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Living and Dying By the Algorithm? - 7/27/18

2018-07-27 | 🔗
Hour 1  Live by the algorithm, die by the algorithm ...Wall Street bloodbath as Facebooks stock takes a nosedive...conservatives have been hurt the most this...Prediction: Facebook is over?...Wayne from Ohio rages against Facebook? ...Dr. Tony Amoury Alkhoury, Middle East Spiritual Case Manager, Mercury One Intern joins Glenn for needed prayers of hope?...Please donate, MercuryOne.org ...America's GDP has skyrocketed   Hour 2 Remember to be nice journalists today? ...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Flashback: Reagan vs. Media...'Sam Donaldson despised President Reagan'...today's media is rewarded for bashing Trump?...Listen to Bill 'speculate' on the FBI and Trump?...Bill's Word of the Day? ...Glenn's New Book, Addicted To Outrage'; release date September 18    Hour 3 Wake up California!?... state employee corruption mounts, 'asleep at their desks'? ...Mati Greenspan, eToro, Senior Market Analyst, joins Glenn to discuss the recent Facebook stock plunge...have they seen their last days?...Facebook's long term vision not looking so good now? ...California vs. Texas...the costs of energy?...electricity is required for 'progress' ...Plastic straws are still our enemy?

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The blaze radio network on demand back well, you live by the algorithm you die by the algorithm, Facebook, straight up slaughtered yesterday, the Time Wall Street closed. Facebook shares were down. Nineteen percent were keeping out one hundred twenty billion dollars of the company's value, one hundred and twenty billion dollars put, that into perspective. That is four times the entire market capitalization of twitter wow This is the largest single day wipe out of in stock history Marcus. Hurt himself lost over fifteen billion dollars. Yesterday,
EL, the official reason- and you can hear from business analysed- is the main o them the media will just say while you now, this comes a day after executives, forecaster years, lower profit margins due to our facebooks concerns over privacy and its role in global news flow yeah. Let's plays a little bit of a role: privacy concerns are definitely real. You know the Cambridge Analytic a thing was a nightmare, but this in part of the quote. They just read where Facebook, you don't remember, managing the role on the global news flow. That is, I believe, the tire reason, wiping were beginning to bail on the company you know face book, was valuable when Who could go there and you could pick and choose the type of content that you, wanted to see you choose the what was important to you. I dont want Facebook choosing for me face
Algorithm has been destroying media companies lately, especially the smaller ones and even more so what a surprise. Those that leave can glean conservative, the Indian an internal review. The conservative side that focused on millennials they a delay off almost all of their employees back in February. Why? Because facebooks algorithm, was choking off their reach and A gr is just one of the many that are struggling because of it all. Of us in conservative media have felt the algorithm change like no these business, so now, why would mark Zuckerberg and Facebook? Do this a hurts their business, be it hurts there on business model its because it's that the goal? Progressive mindset- it's it's, that's always is listen
this quote from Zuckerberg a few months ago, when he focused between awaiting laid out there there their areas of concern in twenty eighteen. He said, and I quote, we feel a responsibility to make sure our services are just fund. To use, but also good for people's well being. So we ve studied this trend carefully by looking at the academic research in doing our own research, with leading experts at universities ah well you're, go under the university people. You know you're gonna, be on the right path, since the same progressives in Washington. It is with progressives in Silicon Valley. It's in the universities there you know you're just to stoop, I don't blame. You should be able to make your own decision. Romania, you owe you one of the little people
for a minute models in the university low. The educated egg tribes were We will we know what's best where you are we do stupid to be able to pick the type of content, we feel is important. Too much of an idiot to decipher vague, knows who railroad salvation he's going to be the gatekeeper. You know so you'd, Hurt yourself don't run or those scissors, I'm Are you, but that's not why I signed up for Facebook? I dont in some progressive computer algorithm telling me the content that I should or should not be consuming. I can do that on my own, see what they Aggressive. Never allow to happen is let the free market fix it because it will it will, The free market will fix it and if Facebook then do it? Somebody else will come up and they'll. Do it? Why? Why is it that Facebook,
is the only one with the control of the algorithm. Don't you? You have control of the algorithm. I want to see more of this less of that why because Facebook loses its control. Ah, I thought Facebook put you who in control there is the problem. Everybody is fed up being told what to do what the should be watching what they should be reading, what they should be saying who they should who they should follow. Someone soon is gonna come along and provide the services that Facebook is denying the free market fixes these situations, and yesterday the free market fixed, progressed ism, that was growing inside of Facebook,
it's Friday July, twenty seventh, this the Glen Back Program, you know it's it's, really hard. We played this beginning this week. We played something from Mark Zuckerberg, where he it was doing in our view. Any was talking about how he you know they kept trying to say you're the most powerful man in the world level blot, and he kept saying. No, I'm I'm trying to empower others trying to empower others, but he's really is not, but I I believe that that is his intent to empower others, but He is sitting in a situation where he finds himself as the guy. Being blamed for all fake news and everything else, Well, it's not his fault that there's fake news. You know we have to police ourself, but we're.
Willing to do it, we're not willing to read more than just a headline if you're, not I'm willing to do more work than just read the headline and because you agree with it, that headline makes you feel good. You immediately. Facebook posted use, share it with friends. Will that's how? spreads its not facebooks fault is our fault, because we're not fixing reason firmly in her seat. We just want to destroy each other. And so, if you won't police yourself, then somebody else has to come in, and police and boil boy progressives are all always ready to police, but Mark sucker We're just you know on Monday, was of being thrown up against against the wall by the New York Times. Why is it you want to ban people like Alex Jones.
Because what am I to do so? Who the voice of Alex Jones. It's not my decision My decision, my role as he said, was to look what's being spread and if It is or if it is a lie, then algorithm should kickin to make sure that doesn't go viral. Ok! Well that a good move? I guess ever. I dont know if I trust your algorithm, no? What is real and what isn't because who are you who on the conservative side is consulting you. We know you have the southern Poverty law centre. We know you have the eighty l but who do you have on a conservative side? You don't look, it's Lyle arose rose Twitter, Hesba, forcing and just shut
He heard down, does she's a pro life activist shutting her down. Walking her every step of the way, but they don't do that with plan parenthood. You you can't have You can't have the illusion of freedom, and then leave so blatantly obvious that there is no freedom, that's what the internet is all about the internet is so big because it's free the facebook was so big because it allowed you to connect with you wanted to and see the news you wanted to see. It's not like that. Now, it's not like that. I mean somebody is going to put you in charge again and you are in charge forcing their little. They will say is a woman
I was just making it easy for the NEO Nazis twisted, that's so they'll say, may think about how crazy it is because this is what they ve done. Go to a website. You go to your on Facebook and you go to the place. I want to get news from the place. You click like on the place to get the news from the blaze and then Facebook delivers. Do you like five per cent of the things that the place posts, and it makes me think about this in a radio sense if every day, Europe I want to go to my localization and listen to Glenn back on the air and everytime you tuned in only one twenty times you actually duckling back the other nineteen you got another show like use, typically are choosing to get the information from these sources and Facebook? I say yet what we think is that You don't know what you want to. It is. CAS sons, dunes, nudge. It's not progressive alignment, I'm gonna give you. Yes, the Fridays are available, I'm just gonna make it a little more difficult for you to go. To the fries,
that's what nudges I'm gonna put the fries in the back? I'm not going to do splay them. You can ask, or them if I put him in the very back, chow it's are you're, gonna go over the apples and over this- and you just be like hats too far to reach I'll. Just take this. That's nudge, that is exactly what Facebook is doing, I'd like the Glen back. A grand. Please ok. Well, you know: that's cute, have you tried this? Have you tried this, we tried this? Have you tried this? Oh user Glenn back, Have you tried this? Have you tried this? ride this. Have you tried this? Have you tried as your life will be better if you try one of these other thing right now I asked you. I want this, none this would go into a store, none of us would go into a store for anything that we felt was vital. It would If we were going in for food or a restaurant, and they hand us a menu, and they say
Would you like and you say you know what I'd like the tea bomb? Okay. Well, you know, I tell you what let's start with this First, let's have a: let's: have some soup no noise? on the table and I dont want yeah. I know I know I know and we'll get to the stake. Listen edges some soup and maybe a salad we would never put up with it. We would out of that restaurant, if we went into a store- and we say I want to buy- that suit okay, well, you know that you try that on, but try this Try this on! Try this on! Try this on! you know you really look good in this new. I want that suit. He's ok, well we're gonna, get to that. We would never that suit, so or would go out of business that restaurant would go out of business. All stores would go out of business, that's what face because doing to us. Now, if you look at what the earnings were, there is no reason on paper.
