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Masks, Blackface & Elon Musk: Double-Standard Insanity | 5/27/20

2020-05-27 | 🔗

Face masks have become a weird form of virtue-signaling. An MSNBC crew was caught red-handed in its mask hypocrisy. The coronavirus has hit blue states harder than red states, but guess how the media’s spinning it. Jimmy Fallon has gotten a pass after his blackface Saturday Night Live skit resurfaced. A video has gone viral after a woman lied to police that an “African-American man” was threatening her in Central Park. And a black man died after a Minneapolis officer pinned him down by his neck in a sickening video. SpaceX and NASA prepare for the first manned space launch by a private company. The Left has turned on Elon Musk. Was Norma McCorvey’s pro-life conversion all a lie as the new documentary “AKA Jane Roe” claims?

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kinds of stuff to get to today. Awesome, some angry people in this world, I'm not sure if you ve, noticed that no, what yeah a great many things among them, squaring because of course, if not wearing a mask, you are deliberately trying to commit genocide and that can't be tolerated no We have to banish at least banish everybody who won't where mask when they go outside or for that matter in, even if your inside, if you say in your house all day, you should probably were you should be wearing a mask yet that was seeming would do over Donald Trump was saying yesterday, when he was talking about, Biden has biting, was wearing a mask outside in front of the cameras and then after word Tromp was saying that likewise not wire and it inside with his wife, which it get out don't think we're supposed to where I mean I'm not wearing amendments I with my wife either I gotta be honest about it. If we're supposed to be doing that, I'm not doing it,
I know I am. I am trying to commit genocide. Why do you eat Emily suspended? But now it's bizarre its creates hard to keep track of what you're supposed to do. I had Shelly Lutheran last night machines. The does the salon owner here. Yeah Alice was the big story where she said you know what can open my shop, we know damn consequences, they put her in the outer in jail, Gregg, Abbot I came out to her defence and several other put roof of republican officials, yet not reverse than she spent. I think one thinks TAT one day and jealous was spent seven and I talking here about her situation and she's doing her. Business is obviously doing well she's been in the spotlight. Should I think she sent a really good job handling this. It's tough to get thrown in one of these situations, and I thought she's been a really good spokesperson, The idea of this is my business. I gotta be able to open it will We are doing our best to be trying to put food on the table for my family exactly and when you need people who are not
crazy, saying that right leg, you need any people who are then she does seem really normal. Very big she's good she's she's got on television cheese. Pretty she's, just a good like a good spokesperson. Anthea. Feel bad for her, though, in a way because, as I was talking to our aid, is realising that it was only two or three weeks ago, but she feels like at least only two or three weeks ago that she was doing this and choose reopening her shop and she was making a very public shelling of house was wearing a mask when she was doing this and how she was duties, sanitizing everything over and over again they were doing central, distancing, shoestring, every step perfectly and its seems like in the last few weeks, the mode the country has changed. His two almost be critical of that behaviour, as if it's a show of weakness right like there's no reason you can't do these things. And be safe. At the same time, the mass thing is is questionable. Like you know, obviously the CDC has gone back and forth on it, but there are things like try to stay. Art sanitizing as much. You can not
shaking hands, not doing that the pact gray make out with stranger thing. You could stay away from some of those things. That's not a bad. We shouldn't criticized businesses for doing that. You know that's a good thing and still doing it and has had no issues. There's been some case, another salons, where maybe some that's up, isn't going on and they have had issues so it like. This is not I don't think we should be critical of people who are saying in a what here's. What we think is the best practices and we're trying to do those things in a safe and well possible way. I think it's a good thing and I think good thing for our sight to show that we are not trying to be, reckless and put everybody it, but I don't wanna, be necessarily the people, they showed in the pool in the other. Sharks or whatever the labour illegally ozarks yesterday or the nine thousand people for a million reasons like I just came in,
Imagine how much money I don't want to leave, not the heart and that seen women. My rapidly I wouldn't go into that was cured the virus. I'd analogies, who knows how many other diseases you'd get exactly to many people, pat too many drinks long day there not yet now to the bathroom for every one of those soft snow was not happened, and so I want to avoid it. For that reason, mainly but God on the other side of it is, is probably more in that? So the woman in the grocery store just get paraded all for having a mask on man, and you know it's funny when you look at the new or you want to take the science and be responsible right, the mask, I think The science shows that there is some improvement. It's not it's on an end, its that masking to save you in every situation, but there's some improvement. On the other side of that one thing that is definitely shown. Is allowed talking concrete thousand
of droplets that can carry the virus. So when you're screaming at someone for not worry him ass, you are definitely doing something more dangerous than not wearing a basque, like the guy in the grocery store at all. The people around and the woman wasn't wherein the mask and the guy stand in six feet from her, but then he pulled down his mask and is yelling at the top of his lungs there much worse, spilling stuff all over the much worse Really, you know, but it doesn't matter if they again it's too, it's not it's not about the virus or the science or anything it's turning into this weird tribal thing. We're, like you know if you see some of them ass, it's ok to be a jerk to them, because I don't have a mask on then they're, just well they're trying to kill everybody, so we might as well be rate them because it shows our moral superiority over them like that. Not how you're supposed to look at this but is it see, irresistible for the american people. At this point it will have to play msnbc in Wisconsin. Did you see the report?
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And his foe times? Ten? Yes, yes, your worse than Adolf Hitler Times idea mean plus pol pot. Times and where Hookah speaking time and their hopes and their hopes. You have always got Romania, no goddamn killing myself with it. I just did those budgeted bigger the spot where the gutless made that wrote a book called gadgets, something like dinner, dictators are cameraman, the name of it, but he tracked down personal chefs of five murderous dictators them all set personal chef really and their hotel, or I don't mind alive. Apparently yeah there's still live somehow they made it through that experience and so talking about them from behind the scenes. Amazing amazing people and for my understanding, their basic, Their worst thing I ever did was not. Where mask
yet even paid every case every case. All five, though that's where they found where mouths yeah. Why that's why they were so evil? What bad people well MSNBC did a report on how bad these people are and particularly, I guess in Wisconsin there, so there so evil in Wisconsin that many people walk around out me open air without masks and here's the report you'll be shocked, so. The people there just not worried about it cow they not worried about their own personal safety, I have met anybody who is, I met some folks actually from lakes unable to live in the area. They were saying a few miles outside samurai. Were they set their worried about it? There worried about that? Second, like the word about those coming in from Chicago, but nor could we not at the same time. This is the place that relies on business nightly. People here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programmes so that they can stay close. But again, I think people felt like spring made the decision here and the that it was time to open up legacy.
Look at that nobody is. Where are you going again was it right there, so they paint around too good some passer by whose filming them cause. He notices that, oh by the way, your own crew isn't do What your accusing all of us of doing so I love that caused the amazing watching this video, if you're not watching on police tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, you're watching you see this guy I passed by turn around and it looks like a shark. Circling is prey cause. You know, what's come in any kind of walks around back there anyway, they turns back. The other way is like here You know that guy what a scream out to the reporter look he's gotta, because this guy just absolutely destroys him he's care murmur wearing a mask. So these people just one masks, including your own cameraman and the reporter,
including down those like? I was camera bans that do an area say that out, I was gonna get to a second, the hypocritical, cruel four minutes. Nbc is caught red handed. Let's see the rest of us Maisie nobody's where nobody's going again, He suffers images, cow Perry, count. Thank you very much and current review are ok So then he there's a little bit more where he walks around and you see him walking round, showing the not just the camera men who has no mass gun, but Elk at here
Therefore, this is his video now yet so this is from the guy showing the cameraman would know mask the MSNBC tripod operator has no mass again having amazing what to strive. Not seen this view in Hungary, where including a cameraman very there, you go back, I never would have to go. I love that's incredible. I just I absolutely love. The same thing happened with CNN reporter who did a shot on the beach life on the beach wherein the mask, and then people pictures of him walking back to his car with the mask in his hand and look that is the correct approach, There is no reason to believe wearing a mask side in the sun
is beneficial in really anywhere. You want to be electric careful and and be in an extra step hour. I would ever, but there's no reason to shame anybody in that situation. Rights. It's completely ridiculous. It's just virtue signalling, that's it! they ve been doing this on television over and over and over again, when you are outside by yourself. There is no reason: to be wearing a mask on television. It's absolutely redeem. Alice. There's no one, they did a study. We talk about this lesson is well there's study of three hundred and eighteen outbreaks in China at work, of them started outside one one of them and they out the current outbreak was to people. It is not it's just not one of these situations. Words easily spread. Now, it's not impossible doesn't mean. Should not you should never too a precaution but like this is the type of Typically, the government should be encouraging during this time, hey annals jam into a tiny bar inside and listened to cover bands. You know be great, though go to a beach
I'll be out. You could be outside give a little room between you, two, these extra safe but most likely you're gonna be ok there. That's it The thing that should be encouraging, instead its become You pointed out that this this like a little way of of of preaching you're virtue to everyone by showing your mask on television and it doesn't help anybody. It's just them trying to show. But they're on that team, but that the and I I love fact that their hypocrisy is just laid bare for everybody to see, because They always come into these situations within agenda. What do they really believe in what they're saying? Clearly? No, no, no! They don't
and I wouldn't be surprised if that reporter only war, the mask for the report and took off immediately after that yeah when he might not have because at this particular point because he'd been exposed, and so then he probably left at odd, but I'll bet the rest of the time he was in Wisconsin he's not wearing a mask now any news director worth assault today is going to his crew and saying you guys have that mass gun, the entire time it does. Come off for any reason, because they're gonna catch you, you know it's like it's like Hey we're plan. Parenthood were were auctioning off baby parts, hey guys. If someone comes in and look like James O Keefe don't sell em. Anything like there has to be a point where you get caught, you to be able to say, hey guys, take extra steps to defend against this. You have to imagine these people have gone through, This conversation now this is happened many times path,
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By opposing outside forces and to try to take overs country, so before there is any war or anything he decides to build bunker. Everywhere, so that the people could hide in them and fight back if they needed to so we built a hundred and seventy three thousand bunkers all across the country. And they all look the same. There's like these labelling of the little grey pimples on the on the landscape, all over the country, and now he died and leaves out of power there. All. Repair some of them. Then we to stores and like being in places where people live some of them very purpose, but the vast majority of them are just an disrepair but they're all over the place where the idea like- we gotta be ready and then they never had the or that they were thinking they were going to have an ever utilised and seventy three thousand of these things while so anyway, that's that's, that's part of historic, nice did he where Moscow did he wear my horse, not he's a dictator ha that's what they do while people were because they want, they have to scream there really loved speeches and Power
there must be able to do with a method and its reminiscent of Ralph North EM, who mandated the people when they go outside and his state wear masks, and then he is walking around taken selfies with people, not where Mask eighth there. Piracy is amazing, credible, but then we and out from her Aldo Rivera. Why wearing a mask is so very important. Here's her elbows thoughts, unmask wearing. Maybe? This is the secret to get people to wear masks stand by. Special resonance in your personality. Do you really be? Why t be, but the the arena, beautiful tt gangbanger teeth, whatever it takes to get you to wear the mask is doing just do as president not wearing of ass as a practical matter, the bubble in which he lived with everyone around him.
