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Hour 1 Ruth Bader Ginsberg, movie star?...'On the Basis of Sex'...the 'New Left' hate 1791? ...Fun with 'Nobel Ape' Jim Gaffigan; wife, brain tumor, comedy? ...Glenn's Father Daughters 'Queer Eye' TV Date Night? ...More with Bill Browder?...Time Article: I've Been Putin's Number One Foreign Enemy...the rest of 'the list' of Americans, Putin wants to talk to? ..."I am done, if President Trump is seriously considering this"?..."President Trump gets things done"    Hour 2 All of the sudden 'the left' care about the deficit?? ...Salena Zito, Co-Author of 'The Great Revolt'...this book tells us what is coming next?...the media takes everything President Trump says and does to the extreme...New politics on the horizon? ...the media needs to be careful with the word 'treason'?...through all of this, is there 'hope' for the future?   Hour 3 Bitcoin to hit 40,000 by years end?...there are only 11 million Bitcoins left...'mass adoption' into the market is coming?...wild fluctuation and vulnerability will continue ...South Dakota authorities find bombs and guns while serving warrant...suspect connected to Antifa ...The anti-straw movement? It's all based on one 9-year-old's suspect statistic...papers straws suck too ...Fun with hot sauce?

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The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck on the basis of sex now going on a limb here and guess that you probably didn't expect those words to come out of my mouth first thing today, but it's my version of click bait, some sort of headline to get you to listen. Although it may have just happened or may have just made everybody stomach turn. I'm not sure. But this is titled to the new movie based on the life of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now, progressives and liberals have been hovering over Youtube. Like a pack of rabid wolves, anxiously awaiting for the first trailer to drop three years ago, liberal all across the fruited plain got their wish. I'm not going to ruin. Your day, bye
playing the entire thing? But I want you to hear just one piece of this trailer: listen carefully the word morbid does not appear even once in the USS constitution, known as the word freedom. Your honor him, my gosh. She got him she's, she's, she's, arguing in front of the Supreme Court as a young, attorney and she says you know rights of women and the that stairs, sits there and says the word. Woman doesn't appear once in the constitution and then sheets as neither does the word freedom pause, pause, pause, pause, pause Victoria music, oh my gosh. She got him or did she.
Now. My first thought after hearing that, when something like this oh wait, a minute, isn't the word freedom. The fifth friggin' word in the first sentence of the bill of rights. I mean who's counting, but it's five shows up a second time to senses later now How do you screw this up? Okay, I've always assumed that liberal hollywood- you know Never really read the constitution, but this is remarkable because if this is based on what she believes, which is supposed to be uh, Then our own Supreme Court justice doesn't know the constitution. Now this is my first
my second thought is wait. A minute. Wait, a minute wait a minute. Is the bill of Rights technically considered the cons Could it be some sort of You know word game here that the constitution is a console, This is the bill of rights, an addendum to the constitution. So actually well the National Constitution Center yesterday, ah yeah, can you tell Maine so might be a stupid question, but it is the bill of rights officially considered the constitution, yeah dummy it is Okay, thanks for talking down to me for a second, it's not a separate document, who's ratified in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety one really easy to check for anybody in Hollywood it does
appear in the constitution either. Yes, it does couple times, but then I had and I and then I I took a journey in my head why? Why was addendum put on to the Constitution because our founders, who couldn't never see anything coming. Really worried that it sometime down the road? Some The in Washington would start to perv to the idea of freedom and they would I'd crush speech, they would try to crush the press try to crush the Indy. Little choice of conscience. They try to crush your right to live free without somebody spying on you and so they said you know what I bet I don't know,
I would never do that. I don't know what I mean. I know we can't see anything coming or that's what they're going to say. But I you see you the possibility of other governments, growing out of control and then started to do a flying in rye. Eats is something other than the right. The world Noel. Yeah, so that's why they added the bill of rights in one thousand seven hundred and ninety one now your liberal Hollywood forgot that it changed in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety one or they actually prefer the vaguer. Free one thousand, seven hundred and ninety one version of the constitution. Where God when an natural rights can be excluded if this state, so please is now think about this whoa He is the greatest roadblock to the medical left's progress. If you hate the fact that you can own a gun.
Well, it would be the constitution if you hate the fact that Fox NEWS or I exist me. You would have to destroy the bill of rights and works both ways it Do you hate the idea of dissenting views or we've gotta shut him up because he's just crazy. The bill of rights. Is the clear and present danger to the agenda, its enemy. Number one. You see the new left, the left that is radically moving towards fur. Or end further and further to the extreme they hate one thousand seven hundred and ninety one. They Did they wish? It had never happened the bill of Rights is the most important part of our constitution, it's a cup.
This. Didn't reminder that I'm going to use. That I'm going to use the F word freedom isn't give by the government that they granted by God and nature, and that thought you being aware of that scares the hell out of progressives. Now. It is possible that I've put too much thought into this It is possible that the screen or just didn't know didn't, do their homework. Probably thinks the institution is a dusty old document. So why even read it, and there's a possibility that the screen writer made a mistake and thought Ruth or Ginsburg was actually before, born before one thousand seven hundred and ninety one. So you know
maybe she was going over the old one, only. I can't see how you make this mistake if you're honest and intelligent but it is a sign. It is a sign of the times that we live in the bill. Rights is under attack now, maybe more than ever and is never been more important to let the constitution of One thousand seven hundred and ninety one be our guide. Our true north, and lighthouse, it's Thursday July 19th. This is the Glenn Beck program, I think one of my idols is. I have a new. I think I have a new uh. I hate to use the word idle uh, but one of my new heroes is Jim
have you ever listened to his new. His new concert, is out now audio. Only I think called noble ape know yet dropped a couple of days ago and his hysterical and I'm I you know, here's he's he's had a really rough year. You know is If I had a brain tumor and it just wow, you didn't know, Oh, yes, she had a brain tumor. You know they have five children. I know I really have a feeling. Likes being a dad, but I have a feeling you know Jim may not have had five children even one for her and, and so she's like this of he calls her a what a jihadi catholic and so there he's, you know, she's, always popping kids out an
uh. He had they find out there on the road they had. Just she, just the right. They write everything together, she's, brilliant she's funny. And they get along their real partners in the true sense, and they find out. I don't Amber what happens, I think they were over in London and she gets his blinding headache and he takes her to the hospital and said that she has a brain tumor and right in the center of our brain? It's big and they don't know if she's going to live. So he's had a really bad year and. And then he comes out with his album and I'm listening to it yesterday And I know that because they're writing partner partners, and she hasn't been in any condition really to write, he's written most of this and
the way he takes on his wife's brain tumor. I mean we were just riddled with problems right. We just We get so tired and were like. Oh my gosh. I can't do it another. They look what's happening, country, I mean I faced this half hour where Every day this week I have talked to you about Russia and Trump in the press. Every Ebay. This week at this time we've been talking about that, and so I got in this morning and I'm like I can do it another day and I thought how did Jim Gaffigan. Find such great humor. In such a bleak circumstance I want to be more like that bye is his CD is called a noble ape. I don't even know if it's a cd is been released on Itunes and it's worth I mean it's just so funny
here. He is talking about, his wife's brain tumor that crazy year for Maine crazier? I don't know if you know in April it was discovered my wife had a brain tumor, I'm not even making this up. It was removed, she's great, things good. I didn't remove it. I was in the other room, soiling myself, but the tumor is gone along with my ability to ever. When another argument, so now that goes winning a lot before, but now I'm retired and luckily my wife's not the time to bring it up. Well, once she did, she was like you know. I did have brain surgery would be like yeah. That was like a month ago time to move on what about my seasonal allergies. We all have our cross to bear. It was crazy here, the
told me, the tumor was the size of a pair, which is scary, but also confusing. I was like did he go to med school or farmers market tumors are often compared to fruit appear. Para lemon grapefruit. Interesting fact, worse, tumor grapefruit worst fruit play one more cut, is where he's talking about the doctors, but I have a new found. Respect for doctors. I do about it and less were sick. We send to absolutely nothing. Doctors tell us lose weight never happen. What else you got. You should exercise does eating french fries.
