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Manipulated to Give Up? | Guests: Andy McCarthy, Joe Bastardi, & Cliff Maloney | 5/30/19

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Hour 1 Just 1,400 puppet masters are controlling the masses. BlazeTV.com ...Globalist Cocoon Elite Left Lunacy. CNN's Chris Cuomo is working out his planks ...Pat Gray challenges 'sleepy' Joy Behar ...The Amazing transformation of Howard Stern  Hour 2 Andy McCarthy joins to breakdown what Muller said at yesterday's press conference. Impeachment, Do Americans have the stomach for it. This is all about not 'liking' Trump ...The states Pro-Life Democrats live. Killing all the way to birth  Hour 3 The Climate Chronicles with meteorologist Joe Bastardi. "Green New Deal is a recipe for economic disaster that would hurt every American." Tornadoes by the numbers ...Bowling into insanity while being a poster child for socialism. Cliff Maloney from Young Americans for Liberty  joins. Venezuela, gone wrong

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This is the Glen Back program. You know, I really feel like. I need to start with this message to you: you're, not alone you're, not alone, and I haven't said this a long time, because I am a really felt it this way, but we surround them. We we surround them. I want to talk to you about the craziest that are out and these small number, but they happen to have hurry large mega phones right now, and so they are making you feel very alone, but you're not you're, not and
I want to start with a little bit of Wikipedia a little bit of Bernie Sanders and an awful lot. I die heaping handful of of Chris Cuomo. We go there in one minute. This is a landmark programme. Fathers day is right around the corner. Twenty three in me, health and ancestry. Kid is a great gift, If, for fathers day, I will tell you, I really really enjoyed this rule but the time right. Now you get fifty dollars off the twenty three in me, health and ancestry kit through June seventeenth, you will help. Discover how unique he really is and also how he can influence his you know his time on earth with the rest of the family were his
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or to three and me dotcom, slash back twenty three in me: dotcom, slash back, remember this offer and June seventeen. I hope so. I I don't watch cable news anymore and I dont cable news anymore, because I can't take it. I mean. I know exactly what they were going to say yesterday. If you watched it, you knew exactly what they were gonna say: It didn't matter. The truth doesn't seem to matter nobody's really looking for the truth, and we feel overwhelmed between Facebook, Google even Wikipedia we ve done in the last couple of shows on television. We did shorts Men's on Wikipedia really is you know ye right now?
we are giving our intellectual power over to two companies, Google and Wikipedia. What we know who Google is but- I d sit in a room and say to somebody alcohol, as the name of that guy. That was in that movie with somebody will google it too I'd go a day without Google and until said on. Google, that's true, no matter what the topic is If Google has produced that result, that's absolutely true. And we are being manipulated, but not only that we are giving up our intellectual power, because our Our is being externalize, we're taking our knowledge and externalize in it were giving it to someone else, and we
we are losing that muscle of being able to find truth to know and recognise the truth. That's the real problem in America, people dont know how to find. Did they dont know how to recognize it? They don't They don't even believe that it exists anymore unless it comes from Google or Wikipedia. Oh, she? We did. We spent the last couple of days just looking at Wikipedia and what they say and Anne who is editing Wikipedia. This thing is, is so frequently used that it's it's as if we took the entire population of the world and everybody visited it twice a month. Now. Think of that, that's how much it's being used. So what is it whose making these at its
well. You have fourteen hundred people that a response simple, for host of Wikipedia for team hundred people and if you look, it's the leaders of of that they're, all communist marxist and via members I mean they're all people who do not agree with you. Fourteen hundred people, are the ones that are compiling the word knowledge And they're not like you. You feel alone, because it so huge. But there are very few people that are doing it I dont television, we're gonna, go to Bernie Sanders and I want to show you who Bernie Sanders is surrounding himself with forget it thing: you think about Bernie Sanders forget about it. What we're going to expose tonight and on Monday to partner is
remarkable people he has surrounded himself with or some of the worst people out there now remember I'm the guy who said hey, Donald Trump, he says he's around himself with the best, but he doesn't Steve. Ban in bird, pretty much all the people who have caused any of the problems that he got rid of right away. Those who, people we said this is the real problem. Look who he surrounding himself with. And he figured that out pretty quickly and got rid of all of those people. Bernie Sanders has worse. People around him. And there is no chance of these people going away, because these are- The people that are actually causing the split in the Democratic Party that No one else will talk about.
Well, we're gonna show you tonight on television at five o clock on Bernie Sanders is more important really for Democrats to watch. Then it is even you because you're not going to vote for Bernie Sanders, I'm not gonna vote for Bernie Sanders. But there's gonna be a lot of people to do vote for Bernie Sanders, and they, I have no idea what he really believes based on, Who he has put in charge of his? policies and his campaign. It is safe terrifying look but it is the same kind of people- it is a just to the researchers. Two days ago we were looking into this He brought me, you know that the latest stuff and I said, go a step further, because You ve track this back to two thousand eight. I can guarantee you that we're gonna find the same people that we were taught
king about in two thousand eight, as their men tours a very small group of people that are true, to tell the masses something that we never have used in Amerika? We ve never scribe did the american people as the masses but the masses are what is being discussed by many of these democratic socialist. What we have to do for the masses. And their forgetting, the individual and do it because they think that It is their arrogance. It is their arrogance, they will be their undoing. There is this cocoon that these marxist socialist progressives, live in where they control the intellectual debate, and intellectual neighbourhood, everybody
who owns a house in the intellectual neighbourhood, all those People there all on board and they make sure that no one else moves into that neighbourhood. They also control the media and Hollywood. And they make sure that no one else, I read an article from CNN last night that actually said the main stream media. Looked very different than Fox NEWS, and they actually put food news out, of the mainstream media. Which, in some ways, I agree with her they're more main stream than CNN more people are watching Fox news and more diverse than watching CNN you have liberals watching Fox news how many people that are concerned.
For watching CNN. How many of us can even take CNN anymore. And they were living in this Cocoon Willie, just protect each other and They grow more and more arrogant because they live truly in an echo chamber now, Many of us on the right live in an echo chamber too, but nowhere near. What the elite highest laughed lives in Chris Cuomo yesterday, Can we play play the video that we played today afternoon, the woman. The end array spokeswoman. Who was here probably rape. She was on she'd she's, been on this programme before and she was horribly rape fort for two hours.
She was raped when she went to college and everybody said on all this is really safe. You're gonna be fine. Well, she was the first woman to be raped at that particular dorm. Here's your store Listen, I was a normal twenty year old college student. When I moved and off campus housing, they must have that it was safe, not a single incident since it had opened. I was the first I woke up in the middle of the night, suffocating shut up, he said, don't say a word for the next few hours. I knew I was going to die and there was nothing I can do now. I'm a mother of two and if that predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my fire first, I will
first, the unarmed or utterly vulnerable. Ever again. The only reason I can say that is because the inner aid thought from my rights before I ever knew that I needed them. I'm the National Rifle Association of Amerika and I'm freedoms safest place so Chris Cuomo tweets yesterday only in America down that mean Only in America now I can take as a positive damn right only in America can anyone go out and buy themselves a gun to be able to protect themselves, and your family, you, Only in America, but that's not what he meant. Only in America now I contend that he never even watch the video he just he just did what everybody does. And they see something he saw an array. I'm a mother of predator comes in I'm gonna to use my firearm. He just read the terms
it didn't watch the video saw array and thought. Oh, my gosh law, this only in America. Well, he got hammered yesterday as he should have been, but you ll notice. This is I'm going to destroy his career. Not going to even be a blip in his life and usually when you mock rape victims. A story you some problems goin on here, but not not. In this case I mean if you know anything about Chris Cuomo, which most people don't he ways doubles down, he believes, he's the smartest man in the world. So he you can always talk himself out of these situations and he just falls is just he sighed show Bob WAR, in two weeks over and over and over again elevating turns acts per square Mcbride. Any of this the guy who just last week was defending a woman who said
that thing that's growing in a woman's uterus is not of a maybe he sat with her. He studied with her, so the guy is a complete lunatic lunatic. Let let's first discuss just that We are now we, now feeling it necessary to defend ourselves people who have gone mad? We- We are no longer at a place where we're talking about row. Verses, Wade, we're talking. About arguing with people who say that even Until birth, that's not a baby. What are we doing? Why do we feel like we ve gone insane the world has gone insane. You, stood in place, which is the right thing to do use.
