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Left’s Unity Isn’t Unity | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Dave Rubin | 11/13/20

2020-11-13 | 🔗

Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggests Joe Biden bypass Congress to pass the progressive agenda. America has royalty now. Biden’s coronavirus adviser calls for four to six weeks of lockdown and Dr. Fauci says, “Do what you’re told.” The CDC has new coronavirus guidelines for Thanksgiving, but will anyone follow them? Do conservatives really trust Democrat Joe Manchin will block the radical socialist agenda? Bill O’Reilly talks about Trump’s chances of winning, the recent Pentagon firings, and whether Biden will go socialist. Moving to Georgia to vote isn’t as simple as it sounds. BlazeTV’s Dave Rubin joins with tales from California under COVID-19 and gives his take on the media-fueled division and what the Left really means by “unity.”

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment land that programme hello, America, unwelcome never going back programme or the CDC has given us guidelines on how we're supposed to be hey. This thanksgiving colleague she Wally moment. Tat are going to be really upset if we don't abide by all those guidelines Yeah, that's right boots with me. Nobody. Nobody is going to abide by these stupid guidelines. We have that we have an update on the reach out in the case for Donald Trump We also have a sneak breathe. You enter what things might look like if
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walking down the justice streets, other, but my spurs on. Dave? Reuben is, quite you only you're spurned onward. Please don't very disturbing in. I know. Well, because I get slivers at my feet as I'm walking on the right exiles boards. The sidewalks anyway the very strange DOW Dave Reuben is coming up on today. Show bill O Reilly is gonna, be on the show. I did a podcast with Megan Kelly that was released last night. That is Jost fantastic. We have a lot bared for you on this programme. Having dinner with Dave last night. He is, I mean he is a love him just love him
he has gone from a guy was working with the young Turks to this conservative warrior he is fantastic. Just untasted and he is very optimistic still about the election we kept saying. Why would Donald Trump tweet this, and did you see his tweet yesterday? It was all in caps report two dominion deleted. Two point: seven million Trump voters of votes nation, wide data analyse find two hundred and twenty one thousand Pennsylvania vote switched from president trumped Abiden. Nine hundred and forty one thousand trump volts deleted states. Dominion Voting systems switched four hundred and thirty five thousand votes from trumped abiden. Now I don't know who he was quoting, but that's called corset you have a it- did- have a twitter, morning warning, I believe so. It seems like he was so referencing it away in report, but again
We keep talking about this, but its clearly true, when The president has you know, he's watching, his report is talking about the new support, which is fine yeah but when he has information on this, he's gonna file mass of lawsuits about, if not legal investigation. It's all! That's all you really have to do on this stuff. Could you can get thrown off by looking at the stuff on social media? Are even news reporting about a minus the president has something is going to file a lawsuit that backs it up. in the it'll, be a very depressing day done. If he doesn't do that and we very depressing day, because what we're looking for is but looking at is just the total destruction of the country. Elizabeth WAR, any alive a bit warren ran on the most progressive economic and racial justice platform in art. Countries history, she is. She is now saying that Biden needs to bypass Congress and unilaterally impose the progressive wish list
She is saying here the bold steps the new administration can take with a without using the Congress and using existing legal authority cancel bill, ends of dollars in student debt. Give tens of millions of Americans and an eighty immediate financial boost lowered. rug prices for millions by producing key drugs like insulin. Etc, who at low cost using existing compulsory licensing authorities, allows the federal government to bypass happens for pressing public health needs. So now see she suggesting that the country that invented the patent we have there, as a patent for patterns, we would all it better human Franklin. It is the key that unleashes
the free market. It is the key that in leashes unleashes people's ideas. It gives I hope that they will be able to profit over an idea. These ideas, is that it from fire king things on fire tools, electric stove to light two cars. All of that happen because of the patent people, had these ideas, but nobody would do it now wanted to do it because they knew the Lord and Lady would take Lee the idea and Neil it from them and all the lords of We have lords and Ladys. Now we have princes and kings and royalty. It's called people in power We have rulers now in Amerika. You don't say that they're going to take your idea
make sure you're in poverty, but they're not course that's the story of human existence and that exactly what she suggesting there's Patton, on these things and the United States government should just take those patterns and make them there's themselves. So now you have the government taking drugs, all that good. That's gonna when one of these drugs goes bad. Who's, gonna, police, it who's, gonna whose even going to report on it, you don't even have the press as a shield anymore. anyway, to lower the drug prices. Issue enforceable OSHA health and safety standards for covert nineteen companies don't escape accountability for workplace conditions that exposed workers to serious harm and even death you're, not gonna. A business open in America,
You will not have a business open in Amerika. If who can hold the the poor yours responsible for anybody who gets sick by the way. Could I just ask this question still help me out on this. One sure. New York in California, not really out a lock down. Are they who bear little give airily I've only I mean no, but I've seen all of the stores. You know in New York in California their Pratt that practically all of them are boarded up nobody's going anywhere in those two states. How, TAT. There are starting to have this huge. Second, how that possible, they're all wearing mass, they all have mass mandates, IA possible! Here's the thing masked mandates, don't do much of anything unknown and other governments. None skin amazing, even when it's funny, because even when you look at the percentage of people using masks the difference between mask mandate, states and non mask mended states, there is very little difference between them
but where them, if they want to wear them, they don't if they don't, and the mandate we know gum I'm telling you what would who leads the government of this country's at us leading them or they leading us, oh avowed. She said it's time to do what you're told transit Americans have this free entrepreneurial spirit, but now it's time to do what you're told it look. What's what's happened now twice in with this pandemic is when people get freaked out enough about it. They start changing their behaviour and it goes away that is happened already twice and probably will happen here, a third time if people get really freaked out about inhibit stays at a level where people are but are it's not hitting them really hard. Then they probably won't that's the way what is going to happen. It just has nothing to do with what the government is telling everyone that they know they didn't. They know these steps. Everyone knows what you're supposed to do. They do they do and
but now we're gonna have of Elizabeth worn gets her way. Osha is gonna, be involving the hooker his that she also says raise the minimum wage for all federal contractors to fifteen dollars an hour that sweet the centre racial equity by building on Vitamin Harris's commitment to establish a wraith, racial and ethnic disparities, task force and collecting. Report covert. Nineteen data review. All racial disparities in pandemic funding declare that I'm a crisis, a national emergency? Didn't we say they would do that ones? I declare that a national emergency they can do whatever they want. We become a dick. Haider ship declared, climate crisis, a national emergency and start marshalling resources towards addressing this challenge and restore the balance and competition by prioritizing strong anti monopoly protections and enforcement. It
We are headed for a depression. If these get done a depression, And they were in their see, there's no way to that. You won't be able to go anywhere. Do anything make anything? see how minnow play as MRS can absorb another one of these things, unless you're just talking about printing money until oblivion. Now that may have they are, but that's gonna make it worse in long tracks, why bitcoin and gold, or going through the roof, and they both are the other going through the roof because they know this is what they do. If you go, to another. Lockdown you are. Owing to have you're gun at point with vitamins policies. On top of it, you destroy the? U S, currency. You will Hosty inflate the money like crazy and that's why gold is going up. That's told you four months, please and its
not too late. Look at golden. This is not a commercial look at. gold and silver. Please This is what you are looking at work. Craziness and by the way, if Biden, turns on the left. They turn on him hard, and we you think we had riots before you wait they are not going to take this sitting down. Michael more has just said that Joe Biden needs to embrace socialism and alive the electoral College and reject bi partisanship. Is that what you voted for America is. I'm really of the Democrats voted for that, or were you just so lost in your anger that you didn't even look? You just didn't care who replaced Donald Trump? He said you, stop the madness. A grateful nation and myself are in a state of joy hope in relief. Thank you for it.
