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MAJOR Updates in the 7-Year-Old Transgender Case: Wait for ALL the Facts! | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 10/25/19

2019-10-25 | 🔗
Oh, how we’ve changed! The punchline of an old SNL sketch actually said children are “mutilated” by forced sex changes. But now even mentioning that REALITY could get you banned! And there’s a major update in the story of the father fighting to keep his 7-year-old son from becoming transgender. Court documents suggest he is abusive and a pathological liar, so it’s important to wait for ALL the facts to be revealed. Bill O’Reilly believes the secret impeachment hearings are all a CHARADE! And Trump’s “human scum” comment came from pure emotion built up by constant attacks no president has faced since Lincoln. But while Glenn can’t find any family-friendly TV shows, he has found the key to perfect sleep!

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