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'Misguided Movements & Witch Hunts'? with Bill O'Reilly - 9/14/18

2018-09-14 | 🔗
Hour 1 Democrats attempt to delay Kavanaugh confirmation, will the GOP stop them?...Calling all Radio Hosts?...GB calls on his fellow radio compadres, Rush, Levin, and Hannity, but why? ...Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, says anybody who attempts to speak truthfully about Islam today is "systematically targeted and vilified, it's worse than McCarthy times? ...Google is in bed with China...frightening on 'multiple levels'? ...Opening our eyes to outrage?...The future of the human mind = bio and info-tech, killing thoughts at our own discretion?   Hour 2 Deconstructing Susan Collins?...the lefts attempt to intimate? ... Doing the work America doesn't want to do...ladies and gentlemen...it's Stu Burguiere?...Bill O'Reilly Friday...Diane Feinstein's childish attempt to delay Kavanaugh...his high school 'misconduct'...new low(s) for the Democrat Party?...Ruth Bader Ginsburg goes to bat for Kavanaugh?...not really?...'insane' policies of the left...they 'want' to destroy the country ...Hurricane Florence relief is needed, please help us help others, donate just $5 today...MercuryOne.org   Hour 3 Yet another parallel universe?...the AP seems to be turning against Obama, wait what? ...Gas explosions rock Massachusetts, over 70 fires and explosions occurred...'It looked like Armageddon'?...somethings fishy here?...act of terrorism?...recalling when Vladamir Putin said World War III will be fought with 1's and 0's ...Nikki Haley draws shade over expensive curtains?...OK'ed by Obama? ...President Trump questions the Puerto Rico hurricane death toll, and the media of course has flipped out...Fact Check Time? 

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Back. Spartacus has had his victory, our days. Yes, the democratic. the Democrats on the Senate. Judiciary committee have done it. You- have delayed Brett cabin as confirmation vote until Thursday. Why tub pretty fast spot like us all of this, Apteryx in utter ridiculous of the past couple of weeks bought them for days. In the meantime. I also want to extend my congratulations for what else they ve done. Nice work. Democrats You have done an amazing job. Turning the Senate Judiciary Committee into an absolute joke, seriously. Think Everyone involved, where maybe not been Sassin likely. Everyone involved should just now arriving work in one clown, car. this is
this is ridiculous. I mean: are you engaging knowingly into self satire? We needed any reason to look at big government in utter discuss, but nice work on giving us one more reason. Just for a quick Greek, this confirmation started off with Democrats shouting down the Judiciary committee chairpersons. During his opening comments, then it rapidly D off into a showdown between future democratic presidential hopefuls desperate for camera time. Corey Booker calling himself sparking as there. I am spot, is pretty is able to generate somebody Ghali's right again. But they saved that I believe is the worst for, but I It is the last what do you do if all of your insane theatrics fail? Well, you
the ledge sexual misconduct, obviously In Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the committee recently announced that she had forwarded information to the FBI regarding a possible case. A possible case involved, cavenaugh. She gave up the newly no details but it's at need. I hear, but she did measure that there were unnamed sources in New York of good, good, good Your times claims concerning sexual misconduct to cap. It all was in high school, but we say that again, cabin all was in. High school high school Ok, how many of us were exactly adults, when we were in high school- oh I don't know. All of us
Do we know if there's a guy Billy, Madison situation, we had a re attend high school as an adult? Don't hurry, I don't know I don't. Maybe maybe this is statement I have received information from individual concerning the nomination of Bread Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Now that in visual strongly requested confidentiality leave decline come forward or press the matter even any further than this and Ivan. that decision pot, I have referred the matter to the federal investigative Rita authorities. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. the individual does not want to be named, does not want to come forward. refuses to press this any further, but you ve- turned it over to your honouring that request by turning it over to the FBI
I have. I have secret information about Senator Feinstein It is bad, it is really bad, it it concerns Odin showers with elephants. She was humping Putin, like I don't want to see any more? I don't want to see any more. I not coming from me and this person you, I can't identify want to come out will not testify, doesn't want press this any further. but I'm gonna whisper this into the ears of the FBI, and while I'm doing that, I'm gonna tell all of the american people about it. I'm just honouring the other request of of the person who refuses to be named, does not want to press it any further. you kidding me.
the FBI has already commented saying they are not opening an investigation. Why not? With that kind of evidence? How do you I just throw him in jail, I'm sure there probably a little pissed off at being brought into this theatre of the absurd I would like to deliver the very hard truth to the seventh Tenet Democrats this morning. you ve lost your mind. You ve, lost your mind. Cavanaugh I mean bread covered when when glow back is, like I don't know about bread cabin. I don't think he's strong enough. Are you kidding me your eye, Parts of me that hope turned him down. Just hope. You Burn him down because, I would love to see this administration going out. Ok, that was that guy was to extreme. Well, let me show you: what's vine curtain number two
We fully confirmed in two weeks he will sit on the Supreme Court, Mary, garland, isn't gonna, suddenly materialise and conquer a Supreme court seat by his own hand, like code and a barbarian Aren't we case, has failed. You have emerged, risk yourself. You have embarrassed your party and you have embarrassed the entire country Congratulations ear will throw you another match. it's Friday, eight September fourteen this is the Glen Back programme. Take it is Friday September fourteen September The eleventh two thousand one we looked at it other. All of us all of us and said: oh man, don't feel good. Nonsense is stopped. there were actually talking about things that matter in life
ever gonna go back? Like God, stay a Wharton I said I'm gonna stay wide awake. Looking boss. Let me ask you this. we're still fighting a friggin war, but still in two thousand one we're still fighting it, Can you name where our soldiers are? Can you name the countries where our soldiers are? Can you name what we're doing? Can you tell me what we're doing who were fighting? God forbid, you say who were fighting. Can't say who were fighting How can we possibly win if we don't even know who we're fighting September Fort in two thousand one we were beginning to see who we were going to fight. We were going to fight people, a perverted- idea of what the world should be like people who blew up
these beautiful, ancient statues carved from a mountain of Buddha? Remember that they were world heritage sites blown up Because, well, it's of Sharia LAW tells us too lasting growth girls marrying them off at eight years old. Female genital mutilation. twelfth century, if that might have even made the twelfth century, look like barbarians. Or the other way round now, can we talk about it now no. We really can't Roberts Sir, is a guy that we are going to have on the podcast this weekend. You need to hear him Robert spent and by the way
sin while you can. This is the biggest message I have for you today. Listen while you can gather is much information from from from people that you can print it out. I read everything on Kindle I'm stopping I'm buying. Every physical book. I can because you don't actually own that they can take that a few kindle at any time, there's nothing. There's no Better than a library that can be erased specially its politically incorrect. now, there's no evidence that that's happening or anybody's, even thinking of that happening now, but it can and in a few I'll tell you what Google is doing and tell me that it won't happen. There's Robert Spencer, Robert Spencer, Is a scholar. And he has been trying to warn the world about
but he says, is is long and he's Technically correct, if you look back to the corral, and you know what it means on how it's written, etc, etc. This is the way the way their practising it over in the Middle EAST. The way is Lamb is supposed to function, but there millions of people maybe ninety percent of those who are our Muslim Joe I agree with the old style, but you have to No, what the old style is, because those are the people trying to kill us. Here's a bit of the interview. some things that people were dumb. Maybe disagree with some things. People should do their own homework and go wait a minute. He said this. Let me look that up and go to original sources and I guess,
but I haven't heard anything here that my me say why I don't know anything that would make me say this, that you should be silenced, Well, obviously, I don't think I should, but I think that anyone who speaks honestly about the true this threat and the fact that there are elements of Islam that give rise to violence doesn't mean every Muslim is violent, but that they, once you are, are able to justify their actions by recourse to the holy texts. Anybody speaks honestly about that is nowadays systematically targeted and vilified with an attempt to destroy and completely discredit him. Do you are we in? Are we in Mccarthy Times Oh yeah. This is worse than Mccarthyism. Those guys could work. Do you know it made. It may worked Anderson and pseudonyms, but they could work. I mean on you're doing this, but there's no chance. Get any other kind of work, even under a pseudonym, because it would the ultimately discovered, and that would be that and
idea that, speaking on about the the derivations of the jihad threat and its nature? magnitude today, There's one is social per, I think is. Is ridiculous and evidence of how topsy turvy the world is, but that's how it is. the guy who's been de platforms, completely de platforms. He is being squashed by all sides In fact, in something new that the left is discovered, which I think is absolute. the insidious man stir card has come out and said we won't do any transactions on anything related to him. does the latest. This is whether this is what they're doing now with the gun control there now York state has encouraged encouraged those bay king facilities, to not do any
transactions and not right, any financial services to those who manufacture, guns or sell guns of a certain type. You know the weapon of war, otherwise known as the modern sporting rifle. is this the America you want to live in. Now shouting fake news is not going to help us actually too. king about the issues. Will and actually finding ways to reach out to people who are on both sides of the ILO and I'm not talking about the crazies, I'm too, king about people who are beginning to wake up on both sides and saying wait a minute people are silencing speech.