Why Facebook had the day did yesterday, so this all come from some place inside of the psyche of America, that says Facebook is because I want to give you the numbers when we come back and when you look at the actual numbers on Wall Street, their earnings there's no reason, No reason, no reason even for them to go down, let alone the biggest bloodbath in the history of Wall Street. Phenomenal? Why, when we come back So it's the middle of the night near tossing and turning you're, not so and if you have a full mattress you arc covered in sweat, you can run the ac and run fan all my just to keep cool. Why why what you haven't gotten rid of that he trapping mattress sleep cool, comfortable, try esper mattress. Now all
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are just bloodbath in the history a Wall Street yesterday when its earnings were fine. I think it's because the collective God knows something's not right and it's not gonna last here, the ears. Actually, what happened on the on the earning call a couple of days ago Hey you know they have to announce all their earnings in and compare them to the projections for the quarter. So this is amazing to me. They were projected to get thirteen point thirty three six billion dollars in revenue. Thirteen point: three: six: three, six, eight, what they turned out was thirteen point, two three billion, so they missed But I mean I don't know if I feel like he'd still think about Emily and business. If, if you, if you had those numbers here, thirteen thirteen point three six and inside
and they made thirteen point two three three guy. So that's it that's a significant thing, especially for smaller business, but I mean they're pretty close to the estimate. However, on top of that, you have to look at the earnings, the prophets right. What did they spend to make that so they are projected to get proper profits of a dollar. Seventy two per share, their actual if it's worth dollar seventy four per share, so the prophet went up there really, this seated estimates right. They didn't make the amount of money, but they made in more than ever- more efficient, more efficient. Exactly now the glow of daily users. They were projected why point four nine billion. They got one point, four, seven billion than in America, they are projected one four hundred eighty five point: four million they have a hundred. Eighty five million get me he's hurt it's not a catastrophic situation, and then
average average revenue per user. Obviously item that probably the most important measure right when you're look, like the fundamentals of this company for making money off of people projected I've dollars and ninety five cents per user, and they got five dollars, ninety seven cents per user, so they out, did themselves on profits. The average revenue per user I then they missed a little bit on on the act total revenue and of the measures as far as actual daily user. But none of these you cannot say, ok, whirling on that something I need to watch, but it certainly not something that you have a mass media, fire sail on is that of two percent drop number. Maybe I may be getting out These guys, a lot of times, will look at these things and say whether or not growing at these furious paces that they were right now not gonna have thirty percent growth and they said they had a couple of lines like there's some regulatory pressure in Europe, when it
these privacy restrictions that have restrain growth a little bit there there's if there were a couple of things if they said that were slightly, hey. We might not be growing by forty five percent. It might be going by thirty five percent is like now these are little pantings right now. Imagine if you said hey by the way, my your business is only going to grow by thirty five percent set of forty five percent Ok, all right said I you sign up for that one year, so I mean I under I dont like Facebook. I dont like the things that they do a lot of the time, but it's I feel it. I think you're right in that. It's a perception it's a perception becoming reality about Facebook. Again, I dont think the fake whose problem is their problem. I think they made a mistake by make taking ownership of it. When you say hey, yes, it's our fault. We are the ones that are supposed to control whether people decide to share things at aren't true. That is not Europe, spots ability, but nowadays, but now it is nowadays, is made it irresponsibility and I
it is not something, and it's not something you can control once you have an algorithm, do something the market he's gonna make it an algorithm to do something else that I mean that find ways or that's the proper. That's the deal, that's the problem, you know, that's why you have to have a up a moral society and a self governing society, because your we're gonna be able to stop at all they'll find a way to do it now, Sucker Burg is as made his problem area its that's our fault. We should have done no, no and your pudding people out of business, and nobody is even talking about that. You gotTa Wayne in Ohio, you're, publisher of a local newspaper Wayne. Yes, I'm the only media source in the county, with a population of about fifty thousand people and about five thousand people, a proactive
he reached out and liked my page, presumably because they want my content. But when I published something on Facebook about five hundred people will see it and Facebook offer me a chance to go or about boost my post, my dollars because they are holding my own readers hostage and straggling my content, because they want me to pay to reach my own reader and that's the problem. If I want to boost my my reach, it shouldn't be with people who said they want to see it. I should be paying lose my reach to a bigger audience we're just how it used to be the right and that's the way it should be a shipping and in another way This in no way is on is on this bandwagon or not, but I mean a lot of these companies that that are publishers paid Spock millions of dollars to get access to the people in the first place, so they paid for
book to build a large audience and after they gave the money to Facebook, Facebook said you no longer can reach that audience. I dont know how it's out of jail Getting scandal. It's bad! It's bad Wayne! Good luck! Good luck! God bless thanks. This is the Glen Back program. You, as a member of this audience, have has really you ve done more than any other organisation and in some ways more than many governments have done for these were the refugees of the least in those people who were targeted by ices and continue to do so as part of our Nazareth Fund project with Mercury one. I want to tell you I'll tat S a really. We need your prayers
on something aa've operation that we're about to start, and we really need your prayers, and one person, in particular over in the Middle EAST, really need your prayers. I'll. Tell you about that here in a second, but I want to issued. Somebody that you actually helped is. He is the only person we could get into the United States as a syrian refugee. The only one Australia and every berry and lots of other countries took Lots of people, thousands of people through Mercury- one Erica would only take one and his name is Doctor Tony hurry and he is syrian Refugee, we got him in because he was. I had already been accepted at Harvard for his doctor, doctorate or masters Master of the masters of divinity. Is over in Syria. He is already a doctor of pharmacy and that he's a
straight up guy who's now and in turn this summer for mercury. One welcome. Thank you very much. Thank you. So, Your town was, taken by ices again just this week nobody talked about it and it was her. It's a pretty big deal. There is what two hundred Jordan over two hundred killed yeah yeah. Thank God. It was, taken by ices, but there was a very big attack from ISIS, still under the the government, but this was the first attack isis to the town, and it was it was very my blowing because the city- was surrounded by thus by the syrian army by the that that without government forces, which are supposedly protecting her too yes and no but he knows how these people could enter into the city and make all this terrifying
the explosions and all these stuff, so it was. It was very, very scary, thing As you said, there were more than two hundred people killed and more than two hundred people in earlier today The ISIS members we're here in Amerika that ices is over and that's not true. It's not you. It's not true I mean they leave weave seriously impacted them, but they still, I think, do you know. Six thousand square miles that they are still in charge of, so it still happening yeah. The problem with ISIS is they cells and people every we are all over the where all over the place, in Syria and we think they are done and now. Think is scary. Anymore grief gets prize by another attack. So it's it's
organised organization and at the same time they have this organised stuff, it's it's very weird and and they go back into society right, so you dont know exactly you. Don't you're, not sure your neighbor might you're all of a sudden. He comes back in your like hey you, ve been safe. He might I've been an ISIS member rise, actually, which has got to be terrifying, There are five. Do you trust anybody here? on the other hand, the community in Syria, and especially swayed? I was with the money. Dirty of people like as Jews and asks for Christians. The support to each There are probably helped a lot in protecting the city for a long time, but the problem with trust, problem with people who came to the city with knowing anything about them and Finally, it turns out to be
turn from ISIS or person from any other bad group. So what did what did this audience? The support of this audience mean to you and to others around you. I mean it had to have felt like no one was listening and you were all alone yeah. But what does this mean for people like you. For me, I am very thankful for the audience of the radio and for the people who are listening, because, because of them, I am here today, small thing? I'm not a refugee, and this is a good thing criteria for helping other refugees. I came here by mercury, one to be on a visa as a student, and I didn't apply for asylum because I wanted to be able to travel when I need to travel ozone,
I am very thankful again for mercury. One organization to approve my works Sir ship. So we are now on a process of us the ship. For me as an employee, I will be working guys, spiritual case manager for Mercury one, and I am so grateful and it's something from God. As I got help, I need to help other, so I'm very sorry before the audience for mercury, one for all that amazing help I got from so I need you, for years, because I feel that through this process, I will be able to be part of mercury, one mission as a middle eastern person, and this is Big things is a huge. I came here because I had heart to my people. I had heart to my country and through mercury, one and through the mission you're doing this gonna happen. So
there's a woman I found out about yesterday and we see if I have her age but she's young and we are asking the audience for prayers, and also please please, if you You can't even donate ten dollars a month too, as Arena fund plea. Stu this operations are still going on. There is a woman that is in really grave danger. She is still captive and a slave of ISIS. She is now found herself pregnant, and when we can tell you the whole story, it will be pretty remark oh and we hope to be able to tell you that story, with her free end in a safe place along with their unborn child, but she is pregnant and words,
she is trying to kill herself. She she can't handle it anymore, and so we have have an operation that is undergoing were undergoing. Right now to try to get her out and we really need your prayers. But we also would like you to join us and help us at mercury, one dot, org and donate to Lee Nazareth Fund. We had a. We had a pretty aggressor, goal this year to raise an awful lot of money and we're not even anywhere close to it I'm afraid that Americans think This is all over, and it's not and it's it's are you feeling or the people that you know in Syria they feeling the effects yet or the fear
a ran, because if it's not it's not ISIS ran, is coming in and replacing them. Yeah, but the situation is we are stuck between two terrible parties and a lot of Poland, Syria to be honest and they think about the two options. Isis is, the big on a stir, is, is that terrifying, so a lot of people choose the the romanian yeah. People is even his Christians yeah, because it's more political situation, terrifying with situation there, not killing them because of their religion, but because of their political views are now no one all people tired of politics, and they want to practise their faith and their life and their school and their work, and probably that that this is not very scary. Under the other. Big powers in the world, but absolutely
still terrifying with ISIS. Isis is a big problem in the Middle EAST, I'm so glad you're here. Thank you, you're, a remarkable remarkable man. What what made you wanna go from pharmaceuticals to Divinity so in two thousand five, when I was in pharmacies school, I and I was in bed the turkish conference and the theme of the conference was from Z, kill how God is looking for men and women who have hearts but their nations and I felt cold. I feel the goddess calling me for ministerial. In question it. I'm not the person who is very comfortable in his life, I have a lot of unexciting. It's not something I usually accept in, but that day was something I was not sceptical about at all. I felt that this is what want me to do in my life, and I ended up nah theology school after eleven years of dreaming God made that dream happen.
