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Limited Chaos vs. Civil Disobedience | 12/14/21

2021-12-14 | 🔗

Minneapolis has restored its police funding after defunding the police caused the crime rate to spike. Glenn and Stu discuss the Left's hypocrisy on masking. Glenn takes calls from listeners. Facebook's lawyers admitted that the company's fact-checks are merely opinions, not official fact-checking. Glenn explains the difference between limited chaos and civil disobedience. Glenn and Stu discuss the political fight conservatives face as the Democrats get more radical and the emotional scarring that COVID brought as the pandemic keeps getting political.

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And phone calls eight hundred and eighty seven two hundred and seventy Eck today's day to call in call in now it's the as an in site or even call in it, be first entertainment, the Goin Back Programme,
Well hello. America. Welcome to the programme today is a day for your voice to be heard. We open up. Our phones are dated eight. Seventy seven Bcg Atra relate seven twenty seven back. It's also good news. Tuesday. We ve got some great news for you coming up today. There is a lot of good things that show that we are actually winning would give you that and so much more in sixty seconds programme. Let me let me talk to you here and I want to be fair to Joe Biden sure, where feeling is decisions every time we're standing at the pump, but nobody here some credit for being the first president to also give away free, gas in public.
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Taiwan, in a different color to China, which woods with would indicate bad. It's not part of China. Now this great a little get together. For democracies. It was wonder All of a sudden, her feed was cut. And she just disappeared, which is weird. Don't you think stu I mean what are the here? There are a lot of problems with a rural internet in this present are trying to solve the always out what it is just putting a few. Tunisia has dial up internet dial up. She Holly that's probably want to have more internet lack. She lacks. that was the assurance. That was the issue. Huh, ok, are I well? I d I didn't I didn't They give it that way. But ok, so
the ATLAS. We have some news for you. Minneapolis has been the testing grounds for re, imagining policing since the of George Floyd and, and now You know others June twenty twenty, the Minneapolis City Council, said we are here today, to begin the process of ending the maniac. Is police department and creating a new transformative model for debating safety in Minneapolis, and I like- and I think I ve done it- they have accomplished Dave, transform things yeah. They have nine of the thirteen council. Members said we should defend the police. Now owe it all well dear? I don't even know if we can call. It has Facebook fact check this. Yet the blame says, come out said by September twenty twenty vital. Crimes had spite, as did price pretty crimes. Even arson was up fifty five percent,
compared to the same time in twenty nineteen justified if I've just fifty five percent, not fifty five thousand percent could be oh. If it wasn't for them, it would have been up fifty five thousand now, at the same time, more than a hundred police officers left the department in the first nine months of twenty twenty by November, twenty twenty violent car. Jackie Things head skyrocketed, five hundred and thirty seven percent compared to the previous, here by shocking, it's amazing how these things change. You know Joe Biden ran away from his past, offering the ninety four crime Bill and in an sponsoring it he was a big. He pushed for that really hard back in the nineties, you know who else push for their backyard. The nineties was the congressional black caucus paying who You know what like
maybe it's not ok, that you guys just let criminals run rampant or all of our communities huh. Maybe you should start throwing these people in jail from hunger to periods of time. This is the same crime bill that Joe Biden now describes as eight o ass as potato, but also as being been called racist by everybody on the left is so what was the request? the congressional black caucus back their racist today. Ok heap track well now I just want to I just I just want to throw this in the many ATLAS City Council has voted unanimously to approve six point: four million dollars and additional funding to the police department. Now that was bad in February twenty twenty one as the people of Minnesota started to re. Imagine the politician. Shutting their piles lie. last week, Mayor Jacob fry and does the council agree
to a one point: six billion dollar budget that includes one hundred and ninety one million dollars for the police department, restoring its funding to nearly the level that was held before George Floyd was killed in twenty two we saw that the experiment where well it went really well really. Well. Good NEWS. The number is good NEWS, Tuesday. That is good news. That is good news. That vat is people that person is up. Fifty five percent know that people are understanding. Now it doesn't work the does it work now, really good news that just good news reached, The good news is that they would then fire all the politicians and they would go boy who was it? That said, we should do that. That was a really bad idea and fire those people, but the MS, I mean you you,
you know all the money in the World Minneapolis. If I'm a cop, I don't think I'm coming to work for you cause. I don't trust you I wouldn't Morton work in that city. If my life depended on a no at least to the police department, and at some point like do we stop and say a house stupid. You have to be to believe that would have worked in the first place, men, how dumb do have to be to think that was a good option. I, at some level you might have the So the typical politician who might believe ideologically that there are some bizarre way. To root yourself for the mental gymnastics that would be required to say that getting rid of police has got a lower crime. Cabbage passion but what about the average Democrat who went along with this? There was no point where you thought you know what I know MSNBC telling this is true, but is it
Is there a moment you reconsider what they tell you sliding glass window? Thank you to the great point but apparently not there's no moment just never happens, no, there's never a point where they go back as it gosh. You know whether, but there is a point. I really truly believe there is a point that the american people say: okay and its it's happening right now. It's happening. People are look at the ratings of of Emma B, C and CNBC, and Araby, now see it in you, look at sea and add by the way, did you see Jake, Tapir and Amy but our I saw a little bit about ok, I love this, and so I don't think we do. We have the video elements describe. It aims club ajar, was sitting next to TED crews.
and they're sitting in Congress next to each other, Here's the clip of Amy, Albert Jar and Jake happar. Talking about that picture, listen something that happened Friday that I wanted to ask you about. If we can bring up the picture we were at the funeral, for a former senator Bob Door, and you seated, there's that you are you're seated next to a Republicans, TED crews spam who, as everybody can see, is not masked despite roles of the no cathedral requiring all guests to wear mask indoors. Now, you're, breast cancer survivor you're still look conjuring! I guess I am one hundred percent. Your homes are better but you're still at risk of infection, because, because of this, this fight that you ve won what don't get your mind, there were ten crews pulse up next year in does
a mask on, even though the rules are please where a mask to protect. You knew where the masts to protect other people. I think people shit where mass especially when their in settings when their check. How do I hardly ever so just as has so much to say. First of all, Jake sitting next to Amy Global Jar, who is? I guess, abuse are, however, lies very VON one he's not wearing a mass and she's not wearing a mass that jack you putting her life and in danger our Jake Eridu, putting our life in danger of being that looks pretty dangers to me. This thing is: could we go back, to just role that and look at the picture of TED crews, sitting next to Amy Globe, which are there. It is you'll see he's not wearing a mask. Nor is the guy behind TED crews and her mask is,
below her know about her nose here. So it's so we'll saying I mean, look You know this has gone on for ever. There's some weird thing that people think that, like cameras, cure covert nineteen like easier. If you need to make a speech- and you need people out there- that the biggest accept This to me- and I literally never heard it explained is why GIN Saki never wears a mass correct in her press conferences. She is and you know that room it is really time so tiny there's yet hundreds of people and their every reporter is wearing a mask, an actor names their arguing Peter Deuces sitting. There saying way, asking a question to Jan Saki about why someone didn't wear, masks and she's. Answering it without a mask he's asking it with a mask They really weird thing is still how far we we're about thirty six inches, whereby the yard away Gabrielle, Forefeet, Mammy proposal,
this is- I am farther away from you. Then I am what I was sitting with Bill O Reilly in his studio. Ok, and you'd set at his desk. Those days Risks are really small right. A he is no a further away than you, and I are right now. Those those Those studios here you are, it looks like you're far away, but you're, not they're, probably three or four feet away its six feet, but you're supposed to be but again a cat it and are right. It but you you're, a camera will make it look like you're, far away you're on top of each other and everybody is in the newsroom is on top of each other, and I will that you there when the when the cameras, IRAN, they people are, them might have a mask, might might have a mask
but nobody else is. You may be right up in the elevator as you come off the street at sea and end with a mask on. You the floor and your working, you not we're him ask, anchors, our wearing a mask the guests, wearing a mask your make up but will be motoring a mask, but nobody else an energy and, of course the mass are completely ineffective anyway. That's why it's important to point out where what the dumb thing is here at that thing is not that there. We should be saying: hey when you're on CNN, you should be wearing mass while doing your interviews. That's not the correct solution here. The correctional solution is to not do the segment Second, we are criticising TED crews, while you're not wearing a mask obviously our decision as to I'm sure vaccinated people sitting in the same room together talking to each other, wearing masks is totally appropriate. That is act. What they should be doing,
