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Llamas On A Train? | Guests: Kelly Shackelford & Brad Polumbo | 2/28/19

2019-02-28 | 🔗
Hour 1 Every 4 or 8 years the Democrats care about the U.S. Constitution? The Democrats HR8 Gun Bill Threatens to turn Gun Owners into Criminals? Naming the Republicans who didn't stick to their guns? The Left say, they're only 'violating' the Constitution? Stu Masterfully works a R. Kelly Analogy? Glenn prepares for his 12 minutes at CPAC this weekend. Flashback Radio, When Michael Jackson called the Glenn Beck Radio Program? Remembering why we're all glad we don't live in the city of Portland?    Hour 2  Religious fighter, fighting the good fight, Kelly Shackelford joins, to tell us how hateful atheist are offended by a memorial. The 'Bladensburg Memorial' and it's brief history. The Bad Lemon Test on Religion is very dangerous. "When it comes to religious freedom we have five solid Justices"? 'The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative', with National Reviews Brad Polumbo? LGBT are 'trying to erase' the gay conservative community. Hypocritical Intolerance at it's finest?   Hour 3 Andrew Ross Sorkin, How Credit Cards Are Used to Finance Mass Shootings ...Bank of America and Citigroup credit card Restricting private citizens to purchase fire arms to protect their families? "We are living in surveillancecapitalism times"? HR8 Puff and Stuff? Hate speech transactions and the digital ghetto laws? House pushes through first major gun bill in a generation, backed by Republican, NY-Rep. Peter King? Here come Slave Reparations?

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Good morning, the sun's of the birds are singing a A beautiful day in the neighborhood in the sure I mean you know. If you're, if you're look, we got another, we have another gun control bill, rising it's great yeah, but I gun control. Well, you can control your guns at your own home in your liberty, safe you don't make. The decision as to where your guns are instead of the government would be nice. You are not responsible enough, not even a liberty safe that nobody can get into nobody can break into. Nobody can steal, not secure enough. No, never will be Liberty safe right now having a big sale and make yourself at home with a liberty safe, put all this
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Democrats going for gun control or this documentary that says that Michael Jackson, the pedophile I'm in total shock on both stories. We begin there in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program go on Remember the days when I was have made a vow to myself, I'm only new cars from here on out new cars, I mean used cars, so you made a vow to the exact opposite of the thing you said. Thank you, I'm a democrat and there we go, which means I'm not uh, the uh you just spend so much money in the minute. You drive it off the lot. It it's! It's funny. It's like a long time like story that everyone knows the second, you drive off right. You waste all this money,
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didn't even get a call car she'll just took care of it. They knew the Dyad car shield. Car shield took care of it. They said when I arrived day. There was a problem. I said: oh jeez. What do that cost and they said well, it was, I don't seven thousand, and I was still reeling from that when they say Ed, but we contact car shield, we got it all taken care of. It was all covered, and that's why I don't remember the number. All I remember is hearing in slow motion. It's call over covered, we who's fantastic call, one eight hundred car, sick thousand, one eight hundred car six thousand promo code back you're going to save ten percent, or you can call car one eight hundred car six thousand or go
car she'll dot com, either way use promo code back, save ten percent car shield dot com boy- it was quite it was quite a day. Yesterday wasn't quite a day you had in the house, they were doing the in people's work. They were talking to call in uh actually said yesterday. You know if Donald Trump loses the election in twenty twenty he's not going to go quietly. Are you saying? Are you saying that the President, the United States, will what Maui The coup that he won't that he'll barricade himself and order the army to not are. Kidding me yeah, that's going to be like praised by the media. It was all over the median? I pointed this out yesterday.
Skews me media Every time some crackpot would say, I don't think he's going to every time the journalist said what, on the right, all the loved it's not going to leave office, how yeah every time somebody said that we and every right wing that, I know of said no he's he's not going to do that. So you actually furthering this conspiracy. Theory kidding me everything they accuse us of they do time is over and it's not an excuse for us to do it if something bad, but it is it's notable yeah it's only now. It's it's certainly annoying because every time they give you these big preachy rants about all the they care so much, and they would never do these things in the second. They have a the opportunity to do them. Of course they do so. We did
something earlier this week on television, we showed you how old the gun grab is actually going to happen. In fact, I want to review that and go over that later on in the show today, but they just voted to pass H. R. The bipartisan background checks act of twenty nineteen. Now who's not for this common sense background check. All firearm sales, including all private transactions purchases made online and a gun, shows Only a federally licensed firearms dealer importer or manufacturer are required to conduct background checks on customers right now now the law says that and I'm quite honestly. I am okay with this. If I'm gifting a gun to my son, it pisses me off that I would have to do this, but okay I'll have to do is go to my local gun, store and
have them. Do the background check to my son, okay, but that's what they're doing. That's not they're doing sue, they respect the constitution. So much! Oh, I know you can. I mean they've been this national emergency act, they've been talking constitution. All the time run demo just so passionate about the constitution. Suddenly right so they're never going to grab your guns. No, they know that they'd have to get around the constitution, and even a national emergency is not going to do that. So the doing, if you sitting here in your thinking, we gotta get rid of guns, but America they'll go to war. You try to take their guns, they're going to go to war over that. That is the line of a civil war. It really is you try to go after people's guns and take them you're going to have a war on your hands period. Now.
How else could you do it? How now, if we made it illegal to transfer a gun or sell a gun unless you went to a dealer, a licensed dealer. Okay! Well, that's not so bad because there's lots of licensed dealers, but what, if you could convince the banking system. To not do transactions or business with gun dealers, what you could convince them to say: hey we're not going to do any financial transactions or carry any notes or loan any money, too gun manufacturer. Well, then, you didn't have to enact a law. You didn't have take away anybody's guns, your
making it impossible to buy, sell or trade. It's for a gun. Huge is violating the Spirit of the constitution, much better off home man. There Gregory, probably violating the actual constitution as well yeah. That we would have big segment on that on tv. If you happen to be a subscriber, please tv, dot, com back. This is back. It shows you can watch that in is goes into depth on the real there's, a several journalists who are taking this on as a sort of personal jihad. Yes to tell did kind of convince these banks, stop allowing any transaction has to do with fire cc. I wanna say C Span was that C span, it's a c n b, C C, N b C is doing. You know, story after story after story with the journalist who are say you know what thanks you have a financial responsibility, just doing business with these with these kinds of people and they're doing it.
Our financial, our financial freedom, is slipping through our fingers. You have to control the media, you to control the military you after control the financial sector. Now you control the financial sector. Well, you give them money, you hope them by doing things like tarp, etc, etc. You reg beat the snot out of them and you control the media and social media convince them that it is in their best interest to stop doing business with people that you say are nefarious they're doing it. We are losing voices every single day. We are losing power and position every single day and they're doing it covertly, as they always do. I am telling you people are going to up in the next five years and they're going to say: when did that change? Now, it's
changing for ten years right now how they are just closing all of these doors we The founders are stupid. Old people with t for that would in and and hair that's fake hits, and the hair thing is true, with the teeth is not but go ahead, but the problem is we've. Never we've developed our. You know. This is what they. It was fine for one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six and seventy one. Let's think about today. In writing. Then I think we've come to a point and I think we've already partially implemented this plan, but I think we now propose a system of justice in which one person would propose a charge and- and I would say it should be on twitter and then whatever charges get the highest amount of retweets. That means it's a crime. We kind of Scene Bill Cosby right, like we've, seen it with uh with there's another one recently that the same sort of thing was how it's going to happen with Kelly right. Like
all. These are example: no will they committed crimes yeah? We were like shrug their shoulders yeah, but then I got the retweets, then we turned on the justice system. Can we wait to activate the justice system until the re tweet number gets to a certain amount? I see what you're saying like say: it's the first layer of justice yeah right like it was if someone so in other words, a police officer, comes to your house and says: hey there, the body laying there and I I found this bloody person holding a knife over the body. They take a picture selfie the officer- should be yeah yeah, yeah selfie with the body and the murder yeah alleged, and they just says cry in right, and then now to out if they get over, like a hundred thousand retweets, maybe be put on the percentage of population for local crimes. Get to certain amount of retweets, then we're like. Alright, we walk over to the old justice machine. We turn on the switch well.
