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Merrick Garland’s Real Job | Guests: Bob Woodson & Robert Charles | 2/23/21

2021-02-23 | 🔗

A survey from New York University asks students how many of 30 genders they identify with. The Cherokee Nation wants Jeep to stop using its name. Woodson Center founder and president Bob Woodson lays out the major issues with reparations. Glenn argues that Merrick Garland was nominated as attorney general for a reason: to target conservative voices under the veil of stopping “extremism.” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas gave a resounding dissent to the Court’s refusal to hear an election case. Conservative outlets are facing growing risks of being removed from all platforms. AMAC spokesperson Robert Charles explains the new H.R. 1 bill and how it would change voting practices. Disney+ labels “The Muppet Show” offensive.

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From behind my card board microphone with challenge on loan from Lenny. Don't ask any questions, but he didn't need his talent today. This is the Glen Back programme. We ve got stuff on merit. Garland we're gonna, do our best to curb our whiteness for a little while at least today. Also who is the fascist? Who is the dictator, the latest from the Democrats in Washington, Chile to the bone? start with your whiteness We knew that in sixty seconds, but one programme. That's me. I should talk about relief,
factor Susan lives in Texas. She suffered with pain in one of her leg for thirty years due to earn injury, she sustained from Workin out see I told you why work out it only leads to injury. She was in thirty years of pain, May I, at any rate, so and being in pain was just part of her life. Until the day she started talking hearing we talk about relief factor decided she would at least give it a try I urge you to imagine what are we like to go from having pain in your legs for thirty years and then in the course of a couple of weeks, taking relief factor all of a sudden, you have none. Susan, his boys, I mean she's like an idiot savant. She took her factor she got well and now she's exercising again what the hell. That's the idiot part. What are you doing? We re really factor not a drug. It was developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people who try it go on to buy more so just try it for three weeks. If it doesn't
work, you're gonna know by three weeks. If it does is going to give it Does he you gotta go on in order more I'm? Turning in to my grandfather, I am just like. Oh, I ve gas today, like you wouldn't bulletin. I help me help me go to relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred and eighty eight three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com ok, racist listener It is very, very important. I'm gonna give you a quick survey here: was it from York University, the Stein ART School of culture, education and human development and now to build a more in firming via environment. I need you to ask a couple of questions. Well, I'm gonna ask if, while I'm here, Ask you one question, but it
It's thirty answers now. I think that's limiting myself, but you know, apparently, apparently for the people and why you racists and why you would like their students to take this right before you know that we have to just know. Everybody is so we gender. Do you identify with, and I they say in parentheses, there's an ass after gender, so parenthetically speaking, you could have more than one. What are you then select all that apply Asia is an upper limit of how many gender, like an ok, no age, gender age, gender, What does that mean swell? I mean a sexual means egg right to everything, so this would be egg,
But this has nothing to do a sexuality right right now, but I do a sexuality, just gender right. Just saying the a before actual right means again. Ago your opposed to it and rights. I am opposed to gender based denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender I'll catch. You just against gender, basically, as as a constructive or something ok, maybe an unless philosophical or internal. Then there is ALA, gender out, like that, like all maybe it's like I. the gender of Mohammed Ali. It's a l! I Gee and II are say it sped onward a I owe g d and e r. Ok, I hear is that is
knowledge a gender experience which is other or stay Apart from existing gender construct so, if I say wait damn a boy is is kind of me, but not exactly me. Then I would be Alexander the catch all right. I like the other group. This is this is, may I this is Paul talking about the unnamed God have all these gods? Well, there's one that covers everything else. I think that's what it out, Alexander's a catch all right. What are you by gender would be to genders at the same time right, but I mean select all that apply by gender. You know I guess, you're limited to only two legacy. These are so specific. You don't need a catch all else.
they allow. These seemed denoting relating to a person whose sense of personal identity encompass two genders year, both of the same topic, boy, it spelled with an eye not away so be it. ah he boy I think that's. Ok, yeah, so I see a slang term put a slang turn on one of these hope, not because that's what they keep so the rank of Ireland, but shall case good, just be like idea why, as a bag of Ireland, that's ok, that's good. Our Butch, I think we know. Look at e, was with the Sundance kid Damn a boy demo But we now, I'm not sure I maybe that is the key Emmi DE. Am I I'm a boy them you likes Demi more not in the heyday years right
don't be a demo boy is a gender identity describing someone who partially but not wholly identifies as a man, so you're part of the partial, my old man, they bought on a white boy, but yeah, ok, feminine of centre. feminine pleasant, gender of sender. This like someone who doesn't nodded a middle, this Slave eminent of centres is like somebody who didn't like Biden or tromp there, I'm just in the centre of I have. I have a definition, relegated to a phrase that indicates the gender identity and gender expression of persons. Who understand and present themselves in, generally feminine with eminent way, without necessarily identifying as a woman. So also been. What would offend me because the next one M M e
because that would be an feminine man. Or a feminine woman rice of ice affair. M would be a lesbian whose appearance and behaviour are seen as traditionally feminine ok, so maybe feminine of centre, and I was told I was told very specifically that gender has nothing to do with sexuality. So why would a gender raw have a delegation? I say lesbian, whose appearance landed in a very flamboyant man? Very feminine man be FM. I don't know this is. I would say this documents hateful to that's: I'm not inclusive gender apathetic, which I claim m that I'm I'm well, I'm actually by gender, I'm gender apathetic and male I'm sick of talking about it? So does that make me gender epithet at you? I think it as I think it does under epithet yeah I mean I guess you don't really care, but isn't there Wasn't that
those everyone- and I was no age gender that was aged under that was a catch all oh ok, so this one is kind of like I'm a little hostile No, I'm not hostile. I don't care, I'm gonna be hospitals hostile. If you keep asking these questions, I think that's what that means, so gender apathetic also recalled is apt, gender, you are out there going like where's apple, gender. I hope you have a mention that we're just using that under the other I raise for gender apathetic, but you know that when a person does he doesn't identify or care about any particular gender yeah. Ok are ok, gender Conforming now get medical catch all the gender not conforming just means conforming to any of these terms. Right again, there's a lot of genetics also right, gender questioning. I think that, in order to catch on gender, fluid, which is also a well now for dinner, fluid is different. Isn't it my understanding of gender? Fluid is you're kind of changing all the time. You do care gender flu
denoting or relating to a person who does not identify them? of has as having a fixed gender, cut all over the world of work that you that you think I am right like like a liquid like a fluid right, go anywhere, you want kind of thing rise we're it'll. Take you now, that's different, then transmission fluid! That's the actual noise, a gender, the resignation, fluid yeah yeah, means I was made by God, herself was filled with an eye to lubricate you're driving machines. That's I dont think transmission blue eyes, while it should pay think this is a hateful hateful thing: it's fair! Ok, so we were dead, I'm too we're down to gender queer. We got that, We note gender query, I don't origin are queer, actually means I've heard it up denoting or relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions, that's, but that bought yes identify
as with neither both. Or a combination of me when we met it is here that I was just everything I don't mean anything as just a catch all again: Julia Queer Catch. All gray, gender: Ray gender yeah that is J, Leno Rick, I think. That's J! Let act now. I don't you know the exact. A great gender yeah. I've got this is really can climb. I could be considered great under the old people. Is that what it is? Ok person who identifies at least partially outside the gender binary, so they're, not black or white, they're kind of guaranteeing their kind of gray and has a strong natural Bilbil and saw about their gender identity right which, again for evil is already covered. This is kind of a catch all, but also the same as gender apathetic seem. Yes, it does a magnetic as you really don't care and
gray generous. I kind I don't care about my gender, correct, ok, correct out. Ok then enter gender. Inter gender yeah. This is, I mean this was not supposed to take us this long. His is good. I'm really learning things the internet interjected inter gender as a variation in sex characteristics, including chromosomes and order and those that do not allow an individual to directly be identified as mailer every item Aphrodite than the other. I was we, I guess that's a new term for that. However, I've been told very, specifically that these organs, have nothing to do with your gender. So again, why is that in here? This is the only scientifically based one. Right work agency, digital chugging, chromosomes. This isn't like a feeling that this is about your parts so get. I was told that, rather than a do, here's one you have to look up at a dead serious. I have no idea what it means I am. I am a an
an hour shirts and not Emma and in no way at any hope, it's am aiming at an end. Look it it's gotta. Be new, but I think what you know what that is, statements about really wanna Google man? I just feel like I feel like I don't know what that What alarm that may I don't feel like that's, really, ok! Well, I got at worst. Somebody knows that means like, for instance, and excellence martian. martian Martian, but its em, a r s age, a shot of martian Martian Emma are that somebody who feels like their marcia from Brady Bunch, adding two cents worth now a snap I think that we really are. I these are important to include it. don't know why you don't, I think there, but I think they are mocking people who are martians. I know, lot of people who are martians.