is sitting there and not worrying about masks they're going to do almost nothing and they do admit they have the third don't know what they've had their shot. I would guess they have the third one cuz this one, this one we're now being told this one's going to be the one. This is the that's gonna, do it you're gonna, be able you have this third one. Now they said that after the second one, but the time. Get it again. Why don't? I don't get it if you want whatever the point is, if you're going to get it and you think it does something than doing a television show without a mask is completely sane right there. insane, is acting as if TED crews put her in danger right that What's in saying about the situation and then acting as if its veto is it this time of France against cancer victim and we are any sense, but yours, across from the same person who still
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again station. I d: Amy Steam, Leir, ensnare again early size of your rank. He cares Hemingway gas cheeseburgers. You can eat. That makes you a special person. It's the little things like family and friends and should have been. I can't I'm China, a radio, Now what came in China you have on your table, although that is not quite true, weakest cousin Mildred is always commenting on bed anyway, heavy holidays from the Glen Back Programme. To you let's go to Rob in Indiana, hello, rob you're on the Glenville programme. Oh my god,
I can't believe it is me too, I'm talkin to rob, and I was like Didn't you say yesterday if I could finally talk to one day one day, I'm going to be able to know how you doing or I wanna see how we go on doing great man rang hey, you know, I've been with you as a long time back to the railways holy cow. you know I would give aiming to hear one more we're gonna have a burry. Had we care about astute, really go back with me to marry had. We anyway Anyway, I do you know when rush past. I just wish you know one time I could have told him tax and I'm telling you the same thing. You guys you like a lifeboat. Some others You think rob that is really nice of you to say
and the way you said it, was really worth the thirty dollars that we paid him yeah do they? I mean it did its came off merely sincere and especially the crack in your voice. My stuff rob! Thank you. So much really means it means a lot and we feel the same way about rush I miss him. I've been thinking about him a lot lately. You did a podcast regime, worn out with yellow snugly, MR snugly, who you know he was ass. I was aware no longer here, but he of course, work with rush for many many years and in a hurry, we in the interview pointed out, of course, how great rush audience was, but an HE diamond. They notice they loved our audience to already over Russia, set off the air, some really nice things that we rush it set about this audience and Joe and everything else, and it was
call. It was very, very cool. We miss him as well Matthew and death in Delaware. How are you there are eight hundred act very good either that would colony- and I wanted to talk about like how are we supposed to go forward, especially in regard to having conversations with people? We sought a lot with the written. thing people were just and genuinely miss widen misinformed and I hate that term arm. But they worry about that. Were the queer video that we can show people and inform them who were actually happen, but with a vaccine and called it a lot harder. I remember the Uk Technical Data came out and it showed that with you the were originally losing their efficacy, and I went to show that data somebody about a week later, it was gone. They previously broken down by AIDS, showing two with no hospital who was back deleted and and needed and they called it back and edited it and
You did it back out again in its worthy thing, where I could be arm like angrier frustrated with before for not knowing something that they literally can't get a hold of. You know what I understand. Not everybody can follow these steps. like I or you all, due at the police, on both a pardon traffic The deal is I'll hang on justice, because I I want I want to address this. Will you hold after the break up all address here, your common sense, the blunder programme where the final countdown now, namely to Mary, had we can but also Christmas. It's only a couple weeks away and shall many once you do do celebrate the holiday season with gift giving parties and all the fun gonna, have the Saudis and looking years younger and getting compliments everywhere. You go all thanks to genuine. So from now till Christmas Jenny cells most popular package is sixty percent off agenda cell dot com. You treat yourself,
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hey, don't forget, join us, said blaze, tv dot, com for a Murray had weekend we get right right. Its let's get back to the phones. We We had Mathieu on from Delaware just a few minutes ago, and your question again. Can you restated Matthew? Yes, pretty much we go forward in trying to talk to people and have conversations about all the things that were dealing with when they are genuinely myth informed about what the situation is specifically darting obeyed and how good the actual truth about all this stuff is so hard to get a hold of, and it can ITALY being changed and kind of all the odds were stacked against us. You know so
Matthew lobby. Let me go through a couple of things. First of all, you you have to when you have been a discussion with somebody, not an argument, discussion, we somebody correct, you need to see with is. are. You said in your ways to wear. If I provide information that is factual that you will reconsider or possibly changer mine, because if you do that with me, and you have things that I don't know check into them, but if they turn into, if they are facts, then would be would be a horrible citizen and really kind of a bad person. If I didn't change my mind so need a preface it right. You need a preface. It will deal with that then you also need to say because some of these things most of our problems,
You know what the for instance with Corona virus, my problem, Is not just be no doubt the does vaccine work or is it a therapeutic, etc etc? mine is based the the bill of rights? Our biggest problem should be that year being forced to take it. If you not forced to take it. Then you take it if you want to that's a bill of rights, so I have started all of my discussions with people that I don't know, do you believe in the bill of rights as written. If they say no, then you can move on now. here's the problem. You are exactly right when it comes to the fore, ex being deleted the fact changing but we are living now in a world is. If you are on informed It is self imposed.
And here's what I mean by that back the nineteen thirties. We do No, if the Germans were really rounding, people up, even the Germans, didn't know for sure, they were on the edge of self imposed ignorance. It only took somebody asking a few questions. You know I could get you killed, but asking a few questions here in the west. Generally speaking, we didn't know the difference between conspiracy fact, and spirits in theory. We No, if they were really rounding them up. We had heard rumors of that as He turned out. They were true but until we had evidence of that it was a conspiracy theory, we are now living in a world where we know and have access to the truth,
if you really. What is the difference between us? Remember it is our President President Trump was the one behind this vaccine. He took credit he deserves credit for it in some ways and it was. It was his. They were the ones that were sceptical. Why that suddenly flip I can tell you when I became against the vaccine, I'm not really against it. But when I became very sceptical of it that is when they started acting so bizarrely against. All reason, and when they started, forcing people to take it with. Did the other side flip, The other side say I'm not going to take this vaccine if it comes from Donald Trump and there, and all of a sudden, because it was administered by
Joe Biden they're not willing to question any of it, so all politics. Now, here's where really gets, I think, we really get into trouble. I dont If you saw the story that came out last week, but that law suit filed by John startle you ve been following. This do yeah the loss filed by John Startle says he was defamed by fact check now fast. Check is part of something from Facebook and they They labelled a video that he made as misleading face. Or met his attorneys say that facebooks fact check you ready is an opinion Not an actual check of the facts and declaration of the facts and The libel law, opinions are present, did from liability for libel.
so here's what here's, what they actually file. This is the quote from the facebooks complained, the label themselves are neither false nor defamatory to the key for every they constant. Protected opinion. beyond the threshold of section two thirty problem the complaint and also fails to stay claim for defamation for once awful, fails to plead the facts for establishing that mega acted with actual malice, which is a bubble figure, he must for another Stasi claims focus on the fact check articles written by climate feedback, not the labels have fixed through the fleet Facebook platform, the labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory to the contrary. They, Constitute- and I am quoting Protected- opinion. this is something that you need to share with your friends. You need to have this almost printed up in a little card that you keep with with you.
This is facebooks defeat hands on Ah, against the defamation claim of John startle John stifled does John startle says this is now misleading these. the facts. So check, came out and said now that's misleading John knows the facts: no, its, not misleading the are the facts: any went to court to challenge them on the facts and What did Facebook do so? They lose a lot of money? They said those are protected opinions. Not actual facts that Facebook was providing. So amazing. What lawsuits reveal here really? Is it really is so high? can protected opinion Trump
and be the final word on facts. I know what I can and can't say. Do you know who, in the spoke rules. I know, however, that chair that are merely opinions, hurt my crew, ability, my name, my distribute and I made into a conspiracy theories or somebody who is sloppy on the facts I know when it comes to the corona virus. We will it anything that we get wrong. But we really hard to get it right. We, go off, half cocked. when we know we're posting something when I know I'm saying something out of an opinion. I make sure that we have fat and I use facts to back up my opinion, but my opinion is just that an opinion.