So I was going to say we shouldn't probably do it on the first round, because sometimes people get it wrong. You know they did in Covington, but then we all know that that guy, if Lte that he's guilty of something he will look to see his face. He's got such a punch on space as we learn from every black mark on twitter right, but I think this is part of it, but part of it is you take people who not about whether they committed the crime or not r Kelly in Bill Cosby looks like they definitely did, do really terrible things and the Covington kid didn't, but there's plenty of retweets put him in prison at the is that's the sort of justice system we need if look People are willing to take their time and invested in re tweeting uh possible. Criminal acts do that without reading thinking, in prison right and then and then at some point, net Lex release a documentary about their innocence and when they
gets enough retweets they're freed. I like it like it's all, it's basically automated. It's done. Our founders didn't see that they didn't see. Twitter know how 'bout this a certain amount of tweets, just unlocks the door of the cell and they walk out like we do. We don't have to tell it like it like it like it is that way. We can get that way. We can get the capitalists out of the prison system. Yes, yeah well for Jack, he'll he'll make be essentially making all decisions under just but Jack is a marxist with a monocle. Now say I want you to think about this. Ok, there are, there are marxists, who actually believe it? Ok, but most of the Marxists are the marxist with a monocle. You know the monopoly guy monocle right who are like yeah. I mean I am selling this chase shirt, so I am making money off of that. I am using the capitalist system, but I'm a marxist call. I think one of the most important things about being
marxist is to get all the capital from the apple is so you can do the just exactly right. It's a marxist in a monocle there, yeah and Jack is a marxist in a monocle. There we go right, I mean, but it's forget a show. We've already solved the legal system, a twenty one x, I didn't even it's the connection to a she's Our system article as well. Yes right you put in now, you'd have to have a really big, weird, creepy side. East monocle to cover one of her eyes. Yes, he she's a marxist in a monocle as well you'd, be using thirty percent of US glass output to get I mean for that. I horning is like wait. Wait She needs a monocle, the rest of the stuff. I want to talk to you about, if you're in constant pain and not not the kind of pain that comes from just having to read this crap every having,
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So should we should we should we name the lawmakers that didn't stick to their guns? The Republicans I like fun, it looks like Peter King now he's terrible. Well Peter King is all you if you want someone for good NFL analysis. Peter king is pretty good. Just just a different Peter King, it's in Congress sucks. Well, I don't know about that. Breaking news. I don't know about that. So he's gay he's. He voted for this disaster of a democratic gun control bill. It was h, r, eight, by the way, because it's the eight year anniversary of the Gabby Giffords shooting which, if you were for me, if you remember correctly, I was the one that Sarah Palin acts. People to go commit She was like you know what hey go shoot. This woman washes standing at a grocery store. No, as it turns out, it was a psycho that was actually a Democrat.
Why old progressive? But I don't even want to point that out because he was crazy yeah, I don't even I'd. What's even wilder, I just remember he. His big thing was the grammar yeah. Grammar, was attacking, like people were using grammar in some way in, like some grand conspiracy to attack the plan as crazy. As I said, we don't even know to be didn't even the need to point that out, but but we do need point that out, because they blame that on me on Sarah Palin on everybody else. At the time, the tea party that was a tea party shooting there wasn't, was targeting remember she she had a poster when they talk about it are did a district and now, of course she is morphine. Please, if you go ahead, she is. She was there, as they kind of went through this process with the bill, and I believe her husband is now running for something in Arizona so it's it's become a big, a big rallying cry course. Again I don't know, I don't know any of the stuff is
constitutional, specially the federal level, that's a whole nother story, it's not some! That's gonna get past right now. Obviously, the Republican Senate can make sure that that that does not happen, at least for the time being. Would you want to think if the Democrats do get control the presidency and they get? control the House and the Senate, which, if they win the presidency, is most likely. It would be be very hard for Republicans to hold the send if they lose the presidency. So going into this. If that happens, You will have Democrats role of everything and the opportunity for them to take the next step in the sort of Overton window we're going through right now. First, it was Democrats fifties fifty. We only need fifty votes for judges. Then that's all we'll need fifty votes for a court justices President has asked several times for only fifty the legislation, while you're Bernie Sanders, is going to implement that the second he gets an office or
battle Rourke or some anyone else. It's a democracy right. Fifty that majority rules and start implementing that stuff quickly. I love this majority rules when, when has America ever stood for the majority seriously, I mean the whole country was created by a minority right by minority of crazy people who decided to leave continent and come here right. The whole idea is, you cannot the majority cannot oppress the individual and now we're like a majority rules. Doesn't don't doesn't not to the fans of the individual? That's problem with socialism? You know, I don't even know I'm giving. I don't know how I'm giving this speech tomorrow, I'm going to talk socialism, so many things to talk about at CPAC and
They they're, like ok, really gets twelve minutes alarm. Twelve minutes. I can't, even I can't even say hello to a crowd in ten minutes. Or twelve minutes after I've had meetings with you before nothing. Even I mean I mean they don't even start until twenty nine I mean you can come to any of our stage shows you can come thirty it's in it and I'm still haven't really gotten to the material you so I I've got some the it started out of thirty minutes. We were working for a week. I have it down to eighteen minutes and I was thinking today. The problem is, I always Adlib, so if I cut it down to twelve, it will still be eighteen, so I have to cut the text down to four minutes. How are you talk about socialism in four minutes? It's really bad about what you can do, not every everybody so opening tomorrow and and MIKE Pence is going to be speaking as well. I like MIKE Pence. A lot he's going to be speaking later in the day I is to see how the CPAC crowd is going to
react. When I walk out ' 'cause, it's always dicey. 'cause, remember the first time I was there, like. You know CPAC you're part of the problem. That was your big speech yep. That's my big brilliant yeah! You, you progressives in this uh in this auditorium right here. Many of you are running CPAC. It didn't go over really! Well, you don't get invited to a lot of things, and that's why I know I know so we're talking to socialism. So it's about socialism. So if there are any socialists- but you won't like the speech tomorrow- you're listening to Glenn Beck, man, real estate agents, I trust dot com. This is the you want to do business with people. Who feel the same way that you do right. I mean Do business with people who have your same values, especially when it's the biggest transaction that you will ever make buying and selling a home. You want some
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welcome to the program. A backpack gray is joining us. Pat. Did you see the Nike ad the woman, though the women's power Nike ad. Yes, you saw yesterday, we didn't in case you didn't see it. Do we have the actual Nike ad the original Nike ad, this is the one for club. You know that about women now watch this
go ahead and play that if we show emotion where called dramatic, showing a woman crying after sports, if we want to play against men white nuts there playing in if we dream of equal opportunity delusional when we stand for something where unhinged when were too good, there's something wrong with us and if we get there so they're saying you know, you're crazy nonsense. Nonsense right is nonsense. We've redone the ad! Now this is this: if you're watching the blaze, you're going to really appreciate it. I'm not going to say what the images are, but you'll stand if you're listening to the radio, you understand probably the second image in here we go
If we show motion I'm sorry if we want to play against men, we want to stop it and you want to play those games have a nice day any dream of equal opportunity delusions. I am a man and I demand to be treated as an individual and to be treated equally. We stand for some. Where will stand with Israel will stand with the jewish. One were to do something wrong. Radical Islamists were pursuing a dream of establishing a caliphate in the Middle EAST and that's exactly what ISIS has managed to do. Hysterical rationale for just being crazy. I haven't seen anyone in Washington State. I was wrong about the caliphate: crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. They want to call you and you want to call me crazy- show them what crazy can do. It is debatable, I'm not sure. Well, for a long time, we suspected yeah about eighty five percent women yeah. What with answer be yeah we've got to do with just certainly be posted on Social with a pole. Yes, and I did wrong that would be hard for our listeners
so so. As we're speaking about confuses gender roles. Michael action, there's a new documentary- and I know this comes as a shock to ox in a row. Democrats did try to take away your guns yesterday. They will pass the bill. I know it's crazy and Michael Jackson apparently was a tragic little boys, yeah yeah. We that start not recently I yeah yeah yeah yeah. So there's this new documentary out and it's pretty disturbing it's it's out for a weekend. I am forward to seeing it because it's apparently convincing every article I've read every review about the documentary is that they do heck of a job convincing people, even though they lied under oath, and they admit that they talk about that because they're, the star witnesses, yeah Michael Jackson's, behalf right in the ninety two or ninety three. What is their excuse? The lady,
because they defended him because the weird relationship they had with them, they loved it and they wanted to defend it's interesting. I actually most interested in seeing you watch this because you're one of the only people I know who kind of bounces back and forth as to whether you think Jackson did this stuff for a long time. I thought he was just a sexual. I just in any had sleep first with boys because he had a stunted childhood and it's an we did. It is an adult. I think that you could make ace pattern. I talked about this for years back in the eighties and nineties that sky. He had his childhood taken from him and he didn't know how to behave. He didn't know what was real me. He didn't have any normal relationships. He became super super awkward as an adult and you could see him being a sexual and he was like
now the wrong sleeping little boy in there was a little creepy and you're like no. I don't think so. I suspected he was guilty and believed he was guilty, but you know, of course you just guessing at whole time until until the interview happened- and I was like oh yeah, one hundred percent- now I think it's cool. Are you talking about the interview with Ed Bradley on sixty minutes or whatever? That's where he was saying? I think it was six targets. Are you still saying that it's ok for a forty five year old man to sleep with twelve year old boys not related to him in their bed cool horse? Why not? That was a little weird, That was a weird weird is not as weird as this. This new revelation that one of the boys web, a wedding with Well Jack. I don't know who was the bride by the kid? Was the it was the bride and the parents didn't know, but they found
