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Means Nothing? | Guest: Sen. Ben Sasse | 2/27/19

2019-02-27 | 🔗
Hour 1 Is he a Good guy or a Bad guy? A 20-page document under fire? Former Trump attorney, Cohen to give his opening statement? 'Lying is his first language'. Trump and his Rat Pack? No evidence whatsoever? Kamala Harris says, "Yes President Trump is a Racist" Boys vs. Girls ,Why are transgenders are rejecting Science? Patton Oswalt's Epic rant on Transgender, 'Here to Help'   Hour 2 There is Nothing New and Nothing Major here? Fireworks right out of the gates? Michael Cohen moral moments? Trump Foundation and the falsities? "America, Wake up!" Smeared as a rat? "Mr. Trump is a conman". Tommy Knuckles could be giving this same testimony? Senator Ben Sasse joins to follow up on the failed vote in the Senate. 'Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act' Has America, lost it's soul? Remaining "optimistic in long term"   Hour 3 Michael Cohen madness continues. It was "Business as usual"? Is this the best witness you got? Why is Glenn is so disappointed in Stu? Tubes and Hamster Political Theater; at it's finest? ...Glenn and Stu do the play by play..."he's not very smart and still a dirt bag"

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