We're all eager to join with you to repair the damage done to our country and to eliminate that about our society and our politics, which gave us Donald Trump in the first place, health care, is a human right, no, it is not the pursuit of health care is a human right. You eat you, old manufacturer rights there, the that you come with when you're born, because you're a human guy can't, give you rights but but he doesn't have control over their government government, and the private market they're the ones that create health care you. have the right, because God gives you the right to stand in line and either get well free earths by yourself. Guy,
to your doctor, you're, which doktor whatever you choose. You have that right to pursue it, but you don't have a right to someone else's business, air pursuing trying to heal people, this is the This is why the patent exists, because it's a human right. You have a human right to this know they had a human right too. Sue, their happiness and what their happiness was. Was go and get into medicine and to take their time. You are stealing people's time. Do you want their human right. Whatever it is, you do do you want? your job put down, as a human right. So you're mechanic and you workin on cars. You know at having my car service is a human right. So you have to give me. You have to My car now because I have a right to it there just
doing it in a different field. There doing it with healthcare cause it's easy to make that case, but once you tat case there. Then housing is a human right here structure worker. Congratulations, you are building me a house because I have a human right and you have the skills. So I can co opt your labour. I can steal from you, I can tell you how much I'm gonna pay you. You tell me how much you're gonna build it for I'm gonna tell you how much you are going to build it for an we're going to meet that because this, the human right? This is it begins, got didn't. Velvet Blue Cross blue shield? He created people and p all developed Blue cross in blue shield, and they have a right to develop those things and they have a right to operate. It is the way they feel they should operated. The problem
As is the United States government gets involved every site. But the way and anybody who pays Congress enough we'll have a law written, so they protect that company, they just gave us a lot of money there supporters and we don't really know about postscript. in drugs. We don't really know you're, not supply, to know if you're in Congress. What you're supposed to know the law of the land and the constitution that your job, it doesn't say, protect jobs? I swear that I will No you taken a protect the united states constitution. That's your job, pure it, what do you say you start doing it what spurs off feel a lot.
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everybody's, oh my god. What is why culture, and I, you define it cause it cuz. I couldn't I didn't. I didn't. I didn't know critical race theory free to define, because it was actually the president's own words correct. He used the words white culture, he s in his own book piazzas and nobody will accept that no one will excel accept that what you're right, critical race theory is a better description of what you are talking. It's exactly the description. Every That is why it or came from white people is bad after all, it sounds like a deep seated hatred able get. I mean think of how clear white fragility how clear here that is a good indication of that comment, yet right Emmy what we white fragility where, even if you SK. We cannot avoid racism and if your white,
every white person racist at some level of matter. What, no matter? What and like I don't know how you describe it as anything other than a deep seated hatred for the white culture. There saying every way person is a terrible rates as oh here is the here's. The interesting thing he's got a new book out: Bronco Burma. I s gonna, the seventeenth, yes and it's gonna be great. He says our democracy seems to be teetering on the brink of crisis, a crisis rooted in a fundamental contest between two of visions of Amerika we are and what it should be. Yet that's true one is marxist one. The founders There are those who believe that it's time to discard the myth of american ideals because they ve been second, two conquest and racial cast systems, an rapacious capitalism in our society, really
Instead, I think I was too tempered in addressing the views on the social faults. While I was in office really to tempered We now know that, while the president was in office A jury was out with him on whether the american experiment is even worth or capable of surviving was a first in american politics, good news all of people, they say they want to be in the vine name. They all believe the same thing, but don't worry you have a seventy seven year old, feeble guy going to be the guard at the gate? we'll be. Seventy nine takes office west, seven, So it's seventy nine year old, feeble guy is the Grand Gordon programme. Ok,
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get your podcast? I love TAT grandly shot me to die. It's great it! That's what people are saying that it is all the same thing anyway, so pats joining us and I just wanted to go around the table. One You passionate about today it's Friday. What's the thing you wanna get off your chest about the bite and covert adviser calling for a month or maybe even a six week, walk down, the necessary now yeah, just six more weeks. They know All this is what finishes off America. They know this will crush him. Russia. They ve done a really good job of bringing us to the brink of absolute total income, The disaster and there are six week. Lockdown is exactly what the doctor calls for, so that they can build back better and bring on the socialist garbage that they're trying to bring on your well
turns out. You just said that America has an independent spirit, but now is the time to do what you're told that's a quote. like her. I thought he was didn't. You say something against the lockdown, though didn't you see he don't younger lockdown said the others are off the table they have in Rio and on the table since March or April, but while their back on the table, there does see I'm going out with white and they certainly seemed are on the table. Will it can I go to the things that I am the thing I'm passionate about today? The thanksgiving covert regulations, ha ha, ok, hurry gatherings that include more than three households are prohibited I want to invite people, I don't even know now. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests. The whole should come names of all of the attendees and contact information in case contact racing is needed later screw. You
Gatherings that occur outdoor are significantly safer than indoor gatherings, while I'm I do that everybody will monitor rebuilt you get. It is good that we ask debtor you that's gotta have attendees may go inside use restrooms as long as all rooms are frequently sanitized. Well, dreams is gonna, be doing that at our high for any gatherings permitted. Under this guidance, the space must be large enough, so everyone at a gathering can maintain at least six foot physical distance from others. Will that Great, because I you know I know I know at my house, you hear this all the time good somebody could you good, you, pass the potatoes play, come on man, gathering should be two hours or less right.
people are gatherings, may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink as long as no stay six feet away from every one outside that got a whole where the mouth is JANET in Europe, in the hall, the little risky that I think is pushed the mashed potatoes through the mesh. Did you see in the new devices that that is? Is letting families come together now that you can Could we were all? Is please? Yes, this is wonderful There is now it's a big plastic. Then they put their arms through our has other they didn't hug each other through the plastic right like look like the cove, it's not coming down from underneath the plastic. It's not all the way down. Even look at that.
it's not like a room, it's plastic between them on to pause. Look stupid and everybody's like this is the greatest thing you know it's not a kids are saying like I don't like this. It looks like that. Seen from naked gun, more they're both make their wearing full body. Condoms had met. That is like really what it looks like so stupid is just so stupid so. So I'm I'm just saying that I'm going invite as many people as I can to my thanksgiving
and if I could find a way to have people from forty different households and we're going to have an energy teen hundred people at my House party. Really I don't ever born one there's only three hundred feet square feet. Gem of what I am passionate about is this charade. We are being shown by the Democrats in this really angry battle between Alexandria cause Cortez, Joe Mansion, you what you see here guys is
that Joe Mansion he's just not going to stand for all this socialism? He won't go along with it if everybody believed him and EO see she's very upset and they treated this photo of ABC, looking very angry at show by ETA, Joe mentioned, because he tweeted about how he didn't want to defend the police and how he didn't want and the full well. I am so glad there is one person in the democratic parties that will cross those lines and his brave enough to stand against all those crazy policy. This is was drive me nuts and is actually conservatives are driving me nuts on this. Every piece of good derivative analysis I've seen on this is like well, I care by overseas, get it in her face. I did she's really upset when she's she's upset good for Joe Mansion for come out and stopping this guy's really is for you to her veil, are going. They are trying to convince the
voters of Georgia that our terrified of socialism, but would consider, may be voting for a Democrat. Maybe they voted for Joe Biden, but they dont want the Democrats to have all the control their trial send a message that it'll be ok. You have just mentioned there to stop all the bad things. So it's ok to took to elect both Democrats because at the end of the day, when they try to pack the court judgment, we'll be there to stop it. He just said he wasn't gonna vote for it gets what guys, when they need Joe mentions vote, he will be there to vote for the direct strap on step on his throat like nobody's business. He will be there, but when, when you need the fiftieth folk Joe action. Is there when it when you we have fifty one already. Yes,. Her. He votes for the further for the more it saying option, because he's in West Virginia that Donald Trump, when's by sixty points, but the bottom line is when it comes down to the court packing vote Joe.
animals? They will go. I've said it before. I was against court backing, but you don't know what this Donald Trump Card is a step too far. We need a fix. This vote. The american people everyone will go. Oh my gosh we were idiots me was voted for those Democrat. Who is the Democrat that last Democrat for O bomber care that I'm gonna go, wasn't gonna go, wasn't gonna go because of the abortion. Yes, it has, and how does it Andy said were gonna? Stop that he's like yeah. They said there are gonna, stop it for this now ass. One time I know I said I'd, never vote for public funding of abroad. I what they perceive as so I'd rise, ok I'll go alive and then worse. He first of all is out of Congress, but also we have we're stuck with Obamacare because bit ever be leave these people love. They lie to you every time we always seem to say things like you know what I think on Roberts is doing
he's got a master plan. He's been he's got this master plan this in very long. Oh, you won't know for until he's, like a ninety, seven years have been fed by Chinese just lowering them into this trap. We we give these guys, the benefit of the doubt and we come with these he's playing a game. It's a whole thing and everybody is involved rap right, but they don't win, win the and when the Democrats are saying Oh my gosh he's I cannot vote for the packing the core. that's how regions here, because I'm going to save now, who's been tied to the railroad tracks and we buy it. It's like NATO see is not mad at Joe Mansion. She playing her part. Anyone who is worried about a yo see sees ale cease mad at this. I guess I can vote for.