Not a fact. The fact. That I said the opinion. Now that's a fact, but I mean it's it's in a pin in an: u win win opinions to facts. Civilizations. Can stand the Germans denied the gas chambers and said they were all conspiracy theories. Well it could better conspiracy theory, because it was only backed up by whispers skins and theories, when we had photographs documents and eye witnesses, Only fools or names would deny those things and we all those people holocaust deniers, because are denying the fact the Holocaust,
The problem here is with the left. This is all by design cast Son Steen, who was working for the present and President Obama Advocate it s still advocates calling everyone who disagrees with, let's say critical race theory. They claim that that's a conspiracy theory. Critical, race theory, it's not taught in schools. How many times have you heard that some being taught in schools? That's can spare see theory that That's cast some steam that is the recommendation I care son steam to the administration and to the left to label people. Conspiracy theories quote even if the claim or the charge ends up being true. we know you can't call milk or meat organic with
standards. Why? Because if it's just an opinion, though this is my opinion. It's organic that means nothing, nothing. We can and I call a vaccine a therapeutic and call the therapeutic a vaccine. Until recently, now to very good reason really no sense! Who cares what you call it honestly like the complaint, they have of people that are against vaccines, probably calling it a therapeutic would benefit everybody sure way if they really want people to take it. So how facebook claim their checking facts when they are when their fat. are merely opinion. The damage This can't be undone, and this is why your friends won't believe you. It's a well orchestrated plan all documents reed cast stunts, just look up ray
he'd cast some steam. this was well orchestrated, reed rules. For radicals, it says The same thing and your friends if they won't go in and look at the other side, and I say the same thing about you: if you or presented with facts that you can oh and check and you're not willing to change your mind if they prove to be true will then joined a religion that is the problem, woke ism, is a religion. The Democrats have gone win over the party. To religious zealots, they are revolutionaries and they ask for faith not facts. Give a man a fish and they'll probably eat for a day give a man
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for fifteen percent. Off now at built dot com it's gotta, Angie in Pennsylvania, hello, Angie! Welcome to the Olympic programme! More aren't you thank you me too. I gotta talk to you. I swore talk about squeeze items and stores the empty shell with my husband is in the National Guard here quit because they're not gonna, be giving racist or anything for the technician, jobs for at least eighteen months, and it's just getting very, very tight in the world- right you're in beer in pennsylvania- and I mean it is it's- it's ridiculous to to think that the the average person is not
noticing these things you know, I think everyone rich and poor can go to the gas station and notice that inflation at the gas station is happening anyone can go in rich or poor, and buy meat or milk and go while at Sir that's different, the one did it really hurts? Are the ones towards thee the bottom of the scale, the closer you are to the poverty line, the more those things hurt you and when, when he said, I'm not gonna raise your taxes and we said inflation is the hidden tax. I hope people understand that and it does no good too. to wallow in this and say we were right and he was wrong, because people are truly truly hurting right now, of inflation. We just have to focus right now on making sure that we keep people
awaken. We we tell them. Because so far nothing has been effective. Coming from this administration blaming this inflation on anybody else, but I wouldn't I. I wouldn't trust that it's going to be the case a year from now they health problem Lee stumble on to something that will work. We just need to make sure that we are teaching our friends while they are teachable because they religion has in kicked in yet that These things come from money. Printing, these things come from massive spending at the federal government level, and you know The good news is, I think it's Fifty five percent say right now that inflation is being caused by the federal government and printing money and the bill. better bill.
that thing is known by almost every one now looking at a two trillion. Are one point: nine trillion dollar bill? most everybody, including Democrats, are now starting to say: that's only gonna make things worse, it's not going to make it better. Thank you so much. Sometimes the most important issues are the most complicated. Take finding insurance insurance, Policies are endless for your car, your home, endless companies and endless coverage options to consider that's why you want to you really want all of the facts do all of them. More get as many different options out there. That's where the zebra comes in with us,
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your phone calls and so much more than just a minute. around entertainment.
Glinda hello. America. Welcome the Tuesday we ve got some good news, because it's good NEWS, Tuesday. We also taking your phone calls aided eight. Seventy seven be easy K. I want to hear about the economy, the shortage that you might be finding or the fact that you ve got out Christmas shopping in their area and everything you want anyway. I wanna hear: what's impacting you aided eight? Seventy seven be easy K, also the things that we have missed, or you want to clarify an opinion or or tell us. We got it wrong. Someplace, aided eight. Seventy seven be easy game. We begin in sixty seconds sometimes when you get home at the end of a hard day, the very last thing you want to do is cook a meal for your family.
Good order, something, but the pizza delivery guy is practically a first name basis with everybody in the house and that's kind of a problem. this is the part in the story. Worry usually send your children out the main mean streets and tell don't come back until they ve found dinner. Just I don't care if it's a raccoon just bring in because we're not eating out anymore can't do it then will take that couldn't, will put it on a wreck deck now. Like to say that erected could make a raccoon taste good, but I don't think that's true. You're still gonna be eating a raccoon. the the wrecked tack, however, will take anything that you do make like us Gore hamburgers, and it can grill them. If can smoke them it can make in credit will ribs. It can also bake it. Can you can fire up a pizza in it? It is. Tremendous its rector. It's the best
out there on the market, especially when you look at the price, there's nothing in its class, but I still think even against the most expensive. It is the best out there, wrecked tech, get one for the holidays makes a great Christmas present rectify our city, you dot. Com are easy t, q dot com, alrighty. Then, let's go to Brittany in Ohio Brittany? How are you they still my appreciate. We guys do so much shaggy links that's I've a merry for eleven years and when we were debating, he asked me if I was a democratic republic at him I asked him what he was and he said he was a Republican. I said: ok, I guess I'll go republican Wild and over the past ten years. I've listenin to you and you opened my eyes to a lot of things and I'm just truly grateful for it because non rate
three kids and now I know what the watch out for a lot more enough. I kind of see you ever. Modern day, John the Baptist. To be honest, he was beheaded so? Let's not go there, but I appreciate the frantic by Thank you very much. That is, that has very kind of you. Sorry, you still a republican or are your eyes open up enough to go, sure. That's always nor I answer it. always the right answer, but you know I I just I make ever decision by prayer. Perfect, be honest, perfect now, but you you're talking bout, inflation and shore Judges and everything- and I gotta tell ya, got to one year old are almost one year old twins, and you haven't known panic until your staring up. formula I'll and the day
free formula that your kids need of not on the shelf anywhere in Albania. I've drove up driven as far as too hours away from my home to find their formula. I told you will have any any concept of of what's coming our way. and how dangerous the situation that we find ourselves in is I mean we have we have demonized. The dollar tromp idea of Amerika. First, mean everyone else. Last it just means We have to take care of our own, and you know I've I've compare This too lifeboats and the border, you can't keep taking p into the lifeboat or will all drown? That doesn't mean you don't have compassion. It means you have to take care of yourself. First to be able put
mask on yourself before you put the Basque on your child. Why because if you pass out because you don't have oxygen, you both die. That's why and that is a compassionate thing to do and we are. We are in a situation where, if we, God forbid, would go to war or we would have a real serious disruption where we're not getting anything from China for a long time, we do make our own medicine right. Now we don't even have the chemicals we don't even get, them any more from here. We have to buy the raw materials overseas. This is foolish foolish and we ve got to wake up. To that thanks Brittany for your phone call, let me go to F in Arizona, high Jeff laying great
awkward. You wanna get right to my idea, which is about like chaos and actually promote chaos, and I think some your set up today about the backdrop of a deeper the police a debacle in Minneapolis and even your talk about Cason Steam and rules for radical starts right in so I love you long love. You listen to me Jeff. How long have you listen to me all back in the days of thoughts, So do you know where I stand on chaos before you start? No? Ok! I will go ahead and I'll throw chaos. Are you going to have teeth? Captain chaos ya go ahead, so A lot of you know what books in your line up- and I think you hold this position is well. You know, Stephen. Diana Horwitz and others to realise the fact that we are. We are living through a revolution rush where
it is not just right! Now! It's meant for a hundred years. You know Marxism imported from Europe and so One coming to talk often made is that it's all the other side that fighting, and so I want to point out that revolution, a revolution As always, asymmetric warfare, do you some warfare terms and in rules radicals you, you just mentioned as a landscape preachers using this system against itself, using the methods of the system against itself- and we are given the rights to assemble an redress are governments issues, and so I am suggesting limited chaos we're in a timeframe, as you mentioned, that the inflation is gonna go for a while, and we ve got four years of these crazy, leftists empower. Let's have limited chaos to prove the failure, prove the failure of their systems, and I want to see real quickly. I'm nodded paper,
of serious problems. Monetary problems like getting solemn, a rover in another favor people dying like Taiwan being taken over by China, but here is a good example. If the left at the democratic, fraught Democrats try to impeach Biden, let's not go with it. Let's keep a minute: let's keep a chaos going as long as we can control the Congress in this next since I got so limited, chaos will lead to the exposure the failure there systems. Ok, first Here's where I stand on chaos, who is the author of chaos? Yes agreed point five year have really good boy, that there are things fighting for freedom, because we all know we have to fight for me. I so may I may I change your grace and may I change your terminology because I dont think you're talking about limited chaos. What you're talking about out is possibly one of two things, and maybe the combination civil.