our eye masking the masculine of centre. That's like feminist centre, so elegantly maverick Maverick mammal. Have gender is that's John Mccain but Margaret my friends that is, yes, maverick is gender. Ok, here we go out. I'm sorry. We should point out its pronounced maverick. Oh no pretty much facilities that Cologne, you're wearing maverick ice, So confusing like it, so confusing. How can it be the thing that everyone gets so mad about if you screwed up like it's such a confusing maverick is a space, if non binary. Gender identity, characterized by autonomy and inner can fiction regarding a sense of self. That is
entirely independent of male masculinity, female femininity or anything which derives from the two? Whilst I dont mean on line without gender, nor of a neutral gender that didn't make any sense? What I just said you know I this is that are being seriously no. This is you just If you say Euro is neither male or female, you can just go this ridiculous. You know I'm non binary whatever, but when you take it, really trying to make something meaningless you flood the system with all of these other choices that are all meaningless. So people will eventually go it doesn't matter, I dont care, it doesn't matter and you take away the choice of man and woman because it included in this year So man and woman included I've just a man more woman, but
you start to look at all of these genders and you realize none of these mean anything. So many of these mean the same thing or not. My ring number have riggers differ, but they're so so many of them are just like basically outside of the normal, what they call normal gender identities are or traditional gender identities and psych. Well, you have twenty six names for people in the world. Are I want you to so multi gender is next at which we don't have time, for I want you to look up must be neutral way. well, because its darn close to well I'll spell it an E. U t r o I ass neutral, it's gotta, be otherwise it it could be. Mispronounced is like metropolis this ok
Natura network. New Twa Newt is a non binding, binary gender identity, which is often associated with neutral or no gender. So just call it neutral, gender or no gender. Well so maybe associated with gender. Less. I added to all these things. Had we have already talked about other things. to describe the same way there, but, for instance, I am binary, I by narrow, like ok, I know well, but it's not really my I Neri means I only speak in ones and zeros a hug. And her. While yeah, So, that's that's not what I, So let me tell you about one one, one one one, one, one, one: zero: zero, zero one zero, zero.
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you decided gender apathetic. I would not a brilliant gender apathetic was a thing yep I'd like isn't there Part of your life for he stopped, and you think I'm spending too much time on this, like whether you think it's right or not. How can I do when your life, like it does for seemingly so many people at some point. back in, like I don't know, do the dishes like I do something productive. Do the dishes. Who are you talking about I'm only talking to the ala, gender on her lap, their cash, what a sexist. ok, posts, gender per outposts, gender. I think I want to go with real on that one. I think post genders a real thing. Yes, ok, gender ism is not concerned solely with the physical sex or to assume traits is focused on the of eliminating or moving beyond gendered identities in a traditional,
under construct. One is either a man or a woman, but impose gender ism. One is neither a man nor woman nor any other assumed gender role again. Another try now that's not what it means That I would like to think everyone who our view that there is real so Gender is I'm involved beyond gender, I'm also a breakfast cereal. He has, I believe, that's a real thing, now, ok, well, who believed their breakfast cereal, our breakfast cereals is all you have to do. Is and you are it right right Let's see how about two spirit, distilled to spirit Two spirit is real Duisburg. Now I know what I say: it's real. I use that in quotes, but I do think it's an actual thing that will come up. Yes, the modern man PAN Indian Umbrella term, used by some indigenous north.
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whether your man, woman, gender, not conforming, gender questioning, Alexander or maverick still joint police tv placed heed. Our complex Glenda Promo Code is Glenn. Forty bucks, us not every examining this is the Glenn Beck program in about thirty minutes. It's the one year anniversary of the one thousand seven hundred and seventy six unites project. Remember we talked to him as I can't believe it's been a year in some ways it feels like it's been a decade the founder and president of the Woodson Centre started this to counter the sixteen nineteen project. Talk to him, not about bad but reparations, and It's really important that you understand what we just did a few minutes ago was might have been funny. Buddy was dead, serious. The point Does that was nothing means anything,
nothing means anything, it's deconstruction of meaning. it goes that postmodernism, yes, that we talked about eight years ago, yet a lot so it there do there. deconstructing all meaning in everything, and so I want to have a serious conversation with Bob Woodson. Who is against the reparations, he's a black eye against the reparations and there's a good case against it But I want to play the post modernist I'll, show you why your argument doesn't work anymore, that's up also news on merit: garland. There is a very specific reason. He was picked or the the the general very specific and if these So he's confirmed, trouble Nazi about that coming up because he's the best possible candidate or job of urgent matters, I mean there's either reactor yeah yeah, yeah sure sure sure
so we have that coming up also as well. Tat great joins us now, pat your wife and you started a new cookie company. We did, which is a delicious what the name of it again, used to be scrumptious yeah, but the spelled out. Why not everybody can spell Kennedy, somebody get what they can k e k s. I really easy to release. can someone you know what it's really easy. I say I wouldn't we would. I was thinking there was an x and I like there's not a lousy gave you knew the ex it'll redirect away you? Ok, Ok! So anyway, I don't love. You know, there's another, some things that in political correctness that ridiculous, but I think this is one of them or is it in the dutch supermarkets. They have just gotten rid of a cookie. It's it's apparently a very big deal. It's like our Oreo. No,
cookie I'll can be without Orioles in America. Would you agree with a half or chocolate chip cookies in dutch supermarkets? It's the Jordan cocaine. Jordan, Coca, Jarvan, Cargan, yacht shorter, Jordan, Coke and to get name it's your view should name your ears voting yeah yeah, that's easy job, not God, I'm surprised you didn't get their short bread disks and apparently, Jordan cocaine translates to jus cookies really gotten away with? Well, I guess the the while their adsl over there, which is the such a girl watching group, for I am out knitted
jewish watchdog group on Anti Semitism and then the king, you wish you sent me the dutch ones on Anti Semitism. The central jewish Board of another link is that they have spoken out. Saying we don't have a problem with Jordan. Cookies are Jordan, Jordan, Coke is their version of the idea of saying like working with was like an actual use is good. This is, this is exactly what's happening, all over gagging Gary well, I mean it's: it's there So it's white people who, like we better than the Jews. We're taking taken off cause its offensive in the Jews are, like knows not. Would I have a problem with that? It's like the Redskins thing here, America by somebody native Americans, were like. Actually we type we really like it. We're fine, whereupon I mean when you say it when you are like a pass. Cookies over I mean it just doesn't sound good, but it doesn't. It doesn't sound good now, so we got that going for us are having the did. You guys see the now they're asking for the Jeep Grand shit
a key, the Jeep Cherokee to change their name. Of course, they are, of course they are which was interesting, and if you read the article, why, which are of what I thought was fascinating about it as they there like. The native Americans are now saying they want to know more, didn't want cheap to become Turkey anymore. I was ahead of the Cherokee nation. Cherokee track, doesn't So proud delude ourselves as darting on that seventy two now again took the whole cheer me. She ever put him on. That reservation took away there. We have life the Tomahawk The bone and the knife, but when you read the article it see to be that the journalist just like called out the chariot Asian go hey guys. Are you mad about the Cherokee thing like there? Was it likes? It didn't seem to me. Started by the Cherokee nation. Like never earners. I pay should be pissed about this. Then it was like yeah we're pissed about this. It seems like it was a generate
from the sight of the media. Of course, it is just a maze words. It is a major ports and by the way, did you know scattered the showers of journalism yesterday in the state to Burma briefing. Yes, did you Yes, do you have that audio? I have it here. I dont think I do ok and the Green yellow me ye. Have it shouldn't? but neither locating on his second, I ever just just bring up my computer here. It is. This is phantom stake. Now I want you to know it's amazing yeah. This is this is audio from and a p and Associated Press journal emanating. That demonstrates a state to harmonise our strategy. Polluting the legislative strategy, the strategy that, of course Congress is has been behind has been working to good effect, so will continue to work closely with Germany will continue to work closely with our other allies and partners in Europe to uphold your.