we cannot even fight a war if we can't identify who were fighting or what were fighting If we said we were just fighting the Germans and we we are told we could not ever talk about nazi fascism. Let me ask you this: if we couldn't Talk about nazi fascism. If we weren't allowed to know what that was, would you feel fordable would Germans today, because I wouldn't of more should be racist, of course, you'd be against the Germans and never trust them if who told you can't talk about nazi fascism. Because it was the nazi ideology that act We changed to those people and not all of them. Hitler came in with thirty percent.
lot of people went along with it, but why do they go along with it? They went along with it for the same reason that there are people here in Amerika but stay silent because their lives, are at stake because of the zealots that will kill them. I'm gonna, take you to Google next and will show you what what's happening in Google right now. I want you to know that the voices, being silenced. I want you to know that I I ask Bill O Reilly, Mark Levine. an Shapiro rush limber every one. I think everyone on the right we to have a summit. We need to have? No, no press we need.
Have a summit because voices, are being silenced. And someone needs to step to the plate that and provide a platform bigger anything I can provide, or you can provide that will Don T voices not being silenced and it's going to require all of us to come out of our are come additive nature it's gonna get. We require all of us to set aside our differences. if I agree with you, eighty percent review, three with me, eighty percent it doesn't make. you my enemy Europe, twenty percent my enemy agree on eighty percent. We have to but our differences aside and the IMF. Working people have got to start understanding what is
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Options, you can listen to the entire show the three hour broadcast or you can lose and daily to an hour cut down just the best parts. While the best arts and in Small- and we did the best part of me about eight minutes, but we we have the best eight minutes and then you know the rest of the stuff coming. Conception of a best of yours would no one claiming it's good yet noticing it's the first of these objectives. We could try first week it anyway that happens every day if you're subscribe, to the podcast. Also now get an extra show and this show is commercial, free or, I should say, uninterrupted its commercial free right now, but it's uninterrupted and it's a conversation with somebody who I think you should meet this week- is wrong Spencer? He has written a book history of G Hod. I thought it was appropriate forth. The September eleventh He goes into the history of jihad, where we ve been what
You can say what we can say now sky is under attack. He he had. He comes with massive credentials and he's being shut out and he is being DE platforms. He is. silenced. He is now under attack by Mastercard. By the way, master card has done this to some one else as well, and I would if I have a mastercard, I would change and you know d platform them in your life. I don't like that. I don't like the fact that they are now saying you know we ve got this political point of view and we're not going to provide any financial services for people we disagree that's a real problem anyway, now for the podcast, you can do it: Glenn Back DOT, com or sticker Itunes, wherever sign up rate and review Glenn back. mercury this
Glenn Back Programme, we ve much to discuss and literally so little time. I can't believe that three hours we can't get it all done, but we can't world is very, very complex and there are men. Stories that are coming together. Let me go back to Robert Spencer. He is a guy. who is who is being DE platforms. He is, he is being be platform with financial services as well. Mastercard will not do business with any one who does business with him. It's wrong. we truly frightening. This is worse than the Mccarthy era. The guy. Who is a scholar who wrote the history of jihad. He is Somebody who is very buttoned up, you may not agree with him, but you have to know history before you start to make claims. Have you at his work or
just knee jerk reaction Harry is on the the treatment. He receives at universities. The last chapter called the the West loses the will to live, and it is all about how our response to nine eleven, Actually cereals got you gotta be. Can I take cut for please cut flowers Speaking last year at the university buffalo, but I really didn't He got just got yelled out for an hour and a half an hour, standing there and every now and then I would say something butts, so the time they were just yelling too loud. I can say anything, but there was a young man in the audience he had assigned said queers against Islamophobia. and so I had a manual of islamic law with me certified by Allah's her the foremost institution in Sunni Islam, where Barack Obama went to give his outrage beach tourism world in two thousand nine, and I opened it and I started to read about how the homosexual should be killed, should be put to death
of him who gives him who receives the whole thing very set out the whole place taboo and blue and blue, and I hold up the book as you think I wrote this. You think this from me. a young man came over and coffee and a captain with the beard, and he hugged the queers against Islamophobia guides, and this is my best friend and said? Look I didn't originate these laws gaze or be killed, put to death in IRAN in Saudi Arabia, in the ISIS domains elsewhere anywhere Manchuria is eloquent. Listen! Here's a guy needed here that whole interview its fascinate and I highly recommend it? In fact, I would I don't even know if can do this, but I ve burn it to dvd I highly recommend you listen to this this guy and make your own mind up, but do your own homework fight. Now why you disagree with him? It will make you stronger
either way. so he's being silenced. Now, We know that Google Through some smuggled video, these guys I think that I mean they. They just are terrified of America. In fact, Please play the Google executive on the move to Canada. This is Eileen not and she The vice president of people operations at google- the second question is Internal mobility. Can I move to Canada. This is after the election. How one could guess debate that at least fifty percent of Americans are interested in moving to Canada right now, and that might name may be. At least fifty percent of Google Earth might be interested moving to monitor Toronto. And Waterloo can't handle us all, I'm afraid
She goes on to say, but we will move people Are you are you that unaware of what America is, what we represent, how important it is that we retain our key, institution and the bill of rights. You want move to Canada because you're afraid what our voice will be silenced. What you'll be rounded up. Did you see the story from England with the elbow GDP, TB, Q. I s elemental, p group that are now talking about humane goo logs for those people. who are homophobic. Or trends phobic, because have to be removed from society. We are not a people that burn books We are not a people that silence people we cannot ever come those people right now. Google is in
Ed with China. They are they are developing Android devices. A chinese search app for Android devices. Now they ve turned this down before, but suddenly for some reason they want to get in bed with Google. poor. Google wants to get into bed with China, so this is we ve done. about this before this is extraordinarily dangerous. If you know what's happening China, twenty twenty, what their goal is what they will unleash, because it's already in operation in three of the cities of China. This is their stated goal of complete control of people their communications, their thoughts, their actions, their spending? Hold all control by twenty twenty now you Think it an organization like Google, when one has anything to do with that, but
instead they are, they are doing owed development on a an app coding. in dragon fly. Was designed to remove content, that China's authoritarian government views as sensitive such information about political debts, dissidents, free speech. Democracy, human rights and peaceful protest, whose goal is in bed with China, if they will help remove speech in China. What makes us think they will not do the same to us or are not doing the same to us now read something: In a book that I find frightening,
on multiple levels- and I really really want to- I really want to sit down and talk to this guy. I dont know if he will. We ve had him on the show before, His name is you ve, all Noah, Harare and he's just Twenty one lessons for the twenty first century. I just want you to listen to what he has what he has just said. add is is coming, but twenty four century? What what is it? What is really gonna. Look like. He says even more important The twin revolutions of info tech and biotech could reach structure, not just economies and societies, but our own bodies and mines in the past. we humans learn to control the world outside of us. We had very little control of the world on the inside of us. We knew how to damn and stop a river from flowing, but we didn't know how
to stop the body from aging, we knew But a design and irrigation system, but we had no idea how to design a brain if a mosquito buzz the inner ear and disturb our sleep. We knew how to kill the mosquito, but if a thought as in our mind and kept us awake at night, more of us did not know how to kill the thought. The revolutions in biotech and info tech, we'll give us control of the world inside of us and will enable us to in engineer and manufacturer life We will learn how to design brains, extend lives and kill thoughts, to our discretion. Still quoting, Nobody knows what the consequences will be human. after all, were always far better it inventing tools, then using them wisely. It is
dear to manipulate a river by building a damn than it is to protect all of the complex consequences that this will for the wider ecological system Similarly, it will be easier to redirect. The flow of our minds- similarly a similarly, I cannot say that word. It will be easy, here to redirect the flow of our minds. Then to divine what that will do to our personal psychology and our social systems in the asked we gain the power to manipulate the world around us and reshape the entire planet because We didn't understand the complexity of the global ecology. Changes we made has inadvertently disrupted the entire ecological system, and now we face an ecological collapse. You can agree or disagree in the coming century. Biotech Info tech will give us the power to manipulate the world inside us and reshape ourselves, but because