out any yes. Supposedly I mean this is all alleged that the Jackson paid one million dollars to the father of the kid so that he wouldn't say anything well, you would have the transaction well, they had any, and that was after the transaction was another part of both the trial and that and that interview, because he had paid off. So many kids. So many too, you know I mean it was just hard to. I mean it was believe he didn't do it 10s of millions of dollars. You don't remember you don't remember when you were wed to that forty five year old man. I don't remember that at all really now he blocked it out, probably because it's so normal, no recollection, oh, how many forty five year old men do that have sleep overs with we are boys. Well, then, will come over then dress a little boy up like a little girl and then Merriam Merriam ha. It's so common happens in some of the best cults in the world. You know it's very weird. It's definitely weird, and I will say, though, sometimes you do pay off people who didn't
who allegedly pointed published exactly the give example from yesterday's testimony, Michael Cole said he was going out to look to potentially payoff or by a story Melania Trump being hit in an elevator with then there was video of it and he's like number one. I don't think it happened and never to look all say a lot of bad things about Donald Trump, but he would never do that. He would never had no and so like way like, and he they didn't believe it was true. They still pursued it to try and kill it out of the media because sure that when you're a certain level, you do those things you do. You know the parents able to hear. I mean time if he did. This than the parents are negligent and they should do time as well He comes to me with a million dollars and says hey yeah. I know I married your son,
oh my gosh, I eat. I don't care how much money you offer me now, I'm I'm going! No, where you are your still allow them to stay over at Michael Jackson's house in the first place, it's great think of the most famous person the world right now. Would you allow your children to spend the weekend with them? No hey, how about drop him off Friday night and will pick him back up Monday morning? I Michael Jackson called in on the show this is g years and years ago, how this is after Valentine's day wasn't a Valentine's day and he wanted to. You know we did the like. We just did on Valentine's day, where we bailed the guys out there that you know missed it or couldn't get flowers or whatever a couple of the year program, yeah and Michael Jackson, one we're just waiting yeah. This is the day after I think it was is twelve years ago. Okay, he heard it initially, I think, wanted to get in on it the next day, yeah
so here it is you're on the Glenn Beck program. Hi, Michael hello, hey hello, Claire Michael Michael. How are you I'm so sick of hearing about all of these freaks and the news? Yes, I know you are, there are so many free kind over the media coverage is horrified by now. Are you in the hospital? I'm very sick? you're very sick. What what happened? I know you were taken right to the hospital I wish I could write to the hospital on here feel off. I thought you still at the hospital I had a chance to and your show yesterday you did which wonderful really you'll, get it on that couple of the year saying. I love that no we're we pretty much close the door on the couple of the year thing and we are there any like an opportunity to be involved. This is where we would call. You know. You're white and you know apologize He didn't do anything for Valentine's day. Well, I don't know the chuck e cheese was wonderful
and then the private party there was terrific. I love children. I would never hurt a child. I have the form you have to fill out the form I filled out the form filled out. You filled it on the website. I'm ready to go. Ok, let's see dear mister, back. I've never entered a contest like this. Before, however, I felt I to tell you about my beautiful answer, SAM. I really can't expressed in words how uniquely wonderful, the unnamed accuser, a truly is honestly at first I thought I was attracted to I don't see. I don't think this is going to work. My butt as time went on it turned into so much more. I guess I knew it was true love the first time we the training wheels office by hello, yes and my trip to
great room behind the giant Teddy Bear wow. That was what a perfect time that was, I guess but sets him apart, is the distinctive way he isn't home. Unlike any other boy in the world. If amusement park going pedophile victims, any boy in the world different management park- honest header files- in any way I could go on forever, but I will take away from my time with him and I have to get back to work at the Neverland. Where I left Children can minus five Monday through Friday and sometimes in the overnight render sheep inside everyone always tries to make one so complex, and that's why I think we should be your Valentine's couple of the year form because for because for me it's simple, I just love Warren Color,
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I'm a I baby, I'm having a difficult time catching my after a after the Michael Jackson, phone call that just happened on the program by the way. Is this now the reason why you would say I'm really glad I don't live in Portland apparently on the light rail train. What a surprise Portland has one. There was a an unwelcome passenger with some and there's a picture here of a llama on the light rail in Portland, but just the one Lima. Now why multiple llamas right and the the guy with the beard, he got the llama on a leash. What it's it's his service llama look at the llama from at least the perspective you're, showing it to me. It kind of looks like it's an old guy with a beard. Well,
that's kind of maybe in Portland sure so, as you think, there's something wrong with this. That llamas, are you anti r net? I Llama's? What's your well! No I mean this is Caesar. Is the quote no drama llama, and very well behaved, and he was well behaved on his ride and he is I'm not kidding. A service animal he's an emotional support llama, What is this? A quite a quite a trend. Number one with emotional support animals number two children's book. As have discovered that Llama rhymes, with both drama and mama, which gives give them a lot of opportunities for rhymes and children's books. Lots of books released well here is that here is the complaint. Stew transit, police and fire inspectors according to some harass, people of color
Apparently white people can do whatever the f they want. That's a good take on that wow, it's sizzling yeah! Isn't it yeah? That's a that's good, because a guy bringing a lot of on a train is a race issue. Now every all it's amazing. It's like what you is. Martin Luther king, who says our goal here, is to be color blind to make color, not an issue, and the result of his movement is color is the only issue. No. This is not yet resulted in him being issue. Should care about what is the wet woman or a man you're hiring for that job by the way? It's the only thing that matters now color and gender are the only two things that matter. Everything can be boiled down to adjust. Every decision you make is based. Whether you dislike black people or don't like women or think gay people are bad to He just maybe you make rational decisions based
the evidence available like what are you talking about. You know maybe llamas on trains, not a good idea where planet are you be? Who are you to say that I can't bring my my emotional support llama onto a train or what put all the llamas in the back of the tree given their own car separate the llamas from the people there lesser. Thus Portland! No don't do it fill your light rail. I pay money for a herd of llamas to write the rent, the light rail. Let's do it come on. There's gotta be alarm a rancher out there someplace that will take me up. Let's fill Portland's light rail with llamas here listening to Glenn Beck. Let me tell you about american financing
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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment this program yesterday was a bizarre day. We had a hearing on Capitol Hill. That really made no sense. Unless you were a member of the media, then you're like this guy makes a lotta sad. A lot of sense. Michael Cole was a joke, he's always been a joke. He's not credible. He's never been credible well, but he did say yesterday. Well, I think the president won't give up the oval office without a fight, even if he loses the election really. So while the world was distracted by a lot of different circuit shows, there was something important happening at the Supreme Court and it looks good for conservatives at least at this point, we'll tell you about it, the guy who was in the room at the Supreme Court yesterday. Next this is the Glenn Beck program back to that story in one minute. I want to talk to a little bit about twenty three and me we got our twenty three in me. Dna tests back
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Is that what it means? Okay, that sounds cool Kelly Shackelford President and ceo of First Liberty Institute joins us. The first liberty case you don't know is, just legal firm in the nation that all they do is try to protect religious freedom in America. Fighting good fight- you were in the Supreme Court yesterday and and First Liberty Was- was defending something that was the statue. It has been around forever ever those who lost their lives in world war. One and a bunch of atheists got together and said this is in the shape of a cross. And the city is mowing the lawn around it. It's not right and wanted it removed. What happened yesterday, killing? Well, it's it's canister real, as you say that were even at the Supreme Court. On this I mean this is the the Peace Cross
in Maryland. Right outside of DC was put up almost one hundred years ago by mothers who lost their sons or war war, one along with the American Legion, and we we we at this point. You know before the Supreme Court makes its decision. We are at a point where the court of Appeals said it's unconstitutional after a hundred years of an to tear it down. In fact, one of the judges on the on the appellate court said why don't we just cut the arms off the cross that take care of any, and so I I believe, we're in this battle, but I think it might be something that you could turn something really bad into good will see. There's there's a an approach has been used now for many decades by the Supreme Court. That is created just chaos in this whole area of the law of the establishment clause. I'm sure make no law respecting staff. Your religion is called the lemon test, lemon test and the lemon test. As know there there's
no parameters right on the lemon test. We don't really know what that even means do we know they added to it and of the test. Now is that if a if a person community were walk by a memorial and they were to see that it's religious and it made feel like an outsider in the community and that's a violation of the sales of course, and so it's kind of the if it's what's called the offended observer, gets to bring a lawsuit and it's like Justice Gorsuch yesterday he made clear is said: we don't allow this in any area of the law, but somebody to come forward bended and therefore they have a right to. You know bring lawsuits under the constitution because they're offended and but that's where we are with this- they bear group of people or a small proof of people that don't want this memorial, and so they want to tear it down and so again bad news.