Own stated. Energy security goals is. The admins journey was plain product. The aging companies winding down. All of this work was done in the previous administration, at odds of only delay. Monthly wide travelling all only been in office while among right telling me that in a land I more weeks these eighteen, nobody's all of a sudden say. Oh, my god, we had better. Not nanny thing would I am I am speaking for I had to beat you guys are taking credit for stuff that man's administer landed. I am nano. I also being for the Department of state the people who have been working, this coca people who are working this now, where the same people a month ago or the same people through, months ago three months ago, so I guess who got into a kind of admitting do admitted they got him to abetted, which is nigh spot that the last shower that we have today Is anybody watching one division by love it? Oh, my gosh is
most creative show on television after the first episode how many people panned it and I was like- I don't understand it, but I wouldn't pan at BS me to their time smart of a company to ride on things as bad, while the first two episodes were so weird. Is there just a fifties and sixty sit come with a laugh track in your like? I don't get it get it or not, but it all ties together and you know it's going to cause. It's marvel, It's so go away, it ties together and what they do with it is so cool. if I've never seen anything like it. Now I have a fifteen year old son who is way deep in all the hidden clues. Also, it's really fun to watch within disease leave a lotta, Easter eggs Ray a lot's lahti. Stopping it all the time. You know what that means. No means needs it's really. A very cool copper show if you're into the Marvel thing which are house
black rain club per year is not now I had ahead Spider man underpants when I was like an adult by way of citizens Harry Sheer I've got the spider man into the universe, spider. Hers is underpants. Now, guy, that's much more. I have the depends at leisure, nice, so the Simpsons Spider WEBS on Zimbabwe, Harry Shearer, has said that he's not gonna play Doktor Hibbert any more on the Simpson. Has he said it or did they just announce it?
because, according to the rap Harry Shearer, who is white, will no longer voice the black character, Doktor Hibbert, he will be replaced by Michael Richardson, bless the hearts. Nang senders, episodes, alas, and with a sheer heads voiced, does voices and NED Flanders is? Is he a Christian really honestly as every year, a Christian? Why? I should indeed, why should a non christian play, role should machine. Jane, yes, in principle, is he a pre placed principle? Skinner is a real, pretty zero principle. Not that's! Why I'm getting so. There is no word from him at least in this story, so I dont know if they just took him offer that will do cuz. I remember covering this just a few months ago and Harry Sheer was asked about about all of this book hackers area had stopped doing up? Who that was what started right and he was He said he was your speaking two times. Radio he said quote a very simple belief about acting the job of an actor.
play some one. They are not that's the gig right. That's the job description right. He say more though yeah, but so I dont think he was in favour of this. I mean this is August of last year, so this is not a long time ago. Eight when, when the cameras start to roll on people who are normal people and nobody's really extraordinary at anything and the movies or kind of don't more or lying like real life ye, I kind of like those conservative movies ten years ago, Galilei, dad thou and that only when only dead people could play dead beat me like. I now Winston Churchill yeah he's not sold out Churchill movies from IRAN out ever. Can you can the person drawing up who be white. And the person drawing Doktor Hibbert be white. Well, We now have a white person. Do that cause or yellow
Doktor Hibbert Round, yes, but homer and his family. There are no white people. It's it's just a voice, though that's the only thing that matters like. Obviously this is gonna, be expanded. Afterward None of this makes any sense to be. We sit here, and we talk about. Remember is that nothing here all night. Remember it it just keeps getting worse. Well, have let's talk about not making sense, I think Joe Rogan set at all when he talked about TED Crews, TED cruised, it Z, Marie Archie Band, shut up in front a so asinine I would have had their demanding that he resigned because he went to cool when it was called really those located Zooelogy developed for this is what Joe Rogan said, and I think this is right. What would you supposed to do. What was the reason for him? Staying the eclipse,
Can you make it warm outside because of global warming? Yes, he can again now, yes hurting our environment. I didn't write, didn't he had already left, there are no. I can guarantee man. No one is hiring that Maria Archie Ban, that is a conservative or report in no way now. This is no way all this controversy is all them trying to do their best to destroy him. Yes, trying desperately to get him on the I'm. I want to talk to him about this. He should not be apologizing for nobody. Noise. A supporter of Tom Cruise, cares about these a smart enough politics, and I know this is going to cause him unneeded pain, nice, clear. Yes, I understand steadily political mistake exactly it if you, if you looked at his instagram feet all weekend, it was just Stop him get just cages: cases of water he's Walker,
every place, and in intends to me that that looks week to me. Well, it does because it makes it looks like you did something wrong and I M going to make him for it and you didn't do anything wrong. He's done that stuff, for otherwise there is a lot yeah he's been he's been working though, things he was fantastic at the border at the border. He was fantastic on the hurricanes that it broke through taxes. Fantastic this one is, I don't many power, don't have any water. What do you say? We leave here cause there's nothing we can do, and I have a telephone. keep in my pocket and it works on the beach or a place other than space. I believe it was our own Eliza Schaefer who said that that TED crews, which is working remotely like all the public school teachers- oh my, good its ban. That guy was that apparently, is great lion. Tacitus. Thank you pat you watch.