And then you and giving a social business and software is very little likelihood at this point, the president will contract virus, so wearing a mass is in a practical what its symbolic president refusing to wear masks a mass makes us feel foolish for wearing a man leads. I examine literally that that is that liberals, the The mass of the matter is: where are you? ask is helpful. It is also a fact that the matter there, from areas in the country have fewer infections, a lower infection rates than end. Eric yeah fat hello, hello component, to push through real in America and its understandable. That falls ideological lines, you know it's one of those things
read in America not so intact. It blew America much more. Why? Yes, when America Wrong, invented not merit wearing masks. It's because red. State run better and they're doing some of the right things, whereas in the blue states, not so much Cuomo, who is sending corona virus victims to nursing homes, to kill the people in nursing homes, which happened by the thousand by the thousands and irrelevant look that's been am this is they major story about: nursing homes, renovate up unhand. The deaths occur at this point or are nursing homes around the country. So it's been really really bad Cuomo, a few other states. I think Pennsylvania, did this and think New Jersey did. It is well same type of of guaranteed import of positive patients into the nursing homes, policy, which is a huge disaster. I it's gonna, be probably the worst single decision of the entire up a pandemic. I think, because
without that, if you like, if you We if we had tests at the beginning of this, and we were just according off nursing, was basically completely a totally different picket picture. There's not thirty. Eight million people unemployed, there's not a hundred thousand people dead you know neither one of those things are true. If just a couple of steps are taken that are a little smarter than things like Andrew Cuomo did, and even Cuomo is trying to blame trump for that decision. Unbelievable, we actually have the evidence of his health ordered that mandates that that day, they start sending these victims. To the nursing homes. Amazing, patents do for Glenn. Madeleine Back programme is the Glen Back Programme,
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dot com. The number one online retailer of custom window treatments in the world live in Stockholm. Your daily antidote to the socialism virus. You are listening to the Glen Back Programme, join, conversation. Eighty eight, seventy seven back it is, patents do in four gladdens on vacation this week, fascinating graphic, really spite Hugh Research, Pat looking at the covert deaths in red and blue districts for some reason. This is a thing we're doing now, where we're just breaking this along political lines. To try to prove points. I guess on politics at an even understand what the point of something like this would be but the I guess the idea for from their perspective is look. Let's illustrate the fact that, there's a big decrease in democratic districts and there hasn't been a big decrease in republic.
Districts. That's that led the two years have said since MID April covered nineteen deaths have declined in democratic districts, but have been relatively stable and republican districts and ever full graph to illustrate the weapon. What has happened now Anyone who would think about this for a moment would say: well the worst, happened in New York, New Jersey in Connecticut, an they ve had a big decrease, but from a terrible peak right now, so we would say: ok allotted democratic districts there. It would makes they were decreasing, where an estate like Texas, but never had a huge flare up, makes sense for them to decrease decreased from what rate like they have. Those already loves already low. That's that will be your just right at the top, your head Pressure of someone who said that right, yes, well, shockingly enough. That is exactly what the graph shows and the graph actually illustrates, that the republican peak in deaths was too
per regulates. The average two hundred thousand started piglets. I think it's just two per million four hundred thousand to four hundred thousand another is that they grow not labelled exactly correctly but point being. They would have a ratio they're using your two for the Republicans was the peak and it has decreased slightly to one point. Seven on the democratic site It peaked at seven point four, so that almost four times as many as it ever was in a republican district and it decreased. Large because of that northeast area, down to four point one He was still more than twice as high as the peak more than twice as high as the Greek, which situation that you rather have would render the republican situation. We pick it too and fall to one point seven, or would you rather have the democratic situation? We peek at seven point four and decrease to four point one now that is
Obviously, it's obvious when you look at a graph you'd much rather have the republican situation. The deaths have been much much lower. Your title, that graph the summary being that there's been a decrease in democratic districts but stable and republican because that impression you're trying to sell amazing. What are you trying to send their? What's the impression republican governors of open up the states and their paid the price right bushes Obviously not the story of that graph. The disorder that graph is Democrat, handled this poorly. At the beginning, waited too long, we had p like Andrew Cuomo, who I mean HU, I hate to criticise, Andrew Cuomo by by saying EL the Plaza, was right on something but Cuomo was out there Lighting bill De Palacio up saying we are never going to close New York and, Four days later closes New York right right. There they blew this from the beginning in the worst possible way. We talked
but the nursing home policy we talked about it wasn't until MID May, where they were saying. You know what new policy announced, but we're going to clean the subway cars why? What a brilliant idea there- Andy what how that's a Europe you're right, I'm a cutting edge of fighting this virus act. We already have tens of thousands dead. You thinking. Clean a subway car. What a good idea. That's a good idea- and he is the worst, the ambient more in the Andrew Cuomo Timeline on students, America tonight, because I last time I did that we talked about this on Friday, I started in March, I was gonna. Do the entire time might have all these mistakes that could only get through the first two weeks of march so now. I need you to instruct you two weeks of March levels or from their. This series could end like, but we after the election, I think this could take. Eighteen money could be able to get a good listener. This, though, in a very rarely do we hear a
of a news network come out make one of these accusations have been made against Georgia and Texas in Florida and when it and go their way in their way is a bunch of people dying so think about what their way is for a second, but when it wasn't doesn't on their way they they never revisit it right. They just move out like that. They they hit Georgia. They said there can be huge outbreak didn't happen. Then they said okay. Well, what about Texas that didn't happen? What our Florida hasn't happened. All these things have gone over and over again because they find the Red State governors now Colorado has eight the credit governor who Mr Rehder on around the times of these other states, and is that no criticism whatsoever Minnesota is having a much worse time right now with over nineteen than any of these southern states, and they don't get any criticism either, because that's just the way this works, I will give a little bit a credit to NBC, NEWS who actually revisited their Georgia predictions the other
Did they and their tone was? They actually said there was no major spike in cases which is good and the fact that they did. That is something we have very low expectations, the media at this point and the fact that they would even acknowledge that said these things in retrospect is impressive. However, one other thing things if you remember when they, when Georgia started opening up salons and such they said a lot of people, critical if you remember famously the Atlantic Rana Headline, it's a Georgia's experiment in human sacrifice. That was a headline gay and that was that, one of the coverage all over the left including MSNBC of NBC News who day after day after day after day lighting this up really, be criticism, do acknowledge the criticism list to the end to hear its criticism? They highlight.
