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MAGA Hat Hero? | Guests: Thomas Massie & Ben Davidson | 1/22/19

2019-01-22 | 🔗
Hour 1  In Defense of 'heroic kids'?...with Kentucky Congressman, Thomas Massie, weighs in on the Covington Catholic School uproar...first initial reaction 'something doesn't add up?'... the Media's trying to dupe us all again...the kid, MAGA hat hero?,..it's time for "men to stand up"?...Who is Native American, Nathan Phillips?...a 30 year long history of being a Leftist activist...complete lies and falsities of what really happened...says the boys were about to lynch the Black Hebrew Israelites? ...Choice Your News with Stu?...Man asks lottery officials to give him giant check for $1.00?...Like the the world will end in 12 years?   Hour 2 BlazeTV.com...Get the Tick-tock (Play-by-Play), of what 'really' happened?...Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Native Americans?...BHI were attacking the Native Americans first, then turned their line of hatred and insults towards the Covington boys...Uncle Tomahawks?...media dismisses what really happened?...their Despicable false narrative from the get go, Reported the opposite of what really happened? ...BlazeTV = truthful in reporting   Hour 3 The Polar Shift?...Ben Davidson, Founder at Space Weather News.com, explains, there is a process on our planet is happening Right Now...North and South magnetic poles are on the move, which is actually normal. But their rate of movement is dramatically accelerating...increase of frequency of earthquakes and volcanoes expected?...mixing science with theory? ...Glenn lays out how to engage and speak the truth, without arguments on social media...no arguing, just overwhelm them with courage and love ...Support Media like The Blaze.com

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