Then place as everyone else has gone off. The crazy cliff. And this small number of people happened to have power in the media and in political organizations and they are manipulating it to make it feel like you are the one now At the one you're, not one There? The handful Chris Cuomo. Let me ask you this: should we make Gun use safe? rare, safe and rare. Should we that gives it was the third one steward cigarettes and legal gap legal Maybe we should just take handgun use and we should should make it a woman's choice and Can we
you can use guns at any time. For any reason, or should we just should? He just make it legal for even incest, because here was a a rape victim but use possibly care about your that's the one you used to say, you're fighting for the one You can never really understand you could never. You would never even put yourself how dare you even question, someone who is a rape victim and what they decide to do. Will you This question them so Is it your your hatred for children. I know you're, saying you you're here against. You know you want more gun control, because of the children, but wait a minute you're at the same time, arguing for the day Joe, in fact not even a identifying children. You can just kill that thing five minutes before its born. Do you hate children,
Eight women, because I think maybe you'd be best served if you were consistent its open incest and women Women have the right to do with their body, whatever they want to do, and so they could use a hand gun at any time whoever they shoot is not really a person unless they declare them to be a person. Lifelong back in one minute life is warning. People about social security, impostor scams, seventies, thousand complaints about social security. Impostors have just rolled into the to the government here in the recent months, many ways that cyber criminals are taking. What is yours when it comes, to personal information, it's being expelled, Ozma and people are looking for your information, I mean we're. Not even we're not even talking about what China
is doing or what Russia is doing. Russia right now is targeting individuals, they don't care for. Your part of apart your important or whatever their targeting individually, their job is to create chaos same with China, China he's going for the five g network, which will control all of your information and give them access. That's what's coming. What's here is already frightening: that's why you need lifelong bill fi a wide range of identity threats like yourselves security number on sale on the dark web, and if there is a problem, this is where rubber meets the road. The? U S, based restoration specialists with lifelong will work to fix it now We can prevent identities after Montreal transactions that all businesses, but life flock, is on guard twenty, four seven in their best in the business, its life locked outcome use a promo code backing you, gonna, save ten percent life, lock, dot com, promo Code
the back, we're in a pause for ten seconds and back to the show station Doug, you're on the Glen by programme. Welcome. Douglas are you there by a perilous? Yes, I up. Yes, it does, of course prevent spokesperson for one year spokesperson, yes Ebony here some of your commentary very disappointed in the way he looked at this incident. I betoken decreased since it happened at other. Some emissions heap did right only in America right, however, yet members who did not have enough space? Twitter is a short form of communication telling two hundred and seventy characters it could use. He leaves us there was something
a dozen or so he is fifteen characters that right now he usually tweets from Jim, but he also does usually about fifteen wraps backs rack pulse so he may have been confused by that right. Ok, ok, there are times Chris tries to his softer side in a similar way. He here he wrote, I'm sorry for the confusion, tat, seriously. Also, as you know, muscle don't stop. Boats is what he wrote TAT. True, it's the same way he likes to reveal a little bit of softer side seaboard, he kind of a mutually on buttons. The top two sort of short noise broadcasting on CNN we're doing just a little bit about his prerogative. Chest rough. I talked to her pitcher yesterday afternoon were downright he was broken.
I was I was like dazed Claude Scabs includes right and really was a big misunderstanding and I went back to him after this admit it. You know years later. I call them, and I said you know you ve had a tough day today that he said aloud MAX. I am actually at the jib right now, looking at my planks right up to forty four minutes. Now it's pretty impressive Russia actually, but he said he said about discourse- is, is like arm day one. Will you try subpoenaed skull? He said it's dangerous it it like. You saw afterwards Petworth it. No, I think, that's what we
I don't even know what you're talking about doctors that evening I must obviously not achieve any more. He was taking a shower at the jib reckoned and he said we need to rush hour cells of this acts like the such dripping down. My perfectly crafted chestnut core right and I thought it was yours spokesperson. I don't think this is help helping his gaze at all. You look, he said very clearly, and I want you to us not to hear this. We need to shift grace into our discourse. In the same way, you did abolish steroids matured back before I work out. They say. Thank you. I think you're lessening Teddy LAN think we got anywhere on that when I don't know that even meant simply safe, most break ins happen between six, a m and six p m. Now that the opposite. We always think of you know somebody coming in the house at night. None are out there doing it during the day. They don't want to see you and they
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Welcome to the programme. I am so glad that you have joined us today pad graze joining us now from his podcast. Even are you so glad about that too? don't seem like a normal really now I wanted to be honest, the Uno people ask me: how are you I like to think about it and give an honest answer, your glad, I'm here, that's good! You want to tell the truth. No, no! No! I'm not but Pat is doing the work. You know It really is not a lot of Americans will do, and that is watch the view right. So you know after right, yeah right because some legit you, you see some interesting things. It's very rare Reich every once in a while something happens like ass. Today there were a cup things. One of the things that happened was that the girls were edited as they were bashing Trump here, What happened on the view yesterday,
because I'm sleeping giant one is that supposed to mean Pollyanna hear them with joy tar doesn't know what the word sleepy means very key gaussian sleepily Joe. What does that mean? You thought everybody sleep around her sleepy nobody's leaps around really complicated, they'll, look, there's no such warning. The dictionary Google search turns up nothing. I don't know why sleepy, I don't get it and anyone there and there is more doesn't matter. This is one of his is things clause. People's named call people What I just think people are tired of it, then all care about granting absolutely back. While I mean they listen, you can into them so the first at it. That's not a second. Now what we are doing. We in that third
do it one more time to they they added them four times in that was wearing or something I don't think there were soon. At one time he swore, but me It was just like trump bashing, I think, Let us have no. Are you sure this is? This is added to order. This was a no. When I was a technical problem, but the sea wee wee wee Edward. It wasn't a technical problem because blurring of the lips, they also took the time to blur. I think it was joys lips, so you could tell me the wholesale buying nobler than all the noise India Jeffrey can, where we stood Jeffrey. Every time they came on their journey. Ass would not be appropriate for joy for oil. The joy camp that we bring dimple joy there were also we're out or name cause she's, not name properly. There is no joy where joyous connoisseurs we did. We women noticed that before and it's getting worse, I think, as time goes on June, It just seems to be so so
when did ABC start to edit. That's what I'd like to I do I don't know why they're doing that, I dont know if there's some directive now FR ratings the ratings. Maybe they know they can't stop these women from saying these things in their ratings are done. I dont know what maybe just a just editing. When joy speaks, we had one. I was just go dive generally now. You know, and then they might consider I donno rather than editing that takes a lot of effort is take. Off the show you ever thought of that new magic. I mean I'm not heard this anywhere and it an imaginative Fox news. Would have dropped my audio, what I'm talkin about Obama. Imagine what would have been said all from from the left and the right to programmes? Cheered,
they would have, they would have demand. They would have made a big deal out of what was being said. What we wanted to say, what did he say? Look at Fox NEWS, he's even to extreme for Fox shows what did he say: yadda yadda yadda, whose making that decision that nobody calling out nobody's. Nobody is talking about this and we what was it they were saying about trumped that was so bad a b c had to edit it
It was a long time ago that joy Bihar supposedly left the view. Do I go, do gigs in the cat skills or something else- l I want long somethin about that. You get back on, the show was the show, but on the whole time like it, has failed and seemingly skills, surrounded, ABC and demanded the interpreter of everyone in the cab. Skittles riverlike look man we are. We were where bad with bad comedy word: downward bad comedy, an old, but this one this is a bridge too far sleeping giant one. Is that supposed to mean it doesn't matter? This is one of his is things clause people's named called because they were tired of it. Then all the time I learn here this
The thing is really a charming part of this pointed out is because another one like she's trying to get a cavity rant started of some sort of like see. She's got something she feels that can end the cats population are drawn up, you see you see and why we bring back, never the type which you said she was funnier than you. Yes, it may be true. Now it was a digital media. Did you see Howard Stern last week fan magnetic sui. Do you happen to have that audio from last week?