Last month, Georgia was one of the first states to reopen and with the most aggressive approach, allowing barbershops restaurants, tattoo parlours and more to welcome customers. The criticism came in droves, Joel the governor. Very simply that I disagree with this decision, but he has to do what he thinks is right: one piece of criticism made. Five georgian president Rob yeah right because he's been this guy who's been all over run of anti opening the economy up. They couldn't find anything from Rachel Matter on their own network. They can mainly from Chris Haze and their own network. It can buy anything ever NBC News. They couldn't find anything confinement Atlantic headline they couldn't find the dozens and dozens of headlines saying everyone was going to die in Georgia. The only then they can they can muster up for criticism was the one time president Trump say I think your opening up tattoo, parlours and and and massage parlors a little early. That's the only way boy came, but that was the the
the thrust of all the criticism. If you remember pat and land, they brought that back unbelievable. It really is pathetic. Just admit it like you should shouldn't, we all be thrilled. You were wrong on that. And it's not to say that they will not have an flare up at some point. They may clearly. Your impression of what reality was was incorrect here, if you looked, the mobility data? You would realise that almost every state in the union is coming out of locked out at the same pace, whether the governor says so or not, has to do with people realising you know what we can't sittin here forever. We d go, do these things, let us be careful and that happening all over the country, and so wouldn't be surprising to you. If you understood the data, that is it's not what things were the governor says: ok to stay open and everyone rushes to the doors, that's not what happens. People are doing this same thing it was true when we went into lockdown people went in
lock down before the governors said they had to go into lockdown because they were trying to be careful with our own lives saint. They hear their trying be careful with our own economy, their training out there be careful in and go back to work and None of us should be surprising to you. If you follow the story at any level of death, if you're just sitting here in this normal back and forth cable news box thing where two boxes are once I heart that we should open it up. I think we should close it down if that's your life- You're not can understand the story at all. When you look the data. There is no difference between. We know. A state like Georgia is force coming out and being more mobile and visiting retail stores in all these other things and tons of others there's, not really difference there, sir, areas they have opened up that are different than other states, but generally thinking, there's there be no reason to believe Georgia would have a big outbreak anyway, as opposed to another state, but they don't care, but that's not their goal. Their goal is to try to trash the bread,
didn't trash. Republicans, teams, teams, teams, teams, teams, it's just unending, and usually they don't even once Dave made their prediction that all health break loose in Georgia, because there are opening up way too soon, and then what that doesn't happen. Would all hell doesn't break loose? They usually don't even go back and report on that so they don't say anything about it, it's it's kind of amazing that think what was said by the media. Even though yeah you know they use Trump as their as their proof. Albion, people attacking the beating of unbidden that report up that part of it, but I do actually legitimately appreciate yet when they do that any does add to their credibility. Yes, you know it really. Does you at least will listen to them furthermore, these new networks said you know what gash. We really thought. This is going to happen and we were totally wrong on it. I'm not sure why we're to try to figure it out and get it right next time. That goes a long way with people. My
people are fine without approach. I think so. You know I mean that's what we try to do with there's been plenty times that we ve blown stuff and you just go and you say, look look. This is why I thought it you. You heard my rationale. And this is what I try to do next time to get to get better. That's all you can do tat, because It doesn't fit the agenda. You they They are so good at just not reporting it pretending. It didn't happen, for instance, what Youtube is doing with hydroxide. Chloric went They were they just censored. The video where medical doctors, these are doctors and say hydroxyl clerk when might help treat covert nineteen so them they remove that part of the video from from the Youtube videos. I I mean way if we might we're in the Middle EAST as scientists that are in the middle of dozens of studies on Hydro urged Hydroxyl clerk went right now, including statewide study and South Dakota, but there is not
statewide to study. Here I mean it's all over the world live in setting this, so this was a Cheryl Atkinson full measure, news report and she was examining the possible benefits of hydroxide clerk when, as a treatment and the possible financial interests some parties have in down playing the drug and promoting a separate treatment. The rim disappear at You notice there not bashing that Yeah, that's it that's a weird one too, because that was it run. Disappear was mentioned by Trump in these same press conference, as you have drunk the clerk went running this idea. That Trump is out there promoting Roxy clerk when because he's trying to be right and show that you, he also call them disappear thing and remind of your has shown a clinical study that has proved outcomes now spend. Some studies have Hydroxyl clerk went that showed mixed results. Some really good, some, not so great right but, like I like Trump, Frumps court quote false hope from that press conference was not false. We let me know
we found out. You came out and so has the same thing. It had helped. Some people have some people. We know there was an ABC News executive who was who who claims it cured him enough? There's a study in France of a very well respected doctor, who is a little bit of a renegade, so there's question about whether he's right or wrong on this, but he had a study that showed incredible. Proven by Hydroxide Clark went and read this, but my truck but they re trying to say this thing where Trump, blamed for Hydroxyl clerk when, if it doesn't work out but gets done it for I'm just severe also mentioned in the same press conference. If it does work out which both out she felt she and Burke's have talked about the benefits of rum des if you're already and by the way there are some dry extreme disappear as well, then they're not talking Those men in thing about Hydroxyl when that they can say, like people die from it as well.
You, don't know how to administer it or you administrate wrong and not in conjunction with the right combination of drugs and then ya think that things can happen certainly generally safe to take. You know I mean it's been- take people been taken for seventy years. People with Lupus have to take it everyday people with certain types of all sorts of elements in owed. Take it It's a malaria is obviously the one it was initially designed for, but it's not just use for that. Look. Why wouldn't we try these things, you go back to what she has said many many times, which is more of let's look the stuff. I don't know: no doctors don't now, let's tested, and so there testing it and we may find other data and help anybody, or maybe it only helps a very small subset of people whatever it does. Let's find out
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black face a lot, I guess very eyed, and yet the time it was perfectly acceptable back. I guess, although win was, was the we'll be Goldberg. And I remember that what is TAT damned incident, in the nineties had to be in the ninety. Yes, I think it was an people were a little upset. But that, but nobody it seems, I dont remember any outrage over felons appearance on Saturday. Night live in two thousand woody dresses up in black face not only to dress up in black face, but then he imitates a black men. Chris Rock and he doesn't fit for a relatively good job like it was a very good job out. But then, in addition to that, the joke is about how you can invite people on who wants to be a millionaire that are black because you'd have
Ask them questions like how much crack did Rick James due weight wines? Woe really! Those are the questions you would as I like. Is that? Ok, that's all right! I don't make sure I understand that does not feel all right to me, but that is no again Do I think Jimmy Fallon is a racist know what it means the differences in the way this is treated, as is fascinating. We should get into that, although the today out. That's because it is amazing that I mean we ve talked about the double standard a billion times is it's really amazing. How often the double standard is put into practice. Blade. Seventy seven be easy cave or patents Super Glen or neglect back programme coming up, We'd patents do this week: Tripoli, seventy seven be easy Kay. Video. That's not new boats, twenty years old from Saturday Night live where Jimmy Fallon dresses up in
lack face for a bit has resurfaced. For some reason, kind of interesting that it would. It would come up right now, but here is an instance where b c apparently didn't feel the same way in two thousand, as they felt in two thousand eighteen about black face because Jimmy Fallon still has a job. Whereas you look at somebody like Megan Kelly whose crime was so agreed. Just she actually talked about black face. She asked a question about being in black and the question was, if some one more to dress up kid we're talking about kids one day at the time Where was Halloween and the thing if someone were to dress up to essentially honour someone, who they appreciated fibre. Diana raw spinal answer, your dress up as Diana Ross and you use black face. Would that be the same. That was basically request. Right. Yes, and that question
was so horrible was kinda murder right. They had do I really was an end and get rid of her. Which is amazing. Now we ve have covered how many other times this is poverty. Where whether you are headed the state of Georgia Virginia or this country of Canada, or whether you are Jimmy Kimmel with Coral Malone, oh yeah, wish that right totally file may totally fine and again, there was note that wasn't even end. Nothing to do with making Kelly's question. Means that this question was about something much less controversial right like up. Let's Eric whose dressing up and maybe doesn't even understand the the lines there an dresses up as someone they appreciate or even an adult, doing that, but in a complementary way these were all critical or mocking
a person who they were impersonating Carl Mama was just being shown. Basically is dumb. The whole joke was like you can't talk right now It was the whole joke about Car Malone. Gb Kimmel in black, face a saying, calm alone can't talk That is why our there's nothing more to it There is no larger point. There was no mean Sarah Silberman, whose a comedian as well and super left as well, apparently law the job, because she dressed up in black face as well, recognising a pattern here on the people who are using the black this situation, but I mean silberman, because a real argument to say it's ridiculous. She was doing it. Essentially mocking racists right. Let you yes she's, utilizing black face she's using it in a way to mock people who are who are racist, that as it should be. If you're going to use blackberries. That would be the one time you'd think he'd be able to do. It
