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Juneteenth Is NOT a Replacement for the Fourth of July | 6/22/21

2021-06-22 | 🔗

Glenn is back, and he’s heated. He and Stu discuss the history behind Juneteenth and why the Left’s newfound fondness for it is the latest Marxist move to divide America. A city canceled its July Fourth celebration, but is just fine with Juneteenth and Pride Month celebrations. The more corrupt an institution gets, the more trust leftists have for it. Glenn reviews Glenn Greenwald’s report about whether the FBI was involved in the Capitol riot. The FBI is overreaching brutally with its plans to combat domestic terrorism. Glenn took his family to Yellowstone National Park, and he tells how terribly it went. A study found cities that had BLM protests experienced a drop in police homicides, but things are never that black and white.

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Amerika, my yard, allowing welcome to the programme. I am so refresh after just a couple of days up yellowstone by there is not the more frank would read brushing standing around with ten thousand people watch you stupid guys are, but don't worry all those people are not on the four roads in the part that is about the size of Connecticut Yankee for road. I was making or up bear to eat me yesterday, but I come in such a refresh good news, Good NEWS, bringer of just delight in joy. I just him so excited to tell you how I feel about June teens,
Oh yeah, in sixty seconds programme. so I can't tell you how many people I met out of the park. I really, I couldn't tell you how many people I met because I couldn t tell them anyway. I was out at the park, puts me you ve got to go If your liberal, you work, you should go. Oh you're gonna it still so refresh. Oh go go, go If your conservative, you know, I'm catnip, absolutely sarcastic anyway met lots of people. yesterday I kept saying how old is your dog holds. You dog Dog is a nine year old, german shepherd. Nine is really old for a german shepherd. We ve been lucky enough to have them hold on till twelve or thirteen
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I will eat m. Then order of full bag and get your dog onto the rough green strain. I'm telling you, you will see huge difference. It's rough greens dotcom slash back eighty three Glenn thirty, three rough greens, dotcom slash, man, I don't know about you, but I am I'm learning so much time. Learning so much from liberals oh, my gosh, these liberal these. Why especially the white ones! I love the why liberal progressive Marxists other so enlightened, we been telling you about a little thing called June thirteenth fur- I don't know- maybe fifteen years now we told you about the the Tulsa Massacre Black Wall Street, told you that maybe fifteen years ago, and no one in the media,
gave a flyin rap about it. But now there also awoke oh, my gosh there. So woe and they have found June teams and they just love it. They just love it and I'm so happy to have them. Oh, yes, I wish I wish she was it all sincere, don't you do know, jewish that just a little bit. A little bit of their discovery was actually sincere. That would be awesome. That is not the case. It would be not where we live. Today would be nice if you'll be nice if they actually recognize what the holiday does celebrate, which forces the end. of the government enslaving, its citizens. There there's this year, it was good, it was good
You know I I get all of my June Thirteenth NEWS and all of my history from good Housekeeping Dryden, obviously But I went right to the source for June teens went right to good housekeeping dot com and the holiday June Thirteenth, also known as Emancipation Day, Freedom Day or Jubilee Day commemorated Jus, nineteenth eighteen, sixty six, the tens of thousands of enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, for learned that they were free. Now you would, I think that a shell that's based in Texas would have been talking about this for a decade ages, weird because we have, but they just. Covered this June teeth and they are so all about it. It is so great, in fact it's even better than the fourth of July. I think
these days communities around the country celebrate June thirteenth by gathering for barbecues, going red foods and beverages in joining red foods. So it's a twin Well days holiday, Well, you can also have a pixie stick, which is nice. It's a nod to the bloodshed during this transatlantic slave trade. So I like to take I liked to take red foods or foods that are blue and make them read its hard because a generally turn purple. But if you use enough actual blood now in my family, we like to make red Martha and we use the blood of palestinian children which very oh did I say that our oh, my gosh, all the zionist master is gonna, be so upset about that anyway,
It's a it's! A it's a nod to the bloodshed of the transatlantic slave trade might also be, could be a nod to the bloodshed that killed more people then than any other war that we have had, especially here in Amerika about six hundred thousand people died. You'd have to go to world war, two to be able to get that or just than average day in any communist country to be able to that kind of bloodshed, wear white people fought other White P for the freedom of black people, might be a nod to that now, Judy It has also become an important emblem of the celebration. The junior flag now I wasn't aware that there was a. June team flag, but according to good housekeeping its
to be an important emblem. Now the flag. Of course. You know this happened. You know June teens happen in eighteen, sixty six, Texas, bid celebrating June Thirteenth get up for very long time, but the June teen flag that symbol everybody hold so dear was created in nineteen. Ninety seven, by an activist known Boston Ben who founded the national June Teen Celebration Foundation created the flu in collaboration with ver lean Heinz. As seem Anne Elliot, does and its It is just as symbolise the liberty and freedom for all African Americans. Now you would think.
You would think that we had another flag that would represent that. But now we have the June team flag and if you look it up still real quick, it's crazy because it looks kind of like, the north korean flag, but I'm sure that's acquainted. it's red, white and blue and its deliberately chosen to bought by hate to demonstrate that even threw out enslavement. Now this think is very important. Even throughout enslavement. African Americans were always american ha now? Who would have thought that me? I didn't think that Lincoln he well. He actually did think that. I did think that in Martin Luther king thought that, but now we have a flag to represent that It has a curved surface. Flag and it represents a new horizon and possibility forever.
Can Americans possibility what Are you kidding me possibility, I listen to dawn lemon over the weekend. There's no possibility for any Americans who are african deaths and theirs Americans, don't even see black people as fully human. In fact, let me get I've gotta get this quote because it's it's so spot on Don lemon. He said I feel like. Had to be kind of your talking, but more personal things about my life, because I Think America sees enough people like me. We seek. Any of liars. We see today, the people who were in the bag, for what is he talking about, He says I dont think America intimately knows enough. People like me, and I celebrate that I really I used to know Don lemon
I don't know who this guy is, but I you still no Don lemon, He says I Love America to see black people, people by one of those two I've ever seen what are quite common Glenn they we we we direct with them, often not shocking thing. I think Don might think that people in the south I've never seen an african American when actually as many lily or african Americans in the south and there are in the northeast He says I want to see black people. Do we make them into black top in the middle of the country, because I don't think I've ever seen a black person before and he says, specially wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait! He really wants blue a black gay men. To be seen as normal as human beings in part of the culture, black gay men.
I've never seen a black man, I've never seen a gay man. I've never, of course seen a black man look part of our culture. What is he talking about vision of this country? Is this guy? Have it so it's sources, do not a vision, not have a vision that he has learned. That's not the vision, that Don lemon. The guy I used to know had that's not that's not him this. A hateful. we vision of America. We know black. People we know gay people, we know black eight people. What are you talking about not part of the american dream, they're, not part of wheels have we heard we go through trials and tribulations just like everyone all put down Shakespeare. Do you not believe, oh shut up take it out of America season.
He says I dont know. If America cease black people and especially black gay men as early human hulk, deserving of the american dream, unbelievable unlivable frickin believe, and it's not to say that, of course, there are people who go through all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons, but like Don Lemon, is he really the guy who's suffering through his life, with his multi million dollar salary on television every night. Given non stop adoration and praise from the left wing media. Is that really? Is he really the example of the person going through the tough time? I mean I Oh he is. You know why that is being forced to live in a community. That's eighty per and white, and only three percent black people. I mean he is nicely he's forced to be isolated. Yes, where does where does he live as eighty percent white and three percent black?