Disobedience, which is not chaos, civil. This mediums and allowing people to feel the full ramification of their choice and that's the best best thing that happened: Donald Trump that he didn't win this last well over. You know, he's not in office, because people, are waking up and seeing what their preaching is and working and the best thing that could happen to Donald Trump and in his campaign and the Republicans. is for this nightmare, which I wish on no one, but this night. Air of inflation it it is the difference. We have been missing. American I have felt comfortable through everything, including the bank bail out, which was
absolutely wrong, but they were saved from the real, true pain of all. Of the mistakes of the past, yes peep, suffered in two thousand eight, but apparently it wasn't enough and it wasn't certainly the right people suffering the ones who act what caused it now The people who have caused this aryan office, but people vote, Did their men and listen to all of these lies there waiting up now go and wait a minute that doesn't work. and if you are asking for allowing- People to feel the pain of their own mistakes, that's, chaos. That's those are consequences. And I think they should be expressed. Let me use another war that comes from our legs. A combat you'll understand that fits right in his work were really having great discussion here. Maybe the proper word is sacrifice. We need sacrifice as he did in civil rights movement, as others have before us. You know it
is going to be chaos because they brought the author chaos and brought it. We need to sacrifice in the fight against it. me too, and a man I want to say, amen to my brothers and sisters other crops. America, who have maybe even given up their jobs, yes to try to get some rest, Yes, I agree with that. I agree with that. Thank you so much, but don't ever don't ever push for chaos civil disobedience yes play within the the the system that we, in far the laws as they are righteous if they start making laws like the Seen mandate, well That's it! I'm sorry! I'm not owing to abide will I to jail for that. Maybe, but that's it! consequence of of me, not abiding by a law that, I think,
is wrong. And we we have two point, those things out and we have to be able to accept the consequences all of those things. Let me Two were living the Jason hello Jason in New Jersey welcome. They grew more it's a pleasure talkin to you and I enjoy guidance programme, and I still listening to Russia for quite some time do about that integrated way as abuse wanted me to. I jive truck I'm from me and I I do Flatbed Howard, and my talk is actually at the shop again with the airship and they told me could be two to three day saw em at a suit, a sweet right now and so when they talk about shortage of drivers, I just want to clarify something. I know you are not a program that thought about that for a bit, but there is no difference in shortages since the band epic,
and before the day, there's always a turn over where people come in, they don't like. It then move on to something else any job so as a person has been doing this through the whole covered in going to Canada beget load. You told paper when that used to cure a covert so going to have to debate about the candidate, getting toilet paper and come back through now. Just recently. Last week I was cutting through Canada, and I was advised that come January 15th, if you're not vaccinated it get. That does not want you in their country. So what do you think that can do the truck in industry? So when you talk about supply and demand- and you put these research She says that every stupid because they figure I've been to Canada. The better part of the year during the whole pandemic analysis very fifty is the magic wand that we can no longer allow people from the United States indicates,
actually did in before even shot to the border- yes was the download. An app if only to their covered question wait. So are you going up to Canada and getting things for America so I was going to Canada to get told people back when that was the crisis, but now we all know that one ply versus to ply does incur covered, so we for different people. can reasons we go to Canada, for I could be operating paper could be anything but right now we want blackbird. It was mostly again some palette for eating, so there is sometimes we do that by considerably I will be one that truck going in. I refuse vaccinated, you're, saying that there is not currently a shortage of drivers, but are there shortages of people loading and unloading. That is that's my point. That's so when you look at when Trump was in office, what he did it
took the restrictions on stock drivers roll out of fourteen our day in that form, now a eleven hours of is DR time in electronics. Electronically log, you can't take it. You get a big nano and you can. This part forget thirty, four hours the seventy our work week, you're allowed in that. Seventy our work when you saw the hours that emu thirty four hour reset, so when Donald Trump was in office, and right in the middle of it, he said with it. I'm gonna make it single would exempt ideologues, do grocery strictly gross. that can include water toilet paper, anything for the grocery stores and not by the supply chain didn't get effect. It is that is because tat the restrictions off and then we had he's been when he took the big warehouses like Amazon and all these like Walmart grocery stores, all the better services at when you're especially mean three spring water,
when you do in that line of work, it frees the chalk up. So you can get your deliver if you're running short time, whether be whether in the the northeast like we ve, had anything that could affect your day, cars communion. So that allowed us to get the freight there. But once you got the airfield next vote was not considered a covert loading had to go to the nearest truck, stop indeed, at TAT hour reset you get your. I was back big guy. So what happens when you restrict us truck? Drivers, like California, has their their rules with what they allow for trucks it near. That's not help getting the supply and then, when you have a shortage of warehouses that are infected with Cove Ed, they go from three hundred people down to one hundred people. This lot may get truck sitting. You know they made the appointed time for one o clock in the afternoon and evening. It unloaded bill six that choose into their hours now that driver had five hours in his book the book at the next loud, but because it held up. He daughter, household five hours, Jason.
Thank you for explaining that that's great information. By the way there is a shortage now of All they say, especially the northeast, the people that are willing to plough and salt the roads or sand the roads. This is gonna cause even more problems. This one, I just this morning I carry where was federal store Walter. I can remember but tat the the shortage looks like it's being caused by those people who are just not willing to go back to work. Especially with something risky like going ploughing the roads, etc, etc and hard work. A lot of. Are willing to go to work. If you who are somebody who can drive a truck and you can drive salt truck. I would, I would beg of you to go back to work,
and and make sure those roads are clear, at least for the trucks. So we can get supplies to and fro Well, most of us it's a season of giving, but it's also the season of taking. If you happen to be a cyber criminal, it's the most wonderful time of the year for them as well cause you're doing a lot of shopping online, which, eggs, you very vulnerable, things you can do like use of e p m instead of public wifi, create strong passwords, checking your accounts for fraud, etc, etc, but you also need a dedicated source checking for you on all kinds of things and that's where life lot comes in and they not only alert you if they find suspicious activity, but they also work with you to fix it. That's the real service of lifelong. Nobody can stop everything from happening. Nobody can check every thing, however,
lifelong by. Norton is the best in the business, and now you can save up to twenty five percent off your first year with Promo code back aid life. One eight hundred, lifelike or lifelong dotcom use the problem rode back, save twenty five percent off now, one eight hundred, lifelong or lifelong dot com, ten, second, station, I d Jake Line seven please. This is Matthew, Oklahoma, hello, Matthew, our user yeah. Can you pick up your phone? I'm sorry all right, that's all right when a glance do. Thank you for taking my call you back thanks, linen wasn
sure what visibility you guys head on! What's going on in the military! I know there has been discussion in the past, but I'm Leah in the process of trying to retire, but the vaccine mandate is obviously causing some issues and applied for the religion. accommodation, but by knowledge, not a loser. Gonna happen, I don't take. Any of them have been granted. was turned down, and now the junior If ever there was a deadline of June thirtieth, I believe, but what I've been told is January. First, is actually the deadline. What they want to do is anybody. That is not given the shorter agreed The show rice is all about. Administrative and punitive action is the one to take place between January first. In June thirtieth. I have almost three years, I'm also partially disabled veteran be what
happen is if they do a dishonourable discharge. I lose obviously my retirement, but also lose my disability through the Ba as well. So have you have you called your senator? I did. I did last week all of this came about pretty quick, I was, I was told that I dont go, get it on disobeying, lawful order it, and so I did reach out to my centre. In fact, I just received a message. While I was waiting for her way up here. Is that said that they had contacted the Department of the army butter, You call me some going on I'm going away All I can tell you is you need to call you're you're, a senator call your congressmen get them, working on your case. Make sure that you know it's that somebody is following it, because there is an effort now in Congress and in the Senate to
sure that no one is dishonorably discharged and that everyone gets their benefits. if they are leaving because they won't take the vaccine. I just don't think that will stand there. Just though they are not going to do that to veterans and get away with it, at least at they might until the Republicans get in charge and that will be restored one programme furthermore, evil when that my opinion, but there's a line from one of the greatest movies ever made. Frodo says. What are we holding on to SAM Term, says that there's good in this world. Mr Frodo, it's worth fighting for love that love that you and I belong to what could be the last generation in America. Who knows what it's like to be truly free unless things change?
