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'Justice Must Be Blind'? with Jonathan Haidt- 9/17/18

2018-09-17 | 🔗
Hour 1 The #MeToo era of Supreme Court justice confirmation?...bad timing...trust doesn't stand a chance when it's up against hysteria?...the Democrats will get their Hail Mary pass ...One of the worst Senators of all time? ...Happy Constitution Day!...does anyone care anymore?...getting things right with flawed men...check & balances and the brilliance of a living and breathing document ...that is being dismantled?...the cure to progressive-ism?   Hour 2  'The Coddling of the American Mind', with Author Jonathan Haidt...How good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure...social media has changed everything?...a generation of fragile snowflakes...'we did this to our kids'...over protection parenting (helicopter) began in the 90's...the decline of the American family as the end of Democracy nears? ...prepare your child for the road ahead and not the road for the child   Hour 3 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Spending $40 Trillion will save us money, but I Don't Know How? ...'Addicted To Outrage', Glenn's New book out tomorrow, Tuesday September 18th ...Glenn meets the only conservative living in California? ...Three hours on a tarmac with Stu Burguiere?...what's with the First Class 'curtain'...necessary vs. not necessary? ...Desperate for outrage...diversity and Ice Cream?...OK is now the symbol of hate? 

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The blaze radio network on demand back all the games that the Democrats play. Welcome to the me to era of Supreme Court justice. Confirmation laugh. Thursday, Senator Diane Feinstein, disclose the existence of a secret letter By an anonymous woman alleging that the Supreme Court nominee, bread, Cavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school back in the nineteen eighties, Now yesterday there was a major twist in this story. That everyone who follows left his strategy should have seen coming The anonymous woman has revealed herself, she is Christine Ford, thirty one year old research psychologist, add Palo Alto University in Northern California He works at a university.
She's also a register Democrat its donated to political organisations, but cheap key swears cheese swears is, has nothing to do with our coming forward. With this story, just as the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Cavenaugh now report Don of time for her to come out there, plenty of time for the Democrats to spill the beans. They decided no, no, no, it has to be the week of the vote Christine Ford. She spilled the exclusive beans to the Washington Post because they believe that Microsoft dies in darkness, and of course, if there is anything that Cavenaugh hopes to accomplish on the Supreme Court, it is murdering democracy. I believe I am so I want Donald Trump. I mean there's so much this is the time for him to have the twitchy. I just go unstable. This is the
right now I just want to go. You know what it is. I got one hears- judge: Nepal Autonoe. How do you like that? One. Ford, told the posts that, during a high school party, a drunk at Cavanaugh, pinned her to bed groped her, and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. She says quote: I thought he might inadvertently kill me he was trying to attack me and remove my clothing end quote now. We have to do things like this seriously, but at the last minute you had this for months, she's had an obviously her whole life, but vain had this for months. The Democrats hold on to it and do nothing until the weak until cab. I can no longer be asked any questions about it.
There is no indication that she reported such a harrowing attack to the police or her parents or anybody else at the time, Cavanaugh weekly denies. The accusations, the White House released a letter signed by sixty five women who say they went to the high school, with Cavenaugh. They vouch for his character, but I'm gonna matter, the Democrats, We'll get their circus this week come on. I Harrison Corey Spartacus Booker will get there. And to remind everybody to vote for them. For president in twenty twenty, because Only the Democrats, like women. Christine Ford might be telling The absolute truth about this incident with canada- and it is sad if she is telling the truth, but no we'll believe her, but why we half the country reject this be,
as she might also be making this whole thing up for politics, sake and the fact that the Politicians had this the chief filed it with the politicians and not the police, and that they held onto it until after the hearings make it a little suspicious thee clinical timing of the story cut intervenes all the credibility out of it. Cabin was confirmed to the federal bench by the Senate. Two thousand six: where was heard romantic story, then now last year. This work to derail Roy Moors Senate campaign. And that was a little dicey, but I think we all day and then where is and some some go and on their cavanaugh
This just perfectly serves the left's narrative that cabin ah is planning on destroying all of the rights of women. Truth D don't stand a chance when it's up against this kind of hysteria, the media that plays into its hands welcome to the programme. It is Monday was seventeenth of September. Guess the day before your big book accelerate the pressures on so don't screw ass. The first book I've written, I think sense, common sense that I am nervous about coming near, I'm really nervous because it is full of nuance full of new ones.
And full of things that I've. Never I mean we'll talk about it. Maybe tomorrow you know once it's actually out, you know the sun could crash into the earth or the earth could crash. The sun at any time and saw there's some things in here that there is a couple. Chapters that I am actually very nervous about because they are if some inside stories that I don't know that I don't know that, people are necessarily expecting or or the people who are in these insights worries are going to be excited about, perhaps That might be. That might be accurate. There's one place that everybody begged me don't put this in. Don't put this in, don't put this, and is this see the accusation that you were harassed by brick, Havana that, with that was dying, lethargic laying adds a big thank you for saying that I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but he he pin
me too a bed of nail. Oh my gosh here, while yeah, he had some weird torture chamber thing as a kid. He was seven at the time, but he had this torture thing and usually he said to me: at the end, because I said, stop it Brad and before my voice changed everything else and he said its women, like you, and I said no, I am a seven year old boy and he was, I think he was may you might have been five wow might have been five while could have seven, but I think he was five and he said oh you're, not a girl, and I said no, I get that people mistake that all the time the large, but large press and everything else, usually the reasoned and so on. I didn't say anything until now: wow
its powerful, you know who would be because of the vote could be because of the book I dont know is one of the two as one of the well know it could be. That absolutely. Is there really interesting one, because we all agree right if, if something terrible has happened to you and you have a right to be taken seriously? Yes, as you said over and over again, it's just This one is is tough, I mean first, I mean the first thing. Is you don't give it to a politician right? You don't your story to a politician. You wanna be taken seriously, call the FBI If somebody is especially in the circumstances, if you have something you'll, give to the FBI, and you say look. I don't think this I should be the judge he hears what he did now may I just made may appeal the onion. You can't peel another layer off of another layer, the let's go in one more level. Ok, and
Let me ask you this: if, if you If he tried to rape, her, ok, I we should know about that. She has said if you tried to rape, someone you know you, you need to have more than just you saying it. If it's any, but rate because remember this story started with he and his friends locked this girl in a room and then ran away laughing gay. As all that first came out last week. Remember him. Can we stop with the high school stuff. Yeah, I'm in unless it's a crime now. This one is now allows in any way to rhyme wait a minute, a juvenile crime. Well I mean they want that open.
In our debate. There's a level up it right. Smoking pot in high school probably does not remove you from the Supreme Court re smoking pop rife in the Senate. To probably doesn't stop you and this point at this point for sure right on there's some level right. You know I certainly do. I can be very dangerous. I don't hear any liberal saying that better shouldn't be elected for it. What does he do you? I know I'm sorry to hear that where his way he almost could have killed people when they had killed, people could have lets. It was in vertically killed people. That's what it that way. I was higher when I got an VI way and I found out I'd better was driving right. I was terrified that he might be, might innovate kill me yeah. So I mean I don't like A serious sexual crimes is something that I would want to know about it, just that it so hard to believe and interesting here? Is you
of so many layers of this first of all its thirty years ago, so it off the bat. You know. Your lifestyle amalgam, Malcolm Gladwell, was this oh yeah, memory. It'll blow your mind, yeah the studies that have been done on memory it it of the honest, but people who are really think that they are due the right thing and turn the true and telling the truth they deny the things that they even wrote this? They started this study in with nine eleven and they people right after what. Where were you? What happened right it down the interviewed them. Then they went ten years later and be born. That didn't happen now, seventeen years later, they are so things like I don't know why I wrote that because that's not where I was, and they ve completely honestly comply
ITALY, Ree, imagined or re engineered what they saw that day and where they were such a convinced themselves of ally which right bizarre and it s not unnatural. And now it's it's all natural Amazon. I was unaware of this until relatively recently, but you know the whole thing that have Thou, say the Eightys and Ninetys were there is cases of repressed memories being brought up? Oh yeah, that was basically completely scientifically debunked. Yes, I, like these doctors, no longer believe that that's the vast majority of doctors no longer believe that repair work asked memories are thing, there's something that essentially you convince yourself and you feel hurried a fake memory, it's not a repressed member on it. I likewise conservative said at the time we were here: I guess they probably throwing your ear throwing people under the boss their committing suicide because of your fake mm eat up memories that you might think, but because a psycho therapist is working is working that yeah.