I don't know why you wanna. Do it not something that that I've ever entertained? Barely everybody in Hollywood, like I can't wait, wait, I'm gonna find a reason to use. This is gonna, be wonderful Sarah Silberman is making a point against racism and still losing jobs because of it. Jimmy fallen is now his tapers come out here. Famously Dunna Chris Rock impression before on Saturday alive this time he did it in a very interesting way visually here it is
now we're talking. Where is the guests were not allowed? A black fulfilment of the crisis has had a question like imagine anyone having to gather cracked it rejects any regard. Zebra brother, Charles, enable castle of airport. I those are just jokes again that This racially oriented stereotypical jokes, like black people, know a lot about crack. Is the joke? Yeah? That's that's what the joke is there. The black people know a lot about crack and black people. Like sneakers. I again like do I
that Jimmy followed is a racist, no of wood. Tryst rock actually makes some of those jokes. Maybe I'm increase rock. Does a lot of that type of humor he's doing an impression of Chris Rock, but the devil standard is it possible to ignore here impossible you know Jimmy Fallon. There's no reason to believe he's some big racist, that's doing these sorts of things, but it is a situation where. Megan Kelly for asking a question on the same network gets fired and this is this is something there actually airing not that long ago, this, not nineteen, seventy five or goin back to its. It is in this century to fifty two years ago, it's a more it's an amazing development. Yet again it is he's apologized for it. He has yeah
so, did Megan Kelly and that didn't do her any good now, but I'm sure all forgiven already which we feel it is perfectly fine, don't worry about it. You know, if you play by their standards. He should be fired right it if you're going to apply the same standard too, everybody else's. You applied to Megan Kelly, then he asked to go to and look there's. Suck and I dont want embracing the right. I know you suck, I don't either and I think it would make an Kelly they utilised that moment because they didn't like her reporting of that was critical of NBC for sexual harassment and other things can be utilised. That is a way to do it. The target her but the so there are other things at play here, but Right, pat him in it is the hypocrisy. Is it's a measurable and they have no, they don't care about it. They don't care that their being hypocritical right. While they don't because nobody's gonna hold them accountable, so
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the purpose of Halloween to dress up and pretend you're something other than yourself to which a studio audience applauded, but what is racist? She asked because truly you do get in trouble if you're a white person who puts on black face on Halloween or a black person who puts on white face for Halloween like back when I the kid that was ok, as long as you were, dressing up is like a character so again, Why is this person in prison why is she in the middle of some chain gang the outbreak? It rocks the only thing you can fly to do in this situation at, I just can't I s hard to get over. You know it's like. I don't understand why. There are so many examples of this seems like its constant, You lie to me, though, One of the things that always gets lost in these in these moments is what is the actual intent. What does them-
innovation behind what the person is trying to do guy. You know what that context doesn't matter. It always matters, it always matters no matters income put like if you catch some saying the inward really really right, well quoting someone else. Is it s? Bad? Probably, right like you. If you're quoting a court trial that you know it's, probably not as bad. There are the count does matter what is the intent of the person, the intent of Megan Kelly to ask an honest question: asked why we draw these lines. This is why she mentions right. Black people messing up his white face or not common. Apparently, not at all offensive concerning a movie white chicks came out and was total is totally accepted, at least at that time. I don't know what you could do that again. Maybe you could, coming the other way- I don't know, but her in Clearly, there is just do what investigate our
own moral lions to see if they make sense right, then all she's doing there with with Jimmy Fallon, it's his intent you go out there and you say you know what black people are bad. Think so I dont that would not be consistent with anything. I know about the guy it seems to be that he's trying to imitate the stuff, of Comedy and the voice of Chris Rock, who would do material like that, and it would be fine because it would be acceptable for him to do that type of material right. That is important. Look but you gotta Ralph north them. What's his intent? what's the intensive of what's his face, Trudeau in Canada, You know I mean these, were these are a little bit different. I think when it comes to those stories and what we see intent, like you mentioned with with Jimmy kimmel- that one to claim it liners in dumb heard over again Khartoum alone he was caught. You would literally calling him illiterate,
at least illiterate, and we are making fun of Joe Biden because he's had if you notice a few issues. I have noted your area really because, apparently or not black, if you consider voting for someone else, which is an amazing Mason thing to discover, I think, for many african Americans around the country. While I didn't realize I was not black and I didn't realize it was he, who decides? Yes, I didn't know Joe Biden decided echoed if I didn't know that either ha, but you go back to his commentary on Barack Obama when he said This is the first clean, articulate black black man is a story. Folk is, in other words, that they, God for Republican ever utilised at an end. You know, speak coherently, is the definition of to speak coherently mobility, exactly what Jimmy Kimmel was doing in his frequent appearances on his shows, Coral Malone, where he would talk about how the
I couldn't speak. He can say anything is referring to herself and third personal time. We want the best basketball players of all time. Hollow famer of very underrated top fifteen player, maybe a top ten Blair, nurture a great all time player in it and seemingly by all, the reports is a really good guy No reason there wasn't like he was involved in a massive scandal that he was going after him. He just went Amber and because he thought he talked funny as a black person, which is fleetly unacceptable completely. Unless you Jimmy Camel who you know what he really that's fine liked Obamacare! So it's ok you now he really doesn't like the Republicans he's mean to them all the times of. That's fine, but I Think Jimmy Kimmel gives a break to some Republican who, dressing up as a black person to make fun of the way he talks. I mean, Why even have to say the words it so blatantly obvious? He would not treat that as an oak The thing to do. Apparently we're all disposed to ignore it. That's it.
That's our role here is just sit back and say. I wish to point that out. It gets more credibility if you actually admitted these things and said hey. This is where a double standard lies and in a more ram. Yes, we're being unfair here they don't we don't care, but just don't care, Tripoli, have Ado seven be easy case more in a minute. no matter where you are in the? U S memorial day weekend is happening everywhere and blinds dot com. The number one online retailer of custom window treatments in the world is celebrating, with their memorial day savings wines, dot com makes it simple: the shop top quality interior, blind, shade, shutters and outdoor shades. We easy online ordering and free shipping would blinds dot com. Making your home more beautiful is so easy and, with our huge memorial day, savings it's more affordable than ever blinds dot com
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in an area where birding is going on, pan burning birding. The border I know, of no. You eat lot of birds. Yeah he's just now. You know that I'm mostly vegetarian leg, you yeah, but few birds, chicken, the just tickets and F Pheasant, Adam Pheasant, you know I'll eat a little fish sure that's not a bird though now, but that's not a barrier, but I'm just you know it's one of your rules. Are you occasionally will break as a very yes? Yes as well, you know some pig pork product right MA am Bacon sausage kind of things, also on the same sandwich. Yes and then of course, beef. You know burgers sure stakes, row first, but you never eaten risking a ductile platypus, nothing else. I've never eaten a polar bear or any manner a bare wrangling from will haunt no never eat
you have a candle and will harm the right. We ve never stopped by the. What mark I haven't behind Alan for donor? I have not people find that hardly master by us, because it gives you a vegetarian leanings and why that's the only reason this right, so this getting the this guy's in any he's, looking those birdwatching right. This is what they're doing in this power and the areas designated. So people can look at birds. So you can't let your dog walk through without a leash, because the ether hurtsthem chastened down and eat the patent so he's he seems to be encouraging this wound by feeling filming her with his phone too but her dog on a leash, she's pissed off by this, doesn't want. We filmed and basically says I'm going to call the police on you and tell them an african American is threatening me and my talk and then she does it. She actually calls the police and says an african American is threatening me, my dog, and what s interesting about this is you know she's. Now had massive repercussions? She's lost her job, which you, you said TAT a hundred and seventy thousand dollars ear. Nea big gig financial firm. That's one,
she has had to give her dog back to the humane society because that she was kind of holding dog Chavez. It was not focused on the dog which is holding the dog back with the lesion serfs. Looking like she's right wrangling, the dogma that was not a comfortable position for the dog to be in anti. Were pointing out. It looked borderline, abusive, not borderline, abusive and so now the point where she her life has been completely ruined over this experience. She did not seem like she was in the right in it scary thing that she feel that it's ok and effective tool essentially threaten the police to come and she's almost pointed out in a way of life. If I tell them in African Americans harassing me, they're gonna believe me, because your black, which is not a good look at, hopefully, is lying by both my most police officers. Certainly none that I've ever talk to. But there are, examples of this, as we will talk about this hour, so this goes
through this whole situation. Her life has now been Nino destroyed over this interaction that I think The obviously was on her now We ve actually escalated to this point where the guy, who fit was filming. Her initially is like okay. This is enough, like she's had enough here guys why the guys, you graduate certainly cool of really cool early, calling to say that but here's. The incident that happened here is what happened in Central Park please don't come close to me. Please, on compulsory. Please don't come close to please. Please call, please call the plant African American meant about in my life. Tell them whatever you like?