Mcgrath Sugars, Joe imagine I mean look at agencies all passed up. She's not been stop she's trying to convince you to elect democratic senators. That's what she's doing so. Let me go back in the time machine to a time when nobody remembers. I think we all read by candlelight. and there were no. There is no progress in this country. It all back all the way to two thousand eight. here is. One of the democratic candidates in the for the Senate in Georgia, Warnock Here's what he said about Jeremiah Right was a deal embrace written the reverend right and let me focus on the sound bites of a lack of ours. But certainly he has said things I J D, America and the things that he said near the critical things even of Senator Clinton never having to grow up, and they are just a personal attack on her. Do you remember, that is something you would do certain your church. We celebrate Reverend right
in the same way that we celebrate the true test tradition of the black church Would she went preachers tell the truth. Often it makes people uncomfortable, and I think that the country has been done a disservice by this kind. playing over and over again the same soundbites outside of context, and we we are miserable by playing the sound by people who we we appreciate and the door Martin of the cage, for example, but here's the problem is that the media is being criticised for using sound bites of reverend right and taken out of context things at a rather stunning and shocking to many American to hear, if not most Americans. Here's a prob, apparently bother Centre Obama enough now, because apparently he's now disavowed, these quote soundbites. So as well so we think there's a little bit more. There is apparently with centre. Obama does sure. Well
senator Lama is doing what he should do he's running for president and german right is doing what he should do. He is a preacher, and a proper. So you know hears here's the only way any of Reverend rights the comments it could be taken out of context and mean something that was ok is every one of his comments. stated you know I would be added. I would just condemn myself. For being the world's biggest liar. If I said, AIDS was something that the government came up with to harm the black man like these there's, not there's, no context that those work unless it is a pew deviation that you're right before which it's not that is the kind of candidate their running in Georgia. If you don't
think, they'll pack, the court, if you don't think your kids will constantly be taught that if their white, their racist. If you'd I think all of this stuff is coming. You are, sadly, sadly mistaken and we ve got to reach out to our neighbours who may have just voted for Biden because they thought awhile. He's gonna beef that taught the teetering old man that debts is gonna doesn't seem like where he knows what room ease in he's. Gonna be fine and he's not gonna go for all of this progressive stuff. You get you lose the Senate races in Georgia in January and we lose the nation I think that a grey unleashed or you can watch it- show here on ablaze tv right before this one Look, Mr Bill O Reilly, Megan, Kelly and Dave Reuben stand by
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in This man tat program how America for Friday, we have Dave Reuben on today, Megan Kelly and yes, the one and only Mr Bill O Reilly, because it's Friday, the always effervescent and just kind humble bill O Reilly with his take at what hell is happening to America up in sixty seconds is the Glen Back
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she had a bill o Reilly. Is there anything to discuss this week? I mean it's been a slew node is weak and bad very hard eating. Journalists well- and I have been very the accumulating information and disseminating opinion that is beyond reproach. Ok! Well, we find anything in the news to talk about this week but work you know we're Guph, offs bill. First, let's start with the challenge to the final Talley? does he does Donald Trump? Have something? Is he does he have a chance, of turning this around or is it Biden? Do you think by a ninety percent chance of being certified in December biggest December, twelve, that fifteen sizing thirteenth thirteen. Thank you.
because the only thing that could change, the circumstance now remember Biden, one by Five million popular boats that its interest Have you checked California, out The added in I dont know really whether there is still a part of a member girl not now the object, you take it out to dead, and seventy nine percent of American County is road of a trial. That's amazing, don't drop his angry and his people are looking for a way to stop the Biden, train the only way that Japan possibly happen Supreme Court said: Pennsylvania, state of Pennsylvania violated and counted past election day when it should not have an indispensable.
Stayed the boat out. Albania now Throw everything into chaos, even though even now Joe Biden which still have liked or about the ban to and would be over the limit four hours owner so our those eleven a letter about just today the Associated Press. They are so on and aren't ideas now they know their great. Yet, said all J, while we change that by what I think it was stay awake. The state of Arizona out source the boat out. To the Sunstroke Elementary school facade. I don't see why lily those kids Sunstroke Elementary are yeah, but they are to be all by two Third Reich Outright but no one ever thought out everything
is only nine thousand vote difference. I do somebody better on taxes they have to take them off and then it's a little chaotic, but to be sure is everything Pennsylvania This stay at about there by the Supreme Court than by The guy The following the domain voting system thing, yeah. I am but guess you- and I know courts FED work Ports are not gonna get involved with. All of this other stop that just not. Yeah. It was you screw up and in the computer, canning Corso US but all time. Yes, it does at I dont know what level I want to know I do know all of this fraud stuff and stock that didn't job devotes accurately when the judge. Is that where it is now in the
Judges and they're not gonna, respond to each said she so well. Might I add the one sure that's not gonna happen What happened at the Pentagon this this week, trump its booze, called near total decapitation of Pentagon leadership. Tell me what happened. We're going to monitor added the chief security, corresponding ABC news. You know right now work with your embark on an excellent report, automatic I'm not saying that facetiously or sarcastic? Ok, but- so getting ready to. mobilise the: U S, military, to keep him in office. Not the actual you? Would she implied ABC News and they wonder why nobody watches them. The network news numb. Their weight. It last in the most important week at a year or down drill. magically. You gonna, build
we die com, they have all the facts there, but anyway drop is vindictive guy he's of picked up guy these Jews. It's like the baptism seen in God, there to no one first got fought in the first got block. The baptism see ya were thereby Genie family and everybody else gets whack such as those you, I going be there. He knows he's going so all of peace. He feels betrayed him. I gotta get fired so yeah, do you feel he knows, he's he's leaving a question you knows, So then what is the other axioms came out yesterday said that he is going after tromp with his own digital cable network. no, no, no, not dismiss about back at night, and we all do it. I'm not mocking you,
So our Chios showed that powerful news agency that every Maya rewriting grass about right today say that trap is going to lead the way out and then form a digital. news service to damage the fox? Jack, ere. He believed he was betrayed. That was so I say it's a product against what is at Fox nation but it's basically ended. Rupert Murdoch is that true could be the guy's running around and they called me out or not. They called you, but they should in eighteen, o we're gonna do a big news service is gonna, be it should allowing know what that is by the way know it sounds good. I have no idea what that is. Would you like? how much money they there be a dumptruck come up here
Lotta, dump it on your long. That's how much money we're gonna, give you so sorry, this paper so that you can do it. And I love Bill rallied com. I got I go on copyright, so you gotta actual contract come back and I'll take a look at it. So drop is involved with that I know these guys approached them you do whatever I dont know what he's gonna do, but it makes sense because Donald chums addicted to the spotlight I guess you to get out of my logo in Florida, and you know plot all day long in that way think that's. It saw back. That's why I think p bull around him. Are your full that they're, just I mean gonna be rate over the coals. They wouldn't be surprised if, if you They came after the family after they laughed, you know, there's people as say he should go to jail, blah blah blah. We ve never done that. These guys are very
very vindictive and they hate them. So he he's got to either be taken out because he's going to be peace, to be in the spotlight he's not going away. Now. turn a general in New York is the only weapon. No doubt about it. Let tee James, remember that night Juno after from one argument everything Guy might want MIKE what. Divergent axis good at it avenue and chicken left on a one way street and each saying they'll do anything to get him in New York, which moved out of New York. this comment, but I don't think that's gonna be so significant. I think that Donald Trump, the shock and it is they get. The man is shocked. Who's gonna win by a lot, so
percent of country. Seventy percent of the country has a lot of people, but I told my audience: Corbett could defeat him and that's exactly would have I wouldn't know covered chocolate beaten by into the one because of the economy, the current, through everybody into chaos, scared alot of people, and when you terrified you have a tendency to voters, somebody Maybe I'm not gonna be terrified of this guy gets in whatever may be so it is the more Donald Trump the President I say, stunned that he lost many angry. so. Anything can happen good, lash out anywhere any time and it's gonna be fascinating six months to watch what happens to him any day to that Pfizer, this news till after day out at so corrupt again, I mean they're gone
I cite a one point: two billion dollar contract with Pfizer, but money. Owes me like this, and you know why, because job drive down pharmaceutical drug prices in America and have them Canada and all the other countries. So the mom's got. Do we gotta get this guy out of there, mobility is what was fighting by the end of August the day at something and so they fast tracked it and by early October. At the data that they would then to the FDA and they sat on it and put in a big, safe, and said in a wide. I think we're gonna do those cuz. It would help drop one week after the vote, the guys it really speak English very well. The ceo of Pfizer come to light. There were our waited an old about yeah, ok, fine back! We live in,
Europe can show a here's. What I want to know- can somebody I mean die. Tromp was under attack, He is, he was rocky. I mean He was out, matched for the competition, yet he Joe kept swing in swinging in swinging, he won the presidency, then they just. pommelled him the entire time. I've never seen such an array of global forces coming against one guy here two he stood its miraculous that it was this close. Quite honestly, I don't think anyone else would have even been close as Donald Trump is, or was to a second term, and yet he'd. He didn't. He didn't make it because everything was stacked against him, so that that begs the question: if he can't do