And this was a big reason and then Mercury one. I feel that it was a puzzle from God and God was putting all the puzzles and now as a Before I will be working to help my people to help my country to help the refugees all over the Middle EAST through mercury, one soap, God was preparing me and it's free- Fraid so far that you're here. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you find, if you would like to help, please go to mercury, one dot org. If you can donate a dollar a month, ten dollars, month, whatever you can afford. Please. This is still going on and even if you, if you can't afford anything Widows might is probably the most important if that widow might is just prayers. I ask that you however, our forces in the Middle EAST, with with with prayers and pray for their safety. We have already lost two people, train
to rescue the slaves ICES and we don't lose any more, and this particular story of this one Who now is pregnant? When you hear the whole story, It will stay with you for the rest of your life help us, sir, if her and those like her by going Mercury, one dot, Org, Slash Nazareth Fund, I want to tell you about. I respond to this. Have our aid is car shield, taking your Korean for oil change and, The mechanic comes back our association. I need something else. Besides oil change like no. No! No! I didn't I just under one of the old change this it happens all the time I took my truck in from the from the ranch and bright Ariane and needed an oil change and guy came out like six thousand dollars worth of like no, while
what kind of oil you put in that region? needed. Some moves having some real problems and had to be fixed. As I'm freaking out. I wait, wait a minute car shield cover this called car shield covered it. They covered it That's what you need! That's why you you pay for something like Garcia, If you're warranty is out on your car, do now sweat. The oil changes don't sweat that little light. That goes, I insist, check engine get cars. The old, now car shield, dotcom car shield, dotcom or call one eight hundred car fifty one hundred that's. Why eight hundred car fifty one hundred or sixty one hundred. If you mentioned the promo code back on either the website or the phone you received and per cent car shield dot com deductibles may apply,
you know. Sometimes Have you have you? Have you ever watched the M series from HBO, John Adams? You remember that number. I didn't actually see it, but everyone says it's really really well done. So Oh, you should watch it, it's really good. In this. I think it's a second or third episode. John Adams goes to France, the the difference between American France at the time, it's just remarkable noses at the height of a king, Louis everybody's, wearing make up- and you know it but he's got the little the the make up of mobile on their face in all the guys are haughty toity in they're having a lavish meals and joy, Adams comes from America to there and I feel as though we ve switch places
it is though, in some ways where France, at that time and other people from the rest, the world her coming here and pleading their case and I gave it have you seen what's going on here. And you know John Adams in there seen he's he's like no, no I'm I'm I'm I'm a little busy. You know our people our trying to just live in Amerika. And we get so distracted, the things that that media tells us Matter and when you, when you think and stop to think about, This young girl, who has been a captive and been passed around and made a prize of the chieftains.
And raped repeatedly and now has an unborn child and cannot do it anymore? Just can't do it anymore, And how she must she doesn't know, that somebody is planning to go and save her right now. She has no idea. So she has no hope she doesn't know anybody even knows her name or knows. What's going on how alone she must feel. And when you hear that I was on my way yesterday to do some record For the audio book for the new book that is coming out addicted outrage and stopped in the hallway, by Suzanne and Tony that you just heard at Mercury One and they said the Glen, we have to tell you about this young girl and we need your audience to pray and if they can help us,
with donations. Please ask them and they told me the story in just leave. Up against the wall in the whole way as they. Scribes, what's going on. President trump his on the rose garden right now and he's talking about how many battering wages are expected to rise, the highest rate in seventeen years that african american unemployment. The lowest in history that, hispanic! Unemployment the lowest in history. There are so many good things that are happening in America and we, her only focused on the bad thing, and most of those things are ridiculous. In the grand scheme
the events of the day. Thank you for carry Thank you for being who you are help us, mercury, one dot org the Nazareth fun. Back the Associated Press today wants you to know. Hey, don't don't be so tough on reporters because their job is like, like I mean like really really difficult yeah yeah construction workers, plumbers, waiters, you'd, never understand this- is without being reporter. It's like take having a really tough job. You know I mean working at a kitchen or something and lucky for us. The associated press has released in article titled. Mr present. The loud rowdy, even rude job of reporting, details for us. You know simpletons, just exactly how tough their lives are. For one, sometimes when, when they scream, demands the president when they scream like that. You know that
or of the free world. Sometimes like doesn't even answer cheaply that that's all, their job is. Sometimes you won't even answer you like it just ignore the reporters, so he can not deal with is like present he'll duties or whatever he's doing. I mean talk about route. You don't. Listen to them all the time. Don't you light. How important the media is, I mean if it were the media? There was no there's, there would be no way there he would know the opinions of a highly elite, overly educated group, of mostly leftist ideologues who actually believe that their opinion is factually you know undoubtably the truth and that everyone else is a total idiot whose backwards opinions led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. So I mean what would we do? What would we do? Wednesday, White House AIDS, Band CNN, reporter Caitlin Collins for shouting questions to Trump, that did not like setting. Of a national debate about how the press does its job. That's what the that that is what the AP reported
but they didn't ban her from the White House. They banned her from a photo up, which I dont like lead lives leave it alone. Mr President, your bigger than this but but it was one event Collins is still a white house corresponding and by the way she was. A white House corresponded for Conservative website called they daily collar, for she joined CNN, so like she's, a liberal hack, a time The AP article read like you know: a children's balkan potty training, adequate dick etiquette dictate that no questions, arrests until a president makes any remarks. But ass, where aligned interest, and sometimes the dignity of the occasion, ends report can then ask any question on any topic, sometimes they shout to make sure the president can hear the question. Before. She wasn't shouting So I don't know where the shouting thing came from: she wasn't shouted you speaking loudly. Others in the room were shouting Ap is showing their true colours. Its core
maybe disdain for President Trump who they referred to in this article multiple times as the former reality tv star, like really I mean yes, he is a former reality tv stock. We got that but he also now happens to be presently the president of the United States. Imagine if we would have referred to Obama as the former antigay rights pot head, Barack Obama we could of he was formerly a pot head and he also formally was antigay rights. Recently, the article does shed a little insight into a bomb as own tenuous relationship with the press release it I'll bet, although they do it with the same boot, licking in fact infatuation that they maintain. While he was president, but let let me take some of the boot licking, the off the boots here. Here's a clip
Of Obama tossing a reporter now I want you to note how joyful the mostly liberal press reacts follow by sea and ends coverage of Collins who has an arrogant look on her face the whole time. Listen, do you know what no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No so let us you're my house That's the press, cheering respectable when you get invited to somebody. You're not you're, not you're, not gonna hurt you I'm gonna get a good response from me by interrupting they like us. They sorry
and suppress, suppress Gore booing a member of the press corps. Now now Shame on us for the first. So did other Harv. There are people that are not just press corps in that room, but the news media is there? Did they did they choose Obama do or they not in more broadly did they have a problem with somebody asking the question Being thrown out. Now here is Here- is what he hears to take a year. The AP after the President gets the images and audio he wants. The white.