Here's the ears, Howard Stern lists, is voting. Republicans I've been republican, chink of enable on having a hard time. Yes, I feel better. I see you get the elder woman she's in two years. My changed a lot. He seems a lot of yours book. I have yeah, I read his book on vacation, no one, but you did at its fascinating noto. It's a lot of just interviews that he did, but the that's what I've heard it was. We add the opening chapter that I what I where he is and what happened to him in the last few years is really remarkable. I mean it, it it. Yes, a change, a total transformation to the point where he says. I can't I can't list
two things that I did. I can't I can't standing in Paris talk of I'm embarrassed by it and he said you know look. This is this is what I did, and this is why I did it it was really an honest look and an honor. Look at shame, I mean its turn it. It has found shame any There was a time when he was pretty shame free, complete. Lee. The shame I mean there there is. There is a case to be made that it, the Howard Stern Ere. I don't wanna put it all on him, but there was the Howard stern era that totally changed us. It was, it was when Howard Stern say what ever he said: Anne there was no real ramification except from the big state. And the euro, the oppressors and the religious, and that was really the beginning of the.
Doing of of any kind of standards in our energy You know- and you know he was talented and he was successful, but he as he says now in care. I don't care, this is doing what I was doing and boy. I can't I hard to look at myself in the mere. When I think about those things, it's interesting who could you called for people to be introspective few years ago and maybe join you in in looking at what they ve done it? the cameras in August was one to them and talk to them. We did be the only one who did yeah, but he actually doing it for a while that. That's, I think, is an interesting thing about the way he did it because you pointed out Glenn. I think I've got off the air that he had gone to a bunch of people. He had wronged privately and spoke I to them not front of cameras in August was once you have to talk to them. But some most accepted some didn't I
Liza Dimas I dont know. If you talk to, I must I don't think that was in there he did mention Imus. Did you hear that he was sorry for all the things that he did? Dimas wow under Bela, don't think he was named. Maybe I can remember but when is the like eating. Usually we had these big scandals. Are these big moments? You tweet something bad you're about to get fired. You get. You know me to do whatever the situation is, and at that point come out publicly and say I'm gonna change. I'm gonna make everything right. He decided and he didn't do anything to the levels of of some of the scandals, but he descended had to try to make things right before telling anyone he kind of did it all, although not unworthy highly true hee hee did have a reason to do it. He said no one would talk to him he's a one would come on the show reg who interviews with me yeah he said I was down the same people and he said I couldn't get anybody visa because I did
care what I used to say to people, and that was at heart, the charm of the show, of course, right. What he's develop? Something better and and totally different, some of his audience rejected it right. I think he had a hard time with some of the really hard core sure audience every time you did when he basque people like that, every time you make a change on a shoulder. You know I'm in you, you have that situation, but I think it's it's interesting that I think that's the way it usually happens right when you talk about this all the time, the sort of moments where you had that did it. Shipping pointer. You know where you your life turns like that, may be the catalyst like. Maybe him now getting the guests on was the reason that he kind of thought. All these things and decided to try to figure out, you could illnesses unemployment. That now you don't think of things when everything is going well, you know what I mean. There's no reason to be introspective when everything is going well, your your life is, is travelling on the highway and it's going great places you're like really
I should stop and paws and think about what a bad human being. I am look at the results. It's only when things happen to you that you're, like all you know, cheese, wait a minute, wait, a minute wait, a minute and what I like about this it, was a real change. You know it wasn't like hey. I don't do that anymore and you can trust me it's it's now, after years of doing it saying the more I thought about it, the more disgusted I was by myself. That's a pretty big deal. It is and then, why we were surprised when you went on to shut when was it was at last for five years ago? has it been alone. I don't know it also that long I was going to ensure actually treated really well, and we were blown away that I set down in the chair, and he said why do you hate gay people, now I was like TAT was the first question. It was something like that and I was like well I
Oh well, you ll be abbot your against gay marriage. Now what no always been for it. I'm a libertarian just did I do, the government has a right in anybody's business when it Still hooty, you love? Who do you marry? You know that was a eugenics thing that was, that was a that was a dont Mary black people thing Mary in inferior people thing. I wasn't there wasn't always their marriage licences start. If you dont know that storefront and in a debate was mainly, there was a racist, it is a racist thing was made. It was meant to confer the government trying to control the population and ways it shouldn't been. Try to control. Remember George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both got married without marriage licences right mega is, it's good enough for them. I feel a here like for us. Try me you don't need a licence from the governments not of wedding gift right. It's just the way for them to have control over your union correct, correct
and it really became embedded in us when the eugenics movement was, big and that's where you got the blood test and you get the blood now because, while we don't want inferiors meeting with each amazing. That's incredible at sums in a credible and that's a libertarian kind of position and but shocked me was He listened to it. He sin to it and somebody asked me just yesterday: they wrote me and said: who is that S, person that has ever interviewed you on anything, and I could only in print and I can only really think of one I'm sure. There's others, but I think it was like the New York Times magazine Guide, remember and he didn't get a lot of it right. Buddy cried. He at least tried. He came in with one image he laughed with another image and didn't just do a mad lab and
That's what normally people do and end Howard is now at a place to where he's not doing mad lives he's not going and with an ass. This and I'm just gonna torture them he's now actually curious. That's what people I am convinced, That is why the The media fails. That's why our politicians fail because there, actually. Curious they're. Not none of them are willing to go on a wait a minute. I even thought of it. That way. The day they don't want to. What you don't care about, that right. There there's no land, there's an there's, nothing and I think the average person just wants an honest look at history. They want an honest look at what's happening. They want an honest look at individuals, they just don't want
be told everything because we're not the unwashed masses. We are the ones who are supposed to be in charge and and whether we know it or not, there is something in Americans that doesn't happen any other place in the world and it is bread into us in many ways, and that is the way too many women. I I I have rights tat. We may not know what those rights are, but the inn, visual still at this point is the one standing up saying, wait a minute wait, a minute wait a minute and they do One, a fair shake He just wants somebody to be honest, authentic and honest, and and I applaud Howard Stern for a the changing and being honest about it- and being a stand up, guy, never thought. I would say that about Howard Stern, you know twenty years ago
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This is the Glen Back programme. So I'm I'm I'm more confused, I think than ever before. On the impeachment and what we ve gone through for the last two years. I can't figure out why we went through it,
and we happen to have a good friend of the programme. Who is a former assistant? U S attorney for the southern district of New York, he's the guy who led the terrorism, prosecution of the blind cheek and the others that were involved in the World Trade Center bombing. He also contributed to the prosecution of terrorist bomb, our embassies in Kenya in Tanzania. He is now a contributing editor for National Review senior fellow at the National Review Institute and can answer what the hell is happening in one minute. This is the grand Buck programme for fathers day by getting the money getting what you want for followed with that one of the things you do is you just surprise on Father he's not the way it was the largest ever surprise. Why do you say
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did a rational person take away from that press conference yesterday? What are we supposed to learn what I think the line that the upshot of it is that Mauler wanted it on this that he was transmitting is obstruction. Information to Congress. Would they the standing that it's for Congress to deal with presidential misconduct. I mean, I think, to cut to the chase that's the bottom line and I've always thought it's easier to look at this. Chile, food for the non lawyer I can. I can just imagine, help help people had spent, but The thing to bear in mind with this is that Congress does not need a prosecutable take felony. Erect in order to impeach right. It needs misconduct that what the frame
The idea would have been would be an abuse of power and courageous abuse of the public trust. I Gerald Ford, I think, was more cynical, but maybe more accurate in nice? seventy one he was minority later at the house trying to impeach just as well, Douglas and he said unimpeachable answers. Anything at the House of Representatives decide in a given moment in history, and so what I want think has gone on here. All along more has taken his red, which was not a traditional. Prosecutors read, even though it was supposed to be under the regulations. He was really given a counter intelligence that's the not a criminal ass even though that distinction, I think, sometimes makes people's eyes glaze over its important, because Catherine telling
is really just an information gathering exercise is not necessarily geared towards building a criminal so in the normal criminal so the normal situation, there would be a basis to believe a crime committed, and then you assign a prosecutor here. What they did was they used the Russia in interference in the election as a pretext for assigning approach. Computer, a counter intelligence investigation which effectively unleashed him to look for a crime under circumstances where there was no fuel basis to believe a prime had been committed. So so so an end Help me out on this: why did the Department of Justice lead? ass if they had no way too