We don't understand the complexity of our own minds that changes we will make. Will we do not know the changes we will make that if they were, upset our mental system to such an extent that we to me break down. What are we doing talking about tweets? What are we doing? Fighting bout. You know nor Mcdonald said something, and so he's been kicked off. The tonight show if we're kicking people off the frickin tonight. It show for having an opinion, What do you think is coming our way. if we have someone is powerful, is Google getting in bed with country as evil as China is an
helping them silence, voices and information? What makes you think they're not already willing to do this here this week, I've presented evidence. from media matters. They already receiving raw data on all of the interactions on line with twitter and fair spoke and you Dube V, you have access to the raw data. Wealth, has access to our raw data. certainly don't boy I'd love to see that I bet Google Facebook You two wouldn't. Let me see it. they are also now advising Google you tube Facebook twitter
What's offensive and what's not what's hate speech and what not. are you comfortable with this deal? We pass a big law in Europe, admit of the UK knows: Europe, Europe, over overall European Union LAW, that Sir that now. All of these big tech companies have to, if you ask for prepare all of this information is show you exactly what they have and give it to you as so it's the idea being. Transparency you on your data. All of that of course, then you're give. all this really important data to someone who is much less prepared and able to protect it from guy only knows who's trying to find it from firms. Hackers and things like that. But- it's interesting to see, because now they have, I think it's Facebook has weekly standard, that they put them on the fact checking team good right. It's a good thing. Right, lids! You know you have a conservative organization that can actually look at these things. Well, they check day think progress, peace,
And now the left is making all the same arguments now this has happened at one time This is the right one trillion times, but They're, making all the same arguments, what we're gonna have a weekly standard come in here and say that article is wrong. They And now they're saying they're gonna cut the access for this thing: progress peace which, by the way weekly centre, was completely right on it- is complete lie, but they're gonna cut cut the reach of that. Call by eighty percent- because it's not true, now they are right, isn't true. It's typical think progress in they lie all the time. Are you couldn't? Are you comfortable with any one silencing any one. as I am not. I am not covered well with the weekly standard. Telling anyone don't on that story or reduce its penetration and I'm not comfortable with any one
You know a little matters political fact ordering telling anyone on the other side don't run that I believe in the american people. Treat us like adults and, more importantly, risk the freedom of dissent, the freedom of speech, no matter how ugly it is it is only way that p. Bull can remain free by way of a lot of this is covered in my new book addicted to outrage pick it up because it will open your eyes, and it will show you a path forward because the strategy Is that were using now are not leading us anywhere anywhere good, they are short term fixes you want. Fix this red addicted to outrage, available everywhere next Tuesday,
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the country has been pushed to the limit. Our political bonds had been torn apart. We need a true leader who can save us from certain do. Unfortunately, we could only find this guy- hey, it's Glenn back leaned back is coming life to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way he might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing glint bag life, the addicted to outreach to on tour, this law for tickets, VIP packages in more visit, glint back dot com, back, but our thanks to the incessant fearmongering by Democrats. You probably aware that american women are going to lose all of their rights. We're gonna keep them in cages. His cabin I become a supreme court. Justice effect. We're not gonna, wait for him to be sworn in. we're just where starting to A famous theme is already starting to acquire the cages for women. Now course that's not true, but that has stopped anyone from believing those kinds of hysteria, hysterics, bs
I Cavenaugh hysteria now his inspired Democrats in Maine to get creative, because one of their senators sort of Republican Susan Collins is considered a potential deciding vote in cabinets confirmation and they are I mean to donate a million dollars to her twenty twenty democratic opponent. Collins votes, no on cabin are using it proud funding site called crowd. Pack, two groups called main people's alliance and minors for accountable leadership, posted The thing that says people of Maine We are asking you to be a hero, Senator Collins, if you fail to stand up for the people of main and for Americans across the country every day. or donated to this campaign will go to your eventual democratic opponent in twenty Twond. And we will get you out of office. The power it is already receive pledges from thirty, seven thousand people totalling over a million dollars and in a weird way, their basically attempting to buy her vote in some circles. This,
but be known as bribery, but founding fathers I've seen you oughta crowd sourcing. Ah, Senator Collins released a statement calling it extortion and- The groups behind the effort called her responds politics at its worst, really main groups twist is that of Colin votes no uncovered all they supposedly won't collect the pledges from their thirty seven thousand donors, but still using it using the pledged money to try to induce Collins to vote the way they want just not offering the money directly to Collins, like your typical old fashioned kind of bribe, like many early conceived schemes in our boob with social media age may, Democrats. I dont think thought this one through because bribery is a federal crime and just because we have this kind of hipster an inverse bribe several, Legal experts think this is technically still a bribe and could be
groups be shooting themselves in the foot with a strategy. What, if, by trying to force Collins to vote no on Cavanaugh, they inadvertently caused her to vote. Yes, simply to avoid looking like she was influenced by their scare tactics. and just when you thought politics couldn't get any more bizarre expired on September. Fourteen this, if the Glenda Programme, we got a bit o Reilly. Now, who I know what's delete an apology, because he said last week that he didn't yeah the M Bob Woodward Book would sell and now that it's a you know of the biggest selling book of all time, including, I think the Bible. I'm sure he's an elite with that hello bill well, are to be accurate. I didn't, I said I didn't think you would have a leg, but could have legs in the sense that it will be
Sailor, you know four months Can I ask you all now I mean look not just getting it, I'm just getting you. Have you read the book? I have not ok, Stu has, because I haven't had a chance to read it yet either. I do the work that America doesn't want to do correction and he brought up a really good point this morning. It is interesting sexual at least like to get you take on this part of it, because the last chapter is actually. I would I It has really favourable to Trump bout, the russian collusion, investigation with Mahler and from comes off as being readily cooperative with or the entire White House very cooperative with him giving him everything he could possibly want largely based on the idea that they were totally convinced. They ve done absolutely nothing wrong and they had none. To hide. They gave him much more than they even asked for and this is a lot of the reporting- is revolved around this comment- that one of trumps lawyers made too
What he said, Yo Yo read an orange jumpsuit, but that's not. It That's from that section in the sections very positive on Trump and it's not Our collusion, it's about the idea that Trump wanted to testify and doubt. His lawyer was like look. They too perjury trap they're gonna find anyway they tend to trap you. This isn't even about Russia, anymore. They're gonna trap you You can't do it, no matter what you know, no matter what you just can't, do it or you'll be in an orange jumpsuit. That's a toad different story. Then the press is reporting I think Woodward himself is selling the book as me a cautionary tale that if you put inexperienced statistics version and the White out you're, gonna chaos that Woodward himself is selling the book so, that's too ready. I didn't know the last chapter was about that. I had
can start on the nose. The news on below Riley Dotcom this week in haste. flat out dad. has been put forward. So far, there is no crime at all right, that's what starship right! Ok, so You get. You get a position where, if, if Woodward himself is going to say, look I need to sell this book and exactly what he did. people who don't like Trump, because nobody likes, it's gonna read the book down, I'm gonna have to go negative and- and in that way, and that's what you're saying so, while you know how I feel about the media in general, I don't. he gets a media play here. I think it's a wood would play Let me move. Let me change topics here. On Diane Feinstein got cheese. This is a phenomenon
unbelievably new, can you recap for anybody who doesn't only? I can give you an update to you. Neither my first. Let's go. Let's go further recap than using the uptake of you. I just want to re emphasise how lucky you are to have me every four. Oh, my gosh bill. I get up early warning and I follow my knees and I say thank you I know is I mean I'm on it and all right, there's a letter that was given to a democratic Congress person in California password along the Diane Feinstein, this the letter was written by someone, we have no idea who that a detailed something that happened to bread, cabin or when he was in high school highschool. We don't know why I don't know who I am the person with the right areas and dont know what is in the lead right and the person who gave it to Feinstein said I dont want to press charges. I don't I don't want to get involved, but here's the latter suffice it's on the latter gains.