Press AIDS seek to keep the president on message and will shout to the shouting reporters hollering. Thank you, which keeps tromp from hearing questions in the first place. The result is a lot of yelling which can look in sound, chaotic. It's as if here: they're trying to convince me that the footage we ve seen of aggressive snotty, elitist reporters over and over and over again is an illusion created by our middle american stupidity. I'm sorry associated Press you are not a credible source when you repeatedly call him a a former reality tv show, you have An unhealthy obsession unending fixation with the destruction of this president. I stand for freedom of press, but you
need to take on a little more responsibility for your actions as well. It's Friday July, twenty seven, this as the Glen Back Programme Bill O Reilly. Where do I have it wrong Where can I start? Where allies start with the Associated Press, I'm your audience, though, that from the inception of Fox NEWS Channel and ninety ninety six, the Associated Press try to destroy it. Every day. Every way David bowed Frazier, more their tv people, just apps, Billy relentlessly, I do harm the network. Why? My two? You can answer that question. Does you were there at Fox for a short period time? Secondly,
The tradition of shouting questions is what made them battles and fame. Yes, a guy, and did that away in an irregular and put his hand up to his ear, and now I can't I don't know you are well. He didn't always did may play a clip of SAM Donaldson, because SAM is one of the guys who really we made this famous and listen. The President dealt with SAM Donaldson GO had play that police, SAM Donaldson, you haven't Sarah Reagan,
Reagan talking about continuing recession. In ideal of blame mistakes of the past, you blame the Congress. Has any of the blame. Yes, because for many years I was a Democrat means, hence electing the president to deal with it and then, rather with the same way, and though Riley was the same, why I never cover the White House, but I was sure aggressive as rapporteur and ordinary yelling, anything in anybody. I would pick my spot, but I certainly cancer was termed. I don't think she was yelling Kalen, yes, he's alive. It really doesn't matter because what and I can tell you that because I know this for a fact because we invested- an umbrella, Riley Dotcom last night. What rankled the White House was there he was told there is not going to be any culinary yet You do
very aggressive and assertive and asking her questions. The president, who obviously didn't want to answer them, and then would you differently. I probably would have done it differently in her position in her position. Here's yes! Here too, I would have done it. I would have asked the question and when he did not answer the question and sharing kept saying, thank you, as you pointed out that I would have said, be a time. Mr President, when you will answer the question about Mister Collins, Michael calling, that's what I've done, and therefore I wouldn't have come across look. This is the truth. Anyone who likes president tromp or supports him in any way. Despises, CNN and Kate one, But she she's not a sea empress. She came from the daily collar, I know now, but you work for them now and, as we pointed out last week, there is a call
Thirdly, an end man you be disrespectful to Donald Trump. Security and am person this week, and I said: can you name one person on your network, one in a position of visibility, anchor high profile report, whose even moderate toward Donald Trump and there was silence. There is not anyone, not one human being work for the cooperation that is even moderate than a man, so the culture is get him, and so Caitlin knows that's the culture and Caitlin has prospered in CNN from her display, but for the american people. If you took a pole today they would say she was out of line by probably five thousand five hundred and forty five. So you know the point: is that the press?
has a devoted itself to removing Donald Trump from off such what they want to do and they're not gonna, stop doing it and if they can embarrassing, that's points for them, because this The Caucasus Salami, let me let me play one more clip for you. I know you remember Helen Thomas, listen to the Lady Helen, Thomas
your decision to invade Iraq at the death of thousands of Europeans and Americans lifetime every reason, given publicly at least had turned out not to be true. My question is: why did you really want to go to war from the moment he stepped into the White House, your cabinet form of cabinet officers, intelligent people, and so what's your real reason why oil, then Israel or anything else, I think you're premises in all due respect to your question and to use a life journalists that I didn't want war to assume I wanted war is just is flat wrong, Helen and all due respect if not the whole of second place left me no president wants war,
earth here's some of you remember Helen Thomas. She was as slanted as they come her home. Thing was to take George, w Bush apart and who did you work for. She worked force CNN Oh Associated Press worked for the Associated Press. Ok, so is but but but the point is she still worked. She was still a member. She was not. You know that she was tolerated by the President and the president even spoke to her with respect now. Personally, I think it was a different man bordered with different from tromp, but is something to be said for the office. You don T know absolutely. You know, that's why you know when the sea reporter yesterday was told that he's not going to answer any questions. Back off. I don't mind
I am being asked, but, as I said, if not going, You say that you have a warrior answer. Do you have a problem with me, because you know we were there with James Rosen? We saw what Obama did. Obama was much worse than to the press than this guy is and indeed they didn't really say anything about it. Only a couple of times today that kind of get upset about the way President Obama was treating the press. I mean we're way. The Obama, though I mean you, know, we're almost stating the obvious to your audience with the american people. The american media, generally speaking, is corrupt, has been for decades. Helen Thomas vice president Where did the younger right? SAM dolls and despised,
I was I was in a Washington bureau when I was working for ABC when SAM Donaldson came storming in one day after a presidential press conference, and he screaming mommy pulled him to say that Mommy told him not answer my question. So maybe we hit interview MA me and he was talking about Nancy Megan designed for Washington Bill at ABC, Mean he'll. Load Marwick and all president of ABC loved it He was Your business rotten, Donelson like our it goes out. People going to come to us to watch big, and that was the whole thing sort of anybody. Annie, in this country, believes that the meat It is fair and seeking the truth. I mean
you're, you mustn't be binding in and I don't think that's my point. I dont believe they're seeking the truth. Either they have a they. They Minos shout about their rights, but they don't its culture right, an annual rewarded or being corrupt. You're rewarded for trying to embarrass Donald Trump or Georgia. You border Ronald Reagan. You rewarded for that. I'm just my point is, as the President of the United States and a guy who they like to point out was a reality. Show guy find The better way. Don't start kicking people out Go Ronald Reagan go while I understand the meaning that never gonna happen this because Trump says: look all of this energizes my based, I know I know, I know, but I will take this gonna. Do I tell you this? What
but Ronald Reagan just did to SAM Donaldson Clip. I just laid shredded, I'm right it not only energizes his base, but it also makes others who are in the middle go and get him it was great that was brilliant, I'm now different now two different guy, just different guy aright Backward Bill Reilly here, just a second, I won't say about response at this hour. It simply safe. Simply safe has the best US security system for your home available. I mean it's. It is really top notch you're not going believe the year, the price of it I mean you ve, been ripped off I've been ripped off. We all have for so long from these security companies. They come in and aid they You know. Why are your house and they charge you so much money for all of the equipment, the equipment because how much aid to wire it up and then if you dont like the service and you can use it anymore, it's just its insanity simply
If system is designed, so you will never notice it, but the bad guys and it notices the bad guys. It's really intuitive the twenty seven to twenty. Four seven monitoring is of what fifteen fourteen ninety nine a month it dispatch, police and fire. It is rock solid, you own it! No contracts, no wires protect your head. Today with and safe go to simply safe back dotcom grab security system for ten percent discount now at simply safe, back dotcom, simply safe back dot com so bitterly from a rarely dot com and also the author of the new book this coming out September. Eighteen to same to my book, is coming out, killing the S s, It is with a bill, I'm them. Halfway through and it is really go to suppress bookie written so far. Thank you.
