it is Practically an epidemic, that's the FBI and epidemic of crime. People stealing people's titles to their home. How can this happen? There is all our titles are digital and they live in a digital vault and
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of Entertainment and enlightenment, we all play a bit of audio right here, Sir, if you grabbed the atom Schiff cutting one saying, MR simply, ony wouldn't deliberately make false statements. Listen to what he said yesterday if you haven't once more what's revealed, and that of course is damning- Now they point to the only other record he is apparently released April. Twenty first call that's interesting to know that just a congratulatory call what's interesting about it is the present, was urged on that call to bring up the issue of corruption and indeed in the red out of that call. The White House misleadingly Seti, dad but now that we ve seen the record, we see that he didn't ha ha now.
Standing councils, claiming their trial. Brief that the president raised the issue of corruption and his phone call the joy to have twenty fifth call. Of course, that word doesn't appear in either conversational and why? Because ITALY she cared about was the corruption that he could have all ok, all right: ok, mistress of bologna, listen to MR, simpler and made the representation that Applicants were not even allowed in the opposition is conducted in the house. Now I am not going to suggest to you that MR sip alone would deliberately make a false statement. I will leave it to mister sip alone to make those. Allegations against others. I am not mistaken. Ok, I'm to go out on a limb here and I'm not gonna. Let you know me you're shift, can make his allegations about whose lying in whose not- and he can call them misrepresentations, but
I am going to just come out and say: Adam Shift is a lawyer any intentionally lied and we have the proof we also have the smoking gun, the media being his little lap dog Alex what's really going on? and call the man a lawyer to his face in one minute in that programme, No, I M not suggesting he's a liar. No, I'm telling you he's a liar, not by suggestion not my suggested thou wrong, obey sacked. I will show you how he's a liar, but I will not suggested that I will not suggest run solid ground. That right, you're with me are nets. Wheat running a business is like engineering or a really well made car all the parts have to fit. Within the frame they after to on parties. Out of time, with the other, the whole structure could collapse. Some
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and I can- I shouldn't- have said that sea now you ve, let me down now. Can I was gonna see if you had evidence if he was actually a bag of dirt yeah, and I can't may I can't while I was waiting for the older and you should know that, how I shall die, don't write your evidence is becoming resent it count our house intelligence chairman, Adam shift. This is from the politico that vat asked right, Yang, conspiratorial, centerpiece, the House Intelligence Chairman Adam Shift. Peers to have Is characterized text message exchange between two players in Ukraine saga according to die comments now obtained by politico possible error the GNP will likely criticised as another example of the Democrats rushed effort to impeach President Donald Trump Univee GEO peace, gonna pounced on this one? That's
do they do they just how good to their advantage air so good lies from democratically asked me, never missed an opportunity to take down the Democrats when they liked. Ok. So let me just let me translate this line by line housing. Agents Chairman Adam Shift, appears to have Miss characterized of a text message exchange between two there is in the Ukraine saga. Ok, let me translate. House intelligence. Chairman Adam Schiff lied about a text message exchange between two players in the ukrainian saga and we know because of the documents that were obtained by politico now back to their speak a possible error. The gnp will likely criticise is another example of Democrats rushed effort to impeach President Donald Trump. No, let me- translate from bull crap into act
common sense. English vis lie probably not see a hard enough stand against, but because the g o p is spineless but It is another example of the Democrats doing anything they can. With out any ramification in their effort to a peach, Donald Trump, here's what happened: Schiff sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nobbler. This was: asked week? What was the big story last week? Was everywhere love Parnasse, now, you're, ok, every where this is the guy. Who we know is a lawyer because is the guy who said you know Devon Nunez he was over and Worth Switzerland or France or someplace looking people's underpants.
And I know it because I was there- I saw em well when they went back to Adam shift after. They announced that through Adam Shift, they said Adam shift came out, said Devon. Nunez he's part of this. He was over there. He was talking. We have a witness, saw em over there. When Devon went. No here's calendar. I hears my passport, I haven't left. Country, I was the country at the time. Then they just dropped it and went away. Hey that's! Who live partners is, is it he said, I am, he plays whatever side he needs at the time exactly where his own and anti he's the guy. When I asked Rudy Giuliani, why would you trust this guy, and he said I dont trust him. He said you know it's like with the crime families you to get to the people you that will give you information or give you access.
That I didn't use him for information. I used him for access. He could connect me the people I had been trying to be connected to so. Here's a guy now that Adam Shift comes out and says. Oh my gosh look at this here's Rudy, Giuliani and law. Partners and their ex messages live this gave it to us and is text message says quote continue you try to arrange a meeting with president Lansky Gate, that's what that's what Schiff says it said, but it didn't It said continue to try to arrange amid a meeting with miss there's, who's, Mr Z, skate right, he's the z guy he's the president he's the giving all about. I in Poland, with the letters Z starts and they re the only one bright Poland K. So you have
to assume everything else was rejected in that memo and they were going. Get, the unread acted memo, but last week, they couldn't wait, they couldn't wait. This presidency is doing so much damage that we can't wait. That was shifts argument yesterday we have to move now, really Well, now that it's unread acted. We find out that Mr C- is Zola, chaff ski He is the bereaved, my guy and what? What part as was doing was he was trying to get me stir Z the bereaved. My guy to go on record with somebody with a list of questions that regionally Giuliani wanted answering bay Equally there hiring practices who do you hire? Why do you hire these people etc? Wanted to build reason that this is the response from Mr Z. We wanted a Bilbil, he's my as an international company. We also
it would help in Ukraine to have strong international board figures? Ok, we'll that's Mr Z, Is the head of Maurice MA not president? Now by the way, I would say, confirms a large part of the problem with Hunter Biden being on that bore Emma he's admitting the reason he hired him is for his influence, not recognise any ability erect and then his knowledge of the gas ukrainian cats were so. He is only their cause of his dad confirming the reason he was hired exactly right, exactly right. Now, listen to the politico, the apparent miss characterisation, skimmings characters. The apparent miss characterisation does not undercut Democrats argument that Trump withheld critical military aid to Ukraine as a way to pressures olenska. So now we move the goalposts,
we were never talk about that, not a nowhere. Our target was doesn't disprove every single thing they ve asked about a Democrat. Official working on the impeachment trial did not dispute the suggestion that the any initial interpretation was incorrect, but the official, I maintain that z is commonly used in Ukraine as shorthand for Zalewski. Oh, You had that common usage, common usage this is amazing to me. I don't know how to take this because political is the one bringing to light. So I mean you give him credit But this lawyer in such a hurry to weigh it as an additive. Schiff wrote it himself and then there are plenty of examples of Giuliani attempting to arrange a meeting with Zaleski and he did in fact meet with Tommy of the ukrainian president. This is nothing to do with what you are accusing him of last week. My last week he's admitted those things he brought that to me
the State Department. He brought that too a southern district of New York FBI admitted, isn't even the right word. You're just gonna television telling everybody went and gave them all of this information before he was even asked for it over a year ago, before the scandal even started, so so there name. You know and Democrats have not predicate Their impeachment trial arguments on on p this new allegation. They would have and they wanted to what they have been hard. Was they wanted him to be able to tell you with the Senate exactly right when you ask obviously shown no level of credibility. The late, so they have. They have Salute Lee. They continue to do it again. And the media is their arm, it is their p r arm they and say whatever they want, with our
any ramifications. No ramifications on this well yeah, he just miss characterized. He just he made a mistake in his common error. Over there I mean Mr Z there's you know. Really item is disease, but only one, Mr Z, there and you can understand why they assumed this is the impeachment of a president. There's nothing more important in our republic to get right, then justice, but justice to remove a president? I can't. Think of anything you should be more focused on. You know: you're typing these things out, you're, starting to say these things: hey have you had a nap? You should get a nap in, so you don't get this one wrong, they're! Not! Why read about getting it wrong, they're intentionally, getting it wrong and this is the argument against edition- witnesses that everything else look, here's the thing You are rolling the dice and- and-
talk to you is as three people. First one, the president's defence team this is one because their evidence is so weak. This is a slam dunk all right, so I'll just think as a president. It has been under siege think. Of yourself as an attorney, and The one thing you do is dont role that ice. Don't let us not take any chances. Mr present, this we ve won this. They have nothing. They have nothing, do not roll the dice. Ok, I would do that you, do that, because the consequence of something being taken out of context twist and even if you know you're innocent something with these dirt bags you know, could come out now. Let me talk to you about the democratic point of view
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Remember the enter the promo code back at check out to Clovis western goods for your frontiers, ten, second stationary, ok. Now the the view of the president and end supporters really of the president, I think, to a large degree, is you know, York you know your competitor, the person that is trying to you don't take a risk enrolled at ice. You know anything else, governor. But you to this is what we're trying the your. However, they know they don't have a case, and so they ve got there there, you don't take a risk enrolled at ice.