Immediately turn it over. The FBI does background checks and that's why the FBI's and Bob yet the IDA background on all spring, quite just nominees, seventeen, Italy's any and all look I don't know what this is. It could be totally bogus here at the I have a letter on my wash my hands of it and I'm not gonna sailing about it now fine fine, sits on a letter. And then allow someone in our staff, I believe it could be. I could be wrong, could be the Congress persons member of the league it like that This is all of this- is amiss conduct. I love that word. Misconduct on applied- red. Cabin only was in high school nobody is true or not sweep who gets out ok now today, just about an hour ago, The gordian knot, a reliable source, it's a file, a newspaper at a Briton link wait, wait before you say anything, yes, stew,
there are many things that happen in high school other than murder or something like that, something that you did when you are sixteen years old I mean, obviously a major crying major cry like people do really die things at an outward, but if there is a huge crime, obviously I would still here raping people are killing animals. Ok, we need to talk about that. Are I what? take a bite. But but it's me, Yes, sir, you know with the flag, is there you, absolutely no! What it area, everybody who look I'll have wants to destroy is guilty conduct, show me you can get involved. I mean it's the its witch hunt in this country's history, but I digress the Gordian reports and again on reliable newspaper, that Red Cavanaugh and another kid we're at a party I school Party upon I walk in a room
and ran away, and the girl got out that's what reporting is in the lead, laughter in the room, and then they raped her. Now they ran away they locked her in the room and they ve fondled her Now they ran away they locked her in the room and you got vendor very gender specific with her. I don't know we don't know o dog at about, because the guardian idea, I want to just make sure that everybody, even if it is the guardian, if that's what you got say that stage in the letter, so even with your post, which is one of the top drivers, of misconduct, even there, Toil boy said today This is a new role for the Democratic Party Now I don't know whether the I've seen lower things.
I think this using column stop his lower the FBI. The FBI came out so they're, not even there, not considering that, just as are not going to do anything on this in pursuit of course not I mean this is and you know: it's not been Broughton Centre. on a cable news programmes because of the category one now reigns. Storm in the Carolinas which they hype to death, and so they can't wedge this cabinet thing and yet so that count I've got a boy gun that ok, let me Ask you this bill. I was I was I got up this morning and I was listening to the daily it's the New York Times, Reno twenty minute update and you an interview with somebody in its fascinating to listen to and they had Bob Woodward on couple days ago and they were. They were talking to him and then they started talking about
forces and hidden sources and unnamed sources, and the organs of those and Zimbabwe. talking about the importance of those in the Nixon era, and I kind of understand I mean I think there is a place for unnamed sources, but you better trust the journalist and the organisations above them which but he does now, but I will I was concerned about is if we are really just going to start to accept unnamed sources. Things like she just did no one's going to survive. Only the and with the loudest megaphone and the biggest number of mob members behind them will be to survive? Luck reached critical mass and everybody knows it and by the way back did you listen to that? Podcast beef war or after you're, on your knees. Thinking that I was doing
yeah, I'm here. Maybe Jesus help me with one ear: listen other podcast from the New York Times in the and the other side of my mouth. Thank you for billow right, ok, so, I think that everybody in America, this fair minded, which I would put it about fifty percent of the population- understand now there You are in politics if you have any political way or influence that you, we're. Gonna be accused, when not if you're gonna be use most likely of misconduct. Ok now it doesn't matter whether there is any truth to. It matter what it is it's going to hit you and hurt you. The extent of the harm I think is going to decline
because now people are going every blank and day we see another headline about another person, usually a man in power whose acute miss high in the law. In the long run, this hurts buddy, who is actually being hurt by somebody powerful. This whole movement is so misguided and such a witch hunt and empowered our political purposes. The whole movement is not a witch hunt, but there are elements of it that have been. I think the movement, the the I still hold on you have. in any case, all from He called unquote movement for due process. Yeah. I haven't I mean I certainly has been house for Harvey wines deem to be prosecuted for his clear. But I don't think this is at the move. Me wait. That's that's a regular people. I think that might have says you in force meant. Ok ended. The current situation
an anonymous letter now and into a politician. I guess, weeks to the press right. I guess if you're saying that people who might hashtag me too, because they want this to stop, and they think that the bad guys go to jail or pay a price for that you would consider the movement, but I look at the movement like the people who are at the very top of black lives matter. They are now the same people, necessarily that are marching in the streets, their goal. and the goals of the payroll marching the streets are a lot different, bill, O Reilly, gonna come back with you and something something Ruth, Better Ginsburg said this week in an interview that I think I think it's stunning I would like you to hear your comments on that coming up in just a second first, let me tell you about filter by new study, this came out said: air pollution causes huge reduction in intelligence.
So what are you? How do you do? High pollution levels led to significant drops in test scores with language and arithmetic, the average impact equivalent to having lost an entire year. The average is like losing an entire year of education. I was up, ranch it which is up in the mountains recently a couple of weeks ago, and Couldn't see the mountain that is literally across the street now that that foot Hill is maybe items a mile and a half away. Maybe maybe couldn't see it people who live in the area. All the time with their lives have never seen that before and it was It was astounding and it was all because of all the crap blowing in from the wildfires from California and from Canada and organ it's horrible. All
that stuff is now in your each back filter and it's been, it's been tracked all the way. As far as we know, Washington DC in Baltimore, you're, each back. Filter needs to be changed and the people that can do it, for you is filter by dot com. They'll they'll, even you, discount of five percent. If you just sign up for the regular, but you know delivery, where every six months or whatever the eighth vat system requires they'll, send it no be delivered to your house. You just polio without put the new one in your done. Its filter by dot com all made here in Amerika Filter by Dotcom, make it easy bleed, breathe easier with filter by dot com, welcome back to the programme, Mr Mr Bill, O Reilly, now let me play a piece of audio from Ruth
bitter Ginsburg, she's being interviewed on stage and if she's asked about the process that we're going through with Cavanaugh listen to this house. compare the process that you went through with what's going on today. In that process it was less right. the way the EU is wrong. Maybe three: truly ripe hearth, partisan, the boat, my company was ninety six to three even now, I went about ten years of my life, any cases under the auspices of the OECD born Asia. You- and I was on the issue-
boarding one in their general. Tells me it s. The way should be stopped, it built here, she is saying you know, Republicans, let me pay even though I was on the ACL Yahoo board- and I was like the gating As for the acl you? They were Never the rip the Democrats would go crazy now, if, if any candidate had done anything or even the heritage foundation. This tell you about what she just said. Well,. In two minds unexciting This is being honest, and driving her and then what's happening now. I think the three people I voted against her and said I will probably right may repeated
This varies a lot of damage to the country and she had no but she is not looking to uphold the petition that she believes the constitution is evolving correct. Therefore, she can vote on whatever what tax are so, here's a but here's the problem. Isn't it that everyone is they want somebody on their side, a job. Should write. A judge should be selected because the constitution or the rule of law is is the side that thereon. We I mean if we, if we had people that were deciding things on the cap institution based on the constitution the world would be a much different place and we could advise and consent, but nobody's looking to the constitution, as is basis there. Looking at policies but that's never gonna happen again in America, so
the key issue, the genes left, the bottle of origin- is out of the barn, then should we have then? Surely it's not gonna happen? Ok, then we have to entirely should we have an entirely different conversation, then at what he what we want going forward, because it is no we anymore the amber, urges us look there look at worry cities policy. Ok, These people get elected an end, their sworn to uphold the constitution, correct the mayors and governors and all these people they razor and do not? Ok, all the constitution are. Let's take this unless picked it up. When we come back, we have just couple seconds left when we come back to get up there, you're listening to the Glen Bank Programme, so we started this conversation with bill rarely few minutes ago, where you know he said they did. This not gonna happen to where we are going to advise
Consent to any more we're, not gonna, we're not a fine those people who are who are you know just wanting to read the constitution, as as it was written, because work were too highly divided now and were where we ve politicized all this to have that right. Bill. Yes and about example, a sanctuary cities, the marriage and the governor is taken out upon their swearing in our policy. protection. The constitution says that you follow federal state and local alive you're, a citizen. This is your duty as a citizen and all of a sudden, a governess, and may I say no one, I can follow federal law. migration, we're gonna! Do we want to correct, So when you reach a point- and that is an extreme point- people cannot. Stand it the mainstream by the media, but it is. Mainstream. Ok it is basically repudiating the law of the land and embracing anarchy.