Can anyone fight this to that interesting question. Number one word of one, as I just said. Of course, it had not death the culture, but wait a minute wait a minute at letting it limited way way way way way way way. Let me talk to you about the wait. Let me talk to you about covert, then, because I'm convinced, cove id it required everything that we have done. We have, that's another? That's another debate which keep your eye on real money. Don't hang Gimme one minute, I'm gonna come do commercial? No, I'm gonna come back because it is the same point back in one minute. our sponsor this half hour is re con. If your shopping for the holidays, may I suggest you get your kids re con ear buds, so they, stops dealing yours, I personally, don't like I've had clips ear
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company arouse sites in you that book free known, I you have to read it now. I ready or hell is really good and I heartily endorse it. I didn't Yet you stupid books or you can make me pay for doing so, and crazy yours that same tree, been. You gave me your butt, Larry by the two by my book, good idea by killing crazy yours cause, your kids will come and steal. It then lose it you guys are bill. Have You ve done your homework yet from the World economic forum on the great reset. Now? Ok, you need to do that. Just go the economic forum, DOT org. It sounds absent Like crazy, but when you do doing your research. This is very well planned, organised and all of the Davos people are behind it. People our treasury,
people that are surrounding Joe Biden, including John Kerry. I mean it's well organised, again. So the great recent regulators on hang on really. Would you really good requirements? Do not wait, wait! I'm writing a book on that I'll? Send you and I'll send you something it's just a rough draft I'll, send it so it'll save you time, but this this is poor two of the covert thing They need to reset the economies of the world, they're gonna, rebalance and reset their resetting into something called shareholder capitalism, which is just national socialism. Is a truly frightening thing that is well on the path. I believe that Cove id was it was a easy excuse and they just keep ramping it up and keep telling
we gotta closed down, we gotta shut down. They are destroying the economy, I think Donald Trump, was played on a lot of this matter. mom. Please send me that you're gonna tell me stop and they never arrived the damage. Stood in this economic Risa. Ok, that's what my try Mary! is, is to report dated day you're the big picture genius, I'm just little guy report, the Truth Data, day and bill O Dotcom, and I know s head been no virus from China chop. would have been re, elect Absolute drew okay. So when people talk about conspiracies fraudulent what counts. All that we should investigate. All of it. Find out the validity to the allegations that people
on CNN and the left wing media, the New York Times, Watchin oppose that don't want that. Investigation are working. Get the country Yes, they are ok, now. What do we do what do Americans do what you ve gotta, be alert, that's number one! So again, I am I've in there. I don't think by having gonna see em back he's going to go from his basement: Wilmington, Delaware to the basement and a white house. It's a better basement in a whiteout you're, not going to see him once in awhile to try them out like weekend at Bernie's, and he will waive it'll be a photo you're, not gonna, have a press conferences. Many a year, Can I do anything and saw the Democrats. You're gonna try to consolidate their power, No, how they're going to do that, but I'm on it but you right. And then in two years, I think
The economy is good. I go down a little bit in the USA. I think the Republicans I urge the house to just a few seats away now so this could work to the benefit of America, I think descended to be fit. Did you forty eight Republican helps large units will win. Sorry, ok, georgian Southern hang out just like, let's go to Georgia and that vote, and also the people surrounding Joe Biden in just a minute grand back Programme more has been our I lay and the author of some crazy horse book. They use it, but you should check out I'm not going to but the end of the day. There is nothing in the world quite like falling into a comfortable bad, laying your head on a comfortable pillow. Looking for a good book to read man. If I get just think of a good book, reed drifting off, then to see the sand man for yet another nights, beautiful sleep. That's I do I've had a man
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This is the Glenda programme. Welcome. Glad you're here we're with Bill o bill. I want to get to Georgia here in a second, but you are talking about how this could be good. If we win Georgia that that this could be okay. If Biden gets in, however, there's all kinds of things like the two, acts of They are now saying that they're gonna try to which these things through, even if they don't have the Senate he'll just start taking exec, He'D- have action Michael, more is calling now for a binding to embrace socialism ended. Do all these things and reject bi partisanship, he's always crazy, but then have Warren saying I pass Congress in unilaterally impose several things
cancel billions of dollars in student loans at lower drug prices paid by the gun meant by passing. Patents Issue enforceable. Osha health and safety standards for covered nineteen, so giant companies don't escape accountability for workplace conditions, raise the minimum wage fifteen dollars an hour center racial equity by building on Biden, Harris's commitment to establish a racial and ethnic disparities task force by collecting putting covert nineteen data and looking at the she'll disparities declared the clock crisis a national emergency to start marshalling resources. Wow and those are things he can do just what exactly. of order.
it is thus Michael, more who sat always Elizabeth Warren, whose angling to be our treasury side through what the real story coherent, yeah, ok, so the most the man in the United States Mitch Mukungu needs Mcconnell emerge. If you, get his body. Language always have a great time. Have a good time because he's the guy and any expenditure by the federal government. Of U S a tax dollars ass to be aid by the legislature that thousand the Senate has to be started in the house and then pass to the Senate right. You can't ever present, and you know what I'm gonna do this money and do this if we would have a border wall from browser, was Andy Agar. That's what frustrated drop where'd. You get the money to build the big well
to be ass. I purple it all nonsense Supreme Court. They would challenge it courts, gonna rule and stay a crazy wounds, and so on what about any of that right. So what she going forward was Joe Biden. He doesn't want to be in league with Bernie Sanders, Wizard WAR, Cassio Porges, though be in that in that way, because he knows the american people don't want these people We don't want far left Biden he's gonna to do adieu but people better, you selected to be among the White House. We are not crazy wounds so We observe that shit but they don't want to lose the house back there. yeah go out of their bind, though I laughed go out of their mind. Let them that the democratic
already there right on the edge of loose in the House of Representatives, and let that happen then two years and they sent it stays republican than binding he's lame duck. He gets nothing now he can return me doc, deportations by executive order. He could do some things, absolutely say new OSHA rules for a covert nineteen, which would just destroy business, he's got his knees it's to enforce the walls she We stand a coldly what say a very simple example that everybody is concerned about so bad Executive board of the. You gotta, wear masks reset. You're out of your house, and here it is here's my order outside your by on the present Two hours later. It would be put into the federal system, and I
in practice is that, where would be filed would put a stay on the order. two hours. That's all would take determined Republicans to challenge we would start the math the mandate in its tracks Then it would work to get into this. I am quite fast track it gay and sixty three. There would rule that bind us the authority to do it better to ST thing right that streets, control, public health. And that's true, you'll be dead hype up, talk radio and cable news law that if you step back and you look at brilliance, the founding fathers and how they put into play against madness. The
because you ve got is worn, think it one around and short pants all day, long and scream and jump up and down and see it. And it's not gonna happen. I hope, you're right, I'm, oh my I was wrong in sending you a free copy of killing gray. You didn't send you didn't, send it didn't, send our right. I've heard by God of old bill. O Reilly boats he's not added story November. Your email Obama's coming out with a new book- and he said, jury is still out on whether american democracy can work. We await the see is being on sixty minutes on Sunday number one yes, yes, I want everybody. You saw the level start I'll drop interview to compare has actually mean
who's going to treat Barack Obama I understand that even when he walked into the room to be interviewed, there were people with fines, fanning him, Yahoo died, but I they're gonna show that I might be added, it won't see the rose petals on the floor either. Let me ask you about the New cove id rules, the new covered rules about thanksgiving. You can have more than three households at the table and includes YO, you can. You know you have to stay. Everybody has to be six feet apart from each other, it The cdc covered rules by any of those I've been very lukewarm Oda. My ass, we stood awaiting an irish VP arbiter. com and I hope it does and putting him in a garage designer euro is no fire. Turkey. He did it
and which, in the garage, ok so known- and I'm not making light. It is because I believe this is a vicious. dangerous buyers. I tell people look on the side of caution. Don't be an idiot, My immediate family they'll be here for Thanksgiving, We usually very fortunate because everyone wants to social distance for me have any put nobody eyes. So grand treated me right for you I don't have any look. I think we have a nice time I'm not gonna bring in people just arrived from Portugal. I'd like to bright, I'm not gonna. Do that right. I mean it enjoy its everybody's saying. Then everybody
if a calm and protect them hours when their environments and strangers. I think we'll all be ok. Yeah yeah, Well, California, in New York, don't think so, and we just found out that California's can open up the strip clubs. Judges are still God but Strip clubs you can you can you can open up? So we got that go in forests in California. Billow right Lee? I wait before we leave here. Are you? Are you going to invite any of those ladys over for Thanksgiving No! No! I don't know the only the only leg I'm going to be looking at is on the Turkey or my wife or my wife bill really give a quick plug for killing of with Geronimo or whatever it is crazy, like that. We all need to get away from this insane political stop this book.