That's very kind of you to say that I appreciate it. That's the only book I've read of yours and I've only read them. I've only read a chapter in the middle, but so far What people don't know is that you have servants to read to you I knew I will tell you it's. It's really fascinating. Not it's not what I expected it all but just really fascinating, really get the end. The Andes is gonna blow your mind. The last chapter is an amazing exposition, but nobody knows about bilbil. Let me see if I can get you to say one nice thing about the press. Is there any? Then you can say is I am I to be honest, because I've taken a beating on from these people. So it's personal and- and you not asking people to believe me, but I, but I most people do not. I think most I believe you I mean you know: we'd prospered everywhere we ban for forty five years and that's how long
a and beginning. When I went to Boston University from my masters and broad guess journalism, I did it because of Watergate and and because I want to be an investigative reporter and look out for people, but what happened. Is that the money the industry has? we're com, all ethics and didn't. These organisations are corrupt. I cannot read the New York Times literally, I cannot read the newspaper because it is just to me a thick. They don't care about the truth. They don't care about. Finding out what happened. But bill is. Do you think it's just the media corporations which I think hold a lot of responsibility, but It is also now we know. When you came out of journalism school, you weren't, you were indoctrinated like you- are now now absolutely not and into the Glen bag program. If you like, what your hearing on this YO make sure you check out, Pat Grey
great guy I'll blow Riley Dotcom yesterday. Professor from Nepal, a philosophy procrastinating, Jane at the up. The universities are, as it goes hand in hand. Ya know, he's amazing. What we are now is a free country with a practice that corrupt, ok, back in just a second, with bill, O'Reilly going to talk a little bit about the efforts to impeach the president and those in charge of the investigation of the president will do that next day, it's Glenn and you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out the Pat gray unleashed it's available wherever you download your favorite podcast Women are the programme yesterday I was talking to shoot from Harvard Professor Counterbalance to which he was on the
a tv show last night at five o clock, and we were talking bit about the impeachment proceedings that e g, the Liberty caucus, wanted to put out the free Caracas and they they were going to impeach Rosen Stein, And then they backed away from it now You know he is case- was it that these were not impossible offences? You don't do that, but his bigger point was This really weakens the hand of the president. If com this falls into the hands of the Democrats, because he didn't do it, Anything illegal, and he said, if you impeachment has to be about legality and of its not then you can file, a paper is against the president. The agree with that bill.
Yeah. I mean I am thing if you diminish the original intent impeachment by using it upon it, a civil servant like rod, rose and Stein Zombie? we're doing the wrong thing dad you, then that leaves the door open anybody want, including the president with mechanism that wasn't designed for that purpose, but I like to cut through all the assets and you don't even know why rose and Stein is or why there madame it all has to do very, very simple, with getting wine from a federal judge to show now the campaign of Donald Trump. That's what this is all about and we know enough now, do state factually that information brought through the judge, whoever that may be the judges stolen
by the FBI was fallacious, was boss they got a warrant under false pretences. Such a crime and the Congress. People want to know exactly who put the false stuff in the application Who did it only? What is wait? What's the false stuff I can see that they are. Is that the air? the I was using Roma, as fact homer about Donald Trump and his associates working with Ryan people They were room, not facts, but they were presented to the federal judge as facts, and the federal judge did not know that these rooms- came from the Hillary Clinton campaign were purchased bite and our people We take that
to be very easy to argue, I'm with you bill on this, but I just play the other side. I think it would be very easy to argue that win got any facts, blatant lie. You know that, We can only we didn't. We didn't tell them ever thing, but we didn't think we need it to Europe. Let's see it then behind. I know your application right, that's what this is all about, that rod rose, Stein and job sessions and Donald Trump. Will not put out what the occasion says and who signed off also- and this is the real problem- and I actually agree with meadows in and the rest of his group when you know when, when you have somebody injustice who Running a an investigation The Congress has oversight on and you subpoena I mean have you. Subpoena me of Congress subpoenas me and I dont show up. I go to jail if
you know a court subpoenas me for speeding thing! I go to jail. If I don't show up there, sky is not showing up he's, not producing records, Why isn't he in contempt of Congress? At least? Why are they just throwing him in jail on this? Well you know they never do- that number one- they vary. Early back up their rhetoric with action? They could see item four condemn, but Otherwise was the former turn animal side effect attempt as well. I know on the following furious gun. But if it doesn't give you don't ever back it, if you don't ever back it up, can textiles nothing! Well! That's what Where is the it all data back it up? But if our president, I order Rosen Stein to put out the documents, give them to the congressional Khamenei. That's painted them now, Why aren't like empty says now, a firearm? Why aren't thing you don't like
What do you want me to speculate? You do you're right, I desire. Why do I know? I know I really don T know. Speculations are the only thing that I can think of. You have any information to back this up. Here is that in the applicant into the federal judge to get the wire tap on the Trump campaign, the FBI I cited a lot of see me stuff, a lot of salacious, stop that they heard and that trunk doesn't want that put out. The body and that's the only different than what we have already heard. I don't I don't you know I. I don't know that I There is no other reason on earth why the present in the United States wooden say I want the people in particular Glenn back and orally,
see how corrupt this wire tap warranted once because I've seen it does hoping that this is a bogus investigation. It's a witch hunt. It was based upon Hillary Clinton, purchasing things at aren't true, so if your thesis, and certainly that's the president's visas put out the document they can prove it We ve lobbied Savage sitting right here. I have the four hundred page. Occasion for this wiretap right here and there is a that has been blacked out. I mean a ton page after page after page after page what I have seen backs. The president's story and backs up Lee the rope Lincoln's memo But- They haven't seen what's underneath the black bars and we can't see what's underneath the black bars and so how are we ever gonna get to the truth? I don't
and I you know, if the president doesn't want this, because it is member, I even though it is true, I mean allegations, are embarrassing and move in a troop, so he couldn't you could order here. It within his right to keep that rejected the keep that stuff rejected. But you know we even people. The american people have a right to know whether the F B, I used false information to get a wire tap on a presidential candidate. Pretty big. I would think I would think so too. Okay, so, let's let? Let's which topics here bill, can ask about the current situation, the. Did Trump team now says, which are something that I think is completely correct. That Michael tone is a pathological liar and should never be trusted. I'm completely on
that, however, the entire through all the years, they said he was a pathological liar. They themselves were telling us that they were. He was honest and honourable, so, is. This is one of these situations that we shouldn't take anything at face value from what they're saying I was trying to protect themselves at this point in its yeah. It's all chaos seen it I can tell you. Is this? when president trampling running for president, I gotta go from him about an issue but he was interested in that. I have said on the your Riley factor we discussed the issue and I say hey: why don't you come on tonight, candidate at that time. Well, we'll talk about it. Just like we're talking on the phone down. He goes wrong. Can't do it I'm too busy. Why did you take Michael Cohen, my attorney, and I laugh. I said I never put him on the air in a million years. This is our perspicacious. I am still know where the day I got one
million years. I said to him: I would never put him on it You know you got upset because Are you your lawyer? I dont rights better already says Why would I put them money here to big my audience to him? Now I dont know come on. I don't know anything about him, but you know he's a what they call New York City and operator and that's not a phone operate as I get parts like my attorney is a guy that well at your word, not visa guy. That's true. A wound and everything he does is to get money morning, it fame, and we all know who these people I never use them and- and so I can tell you is that this guy, I feels that his life has fallen apart, because
I'll drop and now he's gonna get Donald Trump he's gonna say anything he's gonna do anything and that's where it is Oh, do you find it interesting bill that the media, who has had the same opinion as you and in an iron Glenn over the years about Michael Cohen, suddenly find saving credibly argues day per year? Are very popular man goes down beside Samuel, I fix it and then wait a minute. Let's reverse this, the people who all said oh here
Safety is the greatest easy. He is absolutely the best. The president confine narrow like dad dirt bag. Look I'll see to it. That it is these recording phone calls. I didn't, but I really never heard anybody say that about that we may well anyway. I never saw a crazy and but you're at the media. Now John the Baptist does anything come of it bill gum of that thanks. I think it's been discredited so much the more investigation, including you too bad. You know a table Putin in Tromp on a caribbean island and we're gonna get get that and and you're going to help us right. That's right, president Oh you that bad that deep to convince the american people rarely from below rallied. I gotta think some of the true that I heard
the rumour that killing the S s comes out the same day as the date. Two outrage is that actually we can knowledge, we cannot be beaten by bill around. We can he will never. Let me hear the end of it now. He will torture you than ever. I forget some rest through the tunnel guy and if I'm, if I'm never won, I guarantee you he'll Debbie, like congratulations. You know it was whatever, let us not only down with lay and aids, so please bias, because it is really good, but mine is coming out on the same day. Addicted outrage, order, It now in fact order a hundred copies of it right now you do it, you can do it at Amazon, DOT, com, it's the it's the longest book. I think we ve ever its four hundred and sixty eight pages. And I have sleeved over each word on this book and I think it's I'm reading it.