Amerika allows them to America I bet those regional are glad to hear that the thy Biden glad to see that is neighbours. We know now that he thinks that they don't see him as fully human and deserving of the american dream: of whom, my Holy Cow, ok, so back to June thirteenth June. Thirteenth, I think, is a great help. Day and I dont know why people have to denigrate June thirteenth I dont know why. Last week the right felt that it needed to be denigrated step for the fact that Think a lot of people understood exactly what this was This is the latest marxist move to separate us even further you either celebrate June thirteenth. As
Liberation Day or you celebrate the July fourth, which is just a white day. Nowhere in the history of June teeth? Is that true? by the way, was it a black, and that rode up to the black man and said by the way you're all free. No, it the union soldier. It was a White Union soldier, somebody who had been fighting fighting for the rights of all. People to be free that role up and said, you're, all free. You have been for a while just taken us a while to get down here to tell you that already, the phone hasn't been involved in invented, and we don't let black people text. I guess is that was that. Is that what happened in eighteen sixty six? This is a great holiday
But not a replacement for the four fourth of July and that's exactly what its becoming, but it was. Field on what it is in many places in Amerika. tell me that I don't care about June teeth When I see the celebrations that happened around this country that we're in absolute disgrace and an proof. Positive That shame will never come back to our society, shame is fully dead and where oh feet under the graph. It wasn't enough to bury shame six feet under. I think we went for twelve feet, he Dignan maybe you'll find it. Maybe you'll find the dead, decaying body of shame, but I doubt it we can t you in sixty seconds,
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evil offer at a price that is even the evil. more unbelievable, Fifty nine percent savings just go To Omaha stakes, dotcom use the key word back order a summer grilled pack plus get aid free, filet, mignon, burgers at Omaha Stakes, dot, com, key word back. ten seconds station idea This fantastic forget fourth of July says the daily beast time to celebrate June teeth? nineteenth, also known as June. Thirteenth is the newest federal holiday, recognising the emancipation of the last day of enslaved black Americans, notably years after Lincoln's proclamation June thirteenth. Is it
for all Americans to celebrate, marking important milestone in our countries. Progress, okay, so forget, fourth of July I it's time to celebrate June thirteenth. Now, if this is such. Let me quote again good housekeeping. It's us elaboration of black freedom, and it is presenting new opportunities that lie ahead for black people and in fact, It is something that these days are celebrated by gathering for barbecues. enjoying red foods and beverages. And it is, it is really something to commemorate June nineteenth. Okay. So how to do it. Let's go to Oakland, hear you!
The people were talking on top of an ambulance. Now I don't know, but I think all of those free slaves would be so proud right now. so very proud. Now, don't worry door As you know, shots rang out there were just celebrating the end of slavery in Amerika and the what struck six victims between the ages of sixteen and twenty seven two year old died because they were so celebrate, story working and showing their job on top of that ambulance that could no longer proceed to them. Victims of the shooting, which I think is all men. Can I tell you something Fred. Douglas is shutting it here. Right now, he is shedding mean a bucket of tears.
He is so proud of. All of these celebrates of June to June thirteenth there in Oakland, now The mayor said tonight a joyous occasion at our lake merit was me hard by senseless, active gun violence. It was senseless and including the EMS worker that was shot and Raleigh North Carolina being Shotwell. responding to a child who was in need of medical assistance and nineteen year old woman in in Flint Michigan open firing on a police officer that was just working at a at a traffic point just trying to direct traffic? was shot and then, return fire but she died. She died. So there's an investigation going on about that one Is there no shame in our country? Stay America
stand up now. People say that there is not the fundamental transformation going on in America that that this whole critical race theory, my gosh, that it's just like propaganda is it now we'll give you some facts and facts on B, a Lamb next persons programme You know I'm guessing that. Maybe it wasn't so relaxing therein Yellowstone Park all right. Here's what I talk to you about Bill BAR and I want to talk about bill are because if you have self control at all at all and you're trying to lose weight, and you want something that two snack on that is really healthy. and delicious. That is almost impossible. Those two things they always say they come together, but they don't. Until I tried a built bar
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This is the Glenville program. I have got to talk to you about my oh. My national park experience yesterday, one shooting out of my eyes. No, it's a rate. Family vacation put your kids in the car and just drive across his glory. This nation and hit one of our national parks, o majesty. I was praying for a bear to eat me, but we'll get that here in just a minute, do want to just point out that Evanston Illinois Evanston, you are, you know seriously your fantastic. they commemorated the abolition of slavery with a parade the community celebration on June thirteenth the day which abolition of slavery is annually celebrated. You know we all do it every body. Does it
all country knew about this. This text, June thirteenth thing right, We all knew it but they had a celebration with a parade and music in art and food at a local park, now I want you to know that the gay pride parade is happening next Saturday June. Twenty six, however, There is a change in the scheduled they have had to cancel the July. Fourth celebration: do too the covert pandemic, they they say the based on I'm cool based on concern for public health. Due to the unpredictability of the pandemics impact explanation rates and in cooperation with local authorities, the tree, these of Evanston fourth of July Association has decided to cancel the fun run, the parade the vacant.
or ban performance and the fireworks show on July. Fourth, but they are com, to do in one, that's even better next week, one next year once this pandemic is over and I are gonna be, but they had their good. The June team, celebration. oh yeah, I had a parade. Had my music had an art and all these food booths that everybody could go to with the local park. It was great, but they don't forget. The gay pride parade is is next week in something they had a June teeth celebration and do a pride celebration? That's coming up, but the thing that next. We are following that, after with more time to to be able to deal with covert pandemic, it so unpredictable, so very unpredictable seems at giving. Why are not lira next that it's that it's going to not exist this week, but then start again for the July fourth holiday? Are you saying that there is some sort of my
this is. This is where it should Todd is so right. You know Chuck Todd. thank goodness. Finally, somebody said it came instead, all this critical race theory. All this you know: hey Are changing everything about America this all the trump plan this isn't actually happening. This is ginning up white people ever let him said here. It is a fact- and this idea of critical raised there too tired to spend some time reporting in this county Virginia about an hour outside of Washington and until your point this is thing that is mobilizing people and resonating very deeply, it was about a hundred decree day, dozens and dozens and dozens of parents, mostly white, and this largely affluent county, shut up to a school board meeting for money from the very first Cooper, meaning they ever attended specific
Because of this one issue, that support is noted that the image and critical re sterical terms- this is a parent led backlash at the grassroots level, is manufactured, know about ten and then started the like. The decision has been lifted. I was late. I disagree make it started, because
parents, I've had it with the education bureaucracy after covert are fed up with it. They tend to trust Democrats when it comes to education funding, but they trust Republicans on education, accountability. I think that what the backlash you're seeing on critical raised there in schools is another example of parents trying to hold educators count its coordinated. Its aggressive is intentional right is, is this is part of the travellers imply? The critical race theory is is yet another tool in the end of racial tribal, Boogie Man's toolbox to drive and inflamed tribalism, which Republicans think things help them in an election. This is this. Is this is Trop to point out? How much is it is? This is a continuation of this right. Critical race theory is isn't our case out of ideal wise. It fronts and right now the same reasoning which Mcconnell attack Stacy Abrams when she came out and afford affordable for devoting bill. It is racial, it is tribalism we ve seen it grow under Trump, and this is part and parcel of it, and I think this helps ignite their base. That is in no way. This is not grass root and branch, and no, this is organised, is being pay for
Why? I suppose they also argument phaser point that at any time do they I'm up with an argument they weren't making. Fifty ago. Is that Is this at any point? Do they want your new point, one new argument? What are no change how do you mean there's totally new argument? nickel race theory is an arc Hain idea His not really it's not doesn't exist. All these white people are being jined by the GEO P we're talking about politics is about anything real. It's not really! It's it's interesting, because if you look at all of the materials that have been on earth by people like Chris, through foe and having go back to you. Don't look James Linsey, you talk to couple years ago, covering a lot of stuff is: flowing through academics first and has now gone to all all elements of society. Remember p
or going to work and live in a fast food, restaurants and learning about critical race theory, and we know that only because brave people have decide. It to two on earth this agenda and said no, no, not at all interesting to is that wooden without covered likely, We wouldn't know half of the south that we know now. The real one of the reasons why this happened is because people were at home taking these seminars instead of at work, where they couldn't comfortably film or record all of the materials and send them to reporters who were care about this stuff inside They were home and they were on zoom calls and they were able to get a lot of this material and send it to people who were able. to bring it to America's attention, and we see this tough going into schools. We ve seen it in Texas GLUT, major controversies in Texas, where
Families are pointing out this incredible. What I would call nothing, but racism against a differ. Groups, then than has previously been the victims of it, but the bottom line is it still racism, it's still judging people by the color of their skin and that's all is, is supposed to be what were avoiding. This is being taught two teenagers, two kids in schools all over the country and if we don't set up and do something about it, it will become the norm and Yes, it is, it is absolutely parent student, let it is they need that we have hit critical race. very critical is the key word. Whenever anything is critical, it's usually a marxist study, but in This case it is critical. Medical attention needs to be paid right now. this is so important to the left,
if this fails, if we succeed in getting this squashed, and exposed, because unless you expose it, unless People know what it is and there's inquire what judge arcane theory, it's an archive really it's being taught at Harvard its being there. started at Harvard, and it is a an arcane legal idea, but it's not just legal it there? The v of the people who actually came up with critical race theory talk about it. As a movement a Nicole Movement, So it may have started out at Harvard LAW School, but that's not what it is today, a courting. founders of critical race theory, the people who designed it.