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state agents, I trust dot com, there are helping people who are moving to another area, families who are taking care of their parents remotely or just helping please get the most for their home as quickly as possible. It's real state agents. I trust dot com state agents. I trust dot com, so I had a father daughter date last night with my my two older daughters, Marian Hannah and they came over and and my daughter Hannah well, both of 'em actually Mari and Hannah had been watch, queer eye the new, the new Netflix Series, They keep saying to me dad. When are you going to watch queer, I'm like well, when you have watched the breakable Kimmy Schmidt and so they started watching queer eye and they came over last night and they were like gotta watch. It dead, one episode, so I watched it
Now I was not a fan of the first one, just 'cause I get it. I got it, I got it, I got it, I'm not. I can only watch makeover shows, except for chip and Joanna. For some reason I can only watch. Those makeover shows so many times and also my daughter is also addicted to my what is it eight hundred pound life Whatever that show is where they six hundred. I think yeah and she's just like data, it's just so gross, and I'm just so fascinated by it and I'm like ok. Well, I don't gonna watch shows with you, but so they came over. The premise is that this time they're going into red states, and to find people that you know. Typically, you wouldn't expect people in these towns. Two, except gays or four, from New York to come to these towns and find friends, okay,
and so they're in Georgia and the setting it up for failure, though no no, no really. No, it's the best portrayal of of red state people. I've seen it I've only seen. One episode saw the first one in Manhattan. Mary tell me they're all like this they're pointing is to unite and it's it was remarkable. The first episode you full cry through it's this guy in Georgia. And he starts out he's just a normal. I mean everybody knows this guy at least every every. The outside of New York City knows this guy, and he's just a he's, a nice guy, but he's been divorced a couple of times and he's a you know, he's fifty seven and out of shape, and you know where's dad pants and you know, white socks with his shoes and his
We kind of given up it's kind of sad 'cause. You like him almost immediately. And he's got I can't remember. I think it's lupus so he's his face is all kind of, guard up and any you know he's like. I I'm just you can't do anything with it. You can't fix ugly, you can see these guys these five guys that really bothers them because he says it a lot towards the beginning and slightly sim down in there like dude. We didn't know you, we love you. Stop saying that you're not ugly and they they trim his beard and they give him a haircut and they work on his house and there's.
There's somebody who works on his diet. Another guy works on his. You know the house, another guy works on his style and other guy worked on his face to help him with the lupus. And, in a week's time. This guy's life had changed. He said Oh I've been like this for about fifteen years. I just kind of gave up fifteen years ago. He he girl that he loved and yeah they got divorced. It didn't go into why, and you could tell I mean every time he talked about her. You could tell how much he loved her and He just didn't, have the confidence to go back I can say: let's what did we do? and The end He calls her up and ask her out for a date. It goes really well
they show it this postscript not in the show postscript is they got married the two of them got remarried, that's pretty cool it is you have to watch it. It is if you but just watch something where people who are supposedly not supposed to get along, get along and end up, loving each other queer eye, Netflix there's been a huge buildup, but today is the day. This is it. July, 19th Glenn is hosting a free on line investment, training, broadcast special it could be really valuable to you. It could be helpful to your financial future bitcoin to currencies, are a big deal, you know, we've been talking about them. Investing and for many years now. But you know it's getting more and more hard to understand the truth from the hype one guy who understands it, T Katur from Palm Beach letter. He can walk you through the new case for for Bitcoin talk to you, three crypto currencies that he
recommend you should buy, there's three of them and this is really important information plus you get exclusive free training on the new market and access to palm beach letters exclusive, two million dollar Bitcoin Giveaway Gota Back crypto dot com. Right now it's tonight. This is happy in two night delay, any longer beckcryptoshow dot com back. Toshow dot com get registered and learn. This is the Glenn Beck program. So we have it. We have a fascinating story If Monday, why the president was giving his speech in Russia. We were talking to Bill Browder now Bill Browder is the guy who's attorney magnin ski was was beaten and executed murdered by Vladimir Putin.
He was a guy who is trying just to uncover corruption, cool was paying this attorney to do so. Business over in Russia. This russian attorney, he found corruption, and he said I've got to expose this as a as a russian citizen. I have to expose this, so we bring to the authorities thinking that they they care. Well, they did care, but Just to keep him shut up because the car up it was coming from the highest levels, so he taken in he's, arrested, he's beaten and then executed so the Magnitsky ACT. This is the. This is the big being with Russia and why Trump was meeting with the Russians in the Trump tower to get the Magnitsky ACT, repealed Bill, the guy who hired Mending Scyther the attorney,
He is the guy responsible for that act? He's the guy who said you know that ie uh. We have to do something. Is a really bad guy and the only you're, going to affect him is by affecting the the income of the oligarchs around him. Now this is made him enemy number one to Putin and all of the oligarchs, because Our sanctions are based on the Magnitsky act. Bill is targeted, an he's targeted by Putin and the truly amazing thing is at Putin, hasn't gotten ahold of him, yet he is I'd? Have him arrested in Spain, be Well, we can't even tell you where his location is, but here's the update why, we were talking about him Monday, while we were to him on Monday Putin.
And Trump were talking about him in the press conference and Putin made this wonderful gesture of look I tell you what I'll send over my KGB agents you send over some people that I want to talk to and he mentioned Bill Browder by name now betrayal is here and Jason is our national security guy and when we that we thought we There's no way, that's going to happen right no way. Yet I know when I'm away Donald Trump, yesterday we found out is at? considering sending Bill Browder to Putin, for questioning. What does that mean Jason to bill? You suppose the same thing. Basically, as magnitsky I mean that's
delivering him up, basically for the same to be healed, he's been called a threat to russian national security enemy number one to Vladimir Putin. So this in the context of this is crazy. They've been going after him for years, he's been on the Interpol list. Six times actually detain back, I think in March, in Spain, on him so badly, which is is just it's just so ludicrous. I didn't. Even I heard Putin say that, and I didn't even think that was a legitimate request. I'm looking for a really get on the phone and apparently he's on hold now. So let's yes, I'm sorry Billy. We were stalling until you got on and I didn't even see it bill. Thank you for being on. How well, what is this like for you well let me just add one other layer of horribleness to this, and then then then then, let's talk about what it's like for Maine, so so bad about Putin,
I wants me any announced that he wanted Maine come in- that press conference in Helsinki and Trump said translate incredible offer, but then- and this is the shocking, shocking, more shocking part, I should say, is that the next day So they wanted me and some Americans and they made a list. Of Americans. They also want, and that list includes the people. Who are involved in in Washington in in Congress in the State department of passing the Magnitsky ACT and it also includes special agents. Department of Homeland Security who are investigating money laundering in the United States connected to the Magnitsky ACT, so basically Putin wants us to go after everybody in the United States at a top level who had something to do with in the Magnitsky act. In causing all this trouble, so you I do about you.
You have hoped that on Monday, that the president would say: well, it's incredible thing and he wasn't serious and it wasn't happened yesterday we find out that he's well, considering this so he's filtering handing over people who have been serving the country to fight russian evil to the Russians, just just let that sink in for a second. These are patriots. These are patriots who are making money in business. Who aren't you know going out in entertainment, their toilet, play in Washington. Serve country there's no way this will have service in the United States. There's no way this so that, but well I mean they said considering it yellow set up along. I will tell you this bill. I don't leave the american people would ever allow that to happen. I mean look a guy who was against Donald Trump and eye. For some of his policies. I can you know You don't like his character, but
these policies are good, but I'll tell you. I am not an impeachment guy by any, stretching the imagination. If Donald Trump send you or anybody else over to Putin? I'm done. I'm done and I think a lot of Americans would say- okay- that that that there's a line there's the line you cannot send people like you over there can't that's a death sentence. Is it not it's uh sims hundred percent for sure that there's no no ifs, ands or buts, Latimer Putin kill. There's no question about that. So bill I don't want you obviously to get into any specifics, but has your life changed now? Do you but I mean you've always been watching your back, but Are you safe
ever been safe, I mean so I I I I actually threw up the the the Magnitsky ACT is a piece of legislation which remarkably hits if it stuck in a game of battleship. You never know. You know whether you hit the or not, we got a direct hit right between the eyes of Vladimir Putin, because the Magnitsky ACT goes after money. And their ability to travel of Putin. Oligarchs and these guys are so terrified of of having their all the money that they've stolen in Russia frozen in the west and be completely hit some. Where and and- and this is not something that just happened on this week. This has been going on for years now, they've been come, after me, as you mentioned, that they are now in their seventh interpol arrest warrant for me. I was. As you also mentioned, I was arrested in Madrid, Spain on May 30th on a russian interpol arrest warrant. I've been stopped at borders, all sorts of stuff because the Russians are trying to, now, fortunately up until this moment.