You don't want anything else governor now. This is what you charged this as well We're trying the Democrats, however they know they don't have a case, and so they ve got there. There there in the casino they have got nothing to lose and there, like you know, put it all on red there, so desperate and they know they have nothing to lose. They will risk anything just put her all unread. We want John Bolton. Will trouble me to say we don't know, president says I dont know could be good, could be bad? I don't know it's a risk, don't take it the the Democrats don't know either and it could be bad for them, but they do care, put it all on red there, look being for a hail Mary pass. Here's what the american people want shut up tell us the truth.
Ruth base. This in actual fact play by The rules of common decency and just This that's what they want. Your I'm going to get that from the political players and- and how do I know that yesterday Chuck shoe I got up and gave this impassioned speech on how we were told me we're gonna, be the ninety ninety one, ninety ninety nine rules of impeachment under Clinton. These rules there well established and what he to do ass. He wants to change it from three days of testimony to two days of testimony, which will mean there are twelve, our work days, o boo hoo. I worked one yesterday, oh my gosh, can expect the american people to do that, and then they wouldn't even enter anything from the house is evidence. Now the point on that one. I think yet appoint on that. One. Not on the first one explain later. Why so what happens? The gene?
p breaks for lunch before this is put down on the floor for a vote. They talk. Mcconnell that's. Ok, you guys don't think that's fair, fine, we'll go the ninety ninety nine rules, so He then introduces without any fanfare and their reading it, and it is the nineteen ninety Clinton impeachment rules? What is humor get bill gets up. It says this is unfair and he has a whole new set of reasons why the why the rules that he was just saying he expected and would have been fair. Why those are now unfair and need an update. This is Our car. The Democrats arrive every day in a clown car. Stop it. Your lessening TAT Glenn back
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and your chair use the promo code back and you're gonna receiver Free said of the new acts wheels with your chair acts chair back Dotcom, promo code, back in the new year, retreading more more stuff out to you for free and much access as possible? Go to Youtube and get poisoning from markets have been on the impeachment Glenn students, America, all on you too. There is a new book out that I just started reading yesterday, profiles in corruption by Peter Switzer, and it is its humble-
Evil Peters coming up with us, you spend the next hour with his pack re just joined us from Pat Grey. Least podcast, even here on Blaze TV and you can watch at your convenience or listen to it. You know, if you just get it wherever podcast are available or you can see it live on a blaze, radio, ok, I have it Sophie's choice which one you under the train right now, Adam shift? The present is the power of office to do wrong. Why are we here and The lies that Schiff said: the increase in radical increase but lie that Adam Schiff said yesterday to George Stuff anomalies Oh just let him go without push. Back at all or some that I think the right is missing the boat on that every everybody. Everyone should be concentrating on one thing right now,
and it doesn't have to do with impeachment- it has to do with Bernie Sanders and the danger that is in the dim. Credit party and the proof. That the media really truly is an organ and Do not actually care about the things they say they care about which one you undo, like the second one like it. One still where to go up. That's ok! So let me let me give you a the story that we got but two weeks ago from project very toss maybe came at last week. Project very toss had a low level staffer Who was a low level? Come ready or campaign organizer, and they had them on tape.
And they were saying gulags were great. Since somebody in the burning camping, Bernie Sanders campaign gulags are great. You know, that's what we have to do to a rich people we have the audio here's. The audio that came out last week. Listen. I can read a bright light burning was Toulouse. I will see all those projects like here. I am already on twitter, numerous groups or, on the contrary, it has got to stop. I want you to lose a new year this in context. This is this week's lead last week's was you know I'm sorry too large a great and revolution its time and if something happens to Bernie with the Democrats, we're! Gonna burn Milwaukee to the ground guy this week it start with this guy in another part of the country, same kind of exact, in fact, exact, same position: low,
of all field campaign. Organizer, He's sitting there talking to an undercover project veritable person and He saying you know can't wait for a yellow, vest protest, elbows, yellow vet, that just disrupted everything in France and Already Starting to work with organizers of yellow vests and put that campaign to go they're here in Amerika should Bernie lose, but he goes further than that. Listen do we have it. You re like they were. Cities burn Could we please stop it? Please? Could we go back to the audio that I jus were just playing? Please
red light burning was Toulouse. I will have to see how this protest like here. I am already on twitter, numerous groups or, on the contrary, the seller has now I'm ready to turn breaks out, released her temple. I'm not no arms trade ready money from your shop in gear, Tina, Rich, stop jeez. He a team, the rich, I'm ready, to arm up, get training to learn how to shoot. I'm ready for the revolution. Ok lead just take your way into a time machine all the way back to Monday but the press was saying about people who were asked
king for their second amendment, guaranteed right to be respected. They called them. Arrest, revolutionaries, white, supremacist, Nazis, crazies ready on the edge ready to shoot people not only were they wrong about all of that stuff. It was worth I only peaceful there was it excuse, me was poor. Probably the biggest catchphrase that came of that rally. They even there's a story today where they actually went and they cleaned up after themselves, and the media has been on this with anybody who is on the right for the last decade. Plus they were, a crazy revolutionaries and are just gonna shoot everybody. There were we're throw that we want a revolution. They did that with the tea party. Soon I been doing on active for over a decade and they say well. This is really important. Really important.
Go get a gun and I'll use it for revolution on Bernie Sanders staff. Then, are organizing for him, both of them separate cases, different cities saying the same thing, I'm ready for revolution. I've got a gun I'll use it. I've got go get a gun and I'll use it for revolution, g, eighteen, the rich. You know what solve this is putting all those elites, all those all those rich people and put them all in a goo log, that'll show em. You those kinds of statements being made and Bernie Sanders campaign, not It could paths and revolutionaries so far have not been fired now. Let me add one more little reminder they say my words could influence somebody to do something.
Yes, anybody's words can do that because there are crazy people out there There are also people who are killers psychopaths and revolutionaries, but don't AIDS, somebody else's words. They just need. Permission to do it and they'll take. That permission in a week in a nod in knowledge and don't worry, we didn't see that the actual political shootings member. They try to make everything from Gabby Giffords everything into political action but it's gotTa Gifford was a guy who was a psychopath. He was seriously mentally ill. He shot her because he was standing up for the english language regulation? Ok, that's that's that's crazy person. He s not a revolutionary, not a police, go point, but they made add in to a political point. That's a political shooter. This could happen at any time.