charge the president with anything Glenn. I think there are two different things here that that or has conflated and he's completely wrong about this there's two different decisions. That to be made. One is do we have enough evidence to prosecute, and secondly, assuming the answer to the first question is: yes: do we invoke the Justice Department guidance that says a sitting president may not be indicted. The first decision doesn't have anything really to do with the second decision there there factually distinct and the first issue decision on sufficient see. The evidence is the decision that supposed to be made by the prosecutor, whose assigned to the case
Malta is job here all this nonsense. He talks about how we can you know, because the Justice Department can charge. Obviously that did not have entered into our minds. That's ridiculous. He has to make a call about whether there is a case or not, and then, if it turns out that he thinks that there is a case, which means there is evident. That a prosecutor believes a rational jury could convey the accused on beyond reasonable doubt. Then it's up to the Justice Department as an institution to decide whether to invoke the guidance that says a sitting proper sitting. President can't be indicted, There's no reason to use that as a basis or a rationale for not making me decision about whether there is a case or not do you think he was. He wanted the present into be impeached, and so he just,
left that door open because he couldn't make a case. And so he left the door open. Knowing that impeachment is whatever the Congress can convince. The american people is bad. We can impeach on yet Glenn. I think this is, I think they figured out. This is smaller and his staff, but this was the surest way to get their evidence. To the Congress and what I mean by that is it more had decided that there was a there was an obstruction case He would have recommended that too, Charlie General, Bore now by the time this came around and bar was the attorney General Mauler
add to know that the theory under what she was investigating obstruction was different and not going to be acceptable to the Justice Department under Bore, because Bore has a very different idea, and I think it's the correct idea that neither here nor there that they have different ideas about what obstructed in Malta was investigating it on a much looser theory, and I think that if he had amended charges that he would have hedge we're getting that report out the door, because then there would have been a big justice department to do over whether he had applied the right legal standard or not? Instead, what he did curious? but I think, probably in the end cleverly was to say I'm at the side and here's what I'm gonna do. I'm just gonna give you the evidence on both sides of the
question and not make a decision and all rely for doing that on the Justice Department, guidance that says you can indicted sitting president anyway, In that way he vanished. Is evidence out the door, whereas I think if he had read meant that a charge that this would have all gone very differently. So now what because the last night, what I heard or two things, one I I respect the attorney general bar clean and good with me. I think he did the right thing. That's not what media was reporting? Did I miss something on that one? Now I don't think so. I think be big area of controversy. Is, that the media has focused on is that bar testified that at least three times
emphatically Mahler told him that his decision not to make a decision on obstruction was not because of thee. List of legal counsel guidance that you can indicted sitting president, and then, lo and behold, if you look at the report, that is exactly reason that he relies on saw the quite the the argument was that bar had misled ever one along these lines- and I think Mahler is conceding that he did say to bar what bar then that is that the oil seed guidance wasn't the reason now what I think people are missing that we should focus on is the timeline? Here's. What I think happened here, Glinda first time that they meet at the bar is confirmed, is March Fifth and its at that meeting. That Mahler tells
I'm not going to decide on the obstruction bar ask them. Is that close to the olc guidance? He says no and then bar system of what what's the reason- and he says we're still for me bidding or region and then two and a half weeks later he files his report and he uses the wealthy guidance as with reason. So I think what happened here is smaller, just decided not to decide with rationale to be filled in later and as they have done, down to the end. They decided to rely on the oil guidance, so I think, maybe, on March Beth. He didn't realize that that was where he was coming out. But by the time you fight, the report on March twenty. Second, that was what he relied on. The other thing is, I I got gathered What he was saying was alive all of the evidence that you need to impeach and the
the evidence that we could find is in the report you have at all. So don't come to me in asking and don't do, you have to decide this, the same people or not, and I, if read through the lines that he was thinking, that it was an I'll testify, but only to those things that are in the report could that's all there is, but I have that right. You, you do and I thought that was a, but you know I don't wanna hear this version to thoroughly at more, I like to just try to keep this on you yes, but I thought that was very presumptuous, an eagle maniacal with whom I must say in what way the tea were. Well, Imagine I'm in front of the court of Appeals
Making a legal argument- and a judge has the temerity to ask me Mister Mccarthy. What about this argument, and I say: hey look: I wrote a brief. Go read it. He thought be done with you. You don't get to do that with this doesn't get to decide what questions he can be asked Molly I can get to decide. Well I've already, given you my report, I have nothing else to say you, don't you get subpoenaed you come into the treaty. You know whether its congress or court a male decide what they're going to ask you You gotta have a right to answer. Not answer now he's trying to fend off testifying. It is abundantly clear that he doesn't want to testify, because if he did, they would have been delighted to have righty would he would have testified, already, and I think Jerry Nobbler is going to be savvy enough to realise that model gave him as much yes forget from we were losing. We would
this lawsuit, you said during antlers, is savvy enough to what do not worry. It's not press this issue of bringing Mahler in to testify. Out a large he's ever going to get from not state that right. Ok, all right? So I want to ask you and now about what happens next in and so, if you can hang on will try to fix. The connection was well we'll take one, knit and then we'll be back with an annual Mccarthy and Woodland was over what what? What is ahead of us? Because of this partial desire sponsor this half hour, you can not really repair your traditional. You know to pet boys thou in the or something you know the defibrillator goes on, and yes, it's a real, I'm pretty sure. That's in every. Yeah yeah you're not run windows during your like I'm gonna need new defibrillator my son and are going to work on this. Generally speaking, everything has to be done. Khazar on computers, Zol chips and one of those
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I'd come. Eight hundred car six thousand use the promo code back ten seconds station Eddie, so Andy? Now we now what he's done? As he said: hey it's all in there there's nothing hidden. We put everything that we have in the report. You know it so don't call me. I has nothing else to offer it's up to you all right what, if they decide to go through with this? Do you do hearings in the house, or do they just have to vote and say well there's the evidence and we're going to impeach and then that pushes it to the centre it through the Senate. What
would happen, and what do you think is going to happen? One naked if they want to proceed with impeachment, what that, ultimately, requires a majority vote, a simple matter. Pretty vote in the house on articles of impeachment men. It would be referred to the Senate for innovation. Been trial where you would data to third Super majority to renew the president, the need to get them. Supermajority is usually what stops them from seeking impeachment in the first place in the house. If you need me know if you know it'll be, feudal. Procedurally, what should happen probably one of two things: either they could just proceed through the judicial very committee- or they could convey in a special impeachment committee, but the goal would be for such a committee to hold hearings
certain articles of impeachment and then the articles would be voted in the committee and if they got out a committee, they'd be referred to the whole. So why wouldn't we have started there? I mean if, if you can't indict a sitting president and this the thing is about Donald Trump. I've contend. This whole thing should have been about Russia, but if this old, It was about Donald Trump, why didn't? They J, take the Russia side and the Congress when they got power immediately said you know what mothers is now important anyway. We want to look into it. Why? Why wouldn't go ahead? I think this is about, but our conversation about Congress not function, hang anymore.
Delegating most of its authority, so that you know its members can do their real job, which is to go on cable, television, evidently, but but basically you're right. This is what should happen and Click in modern times, though, Congress also to try to be fair to them. They realise that federal prosecutors have ways of compelling it that a more effective Congress, an error, I prefer to rely on a criminal act the it's not a, it's not really a perfect. It's a far from perfect way to do it, because a federal prosecutors inquiry is very different from what Congress needs to find work. Teachable offences, but they do like to rely on the prosecutor to do the investigation, and I
I guess that's really why they relied on mother. Why if they don't the other thing. Goin is. This is not a one way street here impeachment a political process and I think they may see. There's a lot of people in the country who are just tired of this and be dont think upon cut the country should be put then impeachment inquiry, unless it's a really really serious offence, that every we can agree is serious enough at least warrant kind of rage. I have to tell you and he would have found anything with Russia. I think this story would be different, but with what they have. I don't think the american people, the Democrats included, have the stomach for except for the you, the extremes, and I will
not can actually hope that they do go for it, because I think this is going to backfire on them. I mean I can just politically speaking. I think this backfire on them. Bigtime yeah, I think that's right Anna Look at it as now, I'm off I'm alive a guy, I'm not a political guy. You are right, said the greatest salt it's worth, but it's me, you know. If you don't like tromp, then I think the argument that you make is that he acts in appropriately and beneath the dignity of the office, and you can make that in a offensive aggressive way. Whereas if you have to argue that in terms of impeachment and whether he should be removed over obstruction now you're on the defensive, because the question is: does all that stuff? That's inappropriate report? We can all agree that a lot of stuff should not be done by a present but whether it read whether it rises to the level of a crime is a real difference.