Western world protected me when western world. I mean the countries United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, etc, and all of a sudden we had the the most powerful man in the free world says: that's an incredible offer It's it's really remarkable! Well, you can rest a little bit that he's. Just off you know France and England so much, they might just double their protection of you just to spite him but I mean that I I I am a twenty nine years ago to England, I'm a british citizen. I've been living there for twenty nine years in the british government fully protect me. So I mean trump doesn't actually have the jurisdiction to hand me over to the Russians. The fact the fact that the fact is even considering it and most most shockingly that he's considering handing over people who would serve, who are serving the american government who
serving America in service to America. These going. Infighting Putin to put in into the enemy clutch is that's the most outrageous part of this whole story. Ah, you know. I said what one thousand and fifteen years ago there's going to come a time when you just do not recognize your country, and I felt that fade out for probably about five, five or six years where I just left like holy cow every day. There's something this maybe one of the most significant, the you know the The press conference was bad the the kissing but you know- and I can I can understand both sides on on this. I don't excuse him by any stretch, however, this finding out you know yesterday
that he is seriously considering this is I don't recognize my country? I do not recognize my country bill stay safe. Let us know, please count us in your corner. If there is, anytime you need to ring a warning bell. You call us We will get the word out. You know it this Scott got to stop. This is got to stop England is unshakable with you. They are unsure. Nothing is going to happen to me while I'm in England unless Putin is, goes in and kills somebody again in english soil? And you don't have you don't have anybody you don't have the left in England, uh pussyfooting around with you or anything. I mean you're you're good in England,
the the the in in England we we have a, we have a thousand years of of rule of law. The courts would never allow me to be sent back to bill. Stay, safe, keep your family safe and we will pray for you please call us if there's anything that you need. Thank you, sir. Thank you bill have a good day. Bye, bye, bye, it's pretty chilling amazing, so there's my line, I think that's my line. I think that is my that's my line for me You can't turn over well he's not an american citizen anymore. So, but we don't have the ability turns anyone over the you know what yeah I'm so close to the line when he said that on Monday, I'm thinking Ok, he just got out of a meeting he doesn't talk to his advisors, he hasn't talked to anybody. You know he's in with Putin Putin's doing what Putin does he does this Friends
Trump is doing what trump does all hyperbole? Well, that's quite an offer blah blah blah, but to come back and on Wednesday you been home for two days. And on Wednesday still say well we're considering that no, no, no, no! No! No! No, That's really that very, very disturbing. Can I put in a contact how dangerous bill Browder is to the Putin regime. So we called the Putin regime kleptocratic. You know that's. Basically, that's not really a democracy. It's not really anything else. It's a kleptocratic regime the whole way. This is an example of how Putin even got into power to begin with he was very, very tight with the men in Roman Abramovic who actually lived in the Kremlin for time. He start officer, ST vendor selling toys today, after helping Putin, get into office and finding himself in the in the country he's one of the most richest man in the world,
gazillionaire. Basically, he now Chelsea Football Club this guy up, it's a crazy story, but it shows you how interconnected Oleg Ark's Big this man are and how they get things, on in Russia. So it's it's! It's it's the mafia, it's big businessman. Oleg Ark's, all working in concert with the government, basically just to make themselves richer to steal from their people and to make people richer. Now what the Magnitsky ACT does. Is it targets those people? It lays the blueprint to how to bring Putin down and Browder delivered that that's. Why he's so dangerous? So one more thing on Trump. I don't believe that Trump is. You know, I don't believe he would have people killed and blah blah blah. I don't believe any of that. However, the thing about Donald Trump living in New York City. You kind of like Donald Trump. When you live in New York City, because the guy gets it done. For instance, How many times did we say when they were
Need to rebuild the World Trade Center Tower, let Donald Trump! Do it. Yeah he'll get it done it had done and the reasons to be eleven years down the road correct, and he has many examples: for instance, the ice rink Indiana New York City in the central park they That was a debacle that went on for a decade and they could fix an ice. Rink and finally, he stood up and said you know what I'm going to do it I'm going to do it let me get out it was open within a year- and it was great when they said you can't develop all of this land by the West Side highway. You know 'cause it it's a garbage dump and it's it's. You know right up against the what he said. Okay, I'll do it go down there. Side highway now yeah, it's you go underneath all of the Donald Trump Hotels and they were up so fast. I remember
or seeing a garbage sanitation building took about three years to build. In that time three Donald Trump hotels were built. Ok, he gets things done, that's the thing that he has in common with Putin, you don't want to ask Donald Trump. How did you cut that cord? How did you get the done in the city, don't ask don't ask that's the Part where they connect is they'll, get it done. Putin will just kill people in elevators to get it done. Alright, let me talk to you a little bit about simplisafe Simplisafe, great home security. If you really want to keep your family safe, you want cutting edge tech. Ology that works that is almost invisible. I mean really really small you'll, never notice it, but I'm telling you something goes wrong in your house
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reporter in America who, I think, understands the red state and how people are thinking we're going to talk to her about what the media is thinking and what her perception of this week is back mercury Glenn Beck it's Thursday July 19th. This is the Glenn Beck I want to start with this audio Sean Spicer being interviewed about the president. Is the president a truthful person? I believe so you never felt like
He had you go out there and stick your neck out for claims. He knew to be, I mean, look he's the ultimate salesman. I think he talks about in his books how we use as a I hyperbole to sell issues and and that's how he is he's a salesman and the go sharing a businessman. First and foremost, do you regret sticking your neck out for some of his more out later, I'm going to be false, I'm thinking about, for example, the inauguration. The three to five million fraudulent votes during a legend having tapes of call me in the oval office, I mean those are three examples of things that are now. No, not appreciate you keeping it to thirty, I mean ok. So what is she saying here is, the president, a truthful person, No, I I think we can all agree on that. One, no, no hyperbole at best hyperbole. At best, however, don't you feel she says, don't you feel used? Well, I don't can I turn that question around on the mainstream media.
Did you feel used by Pres Obama I mean 'cause the lies. There were not about crowd sizes that was about Benghazi and a and a video that got a bunch people, including an ambassador, killed and you defended it who called anybody who believed anything else, a conspiracy theorist so did you feel used. How about did you feel used when uh, the president was saying you can keep your health care. You could keep your doctor if you like it when it provably false You feel used at all when he said no, I don't want single payer health, but that was the logical conclusion, and the President, in a video. And that before the election, his first election that what I have to do. Is we have to get this
care and then we'll get a single Payer- healthcare 'cause. That will lead to that. The only way should've, let led to. It is a collapse of the system did, you feel used now Here's MIKE Barnicle on MSNBC yesterday or at the constitution have another president take over right. Now did you hear what you just said we need to rewrite the constitution and get rid of Donald Trump right now we need need to rewrite the institution, you, I not say you love the constitution, this man is unconstitutional and then say: let's rewrite the constitution right now, First of all, that's not done in a backroom. You want to rewrite the constitution, that's called the amendment process and the in process will take he'll, be out of office
by the time you get that passed you just! don't rewrite the constitution to get rid president, you impeach him. But you don't have the political courage to do that because, I don't have the evidence to do that bill Maher was was talking to Ben Shapiro and he said to Ben Shapiro. You know how can you guys be for how can you be for Donald Trump when he's for we have seen you guys weren't for tariffs. I mean How is it that the everybody you know everybody on the right is flip flopping bill Everybody on the left is flip. Flopping too. Now here's here's my point of this monologue.
I'm not a big enough man in a strong enough man to not want to rip the eyeballs out of people. Uh as they're attacking me or the right for being inconsistent I'll. At least admit our side is being inconsistent? I'll at least admit it. Yet we're not deficit. Now we don't care but don't come to me and say you now care about the deficit, you as an individual? May, you can't tell me that your side did because- You didn't do anything about it well yeah, but that wasn't our issue. I don't know it was in two thousand and eight remember it's unpatriotic to have a deficit like this, so I just I wanted to talk to Selena Zito because I think she's a really probably one of the best journalists in America.