We have had an actual political shooting. A guy went in Tried to shoot every republican member of Congress on a baseball field he could have taken out. Thirty thirty. Publicans in one sitting by the grace of God. He didn't kill anybody who was a guy he was a low level campaign organizer Bernie Sanders now lived Put yourself, Americans, Democrats, independence, Republicans, just common! since people, if your business, whatever it is, in your business. Somebody was just and in turn or they were the lowest level on the latter they went out and shot
a congressmen, anybody chop just just into a came out just shot people They had a political agenda. They wanted to change the world how much shame how much ridicule you would receive Not all have been saying for political reasons. Just you, How much shame would you heap on yourself and every employee there. How did we not see this house Did we not see this? Anybody who is responsible if somebody did know that that's the kind of kooky was there absolutely absent boldly be fired. But imagine this at a shooter go out? Who is a low level staffer, and now you have to low level staffers work, for you that are saying exactly the same kind of thing and at best, let's just taken say they were both, joking which they were non but
but you say they were. There is talk and beg me: ask you, your employees, the people who work for you. If you had a employee, low level that had left, b and shot people, and then you have to people that Tibet same position and they were joking about it. Do you not? Are you got a fire, and do you not think every employee would come down like a bad? bricks, it wouldn't be the it would be the lowest level employ next to him go. Do you realize what that did to us? Do you realize what TAT meant us. Do you realize what feels like to have somebody go and they were with you and they work killing people don't ever joke about. That, again, You would self police that, as an employee hear this is the Bernie Sanders culture. This is who they are and no matter what the press says. You do
care about political people being killed. You don't care! are about words leading to violence, because you I have to call Creed, examples coming from an organisation that is already spawned one killer and you do nothing and why are we Ernie himself has talking revolution now he might not mean the same revolution they do, but they they do. That we they just showed how they mean it. He a. He is. A guy hoo hoo hoo it has spent his life stand up for murderers and thugs, India, communist countries, as he knows, he knows that what the gulags are, but he believe in the same kind of thing that these guys do. I wasn't so bad were worse ones. A bad and yellow the rich people. They need to be taught a lesson. You cannot stand for forty years, especially after all of the files of come out and say
I'd say I was really wrong about the Soviet Union. They were monsters, you can't. You cannot be that guy and believe any different than what these people are saying. You just don't vocalize it and theories Will you weak it's easy to come on here and just be no every time there is a bad story about some Bernie Sanders staff, or we could talk about it. We don't Clayton. First of all, we didn't make a big deal about this now as you know, that could happen where you could have a crazy person in organization. The fact that their ill in the organization and the media is not trying to get answers as to why these people or leaders allowed even importing right. They had that's solely in saying these people have not been fired. If you do what that in your organization, how can you leave it in your organism? After knowing the studied this, I got the ito, James Oki, but that's not a reason if this was the blaze that would they not be holding Glenn Absolute, responsible or diversities? Stealing, your organization did lead every
I'd cast on CNN and MSNBC every broadcast, it would ever be broadcast. Somehow these they don't have to answer I mean the same thing will happen with wood a b c and D. Porter about the Epstein thing I mean they fired the person who they said was responsible. Who does not seem to be responsible than never had answer for it now they wanted to Libya, and this is what Adam ship this is. This is what's happening to them resident as well. The Adam ship, how can be held responsible for our in out lying about love partners, not a miracle of their insane there. I read you, the political article, they're, the ones who expose the lie and said well, it was probably a Miss character resolution because he just assumed don't assume anything when you are. You are, holding a trial to impeach the President of the United States now low level staffers do but not that
air person. The lead manager right, whose making the case this visible this level seen, and I I have to leave I'm coming back to this probably tomorrow, but I am I I'm warning right now: Milwaukee make nineteen sixty eight Chicago. Look like a picnic, these p Oh, are serious. If the this violence is going, it's already here with Antiphon, but it is going to come from a disk. Frontal Bernie Sanders supporter. They mean what they say. Let us Pat Gray, by the way Pat Graham least, should join. In yesterday S subscribed to forecast and good of you to generals. Well, thank very much meant you wake up morning stretch arms in the narrow beams of sunlight raking through Window near greet the day, and then you look up the calendar. It's gonna be a great day
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missionaries their socialist. They believe it you out. In the end they will control you and if they can't control you they'll kill. You You have ale, see this week, starting this process saying you know the Democrats there not really a party of the left. You now I have Bernie Sanders people threatening if someday Bernie Sanders doesn't get in oh he's, our only hope these p we'll take it by hook or by crook. They are. Revolutionaries. Democrats, you better wake. Because they're coming for you first are not coming for us they're coming Are you first and I just refuse to see it Peter wagers, coming up next
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all of the the candidates, and especially now that we're in impeachment we want to look into the candidate Joe Biden it is wiser, has told us before Joe Biden is the most corrupt. Vice president, we have ever had I've been reading as new book called profiles in corruption and came out yesterday and say something half of this is true- and I bet life than that? It is because you couldn't publish it if it wasn't and it comes with a hundred pages of footnotes. So Europe meets really well researched. If of what he says about Joe Biden is true. He ass to be the most corrupt ever in office. But if all of it is true, we Looking at, we are, king at one of the biggest, robberies and
are the biggest thieves of american money. Possibly in our nations history- we go there. With Peters wiser. Next, as the Glen Back Programme you know you owe it to yourself to be protected against data breaches as are not gonna stop and whence I criminals have access to your personal information. There's no The damage that they can do but you normally owe it to yourself. What about the people who depend on you? How it something like you. Identity being stolen, used to ruin. You and your credit affect the family. It's Only twenty now protection is available is affordable and its responsible and his response person, you should do it this way any life lock, lifelike detects a wide range of identity threats. Are agents will work to fix them if they happen, that's the best thing is no. I can promise you that they're gonna stop everything, but they have it dedicated team that no exactly what to do. If it happens and that's the problem you fight,
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the abuse of power by America's progressive elite, the ones who all say their fighting for you know they're, not their robbing you, the American P a blind Oh files in corruption is the name of the book, Peter alike, start with Joe Biden. I was blown away at it, I just Hunter Biden. It's the whole family and A story you tell about Joe Biden brother is remarkable. The land so great to be with you is always me. That's right. I mean we ve talked about lunch or Biden before his deals in Ukraine in China, but what you, having this book are what we call the Biden five, and these are the five family members who all cashed in during this period, when Joe Biden was vice presidents, Those are is his brother James Biden, James
and you know I got a lot of benefits by his brother being vice president, the United States, if you step two November of twenty and a guy visits, Dubai Office in the White House named cabin justice. We know this from White House visitors logs is the only trip visit that thanks to the White House. During the entire period, cabin assistance from Delaware, he's friends with Abiden and he just set up a company called Helstone International, which wants to get into the construction business. So we have this meeting and binds office, we don't know what was discussed. Obviously, three weeks later, Helstone International announces that James Biden, Joe Biden brother, the new executive vice president of the company now what's interesting. This plan is, as we found with Hunter and his deals. James Biden has experience or background in construction. He's he's, never held a job and it has never been involved in it, but that's only the beginning.
Happens next over the next six months is Helstone International. This new company would Joe Biden, brother is the new executive. Vice president starts landing big contracts from the federal government they get a contract to build. A hundred thousand homes in Iraq is part of a thirty. I've billion dollar reconstruction deal in Iraq. Again this they ve been. So is it so he had no experience but he's a jack of all trades. Everybody in a family is no experience on building, but he had to have vast experience on getting the job done overseas and a war zone, though right no note very either. I know in fact win win. The executives put up his biography on the company website they described that he had, in their words, a unique ability to deal with a government officials, and then noted, of course, who is brother, was the vice president of the United States, but that was the first contract vague
They got a contract to do reconstruction work for the: U S, state, department and and others. As always, is the problem with this stuff glad because of the way this corruption is handled. We don't know how much Biden made I'm sure he made a lot of money doing this he's not gonna be cheap and this kind of arrangement sweetheart deal that you find repeated over and over again with five family. Both during the time that Joe Biden as President and Glad on your show numerous times. We talk about corrupt Democrats, corrupt Republicans being with you. I have never ever ever seen a situation with a politician that has five family members that were basically bagging money. While you know they were in office Gimme the Gimme, the worst offender. And tell me about the other family members.