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land back if you live in California. I want you to. Until the next hour, because I'm gonna give you I have some information on your your state and your stay has done to you. Just on energy in others, a heatwave going on The little different in Texas, then in California, in California. The time of the heatwave could be nine D. O could be ninety spent honoured and ten for a week. Basically, there's a heat wave at. If that's what you described as a he wave This is any heat wave from about April. Until Halloween it's miserable this summer here and I have you heard any talk about brown outs or blackouts or anything? I have not heard anything. No, no I've heard people say. Ah my air conditioner just went out and I had a wait two days before it could get fixed, but that
nothing to do with the state or the electricity in California. They were saying turn off your lights at night. Oh, and just only use them during the day. That's when I need my lie off and that this is the case, is always you, you can't have you no growing clean energy without giant government subsidies and and if you're gonna favour with things like this, so fuels. Well, I mean Texas pretty clearly an oil state and natural gas lots of it here. Also, the number one wind power state in America net when you hear that compares into thy s staff as it gimme that it did. I want you looking to California find out. You know how Actually, how exactly do they get their power? Where does their power come from? How much they paying for it and compare it to Texas and is remarkable. It is absolute the remarkable and
shows you why the progressive state just doesn't work, there is no progress in a progressive threat in a progressive you are you, are you become a slave to a giant system where Texas? has the most modern we have our own power grid. We have so many different forms of electricity being generated here and so many to empower companies. You can basically pit them against each other It's it's remarkable, what's happening here in Texas in compared to California, and I want to show you what the progressive disease, how it rots the body in California when we come back this hour. I compare the leap, the prices and the stability of Elect. Recipe in California, Verses, Texas, and it is studying it stunning.
Because we're both have any heatwave are heatwave, If is you know, a hundred in ten California is almost up to ninety this. Week and they have rolling brown out and blackouts, and we don't why and how much are you paying for that stability of that electricity? California, compared to us, will coming up in just a second, but as I was looking into California, we found something else the California Eight auditor just released report of their findings. After a twelve month, audit of state employees took a year. One employee of the DMZ was discovered that she slept at her desk every single day, sleeping new, having sleeping every single day, the I found this employee wasted. Two thousand two hundred work hours between me fourteen and twenty seventeen now now think of this this went on between twenty four.
Gene and twenty seven Hersel keeping at her desk every day. How fast we fired if you're sleeping your desk. So when somebody said you know, she's not doing anything she wasn't fired. She was true in its first to another position. She still continues to sleep at her desk and said I'll get a paycheck from the state California now think about that color, warnings every time. You wonder, why is it taking so long because she's sleeping the audit goes on there. But some state employees had actually used funds, and I actually there's a part of me because, don't pay taxes in California that actually kind of appreciates these people They found that state employees had actually used funds to build a tiki bar on the back A state owned building too
other government probe ploys at a different location, wasted, fifty one hundred hours and cost the state over one hundred thousand dollars in salary for work not performed. Now that one I dont like the Tiki bar, it least they were doing something you know at least they were doing something, none of them have been fired. Now, let me ask you in your place a business. Would you be fire? of course this is the difference between the free market and the government. You can suck at your job in the government and keep your job and then retire with benefits. One of my favorite lines in Ghostbusters is, The universities gonna kick ass out. So will just go on. Do it in the free market, you don't understand out there. They actually Speck results.
It's Friday July, twenty seven. This is the Glen Back programme to him on the back dollars hearty its high better than what the rest of the government's doing. You know what, if I'm, only if I'm working at the DE envy and some like hey, let's build a t bar I'm working at the right time. Too many Greenspan is guy that you actually started following this week because He is It is an analysis of four crypto currency and and also other things, you know, Facebook, stuff, etc. Early this week he said opened a large cell position on Facebook at an all time high before there things announcement tonight. This was a good bet, any said, pure speculation definitely not trading advice, exclamation, point exclamation point exclamation point! Well, it should have been. It should have been advice, because he's done quite well for himself. We have.
A man on the phone now with high Mattie. How going pretty good? he's got his better for you and that's good free knows it for me as it is for you Let us look. Ok. Can you walk through how you came up with because you decided this is before the call everyone's. Really positive. Facebook at all time highs you decide to go. The other way, and can you described the trade in and what you did? Yes, I was just looking at the charts All time I was a two hundred and fourteen at the pine dollars per share just thinking. This is a lot of on the third announcement, even if they come out with some casting numbers and beat all be analysed, estimates the next day, there's gonna be a hangover from from that right, because thing, stock traders like to think you know. I personally, I deleted the Facebook app for my phone if I have an account, but I deleted the app for my phone. I know a lot of my friends have done the same lot of people. Don't use it
you anymore, they have a great service. Knowledge of people is not using it, so I have a strong feeling that my children might not have a facebook account long term. I don't, I don't see it there. So I said you know what If they have a great earnings report, we might wish we still might get down the next day and then Little did I know I was about to take in take part in the biggest stock crashing about the vault history, Kay. So now you took a position using one point: five, eight percent of my equity with a five ex leverage, explain what that means. The explain what that means. Though, of the total equity? In my account I used about one point, six percent of all of it so very diverse trader. I have a lot of different investment.
My portfolio, if you look on my portfolio, there's a link in my twitter bio, you can actually see everything. That's my portfolio but I'm pulling at the moment and basically that means that I was using one point: six percent of it and that money I was using five times leverage which basically gives five times the buying, on the money that was used. So if you trade, if you would have been wrong meant you would have had to pay those extra four dollars right for every dollar you bet you would have had to cut, you would have had a cough up if you were wrong further. The way to the platform works in utero, let that you allocate a thousand dollars to a trade, so basically, you're gonna have a stop lost somewhere in their which basically stopped. Before you lose the entire one thousand dollars. Now, if
you're really wrong in and the markets closed like it was last night and the market get up. There is a small possibility that some of that you know, might have come out of the rest of your equity, but that's really farfetched scenario, most likely to allocate a thousand dollars, even if you're, on high leverage that about what you can Louis given where you're stop losses are so if you would have done this with a thousand dollars. How much is that thousand dollars worth today I haven't done ass well ass, it has come up with something that maybe you have done the marathon. If someone indefinitely not what you do, but someone like you, if they would have you just bill and the numbers somebody like you, definitely not you right right right now, if you do a thousand dollars a year a year expecting to take a hundred percent profit alibi thousand dollars a profit. If you end up about the basically be how works out
That's not what I'm asking what I'm asking is: how much money did you make that seriously in order for a nice nice weekend away, not do not have to buy out yet. It's amazing trade, though an end of interest to Marian on you're looking at crypto currencies, let's get your known for that if I'm cracked and In other words, we ve been talking a lot about cripple crises. We followed the whole the whole run, and it really is an exciting sort of situation, and an people have made ridiculous gains like that in a little of the criminal currencies, but also a meaning to last year's, been at least since the any of the urban really really scary. What what do you see in coming, would that so well
the current either very new bitcoin, specifically, if we look at it on the entire time frame, it goes through these kind of boom and bust cycles. So because it something that's so, you sold for everyday people and because it coming online so quickly, basically what you get you get these these period where so many people are interested in buying at once that the price surge quadruple digit verse, like thousands of percentage points, within a very short amount of time. What happened at the end of that you have to come down at some point, come back down to reality. So, generally speaking, after a thousand point rally, you'd expect to see even a seventy percent or eighty percent plunge after that direct usually doesn't returned to the you know where it was before. I just mean gave a little bit of the game after the entire burden.