I especially this close to an election. Just get somebody else elected year, lessening TED Glenn back Few Andrea, Andrew Mccarthy. I won't talk a little bit about Exchequer Exchequer. We spend more time in our office chairs than we do in our cars. Some people spend more time in their office here. Then they do in bed, that's crazy! Now we make we You know we worry about our beds all the time we have adjustments in our cars, but have an adjustment. Real adjustments on your chair, your office chair whether you have an office at home or at work, whether it's for you or for its co workers. For your whole company? This is a tremendous tremendous chair and they have em for all shape sizes You have them. You know in all price ranges as well. They have the basic or the you know. I don't know if it's you
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roster and were at Bernie Sanders now and and What we found on Bernie Sanders is far worse than we thought we would find we think we found a route quite honestly end. Tonight show is something that I think is more important for Democrats to watch, because, unlike both for Bernie Sanders urine of over Bernie Centres, but this, one is the root of the real civil war between the Democrats and the Socialists and worse, we found the worse, that's right at the, of his campaign Jason Joins us now Jason's our head researcher and has been working on this now for weeks and What have you found? Jason hell when we first started looking at this, has, like everyone knows pretty much about Bernie Sanders crazy. They already know about what he stands for the socialist. All that you know all that we concentrate on the people that are surrounding him and
something that you did very effectively when the bomb ministries and lying always people around like what are they really it out so concentrate on that- and I was like oh my gosh, starting from the very top all the way down and shows You ve done the past about top down bottom up, mobilizing foot soldiers this pretty much what they ve base their campaign on. When you about some of these people, like but they how they cut their teeth in the written, the very beginning how they became activists- socialists, Marxists Islamists, is lamas blatant anti Semites am I, I dont know, I hope the sent out Bernie Sanders watches the show, because I knows I knows he's. I he's he's jewish eyes out, like I have a hard time, but I think that he would allow some of these people into his campaign. If he really knows I dont know, but when you here about the guy that we talk, we focus on today. He gets his own show today.
Just one guy he's ahead of his campaign right ahead of his camp ahead of his campaign, as one guy whose name you ve, probably never heard of you- might know the things that he's been involved with and and he's a really really frightening kinda guy and its. Almost unbelievable, but when, when you break it down today, you you'll see that, while, like this, the ties this person has, you would think immediately with lock him out of any the things he said. But he's he's been at that the peat is a bit pinnacle of the top. You know dabble judgment, Democrat Ino, our leaders and power players- Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, he also strangely the centre for american progress and he strangely took on Hillary Clinton, early on, and everybody like what are you? What are you doing
and now only now does it start to make sense right and there that's it. That's a really very weird split, but that's but now is starting to leak out in the end and that a little with a war going on at a macabre we very seem liking of some of the freshmen congressmen coming against Nance Pelosi criticising Obama, other people there are in the establishment, but now guess. You'll see later tonight that we're tracing this too, like one of these moments and then it escalated and another watershed moment were more and more people were like what is this guy doing like he was our guy this our alike, are this problem. It could have been someone that we send, you know to try to get elected one day, because he, this is our golden boy, he's our guy, but then he privately flipped. He flipped on him and went radical. And what will show you later tonight that we got leaked emails that show that the establishment or like freaking out big time like
but in the heck like what is going on. What is this guy doing? You'll see those emails later tonight There is a very worrying real splintering. Going on right now, there's a war in these. But these are not the people that you want to go to war with Bernie Sanders. They are on his campaign. You dont want to go to war with them. They Specialized specialise in the type of community activism Court, unquote that You can install any Obama campaign. They occupy Wall Street you know getting into her next week. Yes, that's Monday, yeah, there's there's the now occupy I'll street was leaderless knows spontaneous grass roots leaderless. No, no thanks. I'll effect. I think we found the leader and the leader networks for Bernie Sanders and the evidence is pretty darn compelling if ye who
that's their thing, leaderless decentralized, like you'll hurt you hear that even about Antiphon nowadays, so we don't know what to do about me. Another diskettes, grassroots or leaderless leaders cannot all on their own really because I've come to found a video where they sent this one person to speak on behalf of their entire group, an organization in full. Country wait until you see this and which foreign country this should be seen by every Democrat. Yes, absolutely the democratic socialists, the communists, the Islamists are working together. They are working together in the Bernie Sanders campaign and they are working to destroy first, the Democratic Party Anyone who is a normal citizen knows the Democratic Party. They are destroying it this is not something that Republicans or independence should be cheering for our good destroy. The democratic party began
they'll replace the Democratic Party and they are very, very dangerous, very dangerous it's a it's a strong look at Bernie Sanders. Show me your friends and I'll. Show you your future part one. Is to night. You have to be ablaze tv subscriber subscribe. To blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, Glenn and you'll save ten percent off of Europe. First year of Subscription Blaze, tv Dot com, Slash Glenn. This is worth signing up for you know what, if you don't like it, just cancel tomorrow, but I by promising you you are going to like it, and you, a fine of great great value, the press, all the press, in my opinion there talking about all the wrong things. If, if you really want to see where we're headed, you need to see tonight show
If you want to see where the Democrats really are, and the thing nobody on the left wants to talk about the real war inside the Democratic Party and whose, leading it. It's not Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders, I think, is a vehicle. He is. He is. He is in many ways using them, but they are using him as well, He is a vehicle for very bad forces. And you'll see that tonight only blaze TV, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn, promo code. Glenn, thanks, Jason swallow this off. Our is life lock, scammers use technology to spoof your collar idee, making it look like so security ministrations calling up, and then they say it probably so security area we just like it. Verify. You know you ve
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and it was a fascinating conversation. It just came out and you can find it a good morning. America, I tweeted it. I think last night we had put it up a Glenn back dot com. Today, But if you're interested in that Ernie of faith and what it all means and and and and how you get their join us on that its upon asked last, but I think it's an hour end and she's, very she's, she's, wonderful, wonderful person. I really liked her were you here for that. Still now I was not here. I remember you being complimentary. The interview that yes, she's, she's, really nice and you know they made some at its and things. So I don't think it's exactly. We know exactly right, but it's I mean it's close and they tried, and it was I mean she's great
so it Sir journeys of faith with Paul of Ferris wherever you listen, you're podcast or will we ll postal the M good morning America link as well at Glenn backed outcome, but well worth listening to. Did you talk about hateful belief that baby should live I didn't get into that. I hope you got into that because, We all know that baby should not be allowed to live. Well then, I really do. And are not babies. I mean it, I'm sure they might turn into babies some day, but they might turn into a mushroom. We don't know, You don't know. What's growing in working to this creatures and Super Mario brothers came from right they have been walking mushrooms. It could be a little while I still have not recognised any of my children. His children fell. Good, As long as you don't recognize him, you can do whatever you want with the right. I was amazed to see the latest in this sphere, of new abortion laws that are pretty restrictive, not as restrictive as they should be, but restrictive and none the less suit. Sometimes the Ladys one is
Louisiana six weeks there saying basically- and I love this one with like they don't even know if their pregnant yet as well, Let me like this. No one thing: I've always talked about what the with these theoretic abortion argument like let's just say I think in this scene society, if once I was gonna, be pro abortion and once who's gonna be antiabortion right beside that was abortion would be arguing simply just for the morning after pill, so like? If you made a mistake, and you don't know what's going on here- I don't even know if you're pregnant, yet you too this pill and gets rid of it and will never even know what what the situation was right like this, I'm not saying it's a that argument, but at least it's a site like you could see a scene part of that at some level like that should be the strong left wing position here. Right right like it is like a look Vienna. That six weeks is a good ample. This there's a heartbeat starting at six weeks. If you can't in out, if you're worried about being pregnant,
We have six weeks to do it in a new house. Multiple options in that period. To do so right in you and people will they dont, even though their prayed him? They want to get an abortion in the worried about pregnancy. Then you kind of when you check right? That's what you I have to do, and it's really not about you. Knowing, if you're pregnant rights, it's about whether per year, Vienna, whether people are starting to pick out shoes and a new crib examine whether that's a you know. It went when we're talking about the next day. Some people say it starts at conception, some people's. A heart beat some people, you know whatever it ever buddy What six weeks, do you know ye? I gotta figure out what what's going on and its. We know it's not a baby. I mean you don't. I should say that we know that it's not breathing and it's not thinking and it's not feeling yet there we know of so.