This is what happened below good news is. We have a shot here, and there was a lot of discussion about this yesterday, and this was our goal to get rid of this bad lemon test that is created so much trouble in our country and really it's created hostility to religion, which is not what the founders ever wanted right. So why do you think that this went so well yesterday? Well, I think it's clear that they, some people would say there might even be up to seven justices who agree that there's nothing wrong this memorial again it the facts are so solid. In this case I mean the reason Ross was you. I mean they're, trying to say what I use the cross because there's holding one religion over another in there they're doing all this stuff the cross was used. If you get look at any history, you go back at World WAR, one million, since young men died, and they were, they were put
and then graves overseas so quickly, and they were just slapping a cross in front of everybody just to make sure they knew. There was a person and the picture. It came back row after row after row across is, as far as you can see, and point right about this and everything else. So that is the universe symbol. They picked honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and so the idea of tearing down this memorial after a hundred years. It would just be a disgrace, it would be unfathomable- and I think the court realizes that. So I think the only issue do that is just coming out of this is going to be. Are they the change? The test? This test? That's been used to kind of create these attack, Sean religious symbols and monuments and things around the country and a number of justices, including the chief justice who clear that this thing is a mess. This task, when this just tells you something
they use it when they want to knock something down, but then they ignore the test completely when they have to hold something that the founders clearly thought was okay, so there was a case just you years ago about. Can you have prayer to open? council meetings. Well, the founders had prayer dope, their meetings, they paid a chaplain, and so they couldn't Ok, that's that's unconstitutional under the establishment clause, but if they had applied the lemon test that it had to strike it down, so they didn't apply the test. So they talked about this he said this is I mean we can do we want to spring court but we're forcing all the lower court. I have no idea what the law is, what things to apply and I think they know they need to do something and I think, there's a really good shot that there get rid of what is create. I really a catastrophe in this area of the law Kelly. If I'm not mistaken the way the court is ruling on things it. There is a change in
the court and is it just the addition of of Gorsuch? That is how thing is there seems to be in when it comes to religion that the super in court is starting to find those boundaries a little bit clearer, and actually I we had several cases this this session, where they are protect religious liberty. There's some huge signals coming out when this case is one of I think we now have five justices for the first time, maybe since the 1920s to actually believe in following the written word of the Constitution Holy Cow and that that's going to result in things changing because they're gonna stay it's not about what we want. It's about what the framers said, what the constitution said wouldn't sweat. It means- and I think, when it comes to religious freedom, we have five better, really solid on religious freedom. I think cabin
the guy who I mean he done it as attorney donate time. On a case with me, you know almost twenty years ago he's been committed to religious freedom, is a life and stands it and I the same about Roberts, who's, considered a swing both a lot of time. So I think we're going to start to see some clarity and some good decisions come out we're talking about the establishment clause. We have another case. The coach Kennedy case the code. Got fired for going to any after the football game to jail. Twenty minute, silent prayer, They issued a statement the for a conservative justices well last month on that case, that sent shock waves throughout the country, and that is at the end of the decision that they had laid down. They they actually said yeah. We've noticed that you brought her free speech, claim first, not a free after such a religion claim, and they said that might be because of this decision, which is called the Smith decision. That is created such damage to the
your religion and they said, but we then been asked to overturn that yet, so that's not a subtle hint they're ready to to go after some of these really bad cases that are really hurt religious freedom for the last you know for five decades, and so both on the establishment clause and the free exercise clause, both the religion clauses, we're really excited. You know, it's amazing Kelly. The the press is so focus on Donald Trump. I mean he is the ultimate red herring, no comment on his hair. He really is, I mean they could they are so focused on him that you could go in and say every baby, it's an automatic weapon through the Supreme Court or through Congress, and I don't think that the press even focus on it because they're so focused on him. We
we feel like we're, losing the battles almost every day, because we see these these huge leaps of power for the left that we're not seeing or hearing his nobody's reporting on these victories in the court and what's really happening in the court. It's game changing, isn't it it is. I can't I can't agree you more uh. This is I've been doing. Religious freedom, work, entire life and you know been working hard and I feel like everything, we've all been working for for thirty years is beginning to happen and and not in small ways- and I think this is this is going to be a huge return of power to the people getting the government out of sort of be in the monuments, police, and you know part of things we're talking about from the case yesterday. You know. Think of all the
you know the man that, if it so, you can't put that menorah up in public around Hanukkah. Are you can't do the the nativity scene? are you can't at your? What can't have that ten commandments, or I mean all my gosh You'Ve- got a steeple on your city, see your wall, you know, and so all that stuff is ridiculous. If your call in the founders- and I think I mean this case and all of that and it'll affect much more- but that's just real life things that people are used to seeing, and so I think both the establishment clause and the free exercise clause, there's great hope will have to wait and see what they do. Asians are, but I think it's gonna be a really. I mean we're talking about decades. Changing The hinge point of history, like we've, had yeah decades of some really bad law and I think we're about to move towards some decades of some
good lawd religious freedom and the first amendment. I I will tell you that David Barton told me that he said Glenn. If the things come out the way they're feeling he said by the end of this session, he said we may have more religious freedom than eight times since the founding of the nation. He said they they've screwing it up for so long. He said I we're going back to the way things were originally intended. Would you agree with that, or is that too far? No, I and it's kind of it's kind of silly. You know most nonprofit groups like are eagle firm, have a vision statement and the kind of behind this guy. You know it this happens? This would be Nirvana right and ours is to return. The country religious freedom. That was the vision,
our founders. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime, but I think that's now what we're going to see, because we actually had justices who want to follow what the constitution and the founders were doing and that's just unique. We haven't seen that in our lifetime, and so I think we're going to start. You see, decisions go back to what that bounding. It was and the religious freedom that this country was built on, and I that's only going to be a blessing for the country in the future of everything we do wow Kelly so much and thank you for the hard work that you put in for so long chief, so First Liberty Institute. If you want to be involved, you want to donate, I mean they are doing amazing work right now. Your first liberty dot org, first liberty, DOT, Org Kelly! Thank you! So much God bless. Thank you glad you're back now, if we just get the justices to be good on the freedom of speech, part of the second amendment, the four
the moment they fix blessings. On this I know I know we can get one, and then we get one slash five of one amendment, which is what we're talking about Edwin. Do you see this thing that your time is about? If you are going to splurge on buying something yeah, you should buy something. I spend money where you spend the most time. So the the authors like I was works at home pick out now that the office chair would be a better are you because it then gives considering buying like a video game and what they're saying eight cents per hour, is with a figured out. It actually costs wow cents per hour after like a year, which is like that's pretty cost effective, you're working at home to get like an x chair, for example. If I might suggest you are, at a point where you're basically spending nothing for the amount of time there. It's helping your posture, it's comfortable I just saw. I just saw an ad, for I think there, Herman Miller, chairs, and I
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steps that are being taken that make hr8 the common sense bipartisan gun control bill that the Congress passed yesterday. Why it's not common sense, what you need to see their bill things separately and when they all come together that that's when there's a problem losing your gun rights without you figuring it out until it's too late coming up. Thirty five minutes on this program also have to say thank you to everyone listening and viewing on the blaze story today and media post at the blazes on fire, how it overtook, Breitbart and now has the blaze as the number two conservative site on the internet. Just behind Fox NEWS, that's really cool custom, one hundred and four three percent growth. Last year we business a business. I
I mean I don't know. I know I got it so I know I know I mean there's a part of me and I'm going to celebrate and then I'll never say it again. Don't bet against a man who has nothing to lose just gonna say that all right go ahead. I think it's it's exciting and you know the audiences is been there, the entire time yeah and thank you for this it for that and their growth than the ratings have been really strong in the past year. We never talk about this because it's a meaningless eating, you don't care, but yeah I mean it it it matters to us truly safe and we know and and we do notice I mean we look at the radio ratings. The radio ratings are through the roof. Every everything is banned, just amazing and we are greatly blessed and we are blessed by a very loyal audience, and- and thank you just thank thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I they have given up, but you never gave up on us and I- and I really am grateful for that and just
just grow now exciting, so we're number two behind Yeah Fox is number two conservative media site behind Fox yeah, and then it goes Washington, Examiner's now. Third brake parts all the way back to fourth in Washington I'm is daily caller and western Journal and National Review daily wires after that, the so there's a lot of good sites in that it. You know it looks a lot like group were honored, and I just say when will be in better when you we had see tv. So then we merge only when it plays tv and I blaze, tv wire would be great intersection. This one aren't. We can even be daily the blaze Tv Wire I'm just some point in peoples fingers get tired from typing yeah I would be the daily wire. Would be the daily caller?