so you your own. We recommend a book about killing, Indians, you racist, I listen. Learn a tremendous amount about your country is all true, and it's a very dirty agree, so pick up killing Easy horse we the reviews on Amazon, bad com. Ninety four percent of the folks say it's an actual. thanks, you get me, replied, Becker really, gonna hear it thanks Mr Bill O for Bill orally dot, com, We have at least still have I have to. I just did an interview with Megyn Kelly for about an hour, and it's just it's fantastic, just fantastic. I got to get to that. Also Dave Rubin is coming up and an argument really an argument between two friends I know where I stand on his friendshipless now coming up in just a second step.
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a friend, said: oh, I gotta go and go to Georgia and move my mom this weekend. I gotta driver you hall out and then drive it back. Friend says I'll: go with you. That's a real reddened, isn't it. Yeah, and then, when that person response? No, please don't come right in what it would take for value. Take credit. I do because that's it is exactly what I am still came in this morning's like. Ah, you know the movers crapped out on us, and so I gotta go, get a U hall, bring into my moms and then drive it all the way back, and I said I'll, be fine I'll. Do that with you and he was like and I can't think of a way to make it worse than I did not lie with the way to make it worse.
That is really I mean. That is, I mean I thought that was a great idea to use any pause. My cool my knees like now there would be nothing that would make that all that would be joining the Euro strike. Me necessarily is the guy's gonna? Be that helpful moving boxes? Like I don't know, I don't know. No. I did not say that I would try Veron back if you, I didn't say it lifted to you, your mark- that a blanket riddled with coal, where ninety nine years old man, like a lady in say, I move box, and now he didn't, you do zero and that's, as you said that you started the conversation, friend would help you move you. specifically said you're, not that person doesn't help momentum that on no not at all, but I ll help you on the drive back and for that would be a would be lonely, be art. I am interested in this business model, though, where you best in people up to move,
their homes and their two days before the closing on the on the house? You just tell them about we're, not gonna make it again. Is that a thing that can happen? I didn't know This was like an available business model where you could just take people's money and then like two or three days before the closing. When you know another person's going to move in You just say hey what about? If all we solve your stuff stays there because we're not coming. I got a great, so you ask it. Let me ask you this. Do let me ask you this? That's a bad business! My bedroom! Yes, I'd like to the political model where a conservative commentator is moving our registered voter out Atomic Georgia. What are you at the grave? What are you are you working for Andrew Yang? What and how and why? It is a core I mean: can she? Yes,
How did she get an absentee ballad ass? She can now use is lousy, ass forward today, she's currently or as it is currently a resident earlier, as they see votes before she leaves gets a goat early elections. I don't I don't know I'm not, but I would suggest it now she moves to taxes. Can she still absolute. Would you not hear officially yeah timing of Andrew Yang can move into the stay right potential of half so loosely. Do that stew and here's the good and not now? If it happens, she those two prison you don't I don't have to worry about housing for your mom and going to take care of the rebels BAR Lovett she'll be safe. She'll, while in safe is relative, but you'll be safe therein. Prison. You get like the open air environment, resent accuracy confining wall right now and I used to get those bar is fantastic. It's very very his so have her get and absentee ballot. Ace
by the way is gonna. Do I mean if that is the thing is? If now I happen to know that she would be voting for republican candidates, but it she was. I mean if you relative and Georgia right now that happens to be a liberal. Maybe you just move them out visit right now, we're due to stay for two months. You dont want. Do you dont want to actually go the other way because it's really against the law. You moved alleys Democrats, it say we're moving agri we're moving to Georgia just for a couple months, because, as you know, they don't have any rules or the oh yeah yeah they do they. Do you write you can move to Georgia if you leave right after or you are lying about anything you have to have it. the driver's license. You have to show the tax, but you are going to be paying in Georgia for your job. All of it. I have to show that you have a place that, yes, your name on it, not least you. Screw that up. It's a federal crime is the Glen back problem,
not free. America's. A new book out by MIKE Donovan guy who's been fighting the government of and grab of rights for a very long time he's out a new book. It's called, not free America and in points out with case after case that this isn't this didn't start with George George Floyd's murder, You know, or over Jehovah simulate Lido today said that covered is led to previously unimaginable curbs and liberty, yeah previously unimaginable, I mean we it. This is accelerating it for sure up up up up up up. Yeah yeah. It's only gonna get much worse from here. There is a solution, so he lays out the problem very clearly and then a solution. I want to get your copy of. Not free America go. Do not free America, dot com! Look over the Liberty pledge! We make sure your family is ready for this, but look in the book for the solution. It's not free America! Dotcom! We have to unite. Not
unity, but liberty, liberty. Last doing great, lasting greatness will be found in liberty, not unity. It is not free America dot com. What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This land, tat program, hello, America and welcome to the programmes, were glad you're here, it's Friday and Dave Ruben.
from the Rubin report. If he was the only guy that they could have hosted because they're like I got to get somebody named Ruben. The host this damn thing so Dave stepped in he's also plays tv host author of don't burn. This book also a resident of California yeah dummy, he joins us in sixty seconds. Is a back programme you ever try to take babies, temperature, yeah, almost impossible. Little kid practically need a strait jacket and a dark gun to knock them out. Don't think with four kids haven't thought of the dark gun Shelly, Heller and April pollack- we're thinking about this when they introduced temp and talk to the market. It's an it he's a paper thermometer that can be said: to the forehead four hours of accurate temperature gauging. So, if you're, you know of your kid, is
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by the role of five thousand or three thousand, and you can just go to the major retailers and get him for your family. It's Timpan toss, dot, com, slash back to work, good friend, Dave, Reuben Talk, show host comedian, tv personality and author. I can't hold a job well done to the programme Dave area. I just realized during that initial intro, that the worst thing that people can say about me now is that I'm from California. That is trumped all of the other bad thing nominal say about me, but this fool for look at it. Now, look at the number of the homeless, Brigadier! That's never get the liberal. Just look at the cash legality living yeah. I guess I mean you know but not ass. Conservatives can't but look
some time they can come up with a lot worse to say about you and the add on the left. Oh, I thought I had to come up with a lot worse when I realized for my new concern. I know eggs. The worst thing they can smell it is studious. Dave here is in it is. it's not logical. It's really not logical. At this point, listen I can tell you, as I told you privately last night, this studio and what you guys are building out here is so freaking fantastic, that that there is a chance back and let me just say or areas it should say, and there is high- and I mean I love is incredible and doubtless really is Vandalia, and I told you we did. We did look down here. We cited to stay because look. The simple truth is if someone like me can't live in California like if that, if we're really at that point, The policies are so out of whack. The taxes are so raise. The whole thing is so off the deep and then What is the United States like? We really? You know you talk about the red blue stuff, but if we're really at the point where you have to
leave one set of ideas to live in one state and another set of ideas to live in another. Then the union is over and an I refuse to believe that day. Oh you and I am, I think I did a pod- asked with you a couple of weeks ago and in it were, there was one place in it and our view. If this stuff few this way. There's one place. That was really sobering in one of the most honest conversations. I've had and probably should have had a pod. Is I to you. Never understood and your job. Wish. I d never understood the german Jew in nineteenth the four year before the Nuremberg laws are passed they are telling you what they're going to do their, thereby making lists they're, calling you names calling vermin. You have no place here and No, the leadership is telling you what's coming I've never understood until recently. What does he think?