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This is the Glen Back Programme and we go to Susan in Ohio, hello, Susan, welcome to the club, Med programmes hey, I'm I just would, while I'm concerned about the inflation and the effect that the impact it has on me this year, I'm really concerned about the with inflation in the middle class families as it begins to take We all their assets generation girl, with everything we don't talk enough about, that, I know we want things. The idiot, but I would like to please talk a little more about the loss of family farms and systems Is that what happened? While I think the situation to relax right, I think that we is that those are now. solely tied to inflation. Inflation. Will you your nest egg will go away, because if your salary doesn't go up with inflation, then
you're gonna have to dipping into your saving. So your savings goes away. If we working in a world where, as the president, keep saying well, you ve gotta pay your people more if you do that in high inflation period, which we are in now If you do that, you start the UN's inflation spiral, wages go up and thus prices continue to go up, and so your constantly battling. That's why, when you are bird food in Europe. Restaurant of in Germany, you paid for it when you ordered. I would like a cup of coffee, please to quarter great here's the quarter, because fish ten minutes later thirty minutes later, when it got so bad, it might be thirty five cents for that cup of coffee, so you paid when you ordered That's the inflation spiral and that's gonna happen, but when it comes to losing your family farm there,
more than just inflation, going to lose farms because people can afford it, but There are things that are going on in the United States right now and and the government. that going to take those family farms. They are gonna Limiting those those farms, they're gonna, start regulating those farms, they're gonna tax them to death. Remember the guy all of the great reset is by twenty thirty. You will own nothing. Will how You get a society that is built ownership, private ownership. How do you get that society do not own anything? You bankrupted! That's what you do. You're bankrupted thanks for your phone call, Susan is so. What are you where'd, you see the economy going here, for example, one of the things that I don't think a lot of people are talking about is, since It started,
tromp administration base, the key but turned off. They require to pay your stewed loves. You know said. Ok, you know four we're in the middle of a pandemic enough to pay a student loans were now turn the interest rates down to zero. Let's ride this out, and so that's been exe. Ended multiple times by first the troubled ministration and then into the by demonstration it is now saying that come next year, it's over researches, I think its January, you're not gonna, to start making those payments alot again about all the money that people oh, but if any had this this ramp of not paying it now these its turn back on in the middle of a very concerning economic time, so that turns Inflation is they're all of this backlog. With the supply chain all working together at the same time. What is it look like a mass? It's why
you're, not hearing anybody saying will this year has been bad, but next year will be better, no act that way for twenty twenty you're, not hearing that, and I think that's because people know you ve got it that's something Elsie after pylon here people are getting watching what the FED decides to do- this week because the FED has to raise interest rates and they also have to taper and why they ve been doing, and we ve been telling you this since two thousand aid. What been doing? Is they ve been? buying? Are our federal debt, Instead of selling it two countries? No country will buy it, so the It has been buying that debt which this adds to their balance sheet. Then they printing money, as well and been shipping that money to the banks and banks have been using it
who, by stocks and everything else, so they can, they can put there by balance sheet in order you have had these bailouts going out going on really since two thousand eight and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse, there tape bring all of that now, which means they're. Turning that tap of cash off that's right flowing into the market, so they have to turn that off when turn that off that's going to cause. Problems with the bank cause problems in the stock market is going to cause all kinds of problems, because the money flow from the fad, not the federal government from the FED, is bring off. Then They're good, also raise interest rates which the we have to do the way you fight inflation. To raise interest rates No one on earth has ever tried to suck this much money back
to this system, get it back to the the Federal Reserve in the Treasury, so it can be destroyed, no one in the history of the world has ever tried that in eighteen, eighty Paul Volker god- interest rates up to, I think fifteen or I believe the highest was nineteen. It might have been fifteen, but I believe it was nineteen percent nine eighteen percent. We are now what about three percent? You want a mortgage, three percent you need a loan for Europe: small business, three percent, five percent percent, if you're in real life in a bad way, nine eighteen percent that was in nineteen eighty? What is it going to take to get those interests? to get this inflation down, after dumping alike, in trillion dollars out into the world we have to. Suck that all back
The problem is when you suck call of that stuff back, it makes money scarce that will make inflation go down gay and you worry about a deflationary period where people can, or anything so the prices cave this is an incredible balance that I'm not sure They can do and you're doing it at the worst. possible time because we ve made things so bad that You don't have people who are willing to work. Gotta have inflation If you then add extra salary to people too get them to work that add inflation. Then, if you Take the money from the corporations through loans, to build new jobs and to expand jobs.
to become more and more scarce and you're, just in this cycle that just spins into the drain think wherein, for real real. Trouble over the next year too, I think it could be until a Republican gets back into into power and we have a saying Senate and House- and I'm not saying that's a republican one. It just more same than the Democrats. Until we started doing the right thing consistently and, willing to accept the pain that is coming from. All of these horrible decisions is just gonna, keep getting worse back to other earlier collar was saying in a mention. The Reagan situation and there's no better way to emphasise, I suppose that conservative policies are better than and by implementing liberal ones right may get in to office in they do that
things that they want to do. People tend to wake up and say, while we really dont want that, we brought this. I were willing to fund the police earlier Re Minneapolis, as I got, will define the place wholly crap listed. Let's rethink that a little bit and it happens pretty quickly, but we were, we at the time were argue theories right and now we have evidence. Now we have evidence and that's what's waking people up, but why this is something that has been bothering me for awhile, though all. These conversations, including this previous collar, who basically said if you missed it, he said you know, we need some chaos and he explain a little nuanced explanation of that. But basically we we need to let these things happen. We need to try these sort of things we need to fight. We need to do all these things that may be art. Can system with our principle per se, but we need to win right now, because we're all was losing, and that is an undercurrent of of every conservative. It seems that we we're always losing
these things are always rolling over us and we never do anything and therefore we to change everything that we're doing in and try these new tactics and we're gonna try get get a little while, like let's try some stuff- and I don't know so person pervasive on the right right now. But when you look what actually happening these but pretty the vaccine mandates, are not happening because were or out on the streets, housing housing chaos there there being overturned, because courts are overturning them, because their unconstitutional right, that's largely because of a long term. Conservative legal project that has resulted in a lot of good judges that actually know what the constitution says We can thank a lot of this. We can put the Thanks on my key TED crews, Donald Drug Yeah- and I think it goes back further than that.
Whether you like it, but it's put its business. That's a success story in bright and the possibility of rovers is weighed being overturned and again I'm not telling those at Missus. We waited but eggs and hatching because of the time after a matter counting that is, it is a win, but the fact that it even possible is because of our long term project, so why? it is why Why do conservatives feel this perverse save sense of losing when it does seem like we're winning, because I think concern that is why think everybody generally is. Let me give you this example memory said yesterday we don't buy when it's cheap. We buy at the target by high so low when housing market goes crazy. You're, like a guy, how to get a house. I gotta get a house. This is crazy, guy, your five you're in your buying it
way too late, you're, always behind the curve. Ok you by low you, sell high do the opposite. The same thing is true: things are lagging indicators. we are lagging indicator There are other indications that show where winning, but we, don't feel it yet we I think we are we have looking at the mainstream media, as barometer for very long time that and changed that really bad barometer gay and there changing at all, we look at that and we see you know all of the shows on tv and everything else were like we're surrounded by this and were now Looking at what the ratings. What's the hell of these companies.