daily now blaze tv. Why can emerge all of them together into one? Can I I'm just I'm just gonna say, and it worked out what happens when you get everybody together and we're one big power house that has the has clout can move as one body we saw the reason why Fox NEWS became as big as it was is because it was enough and powerful enough to say we don't care Mount offensives instead of being on defense. All the time yeah I mean look at work for AOL Time Warner could work for us, wait, hold of all the things that were here. We should probably yeah yeah. Let's come back to that are, in fact just forget. The whole daily plays tv wire thing now that I think about it you're listening to Glenn Beck, my patriot supply. I want to talk to
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and he joins us now, hello, Brad. How are you like probably on? Are you bad thanks? For being so honest in your quizlet story? Can you take us through maybe maybe start here the the who broke up with you, because He was crying and said he just couldn't Dado Republican anymore yeah. So I I will. I work in this piece for a long time right, because I wanted to combine my personal experiences with people. I interviewed with broader trends that I observed in the progressive world but in the LGBT media, and it eventually all found its way back to one place. If you identify conservative, but you also happen to be gay life in either side of the aisle, particularly comfortable for you. So for me that meant that I have experienced honestly widespread intolerance from other people in the LGBT community
who should understand more than anyone that it's okay to be different, largely they don't. So that includes the boyfriend of multiple months who broke up with me in part because he was uncomfortable with my Views which are by no means radical, they're, just not liberal, and that's just another example of intolerance that I've experienced honestly too many times to count from left wing gay people. Now Brad I mean, as a guy who you know just was never good on the dating scene at all. That sounds like something that somebody could have said to me and it really didn't. They didn't know anything about. My politics, they were just like looking for something that you know it's not it's not you. It's me kind of stuff. For you sure it wasn't. You know I'm just throwing this one out here, you're, just not my speed. I don't think so. We had some pretty intense conversations about that and it's been a record you're seeing you know when I first started putting my
out there on the dating scene in college, I would have people who would it's with me on on dating apps or on websites yeah, just to tell Maine to go and kill myself or off myself. But then I was disgrace to the community right because I was a little bit well known around campus, for my conservative point to know certain things so because it's being been uh current trend, tell you that I'm I'm pretty confident it was not just not just another. Excuse tell me about the because I think there's a lot people that feel like they don't have a home anywhere. You know when it comes to gay people. You would think that it is clear match, because it a conservative, should be about the constitutional principles that we have, which basically say, leave me alone, I'm different, and I thought we were supposed to celebrate that I'm different in your different and we're supposed to get along. That's what the car institution says it protects. People
be who they are, so they can be who they are, and yet is somehow the Republicans and then comes from a lot of religious conservatives have made people feel very, very unwelcome. So what is that changed. Is that different? How do you deal with the difference between the two parties? Well, so, first off go on a total. I agree with you. I think that I'm not personally huge social conservative, but I do identify as a constitutional conservative for the reasons that you just mentioned. You know what is the first amendment do if it doesn't protect your right to think differently to be different to have freedom of conscience, and so that's one. Since I find a left wing movement, that's moving in on all these freedoms are so unappealing, but what I'll say is that it's a combination of two things that creates this political homelessness in part? It is what you
I've identified that there's some lingering intolerance, mine, the conservative movement, I will say among young republic I really had extremely welcoming and accepting experiences, but you know the reality remains that half of Republicans don't believe in gay marriage, and I don't think that that makes them terrible all our evil or anything. But it does make me obviously not fully come more with the people who I would otherwise politically largely agree with, and the same thing is true: I'm sorry no go ahead. Go ahead, yeah the same yes, true on the opposite side of the spectrum. Right, because the progressive l g b t system essentially actually gave people who are liberals don't exist. You know you go to these websites, queer teen, DOT, L, LGBT Advocate and out magazine, and they have articles. Gun control, gun control and could Ivanka Trump and they call this the gay agenda right there, basically acting like all gay people think with their body parts.
Individuals, so there we a race, the twenty percent or so of LGBT people who don't think like that, and for me, that's a huge problem so Let me ask you this Brad. My stance on gay marriage has been the same since the 90s care I m mean it's: it's not my business constitutionally. The government only got into the marriage business to make sure that white don't marry blacks or blacks, Mary White, so we couldn't x the races and later it became out undesirables, making sure that we don't create any more undesirables. The reason why government got into marriage in the first place there a bad and they have no place in anybody's marriage. What is long as if you want to get married, I don't care if I want to get married, I I ii, you shouldn't care, but we should
be in people's lives. The problem with conservatives, I think, is there are some that are just like it's wrong, and God says it's wrong and that's all there is to it, but there is a a bigger majority of conservatives. That say: look that's them whatever you want to do, go ahead, but they're afraid that the gay agenda just wants to shut down all religion that it's not really about love does that make yeah. It does make sense. I think the position that you're articulating is very intellectually honest and I think that the people who are still holdouts against gay marriage, I hope that they can kind of come see the light, because I try to make the gay marriage argument from a case for family values right almost to appeal to conservatives. I think you hit on something that I do think is part
the old fault of the LGBT community right when you have an LGBT advocate class that does target religion entirely right there, not just seeking free, for to be who you are to have kids to get married, they're seeking freedom to force. Other people right, for example, Jack fill up the the baker who did what a big ticket Kate, Correct, L g B, T Advocate Class has really for some conservatives, the kind of digging into their trenches, because they're not just looking for freedom, they're looking to force their views on other people and that's where I think both sides get it wrong, because the society- that's truly callers, but you have the right to be christian and we have the right to be gay. We all live our lives in peace and we all we all get along. We I mean you know we all get along one of the bread. Is that how is it- and I say this really was socialists, but also you know a people as well it. A group of people socialist in Hollywood that had were blacklisted
tried with some went to prison, had to live in the closet, either because of their sexuality or because of their political beliefs. Is it just vengeance, or why can they not see they're doing this becoming the monster that they fought against I'm not sure, honestly, the causes of this kind of male of intolerance that sweeping the progressive movement and kind of the l g b t far less crowd? I'm not sure exactly what the cause is. I will say that we have a tendency: across our society, when there was historic, kind of oppression or anything to try to swing back to them, not to the middle, but too far to the other side. I think that the l g B the advocacy class has no has not been an exception to that rule. It absolutely done that, because have to acknowledge the fact that for a long time, lg people have really face some terrible conditions. American history- and I think largely
at your today and that's great, but if that is probably why I think a lot of these people as well as far to the other three and that's understandable, but it still fundamentally misguided them credit. It seems like the lesson learned a lot of times from these longer struggles with groups that have had tough times in in America is to be in a pic, a group that they think is the? Whether that's you know what whatever group in the government Democrats Republicans that they think is helping them and then kind of stick to that. I'd for a long period of time afterwards, but it seems the decision should be made as in a way of thinking about collectivism, verse individualism and if you know fear of a minority group or a group, that's had troubles with the government in the past. The last thing to me, you would want is the permit to have more power in a centralized place where, whenever why Z group decide. You know the country decides that they're the enemy next time there I'm to be vulnerable, if we empower people who are
visual lists, who believe in small Goverment in limited government to be able to do these things and and run the country without making these decisions as to what groups they don't like is in that is better for everybody yeah. I can. I agree with you more there, because one thing that drives me crazy, Hey L g B, T progressive advocates, who will tell you the government is viciously oppressive, are the same ones who want to take a all the guns away. It makes perfect sense. Me right. If you really think that the government has a history of being oppressive press of the groups- and I do you want the government to be as small as possible, because clearly it's shown that it can't handle widespread power. So I would love to see more as you two people applying the lens of their history. Really to the question of today. Of how much can we really look and start writing? Why? Because individualism really is the ethos of my personal philosophy and honestly should be that for more gay people. So how can