It's a MRS, was so crazy about it, because you have a thirty year old, plus allegation of something That, depending on I mean that the initial reports rightward, that it was not all that and it was anonymous, and it was not all that, but it was locking someone in a room or something and then which seemed like a high school prank right now. He denies this happened at all and there is no other guy now, and so does everybody right everybody that he knew apparent now to an elevated to you, no sexual assault, which is a serious claim, but it s just. But I'm getting comes out in the middle of a supreme court. We know try of hearings it, not even in the hearings that the letter doesn't didn't release it may hold onto it. They don't question him in front of America about it right. They wait until after because they're doing everything they can to delay- and it's just so hard to see this as anything other than a hail Mary. If this would have happened two months ago, k if they release. This letter two months ago
you would have some credibility would be part of it would have been part of the hearing right harder. The procuring ass aren't. You can eat you have time now. But what are they doing? They vote The hearings are over and on the day that it's over, they announced they been sitting on this letter for two months. All this is is a hail Mary pass. That's all. This is right, and that is a delay tactic. Yes, because they think if they can get to the elections and take the Senate back, they have a chance of either, holding off and not giving trope any nominee or forcing him into taking some very watered down pick But it's interesting because you have a situation where Right Cavanaugh it has. We have taken every possible defence away from cabinet. He can't he's denied. He didn't do anything like this. He was not the type of person right, but then He may really sixty five
women are girls. At the time who said I was in high school with him, he didn't do anything like this. He was not the type of person right, but they. And what is the website all well Heres, a list of sixty five people. He didn't rape wow, you didn't rape, sixty five old people, what it what a wonderful thing, so you can't take other. The character, witnesses that doesn't count billing you could do is have someone who's there and saw it, but we that and that didn't count either. No there's no way. This is absolutely the type of case, and we talk during the whole me to thing. If you get it down to anyone, one person can say something happened thirty years ago with no contemporaneous records of it right now, there's no, nothing that she didn't like go to the police or even tell That's a friends at the time! No that happened. So You have to believe one person and now we're at the point where all women must be believed, the hill actually it's so rid the timing. And now it's the thing this would be apply to to break I've. I would argue blunt- I don't. I don't believe I don't
leave. There's one liberal believes this event actually occurred. It's so rude. The timing of it is so suspect. There was one liberal that bill You ve done this. Least in the Senate. They have released it two months ago. Of course, there's no one that believes it. They know this is shattered in July. It can't it. You can't spend much time on this. That's that the thinking this this will be a shock, but once you start, begin into it. It's gonna fall apart, so hold it as, alas, shock in awe D C, we can delay it. Any more, that that's the only reason if you believed it, you would have played this card first. Right sponsor this half hour. Is liberty, safes liberty,
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Because what's happening is if you who just make a view, start, say: look sexual harassment, the sexual harassment II was actually people, if it's all politics eventually, it will mean nothing to either side because one side will see it as a tactic depending on who is using it and they all say it's ok, because that person is worse than using this tactic. And the other side will dismiss it because they ll know it's a tactic and what happens the people who work Chile being abused whore actually going through something weird. I'm gonna, listen to. We won't believe, and the people were actual abusers, we'll go free Justice cannot become political justice. Is blind. But not more now, and
It's just I mean we don't know, but in the end of his is from the Democrats, perspective hold a tool for the hearing. Now that we have to have another hearing that we have to bring him back there in how to bring her back and you know, look it there's a thing to this. You still have the outlying possibility that Brett Cavenaugh looks, let's say really. Sweaty right he looks really sweaty there the delay in Amerika what he did? He did it, but maybe he stumbled over a sentence. Maybe he phrases something poorly that they can run over and over again and election commercial. You know, who's, you know is really shameful. You knows really truly a one of the bigger Appointments? How much time do you have, in the Senate Ok, I'm a chance here, Jeff Lake, gotcha cause he's already. Baling is already saying I I'm not gonna. I can't vote. Yes, on Cavenaugh, until we hear this out, which again I know in some circumstances you understand, but it's like it Must you have a reason to believe these things? Unless there is real,
evidence of some sort of Salome Aware last week I don't know what's being said this week, but last week the FBI I said it was given the evidence and it's not pursuing it- that was last weekend, so. If you were given the ever did, did did this Then it sit on this evidence or did they turn it over? two months ago to the FBI. Hello MA and the issue is of course, if it If this wasn't a hail Mary passed, they would have wanted to question him here in the hearings. Yes, this is just there trying to delay and they think if they can get the Senate, they can do something. And this is the problem with social justice. It is not blind. Justice must be blind welcome to the progress programme, let you
It is a constitution day. Anybody They may really know what the constitution even is anymore. Anybody anybody, Bueller We learn from anybody care here July. Seventeen. Seventy six copy, the declaration of independence, independence reach New York City. There were naval ships out in the harbor, but british revolution free spirit, tension running high George Washington, the commander of the continental forces, he said but in front of city hall in manner, just off wall and he the declaration of independence. Crowd cheered, They tore down the statue of King George, the third now think of that. How you see now statues coming down of tyrants all around the world. They take
statue of King George and they actually melt the statue and make forty two thousand musket balls bullets out. The statue of King George, a mess because separation from Great Britain was officially now in writing. So am I I talk to you a little bit about, and this is a whole section in the book. I come back to the declaration of independence and the constitution several times in the new book. It's cool out tomorrow addicted outrage, and I explain. I think I actually from I like it. How much the declaration of independence as the greatest break up letter of all time. If you, if you make that a deer George Letter, translated from you know, old, Timey, English. Do you know temporary breakup letter and it you understand it. It's the greater
break up letter of all time, but that's what it is Is it a its ay, a break? CUP letter that says we have to separate because you're an abusive boyfriend and we don't want any of that- What's more is it starts with Hay George, you know we got a break because there's a lot of there's a lot of things going on and things that you're doing and every time I try to bring things up, you only make it worse, but I I want to tell you HU. I am because don't seem to get it This is who I am. This is what I believe the the things that we find self evident that that's the mission statement for the country the declaration of independence is so important because the mission statement, it says: We're gonna break up because we are these people
We believe in these things. Forget about all the things that the king did just look at that point. We hold these truths to be self evident, so big, Sickly this says we're gonna break up and we're gonna start our own country, and it's going to be is going revolve around this. That all rights come God not from a king, nobody can change them. You're in The visuals were not a collective under rule and You have a right to be to be heard and express yourself, and nobody can scoop you up in the middle of the night and nobody can just level fake charges that I can't answer and we're in a developing country that if it ever goes off the rails, the people
abolish it. In fact, they have a right and responsibility to abolish that if becomes a hindrance or opposed to any of these natural rights. Is that so we are that's what we believe. That declaration of independence but then in seventeen, eighty nine. They get together and they say ok that the mission statement. How do we do it. How do we build this? all section or a whole chapter, where I kind of talk about constitution, as if it was written by you know a bunch of being. V w engineers that had to be no make the VIII W thing wherever that awful car. Yet and they were like? Ok, we were making cool cars. I mean porch designed the first one now
building the thing, no, I don't think so, and so they break away. They had two. If you want do do a new company and that company is never going to make the v w thing, then you bet restated in your mission statement and then you better build your company rules around, the things that you saw, Lee to the reader thing and that's what the constitution does the key institution, is ok. How do we build this me More importantly, How do we make sure that we don't start building of e w thing and in this in the in the government that v thing is tyranny, a tyrant, a king. It were a Stalin.
Now, how do we make sure that never happens? Because that's why we broke away in our mission statement. It says men are individuals, they they are given certain rights. No one can take those rights away, their life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, so they can be who they want to be now I'm not saying that's a mission statement, I'm not saying that we have made mistakes, I'm not saying that we have inherited every time, of course, not man's. Never going to be per man will never be perfect, Do you expect a country to be perfect. Three hundred and fifty million people are going to get this right. We can Get one person right. Are we going to get three hundred and fifty of us right? Men are flawed again That's where the constitution comes in.