Oh boy, me worst offenders really hard for so many examples and mean that the binding chapter in the book is sixty something pages long. But let's go back. The hunter- you don't hunter. We talk before Rosemont Seneca Deal man he had in China, and we ve talked about the daily out in Ukraine. He had enough entity call Burnham that he sat up with his business partner on Devon. And we know now from court documents in cases that they were by their account taking hundreds of millions of dollars from cause ox russian and chinese investors again all of it happening while Joe Biden with vice president. It didn't happen before he was vice president. Hasn't happened since he's been vice president, so we can draw our conclusions about what that money was for, but, for example, that they talking in corporate records about A two hundred million dollar deal John Aware
somebody named you Lena bottle. Now, if you go on Google, Look up. You mean about arena. You'll it'll. Take you five ten minutes to discover but this russian oligarch is widely believed around the western world to be tied to russian organised crime. So the set the sort of deals that that hundred Biden was doing. We got instances of his other bug, brother, Frank when deals in costa Rican in Jamaica involved in projects that are getting taxpayer back loans. I may exploit explain our desired well that when yesterday, it's amazing there's a guy who has GINO again Jack praise every member of this family super entrepreneurial. He he goes to Costa Rica and it's all these government back loans. To start this mean over almost like this. This, You know super rich community building houses and golf courses and spas and everything else. It's a
it's a disaster and then he decides. You know what I'm actually and entrepreneurs in solar energy. He gets all these government back loans for a solar energy company in Jamaica, which also has a doing two days and really rocketing to the top. Now, hearing that we write that that's the pattern here again, these are a solar companies are real estate companies that he started after his brother became vice president. In the case of Costa Rica, it's very clear Joe Biden, flies down to Costa Rica in the spring of two thousand, nine, really, the first president or vice premier to be in that country since Bill Clinton went eleven years earlier. So is a big deal to the coastal begins in Joe goes there and and talks at bringing all sorts of. U S. Government aid and we're gonna help the coastal regions and all these things. Well in the months it follows his brother, Frank is suddenly in Costa Rica and
meeting with the President of Costa Rica is meeting with the education commissioner, he's meeting with all these government officials who get the letters of support for this real estate project that he wants to develop. He gets These are exclusive agreements with the costa Rican National Energy Company and again this the guy was no background in any of this. In Jamaica, you a solar project that developed. He sets up a company called Son Fund America's they gets the power purchase agreement and the project is support. With a forty seven million dollar Obama by Administration, taxpayer, bat loan sharks, and again he has no background and in in solar energy, so that a couple of things how much of this was known, in a round Joe Biden, how much power Much of this would be shocking. Actually shocking
who the people in the former administration or anybody on Capitol Hill. How widespread? How well known, is this corruption? I dont think that well known and hears. Why I mean one of the things we talk about in the book in using the words of people around Joe Biden and his family members. The binding political operation is a very close one thing: it basically circles around the family and in a few other eight You know when he ran for president. His sister Valerie Biden was his campaign manager. We actually talk about her in the book, as well Glenn House, who's running Joe Biden campaign and she funneled too, million dollars from his campaigns into her own consulting firm. But you know answer your question. I think a lot of this stuff is going to come as a surprise that binds always talk about the importance of family and look, I believe, that's a great virtue but when you use it to self enrich your family. Your not talking about
Emily values, you're talking about mafia, like operation rights out precisely what they ve done it. So let me ask you this because Joe Biden, you know, he's had tragedy in his life and central, etc. You see how out of control his ears Son Hunter is just you know takes fact takes pride in the fact that you take away from your research on the burdens, is: is Joe Biden, a good parent like lorry lawful, and is that you know she does really bad things but she's doing it for the love of her daughter or is he more of a Logan Roy and Hunter is kind of Kendall Roy? I don't know if you watch succession on HBO, but which is, not now familiar with it. I think that the great question it's always hard to get into the mind of people. You know we are all about, follow the money in paper trail. I think that Joe Biden, you know takes fact. It takes pride in the fact
that he is a powerful man, and I just give you a small illustration of what I mean I mean Joe Biden has said for years that he is Amtrak Senator and he's just regular Joe what he gets on Amtrak any. Why damned track in all the time, and it makes him irregular guy, which everybody has heard, that story well, we looked into this and we actually found local Delaware Press accounts, the other side of that story. Yes, Joe Biden did wide Amtrak all the time, but you know nobody also did Glenn. If he was running late, he would call Amtrak and have them hold the train for him the into your train would be held commuters, be damned until he arrived at that he is evidence of the fact that this is somebody who enjoys power, he don't mind using power and he believes that power is something that debt that he deserves to have. He believes he's doing great things for his constituents and for the country, wine, be able to do great things for his family as well. By
the allowing them and helping them to secure all these deal. How much money do you think has passed through the buttons hands at him able to know. I mean that you think it's a certainly when you look at all of it, it's in the tens of millions in terms of I think, actually to them over the course of years, but it is to be more than that and that's part of the problem. So much of this so Marcie some of it, Glenn is so intangible. I mean you know another story His daughter Ashley this case involving sought, are actually in June. Twenty eleven Joe Biden ushers, The two executives from this new company called start up. Health into the oval office to meet with Barack Obama. Company does not work site. They don't even have a business plan. The executives get their picture with Barack Obama. They put that up on the website and then the next day they are of sort of the hallmarks of this big federal government conference on Health care data now start up. Health is
a investment fund, they want to invest in health care, accompanies that's what they do so over the next five years. Startup health brings its investors together, bring its partners together and the sitting vice president of the United States, Joe Biden goes to these clothes sessions and speaks to these audiences and briefs them on, going on in Obama, administration, healthcare policy, the budget, medical officer for that company married to Ashley Biden, it's his son in law, and he scribe in the interview he gave in this very obscure trade publication, how this happened. You know I was shocked, my father law on the phone. I told him about this company he's a great combine. I want to introduce you to block this. Is the classic sort of inside corrupt deal, and if you can
MAGIC. The trumps doing something like that. I mean everybody, of course, would would be outraged at Washington. I would be upset and outraged by it as well, but the trumps having done that, the buyer. And yet there seems to be zero. Curiosity and interest by people in water you can t for this kind of conduct. Because it seems like many of them are involved in in the get rich, quick schemes that comes with their their office including people like Bernie Sanders, will continue our conversation here in just a second. The name of the book is profiles in corruption by Peters, wiser, and it is not it's. It's so written he's a good story, teller, but it is not something that is light. The last over a hundred pages are fine print footnotes. So you could go look at all up yourself. This is not a man's opinion. This is This is a journalistic work.
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my credit party in shown where they are really corrupt and dirty but a Bernie Sanders, because people think I'll know he's for the little people, although He was a little person and always worth millions of dollars. How does that happen in Congress is a public servant, but Let's less, but a few minutes on Bernie Sanders sure I do nobody. Centres is an interesting case, because Bernie Sanders really, since the nineteenth Lebanese has railed against millionaires and billionaires in politics, and he use that phrase for a bit thirty seven years, and then he stopped using that phrase he said he was only concerned about billionaires, airs politics, because he has now become a millionaire and it's it's been an interesting, a path to how he's done. At the first thing it emerges, I mean the Bernie Sanders chapter in the book is probably forty pages long, something like that and end. You know what you find.