why didn't they get out or first off, when you should know that that clip was clip buy a lot of our left wing. Do you know the people that don't like us much and spread around Sea Glen, spreading fear about Nazis and Ruben agree with him and Bob that's what they do with it? We do everything we talked. I don't the way you said it was this is something comes vaguely thinking What do you think about it matter? What we do at for a living? We we talk these rights outright and end the rhythm, and let me set it up the way that I did I'm understood it until now, because I'm looking at pee, all in power and they're, saying black lists, you will be able to work, you will be able to bank, if you believe certain things You know you're a non person in this This new utopia, unless you agree with them and The thing is, I keep thinking even there never gonna happen. That's never gonna happen that
what the german jeweled our that's! That's what everyone that ultimately pays, the price in a totalitarian society thinks you know. There's famous story of Anne Frank, the next door neighbours who, indeed, who decided to stay and what end in effect Wife was saying: while we we have a nice house, and this will pass and things will be. Ok and that's not to say we're talking about concentration camps in months from now, but the so high that is happening. The fact that the day after The Euro Saturday was the day they announced the MIA announced. That Biden was President elect the media. Not not. It hasn't been certified knowledge, but what was the immediate reaction? It was the list thing there was tromp accountability act which was backed by people from people to judges camp and then what did you see do the same day? The list these things are not nothing and then, when you couple that with big text censorship all of the things
tat- we ve been talking- only used that we know that certain people are literally cut off from credit card use in bank account use. These are not. These are not made up things that that we're doing here right. So when you couple all of these things it doesn't, it doesn't mean that they're gonna have a certain set, a p. that will have yellow stars on them. But in another way there, a modern version of that and we might be facing it, but it won't purely based on some one's religion. it will be based on clear idea. I'm in Google right now is working on. You know their hate speech felt area. combining that algorithm with care call theory, nickel, racism, raising areas. Oh Combine that with critical race theory and you you get and all kinds of crazy stuff, but it it will out in search and if it tags you as a racist there.
It goes through and it tags all of the people that have been exposed to your racist, a virus, and so then they start to look into all of those people and you're. All tagged in categorized either a super spreader or someone who has been exposed to this racist virus. Its terrifying Glenn. Look, I hate to say it we. We were ahead of the curve on this and then sometimes when you're ahead of the curve, your actually behind the curve, because we ve been talking about not not just us, but anyone sort of roughly in our group has been talking about this. For years and where Twitter was gonna, lead us and where these algorithms we're gonna lead us and what it wanted Congress to Congress had meetings. eyes that we, like TED cruised, I think, did a great job talking to Jack from Twitter and and Zuckerberg from Facebook, their ecevit, but in effect nothing happened,
and without whittling, this all down to the to the libertarian debate of what do you do about breaking them up upper regulation? In there s nothing happened. Whatever power the government had was not used, while it could still be used, and if fact we have a binding administration will then congratulations. Everybody. You got big government Democrats combined with big tack and ill there will be no check on it slowly, big time, I never ever bought into the United Corporation of America. I've always hated that from you know, sigh five movie, a blade runner rare. I work for the cooperation. There is no government shot up, however, that what is happening. We, now you don't have any constitutional protection of rights because the companies can do it. I, Ticketmaster just came out and said: you're gonna have to show proof of your vaccine to be able to buy
a ticket it go to a concert will think about it. This way, what which would be easier for the government to take you out or for big tactic, gets off the government wanted to take you out so ineffective government, common arrest, you of course, or or drones- like you afterwards, that that seems pretty unreal forever right now. What is realistic that potentially, you get put on one of these lists- and you know they say: okay, well, the sky was against critical race theory and he's a racist, a Trump supporters that have to do that they could They are it. Will you can have a Google account anymore, meaning to can have gmail? You can have access to their the sweet of not under they have been twitter says you can communicate on our platform in a bank says you can't bank with us will in effect that's Ready habits, it yeah it's already happening, and that is a digital assassination and by the way. That is why some wise people have been trying to build some other products to too you know alleviate some of that stuff, but there's no per exist and because the size and amount of information and control in infrastructure that Google has is on a map
durable, and this is one you know we as we said that without a I, this is without Well, we don't even earlier we we don't even know where they I situation is at all I didn't work. I think they're closer than we think Meta with machine learning and That happens. There is no escape and then throwing deep fakes, I'm sure you ve in some of the areas where they ve got Obama talking in it then he's repeating what Trump says, but it looks exactly like Obama. I mean the level if, if we think that the fake, news thing and the confusion people have right now. The thing is that you know, if you think back to two February before the lockdown. Doesn't it. You like the good old days like it like the old world, already haha. It was eight months ago. I think how different we are right now, the world that we all live in, that we exist in the information bubble, that we're bouncing in its so profoundly different from eight months ago that try to him in what it will be like in eight. from now on.
so the two weeks remember two weeks without further flattened the curve. I really something interesting. It was either in Isaiah or a book of revelation, and it was talking about the end of days and it said that time and history will be changed and I thought how he changed Oh my gosh eight months seems like five years ago I mean it is our history is being changed and time itself is changing. You have no sense of of time. You have no, sense of time, and we know that this is affecting people and crazy ways with rises and alcohol. Some and suicide and a whole series of other things. This trip for me now, here in November. Is I used to travel, but, like you, I was travelling light on eight times a month virtually state for the last five years all the time. It's my first time out of delay. Since February you showed, pictures of Santa Monica new agenda.