they know. This is a way to destroy everything that is America does straw. Yet they know it and it's very interesting to me that our President, Barack Obama, is on the stump again try me too? I'm sorry just told Joe Biden is our present? No, that's not true. Barack Obama still are President Barack Obama is the one in his team. I mean he said. Eighty percent of his team is the one are there at the White House and Joe Biden is finishing the job. Started so that's. Why he's out on the trail? And that's? Why he's trying to say to you this critical race? Theory? There's nothing to it! You you and lie to us about this one. This is in health care.
Yeah, you know you're all my gosh you're gonna save so much money. The average families gonna save so much money that didn't happen. Did it didn't happen? Did it you're gonna be able keep your doctor if you'll love your doktor didn't happen did it well, we had to project in the future, and it came down to Hooty Trust in Morocco. Burma is so like a bully. So great this one. We have evidence ouch over are experiencing it right now. You here anyone say this isn't a big deal. They are either come completely out of touch or they are lying to you, the poor. ass is circling the wagons around critical race theory, because They know it is critical for their plan to go through if they can't it finished. Indoctrination of the
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Did you see the ruling from the I mean you wanna talk about sexy, sexy talk here, the part material in Congress and Senate. and what they said about the budget, reconciliation, well, I mean you're, almost two enticing. I don't know if I can handle this, sir, How can I parliamentarians and buck budget reconciliation talk all man that is hot? Well, can I nature is having. Let me let me unbutton another button on the sugar alone. Ms Mcdonald, you She, add the she wrote, the appeal and from the Senate for for the Senate and Chuck. Tumor said this away for us too, to pass All of these things that we want- and she said no its, not he said. Oh, yes, it is, and she said no its not, and he said yes, yes, yes, she said no stop being so
bad boy, apparently she has ruled that they can't stuff everything into reconciliation, acts which means they're gonna have to pass a giant bill. They'll never get past they'll, never get past and they cause it needs a corporate tax increase MIA. They need sixty vote. Yes They can't lose a single vote in the Senate. And no more than four defections out of their two hundred and twenty member caucus in the house, gay, that's for reconciliation and what they were right right corps. For tax increases in restructuring individual tax rate increases for high income earners, the repeal of the cap. State local income tax deduction community college Free universal preschool making permanent, Obama care subsidies making per
the child tax credit expire funding for home and community based services, prescription, pray, negotiation expansion. Of Medicare, green energy incentives and traditional infrastructure, roads, bridges, etc, etc. So they would have to, according to the pirates parliamentarian you're going have to put all those things into a bill and you're gonna have go through the regular legislative process. You can't do it through reconciliation. That's never gonna happen this, german at third there's no way that they have no chance of getting sixty votes for that type of package. this has been one of their big negotiation points, which is to say. Oh I don't wanna two trillion dollar infrastructure package: ok, we'll make it a six trillion dollar package and we'll just jam it through insect reconciliation that there was a way of trying to threaten Republicans to come along to their other package, and certainly most of them wanted to just go ahead with it. If there are getting
push back now and there can be little gem that, through with fifty votes, there's no chance, it occurs and you know Chucks humor says: oh yes, oh yes, there is an. She again is like be in such a bad boy chuck, you can do it and if he decides to go through it, it will be nuclear option never been done before they have to vote against the parliamentarian to be able to say, she's a bad girl. She wanted to be disciplined and I don't think it's gonna happen, how's, that for sex and lies ass. Mister Glenarm back programme only talk to you, but about stews experience at american financing. You have got worked american financing a couple times the first time I watched them for alone for house, and they basically said
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hello? America? Welcome to the lead that programme I have to share with you some. I think some disturbing news, but news that you need to be aware of its the national strategy for countering domestic terrorism. What is it whose involved? What does it mean to you? What it means to you, an awful lot of trouble coming your way if everybody is really really smart and we don't stand up now, it's only gonna get harder to stand up and speak out. We'll tell you about that, and the FBI eyes apparent involvement in January six. What
Lend Green Walled will explain in sixty seconds standby programme. So is there on your writing? Lawnmower rolling slowly along looking at over the vast plains that seem to stretch out forever could swear. This yard was getting bigger every year. overhead, the sun beats down in your head like a hammer. It affords off in the distance near that weird arabian music, though, is plain movies. When summons in a desert, you dont know honour thing: was that next door, TED Wizzes by on his hustler terms, zero turn langmore. He just finished his long. Smile on his face is a smile of a man whose headed inside for water and air conditioning, time to check out hustlers new twenty twenty one raptor series, four homeowners with less than three acres do yours of a favor
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and quite honestly still does hate the FBI because they were the ones that were in lifting this this racism on all of us. They were making sure that these racist laws were keeping the and down well now it seems Democrats seven. Percent of them love the FBI. Fifty five percent of Republicans don't now Why is that? Because we used to love the FBI, we don't trust them anymore. We don't trust the F yeah. I because too many things are going on and on when the trust of the FBI is being lost. Democrats who hate supposedly oppression, big government law enforcement, they love the FBI the IRS only fit three percent have a positive view
of the IRS fifty percent of Republicans damn near seventy percent of Democrats, sick the eight percent. I can't just ass, you are non political who had a pause whose, like you know what I really like, you know I really those iris agents, they are so great. I just they are I anyway, I've had several of whom over for dinner, you know after after you know my anal probe that they did. I thought you know you guys are so great. Why did you come on over for dinner? Who as that the EPA. Sixty six percent of Democrats love the Ba fifty two percent of Republicans, the CIA. Sixty percent of public in sixty nine percent of the Democrats, all of these things are going up with Democrats I thought you didn't like the big state. I thought I thought it
I thought it was coming from the marxist side that the CIA created AIDS. certainly came from Russia. so. Why is it that everybody on the left, is loving them. So much because they have fallen into the clutches of the left, And no matter what anybody says, the love, the left loves the big state communism, socialism MA. Marxism. They love state. So now, when someone comes out and says, hey hang on just a second, why the FBI involved at all, in January. Sixth,. the media, immediately goes into full spin mode, protecting the FBI and talking to people like John Brennan, who is so very credible about
is a possibility that the FBI, I was involved? Well, let's take it from where let me take it from Glenn, Greenwood users all the things that Glenn Greenwell pointed out on this, this report that came out from the revolver NEWS, the origin, report, says Glenn Greenwell, Publish Whereby Revolver NEWS and then amplified by Fox NEWS is Tucker. Karlsson documented ample evidence of FBI infiltration of the three key groups at the scent of the January. Sixty investigation, the oath keepers, the proud boys, the three presenters per centres noted how many alleged riot leaders from these groups have not yet been indicted, while low level protesters have been aggressively charged with major felonies and held without bail men