and there she is gonna strangling the dog and she just not focusing on it. I mean roaches, obviously not right, but the dog is really struggling and she just holding it in the air by the mighty MAC. I used my God. How do you threatened her ears? He lived At least you haven't monotonous? What we myself am I don. I'm sorry, I can't imagine a bramble familiarly. Thank you. She's would any says. Thank you when you finally gets a leash on the dog. You thank Sophia faces lies as eyes. It was nice polite moment in the middle of that. What's really fascinating about this. Is she
knows, she's being recorded their own a thing happening to her she's, acting as if she's terrified by this guy literally, is watching him film her. What did you think what's gonna happen? She's the one coming close to him coming at him, not the other way around. Yes, socially, at no point in any danger, and so It's really really bad. Should she can have some some level of repercussions from Adam randomly this. Should she sighed our life be destroyed? You know, I don't think I would come back to this to an end. I maybe this is just the conservative in me talking, but it's like happen with wood. The Charlotte Charlottesville marchers, when their watch your eye, Jews, will not replace us with their loyalty, torches, regional situation yet well that the left went to work and they found every face. A crowd and try to identify who they were and where they were from and where they worked in all those things they found this one guy who was at the rally Obviously he was a racist had posted racist things online and he
at a hot dog stand in California. I think it was an answer that got him fired from the hot dog stand now. I I dont? Why? If I had a choice, what I wanna racist serving me? How does I probably not want that to happen, and that would be my first choice, however, the racial preference of a hot dog A person serving the hot is not all that important to my daily life and end of the day they got him fired where? What does that leave us all of us all paying for programmes so that this racist, considered home on line posting on message boards, probably and planning, is next rally, instead of being at work being a productive part of society, at least in some way. Is this a win for us
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say must do so. While you don't hear it immediately preceding this show, but later on today, you here yet stewed as America available on pot cast it on Youtube. Just search for stew, you'll see it so please DR and check it out. We we always appreciate that glens out this week. Its patents do for Glenn were talking a little bit about some of the other racial issues. I would say that are going on everything from Jimmy fallen to a big, a and interaction in central park, to now only Minneapolis, which is so. Disturbing in horrific, a man employees who are responding to a man who is sitting on top of somebody's car. I guess and I think he was inside the car by the time the cops got there and Now the police say that he resisted arrest and Anna I've heard that when they pulled him out of the car he was resisting somewhat but later and after they got him in the calves, he's walking with the cop down the sidewalk, not resisting at all
Then he sort of leans back and sits down against a wall on the sidewalk, the cup to it tells him to get up and he gets up comply, they walk back around the police vehicle still not so resisting he's not doing anything then he's down on the ground and the cup. What's his knee in his neck and throat area he's down on the ground with his hands behind his back handcuffed and the car has his knee on his neck for a full, seven minutes and the I plead with him multiple times. Please I can't breathe. Please I breathe. I hurt stomach hurts I heard everywhere and I can't breathe. It tells him over and over, and so do the people surrounding yandah bystanders who were whore, recording it on their phones are telling him look you're killing this guy get off of him and he doesn't
and he doesn't listen to anybody. He in fact it look like a kind of drives me deeper into the back of his neck and then put his hand in his pocket here. As he said, they're, doing it none of the plan Officers that are within the other three they evolve, hired by now, which it is not sufficient. They need to be charged with crimes. Murder or not- a joint homicide, I don't know what the exact charges, but they killed the guy the the officer killed, killed the man It was really her fixing it. Comprehensible to suit to watch, How just look? I am big supporters of the police supporter- and I know anyone and these borderline situations a lot of times eyes side with the police. Honestly, because you know they are in a situation where they should. Rationally fearful. Or their lives initiated in these moments? Often
families to get home to two eyebrow Britain that this is not the situation and seemingly in this area is no reason for what this guy did. I can't I'll recent a can comprehend of one honestly, like I tried going to try to figure out what's their argument here. Their argument seems to be well. They had the power they could do whatever they wanted, seems to be the defence here, which is not a good defence there. There is no reason to eat like there's not a moment and in the video is when on the ground you get all of it. I think there's not a moment where they just say to the guy look I understand your uncomfortable, I am going to let some of this pressure off if you move a muscle, I'm doing it again now. Opportunity for him to just lay there and play right right, They never gave him an opportunity. Lay there completely and say: look here is a too you, it's yourself, I'm going to have to do some, I'm going to put my knee back here.
They'd never gave him even the chance now there is not one moment where they have any empathy or sympathy or a moment of humanity for this man when he's begging pleading that I can't breathe. You would think if it's just because there being recorded by other peep right self preservation, Jack just get off him, it doesn't look like you're killing the guy like there's, not a moment where the I can't briefing reminds you of AIR Garner big story, come on We have to be reminded of that, and just say, like look you're, not one of these other officers that goes up as dude like when a bee in this next Friggin Erin Garner. Sorry, let's just get off his now scarf his neck, he's not doing anything if he moves and do it again and you'd have an argument that right like there, let's get him up and put him in the back of a courier, exactly get up in their. If you do anything else, your major trouble put the frigate
stand in the way it is all too easy, or on an antenna without pressing the the electrification button for lack of a better word. As you know, not an officer, but you know you put him to bed say if you do anything, we're gonna burn them. They gonna jam this button down and suck for you, so don't do it at least give him a chance to comply. Nothing like that now thing like that, and that is really, starving you know. Sometimes there may be part of this that we haven't seen that would it spleen why they were so why they they handled it, in a very much more aggressive way than you would expect like. Sometimes there is an interaction where they have something: maybe they maybe he did fight back in a way that we didn't see, but none of that what we have soldiers who go to war and capture
Al Qaeda members and ISIS members and real glitterings like this to them right like it, doesn't matter what they ve done once they get to a place where they are not fighting back and they are there, they have no ability to do anything. We know we celebrate here in this country the fact that we send our fighters to foreign wars where they have killed thousands of our own people- and we still don't do this to them. We are. We have massive debates of whether were allowed to pour water and delete shake Mohamed or not. We don't you can and do this and the fact that you would do it in a situation where you know you're on camera, and you know the history, you know the context of the situation and you know how this is going to be viewed. You know people are going to see it happen and you know the risks and you disregards and your disregard all of it, because why the right why
again we'll have a trial. We don't just before. We know we're not gonna assassinate this guy industry, because you did something he should go new processes should be due process that he should definitely be charged. I think was something something, and I don't know exactly what it would be. I think negligent negligent the homicide- or some sort of high lot or land. Whenever sounds write to me, they may be to the category where it's possible to charge them for murder. That might be appropriate here I mean it looks. It looks that bad certainly done always hold back, is to try to understand whatever context you're missing, but in reality, unless there's something I can't even think of what the what the thing would be. Now that would justify this behaviour on the ground face down with his head handcuffed behind his back. What's he gonna do there's nobody could do and it's it's so disturbing because of how many
fantastic officers that we have and how great the ITALY are. Yes, you kit and as plays right into the whole hysteria about the cops just kill in black people left and right, which is not the case? You know we always say this about other groups right. We say this about reach. ISIS moments ago, when there's a terrorist attack is, is yes, of course, and also how bad it is, the most important people to say how bad this is. Our other muzzle if there's a muslim terrorist attack, if ices is responsible, is wiping Exuded Jasper are so important to come out and yes, that behaviour is completely wrong. Those people are doing the wrong things that, but that There is also a good section of our community as well in their great people, police officers now to have credibility. To do that now we have. Also take a step back when you talking about what's going on and what seems to be coming as far as protests. In all of this we,
a decent amount of murders in this country, more than any of us would like they go on are often when they happen, when a one, a black, and kills a white person. It is not appropriate to say- black people are responsible for that person. Individual who commits a crime, is the one responsible for it, the same way everybody needs to rent. Remember this today the same way that when one police officer, let's say he's guilty completely of murder, which again and looks like to me, I know no legal expert, but if he is we we should not hold other cops responsible for that behaviour. Number one and number recognised that these two are terrible and they happen, and we have a system to deal with them. The best way that we can, if that's, some reacts the way it's supposed to do. We can all be really pissed off, but that does not mean that we should reader may be. A burning down cities right from its the way that that should work. They do not fired immediately
my guess is they get charged within a few days when there, as their gathering evidence there has to be? time for this system to play out, but I don't think it's going. Take long and there plenty of evidence. They had. We been informed by the police department that they all had their body cameras on. Others, there's that evidently and the people who were filming it that were bystanders begging, the police to get off of him and the law seemed to him and ease up a little bit. Then in fact several of them said you're killing the guy. Then he was motionless after awhile and they still covers Edna easy. There deal kept his knee and his neck and throw at the very least the guy had passed out at that point at the very least, might have been already dead by the he might be dead and it, but you think of like, if you're, in a situation where you're being restrained or you some like the sun was choking. You write like your body is going to do everything it can to protect against that right. You're going to eat your chins going to be push down, you're going to tighten your neck, it's going to give you some level of protection when you,
ass out, you stop doing that railway. So now everything just collapsing on top of each other, the windpipe is closing and the fact that you any suffocated I just it's it's inexplicable, horrific in others thing where mistakes do happen in police work, if you there can be a bad incident. It could be something we're your try. You don't realize the innocent is happening. Any react you think it's is threatening, and you know people been shot in that way. All terrible not this. This is it this. It develops over a long period of time, there's nothing putting their its inexplicable It does not necessarily mean- and this is my guess worth pointing out- don't necessarily mean they were doing it because they wanted to kill a black tie. It could just be The police work right now. I think, there's its possible to avoid the racial parts of this, clearly going to be part of the conversation
necessarily mean they. They left the house that day there are like you know. What I'd like to do today is find a black person, but my knee on their throat, but it doesn't like that part is separately can be a part of the conversation, but separated Hu, the person is it. It just seems to be absolutely horrific police work at the very least an you know, maybe maybe if the guy resisted at the very beginning which, by I didn't seek as it was in on this particular video. Maybe that pissed off to the point where I'm just gonna be on this guy's neck, it might not have been racial, he just might have anger may have taken hold. It doesn't exist at all, no, not in the least what it is it is it a lot of times. That is the factor like yeah. You see this is happening, whereas the good example of this was in the interval of us at last year, where the guy in Pittsburgh hit the figures, the quarterback with it in his head, what it is but care. You have to remember that two two players it was. It was the guy you hit the quarterback in the head with his helmet at the end of that game and
a lot of criticism hook. Obviously, he's gonna get suspended. All this thing in his his come back to that was he called me. The inward now no evidence of that the NFL went through all the tapes did not find any evidence of it. There is no reason to believe it. Actually occurred and nobody else apparently heard it right there. Nobody else sorted either, including other african Americans, who were there, did not hear it right, but the bigger part of that is, it still would not justify what he did exactly would under you'd, be understanding why he be pissed off about it you'd understand, yeah, he's pissed off. You go call the racial sir, but that does not me, you hit an unprotected ahead without helmet at full speed. Not ok, even if you need to call that and then I think, a lot of times we get locked up in a well well, well how? Why did he? What was it innovation. Why? What did this guy do something wrong did commit a crime all of things are immaterial too. What the action was at the end there, the guy is, even if you wanna take the
It's where he's a weakened, dismiss them the guy clearly at some point passes out any still keeps this is me on his neck. I'm sorry you just. I can't find any justification. I can't find anything other then This seems to be a case where whatever the legal maximum is, is where it should and here too late. Seventy seven be easy, get back. We all shop online specially right now, but you can do it a better way with honey honey. Is the free online, shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo codes and apply them to your card, download honey to your computer and shop.