What two days ago, two days ago to Santa Monica here. This is one of the most famous. It reads in all of Lhasa. Its pact, like Disneyland, is packed overtime, cates, always pact every single store was boarded up There was no, I mean it was. It was like a legend. It's like why she was. I am like ammonia. If a lion had walked by Brian, I thought well that may get at the third major is taking over again it's crazy. I had to go to the apple store. I walk into the apple shorts and it's empty, but it was. I think it was literally the only store open that I walked by everything else boarded up. I said to the girl what is going on here. I sit. Because of their election or because of stuff before the pandemic. She said this is world or three that's what the apple in place at them: so. Listen to this. You follow financed a world of New Orleans things doktor asked home the he's he's one of the coveted guys he's now going in joining the Biden, covert team
and they were talking about it- with Yahoo finance, and they were talking about the impact on the economy. Listen to this, he just said this: when you lose could the personal savings rate in this country its now, I've gone from eight percent to over twenty two percent, so we have a pool of money out there that we could borrow, but his work laid low interest rate from the federal government. We could pay for it package right now to cover all of the wages loss, wages for individual workers. for our losses to small companies to medium sized companies for city states, county governments? We could do all of that so with her, banking. What he saying is we'll go the bank and say put all of everyone's savings and will use that as our goal are gold, the, it states government is using is suggesting they will use our savings as the gold tobacco
dollar to get more loans jeez. I mean there's a couple fastening nothing's by that, so first off as if they have a right to do that right, I guess you know we'd sort o, let the ships sail arise, sort of thing, but also well that is sort of interesting that they're saying that our savings, the average person savings, has gone up in the most appalling. It's right that that seems very bizarre to your account or ptomel. Anything else were here and I think they're probably basing that on what the banks have in storage. You know to mean what they I am not what the average prices neighbouring getting all these bailouts. The average person isn't doesn't isn't flush with cash. It's the banks that are flush with cash, so we we. We have work to do darling, my gosh. We do you you were very optimistic last night and I want people to hear your point of view on the election and the recount and how that's gonna work out. We'll do that would David been in sixty seconds,
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This is the Glenn Beck programme. It's Friday and Dave. Reuben joins us, so Dave You are really optimistic about Donald Trumps, victory neglect. should color this by saying we were out to dinner last now you don't drink, Do you have your? I wasn't gonna say where there was a asymmetry essentially with that, but it wasn't like every thing very respectable read, I would say, will look optimistic I would say I always describe myself as a world weary optimists that guy's like us, yeah all of us. It's like we couldn't do what we do. If we weren't optimists at some because you go crazy, we would have you couldn't say I want to fix the world. I want to tell people what I think if you didn't think it could do
then you'd know you'd literally cement light usually killers year, I would so. I always consider myself a world weary optimists which really it where I see an end, but are you the consistent lookin like Jake tapping, yeah, he's gonna, kill him around today, he doesn't bad lately, doesn't will because he knows he's peddling nonsense constantly and, and he does have us Flickr still of self awareness. No one I was on the plane here, swear to God. When I was on the plane. I sat down the guy, who was sitting next to me, said o day Reuben you don't we chatting little bit he's a deep. What happened? Jake Tapir an people say that to me often I've never met Jake and I would love to have him on my show and I've invited him a million times in. But what they're saying is: oh he's, the last you know it's like a ship sailed the Costa and no Gallagher and the rest of them. It's like there's no point talking about them, but but tapir, it's like there there was something in there. I always thought tapir was fair with under Obama and he's a democratic factories. I think a very liberal, Democrat Buddy
fair under a bomber issue, much more fair than anybody else. Now the people who were asking lady who had asked bomber tough question are anything like he was eight was. Was he Chief Whitehouse correspondent, Rabies Ricky was Yang you I was, he was up there at ABC and then I think you go into the CNN Pool and that each system just it does what it does to all of these people. You can look at you know Don lemon from years ago, is not the Don lemon from now stealthy. Even all of these guys, but to get here I asked you about it that the optimism- what I believe is that Trump in the last four years, and even before that because it was before he was president at almost every turn- has got the media to expose themselves as what they are. He has gotten almost all his his opponents to expose themselves where they are he's gotten people to chase crazy conspiracy theories and safe, things that a week later, they find out her true he's gotten smart,
but to be screaming about Russia and now saying nothing about potential errors or violations in voting. So he's play this game, so that the reason I I see some possible chance here is that it seems odd me that the guy who got everything right pulled the mask off all of these people for four years only to get to the end the game, the big boss, if we're in a video game right, he got to the end of the movie and he didn't have a weapon in his pocket. He didn't have some now, maybe that is possible, and maybe he was doing so much of this on the fly that he didn't Firstly, it to me that something gotta be there. I personally think that If that does indeed happen, That he's got nothing it's because He was so busy with
such a small group that he trusted yeah, that he was fighting the fire right in front of him. You know domain there and when it came to the election he wasn't he. He wasn't worried about that. I don't think he had any advisers that hat the time to look at the bigger picture. I I know I walked to the White House before they were not. prepared and all they weren't looking ahead at all four of four or five. In a battle they just didn't see. It will look you you. Obviously you might be right and I think what would potentially give a little more air to what you are saying is that he is enough. where's guy meaning he loves ratings. He luxuriant will showing up things. So it is possible that in his mind in that last week, where he did five alleys a day and all of these states in theirs hundreds, thousands and thousands of people widens doing literally no rallies Obama is, is speaking in front a two cars that may be in his mind. He thought we we're gonna win this by such a margin in there, so much energy behind
that, whatever they do, couldn't couldn't screw it up, but but somehow to me the idea that Joe Biden, who did not hand pain, who we all know, has cognitive problems, who's not going to be in charge and all of those things you're telling me you got something like fifteen million more votes than Barack Obama. That is a hard won. I mean look something something aid right here, something right here: right back with Dave Reuben in just a second and don't forget, you can find the Reuben report wherever you get your podcast and also on Youtube, and here blaze. Tv is with us a blaze, tv and we're thrilled to be partners with back in a minute Glenn Back program. If you ve been living with pain, you desperately want to get your life back, I'm guessing. here to tell you that I not only understand first hand what it's like, but I also have found a way that I got my life back and I'd like you to try it my
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get Goin back, Dave, ruin and more it tv dot com, slash glad! If used the promo code, Glenville save Thirty Box off your subscription, This is the global programme. Were we're glad you're here Fraid, oh, was freaking out last night on CNN, and now he is he wants, is thank you for that the Cuomo family music, but free Fraid! I was freaking out last night because Donald Trump is just doing all these all these grey, things is unconstitutional, knows not asking for a fee air and accurate count is not unconstitutional and they couldn't be anything more constitutional than that what he was saying. Anybody who is saying that supporting him now on twitter.
You are, you know anybody who is disputing the election. You are disrupting this democracy and the needs to be a list of all of those people. I'm confused did, did we have a list? No, we know the inhabitants did- or maybe I just wasn't told about the list at some time left off these emails. But why didn't we have a list? Why didn't we Try unawares just enjoy a burning cities down. Right away rushing in a way that allows them to allow them yeah like an old. They can chew, gum and walk, or in this case they can make list ban. Erna says that at the same time allow the level of hypocrisy with these people is in sight. So Dave you use a mean- and I say this as a slam and I hate to bring this up and I right: let's go nobody, but you were with these people for a long time What I'm asking you is, why aren't more people like you weren't there are people better like going out again. This is not well ay, I think,
are, which is why trunk got ten million. More votes this time than last time, so putting aside what the ultimate outcome will be, the fact that, despite everything, trying to destroy this guy, the entire ranking system trying to this guy out for four years. He got ten million more votes, so I do think there are more people like me, you know, there's walk away movement and the amount of people that everywhere I go and the amount of emails that I get a people. That day, I was left to mean that the irony As you know, people say oh baby or your audience is so right now or so conservative or something like that which I don't mind, but mode that my audience is the disaffected lefty, it's the lefty who just said something went here. It's the lefty that and I hate to use the word lefty its thee. Lefty that actually I can live, Ex door to inhabit
Eight time, because we agree on the principles of the bill of rights, will all your asking actually learned. If you really want a widow, this is, will it down? Is you just want the lifting extorted not think you're, a Nazi? That's how stupid this has gotten that they have tricked everybody into thinking that their their political opponents are nazis. At that point, there is no and to give them quarter, because your grant them anything decent or say hello to them on the street or anything else, because then you will be an accomplice in that system, and that is what they are doing so so thou It really is what it's about. At this point they have said: half the people in America are evil. We sit here. Doing that! Yes, can we joke look? Can we make jokes about anti virus actually a terrorist organisation. I believe a domestic territory nation and the Ideas of a yo, see you know how nowhere in the restaurant yeah, but we're sitting here, telling you that the seventy five million people that supposedly voted provided are evil. I think they ve
a lot of the wrong ideas, but many ways I sympathise with it because a one of them, but also you can blame them in a lotta cases, because this is what they are being FED and its harder work too. To put in the the the work basically to to think it's all hard to do what You and I both so so degree you more than me did in our lives. We, We stopped our life and we went way, I'm not sure, the things I believe in our true now and I want to turn over every stone and see what I actually believe. That's really hard and scary for people. That's very frightening cause you're, afraid! That's thing, I believe so I'm not gonna lose. My friends I mean yes, there's one happened? For me, this is before all the stuff. I it loose friends. I had to lose friends because I believed four things.