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important for you to know to be able to see the landscape ahead, then gonna- go over Clarence Thomas descent. Yesterday, but they're saying that that is that's this information campaign, the Supreme Court justice, descent on the election yesterday and law, acres are asking cable companies. Are you planning to continue Fox NEWS, O n and NEWS Max on your platform, both now and beyond the renewal date if so, why tack to silence these. These people are the Mussolini's of our lifetime. They are the dictators and the Fascists Glum programme, another beautiful day and the neighbour it- and I want to talk to you about something that will make a healthy kids it is built bar built bar- is the secret of the for me
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hey from behind my card board, microphone, welcome with talent this our pon, let on loan from Agnes. She borrowed it from Lenny. I thought last hour I am ladys, but I was actually using Agnes is so I wanna granted her for this. Our that's where I get all my talent from we. We have Bob Woodson gonna talk to us a little bit about reparations and, what's going on in Washington. Also we want to talk a little bit about merit. Garland is hearing, was yesterday, he's gonna be confirmed as the the new attorney, general
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We're really happy with the progress made so far in Rio in one year. That's great, that's great! So Bob I want talk to you a little bit about reparations, and I want to play the the other side to see how you would answer these things right now the the country is going through all kinds of change and the White House and the house has started hearings and a committee on operations, what the problem with reparations trust All the big key liberator for black folks in the past have been preparation, not reparations, and all the whole issue reparations is really to deflect attention away from the critical problems. First of all, just going into in detail Did you know that that the defined
native American, the civilised chives they had thousands of slaves. They were free, blacks, who also own slaves slew the do they pay reparations Oh, it gets complicated, but also we have had rep operations in the last fifty years and in the form of poverty programmes, have twenty two trillion dollars. We had spent double suppose a veto. get into these communities where seventy cents of all the dollar's went to people whose serve the poor. We created a commodity out of the poor and now we're getting ready to create a commodity out of race. Blacks school. So Lebanon was happening Let me let me play devils advocate here and in push back on who's, gonna pay. It's really not about slavery. Bob it's about the
inequality and the system that has been racist from the beginning. So it's not really about slavery. It's about the dissidents. images that minorities in this case african Americans have had from beginning will, first of all they make The incorrect statement that they problems facing blacks today, Wedlock, birth, crime and violence in income inequality is this: we related to delay the thieves, flavouring discrimination. That is just not true, and we, the fact is that black strived doing the period so Jim Crow, building a bags, hotels median income inch in Durham North Carolina nineteen forty, because because of a black Wall Street was cut, above all to the income of whites throughout the country so and also
the day. Gland three point: five million black Africans and Caribbean is mainly appear. this is where the biggest barrier. Why do they have in common comparable to if not higher than white, they ever higher education level? Why is that bees, blacks, who looked like, The other black how it is tat, they were able to thrive and outperform blacks and Asians in terms of education. This is where the culprit. Then How do you have? This is an anomaly well, but if could just give african Africans money? They would be able to change their their way of life, they'd be able to pull themselves out of poverty. If you just gave him a big check, They would be able to use that to create a different life for them in their family. Ok, let's just as if the problem so less say again: example: you have
black man or six percent of the population, but their eighty percent of the I fell in the NBA too years after these men leave bath Your ball Ellie professional football. They are bankrupt. Eighty percent of them are bank, within two years, if money, if if wealthy men are able to sell it, isn't about a having income that define and you're your status is how you use money and then and black Americans. Historically like us, there are examples of where and when we had the right attitude. in place, we were able to achieve against the odds, Densher go and nineteen twenty nine. There were seven hundred and thirty one black owned businesses and two million and real estate assets, even at a time but we were being red line. So if we were able
build medical schools, dental schools, our own. Hospital saw hotels, educational system, and five major cities where we had. link buildings, overcrowded classrooms, half the budgets as white schools. We out tested every other white school in five me just cities at the turn of the century and up until nineteen forty four, so bland. If racism were the sole culprit, how is it that, under worse circumstances, the jury segregation backs were able to perform? in ways where we had no control, but the cities so Bobby, in all sincerity, Emmy, we know that there are problems in the country in theirs. There's growing problems, I think, within the system of racism and it goes it cuts in all corrections.
The thing that really disturbs me is that we are telling people were telling what people that there are racist, their born racist, they can own be racist till the day they die. and were telling black people you can and do it because these people are in your way and you need a third party to keep at bay. So you could accomplish something. I think, though, sir, both so dangerous. The teapot teach people they are by Glenn. Let me say that those people who are supposed to represent people are not their representative. If you look at the polls, eighty percent of blacks are against defined the police. According to appeal. All sixty percent of blacks do not believe racial, discrimination is a principle barrier to there being a To achieve so It is a lie that, though the people you see on television and those
or in the media, is supposed to be represented. Black people they they are part the race grievance industry and they that we are again monetize pain and suffering an injustice. They are the ones. Said White America paying to give racially race audits or equity odd, they are the ones to cooperation, Oh paying million dollars to do equity training. You ask yourself they should be compelled to answer the question. Look at the out of wedlock. Look at the violets and these cities tell me how spending money on or on on equity training. There is a solution to these problems. What we're doing at the woods the centre is that we are mobilizing people. in those communities to represent themselves and where raising money, so weakened demonstrate the people that the real answer to decline.
Smart to demand at white people never read us from ourselves, but that Black America have to be ages of their own uplift I just in case you don't know who I'm talking to. This is Bob Woodson he's the founder and president of the Woods and centre author of the book. Lessons from the least of these, which is fantastic. He this ban, a community organizer in the best sense of the word for a law time trying to print bring people together. and teach principles that actually empower people quite a long time and he has the he has stood in the same place, unflinching and it's gonna get harder and harder for him to stand. I gotta believe that the the pressure you guys are facing right now
to believe is enormous bob here, but it is, but I really think that that's one the best people Jack do. I see the founder of the networks spending billion dollars on race. Grievance, we need mobile. Our people to spend on the the side to empower people, forensic glad. I am that where we might want to do this by by just complaining, what the left is doing. We Moroccans round game we're doing is we are mobilizing to point a mean? Two thousand I found a low income. Black bothers call voices are black mothers, United, they are standing up with the police against those who want to defend the police so I really think we ve got to mobilise indigenous organizations, people who are paying the price for it.
race, grievance narrative that is being pushed. We must let the people speak for themselves, if you want to donate I'm a centimeter Woodson centres at good gotta, be good here with us dot Org, Woodson Centre, DOT, Org a really important work being done at the Woodson Centre and all have to stand together, we have to put race aside. We do you guys, I was pushing back on Bob on the reparations justice oh, that it doesn't. It's not going to stop. It doesn't have to make sense. They have ways around. All of your traditional arguments given are not going to work to stay informed, but we need to get active and we need to be seen together. Work to solve problems in all communities and by
it is a great great example of working. Underprivileged communities and empowering people, and I am proud to stand by his side, and I would urge you get involved, even if it's just a donation, I no money is tight, but this is wrong really important work, you're frustrated, you don't know what to do reach. To the Woodson Centre, DOT, Org, Woodson Centre, DOT, Org Bob. Thank you much will talk again. Thank you and your list I've been very generous in the past and I want to thank them. They are a good of people and whenever you need a whenever need a community to come out in work side by side with the any time we can do anything to help stand side by side, not just be a wallet but also be hands. You live. snow, we'd love to work with you? Well, I will take it up.
Because we do need hearts and hands and wireless, you got it He's so much Bob you let us know, I think you would centre dot org. When the time comes to choose the advocacy group. That is right for you. Where do you turn? There are lots of options out there, some of em good some are not so good. Let me take one of them that I believe in it's called a MAC, a M, a sea. It stands for the association of mature american citizens now have it might lie to you? Then you need to take a little time to day and check a MAC out for yourself. They represent courage, faith reason in driving times these People that are going to give you the benefits that you're gonna get from other senior organizations are mature american citizen, the organizations, but you also get a group of people that are fighting with you. This is so important that we put our time and our money in The things that are working with us not against us, they are
standing up right now against HR one. In fact, I have one of the guys from a MAC on in about an hour to talk about happening with HR one. It is a total bastard innovation. Of our voting system, eighty unconstitutional, and if they get a fraction of it passed, we are indeed Trouble you'll, never win another election in your life. A MAC is standing against them. You, I joined their growing ranks stand with a MAC as they fight the good fight by come by becoming a member to day. Benefits are great, but the car is greater. It's a MAC, a M c s, I'm sorry. I am a sea dot. U S, slash back, that's a MAC, not you slash back better for you Better for America, it's a MAC.