People are watching them. How many Bobo leave them any more. Their credibility is the toilet. I think it's, it's not single digits. It's almost single digits with our credibility now, so they dont have any credibility laughed when you look at his all these policies that we ve been arguing about in theory, you and re. Imagine the police we now we have the evidence and those policies are now being reversed. You can't Spend money like crazy. Well, that's now being shown true because of the economy, you can't each this to our kids while we're not teaching it weed, believe you and the media cannot convince us that you're telling the truth, because we know the truth. We are seeing it We are winning on multiple fronts right now and
This is a new feeling that I had. I was really really worried about losing there are no way out no way out there is. There is already happening. It's the american people standing up, who are awake and others waking up because there darting d feel real pain. Are I pay reed mobile? Here's, here's another way to win switch. patriot mobile right now get away from these big huge corporations that are teaching people to be less white they're sending their money to plan parenthood. If, in the case of horizon get away from them You now have a choice: Patriot Mobile dot com, slash back Patriot Mobile, dot com, slash back nine, seven to patriot. You can it free activation with the offer code back, they're gonna have special
scouts. If your a veteran or a first responders, They have special discounts for multi line accounts and you Support a company that loves America, so cut your own bills, sometimes by half its pay, tree at mobile, dot com, slash back and stand with a company that stands with you, patriot, mob, dot com, slash back or nine seven to patriot. This is the Columbia this is the Glen Back Programme in another way to show how de the right is winning. Is We talked about Bob cost us yesterday saying hey, I'm I'm not. A crazy liberal here and- and maybe that's just the Overton Windows been moved so far that Bob cost us. can say credible.
I'm not like those people, but he still like crazy, liberal buddies, just not a revolutionary marxist here, you're, not a man. Whole category of Bill Mars rashly now Bill MAR is another case. Look at all of the people that are starting to wake up and say I want nothing to do with this. Look at the courage, J K, rolling this woman is may using amazing. war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength, the p individual who raped. You is a woman that was her latest. We there his guns, heat for that? Oh yeah, the best part about her and she issues in the same category as Elon Musk. They just have so much money. They can't possibly care about what you think about them. Night ass. I think it's so good. You don't have to have money to create that you just have to know what you believe when people lucky for you and your like yeah. I don't really care
often lose here because I'd rather lose everything that my soul, you be a very dangerous person, and that's why they target people like J K rolling, they need you, heard to shut up and sit down, and I love the fact that for now a couple of years she us keeps doubling down she's an amazing woman. what grounds entertainment, Goin back programme
hello. America welcome to the Glen by Programme, glad you're with us. I want to continue a conversation that we were having last hours do, and I were talking about. Why is it we feel like we are losing? when we're not, and I think because people haven't caught up. Yet this winning is a new thing really felt like we were winning in quite some time, maybe since the tea party- and we also feel that worked out. However, this is different. This is real change. That is happening and it's happening all across Amerika. I wanted. I want us to. there and take your phone call at eighty eight. Seventy seven we eat He gave let's programme Christy is just written she's from Texas. She said glad my dog is sixteen years old. She had come
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Ray Glenn. Thirty three welcome to the haglund by programme of stew. We were talking last hour about this this feeling that we are are losing somehow yeah. You get this lot from conservative right now, who just obviously were in a tough time and allow things have gone wrong over the past couple of years and their there's a pervasive sense of constant losing the example here. All the time is this example of local. You know we can't just sit here and like let people have trend you know, trends Is it the story time? You know that traders drag queen storage, drag queen story to an end like, of course I would agree. It's not a not a good thing for our society, although I will say it does not recognise
What part of my life- and I now I live in texas- where there's a lot of- could mean others alot of push back, maybe for living in downtown Portland. The libraries are quite different, but it does that there is this sense of we constantly in this state of losing. Where, like you know, it were only in twenty twenty one. Donald Trump was president that that that was going on in this year right obviously we're seeing the results of of some of the judges, and I think the legal system is held up pretty well when it comes to all the crazy challenges that the left has brought to it. In the later parts of this year, that's been in a positive and what's happening. I think now is everywhere from Afghanistan to inflation is People are seeing the results of what happens when you go the other way. and that is likely to lead to positive things. Pretty soon down the road? Now we ve also talked about how far
I had many times progressive tsar with things like yes, g and and makes you really doubt what the future can hold, but we also should recognise that bodily sing that we ve tried to do over the years have worked pretty well and we pushed back and what a lot of these battles to its, not a constant state of losing the left, isn't it it's it's. This is not so anyway. It is Samson, but in two minutes at this unbelievable, possible victory for conservatives. We, we succeed, more than I think we give ourselves credit for. Well, we we have asked Shelly recently I mean. You know, there is Donald Trump succeeded. he succeeded, probably better than any other president in my lifetime into getting real some real changes made friends,
since the Middle EAST is the biggest the biggest thing and he demonstrated a couple of things, one new, can support Israel and not have the world. Come against you can move the embassy there, but you can also get the People in the Middle EAST to start siding with Israel and against Hamas, Hezbollah and terror, and He had a historic peace deal now it falling apart. You don't to negotiate with terrorist. You don't have to give them money to get to comply with. You far is around you: you can and wars. You don't need to have these endless ongoing wars. What you need to do is going in an hammer, the bats not out of him and then move on and that We killed the caliphate
you have you, have people now in in the conservative movement that are looking at possible war with China possible war with with Russia, and where people who have always been very, very America first and let's go get em that our I on our war. I dont want war, let's its mind our own business here. Let's take, Air of Amerika Thus, if we set a good example, we will change. The world that's new. We're not so hawkish, as we were some of the These things are are. Game changing for the Republicans here here is something else. We dont trust the Republicans for or we had. You know these, these rhinos that were running Michael Steel.
we're running the Republican Party. Now I think you have voters. Republic voters there, if they had another. option somebody that they believe would actually go back there own party, if need be to stir playing the same game. They vote form they want a man they want to get rid of these Clowns in office it's more mature than it was with the tea party We know how the game is played now and we don't try that you're just gonna be elected and then you're gonna go and do it we will. Watch you now. The other thing is, as we have been playing the aim, and I see this one first hand I ve been telling you that there are marxists in our. Government hand, and in the Democratic Party for the
ass, twenty years and It is been laughed mocked and ridiculed. I've been called conspiracy, theorist. I've been called a a racist for saying that the president was a marxist, Big called all kinds of names. You know this nobody's denying now that marxists are involved in our government that marxist are trying to overthrow the United States that this. This resolution is truly a revolution notice, not people now in the middle denying that it seems as though the Democratic Party has been too can over by radicals in revolutionaries. that was unheard of that huge huge change, again. Have you noticed that the press isn't listen to have you noticed that Jim
Kimmel were who was it this week have fallen gets the president on and he's talking about the economy and nobody is buying into this economy, lie and nobody's watching Fallon nobody's watching Kimmel, certainly nobody's watching a bunch of dancing syringes the house was terrible. You don't have the power of ass, an l anymore, because it's not funny. It's just not funny- and it's gone through periods of not being funny it has now just given into. We are a propaganda arm, that's. All we're supposed to do is hope. The right people and make fun of the wrong people as the woke out, decides Work is in having any of that
that's a huge change. Your seeing movies, like we talk, about earlier movies are now starting to become what christian movies used to be. christian movies used to be like I'll. I got it. I got it stop being so preachy right here, and so they always sought the this now that what's happening to the left, the left is starting to make that Santa Claus thing on HBO. What is that that claim nation by yeah Sarah disorder and set rogue it's awful? It's awful as they forgotten that its entertainment, that is much more important than the message you can't get anybody to listen to the message, and yet we are now. starting to understand, entertainment and our message is gaining strength because We are starting to learn how to tell stories on the right and be the
things that we have always talked about that work, spirits see theories or only theories are now being proven to be true. I say something now, that used to take you know, ten years before, you would see it and tell you now about the great reset and tell that. I think we're really really behind the eight ball Three months later, they ve called it a conspiracy theory and their discredited because they are actually lamenting it and the banks are doing these things, and you can went to them, and people are paid attention to it. We are winning because p all are waking up and the sides are flipping they they had the conservatives down, because
they said it's all about Jesus in God, in their forcing you to live like Jesus. Wants you to live guy, that's how they that's, how they destroyed us. Well, they are forcing people into their religion and people are understanding. Their religion is not based on facts. It is faith based religion. just believe found she that's death. Than science believe found, she believed What we say deny what your eyes are, showing you deny what your ears are hearing deny. What your wallet is saying every time you go to the grocery store deny those things and believe us Lastly, you can't spend your set your way out of milk being triple the cost, get can't the media doesn't have that sort of power. But let me ask it s: this sort, sprung from a conversation I have at my wife on this.