once you reach the point where it acceptable for public servants waited a judges or elected officials to discard constitution at will, Then you have what you have now when matters other than my pollack? Ok, so you said we're not going back there we're not going back to not gonna gap. So then this is an honest question. This an honest question right now: We are in a world where, if you, if we're all being honest with each other, the left. The Democrats would they were not voting for Hilary. Most of them were voting against Trump and most of the people that voted for tromp were voting against Hilary. It's not worth it, for it was what they were against and we are now entering a time where we are so afraid of my side being silenced that I will vote for some one that will silence them. Instead, that's not good,
I just do it my way. My wasting, I you know, I think there are Americans who are genuinely enthusiastic about liberal causes in the Democratic Party and by tradition. causes are in the end. They republican point. I think there are, but the fear then we're gonna be a socialist country. drive a lot of people to vote for Donald Trump and Republicans is no doubt about right and it's not it and it's it's not It's it's not an unbiased fear. When now have candidates who last night New York and I loved a dutch base with you on this, you know who are socialists their declared socialists and there's a differ. Between somebody who wants a welfare state and somebody who wants socialism? I mean, even though the President, what was Denmark Think came over to the United States and said I just want you to know Bernie keep saying we're a socialist country we're not we're a capitalist country that has a lot of welfare, that's different, so
I get there, but I just want to ask you again this one last question, because I Like your saying to me, Glenn, it's not coming back with its coming back, then I'm wasting my time fighting for something that mean nothing to anyone, I believe in the constitution and the bill of rights. I believe, once we are somehow or another reminded that, that's what stops all this nonsense will return but if we're not returning, then we should have a different discussion, and that is ok, socialism or what well. There are politicians and there are people in the judiciary. I e judges. Who will oppose the constitution back. I was too I was told by some one that you're, in whose name you would know in Congress, Justice a few weeks ago.
said to me Glenn. I can count the number of people in Washington in power that actually believe in the bill of Rights and the constitution, not that cynical, I think there are people who would you believe it and also the people that you at the boat for an end and you to promote what there Policies are, if you believe, the person sincere, but when, when you see Cynthia Nixon an hour remind everybody that she played Nancy Reagan in my movie. Killing Reagan. I know the woman for a little bit. How same same here, the seas. Are there not misguided? they're not wrong there in Spain. They would Roy the State of New York. Ok, Eighty five percent of the Democratic Party voted for her
they don't know anything and like to destroy the state they want to destroy the country. May I truly way we may I may I translate and see. If this is a fair translation, they don't Let me rephrase it man if it's not fair, tell me so when you say something like that, if I'm a Democrat I'm like you know what they don't want to destroy New York, they live in New York, so ray phrasing they They are looking at her policies and they think that these are gonna work and in I opinion there completely uninformed because we have a long list of history that shows they don't work and they don't think what's happening now is working wrong back day. Why the moneyed Democrats voted for Cuomo. Sixty five percent of the people With assets
people mere expense. apartments in Manhattan? Cars and jobs did not vote for nix Thirty five percent of people who live in New York City don't have anything. they live in rent control. They live in public housing, they barely It was right and they don't want this low it, because they don't think that this system is working why? Because no one is telling when I'm in showing them that it is, but they Think it's not working, so it's not that they, the idle Take the average trump voter when he says I would burn the system down, he does I mean I don't want to live in America any more. He means this. what's happening in Washington DC, is not working
I'd like to our aid it, but it's not. The same thing I mean one is realising in trying to get by and support your family and put food on the table and the other theoretical, we don't want a pc nation. We don't want these I'll take you to lie to wash. We want a much more in your face, a situation where we know mom says he's gonna do something he ll do it so it's different, but what I'm trying to get across to you is that the Gulf is so here is between bill, O Reilly, Stew, people, Flee worked ha, I got an education, tried very hard in the marketplace to succeed and have actually gotten some success in a system of cap of cap eleven about women, the autonomous in a system of camp innocence. of capitalism we're quite honestly, it
stacked against us I would be much already body feeling sorry for me. I am not asking for that. I am not asking for that. I'm just saying we do not hold water it's like to be we had overcome we. Yeah, I'm not! I don't really know. Did you sat phrase but yes, but there's that, but there is you re, and it comes out of the university system and I schools and embraced by the media victimization. The mob. Ok They tell you, you can't make it white privilege, ok, you're, never gonna, exceed no matter what you do. This is victimization movement and at work you're, seeing with Cynthia Nixon, Bernie Sanders there? trying to whip up this victimization? That we all we give stop to you, because You can earn it, no matter what you do right. They should unfair.
the moroccan saps, the gulf that what we see you rode a you wrote in a bed today about evil, and I want to talk about this because it does revolve around your book. A bit and you're, saying that its its unity Historically, don't stand up against evil, and I think I think There is a chance that people stand against evil, but we have to be very, very careful on encouraging them to do so, because we can push them into the arms of evil really easily, and I think that's happening right now, the two aspects of my vantage point on evil in and you are right- it comes up, writing killing the S s and then what is shocking things about that book is that the concentration Camp Guards Nazi Germany were merchants and farmers and Bang rivalries and NEO, nay, the average person yeah. We did
well before the war was walking down the street and all of a sudden, killin babies. Going away having dinner hour, you need to read you needed to absorb it, because there is evil and every human being everything no human being, as capacity for evil, and you have to recognise that it and you have to fight against it. Now Externally we live in a country now, where mass killings and high schools. We thousands of poor black people being shot in the streets in Chicago. We he molesting children. What do you think that is evil batch of evil all right and honour on a much lesser basis, but something visible, we have betrayal of human beings by their spouses. We had media trying to tear people apart for biological reasons we have a justice system that doesn't render just as many times all of this is evil and we're not,
politicians say you know what we are really yet the Chicago situation under control. Have you see anybody? Do that? No no, no, And I'm sure they're going how much evil do you have to see. before you mobilise against it. That's why I work this killing the assets, because Germany, before World war, two is not. Then the United States in two thousand eighteen? Now it's really not it's the same people doing the same things straight. Struggle to make a living. atmosphere that was increasingly difficult and what they do. They surrendered EN masse. The evil need to know why there, because it could, certainly happen here happening to some extent. This our cars, that we see in Chicago
bothers me to the core of my being we're latin poor. Blacks were on defenceless, ok, we'll do anything about it, where's, the National guard. Why on the strategic idle stopping didn't fifty shootings every weekend. Why. They could be there, but they are not there the damage. them. No one. That's evil. Bill orally, it is always good to talk to. You will talk to you again now. we can find bill O Reilly at Bill, O Reilly, dotcom, billow, Riley, Dotcom. His new book comes out the eighteenth, killing the nice the night back, The night of October to be first in line, even though I send you a free copies, I read it too. I and other one by rests
When I I read it its excellence, excellent. Thank you, the night of October bill already. Thank you so much bill, O Reilly, dot com. Interesting, you're, running about the Supreme Court and how a bill was saying it will never go back and it feels certainly feels that way. We also the recognise how recent phenomenon this is. I mean, as is Ruth Paine. In four pointed out. She was confirmed. Ninety seven herbal was at nine bodies executive, three, three, Briar was eighty seven and nine then John Robert, seventy eight twenty, two Sammy EL. Fifty eight forty two. So my or not. This is under Obama. So to my or sixty eight thirty one Kagan sixty three thirty, seven,
and then finally, Gore such a fifty four Ann Cavanaugh question market will be lucky to get a fifty. Fifty one minute is not only recently its trump thing, it does its Trump thing ass, a garland thing, I think they think they're, so they get so ripped off by the garland they won't cover before is not is not true, but still that's part of it. I think it. Let me tell you about responsive to set our super cruder. We want thank Zapruder for being a sponsor of arson and look it's. It's the way street there. Not just thrown their money are wake as they necessarily like us. I don't guess but they know that we have audience that they are trying to reach because we have an audience of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Business people at all levels and that's who they're trying to reach zipper, critter dot com, slash back! you go there now you'll be able to use them for free, just try it out now. This is not like you, no other
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help us help. Others do more, so the government can do less mercury. One dot, org leaned back is coming like to talk about the right path forward and to make by the people standing in the way we might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing Glenn backslide the addicted to outrage toward on toward this ball. Glancing back somewhere. Canoes room. An age old editor, its levitating. Eyes, glowing like radioactive soil, because an unprecedented event, has taken place right in front of our eyes, puzzling miracle something seen in journalism in years.