of the alleged blot leaders have thus far been shielded from charges. So the the question is why if those three but oath keepers proud boys and the three per centres, why weren't the leaders of those groups charge. Why we're just the low hanging fruit? Why were they the only ones God indicted. If it was something that was coming from these organizations. Officially Glenn Greenwell, says the implications of these facts are obvious. It seems extremely likely that the FBI had numerous ways to know of any organise plots regard The January six riot Justin, as the U S, intelligence community by its own admission, had ample advice. And clues to the nine eleven attack, but, according to their excuse, tragically failed to connect. The dots There is no doubt that the FBI,
as infiltrated at least some, if not all, of these groups, which it has warning about for years that they pose the grave national security threat with informants and or under cover FBI agents. It is known that the prow boy leaders Enrique Tomorrow, has served as an FBI informant in the past, and that is did twenty twenty blood by the three per centres the net? where's, it tried to kidnap Governor Gretchen, Whittemore was Egypt and driven by what the Wall Street Journal reported, we're FBI cover agents and confidential informants. What would be shocking and strange, is not the FBI, had invent invented, informants and other infiltrators into the group's planning? The January six capital riot, what we
it be shocking and strange, bizarre and inexplicable, is if the FBI, did not have those groups under trite control and yet suggestion that the FBI informants may have played some role in the planning of the jail? where he six riot, was instantly the did as something akin to the nine eleven truth: authors, the covert lab, leak theory which turns out to be true, the CIA role in the assassination of J F K. This action is partly confounding. Given how often the F b I did, it exactly this during the first war on terror and how come one place. Discussions of this tactic were in the main stream liberal circle circles over the last decade, I reported: Reading the Glen Green Walled on cow was cases for the guard. and the intercept where the FBI
targeted some young american Muslims, they viewed as easily manipulated duty, Financial distress, emotional problems or both and then deplore informants, an undercover agents to dupe them into a guy. During the joint text. is plots that that had been creek it is designed and funded by the FBI, itself? Only then to congratulate themselves were breaking up. The plot, which they themselves initiated as asked in one headline about this particularly agreed just entrapment case? Why does FBI have to manufacture its own plots if terrorism and ISIS are such grave threats mm their Jones even published? He says an outstanding. Lengthy investigation by Reporter entitled the IMF, the formations which ass, F B, I d
why has built a national or a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack, but they are buying sting terrorists blots or are they leading them. he goes on to show story after short story, where the FBI was getting in two groups or creating groups and then target, in the most vulnerable, the vet, the lowest on the ladder and then involving them in some sort of a plot and then arresting if this it's true- and this is pattern which he says it is then the FBI, Why? Wouldn't they be doing that in the January sixth attack on the capital- and there are several things that say that something is wrong here, for instance, there thousands of ours of a videotape of surveillance.
Why was the sir? Why of the surveillance tapes not been released? Now you could days, because it shows some good things, but they would. point out that it might show that the FBI I or the local police were actually letting some of these people in also We know that the that parlor alerted the F B, I d Before saying that there is something going on four January six. Why? the FBI, move on that now there talking about how the unindicted co conspirators- and this is the argument that is going back and forth. with the media there at the unindicted co conspirators are FBI, agents or maybe they're, not FBI agents, we don't know yadda yadda, yadda, yadda yadda and they're saying this is destroying the point:
Tucker Carlsson and the revolver and go and Green Walled, But he says: wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. It doesn't refer to FBI informants or operatives as unindicted co, conspirators that it does. usually referred to FBI informants like that, however, numerous references to person, one or person to could very well indeed, the case of the FBI, directed plot to kidnap Governor Whitman, Whittemore could this them. This way in the way more Casey was C h s, one c h s too complex, actual human source. That's how the EP I informants drove the plot to govern too a kidnap, Governor Whittemore. that's how they were referenced. These are common active X, says, glean Glenn Green Walled. they use to who
reference the acts of their own informants, without revealing their identity. Now he says, even if all of that doesn't play a role. He says: there's a bigger question that has to be answered, And nobody seems to be asking this. How is it remotely credible? The f b? I did not have informants in these three groups that they ve been identifying as major threats for years, especially given the reporting that the leader of the our boys can be ITALY arrested the day before January. Six was b I informed in the past, along with a gun, firm reporting that the FBI had multiple informants in Michigan three per centres case. So if this so crazy and the ep I was taken by surprise? Why they ve been saying this is so dangerous, but they haven't. They
have any informants inside are the low level protesters being charged with major crimes, while the alleged organizers of this riot and the leaders of these groups have not been charged are the enormous amounts of video surveillance footage from January? Stick six still being held? What have into the alleged planting of pipe bombs near the capital. Why did FBI not take more aggressive action. Given the once denied but now confirm fact, social media platform parlor sent the FBI advanced warnings of specific blots the use of violence at the capital. So if the F B, I had all of this information and did nothing. That's really important that we find out. Why Is it another intelligence, the failure? I thought we corrected that with nine eleven. Why did this happen? Why
did there? Why were they informed and not do anything Why did they say this was such a great? These three groups are grave grave problems, but they didn't have any intel on them. Those things don't make sense and they could just be. that the FBI sucks. It could also be There's something else going on and I'll give you story on that which came from the White House last week. in sixty seconds. It is time for you to put your house on the market to buy a new house or to do both things. the same time, a good estate agent can be your best friend man, a bat one or even a mediocre one could be your worst enemy, then because real estate work is serious business, it's not a game. You have allowed
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is the real estate agent that you can trust real estate. agents, I trust dot com. Go there now ten seconds station. I do welcome to the Glenda programme. Still yours saying Ok, what's the word how'd, you summarised the accusation here from Yo Glenn Green Walden, Tucker Karlsson, it like it is the idea that essentially the F B, I d had informants and they tried to dupe level people into starting. This attack like book ass, he insinuates kind of with the islamic terrorism cases in the past. and then it they
allowed the the generous six thing to happen without preparing it to bust low level? Members of these groups like what what what's that what's working. So here I would say that that is the working theory. I'm not saying that! That's a true theory, I don't know, but there's enough questions to be asked now because some things just don't make sense, and they do allegedly accord Glenn Green Walled in others. They. have done this with low level Muslims, and and and and people they they deemed easy. king right, and so they ve done it before Did it with great Gretchen Gretchen Wit Meyer, where they were involved in the planning of the kidnapping, etc, etc, and so it's kind of the chicken in the egg, which one came first, the FBI come in and plant these seeds
or did the FBI come in and just watch it in play along and then grab them. Knowing already doing that, it seems to me a notable difference between these situations is that the attack happened right like me right occurred, wearily if you're gonna going to dupe in some low level muslim terrorist into a fake terrorist attack. You don't actually blow up the building at the end right in here, like theirs, is to take over the capital that was planned by some of them, and then they didn't actually put they this plan to stop in Harare Way, so that Are they all the actual we know riot occurred, so the So the the accusation there is. Is it s not even accusation? It's a question sure is there is an element of the FBI that want it. this to happen. allowed this to happen