people like us, or just regular people who are just listening. Who are not members of the gay community? How can we help bridge a gap? What what can we do? Well so it starts the couple saying if it can be hard at times to reach the other side when they feel trapped into this US versus them mentality, which is in part driven by kind of the? I does the tarian dogma of the inner sexuality on the last year, but it's also, I think, by when you have high profile, conservatives who will say or high high profile media, who will sometimes say or make comments or take position g issues that are just either inflammatory an unfair or needlessly controversial for all I mean if you're going to have traditional views about gender. I can respect that position, but if you go out of your way to whatever debating over somebody, tell them
they're mentally deranged right with a transgender person you're being needlessly antagonistic and you're turning other people off from. I think just your entire political movement so- I think you can have the views are going to have, but it's about taking an approach where you can people in the middle and try to make arguments that will appeal to and won't lock activate their us versus them mentality, I tell you, but I don't know if you've ever read this, my dad made me read it when I was in high school and I just buy, read it grudgingly Ann. I picked it up recently. And it has. It has all of the answers we need. It really does even those written and- and you know the great depression- it's, how to win friends and influence people NBA Klay. You just said what it says. What you just said just said: White White White: why? Why not to listen to other people, see what they're feeling see what they need see, how you can help and just help them help them
and you opened and be comfortable with and then all of a sudden, you'll notice. My life is changed somehow or another because you're just being cool with everybody and really listening to them. Thank you so much for your article thanks for being on the program, and hopefully you better hope we can talk again. Thank you. So much It is by the way it's a quick left dot com, Brad Pitt, just just look at politically homeless life of a gay conservative really well worth the time to to read and quill at is worth your attention as well. American financing. I can't tell you what is going to happen. I I just had Evan Freeman in yesterday you know Kevin Freeman is yeah
big economic expertise on play. Tv yeah does the economic war room, which is a really smart show, and he was a guy who was consulting for the Pentagon and he's the guy who found out that now there was a foreign state for an actor that was trying to crash our economy in two thousand eighteen. Remember talking to him back then yeah I was over at Fox and I Talking to him yesterday and I don't know what the card is. It's going to be played, don't know what the first domino that's going to fall, but something is going to fall and it's fine. Julie the world is in deep trouble. I want you to be prepared, please. If you are, if you have a loan that has variable interest rates, please lock that loan in right now, these Lowe's that are not going to come back again. Please lock it in americanfinancing dot net.
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welcome to the program coming up in a few minutes. We're going to talk about H, eight h, eight is what to the Congress passed yesterday. The representatives passed a a a build yesterday that that is common sense. Bipartisan gun reform? No, it's not it's neither common sense, nor is it really bipartisan. This is a this is Bruce this. Is they pass it one piece at a time, they're passing this now with one piece: here's his one piece, look how harmless this is. Well, here's a piece look harmless. This is when you snap everything together. It's total control of your gun, and for the moment they shouldn't go past the house. Right I mean certainly I would if this goes through the Republicans. They are absolutely worth
Yes, I was soon even if it did get through the Senate, somehow Trump would be to he there's no way he would tell us. So I don't know if this is going to happen, but this is a warning of what will come if they are able to sweep the presidency in the Senate in two twenty in two thousand twenty, we could be right bliss and I'm not that's no hype. You're listening to. I don't think so all right real estate agents, I trust dot com. You want to sell your house cut through well crap. You don't have to deal with people that do that, don't think like you- and I don't- I don't mean- don't think like you. Don't have talked takes with the real estate agent, but you do want to talk principles. You want to know you can trust them you want to,
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I need to tell you a story, because Democrats know it's all about the story. Well, I'm going to introduce you to some characters that will help. You understand exactly what story, what fairytale you're being told on how the how the which in the gingerbread house, ends up with you in the oven and all of the guns? Next to this one back program, we're going to do this in one minute! First, let me tell you about our sponsor making this broad as possible is Lifelock the days when you only needed one password hey how about the really good days when you didn't have a password when it didn't need to type anything in well how this now we have to have twenty character, passwords, all random generated, and still still you can
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six day he opened fired on the open fire on people that were at the route. Ninety one harvest, music festival, eighty five people he will eight hundred and fifty one others the deadliest mass shooting committed by one person in US history. Then he turn the gun on himself. When police investigated his room, they found twenty three rifles in one hand, gun fourteen thousand two twenty three caliber AR fifteen type rifles. Three hundred and eight caliber AR ten wow one. Three hundred and eight caliber bolt action, one eight caliber revolver and on kitchen counter. Next to his hotel room, there were for credit cards,
that's really what this story is about: nothing guns, but the credit cards to understand what is coming now, you after I understand Andrew Ross Sorkin and what he saw. He saw the credit cards. Listen after parkland the shooting, parkland and trying to look at the role that banks and credit cards play in these things. I really decided to take a deep dive into this that the articles called devastating Arsenal's, bought with plastic and nary a red flag. It times, investigation that looks at mass shootings, every single major mass shooting in America since Virginia Tech, two thousand seven. It really reveals how credit cards have become such a crucial part of the planning of these massacres. In a way I have to say I did not even appreciate myself,
the article is written by Andrew Ross. Sorkin works for the New York Times now. Some tells me he's never fired a gun in his life, but who wrote the article how banks, unwittingly finance mass shootings in the New York Times it time to pay attention? He It starts by pointing out that there have been thirteen shootings that have killed ten or more people in last decade, an in at least eight of them. The killers finance their attacks using credit cards, Virginia Tech, Binghamton, two thousand and nine Ford Hood Aurora Sand. The Dino Orlando Sutherland Springs in Vegas. Any point now that over the course of eight months before the pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the shoot open. Six new credit card accounts just twelve days before the shooting he spent twenty six thousand five hundred and thirty two dollars on a SIG Sauer M two hundred and twenty three caliber rifle and a
in nine millimeter semi automatic pistol in several large magazines. We also bought thousands of rounds of ammunition and then he went out and bought a seven thousand five hundred dollars ring for his wife that he bought on a jewelry store card. Should the pain have allowed him to do that, because before that month, he spent about a thousand fifteen hundred dollars a month. Difference was so dramatic that, two days before the shooting, the killer, frantically search, Google for credit card unusual spending and credit card reports, all three bureaus. He he searched FBI and why banks stop your purchases, so should google alerted anyone, the the killer in Aurora Colorado, the movie theater, spend seven thousand dollars on guns and ammunition? All on a credit card.
The issue now revealed a split between the banks and credit card companies on one side there are companies that monitoring as a form of public safety following the shooting in Parkland Florida Citigroup, adopted new code of conduct for gun dealers and manufacturers that the bank, as business with it, require retailers to impose age limit restrictions on gun sales. That is a it's the constitution. There is no law, but Citigroup is said. Well, you know what this, what want to do as a company and have they received any pushback from the population check your credit. Do you have a citi card? Do business with Citibank?
I think the left would be doing business with Citibank if this was reversed. If Citibank Bank said we're not going to do any transactions or any financial services with any doctors that will not support abortion, do you? I think the left would have city attention yet. Ceo Michael Corbat said the polish. The quote is intended to preserve the rights of responsible gun owners like myself, while relying on best sales practices to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. The new policy does not restrict city group customers from using the company's cards from gun purchases. Bank of okay took a similar approach. They stop giving loans to gun manufacturers.
Overwhelmingly, however, good news is banks and credit card companies have refused to take port part in any kind of monitoring, so you have of America and Citigroup. Do you do business with either of those remember the last? if they were told no, no, it's not the whole doctor thing. No, it's just if they If they say that a minor can have an abortion, I mean after there, eighteen or twenty one, that's fine, but if they, if those people are saying you can have an abortion without their parents permission under eighteen? Why we're not going to do any financing for that organization? Do you think the left would put up with that now many of the banks in the credit card, companies agreed to start monitoring purchases gun sales are tough to track because they many times appear on statements. Is you know, sporting goods or retail shop purchases? You know places
retailers like Walmart to Tetra, sometimes disco stores, it'll just be marked variety. So, who knows that is, and then their stores, like Dick's sporting goods, but those restrictions on their gun sales? How that workout for them. Now Joseph Moreno he's a former federal counterterrorism prosecutors staff, member of the FBI's nine hundred and eleven Review Commission. He says this is easy to fix. He said they have all the infrastructure in place can deal with suspicious activity. It would just be tweaking it a bit to consider firearm related information and information is the key word for may shun. Google have anything in your house with a profound for, for you, think, you're, getting information, no they're, getting much more information about you, Facebook! All about information.