The associated press has criticized. Oh, I whispers name because out of reverence. the Ap Guard, has turned against their wizard leader. The army has mutinied against their commander the ape he has always loved Obama. They had crush on him. More of an obsession. Really they vote. Stored up their animus and directed it at one person. Anybody on the right. But now Donald Trump. Well, pump and everyone around him. You know there, you know that they go is so far too even mock You know first Lady Maloney s hat on one occasion in so her fashion, her appearance, while all
of joining in the championing of social justice, immigration in women's rights, but that's another conversation for another day: the Arctic, title quote a p fact check. Obama doesn't always tell the straight story, and cork quote: wait. What. I mean I've gotten used to reading the headlines. You know AP fact check Trump ruins of our. Or AP factual reality star, embarrasses country or AP fact check Orange Man, bad there's the opening line of the article former pro in Iraq Obama. Recent denunciation of President Donald Trump treatment of the press overlooks the aggressive steps the Justice Department took to keep information from the pub during his administration who, What is happening.
I feel like a worm. Hole is opened up and all of us we ve, we ve peered in yet another parallel universe. Oh boy, Quoting Obama also made a problematic claim that Republicans sabotage and his cost three million people they or their health insurance end quote Then they break down all the lies. That Obama committed again quick. Check the Eap story before It's fucked back into another vortex or another universe, quote Obama it shouldn't the democratic bore Republican, to say that we don't threaten the freedom of the press because they say things are published stories. We don't like. I complained plenty about Fox NEWS, but you never heard me threatened to shut them down or call Enemies of the people end Quote Rally Friday University of Illinois. The
acts accordingly, AP the facts, may have used extraordinary rhetoric to undermine trust in the press, but Obama arguably arguably went farther using extraordinary actions to block the flow of public information to the public wait hold it wait I again are with stew. Are you Reading that right. Are you ready I hear you're reading it with me. Are you not about the? Maybe I don't stand. This is this can't be happening for you married to LISA in this universe. Oh yeah still well that that one is other new travelled view travelled with me. So I dont know What the universe this is they just said: Obama went farther than Trump in undermining the press overall- dare I say great-
thing: it's I'm Eap might even be trying to regain some of its ability to do actual journalism. But I'm I mean I don't to throw the word trauma around, but I think I might have some sort of shock that I'm in Erin They actually said that Obama's rhetoric to the press was worse than trumps is cause. He took action crap. Is this the last day on earth is he's coming today, because I think I p p. Turning on Obama and saying I'll drop is bad, but did you What this guy did, I think I hear the Hoofbeats. of the four horsemen of the apocalypse It's Friday September. Fourteen this is the Glen Back programme
Can we have an adult conversation here for a second and that means that we're gonna have one that is going to be filled with some puzzle. to end some conjecture and some worries that are not prove oh, and not even there they're just. Therefore, there are human beings meeting together, trying to figure out what the hell happened. Did you see what happened in in and over? Massachusetts yesterday before. The explosions yeah. That was very strange. Why? What? What? What that there were seventy fires and explosions. Yesterday, Seventy they were all put all Apparently we still don't know, but apparently. They were all something to do with a gas lines so
your house was on this gas line, the it just blew up. and over a thousand people in this area had to get out and theirs it was it was. Irmak Valley, which has, I think, three towns and Lawrence, and over and north end over one person died in a chimney, from our house explosion and it wasn't He wasn't in the chimney it the chimney. Well blew out, fell on his car and he was in the car there. Our twenty people in the hospital. one is in critical condition. I'm just looking here. one is in serious condition. Ten People have are being treated. For for shock in and trauma Because of the explosion, but they dont know what caused it
they had a depressurize all the lines and clear all the lines of gas and that's that's what stopped it, but there still working on the fires today Seventy now that will mean we have to find out what happened. There Obviously they will. this is the kind of thing I am not saying. This is what happened, but this is the kind of thing that should wake us up to the car end of attacks that I think can be done. in cyber warfare- I don't know with these gas lines were connected. To the internet, but this is the kind of thing that can happen when somebody hijacks you know a utility. They can
make these things happen. I am not saying that's what did know, but you're Sierra, knowing that they talked about attacks. infrastructure throughout cyber means for a long time, direct, and this is the way it would manifest itself. This. Could you to Ben some. I dont know what they dont know what and I am sure they will find out. But this is the kind of thing that you have to and to lead here's to hand this the kind of if we go into into war, God forbid, war is always been fought, someplace else, but we're Putin said the next war world or three, and he has claimed we are already in it. He said the next war will be fought with ones and zeros and that the way it manifests itself now, action that happening all over the country. I mean how do you? How do you survive? I mean that's it. could do that in
in places all over the country. Holy cow. I'll say to Vladimir that it can't be the next war, if were already in it. Well. Then. What's the matter, the war. After this, you tell VLAD the odd ailer that got it flat. I will transmit that of Latin. He drives a man of the election yeah it's is scary and its there's been a lot of talk about this. Recently: they go through some of this in the woodwork book as well on the cyber attacks and how that manifested itself in whether in the the? U S Has flirted with the idea over the past four years to To use cyber attacks against you know, North Korea and other regimes to church awry and was another to try to show that we had those abilities without
starting a massive new war, correct and as it is line because those things our real too. We note that that's real warfare and their try now kind of come with it. Come up with a policy in this has happened through the end of Obama and the beginning of trumps administration as to how to treat those things because do we treat a aside? attack from North Korea as if they bombed us- and you might think- Stop your head: well now I mean it's a cyber attack, I mean you know. Maybe we Bond in kind but as you can out here, these cyber tax can lead to real people. Dying Jane the massive cyberattacks we have, a massive cyber attack happened on the United States of America, more the massive more people would die, I then from the bombs that we dropped. I mean you, could you could shut down power.
for a very long time using MP? You could shut it down for a year plus but eat you could shut down power. You could shut down any kind of any kind of power communication in areas in a snow, storm or or a heatwave. I mean You could shut down. You know, medic centres what what happens. If you could shut down the eastern seaboard, how many people would die? What kind of chaos up would happen? We saw a little example of this was pretty Arica right. I mean lost power. They just got it back. pull over the full island last month? I believe it was has been a year and you know, the estimates are about. Three thousand people died and by the way in Trump took a lot of heat for him. Is treating about me. I e the amount people who died and, of course I don't know exactly what you know what he thinks happened.