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girl, who plays the knight rider theme, I love on the cello and split it into a different parts, and it's really well done really good stuff. Ever seeing that the guys who play that one of the call, I think, they're called to tell us cause two guys with two chosen one of the keys to guys to childlike. Doesn't I dont know site, but don't know it's ridiculous, but they play version of a CD sees thunderstruck and on the cello and its awesome you ve never seen it apparently now that I cannot answer is reminiscent of that, but she's really good. Maybe maybe we'll take a few minutes and employ that later on, in just a break up some of the insanity in the racism in the use of the death and yeah and and indeed all the that, the goal of a media just to blame Trump for everything. I do not want a hearing a lot about Brazil right now with corona virus, which air
totally control right now there and tough shape yeah they actually for the first time that I have listed at least since the it states. Obviously, a big country took over the lead. If you want to say that daily deaths from covered nineteen somewhat past we have today, which was Brazil while Brazil is totally out of control and the only way it would only have you ever hear anything about it is the our present, it's just like Trump that's right now. It's not true he's inner certainly has this populist leanings, but he's to about one thousand. Our at this What you are much needed, but the other had over thousand people died yesterday and they don't seem to have it under control at all. They certainly not have our medical system, some big problems coming at a Brazil right now as a triple eight. Seventy seven be easy gates patent stupid one on a glimpse programme
what times do this week for Glen who is on vacation eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k story day today, because there's gonna be a launch of a spacecraft, that's the first ever shorter aberration between the government of Spain Jesse NASA and a private industry, a private buddy Ilan Mosques Space Ex, so the rocket is from space ex, but there was a lot and ass help in this. There was a lot and NASA money in it like three point one billion and they helped developed this thing because their astronauts are going to be using it and so this will be the first time since two thousand and eleven that we ve space launch from the United. States of America, because we haven't had a space vehicle, since two thousand eleven win Obama cancelled the programme, the this space shuttle programme with nothing to replace it with so we ve been space hitchhikers ever since
and every time we go into space with with now, astronauts in the last nine years. It cost us a hundred million dollars to do that with the Russians from cows extent she's. So, finally, We ve got space acts. Who has this rocket developed this crude dragon? It's there dragons space vehicle- that is It has a manned crew. This time, for the first time ever in this, particular adventure. So it's it's a big deal, it's a big day today and at four thirty eastern they'll be launching, provided the weather is ok and they can do it and has been
impressive. I mean the musk Spacex has been impressive, though they have had about a view of all reflect its blow up, yeah this type of rocket as well to write and low up on the watchman. Yes, so there is some worry here: yes, not to say that they, the is there's always worry, and one of these missions by NASA has put the risk at one in two hundred and seventy six and both Astronauts we're gonna, be in the vehicle of said, were completely comfortable with that as you can imagine where you would imagine. Astronauts would be, but I think most of us would say that's all too I not one and two hundred and seventy six million, and here I want to do it exactly one and two hundred and seventy six, yeah nerve, racking, very much so in Iraq. It is that is a that. Those are not, you want your life, notably wagered on hum know about it. These guys, of course, have worked
endless amount of time for twenty years to try to try to do this in their dream and then and they ve been trained in all of us, and that is a hold on the role that space world as a whole a whole another world I was reading a book about this recently is about Ten mesmeric book, I love but measured books, but he is about dumb Scott Sex on the moon. It's over her this scandal that happen in the early two thousands, I guess where they stole working at NASA stole Moon rocks and tried to sell them for a giant pro it's one of the most out. We know the highest price substance on earth. Rikers, there's only a certain amount of pounds- they're all controlled by by NASA nor are safe and he broke basically broke it install these things in and try to make cuts shove. It is an amazing story legitimately amazing did he, cash, no and fourthly, the person he was selling the lagoon rock and work for the FBI. Hats didn't over all that. Well.
How does it happen now? Why would they? were it seemed enough. This is that little bit off topic here, but there approach to the guy was doing it was came up. You know was not a when it was the was trying to build his way into a big career in this world, but had us essentially glorified in turn at this point, but was so promising he had access to a lot of areas. Would Brad melter has something on this day I think he's written about our really. I would be surprised if it's an incredible story, because it sounds familiar, but he his he was much worse at being a criminal than than he was being a scientist releases efforts. There were like Ghana, use, bring and people who have really did know they were doing used, like basically posting like want adds. Ok, I got some stuff, I'm not allowed to sell, who want some. In Iraq collectors and it did not turn out well, Most people just thought it was a joke. It was just one guy and in Belgium that
rock collector was like this doesn't sound raining contacted the FBI and that's how they want of catching him anyway, the prisoners he's out of prison now, but it you got me, you see the dedication I was. What I was getting too is at least the people who are in this programme live don't for sure like they would die to take a risk. This literally they now and have yes, you know. So this is it's it's a big deal, though. I like the fact that we are at least involving the private sector. I do to utter too and It's kind of strange because I've always been a big met, NASA Van and I was trying to figure out well, that's it's a government run each at sea and I believe private private industry does things. We better than the government does, but I've always believed NASA, maybe that because they ve been the only player in this game. You know that that we ve up until now now but we have three companies involved. You got to mosques. Musk's Spacex you have is blue origin, with a basis in Amazon, and then
Virgin, Atlantic's virgin space or whatever the call that from richer Branson so now There are a bunch of companies trying to do this on a private business level, and so it's it makes it makes a kind of interesting but because it's the first time it's a little nerve racking as well yeah there I could see it and it's you know them up. The on musk saga is fascinating for multiple reasons you know be: just the space part of it. Jus him as a person everything's changing with this guy right now? What we have is take a sixty second brick. Let's take the break on the other side and and and discuss the change new pull out showing that ever ways. Opinion is currently in the middle of changing on Ilan Musk kind. It's a partisan thing than support something yet again back mistake This is the Glen back,
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bullshit colony there, because he believes humans will have to be multiple planet Orient here. Because we're losing the earth, the man with his own money and is building spaceships to escape global warming. Yes- and this is a man who has taken as a money again he's had government assistance in some of these projects are also taken a big chunk of his own money and decide to build an electric car company. You then he desires of it'll. Save the planet, save the planet from global warming. He decided to build a solar panel factory and batteries improvable technology to save the plan to save the planet. He is complete in line with with the left wing ideology when it comes to global warming and how to how to fix it, though you know he's doing. I do I've always had an affinity for Elon Musk and that he's trying through the capitalist system.