Because men are flawed, you're, better check on them. Better make sure that anybody who gets power is so compartmentalized, and so many people are checking on them. So I can never get out of control. System is so brilliant. It has so many checks and balances. Americans don't understand is we're at The last clause, We are now at the last beachhead. Thing was designed with checks encounter checks in counterbalances to me, sure nothing got out of control. The very last minute, one
Our founders said yeah, but what happens if all of that fails? Chuckle chuckled, chuckle oil Americans will network. Let that happen. They don't want tyranny. There are so many checks and balances out, and somebody said wait a minute, but what if they do. Because, right now we have this thing written. So all the checks and balances are happening in the government. There happen if the federal level and the Senate is supposed to be a balance bread. This is the way it was originally written. This It was not supposed to be elected by you. You shouldn't care about bed O. Only the people in Texas should care about bad. Not you I didn't care about. Doc humour because, Chuck humor should be making sure that the government doesn't do anything to stop New York from being New York you
Do all socialist up a New York have added dude California? You want to drive that crazy train into the cliff to have added, but not Texas, And that's what the Senate was supposed to do, but the progressives took that away. So you lose one check in balance. And slowly but surely people have either given away their check and balanced power, where they have had it taken away. So we're down to the last one where the crazy founder said yeah. But what happens if all of that are operating never up, and it has that's constitutional convention- that's where People can say you know what you're out of control, and we now to go in and give
I'm term limits because they'll never do it themselves. This is a brilliant document. It has been slowly dismantled. It's not perfect as Winston Churchill says,. The greatest thing about a republic or democracy is there its worst, sir. Stop it? worst system absolutely the worst way to manage set for all of the other ways. Yes it's flawed, but this is the best way to do it, but we haven't lived in a long time more Emma here to I mean they, the bridge? The ends of the founders was recognising human fallibility right. They realise that they were going to get and get it perfect, and that's why created a process which I You could argue it is perfect because of this you can emerge
this is there. If you, something wrong you can amend. It is a process. To go through to amend it, they just want me want to go through that process in Washington. They just want it man when they entered one idea when they say that the founders never saw this happening. They know they knew that they knew that that's. Why, they left the amendment process. That's the only way this document is living in breathing you can open it up through the amendment process and say you know what that's not right. The gun thing ass. The way we feel now we ve learned some things so you amend it, you don't twist. And an take out of context. The words to say well. That's a living, breathing dark! No, it's not! its living in breathing? When you open it up and say we to amend this because that's old tie me they never saw but coming that part of the genius.
As part of the genius. Well, it's too tough to do that again. That's part of the genius, because It slows you down. You know that the Patriot ACT was written in the Eighteen nineties, what the Patriot ACT, was written for the most part in the nineteen Ninetys it well, No, where no one wanted the Patriot ACT so what just sat on a shelf and waited Until there was a disaster because people will vote for security when their freaked out, and so they did. Can you imagine patriotic, we didn't even ask that question. How is this we ve designed this elaborate, this alone for it system with home insecurity and everything else? How did you This together so quickly, but we did it. We did two years ago. Right was ready to go
A good example of this is Medicare for all Bernie Sanders introduced Medicare for all in twenty thirteen and got exactly zero co sponsors. We I would say one two: three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen six. We really did in twenty seventeen. He had sixteen co sponsors mind you by the way. The democrats- had solved this problem. If you remember it with Obamacare already, and now they want Medicare for all? In twenty thirteen was in did make sense, nor want to jump up and wagon now A democratic socialism? If you look through this name, you see a lot of two thousand twenty potential. Democratic nominees, Cory's, Ochre, Kissinger, like to learn more about this, and if any of this is made sense, blatantly obvious that this stuff is going on. That's the way were that's progressive. Ism, though, she were to Progressive ISM is what
Progressive ISM deems the cancer. The constitution today is constitution. If you don't know, if you would like to learn more about this end, if any of this is made sense, that's in addicted to outrage new book it comes out tomorrow. You can order, it haven't delivered to you tomorrow and begin to read it addicted to outrage how we can actually heel and solve the nations problems, but we can who had while were angry. We have to reason aright. Moroccan financing is our sponsor this half our american financing is, though this is the greatest the people that I know therein. In Reno mortgages guys have been they leave, they talk to me I don't know for over a year, I can two thousand six two thousand seven, and I said now- I don't believe in mortgages. I think this whole thing in their legal and we're not like that. We don't we
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I geek necessarily calls necessarily a liberal. A liberal now was that what we are, he is more of a classic liberal. Now we witnessed like everybody else, return it, but he has he's book on the three bad ideas that are destroying us and it is. Brilliant book with real answers to it. If, especially, if you're apparent job, then height joins us next, its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like this show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters put forward now, wherever you download your ass back its Monday September, seventeenth,
you are listening to the Glen Back Programme one of the most influential writers, think in the last five years at least in my life, is Jonathan Height He has written a couple of best sellers One of them is the wives of the unrighteous mind or the righteous mind, which is I that the language makes a difference that specially there birthright just mind. You know why we can't get along with people. And it is it's a game changer. The one thing I have found in common with people who are spitting themselves out of the city is out of the system on both sides and are saying in trouble. They all I have read Jonathan Heights books. This is in exceptional book and I believe, a must read for everyone in this audience. It's called the
coddling of the american mind by Jonathan Height any joins us now, hello, Jonathan, our user very well glance. I should it be back talking with you yeah, so, Jonathan you have in this book- and I I wish I could I wish you were here so you could see it is all it's all high like that five highlighted. I can talk to you for days about this. It is fascinating you line. Three main problems that are happening in are in our society. Now. What are they so the book is about this very strange change had happened on college campuses around twenty fifteen. Many of your listeners will have heard of these strange events. The shouting down of speakers, the claiming that students need warnings before they read a greek myth or a story that has of violence or racism in it. So, strangely, began to happen, and my co author Gregg Luciano off. He had this brilliant.
Diagnosis, he himself was subject heat, it had suicidal depressions, he's prompted oppression and he learned cognitive therapy, which is where you learn to question your assumptions and and clean up your thinking and once he did that he began to notice that the students, the exact same cognitive distortions that he had learned not to do. They were still catastrophism. Oh, if a student, if a speaker comes to campus, people died, die MRS disorder thinking and Gregg notice that students were doing this. He runs the foundation for individual rights and education, and so he diagnosed that students, the colleges, are somehow conveying bees these ideas that are really really bad for students. Students are taken into hard and thinking themselves into a depression that further the back story to the book.