From the earliest days when he was Mare of Burlington Vermont, one of the first things he did was put his gun. Friend, later wife Jane on the payroll now the city, also never authorizes. He created a position that was not funded but Bernie that she was be damned. I want my girlfriend on the payroll she's on the payroll and from that point forward. There has been a strategy by him to use his gun, positions to use campaign funds to use other resources to enrich his family. So what he started warning for Congress. He discovered this loophole that other people in Washington DC have learned, which involves media, buys so glad If you were wanting were editor of taxes- and I was the media buyer for your campaign and you spend a million dollars, television, as I would basically take a fifteen percent fee or commission placing those that I would get a hundred and fifty thousand dollars
challenges it would not have to be disclosed anywhere. Nobody knows that I got that a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The only thing that shows up is the large sum of one million dollars well Bernie This figure this out. Of course, what did he do? He made his wife, his media buyer and it's hard to know exactly how much money they made. But if you follow, of the money in paper trail it's at least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, while he was in Congress, the Big pay day on for someone we don't know yet, but we have our suspicions. When Bernie Sanders ran for present the United States in twenty? Sixteen now he spent eighty three million dollars on all eyes. Eighty three million dollars, so the commission on that is what twelve million dollar something like that did the media buying for him we don't really know because that, so much to see yet you're wondering if it's going to break, you didn't buy a case for it. After all,
sure to apply but residential home on a cold lack in Virginia. Oh, my gosh hang on just the same there's more theirs on this end and other, with Bernie Sanders Elizabeth WAR in all of them would Peters wiser will go back to Peter next. I wish these would you be as good at govern and as they are scamming rival we'd be, is we will? The EU should place in that if they put their attention on making Amerika, profitable and and and strong, imagine what we could get done as your phone falls twirling towards the sidewalk, everything seems to slow down. No, you hearing your head, your life flashes in front of your eyes. You haven't had a deadlock theirs there's so much to see yet you're wondering if going to break. You didn't buy a case for it. Draw should have gotten the insurance now protect,
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Bernie Sanders so repeaters wiser. He is New York Times bestselling author. He is a guy who has taken on both the left and the right doing journalistic job profiles in corruption, Clearly in New York on how'd, you get. Oh yes, I know the sound of that city could be three. I am we're three p m, that's what it sounds like you are ok? So we're talking about Bernie Sanders, and you are starting to tell the story about this. Eighty or eighty five million million dollar campaign it was on television and add buying the law campaign, you D
no, who was doing the buying for that, but that's fifteen percent. Of that money went to that person it to be his wife had still could be his wife. I would imagine. Well yes, the home. So this of course went through all tat media, which was just too that up in a home in suburban Virginia with two to our former aid that we're friends of James that were involved in the media, buys before now Jane this was actually asked by a Vermont reporter. A progressive about this journey the twenty sixteen campaign. What did she know about old town media which she connected, Alta media you're Goin was she hung up the phone, so you know We don't know, but what we do know is. There has been this pattern with the sand, family. In the past again, when Bernie Sanders was working for Congress, Jane Sanders and her kids actually set up a company called. A Sanders media through which they be
a contractor for his campaign, so that certainly a in and final, This media buying campaign is, after that, twenty sixteen law. What Bernie It was, he sat up five or one c, four political action group to sort of carry on the revolution, and when it was announced that basically, that company or sorry that entity was going engage in and massive media buying, half a dozen of the staffers of that group quit in protest because they said this is not what we signed up for. We thought this gonna be a grass roots campaign and all this is going to do is make media buyers wealthy. So this is a huge problem and because it closure. Laws do not require you to disclose whose actually getting the commission's for the media buys. We just simply don't. But we have our suspicion. Can you tell the Burlington College story quickly or the YAP
Some college Jane Sanders is appointed president of the college. The college Board says the reason they pick essentially was because Bernie was a senator and they thought he could help she wants to it. And the college they get help him from from some very wealthy of Vermont of families to help that expansion take place. This is an unknown side of Bernie Sanders. He does not dislike rich people, he only just like certain rich people's those. It agree with him and support his activities he's very supportive of, but basically what happens is going to college can't make the payments. Two are to pay for this loan that they ve taken out to expand. Part of the problem is The Jane Centres is present of a college funnel about half a million dollars of the college's money to her daughter. Woodworking school, which is on a credit It is unclear whether the college committee
the or leadership even approved that transaction, but the college basically collapse and there's been a lot of scandal around it, because the claims but Jane Sanders made a lot of claims about money that was promised to the college. To make this happen. When investigators, including the F B, I went and met with those individuals, they said. No, I never made that pledge. So there been allegations that there were fraud on visa applications to get the bank loan to begin with what you supporters do if they would ever read. You know, pickup book and read this, do you think that mean you know? I think, these young kids. They believe it and they believe if he's just an old fart that has been saying these things and he believes it. At least these honest, and When you look at the corruption, I mean it's the way the Soviet Union works, I mean mean our used to work. Where are you? You know if you are part of this, nickel. You get a special lane on the highway woody
think his his deep? porters would think of What you outlined in the book were, I think, but they would be shocked if they looked out at what I would say to them. Even if you don't want to buy the book. What I would encourage, Bernie Sanders supporters to do is look at his rhetoric but he says he's a socialist. He does not like corporate Amerika. Police corporations are evil and then actually look at his investment portfolio is investing Portfolio is in blue chip fortune five hundred stock? He Bible, it is a very interesting glad you know, a lot of people know there's this phenomenon absorb socially responsible in various funds in Bernie. Doesn't invest, impose Marie invest in Fortune five hundred companies stock. Jane ran Burlington College. They had a small endowments. They had stock in tobacco companies, they had stock and pharmaceutical companies. Chemical Companies there is a yawning gap between where
Bernie Sanders thinks we should live our lives in the way that he and his wife actually live there. Like Elizabeth Warren in your blood. Profiles of corruption, take her on she's chapter five, so it is with wine if a kind of a three layer cake of corruption involves her, it involves her daughter and involves her son in law, beginning with her very quickly. Realized in the mid nineties nineties, Elizabeth Worn, was hired by Congress and paid by tax. Here's to rewrite a portion of corporate bankruptcy law. She did that for three years, what did she do after she rewrote that law and she doesn't legal documents. She actually wrote the law. She, it herself out two major corporations to help them use the law to their advance. My this is a consummate insider Washington deal right. We hear about this all the time and in fact,
He would agree with IRAN S. Elizabeth One has condemned other people who have done it. She did that very thing She got a huge pay days from companies like DOW chemicals, Armstrong, Worldwide companies having problems with you, know: litigation evolving, asbestos in and breast implants, millions of dollars doing that Classic Self enrichment scheme. So that's the first thing that I think is troubling that that the chap runaways with warns. You know probably forty pages long. There's a lot material there, I'm just skimming over but if you go to the second part and that that you're, looking at her daughter, Emilia Georgi there very, very close, Amelia had helped start a company called beach e g, two thousand seven end e g was looking for capital and was looking for advisers to help this business really go well. Elizabeth warned, if you remember in two thousand, eight is selected by conquer Why Harry read to be the chair,
when the Oversight Committee for TARP time with the committee That was setting out huge sums of money bailing out Wall Street for analysed. One becomes the chairman of that Oversight Committee when she, this Harry read her daughter, Amelia actually comes with her to the meeting. One hears interesting what happens over. We only way bring your daughter to work day I'll, have a check I think, as I could explain all of this hour ago, with interesting in the six to eight months. Owing Elizabeth Warren's appointment to the top Oversight committee. Two things happen: tarp bailed out major. All street investment firms. During the same period, her daughters, new company, its new investors and new advisers from this farms that are being bailed out by tarp. What you would you why does it when Elizabeth Warren joins the United States Senate this company, a beach e g
actually starts taking on government clients entities like a corporation for public broadcasting, that Elizabeth worn is pushing legislation for for greater government funding so that, the second layer of the cake. Final One, which I think is probably the most troubling, involves her son. Also Shelty Oghee are very varied I'd guy came up from India met Lisbon once daughter at Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania if a lot of business activities very entrepreneurial. But as one entity called try color films that he started he's taken down the website, but on the web I wish we were able to recover it. Talks about their business model is making films that are funded and in partnership with foreign governments, which is certainly unique business model here in his here's, the starting part does one shown that is financed
I, the iranian government and that's not speck issue, and that is not. We actually have the film credits. We actually have the documents. The son in law is the only the sole producer on this film and the finance. Years are these uranium government agencies these uranium government agencies by the way, also of funding participate in things like all kinds day, which is a very anti semitic, Liberation and it's the morning of the loss of Jerusalem. A vow to get it back by blood. Exactly that's exactly I hope that the same government entities that financed his film also are very act. Nor could stay home and in the film credits in the film credit of the entities that they give credit and thanks to is the iranian Revolutionary Guard Airforce. I dont know what they're participate. And was in the film? But this to me speaks up
a willingness to work with some really really really nasty people around the world and that that something that I thank again. We need to have more information on. Are there other governments? You know he talks about working with foreign governments. Did you work with other governments on shelves? I think a legitimate question that people should ass. You know what I mean looking into Ukraine ice Ie. That A lot of people are doing what leave Binds were doing over in Ukraine to one degree or another, nothing like the widens, but it is its rapid, Did you ever see anybody ever trying to clean this up? Are there are their p? pull that are a decent enough in Congress and In the end, destruction, nor in the Senate that will actually take this on.