Which I like he's trying to build a better product. We talked about this with the guy the impossible food c of the same idea like we're trying to do. Something that we think is important for the world sure whenever disgrace, it good it does the car we right, we ve driven a Tesla before it We know, and probably the most amazing glaring experience I've ever been apart. Awesome they their Saucily eight. They are so fast. It's it's bread is legitimately breathtaking bit is how fast they are. Again later I get have driven some fast cars over the years This is. It is a totally different kind of speed, and it's really it's really fascinating so he's trying to do it in that way, but I like shit, you got the chevy volt number until this point or a dumb Toyota priests and then he comes along with with this and revolutionized electric cars and so left should love him and I think
They use to yeah right. I've been trying to find a good old pole on Elon Musk. Now he's always Binny sort of centric eccentric care, It is not always easy penal tweeted things that people think you're crazy and they know there's all that stuff of so these always been. That billion are right and I always thought that, like in global warming, would not be my focus. However, if I were a billionaire, I would do a lot of the same stuff you must does, which is just like start a flame throw accompanying until get stuff like that like he just you could tell you just having fun with this. At times even though he thinks he's doing something important. So the left did like him quite a bit. He did not like Donald Trump and the two dozen sixteen election, unwanted Hillary Clinton to win said Her policies were better. For the environment better for the country, he was he's no right, winger right, but is how crazy we are with this situation when it comes to just teams. Now a new Paul has come out
and has the favour ability of Ilan Musk. Turning into a lately partisan affair, This is broken down by parties. Now he's approval raining overall, seems to be. Definitely worse than it was. If you go back a few months and years It is appalling that to see this is two thousand sixteen partaken Elon Musk favorability was twenty nine to twelve again lotta people have opinions of Theo's pretty common, but twenty nine to twelve as it is getting plus seventeen there. Paul had sk at thirty three to ten came so plus twenty three The union must today new pull out the this from echelon insights,
It has a has him at twenty three percent favourable: thirty four percent unfavourable, so a major underwater twelve percentage points eleven if as a lever, another twenty three thirty four seas. Minus eleven overall. Well, however, that eggs down among party lines. If I were to ask you six, ago you may have said. Yes, it's probably just breakdown party lines, Democrats because all the global warming stuff. Now republicans don't like amount much because he's our psychological of warming. Stuff right here is the breakdown by party. Gnp. Now seize Elon Musk favourable thirty one percent unfavourable twenty four, so it's plus seven among groups, Look a good democrats, eight percent favourable forty one percent unfavourable so he's my Twenty three among Democrats. Men whose billing spaceships do escape. Global warming is might ever amber onto this. We ate. It must be noted that the devil,
I have made a show for years telling us global warming is the most important thing and the biggest threat over and also is caught? What could you say? I'm pandemics, that would mean You leave him on his global warming. Me let's get back to work they, so let me open up the factory I own. Invite the employees I pay to come back and earn their salaries and others like him. For that, and I don't like him, so now there. He somehow is on trumped side now is in trouble, so they ve abandoned and what they have told us. The only important thing what they have told us is the biggest threat, because he wants you open up his his factory cup. Of weeks before they said it was allowed. Because of that, and because his opinion on corona virus which, again to me a pandemic, is a bigger, threat that global warming. But that is not the case. You ve been making human
telling us the opposite, so you should be able to prioritize and say the work he's doing on global warming far outweighs his eight as like but he's agreement with Trump on one small size of a big story, but because its rump. It's the way the media handles this People are just like well, not when we don't care about him at all. It indicates two things to me: number one we're way to tee boy on the stuff and anyway, in this case, it's all Democrats, basically, I think Republicans would our respective you know they don't like the global warming part maybe of IRAN must but they like him. I think they like he's a bigger than life. He's a billionaire is some settles was it capital as yet we ve always liked Moscow and have always said that. Might I dont think that that was big, we unpopular among Republicans, but maybe it's a low but he's a little more popular. Now Democrats, the exact opposite. So number one, just there just being tribal. Rightly, the second someone says something that is not even praises. But just agrees with the guy just agree
with the guy they turn out like a bit insanity. Another chew, let's be honest about it, then, never believed. Global warming was the biggest thing not like the for a democratic vote or does not actually believe that they believe ices needs a bigger threat. They believe you know. Pandemics are a bigger threat. They do believe this. There are people. I think like you, I must could actually does think. Global warming is a real thing. It has put its money where its mouth is. I'm not saying it's not real, but I like the idea of being a threat, a level of a global pandemic, relegate just like it. It's not true We know this is something where the inner a pandemic is. Eight is an immediate threat. It's happening right now. It's always in a risk right around the corner. We ve seen it happen to the world many times in recent history and we ignored it in many ways and act like we had solve that problem. The global, coming thing. You could tell the average voter it does now actually they'll say it they will
virtue signal about it, but they are cars that none of them are either they dont. None of them are get solar panels on their roofs that it's just not reopen at some point solar panels. May very well be the type of technology we all want to buy, and that is what Elon Musk is trying to do, make it so people don't have to have virtue to accomplish with that they just can wanted, because better that's how you solve that problem long term right! Yes, yes, just make a good product and people gravitate to nip yet Tripoli. Seventy seventy seek it, we all shop online, specially right now, but you can do it a better way with honey, honey. The free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo codes and apply them to your card
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while the Chinese, the social media site we chat has just they caught. Steady rights honour. I see right through us out, see right through us. They have alerted the world that american officials have been processed, dead bodies of troy- he's corona virus victims into him workers and feeding them to the american people? I thought we could keep that quiet. I guess not Now I guess there thereon thereon, do us! Finally, you know, after all this time there too astute they're paying too much attention you know, especially when they realized. I was worried when they started realising that our military whistling planted covered nineteen met right in their society here, and I thought that was bad enough fanaticism, Conniston Hamburger now that they caught us on the cannibalism that being involved in
we're just not gonna. Look! What's your favorite dish to make out of a chinese corona virus victim. I like Salisbury Steak It took it into an ice, it's pretty Louis. You get a little pretty round gravy on their yeah. Maybe a mug mushroom or two on top how are you? How do you view process over the fatter dead bodies like the marveling in soil, like the the rabbi Rebecca via a good cut of Rebecca. I can say that I can see that that again we would normally justice close this aid and talk about it this openly, but they ve got us he caught us. We had you know mentioned it. I mean what you gonna. Do what you gonna do rights Is the scholar forum for ultimate truth, and we all know that and its attracted one point- seven billion page views- I just one: how many, how many of their people believe this kind of stuff over there and it is
lot to me. We certainly have plenty of our own ridiculous conspiracy theories floating around at the moment as well. We're not the only ones are not the only ones on that one now a week that, but I e there has to be a decent about what they are really making an effort here to blame us to pin something on us, and you know it would be one thing: if they didn't, you know, release a global pandemic that they did not communicate the details with suddenly in time like they were not, they did not tightly in any timely fashion, actually tell us what was going on how many people were dying We know what the make up of this thing was a sum that they work with some scientists. They were scientists that were saying these things and were imprisoned for it in our country, and these things like when you cause an incident like that, at least at the. I am not saying that cause the virus. By any means. But look these things
happened. They came out of their country. They did not communicate with the world and inefficient way and made. It were really do worse by hiding it slow playing at pressure and because a lot I've life was lost because of it, but as they say on the website, cannibalism has existed in the. U S before a few dozen years ago, Americans, aid, blacks, Indians and chinese doing it for a while!
and they know that we're escalating that process ring about time. It's about time. I feel I feel a little bad, but I'm gonna its weight off my shoulder its relieve. They know now right and it is just like it's nice and I'll have to hide it anymore. You know we can all go into order. Our chinese corona virus randomized victim, Salisbury Steak. Whenever we want and everything will be fine ordinary life. You know whether, like your middle over more marble, yeah, that's fine jobs of option about Bay, they can put out the real needs of the products that they want. We use now, isn't really do you write? It is an absolute really Glenn Back programme here, the ranch I've been cooking on my rector grill, just like the cowboys used to it that they use the fire that they had a chop would foreign. Then they cooked it on the back of it
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The conversation. Eighty eight, seventy seven back but you, ve forgotten on a glimpse programme triple eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay, have you, following this Norma majority. The controversy it all she is row of Roby weighed the The the true woman who wanted to have an abortion in the seventies. To get all the weight as the Supreme Court. Wound up. I think I remember the story correctly, not having the abortion at all but then eventually came out, as an advocate of being pro life and so pretty ironic, in that the person who is responsible for bringing it to the Supreme Court and winning the case that legalised abortion in the United States then
later on years later, because a very strong pro life advocate Well, now, a new documentary out on ethics it's called a gene row and they, I'm in this documentary that Norma Curvy said honour. Deathbed she was faking, it the whole time that she was, actually pro abortion and pro life advocates just paid her. And told her what to say, and so she just did it. I dont believe that yeah, it's hot I believe its. It is hard to believe the people who were around or for thirty years say that NATO believe either. Now that not sure one of those is added Johnson whose whose aim was a plan, parenthood worker? If I understand sheet that they actually talked late in life, they did she a few days before her death.
