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New Colossus Needed? | Guest: Morgan Zegers | 8/13/19

2019-08-13 | 🔗
Hour 1  The New Colossus needed? Now it's send them here for the free stuff? The Democrat hopefuls leading the way at 27%. The pie doesn't fall very far from the tree. "The Pie Letters: Thoughts and Reflections on Pie and Life."  Hour 2 As Hong Kong cries for freedom, China's red flag system is alive and well. Crimes only some people get charged for? The Second Amendment must stand. Hour 3 Morgan Zegers, founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, joins the program. What is the key to galvanizing young people against the far Left? Chris Cuomo goes bananas after being called a not-so-offensive term. The guys have a little fun interviewing reporter Troy Lynch, who went viral for all the right reasons.

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