to be able to come up with more. You know a new pay tree to write a new war on terror. That's the quest That has to be answered through the answering of the other questions. Like if this was the biggest threat and you guy said it those three organizations if they were such a threat, why did you stop it. Why did it happen? You had informants there you had to have, and if you didn't why didn't you they should have had his own. Their pressure, they should of an AIDS, its unreasonable to think that they didn't banned. If you were informed by parlor, why didn't you stop it? Is there a new war on terror? And the answer is it kind of looks kind of looks like it now I dont about the FBI connection, but that's the the White House is moving
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It is something that is some sort of national level assessment on the threat posed. Anna prescription of how to deal with this domestic terror threat. This was written by White House people, this is not inter agency. This is this truly, I believe, a political paper in therein action. defines what they're going after debates. Terrorism is not a new threat to the United States. It has over centuries, taken many american lives and spill Much american blood, especial communities deliberately and viciously target targeted on the basis of hatred and bigotry. were the civil war. In after, for example, the coup Alex Clan waged a campaign of terror to intimidate black voters and their white supporters and or per deprived them of political power killing and injuring untold
where's of Americans, the clan other white supremacist continued to terrorize, black Americans and other minorities in the decades that followed, In recent years we have seen a resurgence of this and related threats in one horrific incident after another, the shooting killing of twenty three people? Let a retail store in El Paso the vehicle. the killing of a peaceful protest or in Charlottesville the shooting and killing of re people at a garlic festival in Gilroy the arts, committed at a mosque in Victoria Texas, the appalling rise in violence and xenophobia directed against Asian Americans and the sea. Urgent, Anti Semitism and more you'll? Never guess who bears all the responsibility for those things and by way? What happened to all of the law? all the shootings and everything else that happen over the summer? Sis mysteriously gone in this domestic
the text of the United States have also been committed. Frequently by opposing our government institutions and ninety nine by the largest single act of domestic tearing. U S, history and anti government, violent extremists, detonated a bomb at the Alfred Moreau Building in Oklahoma City killing a hundred and sixty eight, including nineteen children and injuring hundreds of others. In twenty, Sixteen and anti authority violent extremists ambush shot and killed five police officers in Dallas. You know it's really weird that said a a Lamb rally, but you find anything. At White House, DOT Gov. That is less then positive of b, a lamb. In twenty seventeen alone, gunman wounded for people at a congressional baseball practice, alone, gunman. Yes, he was alone, but it was politically motivated. He as a
Bernie Sanders Marxist support, her mother ago January, six, twenty twenty one Americans witnessed an unprecedented attack. Nay, its core institution of our democracy. The? U S, Congress It's not really unprecedented. In the nineteen eightys, there was a bombing of Congress on by leftist, but why? Why quibble over aspects of this? so they talked about how the Department of Justice historically created in immediately focused on prosecuting and convicting hundreds of as members in connection with their vicious campaign of domestic terrorism. Yes, it was a rip, public in Congress and republican ministrations that did that it was the Democrats that later came in and undid all those things in the nineteen eighties joint terrorism task forces now, a nationwide state, staple of federal state, local tribal and territorial law enforcement cooperation against
All forms of terrorism were created acts of my information sharing and address the full range of terrorist threats, both them again international, while d dick terrorism, routes and elements of our response. Maybe long standing domestic terrorism is persistent. And evolving. According to the? U S: intelligence, community and law enforcement, elevated in the threat that it now proposes. That's why this national strategy for countering domestic terrorism, provides an overarching approach to addressing, days manifestation of domestic terrorism threat as well as the evolving forms that the threats may take in the years ahead. Let me just skip to page eleven here. If I can, I think this paragraph is is really interesting their approach to to address domestic terrorism
We will build a community to address domestic terrorism that extends not only across the federal government but all so to the government's critical partners that includes state local tribal. and territorial governments. Ok, as well as foreign allies, okay and part. nurse in civil society the technology sector. Wait a minute, academia and more stick terrorism and factors that contribute to pose a challenge best tackled by us interlocking communities. They can contribute information, expertise, analysis and more to addressing this multi faceted threat ok with the right orientation and partnerships, the federal government can energize connect and empower those communities? Communed he's whose input was critical to the formulation of this
refugee itself. So did you talk to the people in tech? Did you did you talk to Facebook? This in Google cause? That's what that's it is here. Did you go to academia and say hey? Can you report on this than the students that are better Maybe concerning you that they're? Not all for this. You know this. evolution of of Marxism in Erika is out there focus specifically on violence and factors that contribute to it while risk acting civil rights, civil liberties and privacy protections. Ah, oh ok, all right so they're gonna, somehow or another uphold the bill of rights while violating the bill of rights. Okay. Well, they
recognize them and maximize the positive benefits of modern community communications technology such the internet- Ah war sounds great: two: doesn't it they have four pillars on this. They need to get either the information. And enhance the the way the government can gather information and do some research and analysis on those things then improve? the information sharing across all levels within and as well outside of the federal government with their tech and academia, partners, then they're, going to illuminate Trans national aspects of domestic terrorism. While I would have been nice if we would have had that, while we're dealing with muslim extremism in that event, they're gonna
strengthen domestic terrorism, prevention resources and services. Well, with their international partners and their internet partners? That's just not going to be hard to to prevent domestic terrorism. I mean the FBI did such a great job on January, so the night, what could possibly Go wrong here. They are also getting started to go after voices that they say are. Online terrorists now I know what a terrorist is still or you pretty. Here that you know what a terrorist is I would say do know, but my guess is: I have a different definition than maybe some others. Guess is that to recruiting Mobilizing individuals to domestic terror occurs in many settings both in personnel online, and these
activities are happening on internet based communications, floating social media online gaming platforms, file, up load sites and end to end encrypted chat platforms, even as those products and services, frequently offer other important benefits: the wives At availability of domestic terrorist recruitment material online is a national security threat whose front lines overwhelmingly private set, you're online platforms, and we are committed to informing more effectively escalating efforts by these platforms to secure, though whose front lines ah well, that's great and they're gonna do that, while ensuring your right to free speech. This is this is the beginning of a trap.
also a beginning of a fundamentally different America, one that the feds Government believes that it can partner with social media and Google and gather information on you and all those that talk to you, for instance. Who has been putting together a an algorithm that shows those be well who disagree with critical race theory, and if you disagree with it, are you say something derogatory about? Well, then, your name is put on the list, but also all those that follow you, because you may have infected them. There are no secrets anymore. And the only ones that have secrets that are protected or those that are in power.