I think there are some that want to. I think the problem is right now, as you correctly point out, is this is a bipartisan problem. And whenever there's an opportunity for both political sides for people to make money you can have a hard time getting a consensus, because you have very good people that better, honest and want to have this go away and aid. They are actually in both political parties, but you also have more powerful people early in both political parties that either can not or actually participate in this kind of corruption? The only thing that they understand Glenn is exposure and embarrassment. And shame that the only thing that leads him- you know where we are I wrote a book back in two thousand eleven on insider trading by members of Congress on the stock market. I came on your show. We talked about it. It was on Sixty minutes,
we did not want to deal with it. They were basically force to three months later patent, a bill which aid now kind of got it, but they were forced to at least path. The bill, making it illegal from members of Congress to engage in insider trading, sensible act, but those are those are different dates. I mean look at what is happening with this impeachment. There's no amount of shame, there's no there's! No one holding anyone accountable anymore right eye, I agree with you completely, and it is a very sad day we have binary situation and people do not work. To call out somebody on their own side, because it think somehow it's it's gonna led to the council of the collapse of their side, and what I just tell people is nobody is irreplaceable with. If you are a a democrat you hate, Donald Trump, Joe Biden is not your savior. There are other people that can that can perform that duty. I would say the same thing to Republicans: Republicans: it or officials
the are. There are other people, good people that can take their place. So I just heard everybody never fall into the trap. Saying I'm going to accept whatever any saying that this visual does because we're afraid of losing them, because there were other people that can step up and take those Peters wiser. He is the author of the book profiles in corruption. I literally have thirty seconds any chance. Do you believe that Hunter Biden will have to be that will have to testify? I think, there's a pretty small. I think you should, but I just think they're they're gonna make a pact and it's not gonna happen. Peterson to thank you. So much will talk to again profiles in corruption. It is, really well worth any pricing you're paying for it was twenty twenty five bucks and hard cover twenty nine box and hard cover. A hundred pages of footnotes, and it is its jawdropping jawdropping profiles in corruption, certain kinds of pain that things like
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You know still living ass. He question. In talking to Peter. He talks about how all of these family members of Sanders and Warren in Biden are all getting these jobs because of the connection to the candidate now making millions of dollars my children, my older children, are disgusted. When they feel. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with them in and they'll know, they'll say dad. I adduced then with them they are only really interested because your part of it. I know I riah right my. Why If we all say hey come with me to this and she's like they are not interested in me, they're only asking me because then you'll go, you know and they their debts gas by the right it we would be annoying. I would think it would be here who are
these families that, like literacy, like oh yeah, dad that's great I'll, be the little pon here and will just funnel the money through me and will set up these dummy corporations. I mean that's just despicable this despicable it starts with. This is the way the world and is escalating escalates and escalating escalates until it saves time they're saying that that's the way of the world that we want to change and stop, though, do they are lying. I for all over that rising hyper forget. Sometimes here listening Glenn our new year deserves a new pair of takeovers. Boots, start strong without feeling of confidence in comfort. Then only com
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tomorrow, why Bernie Sanders, I think, will not win in Iowa what really going to happen on tomorrow's programme, if he wins, you're gonna de the democratic knives coming out for that guy, because they're making their move against the Democratic Party, and you saw what they owe yesterday an amazing story somebody who's running against Olano Mark. In Minnesota. Next You know we focus,
so much as a society now on the problems and and also on the bad people. Sometimes we miss the solutions and the good people, and perhaps This time it's one and the same, I want to introduce you to somebody that could make a profile. Own impact in Washington, DC and let her tell her story of why she's willing to do it in one minute. This is their glinda programme. So Steve Days, who is on blaze, radio and tv right after this programme every day he said that he believes its highly possible. The Bernie Sanders is gonna, get the nod for the democratic primaries. Everything's gonna be a brokered convention, but you know it's it's possible that that happens. If that's true, if
He becomes the Lee primary competitor against Donald Trump you are going to see a stock market crash if He actually would become president. He or I think Elizabeth Warren but death only Sanders, we will go into a depression which is weird because it could accelerate Bernie into office, because I really would blame it on Trump, but it would be the stock market and businesspeople freaking out the world and change this summer Can change next fall? Are you prepared, please bread, your risk out- and I ask you to call gold line right now and talk to them. They got something going on right now. They have an irish special on their gold legal tender bars that will reimburse your eye IRA could custodial fees for up to ten years.
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about it. The world can change this year. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com go. There now If you are a long time, muster this program, you know how I feel about Ilan Omar and it has. Nothing to do with her heritage or her religion. It has everything to do with with who she is how she got here. The marriage of her other all of this stuff, the cosiness with The attorney general Keys Ellison in Minnesota and what I is being done in Minnesota to the good immigrants
that are coming from hell holes and now how afraid to speak out in their own in their own neighborhoods, because nothing's changed its The same people running their neighborhoods at were running their country, in some cases What do you do about? It is aimed at EU investigator. Well, there's news on that front will get to a new pin. Few minutes but there is also an election coming up and Ilan Omar. Her seat is up and Where you to find a Republican, they could possibly replace this Muslim well spoken, well edge, aided, beautiful woman? How are you and compete well, another well educated, really well spoken: beautiful muslim woman has stepped to the plate, name is dahlia Owl, ALA Katy. And she is actually fraud.
Saddam Hussein. She fled Iraq under Saddam Hussein, she became an american citizen and she takes it right, Lee seriously dahlia is running for her seat email or her website is dahlia for congress dot com. I wanted to introduce you to her I tell you: how are you reminding you made me smile? Well, good, I'm glad so. Dahlia you're running in Minnesota, against somebody who is connected to the the power? who has gone. No way with a whole bunch of stuff. In a society that I can't imagine, looks on a Republican, fondly how are you gonna win a first of all. Thank you so much for having me on your show.
Did it really had a real opponents when she ran in two thousand and sixty that's where I come in, and I believe that she's doing irreparable harm to many so down to work just you stated it to her own people and to the? U S and general of qualified, because we come from similar backgrounds, but we couldn't be further more. She uses her accusation, ready accusations. Everytime, you criticise her for not doing her job. As a representative for the District of Minnesota, she has already accusation you're, either inside immigrants you're either entire Muslim, your and tie
refugees and so and so and so on. We all America. I got really used to her accusation. So what I bring into the table that I knew try her rhetoric. Yes, I am a woman. We came from similar background. I use my life experience to those oppression NL boost a goose, the? U S and be the land of the free. While she does the upload, the the opposite. The residents of her of our district now want actual results. They don't want scandals, they dont want sound bites of. What are you bring to the table as I bring issues with my international journalistic background, help me and give me their ability to connect with wide
really of people from different backgrounds, indifferent outlets. So I'm here and I will be running for the next ten months to represent all of the people in the district, and I would not say I would you present the Muslim, I would not say I would represent the Jews. I would represent every residents of this district, regardless of his or her face color or political affiliate, so you left persecution by Saddam Hussein You tell me a little bit about what that was like the persecution
and then leaving without anything how God is at its height. I mean no matter how people read and search about it is so different that what you living as a young at all under a tyrant, Saddam Hussein, was a brutal dictator. We had to flee the country, my mother, my little brother, a toddler and I under under very secretive circumstances that we didn't even tell I didn't even tell my favorite grandmother. I did it
tell anybody we had to flee in order to be free, people don't understand how it is to live under currently under oppression. People don't understand it. People don't appreciate freedom until they lose it. But you were kind of part of of, your ground, if you will you you know or New Christopher Stevens, he was U S, Ambassador Libya, that was killed in Benghazi and in her. Actually helped. You become politically active, Libya has a right to know that. Let me just correct a few things. I've met right after we left rock was extremely active against Saddam's regime.