The three ideas that you refer to. So I had a good little background on all those fine ass light up to three. I did what week what we concluded the book as we as we ve, listened to students, as we read a lot about what's going on and I'm a professor at near. Conversely, so I mean that everything here Thus we really really bad ideas, and here they are what does until you makes you weaker number two o this trust your feelings. The three life the battle between good people and evil people, and if we can get, didn't believe all three: we can't key that they will fail. We really set them up, for a life of weakness, complained grievance and failure. So Jonathan. I have a m. I have a book that is released tomorrow,
and if I were, he wrote it and I wish I could rewrite it again, because I've learned so much as I am writing out on a few ever experienced that. But you like, oh you like it. What's your book with a girl, it's called addicted outrage and oh my god, I that they are so it is it talks about You know our addiction to this and how this is happening, but it, but it also touches on Post modernism which is coming out of our universities, which is kind of the route. Is it not of all three of these problems, because you said tat if we can reach all, if we can, if we can get to believe all three of these things we destroy them. Why anyone do that
nobody's, trying to destroy students, what's happening here that the best idea. I can share with you in your listeners to understand the craziness that has broken out not just on university campuses but across so many of our institution is that social media has put us all in a game in which the way we get prestige is by calling out others, or at least let us start with students, young people who We grew up with social media. Every it always trying to figure out. What can I do that will gain me respect we actually care about respect and prestige more than we care about money. I'd even say many of us care about money once
of a certain level. People care about money primarily for the prestige, it gets so social media change, the basic connectivity of society so that all you have to do is criticized someone online or join in with the criticism and you gain respect and so on, and so what you have to see if this is not about people trying to destroy it, certainly but people are playing at their political battle. If they're using others is as pawns in a way and setting up a playing field in which kids just trying to by in and get by socially end up hurting each other okay. So is the. I think, that's the addiction part. That's there. That's the end of the day, the tale of the dog and away, I think, the what you talk about is. This this helicopter parent, my Agnes that went on. But this is first generation that we're seeing the results now of children that could do no wrong received
praise, no matter what they did, we're seeing that generation now and they can't handle the stress. That's problem number one: children, are too fragile to handle anything that's right so be. Why did things get so weird? Why did they change beginning the students who arrived on campus right around twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen, its mister inspector book it we really frame it as a social finds detected story, because this new morality emerges on campus right around twenty fourteen, twenty fifth teen fifteen, the whole morality of safe spaces, trigger warnings, micro, aggressions all those things, and so we There are several causes, one of which is social media, which we just talked about Montraville combat issue, but the other big one is, as you say, that we did you're a kid trying to protect that we try. We all want our kids to be so
if we all want our kids to be successful and oftentimes good intentions, backfire. I think this is a lesson that conservatives are are more attuned to than progressive so beginning in the nineteen eighties, and especially in the nineteen nineties we clamped Kids, freedom. We began overprotect and then we got this ridiculous idea that if we ever take our eyes off our kid, if our kids go around the corner to a park and is no adult watching them, they will be kidnapped. They will be snatched abducted, soap. There was a huge crime wave in the nineteen, seventeen and nineteen eighty as and when you and I were growing up- and you know your listeners over forty when we were grown up. Even though It was actually a lot of crime in Amerika you wanna play
after school. You went out with your earlier in someone's back yard. You walked around town, we know we wrote or bicycles from around the age of eight. So that's the way child had always was until the ninety nine days and even though the crime we was actually ending in the nineties, things are getting safer in favour in the nineties back the decade the social norm- change, maybe not everywhere in America, but certainly in urban and suburban areas. It change so that we would never got the right to practise being independent or self supervising, and then, when they go to college, are we surprised that they are having trouble being independent self? Supervising it's me You know you're some of your recommendations and the rather reasons I like this book so much as because you normally diagnosed problem. It is the last one third of the Booker quarter, the book ok. So here's what we do and recommendations, it's crazy you need someone like you to say you know what have your kids right there, bike unseen
revised Guenaud down the street send them to the store for Callin. A milk have the and where people who know the stats on crime revised my grandparents would have they would have never under my parents wooden about even understood that advice. Of course, that's what you do But now I said this on the air. The other day, said I remember being maybe X. Seven, we have little store. You know about a block and a half away from our house, and my mom would give me money and she'd say: go get a gallon of milk. Nobody thought white of that aid this on the year, your advice and air
he's, like I don't know man, I'm united, who are there, would be a good and where people who know the stats on crime, no, that's right and so wanted it. So I think the way to the weight of think that so much was going on our society and beat I can't between your book, because it so easy for us to think that there are good people in bad people so easy for us to think that someone did this or people are urging our kid. But really, I must also say colleges and what we specialise in is understanding the way social Forces act on people. So it's not that there are necessarily good or bad that we're all really social creatures and many people traces back to the origin of cable tv in writing. Eighties. You don't you and I were growing up there. Only three networks This was only on half an hour an hour a day and there wasn't the chance to be. Merged in stories about that in several kids. Go missing every year in America mean more than that, but in terms of a true abductions by strangers, it extremely rare Ryan I think it that we could all,
be immersed in that story all the time, and so it was the change in the media environment. That was one of the reasons for the huge freak out another with declining family size. When you and I the kid. There were large families in my neighborhood, the had five kids and now I live in New York City. I have two kids most of my friend children, most my foot most, my kids friend are only children, it's rare to have a sibling so when parents have one kid and surrounded by news stories about kids being abducted yeah. They don't let them walk to the corner, store anymore, John, the height where you continue with him in just a second. The name of the book is the coddling of the american mind if you're only going to buy one book between now and Christmas, but you have to buy mine but consider his this is a must red book. I think for this audience, the cob of the american mind available everywhere are. I will continue with our conversation a minute personally tell you about, does it recruiter
zip recruiter is the way to hire people that will not overwhelm you as a as a manager. Zip recruiter will take your it will go out. Nato postpone the hundred job sites, but there are thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people that are qualified looking for a job, but may not be right for you. What zipper does this not just go out and posted it goes through. HU? It finds out exactly what you're looking for smart technology and it then goes out and it searches all of the resonates. If somebody hasn't applied for your job but their resume is out there. They will They will find that resume and then contact the person say there is a perfect job for you, you just the contact these purse, but these people, then, when you get all the Erasmus in they highlighted in order it. So you never miss the right person sound grape.
Drive for free right now, zip recruiter, dot com, slash back tried for freeze, zip, recruiter, dot com, slash back We have a job, a dozen height anybody who, I think, is a game changer, individual somebody who is really who gets it and is actively. Engaged in in trying to say differently and do things like save freedom of speech. They are all fans or have read Java nights, books brilliant. Guy comes at a very, very honestly, has changed as a purse through writing his his books, and I just so respect him. The coddling of the american mind is the book Jonathan I'd I like to get through the next to problem. So then the next segment we can actually-
talk about some of the solutions that you have any butcher, so the Ewe Ewe. You reveal the three bad ideas, one, what doesn't kill you makes you weaker. The second one is always trust your feelings, that's going to that one so the my first book was called the happiness hypothesis, finding modern truth, nation wisdom and I read- I read the most logically, which works from the ancient world, so the stoics from Greece and Rome, though the Bible, though the old testament, new testament works of Buddha, Hinduism and one thing that they all have. In common and every wisdom tradition. You find people think they like this, here's Marcus, Aurelius, the whole universe is change and life itself is, but what you deem it. So we don't experience does it? Is we experienced the world through our filters, our mental or emotional filters? Here's Buddha things actually the same thing. What we are
today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life up tomorrow, our life, the creation of our mind- and this is the basis of most psychology, that, if you spent if you're spending your life feeling angry feeling cheated, it's up to you to change the filters like is complicated and you get to them, I'd which filters you're going to use and instead what's happening on college camp and it goes back much earlier- is because we're afraid of hurting kids feelings way into a goal is in part to be sensitive and carrying. We. We think that, if some and presents an idea that is too and finds threatening or invalidating. If invalidates the current idea, that can be painful. What we don't want it took current pain, and so
the whole idea of safe spaces that, if a speaker commissar campus and the classic eight one of the first cases with a brown university, they were going to have a debate between two feminists, one of whom believe that America is a rape or culture, one of whom believe in America is not a rape culture and that scraping to talk about at a college campuses, Brown University and because some students at Brown thought well what if a student at Brown had been raped, it would be, who painful for her to hear one say that America is not systemically a rapist kind of society and so she would it be from healthy, happily exactly that's right. So that's why the title of our book is the coddling of the American, my coddling meet over protection and, if legit,
it is getting their heads that students should be protected from uncomfortable moment, I'm having their most cherished ideas challenged. Well, you might feel like you're being nice to them, but my god you're crippling them your deny what end isn't that what a university is supposed to do? I want to you I'm paying my money. I but someone who will take my my everything that I believe is true and the three they up against the wall and me prove it makes make me look at all of the different thing, so I I know how to find truth I have I've. I've been weekend, so why? I know it's true to me: it makes sense
Does it make sense to me? Yes, so the traditional idea of a university- and maybe you can trace it all the way back to two Plato's academy in ancient Greece, if you have a community of people who argue and debate and discuss but are bound together by norms of friendship, so we just get people yelling. Cheddar in the public square. It doesn't do any good, but if you have a community that retires that that step outside of downtown Athens and they have a place where they meet and discuss love and justice and beauty. Heavy spirited debates that played a wrote about what that's wonderful, that's how you find truth, and so that is our myth or that it are origin story for western universities fortunately, a new idea began creeping in the Eightys and Ninetys, where the goal of educators should be to foster self esteem, to to protect people to make them feel safe and again, this overprotection is really really bad for students.