Tens against HIV when I talk to you about Merrick darlin me? is the guy that everybody will remember. He was the judge that the Republicans refuse to confirm and that was The whole Supreme Court thing was about. They say they also said that he's not a guy. That would have a problem with the second amendment that the conservatives are freaking out. This is a very moderate guy. Ok, let's forget about out what he said and what was happening with the Supreme Court for the moment when I tell you that there is a reason: He was selected as the attorney general
We are entering a very, very dangerous time in Amerika. You know I've noticed that the left, not the Democrats, the law. Laughed. They self diagnose all the time, they say there doing some there. They say the other side is doing something: it's usually them well. they were accusing Donald Trump. You know over the summer of gonna play hanky panky with all of the vote totals and that he was using He was using all the tools at his disposal to change the way and make sure that people weren't voting what what they were doing at the time. Was changing all the rules to make sure that they get open up the coffers. all of the ballots that they wanted to come in would come in. They changed the rules at the last minute,
to tell you about the Supreme Court and Clarence Thomas what he said yesterday about it. It is really important that you hear his descent. And immediately the left is coming after him saying that this is extremists, talk its absolute Let's not extremists talk also you need to know that next hour. I'm gonna be telling you about, at the time what the house has done. The House Democrats They are now pressuring. Google NEWS outlets and also Amazon, Google, Facebook, too cancel end of the right, leaning organizations like Fox away again news max, not just on cable, but they are talking going beyond cable to row, coup which
include us, and Google apple they're. Talking about that now and it's getting very serious, so What is this have to do with Merrick Garland. Merit garlon was selected because as he is we are going to see. You know how we ve been seeing a reply, of the nineteen sixties, were now I'm going to start seeing a replay of the nineteen nineties and the nineteen nineties. If you remember right, as soon as Oklahoma City happened, what did they do. they not only got the bad guys, but what else? they do with twenty four hours? Bill Clinton was talking about rush Limbaugh and talk radio and trying to get that off the air
Well, we ve had our Oklahoma City bombing now its January Sixth and merit garland said yesterday that this war, worse. Happen on January. Six was worse than what happened in Oklahoma City in then I t nineties, lead explain who he is and what his background is and where he's going, if confirmed the sins programme, american financing NL ass. One eight do three: three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org, historically low mortgage rates that we been experiencing will not last forever. The market is tricky. We have. We. put in twenty twenty six percent more. Cash into the system, injustice,
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Fifty years after the apartments founding battling extremist attack, our democratic institutions so remain central to the departments mission, from ninety ninety five, ninety, ninety, seven, I supervise the prosecution. The perpetrators of the bombing of the Oklahoma City, federal building, who sought to spy. A revolution that would topple the federal government is confirmed, I will supervise the prosecution of white supremacist and others who storm. Capital on January, six heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy, the peace. The transfer of power to undo the elected government and that critical work is but a part of the broad scope of the departments. Responsibilities. This is why he was selected he was select.
Because of his work in Oklahoma City the Unabomber He has a life long Pattern of going after extremist, which I am for was glad we caught the Unabomber Bree, I'm glad we caught him, but he wasn't a right wing expert extremist, he was a technophobe he was warning against technology that would take over everyone's life, even stop clock can be right twice a day. But he wasn't a right wing and white supremacist When it comes to Timothy Mcveigh, Timothy, Mcveigh was starting a revolution. and he was trying to topple the american government, he was saying that the IRS
was growing to beg. The government was growing too big. They were spying on their people, etc, etc, stopped clock, but they both of them, both of them were violent, that's what made them Extremists. their violence, They thought it was better to blow people up. There's no difference between them and John Wilkes. Booth John, with, both wanted to kill President Lincoln because of his hatred, his hatred of the north, his hatred of blacks, his hatred of the peace treaty. He wanted revolution here, a defeat the north, when, when darling said yesterday,
today is more dangerous. What happened on January six is more dangerous than Oklahoma City that should be a wake up call to people here he is The German. I certainly agree that we are facing a more dangerous period than we faced in Oklahoma City at the then at that time, from what I have seen and I have no inside him nation about how the department is developing at its work? It looks like an extremely aggressive and perfectly appropriate, beginning Investigation all across the three in the same way, our regional upon city investigation was but Many times more. I dont yet No, what additional resources would be required by the department? I can assure you that this will be my first priority and my first briefing when I returned apartment? If I'm confirmed.
do you hear his priority. They have yet to define right wing extremism. They have labelled them terrorists. Now, if it's, Bunch of Nazis. Well, let's look at the Nazis. This is highly controversial and a horrible thing to say, but I'm an american and believe in the first amendment. if these nazis are sitting around with a book reading party and just talking about how great national socialism is, are a gang, but they have to be allowed to do that. I hate it I wish those people would go someplace else. I wish that they would wake up to
but the reality is that nazi fascism and national socialism is evil but as long as they're not planning any thing as long as there are not working towards the door corruption of the United States in the way that antifraud does. You gotta leave him alone. people believe weird things. People believe dangerous things, but an they are a danger. They are not a terrorist and they're, not something that the FBI should or could do anything about. if there are nazis or any, end of white supremacist The clan, which was an arm of the Democratic Party the clan and they are holding their little meetings. I absolutely hate it
I hate it. but as long as they are not hurting people. using their power to intimidate, which is the reason why they have the hood signs a hard one to make a case that they're not try to intimidate scare people. They are using. That is a act of terror by using violence or try. To use words that imply violence to score, people into changing their way of life that Is terrorism. if the black Panthers doing anything violent, the boy, Panthers should exist. If there's a appetite for a group of people that want to do that. If and t FA wants to talk.
About fascism, even in the way that they do where they are truly fascists. It's either my way or I burnt down even if they want to just talk about fascism in that way and go out on the public square and have signs and have rallies and say this is well we're all about that's fine. They have to be left alone, but the minute they start trying to bar bomb or burn down a federal building or a station them. Did. They started beating people in the streets that won't comply. They ve come The line just like the clan would just like Supremacy Nazis would but here's the problem here talking about the violence that happened over the summer? He is, We are talking about right wing extremism and, White Supremacist,
I am all for justice, I am all for me- king sure we catch the bad guys as long as the bad guys are not defined to be on only one side. Mary Garland said yesterday. That you could that there was no comparison between it happened on January sixth and what happened over the summer there? It is because the Washington elites see themselves as better than somebody who owns a taco stand. I don't the constitution, doesn't for the same crime. yesterday. He wouldn't answer questions for instance congressional inaction, a legitimate basis for article two to decide it just must
act because it wishes policy that we're different in legislation doesn't want to move so you just ask because Congress doesn't. Well you're asking a really tough question about our basic constitutional structure. Yes, and you a Supreme Court nominee, so you probably have studied the constitution. What's your answer to that. Well just because I'm upset that Congress hasn't done what I would like. Obviously, that's, not ok path. The press in does have authorities anyone. He acts. Stint consonant with Congress he's at his highest power, in Congress has not acted or all he's with only his own power, which is clearly available under the constitution So you didn't really answer the question, but you sure led me to a pond that I dont like should
border crossings. go. Border crossings remain a crime. I haven't thought of that question: really really and we're gonna, be the chief law enforcement officer and we have what's going on now and of our border. You haven't thought about it. That's the answer. Would you commit to publicly releasing special council dirhams report, just like the Mulder report, was made public well I am a great believer in transparency, well. Why would have to talk with Mister, Durham and understand the nature of what he's been doing and that Nature of the report that will be. One of the first things I do in office is to talk to Durham and find out what he is pursuing. Oh ok,. what about Hunter Biden and that investigation are you going to pursue that? You know
I haven't discussed the matter with anybody. I haven't talked to the president, but you know the press, and told me that I am able to serve. You know, as attorney general, without any interference from the White House. That's not an answer to the question. How should females have to be forced to compete with biological males in freedom, sports well. You know that's a very difficult societal question. Yes, it is. Kennedy said. I know, but you're going the attorney general Well, but I may not be the one who has to make policy decisions like that, but it's it's not I'm adverse to look, I think every human being should be treated with dignity and respect and that's an overriding sense of my own character and an over writing sense of what I think the law requires. So you,
thus gave us the answer without giving us the answer. I want to tell you a really disturbing story about the left transgender ISM. They claim they are for trends. Gender rights what happened to somebody who was arrested? Who, Transgender, and voted Democrat what happened to that individual is in Absolute pollination. It might as well happened in a soviet goo log, but you we're not gonna, hear the left talk about it because they old care. If your trip gender or not,. They'll, allow anything to happen to you. Even if your transgender, you know, if
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the identity of you or your loved ones and are using them in various ways, call aid life, one eight hundred lifelong or go to life. Locked dotcom, use a promo code back and save twenty five percent. That's like lock dot com, slash back tomorrow night on glints, evade taxes, his power failures provided America, with the disturbing and deadly preview of the great reset bill, gates, policy and other democratic say we'll need less green energy. We need more. Is this really about saving the planet or keeping you and check Glyn reveals the level of control green elites are pushing for it. Almost every aspect of your private life, green control, freaks ruining your life tomorrow, night, nine pm eastern employees to be dot com, Slash, Glenn,
Jessica Watkins. So she was mistreated after going on a hunger strike. Attorneys for the transgender woman charged in connection with the January six breach of the. U S. Capital say that their client who voted for Barack Obama has been mistreated in jail. I want you to listen to this. The claims are among several cited late Saturday by lawyers who asked a judge to release wadkins to home detention in care of her fiance walking, was charged last month along with two others, Thomas Caldwell and Donovan Cruel in an alleged conspiracy involving disorderly conduct and other violations connected to the January. six breach in court filings, adjusted suburban allege that walking belongs to the oath keepers Group, many of whose members have also been charged for their alleged part in the capital Malay. They say it's a may, lay that its decision
Lee conduct other violations. If you're gonna charge, somebody with the overthrow of the United States government. You might want to charge them with that now here's what happened. The judge walk ins, is transgender. when she said that I of medical issues that have to be attended to my arm, needs medical attention they said you're not seeing a doctor you're not sing a doktor she, so my arm needs medical attention. You not seeing a doctor She said when they brought her food, I'm not gonna eat I'm on a hunger strike until I can see at least a doctor a deemed that suicidal so they strip turn naked in the cell block stripped naked and left her lights on in the self twenty four hours a day for food four days. This is an abomination. You don't have to like her. You don't have
who agree with our politics. You don't even have to you. You can say she belongs in jail, but don't you You tell me you care about transgender people or people at all when you do this to them, and you don't have a problem with. It is immoral to Colombia programme. I was warned that anything that I say it on this subject can and will be held against me and I'm cool with it. I'm still going to say it in sixty seconds it comes to buy or sell a house or both what your game plan we have. One do you know how to find the best real estate agent to start the process we have. We
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State agents? I trust dot com, God is in Asia, have under way after I hate each other to the point that people with less balance our stimulated the deeds of this kind that's what It's what Ronald Reagan said: Beth Cayuse credit shoot him knowing. If somebody tries to shoot me, I don't know if I'm like a of each other. We love each other. deeds of this kind. Somebody tries to blow up something I don't know, I say that Can we just love each other? Can't we find community inside of our self again with forcing everyone to agree with you. Can you not do agree with your neighbor any more and live next to them.