But that's even as the normal Minos Republican your right most states are going for twenty weeks and if you can't make a decision in five months. Whether you want to abort your kid or not I mean I are we not being we're not lit. That's a legitimately wide window. You're gonna, know you're pregnant by five months and almost every single case. Got a nice window to make that call, These are not. That is not a restrictive. Policy yet its act, you act. It's like it's a tail. They act as if you're from directly from handmade. Still. If you want to stop only five months your decision more than half. Pregnancy, sorry, you know, and that a crazy, that's crazy, do you think the new in Louisiana is interesting, because Louisiana is one of the only places in Amerika these days. Were you find a hell of a lot of real pro life. Democrats including the governor, who is
actually signing this was a Democrat and is like yeah. I mean on this one. In fact, it was proposed by a Democrat. Their bid mould we'll bills over the past few years, have proposed by Democrats that I've been research research. Give on abortion. Two thousand six a democratic stew, Senator sponsored a trigger law in these the way this is happening on both sides, which is kind of an trusting legal development in that states are passing. Bills that will trigger if rovers Wait gets overturned so if rovers his way overturned, places like Vermont will automatically have abortion in their constitution all set and they opposite happening in Louisiana its automatically ban. If Robert Wade is overturned, what is essential because you kind of sea the stupid scare tactics of the rovers his weight thing in that you're gonna have more that half of the country almost definitely having abortion, even if they do overturn rovers, as we did have to do something. On top of it that would go much further before this would go away? And yes,
Would it be potentially less convenient for you to not let your baby live? I know that ask a lot here. You might even have to drive can be forty five solid minutes. I mean like I get that there would be, it would be more restrictive. There does not interested in even talking about any sort of restriction on abortion. They wanted to go all the way to birth and at times you ve seen over the past few months after birth. But it's interesting to see that, like there is still a large group of people who are Democrats, people who are fighting for things like Obama, care people who are fighting for things that I am not at all comfortable with when it comes to policy Meta, medicate expansion, Medicare expansion. All these be government programmes the same time pro life big time ways I mean it was not close vote first, The vote here for seventy nine to twenty three
in the end, the Ngos. We Democrats that need to watch this tonight about Bernie Sanders bad, because, if you're, if you're somebody who's like look, I'm not with the crazies you he d this unique to see this about Bernie Sanders ten, an Monday. Only on the blaze tv, five o clock, you don't want to miss it, is the him back programme. We ve got to do something about climate change. We will just save one child and we forget about abortion. It will just be villages. Save one child isn't worth it well. Now
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so what they want site whether bell dot com job start is, is there and he the chief meteorologist for whether Bell he is the author of the climate chronicles he the guy who was wildly wildly accredited in and Wild Lee which just one of the one of the most quoted and one of the best, whether guys and media, that we had in the country until climate change. Then, of course, when he went wait a minute, I am we do this for a living. I am a scientist and none of this works that's when he started to find himself in hot water he still on the same bandwagon saying you know this green new deal, this gonna kick America and just
big havoc and hurt every American we have oh joining us now I how area very well grab me I've, always wonder. Chit chat with you done a couple times. There is time bit longer. You you have looked into the the green new deal. How long did it take you to figure out? This has nothing to do with climate. Well, you know that I wrote the book on further to be. I always tell people go look at the book and if you don't like it, then on a car, winter night control in the fireplace in who helped eat your house, because you I'll make sure that you, you know get there, but in book burning can be. Popular today. I'm sure mine is about two thousand when the former EPA administrator, Gina Mccarthy, was testified before Congress, is she agreed with the idea that the proposal,
being made, would only save point o one celsius over thirty years, but she said the real benefits, are that we're gonna show the planet? What you're supposed to do now you're gonna look America's the most prosperous country, the world, greatest experiment and freedom if the rest of the plant and hasn't followed, there? Why are they going to sit there and right that doesn't make said? Let me let me put this unsuspected boy because perspective and see? The problem is that my father, who's, a meteorologists graduate attach say them at sixty five, always go down taxes, but in any case he taught me that one day she knew stand on today was built yesterday to reach for tomorrow, and so, when you look back at the weather and what the weather climate, his door, not only in this country, but the entire world. You sit there and it almost as if it's a shooting fiction
when these people, but also the worst ever in that that's one of the biggest David, I rely on working patterns in the past I tell people, have any life, except my good Lord, above my family, at whether the Penn state wrestling. About, though, most of the time it would gradually listen the: U S is only is currently only responsible for fifty said the man made seal to fifty percent Mankind is responsible for point, one percent of that. So let's do the mad. It means that the EU s contribution to the seal feel to totally atmosphere, is point: zero, zero, zero one five at here its fear. I want to be able to green new deal solution, destroy the american economy and will it because we all know that energy is likewise.
Our economies, I'm not against any energy. It is a matter my company. We we develop products for wind, do solar to make those ass more accurate, because yet you had a situation in Texas Conferences answers. I guess it's two thousand eleven where you had a big freezing in storm, and why has this war? The wind turbines? Are you you needed here Dallas and used in the wind turbines can't can't turn war. If a power company knows it, there's that threat for five days away. May acquire energy from another power company does not have any kind of. Why should it? This is what I do I have nothing against alternative energy. The argument to me? It's not argument like for I know we understand the other side of the argument and I keep checks the people on my side, the until such a time that the planet actually starts to cool. They have every right now
Well, then, what you should be open, Vida, what's goin on, but here spears a big thing, the total picture if you look at a geological history, the earth, but it's the totality of the journey. Not six seconds Eighty one eighty or bans white, which is what the last forty years has been you think about that. Stop. He looked back. You think about the sun, the oceans, the casting events, the very design. The system and I get a mad because it means it I believe in God very, very strongly. I so what happens? If you look at those things and you say, will wait a bit. Why is this? The first time history that man is reckoned climate now, let me just say one more thing, because I am open minded and I realized is your show. If I could arrest of the way
I would have been a national to others is. Is this what happens if you stay a correct, its very seductive, because if you that guided found out that feel too, was a climate control, not you're like Galileo, for good you six. So what chapter thirty, two very simple, empathetic sympathetic, wherever that worries come to permit a syllable from what happens is if you ve been doing this for thirty years Is you now own? It becomes your life and if it becomes your life what happens if someone attacks your idea, they return your life. It is also a lot of people on the other side it are reaching for the higher point. So when you look at that, I try to I tried to tell people I'm trying to Thomas Mann and room because the dumbest man If you hungry, he's gonna find a food right. So you look everywhere if you're the smaller
die in the room and all you doing is looking at one thing: you're not going to see the very things that shit Don't do that. You need perfect your arguments, and so that's the way, I am. I I realise a long time ago that the weather is an infinite magic, majestic system that the more. I learn about the field, the less I know about it in the totality of it is a book out. There call the half life of facts about how fast now is expanding and when you look at those days it gives you a perspective of humility and understand it. Sorry you're not controlling or should match. So George has read a story last week of a new would is whether how they described it buddy. It's it's bits, new kind of wood. That We clad our homes in this.
In its manmade. Would it We will save us fifty two, eighty percent on our electricity bills, because it is such a good insulator I mean. I just don't understand how, if you re really care about the environment? You should be a vague and be for nuclear power plants and use, would be looking to the the free market system, because the free market system that is developing all of these things- everything the government has tried to do fails lender where to go to that that book, but that's the thing that make we know in the block. Most differences is a chapter in your call them innovation in the water that ways that was put out year ago, saying this is what's gonna happen. Every single a ban is gonna, be like that, because When you look at it besides scientific argument,
Same argument. Is better taxes reject to say to him that last about ten minutes, then you move on. But what happens is this? And this is why I said a little book is a love story, because what I have one since I was three years old- I mean I I remember my parents tell me a story I used to sneak out lie on my back and stare at the sun through the clouds almost burn. My red is that's. How fascinated was with the law. From being a little kid. So when you see this, dragged through the mud and you see we body the. Where were you? when you know I was fifteen years old crying because we, Mr Snow Storm in Atlantic City, or is it you weren't anywhere to be found in what are the one of the other things it gets me? Is it they come out after the fact when you ve been down there for a while, you guys been down if a while, you know after two thousand and twelve
taxes. Do a lot of people say this is the beginning of a new gospel, the new Perma drought right, because yet we spent years of her and it was just like fifty two to fifty four, which I know about because growin up down attack to say it am, I know about the junction boys and how bad the weather wasn't fifty two, fifty three fifty four and the like clockwork for years. It turned the well known turned around now show on cheap stuff. I guess who s eight today had today, while this is a sign of climate change or the wet weather, what he answered. Don't you if it snows she's in Dallas on New Year's eve that climate change too, so this is what's going on. They wait till after the fact is. I see that a year in a wider and more capacity and in the private sector. What whether Bell does we have to tell people why, before the war and hit the forecast, because you know something national water services? Great there's seventeen
the private companies out there by guys it's a real real short people and if you're, not right, you're not going to get paid. So I use everything I have at my disposal. Including understand again no in the past, to project into the future not what I'm saying on the other side as EU climatologists and say why all this is a sign of this. This is a sign that why didn't you tell me who's gonna happen back in February ACT like you take it. What's goin on reason we have twenty tomato NATO's is causing so called across. Much of the country are always two thousand eleven and this year we are three three call: this maize and the northern plays in back into the southwest that we recorded last fifteen years will guess where the tornado spikes are well If you get a cold? May you naturally getting one area carbon out the Gulf of Mexico? You gonna get big fights going on and that's what you ve got, but that's it that's because it just one we were last May was born all over the United States and we had a wreck.