And they are using our social media and our connections with each other and their new twisted view of what Stream IST is an extremists. Today is somebody who says you know the June: in thing it's fine, it's a great holiday, I'm in Texas. I liked the holiday but it's not a replacement for July. Fourth, and what have and over the weekend was insulting. and sows so sub American. If that's what you want to do this, a bright freedom. I'm sorry when a stick to my hot dog in fireworks on July. Fourth, it's disgusting that doesn't denigrate the meaning behind June teens, the Texas put in a long time ago, so great holiday, but it's not the fourth of July. That makes you
extremist today that makes you an extremist and so your listening to this broadcast. Now, if you'll have Alexa They know your listening to this broadcast now. If you're on line listening to us, they know your listening to it. If you comment on anything that I ever post or comment, referring to any of the things we talked about? Your also on a list. But they're going to ensure your right to free speech, aha, aha, by the way, while the president was off at the G7 summit. Doing only God knows what. You know besides embarrassing us, while Was it the G7 summit, the White House also released little hotline now this is the third time. it's been tried and oh times. Americans have stood up against it
it went away this I don't think it's going to end. Will American stand against it the the new little hot line is to report. Neighbours and family than you think be extremists. Now, how many of us have a family member, who hates our gots or we hate their guts, I hope to God not that this person is so dangerous. This person is just dangerous. How many people look at their family members who are trumped supporters and say there off their rocker their insane there. On the road to domestics, stream ism. I can guarantee a lot now. The federal government is asking you to turn. in your family members and your neighbors. This
is not american This is what happened in EAST Germany and it must be stopped. You speaking out You must speak out and for God, God help us. We cannot turn each other in. or we will lose everything. It means to be a ok. sponsor this half hour is lifelong. According to a recent study, three hundred and thirty million people across ten countries have been victims of cybercrime. In just the past twelve months. Oh, The fifty five million have actually had their identity stolen or This cost you the victim money, but who takes up a lot of time. Cybercrime, victims collectively spent almost two and a half billion hours trying to resolve their issues now
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look at ten more on the new strategy by the White House for domestic terror in coming days. But I just wanted to give you outline just a couple of things that that document includes identify anyone who has a position of trust within the federal workforce and ruining them out if their ideology is, is deemed unfit finding novel approaches for prohibiting militia activity taking. assault weapons being firearms out of dangerous hands. Monitoring controlling online communications and speech that be considered incitement, countering misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories. That is what the White House is planning on, doing How does the republic survive with an administration that believes they have the power to do those things? Are you?
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it's too late act, go to prepare, we Glenn dot com, that's prepare! We Glenn dot com, entertainment, the klondiker.
Hello, America welcome to the club Med programme. We have a large yet in this final, our to go over we're gonna go over the real news about about crime and what's happening in Amerika. I know I know the abiding ministration said this all his crime, all these murders goin up, it's really the police's. All! Oh, isn't. The belief is its. Therefore, the police officers who had seen that one coming from the left. We have the true on those statistics coming up also just another reason to love our vice president. Oh and this one is a special present to the left. We begin and sixty seconds programme.
American financing is a place that I have talked many times about for several years and in fact it is an organisation that stew has used several times when, when he's too to do this kind of Joe Biden schemes and there I know Joe Biden Junior, I don't think we can help you on that guide on any of the last afforded by evidence. I just wanna make sure that's clear on there. yeah. I know- and I was just selling art. What do you mean? So the goal, but the five hundred thousand dollar piece of job Viner or hundred by not ended up in the oval office. What what he's just a ukrainian gas man. That's all yours. You loved her anyway, so? You had these these schemes of trying to do guys come the wrong word. Yeah yeah! I would say that is the wrong one. Wanted. An unconventional loan is what I would say.
one that maybe wasn't recommended by all the experts and so on, that too american financing, I said, maybe this is what I don't you If you really want that type of loan, you might want to go with somebody else. They actually said go ahead. You now take it out, but he was now. I will say: take it if you pay pay, if the big what Cadillac shows up in your front. Yard needs like at least, are they gonna, throw global loans for you, you take that one then take them and at the end of the collie saw, if you, if you're, ok with it, lets, let's never acknowledge. We talked- and I thought that was a weird weight and the call for about a lot of financing another house after this with them in, and they gave me a great deal. I couldn't find anything like it anywhere else said Sub magazine. Talk on the stupid show every day they do this from people all over the country and we ve heard so many people in our audience get deals like this from can financing, because they treat it like an adult which is nice and
They also don't work for the banks. They work for you to go to american financing, dot net american financing, dot net, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american announcing Nl Us one, eight do through three for that w W that animal, less consumer access, dot, org here? It is summer time. What do you get pile into the station wagon with your whole family the days of shhh, buggy and he's he's touching me, I looked back in those days like they'll, never return which they won't Why was the those with glory days just went on me just a little John to drive to a cousin wedding or a nephews wedding.
and I brought the kids like us and then we thought, wouldn't it be nice since work, to be in Wyoming anyway to drive back, and go through the park I mean when was the last time we went to Yellowstone answer everybody else in the family, never me Back in the eighties scene, it it's nice, Let's move on with our lives, but. I would have been a little more forceful had. I realized, oh things have changed since the nineteen eightys. I know her to believe. First of all, first question for the entire state of Wyoming, weird you buy milk gum or gas. I went three hundred miles without seeing anything safety tip.
When you see a gas station and you're going into Wyoming, stop even put the x guess, into your pants pockets if you have to because it's gonna be long live time before you see anything resembling a gas station. It was, I don't know we were about three, red miles into it, and the truck was like. I'm not gonna make it much longer and we see this this. This is big scientists, as gas doesn't say, a brand which should have been our first tip just rising over the rise and just as gas well earths can tip off. Should it should have been that had just said gap because the S was broken out when we got to the guy station. There was no gas org ass or station? There was nothing but a sign now
Wade through several towns of about all thriving metropolises of thirty people. And I wanted to knock on the door and say where do you your milk. Are you hiding these stores just over the next tail off of the highway, because I know you have to go to a store every he's gotta get something: you're not drive and three hundred miles. This is something to keep tourist out of your state, and I respect you for that. However, for those of us just traveling, but could you throw in a gas station from time to time? So we go through probably why, of the more ugly parts of of Wyoming, which is the sub in part of why arming it looks like you landed on the moon, if you didn't have the lovely view of space and ass, a word driving we're drive
through the beautiful just bureau parts on the way out almost I mean there giant signs. That said dear crossing, cow crossing antelope, caught crossing when they say you know where the dear and the antelope run, they mean run. Ok, and if you are driving your car, you should probably stop. I'm just saying you should probably stop because they look at you. and they'll, see your car going one direction and then the going and other direction, but for some strange reason, the minute they see you there like I've, got across the road spent. so it's like a little sport that you play all the way you're gonna the wheel death, which one or how many of us in this car are going to die because we ve just hit a moose, so we're we're driving. We do get gas from this.
From this very strange gas station, the guy was working inside you himself self is midnight. I said hello midnight, it's good to see you. The first person I've seen in what seems like days. He was very delightful and unhelpful, but somebody had just brought a truck load of bee hives through the gas station and Apparently they were kind of shimmy hang out, or at least the tops were so the guy pumps, those that worked we're swarming with bees. Now this It has been the the indicator that we should turn around and go home in order mean, does not go but instead I got in, and I said, hey gives it the Griswold family vacation little did. I know how true that would become so we go to Sheridan, which is this beautiful, great town. in writing. North eastern-
why arming I dont know I didn't look at a map. I just listen to the lady gonna turn here at your nearest gimme as turn around but add what are you thinking you miss the turn, so I didn't really look at a map, so I don't know exactly where Sheridan is, but it was in a beautiful part by the bighorn mountains, which is tremendous. If you ever get a chance to go there go there when turret, when tell partition becomes the thing everybody's gonna go there they're gonna love it but who so we went there? We state a couple of days had a wonderful time, great wedding, blah blah blah. We Oh by the way did I tell you, I was travelling with my son, my daughter, my my nephew. And five of my sons. Friends,
so we get back into the car at six o clock in the morning and the team just do what teenagers now do, which is either just zone. everybody out and there on their computer or you're lucky enough to be in a place where there is no communication gap, stations or people they sleep and you know mom and dad are in the front going you guys should wake up. This is quite amazing. Scenery they all want to do now. I get to sleep because I want to. I want to see the park. Ok, so we go to the park. Will first of all, the reason why it says that it takes you like two and a half hours longer than going around the park, which is of a big wade. All the way around the park. Regionalize his it takes about two hours is because, Little did. I know the speed limit their with own.
for roads. it's just one lane each direction, for hundreds of miles the speed limit. There is thirty five miles an hour and were very, very clear and for those people who didn't go thirty five miles an hour because they were looking for, follow or bear some middle today, you're not gonna, see them, maybe a buffalo because they don't care they're out. The time they eat and if you get close enough with your camera veil, Will you and I was actually rooting for the Buffalo several times so everybody's parked on the sides of the road, and it's just it's really convenient. And we decided we're gonna go the extra long way, because you can't be this close and not see old, faithful. Let me just tell you this.