The answer is yes, but that not the answer we are being pitched I wanted to give you what Clarence Thomas said yesterday and Clarence Thomas is under attack, but what's new he road, a forceful dissent from the Supreme Court's decision to refuse hearing a republican challenge, Pennsylvania. State court decision allow ballots. There were received up to three days after the election to be counted in November as election. Now I want you'd understand. None of this is going to change the outcome if they found all of a sudden that all of the states add falsified stuff. There is nothing in the constitution that corrects that so anything that you find now is to make sure you fix it for The next election view
Since the time where we don't have to have conspiracy theories, we don't have to say, because it won't change anything. It can't. It will only fix it, so we believe in the system the next time now this is eggs. Actually what Clarence Thomas said one wonders what the court waits for we failed to settle this dispute before the election, and provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for the future elections. the decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling, doing nothing we enjoy further confusion and erosion of voter confidence, Fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I risk Thankfully, descent now. what's the problem with that. Is he
conspiracy, theorist Is he saying Donald Trump one? No, he saying people do I trust the system are we waiting for, because We did nothing before it's made it worse. now we're doing it again. That's not little drop, one come hell or high water, I'm on a major reason office. He can do that. If this point. He is coming under attack like nobody's business. He said quote, the decision to rewrite the rules seems to have affected too few ballots to change the outcome of any federal election, but that may not be the case in the future. The
Cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non legislative officials have set Election rules and do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal, to do so is inexplicable. Now. Why are they doing it because I? think some of them want the rules to be fuzzy, some of them don't want to get involved. They live clear, cushy, little thing and they think they're saving themselves from any kind of public outrage. If they don't get involved, if they dont overtime. Things if, if they just would leave it alone, but they're wrong, see
The v the government says that we have a lack of trust and that's the problem that the Eric and people have been sold a bill of goods by people like me, that is cause them to have a lack of trust. And so now there's a bunch of anti government. People know we are anti government, I'm an anarchist, the I kissed we're black, they all, are here and on our streets. They are talking about tearing down the United States government. Now you who are also not protecting in defending the constitution of the United States, If you are saying this is a racist country. That the whole system needs to be dismantled. and replaced with what.
You're denying rights under the bill of rights. I am for the bill of rights. I am not for tearing this government down. I am actually for your secession, not mine, I'm not leaving. Why would I leave I've? Got the council the constitutions and natural archives. It's right there front of everybody to see. I agree with every word there so that's the government, I'm fighting for. if you're fighting for that government too, if you believe in those rights. Why would either of us leave? That's the government. But you want a silence us, because you want to try to make us sound like we're unreasonable what he he just said was completely reasonable. You want, to repair trust. This is to do you just let it be heard people who
I found this. because of a fly me. I was my most pompous where and I was the when I was biggest doubter of me. People who have huge egos sometimes many times are the ones who in the quiet of night and the quiet of their car when their radio is broken, and they can't turn it up. Our comments We questioning themselves the p All who tell you I'm the best it this probably are not its people that are quietly just going upstairs up to the plate and doing it, they don't have to EL everybody, that the best. When you defend yourself, Jesus did you're walking
the ultimate knowledge of eternal truth, your walking with the knowledge what you really do know and you have you don't have to beat everybody up in silence. Everybody. I don't want to silence anyone. I don't. I do. I really dont mind that Antigua is present and talking and being online. I have a problem with their violence. More speech, not less. and anyone who tries to take away the right of the first amendment under any guys is, by definition a fascist. if you are banning books If you are silencing people, if you or cutting them off and isolating them because
they don't agree? With your political point of view, you by definition, are an authoritarian. You are a fascist,. my way or the highway is fascistic. Now I want to tell you. Why this is so important that you, follow in Clearance Thomas's shoes, the tie. To argue with Donald Trump One or not is over it's over. It doesn't matter at this point because there is no way to redress it you can't come in now and change things, it doesn't matter both form and twenty. Twenty four fields union were evolved from twenty twenty four. You can campaign form and twenty twenty four you can
make sure that it doesn't happen again and that Clarence Thomas is doing: if there was something wrong, then we to find it an address it if there were Nothing wrong: we should still have a hearing open to the public, because secrecy and Strong arming only leads to more trouble, but who's, the fascist now. before a hearing set for this Wednesday tomorrow, Democrat it's on the Energy and Commerce Committee now g in commerce. What did have to do with cable news, the Democrats, that's in a hearing of the end Jeanne Commerce Committee asked Cable companies what they did to combat the spread of information decision.
formation three months ago, federal lawmakers grilled Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, chief executive Jack, Dorsey, twitters chief about the misinformation that it appeared on their platforms Advance of the Wednesday hearing called fanning the flames, disinformation and extremism in the media. Member Of the house, Energy in Commerce Committee and a letter on Monday to Comcast eighty anti spectrum dish, Verizon Cox Altesse, ask them about their role of the spread of dangerous, miss for misinformation. The committee members also sent the letter to row Coup Amazon, Apple, Google. An Hulu Digital companies, that involve themselves in, what's called o t t over the top distribution? That means the blaze This is what
the letter said To our knowledge, the cable satellite in over the top companies that disseminate these media outlets to american viewers have done. Nothing in response to misinformation aired by. These outlets by the way, the outlets new backs You have always yen and Fox news. The cable outlets Congress can raise the issue of what able providers bear responsibility for the proper. Arms they delivered a millions of Americans, but it You have no way to force them to drop networks that have spread misinformation and unlike the broadcast world? They don't have control over the cable industry. They don't have
control there now using the public air waves. they're, using cable. So the F c c has no jurisdiction. The Lawmakers letter asks the company. What steps did you take prior to on and following the November third, twenty twenty elections and January six? Twenty twenty one? The attack Ass to monitor response two and reduce the spread of disinformation. What did you do it? looting, encouragement or incitement to violence by your channels. Your company disseminates to millions of Americans the next question in the house of on american activities ass a disk are, planning to continue carrying Fox NEWS, o n and NEWS Max on your platform. now and beyond the renewal date.