Against the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein outmatched Christians, who became a very good friend of Mine and Saudi Arabia back than he was
a boy. Did it now at the? U S embassy in Saudi Arabia and he's the one who convince me that a person like me with dreams with ambitions should flourish in the United States of America and he's the one who worked so hard to get us to the United States and and that's why, when the Benghazi, the Benghazi sooner was extremely personal to me, and that's why, when, when a dvd incident happened at the? U S embassy in Baghdad, it was for me. I was on my toes looking and I was so proud of president tramp. He took away the right decision and sorry he disappointed that liberals, because we did not have a second Benghazi
subject the right decision to protect the: U S embassy, to protect us, because it was an attack on a: U S, value to the deluge may. If I may, I just so right driven run out of time and in order to spend more time on tv tonight, but I I I want Sq so you're you're, an american citizen and on the outside. If you lie, look at Ilan, Omar and and what the outside would say about. Her district? It's a very closed off community an end? would assume because she represents them, not loving America. What is The discontent that you see in that district. That would take a a few g that live the same life. You have becoming have anything in common, except you don't hate America,
Now? Let me let me corrected, except I love em out just yes, so so What is it, what is the actual temperature on the ground of that district? Who Are they in what are they lichen and is there buyers remorse with Eu Law What what is happening on the ground there not anymore lack any. Why people people, I really tired of her hatred. People are tired of heard not doing anything for there for the district she's. A few look at her record. He didn't have anything to offer to her dress, but the scandal The people of the district really need somebody that serves them. Their residence want actual results, authority results they want, they want
somebody who could serve them. Yes, there is a big so Molly community in this district, but do you think that all of them are behind her? This is absolutely not because he's be of any cheese harming them before harming anybody else. The community they dont want to sit in their houses and waiting for handouts they have educated. A people that they have a hard working people that they need to do to improve. There lies not waiting for a hand to throw them a born here, oh throw them about dear, and that of said that I would blame them a bit on the bees, but not a bit. A lot on the mainstream media
They do not betray the residents of the year of the district as well as you have ward libruls. There then any probably any other states mean and any other districts which makes my mind my work hard, but these people as well want a better life we have in the district. We have an extremely important issue, which is security and safety. The three of this district is not safe and more people are worried to send their children to school. This is number one? This is this is number one or my platform that if you want that better education and if you want better better helps everything sounds good, but number one feel safe too, to watch
in the air in the streets? You say that you are protected and had always calling to abolish police and is calling to minimize the police presence. A presence in the district street. How can I send my kid to school if I know that he could get killed and the end an end by the way the crime rates in the district is going high and somebody needs to stop it. We have wines we have problems on. This breeds of dahlia Alex allocating is the name of the candidates that is running for Ilan, Omar seat. She is a proud immigrant who loves America. She is a conservative Republican and really cut of tailor made for for this exact
We wish you all the luck. If you would like to find out more about her district and more about if you can get involved or you can help its dahlia, for Congress, dot com, that's d, a l! I'm a fool. Congress. Dotcom dahlia, thank you. So much will have or of a conversation later at five o clock. Wanna get into somebody Ilan, Omar Stuff, with her zip, recruiter, Larry over an accounting besides, that it would be a great day to cook rainbow Trout in the microwave and for Europe employees are about to quit. Because now everything smells like fish. The bad part the one who doesn't want to quit is Larry. Yeah, you know what you need a clear: how sometimes fish is too much
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lash be easy, gay, the smartest way to hire ten station Eddie, Welcome to the programme. Let me just give you a couple of stories that to be seem pretty obvious: the Irish posters reporting today, study finds people have less sex after the Pope visits. That falls into the category of drew. You think too, I mean after the Pope visits they have less sexy, Why is that an obvious for me now amazing Well, I've never been in church and thought man, I'm feeling quite rending now and I've and I've
then around the Pope and the the thoughts of a hug. Get back home in have some set. Just doesn't I though there is a adding encouragement meant tat alone,. Family right, I mean that's kind of part of the traditions I would say of Catholicism. Well, what their finding now is that he is birth control, Later, when he goes in this, according the irish pulse the study from the university of bright and found that way he goes in to a play Then he talks of people borscht generates decline up to a fifth in the fourteen months, following a visit from him that doesn't me yeah, but all that's great because you know maybe you'd be thinking about that in more moral terms, rather than pragmatic terms,. So they also found that birth birth rates no nine months later and end and ate up to eighteen months later,
Are our stabilized and and maybe even a little down, and they think that's because people are either using birth control because you know, like Catholics, can't do that the media is most again, so they think that it's it's either cut perception or and be more responsible or or or just having less sex. We should have the Pope like just set up shop in Hollywood. Whenever Greece over to move the Vatican Hollywood. I think it might do they might hell no more child stars. Yes, but that's gonna, save us a lotta headlines in TM. See later on, that's a good thing and asylum policy because this Pope probably would fit in he beats. Taking meetings wearing sunglasses you're, like aren't you, the Pope, yeah big, though about it chill, relax. Take your tie off ticket, weird cholera, where there's two pops
a guide in that that we have to living pokes is very likely that show the now I have been hearing about it. I'm a watched at nine launched. I think it's interesting like he came out of the the, not the one, that's in these are done about, like obviously demanded Benedict came out, was like yeah now to get rid of that whole that whole no sex thing We should keep that around and the other Her bad that the new guide for ferry and at what level of certain areas it's all right, maybe I think I think it's illegal. In fact, I think it's better for the catholic church if they would drop that another whole thing was darted. You always because a Peter it wasn't started because of Peter who started because the pole, would give land to the local priests and so the local press would become landowners, blah blah blah and then it died, they would just re gift it till the next priest. If you had a fan, then the church would lose
Control of the land, etc, etc. That's really why it started back in. Corrupt days after another And then they said: hey Peters, I don't have you know no more care the extreme. This solution to that problem is weird, anyway, really factor certain kind. Panes that you know Ibuprofen just doesn't just as than light. I love sitting, you know with the doktor nieces lucky really serious. It has ever have any used to if we remain yeah. I can't move all right play. I could see I could right, a prescription for Ibuprofen eight hundred, but can you handle that centre? Happy and you're like this? For I be proven, then I think by the hands. What are you talking about, then? A normal dosage of I've used it for me and for me it is, and it doesn't work anyway. Relief,
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What do the programme I gotta get to the bay. Controversy that is happening on the Senate flaw. Right now it is man. One of these one of these rules, one these new rules that the Republicans, just won't let go of and how we gonna get a fair trial. I'll explain that rule here, just a second for somebody, David Steinberg. He is an investigative reporter and he is he has been on the Ilan Omar Story, and we wanted to give of highlight two of a story that he wrote on the blaze. Finally, the FED including ice, appear to be as to getting Ilan Omar. Can you give me away? We need the Ilan Omar theme. Do we have that, sir? I can't believe we didn't. I mean this is a height. This is a highly rated very well
is buttoned up, never make a mistake, kind of show. That's us! How could they have? It has happened? We forgot this brilliant Pisa production learn a of work to do all right, with our alot of our update? Is David Steinberg? How are you dont, David they were better yeah. You think that you think that cheapens, this segment a little bit door. Wonderful, I've ever heard it before. I'm glad I finally got a decade ago. For inviting me under. Thank you also for running my my update last week. Absolutely I know I know everybody is the way in which everyone has been following the storage and waiting a while that year. This news, yes- and it was the satisfying to finally published that deadline,
So tell me the story, well last year in MID October, Actually, by coincidence, it was the same day that Donald Trump was in Minnesota, giving assent speech, steed, dress housekeeper, who is the estate rep soda, who, who has been the only person over there trying to get them accountability had made a complaint to the Minnesota, the Minnesota Branch of the Department of Justice that the? U S attorney, saying, for goodness sake, somebody has to look in. To her past. There is just an overwhelming might have happened here and rising Lee you gotta response the deal that housing. How sad is that you have to say- and surprisingly they responded to this. Well, it was it was. It was rather shocking. Not only did he get it
sponsor it wasn't a polite metal, the recurrent? U S, attorney of Minnesota, Erika Mcdonald she's a Trump appointed by the way to a twenty eighteen trample pointy. She she directed the FBI to review Steve's complaint and then the FBI, the special agent in charge at the FBI, whom she had a fine, did meet withdraws Cowskin you. It was that same day trumpet in town and a few other, and he handed over a file a prepared evidence that they had put together some other information that related to leave her finance charters that he was also involved with exposing earlier in the year and some other evidence and the FBI
during the meeting said essentially paraphrasing, but while they d take it seriously and and said you know we have set a wide range of criminal activity here suggested by this evidence. In these kind of cases, the F b I turned into a hub and co ordinates sharing evidence among several interested department. I wanted. I want to give the exact quote from your article five answers to those questions about represent. Almost two thousand and nine marriage appear to give possible mobile cause to investigate Omar for eight instances of perjury immigration, fraud, marriage fraud up to Years of state and federal tax fraud to years of federal student loans, fraud and even bigger me to be clear, the facts described perhaps the most extensive sprit of illegal misconduct condemn committed.