idea that there's just this feeling of despair among the american people. At times you know part This, obviously is covered from both sides. You know people losing loved ones and people having to deal with crazy restrictions and losing their livelihoods and all the things associated with it and part of this era that I don't think you can separate, but you know after the the Wisconsin Parade Incident the guy bore that Suv ran over all those but finally grew the out of control as a great role we set as if he's going to kill a of the planet, and it is but after that my wife. You know we're going back and forth. I think on text on, and she said something like what is this coming to. I can't believe what we, what is this and that's a totally rational, like reaction to a madman running over a bunch of people, the christian salary? Obviously, but then I As I started thinking about it myself a little bit, we that very same weakened had gone Onto a Christmas parade
Slash Festival, type of thing unafraid and on afraid, and it was awesome. We had a great time are committed was gathered there, well from I'm sure, all over the political spectrum there, but everyone was great and we had a great time and we loved it. and, at the same, the same weakened, probably tell tens of thousands of communities. similar events that work, TAT Stick and everybody loved them and they all left happy, and they know they add their hot cocoa and they their kids Vienna, wide eyed looking at Santa Claus and all the things that happened all over the country, for so many people, and almost all of them were not at this one parade that we all know about that was legitimately tragic and horrible, and we had me, do you know, need to worry about ants and stop of course, but it doesn't effect. We know probably did not affect your life.
It was a really terrible thing that happened, and it gave the sense to even my wife, and myself who were at really wonderful events that same weekend that whole society was falling apart and I mean it is in reality, that's not true right over what they had only not China. We stop that. The we stop. Listen, it's happening. We stop listening to the coasts. We stop listen. To the coast. So we don't. We can't not talk about that of applicant, not cover it. It's not the media. Saying! Ok, we'll don't worry about that. They seem to not want to talk about the the Wisconsin parade right. It couldn't feed their narrative, which is waking even more people up the ones who responded the ones who helped the ones who are talking about it were talking about it, though Generally speaking, are the conservatives. The conservative move,
but the ones were ignoring this clear tragedy and a flaw in the own thinking their own system there, he brought this upon this community. There are not too, king about it and by not to king, about it the people. all are noticing Finally, the people in the town wait a minute. nobody is talking about us outcome nobody's nobody's paying attention yeah How come the news rooms in America just a banned and that story. People are waking up and noticing. That's them most important thing. That's what I've been saying for years. Wake up Erica, wake up, wake up! Wake up! Once you awake, this sleeping giant the giant ended wins so do is it important to have those things together for being awake notice?
What's going on understanding the world, but also keeping it in perspective, I mean, I think, that's it nothing for people to do when their barrage by it constantly on social media and everything. Well, that's why I think it's Orton, for people like us to ring the bell of alarm also talk, our successes. You know I. I did not feel this way. Three months, Oh, I didn't feel this way three four months ago. I just think we had it in us. I was giving up on the american people they are now. I really truly believe we, we are well positioned for wine. Let me give you another example. When we come back, I want to talk about the texts that came
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twins back. Dotcom totalled Tuttle, twins back Dotcom, tens, and station. I d: yeah yeah, for the actual texts. I had an earlier answer morning: yeah them. These are the tax that now have been revealed by the grass and by Congress of all of that, ex between all of the people in on January? Six one of the Tec Say, and this Mainly, the focus from the media has been on Fox news hosts who were texting mark meadows on January six, Lord Ingram text Mark meadows and said Mark the President needs to tell people in the capital to go home. This is hurting all of us is destroying his legacy. then you had Brian kill meat from Foxen friends,
Urge meadows in a text message to quote: please get em on tv, the riot was destroying everything you have accomplished: Hannity asked meadows of TAT, could make a statement and ask people to leave the capital there's also a texture from Donald Trump Junior. who called on his father to condemn the actions of the writers and make a speech from the oval office K. So who can say, look look at the influence, they had look at the direct access and that's what they're doing these Trump people were listening to Fox news people really, because I your argument was. This was a well coordinated effort to overthrow the government and everybody whose conservative was in on it, it, shows that the leading voice you stand against Fox NEWS: they were instead, when the president's son
was saying. I got dad, you gotta, say somethin right now, you gotta say somethin. So at best you have something that was so well coordinated that only the president was in Malta gang. You, ve made the point here. You ve destroyed your own euro. Point right, because it seems like the media's trying to basically say well, you ve got dismissive comments from Fox NEWS hosts about the seriousness of January six. But in the moment they knew how serious it wasn't we're taking muzzle how if they knew, but that is in the moment when you don't know, what's coming next, stop it right now why you're here dismissive, is because their labeling as dismissive, because we say it wasn't as bad as the civil war in her right to them. That's dismissive to us that
the truth, but every American every american- maybe five percent disagree with this. They I do not want that to happen, and by the way, and that five percent and teeth that once chaos programme so the CEO of Goldman Sachs just said publicly that he expects lower returns on the stock market for a few years. The stock market is over inflated and it's over inflated by money that was better coming from the FED now that the FED it will know this week is gonna, start ratcheting that money down you Gonna see the stock market start to go down as they raise interest rates. You're gonna see all kinds of bad things. As you see, inflation go up, whether it's from money, printing or people, not going to work or both. In this case
You're gonna see problems, and eventually all of this would mean a a dollar that is worthless and we're gonna, have to change to something. When the world goes insane, you should run to gold or silver. Please call this week. Call gold line and find out how to diversify and protect a portion of your retirement with precious metals call them now. Eight six, six gold line, eight six, six gold line or gold line dot com, head over to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, Glenn TV stewed as America. So much more he's the promo code glad to save ten bucks off your subscription. This is
the slovak program? You know we ve been talking about winning and the feeling of being defeated. They need you, they want you. This is sallow linsky. You ve got to feel defeated, but you're not you're, not even close. We, are close to the feeding them. It's only a matter of time. If we continue to show courage stand up and stand up together. Arm in arm doing stuff for my son recently as he is size getting ready to me. No graduating move out on his own and then tried to I know that a fine, as you say that Ireland only for too long. I know her for remember when he was gone to get em be brave
when you're alone be brave when you want to quit, be brave, when you're mine fills with fog, so thick and knife can't cut it be brave The sun rose today and did you both happens for a reason, be brave. Let me go to Chris in New York, Hallo Chris, I our you. one better out of bed Oh I'm, like you, said, lovely New York and love we have got your whole go here, who just decided She was gonna to force all to masks again, and I gotta tell you it's a grind. What people are waking up? I mean we have a county. Churchill County. They are it's a job who showed her certain
Yes, I'm there there refusing to comply with the governors mandate? So yes, yes, very much I'll show. You know you ve, that I think the principle, This is. The idea behind this is that we did this last year. Ok, why are we doing it again if it didn't work, incorrect drag that not only that, but now you got people that have to possibly three possibly four shots depending on Who you are you? Are you fall within the spectral spectrum of liberalism and and it just does it make any sense so are shot working? Is the mask working? What? which one is it, so I think it all comes down to power. I think cobbler hopeful waited for this variant to come. And she sees the moment like most-
Petitions you wanna laughed and decided that it was time to purchase down shore power in she answered through the the problem that she's gonna have is that the compliance level is not going to be there, and I can already see that it's not there well in that saying something coming from even upstate New York. It saying something that New Yorkers are saying minnow enough is enough, because I have thank you for your call grace I have. I have family up in Canada. You have family of Connecticut it's almost a mental disorder yeah. You know it it's interesting. I think that's the right one, in some ways. I was talking to a friend of mine who had seen in a couple years and she looked up and in New York City, shit know she's. She said that the something like seventy. Five percent of people in New York City are still wearing masks outside now, again the New York Times, as there has never been a single case of outdoor