But it is a very strange process that gets us to that number. This is not a number of other hey here's, a bunch of people who got crushed by trees here, their birth, their death certificates. That's how many people, we had that's how it happened in Iowa right that is, exactly how we would know their names that we realise their names. We would be able to count them and when people die, you individually count we're how many there are right- and I say this, as you might say- there's no missing right, USA missing for a while, but like in the liberian civil war, we might estimate how many p you have died because it's all NATO in Dar, for we might have to estimate. Germany has paper work in. I allow you don't do that right, like these are. American citizens, the way they found out the number of people who died. Is they the government came without getting into Study done to calculate the estimated accession Epps that occurred on the island in the time period following the hurricane, so they didn't get a bunch of like here,
Bunch of death certificates, They instead have a asked them. I mean this is the last line of the New York Times story about how they face became up its number, the actual number of excess deaths? Cannot deaths caused by the hurricane but they're just estimate Many people should have died in Puerto Rico from other causes and that adding their say, the number one over that by three thousand saying well that they must have died from the hurricane and it goes like this the actual number of excess deaths are statistically estimated to be in the range of two thousand six hundred and fifty two three thousand two hundred and ninety, so they kick they can't get it narrowed down to six or seven hundred different people. As these are the: U S, citizens we're talking about their best at best. You could look there, just getting their power back, etc, etc, and it could be these numbers, it could be a lot less. Yet imagine if we said you know how many people died in the World Trade center.
initially. We thought it would then be took, could be twenty or thirty thousand right right I mean and then we. Instead, we just said how many pull in New York over this time period. Much of died should have died and how many did die right in its entirety will assume all those people died in the world trade that that's insane yeah, that's insane. It might be a good way to start here. I have nothing else, but you should follow that up with but the number is truly unknown and until they get back on their feet and people are like whatever happened uncle Billy, then you can count. That's incredible that those responsible in the United States is really not, and people don't think a porter ego as the United States they vote, they pay tax Is they are part, The United States it's obscene- that this has been going on this long look. We have seven thousand troops ready to go in
North Carolina and South Carolina right now, seven thousand troops have been ready to go in. Porter Rico. How many down Troops were therefore how long would any of us have accepted that North Carolina just didn't, have power for a year no way, no way I want to share some feedback from our partners. It palm Beach letter and ticket worries crypto course. Ninety seven percent of the people and in our listening audience, who have taken his crypto course, have given him a four or five star rating the believe reviews are just great, finally yourself and and look for it at too smart Crypto course dot com, but read the reviews, because people are all basically saying the same thing either had apps really no idea what crypto currency was and the role it played. I didn't understand. Bein a bitcoin or
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I will try, we ve been trying to hide it. Yet we try to hide it all day. We can't do it anymore. Nicky, Hayley, Big Trump Administration scandal, New York Times nailed her. Dickie Haley's view of New York is priceless, her curtains, fifty two thousand seven hundred and one dollars for current Eames. Do we know how We know how big the windows were. Does it even well! Well, The matter will cotton well a if they were. You know three block along curtains. Probably that's a good deal if they were in her house or her office, India and other residents residence for the. U S ambassador, so it's in the ambassadors resident. Yes, so, in other words the place where the leaders from all around the world can I see where you're go you're trying to justify this you you know why I didn't justify in justify you know: Ben Carson's unilaterally. My road was twenty thousand dollar dining table, he's a gun.
An official working in a government, a building, you're not bringing in the world, do not bring you gotta government people working round table. You can have a card table far as I'm concerned and stop. However, The ambassador is like the ambassadors. Residence is a little like the oval office. I don't care if you go a little crazy on decorating. That projecting something you can get. Five thousand dollar curtains, though Nicky I take it A thousand dollars on curtains are not enough for effective solutions to be found. New York, virtue stating in New York sandwiches or about fifty two thousand dollars. But yes- and I have my doubts- expensive right by They'D- let's be honest- that's ridiculous and thank God, the New York Times as there too, a pin and say hey Nicky. it's too much money, we're call and Nicky Hayley out on that. Fifty two thousand dollar expenditure, good job New York, Times
and I see that some other people are getting on this now to Jake. Tapir has treated about this boy and he notes in the six paragraph from that New York Times story spokesmen for Miss Hale is now having to now having to answer for the thing you know us it plans to buy the curtains were made in Two thousand sixteen. During Obama, administration, Miss. Hayley had no say in the purchase elaborating a source say, tell CNN, it was decided well before the election and twenty sixteen that the? U S, ambassadors residents, would move from the Waldorf to its new location. The new occasion was unfurnished an unfinished. The in June of twenty sixteen, it was decided that the state departments Bureau oversees buildings operations would outfit the new residents this estate, operating procedure. For him best there's residences across the globe in July, Sixteen, the first sight visit was complete and
They chose those curtains into in the summer of twenty. Sixteen, you may notice that being before the election of Donald Trump also Denmark centred operation, your operating procedure. They do now personalized residences to individual ambassadors tastes. This isn't it a blaming Obama and some in power who was the better at the time it, standard operating procedure for outfitting ambassadors residences, the outfit of this residents had started happening, started twenty sixteen, but- that's it or Hayley had no choice in the location or of the residents or what curtains were picked isolated. It's really interesting is on Jake Tapir just eat us wait a minute hang on just a second read the six paragraph in the six paragraph, it says all of that, and yet the headline of the New York Times is the only thing people read usually is look at how bad Nicky aliens awful unbelievable.
this weekend, the podcast continues a nay an exclusive interview with Robert Spencer, Robert Spencer, is a guy who wrote the history of jihad. He is being d platforms and not just by tack, but now by far ants he's a scholar, and if you disagree with its present facts in and show him wrong, he is me, you know he has advised administrations in the past. He is a leading scholar. radicalized Islam and jihad. Mass the card has come out and said any biz, It's that has anything to do with him. We will not honour are Reno we will do no banking services for anything around him that's pretty frightening. That's pretty frightening I want you to hear what this guy has to say before you can't hear it any more.
I want you, I I mean the sincerely begin to Burn things to dvd: to burn interviews like this to dvd, because I'm not sure that it will be available online, I'm not sure it will will be allowed to do these things in the future. World is changed and there's no hyperbole here, You can see it these two seedy or dvd and keep them. And you know. I read almost everything on Kindle. I decided this week. I'm not gonna. Do that anymore. I may write. I may read them on Kindle, but I am buying end book. That, I think, is important because I don't think. I think there is a possibility books just disappear. Ten years down the road eight years down the road. Can you tell me, would you have predicted we're
Where whereat now, eight years ago, Even I tried to tell you things were going to be different, but I couldn't tell you exactly how it was gonna happen, what it like you? We are entering a varied different age, so please sign up for them. Had cast. You didn't stick sure you know, Itunes, where we listen to your podcast, please listen to the podcast. We ask that you would rate it and review it. That is really important because it helps other people, discover it The Robert Spencer Podcast comes out tomorrow. It is uninterrupted and fascinating. Specially for the week of nine eleven working to Pat Gray Ipad Glenn Good, see You can see it. I didn't see it in your eyes. Even a seething outrage on something today, I you know what I I thought I was the only one who was just about this porter rican death toll number that
Trump said is not accurate. It's not true, Very well, may not be and so I was glad to hear you guys saying that it was confusing. And not conclusive to that for a number of three thousand from a Jew? Washington University study they guessing really. They just found death toll or the number of people who died before in Puerto Rico and non disaster years, and it was about three thousand more this time, so they just attributed them all to the storm and they don't know that for a fat, that's a good! First start right! That's not something that you say! That's how many people ran die on your sword over and their aid. My he is denying science or something that's, not a scientific number right. It's a guess! It's a guess! Now it's it might might be higher. It might be higher likely lower terribly lower could be we don't know, but CNN is attacking him as if it were hard core fact like they found a pile of three thousand bodies.