One of the clear signs that were messing things up is that depression, anxiety, suicide and self help. That is a teenager cutting themselves to the point where they have to be admitted to hospital. These things began, I mean very rapidly after about twenty twelve we are messing, things that were harming our kids in the name of protecting that mean we gotta start in your book. You talk about. Something that is absolutely incredible to me that now, universities, if you have gone to the veto, the the I don't know the campus bank or the doktor and either anything regarding mental health. You get a an email from the university. That says is this your book or, as is another one, and yet, if an historian yet are go ahead,
the story yeah so offers many may clear. This was just one university. This is it. I thought it was happening admiral yet, but we told the story. This is at northern Michigan State University in which was routine that if anybody went in to talk about depression or anything like that, they got a letter to telling them. You must not. Talk this with your friends or we might have to send you home now. This is crazy to say to tell people who are having emotional the copies that they better, not talk with anyone about it because they know the university was afraid of liability. University was afraid But what, if you tell someone and then that contributed their depression and then they commit suicide. I mean it's it's bizarre reasoning, but the point is that the bureaucracy at a university is working to protect the university from bad publicity and from lawsuits
therapeutic community is working to do more to protect students from harms that they see that I think, are not really harms. In most cases, the universe is a complicated places and what we try to do in the book is trace out how this weird bad, bad culture is happening. All when people pursuing what they think are good motives. We will only have a thirty seconds. I want to come back and and and talk to you a little bit about these solutions that you outlined in the book and it's the Riis waving every by every special, every parent should read. This book we'll talk to Jonathan Height, about that when we return coddling of the american mind it on the most red list? If you're a listener of this program, you must read this book. Coddling of the american mind back in just the same.
You're listening to the Glenda Taliban, we are currently trying to schedule Java Heights CO, author for a pod cas that, can you know Asked up to two hours uninterrupted, which is really the way to have this discussion, because we're gonna quickly run out of time I want to get to some of the imo to some of the solutions. But I would rather just talk to you outside of the book here for a second. The last time we spoke was righteous mind when it came out he- and I was- I don't you remember the interview, but I was really excited when I talk to you, because I think you have so many of the answers in your seeing things in it and it works I have I have. Used the principles in the righteous mine in
one on one settings and in front of you know a crowd of a thousand people. Why asked at the beginning of the the conversation, how many people here hate me think they hate me and it was almost unanimous, I think, was just my my family that didn't raise their hand and at the end of the twenty minutes. I asked the question again and it was maybe five percent and it it's amazing when you can humble yourself and understand that many times were saying much of the same stuff, just using different leg. And when I went ice to you. Use were pessimistic. I said this the answer and you said Now it's gonna. Take too many. People to do it and then I could do it and I don't think I don't think that thinks
go ahead. You want to comment here. I've got a quick question on it would go ahead but put up the question, I got plenty to say: ok, yeah I have seen this work. I have I believe, and I could be wrong, but I believe, because of the problem that is happening in the universities. Now it's actually too out to be a good thing, because people who are on both sides are now waiting, I've been going. Ok, this whole freedom of speech thing. This is a real problem. People who were seeing us versus them. People who were you know trying to say, hey we gotta be pc. Do you know banish that voice there? Now Ulster and say this is getting scary and either, we have a chain a chance. I think things are changing for the better. Well. I think that you are right that so many people are now alarmed on both sides that alarmed that
Country could actually break apart. It could actually fail a few years ago. Most of us would put a you weren't, seeing the kind of books you are now about the end of democracy. I think enough people enough scare that I am hopeful that there will be. There will be a large group on both sides of the ILO pushing for change it. I'm hoping for some sort, like centre right centre, left libertarian coalition to examine this. Will I hope so I just The treatment of your book on Amazon sounds. I hear you're a part of that, as am I, I think you and I both come out this year. You coming from the right me coming from the left and record I think that the people on the other side, while you may think that they are causing harm their goal, wasn't to cause harm they are pursuing more over to that they see it, and that is the the road to resulting it. I'm guessing the techniques that you use when you address hostile audiences. Is you star
either by acknowledging something you think they're right about or acknowledging something you think you were wrong about her at right, one of whether Europe needs straight out of jail Carnegie. If, if, if people it is, this is very formative for me. Reading Dale Carnegie S book how to win friends and influence people. I read it in graduate school he's a brilliant social psychologist, so I think the skills we need, as a country now are basically the skills of forgiveness, acknowledgement reaching out to people humility. I think I've spoken a number of christian audiences Unalaska last month or two and a half ago, after the sermon on the mountain and the advice, at the end of what you hypocrite. First, take wild out of your own eye- and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers, I start with yourself. It has magical powers Jonathan, I don't love, you know this very few people do, but you should look it up. You will enjoy it right.
Rendered Kipling's palm the gods of the copy book headings and the reason, but headings, ok, yeah Ok, look at you will love it, but it- The point, is You know it when social progress fails. In all of these lies come on down the gods of the copy book headings with, earn slaughter return, it basic! it means you will re you'll, find eternal truths again, no matter how hard you work against it it will reset itself and we're we're, and the reason why bring this up is because I am finding it difficult to navigate it's on both sides, people who say or want to say. I told you so so, Let me give you an example. But you're saying in this book. When I read it,
I'm reading it. You know I'm reading the big over. Arching of ideas in it and unlike of course, of course, and it feels like to a conservative that this has come from. The universities have come from the egg heads and we have been saying no, that's that that doesn't work. That's not right! So easy for us to say see? I told you so we were right which gets us nowhere I feel so good that how do we we all have less than a minute with you. How do we? How can conquer that well? I think you have to do with stand. People saying that and just keep going here is the number one piece of advice for people who have children, and this is by partisan. This is everyone- can agree to prepare the child for the road. The road for the child. My
my top suggestion for anyone. Listening who have kids of any age go to let grow dot, org and organizational started by Lenore Scan Aisy, who wrote the book free range kids, it gives you Yes, we're how you can help to prepare your child for the road of life ahead, even when the schools are going to be trying to protect the child from negative experiences thing, I try to change the road for the child. Stick with it find other parents at you can organise with find other ways that you can get your kids out. Let them practice independence. We have a lot, as suggested in the book, for ways that you can help. The kids grow strong ways you can occur. Schools to improve ways. You can encourage universities to improve, to go back to the kind of university you described before. That's gonna really challenge people push up against the wall and make them learn to defend their ideas or change. Their ideas So much german appreciated. Bless. You bet, darlin. I paddling of the american mine
and you a mention of what his research in your book as well deserved. Our because a lot of its just really important supports all the things that you know. I think at our you can service and talking about for a long time bomb time? This guy is the reason why I like him so much is he's honest. He started to write the I just mind and His goal was to write a book on how progressives could win an, Could you know debunk the right and the rhetoric of the right, and he started doing his own homework and he started to immerse himself in the right we found out on the air last time he was on that because said you're gonna hate this cause. I know who you are, but you know You really have affected me and he said well same back to you. He said you were one of the guys I studied, and said you use all of this language. He said you helped.