No amount of tornadoes in the month of May is a matter of fact vote. There is airport You seem to believe that the greening of the planet, which is occurring, doktor will happen. Talks about this all the time we basically coming out of a seal to drought right plants grow better. At times the amount of Co2 Leah, what is the sooner stick, relationship between animals and plants is animals or hundred times. More co2 deleting hail and quiet then take that and grow from it. So what we coming out of it, so the given his Asian of seal, two or four is this guy's? What's the average temperature, the planet was still what's the perfect capture the plan? I mean these parties year ever wait a minute. It's only big doesn't mean temperatures, fifty seven half, if the eight degrees of that right was its fifty eight point five. What does that mean for doubt or would it it doesn't mean a Dallas is going to be a hundred and fifty degrees every day right, so its back and forth
Job Starkey is his name, and he is the author of the new book, the climate chronicles, for a while, really good climate? calls, if you, if you want if you want the facts on on the green new deal on what climate change really is. What this is all about, the facts, will argue, it you'll get him from Joe in his new book chronicles Joe. Thank you. So much will talk to again. Here's are onto this half hour. Omaha stakes, Omaha Stakes is a great fathers day present. I dont know about Stew Bud I'm I'm guessing he's the same. All you really want for fathers day. You know my mother's. I don't want anything for managed. I We have everything that I ever need, but actually older? I get the more I'm I'm like that on that I don't need anything for Father's day. Just want to be with my kids I'd like to head.
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go to Omaha stakes, dot, com and type in back in the search bar at fathers. Day stake fix package it DE nine. Ninety nine wow at all, Baja steaks dot, com use back as the code in the search bar and you'll find this special. We break pretence, say shining one of the things that I think is important Joe was talking about. Is we're in the middle of this curve? Hyped up? rid of tornadoes NATO's it real damage this year, and this is what the left and people who wants you to believe that you need to give them Few trillion dollars deal with global warming and John Delaney is one of the candidates whose running for the Democrats. You don't know that because he said zero percent in almost every pull
but he's been running since I think July. Two thousand seventeen Which is a long time is readily to have is the European zero percent. I think he has one or two percent of EU about to be fair. He's former congressmen and he's running as a moderate he's basely saying I have this. Is me I'm a moderate. He introduced a four. Really and dollar global warming plan This is a moderate. We're talking about supposedly and it's amazing, because you see the I think, really dark, exercise of exploiting deaths of people killed and natural disasters for political purpose when it comes to global warming and Nelson every single time. Something like you know this article here from think Progress poisoned whether go, of a warming, help fuel killer tornadoes any go through you re read their quotes and it's like you know, you can't leave our global warming when you're talking about these killer tornadoes, the real problem and they're going to these are
with increasing, get worse and worse and worse and worse, and and you know you can look at this year's chart of how many twenty years there have been, and there has been a a relatively active, year, it's not a unprecedented year, but it's been inactive ear. However, you look at the long term trend from nineteen fish these let's say today you see a massive improvement in the area If tornadoes a decrease in the year, rate of tornadoes- that's fairly dramatic, I mean it. You know it's about. Half look outward NATO tornadoes about half from what it was. Give you the. Let's see them, give the exact number here: real, quick, just you you have it in case. You want you and all your friends there was a four hundred and fifty four one thousand nine hundred and eighty five we average about fifty six tornadoes a year. And this year from nineteen. Eighty sixty two thousand eighteen is about thirty three. So it's a little bit
less than a totally planet ability that it's it's just a stable wish number, but you know there was everybody living in every play some in America will. That is a good argument for so that when you took it a total tornado count, we are much better at detecting them now growing. Were you know in the fifties and before that That's why? Usually, when scientists look at this, they look at only F three and above because you don't usually mr many authorities right. So the authorities in above have had a significant decrease and its exact What were told by the way the quota was reading. You was not from this most recent outbreak as from two thousand twelve now we have the lowest year and every year since two thousand twelve has been lower than two thousand twelve. Every single year, since we ve had lower numbers of tornadoes and in fact two thousand eighteen was the lowest we ve ever had ever measured and even tell as for years and years and years, a glove oars- and I make this worse and instead
it's made it better. I don't have it, do as one has to do with the other two possible that they are speaking to us on the opposite day, very possible. The best too, I think about it. Thinking don't dismissed out of hand. I've heard, let's ridiculous things in the last twenty four hours bank Let me tell you Norton, secure, Vp N Norton, where we think Norton, we think of great security right. Cyber security. And with we know, that everything in our computer is locked down. That's what Norton has has has meant that's why you, do. You know he just piss me off so much yesterday. He just piss me off so much yesterday with what he did. You know you, woman comes out she's like rack, and so my information. Though you are more army, but here you trusted. Norton
Sell information isn't gather information, nothing what there. Doing is they know you would like your privacy and you don't want people collecting all kinds of data, and you don't want people easily hacking into your system and getting all your stuff Norton God, com, slash VP in you you log on one time you put it you're devices and you're on the internet, with a virtual private network through Norton every single time. It's really simple: to use its a it's, a virtual private network, three box, just over three bucks a month, if you sign up for the year, Norton Dotcom, Slash, VP end, It is a sad statement in my life, but I am sad Chris Cuomo has responded any my tweets. You want to talk Chris Cuomo now I'd through Twitter, even there, but what? What good would that? Do you where's? advantage for you in that situation, Chris,
Ok, all right, also united into perspective, pretty quickly, and I don't appreciate it. I dont, wanna be now in contact. So I just you know he just piss me off so much yesterday. He just pay We have so much yesterday with what he did. We know in woman comes out, like you know, hey, I was raped, and that's why you know I have a gun. I didn't believe and guns before I believing guns now and then brutally rate for two hours and he comes up only in America and it comes. Some bs saw what I meant was only in America. Can we not have a conversation out there Obviously, current uses of guns like stopping rapes, rad uses of of scores shooting the right. We can't do that here. What first of all what he talk him unknown needs a conversation. Does everyone knows it to know me? The conversation cause it's obvious to everyone on earth. Secondly, not what you men at all, and you know it. This is
very standard. Chris Cuomo tactic, which is when However, he is whenever he does something dumb, which is no more than thirteen fourteen times per hour. When he does something dumb, he can never admit it, which is dumb. He always has to come up with with this lawyer early explanation as we think really mantle. By did. He thinks people by because he's under the assumption and believe that he, the smartest man that has ever lived? Yes, so he always the and also not just the sort of man but the best lawyer. So he taken lawyer himself out of every single argument and you even. This. When he's talking to someone on the left he comes up with like smug points that he thing
our good from the right, because he thinks he's a good lawyer can arguable sites, I mean there's one in every family, there's one in every family, like you know, you're, not in Albania and the Cuomo family dominated by these. I know, but not really like Chris. I dont know they're, not is there not? Is you know you when you watch Chris you're just gonna like he's really not that smart at every leads to try harder he's trying trying our did you do your best son. Yes, you did and it wasn't good, but you did your best I think I love about. Cuomo too, is in this tweet exchange does fantastic. It was Janice. Dini, said: hey, you know how about us and people who may be dont. Have you no big man like you to protect them? You know, have us with guns and that's when he went into his long explanation, but he couldn't. He couldn't help referencing in the third tweet it's something like you know. As we all know, muscle don't stop bullets,
Now you didn't say anything about his muscles, but yellows thinking about his muscles. Only crime is critical, homo the guys that he has a large medium rat. You know he is such a greater, usually should Legged Jim Guide, who thinks I everyone when he walks into a room everyone's looking at his biceps like that's who he thinks he is alone, with the smartest man on earth and the best lawyer in the world, our bring cliff Maloney, and he is the president of Young Americans for Liberty, and you know risk Roma. Do you mean you, because you're young Americans for liberty? Let me exe, in television television. Was this old saying that they used to have news and a place called CNN and people would watch it, oh yeah- you comments on Chris Cuomo before we move on to Venezuela and guns. A minute you're, exaggerating candidate,