If so, why. they are sending a very clear message to these businesses you either cancel them. You either stop them now. Remember they're, going to Amazon as well who either completely deaf platform. These people. Or we will come after. You. Who is the fascist now? Wait a minute You remember that ah some vacation that you were talked into when you're on vacation- and I was like man, you gotta, have have an awesome vacation, just like this. Every time cause you're
hold a piece of it. It's a timeshare, it's great all the swimming pools, the palm trees, little tiki bars every so feeding the one. You like you like that one or we're going to put you in that one every time until they didn't until you finance, which has had on other banks, can just J they'll just They'll do another load. I know this is this is like a credit card loan, its fourteen percent mortgage interest, but we'll go to your bank and they'll, be able to take care of that. All no banks. Can do that gives you don't own anything. In the madness and get out. One hundred percent guaranteed exit strategy is offered now by timeshare termination deem get the process started, donkey Portugal putting off get stuck with another year of timeshare, that you won't use or because a code you? Can't use twenty percent off. When you terminate your time share, if
You tell them that I censure call them aid aid get you out aided. I get you out, if you don't have letters on your phone. It's eight hundred and eighty eight four hundred and thirty, eight eight thousand six hundred and eighty eight or visit them online at timeshare termination team dot com. Timeshare termination team, dotcom, ten seconds an idea Unbelievable unbelievable they are they our coming after any one that decide, raise with them and they are building. This is why Merrick Garland scares me so much. He could answer any questions, and his first thing that he said he's gonna do is go after right wing, violent extremists and white supremacist
multi year. Eighty special that's why he was selected that's why he was selected and now you have a meeting house members and sending a threatening letter. hard to understand why the Clarence Thomas position isn't sensible. As you mentioned it's like in their set there's a disagreement about whether you can do these things right without We could change these laws without the state hands a very certain way didn't happen. Last time, as Clarence Thomas clearly points out, wouldn't change the election results. He says it hours straight out in his in his descent. It's not about changing the election results. It wouldn't change the election result, but it might next time.
So letting on that and and learn and had these things these rules set. So we can have these problems next time, but he also says in There- and I think this is just as important- we must restore the trust we to have an open hearing in an open forum on this and through all of it. Yet I think that's what I mean. I don't understand why, again, you have some very good Supreme Court justices that did not agree with Thomas on this, and I assume that that's their issue here, as they don't want to. They dont worry to introduce this idea that the election was stolen or whatever, and then I want to give any credence which ok, when you understand that at some level, but the other side of it is like we do have future elections. I don't know make. Maybe we should sort this out, so isn't an issue for every future election, especially when a good chunk of the country thinks the last one was unfair. Well, I do not think is many of these issues out in advance as possible in Nepal
when there isn't a partisan disagreement about. It were passed. The election hears us it's time to take up a case like this. I don't know the issue here is I want you to listen very carefully to what exactly I'm saying here there is no way to change the election result now. No way there constitution is very clear on that and I'm a constitutional list, it is not enough evidence that has been presented in a in a what room convince me that the Selection was stolen by the machines or anything else. However, there is enough smoke in the air to say you know what I just I don't believe that you wouldn't have changed all the rules. They would have played just all in the margins everywhere. I don't believe the election would have turned out the same
I could be wrong and you not going to convince me by telling me to shut up that only makes me more suspicious Convinced me by having a reasonable conversation with real evidence in front of a real body that is balanced programme. Such a little bit about gold line. right now. Holding dollars is gonna, punish you, we have included the money, and I've got to talk about this. Probably tomorrow. Would you write this down? I've gotta talk about velocity with money tomorrow, my everybody's riveted to their seat on his head, and why is this your calendar now? But this is why you worry about them: printing, twenty six percent, more
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this global programme, and this is: why shows like this. Pod casts net works like a news MAX Fox NEWS, even if we don't agree with each other on many things. It's him Orton to have differing points of view. The the kinds of things that when the government comes to squash us, you will no longer here. The for the people Bill is now in the house. It's HR one is anything but for the people it is for the oligarchs and it is a federal grab of Power- unkind, statistical, Bower, four of the voice being process com, and Thomas wrote his descent. Yesterday it was D clear, What has to be done, but not according to Congress, there going another direction when I do
You two Robert Charles he's, a spokesperson for a may see full disclosure. A MAC is a sponsor of this programme, but I don't have sponsors on just to have sponsors on this. Guy has to national security and criminal justice for more than three decades, including Reagan and Bush. Forty one on the coup the view of the Eu S court of appeals, nine circuit staff, director Chief council to the: U S, house, national security interests, National affairs, criminal Justice Sub Committee, unanimously confirmed by the Senate two thousand three. He was Colin Powell assistant Secretary of state nl managing a two billion dollar bureau focused on the rule of law internet No police training, blah blah blah. I mean I've only given you a third of his resume this guy has. credibility- and he is a spokesperson for I- a sea and they have been very, very involved in hopping hr. One welcomes, program Bobby Egg when it is a privilege
on your programme, and I appreciate the intro course they encourage anybody to joint aim act out. U S a MAC. It has two point: three million conservatives out their fastest growing conservative innovation in the country, but boy, I'm so glad you're on the air and have to be with you tell me what HR one is One is a travesty. It's an abomination than you hid it pretty hard right on with you know: you're you're sort of sound bite there, the bottom line, as it is the Democrat effort to reach for one party control and essentially take all the bad things that occur in the twenty pony election cycle and institutionalized them by pulling the election process, which the founders as you so again, a brilliantly written about, but that the founders put at the state level, they want to pull it to the federal level. I don't want to do what would you do about really horrific things, it would ban voter ideas. It would allow me imbalance to become the standard it with that,
create same day and on mine registration for voters. It would make a one party, as he sees you'd, never be able to reverse it. It would create mandatory early voting de envy, autocrat automatic registration, so all illegals would be automatically registered. It would give you a felony fell, talons would be able to vote sixteen year olds would be able to register. She see would allow it's crazy and in fact, the irony is both the Wall Street Journal, Andy ACL! You who agree on almost nothing agree that this data, one which will pass the house and and could pass the Senate. Really an abomination. So my a I am not concerned with a put everything in there, so I I am concerned that the whole thing passes, but I am also concerned about a reconciliation where the and its is, are we can't passes and they water it down any of this stuff correct me. If I'm wrong, is unconstitutional the FED The government has no role.