We are living in surveillance, capitalism times. Information is the key word now. There's lots of things that already and, for instance, a bank to report anytime, a single person makes a transaction over thousand dollars going to put ten thousand dollars cash into my account, I'm going to take ten thousand dollars out it. The transaction is legal or not. They have to report it and x must report the transactions over five thousand. If somebody just has a feeling that suspicious. There are also laws that restrict gun purchases under the gun, Control ACT of nineteen sixty eight fire dealers must report. If someone buys two or more handguns in a span of five business days, there's also lot of official blowback from the idea that the banks could monitor our purchases effectively compiling a list of all the gun owners.
Last year, John Kennedy, not that John Kennedy A we senator from Louisiana, introduced the no red and no blue banks act. The bill would prohibit the federal government from giving contracts to banks that would discriminate against lawful business is based solely on social bullet policy considerations. Even the ACLU has come out against monitoring by credit card companies. Saying those efforts there afraid to prevent mass shootings could infringe on individual rights. Do you think. Jay Stanley senior policy analyst at the AC, ACLU privacy and technology project, he says, quote the applications.
The implication of expecting the government to detect and prevent every mass shooting is believing that government should play an enormously intrusive role in american life and quote. Which brings us back to Andrew Ross Sorkin's New York Times article so can doesn't seem convinced by any of this stuff. He would for if the government stepped in and forced credit card companies to start monitoring their customers, or at least the credit card companies that You know made that choice of their own volition. Listen to this an interview with him on PBS B right now, legally, you decide you're going to send ten thousand dollars anywhere that gets or to the government instantly instantly he does. Can we could instantly have reported this person just stockpiled forty? I thousand dollars worth of weapons and gradually now
he then starts to take it in a strange direction by the way the credit card industry has. I want to decided to side certain things they don't want to want to. So, if you, if you want to you, can't marijuana in in states is legal. You can't master art interesting Lee recently went to website that had some hits speech on it and said, we're no longer going to allow you to use credit card transactions using Mastercard because of this hate speech, so there are things are taking positions, if you will on some of these things, the questions, how that can work in relation to guns, now so he's. I guess well the hate speech, by the way that hate speech was not hate speech that hate speech came from a friend of mine and a friend of this program that he speech was speaking out about the Muslim Brotherhood, and I didn't hateful ways guy who used to brief Bill Clinton and George
W Bush on what is llamas cysts really want. Now he's called a hater, and so now going do any transactions for him. That's hate speech. Sorkin's article quotes a number of experts who, more or less repeat a version of the same thing card credit card company, should bear responsibility for mass shootings. Now what this have to do with h, eight. I continue the story in one minute. Huh answer is filter by. I know nothing about to maintain a home, nothing,
this sink is leaking. I don't know, is there a little knob thing underneath there that we change? Usually the knob thing is the change that you want to make yeah right and change the knob twists, the knob. If you pull the hammer, hammers good tool, yeah you go in there and start hitting things a lot of times, just fix it, so we can be fixed with a hammer or duct tape. It can't be fixed. I would say: that's accel, the house anyway, filter by filter by is one thing that we can all do except I like. I never have because I never think about it, I forget all the time and I just kind run the depot and get a filter once I just leave it in there and then what happens is like if they get they like clogged up, then moisture clogs up there and then mold form and then you have all sorts of problems, all sorts of problems. So here's the thing go to filter by filter by they have sizes, for you know, elephants, east filters and whatever fits in your home they're all eight here in America: it's a
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and that is the media. Does such a bad job of actually giving you the facts without pushing their own agenda, which is uniformly left. Leaning, we'll hear the message over and over and over again, and you start to think. Well, that's an accurate portrayal so when they say all this is common sense gun legislation, they think the that is the worst thing that happens is start. Think, that's the truth. This causes a trend called the spiral of silence. The idea that people holding views contrary to those dominant in the media are moved, keep those views to themselves for fear of rejection, unaware that there are plenty. Like minded people all around them, who also feel alienated by the predominantly liberal voice of the media, That's why we started the nine hundred and twelve project we started because you're not alone, see how many people feel exactly like you do.
The news media is very powerful and the voice of the media seems to be everywhere and they can select and maintain the narratives at will. They can impose values from the values of the journalists who are writing the stories and this imposition of silence amount to a kind of authoritarianism that violates free speech and all of the principles of America. Times this article no exception, as you might expect, Sorkin's article suddenly makes it clear which side he and the New York Times are on here. He is again in the PBS interview as he reveals that this is not a news story. I'd rather a social justice issue. Listen right after I started writing about this after parkland, the good this was a number of banks actually did take a step back. A Bank of America Citigroup said you know. No longer going to finance gun manufacturers. The next question is: do you want to finance
effectively the shooters? So, let's, let's look at that here? The column suggested that financial, firmer firms had an opportunity to reduce violence by pushing for more responsibility, practices for the gun industry and, as a result, some banks and their relationships with gun makers and some investors push manufacturers for more transparency. He's, also leaving out the fact that the governor of New York also said hey by the way, if you're going to do business with gun manufacturing, it's just it's just a lot easier, For us, we're going to need to bring in some more auditors and think, as those guys can be a little sketchy, sometimes not all of them, but some. So if you're doing any that, just let us know because we're going to have you a you, a little more scrutiny. What does that tell you.
That, if you just don't, is a business just don't get involved, just don't get involved now. I want to leave you with this quote and then I'm going to show you how it all connects. We need to step back and think about what tools we use to combat terrorism and money laundering and think the financial rules associated with the Patriot ACT. In a really very in a very real sense, I I think these mass shooting events are terrorism, so Is that telling you. These are, these are death machines. These are the space semi automatic, fully semi automatic machine guns. I know we could spend an hour just parsing that sentence how that doesn't work.
The children. This is what is happening and it is cold. Your loss of financial rights that nobody even talks about, but if you can stop someone speech by putting M behind a digital ghetto wall where they can't process anybody's credit card where they can't do any final financial transactions. You don't have the band them, they just disappear. Now. How does this working the gun, manufacturers and gun stores trying to stop their financial services? How does that relate to what was just passed yesterday with gyrate I'll? Tell you
when we come back you're listening to Glen back, you have to be self reliant. There are so many things right now. Did you know that the banks change the rules to wear your the lender of of last resort, so you're, the last in line? If they go bankrupt, you're not getting not getting your money out of the bank? They can. They can declare no, we had financial issues, we had to take your savings and we applied over here to one of our debts. That's that's! That's the common sense bipartisan changes that Congress made for the to save the the Banking Institutes institute. You now are the backstop a big to fail, but you're not you're, not now, here's the thing you've got to have your risk spread out. Please call gold line. One eight six, six gold mine there standing by just ask them for information on you know what the banks of Don and and how
or you can invest in gold. They'll. Send you all this information and you'll be able to do your own homework. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line. The second amendment is being fought in other ways than the typical ones were going through that now with how the financing industry is taking enough coming up, I I'll talk to you a little bit about God and why a h, r, eight and today Peter King is introducing another gun ban bill. Another gun control bill, it's hr, one thousand one hundred and twelve I'll tell at that here in a second. But what. What I just set up was how the New York Times columnist and how others, including now the governor of New York, is pressuring these financial institutions based in New York City group. Mastercard. All of these all of these people, Jp Morgan, Chase Wells,
Fargo that look if you're do business with gun stores, gun manufacturers. You're going to you know these, what he called the gun, conventions, whether that's not convention, you know where they do the gun sales. The gun shows you're going to do any help in any of the transactions and take any credit cards the gun shows. Then we can't help you we don't the finance you we don't want to, but we don't want to have financial services and the american people who believe in the second amendment still do businesses business with Citigroup, still do business with Mastercard card. You are giving them the rope to hang yourself with. They're going to hang you with it. They already are: no. Yesterday
the White House says it's against both of these bills, but yesterday they paid it h, R8 eight. What is h r eight h is common sense, bipartisan legislation. That said, you have to have an expanded ground check. Now. This bandit background check means that, if who want to buy a gun privately now, this is going to sound like common sense. If you want to a gun from a friend or whatever, you have to go to a gun store and the gun store or the manufacturer do the the check for you and they to process said. Even if it is, you know if it's just between two two friends like I want to go over and borrow a cup of flour. Okay, I gotta go over to
a crease, will get in the car with me. We're gonna go to the bakery and they're going to measure the flour and they're going to the do a big background check. The banker loves it when he still waste his day weighing somebody else's flower. Doing all the background check he's in are just a butt load of money to do it. 'cause, it's a pain in the ass that he gets nothing out of. We have to go to the bakery real quick and then I can loan you that flower give you that flower, that's insanity, it's common sense. Okay, let's say it is well what happens when pass a law that says you cannot do it without the gun, manufacturer or gun store being involved and on the other side, at financial institutions, no longer giving loans or doing any financial transactions for your fax, jurors
gun stores. How you can get your gun. How you going to do it they've closed all the loopholes you want to talk about an gun loophole. It's this. Now, here's what the bill that Peter King, a Republican, has sponsor today. It's in hand, background check two thousand and nineteen it's going be on the house today has fifteen co sponsors. Only one of them is a Republican. It's Peter king of New York and bill will extend the amount of time firearms. Dealers must wait for a response from the background check system before the sale can proceed three days to twenty days.