And she listens to the center of the country and she's surrounded by the people. Also, you know in the media, centers and I don't know how to talk. I don't know how to deal with this anymore and I just don't want to deal with it. The same way I've been dealing because it's not making any difference so many welcome to the program thanks so much for having me on you on log, so in your book the revolt, which everybody should read, especially everybody in the press. By the way question have you Have you talked to many of your colleagues in the press that have said wow Celine? I read your book, one great- opening experience. Yeah. There have been a handful. They have read it and have said that there have been a handful of
including elected Democrats who have said. Oh, my god, this is a blueprint. Not only of what happened, but what's happening now and what's going to happen next uh, so I have had that. Honestly, I don't think enough. People have read it and I'm not saying that, because I wrote it with along with my body Brad Todd. All but because it's so Instru yeah, it's so real time and it gives it some app. It's a blueprint that tells you. This is what happened. This is what is happening. This is what's going to happen next, give God. Why can't you paying attention? I know I know, and I tell you selena you and I've been: for a very long time- and I love your writing- I love it 'cause. You always back it up with history, and you actually do your homework your fair, but this book,
you were the first one I think, to nail Donald Trump. I don't remember what that phrase was exactly that. You said right after the election seriously literally, that was right before um before ' Hey Alexa in during an interview with Trump for the Atlantic page lost. My job and I had interviewed him today, the day after I left my job and that's that's afraid, It's actually glad came up with say it say it again. Take him. Voters take him seriously, but not everything that he says which her lakes, whereas the press and the political clout. Take him literally sort of like Amelia Bedelia, but they don't take him seriously and because they didn't take him seriously, they missed the election. They are also currently missing. What is going on now, let me let me let me compact this for you for
in terms of understanding. You know how rotors React to what has happened in the past few days with Helsinki, so for rations. I would say all the way back to Mark here now: the first sort of campaign manager for William Mckinley in eighteen. Ninety six per generation politicians have been has seven one three things: the horrible restricted another, beautiful your flower lei in there and then they've been focused group to death, but they never back it up with the results. Donald Trump come. It's like, doesn't really say what voters want here, bye, give me results that they want. This is why everything is sort of flipped on their on its head. The pretty politicians were pretty words: you know win elections, but they never ever ever actually follow through with the results Trump who is Lou with his word and loose with his facts? It the end
yeah. He actually gives the voters their results and that's why people in in the political class, look at this and say wait what, he's not talking the way everybody else talks and This is like saying: wait, Waht he's! Actually, doing what he said he was going to do, but I will kind of like the way she has it. You are. That is exactly right. I mean the or the election you know. I was obviously not for Donald Trump and even you know in the first six months not really for Donald Trump, because he at no results and I believe he would. He would run his administration the he's running it with the to get the conservative style results. He is but I need to the way he does. You know the way he presents everything I ate it, but I
and argue with the results. Right and that's why voters made a pragmatic choice. Donald Trump was not the cause of his populist coalition, and you know you have written. It has two thousand and six. I have been writing that this is been coming since that first wave election when moderate pro life pro. Done a fiscally conservative Democrats won the midterms who wasn't 'cause. They were Democrats because they weren't Democrats or Republicans. He because that's when both parties sort of started to fall apart, she blew both of them up and in this last election and and the problem sorta. Hypocrisy problem that keep people keep pointing their fingers at back and forth with each other is because we are real I'm in the moment of the political coalition realigning and improve
there's times when this has happened. We didn't have that. You know instant communication too too To sort of you know write about it in real time. Well, now we do we're watching this. There isn't. There are new coalitions. Republicans are different than they were four years ago I have two different in the way they were four years ago and people started. Don't how to say I just look backwards. A couple minutes. I was for something else before, and now my party isn't what's going on here and then, instead of like being reflective and think about it and thinking about when I got to that point. We just clean thing at the other side, you're being a hypocrite and and that's sort of the biggest problem that the provide profession has in it is that this has caused a sort of hysteria. Every time-
Trump speaks. So you know say Monday when the whole health thinking thing happened. I just got done with interviewing Steve Scalese that was walking back to my car. I turned the car on I turn the radio on Sirius Radio, I don't even remember what Channel NEWS Channel is on, but I hear the uh, the announcer sex. This is the worst thing ever. I can't believe Trump did this, and the next person said this is unprecedented president. This is never happened before and I just turned it of because you know what that every day is everyone else, so we've lost space in the press, for behavior, okay, so Selena, I man, you are just so right on there. Sometimes you know people don't uh uh. Sometimes people don't change. Ronald Reagan said this that I He kind of just catches up with them, and it's
or time. This is your time. I mean you, you get it more than anybody else and kind of explain it so when I was listening this week. It seems to be that every time the press they just they've gone crazy, and so every time they see Donald Trump do something that they don't like. Uh they immediately pounds and it feels almost like they say to themselves. So we got him this time and then it doesn't turn out that way and so it winds them a little tighter and- All we got in this time on Monday. They were so convinced that this would bring down his administration that they went I mean, they launched all of the nuclear missiles wind. This doesn't take him out
Where do they go from here? Well, what they have done is that. Why did the trusted once again between themselves and the people that consume the news an and so what they do. Is they sort of ice great themselves, and they only pick in the in the only get the people who want to believe what they say rather than the people that need to you know rather than everyone. I mean the news honestly, my idea, the news is you got it and they're reading the news and it's redness passionately, and and and that's it that's my idea, that's what I rate as as a reporter all, but but we don't get that anymore in in in enter your date, some journalists they want. You know and you're you're telling the back. Well,
there's inference and people aren't stupid. You know I mean our iq, isn't that of an act, people under see and feel and hear and read inference. It's there, even if they don't particularly love Donald Trump or don't particularly like him or didn't even vote for him. They tend to gravitate more towards this coalition, but thank him but more towards this coalition, an and siding with it an exciting An an an and incur in and there are encouraged to show up because there's part of them that seems themselves in Trump. Nothing is rich, nothing is a billionaire, but because all the odds are against him and and so they even if they don't like him there, like you know what this guy this guy right here, he
only taking it on the chin for all of us and particularly like them, but I like the results and- and I don't like the way to press the larger institutions- treat him I'm going with this I'm going to disguise him you're. Absolutely right, hang on just a second. We want to continue our conversation with Selena Zito here, she's co, author of a book called the great revolt revolt. She's been reported that I've watched for years, and just I she is the best and she gets it. She knows how America is. Is feeling right now will continue our conversation in just Second, first let me introduce you to the the language of FEMA FEMA said in December, next year, meaning this year is going to be totally different. If we are hit with, bill disasters? or canes and tornadoes and everything else FEMA will not be able to be the first responder and they.