and now it's even more dangerous. So you know how we're getting this meme now uh, you know conciliation and we have come together in all. That's a you'll love story, so I have a few and who had known literally my my whole life since three years old on them and We have gone our different ways politically, but we always remain friends over the years about two years ago, as I was really sort of, thing more right or whatever you want to call it at this point, we will but after dinner in New York City, we met at a bar first and we got there and he immediately started going after me. Over politics just go and let me go and am going at me. You know sell out I'm hanging out with I mean I think he literally mentioned your name. I got you know, has our hero impact in the rest of them. You know all this stuff, and any just kept going in, he had just had a third kid myself in oak. Let's talk about the kids like when I talk about politics
good. We not to agree on this stuff, the same stuff that I would do with anyone right and he just couldn't stop. And finally, I said to him: do you think it's possible that I believe what I believe as much as you believe what you believe and without hesitating he said, but you didn't even register one split. Second of of introspection. so he just thought you just soldier, meaning that for that bloody or yeah, that in essence, the only reason I could possibly do any of this stuff and talk about these things is because I'm either a sell out or you know something. that he couldn't even greater this. This a lifelong friend, this isn't someone I met two years ago So you know where I come from. You know my parents, you know my family, all that stuff, but imagine saying that. Do you think it's possible that I believe what I believe as much as you believe what you believe and to not even pause? Imagine if someone said that you that that's a pretty powerful thing have said you do not even pause for a moment and and
We ponder the question: is it possible that that the motivations you're not him since? Well? That's where this It goes which is so then. Basically, I've never done this before the conversation continued to get really heated after that, and I've never done this before and I pray I never have to do it again. I threw a bunch of cash. The bar and I left. We did siege, once after that it was a little dicey, but then in- and this is the interesting part- on Saturday night, when they called the election firm for bite in the media, again calls you let your about it. I get a text message from him. No, no text in it just a picture of us at my brother's wedding, no text and I thought this is what the fake reconciliation is. Oh you finally got after four years. You think that the The whole thing is out and you are back in power. So now the friendship can resume united like sending me a picture of us now where, if, if Trump had one that picture doesn't, there. There's no united Mean so it's like when they're telling you reconciliation. What they're saying is
We got what we want, and now you will be our pets again and It is very depressing for me to talk about because this was a lifelong good friend, but that that mind virus that now now. It's ok everybody. I mean that's what the media's pushing on its guys, the hates over now. we're as long as you there, because it saying what they're saying I find this amazing. Is they have to reconcile reconciling these seventy million people otherwise they'll. Do it again so weird do what to vote for what we believe in stand firmly where we think is right, disagree with you on the constitution. Do why vote for a guy. They didn't get us into more wars that started bringing peace to the Middle EAST that wants to even now, potentially in his last days, finish off getting out of Afghanistan of all this regulation allowed the states to me.
Some of the Corbett stuff, which, regardless of their results, was the right way to do it. I mean what what are they act but the thing is in many ways are everything that they proportion trumped to be so even to just go just to go to where we started the conversation. Just this more I saw the clip Christine overturning Cristianissimo war on CNN. We see this eighty see this morning showing how it will we have it. Can we played out please it's terrific. you dont, you don't have it Christiaan unimportant. Ok, go ahead in essence she showed video of- because I believe, is it today- that the anniversary of Kristallnacht, which was the day in Germany, that they started, destroying all the jewish stores in everything and burning down and burning the books. There's a lot of famous video of this and in essence she plays video for about thirty seconds of it, which is horrific, video you may see stores destroyed and books will burn and holding, and then she He then what did she do? And now, learn getting it we're getting out of four years of pretty much the same thing with
There was. There were no Donald Trump supporters that were breaking windows and setting things on fire, zero. but I believe this I was at a cramp rally in Beverly Hills. You ve been to rodeo driveway fancy is Beverly Hills area, the rally which was on Santa Monica, DR thousands of people american flag, all sorts of people there. You know they annual aid Christians, richer the Jews were Trump and Muslims were travelling. There were gay people, but we will will be down. Rodeo drive you not only this note, broke into monotony, Rinaldo Block, nobody, nobody brow! into the benches store I'll betcha. Their sales went up, I bet you a lot of those guys we're like ok and I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go back in get that for my wife. I got that only ass. He heard I sought as we were walking by look nice. It's it's incredible. How we are being told the exact opposite and that never leads to anybody in any place good,
is this: is gas lighting of the highest order where we were being fed nonsense so that its the reverse of what we see in front of our eyes? What could a friend have to you. If you would Still there today viewer young, your friend what Could a friend say to you to open up an honest dialogue if they suspect that you might be goin out. This is bothering me some of can I get this question lotta, usually from college kids, because they are dealing with this on there. Really on the front line to this cause, you know they're there at a place of suppose it higher learning and their friends are starting to figure out what they think they are starting to figure it out. So you see this ecologists. You know one, one simple version is: if, if you have a friend in the midst of this thing, you know you could you can't you kids, usually you can't eight of them well read on liberty, red common sense, Euro Ray I read, guns book on Social is: maybe get really do that because they they just one,
you know you can try to feed them like. Can you take three minutes to watch this Prager you video, like that? That's kind of good, but but if you need something just in the immediacy of the conversation, I think what you can say as well, if you're worried about policies. Let's say that has better parm the black community. Let's say I believe that there are policies if you have woo, hoo hoo put these policies and if you're, if you're, ten that the black community is suffering and can't get out of a cycle of poverty, and all of these things will do you think affirmative. in the democratic policies of keeping people on the state. Doll have helped and you gotta show, and they usually won't, have evidence and then they'll get very angry. I mean it becomes this game that we ve all playing. But if you say to him, oh wait a minute: we we ve given people, affordable housing with we help people. You know the third which in effect then just get stuck in a site. and then this is this is something that is real. It is not fake my sister who now left New York City because of covert and become a ghost town. She would in a building that was half rent, controlled and half market value
my sisters in an apartment the tiny apartment with her two kids in her husband payment. Strawberry amount of money where she could have? She could have half a Dallas right to live in New York City, but then half the building is people. that have generationally live there, because its rent controlled and you can pay four hundred dollars a month to live in a beautiful, high rise in New York City. Why would you get the governmental this. This has nothing to do with skin color right. This has to do with just the basic human. You don't give it up, you don't give it up and then you go we'll all right. So I'm not going to try for that better job, because the problem is, if I get there, John, would lose a great house, and then I got a move. You know miles out in New York, familiar whatever it might be so its policies, but but this is the things I see in California all the time. Everyone in California complains about policies school suck, the roads up, there's almost as ever, but thanks for some reason, big am not jump bats inapt! They cannot connect that with
You know we ve been boatmen Democrat. That's all diary me about Texas. Now these people are kind now and they haven't connected the dot. You needed to talk the abbot about a declaration that people would have had to say on the way to paragraph I did. I talked to periods it. You know to go in and you need to give a speech to all these new sea owes, and and tell em look. You know to tell your people while you why you're moving here, because you can get done whatever state your come from. You can't get done. I gave a speech to about a hundred New Sea Ios that had moved from. California, here to dallas- and I asked him how many have moved here because of regulation relief. They all raise their hands. How many of you now have said to your employees that now of them, raise their an attitude get the same regulation as they will continue to vote those things, and you know it is it's also partly just cowardice: it's not like they under their leaving because they see their businesses crumbling yourselves, but then they move here and then it's not that they dont know.
the policies are bad, but there still stuck in the in the lefty mindset of cowardice. Of oh, if I say something now, even though I am here in Texas, which is far freer and far more ok, that they still think they will be rushed and in a weird way there right, because their importing the other people who rushed Dave, Ruben thank you so much and my prayers. You can find that online. You can also find it on blaze, Tv Dave Ruben now. It's weekend looks like it be another beautiful weekend, at least here in Texas, nice couple days at home with the family days were you don't have to maybe come into work, it's a great weekend. I mean unless you live in someplace crazy, like New Yorker Minnesota A year ago, grill out and and the grill that you want to use and can use year round is a rectangle. Inter spring summer and fall, and you can use it while you're living in some God forsaken Tundra, like Albany,
I mean holy Cow Chicago. You can go roll everything with their smart green technology. From start to finish, with an app on your phone or a device you can be, at church. You can be, you know out in the car, and you can start that baby up and have it ready to go it's Looking long before you even get home the things, off the wreck, tech. It is so yummy. We couple days ago we made chicken smoke chicken on just fell off the bone. It is so good you'll make pizza on this rector check them out online, follow them and social media sign up for their newsletter. Yet all kinds recipes and everything else. It's really it's a community wrecked, are you see tee q, Dotcom, that's wreck tech, dot com this is the global programme, this is the line by programme. Let me take a Diane in Ohio, real, quick, high Diane. I Glenn
I am wondering if, with Ticketmaster and airline travel, all being questioned, whether you can do that if you dont have a path or proof of vaccine. Nor could they simply use the argument that one can They are getting ready to go to school. There required to have a memoir and deeply key mismatch type, a thing: what is what what does your thoughts on that? Could they pass we put that right in that category of required. Oh, I think you ve seen think if you don't have some sort of real presence on school boards. You are going to absolutely have that and you will have to vaccinate your kids because they will say it in my response would be kids. Don't generally and if they do their fine, teachers vaccinated the teachers are vaccinated, gonna, be ok, we're
the parents, not the kids worry about the adults, not the kids, but you're gonna have to have a real presence on yours, we'll to make sure that doesn't happen because these mandates are coming secretary. education Two nominees are both former and present. Presidents of the teachers union. So the craziness is coming from the top now
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