Me break through and see conservatives aren't monsters and thought for sure they were and he's a big because you use some of my language and you probably know what language it is if you're a conservative, because as the language you're like. Ah you know, I bet he suspect I use the language of both sides unknowingly at the time, and that opened him up to stir to listen and go wait a minute. As he was looking at the language he figured this all out and figured out no we're coming at were arguing about two different things, even though we know, even though we think were arguing about the same thing. Fascinating. Just a couple of tea at you know he said, prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child. Listen to this,
assume the your kids are more capable this month than they were last month. Each month ass then what tasks or challenges they think they can do on their own, such as walking to the store a few blocks away, making their own breakfas. Starting a dog walking business, resist. The urge to jump in and help them when they are struggling to do things and seemed we doing them the wrong way. Trial and error is slower, but it is usually better as a teacher than direct instruction let your kids take more small risks, let them let them learn from getting bumps and bruises learn about free range, kids movement and incorporate her lessons in we look at this as an instinct that is, we are. Snake skins. Issue is also my she's, one of which is she's such a great per se. Drive the world and it so it's so weird because every
thing in me factually knows that all of this is right. I know lodge Clearly that all of these things are right. Of course, kids could watch the store a few blocks away, but your for yours, crime is weighed down and it's safer than ever. But of course they loose from their bumps and bruises. But, like I, as a parent, what my kid to get hurt. I dont want to risk MIKE. It's, it's silly they go and they get what if something does happen, worthy wander around of string it hit by car- and I I've come to conclusion, at least in my life and I I will admit this- that I think it's we look at this as an instinct that is, we are over protecting our kids, in reality. I think it's actually a selfish instinct. I I think you look at it as I dont want to be the parent that we want is looking at a saying. Oh my gosh, like why would you let your kid ride? The subway on their own, which is Helen or cut up, came into the public eye
It's you wanting to protect yourself cause! You don't owe me the idiot who let your kid go to store, and they gets kidnapper hit by car and its in and of course, I like it, you dont want that relationship to end, because you make a silly mistake and die, Tell him at one time that they should jump off their jumping off something into the pool and mute, you wrote warn them that time and when they jump off they hit the side and they become paralysed. You dont, want you, don't want that. To be on, you obviously do want it to happen, but the motor issued for the helicopter. Parenting is not because you think it's going to happen is because you don't want to be on on the hook for it interesting, listen to this. He says you know, let your kid skull lecher, you know, encourage them to walk or ride bicycles to and from school at the earliest age possible. He's. As you know, let them go explore, but print this This is in the book, but print this out
old card that you give to your kid. He said laminated and give it to your keys and when somebody comes up to your kid, it's as well Your parents have them explain this in hand it to the to the person. Hunger. And it says I am a- let grow kid hi. My name is fill in the blank. I'm. I lost. Nor am I neglected I've been taught how to cross the street. I know, or go off with strangers, but I can talk to them, including you. This It generally grants substantial leeway for parents to decide what age their choice of their child can do things independently mine believe it is safe, healthy and fun for me to explore, if you don't, Leave me: please call protects text them at the number? If you think it an appropriate or illegal for being to be on my own. Would you please one read huckleberry fin to remember your own childhood was your pair. With you every second today
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Tony and I were having a conversation in the car the day about letting kids their bikes to school and No, she Emilio Nora, and I said honey, It is safer today than it was when we were kids and she couldn't. She just couldn't believe it. I suggested to her that she read my new book addicted outrage, tomorrow by the way but I want to share some things after the after the top the hour break. It's on page fifteen and it just and I go back this and their stats all the way through the book like this, but on page fifteen I just go through some of the stats on on crime What has changed in Amerika there? No one is talking about why we feel so depressed and we feel so bad could look good, whose doesn't sell
just, doesn't sell nobody's like yeah. You know what let's lead with the Good NEWS Nobody leads with the Good NEWS. When's the last time you saw the headline above the fold on the front page, everything is much better than it was five years ago. You doubt you don't ever see that, but we have recognize that, because our paranoia, has has gone off the charts. We think we're live in a time and a country that doesn't exist, start there at the beginning of next our stand by
The country has been pushed to the limit. Our political bonds had been torn apart. We need a true leader who can save us from certain do. Unfortunately, we could only find this guy. Hey it's Glenn back leaned back is coming life to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way it might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing glint bag life to be addicted. To outrage. Stuart point tour: this law for tickets VIP packages in more visit, glint back dot com. Back all right! Let's talk about democratic socialism here for a second, because there are another big into the it feels feels feels feels you know they ve got a bad case of the fields from some props for a second the great identifying their audience in hitting them with a it suits straight to their hearts, because it feels strongly with That will be my gosh. We feel for you for you bristle, medical health care? Are you
our time paying for rent or mortgage. We feel no worries make way for housing? For you know of being a federal right. Are you student, eight years of paying off school loans, we feel for you, we ve got you, we feel about as to cancel all those pesky student loans for you, it's great you can see how this message resonates with people were struggling and I guess to you. We hit the net collapse. The next two thousand eight, which will be worse, oh, out of your friends who are listening now, who pointing to those people, are saying oh, no that's crazy. We can't afford that will be saying we have to have it all right. No one can explain how the these social they demand socialists are going to pay for what it still. Thirty, two million dollars for medical care for all natural. Trillion. Sorry, five points.
Or trillion for guarantee jobs. One point four trillion on justice student loans. At about one point, retraining trillion on free college, a paid family medical leave social security. Its forty trillion dollars is the is the bill. No. You can get Cortez to answer. The question here is here: she is with Jake Tapir how you gonna pay for that forty trillion dollars Is quite a bit of money and that taxes that you talked about raising to pay for this, too, for your agenda only count for two we're going by left, leaning, analyse light will when you look again at again how our health care works. Currently we pay much much of these costs go into the private sector. So what we see is, for example, you know A year ago I was working downtown in a restaurant, I went around and I asked how many of you folks have health insurance. Not a single person did because these there are paying they would have had to pay two hundred
dollars, a month for for a payment for insurance that I hadn't eight thousand dollar, deductible, what these reports, tat, are lower cost overall for these programmes and Finally, what this is is a broader agenda. Ok she hasn't answered the question there, let me largest. Let me just start here She said a year ago I was working in a bar year ago. Saw a photo shewed. She did just last weekend or she's wearing a five thousand dollar outfit in the Photoshop a year ago, she was working in a bar. Now, look at her. I'm really tired of I'm right, he tired of how bad things are here in Amerika. There are three hundred and twenty million of us that are lucky enough to call the it: states of Amerika, our home. That is
four point: four percent of the: U S! Population! Four point: four percent. Our fellow citizens lucky. To live here in my new book on chapter thirty, let me just quote of that four point: four: we own twenty five percent of the world's wealth. Much more. If you count the: U S: companies, housing, cash and assets in foreign countries. We consume thirty three percent of the world's energy production. Now I want you know All these things have been turned into horrible things. We old command on all seven seas we own forty, eight percent of all satellites in space. We are the only nation that has spent a man to the moon and back by the way we at four times, and strangely I just had to throw this sin. We also we
Also consume forty one percent, the world's chewing gum, but that's a different story. Barely one hundred and twenty years. We grew to become the world's most powerful nation. And one hundred years after that. We are. The only super power on earth were pretty for the future, is well believe it or not. We are we are as far as resources go more than five The five percent of the world's shale oil is here Steve. Five per cent of the world's uranium is here have enough energy to provide power to the entire planet, including projected population growth for the next two was in the years, and if you doubt that Google or a power wave reactor. What else the bottom? I know
She was working in a bar last year and people can't afford the eight thousand dollar deductible trying to breathe China or just remember all those lamas classes, because I think I'm gonna go birth is something really ugly if I'd o breathe, why is there an eight thousand dollars? doctoral one might ask, but not now the item ten percent of our population, the bottom ten percent of our population. By way of wealth is still the top ten percent compared to the world population. We, sixty eight percent of the world's phds living among our population- many of them are foreign born and educated. The money, is better here me too era easier
focus on the very real and disgusting cases of violence against women that flood the media, but it might be worth noting- I dont know occasionally that violence against women is actually dropping vial. Against wives and girlfriends has dropped by seventy five percent. Since then, In nineties. While news cameras pointed Charlottesville as being a Richard Spencer and his band of tiki torch touting buffoons in the NFL players, kneeling to protest, police brutality and racism in our police, Departments, did know. This hate, I am against. Blacks, have dropped. Fifty percent. Oh it's so bad here. Nobody can afford anything because of capitalism and the western way of life. The IMF, to have money that we now spend on necessity, such as food trance,
rotation. Our home, our clothing are furniture and our utilities in gas has been cut in half in the last ninety years. Thinking that one. What your grandparents were paying in the great. Depression has been cut in half. The rate of children dying before the age of five has dropped over half since nineteen ninety. Now That is a miracle that these should be on the front page, that is according to researchers, lie averting twenty seven major plane crashes. Phil only with children every single day. Do, you think we'll take a moment ago. Dance capitalism is great.
Some other improvements. Apparently nobody wants to be connected to Malaria is down thirty. Two percent HIV is down. Fifty percent neonatal preterm birth complications down fifty five percent, team, energy, malnutrition down fifty seven percent, so so that this the World Health Organization has come out and said now. Nutrition is no longer a global problem. The global problem now is obesity. Laura respiratory infections, down sixty six percent means down. Ninety one percent, Arthur Brook says It's the greatest anti poverty and poverty achievement in the history of mankind, and it's happened in our lifetime. Why. Because of everything there trying to dismantle I'm sorry, but if your anti capitalist, you don't know you're you're, but from you
Elbow you die no. What capitalism has done in your lifetime. Its capitalism, technological and medical innovation, free a trade, Donald Trump Free trade. Now let me just put the miracle of the law If saving things that have happened because of the United States of America Capitalism and free trade. Let me put it into perspective. Give you some good NEWS for everybody It happened to be pro life you ve. Probably. I hardly think you want to stop plan paranoid. That's good! You! the doors shuddered immediately. That's good, but to put this into practice, active how many deaths has planned parenthood caused me. Give you some perspective.