Didn't that's all our work here I mean it seems like this study is our current best guess is probably the best way to put it back. I mean it's any em. Look they did they did do. What they didn't assigned to listen to this into the processor, are acts Mortality study analyzed pass mortality patterns. In order to predict the expected mortality if Became Maria had not occurred and compare this fly to the actual deaths that originated in enhancing the Athens, but I knew not only are they didn't even use last year that some areas her dick, very angry at predicting what it would have been this year? Oh my god, oh my gosh makes it even worse that it knows a predicted numbering at the difference between those two numbers is the estimate of excess mortality? Ok and which would be fine if you say This is our best guess, estimate
this time- and this happened a couple of months ago a different study came out with it with a relatively similar number was over. Two thousand, I believe. In that one was not treat, like this one is now almost like. Ok, here's our first kind of their first gonna, look at it. This will just like absolute fact, and we know I can with one hundred percent certainty, tell you it is not the is not absolute fact because, as the actual as this new term story points out, The actual number of excess deaths was statistically estimated to be in the range of two thousand Six hundred fifty eight to thirty three thousand two hundred and ninety six hell they're only have an estimate of the seven hundred or so they think it's somewhere in the middle of it and their highlighting this two thousand nine hundred seventy five number I'll look. I do think it's likely to be and we ve got have all said this, since the beginning is likely to be high.
Then whatever was sixty years exactly and you'll have to. I was, you know, think of the people. Almost the only have electricity, the number of people who just died because they couldn't get insulin. I mean you didn't number author and Vietnam contamination and diseases, people nor I picked up in it. Going down huge, but can we we just stop with this I know the answer and anyone who else would I mean it's crazy order. Reminds me of. Is dollar wasn't gonna? Go there inquisition something slightly more recent mccarthyism? No more recently, not even the nine year old who came up with this statistic: gone straws yeah how cash that was really called a couple of companies and they throughout numbers to him and then became hard core fact here. It's true
the giant five hundred million or billion or whatever it was, or the giant garbage file a million garbage file that it does not exist right. It's not a real thing. Listen to this! This is amazing that the proposed phase of the George Washington Study will accept the death certificates. That's the next! Greece they have done this year. space will examine the death certificates recorded in the months after the hurricane, and only they didn't do that. Yet right I keep asking. How could you release the information? Will honour you ve done bad and again I I I I tend to place less blame on George Washington here, then the media, because the media is the one saying yes, a hard core fact bright. Look we listen to this that they will, look at the death certificates and then would then they will truck quote, try to determine through interviews with family members and others, whether
for individual debt should be attributed to the storm, and the thing you haven't done that yet everybody assumes that's how they came to the number. You know they either found em or these people were missing and I would wear Hamleys. They died. This rightwing say why times that guy, that's what I thought. Well, it's interesting listen to this list. two paragraphs where they went up as I see it, is lustre. It's crazy. It's it's amazing. The new times gets a bad rap as they dont report. Anything they don't report. The news know they do oh, they always put it at the bottom. Up the facts that change the whole narrative are at the bottom: they miss they. They they lead people astray with their headlines, but all the facts are there
yeah, whose fault is that new? It's our fault, because we don't read the Damn story and then we say New York Times didn't report the facts. They got the facts wrong and the New York Times can actually say we're, not news we reported that they did, they buried a buried it. They give you a misleading headline stay silent. You know when it is in their favour to. You know bash trump, they still did report the facts, and they too, I mean look. They do some me, no near tempted. some amazing work. Some of it is could because they have resources that nobody else had at their there. I heard it on the vaguest shooting some stuff they did for that unwilling. Credible. I mean I got they pieced together Hundreds of cameras and pieces of audio touched good walk to that time. Might its credit. Repair: they do they just blow it. A lot like the Nicky Hayley thing we just talked about wearing.
What do you know that our curtains, but it was actually in the Obama administration, and actually even the Obama administration, had no specific control over that it was in there. we have all learned. There is in paragraph six right was in there, but the headline said: Nicky Haley's got fifty three thousand dollar curtains. Look at her nice view right and it's like that's just a tear. It was so that get shared the headline my shared well and they get what they want out of it, but it actually reported him. So it's not fake news. The reporter can say, I'm not lying even though they buried it. So the headline that is misleading They can honestly say I'm not lying to you, I'm telling you and I did- and I had those facts in the story and when those facts were the story, it becomes a non story of shares in a story anymore. No, it's not over. The whole thing is ridiculous. That may even put it in the period is here's the headline government out of control. Fifty two
Two thousand dollar curtains in new ambassadors residents. Right gay, you that's the story because this It's really not fifty two thousand dollars for the ambassador, where you're bringing people in and heads of state and everything Else- and not for it was done by one administration, it'll be done again by the next administration that not really a story. I think the the argument is, should should Be spending that two project power for our ambassador in New York City or not the It's the most familiar, that's a pair question ass if her question, but you don't pay me Nicky Hayley, no, no but again you see where the split is by claiming fake news for two stories. cover the facts, all be it again. I grant you buried bearing
this, the buried, the story, YO buried the actual facts that exonerate they were still in there. By saying this is news: they never. If port the facts, the people who actually do read the stories all the way and when you are right, when you subscribe to the New York Times many times at least I do you, read the whole story, when you're reading the whole story like no it then they ve got all that in their which discredits us. Instead of discrediting them because we're arguing something that isn't true. We should be arguing the skewing of the news, not the reporting of falsehood. and looked at the times is the bigger problem here that us are like they. They have made that this is a a legitimate mistake at the very and I think, then that would that headlines about Nicky, Hayley, ameliorate, Danone overtly it's no liberally can make her look bad when she did nothing right up to elaborate
skew. That's really really bad, but you're right. It's different, then seeing it, it's like one, we'll say climate changes, a hoax right, like I dont like that terminology at all, because any arm, but what biggest climate, spect sceptics, you're gonna, find yes but what I really dont like about, that is its it so easy for that for them to say that's a whole. What do you like, John with it is the hulks you write like the wit, what they want to do with the policies they want to do at those are bad. Policies in an end the apparently don't do anything wrong. The catastrophic yet they scare mongering is is is bad, but just climate change is a hoax, is such easily defendable thing to so many people because look, there are scientific measures that show some of these things are going on. What's the best way for us to handle it right, like do go in and say that we should adapt.
To these things as we go or spend trillions of dollars. Now, when there's a hub, hungry people all over the place just got it just got a friend who's, a kind of a lefty Democrat, not really lefty. I sent it to send my book and he said asked position. I think I've ever heard on climate change thorough and that's the position I took look, it's it's. What you want to do. That's wrong, that doesn't work that doesn't work, and I showed how people are using climate change to be able. each other liars when you get out of there conversation. Get it. Don't stop stop that argument. Now, that's not the argument. We know what the argument is, and we know where you can actually open people's minds and find the common ground with the not the zealots, the average person
all of a sudden, a game changer, because all send you go away minute? Ok, you are kind of reasonable that they say that. Do you, you are kind of reasonable shields go down and you can actually have a come conversation by the way. If I could just tease the fact that we're gonna take a break from insanity, our two pegrenne unleashed today with more on trivial. What was at last, I was right. It was right last week, more integrity, look right that represent right now there are twenty two, nothing at half time. Let me make one more for these values are at this week. I don't know how this gale does this, but always handily direct, is thank you very much back rain pack re unleashed on the blaze radio network. Immediately following this programme for most Americans, their home is their biggest investment. Now Oh, do you sell your home? How do you who is representing you, selling the biggest investment of your life real estate agents? I trust dot com. You need somebody who knows the market knows. The area has
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Land back, so the Bob Woodward Book is worth reading for the last chapter alone, because it speaks volumes about how the media is handling this with Russia. It is very clearly just changes that the narrative entirely in trumps, favorite net from his looks really good in many parts of the last chapter. Another thing it's interesting as other people's area has no ideological beliefs sees, doesn't have up a principled belief system when it comes to, I'll. Take some policy. The book makes it very clear if you believe it that he absent He does when it comes to trade. It's the one thing. He really cares about he's pushing for ITALY, constantly tariffs on tariffs and trade. Only those tariffs and trade. Is it look at all the d is this using? This is a tool tat. You do not look
and we might oriental believe this, but I mean I don't think it's a negotiation. I think it's. It's what he wants to do again. He was elected president I'd states on that policy on. Let me show you how to start up through the trackers gave him the power. I mean, that's what happens, but that's pretty clear throughout the world Glenn, back mercury.
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