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twenty five years in storage. It is a One hundred and fifty dollars savings this week so Call eight hundred two hundred seven thousand one hundred and sixty three that's eight, two hundred and seventy one sixty three or go online to prepare with Glenn dot com. That's prepare with Glenn dot com Selena Zito, who has her finger on the pulse of America and and also is you know, find yourself in the belly of the beast. She is Jonah in the whale and I don't know how you do it. I do it for awhile. I could not take it. And Selena. I tell you, there's been a change in me when I was with Brian Stelter, I was so disgusted that I had been asked to come fun to speak about. Why the right is
not listening to the media, and then your your ask for my opinion, but you're arguing with me every step of the way- and I can't even make my point- paint and then you just go on personal attacks, and I I gave up on the media I'd. I really don't want anything to do with them anymore, and I don't I don't know what that means yet, but I just I you don't really actually want to know the truth, so I'm not interested well damn percivale I mean just with your interview with Brian it's it's it's not what I think the premise is ridiculous: how to get people to listen. To the media I like to obey, to what they tell them. That premise in of itself is is is ridiculous. You know people who are free thinkers and their
to to you know, they're going to believe and read whatever they want, and that's why we have eliminated the curators in this world, not just in our shop but also in the media, so you're, I don't believe you're alone Glenn. I I do believe because that is the trend as opposed to you know. And an outlier. So I want to talk to. You are going to take a break here in a second. I want to talk to you about a couple of things you say in your book. You know your book is a blueprint. So what comes next? How do we move forward when no one will admit that they're wrong or played a role in anything and I also want to go back and talk to you about this week. Is there in the perception of Donald Trump in the center of the country, with the people, support him
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Deal for your house and make sure you're treated with respect. Go a real, regions. I trust com. If you need to sell your house fast and for the most money, it's really agentsitrust dot com you're listening to the Glenn Beck program? Selena, Yesterday we were talking to Selena Zito. She is an amazing writer. She wrote the book. The great revolt everyone in America should read this specially the press. It was really good for me to read because it's sheet went and she She travels the country, but, unlike the press corps, she does it in her car. She stays. You know in non named hotels, she seemed eat where the locals eat and she learns what people are really feeling and she found out some amazing things about Trump Supporters- that Pleat Lee, take the narrative of the media and turn it upside down. It's called the
revolt and you should read it. She joins us now. Let me ask you a couple of questions yesterday during the during the cabinet meeting President Trump but- and I read this from- report an I had not listened or watched the video and the report came out that he had answered in a press in the answer to oppressor that that he was uh, Russia was not targeting the United States anymore and about to go off on that when one of the one of my coworkers said wait, wait. Have you seen the video and I said no, do I two when she said yep Play the video: that's not what happened. Do you? with that. Yeah. He was answering no about not answering a question yeah. He was,
this is with my profession in trouble and it sort of everybody swarmed around and everybody said this is what happened. This was apple trees and you know he can help. You know he can't make up his mind. Well, whatever the hysteria of the moment is an an turns out, it's not true. Yeah, and it makes Shawty look bad, so So Here we are in a place where we can't trust. Really anybody You know everybody is working on an agenda and it could be to take the president down or defend the president. And what we're seeing is exactly what you said a few minutes ago that we're seeing a shift in politics here we're seeing were the old go away, and there is no. There is a new form of politics
that I see on the horizon, and I wanted to get your opinion on this. The the Democrats, the old Democrat that everybody, you know the blue dog Democrat and the Democrats. A father. Even the FDR Democrat they're dead, they're gone yeah there yeah yeah, and so they are becoming more and more radical and what I said on Fox is eventually they're just going to take the mask off and they're going to say yep. I am socialist because this doesn't work we're now seeing a democratic socialist, a kind of party form that is becoming more and more radical. The in your book. You say I think it's twenty one percent of the Trump supporters are people who voted for Barack Obama in her so that Reagan Democrat. So you have I have that which leaves a couple of places when you have extreme on one side, you're going to have the extreme of the alt right.
They do not fit in the Trump category where and they don't fit with the others that are left, which are the traditional small government, the two Shanle American wow. What comes next? How are we net? What do you see on the other side of this. Well here, you know it has. A great revolt, explains we're in a bit of good in all of building coalitions, the other, Publican side has more of those airfield Democrats, I would argue that probably entitlement reform is probably dead for a generation right. Um, because there are new part of this republican coalition is populous college. But on the on the democratic side, because they shed their new deal Democrats because they shed their moderate because pro life pro gun fiscal responsibility and and and pro military have sort of been
elbowed out. Their party has gone more left, more cosmopolitan, more international for multi cultural. Would you solve broker bomber actually take that step in two thousand twelve and two thousand eight. His election was all about bringing people together and and which included the new deal. Democrats in two thousand and twelve. He changed the calculus that has been in this country since the Thank you very much. We went from sort of a gold water new deal argument to a multicultural. You know the world's first as opposed to America. First, yes, and- and that is what has happened to the democratic party- and you see traces of it sometimes blatantly within within the press, because not only that the
We tend to be more aligned with the Democratic Party, but also you become what your neighbors are. They live in these super zip codes. Where people don't you know, have the same sort of lifestyle, the same sort of value, you know the same sort of attendance to there to what they believe can We should be about and then the people that live outside of those more super zip codes. You know they don't go to church as much But then again I probably not pro life, and so it's a completely different sort of you know World America isn't. First, there are more of the they see themselves as a citizen of the world. And then in American or if you go outside to those areas, people see themselves as well like, of course, I'm an american first, I saw a poll today. That said it's. There are more democrats that believe in ufos. Then there
are Democrats that believe in the traditional America yeah, I mean it's getting shot. Maybe actually doesn't shock me so they're, not just citizens of the world. There, then citizens of the universe yeah there. There know their citizens of their their their citizens that you know Joan. Believe in the the typical constitutional rule of law, so you said mean, for the This move to the uber left. There was a I'm going to give a story here in about twenty minutes in South Dakota There was a guy who the the the The feds raided his house, and they found all kinds of bomb making materials. He was Antifa.
Extreme anti government very, very lefty, This hasn't been reported by anyone, anyone anywhere. Seven days ago we're we're not looking at what the left is actually doing will Americans. We We added as explained it. This way. Are we adding ultimate moment uh with the left. Are they going to overplay their hand or because As of the lack of education, Are we are we going to go for it this time now. I think that playing there. Can I spend much too much time on the road in in communities across the country, just drove from Savannah to Pittsburgher going all backroads. I think it's gonna be fourteen hours up I don't see, evidence of
It didn't matter what race or what gender, what community I was in. I don't see any evidence of that. You know. God is still very much important in the This is american, the American, It is very important. Internalize the American, an american people and and local isn't it and it will look, Listen is important. That means America is important because everybody wants their commute, it is stronger and it's a community is stronger than the country is stronger. This is uh. This is a moment of overplaying their hand. This is something that we have seen throughout history and the other reason that it's still extreme at this moment and so on. The present is that 'cause. We are so connected. Twenty years ago we wouldn't be connected to that guy in South Dakota or is it South Dakota? Did you go yeah yeah yeah? uh, and he would have done it saying peek and went away, but because we are so connected
we know about it. Now that knowledge isn't bad. We learn and use it, but we don't believe it's a title wave. That's going to paint it something weird and that's why I look you know when you need a great reveal. Well, you see me, there's, so much pragmatism in these voters. It's really an aspiration. So it's really kind of uplift so talking to Selena Zito the co author of the great revolt so with that being said, let me go the opposite direction the press is just saying this: guy is a trader. This is treason. First of all, it's the only crime in the constitution. That is that defined. It is not treason and let's be a little careful with that, but there, they're playing this so huge and it it
What makes the case well they're making the case. You know where all the people, all the Americans, that we're against russia- you know all the conservatives they knew who who led a mere Putin was Is there a line that Trump could cross. For instance, I just had Bill Browder on and yesterday you know Trump was still considering the well, maybe we'll ship some people over to be questioned by Bladimir Putin bill. Browder is one of the ones that Putin wanted. Is is there a line that he could cross yeah, you mean to lose his voters or to make an agreement to make people say to the powder yeah yeah yeah. You know what he would do. Join the swap become part of the swab. That is literally it as long as he doesn't do that he's going to be via fine with him. What does that mean? Well then he becomes
or you know just you know it becomes. You know part of the system, the establishment and he is proven everyday. That is not who he is So it is good point that is bad boy, so I said weeks ago, Selena that I think What's what I'm seeing here with the with Donald Trump is, is very much like what happened with the black community with Oj Simpson? I couldn't understand how people were cheering for his release, an the time everybody was saying, no he's innocent he's innocent. Now you look at the polls from African Americans and they're like no guilty as sin What it was was they were tired of the system, always beating them down, and but didn't really make it wasn't about him. It was about anyone that could beat the system that was black? These is that
Oh you think Americans, in some cases, look at Donald Trump that they are tired of the press. They're tired of the system of government. Always there We're always losing, here's a guy, that's winning yeah! Absolutely he's not polished he's, not he's, not the greatest messenger. Please shoot me if someone boxer system, they see that with him every day, every single day just blown up Democrats in the press, the Oscars blows out the Stablishment Republicans and, and they like that, because they believe that those systems in place had left them behind is or ignored them in with her you know taking them for granted. I know we always never get the question about the Republican. We always you're gonna get the um.
