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Media Praises Biden for Solving a Problem He Created | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Alex Epstein | 9/15/22

2022-09-15 | 🔗

The media is touting President Biden after a possible troubling railroad workers' strike was avoided, but is this all just political theatre? Dr. Fauci was taken to task by Sen. Rand Paul for cherry-picking science to push the COVID vaccine. Sen. Rand Paul dives into his promise to find out about royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies to NIH employees. Author of "Fossil Future" Alex Epstein shares the five steps needed to fix the current energy crisis. Facebook is spying on the private messages of its users and reporting any election denial to the FBI. The Left's favorite country, Sweden, is showing its weaknesses as its citizens demand change. Pastor Jack Hibbs explains why the church should not back down from the culture war.

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