If you are ever with somebody in their your guide and they say you're, this close, you have to see of old, faithful, kill them. I dont say dismiss them, I say: kill them, it will be better without them in your life. I don't care who said it. Could your husband could be your wife, kill them, in this case it would have been me because I've seen old, faithful before and I My wife and I said it's nineteen miles away, translation an hour, and it's really cool, because you know you gotta see the largest. You know log structure in the world which get over it. And you get to see something smells like dirty farts going up in the air. You know honoured or so feet and happens every ninety minutes and it's really exciting gee. I hope we didn't miss it, which we just did.
So we we go off and end. It takes us an hour to get there and then parking which you couldn't park. The only place we could park was in the gas station which was leniently located, thank God in the park, and I don't really call it parking, I call it more of filling your tank, so they put a bunch of gas stations around old, faithful, more people could see it, but I'm sure. If that's true, because there were about ten thousand people there now engine age in the form of a Disney park in August, when they shut down the park, because there's already too many people It's around noon now think of the line without a fast pass go to space mountain except it's not space mountain. It's just the bathroom or the frickin gift shop
I stood in line at a gift shop and I thank the Lord Jesus and all of the holy family. That I mean, a woman with enough sense that well was standing in the line for the gift shop to get in have a gift shop, let alone the line inside and God forbid. The line at the stupid cashier where you're buying crap you don't want. You'll never use the kids will probably break it or lose it by the time you get home, but you have that Eight memory of standing like an hour and a half in line by that thing that never see again. The joy of that. So you're in line for space, mountain except space. Mountain is the gift shop and outside, without any shade hand, and there's no happy music.
There's no line, distractions or line control is just people out in the middle of a break in forest. Where to buy some crap, there was made in China. That makes you feel all american we didn't get it. chance to see old, faithful because it had blown. Just before we got to the gas station where we were temporarily parking, our cars and thereabout ten thousand people around it. The traffic getting out of that. Well,. park death camp. Whatever you want to call, it was asked, is delightful just as delightful, but there s no word ended, that's our. It ended I'll. Tell you about a little bit more of it in just a second personally
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from the standing rock ranch in in Beautiful Idaho welcome to the Glen Back Programme. I want to thank our new sponsor fifteen forty k extra yell in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, my mom was from Cedar rapids. I don't know where she lived. I've never been there, but she always spoke highly of it. and so we have that connection here. I think if you just listen to the show for the first time just know we're gonna hate. It hate me for awhile, don't know inside and you'll start to really appreciate it. I'm just saying you're, probably end up analysed, welcome to the programme fifteen. Forty k Ex hell in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, So still have you ever been to. Two yellowstone the Congo, and now I know I never will. When recommended, I wouldn't recommend it
because I was pulling out, and so my kids were upset that you know they were even on a trip and then They didn't get to see old, faithful and it's hot and their hungry and their tired and they don't have any self cell phone service. So at this point, your begging you Looking for a bear to come in and eat you or the family, preferably all of us just eat us. You know. They're only signed stay away from bears, I'm like, if I see one I'm running directly into his mouth, so you got that goin work for you and then You have that thing that happens with married couples. You know, if you're very, very fortunate to wear your wife is mad at you, but you have no idea why and incur probably stems around. You were the one that got up and said: hey. We should leave early
and let's make this road trip. And then it's not everything that one ever promised. Although it exactly what I promised. So you got that extra genocide, clock happening with you and your wife. Witches It's such a terror my way opportunity to, because if you have just shown up a little earlier, you would have been able to see water go into the sky. Imagine how great cited really is you know, I recommend if you're anybody in your family says: hey, let's go to Yellowstone, sealed, faithful, here's. What I want you to do As you know, you get to see the animals and you get a you, get the whole experience of the outdoors and old, faithful and everything else. That's what you do. I want you to go. Take your kids! You go into convenience, store! You buy a car, a pack of camel cigarettes,
you you take one out, you lighted up and you inhale it and then you hold it there. You hold it in your lungs, then you just throw the cigarette down on the ground or whatever any open up a bottle of water. You then, while you're, still holding the smoking your lungs, you fill your mouth full of water, and as you spit that at your children the smoke comes out with it. I want you to release the biggest most noxious gas FARC. You can come up with then through. pack of camels at the kids. They have the animal experience I've seen this water in the smoke and they smell the sulphur witches, oh, my god, I go to a park and that's what I want to see is the sulphur you got all that, oh, but by the way, then you have to stand in line,
to pay for some over overpriced crap that nobody really really wants scrape more when the gas hook, was that fund stopping at the gas station when you could find one stopping the gas station in and pay. just delightful prices in the part of the programme. Forest ranger. I grew up thinking forest rangers nice because of stinkin yogi Baron Bubu, that's a lie: Two anyway, if you haven't, joined a MAC three reasons. Why should have had over to a MAC? Em a sea dot? U S, slash back and join right now. First of all, they are the way forward, just leader in advocacy. Four conservatives now on multiple fronts, aim the Association of mature american citizens has participated in over a thousand personal meetings with congressional leaders.