The minority vote, because you're referring to crack well wait, get a lot more done, so poorly done appointed part of what killed this was nature you know and how people view people who run culture, which is in government and in the in the entertainment business in the sports business and how they people in the middle of another America up there, places in how government view them and how the curse is used up against all is doing very different from nineteen I'm very different from weekly 90s populism. Modern populism is a healthy skepticism of all things big. Ok, um selena. I need I'm sorry. I have to have a break if you could just give me a very short answer for this. Are you
optimistic for American, the traditional american culture, long term, absolutely absolutely I'm saying that as someone who is literally on the right now, a in Ohio and I, I see evidence evidence of it. Everywhere. Here's the thing they don't show up as a protest. They don't and what time is it there? getting on with the business of life they had obsessed with their smartphones. There is just using their family, their lives Salinas Well. Thank you so much great talking to you. The name of the book is the great revolt. It's a must read. If you really want to understand what nobody in the mainstream media is telling you about Trump voters and what's really happening, Selena Zito
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Glenn Beck it's Thursday July 19th. This is the Glen. Programs has been a pretty remarkable week. I think we have my think. We've seen it all this week and antique to joined us yesterday and said something on the broadcast, It was even more remarkable and that is Bitcoin is going to go to forty thousand. By the end of this year, and then we ran out of time So I said you know, I think we should have you on tomorrow to explain that liquor is in town because he's doing a webinar with me tonight on crew. Bill currency and it's free to join. All you have to do is go to Beck cryptos. O dot com back crypto show dot com and you'll be able to watch. It starts it to eight hundred pm eastern time and we're going to talk about some of the evidence of what he's going to speak about here
a bit coin and some of the others you're going. Three cryptocurrencies. Yes, that you're saying is they're going to explode. I believe they're going to explode in value correct a now. You have credibility with me because I've been watching you for awhile. I get your newsletter and you also came to me with this web and are about I don't know three months ago correct and, said to me around the end of July? you're going to see Bitcoin starting to make moves again and, and we and we need to do a cast on it and it was like really in July it's going to because I, if you remember right, I was freaking out, you were freaking out, was freaking out and you don't worry. All of my analysis shows that it's going to be in the middle of the summer in July to in july- and I showed-
that chart remember yeah what what what made you go there and what makes you say it's going to go to forty thousand okay so today, parts to that. So I was around during the early 90s when the internet boom exploded, and so what I noticed early on was that the way the crypto currency market was growing was mirroring the way that the early tech boom was happening in the late 80s and early 90s, and so I put the charts buy side and there Two hundred and eighty seven percent correlated while the difference is, is that the moves in Crypto happen a lot faster because cryptos global and were much more. Can said. Then we were in the 90s right. Information moves a lot faster, so when I saw you the last time I had analyzed the from the 90s and it and it looked as if July, it's going to be when Bitcoin will bottom and it would start to with higher and that's exactly what's happening right now and why I wanted to do this event in July.
You don't want to do it as the trains going, the station right you as as it's just leaving the station, and that's happening now. I mean today the last couple of days. What is it, what is it up? Fifty percent ten percent. A nice move, it's just the beginning, and So now you said you know what I'd like talk you out of this because he it's, It's one thing to say: it's going to have a great year end finish, could pretend so you're saying it's going to be at forty thousand. It will be at least forty thousand dollars before the end of the year. Yes, one LATA confident. I know you know why, and I have you on tape that will ease your credibility only if it's not forty thousand right nine, I don't know if it's twenty thousand. I give you a lot of credit. That is a drag antique move. It is a gigantic move.
Not as big as as a move as we saw last year when we were down forty percent in July and we went from eighteen. Fifty to twenty thousand, I was called insane for calling for Tanki Bitcoin when we were below to. If I had said twenty k, Bitcoin somebody would have Baker acted, and they would put me in a seventy two hour- psych Watch right there there's no way. People would have thought that so, we don't understand and to get to your question yeah. Why do I think it can move that quickly? Is it a bit coin only sixteen million bitcoins in about five million of those bitcoins have been lost forever. So there are eleven million. Total denial have been lost, they've been lost because people have lost the private key. And so, if you lose your private key, you can never get access to those bitcoins again. They just sit there while on the blockchain. So it's like have
a a chest full of gold coins at the bottom of the Marianas trench right. You can't get to it so wow right to think about, this. There are only eleven million left and there are thirty Five million millionaires in the world there is not enough Bitcoin forever. Just not we can talk about the seven billion people in the world, but the thirty five million millionaires design of Bitcoin for them to each have one and so what's going to happen, is later this year and I'll talk about this more tonight, there are going to be a series of events that is going to bring a mass adoption of Bitcoin into the marketplace. That's going to make it much easier for millions and millions of people to buy Bitcoin and that it's the it's the scare. See with this enormous onrush of new buyers, those two forces coming together that will take Bitcoin to
one thousand years. What do you say to the? I just had somebody in my office last week, and they said Glenn and people don't know the major institutions they are, you know telling credit cards and other companies you take Bitcoin and we don't do business yeah there there doing everything they can to shut Bitcoin down that that's absolute really not true from my perspective and I travel all over the world and I speak to banks, I speak to development companies. I speak to people in credit card companies and payment processors. Two days ago, Mastercard just got a patent That would allow them to use bitcoin on their credit cards and not have to do with a ten minute wait time they figured out a way to get around that. Why would Mastercard do that? Do you know who the biggest holder of chain. Patents is in the World BAR None Bank of America. Do you know who was filed for more patents,
but hasn't got as many as Bank of America Jp Morgan Goldman. Now has their own trading desk, so The old narrative a year ago was yes, bitcoins just for criminals, bitcoins just for people on the dark web, but I'm seeing now is a rate. Institutional adoption that is just massive You taught me something yesterday, because we found out a listener called two days ago and said, Why should we believe what e c. I a r NSA is saying about these Russians. We do we just get this from the you know the Democrats and you know there Intel and I said you know I don't know- I don't know how they indicted those guys. I don't know what the evidence was. I said. So let me look it up, so we looked it up and what we found is the NSA.
Found. These was a thirteen guys, thirteen guys, ninety guys something like twelve. And they found these guys- that were from GRU, which is the old KGB in the military and the end. Race them to their. I don't what they were using, but their Paypal wallet or their. You know their bitcoin wallet and then They tracked their purchases, two just a vpn which allow z to go on the dark web, and then they use the bitcoin on the dark web. Two. Access, a server which set up gusa for and everything else. An I had for the life of me always heard that he's, run trackable that you're not able to that nobody could nobody? would follow you, and that was one of the things 'cause. That's drug dealers use Bitcoin. It's a narrative that law Forcement
a news putting out because they love it when people are dumb enough to use bitcoin to commit crimes because they only to tie you to one transaction and they can unwind everything through the public blockchain. So I've mentioned this before, but I speak to different prosecutors and they say to me kind of you know kind of on the side, the seeker we love it. When people use bitcoin. It's like leaving a whole string of bread crumbs over what you've done. You if you're going to break the law you're better off using cash, then you are using bitcoins. So this whole I did the is only for drug dealers. It's for dumb. Drug dealers, they you know the whole idea, it's just for doing things illegal things it's for doing dumb, illegal things. Oh wait, a minute cousin, then this kind of goes to the key that you said. These five million bitcoins are lost forever. Correct, because all the because it was my understanding that the NSA would have the gone in an cracked, the bitcoin to find out where it was going now,
true as long as they know, if I walked into a seven eleven right and I bought a pack of m and MS with a bit cooling and brand, they saw that can the camera they saw Glenn Board it when they see Well, the address yeah. They saw the number they could then take that address and do A forensic study of the blockchain and look at every single transaction that address has been apart, It's just like a create almost as like a credit card. If they have, if, if they can tie you to one address, they can unwind all your transactions. Yes, now there are other coins do deliver complete privacy, why? The incident you some, I don't know, but Bitcoin is its its highest and best use is not privacy. So Bitcoin is the narrative is big. Coin effect. Didn't you say this yesterday, Pat bitcoins, not good, uses cash right. Then you can you explain that, because people look at Bitcoin, as
you know is gold, I don't know they have it because I will put it away, but I can't really spend it and it's a hassle to use, and so a lot of these other crypto currencies have been saying. No, no we're a lot easier to use bit call is changing though right is this. Bitcoin Bitcoin is changing. There are a couple of technological changes that are going to be happening later this year, which I'm going to go into much more detail. Is this part of the fourteen thousand? It's absolutely part of the forty thousand and one key rule that everybody listen should know is that it's usage, the drives the ultimate value of a coin, and so, when you're analyzing a coin, even though, might not be. You will be utilized much now, but you've got to look at is ok. What are the things that are going to be happening in the path, the technological path of development that will increase usage dramatically, and so there are two what's happening in the Bitcoin network right now, that will explode usage?