Cycle. Are we headed towards a boom cycle? Do you think. I am very optimistic, I hope so Certainly it would be better for everybody involved if we saw more steady inclines, yes, because that would be. That would basically give it a better case were use case scenario. Anybody but you know in December, at twenty thousand dollars per coin right now kind of sitting on their land and buying orbiting their nails were both at once to be flexible. Or have teeth and enlightened, which would be weird reversed and that it would do better case where this worthy of the store are you and be used as money, however, is the way it worked out in the past is that every cycle is a little bit less percentage wise in the previous cycling. Over time as we reach for market penetration, we should see a lot of that.
All ITALY levelling out, but we won't that that there could be years away you are, if you're somebody do believe. This is still at the place where it can be generationally concrete. Generational wealth or or at least is it? Is it yeah my grandfather, nineteen twenty body tee in tee? Is it that kind of thing Well, it's more of the kind of thing where you have now alternative to central bank slashed government, I know what I mean. I mean far as a stock. You know with if your grandfather body, Eighty in tee and nineteen and twenty Then just sat on it. You That's that's a great well, you know, generational wealth creation item is if, if you buy Bitcoin now and you just sit on it, it deep does it moving. It has that kind of potential.
Judging from the path and obviously past performance is not an indication of future votes, but over the last five years? It's done, I haven't done the map, the probably somewhere, along the line of all of that eighteen to stock in the last hundred years, and but you don't think we're at the end of it. It doesn't seem like it to me? Meme anything is possible, but at this point it seems like we're at the low in the cycle in a thousand point rally. Seventy five, almost thirty, five percent drop. Or a kind of the evening out the I could go a bit further, but most of my clients are accumulating this crisis Can I am living go back to Facebook, you for a second. I think Facebook has, as you know, has. His is a thing of the past. Nobody, nobody whose young is using Facebook anymore And they kind of took on
responsibility to be the arbiter of. What's true in what's nod and that's not really their role, it can't be done and it it feels like it's over. Do you think it is are you re. Are you gonna now reinvest in Facebook, or you done just that? just think about a new very likely three months ago you know Mark Zuckerberg was sitting in a warm thinking about it after the White House. For me, as an investor, I to invest anything, but I personally identify with a sort of stocks are concerned. They're gonna be usually brands, but I'm using right agree with their long term vision and you dont now with Facebook, We have no comment
I think that agreed spend from each Oro. Also you can follow on Twitter at Mattie, greens and empty. I Greenspan LA example. Civilians to hear your previous question. Do you would you be fired if you got quickly cots living at your desk? I believe I would not, and I've seen studies that show this is a healthy yak on I agree too, I'm going to bed, healthy for you or healthy for the business, both various that they are having had a great thanks, man tired I got on a stunt junior year. I would love and we should have it back to talk about a concept because I actually we run our business like this to where you know, if you, if you you're here, charge of your own day. You do. However, you do you just have to get it done It's happening at the DE
leaping honoured they're, not getting their work done. It's not like. I slept all day, but I got everything done is done with Germany did not getting the job I let me tell you about our us most of this, our its mercury real estate, in others, there's something weird going on in real estate right now home prices. Are it all time highs again it's been its there's been a run, enriches really weird: there's really weird a shortage of of homes, because the top of the upper Pray since so high, and so there's is a is a shortage of homes that are reasonable, and that is where real money is to be made it. This is this weird thing button How is the time To sell your home realistic,
agents. I trust real estate agents. I trust dot com can help. You do that nice people who grew you know you can get the job done I'll even take a jerk, but I for not to, but I just want somebody who can get the job done. The scenario somebody who has the same kind of values that I do understand. My family's my family's needs of the ok, it has a really good. And that is going to actually so my house, we ve great agents that don't just show up and agree to list your home. As is You know the way they been advertising for years. These people they knew oh your market, they know curb appeal: landscaping, trim paint windows, first impressions, they know professional, staging and making sure that they have the right pictures online, where to list?
into list is really important. Pricing, your home correctly, when its first listed insurers quick sale. These the things that the real estate agents at real estate agents- I trust outcome- are experts at real state agents, I trust dot com. Twelve hundred. Pop agents in America working to earn your trust real, state agents. I trust dot com
So I can jump has returned. There remains of american soldiers, which we ve been trying to get done for a very long time. They have just arrived back in the United States can bothers me that some have been route me. You know that were returned home with a: U S, flag, wrapped around the box. It was a! U N soldier, maybe have we weren't fighting under the? U N flag there, where we God help us where we it's a good thing. I mean, even if this leads to nothing which is still is a very reasonable possibility that this thing falls apart and aunt. Em Trump has been quite clear about that. You don't know where this is gonna be in a year, but worth a shot mean. There have been a couple of things that have come out of this that are positive. Yet such as this will say, auto warrior aren't like there is a lot that was. There are some interesting reporting on that this week as well.
But it's a there, has been something that has come positive, its tangible young and is great for the families and enough it leads to nothing. We list that legalise hadn't worth a shot so what're you doin this week and I were eaten with I've cuts cord to stupid book. This book is the bane of my existence. What's the longest book, even written yeah, isn't it by its four hundred and sixty eight pages they they sent it to mean they said. Okay, we were go and try to edited down cut twenty pages and then added another hundred and twenty so they were just like: ok, So it's the longest book of ever done and I read my own, my own book for the audio book in a long time this one I really feel passionately about- and I I buy one read in my own voice, but as thirty five hours per
I, like every waking moment I have like this weekend. I'm gonna go see mission impossible. And then I'm gonna record the book. So every waking moment outside of a Tom cruise movie. Yes, every waking moment dynamic as we do Pat and I did the audio book forth. It was argued with idiots voiced it and what a process that is to have stopped, and it's it's annoying because your reading a book but you when you read a book, you know we silently. Reading it in a different way. They made it when you're actually sort of performing an audio books and there, but you also can't ad Lib at all, No, it's not a normal way of speaking reading. A book word for word, exactly innocent, you screw up? They stop you when they make you redo it near me,
we'll get you did. I was a deal that was empty. I said I'm not stopping. I've got to change their like what we really can't really cause is my book gray and there are like world you freely shouldn't I mean it would be different. But good, and you have two different versions, ignoring the priority in both of them, and so there is, there is some add living much listen! I desire to choose areas. Some add living in this gets. I think it's better that way a little funnier as well, by the way you You can grab it online now. It doesn't come out until September eighteen, but you grab it online, both a hard copy. Did the audio book addicted to outrage she can get it in Amazon
So, last couple of weeks we ve had a heatwave here in Texas been a hundred and ten, and it is just hotter than places a hell, and anybody who says, oh, you know, Tis did ease times really tough times have never been this really frank, the living without the american invention of air conditioning in refrigeration. No, thank you don't know how anyone lived here before there was air conditioning. Oh my gosh, it's hot, so I was thinking because in Texas we have we have our own power grid. And we also have competitive pricing as we have more than one power company, not all state run and regulate and everything else. Oh you can. There is competitive pricing, so you can kind of pit. I, the electricity companies kind of in some ways against each other.
However, because it is the free market, they they price it on demand, so if you're you know it seventy degrees and in the middle of the summer and there's light all the time and its nobody's really running air conditioning cannot wait. The power is pretty cheap, If you're in the winter and everyone's running their heater, or you're in the summer, and it's a hundred and ten and everyone is using air conditioning. Then the price Energy goes up, but that's what gives us the stability of not having blackouts like California, because but they do not guarantee our electrical companies a profit. Sorry, we don't guarantee it, but we also don't restrict you from charging, so the free market works, and so I ve been I've been looking into the difference between California and Texas. We don't have, even if we don't even have a fear of rolling blackouts.
The national average price for electricity is rounding, to the closest number ten cents per kilowatt hour. That's the national average. For years. Electricity is, is five cents higher its fifteen cents. A kilowatt hours of fifty percent above average has ok intact. This. The Texas has eight cents per hour, so twenty cents by twenty percent below average correct think of that now they have all of the you know. We I mean they're, they're Silicon Valley, They got all the high tech, they have everything else there. All super super green they have all of the resources that Texas has. Except there not using any of them text is the largest state that is a net exporter of energy California, on the other hand, imports more electricity than any other state, too
ninety nine percent of its total energy, comes from another state. You wanna talk about big to being dependent in ports, wind and hydroelectric power from organ in Washington. It also ports, nuclear coal and natural gas power from Arizona Nevada Utah, because they won't build a coal plant and they won't build a nuclear power plant. But you know that makes them feel good, except it costs a lot more because they're just buying it from somebody else who is building a bigger coal plant or me. No nuclear power can Corny doesn't have any coal reserves or production. They phased out whilst all of the use for coal generating electricity within the state- and In the critics will say, oh now wait a minute. They produce an awful lot of clean energy, which is true their third in the nation in generating hydro electric power. There ranked first in producing solar and geothermal power. However, Californy.