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this is the Glenn Beck program. I want to play some audio here. On June, ninth of Father in Illinois went to a school board meeting and ranted about the use of critical race theory in schools. Now this is notable for a couple of reasons. One supposing critical race theory being taught to children, he must a black people. And to its
Go for him to be accused of hitting black people because he is black go here. It is all about me. They re still workers demand. Will you say the word? Look at your mind about reason. Message me thus critically that diversity is almost ready. Bearing will surely go back, so you say raised very you might imagine is given for bone. I think about rigorously rather crude. Why then, does indeed raising keel, soundly or kill somebody I hear me, man went on. Does all this when Craig to really explains how how can be applied. if he's got to medical degrees, is oppressing well well. They ve left, you know, did their best discredit him trying to pick a part. Educational history, which is interesting and predictable because you know they say this guy's been kept down by the white man. You I have to show that he has an accomplished anything and that puts
left into an awkward position of attempting to destroy the reputation of a black man. In order to keep their narrative that they are for that black, but it's a very awkward thing. But awkward really is what the left as good a really good at its true what they are absolutely not good at his protecting black lives. That does not seem to be an interest at all. For them they don't care about black lives like nine hundred and seventy third on their priority list, and that's behind money power I believe vacation homes depending on our well, and in June, teeth the holiday they had never heard of him just recently, but that's just so we're just evil conservative saying those things I mean you have to look at data and the data of course shows well too
very clear shows so there's a new study out not being talked about that much of the media from the social Science research network, its authored by Phd student economics at the University of Massachusetts, Elmhurst, Guy's name Travis Campbell, he decided to look at black lives matter as a movement and try to quantify how well. It actually did he studied meal em from its birth. In two thousand Thirteen to do that nineteen now, of course, this does not include does not include the a terrible race riots that went on last year and the violent nonsense that went around the entire country. But it looked at Situated none of that is included now manner that is included. Debt here was not included at all, so this is just from like the very beginnings of it and they basically looked at and they said, okay, we know
that some areas had lots of Bee Elam protests against police violence, and we know many did not. Will it be a lamb was a positive force in stopping police violence? Then you would speck that the areas with the protest would see that type of violence, go down right right It happened well before we answer. You should know that the author of this paper does not appear to be exactly a conservative in any way its name in it is the University of Massachusetts am Hearst. They might not be burning, which is any more in Massachusetts, but sale of as just a couple of hours away and I'm pretty sure conservatives are more flammable than witches cells, so he doesn't waiting now so did the Saudi did they find that the violent protests lead to a decrease, in officers committing homicides against civilians, yes or no, it actually did yes, but stay with me for a second here. This is it
from the study. Estimates suggest that senses places would be a limit. Protests experienced a fifteen to twenty percent decrease. police, homicides from two thousand fourteen two dozen nineteen about three hundred fewer police homicides This fall in lethal use of force fell over time. It became prominent when per just were large, are frequent soul as eyes, good right, yeah, exactly Morgan, Elam protests lead to less police. Homicides case closed right. Well. First of all, we have to examine the term police homicides for a second This is where you always go wrong and try to get the sticky tricky here. Ok, I will look into the term out. They define it. We ve seen so many tv shows with homicide in it that you just assume murder. When you hear the word homicide, but homicide is not. A murder is a word that gives the impression to the average person that you're talking about a murder or an unjust killing, but they leave
definition of homicide is the killing of a human being due to an act or omission of another. colluded among homicides are murder and manslaughter, but not all huh, sides are a crime, particularly when there is a lack of criminal intent. So the study- doesn't measure unjust uses of police force it measures. uses of force generally, some of which, most of which are tiredly justified, for example, one of the sources they use for the study is a database on police shootings in the Washington Post, which in eight nine hundred and ninety nine people were shot and killed by police and two thousand nineteen course of those A hundred and eighty nine people, it's important to note, because this context that only two hundred and fifty one were black. That's twenty five percent in that group of Black P, killed by police. David Anderson and Francine, Graham both black and both needlessly gun down by police,
immediately following their visit to a kosher store in Jersey City, where they killed, three people which fall their murder of a police officer who questioning their about another murder that was that occurred a week earlier, saw, I say the latter to divide yeah Mara. So it's true, bland police did kill two black people that day They were in the middle of an active shooters three, where they were targeting Jews in support of their Black Israel ideology so that one a ranking of yeah company, Ojo, yeah, yeah yeah. Why, However, I still stand by the study found, be Elam protest. associated with three hundred last deaths by police over six years, and yet ass yourselves. Do why why? Why did that happened? While there are several possibilities- and I will say, vocs actually covered some of this to their credit, they are one of the only ones who did it.
study they say first, what was the reason for the less less police, homicide, fewer police, homicides? First, served an increase in the use of body cameras and different types of community policing. It's possible that, in response to be ill in protest, police departments implemented reforms like my body, cameras that reduce still, he saw before use of force. Look me there's no one who benefit more from body cameras than the police themselves, because they actually are able to correct truth about what happened. But his voice there is not really convincing data that that would occur for the account for these differences. So the second mechanism- he's at civilians are becoming more wary of the police in the aftermath of these protests and the publicized of instances. Pulleys homicides. That could mean people call nine one one or less or engage with put police officers less on their own volition, which has the effect reducing billion police interactions and thereby fatal and actions as well. Ok are isolated,
so people are more scared of the police so there calling the police when they have when they have something new They are afraid that somebody's gonna get shot because you'll works, was just trying to bash her head in. That's all she and all he's trying to suggest that a knife pointed out in the end we ride. All of these rights are just. its having another, no fight Glenn. It's no big deal. Shore Jordan, any other reason bulgaria- and this, I think, is the more the one that connects of me the most. But finally, third mechanism is something called the Ferguson effect, the supposition that protests against police brutality, reduce officer, morale and effort. Due to the intensified scrutiny from the community and media, in other words, officer. Stop In their jobs as aggressively, this can lead to reduce, reduce arrests, especially for less serious crimes, like disorderly or marijuana possession.
so the police are tired of being hauled genocidal, maniac, so they're just not involved as much That's the third mechanism, which sounds delightful to select Take all of this at face value. Three andred last police homicides, but remember the overwhelming majority of these current quota homicides are justified so the police aren't around to take those people out. You don't want to get involved in nasty situation and how to those situations, play right like what, if the police aren't around to take out the evil criminals, what happens when the study looked into that too and what it found? I think, would shock most people, maybe not in this audience, but most people, their results, indicate that civilian homicides. Civilian homicides increased by ten percent following protests exceeding the fall in legal force due to the relative frequency. Wait, wait wait! So that says yes
hundred fewer people were killed by police, but a lot more but were killed by civilians, because the police were drought. Rock! Is that because I have that right? That's ok, that's great Yeah police shootings went down, but murders by civilians went up way up from this. From the study from two thousand for, Tina, two thousand nineteen, there were some between one thousand and six thousand more homicides than would have been expected. If places with power just run the same trend as places that did not have protests. Ok, but I just want to be sure I have this right three hundred homicides, which might van justified might not have been ok, let's just take all of We're just bad cops. Three hundred they trade the three hundred for anyway between one thousand and six thousand people being killed. Yes,
and that's how like a good deal, I thought I'd as it does get negotiation here, and we of course know because of the racial make up of these areas, that these one to six thousand additional people who were murdered, we're disproportion. Lee Black, do black lives matter. I'm I dont understand exactly I shooting shooting a unarmed black man whose completely innocent is obviously terrible, but true Every polices shooting save for somewhere between three and twenty murders of civilians is not exactly what I would call black lives. Mattering itself like something to reside in a lab by the K K K. No, no! no, no, no. This is unintended consequences. This is what happens when you just don't think things through and its unintended consequences. That's all I really don't. I don't think that's true Glenn and I will say no real, you don't you look at this and you say
The overwhelming majority of the police shootings are justified. putting people who were on active shooting sprays there, including in these numbers, and you train, for three to twenty times the amount of people that are dead vox sums, up the study and to their credit they It actually show some of these results about Belem, causing more black lives to end prematurely they included this bit, which I think after hearing, The details of the study sounds controversial. They say this. Just can do a lot. Can raise awareness, create solidarity or undermine existing relationships, change, public opinion, strengthen or weaken institutions and affect the outcome of elections but according to the study, be alone, protests also produce their intended effect I think that sounds knots right I mean, What do you mean by intended effect three to twenty times as many people were murdered than saved, and you say
produce their intended effect, but I think one think about it in context there right the be alive. Protests did produce their intended result. that their intended result yes had nothing to do with protecting black lives. It had to do exactly right. As you said, power money, New vacation homes as we all know. All of this come to the bee, Elam Founders and allies in record numbers trading. One criminal for twenty innocent people wasn't like that an per se, but it's like the cost of doing business. Sure people but hey actions were one donation, sport in real estate transactions were completed. So I'd. only agree. Bail and protest do produce their intended effect, but maybe it's bout time. We start questioning those intentions.
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to the United States. He did that Acadia National Park, the great smoky MAO. and the Virgin Islands he just bought, gave to us. But you know no big deal, but as I'm looking at this I can't find you know I can go to learn about the park and then it says news photos, multimedia history and culture, So I go to history and culture and can only find the cultural history, the the each cultural history that goes back ten thousand years can't really find anything about who took national park and made it a national park find out anything about. John D. Rockefeller Then he made significant contributions to our national parks and that's why
you know thousands of miles of road named after him and and exist, but I can't find any of that information permit website why
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