if you will of people who they want, they want to lecture an athlete they're playing both sides and there's definitely more than one in every family, but I mean I don't know anybody rage of forty that watches and because it's you just being taught at you know he's not talking with the viewers I gotta say: hey look the way it is and I'm holier than now, and I know better than now and Both got time for that. Talk a little bit about an article that you wrote an opinion peace. Venezuela is the poster child for gun control gone wrong. A man. Thank you for saying this year. What are you glad, I'm you, I didn't, expect it to be controversial as a topic, but we all know going control is the premise? Is the roof? they of socialism? I may have we're going to have control and if the greek government is going to dictate, you know who does what how they do it when they can do it,
defend yourself, and I am prize, and I put this piece together remind you. You look back and twenty twelve in as well. That, though, the big step they restricted the right to own firearms, they are we, oh. This is conservatives and libertarians that that means taking away the ability to defend yourself in they. It comes to a tyrannical government and what you're saying now Venezuela, you know, and if you talk to normal people in Venezuela. I made some stories to some of the quote and just why you're here from people is damn wish? We had the ability to defend ourselves, and so it is to me it is a perfect example. About socialism is just totally fixated on disarming the citizen rate, and I think tourism. Libertarian should not sit back. We will try to say all you know it's for haunting me here. They know not defend ourselves against a tyrannical government
hey something we were just talking about this yesterday. I am so sick of people say. Oh, you gonna take on the jets and the United States of America. Yeah you know quite cave dwellers have been doing it for pretty effect. I believe, for the last twenty years. You are yeah and we have more guns and we don't live in caves I think we we need to be honest about that and say that's what that was for it wasn't or hunting it wasn't for sport, otherwise bowling me. To be in the constitution is about protecting yourself against it. Government gone insane and any Oh it kills me line. Is the hypocrisy of the left but they say: hey the governor. Should not have our, because Trump is in charge but on why? If our guys in charge, we want
give power to a government- and I just I can't handle this inconsistency for my friend on the left because, like what you ve got to stop giving you power as a shit, it's in your power to to but the government accountable? You can't just go with. Whims of whether your parties in charge your parties, nine years? It's yours, worse than that, their there advocating for now trump. An absolute dictator waiting to grow, control lit. Turning in all of our guns? Right now I mean it's not like there. It's not like under Trump, they ve said slowdown on taking guns, let's wait until our guy gets in. They take them today, scurried crazy. I don't you much dreaded which dreaded nuts it's just not. So what is the controversy been about this because I know it.
Who point out hey, there's a result of a socialist nation. Even oh, they were all on the record saying this is socialist Utopia and Venezuela now they claim? It's that I wasn't. Socialism is never socialism don't make me laugh that was socialism. What the. What is the push back on the the argument with with you on gun control in Venezuela, so that the first point is what you say when it comes to people say always really think this is to do so. The second amendment is really to defend against a tyrannical government, and today, I say yes and into the point you made? I mean, but people really don't see that they were talking just on the four laugh, but just, pretty much any of my democratic friend it they. They really do your stand, the government power is inherently bad.
When you centralized power? You need to have a check and balance. The show Part is people. Architecture going to throw me the line cliff. This is not. Real socialism and exactly might come back for the past week and app is what use They claim that is every single person in a country that is pushing for this debt. The crowd socialism call whatever you want there. All on record praising. As well as over the past five to six years old, Third, there is no defence. There is socialism. This is government power, and this is a perfect example, so why the peace. You know it. Is it a poster child of this, so called gun control gone wrong, but the left, does it want to own it at a murky. But on that pass, and once again I continued till the libertarian conservative friends do not back down, do not Then one inch on this issue, because this is a perfect example of that
of government control they want and what results. When you put government the it's such a high level over the ability citizens to have guaranteed rights, dogma Maloney for among young Americans for Liberty Cliff it's an it's an interesting thing, because I think there is a the NASH, the Natural sort of inertia of human beings is bondage. It's been bondage forever and liberties hard for a lot of people and a lot of times we slip back into this, socialism has been around there's always been times where its flared up, even in the United States at some level, but all over the world. It just fastening, it may. Can you explain it all the timing of while we're, watching Venezuela essentially burn itself to the ground. Now is the time where Alexandria cause you Cortez is on the rise and Bernie Sanders is competing for the presidency, wine of all times right now we're seeing the worst failure of a government in
even worse than Zimbabwe, they're saying we're seeing right now and now is the time that the Americans are deciding to walk toward socialism. Let me start by by saying this: I think that young people get a bad wrapped in a word. We college students- and I think of it poles will show you like forty three percent of american support, some sort of socialism and action. Scared the hell out of us. Don't don't get me wrong, but I think what would we do to me? Some hope is when you look at young people, it's not all Is the EU sees in the burning that they're they're, going towards its when you bring It don't issue by issue. They don't, the government. Taking thirty shouted every dollar they make. You don't want it Marie Maria emails or spying one you know their cell phones. They don't want to go. From it. You know spending these Baldos Omonia wrote running these joined our deficit, but what's happening is the socialists. I will, I will admit this: they are winning the messaging battle.
The socialists are awaiting the hearts and minds they understand. Everything is thirty. Second clips on on Twitter, there either their shortened things down. I don't wanna see their dumbing down, but allow me to say it: that's what they're doing their dumbing down to two point. Hard strength and more Democrats have done this for years. The problem. The socialists are not hiding any more their owning a label. What this does is it gives an opportunity, I want to be very careful. I say this to free market cap Yes, I might add, is the crony capitalist over the years there such a problem for us the library camp because the chronic capital is created. Environment were now the. What can you tactic busy, you don't often say what that now we have disabled was a real capitalism and that's a problem so Why? Capitalism? That's like capitalism! That word, I dont think should be used anymore. It's free markets because
It says everything it's a market and it is free right so I would agree that I think we have to re own that messaging and we have the grant their way to say. Look socially come here, we ve only paid so many pictures. You can only point directly to Venezuela there on the record for supporting it and say these are false promises that don't work but I really want to hit on the fact that you have in the cabin This should cover the crony capitalism they gave me this battle so much harder and they opened the door for ages. Bernie to prevent socialism, but we should take as an opportunity- and I would agree with its own- the free market mom. And would show folks while the way forward. Thank you so much cliff appreciated, we'll talk. Yeah cliff bologna. He is for a young Americans for liberty. He, the president of that is a great organization
young Americans for liberty, DOT, Org, why a liberty, dot org thanks, cliff, talked again sponsor this half hour is gold line. You know stooges, said mouthful when he was just talking about how bad it is in Venezuela. Worse then, seem Bob Way now they would not have believed that fifteen, years ago that you could do that that how fast you can t a nation with socialism and with money Printing. And we are not anywhere close to out of the woods. In fact, I think we're in the woods and people think we're out of the woods and we're about to go deeper into the woods. There is this new thing now that they are talking about of this new monetary policy theory. The theory, is that you don't have to borrow money. You can just print money. What that
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coins are gone, they are gone even if you have gold this one of those things is worth calling up and getting rather important. Information make sure that gold is right for you at eight six, six goldmine, that's one, eight six, six gold line, so Have you read the New York Times article about ufos. This has been going on now for a few years where you have old were laughed add conspiracy, theory blah blah blah. Now the government has sent several people that are like we are well we're pretty sure, wait what preacher. What there's a others. Guy has come out former deputy assistant secretary of defence for intelligence. He was his name is melon melon. What's his first name, I don't melon Christopher Melon water. Ellen I dont know anyway, he was talking about and I want to go We know that ufos exist. This is no longer an issue
The issue is: why are they here, where they coming from, and what is a technology behind these devices that we are observing. We know that ufos exists, that's no hungarian issue. The issue is: why are they here now. I am not an expert, but I'm I think there is a logical, explanation of why they're here the primary season for the Democratic Party and they all twenty of them needed to get up on stage and run for president. It's part of their take over. We see Twenty four spaceships land for the last couple months on end there all running for president of the United States as a Democrat, this makes more sense now careless,
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