its mission outside of close conversation but count em again how many gate zero in the world since the beginning a right side in the entire universe, none okay, so there's no reason to be doing that She was describing. You know that area really was scarred from this. I like week, you know like I'm in Texas, and we never had about what that felt. Real scary, like that, like she was saying to the point where she couldn't do, she was working from home. Couldn't leave, they were importing. I cursed prisoners to hotels in their neighborhood interest, letting them live there and around the high street June heroin. But I'm going to take your dog for a walk you can you can do that? Is she couldn't on phone calls. You know conference calls for her job because it was constant sirens for months and so
but beyond the fact that there are liberal there, they were really legitimately scarred as a society, those early mine they don't they don't trust each other anymore. They don't trust each other and I think everyone out to kill them. Yet it is, and it is likely that shit psychosis that someone is evil. What has been done to people? It really is evil. spend done, and it's not all just government crackdowns like it is in other areas. I think I think a lot of people here and why yeoman you ve never dealt with anything like what they dealt with in the Cuomo area of this catastrophe. It really was scarring. Two people see can understand them asked acting irrationally, but it's it's opposed. Be the job of science and government to get over the hump of that of the emotions of a tragic event treated in a sober fashion, but we can
You can't see goes out no because it has been made in to politics. They want this to divide us and the more you put mask mandates in the more you are making good guys and bad guys and its scientifically very weak, at best, at best and scientifically to make bad guys and good guys in a society. You guys all kinds of studies that will show you that leads to civil war that doesn't lead anywhere good and and and unfortunately that's what they're choosing to do? Let me go. Stephen Iowa High Steve Thank you very much for taking my club. Oh my gosh, hang on. I'm gonna put you back on hold cause of really bad connection, see if we can clear up his connection so to share in Indiana, hello, Sharon,
Glenn. I just wanna talk to you about your goes in a museum, yeah yeah. I know I was a show on the travel channel and it's called the dead file and got any ounces of physical, medium and see the shabby. Does the retired detective and see you can talk to that? That was the first and then, see if he goes around and he investigates the history of the people in the end, the area and so forth. In what's happened, maybe there's a murderer whatever we have to call them. I would love to do so. I'd love to do a ghost hunting show even overcome fleet frauds. I could talk to the great: let's see it but you know we. We have this video, that's really weird! Really weird applicant new to happen since we know mutually uncovered it. Just that known tyres that one times very into and in it happens to be coming from a really dark part
the museum that has an electric chair and a key in and everything else. and I'd love, I'd love to have somebody come and investigate and tell us what that was on the on the videotape. Thanks for your call we go to a gale high gale you're on the Globe Programme I'm glad not just mean a thank you for being such a patriot, like crop, could be sitting back out It tells you that you all she changes are educating ass. I think it is patriotic teachers Amphora our wealth Thank you very much, but I was at dinner with Donald Trump last Friday at his house, and no, I couldn't be sitting back comfortable like he is
the authorities are doing, as you know, is not yet I mean you know if he chose he could sit back and he's the airy comfort Llanos pretty soon. Oh, my gosh sets an amazing placing living Steve Back Steve. Do we have you on a good line now. Yeah. Can you hear me ass? I can good go ahead and ok. I Could you comment on a possible huge disruption to the supply chain network? My dad works for a company that supplies gasoline these, to gas stations in the upper MID West They got an internal memo about a possible shortage of a chemical that, over it, probably eighty percent all diesel vehicles in the United States use in its called diesel, I d ask what you saw. Oh yeah to poor that in air? I have for my truck, he just buy it at like men of the gas station in your poured into the gas tank right.
I know it actually has its own tank diesel exhaust fluid. I I some eyes. We have a tank on the side of our trucks, its fifteen to twenty gallons. Most pick ups have another next to the guy Now they have another port that you put the analysis into, or you dump a pot of Fatah love it in their it's too and a half gallons, and it deals in its injected into the exhaust to clean the exhaust up. What was meant aided by the government. Back in the early two, thousands that all diesel trucks over or all decently genes over fifty horse power are required to have this, including pick up semis and tractor crying and are a lot of equipment. Well, there's a possible disrupt and in the supply of their coming into the new year. Urea that goes into the death. It you re and water is imported. A lot of it is imported. Well, if we can't get it, then
computers in it in diesel down not let that intern run. Yes, it will shut it down. Oh well, can you imagine if there is a shortage of Daphne there's a lot of trucks out here? Dont require at the older trucks, but, but a lot of new drugs, the do mind, and that's what I was I have a new truck and a couple of old trucks. It don't needed, but the new trucks did I don't even know how long ago was mandated do this, but it shuts down, if you don't put, back in the electronics shut it down that's a real problem, will look into that. Would you just write that down? Have our researchers look into de aft shortages? Thank you, much Steve back in just a minute, with some news about the view p and what she's doing? Ah, you thought you loved common, I that she doing with her time. You know when she's, not visiting the border. Well,
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and of mine For I don't even know twelve years or so and they ve been. helping this audience overrun over, they ve helps. Do they help Sarah help me Merrick and financing eight hundred nine zero. Six. Twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty, its american financing, dot, narrative financing, animal us one- eight do through three: four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, Org one programme, I have to tell you. You know I thought commentary as might be out of touch I She may not be doing anything. You know when she's, when she's not visiting the border of of Mexico or Europe, what is she redoing MIKE there was nothing but
If you read the San Francisco Chronicle, there is a story here that ready still be prepared to like or be prepared to change your mind here. She, has just finished redecorating her vice press mental office now and, wise. Let me just read this article. The office where Harris hosted. The chronicle for a recent interview has been overhauled. Since photographs were released of an earlier. This year's showing sparse, decoration and navy blue walls the room now is warmer pay. In a light shade of blue and the path in couches have been swapped for a nearly all white said so there. Beautiful, but it's what hangs on her walls that speaks the loudness with care. Lee curated art pieces that reflect house it differs from the forty eight men who held the role before her. You know she's the
first woman woman of Colored Black Island, when really Madame, heard that yeah first graduate of a historically black university or college to be vice president behind her desk hangs, abstract painting on loan from the Smithsonian White. An daisies rhapsody wow she's, the one who, as that binder DAS after bringing all those barriers, she's got white quota year. Well, why daisies Rhapsody and its lively, green, blue and yellow? Ok? So you know what I found really fascinating about. All of this is because it goes on elegantly DEC waited Christmas tree and garlands now decorate the seed seeding area by the fireplace come, let us the headline and what was interesting to me about it was nothing will I you around something about. What I found was that you know you. I thought she was out of touch but for
her to be so disliked and Everybody's opinion is that she is in doing anything. For someone on her staff to call the chronicle and say hey there a human interest story here, you might want to cover she's, redecorated and she's really nice art from the Smithsonian now hanging on the walls, I thought that is speaking to the little people. You know what mean that is reaching right out for those people who are like hey, while I'm having a hard time pumping gas is so expensive or buying milk for the kids, I thought I thought the the the paint of light shades of blue and the nearly white couch with the lively, green, blue and yellow white daisies Rhapsody painting from the Smithsonian hanging right binder desk on why
is that really relate above really related yeah really really get a ride down. It's not at all. It's not gonna make people like or more I'll say that she is interesting way of rubbing people the wrong way here, while she did come in, I believe dead. Last with all the democratic anti two candidates they had running. She wasn't dead last year. There are some people who were even just like nineteen tee. I might not know no high the Nigerian, certainly been right. I beg I believe I shall as it he liked by. She wasn't liked by the voters in the primary yap, and now they expect her to be like somebody said so he said you know if they are trying to impeach the president this, what would peeps this resident. Now at her there now she's last like plan, he is she's Joe Biden. Insurance is what she is.
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