If you shut the doors of plan parenthood, you have to eliminate the number of abortions that occur and because of plan parenthood, more then nineteen times to be The equal this progress gives you been fighting to repeal the second amendment, with hopes of stopping all gun related homicide. I've got more good news for you, the incredible global lifesaving achievement that Capitalism and the United States are responsible for a quick. When two more than six hundred and thirty years worth gun related murders I think I'm gonna go with those facts, I'm going keep addicted outrage. Those facts or in the directive are to keep that hand amateur look at those things or then I look at Twitter,
its Monday September. Seventeenth, here, listening to the Glenda Programme, was Our we were talking to each other night, who is just a brilliant, brilliant scholar search for a guy who was a progressive he's, woke up changed and now is fighting. Started a new organization two thousand college professors that are saying this is crazy. We have to stop the safe zones trigger warnings and we need free, a speech on campus things- good things are happening in and their happening people who used to be on the left ya think there's a lot of this is feeling people get angry and they use emotion to try. Do express some sort of virtue or whatever, and I feel like.
They pushed back now against that people did people, I mean America's built as a logical place- and now I mean it's a place that is supposed to these things honestly, judging by the content of my character exactly right. That's what we're supposed to be here. We ve seen all over the world. How emotion gets out of control and governments take over, do terrible things. We vote people saying you know what people can take care of themselves can self govern, lordly people can do these things. This experiment was based on that and so often now it becomes lost, but I feel like there's that- and I don't know I don't know get me. We know one of the things the lobbies, people kind of fondness umbrella, that the people call the intellectual dark website where people are saying you know what. Maybe I would actually have an honest conversation explored the nuance of this situation a little bit, but the fact that dark web- is attached to it shows you know how underground underground. It is you it's almost. You must have to like hide.
When you wanna come out and say you know what pay why I feel that this is interesting to explore fully. You were with me when we're, LOS Angeles today and were we leave rented a house in the whole crew is that this house- and yes they come in and we always have this joke when were driving up should Glenn go in, because if the owners there at might be a trigger right, ragging so we walk in and I always walk anyway. We walk in and there is the owner and he He looks at me and he owes oh, my god sure Glenn back now, LOS Angeles there's about a ninety nine point: nine percent chance that that is not going to end well. Ok, oh my god your Glenn back Wait until I share with you his next. So
when we come back, I do have to tell you this. I got up this morning and my back is: killing me? Stu, and I were talking about talk about this on the way and I could barely get it out of you saw me get out of the car I get. Early get out of the car today and is because sleeping on this mattress- and I guess it's a good mattress of the hope you, the that the AIR B B, but I need my Casper mattress. My back is, killing me from one night one night, while one night makes a big dear makes a huge difference. If you want to sleep well, Casper, mattress, no brainer and here's, why you will I will tell you you will when you change mattresses like I just did. You will have not a good night's sleep, because
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Addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn back addicted to outrage is available ever words, moral order it now at Amazon, dot com, you gotta The other is a is a great book, so great I am so nervous about it. We'll talk about that later, but I want to finish the story wherein wherein Ellie we got in last night, and we're renting and European Bee and the owner happens to be their way when you're me in L, that as an usually go well, and you can just see it, I we were walking in and I said to, I think it was Michel. I looked at Michel. I said this is always fun. Watch their eyes and I came down the stairs in the bottom of the stairs was the owner and he went oh, my you're Glenn back and his eyes were of wider saucers and then he looked at everybody and then
back at me and he said this is the greatest thing. I'm a conservative, said, shot up you're the one, and he said he said no, and he took us around the people's houses. I don't see it the area, we have something, lived here. I think it was nineties and early nineties or Ladys a care over the year, but decades. I think that's the first time. I've ever said that out loud to anyone, I said what I'm a conservative wow, what he you just you just get slaughtered here- you just get slaughtered. He said, I find myself not being able to do business are having friends, I thought to myself. You know I live in tat. Since there is no red or of a red state than Texas. I dont know Annie anybody who lives on the block with a liberal then, as ever,
hassled them and as anything other than friendly within this, that doesn't defying you. I don't I don't understand this. I really don't understand this mentality of the left of I'm going to destroy you there, bed o signs in o in Texas, all over Texas, don't see anybody taking those upper or egging. People's houses- I don't see it We have something coming up on tv this week about. Partisan identity, oh yeah, One of the interesting things I thought is that we have come to a we now, where sort of that be its level way. You identify yourself, which has been things like Mina, maybe gender, right or race right, which now those are apparently totally fluid into, can identify yourself by those things anymore, but the way there full used to identify themselves, maybe their heritage, their national heritage now their political party affiliation
is essentially at that level. It's their God and that's not that's all Wait was supposed to be a me think this country was designed in a way to DE emphasised politics right. Was it was this desire is done in way that you could. You can use the government. The small role in your life is possible, and yet so many we'll just can constantly obsess about politics. I want I want to read tomorrow. We have to go through this research that we found over the weekend stood we're talking about it this morning off air. How amazing it is. They can tell you if you're, why, turn black few, are a rich. Her You know, liberal or conservative, republican or democrat all by like the peanut butter that you by its ink credible and when you look at the list of things we are going through today were like how do you what How do you say Jif? his conservative? How is possible
but somehow or another it is, and we go through that list, because its though divide is getting wider and wider and it doesn't make any sense really doesn't make any sense that'll be on tomorrow's radio broadcast back in a second. Welcome to the programme who had done still, I think, had the day from Hell. Welcome the programme. Pat gray eyes still had you know his is, is precious eagles lost. They did not in the bows. Yes, and then he decides to fly to LOS Angeles. Little later sewing and watch the eagles as part of the reason. Yes, as one hundred percent there is your kids could be, I heard you one hundred percent his heart. I mean it's definitely is as a whole part hearts anyway. So you had a great grateful. I additives,
the flight if he was a seven o clock take off and about the seven thirty they give us. Our first update, which was they loaded the cargo onto the plane incorrectly so it's gonna fly crooked, since I guess you're like we need all the fat people to get under way right eye of the plane sets up there and that before Zeitung, think I ever have gaiters it's a balanced thing. That plane has to be how slow the Weena Plain that big I mean I've. I've I've never run into that problem on a commercial flight before and then about half an hour later. We do it right right: so half hour later, they said well we're still working on it. We will have an update another if our so goes by I'm saying another update as soon as we get this done, then it was they they had to. They ran out, Fuel set without running, look too low and use it at a refill. The fields of Phutra came back and hold it back up to two former. Then they gave an update of ok, some good news. It were not
I have to leave this this plane so we're about to to two and a half hours. At this point I sitting on the tarmac and is it logger? There were not enough to actually change planes and we're gonna get this one off the ground about forty five minutes after that. They came up with another update, which was we are now going to get off the plane. We don't have. We can't stay in this way and government to try to get another plain and then what go went back into the air I, after two hours, you're gonna try to get another play. Ok, we're overthrow over three. Now, did you say in the airport? No, no, try not to do
there is no try. I almost want full Yoda decided not to accept our dug a hole Yoda guided by that we go back in about three and a half hours. We finally got back on the flight and took off here so much good, solid two hours at fifteen minutes or so we certainly would they do, and you don't really feel almost going by the time the news and why it matters is on you're gonna, be in great great going to be great. So this. Is this a second flight I have taken in a row where theyve pull the plug? back in and said Ah, yes, I just have a mechanical problem with Blaine. I like cheese, Ok, we wish probably shack The plane- for we back from the gate and mechanical problems is a just me. So you sit there and yesterday in endows, we were delayed as well, because we
that mechanical problem, which they never really identify and was a little harry because when we took off it sounded like the landing gear, came off the plane hut. Resume their, and fortunate enough to you know, sit in first class and I'm there and I I won't always was thinking as I was reading. You know some book on communism, Billina and I'm really in item region that and I'm looking at I'm like look at this look at this system of injustice. They put the people in the front First, they get a sit down. There haven't drinks. Then they march everybody down the aisle that they can look and go urine I'm gettin anyone there simply, then I series in this a serious thought wow, I do we have. The curtain would seriously it provides no privacy. It's not like were it's not,