Buy a house member in all of american history, wow. Yeah. I either that passage. I run themes on that for a couple years now and, as you know, this has been covered solely by AL. It's like the These mpg media relying ends not really those are the three e s pretty much other people have followed up on it, but it has been in and out. The news Minnesota. Small local outlet got above going on there, s back and twenty sixteen now so this nation it's been a long away because there was a mud. There was enough information to Open an investigation back before she would even elected in twenty six due to her to her Stacy.
Now. What I like to do is compare what was all gone I'll just be at the time the evidence they used to open this investigation against Trump compare Trump compared that evidence, which was George Papadopoulos in a bar, speaking to a fire in a foreign diplomat right. Compare that to these dozens and dozens of verifiable social media post. We have documents legal documents from two different countries that can be verified. We have address records have your hand own comments to an interview or back and twenty forty. We have her husband's comments that also corroborate all of this. This is just such a huge packet of evidence. And with what else is going on in the world today, look over Adam Shifts trying to try
trying to you that as grounds for teaching the president, meanwhile take a look at all. You need to know about the hypocrisy of what's going on today in the Senate is to take a look at how Adam Shift has treated the evident begin Colleagues, ok, so you have the FBI at playing as a quarter back. If you will they, they gave part of this so, the Department of Education Inspector general for her her fraud on marriage and how she was working? The educational system Then they also went to ice and our saying that that you know she broke all kinds of immigration rules? Do you now had a lot of people who have been happy quietly following it s our discussing they'll hunt being deported, that's not the issuer, Caisson Lee she came to his country and each time
whether or not that was illegal, and obviously I printed before that. I think it was entirely fraudulent. That's mammal, we're looking at here were worked. Ice would be involved with her having a fraudulent marriage hey you pay citizen. She was twenty six years old. She had been a! U S, citizen points for seven or eight years? We are not talking about when she was twelve we're not talking about her getting the port au and be clear about that. We would be talking about a fraudulent marriage. You wouldn't be talking about deputy deportation. You be talking about possible jail time because of her fraud. Grand Do you? Do you see a world in which this stuff is actually handed down on a member of Congress? It you know this is talked about her as a sort of the perfect cast tat came along both for the Democratic party.
For the media and for law enforcement. If they don't take action on this, yeah, but what then they are? Yes, what what will they take action on? This is something that that seems seems like you know it. It to open an investigation, in the morning the day they could a out indictments by lunchtime There is really not a lot of work left. Do the only work left to do is to subpoena these documents that I can't get access to, such as the Bee School Records, of her husband, a tell me he came over to this country, in when he was a teenager and went to high school for a year from all I know he lived in, he lived with his father, Ill HANS Father for that year and
The history goes way back and I believe, on their school registration arms at bay. Father nurse- I! U downright. There was no answer right. I can get my hands on those documents because he was a minor of course, so just those those sorts of things that I can't legally acquire. That's all left to do, and those certainly won't take a lot of times to get their hands on, because that stuff that I had simple. Yes, I think you said it best that you could started in the morning and by lunchtime you could hand out the indictments. I mean it. Is it there's that that that little of work to be done all they have It would make a phone call you're an arid, a blocking you're at a block correct. Well, there are certainly more I can find to to Completely- loses more haven't published up at it. That way, but, however, also at a state level,
I pointed out that it doesn't matter who this person what she perjured herself eight times while divorcing in, and that would be a statement. So we have federal agencies looking at this right now, hopefully there with some movement at the statement. Well any idea in time. It. I mean I don't know. Obviously, when you see law enforcement, doing something well he's either doing the job. As expect You don't want, and obviously this new published the news the meeting last year. I would three weeks after the meeting happen before I ran it, this news about the FBI being contacted. I'm sorry, this news about the ice in contacted and the Department of Education being contacted. This didn't happened last week. Did this happen,
last year in November. So I have been the last thing I I do is be accused of so piping, essentially candy. The information over this agency is calling the media and thing they. Let there's an investigation right, which is, ironically, that's what James Commie did you know when they grief the press Then they could see the media that that there is something on a David. I Lego. I like the way you work and I like the way you think and your work ethic to prove it is. Is very rare in today's world. We're talking to David Steinberg, he is was the new year did he editor repeat media, and if you ask Dave Rat, it was his investigation of Eric canter in twenty fourteen in the primary campaign that Tipp that that district into a historical,
us an and some say was the beginning of the Trump era and all because of of you, David Steinberg, talk to you again. Thank you very much. Let us know when you have an update, we'll do thanks. Glenn God bless David Steinberg. Even follow him at real De Steinberg dot com, Olano, more you know something that gets overlooked in our lives? Piece of us that we lost in desperately need to get back? It's this, it's ok to be proud of, you believe your conservative views, your belief in God. Don't hide it. You have a right to it and if we hide our light under a Reno children. Nobody sees it. You have chance to ensure that right now
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seven seven three six seven: seventy five! Twenty four patriot mobile Dotcom, slash back. I mean the goal of the Republicans in the Senate. I don't know if you know this yesterday, but here is this- is what Ms Mcdonald tried to do I'm gonna, put in the old rules from the Clinton impeachment, because we all agree that was fair. But then he went in and he tried to change one part of it, which was he is still have twenty he four hours to make your case just like they did and Bill Killin, but you have only two days to do it as opposed to three so
You gonna work a twelve hour day, not an eight hour day because they say nobody's gonna watch these things. That's when it was, it was stopping people from watching it. That's right! I forgot it is just too long. People wanted to watch, boring senators say things an eight hour chunks here they wanted, while forty eight hours, but they wanted over six days instead of four rand. Yes, oh so they change that and thank goodness they did. Thank goodness they did, because the network tvs yesterday there already baling on it there already talking about there's no interest in this incredible. Ok, here's nothing that he's done! You re for this one donor, impeach him for it however, it is okay, so there is, there is be another, taking the old rules, ok and their use in all the old rules. There's an obscure This had no buddy was reading law, makers. On the Senate floor,
are only allowed to drink milk or water. Really do us, our it's a horror, show it's terrible. Oh it's and their expected to do this for up to you know four five weeks: of just drinking water or milk, thank God for edibles. Right right and if you see anybody with anything but water or milk on the floor, you but our call your local congressmen cause there's another impeachment filing that you have to make. I gotta tell you if they so that to me I would be baking cookies, all night long and then I'd come and I would be selling the old senators cookies for their milk.
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