Is the most populous state at thirty nine point: five million And solar and jeered geothermal power only provides for about fifteen percent of the electricity used in the state. So you, to have a more power than that. Over the last twenty years. If you paying taxes in California you have one hundred and seventy one billion. Dollars all or the national average enlarge, it's because the state that you know says we got to have renewable energy. We have to have you know we we got to get rid of coal. We got to get rid of all of these. Bull energy, great on paper, but sixty per cent less reliable, so California every time people turn on their air conditioning, they're afraid has-
it, hot we're, gonna have rolling blackouts or brown out it's because the state of California, the ito, his ears, cut itself off at the knees because of the clean energy pollution reduction ACT which require the state to get fifty percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by two: Thirty good luck. LOS Angeles, set to use its end of imported coal power by twenty twenty five. What are you. What are you replacing that with California and because of this they say its prey grass. But I'm sorry energy, this part of progress. You can't have progress without electricity. California leads the nation with for four hundred and fifty power outages a year. Okay, so they in
It contributes to high powered Workin high power costs for consumers. Forty three percent of its electricity comes from natural gas, but Caliphate imports ninety percent of the natural gas it uses. California is playing a game with their neighbour states who say we don't want to have call, but they leave There the model child- oh my gosh, we are so clean but the table there just paying somebody else to be dirty- and I guess, makes them feel good, nother part California Power Game is there there padding themselves on the back for being in a leading the country and renewable energy yeah? Well, what transportation costs as has the elites are starting to take down Elon Musk, who gave you the electric car which you still have to plug into a wall? That's weird, try This accounts for thirty, nine percent of the state's overall energy consumption and gas
but plain strains and automobiles run on fuel fossil fuel, California, listen to this tat accounts for one thing: of the nation's jet fuel consumption alone, one fifth. Meanwhile, in Texas, the free market approach to energy production has been do you know both increase the use of clean renewable energy in the state. The lower electrical electricity bills. Why are people move to Texas from California, because a things like this California is the number one, a producer of solar and geothermal power, whose number one in wind Power Texas and we have oil to and natural gas here's the thing he eat. You can't stop
up using one thing until you can replace it with another and you can invest in something new and be on the cutting edge. But now before you have a safe place to land. I mean I I appreciate taking care of the environment, California is one of the most beautiful states in In the U S and one of those beautiful places on earth- it's fantastic, but you know, look at LOS Angeles, it's a garbage dump. You are the ones who are saying that you're, so clean and green, you have to start using common sense, have to start using the free market. There is no progress. Without power. I'm not a slave anymore. In Texas, I'm not a slave. I'm not a slave to you know the gun.
And here I am business is not a slave. My business is not a slave to taxes. My businesses in a slave to energy costs. And I'm not a slave to to the the whims of mother nature either I dont have in Texas. I don't have to worry about oh man, I'm gonna be home and I'm not gonna be able to use my tea we might lights. We what is point of living in a civilised society living in in a modern first world country. If I'm, if I experiencing blackouts and raw. Brown out, like you would expect in Africa, It states of Amerika you, California, the home of Silicon Valley and you're still
rolling blackouts and Brown out California, he got a wake up and you gotta wake up It's not nineteen. Seventy eight anymore, now we can only cure the giant straw, a problem for the United States and the world Right global Dr hundred trillion straws are used by eaters and every day, too many guys really wire. Easing somebody straws okay, so why would they get one of the fourth greater say that does now quoted as the actual fact that United States uses three hundred
millions, five hundred million straws a day by the way. Again, that sounds like a joke. What you just said, what did the fourth greater say in his research, its legitimately from a fourth greater, who called companies an estimated? What didn't total number of Strasbourg being quoted by major media sources. He's gonna put that number into perspective. All of that Disney Parks now think of the number of people that go to the Disney parks, alot lotta people. Guy. All of the Disney Parks world wide. Their sell. Their whole thing is just a cell suitors and things to drink fur. Vague who's a hundred and fifteen million straws a year, a year a year here, just how ridiculous this is. I know, there's probably not a human being and the United States that consumes more soda than I do probably I mean I I use more more soda. Then it was more than
will the amount in a study were they is the excessive user of soda. I drink double the amount of what they said. An entire household was excessively so I am like They are used more strongly than anyone in America right you'd. Think. Yet still I don't think that I use extras at the pace that they didn't? You would need to have its people we like to stress a day for every single person as like, well to stir as a day, certainly possible. Certainly people do it, but the average for every person in America is too. I can't tell Yo Estimate used a strawberry like a week ago. Cans you have now. If I go to drive, our southern yeah, that's right, that's why use about? No? Are you really go? through two straws day now most people are not most people is that the numbers naming close to that I think everybody way that would include all babies, all old people everybody everybody in America all ages. All races have to use to a day, for this number to be accurate and of some,
everything that happens in our society, where people can on these little runs they get on these. Like this frantic sort of passions were all the sudden out plastic straws or the enemy. There is such a tiny piece of of all of the problems there supposed caused not to mention their replacements, largely put paper straw are the worst creation mankind has ever more. Any horrible weapon worse than any man made biological disease. Like it's nothing, it's it's, though I cannot stand paper straws, but This was amazing that they came out with the biggest polluters when it comes to ocean plastics, United. It's three hundred thousand metric tons of Miss and its plastic waste in the global waters is really bad. Three hundred thousand metric tonnes a lot is a lotta garbage. Brazil is slightly higher at five hundred thousand metric tonnes. Bangladesh at eight hundred thousand Nigeria at nine hundred thousand,
Malaysia at nine hundred thousand times and at a million Egypt at one million now remember goods is three hundred thousand of this. Lanka at one point, six million, but Philip at one point? Nine million Indonesia, three point: two million now you're talking ten times. What do you know? States is putting in the waters and were more the big problem here. China leads the list, eight point eight billion worth three hundred thousand metric tons of that is a bit difference. We are not the problem here now, part of the Chinese and in some of these other countries waste. Is we ship a lot of our? plastics to China to be recycled witches. Funny, because recycling is one of the things that's causing the plastics get in the water in the first place, its post cure all these problems. I thought, but
so it's China's getting hold of our garbage and and dump it did the water out our fault, we are responsible, for there are social recycle. They write him into their doing know that their dumping our stuff in the garbage I mean it. I the ocean, that's the defence. Good people will say well wait a minute. You can't say that China's the lead that the leader room were shipping are plastics there. And they would have raised to have the merely recycled really really loves. I'm not I'm completely blaming blaming China for that. If you, we. Now if we lose one of these things, I get hey. You want our stuff to recycle wink Winketh. Then I have a problem with right, but it's not like, if you put your garbage out in front of your house and then the garbage company came in just dumped at all over your neighbors lawn down the street. That can't be your fault break.
But I thought I was taken to limit on, but I didn't know he he made the Johnson's house was the dominant, but they had no idea. I thought if I feel a little bit about Europe Filter in your air conditioning unit. If you are running your air conditioning anything like we're running it here, have you ever used your conditioner? This much However, I can guess I we both lived in TAT, puts on all the time. All the time right says just doesn't stop anyway. You have to replace your air filter because its sucking in all of the dirty air and This is what makes you're air conditioning break down to rip. Lace. Your filter do it now you can but a filter by dot com and get your filter and they'll delivered to your house put you on schedule, so you don't have to forget about it. They carry over,
six hundred sizes they ship for free within twenty four hours, but you gotta change or air filter for buy family own business. All the filters made here right here in Amerika so what now filter by dotcom, save time, save money filter by dotcom filter. Be you why dot com Thank you so much for listening all week. Long. Thank you Or tuning in today, thanks for watching on the blaze, we'll be back on Monday whole new week of shows enjoy mission. Impossible. Opens this weekend Glenn back mercury.
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