he closed the curtain and then we're all having a hard time now, really gonna. Why do you have the curtain? The first class curtain other gets to add that certain little element of lateness you guys are with us, we're right. We're not let you look at us. They saw Lammle Curtain shut. I'd right, ok, ok, I think that in writing. I think it is that little that little air of mystery, when I get so then might king again on the tarmac waiting there wasn't a Mackay no problem. I would have been thinking of these things. If that's we do it? Why don't we have a curtain that goes up the aisle, so I don't have to look at them and they don't have to look at me, sir. We're in these computers walkin by first class, all you see as the carpet in the aisle there's encroachments on both I e. What it me into hello. No, I don't want to gain if you're gonna go for it like we don't want you to see any of this special stuff. Why don't? They
go all the way and current everybody off. Why aren't the curtains gold Bennett another exactly? I was that that was more bathroom guarding because the p on us, but he earns back and coach. May After all, when we walk up, we might be tempted by front of the plane bathroom, but no, no, we walk to the back because we can to stir. People in the front because you can't walk through the curtain. It's in its you cannot penetrate it is it is it is it to force. The old. It's really against bathroom use. Its really weird the lady said to me the stewardess she said, I'm not really hungry. I don't want anything and She said that she is she Leslie said this like it was this taste all she said. Would you have something from the back. Lions and vigour was like you know the bathroom and that what is at the back. Are you really? She was talking about? You know those
easy stemming from the pack. Unlike what is in the pack, and she said you know cheese and crackers, and you know little sandwich wraps sudden boxes like now no I'm really not green, isn't but that didn't sell them. Is it possible that just couldn't believe you weren't hungry but this issue she a shock. You would do everything but, like mine, I wish I'd really gonna turn we still sitting on the tarmac right now. Just thirty minutes. They're gonna think they accept. That is yet another. Thirty minutes pat a couple stories that came out this sir this weekend, one where the university where they were they were serving a scream. I don't know where were they defeated University of Wisconsin the defeated by
be why you that universal, They are really that one. I want to bring up and be why you game now. It's was constant medicine, bunker, yeah they're, the ones who want diversity in their ice cream. Rather, we gives it heading B. Gelatin is that was some of the universe. Headphone genitalia right, Russia's, which is good we're using all parts of the animal, say: let's go that's gross to me. They do that what it has always made of. What do you think Jello? We shall always an ice cream, trinity hopping about no they're talking about the gelatin that goes Indy help it firm up cats, weird You mean the whole a whole jelly and when we talked about this before Pat back and enhance nowadays it's weird it's weird. He could dessert out of about cow boiled cow,
tendons is not a week? Is not a normal desert target and go away? I know it's. Your doesn't go to the human. You know the necessity, but a necessity. We need that to sit. We don't want that to be liquid. Dad. I do like a jiggling math. Well give me some gas market. I come up with an appetite look at. That is a good thing right, ah that's ingenuity at its best that only good happened here in Amerika can, even though it buddy Well, brain: how desperate for outrage do you have to be, though, to say that that what we're talking about that meat gelatin goes and ice cream marginalize as Muslims and weakens come on just told you earlier, you scream, don't go somewhere else for your ice cream, its asinine
we do have flavors that are don't have it, don't you have it in their sellers ice cream options, you just don't get all the options right and that's that's discrimination, because If I want strawberry and I can't get strawberry You- and I were talking about this pat my grandfather. Used to look at US kids. He grew up in the depression and it will we would after dinner on Saturdays is using it third, every night unseen Nowadays, we would get dessert and a grand what we'd be watching stupid Lawrence Whelk show and you know we're just like dear God. Can somebody shoot me now and my grandfather would get up and he'd say: kids, I've got ice cream. And invariably one of us would say what kind, and he would say you just looked at us like we were mad and he said the kind you eat, meaning- ice cream is a privilege ice cream
privilege, you want something, sweet and something cool. I have it. I got me we're living in such a rush. Altered upside down world that, if you can't get strawberry ice cream, other people, can we I'm being triggered, then you need a safe space. You need space, safe space to go tune and pout and cry, and wine Suppose we used to call those institutions these debts, who, when you're, throwing a tantrum, you need a safe space, because you can't strawberry ice cream and you can have some of the other flavors. That's what it would institutionalize you, I'm just I'm just I'm just thinking. Maybe that would be On the other hand, we think about how great this country that we have solved so
many problems that were down to the meat gelatin and ice cream to worry about, It says something about your country. Doesn't it if that's what you have left to be? outraged over pretty amazing. Let's not that pat you you're totally ignoring the big story, the day, which is what a guy, in the background of a weather report, flashed the whites primacy, sick but we all know and have known forever. That is a white supremacist. Wine is one of its own on top of the buildings with a big spotlight and it looks like it. In this respect all that's the backside bats another bad sick. This used to be called the o k, symbol,
with your fingers like ok, right and now we know, if you see anyone do that in any context, what they're saying is they want white supremacy and waited? I ended that begin cause. I've never heard. Don't and tanks ago, o o k, o K, o K, you let alone what do I say to our rights premises whose denying ok, prove evident right over. One second is make the ok symbol right now, I always your camera, but only very low here are gotta. Yes, you are right, see signal on camera? Now I dont know the coastguards. W I retire. Double blow for white. Ok and then what's the other one warming, oh, or a zero meaning all over. The races are meaningless risk. Is that no I'm making it up, I'm hoping to spread that because then we can say, do you know you? Are we?
We just made that up and will see that in reporting in about two weeks on NBC noses cheerless. This is from the Washington Post the idea the hand sign is a secret symbol for white power, owes its mainstreamed, spread to a viral troll campaign aimed at making liberals in the media look gullible one hundred twenty seventeen for chance board disk. Ongoing tactics to try to get their idea to go viral turn. You haven't seen the original threat or goes to convince people on Twitter that the o K hand sign, has been co opted by NEO Nazis. It is not a thing even the media, knows it's not a thing and still NBC News ran a story about guy. In the background, whether report giving a the white supremacy signal on camera. Now I don't No, the coastguard seems to say that
removed him from this effort, and I don't have they actually caught him and they really think he he was doing this like to me just like scratched his head, but everybody gotta, be outraged about something, and I guess it's you think the ok symbol is now the new thing, and I am. I am outraged that The there was already investigation. Did our coastguard just take this guy? We don't know his name. Even where is he? Is he disappeared, Zena penalty? What happened? Was there investigation I'd like to know? You can't just have the coastguard koumongoe, yeah! Well, that's why we put him away and do you know who hobbled it just the thing. Maybe we just slow down on this,
especially when we know it's a hoax. The gate was literally not yet. What do you know? I was, I hope, you're right. I guess that's what we have to argue right. You have two unbelievable will have more outrage on Pat grandly today by the way following this broadcasts and the police, radio and tv networks Van addicted outrage comes out tomorrow order today, have it tomorrow and begin reading. I love to get the reviews, and I know what the one star reviews are going to say because they'll be out tomorrow vote tomorrow morning. Anyway, the: U S, government charge the north korean man for the twenty fourteen cyber assault on Sony North Korean. The hacker was Part of a team of hackers calls the called the Lazarus group who repeatedly tried to be, U S, businesses with ransom, where cyber attacks sony was tricked into malicious links because they were sent via Facebook and twitter. Employees open it up, and it was north korean controlled malware, and we know how that ends.
There are so many stories like this over and over and over again. That's why the new life lock, identity, theft protection adds the power. Of Norton Security to help protect you against the threats to your identity and devices? Nobody can couple cyber threats, preventive identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifeline. What new, Norton Security can see the threats that you're gonna miss on your own and they're gonna fix it so life locked comical, one, eight hundred lifelong user promo code back get an extra percent off your first year, plus a twenty five dollar Amazon gift card. If your annual enrollment, it's one eight hundred lifelike one eight hundred lifelike promo code back lifelong dot, com, Terms and conditions do apply. These charges against Spread Cavanaugh there so ridiculous. I want you to hear the latest on
this woman, who accused break having I've tried to raper in high school. Listen, listen to this now she says she can't recalled the date which, if we now again this this on the future of me, I view the exact date, but she also remember when exactly was, for example, she sang its around the end of her sophomore year. She believes good about junior year had been her freshman year. Right, She doesn't remember also the location where it occurred, who? the house where it occurred or how she got to the house where it occurred She also didn't anyone until two thousand twelve, so she waited thirty years to tell one soul, and that was her therapist. Tat. She was attacked by people who were from the latest boy school who went on to become highly respected in high ranking members of society in Washington? Ever she also said that there are four our boys, who attacked her
although the amount she's now saying attacked her, and she says that was the therapists screwing up, because it you know how similar the words for and to sound at the time it we're screwed up. Here I mean it's so ridiculous, just note, because if you were to say I was on vacation for this month, she would say: was another month, Glenn back mercury.
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