later this year and again I don't do a deep dive. Tonight, but I absolutely will, but I will this, that for Maine right now, the primary use case of Bitcoin is an alternative to gold, and even if that was, all it ever was Bitcoin is still eventually incredibly cheap, but mentioned there are two things happening later this year. That will drive the use, Bitcoin much much higher and make it more like more of a traditional currency that we used to. That happens. Does it stabilize the price to where the floor is not as low as it is right now now, Bitcoin will continue be able to tell you the wild fluctuation key to to to be have wild fluctuations the best and now an allergy. I control is Microsoft. The first twenty years, Michael, was around it was
a wildly volatile stock for the first ten years and then the second ten not so much, but now it's worth almost a trillion dollars and it's not as volatile but It had to be that volatile in order to get to its ultimate value. So Bitcoin is going to A similar trajectory, ultimately Bitcoin will be worth hundreds hundreds of billions of dollars, but between now and then we'll have the volatility thank goodness. We have it because it gives us the opportunity to make an enormous amount of money. We talked to a guy was it last year who told us that while he believes everybody should have at least some bitcoin that one or part of one it could be in within five years. It could be zero or worth one million dollars a coin. Do you subscribe? that I don't think Bitcoin will go to zero. I think if Bitcoin was going to go to zero, it would have happened when we had the Mount cocks hanging
of a way back when so, I don't think we're going to zero, go to a million dollars a coin. Could that happen in our lifetime? In order for that to happen, at currencies around the world would have to collapse completely collapse yeah. In order for that to take, so I don't necessarily want to root for that. I don't want. I don't want to root for that. You know this is so destructive for for everyone, I'm not looking for that. What I'm saying is is that is that big coin is a and you asked the class it's an important asset class, it's widely undervalued and we have a multi year, long term trend in front of us up with prices. So I look at the blockchain for sure man, Crypto currency, pretty sure and and Bitcoin, fairly sure like the internet, the other cryptocurrencies I kind of look
at, as I don't know, Of them will be pets, dot, com right, you know what I mean, so you can bet on these other ones right, but but the coin: Blockchain, that's in crypto currency that to the internet right, would you agree with that yeah I would say for net. For now. That's true, I would say the blockchain, the blockchain technology is akin to tc. Ip which allowed the internet to blossom? What I think will happen is that I think the big blockchain will continue to be one of the most important blockchains out there, but other blockchains will also be very important where I think at next level of value will be unlocked. Plan is when, when these block chains can start talking to one another, so the so the internet, the protocols for the incident where an
since the 70s here, but it wasn't until Cisco came around that made routers that actually allowed these different, disparate internet enabled systems to talk to one another and transmit data to one another that you saw an explosion of value yeah, because before that you live was like eight one university could use their system right and it would then it was the only the university systems. Yes, but then, eventually you could. You could go into their system eventually, and that was six What's the key technology behind that, and so there is another project that that is linking all close and far away. Are we from that under a year, Will these under a year will have the ability to connect blockchains other. So it's another network effect in order of magnitude right, to hold another level of growth that we're going,
see once these can communicate together. Tica. Thank you so much for ticket worry. He is a former hedge fund guy. That is made a lot of people. Lot of money on on the currency we're doing a webinar tonight. If you would like to It's absolutely free! There's going to be lots of information that can take. I urge you to do all of your own homework. Please do not invest in any of this stuff that you can't afford to lose. It's extraordinarily volatile but if you are somebody who considers yourself on the cutting edge, this is something You really don't want to miss tonight. Eight hundred o'clock you will find it online at Beck Joe show dot com. That's back show dot com you can tonight. It's absolutely free. Eight hundred o'clock will be taking your questions and I think you and I are going to do Facebook taking questions ago or so right.
Through this program as well. If you have any crypto questions Ekanai are going to take them right after this broadcast You can go and find that at Facebook and my Facebook page Glenn Beck Deacon thanks so much thank you do tonight alright. Ironically, as people improve the cyber security on their computers, thieves are turning back to stealing from mailboxes and they are using old tech now they're, actually using rat traps making the rat trap really really sticky. Then they put it a string on it and then they actually put it down. I mean: does this seem like one thousand eight hundred? I don't even know who writes letters anymore, but they stick it down into the public mailbox the rat trap it's brings and it catches a bunch of letters they pull it out and that's how actually getting you know gift cards and- and information like Social Security numbers who new mailboxes still existed,
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Glenn back, so there is a there's, a story that you know just been kind of bad excuse, the pun bubbling. Under the surface here for awhile. Now they keep talking about this. You know big volcano. In Yellowstone Park. Well, Apparently the little fish are opened up, uh by the Grand Tetons, which is part of the Yellowstone Park area, and it was just it was just a figure of about barely a crack one hundred feet so uh and uh, if they're not worried about rock slides and everything they closed the park or part of the park. Because of this fissure and They are afraid that it is a sign that oh big mama is waking up. That would be good Noel six one thousand times the force of Mount Saint Helen. If you've ever seen, the radius
say the ash fallout and it's too thirds of the United states of America. Two slash three would be uninhabitable. I'm hoping this Yellowstone thing, isn't let it go its own picnic basket. We had a long build up for this one, but it's here tonight, Glenn Beck Tica, Tewari, talking Bitcoin, talking, crypto currencies. Today is the day July. 19Th you gotta go to bed crypto show com and get registered because you're going to miss out. If you don't do Right now. You probably have been thinking about this over the past couple of weeks weather. Should bother getting registered you're going to want to know this for just a couple of reasons, the new case for, What is it what's the stuff behind the scenes going on that? Maybe the media is not reporting right now, you're going to get, right, you're also going to get the names, the specific names of three crypto currencies. Ticket to ARI says are buys right now You got to know where you're going in this market is a lot to understand, and this will
will it down for you plus. I mean this is the best reason to do it right here, big letters. Exclusive two million dollar bitcoin give giveaway. You can be part of as well Make sure you don't miss out tonight. Is the night Back Crypto show dot com. Go there an register now beckcryptoshow dot com, it's free, beckcryptoshow, dot com, this is the Glenn Beck program, I'm going to give you a story here that I finally a little interesting authorities? found, bombs and guns while serving a search warrant for burglaries, a search warrant detectives found that they, they say bomb making materials? The police I'm squad were called to the residence and authorities evacuated the surrounding area, authorities say they found multiple explosive devices as well as a loon, aluminum nitrate, an aluminum powder which they
We have no other uses other than four explosive devices authorities also seized multiple firearms and a homemade firearm silencer from the residence Einar World, who is the name of the guy they arrested, was arrested on simple burglary charges and for the sale or transportation of a destructive device more. Charges may be coming authorities say they found multiple bombs and bomb related items, as well as multiple items related to and to Antifa anti, fascist, militant group as well as other items indicating an extreme hatred for law enforcement, and the government now? this. This happened a few days ago. In in South Dakota. And I was a little shocked that I haven't heard about it, because it was like
you know it's almost like the occupy Wall Street thing that of course never happened where they were actually caught Occupy Wall Street. With bombs go going to the bridge and where was it Cleveland yeah? Ok, you I've heard that story. Most people don't even know that existed. They arrested people who are trying to blow up a bridge while they were media was on the hunt for the wicked tea party that happened, and nobody reported on it so I did a Google search and I ran Mark Woold an and no coverage from M S, N, B c from CNN from NBC you from C B s from ABC from PBS from the New York Times, not even for Fox news has covered. This, in fact,
No news outlet in the world has covered this exceptkdlt dot com, the Washington Examiner, the Sioux falls Argus leader and us why that kind of interesting here's a here's, a guy connected to an Antifa movement and remember how far is there their cells? So this guy might have been just a lone wolf, but he was a fan of Antifa and not a fan of the government or police Kingston bombs, but uh who serve who's, to judge it's a couple of bombs among friends ever exactly right, exactly right, let's go to the school. Straw controversy. Well, there's no controversy you know where there's a movement now to ban straws, because they're so bad
those are there actually choking the planet to death. Now I didn't yeah. I didn't know that yeah they are, they are systematically strangling planet earth to death. You know I remember you're old enough to remember these. You remember the paper straws that we used to have it with milk. Do yeah, ok in school, they give us paper straws and the argument against them was something about the trees, blah blah blah. My argument was: they were they worthless. They were good for about four sips and then they're made out of paper uh, so I was kinda happy to see the whole plastic straw thing, but I think a lot of people were but then we found out the extensive research about how many straws are.