The way states vote well that exists- right and actually you know, you're you're right to be worried about the site right now. The reason that it is likely to immediately pass the Senate, but, but we ve gotta be fearful, is that you have to senators crowds who are moderate Democrats, Joe Mansion and our cinema, who say they growing, won't get rid of the film well we don't want to get rid of the filibuster and Mozilla buster means you need sixty votes in order to get a put a closer and get a bad thing to get out. If you drop these filibuster eat this bill, would certainly get out of the Senate and the sad parties. It's not only unconstitutional it. It drives. It actually hits political speech to it. It actually tries to reveal All the details of any conservative Groups- contributors right down to address is that people can be dogs. They can show up on your frontline. It really intended
It's an intimidation. Is what it is, and I think I guess I am fearful because normally like this wouldn't habit, Frere are getting out of either Cambridge, but right now we live in surreal times, as you so often say, and you were in a tough right now each one could get out along with other bills like it. You want to seven that tries to confiscate guns, and indeed it is a significant impediments to the constitution. Tell me about that one. Maybe I honestly, I saw each hour one come out the first week and I thought the US is a hail Mary pass he'll. Never they will. They will get it very well. Well, it'll you less pray and let's also work that that they don't get it Senate and if the filibuster holds out, see them getting it through the site, just I don't want to seven, because these are stealth, you don't we always impeachment detraction. These peoples were being crafted behind the scenes to get out as fast as they can get them out and the whole both past the house, the
How can one this hr one to seven allows confiscation of buns It does much more than that. It says you can't buyer by again in the future, without giving every detail about your home, including where the gun is stored. They'll all be made public. You have to have a psychiatric evaluation, yet that's green hurry. And torment ones up to thirty years in prison. If you don't get the licence so we're in an environment right now, and it is a lot in that bill that people could be afraid of, and I am but their word and environment were. Conservatives need to stand up and speak out. You know you're an historian, and you know that Edmund Burke was really right. All it takes for evil to prevail as for good people to nothing and we are in they should now where we have to not be those people who do nothing. So here's the problem Bobby is that people feel as if they had they been worn out. They been worn out now and they feel as though the report. Working party doesn't
their values anymore, I mean, are the Republicans going to actually mouthed something and actually carry through with their mission and do they. planned smart enough to actually pull it off The bottom line is that we, the people, have to give spine to those that under the constitution are supposed to be doing our bidding, and we know that seventy five million Americans voted for Donald Trump. We also know that probably another forty fifty million sat at home on or couches thinking all would be well and they love America, but they didn't blow to the vast majority of Americans. I think, are honoured side of history the problem is, history will make itself if you don't help make it and Yet I'm an old Norman, Rockwell Republican, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a Ronald Reagan: Republican, strong defence, good moral compass, smaller gun At lower taxes, if we don't speak up for those things that will be taken away from us
I thought you said at first that Europe of they Rockefeller, Republic have as we like that without a Norman, Rockwell Reagan. Yeah I get it. I get so the levy in again full disclosure. He works for a MAC aim as a sponsor, but you know me well enough to know. I asked this of everybody who talks like this what are you guys doing about it? What can people in this audience do and probably his while of a MAC. I think it's a natural extension. The reason I work for them is that they are the natural extension of the Reagan approach. Yes, you get economic benefits like other organizations for those over the age of fifty, but the main mission is they fight every single day. When I say fight, I mean they are submitting petitions that here, sending tens of thousands of emails. They are making phone calls round the clock to try to defend the first demanded. The second amendment. Fourth, amendment six amendments The amendment I write every day on a mac- I don't
every day I write every week three times a week on a MAC that, U S, they pushed their public. Asians out we're on radio were on television? I mean I'm regularly on Fox. It bottom line. Is this? Is it organs, nation that is trying to stop bad things from happening with detail. In fact, people can become delegates. They can become actively involved. At the end of the day. You know the Tokyo was right. It there the day. Americans are unique because we do get involved in the civic processed and we do try to fix problems, and I am an optimist. We get. You can fix these problems and in the natural law, principles that are all embodied in the things enact defends the bill of rights. Those things are going neither given by God and they're out there, but we ve gotta fight for because there are government p, I mean I did you notice the names that at the national level or trying to scrap us of these rights and at these really are the precious writes that make opening up. possible. I urge you to join a MAC. They are, I mean I've life, watch this organization from the very beginning they they got in
When Obamacare was going there, they realized what the competitive the competitor to a MAC was doing, and I talked about on Fox and unlike this is crazy look at what tat there there selling old, be they say they represent old people and their selling them down the river and MAC came out of those days and they are relentless, so joined them. Fine amid a MAC, AMA see dot. U S. And and joined them. If you can. Thank you so much appreciated Bobby will heavy on again Thank you very much it's really scary, isn't it when I mean, I think most people, I know, are still not paying attention they're, just not paying attention A lot of conservatives I know they're, just like I don't know- I mean it's just all crazy, yet has a tendency after Assoc, like a big election, that you come out on the wrong side of that you just don't want even each for awhile,
This is when they roll over everything these these hundred days, are changing America fundamentally changing our justice. One point: nine trillion dollar bills are forcing through, has all vs ie if she nor minimum wage has had a lot of attention on it, but my meaning in others, tons of other stuff in there to go through it's scary limited ability. basically, whatever they want with him Terry lives in Georgia the time he heard about relief actor on my programme. He had been living with lower back and leg paying for a number of years. You know the great history after a while the legs just go now and I think that might be banished the doktor anyway, He tried a lot of things to remedy the the pain. Some of them even worked for a little while, but nothing worked permanently. So anyhow, about my experience with relief factor, he decided it was worth a shot. Well, Terry now tells me within a few weeks of just starting to take it.
We discovered that he was no longer in pain. He said it, melted away and like me, Terry, and content just to keep the news to himself? He does everybody talks. Do now. the relief that he has raised received from relief factor. He got his life back once you to get your life back. I want you to get your life back, I mean, don't live in pain. Seventy percent of the people who try this no one to order more month after month, because it works for them and you'll know within the first three weeks. That's why they are The three way quick start just try it nineteen. Ninety five relief factor, dotcom, that's relief, factor, dot, com or call aid five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four so everything I had planned for today Canal went out the window. as we have started the show, as there was so much to talk about and news today, but I still need to get a need.
get through a couple of things I wanted? I want again talk to you about Disney. You know now. Labeling If I don't have a problem, you know ye place. The south, there's nothing wrong with that I may twenty something daughters who you know like dad. Dad I mean you know you're not for black lives, your saint black lives, don't matter, Ok, so they they keep me on us. They push me much. We push me. They even watched song of the south and went what's the problem with this, and I said on the whole slavery thing in their like yeah. Obviously, the whole sleaze Oracle penis about that era. No, no! No it's
Bout really is about the nineteen forties in its look at that era, la writer I write again is a look at that organic laws, the poor and understand how these things develop. Idolize, happily right so now they that one's ban You can't watch that one of course, but Disney is not only saying hey some of these historic stereotypes. Era They're saying now is this was wrong, then and it's wrong. Now. Does anyone have standing? I'm not an attorney? Does anyone have standing to go after Disney because they you, are pushing things that they just admitted. They knew was wrong. Van. It's one thing to say it was time that we are living in. It was perceived as ok, then.
Right at the land. They didn't say that we knew it was wrong now they're just shut. It was wrong, then, because the troll ministration sorted did a little bit of this with one of the universities who came out to meet a big statement now racist, they were and as the traveling machine was like, all you guys are racist. What we got us we didn't know you as our admitting it and it's against the law because actually we're racist? Now we have the time after you began that then, of course they reversed course right on our one it is, I don't know I mean it's like doing this on the Muppet show like did them up I don't remember I mean I watched him up and show a ran from nineteen. Seventy seven, eighty icy being green right, my gosh, this guy is for a Saki, and he has no problem with it. Pretty much less that I that's how you pronounce your name yeah. You know why you know why, because family has.
demanded that the p remained silent and I say that he should not remain silent any longer, not on my watch p. to stand up against the post. Sought family in Is it not for generations they ve been keeping that letter down glad you stood up finally last year. It was wrong, then run they knew it. But what is? Was there overt racism on them up at show, like, I don't remember, that, at all my own, I seriously was it was it was out of Problematic, easy lying hurrying range, rain easy. He was green. He was a person of color, he was appeal, say he's a frog glum his name was come. the frog he's a frog. Frogs are usually girl. You want to go down that road they're all puppets. You thank you
They are all public, like you know, one of them. None of that like there are cartoons of like overt too a bull, racist, characterizations of black people and asian people. From our past, yes- and I can understand, saying ok that was wrong and it's wrong now, but like one Is there an issue with the muppets like, as I've, never even heard a complaint about them up, and I am not one to dignify that with a response has thereby I'm not even to stop it. You know there was itself, I'm not going to do it. I wonder now, knowing all this week's they volumes for the swedish chef, they made him completely Eve online. I really like a white guy you're talking about the uprising novel. Why die all my god and I suppose you want to keep this p silent as well as the programme
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