Abby says her many years as a dedicated pro life advocate was not lie. Her tearful conversation, which I'll keep private with me day. Before her death was not a lie. The hour she spent praying in front of abortion facilities was not Alai. Her life with crime it was not a lie so She is saying those things, and so as a preacher who knew her very well and said that he prayed with their multiple times and that she was lodged Emily Pro life, the framing of it seems to be, She was paid so that she would lie to everyone and say she was pro life. That's not even what she saying I mean like that: the media framing of it is that way. What she seems to be saying is that basically she got a paper speeches and you get paid for out of books are now like. That's very typical of an activist straight. If you, if your job is to be an activist
you're, probably going to get paid to be an activist, you know she she talks about how people wrote her her speeches for her and things like that. All so it brother haven't Barack Obama to be speeches for other people and what makes like four hundred and fifty thousand dollars per se, So people pay him too to talk. They sure do, and does that mean that he doesn't believe the things he saying. Oh doesn't I Don't think so also point out that, it is I can understand. Why was a big get at at one point: to get the person in Rovers his way to come over to your side and be a pro life activist right? I can understand why that would be attractive. However, it's always going to be an anecdotal thing just because the right, from rovers. His weight is pro. Life is no reason to become for life like it's an inn. Trusting story yet surrounds it, but like it is a moral decision you based on on something completely different than like all that person's join me to like
but with anybody makes that decision now. So I think it would be the they want to treat it as like this a crack the foundation of the pro life movement and therefore its going to collapse, because this name activist is is gonna. She was lying. The whole time trying to insinuate that that means other people, you see saying these things are problems probably happen, and there too, I mean I can't for it. A lot of people who were around or save this is not how she felt she did have a conversion. At one point, I made you know, was not a very happy person throughout life. She had a lot of terrible things happened to her The story is true. Think about this. She fought for. She was rowed rovers. His way she gets all think about from a left wing perspective, she's, either a free. This amazing right to be able to kill your children for all women cross the across the nation, and then you in thirty years, trying to dissuade people from doing that and hurting that movement. Like you,
Your life is how right, like you, basically dedicated your life too selfish personal gain, to destroy and important right, like that it's hard to describe a worse life that so and then we are supposed to believe that this woman that you're telling us money to lie. Is telling the absolute truth. Honour death bed in of a documentary crew. Did they pay her there the that question was asked of the document. If crooning they said no. A pair of networks. Expenses would just a bit of. We did licence some of her photos What do you think about it? Like you're, saying pro life movement was, was pay her first speech, there's a much clearer line and licensing her personal photos or theirs, lotta people don't get paid for that. You know, when you're doing a document are usually head over a bunch of photos and taken the licence, the photos, typically, if something like that, their due
because they were looking for a way to pay her and she Probably was in a desperate situation with no money and may even taking money from them to lie. Who knows you're the one telling us she's a big liar so what the truth is with her. It's completely unimportant to pro life cause it's important to her life in her Legacy and her soul ACT like she was a major influence on the pro life movement. I don't even know that's the case of one of its. I mean I didn't even know about the fact that She had changed until two years ago, a few years ago- and I didn't know her name, new row from rovers is: I knew that storyline was was vaguely familiar with it, but I mean RO verses, which happened because there was, a pro life movement already right even is about but people who didn't think abortion should be legal. That's why we know what the cases where is it two sides to that. That she was on the pro abortion site at one point put to the pro life side,
we went back to the pro abortion side is completely inconsequential to the moral argument about what should be happening here, and that is, of course, where the real meat of that movement is and look how effective you know not that It didn't matter at all that she changed sides. I think it's great that you did if she did for real, but the we lost right, I mean we ve lost for the last forty five years in this debate that they act like there's. So much did she help we didn't, I didn't get anywhere. We lost a lot of ground. In fact, we ve got the wrong way since Roby Way, people don't real, as I think the average person maybe in this audience does, but the average person does not realise if we were to move RO verses, wait, Debbie more abroad, pro life position in the world right now, massive move, too conservative side of the argument and every activist you see on tv would be throw Christina ugly
screaming bloody murder, about what the evil conservatives are doing to our country. You know that that Robert Wade is written basically to say that the first trimester abortion is legal. I mean it be it says quite clearly, the third trimester states can say no, it says in in rovers? Wait it's in the ruling. It also the second trimester is when you can put on restrictions on and how its medium with health restrictions in those sorts of things, those things all gone now, oh yeah, I mean you, have some states have restrictions not nearly as might be in favour of any restrictions and be a democratic good stand. It work Uk you met in the harbor abortion on demand at any time, for any reason, all the whip debate? and we're in a country where veto Conservative states in our union are too The are to the left of
excuse me to the right of of Russia of Europe, so Europe has more Buddhism free rephrase, excess recruited up Europe has more live more conservative abortion laws than we did United States, thus, including He'll places like you talk just disappear. But I mean I so this is not a is. This is a city with a wearable, that's the case, but it in here. We have a very active pro life movement here which, but that's differ, then we need the hoops you to go through in places like Germany, like getting a doctor sign off for from to have an abortion, countries have much more restrictive limits. Twelve weeks, eight weeks, fourteen weeks, united We go through the whole list, maybe some time this week, if it's worth it, but it's it's a is a dramatic difference. And much of our country is far too half of Europe on this particular issue.
It is a situation where job not at all, happy about what it does is not covered at all by the media. They act as if well, or just one Brett Cavanaugh away from that from everything going away. I wish that were the case. I wish it was true because I wanted to. I really wish a lot of times. They'll say, like you know you, will If this about the people on the left will salient years going after a bump stocks in and other things bout guns, because we know in the end you want there to be. No second amendment right and they say no, we love the second and then what are you talking about, Hunt or hunters Baghdad's out, hunting right now in Minnesota? And deny it. I own a shot gun until I saw a gun. What's movie, here's the thing I am that way with abortion, but any little restriction that we can get in the states is its It is my end goal to have none of it up. I want abortions, zero of them. But why? Wouldn't you take the little steps along the way? Now
yet what we take. I wouldn't go it's because it's better than what we're doing now, finally admitted killing fewer babies. That's a good great! That's a great outcome! Yet more, people being alive. Better law people being alive worse. This is a difficult thing for people to grasp at times, but I mean can you Can you imagine things just how many more voters you'd have if you're the Democrats or the Republicans, think of how many You talk about war on women. Think of how many more women you'd have we talk about racism? Think about I mean we're back people you would have. I all I know is that Ino videos accuse the right of racism, China, but if we implemented our policies, there be millions more black people alive. Many million than the Democrats have policies that lead to millions of lives able not being alive in exile. Sixteen million more black people would be alive today. Someone crushing even free of about the fact that in New York City there are more abortions than live births in for black.
Babies, vat, incredible: yeah, there's a staggering sabre, the artist, guy. Who does all this? Like kind of he posts? the posters up and, like you know, wrecks the left a lot here. He was almost ass. The other day we were going through his sight and he has a just a haunting thing. He did which is just it's a little dolliver of a black baby and above it it just as fifty fifty six think about this. Your New York smile and a black baby is is conceived. It's fifty fifty it's actually a little bit less. I think than fifty fifty planning is one that is incomprehensible. We can talk about look, we talked, the Minnesota thing quite clearly in stark terms about how bad the situation was with this officer and this this guy, who was killed in Minnesota, but can we
We even corona virus right like we ve a hundred thousand people dead, I'm not one of the people who thinks that, like this has been they're lying about it or anything like that, I'm not on that bandwagon. A lot of people would have an even the sceptical case at this point is a lot of working. People are dead from us and they and it's a it's a bad thing, but we step From this the way we reacted to this being very dramatic and obviously everyone's talked about the economic side. Effects of this we would have! Millions of more people, for if we would not simply kill them in the womb while there completely innocent, no chance of survival, no chance to be the person who comes up with the covert nineteen vaccine, no right, you know, there's just eats it is it's it's. Comprehensible that this does not grasp? The country's attention is so much more than it Currently, I think, because it's it's down these tribal lines and no one has any believe if anything, ever gonna change. You know
talk about it all that much what we ve made this point before, if we spent every of every show solely talking about that issue. Morally, that it would be a crappy show. I think, you'd be like God. I cannot hear about this topic again, but morally, I would have no qualms with it. If it was the only thing we ever discussed, the tax rates got to eighty percent and we just ignored it and let him go be really really bad, but I mean you can make the argument. This is the clearest thing that we have always on no question Joy, lessening Glenn back. Getting a fresh start doesn't always have to take forever. If you a homeowner whose focused on your budget right now and how you're gonna, make things stretched to fit the immediate future. Please would you can?
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That's do lead on that programme. Skydiving cool version, girl playing the knight rider theme some are against bird, is ok she's playing on the different parts on a shallow cello, yes, not joining in plain language. What that's different parts on a shallow! She split into a different little scenes and she's written. This is really good. It's really detail to. I will say first of all night writer of one of the great tv themes of all time. I've always loved this stupid tv thing, but I would also
They too, one of the weird things has come out of this is really Lee creative things, people have a more time on our hands and they're. Putting this stuff together. That with the internet getting to amplify it, it's been so that's been pretty cool when she's playing a all eight parts on her own Let's go. Really got really good, so I dont get it done that obviously the talent for it is all you ever. I just didn't want to add my gangs. You can't waste time like that. I wish I could hear, but I can't I've been. You know, creating cures too viruses. Really here I've been in like which once has obviously not this particular viruses going around I'll. Actually, guy you have. You have here corona virus over nineteen. The issue is, I am not going to give it to people unless you know they give me a billion dollars, oh, and
once stepped up to the realities of doing a purely for profit and then try to help people At some point, though, it would be worth worth it to some government to heal here's. What I say is outrageous that you made a billion dollars, then find out if I peered at that is? The biggest issue is what you lose, your a billion dollars spent on turtle tunnels. Right also just give me the billion and then you'll have the knowledge and peace of mind to know whether the care has already done, and I voted with a laugh.
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