Or dispensed everyday. You know we learned from Stu about every day two years ago and the press still hasn't really picked up on no they haven't. Although there's there was finally a story that I found last night about the one hundred million drinking straws we use every day, five hundred million wow wow. How did they come up with that number? They must have done extensive research. Well by them I mean he must an extensive research. Who is he nine year old boy named Milo Crest, now Milo he's a strong expert in a raw aksana genius. He was he in college, who is doing this for a dissertation at nine. No, he was uh in third or fourth grade. Ah, and he saw
that a lot of kids took straws back to their table during lunch. Break in the cafeteria at school is like a lot of those kids aren't even using them what a waste and so called around a little bit to find out how many straws were dispensed everyday and he got too many answers. So he decided to go with five hundred million his right around the area where it was in the middle of some of the numbers that he'd heard thrown around really yeah. So It's fourth, grader did this yes, uh huh and he came up with the number of five hundred million per day just started campaign about it. Let's, hey! Let's stop the waste and everybody, including the New York Times National geographic say today: the National Park Service, all of them picked up this number If it were absolute hardcore fact, done by you know, scientists and
that's where the five hundred million drinking straws daily comes from. This in year old kid who was upset at school because some kids weren't using their strong. So now and band at Starbucks: they've been banned at Mcdonald's. Or banned in several owlerton jurisdictions, and it all began in twenty eleven. With this he was now years old at the time he's sixteen now well, I know I know that Starbucks, you know, They bought into this and they've got rid of the straws there at Starbucks and last week it was announced that the lid that they replace the straws with 'cause they needed a new kind of lid. That's about twice as bad as the straws yeah it was. It was a lot, or plastic and if they, if they win, back and said you know what those lids were really bad and they,
using straws. No one would care everyone who is on the straw. Bandwagon would damn them, for having straws no question to be like don't know, but the replacement was twice as bad for the environment, nobody would care. No, absolutely not, and how much do I care not at all, if you get between me and my straw, however, I do care, I do care, but the whole five hundred million straws nope. You know why because I grew up in a time when we used to have paper straws, and we liked it. Now we did actually, no, we usually we. We didn't why we would what we would walk twenty miles, hard backward in the snow, both ways to school, and then we didn't like that but you know the thing we liked less paper straws let me give you a story out of the Netherlands up uh it's a story about a mistress. Ok,
but I just want you to imagine your wife, my wife, finds out that we're cheating on them, ok What do our wives do? I think at least attempted murder on each of us right right. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, so they'd come after what would they do with the the mistress I I wife would be, I think, more pissed at me. I I think her anger will be directed toward me. Yeah I mean she would I don't think you do anything to the mister? No, I don't think so either. I think my wife would just pity my life would be like wow your life was that a really bad taste you went for him. I mean look at me, look at me. He may seem funny and entertaining or interesting mildly interesting from time to time live with him yeah and then seeing Mariam it's over. I,
did your wife might do the same? Oh absolutely, because our wives think too much alike anyway. Remember the day when they thought we were funny, it's been awhile. That's been along time. Been awhile or interesting. Yeah yeah, that's been even longer. Yeah, ok! So anyway, so this woman found out that her husband had been cheating on her for five years with one of her friends, So she calls up the friend in air quotes and says: hey, I'm just you know, I'm watching movie you're doing something that you really want to do. Why don't you come over to the house? and because they're in the Netherlands, you know the do the mistress said that ya sure, and so she came over and the the wife overwhelmed her. And tighter down
and then she took out a hot Indonesian, Billy Pepper Sauce now when you're you you're talking about hot sauce. Okay, you know pace get a rope. I got it You go to Indonesia to get your hot sauce. I think we're talking a different level She she said you been. You been a messing around with my husband and oh, no, no yeah sure, and so then she, the the the wife shaves the woman's head and then gets the hot sauce. And then she I don't want to get graphic here. She took a took her panties and then she applied the indonesian chili sauce too. A very sensitive part of her body, which probably wasn't that funny to the person it was being
I don't think it's really funny not Steven to us now you seem to have. I mean it's a good idea It probably doesn't cause permanent damage right now you and an answer: good, I mean shave the head and that you made a statement: you've made it yes yeah. I don't know if it's the same thing you should make. Probably not, but it's also, why was she so upset She is not like she even loved this guy. All right she said Uh, you know or I I married him. Uh- and I I became a pregnant unexpectedly, but it can't be really expect it I mean you, you know how that works right and she said I wanted a divorce, but then I became a married. Then it became pregnant again. So I
I have two young children. And, and then here comes this woman, my friend and she betrays me with my husband so Oh, she has said I talk to my mother about it. I don't know if her mother knew about the hot sauce thing or was involved in that she said. I to my mother about it and she said I should take my husband back. And so she has forgiven him, but she said I have not forgotten about it. Now, I'm not sure. If she's taken the friend back as well hum if you were a friend, you know if you were the one you know with the hot sauce on yet. I don't think I'm going back into your life. You know it'll it'll it'll be a little awkward. I think I'm, I think,
I've had enough of everybody in this house, but thank you by the way the The neighbor was sentenced to three months in prison that the neighbor, because the neighbor helped hold the woman down. And what did the woman who applied the hot sauce get her husband back, Ok, alright, graduation, perfect! On that one yeah. I went well alright, so Tika Tawari, we just had him on. He are go to expert on crypto currencies and Bitcoin he's actually been teaching a class for our listeners and it gets. You know an a plus rating. It's I think it's ninety seven percent the give it four stars: it's it's! You know it's quite a good deal he's a great teacher.
Anyway. He said that here is your last chance before Bitcoin goes through. He said is forty thousand by the end of the year. That is pretty incredible but he's going to explain it tonight and he I mean he's been working on this thing for about three months and he told me three months ago: in the middle of Junior, going to start to see, Bitcoin start to recover, and it's going to start to recover quickly and he come in town in in the last two days. It's up what eleven percent fifteen percent yeah I mean it's like it's happening again. And he said I can explain why, and I'm also going to give you the name of three different cryptocurrencies to invest in that are not as expensive as Bitcoin, but he is really urging Bitcoin. I please urge you to do your your own homework this. So please, if you, if you
tonight. Do your own homework and I think all of this through, but he's going to bring you all of the information tonight. It's all free, you don't have to be ablaze subscriber or anything. It's free. You go to Beck, crypt show dot com back, Crypto, show dot com. I am there to just kind of facility. Date and ask questions and also we're going to be taking questions from the from the audience, so you'll be able to ask questions tonight. Eight hundred pm eastern live? You have to register to be a part of this, go to Beck Crypto. Show dot com and register. Now it's at eight hundred o'clock tonight, eastern time, you yeah part of this also he's going to be taking some questions here in about fifteen minutes on Facebook with me, so go to my face book plate page. Is it my page of the blaze, my page, and we're just going to be taking questions from the audience and will do that for about ten or fifteen minutes right after this broadcast and then
prepare tonight you don't want to miss is absolutely free back cryptoshow dot com so they've uh they've stopped California from splitting into three states which I'm really bummed about. Uh the California Supreme Court has said. No. You can't really do that. You have to have three slash four of the legislature vote for it, and then it can go to the people which stupid. It sounds like a tip. California thing yeah now I gotta have the people in charge decide if that's ok for the little people to decide. I would also the federal government has some say there. I thought it did. I I really not yeah. I don't think you can just do that and create Four more senators, I think you can because it was my understanding in the constitution that it no state. Could subdivide. No state could accept Texas, so
It's always always text always that, except for Texas, you can't hide aliens except. Yes, ok so anyway, pass going to be talking about that on his show coming up next on the blaze radio network I'll see you tonight, five hundred o'clock on the blaze and then for the crypto, show that Crypto show dot com facebook. Next
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