That's what's happening with technology, gonna, think harder and harder for known pewter is to communicate with each other salon owner and slower and slower could take up to twenty days to get a response on that one. I know you don't know you don't know. You can't run a background check to see if anybody's been arrested that fast. No, it's impossible, it's impossible! That's why it used to take three days back in the days when technology was good, but now it's twenty days so when the Obama administration was in- and this happened during the Clinton administration and Gun store correct. If I'm wrong, they would wait the full three days the the system is down. Well, the problems with the computers: all of this is happening. All this is happening, the minute the and it George Bush got in office magically those were fixed, and then it started happening again. Strangely, as soon as Obama got in.
They are going to use those twenty days. They are going to make it a hassle in every possible way, are closing down all of the avenues there also talking about a tax on your bullets, so they will price everybody out of its. Only drug dealers would ever be able to buy bullets. Only rich people be able to buy bullets, but the people that drug dealers are killing on the streets. They won't have the opportunity to defend themselves. They won't be able to afford it. Yes watching a movie on the worst, a shooting in history, and you might think it was one Vegas, but no will actually technically about the first ten one thousand worst. Mass shooting in history are all responsible by large governments. So I should I should throw those out by an individual Indiana. Norway may remember this: the guy who went on he first of all, set off a bomb and
town in the downtown to try to kill the prime minister and and took a boat over to an island where they're having a a three retreat, is a camp for kids of really rich parents basically, and when in the slaughter do is sixty nine of them? We at it one big time when there's really nobody over. There it was interest. You see that, first of all, somehow this guy was able to get the guns and What's that he needed in Norway, where they have much more restrictive laws, it's almost impossible to get guns over there and somehow he was able to do that and still kill a bunch of people. And yes, it was an island, so he did have a separate separation there. However, you wonder if people we're more likely to be armed, whether you could anyone could pull something like this off. You know, there's no guns he knew going over. There he's going to have no resistance whatsoever. Now a lot of them. There were counselors and there was people who are running the camp, a lot of them. If you try to do that,
Texas, most one of them, even at a camp, is going to have firearm. Unless, of course, the government has to it's a no guns on and they can they can go into it like there was no. There was no gun law that stop that there was no person to put up a defense. It was basically a bunch of kids running for their lives on an island, and that does not turn out well. So I want to tell you part of a personal story here and ask me no questions. I will tell you no lies. My family in the last couple of weeks have has gone through a significant scare purity wise and see, if probably one of a bigger, then we've had in a very long time, wow Miley, and so he had a gun discussion in our family,
and one of my daughters is in love, two of my daughters in love with shooting and everything else. My other daughter just die and like it, she just doesn't feel comfortable around it. She never has and I've never pushed it. I mean if you're not comfortable around, and you don't want to do it, I'm not going to force you to to do it. That's bad! You have to you to take on the responsibility to have a gun, and do you have that responsibility? You have to want to do it. Well, this aired our family so deeply. We were all at the gun range, including that daughter and she never really got. I think she's gone shooting with us once and she shot maybe once and then she stepped away is like. I don't want this. Her feet has always been of I'm not responsible enough to have a gun. Okay, and I think that's a really good position. If you don't get fear
good for you to have an eye. I explained to her because she fine she's a roof, she's a really good shot. She was shooting and stopped after, like ten or twelve pulls and she's. Add. Dad I said, how are you doing honey and she said I'm just I'm just I'm freaked out, I'm I'm eight and I said because it's a deadly weapon. She said yes and I said well. A couple of examples all share one: do you remember? First time you drove a car. How doubt you were when you first drove a car because all of these things were happening and any of them you could either wreck the car, kill yourself or kill. Somebody else Amber how freaked you were the first time you drove with people walking around your car. You were kind of in a crowd and you had a the drive through remember how freaked out you were you're not now because
have the experience with it. You know what you're doing so have to get past that after we were done, I took her to the gun, store and, and we all got guns and she said we were standing there looking at all of these weapons and she said dad, what is the difference? I mean look at that look at that rifle. What is what is that rifle. And I said that's a at a modern sporting rifle said no, no, no, the one, that's black and has all the stuff. I said. Yet it's a modern sporting rifle. She said, no, that one is a sporting rifle and it was a gun that was green. You know and look like an old rifle, and I said what difference between those two I don't know.
I said: that's the media, that is the media. You know the differences he brought the gun guy over. You tell me the difference, yeah the packaging. This one has. Would that one? Doesn't it it's all in the media, scaring people on what these guns do and if you understand- and you have the right attitude as she did in his my family- does use should be afraid of guns. They do kill. That's why you have one in your hand, you can talk about sports, all you like, and I am a sport shooter. I love sport shooting, but that's not why I have a gun. That's why? Why it's not in it's in the constitution, not for sport shooting, so you have a gun and that's what it is designed to do and should be afraid of it, but I healthy fear of it. That makes you responsible right.
A lot of irrational fear fear about guns. Right, I mean you know, especially if you grow up, I mean I again. I grew up in the northeast in Connecticut. Where guns are just not, you know, there's not a lot of people have them. It's not really culture there at least where I lived, and it takes a long time for you to even think about, like let's see someone with a gun, it's so foreign to you in a giant chunks of the country where a tens of millions of people live, the, never see anyone carrying a gun and so when they see it, they freak out, you mean we make fun of these people all the time that report visuals who, with b that looks suspicious images carrying a gun like that's actually a right in the constitution, but so foreign to so much of the country and in some of the in parts of the country, and they don't understand it. Parts of the country. Somebody wearing a gun is like that over there. As a purse, yeah we're in Texas yeah. She got a person. I bet she got it run in there as well
just be aware that these gun grabbers are, after your gun, common sense from from the right from the left there, no common sense anymore from the left. There also studying reparations, understand who you're dealing with and quite honestly, if you're, with Citigroup. Why are you still with city group? Any of these companies that are are banning voices or banning constitutional rights. What are you doing factor if you are in constant pain? I want you to know. You're, not alone. If you have been suffering from neck or back or whatever it is inflammation, is the biggest key and we so much crap. That inflammation is a part of our life and that just makes things so bad. If you can use the inflammation in your body many times. Your pain is lessened. Two hundred and
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Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi threw her support commission to study slave reparations. Could these guys be any more radical we will find out if we will serve all my gosh reparations. Seventy percent income tax government run drug companies, Gov run medicine Green New deal, the end of capitalism, a baby right after birth, officially deny God three times in your platform I mean the wealth tax, the wealth tax. What else put these people before, for we haven't even had a debate yet we're what nine months away from this thing really be? I mean bringing it close to. You know going this primary all pushing each other to the left, can you imagine what they could be proposing in in six months when
all coming after each other and trying to race to the left. This is insane going to this is insane, and you know what, if the economy stumbles or or Donald Trump? stumble somehow or another And you know the media is going to be helping out. You know the media is going to be helping out. Can you imagine if these guys win and they will target fifty? That filibuster immediately fell my gosh, they will be. They will That down to fifty votes and they will be able to pass all sorts of stuff. It is nuts, by the way. Who the number one news source trusted news source for Americans is. Do you know what number one is? I don't know BBC number two BBC number one number, two fox think of all of how
much has been said about fox how many millions, if you had to pay for this advertising this and type advertising, there's still the number two CNN number. Eight.
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